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 Caden  Potter  Torrence, Edward
 Cady  Steuben  May, Connie
 Cady  Steuben  dembling,Bruce
 Cady  Steuben  Elkins,Bob
 Cady  Tioga PA  Sawyer, George
 Cady  Steuben  Sawyer, George
 Cahill  Steuben  Rittmeyer, Deborah (Deb)
 Calkins  Steuben  Kiser, Sharon Stephens
 Cameron  Cattaraugus, McKean, Potter  Coppersmith, Donald
 Campbell  McKean  Martin, Kathie
 Canada  Cattaraugus, Chautauqua  Snyder, Mark
 Canfield  Cattaraugus  Howard, Cheryl
 Canfield  ALL?  Everhart,Georgia
 CANFIELD  Steuben  Williams,Barbara
 Cannon  Potter  Pfunter, Jack And Beverly
 Cannon  Wayne  Sweeney, Sally T.
 Capito  Cattaraugus  Robak Jr.,Eugene L.
 Card  All  Magid, Jan
 Card  Steuben  May, Connie
 Carlin  Allegany  Maternowski, Ellen J.
 Carlson  Steuben  Donovan,Catherine
 Carner  Cattaraugus, McKean  Wagner,Linda
 Carnes  Steuben  Powers, Vicki
 Carnes  Allegany  Powers, Vicki
 Carney  Cattaraugus  Morton,Charles J.
 Carney  Erie  Yung, Betty
 Carpenter  Allegany  Officer, Cherie
 Carpenter  Steuben  Dunshie, Max
 Carpenter  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Carpenter  Potter  Milks, Brian
 Carpenter  Potter  Przybysz, Linda
 Carpenter  Steuben  Short, Linda J.
 Carpenter  Potter  Short, Linda J.
 Carpenter  McKean  Short, Linda J.
 Carpenter  Allegany  Short, Linda J.
 Carpenter  Cattaraugus  Sharpley, Joyce
 Carpenter  Potter  O'Donnell, Phillis A.
 Carpenter  Allegany  Przybysz, Linda
 Carpenter  Cattaraugus  Przybysz, Linda
 Carpenter  Cattaraugus  Officer, Cherie
 Carpenter  Chautauqua  Przybysz, Linda
 Carpenter  McKean  Przybysz, Linda
 Carpenter  Steuben  O'Donnell, Phillis A.
 Carpenter  Cattaraugus  Rice, Richard & Dona
 Carr  Steuben  Bates, Louis W.
 Carr  Potter  Swerdlin,Polly
 Carr  Kent County, RI, Yates County, NY, PA, Steuben Co., NY, Tioga County, PA  Harden,Jeanne (Huntington)
 Carrier  Allegany  Nelson,Arthur R.
 Cary  Essex, Chautauqua  Vindick,Linda
 Cary  Potter  Cary,Betty
 Cary  Potter  Allen, Donna
 Casamassa  Allegany, Potter, Steuben  Morten,Barbara
 Case  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Case  Potter ?  Stevens,Maureen G.
 Casey  Allegany  Del Proire, Kimberly Casey
 Casey  Cattaraugus  Stephens, Marge
 Casey  All  Hatch, William O.
 Cashatt  Potter  Stevens,Maureen G.
 Castano  Potter  Castano,Vincent
 Casterline  Allegany  Kilmer,David
 Caufield  Cattaraugus, Allegany  Caufield,Chris
 Cauley  McKean  Crowley, Don
 Caussain  All  Eaton-Christensen,Maria M.
 Cavanaugh  Potter  Adams, Brian
 Cavanaugh  Steuben  Harshman,Melissa
 Cayton  Allegany, Cattaraugus, Steuben  Keating, Diane
 Chaffee  Allegany  Reed, Shirley Kay
 Chaffee  Potter  Reed, Shirley Kay
 Chaffee  Steuben  Reed, Shirley Kay
 Chaffee  Potter  Garrett, Donna
 Chamberin  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Chamberlain  Cattaraugus  Chamberlain, Lee
 Chamberlian  Potter, Allegany, Steuben  Messing, Becky
 Champlin  Cattaraugus  Turner,Bonny L.
 Chapel or Chaple  Allegany  Wood,Greg
 Chapin  Chautuaqua  Rood,M Sue Walker
 Chapman  Allegany, Steuben, Livingston  Wagner,Linda
 Chapman  All  Eaton-Christensen,Maria M.
 Chapman  Potter, McKean, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Allegany  Russell,Kay
 Chapman  Chautauqua  Norton, George
 Chapman  Steuben, Cattaraugus  Wagner,Linda
 Chapman  Potter  Jensen, Amanda
 Chapman  Allegany  Dunshie, Max
 Chapman  Chautauqua, Cattaraugus  Sage,Matthew M.
 Charles Lovett  Madison  Nigg,Nancy
 Chase  Potter  Stevens,Maureen G.
 CHASE  Steuben  Williams,Barbara
 Chase  All  Eaton-Christensen,Maria M
 Chase  Allegany  Rochester, Betty
 Chase  Chautauqua  Rochester, Betty
 Chase  McKean  Klier, Mary
 Chase  Chautauqua  Klier, Mary
 Chase  Cattaraugus  Davis ,Elizabeth E.
 Chase  Potter, Livingston  Herbstritt, Larry
 Chase  Cattaraugus  Foster,Charles R.
 Chase  Steuben  Martin,Lisa
 Chase  Cattaraugus  Huckins,Lisa
 Chastain  Potter  DaughenBaugh, Tina
 Cheney  All  Aiello, Kathleen
 Cheseboro  Potter & Cattaraugus  DeBlander,Sheilah
 Childs  Steuben  Childs, Sonja Renee
 Childs  McKean  Klier, Mary
 Childs  Chautauqua  Klier, Mary
 Church  Allegany  Luedeke, Richard & Hope
 Church  Cattaraugus  Luedeke, Richard & Hope
 Ciccarelli  Allegany  Ciccarelli,Eugene C., III, M.D.
 Cimino  Potter  Stevens,Maureen G.
 Cisco  Steuben  Heaslip, Shannon
 Clapp  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Clapp  Allegany  Redell, Nana
 Clare  Cattaraugus  Mohr, Geraldine
 Clark  Steuben  Beers,Jan
 Clark  Steuben  Cary,Betty
 Clark  All  Eaton-Christensen,Maria m.
 Clark  Steuben  Flippin, June
 Clark  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Clark  Allegany  Rowan, Kelley
 Clark  Steuben  Kiser, Sharon Stephens
 Clark  Potter  Wiggins, Shirley
 Clarkson  Steuben  Sawyer, George
 Clason  Livingston, Steuben  Moran, Alyce J.
 Clatson  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Clayson  Livingston.Steuben  Moran, Alyce J.
 Clemens  McKean  Nelson,Arthur R.
 ClementRobertson  Steuben  Goodman, Susan
 Cleveland  Steuben  Ribbeck,Cynthia L
 Cleveland  Allegany  Jensen, Patricia S.
 Clinton  McKean  Rice, Richard & Dona
 Clune  McKean  Pfleuger, Geraldine
 Clune  Potter  Pfleuger, Geraldine
 Clyde  Cattaraugus, Chautauqua  Martin, Kathie
 Clyde  McKean  Martin, Kathie
 Coats  Allegany, McKean  Eschrich, Glenn
 Coats  Allegany  VandenOever, Ginette
 Cobb  Cattaraugus  Cunningham, Jeannie
 Cobb  Steuben  Coy, Carol R.
 Cobin  Steuben  Swain, Melinda
 Cole  Steuben  Rogers,Esther L
 Cole  Potter  Donovan, Jeanie
 Cole  McKean, Steuben  Wagner,Linda
 Cole  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Cole  Potter  Milks, Brian
 Colegrove  Steuben  Traynham,Susann
 Coleman  Chautauqua  Oelheim, Ann
 Colgrove  Steuben  Traynham,Susann
 Collers  Steuben  Collers, Matt
 Colley  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Collins  Potter  Torrence, Edward
 Colony  Steuben  Spaulding, Susan
 Colville  Livingston  Wright, Florence
 Colvin  All Counties  Lynn-Smart, Janet
 Colvin  Chautauqua  Sherwood, Garry F.
 Colvin  Steuben  Sherwood, Garry F.
 Colvin  all  Giometti, Paul
 Colvin  Allegany  Sherwood, Garry F.
 Colvin  McKean  Sherwood, Garry F.
 Colvin  Cattaraugus  Sherwood, Garry F.
 Colvin  Potter  Sherwood, Garry F.
 Comes  McKean, Potter  Ernst-O'Brien,Jackie
 Comstock  Allegany  Veno, Jeanne M.
 Conderman  All  Mcdowell,Michael L.
 Conhiser  Allegany  Andera,Cathy
 Conklin  Orange  Smith,Janice M.
 Conlan  Mckean  Schessler, Patricia
 Conlan  Potter  Schessler, Patricia
 Conlan  Allegany, Cattaraugus, Potter  Hogan, Robert
 Conlan  Cattaraugus  Schessler, Patricia
 Connelly  McKean  Schessler, Patricia
 Connelly  Cattaraugus  Schessler, Patricia
 Connelly  Allegany  Short, Linda J.
 Connelly  McKean  Short, Linda J.
 Connelly  Steuben  Short, Linda J.
 Connelly  Potter  Short, Linda J.
 Connelly or Connolly  All  Schultz,Kathy
 Connolly  McKean  Parker, Sandra Yorkell
 Connor  Allegany  Connor, Charles & Susan
 Conrad  Steuben  Zimmer, Carl
 Conrad  Steuben, Livingston  Moran, Alyce J.
 Conrad  Potter, McKean, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Allegany  Russell,Kay
 Conroe  Steuben  Thornton,Rosemary
 Conroe  Potter  Thornton,Rosemary
 Conroe  Cattaraugus  Thornton,Rosemary
 Conroe  Chautauqua  Thornton,Rosemary
 Cook  McKean  Schessler, Patricia
 Cook  Steuben  Martin,Lisa
 Cook  Steuben  Hatch, Lorraine
 Cook  Steuben  Flanagan, Vesta
 Cook  Steuben  Zimmer, Carl
 Cook  Allegany  Andera,Cathy
 Cook  Cattaraugus  Schessler, Patricia
 Cool  Cattaraugus  Himes, James & Audrey
 Cool  Potter  Messing, Becky
 Cooley  Steuben  Weaver,Max B.
 Cooley  Allegany  Reitz, Scott
 Coombes  Allegany  Veno, Jeanne M.
 Coon  Steuben  Bowen, Tom
 Coon  Steuben  Spaulding, Susan
 Cooper  Allegany, Dutchess, Livingston, Steuben, Tompkins  Cooper, Rex
 Cooper  Steuben  Timko, Edward Jr.
 Cooper  All  Jimerson,Cathy
 Coray/Corey  Steuben  Gardner,Sue
 Corbin  Allegany  Shipp, Sharon
 Cornelius  Potter  Daughenbaugh, Tina
 Cornell  Steuben  Cornell, Nancy
 Cornell  Steuben, Chautauqua, Allegany  Pettit,Marcia
 Cornfield  All  Jimerson,Cathy
 Cornish  Steuben  Short, Linda J.
 Cornish  Allegany  Short, Linda J.
 Cornish  Potter  Short, Linda J.
 Cornish  McKean  Short, Linda J.
 Cornish  Potter  Pfleuger, Geraldine
 Cornish  McKean  Pfleuger, Geraldine
 Corr  Potter  Stevens,Maureen G.
 Corwin  Potter  Washburn, Carl
 Corwin  Allegany  Washburn, Carl
 Cory  All but Steuben  Mueller, Susan
 Cosby  all  Walrath, Carol
 Cottrell  Potter  Sippel, Glenda
 Cottrell  Allegany  Sippel, Glenda
 Courtright  Allegany  Jensen, Patricia S.
 Courtright  Steuben  Jensen, Patricia S.
 Covell  Steuben  Woodcock, Barbara R.
 Covell  Allegany  Lamb, Richard
 Covell  Allegany  Kilmer,david
 Covell  Cattaraugus  Lamb, Richard
 Covell  Chautauqua  Lamb, Richard
 Covert  Cattaraugus  Turner,Bonny L.
 Coville  Steuben  Woodcock, Barbara R.
 Cowley  Allegany and Cattaraugus  Iijima, Sylvia
 Cox  Cattaraugus  Neil,Carol
 Craft  Allegany  Przybysz, Linda
 Craft  Cattaraugus  Przybysz, Linda
 Craft  McKean  Przybysz, Linda
 Cramblit  All  Gordon, Ray & Jessie
 Crandall  Allegany  Thomas,Nancy
 Crandall  Cattaraugus  Thomas,Nancy
 Crandall  Cattaraugus  Rice, Richard & Dona
 Crandall  McKean, Allegany  Maxson, Dan And Sally
 Crandall  Allegany  Engdahl, David
 Crandall  McKean  Rice, Richard & Dona
 Cranmer  Steuben  Wallace, Bob
 Cranmer  McKean  Wallace, Bob
 Crannage  Steuben  Vine, Barbara
 Crannage  Potter  Vine, Barbara
 Crannage  McKean  Vine, Barbara
 Crants  Steuben  Jackson, Jean Kay Morse
 Craven  Steuben  Martin, Kathie
 Crawford  Allegany  White, Mary E.
 Creveling  Steuben  Redell, Nana
 Crittenden  Potter  Smith, Linda
 Crook  Cattaraugus  Robertson,Gary
 Crooks  Allegany, McKean, Potter  Crooks, Mary Jane
 Crosby  Potter, McKean, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Allegany  Russell,Kay
 Crosby  Cattaraugus, Potter  Crosby, Douglas
 Crosby  Steuben  Wasser, Jeanne Rohan
 Crouse  All  Jimerson,Cathy
 Crowley  McKean  Crowley,Don
 Crowley  McKean  Crowley, Don
 Crowner  Allegany  Cary,Betty
 Cruger  Steuben  Goodman, Susan
 Crum  All  McCulloch, Rachel
 Cruttenden  McKean  Smith, Linda
 Cudworth  Chautauqua  Davis ,Elizabeth E.
 Cudworth  Allegany  Davis ,Elizabeth E.
 Cudworth  Cattaraugus  Davis ,Elizabeth E.
 Cummings  Potter  Dilts, Thomas
 Cummings  Cattaraugus  Tasch,Barbara
 Cummiskey  Steuben  Schroeder, D.W.
 Cunningham  All  McDowell,Michael L.
 Cunningham  Steuben  Rogers,Esther L.
 Cunningham  Steuben  Yaple, Dorothy
 Cunningham  Allegany  Yaple, Dorothy
 Curtis  Cattaraugus  Roblee, Phil
 Curtis  McKean  Gardner,Sue
 Cutler  Potter  Schoonover, Daniel
 Cutler  Allegany  Schoonover, Daniel
 Cutler  McKean  Schoonover, Daniel
 Cutler  Steuben  Schoonover, Daniel
 Cutting  McKean  Morton,Charles J.
 Dahl  Potter, McKean, Chautauqua  Johnson, Larry
 Dailey  Potter  Torrence, Edward
 Daley  Cattaraugus  Tasch,Barbara
 Dalrymple  McKean, potter  Kiser, Sharon Stephens
 Danforth  Steuben  Woodcock, Barbara R.
 Daniels  Potter  O'Donnell, Phillis A.
 Daniels  Steuben  O'Donnell, Phillis A.
 Darling  Chautauqua  Saylor,Richard
 Darrow  Cattaraugus  Turner, Randy
 Dash  Cattaraugus  Delity,Jim
 Davenport  Allegany  Nelson,Arthur R.
 Davenport  Potter  O'Donnell, Phillis A.
 Davenport  Steuben  O'Donnell, Phillis A.
 Davey  Potter  Herbstritt, Larry
 Davie  Allegany  Davie, Janet L. Wheeler
 Davis  All  Jimerson,Cathy
 Davis  Cattaraugus  Twilliger,Laura
 Davis  Cattaraugus  Officer, Cherie
 Davis  All  Eaton-Christensen,Maria M.
 Davis  Allegany  Officer, Cherie
 Davis  Chautauqua  Gregory, William
 Davis  Steuben  Giometti, Paul
 Davis  Allegany  Roblee, Phil
 Daviv M. Brown m. Florence Bell Jackson--Humphrey  Cattaraugus  Ehle,Loretta
 Dawley  McKean  Thomas,Nancy
 Dawley  Potter  Thomas,Nancy
 Dawson  Allegany  Shipp, Sharon
 Dawson  Potter  Pfleuger, Geraldine
 Dawson  McKean  Pfleuger, Geraldine
 Dawson  Steuben  Shipp, Sharon
 Day  Allegany  Day, Kerry
 Day  Allegany  Raymont, Joan Day
 Day  Chautauqua  Raymont, Joan Day
 Day  Steuben  Raymont, Joan Day
 Dechene  Cattaraugus  Rood,M Sue Walker
 Deck  Steuben  Vossler,Virginia A
 Decker  Steuben  Spaulding, Susan
 Decker  Orange, Columbia  Vindick,Linda
 DeKay  Allegany  Nelson,Arthur R.
 Delahunty  Chautauqua  Foster,Thomas [Tim]
 Delanty  Chautauqua  Foster,Thomas [Tim]
 Delity  Cattaraugus  Delity,Jim
 Dence  Allegany  Shipp, Sharon
 Densmore/Dunsmore  Steuben  Densmore,Diane
 Denton  Allegany  Taylor, Ronald
 Denton  Allegany  Taylor, Isaac
 Denton  McKean  Taylor, Isaac
 Denton  Potter  Taylor, Ronald
 Denton  Steuben  Taylor, Isaac
 Detamore  All  McDowell,Michael L.
 Dewey  Chautauqua  Foster,Charles R.
 Dexter  McKean  Noether, Lynn
 Dexter  Potter  Noether, Lynn
 Dibble  Allegany  Schwartz, Janet Wilkinson
 Dibble  Potter  Schwartz, Janet Wilkinson
 Dickerson  Allegany, McKean, Steuben  Maxson, Dan And Sally
 Didas  Steuben  Vogt,Tom
 Diffin  Allegany  Cappello,Gina
 DiMasi  Allegany, Potter, Steuben  Morten,Barbara
 Dingman  Potter  Daughenbaugh, Tina
 Dingman  Potter  Johnson,Larry R.
 Dinsmore  All counties  Swain, Laurie
 Divens  Steuben  Monroe, Hildy
 Divens  Steuben  Taggart,Eunice
 Doane  MA, CT, Broome, Steuben  Harden,Jeanne (Huntington)
 Doctor  All  Jimerson,Cathy
 Dodge  All  Jimerson,Cathy
 Dodge  Potter  Dilts, Thomas
 Dolley  McKean  Daughenbaugh, Tina
 Dolph  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Donnelly  Cattaraugus  Welker, Joanne
 Donnelly  Allegany  Welker, Joanne
 Donovan  Allegany, Potter  Donovan, Jeanie
 Doran  Steuben  Neary, Tom
 Douglas  Allegany  Schoonover, Daniel
 Douglas  McKean  Schoonover, Daniel
 Douglas  Steuben  Schoonover, Daniel
 Douglas  Potter  Schoonover, Daniel
 Dowd  Cattaraugus  Hoffman, Julie
 Doxie  McKean  Thomas,Joan M.
 Drake  Steuben  Van Auken, Mike
 Drake  Chautauqua  Van Auken, Mike
 Dreadon  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Drew  Cattaraugus  Twilliger,Laura
 Drew  Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, McKean  O'Brien, Nancy
 Drewniak  Chautauqua  Drewniak, John
 Dudley  Cattaraugus  Thornton,Rosemary
 Dudley  Steuben  Thornton,Rosemary
 Dudley  Potter  Thornton,Rosemary
 Dudley  Chautauqua  Thornton,Rosemary
 Duke  Allegany  Ciccarelli,Eugene C., III, M.D.
 Dumuhosky  Potter  Gregory, William
 Dunn  Steuben  Vanhousen,Frances I.
 Dunn  Potter  Herbstritt, Larry
 Dunning  Cattaraugus  Officer, Cherie
 Dunning  Allegany  Wright, Florence
 Dunning  Allegany  Officer, Cherie
 Dunsenbury  Steuben  Woodcock, Barbara R.
 Durnian  Steuben  Quimby, Al
 Duryee  Chautuaqua  Rood,M Sue Walker
 Duryee  Steuben  Rood,M Sue Walker
 Dutton  Potter  Rosinski, Marie
 Dutton  Steuben  Malczynski, Eleanor B.
 Dutton  Steuben  Rosinski, Marie
 Dutton  Allegany  Rosinski, Marie
 Dutton  Cattaraugus  Rosinski, Marie
 Dutton  Chautauqua  Rosinski, Marie
 Dutton  McKean  Rosinski, Marie
 Duvall  Montgomery  Licciardello,Marie J.
 Duvall  Steuben  Licciardello,Marie J.
 Duvall  Schuyler  Licciardello,Marie J.
 DWYER  Allegany, Potter, Steuben  Stevens-Oliver,Toni
 Dye  Steuben  Smith,Scott
 Dyer  Cattaraugus  Trounstine, Deborah
 Dyer  Allegany  Trounstine, Deborah
 Dyer  Essex  Vindick,Linda
 Dyke  Allegany  Hausauer, Linda

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