or Port Allegany Cemetery
Port Allegany PA

                                Walked amd complied by Nancy Thomas
This cemetery is fenced in with black rod iron fence on 3 sides, 4th high fence
This cemetery is located behind the Presbyterian church on Church St. and goes back to Pine St. where in the middle is a gate
Right corner, behind Church on Church ST.

Photos by Nancy Thomas

ABBEY Cetello                   born    1874    died    1952                                    Right corner

ABBEY Harry                     born    4-29-1826       died    8-2-1902                                Right side

ABBEY Maryetta                                                                     -    small stone     Right side

ABBEY Maryetta C    spouse of    Rev. M. H.   born  12-24-1824  died  3-7-1892   -    his wife Saved by God   Right side

ABBEY Monument                                                                                  Right side

ABBEY Olive M.  spouse of       H. T.     died    5-29-1885       age     47y 5m 7d   -    wife of H. T. Abbey  Right side

ABBEY Orrin W.                  born    1870    died    1934                                    Right corner

ABBEY Rev. M. H.        spouse of       Maryetta C      born    5-9-1821        died    unknown          Right side

ACRE Aaron                      born    1877    died    1941                                    Right corner

ACRE John       spouse of       Lydia A born    1830    died    1900                                    Left side

ACRE Lena                       born    1886    died    1928                                    Right corner

ACRE Lydia A    spouse of       John    born    1838    died    1899                       -    his wife   Left side

ACRE Vinie                                                      age     5y                      Left side

ACRE Ward                                                       age     2y                      Left side

AGRE A. A.                                                                         -    Co. G. 211th Pa. Inf. CW   Right corner

ALLEN Emma O.   spouse of       Miles N born    1849    died    1930                       -    his wife    left side

ALLEN Lyaan                                                                        -    Co. D 85th NY Inf. C.W.V   Left side

ALLEN Miles N   spouse of       Emma O.         born    1854    died    1922                                    left side

ALLEN mother                                                                                    left side

ALLEN Rena R                    born    1883    died    1953                                    left side

ANDERSON Anders                 born    1853    died    1877                                    Right corner

ARNOLD Aaron S.                 born    6-15-1807       died    4-1-1874                                        left side

ARNOLD Ella M.                  born    7-10-1817       died    11-28-1892                                      left side

ARNOLD Fitz Henry born 4-3-1834 died 1-17-1891 left side
ARNOLD Vilentia A.                      born    5-24-1838       died    8-1-1850                                left side

ARNOLD? A.S.A.                                                                                          left side

ARNOLD? E.M.A.                                                                                  left side

ARNOLD? Vilenta                                                                                         left side

BAKER Amanda J                  born    1859    died    1884                       -    his wife        Right corner

BAKER Ann       spouse of       Moses E born    1861    died    1924               -    wife of Moses Baker  Right corner

BAKER Moses E   spouse of       Ann     born    1853    died    1934                                    Right corner

BARD Margaret Anna                      born    1876    died    1940                                    left side

BARD Mina A.                    born    1853    died    1888                                    Right side

BARD Monument N.R.                                                                                      Right side

BARD Payson F.                  born    1878    died    1942                                    left side

BARNABY Alonzo                                                      -    Co. G. 211 Pa. Inf. C. W. V.    left side

BARNABY Asa P.                  born    1-1-1803        died    5-10-1871                            left side

BARNABY Auretta                 born    5-15-1815       died    unknown                    -    his wife   left side

BARNABY Franke                  born    1885    died    1920                                    left side

BARNABY Henry H.                        born    11-24-1851      died    12-30-1873                           left side

BARNABY Horace                                                                     -    broken stone    left side

BARNABY Joseph J                        born    1849    died    1918                                    left side

BARNABY Monument                                                                                        left side

BARNABY Nathan                  born    9-6-1840        died    11-30-1865                            left side

BARRHO John Jacob                       born    2-13-1847       died    1-19-1934                          Left side

BARRHO Louisa Yost                      born    4-1-1861        died    5-1-1925                             Left side

BARRHO Ruth M.                  born    1895    died    1965                                    Left side

BARRHO Walter H                 born    1893    died    1928                                    Left side

BARRTTO Gertrude B.                     born    3-8-1877        died    7-21-1956                        Left side

BARRTTO William J.                      born    8-18-18887      died    4-25-1944                          Left side

BECKELY Clarence C.                     born    1-19-1862       died    11-30-1931                           Left side

BECKELY Emily M.                        born    5-2-1862        died    1-25-1939                              Left side

BECKLEY/BARRHO Monument                                                                                 Left side

BELLOWS ______                                  died    7-31-1849        -    dau of Thomas & Lydia Bellows   left side

BELLOWS Anda C                  born    1839    died    1907                                    left side

BELLOWS Carrie D                        born    1872    died    1929                                    left side

BELLOWS Charles                 born    1829    died    1897                                    left side

BELLOWS Daniel                  born    1804    died    1886                                    left side

BELLOWS Elizabeth                       born    1803    died    1853                                    left side

BELLOWS Elizabeth                                                              -    broken stone    left side

BELLOWS Elizabeth                                                                             left side

BELLOWS Emery                                                         -    son of  Daniel & Betsey Bellows left side

BELLOWS Emery                                                                                   left side

BELLOWS Frank E                 born    1865    died    1931                                    left side

BELLOWS Lydia   spouse of       Thomas   died   12-10-1852    age    48y 8m 25d    -    wife of Thomas Bellows  left side

BELLOWS Monument                                                                                        left side

BELLOWS Phoebe M                        born    1836    died    1907                                    left side

BELLOWS R. E.                   born    1827    died    1902                                    left side

BENSON Leetha Robbins                   born    6-5-1878        died    7-31-1947                   Right side

BESSE Niles K.                  born    4-8-1837        died    10-23-1861                          Right corner

BESSE Polly Ann                         born    2-16-1831       died    5-13-1918      -    his wife     Right corner

BISHOP                                                                                  left side

BISHOP _____                                    died    10-22-1873?    -    our  mother very faded  left side

BISHOP Annette M.                       born    1852    died    1930                                    left side

BISHOP Charles H                        born    1853    died    1913                                    left side

BISHOP mother                                                                                   left side

BISHOP Twila A Arloene                  born    1892    died    1905                                    left side

BOTH Annis                      born    1850    died    1919                                    Left side

BOTH Bryon                      born    1839    died    1911                                    Left side

BOTH Wallace                    born    1875    died    1930                                    Left side

BOVLIN Nathan                                                                      -    co. E 58th Pa. Inf.     left side

BRANSON Sue                     born    1848    died    1913                                    Right corner

BRUNDAGE Oren Lewis                     born    1854    died    19__                                    Right corner

BURR Edgar W    spouse of       Jane    born    12-22-1813      died    3-22-1897                      Right corner

BURR Jane       spouse of       Edgar W born    11-7-1816       died    11-1- 1838      -    his wife        Right corner

BUTTERFIELD Elsie                       born    1807    died    1889                                    Right corner

BUTTERFIELD M. W. B                                                                        -    small stone     Right corner

CAMPBELL Esther J.                      born    1845    died    1924                                    Right side

CAMPBELL Ila                    born    1884    died    1896                                    Right side

CAMPBELL Mary                   born    1843    died    1917                                    Right side

CAMPBELL Wallace                        born    1842    died    1916                                    Right side

CARD Rose Burr                  born    1860    died    1949                       -    daughter        Right corner

CHANDLER Ezra                   born    1827    died    1870                                    Right corner

CHANDLER Harrison M.                    born    7-14-1888                       age     5m 10ds.       Right corner

CHANDLER Hattie M.                      born    7-14-1888                       age     2m 4ds                  Right corner

CHANDLER Ida Adelia                     born    1848    died    1906                                    Right corner

CHANDLER Lurenda                        born    1827    died    1910                                    Right corner

CHANDLER Simon William                          born    1854    died    1916                     Right corner

CLAY Ada A.                     born    1876    died    1955                                    left side

CLAY John A.                    born    1874    died    1925                                    left side

CLOSE Lodie      died    9-27-1871       age     9ms   -    son of  Edwin & Lillian Close   Right side

COLE Angeline  spouse of  Clement H.  born   1837  died  1923 -  wife of Clement H. Cole Summer Sun Shines Gently Here Right corner

COLE Clement H.         spouse of   Angeline   born    1836    died    1919    -    Co. H. 58th Reg Pa. Vol Right corner

COLEMAN Alonzo C                        born    1841    died    1918                                    Right side

COLEMAN Angelia                 born    1843    died    1931                                    left side

COLEMAN Dell                    born    3-21-1850       died    5-9-19_4                              Right side

COLEMAN Dwight                  born    1823    died    1860                                    left side

COLEMAN Edna                    born    1888    died    19__                                    Right side

COLEMAN Eliza                   born    1818    died    1888                                    left side

COLEMAN Frank                   born    1839    died    1902                                    left side

COLEMAN Hannah H.                       born    1808    died    1899                                    left side

COLEMAN Horace                  born    1784    died    1869                                    left side

COLEMAN Horace                  born    1821    died    1896                                    left side

COLEMAN Joseph                  born    1813    died    1891                                    left side

COLEMAN Mary E.                 born    1873    died    1958                                    left side

COLEMAN Monument                                                                                        left side

COLEMAN Monument                                                                                        left side

COLEMAN Roselyn F                       born    1850    died    1924                                    Right side

COLEMAN Sarah                   born    1792    died    1868                                    left side

COLEMAN Volney J                        born    1868    died    1952                                    left side

COLEMAN Watson E                        born    1868    died    1944                                    Right side

CONE _____                                                      age     18??       -    too faded       Left side

CONE John                       born    1830    died    1899                                    Left side

CONE Mary                       born    1830    died    1906                                    Left side

CONE Monument                                                                                   left side

CONE Royal J                                                    age     ?-25-18 ?          -    too faded       Left side

COOPER Alli B.                  born    1891    died    1954                                    Right corner

COOPER Maud                     born    1889    died    1954                                    Right corner

COVEY Ida M                     born    1865    died    1952                                    Left side

CUNHAM Charles Coy      spouse of       Clarinda C.     born    1852    died    1912       Right side

CUNHAM Clarinda C.      spouse of       Charles Coy     born    8-19-18?2       died    7-8-1886   -    his wife   Right side

CUNHAM father                                                                                   Right side

CUNHAM Fred                     born    1858?   died    1901                                    Right side

CUNHAM mother                                                                      -    small stone     Right side

DALRYMPLE Edwin                                                                                 left side

DALRYMPLE Edwin P.      spouse of       Kate A  born    11-1-1853       died    10-17-1901              left side

DALRYMPLE Hugh A.                       born    8-16-1882       died    3-11-1915                            left side

DALRYMPLE Kate                                                                                  left side

DALRYMPLE Kate A    spouse of   Edwin P.  born    6-19-1858   died   2-21-1893   -  wife of Edwin P. Dalrymple  left side

DALRYMPLE Keith E                       born    2-20-1893                                           left side

DAVIS Helen Sartwell                    born    1826    died    1914                                    left side

DAVIS Hon. Waterman J.                  born    1814    died    1892                                    left side

DAVIS Monument                                                                                  left side

DEAN Elizabeth W.                       born    1827    died    1913                                    Right corner

DEXTER Edetha                                                          -    laying flat on ground too faded Left side

DEXTER John M                   born    1861    died    1907                                    Left side

DEXTER John M.                                  died    6-7-1873        age     72y 6m 1d            Left side

DEXTER Keziak                                                                      -    broken stone    Left side

DEXTER Maria                    born    10-12-1808      died    12-?-1891                                       Left side

DICK C. Alexander                       born    1877    died    1948                                    Left side

DICK Cora Colony                        born    1877    died    1958                                    Left side

DICK Flora Otto                 born    1862    died    1927                                    Left side

DICK John                       born    1853    died    1915                                    Left side

DICK Monument                                                                                   Left side

DOLLEY Charles  spouse of       Martha G        born    1840    died    1926           -    in Maz. Right side

DOLLEY Daniel                                   died    5-7-1876        age     83y 2m 15d           Right side

DOLLEY Emmett E                    died    3-15-1856  age     2m 11d   -    son of  E. B. & L. M. Dolley Right side

DOLLEY Leona                    born    1867    died    1867                                    Right side

DOLLEY Louisa M                 born    1836    died    1921                                    Right side

DOLLEY Martha Grigsby   spouse of       Charles born    1846    died    1926     -    his wife in Maz.  Right side

DOLLEY Mildred                  born    1877    died    1882                                    Right side

DOLLEY Monument                                                                                 Right side

DOLLEY Nancy                    born    1841    died    1920                       -    mother      left side

DOLLEY Olive                    born    1840    died    1861                       -    wife of Izates Dolley   Left side

DOLLEY Ray V                    born    1874    died    1903          -    son of  O. B. & N. E. Dolley    left side

DOLLEY Sarah                                    died    3-6-1886        age     67y 7m     -    his wife    Right side

DOLLY Chester                   born    1871    died    1905                                    Right side

DOLLY Mary Ann                                                                     -    broken stone    Right side

DOLLY Momument                                                                                  Right side

DOUGHERTY John F                        born    1851    died    1940                                    left side

DOUGHERTY Mary G                        born    1859    died    1957                                    left side

DOWENS Estella B.                       born    1873    died    1952                                    Right corner

DOWENS William J.                       born    1873    died    1950                                    Right corner

DOWNS Sarah Utter                       born    1847    died    1919                                    Right corner

DOWNS William C                 born    1844    died    1918                                    Right corner

EASTWOOD                                                                           -    can't read name Right side

EASTWOOD Carrie                 born    9-6-1849        died    7-20-1913                           Right side

EASTWOOD Carrie                                                                    -    small stone     Right side

EASTWOOD Lorenzo        spouse of       Sophia  born    3-14-1824       died    3-22-1902               Right side

EASTWOOD Phebe                                  died    11-23-1869                                      Left side

EASTWOOD Samuel                                 died    1-6-1839          -    Spanish American War VEt.  Left side

EASTWOOD Seth                   born    3-25- 1851      died    1-3-1908                                  Right side

EASTWOOD Seth                                                                      -    small stone     Right side

EASTWOOD Sophia spouse of       Lorenzo born    6-25-1824       died    11-16-1917         -    his wife   Right side

EASTWOOD Sophia                                                                    -    small stone     Right side

EDDY Harry G                    born    12-23-1836      died    ?                                       Right side

EDDY Hulda                      born    8-8-1838        died    5-24-1895                                       Right side

FIELD Evelyn May Bellows                        born    1861    died    1935                                    left side

FITCH                                                                      -    tall stone cann't read anything Right side

FITCH Corneld                   born    4-22-1819       died    8-17-1890                                       Right side

FITCH Erhrain                   born    9-10-1817       died    ???                                     Right side

FITCH Mother                                                                                    Right side

FITCH W.M. F                                                                                    Right side

FITCH Yett                      born    1853    died    1898                                    Right side

FOOTE Bessie Hooker                     born    1874    died    1951                                    Right corner

FOOTE Raymond H.                        born    1860    died    1938                                    Right corner

FOOTE/GALLUP Monument                                                                                   Right corner

FORTNER Andrew  spouse of       Mary Ann        born    3-1-1812        died    10-10-1896                        left side

FORTNER Andy L.         spouse of       Hattie D.       born    1878    died    1939           -    father  Right corner

FORTNER Bernice spouse of       Hile    born    1854    died    1938                       -    mother  left side

FORTNER father                                                                                  left side

FORTNER Hattie D.       spouse of       Andy L.         born    1877    died    1965           -    mother  Right corner

FORTNER Hile    spouse of       Bernice born    1855    died    1923                       -    father  left side

FORTNER Lillian B.                      born    1879    died    1930                                    left side

FORTNER Mary Ann        spouse of       Andrew  born    12-22-1813      died    4-23-1881                  left side

FORTNER mother                                                                                          left side

FORTNER Thomas                  born    7-26-1839       died    7-14-1853   -    son of  Andrew & Mary Ann Fortner  left side

FORTNER Thomas                                                                                          left side

FRIEDLEY Monument                                                                                       Left side

GALLUP Augusta                  born    184     died    1903                                    Right side

GALLUP Bela C.                  born    1846    died    1920                                    Right side

GALLUP Clayton E.                       born    1864    died    1950                                    Right corner

GALLUP Kathryn                  born    1876    died    1960                                    Right side

GALLUP Kitt Bellows                     born    1855    died    1931                                    left side

GALLUP Nettie Hooker                    born    1869    died    1960                                    Right corner

GALLUP Nor                      born    1865    died    1901                                    Right side

GALLUP Purdie                   born    1862    died    1904                                    Right side

GEORGE Elias                    born    1849    died    1917                                    Right corner

GEORGE Rances Luvin                     born    1856    died    1933                                    Right corner

GEORGE Somer Marie                                                                         -    no dates        left side

GEORGE William H.                       born    1880    died    1917                                    Right corner

GODING Arthur                                   died    9-27-1891      -    son of  I.C. & M.E. Goding      Right side

GODING Christiana                       born    1821    died    1904                       -    mother  Right side

GODING Clarence Neil     born    4-17-1901       died    5-26-1901    -    son of  J. C. & K. D. Goding    Right side

GODING Frances O.                       born    1885    died    1967                                    Right side

GODING J. C.                    born    1860    died    1909                                    Right side

GODING Kattie O.                        born    1869    died    1926                                    Right side

GODING Leo V.                   born    1887    died    1941                                    Right side

GODING/VENTRES Monument                                                                                 Right side

GOLF Carrie                              died    2-22-1861   -    can't read d/o Samuel T. & Sarah F. Golf   Right corner

GOODWIN Abner                   born    1786    died    1859                                    left side

GOODWIN Zilpha                  born    1802    died    1859                                    left side

GREEN Fred B.                   born    1856    died    1935                       -    son     Right corner

GREEN Hanna L.                  born    1830    died    1921                                    Right corner

GREEN Pruda     spouse of       Ephraim born    4-2-1818    died    7-7-1871    -   wife of Ephraim Green   Right corner

GREEN Terance H.                        born    1828    died    1892                  -    father & son    Right corner

GRIFFIN John                      died    5-3-1870   age     22y 10m 6d  -    son of  G. & H. Griffin Right corner

GRIFFIN Nancy E.                        born    1855    died    1895                                    Right corner

GRIGSBY Betsey  spouse of       William born    10-28-1814      died    7-13-1894     -    his wife Mother Right corner

GRIGSBY William spouse of       Betsey  born    8-26-1809       died    7-13-1894      -    Father  Right corner

GRINOLDS Benjamin spouse of Electa Scott born 6 Oct 1813 died 12 Feb 1893 - Born Troupsburg, Steuben Co, PA s/o Matthew & Docas Richmond Grinolds Right side

GRINOLDS Electa spouse of Benjamin born 30 Jul 1814 died 19 Aug 1866 - Born in New Palz, NY - Died Liberty, PA - Married 1834 New Platz, NY Right side

GROZIER Cora B                  born    1855    died    1900                                    left side

GROZIER James.                  born    1850    died    1891                                    left side

GROZIER John W.        born    1821    died    1855     -    there is a small stone with John & dates        left side

GROZIER Julia A                 born    1825    died    1905    -    there is a small stone with Julia & dates   left side

H._.G.                                                                                  left side

HACKET Electa   spouse of       Seth            died    4-19-1868   age     69   -    wife of Seth Hacket left side

HACKET Seth     spouse of       Electa                  died    2-8-1885        age     85            left side

HALL Ann spouse of Paul born 1818 died 1874 - his wife Right side

HALL John G. born 1840 died 1924 son of Paul # Ann Hall Right side

HALL Nora B  spouse of John G. born 1843 died 1928 Right side

HALL Paul spouse of Ann born 1807 died 1878 Right side

HALL Beda Marie born 1879 died 1934 Right corner

HALL Howard H born 1881 died 1976 - son of John G & Nora B Hall small stone also contractor (along with brother Walter) 
that built the famous Falling Water of Frank Loyd Wright Left side

HALL Sigrid R. born 1893 died 1992 - small stone also Left side

HALL Walter John born 1878 died 1953 son of John G & Nora B Hall  contractor (along with brother Howard) that built 
the famous Falling Water of Frank Loyd Wright Right corner

HARDES Bessemer P.                      born    1864    died    1936                                    Right side

HARDES Clarinda                         born    1871    died    1935                                    Right side

HARMAN Alton E.                         born    185?    died    1929                                    Left side

HARMAN Barbara Arlene     born    1-10-1937       died  1-12-1937  -   infant dau. of Leola & Ethan Harman   Left side

HARMAN Maude                    born    1889    died    1967                                    Left side

HAVENS Chester B.                       born    1913    died    1975                                    Right corner

HAVENS M. Pearl spouse of       Ralph M born    1886    died    19__                       -    his wife     Right corner

HAVENS Ralph M  spouse of       M. Pearl        born    1888    died    1970                                Right corner

HAZEN Mary A.         died    10-23-1862      age     6y 1m      -    dau of George & C. Hazen   left side

HELMER Bertha Hall spouse of Daniel S. born 1874 died 1956 Left side

HELMER Daniel S spouse of Bertha Hall born 1863 died 1926 Left side

HELMER Erwin R                  born    1858    died    1939                                    Right side

HELMER Highwell                 born    12-19-1826      died    2-2-1912        age     85                      Left side

HELMER Josephine C.                     born    1866    died    1935                                    Right side

HELMER Julia                    born    b. 3-5-1830     died    12-31-1899                  Left side

HOBER Calvin                                                                -    Co. B. 136th Pa. Inf    Right corner

HOLDEN Alfred                                                                      -    small stone     Left side

HOLDEN Alfred M.                        born    1838    died    1911                                    Left side

HOLDEN Alice May                        born    1916    died    1916                                    Left side

HOLDEN Alzena                   born    1883    died    1978                                    Left side

HOLDEN Baby                     born    1920    died    1920                                    Left side

HOLDEN Elton M.                 born    1879    died    1930                                    Left side

HOLDEN Lucy                                                                        -    small stone     Left side

HOLDEN Lucy E                   born    1837    died    1920                       -    his wife        Left side

HOOKER Lucy                     born    1843    died    1911                                    Right corner

HOOKER Monument                                                                                 Right corner

HOOKER William                  born    1835    died    1907                                    Right corner

HOTCHKISS Charles       died    7-19-1872       age   32y 11m    -    son of  Ezckiel & Polly Hotchkiss   Right side

HOWES Grace                     born    1873    died    1966                                    Right side

HULBERT Clayton                 born    1906    died    1972                                    Right corner

HULBERT Hazel B                 born    1893    died    1984                                    Right corner

JACKSON Nina                    born    1834    died    1875                       -    mother  Right corner

KEMPTON Markella Pameroy                        born    1882    died    19__                              Right corner

KERSHNER B. June                        born    1822    died    11-1894                                 Right corner

KERSHNER Caroline                       born    6-1829  died    1-1922                     -    his wife    Right corner

KERSHNER Emma                   born    1859    died    1944                                    Right corner

KERSHNER father                                                                    -    small stone     Right corner

KERSHNER George                 born    1855    died    1929                                    Right corner

KERSHNER J. Willis                      born    1856    died    1940                                    Right corner

KERSHNER mother                                                                            -    small stone   Right corner

KERSHNER Nellie B.                      born    1858    died    1925       -    wife of J. W. Kershner  Right corner

KERSHNER Tilda                  born    1860    died    1932                                    Right corner

KERSHNER Wilma S.                       born    1886    died    1918    -    dau of J. W. & N. B. Kershner   Right corner

KING Roxy                       born    1-8-1848        died    6-22-1922                               Right side

KINNEY Edna Lois                        born    1915    died    1920                                    Right corner

KNAPP Emily J              died    12-16-1851      age     4y 18d     -    dau of William & Emily Knapp    left side

LAMHOFER Augustus                       born    1863    died    1916                                    Right corner

LAUER Belle Lillibridge spouse of   George Edward   born    5-29-1868  died  1-3-1959  -   wife of George Edward Lauer  left side

LAUER George Edward                     born    10-24-1864      died    8-8-1929          left side

LAWTON F.                                       died    -8-1863 age     63y 10m 28d                     Right corner

LEET Deborah E                  born    1854    died    1928                       -    mother  Left side

LEET Lora M.                    born    1885    died    1962                                    Left side

LEET Ray C                      born    1887    died    1962                                    Left side

LIILIBRIDGE Ludowick    spouse of       Anna C.                 died    12-13-1868      age     77y 6m 26d     left side

LILLBRIDGE Clifford A.                  born    1899    died    1935                                    Right corner

LILLBRIDGE Susan E.                     born    1844    died    1911                                    Right side

LILLIBRIDGE Anna C.     spouse of     Ludowick        died    1-17-1876   age  81   -  wife of Ludowick Lillibridge  left side

LILLIBRIDGE Anna J.     spouse of       Mason A         born    1854    died    1921    -    his wife        left side

LILLIBRIDGE Bertha Mae                  born    1876    died    1948                                    Right corner

LILLIBRIDGE Clair   died    2-18-1879  age     6y 6m 18d  -   son of  Mason A  & Anna J. Lillibridge  left side

LILLIBRIDGE Clinton                     born    1874    died    1918                                    Right corner

LILLIBRIDGE E. Clair                                    died    1-5-1866    -    son of  Samuel Lillibridge   left side

LILLIBRIDGE Elias                       born    8-20-1820       died    4-4-1887                             left side

LILLIBRIDGE Elma C                      born    1859    died    1931                                    left side

LILLIBRIDGE Florence G  spouse of       Norton A.       born    1894    died    1945  -    mother  Left side

LILLIBRIDGE infant Dau.                         born    4-24-1866       died    4-24-1866                  left side

LILLIBRIDGE Jane Ann                    born    1826    died    1898                                    left side

LILLIBRIDGE John C                      born    1854    died    1904                                    left side

LILLIBRIDGE Lawrence M.                         born    1907    died    1925                Right corner

LILLIBRIDGE Lowell                      born    1838    died    1912                                    left side

LILLIBRIDGE Mason A     spouse of       Anna J. born    1848    died    1909                                    left side

LILLIBRIDGE Mattie E                                    died    3-29-1858        -    dau of Samuel Lillibridge  left side

LILLIBRIDGE Monument                                                                       -    also small stone  left side

LILLIBRIDGE Norton A.   spouse of       Florence G      born    1889    died    1964      -    father  Left side

LILLIBRIDGE Vincent L.   died    7-21-186--?     -    infant son of L.L. & Sue Lillibridge    left side

LILLIBRIDGE Zoe F                       born    1884    died    1912                                    Right side

LILLY Bessie E                  born    1881    died    1977                                    Right side

LILLY Charles L                 born    1853    died    1936                                    Right side

LILLY Eugenia P                 born    1852    died    1934                                    Right side

LINK Caroline                                   died    11-6-1862               -    dau of Jacob & Mina Link   Right corner

LLOYD Daniel L                  born    1891    died    1968                                    Left side

LLOYD Hazel W                   born    1895    died    1970                                    Left side

LYMAN Polly M.                  born    1831    died    1896                                    Right corner

MANING Chester H                        born    1876    died    1951                                    left side

MANNIN Samuel E           died    7-12-1866       age     18y 25d    -    son of Harvey & Betsey Manning  Right side

MANNING Alice E      died    4-19-1850       age     9m 2?d     -    dau of Harvey P. & Betsey Manning  Right side

MANNING C. F.                   born    1834    died    1907                       -    at rest Right side

MANNING Charles F                       born    1864    died    1929                                    Left side

MANNING George W.              died    7-11-1867       age     2y 8d      -    son of G. W. & R.T. Manning   Right side

MANNING Harvey                                                                     -    no dates        Right side

MANNING Margaret                        born    1826    died    1904                       -    mother  left side

MANNING Mary F                  born    1881    died    1960                                    left side

MANNING Minnie                  born    1846    died    1930                                    Right side

MANNING Monument                                                                                        left side

MANNING Perry                   born    1822    died    1895                       -    father  left side

MCCARTY Millard F.                      born    1881    died    1955                                    left side

MCCARTY Nevada C.                       born    1880    died    1962                                    left side

MCDOWELL Theressa                       born    10-31-140       died    11-12-1921       -    his wife        Left side

MCDOWELL Thomas B                       born    1832    died    1899                                    Left side

MCGRANER Mary A.                        born    1836    died    1921                                    Right corner

MCGRANER William J.                     born    1871    died    1928                                    Right corner

MCGRANER William Jackson    died    7-6-1928     -    Pennsylvania 1st Lieut 129th Inf. 33 Div. C.W.V.  Right corner

METCALF Adeline         spouse of       Ralph   born    1808    died    1900                       -    mother  Left side

METCALF Emma A          spouse of       N. N.   born    1844    died    1910   -    wife of N. N.Metcalf    Left side

METCALF Henry H                 born    1842    died    1865                       -    Co.H 58thPa.Vols.       Left side

METCALF Monument                                                                                        Left side

METCALF N. N.   spouse of       Emma A          born    1845    died    1915                                    Left side

METCALF Ralph   spouse of       Adeline         born    1803    died    1857                       -    father  Left side

MOORE Elnoba A                                     age     9y 6m   -    child of J. H. & H. A.  Moore   Right side

MOORE Josepine E.                                   age     15y 7m 17d   -    child of J. H. & H. A.  Moore Right side

MOORE Mittie                    born    1866    died    1952                                    Right corner

MOORE Theodore H                                age     11y 7m 16d         -    child of J. H. & H. A.  Moore Right side

MORRIS J. Walter                        born    12-10-1867      died    1-13-1943              Left side

MOSES                                                                      -    5 small stones  Left side

MOSES Ada R                     born    1879    died    1937                                    Left side

MOSES Alfred G.                 born    1853    died    1919                                    Left side

MOSES Elizabeth                 born    1861    died    1919                       -    small stone     Left side

MOSES Monument                                                                                  Left side

MOSES Richard R                 born    1860    died    1955                                    Left side

MOYER Grace C.  spouse of       John N.D.       born    8-25-1920       died    4-1-2002         Right corner

MOYER John N.D. spouse of       Grace C.        born    12-6-1918       died    5-24-2002           Right corner

MYERS Glenn C.                  born    1890    died    1976                                    Right side

MYERS Leona L                   born    1894    died    1953                                    Right side

NILES Della J                   born    1875    died    1966                                    left side

NILES Robert B                  born    1869    died    1950                                    left side

ONEX Bertha                     born    1862    died    1938                                    left side

OTTO                                                                       -    4 small stones beside OTTO      Left side

OTTO ???                                                                           -    too faded       left side

OTTO Dell                       born    1854    died    1939                                    Right corner

OTTO Elizabeth  spouse of       James   born    1837    died    1916                       -    his wife        Left side

OTTO James                      born    1827    died    1880                                    Left side

OTTO James V.                   born    1856    died    1927                                    Right corner

OTTO John                       born    1860    died    169                                     Left side

OTTO Mary M     spouse of       James   born    1838    died    1856         -    wife of James Otto      Left side

OTTO Willie                     born    1865    died    1886                                    Left side

PALMER Chester                  born    1861    died    1935                                    Right corner

PALMER Nathan                   born    4-18-1818       died    3-6-1876      -    also small stone        Right corner

PALMER Sally                    born    1827    died    1898                                    Right corner

PATTISON Elliza L.                      born    1849    died    1931                                    Right corner

PEET C. P.                                                                                      Right side

PEET S. P.                                                                         -    Sarah   Right side

PEET Thomas M.                                  died    2-4-1877        age     18         -    hard to read    Right side

PEET William                                                                                    Right side

PENDLETON Almira                        born    no dates                                                        left side

PENDLETON George               died    9-30-1861       age     5y 3m 9d   -  child of William & Almira Pendleton   left side

PENDLETON Laura                died    9-17-1861       age     1y 21d  -    child of William & Almira Pendleton   left side

PENDLETON William                       born    1812    died    1899                                    left side

PENDLETON William                       born    1818    died    1899                       -    Co. E. 23 N.Y. Inf    left side

PETTEYS Edwin E.                        born    1869    died    1935                                    Right corner

PETTEYS Elsie E.                        born    1882    died    1963                                    Right corner

PFEIL Gladys M.                 born    1896    died    1931                                    Right corner

PFEIL John P.                   born    1859    died    1939                                    Right corner

PFEIL John S.                   born    1896    died    1951                                    Right corner

PFEIL KArl William                      born    8-2-1937        died    4-23-1940                Right corner

PFEIL Margaret K                        born    1867    died    1946                             Right corner

PHILLIPS Blanche M.     spouse of       D.H.    born    1861    died    1920   -    wife of  D. H. Phillips Left side

POMEROG Mark M. "Brink"                 born    1833    died    1896                                    Right corner

POMEROY Mabel                                                   age     Baby                    Right corner

PRATT Lettie C. spouse of   Willie    died    9-24-1882    age     20yr 7m 20d   -    wife of Willie J. Pratt Right side

PROCTOR James R                 born    2-15-1870       died    17y 1m 26d           left side

RISTINE Harry C                 born    1915    died    1984                                    Right corner

RISTINE Leona                   born    1878    died    1923                                    Right corner

RISTINE Mary M.                 born    1916    died    1998                                    Right corner

ROBBINS Justina S                       born    7-1-1849        died    8-16-1905                Right side

ROBBINS MAdison                 born    2-25-1834       died    2-20-1895                          Right side

ROGERS Amelia   spouse of       C. J.   born    1849    died    1920      -    his wife        Right corner

ROGERS C. J.    spouse of       Amelia  born    1850    died    1919                             Right corner

ROWE Denver                     born    1867    died    1879                                    Right corner

ROWE J.F.                       born    1840    died    Blank                                   Right corner

ROWE James                      born    1870    died    1872                                    Right corner

ROWE James V.                   born    184?    died    1902       -    Col Cav. Co. I. 2 Regt.  Right corner

ROWLEY Guy A                    born    1881    died    1901                                    Left side

ROWLEY Monument                                                                                 Left side

ROWLEY Victoria A                       born    1856    died    1963                                    Left side

SALISBURY Jennie                        born    1878    died    1882                                    Left side

SARTWELL Mother                                                                                 Right side

SARTWELL Rogina F                       born    1843    died    1918                       -    his wife    Right side

SARTWELL Rose                   born    10-24-1843      died    4-1918     -    dau of A. D. & J. P Thompson  Right side

SARTWELL Stephen C.                     born    1840    died    1907                                    Right side

SARTWELL Stephen M                      born    1876    died    1918                                    Right side

SARTWELL Williston                      born    1868    died    1874    -    child of S. C. & P.F.Sartwell   left side

SARTWELL Winnifred                      born    1868    died    1868   -    child of S. C. & P.F.Sartwell   left side

SCOTT Lecia                     born    1814    died    1864                                    Right side

SELTZ Cora G                    born    1888    died    1942                                    Right corner

SELTZ John W.                   born    1882    died    1941                                    Right corner

SHERWOOD                        born    1810    died    ?                                       Left side

SHERWOOD Beulah                                 ?       died    ?                                       Left side

SHERWOOD Beulah Sawyer                                      -    dau. of a revalutionary soldier   Left side

SHERWOOD Chloe R.       spouse of    N.  born    2-23-1818       died    12-14-1849   -    wife of N. Sherwood  Left side

SHERWOOD Joseph                                 died    3-17-1856       age     72y 6m                  Left side

SHERWOOD Mary   spouse of       William    died    1-3-1874   age     22   -    1st wife of William Sherwood Left side

SHERWOOD Richard M         born    3-28-1841    died  11-21-1841   -  son of  William & Chloe Sherwood   Left side

SHERWOOD William. S.                                                   -    small stone     Left side

SHURTZ Caroline M.      spouse of       M.T.    born    1847    died    1913     -    wife of M. T. Shurtz    Right corner

SHURTZ Elias                    born    1817    died    1894                                    left side

SHURTZ Ellen                    born    1851    died    1854                                    left side

SHURTZ Emeline M                        born    1812    died    1900                                    left side

SHURTZ Fitz A.                  born    1846    died    1912                                    left side

SHURTZ Fitz James Davis                 born    1851    died    1852                                    left side

SHURTZ Floyd P.                 born    1889    died    1959                                    Right corner

SHURTZ Henrye                   born    1843    died    1863                                    left side

SHURTZ James H                  born    1869    died    1908     -    son of  M. T. & C. M. Shurtz    Right corner

SHURTZ M. Louise                        born    1859    died    1912                                    left side

SHURTZ Manley T.                        born    1846    died    1916                                    Right corner

SHURTZ Mary                     born    1852    died    1873                                    left side

SHURTZ Monument                                                                                 left side

SIMAR Clara                     born    1884    died    1955                                    Right corner

SIMAR Emma E                    born    1858    died    1920                       -    father  left side

SIMAR Franklin D.       spouse of       Hattie L.       born    1850    died    1914           Right corner

SIMAR Harriet A                                 died    5-8-1884        age     58y 9m 8d   -    his wife     left side

SIMAR Hattie L. spouse of       Franklin D.                       -    wife of Franklin D.  Simar      Right corner

SIMAR Rush                      born    1883    died    1964                                    Right corner

SIMAR William                   born    11-26-1866      died    6-29-1891             left side

SLINGERLAND Elery D                     born    1849    died    1935                                    Right side

SLINGERLAND Lucy M.                     born    1849    died    1928                                    Right side

SMITH Aaron Hull                                        died    3-2-1842            -    son of ? & ? Smith      Left side

SMITH David E.                  born    12-5-18??       died    9-?-1892                   Left side

SMITH David J.                                  died    2-9-1861        age     3d                      Left side

SMITH James                                     died    3-1-1897        age     30y 11m 23d       Left side

SMITH Joseph A                                  died    1868                                    Left side

SMITH Lucy                                      died    7-4-1879                                        Left side

SMITH Mary E. Stimson                   born    1836    died    1885                                    Right corner

SNYDER Ole L.                   born    1852    died    1929                                    left side

SNYDER Ora L.                   born    1853    died    1943   -    dau. of the American Revolution left side
STANTON Martha                  born    11-18-1787      died    3-11-1830?                      left side STEELE Clarissa D.                      born    1855    died    1938                             Right corner STEELE Frank A                  born    1856    died    1923                                    Right corner STEELE James P.                 born    7-11-1821       died    ?       -    broken stone    Right side STEELE Mary                     born    1841    died    1909                                    Right side STEELE Mary E                   born    1886    died    1945                                    Right corner STEELE Stanton                  born    1828    died    1911                       -    War of 1812     Right side STEELE/HARDES                                            -    in middle of row plus 3 small stones    Right side SURRTZ Ora B.                   born    1885    died    1965                                    Right corner SWARTZ Herbert                  born    1873    died    1937                       -    marker  Right corner SWARTZ LLoyd C.                 born    1886    died    1969                       -    marker  Right corner TEFFT Arnold B                  born    1841    died    1856                                    Left side TEFFT Jane B                    born    1818    died    1889                                    Left side TEFFT Lena M                    born    1877    died    1877                                    Left side TEFFT William F                 born    1792    died    1862                                    Left side TEFFT Willie E                  born    1880    died    1882                                    Left side THOMAS Helene RN                        born    1866    died    1935                                    Right corner THOMAS Herman R                 born    1885    died    1947                                    Right corner THOMAS Theallison L.                    born    1914    died    1956                                    Left side THOMPSON                                                       -    son of A. B & J. P. Thompson    Right side THOMPSON ?                                                     -    dau of  A. D. & J. P. Thompson  Right side THOMPSON E. W                   born    8-1-1853        died    1904                                    Right side THOMPSON Mother                 born    2-2-1823        died    4-5-1891         -    our mother      Right side THOMPSON R. F.                  born    8-8-1840        died    4-4-1907                     Right side TOWNSEND Ira                    born    1864    died    1938                                    left side TOWNSEND Lloyd                  born    1893    died    1975                                    left side TOWNSEND Mary J                 born    1891    died    1970                                    left side TOWNSEND Maude E                        born    1889    died    1961                                    left side TOWNSEND Minnie                 born    1866    died    1940                                    left side TYLER Cornelia Buck     spouse of   J. Frank K.  born    1854    died    1936  -    wife of J. Frank K Tyler   Right corner TYLER J. Frank K.  spouse of   Cornelia    born    1845    died  1901  -   J. F. T. small stone vetarans flag  Right corner TYLER May G                     born    1882    died    1974                                    Right corner TYLER Percy L.                  born    1876    died    1961                                    Right corner UNKNOWN                                                         -    2 small stones by fence Pine st side.   Left side UNKNOWN                                                          -    2 small stones in bushes        Left side UNKNOWN                                                           -    broken stone    Left side UNKNOWN                                                                    -    broken stone    Left side

UNKNOWN                                                                    -    broken stone    Left side

UNKNOWN                                                                    -    Broken stone no name    Right side

UNKNOWN              -    small stone a cross marker beside USA Cuba Philippine Island Spanish War Vetaren    Left side

UNKNOWN                                                                    -    small stone too faded   left side

UNKNOWN                                                                    -    small stone unknown     Right side

UNKNOWN                                                                    -    tall stone too faded to read  left side

UNKNOWN                                                                   -    broken stone cann't read    Right side

UNKNOWN                                                              -    small flat faded stone  left side

UNKNOWN                                                                    -    small stone     Left side

UNKNOWN                                                                   -    small stone  buried     left side

UNKNOWN                                                                    -    small stone unreadable  left side

UNKNOWN                                                                     -    laying flat with 3 names on it  Left side

UNKNOWN Alfonzo E.                                      died    10-31-1874      age     71y 10m 8d       Right side

UNKNOWN Alice A.                                                  -    rest too faded between Clay & Bellows   left side

UNKNOWN Barbara                                 died    8-7-1868     -    unreadable  partly buried       left side

UNKNOWN Caroline L                      born    1860    died    1860    -    small stone  (Maybe--Manning)   left side

UNKNOWN E. S.                                                                      -    small stone     Left side

UNKNOWN Ella A                  born    10-14-1871      died    ???                                     Right side

UNKNOWN Fred                                    died    1863                       -    one date        Left side

UNKNOWN Hazel                   born    1905    died    1909                                    Right corner

UNKNOWN J.L.N                                                                      -    small stone     Left side

UNKNOWN J.R.W.                                                               -    with West small stone   Right corner

UNKNOWN Jaqmes                                  died    1861                       -    one date        Left side

UNKNOWN Katie M                         born    1868    died    1870    -    small stone (Maybe--Manning)    left side

UNKNOWN Mary Elle                       born    1855    died    1858           -    small stone     left side

UNKNOWN Nellie                                  died    1836                       -    one date        Left side

UNKNOWN Ruth L.                                                                                 Right corner

UNKNOWN S.H. B.                                                                   -    small stone     Right side

UNKNOWN stone pieces                                                                                    left side

UNKNOWN Virginia I                                                                                      Right corner

UNKNOWN W. Cordon                                                                                       Right corner

VANATTER Elnira                 born    1828    died    1899                                    Right corner

VANDERHULE Alice   born 12-3-1856   died    3-27-1872  age   15y 3m 28d  -  dau of W. R. & P. A. Vanderhule  Right side

VANDERHULE Clifford           died    1-9-1882   age  8w 3d  -    son of G. W. & Mattie Vanderhule      Right side

VANDERHULE Clifford                                                                 -    small stone     Right side

VANDERHULE George                                                                          -    small stone   Right side

VANDERHULE George W                     born    1860    died    1904                                    Right side

VANDERHULE Mary                                                                                         Right side

VANDERHULE Phoebe                                                                                       Right side

VANDERHULE Phoebe A                     born    1828    died    1911                                    Right side

VANDERHULE Rensselaes                   born    1831    died    1903                                    Right side

VANDERHULE Rose                 born    1866    died    1909                                    Right side

VANDERHULE Rose                                                                                         Right side

VANDERHULE V. R.                                                                                        Right side

VANNATTER Dan L.                                                    -    Co. E. 58t Pa.Inf. CW   Right corner

VANSICKLE John                                                                     -    too faded       left side

VENTRES Martha G      born    1857    died    1941   - dau of the American Revolution Canoe Place Chapter  Right side

VENTRES William Izantes                 born    1894    died    1910                                    Right side

VENTRES William R.                      born    1858    died    1927                                    Right side

VINER Alva N                    born    1823    died    1912                                    left side

VINER Isaac                     born    1803    died    1868                                    left side

VINER Leora S.                  born    1832    died    1907                                    left side

VINER Monument                                                                                  left side

VINER Narcissa                  born    1806    died    1894                                    left side

VINER Sarah                     born    1770    died    1856                                    left side

VOSBURGH Elizabeth                 died    3-31-1849   -    unreadable d/o Orria & ____ Vosburgh    left side

VOSBURGH Henry Clay                     born    4-2-18__         -    dau of Orria & ____ Vosburgh    left side

WAGNER Maude Downs                      born    1870    died    1942                                    Right corner

WAGNER Oscar C.                 born    1867    died    1964                                    Right corner

WEBB Eva  spouse of   O.R.  born  6-29-1829   died  10-11-1859  -  his wife b. in France d. in Mich 31y 11m 12d left side

WEBB Eva                                                                           -    small stone     left side

WEBB Francis                                                                                    left side

WEBB Louisa                                                                                     left side

WEBB O. R.      spouse of       Eva     born    5-19-1831       died    5-5-1915      left side

WEIMER Anna Justina          died    5-13-1857       age 2ms   -    dau of G. K. & E, Weimer        Left side

WEIMER Mary Alice                       born    1915    died    2003                                    left side

WEIMER Monument                                                                                 left side

WEIMER Ronald E                 born    1918    died    1998                                    left side

WEINMAN Emma L  spouse of       John A  born    1856    died    1919                       -    mother  Left side

WEINMAN John A  spouse of       Emma L  born    1855    died    1932                       -    father  Left side

WEINMAN Monument                                                                                        Left side

WEST Ann                        born    12-11-1798      died    8-18-1874        -    his wife  Right corner

WEST Ellen L.                                   died    2-10-185?                                       left side

WEST Jerusha D    born    6-17-1833       died    10-4-1849     -    dau of Nathaniel & Ann West     Right corner

WEST Jerusha D.            died    10-1-1819       age     16y 3m 18d  -    dau of M. & A. West     Right corner

WEST mother                                                                                     Right corner

WEST Nathaniel                  born    10-18-1805      died    3-2-1888                     Right corner

WEST-HALDEN? Fred                       born    2-19-1804       died    10-21-1904                      left side

WHITNEY Sarah Ann          died    2-13-1838       age     34y 10m 28d        -    wife of ? Whitney       Right side

WILKIN Father                                                                                   Right side

WILKIN Jane                     born    1808    died    1896                                    Right side

WILKIN Monument                                                                                 Right side

WILKIN Mother                                                                                   Right side

WILKIN William                  born    1804    died    1875                                    Right side

WILLIAMS Robert E.                                      died    1936                 -    funeral marker  Left side

WINDSOR Fabritus M                      born    1845    died    1910                                    Left side

WINDSOR Matilda Abbey                   born    1847    died    1932                                    Left side

WINDSOR Monument                                                                                        Left side

WITNEY Daniel W.                                                                                        Right side

WOLFORD Carlyle                         born    1848    died    1920                                    Right corner

WOLFORD Jennie S.                       born    1855    died    1921                                    Right corner

WOLFORD Monument                                                                                        Right corner

YOUNG Caroline A.       spouse of       S.L.    born    1844    died    1922    -    wife of S. L. Young  Right corner

YOUNG Stephen L.                        born    1846    died    1939                                    Right corner


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