Bradford, PA
This is a beautiful cemetery on a hillside

Compiled by Eleanor Schwalb

Photos by Mary E. Bryant

ABRAMS, Thomas G. spouse of  born 9-29-1948 died 1-10-2008 age 59 - Son of Glenn S. & Marjorie D. Sankner Abrams b. Bradford PA d. Cleveland OH
ACKERMAN, Thomas E. spouse of Maureen Birkmier born 2-18-1931 died 5-15-2010 age 79y  - Son of Lyle M. & Mary Dunn Ackerman b. Norwich NY d. Bradford PA Wed 6-30-1956 in Babylon NY  U.S. Marines
ALEXANDER, Mahlon R. "Fat" spouse of Patricia Chase-Cici born 2-4-1925 died 12-29-2006 age 81  - Son of A. O. & Eleanor Meachem Alexander  b. Oil City Pa. d. Bradford Pa.  U.S. Army 90th Malaria Control Unit WW2  Purple Heart also U.S. Army Korean War with 24th Anti-Aircraft Division
ALSDORF, Rose A.  spouse of    born  7-26-1909  died  11-13-2010  age  102y    Dau. of George & Caroline Susi Carletta b. Bradford PA d. Warren PA
ANDERSON, Faye L. spouse of  born 7-17-1943 died 2-17-2009 age 65y  - Dau. of Hariett Goodemote Holiday (step-father Joseph "Jersy Joe" Fair) b. Olean NY d. Pittsburgh PA 

ARICK, Thomas E. spouse of Helen Boyer born 4-5-1923 died 3-3-2009 age 85y  - Son of John Paul & Mary Ellen Boyne Arick b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 2-1-1947- 62 years - U.S. Army Air Corps WW2 
ARLIA, Gayla L.  spouse of  Orlando L.  born  4-19-1952  died  10-27-2010  age  58y    Dau. of Elden & Audrey Burlingame Hewett b. Olean NY d. Cleveland OH Wed 7-27-1971 in Phoenix AZ
AUSTIN, Oran R. spouse of Nancy Deitz born 2-8-1931 died 11-15-2008 age 77y  - Son of Earl R. & Geraldine Dawn Austin b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 9-28-1999 in Limestone NY U.S. Navy Korean War 

AUSTIN, Richard E.  born 3/31/1962 died 8-14-2001  age 39  - b. Bradford, PA- Son of Orin R. & Phyllis Palmer Bell Austin Sr. 
AVIS, William  spouse of    born  4/6/1932  died  12/16/2011  age  79y    Son of Frank & Leah Samec Avis b. Sheffieldd PA d. Pittsburgh PA
BAGNATO, James F. spouse of Jane Baynes born 4-6-1915 died 1-5-2007 age 91  - Son of Francis & Frances Curcio Bagnato b. Lewis Run Pa. d. Palm Harbor Fla. Wed: 1944 in Bradford Pa. U.S. Army Veteran 

BAIN, Rita R. spouse of Matthew G. born 4-28-1920 died 10-20-2006 age 86  - Dau. of James A. & Mary Berry Donovan  b. & d. Bradford Pa.  Wed:  9-18-1943 in Bradford Pa. 
BAKER, Paul W.  spouse of Jacqueline E. Nearing born 1-25-1926 died 4-26-2007 age 81  - Son of Charles & Margaret Hartle Baker  b. Fryburg PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed 7-7-1949 in Bradford PA  U.S. Navy Aviator Machinist  WW2
BARR, Mary T. spouse of Charles A. born 10-2-1915 died 1-5-2009 age 93y  - Dau. of Anthony & Adeline Franco DeBias b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA Wed 1949 
BATESKI Sr., John H. spouse of  Id I. Brittain born 6-23-1914 died 6-24-2006 age 92  - Son of John & Catherine Partyka Bateski  b.& d. Bradford, Pa.  Wed: 5-27-1939 in Smethport, Pa. 
BAUER, Dennis A. spouse of Lucille Griebel born 7-21-1926 died 12-1-2009 age 83y  Son of Ambrose & Regina Beichner Bauer b. Lucinda PA d. Bradford PA Wed 7-21-1948 in Lucinda PA  U.S. Army serving with the 52nd Signal Battalion Company A in Inchon Korea 
BEASON, James W. spouse of Joanne M. born 11-6-1940 died 2-4-2005 age 64  - son of Wade & Doretta Burger Beason
BEASON, Joanne M. spouse of James W.  died 11-6-1997   - nee Luzzi  wed 2- 4-1975 in Erie PA
BEEMAN, Donald A.  born  12-21-1919 died  7-27-2011 -Son of John Riley & Mary Walker Beeman b. Lafayette PA d. Bradford PA U.S. Army Air Force WW2
BEEMAN, Hedwig M. "Hedy" spouse of  Mark J. born 5-31-1927 died  3-17-2011 age 83y -Dau. of Alphonse & Francis Brem Vogg b. Vietach Germany d. Lorain OH Came to the United States in 1935
BEHAN, Katherine  "Katie" spouse of Thomas R. born 10-4-1930 died 6-15-2009 age 78y  - Dau. of Anthony & Mary Marasco Piganelli b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-20-1951 in Smethport PA 

BEHAN, Thomas R. spouse of Katherine "Katie" Piganelli born 12-26-1931 died 4-28-2006 age 74  - Son of Thomas W. & Bertha Crowe Behan  b. Limestone, N.Y.  d. Bradford, Pa.  Wed: 10-20-1951 in Smethport, Pa. 
BELARDIA, Blanche L. spouse of Dominic born 2-12-1914 died 11-24-2005 age 91  - Dau. of Antonio & Elvera Cantone Sebastian b. Sutersville Pa.d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 9-11-1934
BIZZARO, Alice Colestro spouse of Joseph M. born 10-26-1917 died 12-30-2008 age 91y  - Dau. of Leonard & Louise O'Neil Steck b. Bradford PA d. Lexington KY Wed 1969 in Bradford PA  Husband #1 Joseph H. Colestro Mausoleum
BIZZARO, Anthony "Tony"  spouse of Mary Jane Kyler born 5-18-1921 died 7-5-2008 age 87  - Son of Anthony & Mary Ann Amangeo Bizzaro b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 4-18-1942 in Salamanca NY U.S. Army Fourth Infantry Division as a platoon leader company commander & battalion commander - Served in D-Day Invasion Battle of the Bulge - Decorated veteran
BIZZARO, Geraldine M. "Gerda" spouse of Ralph born 7-1-1920 died 6-17-2008 age 87 - Dau. of Pacifico & Emelia Conti Vicere b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-1-1943 in Bradford PA 
BIZZARO, Mary Jean spouse of  Anthony "Tony" born 12-28-1920 died 1-25-2011age 90y  Dau. of David & Grace Fitzmorris Kyle b. Salamanca NY d. Centennial CO Wed 4-18-1942 in Salamanca NY Mausoleum
BLACK, Cathryn F.  born  10-2-1909 died  9-3-2010 age 100y  -  Dau. of Arthur & Julia Dunn Francis b. Gifford PA d. Bradford PA Wed Husband #1 James Matthews on 2-8-1931 who died 5-11-1963 Wed Husband #2 James Black on 12-3-1986 who died 5-26-2008
BOOTH, Carl R. Sr. spouse of Marion Tasin born 11-15-1924 died 10-16-2009 age  84  Son of William & Bertha Dickinson Booth b. Cuba NY d. Bradford PA Wed 6-24-1944 in Bradford PA U.S. Army serving in Asiatic Pacific Theatre WW2

BORMAN, Marjorie A.  born  6-1-1930 died 7-4-2007 age 77  -Dau. of Andrew H. & Laura G. Lyons Borman b. Scarsdale NY-careered in Nursing Education & Business -Teacher of the Year in 1964 at St. Christopher School in Tonawanda NY- authored several books on financial aid for parents & students -- Awarded Certificates of Recognition IRS & State Tax Depart. for volunteer work in Tax Aide Program for the elderly sponsored by AARP
BOSER, Nancy L.  spouse of  Gerald G .  born  6-20-1939  died  2-10-2011  age  71y    Dau. of Raymond Dickerson & Ella Boyer Roundsville b. Smethport PA d. Bradford PA Wed 10-2-7-1956 in Vandalia NY
BOTTORF, Richard  "Jack" Jr.     spouse of         born    3/29/1954    died    2/20/2012    age    57y        Son of R. Jack & Norma J. Pace Bottorf b. Cleveland OH d. Bradford PA Former Wife Brenda Kerr  U.S. Navy
BOTTORF, Theresa  born 6-7-1961 died 4-30-2008 age 46  - Dau. of Donald F. & Theresa Nigro Cummins b. Bradford PA d. Conesville PA  Former Husband Tom Bottorf 

BOTTORF, Vivian spouse of William F. Sr. born 10-7-1928 died 8-27-2006 age 77  - Dau. of Gaetano & Liberata  Alviti Pace b. Spokane Wash. d. Bradford Pa.Wed: 7-2-1947 in Bradford Pa.
BOUQUIN, Agnes C .  spouse of  Fred C . Jr.  born  6-7-1927  died  3-29-2011  age  83y    Dau. of Antonio & Maria Bagnato Curcio b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA Wed 7-23-1951 in Bradford PA
BOUQUIN, Fred C. Jr.    spouse of    Agnes Curcio    born    9/23/1925    died    3/17/2012    age    86y        Son of Fred C. & Pansy Field Bouquin b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-23-1951 in Bradford PA U.S. Navy aboard a land craft infantry ship which was sunk by a typhoon - Swam to an island & spend three months waiting to be rescued
BOVE, Janet M spouse of George born 8-6-1936 died 1-18-2007 age 70  - Dau. of Chauncy & Geraldine Wolven Quinn b. & d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 8-17-1957 in Bradford Pa.

BOVE, Mary Louise born 8-22-1924 died 9-1-2009 age 85y  - Dau. of George & Francesca DiNuzzo Bove b. & d. Bradford PA  Mary graduated from Bradford Hospital School of Nursing enlisting in U.S. Navy serving in numerous bases around the world retiring at the rank of Commander from the Philadelphia Naval Hospital
BOVE, Mary V. spouse of  born 5-20-1917 died 11-20-2007 age 90  - Dau. of Nicholas & Louise Nuzzo Bove b. & d. Bradford PA  Mausoleum
BOWERS, Evelyn R.  born 11-26-1926 died 6-12-2006 age 79  - Dau. of Martin & Frances Wilcox Bowers b. Ridgway Pa. d.Coudersport Pa. 
BRETHERTON, Faith Christiann spouse of  Walter G. born 12-22-1940 died 6-29-2006 age 65  - Dau. of George & Madelyn G. Hedrick Neff  b. Olean, N.Y. d. Bradford, Pa.  Wed: 2-14-1989 
BROL, David T.  spouse of Faye M.  born 2-25-1935  died 1-5-2000   - Son of Walter & Julia Puvel Brol 
BROL, Faye M. Pascale  spouse of David T.  died 8-22-1995   - nee Pascale 
BROWN, Albert L.  Spouse of  Elizabeth Nightingale  born 11-6-1853  died 8-30-1932   - son of Henry William & Rhoda DeGolier Brown
BROWN, Julia C. spouse of Herbert R . born 1-5-1916 died 5-7-2008 age 92  - Dau. of Nazzarano & Lucia Pedacchio Campogiani b. Corydon PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-4-1937 in Bradford PA Mausoleum
BUCCOLINI, Josephine spouse of Rudy born 3-5-1935 died 6-2-2008 age 73  - Dau. of Joseph & Philomena Placentino Vinelli b. Bradford PA d. Los Angeles CA Wed 1960 in Los Angeles CA 
BUCHANAN, Donald H.  spouse of Virginia Luciano born 6-18-1936  died 6-23-2001  age 65  - b. Franklin Twp- Son of Robert H. & Winnie E. Deeter Buchanan m. 2-2-1963 
BURRELL, Helen J. spouse of  Robert born 3-12-1929 died 10-23-2002 age 73  - Dau of Michael Sr. & Susie (Oleksa) Yablonski, b. Degolia-PA, d. Bradford-PA, Wed 8-21-1948 in Bradford-PA, 
BURRELL, Robert O. spouse of Helen J. Yablonski born 8-17-1926 died 4-30-2009 age 82  - Son of Lewis & H. Irene Steadman Burrell b. Derrick City PA d. Canton OH Wed 8-21-1948 in Bradford PA U.S. Navy Seabees in Pacific Theater WW2
BURTON, John Henry spouse of Mary A. Chobody born 7-7-1924 died 9-7-2008 age 84  - Son of James T. & Helen L. Quirk Burton b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-10-1950 in Johnstown PA 
BURTON, Lucille H. "Lucy" born 7-16-1956 died 1-27-2011  age 54y Dau. of John Henry & Mary A. Chobody Burton b. Bradford PA d. Long Beach CA
BUTERBAUGH, Janet L.  spouse of  Richard C. "Red" born 1-19-1938 died 10-16-2010 age 72y Dau.of William & Frances Gradle Johnson b. Dagus Mines PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-18-1966 in Bradford PA  Husband #1 John Nellis
BUTERBAUGH, Richard C. "Red" spouse of Janet Johnson-Nellis born 9-7-1935 died 5-29-2010 age 74y  - Son of William & Florence Everett Buterbaugh b. in Indiana d. Erie PA Wed 6-18-1966 in Bradford PA  U.S. Marine Corps 1954-1957

CALDWELL, Francis J. spouse of Ruby Coral Golden Born 12-24-1893 died 9-21-1970  - Son of Caldwell, "Frank", b. Bradford-PA, Wed 7-04-1916 in Port Allegany-PA
CALDWELL, Ruby Coral spouse of Francis J. Caldwell Born 10-01-1894 died 11-18-1954  - Dau of Charles Fremont & Idella (Dunkle) Golden, b. Ridgway-PA, d. Bradford-PA, Wed 7-04-1916 in Port Allegany-PA
CAMERA, Christine M. spouse of  Thomas A. born  1-20-1915  died 12-22-2010 age 95y Dau. of Antonio & Elvera Cantone Sebastian b. Smithdale PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-22-1959 in Bradford PA Thomas died 2-19-1977
CAMPBELL, Ermina Rita born 10-13-1909 died 5-29-2001  age 91  - b. Bradford, PA- Dau. of Louis & Grace Covine Fyre 

CAMPOGIANI, Ralph P. Sr.  spouse of  Josephine Pascale  born  1-5-1918  died  4-12-2011  age  93y    Son of Nazzareno & Lucia Pedacchio Campogiani b. Corydon PA d. Lehigh Acres FL  Married to Wife #1 for 57 years -  Wife #2 Delia Chelli  U.S. Army WW 2 serving in the European Theatre
CAPUTO, Antoinette L. "Toni" spouse of Alfred born 7-5-1913 died 2-2-2009 age 95y  - Dau. of Humbert & Anna Carrara Piscitelli b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA Wed 7-7-1937 

CARDAMONE, Byllye L. spouse of Richard A. "Duke" born 9-12-1926 died 4-10-2007 age 80  - Dau. of Rememberance E. & Edith Philby Rinehart  b. Mannington W.VA  d. Bradford PA  Wed 9-25-1948 in Bradford PA 
CARDAMONE, Frank F.  7-18-1915  9-30-2006  91  Son of Joseph & Angeline Gigliotti Cardamone b. & d. Bradford Pa. Mausoleum 
CARDAMONE, Jeanette  born 6-13-1913 died 9-11- 2000   - b. Bradford, PA 
CARDAMONE, Richard A. "Duke" spouse of Byllye L. Rinehart born 4-24-1926 died 4-28-2006 age 80  - Son of Joseph & Angeline Gigliotti Cardamone  b. Bradford, Pa. d. Buffalo, N.Y.  Wed: 9-25-1948 in Bradford, Pa.  U.S. Navy  WW2
CARDUCCI, Geraldine I. "Gerry" spouse of  born 7-13-1924 died 12-20-2007 age 83  - Dau. of Victor & Solina Condigiani Carducci b. Bradford PA d. Alexandria VA 
CARRIO, Juan G. spouse of Fransica Domenech born 1-16-1929 died 3-19-2009 age 80y  - Son of Bautista & Josefa Carrio b. Setla y Mirrarosa Alicante Spain d. Dallastown PA Served in the Spanish Armed Forces - In 1966 he came to America with his wife and two sons  Mausoleum 
CARTER, Dorothy I. spouse of Floyd O. born 9-30-1920 died 1-29-2010 age 89y  - Dau. of John J. & Susan Kutchmire Dudick b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-4-1942 in Macon GA  Floyd O. died 3-6-2001 Mausoleum
CARY, Bruno P.  spouse of  Lena T. Vecellio  born  1/31/1922  died  12/25/2011  age  89y    Son of Carmen & Mary Farone Cary b. James City PA d. Bradford PA Wed 7-3-1954 in Lewis Run PA  U.S. Army WW2 European Theatre
CASEY, Daphne E. spouse of Martin born 2-25-1923 died 4-13-2009 age 86  - Dau. of Paul & Angeline Cahoon Brazee b. Franklinville NY d. Bradford PA Wed 8-16-1947 in Bradford PA 

CASTENIR, Phyllis   spouse of    born  1-27-1924  died  6-2-2011  age  87y    Dau. of Anthony Joseph & Josephine Rose Castenir b. Lewis Run PA d. Brook Park OH
CATTONI, Albert F. spouse of Genevieve F. Nance  died 1-1995   - wed April 1 1941 in Degolia

CATTONI, Genevieve F. Nance spouse of Albert F. born 4-24-1915 died 9-21-2004 age 89  - dau of John L. & Genevieve Smith Peet 
CERCONE, Angelo D. spouse of Joyce I. Carll born 10-1-1927 died 7-14-2007 age 79  - Son of Angelo & Camilla Festa Cercone  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 9-24-1955 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army Served tour of duty in Germany 1945 - 1947  Mausoleum 
CERCONE, Mark J.  spouse of  Carolyn A. Reed  born  4-2-1959  died  11-20-2011  age  52y    Son of Angelo D. & Joyce I. Carll Cercone b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 8-4-2001    
CHARNISKY, Brian J.  spouse of  Michele R. Kelley  born  4-22-1965  died  6-12-2011  age  46y    Son of Clifford Bruce & Christina Cercone Charnisky b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-5-2003 in Bradford PA
CHARNISKY, Cifford Bruce spouse of Christina Cercone born 3-13-1934 died 3-19-2010 age 76y  - Son of Joseph & Leona Simons Charnisky b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-26-1952 in Bradford PA 

CHIARILLI, Rose Marie  born 11-30-1918 died 9-3-2008 age 89y  - Dau. of Louigi & Lucy Recenia Chiarilli b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA 
CHILEO, Dominick A. "Chauch"  spouse of    born  7-23-1918  died  4-2-2011  age  92y    Son of Anthony & Louise Comilla Chileo b. & d. Bradford PA U.S. Army WW2
CHIODO, Donald A. spouse of Lillian H. born 9-19-1943 died 3-7-2007 age 63  - Son of Frank & Loretta McEwin Chiodo b. Buffalo N.Y. d. Pleasant Valley Pa. 

CHIRILLO, Egidio D. "Gino"  spouse of Dorothy J. Gennocro born 10-17-1932  died 1-11-2001  age 68  - Son of Frank & Maria Anina Notarianni Chirillo b. Motta Santa Lucia, Italy 
CIBULA, Joseph F. Sr. spouse of  Patricia Ann Douglas  born  7-6-1931  died  10-29-2010  age  79y    Son of Nicholas L. & Julia Olostiak Cibula b. Westline d. Cyclone PA Wed 4-4-1959 in Rockville MD Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force  Korean War  Mausoleum
CIBULA, Margaret A. born 10-24-1914 died 11-3-2001  age 87  - b. Braddock- Dau. of Nicholas L. & Julia Olostiak Cibula 

CLARK, Frances C . spouse of Gilbert B. born 12-30-1922 died 6-25-2007 age 84  - Dau. of John & Hazel Curry Maloney  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 12-16-1944 in Bradford PA
CLARK, Gilbert B. spouse of Frances C .  died 12-16-2002   - wed Dec 16 1944
CLARK, Iva spouse of Carl G. born 7-12-1914 died 4-3-2006 AGE 91y  - Dau. of Angelo & Archangela Riccardi Sica  b. Bradford, Pa. d. Louisburg, N.C. 
CLEVELAND, Mary T.  spouse of  Donald B.  born  10-10-1924  died  4-9-2011  age  86y    Dau. of Andrew & Marie Rivetti Nuzzo b. Salamanca NY d. Bradford PA Wed 1-25-1950 in Bradford PA Donald B. died 7-15-1983
CLOSE, Daniel J. spouse of Carol A. Cottillion born 4-14-1948 died 5-1-2006 age 58  - Son of Charles F. & Patricia Hannon Close  Wed: 8-16-1969  Sergeant U.S. Marine Corps  Vietnam  Honored as Policeman of the Year in 1996

CLOSE, Patricia H.  spouse of Charles F.  born 3-26-1930 died 12-17- 2000 age 70  - Dau. of John & M. Theresa Taylor Hannan b.Bradford, PA 
COCHRAN, Betty A. spouse of  born 9-9-1951 died 6-2009 age 57y  - Dau. of Merle & Anna Gatesman Tingley b. & d. Bradford PA
CODER , James A . Sr. spouse of  Joanne J. ("JoJo" Cramer born 3-7-1929 died 5-14-2006   - Son of Pearl & Addie Butters Coder  b. Brockport, Pa. d. Bradford, Pa.  Wed: 5-10-1951 in Limestone, N.Y.
CODER, Joanne "JoJo" spouse of James A. Sr. born 8-21-1933 died 2-16-2009 age 75y  - Dau. of Frank & Jane McLaughlin Cramer b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 5-10-1951 Limestone NY 
CODER, Michael P.  born 2-3-1969 died 7-20-2006 age 37  - Son of James A. & Joanne Cramer Coder  b. & d. Bradford, Pa. 
COLELLA, Vincent A. spouse of Gloria A. Luciano born 9-4-1931 died 12-27-2008 age 77y  - Son of Guy & Anna T. Luzzi Colella b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-20-1949 in Bradford PA 
COLLIGAN, John F.  spouse of Patricia  died 1991
COLLIGAN, Patricia spouse of John F. Colligan Born 7-29-1923 died 3-05-2003 age 79  - Dau of John M. & Monica C. (McLaughlin) Krieg, b. Ridgway-PA, d. Bradford-PA, Wed 4-29-1947
COLLIGAN, Patricia  spouse of John F.  born 07-29-1923  died 03-05-2003  age 79  - born in Ridgway, Pa to John & Monica McLaughlin 
COLOSIMI, Frederic J.  born 10-9-1933  died 11-2- 2001  age 68  - b. Olean, NY- Son of James V. & Margaret E. Ross Colosimo 
COLOSIMO, Rosella K.  spouse of Joseph K.  born 7-23-1921  died 11-16-1982   - Dau. of Nerino & Celestine DePra SicheriI m. May 1939- b. Kersey 
COOK, FRANCES M.  James R.  4-23-1936  9-7-2006  70  Dau. of Truman & Mildred Courneen Hopkins b. Warren Pa. d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 10-23-1954 in Bradford Pa. 
COPPELLA, Brooke Nicole  born 7-26-2009 died 7-26-2009 age  - Infant Dau. of Trevor W. & Carol Ann Sauer Coppella b. & d. Bradford PA
COOPER, Molly S spouse of Eugene Sowers/George  born 10-12-1908  died 12-24-2001  age 93  - b. Bradford, PA- Dau. of Joseph & Angelina Gigliotti Cardamone m. 1. 8- 16-1931- 2. 1937 
COPPER, Susan C . spouse of Clark G. born 12-10-1964 died 10-15-2008 age 43  - Dau. of Albert J. & Joanne F.Smith Vecellio b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 2-14-1999 in Smethport PA 
CORIGNANI, Francis A. spouse of  Born 8-11-1913 died 6-28-2003 age 89  - Son of Julius C. & Mary L. (Pepe) Corignani, b. Bradford-PA, d. Bradford-PA, Vet-WWII US Army Tech 5 
CORSI, Alice Elizabeth spouse of August born 8-20-1918 died 3-30-2007 age 88  - Dau. of Lucco & Ann Dobona Vecellio  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 1946
COSTANZO, Marilyn A. spouse of Joseph C. Jr. born 1931 died 10-12-2009 age 78y  Dau. of John W. & Edna Seery Joughin b. Painesville OH d. Wilmington DE Wed 9-5-1953
COSTANZO Jr., Joseph C. spouse of Marilyn A. Joughin born 2-20-1931 died 5-27-2007 age 76  - Son of Joseph C. & Rena Carbogna Costanzo  b. Lewis Run PA  d. Wilmington DEL  Wed  9-5-1953 in Painsville OHIO  Mausoleum
COSTELLO, Edith A.  spouse of F. Edward  born 10/20/1909 died 6-23-1985   - Dau. of W.J. & Mary Neilly Phillips m. 7-27-1933- b. Bradford, PA 
COTTON, Winifred E. "Jackie" spouse of George born 6-21-1919 died 11-16-2009 age 90y  Dau. of Daniel & Hazel Kemper McQueeney  b.  Shirley W.VA d. Bradford PA  Husband #1 John Vavalo 
COVERT, Gwendolyn H.  spouse of Walter D. born 3-21-1918 died 2-26-2010 age 91y  - Dau. of George & Felicia Bodine Hemphill b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 1966 Walter died 2-1967  Wed Husband #1 Robert T. Shaughnessy on 7-17-1954 who died 9-4-1964
COX, Robert L. "Rob"  spouse of  Ruth Steck  born  1-15-1970  died  6-14-2011  age  41y    Son of Jack L. & Mary "Joan" Detar Cox b. Olean NY d. Willow Creek (Corydon) PA  Wed 8-21-1999 in Lewis Run PA  Motorcycle Accident
CRAFT, Pauline H. spouse of William P. born 3-14-1926 died 10-3-2008 age 82  - Dau. of John J. & Lena May Bard Keans b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-3-1946 in Bradford PA Mausoleum

CROKER, Alberta L.  born 6-8-1926 died 3-10-2008 age 81  - Dau. of Albert L. & Mary Mason Croker b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA 
CULLEN, Phyllis Ann  spouse of  Duane F.  born  10-24-1932  died  7-9-2011  age  78y    Dau. of John Joseph & Rena Adell Watters Walker b. Limestone NY d. Bradford PA Wed 3-9-1951 in Olean NY Duane died 2-6-1997
CULVER, Raymond M. "Pinky" spouse of Victoria Steck born 6-13-1949 died 1-22-2008 age 58 - Son of Raymond & Marion Grolemund Culver b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 2-19-1977 

CUDA, Matthew F.  born 3-22-1919 died 5-6-2010 age 91y  - Son of Martin & Stella Galinska Cuda b. Buffalo NY d. Bradford PA  U.S. Army 89th Infantry Third Army under Gen. George Patton  Awarded European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal 
CURCIO, Theodore A. Jr. "Poppu"   spouse of   Mary D. Passauer  born  5-10-1928  died  10-19-2010  age  82y    Son of Theodore & Margaret Franklin Curcio b. Lewis Run PA d. Olean NY Wed 10-19-1945 in Bradford PA
CUMMINS, Gerald Paul spouse of  Billie Jean Kockler born 3-7-1931 died 12-24-2009 age 78y  Son of Jerome & Hazel Holmes Cummins b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-14-1956 in Knapp Creek NY  U.S. Army in Trieste as a medic 1952-1954  Mausoleum

CUMMISKEY, Colette B.  born 11-25-1891  died 12-15-1981 - Dau. of James & Mary Collins Cumminskey b. Bradford, PA 
CUMMISKEY, Frances L.    spouse of    Gene P.    born     1-18-1945    died    10/20/2011    age    66y        Dau of Peter & Florence Barr Zamberlan Yerdon b. & d. Bradford PA
CUMMISKEY, Jean Marie  spouse of John F. "Jack" Jr.  born 10/29/1928 died 1-6-2002  age 73 - b. Bradford, PA- Dau. of Frank W. & Gertrude Moran Carlson m. 11-25-1950 

CUMMISKEY, John Joseph  born 7-26-1920 died 6-19-2010 age 89y  - Son of Francis "Frank" & Mary Ellen Hogan Cummiske b. & d. Bradford PA  U.S. Army as a Pfc. in the 982nd Signal Company  - Awarded The E.A.M.E. Campaign Medal with four Service Stars
CUMMISKEY, Mary E. spouse of Raymond R. born 1-20-1935 died 12-10-2008 age 73y  - Dau. of Harry G. & Helen Elizabeth Platko Solarek b. Bradford PA d. Cleveland OH Mausoleum 
CURCIO, John A.  spouse of Mary J  born 5-28-1912 died 9-4- 1999  age 87  - b. Lewis Run, PA- Son of Antonio & Maria Bagnato Curcio 
CURCIO, John B. spouse of Ruth M. Williams born 7-23-1923 died 3-12-2007 age 83  - Son of  Antonio & Marie Bagnato Curcio b. Lewis Run Pa. d. Bradford Pa.  Wed: 5-1940 
CURCIO, Larry  born 8-12-1946 died 4-4-2008 age 61  - Son of John B. & Ruth M. Williams Curcio b. & d. Bradford PA  Former Wife Tracy Nolan who died in 1983 
CURCIO, Louis F.  spouse of Kathryn Sayers & Bernice A. Barber born 2-19-1916  died 11-13- 2000   - Son of Anthony & Agnes Bagnato Curcio b. Lewis Run, PA 
CURCIO, Mary A.  10-26-1914  4-15-2006 91y  Dau. of Anthony & Agnes Bagnato Curcio-Pingie  Stepdaughter of Nichols Pingie  b. Lewis Run, Pa. d. Bradford, Pa. 
CURCIO, Mary J.  spouse of John A. born 3-14-1911  died 11-23-2002  age 91  - dau of Luigi & Augusta Vecellio Pais m. 11-24-1932 in Limestone NY 
CURRAN, Jacqueline R. spouse of Leonard J. born 1-5-1940 died 5-31-2010 age 70y  - Dau. of Ruth Wilson  b. Bradford PA d. Meadville PA 
DAILEY, Josephine C. spouse of L. Eugene born 9-7-1926 died 10-5-2008 age 82  - Dau. of Frank & Frances Curcio Bagnato b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA Wed 3-31-1946 
D'AMICO, Mary E.   spouse of  Pasquale "Pat"  born  4-18-1906  died  7-19-2010  age  104y    -  Dau. of Fred & Mary Grosso Monaco b. Geneva NY d. Bradford PA  Wed 6-23-1926 in Geneva NY "Pat" died 11-11-1983  Mausoleum
DANA, Patricia  born 1-5-1915  died 10-23- 2001   - b. Bradford, PA- Dau. of Robert B. Sr. & Rose Mulqueen Johnson 

DANIAS, Frances H. spouse of James K.  born 6-25-1920  died 12-16- 2001 age 81  - b. Erie, PA- Dau. of Joseph & Josephine Jagielski Majewski 
DANIAS, James K.  spouse of Frances H.  died 1-7-1970   - m. 3-15-1941 
DECASPER, Herman  spouse of Lucy Holsinger-VanSickle born 7-11-1930 died 12-5-2006 age 76  - Son of Peter Paul & Rose Marie Toven DeCasper  b. & d. Bradford Pa.  Wed: 10-15-1977  U.S. Army Korean War
DeCASPER, Peter Paul Jr. born 12-19-1928 died 8-23-2009 age 80y  - Son of Peter Paul & Rose Marie Toven DeCasper Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA  U.S. Army Also know as "Mr. Grocery" 
DELANEY, George L.  spouse of Margaret McKinney  born 1-4-1918  died 9-23- 2001  age 83  - b. Aiken- m. May 1941- Son of James & Julia M. Wilson Delaney 
DelMONEGO, T. John  born 4-8-1929 died 8-10-2008 age 79y  - Son of Joseph & Louise Manchietto DelMonego b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA U.S. Army with the 68th AAA Gun Battalion in Korea 
DeLUCIA, Augie H. spouse of Betty Frederico born 6-22-1918 died 11-24-2007 age 89  - Son of Dominic & Genevieve Frasca DeLucia b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-2-1952  U.S. Air Force as a gunner on B17 bomber WW2 in Stuttgart Germany - Wounded in action Purple Heart Mausoleum
DelVECCHIO, Anthony spouse of Juanita Domenech born 7-13-1932 died 12-30-2008 age 76y  - Son of Nicholas & Antonette Marzucco DelVecchio b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-5-1965 in Bradford PA Mausoleum
DeSANTIS, Mario F. spouse of Ann Pascarella born 7-10-1911 died 5-10-2006 age 94  - Son of Frank & Rose Ripoli DeSantis  b. & d. Bradford, Pa. 
DeSANTIS, Ralph J.    spouse of    Theresa Magnella    born    3/25/1918    died    2/8/2012    age    93y        Son of John & Carmel Pepe DeSantis b. Bradford PA d. Pittsburgh PA Wed 9-22-1951 in Bradford PA Theresa died 12-4-1993 U.S. Army 86th Mountain Infantry WW2 - Awarded Silver Star Medal for valiant service during engagement with the enemy in Italy
DeSANTIS, Joseph died 5-20-1976
DiFONZO, Joseph A. Jr. "Butch"  spouse of  Betty Storms Hill  born  6-12-1931  died  11-5-2010  age  70y    Son of Joseph A. & Alexandria Fair DiFonzo b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA Wife #1 Jane Henderson Cosky  U.S. Navy Korean Conflict Mausoleum
DIGEL, Helen B.  spouse of  Donald D .  born  6-7-1915  died  2-16-2011  age  95y    Dau. of Walter & Martha O'Brien Braun b. Oakmont PA d. Bradford PA Wed 2-8-1947 in Bradford PA Donald died 2-2-1993 Mausoleum
DOMENECH, Luis spouse of Teresa Llinares born 2-21-1933 died 8-17-2008 age 75y  - Son of Mariano & Josephine Crappio Domenech b. Ondara Spain d. Bradford PA Wed 8-14-1958 in Spain Mausoleum

DOMENECH, Pedro B. 7/14/1962 died 4/2/2012 age 49y Son of Luis & Teresa Llinares Domenech b. Pedreguer Spain d. Bradford PA  Mausoleum
DREIER, Mary S. spouse of Karl born 7-14-1917 died 12-27-2007 age 90  - Dau. of John H. & Mildred McGuire Stewart b. Duke Center PA d. Bradford PA Wed Husband #2 on 8-2-1975 Wed Husband #1 George M. Matto on 6-10-1937 who died 8-6-1967 

DREIHAUP, John E. spouse of Theresa A. Solarek born 6-10-1929 died 6-15-2007 age 78  - Son of Clemens & Ivy Owens Dreihaup  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed  11-21-1953 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army Korean War
DUBETSKY, Richard H. "Dick"  born 8-31-1930 died 12-10-2004  son of Anothy & Lenora Walters Dubetsky US Army tank Mechanic
DUTKA, Virginia F.  born 11/25/1940 died 11-28-2001  age 61  - b. Bradford, PA- Dau. of Bernard W. & Bertha J. Janowicz Dutka 
EDDY, Frederick E. spouse of Grace M. Pettinato born 4-15-1918 died 10-7-2007 age 89 - Son of Leon H. & Eleanor Hankin Eddy b. Custer City PA d. St. Marys PA Wed 6-13-1938  U.S. Army serving in Normandy at Battle of the Bulge Awarded Bronze Star Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster Good Conduct Medal & numerous other awards
EDDY, Grace M.  spouse of  Frederick E.  born  11-13-1916  died  2-4-2011 age 94y  Dau. of Joseph F. & Rose M. Christiana Pettinato b. Bradford PA d. St. Mary's PA Wed 6-13-1938
EDEL, Frederick C. "Butch" spouse of Jere A. Troka born 5-6-1937 died 6-17-2007 age 70 - Son of C.P. "Bud" & Ethel B. Story Edel  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed  6-19-2005 in Bradford PA 

EDEL, Helen L. spouse of Richard P. born 6-22-1937 died 11-29-2008 age 71y  - Dau. of Thomas W. & Irene Estelle Beatty Lyons b. Bradford PA d. Corpus Christi TX Wed 6-27-1959 in Bradford PA 
EGBERT, Lewis E .  born  5-1-1945 died 5-3-2010 age 65y  - Son of John L. & Louise N. Nash Egbert b. Norfolk VA d. Bradford PA 
EGER, JoAnn V.  spouse of  Richard J.  born  3-11-1935 died 9-11-2011 age 76y  Dau. of Olindo & Theresa Richardi Ricci b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 2-23-1957 in Bradford PA Richard J. died 4-30-1983
ENGEL, Harold A. spouse of Matilda "Tillie" Groeger-Padasik born 6-21-1918 died 12-5-2008 age 90y - Son of Nicholas & Mary Emmanuel Engel b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-28-1986 Wed Wife #1 Elizabeth A. Parsons on 4-11-1942 who died 12-14-1984 U.S. Army Air Corps WW2

ENGEL, Matilda M. "Tillie"  spouse of  Harold A.  born  4-13-1922  died  9-22-2010 age 88y  -  Dau. of William & Maria Kreigisch Groeger b. Johnsonburg PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-28-1986  Wed Husband #1 Andrew J. Padasak on 2-16-1942 in Johnsonburg PA who died 2-20-1974  U.S. Navy serving as an Aviation Machinist' Mate Third Class WW2
ENGSTROM, George E. spouse of Nancy L. Cramer born 2-3-1931 died 10-6-2007 age 76  - Son of Everell "Enky" & Isabelle Schreiber Engstrom  b. Kane PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed 9-2-1950 in Kane PA 

ENOS, Elizabeth "Betty Ann"  spouse of  Capt. John H. Jr.  born  3-12-1920  died  11-20-2011  age  91y Dau. of Elmer Tanner & Hazel Hungiville English b. Bradford PA d. Chapel Ridge Wed 10-30-1945 in Bradford PA Capt. John died 12-10-1977 
ENRIGHT, Gertrude Lowe S spouse of William  born 2-16-1906  died 10-17- 2001 age 95  - b. Buffali, NY- Dau. of Clifford J. & Caroline Hines Lowe 

ENRIGHT, William  spouse of Gertrude  died 5-26-1981   - m. 10-26-1946 
EWELL, John F. spouse of Helen Terpak born 2-27-1917 died 2-14-2008 age 90  - Son of Clair D. & Anna B. Moran Ewell b. Genesee PA d. Bradford PA Wed 5-8-1946 in Bradford PA U.S. Army Air Corps in Sicily Naples Normandy Northern France Rhineland & Rome-Arno Awarded numerous Medals including the Presidential Citation with OLC to Unit
FABIC, Edward L. spouse of Natalia I. Batenchuk born 1-1-1926 died 12-18-2007 age 81  - Son of Joseph & Pauline Gernic Fabic b. Norwich PA d. Bradford PA (auto accident) Wife #1 Carolyn Pantuso who died 9-23-1996 U.S. Army European Theatre of Operations WW2 Mausoleum
FAIR, Andrew D. Sr. spouse of Anna LaBanish Born 5-30-1905 died 1-10-2003 age 97 - Son of Frank & Anna (Disisto) Fair, d. Bradford-PA, Wed 7-09-1927 in Leechburg-PA
FAIR, Frank J. "Jers"  born  5-9-1924 died  9-2-2010 age 86y - Son of Patsy & Mary Perry Fair b. Kushequa PA d. Bradford PA  Former Wife Ginger Hensley  U.S. Army 81st Airborne Tank Battalion WW2
FAIRBANKS, Helen L. spouse of Paul G. born 2-23-1926 died 5-9-2007 age 81  - Dau. of James Warren & Marie Swanson Allen  b. Kansas City MO  d. Ocala FL  Wed 11-11-1945  in Reno NEV.

FAIRBANKS, William J. "Bill" spouse of Mary C. born 1946 died 11-12-2009 age 63y  b. Oakland CA d. St. Augustine FL 
FALCONI, Viola J. spouse of Anthony T. Jr. born 9-16-1928 died 2-21-2010 age 81y - Dau. of Joseph N. & Mary L. del Monego Vecellio b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA Wed 1-31-1948 in Bradford PA 
FARGO, Richard J. Jr. spouse of Jennifer Martin born 5-16-1976 died 9-19-2009 age 33y - Son of Richard J. & Judy Julian Fargo Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-25-2004 in Bradford PA 
FARRELL, June E. spouse of John T. born 2-14-1923 died 3-20-2007 age 84 - Dau. of Horace & Ellen L. "Ella" O'Neil Sutherland  b.Bradford Pa. d. Smethport Pa.  Wed 6-27-1942  Mausoleum 
FARRELL, Roger G. spouse of Linda R. Robbins born 5-1-1939 died 8-6-2008 age 69y - Son of Jacob L. & Genevieve K. Nenno Farrell b. Rochester NY d. Pittsburgh PA Wed 4-27-1963 in Chipmonk NY U.S. Army
FEELY, Catherine J. "Cathy"  spouse of  born  10-10-1937 died  5-19-2011 age 73y Dau. of Daniel P. & Beatrice Fee Duhan (one of 19 Children) b. Salamanca NY d. Bradford PA Former Husband Richard E. "Dick" Feely
FENSEL, Stephen Guy spouse of Mary McVay born 3-19-1951 died 10-21-2009 age 58y  Son of Anton & Helen Thomas Fensel b. Bradford PA d. Clinton PA Wed 10-31-2001 in Bradford PA 

FENSTEMAKER, Rose E. spouse of Allen F. born 2-3-1916  died 12-15-1981  - Dau. of Patrick & Delia Hopkis Gainey m. 1-23-1939- b. Bradford, PA 
FERRO, Paul  born 10-2-1957 died 12-10-2009 age  - Son of Angelo J. "Joe" & Caroline A. Pecora Ferro b. Unknown d. Amelia OH 
FEURA, Ruth L.  spouse of  Raymond F.  born  8/26/1930  died  1/16/2012  age  81y    Dau of James M. & Gertrude Orton Burns b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-15-1955 in Bradford PA
FIGULA, Michael J. Jr.  spouse of  Jane Bartlebaugh born  1-22-1943  died  4-23-2011 age  68y Son of Michael J. & Rita Dempsey Figula b. DeGolia PA d. Erie PA Wed 7-24-1965 in Limestone NY
FOLTS, Caroline M. spouse of Stanley A. born 1-17-1927 died 4-23-2010 age 83y  - Dau. of Leon "Sam" & Montrose Nye Stuart b. Killbuck NY d. Sarasota FL  Wed Husband #1 Earl Armagost on 8-10-1946 in Salamanca NY who died 12-24-1997  Mausoleum

FOX, Nancy A. spouse of  born 7-4-1948 died 2-25-2008 age 59  - Dau. of James J. & Magdalene T. Onuffer Orzetti b. & d. Bradford PA 
FRANCO, Gerald R. "Jer" spouse of Katherine G. Shipley born 11-13-1936 died 2-20-2008 age 71  - Son of Noey & Mary Zamberlan Franco b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA Wed 5-23-1959 in Bradford PA Pfc. U.S. Army
FRANCO, Mary K. spouse of Alley P. born 11-10-1912 died 12-6-2009 age 97y  Dau. of Cesidio & Annunciata Monago b. Lewis Run PA d. Smethport PA Wed 5-26-1936 in Bradford PA  Alley P. died 3-1-1989
FRANCO, Murrey F. "Big Mur" spouse of Marie T. Barger born 8-4-1962 died 5-28-2009 age 46y  - Son of Gerald R. & Katherine G. Shipley Franco b. Bradford PA d. Gillford PA Wed 8-17-1985 in Limestone NY
FREANEY, Marian B.  spouse of Laurence J. born 8-24-1910 died 11-7- 2001  age 91  - b. Olean, NY- Dau. of John David & Anna Karl Barry m. 12-26-1936 
FREANEY, Marjorie L.  spouse of William J. born 8-13-1924 died 9-26-2003  age 79  - dau of Carl & Elizabeth Tietz Frenz bus driver for Salamanca Schools System 
FREANEY, William J.  spouse of Marjorie L.  died 5-20-1905   - m. Oct 2, 1942 in St Patrick's Church Salamanca NY 
FRIGO, Evelyn Mae  spouse of  Leo P.  born  1-7-1919  died  10-31-2010  age  91y    Dau. of Anthony & Laura Bellamy Covine b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-6-1942 in Bradford PA Leo P. died 11-8-1994  Mausoleum
FRISINA, Ralph J. spouse of  Margaret M. Kutchmire born 8-2-1914 died 12-18-2005 age 91  - Son of Joseph & Catherine Ruffo Frisina  b. Bradford, Pa. d. Wellington, Ohio  Wed: 8-3-1957 in Lewis Run, Pa. 

FROHNAPPEL, Cynthia C. spouse of Lee born 9-10-1918 died 11-26-2007 age 89  - Dau. of Samuel O. & Dora Dunn Campbell b. Kinzua PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-20-1944 in Hattisburg MS
FRONTINO, Joseph S.  Doreen J. Pickett  5-23-1923  10-13-2006  83  Son of Salvatore & Mary Michalizzio Frontino b. Bradford Pa. d. Buffalo N.Y. Wed: 6-21-1991  US Army Air Corps WW2
FUOCO, Isabelle M. spouse of Robert J. born 1-30-1928 died 3-28-2008 age 80  -Dau. of Cecil D. & Velma Gulnac Botens b. Cuba NY d. Bradford PA Wed 2-23-1952 Mausoleum
FUOCO, Robert J. spouse of Isabel M. Botens born 9-30-1921 died 9-18-2007 age 85  - Son of John & Santulla Cardamone Fuoco  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 2-23-1952  U.S. Army wounded in Normandy France - Awarded the Purple Heart  Mausoleum
FYDA, Dorathy M. born 7-19-1925 died 6-2-2008 age 82  - Dau. of Charles & Catherine Fyda b. Johnsonburg PA d. Bradford PA 
GABEL, Shannon  born 4-23-1976 died 1-12-2003  age 26  - born in Bradford, Pa to R.Jerry & Nancy Falconi Gabel d Littleton Colorado of Auto. acc. injuries. 
GALATI, Vincent G.  spouse of Virginia M.  born 8-30-1920  died 6-18-2003  age 82  - son of Joseph & Sylvia Adams Galati m. 6-24-1939 
GALATI, Virginia M. spouse of Vincent G. born 11-9-1919 died 10-9-2007 age 87  - Dau. of Harry & Margaret Marden Francis  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 6-24-1939 
GATES, Colleen F. spouse of James A. Sr. born 9-24-1929 died 5-27-2007 age 77  - Dau. of Myron Thomas Birmingham  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed  7-16-1949 in Bradford PA 
GATESMAN, Mary Ann    spouse of    Jerome "Jim"    born    4/11/1935    died    2/21/2012    age    76y        Dau of Walter & Mary Tominez Kloss b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-27-1964 in Lewis Run PA  Mausoleum
GEARHART, Roberta Jean "Bert" spouse of David born 7-26-1943 died 4-25-2007 age 63  - Dau. of Robert & Althea A. Schramm Hawk  b. Canton OHIO  d. Erie PA  Wed in New Jersey 

GEORGE, Andrew J.  spouse of Sulvia Gustafson  born 8/18/1928 died 3-10-2000  - Son of Philip & Flora Farina George US Army WW II- b. Bradford, PA 
GIARDINI, Mary L.  born 2-24-1929 died 8-20-1999  age 70  - b. Bradford, PA- Dau. of Mariano O. & Palmira Orzetti Giardini 
GIBBS, Pauline S. Platko  born 12-22-1926 died 03-07-2003  age 76  - b. Bradford, PA to John & Anna Janov Platko Grimsby. 
GIGLIOTTI, John M.  born 4-24-1950  died 5-4-2001  age 51  - b. Bradford, PA- Son of Geroge & Jeri Smith Minor US Army Vietnam 1968-1971 
GIORDANO, Agnese C.    spouse of    John A.    born    8/4/1923    died    2/17/2012    age    88y        Dau of Emdis & Maria Fedechi Cagnoli b. Rome Italy d. Bradford PA Wed 1-28-1948 in Italy John died 3-18-1979
GIORDANO, Angela M.  spouse of  Angelo J.  born  4-9-1929  died  2-16-2011  age  82y    Dau. of Dominic & Lucia Ferraro DeCasper b. DuBois PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-3-1950 in Bradford PA Angelo died 2-6-2006 Mausoleum
GIRARD, Angelamarie M.  spouse of Joseph C.Sr.  born 2-26-1908  died 2-19- 2001  age 92  - Dau. of Anthony & Mary Marasco Piganelli- b. San Giovanii En Fiore, Calabria, Italy- m. 5-18-1934 

GIRARD, Thomas A. spouse of  Margie Burns born 3-20-1948 died 6-30-2007 age 59  - Son of Joseph C. & Angelamarie Piganelli Girard Sr.  b. & d. Bradford PA 
GLEASON, Bettie M.  born 5-25-1924  died 3-18-2000   - b. Bradford, PA 
GLEASON, Robert F. spouse of Suzanne Stidd born 10-7-1952 died 5-22-2008 age 55  - Son of Stanley M. & Bettie M. Becker Gleason b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-11-1982 in Bradford PA 
GLICK, Mary M.  spouse of  Jack P.  born  9-7-1931  died  12-2-2010  age  79y    Dau. of Paul P. & Ona Coder Pierotti b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-30-1956 in Bay City MI Jack P. died 10-30-1992
GOBBI, Lena  spouse of Alphonso P. born 2-14-1912 died 2-6-2007 age 94  - Dau. of Nazzareno & Lucia Pedacchia Campogiani  b. Corydon Pa. d. Bradford Pa. Wed 1929 

GRAFFIUS, Mary Frances spouse of Melvin W. born 12-11-1917 died 6-8-2005 age 87  - dau of Charles C. & Mary Frances Lukas Prikopi
GRAFFIUS, Melvin W. spouse of Mary Frances born 09-19-1910 died 6-16-1999 age 88  - wed Sept 7 1933 in Allegany NY
GRASSI, Margaret B.  born 6-18-1914 died 10-11- 2001  age 87  - b. Bradford, PA- Dau. of Joseph & Rachel Covine Brown 
GRAY, Anna M. "Dusty"  spouse of Thomas A.  born 8-3-1929  died 10-24-2001  age 72  - b. Bradford, PA- Dau. of Herman & Lena Durst McCann 
GRAY, Thomas A.  spouse of Anna M.  died 12-24-1995   - m. 8-9-1952 
GREGO, Martha P.  spouse of Patsy A. born 5-15-1915 died 11-6-2001  age 86  - b. Franklin, LA- Dau. of Frank & Philomen Schultz Jordan m. 11-29-1941 
GREGO, Patsy A. "Pat" spouse of Geraldine DeSantis born 4-22-1916 died 2-26-2009 age 92y  - Son of Joseph & Franceca Frisina Grego b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 12-23-2002 - Wife #1 Martha Jordan who died 11-6-2001 U.S. Army Military Police WW2 Duties included ferrying Prisoners of War from European Theatre to the United States - Received the Purple Heart
GRAY, Jan Louise  spouse of    born  10-13-1950  died  2-22-2011  age  60y    Dau. of Paul & Florence Frisina Gorton b. Bradford PA d. Culver City CA
GRILL, Mary B. spouse of  Florio born  9-13-1917 died 9-12-2011 age 93y  -Dau. of Dominic & Maria Pais Buoite b & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-28-1939 in Bradford PA Florio died 12-13-1993
GRILLO, Anthony J. spouse of Rose Granata born 3-23-1922 died 4-11-2010 age 88y  - Son of Carmen & Mary Falbo Grillo b. Clermont PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-11-1949 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army WW2 in the European Theater 

GROVES, Jon V.  died 9-12002  age 66 
GUIDO, Bertha S.  born 2-25-1909 died 3-8-2009 age 100y  - Dau. of Dominic & Serafina Bisciglia Guido b. & d. Bradford PA 
HADBAVNY, Bernadine "Billie" spouse of Michael L.  died 1992   - wed 1941
HADBAVNY, Michael L. spouse of Bernadine "Billie" born 5-5-1999 died 12-5-2005   - b. Austria-Hungary to Michael & Maria Hadbavny
HAGSTROM, Gerry spouse of Patricia Poyer born 1931 died 9-11-2006   - Son of Oscar & Edwinna Colville Hagstrom  b. Bronx NY  d. Galveston TX  Wed 1976 in Houston TX
HAJDU, Mary L. spouse of  Paul A. born 8-31-1932 died 1-25-2005 age 72  - b. Salamanca NY dau of Lyle & Louise Krupa Furlong Mausoleum
HAJDU, Paul A. spouse of  Mary L.  died 8-1-1994   - wed 5-3-1958 in St Elizabeth Catholic Church in Buffalo NY Mausoleum
HAMRIC, Anna Marie spouse of William F. Jr. born 7-9-1933 died 2-3-2009 age 75y  - Dau. of Louis & Angeline Caruso Granata b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-9-1956 in Lewis Run PA 
HANNON, Betty A.    spouse of        born    9/26/1921    died    3/4/2012    age    90y        Dau of Matthew T. & Marie Stoner Hannon b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA 
HANNON, James R. spouse of Harrijane Boylan born 6-10-1937 died 3-11-2007 age 69  - Son of John R. & Mary Theresa Taylor Hannon b. Bradford Pa. d. Erie Pa. Wed 10-10-1959 in Bradford Pa. 

HANNON, John Henry "Harry" spouse of Gwen J. born 5-2-1924 died 6-11-2006 age 82  - Son of Matthew T. & Marie Stoner Hannon Wed 1-17-1948 in Bradford Pa. U.S. Army WW2 Decorated Veteran including the Purple Heart
HART, Alice M.  spouse of    born  4-16-1936  died  9-27-2011  age  75y    Dau. of Sylvester & Helen Zawacki Hart b. & d. Bradford PA    
HASSETT, Helena F. spouse of James A. born 1-4-1911 died 4-1-2007 age 96  - Dau. of Louis & Grace Covine Fyre  b. Bradford PA  d. Rochester NY  Wed 4-25-1942  in Bradford PA 

HAYDEN, James C. spouse of Deborah A. Howard born 6-7-1948 died 6-30-2007 age 59  - Son of Donald P. & Shirley Neel Hayden Sr.  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 12-11-1981 in Lew Run PA  U.S. Army Vietnam  War - awarded Purple Heart & Vietnam Service Medal
HENCHY, Bette E.  born 12-3-1923 died 6-27-2000  - b. Bradford, PA 
HENCHY, Joseph A.  born 12-19-1926 died 8-21- 2000   - b. Boonton, NJ 
HENRETTY, Stella L. spouse of Newel T. "Newt" born 11-7-1918 died 3-17-2009 age 90y  - Son of Wilfred & Jenny Houck Huntoon b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 2-14-1946 in Bradford PA 
HERBSTRITT, Esther M. spouse of Ronald born 8-30-1928 died 11-24-2009 age 81y  Dau. of Amelio & Mary Frances Vecellio b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA  Husband #1 LeRoy Neely 
HIGGINS, Martha L. spouse of Elmer C. Higgins born 8-29-1919 died 10-23-2002 age 83  - Dau of John D. & Elizabeth (Curran) Coffman, b. Derrick City-PA, d. Wellsville-NY, Wed 11-25-1937 in Bradford-PA
HIMES, Annalee M. spouse of Harry E. born 5-11-1922 died 10-24-2009 age 87y  Dau. of Dominic & Verna DeCasper Sinibaldi b. Sykesville PA d. Bradford PA Wed 5-23-1944 in Bradford PA 
HOLLENBECK, Gale F.  Marilyn Watterson  2-7-1930  10-19-2006  76  Son of Brooks B. & Alice Rose Hollenbeck b. & d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 10-3-1953 in Bradford Pa. 
HOLLERAN, Jessie spouse of William born 5-2-1892 died ? 
HOLLERAN, Virginia Ann spouse of Joseph Leo born 8-24-1930 died 5-31-2010 age 79y  - Dau. of Harry N. & Geraldine Marie Dougherty Slattery b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-5-1950 in Bradford PA
HOLLERAN, William spouse of Jessie 
HOWARD Sr., Robert  Margaret Pingie  3-22-1921  10-13-2006  85  Son of Hector & Bertha Slone Howard  b. Estill County Ky  d. Louisville Ky  Wed: #1 1-3-1948  Wife #2 Mary "Martha" Knott Wed: 6-12-1981  U.S. Navy  WW2
HRIN, Caroline Marie  spouse of John  born 2-24-1925 died 8-14- 2001  age 76  - b. Bradford, PA- Dau. of Walinty & Frances Rogala 
HRIN, John  spouse of Caroline Marie  died 2/10/1995  - m. 7-19-1945 
HURD, Ernest G.  born 7-16-1938 died 6-21-2008 age 69 - Son of Bignal & Martha Franklin Hurd b. & d. Bradford PA Wed Wife #1 Ruth Hough on 12-24-1958 - Wed Wife #2 Pauline Brinkley on 11-9-1969 who died 3-2-1994 - Wed Wife #3 Anne Marie Lore-Hurd on 1-3-1997 who died 5-14-2007 U.S. Navy 
HUSHON, J. Robert "Hutch" spouse of Dorothy C. "Dotti" Jenness born 5-7-1934 died 1-10-2009 age 74y  - Son of Joseph & Mary Bartol Hushon b. Delta PA d. Bradford PA Wed 7-30-1954 in Pylesville MD 
JEFFERIS, Mary Beth spouse of Ronald born 1-28-1949 died 5-11-2007 age 58  - Dau. of Alexander M. "Red" & Lorraine Rizutti Fair  b. Bradford PA  d. Omaha NEB  Wed 12-26-1990 in Omaha NEB  U.S. Air Force 
JOHNSON, Harry S. "Hap" spouse of Nancy T. Larney born 12/22/1917 died 10/15/2005 age 87 
JOHNSON, Robert James spouse of Lisa Cox born 2-12-1972 died 7-20-2009 age 37y  - Son of Alvin & Florence Johnson b. Bradford PA d. Sanford FL 
JOHNSTON, Nancy L. spouse of Harry S. "Hap" born 1-29-1917 died 2-5-2010 age 93y  - Dau. of William J. & Loretta C. Kedian Lamey b. Brooklyn NY d. Bradford PA Wed 8-28-1943 in Westport CT Harry died 10-15-2005
KEANE, M. Joseph spouse of Lynette J. Ernest born 6-15-1943 died 2-15-2008 age 64  - Son of Joseph & Kathryn Conklin Keane b. Bradford PA d. Pittsburgh PA Wed 8-8-1964 in St. Bonaventure NY 
KELLY, Francis B. spouse of Peggy Zenner  born 8-2-1926 died 6-21-2009 age 82y  - Son of Frank & Ann K. Winquist Kelly b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 9-27-1947 in Bradford PA  Sergeant U.S. Army
KELLY, James M. Sr. spouse of Ardis Moonan Parkhurst born 8-16-1929 died 2-17-2008 age 78  - Son of James M. & Virginia Smith Kelley b. Portsmouth VA d. Erie PA Wed 10-9-1993 in Bradford PA  Wed Wife #1 Mary "Sis" Gray on 7-26-1952 who died 4-18-1992 U.S. Navy Marines as a Medic Korean War Purple Heart  Auto Accident
KELLY, Joseph C. Jr.  spouse of Louise  born 7-6-1931  died 7-10-2001  age 70  - b. Bradford, PA- Son of Joseph C. & Margaret Sullivan Kelly 
KELLY, Louise Autieri  spouse of Joseph C. Jr.  died 12-1- 2000   - m. 11-10-1956 
KELLY, Mary Jane spouse of James  T. born 11-23-1923 died 3-24-2009 age 85y  - Dau. of William M. & Anna Springer b. Uniontown PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-29-1946 in Uniontown PA  Mausoleum
KEMICK, John J. spouse of Betty D. Daniels born 3-20-1925 died 6-20-2007 age 82  - Son of John & Ella Kutchmire Kemick  b. Lewis Run PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed 6-14-1946  U.S. Navy WW2 European & Pacific Theaters 
KEMICK, Violet spouse of Edward C., Jr. born 1-1-1923 died 8-7-2006 age 83  - Dau. of Thomas & Agnes White Renwick b. Brockway Pa. d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 5-11-1941 in Bradford Pa. 
KENLON, Thomas A.  born 10-23-1957 died 8-19-2006 age 48  - Son of William A. & Donna Bauer Kenlon  b. & d. Bradford Pa. Corpsman in U.S. Navy also Captain in U.S. Air Force
KERVIN, Jerry H. spouse of Shirley A. Dieter born 1-25-1924 died 4-10-2008 age 85  - Son of Joseph & Jessie M. Schraeder Kervin b. Duke Center PA d. Erie PA Wed 4-24-1952 
KERVIN, Shirley A. spouse of Jerry H. born 10-8-1930 died 5-9-2008 age 77  - Dau. of Ralph & Mildred Flaherty Dieter b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 4-25-1952 
KESSLER, Dorothy D. spouse of Daniel born 4-30-1941 died 7-2-2007 age 66  - Dau. of Archie & Betty Gates LeBoeuf  b. Bradford PA  d. Pittsburgh PA 
KEVERLINE, Ila K. spouse of Raymond Leo Keverline Born 2-13-1909 died 6-14-2004 age 95  - Dau of Orville & Theresa (Warters) McCown, b. Allegany-NY, d. Erie-PA, Wed 8-14-1935 in Bradford, Bd. Mausoleum
KLOSS, Anthony L. spouse of Eleanor M. Hoadley born 1-14-1922 died 12-13-2006 age 84  - Son of Lawrence & Marianne Rogola Kloss  b. Bradford Pa. d. Lebanon Pa.  Wed: 5-4-1946 in Bradford  U.S. Army  WW2 Mausoleum
KLOSS, Eleanor M.  Anthony  11-20-1926  4-18-2006  79y  Dau. of Harold & Francis Reedy Hoadley  b. Asaph, Pa. d. Bradford, Pa.  Wed: 5-4-1946 
KONWINSKI, Doris W.  spouse of Dr. Edward S.  born 8/23/1924 died 9-4-2001  age 77  - b. Olean, NY- m. 3-29-1948- Dau. of Robert Ward & Leona Thayer Ward Hannahs 
KURBAN, John A.  spouse of  Shirley A. Pessia  born  1-10-1935  died  3-31-2011  age  76y    Son of John A. & Glendora Anderson Kurban Sr. b. & d. Buffalo NY Wed 4-30-1966 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army
KURBAN, Shirley A. spouse of John A.  born 5-15-1934 died 11-5-2007 age 73  - Dau. of Anthony & Margaret Pascarella Pessia b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 4-30-1966 in Bradford PA

LAMA, Clara  spouse of Anthony "Rat"  born 11-8-1933  died 11-2- 2001 age 67  - b. Lewis Run- Dau. of Nate & Margaret Perrine Frederico m. 4-18-1953 
LAMA, Mary D. spouse of Frank B. born 3-13-1915 died 4-30-2008 age 93  - Dau. of Angelo & Concetta Picceo Cercone b. Ashford NY d. Bradford PA 
LaMANNA, Magdalene spouse of Vincent born 4-10-1917 died 8-25-2007 age 90  - Dau. of Zackre & Anna Finneli  b. Elkland PA  d. Toledo OH  Wed for 38 years - Magdalene obtained a Master's Degree in Education and taught in Bradford Area School System for nearly 45 years 
LAMB, Margaret Morrissey  spouse of Michael died 3-4-1927  - b. Ireland 
LAMB, Michael  spouse of Margaret born 7-20-1850  died 4-23-1911 
LANCE, Mary R. spouse of Kimber D. born 1-27-1916 died 4-2-2010 age 94y  - Dau. of Frank & Augusta Orsolina Zandi b. Betula PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-7-1940 in Bradford PA  Mausoleum 
LANE. John A. spouse of Angeline Marie DeSantis born 9-5-1917 died 4-9-2010 age 92y  - Son of Charles J. & Minnie Mae Eckert Lane b. Walden NY d. Rockville MD Wed 6-1946  U.S. Army European Theater as First Lieutenant Staff Intelligence Officer 69th Infantry Division Engineer Combat Battalion - His Division contributed to the liberation of  the concentration camp in Leipzig Germany - In tribute the flag "Fighting 69th" hangs at the entrance of  the Holocast Museum in D.C.
LANGIANESE, Anthony Victor "Tony" spouse of Betty A. Yale born 11-22-1927 died 11-22-2006 age 79  - Son of Michael A. & Josephine Benedict Langianese Sr. b. & d. Lewis Run Pa. Wed: 6-9-1951 U.S. Army First Lieutenant Tactical 3 Unit in Italy Also served in Army Reserves MAUSOLEUM
LANGIANESE, Gloria P.    spouse of    Michael J. Jr.    born    5/22/1929    died    2/18/2012    age    82y        Dau of King & Florence Wylam Douthit b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 3-17-1951 Married 60 years  Mausoleum
LANICH, Brian L. spouse of Cheryl R. Vuksan born 5-8-1955 died 12-7-2006 age 51  - Son of Raymond L. & Donna L. Luce Lanick  b. Erie Pa. d. Bradford Pa.  Wed:  8-8-1978 in Saegertown Pa. 

LARSON, Helen Ludwig  spouse of John Emil  - m. 10-23-1940 
LARSON, John Emil  spouse of Helen born 7-24-1915 died 1-3- 2002  age 86  b.Hamlin Twp., Son of John A. & Hilda C. Anderson Larson US Army WW II Tech 4th Grade & National Guard & Company H in Bradford, PA 
LARSON, Michael spouse of  born 11-18-1968 died 5-21-2009 age 40y  - Son of Timothy K. & Sue Maloney Larson b. Olean NY d. Connersville IN 
LEAR, Neal G.  spouse of Tonette Curcio  born 4-27-1920 died 1-31-2000  - Son of Carl M. & Wylmah E. Clark Becherer-Lear- US Navy WW II -b. Salamanca, NY 
LEILOUS, Genevieve E. spouse of Kenneth F. born 2-10-1918 died 6-12-2006 age 88  - Dau. of Louis & Amelia LaVrone Caputo b. Lewis Run Pa. d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 8-24-1940 
LEO, Victoria A. "Vicky"    spouse of        born    12/18/1942    died    2/29/2012    age    69y        Dau of Joseph & Rena Fiori Leo Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA 
LIPPS, Margaret Elizabeth "Maggie" spouse of  John B. "Ben"  born 12-22-1924 died  6-2-2011 age 86y Dau. of Roy T. & Emma Johnson Berray b. Sunburst MT d. Bradford PA Wed 11-14-1942 in Sheffield PA  62 years of Marriage  Mausoleum
LIPPS, Paul "Jake" spouse of Ida Alviti born 7-9-1921 died 3-19-2009 age 87y - Son of George & Mary Oleska Lipps b. Degolia d. Bradford PA Wed 2-14-1946 in Bradford PA U.S. Army WW2 serving under Gen. George S. Patton & awarded the Bronze Star for Valor

LLOYD, Winifred Jeanne  spouse of Arthur Francis "Bubbles"  born 2/18/1930 died 8-31-2001 age 71  - b. Bradford, PA- m. Dec. 2, 1950- Dau. of Joseph T. & Dora J. Cattoni Davitt 
LOMBARDI, Anthony M. "Tony"    spouse of    Bridget M. Connelly    born    2/16/1959    died    3/19/2012    age    53y        Son of John M. & Sabatina Borreca Lombardi b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-17-1998 in Bradford PA
LOMBARDI, Giovanni M. "John"  spouse of  Sabatina Borreca  born  6/7/1926  died  12/8/2011  age  85y    Son of Antonio & Immacolata Franco Lombardi b. Pannarano Italy (BN) d. Bradford PA Wed 8-10-1952 in Pannarano Italy - Served in the Italian Aiborne Regiment 1964-1948 - Immigrated to the U.S. onboard the S.S. Vulcania June 1956 - Left Naples Italy June 13 (St. Anthony) arrived Ellis Island June 24 (St. John).  Naturalized U.S. Citizen in 1962
LONGO, Parma J.  spouse of Gerald Longo  born 4-26-1914 died 11-21- 2000  age 86  - Dau. of Vincenzo & Guisippina Chieffallo Bifano b. Kane, PA- m. 6-23-1934 

LUCARELLI, Adolfo spouse of Oliva  died 10-1990   - wed 1938
LUCARELLI, Oliva spouse of Adolfo born 12-10-1919 died 1-1-2006 age 86  - b. Sarnano Marche Italy to Rinaldo & Angela Ciarlantini DeAngelis
LUCCO, Francis P. spouse of Nancy L. Howard born 6-27-1931 died 2-2-2010 age 78y - Son of Frank & Marian Onofrio Lucco b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 2-8-1964 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army Korean War
LUKE, Gertrude K. "Trudie" spouse of  Kenneth J. born 3-24-1928 died  5-4-2011 age 83y  Dau. of Henry N. & Marguerite N. Cooney Wolfe b. St. Mary's PA d. Bradford PA Wed 1-8-1955 in Bradford PA
LUKE, Kenneth J. spouse of Gertrude K. Wolfe born 2-24-1919 died 3-24-2008 age 89  - Son of Frank & Katherine T. Shea Luke b. Ridgway PA d. Bradford PA Wed 1-8-1955 in Bradford PA  U.S. Navy Panama Canal Zone WW2

LUZZI, Anthony spouse of Dolores M. Talerico born 2-19-1932 died 3-23-2007 age 75  - Son of Domenic & Susan Accurso Luzzi  b. Lewis Run PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed  7-7-1962  Mausoleum
LUZZI, Francis J. "Dude" Jr.  spouse of Kathryn Mott  born 3-28-1928  died 10-10-2001 age 73  - b. Bradford, PA- Son of Francis J. & Phyllis Sylvester Luzzi m. 1-22-1966 
LUZZI, Josephine M. spouse of  Born 6-16-1923 died 4-21-2003 age 79  - Dau of Domenic P. & Susan M. (Accurso) Luzzi, b. Bradford-PA, d. Bradford-PA
LUZZI, Michael A. spouse of Phyllis M. Tantalo born 7-8-1925 died 3-1-2007 age 81  - Son of Dominec & Susan Accurso Luzzi  b. & d. Bradford Pa. Wed 6-16-1951 U.S. Navy
LYONS, E. Ann spouse of Leo E. born 11-1-1923 died 3-14-2008 age 84  - Dau. of Dennis & Eleanor Evans Flynn b. Buffalo NY d. Marienville PA Wed 8-16-1943 in Bradford PA
LYONS, Patricia A.  spouse of  Robert F.  born  6-26-1928  died  6-24-2011  age  82y    Dau. of Thomas & Ruth McCormack O'Harragan b. Whitesville NY d. Bradford PA Wed 1-31-1948 in Bradford PA  Robert F. died 3-12-1988  Mausoleum
LYONS, Ruth M. spouse of Fred D. born 5-21-1925 died 4-4-2010 age 84y  - Dau. of Frank & Jane Keenan b. Erie PA d. Bradford PA Wed 1-11-1947 in Salamanca NY  Mausoleum 

MACFARLANE, Olga M spouse of Robert M. Sr.  born 2-2-1927  died 7-15-2003  age 76  dau of Giuseppe P. & Mary Salvatore Pelino b. Pettorano, Italy m. 6-28-1947 in Lewis Run 
MACFARLANE, Robert M. Sr.  spouse of  Olga M. Pelino  born  9-3-1925  died  2-22-2011  age  85y    Son of William & Margaret Carlson Macfarlane b. Oil City PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-28-1947 in Lewis Run PA U.S. Navy serving on the U.S.S. Cod WW2 in submarine service - His Unit awarded the Presidential Citation of Honor with three Combat Stars  Mausoleum
MACKOWSKI, Elizabeth L. spouse of William  born 10-29-1916  died 7-14-2003  age 86  dau Otis Lyman & Edith Mae Loop Jack among the first to work at Zippo Lighter Co. 

MACKOWSKI, William spouse of Elizabeth L. died 11-22-2002  - m. 7-2-1941 
MAGNELLA, Mario    spouse of        born    4/5/1955    died    4/2/2012    age    56y        Son of Anthony & Giselle Meissner Magnella  b. & d. Bradford PA
MAGNETTI, Nancy L. spouse of Raymond L. born 9-5-1946 died 1-3-2007 age 60  - Dau. of Kenneth M. "Buster" & Lucy N. Susi Atkinson b. Bradford Pa. d. Lewis Run Pa. Wed: 2-12-1966  Mausoleum

MAHOLIC, Stephen spouse of Frances Lubold born 3-19-1927 died 1-25-2007 age 79  - Son of Andrew & Mary Lipps Maholic b. DeGolia d. Bradford Pa. Wed 1-21-1950 in Sheffield Pa. US Navy Torpedo Retrieval Ship  Mausoleum
MALEY, Donald F.  spouse of  Ethel L. Boyle  born  8-7-1917  died  4-2-2011  age  93y    Son of Albert & Edna Boyle Maley b. Chicora PA d. Bradford PA Wed 4-19-1939 in Bradford PA Ethel L. died 2-21-2000
MANNING, Annie born 1875 died 1929 

MANNING, Baby  - no data
MANNING, Elizabeth M. born 1891 died 1961 
MANNING, Harold J. born 1908 died 1929 
MANNING, James J. born 1914 died 1953 
MANNING, Lawrence  born 1890 died 1923 
MANNING, Mary Angela born 1916 died 7-1987 
MANNING, Mary M. spouse of  James J. born 3-8-1918 died 7-26-2006 age 88  - Dau. of Adam & Susan Bonyko Chohrach  b. Lewis Run, Pa. d. Bradford, Pa.  Wed: 4-24-1936 in Lewis Run, Pa. 
MANNING, Robert S. born 1910 died 12-1989 
MANNING, Rody born 1864 died 1944 
MANNING, Stephen Michael  born 1881 died 4-1955 
MANNING, Toni Anne Marie  born 2-? 
MARASCO, Clara  born 12-13-1913  died 5-24-2003  age 88  - b. Soveria Mannelli, Italy dau of Pasquale & Margherita Proto Marasco 
MARVIN, Frances born 2-5-1925 died 9-27-2008 age 83 - Dau. of Vernon & Myra Hutchins Marvin b. Johnsonburg PA d. Jamestown NY
MARZUCCO, Anthony J. Jr.  spouse of  Loretta Yonker  born  8-26-1928  died  2-22-2011  age  82y    Son of Anthony & Angeline Paulo Marzucco b. Lewis Run PA d. DuBois PA Wed 6-27-1953  Mausoleum
MATTISON, Anna R . spouse of  William E. Jr. born 3-1-1918 died 2-17-2011 age 92y  Dau. of Michael & Sophie Koval Fetyko b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-26-1944 in Bradford PA 
MATTISON Jr., William E. spouse of Anna R. Fetyko born 5-18-1919 died 12-18-2006 age 87  - Son of William E. & Bernice McChesney Mattison Sr.  b. Allegany N.Y. d. Bradford Pa.  Wed: 8-26-1944 in Bradford Pa.  U.S. Army Asiatic-Pacific Theatre  WW2

MATZNER, Angelo Robert "Bob" spouse of Sandra J. Franklin born 2-29-1940 died 8-18-2009 age 69y  - Son of Angelo "Coon" Pascarella & Elizabeth DilGross Matzner b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA U.S. Army Korea
MAYNARD, Frances Maletta spouse of Frank Sr. born 8-10-1924 died 4-27-2007 age 82  - Dau. of Joseph & Rose Maletta  b. Elcor MINN  d. Angola NY  Wed 1952 in Buffalo NY
McANDREW, Ashley M. born 9-7-1984 died 11-25-2007 age 23  - Dau. of Colin P. & Cynthia A. Caswell McAndrew b. & d. Bradford PA
McANDREW, Richard F. spouse of Joan Balon born 4-5-1931 died 10-17-2009 age 78y  Son of Hugh Bernard & Nellie Fox McAndrew b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-14-1954 in Bradford PA U.S. Air Force Korean War
McCANN, Kristin Anne  born 9/16/1966 died 11/21/1985 age 19  - My Princess Daughter of Robert E. & Maxine A. McCann
McNAMARA, Josephine R.  born 6-6-1911 died 11-24-2006 age 95  - Daughter of Joseph J. & Rose Hanley McNamara  b. & d. Bradford Pa. 
McVAY, Charles "Marley" spouse of  Mary Frances Helenbrook born 11-19-1922 died 6-9-2007 age 84  - Son of Charles B. & Mae Marley McVay  b. Bradford PA  d. Coudersport PA  Wed  4-27-1957 in Bradford PA 
METZO, Virginia M.  born 2-28-1920  died 8-19-2000   - b. Bradford, PA 
MEZZELO, Lillian B.  spouse of    born  12-14-1928  died  11-23-2011  age  82y    Dau. of Oscar Carl &  Margaret Cotton Swanson b. Cyclone PA d. Erie PA Husband #1 Angelo J. Nuzzo who died 4-2-1984 Husband #2 Anthony "Tony" Mezzelo who died 1-2-1995  Mausoleum   
MICHALSKI, Walter J.  born 1923 died 6-30-2006 age 83  - Son of Dominic & Julia Michalski b. Bradford PA d. Zephyrhills FL Veteran of U.S. Army

MIDDLEBROUGH, Edith M. spouse of Raymond born 2-14-1921 died  11-18-2010 age 89y  Dau. of Vern & Anna Kriegisch Yonker b. Johnsonburg PA d. Bradford PA Wed 12-14-1940 Raymond died 1-25-1980
MIDDLEBROUGH, Joseph L. spouse of Kimberlea Maitland born 12-14-1952 died 3-18-2007 age 54  - Son of Raymond L. & Edith Yonker Middlebrough b. Bradford Pa.d. Lewis Run Pa. Wed 7-26-1975 in Bradford Pa.

MILES, June M. spouse of Jeffrey A. born 2-4-1959 died 6-5-2007 age 48  - Dau. of Robert King & JoAnn M. Taylor Zimmerman  b. DuBois PA  d. Olean NY  Wed 8-10-2001 in Allegany NY 
MILHOLLEN, Richard L.  spouse of  Shirley M. Clancey  born  6-8-1927  died  2-23-2011  age  83y    Son of Orlando P. & Jessie Tasillo Milhollen b. Hornell NY d. Bradford PA Wed 8-7-1948 in Wellsboro PA Shirley M. died 3-24-2001  U.S. Navy WW2
MINICH, Calvin S. spouse of Anne Anderson born 1-23-1928 died 8-14-2006 age 78  - Son of Harry B. & Mabel R. Brinkley Minich  b. Brookville Pa. d. Jamestown N.Y. Wed: 1-6-1951 in Bradford Pa. U.S. Navy WW 2

MONGILLO, Nick A.  spouse of Betty C. Varatta  born 4-12-1916 died 76 7-20-2001  age 85  - b. Bradford, PA- Son of Patsy & Antionette Costanzo Mongillo m Oct. 5, 1953- US Army Air Force WW II Sergeant- (Mausoleum) 
MONGILLO, Jack C. Sr. born 5-17-1937 died 11-30-2010 age 73y  Son of Frank A. & Margaret Pantuso Mongillo b. & d. Bradford PA  Wife #1 Ann M. Rich  Wed Wife #2 Doris "Beth" Smith on 9-3-1994 in Parma ID
MONGILLO, Thomas L. spouse of Shirley Sheilds born 10-5-1929 died 1-15-2009 age 79y  - Son of Luigi & Mary Taratarella Mongillo b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 12-19-1964 in Bradford PA U.S. Army Korean War serving in Military Intelligence 

MONTECALVO, James J.  spouse of Anne M. Polucci born 8-22-1919  died 11-6-2001  age 82  - b. Lewis Run, PA- Son of V. James & Theresa Capozzi Montecalvo -m. May 14, 1955- US Army Sergeant WW II 
MONTECALVO, Mary  born 6-18-1915 died 5-23-2007 age 91  - Dau. of V. James & Theresa Capozzi Montecalvo  b. Lewis Run  PA  d. Bradford PA 
MONTI, Alice W. spouse of Anthony F. born 1-4-1921 died 11-17-2008 age 87y  - Dau. of Thomas G. & Margaret Hoh Williamson b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 1-29-1942 in Bradford PA 
MONTI, Anthony F.  spouse of M. Alice  born 3-26-1913  died 12-28-2003 age 90  - son of Eliseo F. & Maria Vecellio Monti US Army 1st Lt. 
MONTUORI, Arlene spouse of John J. Sr. born 3-25-1931 died 4-22-2009 age 78  - Dau. of Oscar & Ellen Lyons Johnson b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 4-5-1952 in Buffalo NY
MOORE, Mary G. spouse of Maxwell S. born 1-17-1915 died 2-15-2006 age 91  - Wed: 2-26-1937
MOORE, Nancy Jane  born 5-25-1934 died 9-6-2006 age 72  - Dau. of Stephen & Bernadine Ogurchak b. Bradford Pa. d. Conago Park Calif.  MAUSOLEUM
MORGAN, Keith F. spouse of Elnora Ammons-Kriz born 2-21-1940 died 12-7-2007 age 67  - Son of Archie J. & Bernice Beauchamp Morgan b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA 
MORELLI, Guido L. spouse of  Pauline E. Poteet born  4-29-1923 died 7-3-2011 age 88  -Son of Clemente & Theresa Morelli Morelli b. Kersey PA d. Bradford PA Wed 10-1-1978
MORRLLI, Pauline P.  spouse of  Guido L. born 2-2-1939 died 11-29-2009 age 70y -Dau. of Jerome P. & Marie Lewis Poteet b. Annapolis MD d. Bradford PA Wed 10-1-1978
MORRISON, Nancy L. spouse of James born 2-22-1934 died 10-24-2006 age 72  - Dau. of Edward & Anna Whelan Brophy b. Apollo Pa. d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 6-26-1954 in Bradford Pa. 

MORRISSEY, Catherine  born 8-11-1901  died 11-15-1901   - b. Custer City, PA- Dau. of Michael & Catherine Barrett Morrissey 
MORRISSEY, Catherine Barrett  spouse of Michael born 2-1859  died 8-23-1931  - b. Portageville, NY 
MORRISSEY, Dominick  born 6-30-1896  died 8-1-1896   - b. Custer City, PA- Son of Michael & Catherine Barrett Morrissey 
MORRISSEY, Michael spouse of Catherine  born 3-5-1848 died 8-26-1907  - b. Ireland 
MULAUSKI, Dolores S. "Dee" spouse of John W. Sr. born 8-16-1930 died 6-3-2008 age 77  - Dau. of Murrey & Anna Broslet Shipley b. Roulette Pa d. Bradford PA Wed 5-17-1947 in Coudersport PA 
MULAUSKI, John W. Sr. spouse of Dolores Shipley Born 6-26-1924 died 1-22-2000 age 75  - Son of Edward & Charlotte (Schroeder) Mulauski, Twin to a sister, b. Coudersport-PA, d. Bradford-PA, Wed 5-17-1948 in Coudersport-PA, Vet-WWII US Army Sgt
MUNDAY, Alice L. spouse of  James M. born 8-23-1938 died 7-21-2011 age 72y  -Dau. of Octave & Blanche Marzucco Lord b. Bridgeport CT d. Bradford PA Wed 11-29-1958 in Bradford PA James died 11-13-2003
MURPHEY, Thomas F. spouse of Mary Hvizdzak  born 7-17-1932  died 2-3-2001  age 68  - Son of T. Frederick & Helen Benning Murphy b. Bradford, PA- m. 8-23-1958 

MURPHY, John H. spouse of Clorita Mongillo born 3-9-1920 died 1-1-2006 age 85  - Son of Henry J. & Ethel E. Garry Murphy b. Kalamazoo, Mich. d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 2-3-1945 U.S. Army WW2
MUSOLINO, Patrick A. spouse of Doris M. Bradish born 4-20-1924 died 5-23-2010 age 86y  - Son of Pasquale & Ernesta DeLorenzo Musolino b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-19-1950 in Bradford PA Doris M. died 1-17-2005  U.S. Navy 
NASH, Jeanne K.   spouse of  James F.  born  1-16-1925  died  10-18-2010  age  85y    Dau. of Harry M. & Anita McAuliffe Krampf b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA Wed 11-23-1948 in Allegany NY James F. died 1-26-1995
NEELY, Violet Mae spouse of Roy Eugene born 9-25-1927 died 2-13-2010 age 82y  - Dau. of Felix & Lillian Miller Seng b. Pittsburgh PA d. Bradford PA Wed 2-20-1954 in Pittsburgh PA Roy Eugene died 4-6-1990 

NELSON, James A. spouse of Mary Yerdon born 6-23-1923 died 3-20-2008 age 84  -Son of John C. & Bonnie James Nelson b. Winchester KY d. Bradford PA Wed 10-23-1948  Sgt. Third Marine Division in Iwo Jima & Guadalcanal  WW2
NELSON, Mary E. spouse of John C. "Jack" born 6-6-1921 died 12-11-2008 age 87y  - Dau. of George & Theresa Ledden Lehman b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 1-11-1947 in Bradford PA Mausoleum
NELSON, Mary Elizabeth spouse of James A. born 8-26-1924 died 11-15-2009 age 85y  Dau. of Archie L. & Anna Isabelle Laughlin Yerdon b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-23-1948 
NICHOLAS, Diann G.  born 5-6-1942 died 4-25-2010 age 67y  - Dau. of William L. & Elizabeth M. Schroeder Doyle b. & d. Bradford PA 
NORTON, Mary M. spouse of  Oliver S. born 4-27-1919 died 6-29-2007 age 88  - Dau. of Fred & Cynthia Lundgren Harris  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed  11-14-1942 in Buffalo NY  Mausoleum
NORTON, Oliver S. spouse of Mary M. Harris born 1-9-1920 died 4-7-2007 age 87  - Son of Ralph W. & Pearl Towner Norton  b. Scio NY  d. Bradford PA  Wed 11-14-1942 in Buffalo NY  U.S. Army  WW2  Mausoleum
NUZZO, Doris A. spouse of James J. born 8-1-1921 died 9-18-2007 age 86  - Dau. of Joseph & Ida Cady Brown  b. Limestone NY  d. Jamestown NY  Wed 9-2-1946 in Bradford PA Mausoleum 
NUZZO, Eileen A. spouse of James V. born 9-18-1912 died 8-3-2008 age 95y  - Dau. of Milton & Gertrude Flattery Means b. Fink W.VA d. Bradford PA Wed 5-1954 
NUZZO, Michael  born 3-20-1947 died 10-24-2006 age 59  - Son of James & Doris Brown Nuzzo  b. & d. Bradford Pa. MAUSOLEUM
O'BRIEN, Hazel L. spouse of George J.  born 1-4-1895  died 2-19-2001  age 106  - Dau. of Harvey E. & LEnna Hudson Yeiser b. Beecher, ILL- m. 4-15-1925 
O'BRIEN, Violetta  Spouse of Thomas O'Brien born 1-6-1856 died  11-1-1933   - dau of Henry William & Rhoda DeGolier Brown
O'CONNELL, Robert W. spouse of Sandra M. Caputo born 1-13-1934 died 9-19-2007 age 73  - Son of Matthew V. & Ruth E. Black O'Connell  b. Mount Alton  d. Erie PA  Wed 5-14-1960  U.S. Army tour of duty in Germany 1955-1957
O'CONNELL, Sandra M.  spouse of  Robert W. "Bob"  born  11/1/1939  died  12/8/2011  age  72y    Dau of Alfred & Antoinette Piscitelli Caputo b. & d. Bradford PA
OGURCHAK, Bernadine Elizabeth Hardy  spouse of Stephen A.  died 8-1989   - m. 7-25-1931 

OGURCHAK, Stephen A. spouse of Bernadine Elizabeth  born 12-25-1909  died 9-30- 2001  age 91  - b. Lewis Run, PA- Son of Joseph & Anna Melinche Ogurchak 
OLESKA, Gloria L.  spouse of  Joseph  born  11-2-1928  died  7-28-2010  age  81y    -  Dau. of Amos & Martha Yount Shaffer b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-16-1948 in Bradford PA
O'NEILL, Helen Marie spouse of  William E. born  2-13-1926 died 11-21-2010 age  84y  Dau. of George & Mary Oleska Lipps b. Degolia PA d. Bradford PA Wed 12-26-1945 in Rochester NY  Mausoleum
O'NEIL, James H. spouse of Mary died 4-1-1928 

ONUFFER, Paul P.  born 2-9-1922 died 11-1-2005 - Son of John & Anna Hvisdak Onuffer b. Lewis Run Pa. d. Erie Pa. U.S. Army Infantry  WW2  Purple Heart
PACE, Alexander J. born 2-17-1919 died 10-18-2009 age 90y  Son of Peter & Delecata Tecca Pace b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA U.S. Army Air Corps with the 54th Fighter Squadron WW2
PACE, Frank A. Jr. spouse of Doris J. DeGruttola born 1-31-1926 died 5-23-2009 age 83y  - Son of Peter & Delecatta Tecca Pace b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA Wed 4-30-1949 in Bradford PA U.S. Navy 1944-1946
PACE, Jennie R. born 11-19-1911 died 1-1-2008 age 96 - Dau. of Peter & Delecata Tecca Pace b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA 
PACE, Rocco J. born 5-13-1921 died 7-31-2011 age 90y -Son of Peter & Delecata Tecca Pace b. Lewis Run PA d. Erie PA
PAIS, Antoinette spouse of John J.  born 12-28-1912  died 1-14-2004 age 91  - dau of Attilio & Liberata DeLasandro Rizzo Mausoleum 

PAIS, John J. spouse of Antoinette  died 3-24-1981   - m. 11-29-1933 in St. Bernard Church of Bradford PA - Mausoleum 
PALAZZETTI, Nick J. spouse of Barbara Petitt born 3-30-1915 died 8-13-2008 age 93y  - Son of Joseph & Viola Innamorati Palazzetti b. & d. Bradford PA Wife #1 Judy Gorton who died 12-14-2003 Member of Bradford Special Police Service for more than 40 years receiving the ""Policeman of the Year Award" in 1984 - U.S. Army serving in New Guinea the Netherland & East Indies Decorated Veteran including Bronze Service Star & Purple Heart 
PALMER, Anna M. spouse of Patrick P.  born 11-13-1917  died 12-25-2003  age 86  - dau of Pacifico & Emilia Conti Vicere - Mausoleum 
PALMER, Patrick P.  spouse of Anna M. born 3-31-1912  died 12-17- 2000 age 88  - Son of Frank & Donetta DeRosa Palmer m. June 28 1941- Mausoleum 
PANTUSO, Alex J.  spouse of  Barbara A. Veroche born 1-22-1942 died 9-14-2011 age  69y -Son  of John J. & Josephine George  Pantuso b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-11-1965  U.S. Army Cuban Missile Crisis
PANTUSO, Josephine T. spouse of John J. born 4-5-1915 died 12-9-2008 age 93y - Dau. of Philip & Flora Farino George b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-12-1936 in Bradford PA 

PASCALE, Elizabeth "Bee" spouse of Louis V. "Red" born 2-8-1916 died 10-14-2007 age 91 - Dau. of Michael & Terenziana Pacini Viola  b. Oswayo PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed  10-11-1939 in Bradford PA 
PASCALE, Louis J. spouse of  Mary B.  died 7-13-1980  - wed 11-15-1941
PASCALE, Mary B. spouse of  Louis J. born 10/16/1909 died 1-18-2005 age 95  - dau of Frank & Maria Suppa Benedict
PASCARELLA, Clara V. spouse of Louis V. born 12-3-1910 died 3-30-2008 age 97  - Dau. of Ernest & Nina Zandi Vecellio b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-9-1938 in Bradford PA
PASCARELLA, Louis William spouse of Mariann Pais born 4-22-1942 died 5-29-2010 age 68y  - Son of Carmen G. & Elvira Alviti Pascarella b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 10-6-1962 in Lewis Run PA 
PASKO, Maryellen B. spouse of Peter Paul born 8-26-1921 died 6-26-2007 age 85  - Dau. of James Cummiskey & Alice E. Barry  b. Bradford PA  d. Erie PA  Wed  6-28-1944 in Allentown PA  50 year Volunteer for the American Red Cross
PASKO, Peter Paul spouse of Maryellen B.  died 3-31-2004   - wed June 28 1944 in Allemtown PA
PEACE, Lawrence W. Sr. spouse of Helen Brown born 2-13-1917 died 1-12-2009 age 91y  - Son of Howard & Theresa McAndrew Peace b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-9-1942 in Bradford PA U.S. Army WW2
PECKHAM, Constance A. "Connie" born 2-9-1926 died 6-18-2008 age 82 - Dau. of Norbert & Mary Bernadine Healey Peckham b. & d. Bradford PA 
PECKHAM. John W.  born 6-2-1936 died 7-5-2010 age 74y  - Son of Katherine Kryniski b. Little Valley NY d. Bradford PA  Wed Wife #1 Margaret Terpak who died 10-19-1991 Wed Wife #2 Donna M. Parrott Applegate who died 7-15-1999  U.S. Army 1960-1962
PECORA, Alfredo  spouse of Beverly R. Talerico born 9-21-1933 died 12-12-2006 age 73  - Son of Francesco & Antonietta Falbo Pecora  b. Pianette Italy  d. Pittsburg Pa.  Wed: 7-30-1960  U.S. Army 8th Cavalry Regiment in Japan & Korea
PECORA, Beverly R. spouse of Alfredo born 8-16-1941 died 4-21-2007 age 65  - Dau. of Dominic & Rose Pitrillo Talerico  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 7-30-1960
PECORA, Michael F. born 1-14-1971 died 6-17-2009 age 38y - Son of Santo "Sam" & Helen  M. Pecora b. Bradford PA d.Forest Hills NY (Murdered by stabbing)  Mausoleum 
PECORA, Philip A.    spouse of    Carol Monti     born    2/23/1930    died    3/15/2012    age    82y        Son of Stanley & Matilda Caruso Pecora b. Bradford PA d. Princeton NJ Wed 4-7-1958 U.S. Army Military Police 1953-1955
PEDINE, Mary G.  spouse of  James J.  born  4-26-1921  died  2-2-2011  age  89y    Dau. of Salvatore "Sam" & Victoria Forte Luciano b. Naples Italy d. Bradford PA Wed 8-17-1946 in Bradford PA James J. died on 5-13-2002
PEELMAN, Johann Marie spouse of Robert born 8-17-1928 died 5-17-2007 age 78  - Dau. of Emile & Catherine Fouyon  b. Bradford PA  d. Fort Myers FL  Wed 9-1949  Mausoleum 

PEHONSKY, Michael Paul Sr. spouse of Patricia Ann Luke born 10-1-1923 died 3-26-2009 age 85y  - Son of John & Zuzanna Lukacova Pehonsky b. Custer City PA d. Bradford PA Wed 10-2-1948 in Bradford PA U.S. Army serving in Northern France & Rhineland WW2
PEHONSKY, Mildred Helen spouse of Andrew born 8-6-1934 died 8-12-2006 age 72  - Dau. of Joseph & Mary Bacik Dancho b. Smock Pa.d. Erie Pa. Wed: 7-14-1956
PEROGINELLI, Marie A. spouse of Henry J. born 7-15-1925 died 6-26-2007 age 81  - Dau. of Francis A. & Mary Susan Iaconis Tascone  b. Geneva NY  d. Bradford PA  Wed  5-31-1947 in Bradford PA
PERSICHINI, Phillip J. Jr.    spouse of    Margie Colley    born    5/25/1934    died    2/15/2012    age    77y        Son of Phillip & Laura LaCavera Persichini b. Bradford PA d. Meadville PA Wed 6-20-1959 U.S. Army Korea War
PESSIA, Dominic H. spouse of Kathryn "Sue" Baker born 10-28-1918 died 11-6-2007 age 89  - Son of Thomas & Amelia Zimbardi Pessia b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-29-1974 U.S. Army WW2 engaged in invasions of Africa Sicily & Normandy in European Theatre Numberous Medal Awards

PETERSON, Burton E. spouse of Irene  born 9-13-1905 died 7-9-2001 age 95  b. Black Creek, NY- Son of John & Dora Campbell Peterson US Army Air Force WW II 
PETERSON, Irene Hollowell  spouse of Burton E.  died 9-22-1989  - m 9-6-1927 
PETINO, Angie D.     spouse of        born    8/7/1918    died    2/18/2012    age    93y        Dau of Anthony & Adeline Franco DeBias b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA
PIEROTTI, Peter  F. "Pete"  spouse of  Phyllis P. Zotto  born  1-27-1930  died  9-10-2011  age  81y    Son of John L. & Julia R. Pepe Pierotti b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 4-1-1966 in Oakland NJ  U.S. Army Korean War
PIEROTTI, Phyllis P.    spouse of    Peter F.    born    5/5/1930    died    2/26/2012    age    81y        Dau of Alasandro & Louise Calabrase b. Troy NY d. Buffalo NY Wed 4-1-1966 in Oakland NJ
PIGANELLI, Mary E.    spouse of    John J. Sr.    born    3/4/1920    died    2/18/2012    age    91y        Dau of John & Zuzanna Lukacova Pehonsky b. Rovne Czechoslovakia (oldest of 10 children) d. Bradford PA Wed 7-29-1939 in Bradford PA John J. died 7-21-2003
PIGANELLI, Patsy A. "Baker" spouse of Amelia Bottone born U/K died 9-26-2007   - Son of Anthony & Mary Marasco Piganelli  b. & d. Bradford Pa  Wed  5-8-1948 in Attica NY U.S. Army Air Corps  WW2  Mausoleum

PILLER, John D.  spouse of    born  3-31-1942  died  10-20-2011  age  69y    Son of John D. & Margaret H. Provotjak Piller b. & d. Bradford PA    
PILLER, Terrie Ann  spouse of    born  8-1-1946  died  12-21-2010  age  64y    Dau. of Geeorge & Jeri Smith Gigliotti b. & d. Bradford PA
PINGIE, John M. spouse of Marguerite Julia born 8-14-1922  died 7-18-2001 age 78  - b. Lewis Run, PA- Son of Nicholas & Agatha Bagnato-Curcio Pingie USArmy 2nd Armored Division commanded by Gen. George Patton 

PINGIE, Marguerite Julia Whitney  spouse of John M.  died 4-2-1978   - m. 5-25-1946 
PIONZIO, Kenneth B.  born 12-7-1925 died 7-8-2005 age 79  - son of Domenico & Julia Sgamma Pionzio US Army Air Corps WW II tail gunner on a B-29 & B-17 329th Bomber Sq. & 938th Bomb Wing Also Korean War & Vietnam
PIOONZIO, Julia  born 6-7-1909  died 3-31-2000  - b. Red House, NY 
PISCITELLI, Faye M. spouse of James M. born 4-16-1911 died 1-18-2006 age 94  - dau of Antonio & Maria Pascarella m. May 6 1939 a beautician 
PISCITELLI, Stephen A. Sr. spouse of Josephine V. Monago born 12-26-1914 died 4-4-2008 age 93  -Son of Humberto & Anna Carrara Piscitelli b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA Wed 11-18-1939 in Bradford PA National Guard Bradford Company K 112th Infantry 
PLACE, David G.  spouse of  Frances Stoner  born  2-3-1926  died  12-29-2010  age  84y    Son of Dean R. & Anna Mae McDonald Place b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-14-1950 in Bradford PA Frances died 11-25-1997
PLATKO, Helen M. spouse of George J. born 8-13-1912 died 4-3-2009 age 96y  - Dau. of Dominic & Julia Stempha Michalski b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-5-1935 in Bradford PA 

POLUCCI, Antonia P. "Ana"     spouse of    Albeno J. "Beno"    born    10/16/1923    died    3/14/2012    age    88y        Dau of Nazzareno & Maria Rascioni Pennesi b. Sarnano Province of Macerata Italy d. Bradford PA Wed 10-11-1947 in Bradford PA Albeno J. "Beno" died 12-2-1995
POLUCCI, Veronica A. "Bonnie" spouse of John P. born 11-7-1931 died 1-13-2007 age 75  - Dau. of Anthony & Elizabeth Taylor Vigliotti b. & d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 10-4-1952  Mausoleum

POTKOVICK, Wilhelm Vaughn spouse of Sally A. Dudick born 3-16-1954 died 6-17-2008 age 54  - Son of William & Rosella M. Mancuso Potkovick b. Dunkirk NY d. Pittsburgh PA Wed 9-15-1979 in Lewis Run PA Motorcycle Accident - Mausoleum 
POYER, Charles Leonard  spouse of Margaret Mary  died 7-20-1981   - m. 10-24-1947 
POYER, Margaret Mary  spouse of Charles Leonard  born 2-17-1919 died 9-23-2001  age 82  - b. Backus- Dau. of Anthony & Mary Bonko Onuffer 
PRICE, Janet L.  spouse of  Jacques R. Jr.  born  8-1-1940  died  8-15-2010  age  70y    -  Dau. of Frank & Margaret Pantuso Mongillo b. Bradford PA d. Depew NY  Jacques died  7-10-1998
QUINN, Marion  spouse of  James R. Jr.  born  3-20-1920  died  12-8-2010  age  90y    Dau. of Joseph & Bess Kilhofer b. Ridgway PA d. Clarksburg W VA Wed 12-27-1947 James R. died 5-2-1982
RAE, Scott  born 5-7-1954 died 12-17-2006 age 52  - Son of Daniel J. & Mary McCarthy Rae  b. Bradford Pa. d. Greensboro N.C. 

RAPP, Charles H.  spouse of M. Eileen  died 9-12-1982   - m. 10-11-1934 in St. Bernard Church Bradford PA Mausoleum 
RAPP, M. Eileen  spouse of Charles H.  born 5-24-1915  died 8-30-2002 age 87  dau of John Arthur & Margaret Lawson Johnson Mausoleum 
RAY, Kathleen L. spouse of Robert J.  born 7-29-1929  died 2-13-2003  age 73  born in Bradford, PA to Herbert T. & Helen Bedeaux Ledden 
RAY, Robert J. "Bob" spouse of  Kathleen "Kay" Ledden born  5-2-1927 died  10-26-2010 age 83y  Son of Howard R. & Emily Jane Aaron Ray b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-2-1950 in Bradford PA  U.S. Marine Corps 1945-1946 and again 1950-1952 honorably discharged as a Corporal
REAM, Violet B. born 4-30-1917 died 9-17-2001  age 84  - b. Paulsboro, NJ- Dau. of Henry & Elizabeth Ward Gardner 

REILEY, Janice M. spouse of Joseph F. born 2-12-1933 died 7-21-2009 age 76y  - Dau. of Henry & Violet Nelson Edel b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA Wed 6-7-1952 in Allegany NY 
RICCI, Nick J.  spouse of  Helen E. Tominez  born 10-24-1923 died 2-11-2011 age 87y -Son of Olindo & Tresa Riccaridi Ricci b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-18-1950 in Bradford PA U.S. Army 322nd Combat Engineers WW2 Awarded American Theater Ribbon - EAMET Ribbon with bronze star - Asiatic-Pacific Theater Ribbon
RINK, Raymond R. spouse of  Lois B. Richardson  born  12-13-1915 died  10-6-2010 age 94y  -Son of Gustav & Carrie Detman Rink b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 6-19-1941 in Bradford PA
RINK, Raymond S.  born 2-21-1941 died 8-7-2011 age 70y -Son of Stanley & Anna L. Sankner Rink b. & d. Bradford PA Wed Wife #1 Marcia J. Dennis on 9-17-1960 who died 11-15-1991 Wed Wife #2 Sharra Dresch Pomroy on 11-16-2010
RINK, Robert J.  born 3-11-1948 died 1-15-2009 age 60y - Son of Stanley & Anna L. Sankner Rink b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA 

ROBINSON, Michele spouse of Allen born 10-25-1973 died 1-23-2008 age 34  Dau. of Lawrence  G. & Sharon Young Alviti b. Bradford PA d. Olean NY Wed 6-28-2003  Auto Accident
ROMANELLI, Ralph  spouse of  Celia White  born1-22-1923 died  7-30-2011 age 88y -Son of Simone & Margaret Barbera Romanelli b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-25-1952
ROMANO,  Dominic A . "Dom" spouse of Ella Mongillo born 8-21-1919 died 3-22-2009 age 89y - Son of John & Rosalena Laderosa Romano b. Bradford PA d. Pittsburgh PA Wed 9-11-1946 in Bradford PA U.S. Army WW2 serving in European Theater

ROMANO, Ella M.  spouse of  Dominic A.  born  1-24-1925  died  12-10-2010  age  86y -Dau. of Luigi &  Mary Tartarella Mongillo b. Bradford PA d. Pittsburgh PA Wed 9-11-1946 in Bradford PA
RONEY, Charles D. "Don" spouse of Palma "Pam" Verolini born 11-6-1920 died 7-18-2008 age 87y - Son of Charles J. & Blanche Pierce Roney b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-23-1950 in Bradford PA U.S. Army Air Corps 564th Air Service Group WW2  Mausoleum

RONEY, Palma M. "Pam" spouse of Charles D. "Don" born 4-13-1919 died 9-27-2008 age 89  - Dau. of Felizano & Antonia Conti Verolini b. Kushequa d. Bradford PA Wed 9-23-1950 
ROSE, Caroline M.  born 3-2-1919 died 3-8-2007 age 88  - Dau. of Ralph A. & Fortunata Pantuso Rose b. Lewis Run Pa. d. Bradford Pa. 
ROSE, Joyce M. spouse of  born 9-18-1937 died 1-17-2010 age 72y  Dau. of Philip M. & Pauline Knapp Rose Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA
ROSLINSKI, Alverta M.  spouse of Joseph S.  born 4-30-1909 died 1-13-2002  age 92  - b. Crates- Dau. of Frank & Pearle George Crate 
ROSLINSKI, Joseph S. spouse of Alverta M.  died 10-24-1981  - m. 7-4-1935 
ROSS, Antoinette M.    spouse of    Edward Sr.    born    1/15/1917    died    3/29/2012    age    95y        Dau of Patsy & Angelina Rosa Nuzzo b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-25-1938 in Bradford PA Edward died 3-1-2005  Mausoleum
ROSS, Donna J. Burgess  spouse of Peter N. Jr.  died 1-25-1980   - m. 7-28-1948 

ROSS, Fannie P. spouse of Joseph M. born 6-18-1907 died 9-9-2007 age 100  - Dau. of Humbert & Anna Carrara Piscitelli  b. Lewis Run PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed 9-25-1924 in Bradford PA  Fannie's 100th birthday was proclaimed "Fannie Ross Day" & presented by her godson Mayor Albert Montecalvo
ROSS, Joseph M. Jr.  spouse of Shirley Hampson  born 10-30-1925  died 7-6-2001  age 75  - b. Lewis Run, PA- Son of Joseph & Fannie Piscitelli Ross US 8th Air Force WW II 427th Squadron of the 303rd Bomber Group 
ROSS, Peter N. Jr.  spouse of Donna J.  born 12-5-1918  died 12-22- 2001  age 83  - b. Bradford, PA- Son of Peter N. & Myrtle Bellamy Ross Sr Veteran of WW II serving with Bradford's Company K 112th Infatry Division 
ROYER, Cecilia Elizabeth spouse of William  born 4-9-1905  died 1-10- 2002  age 96  - b. Drifting, PA- Dau. of Leonard & Bridget Folmar 
ROYER, William  spouse of Cecilia Elizabeth  5/16/1929 died 7-1-1986   - m. 5-16-1927
RUFFNER, Josephine E.    spouse of    Robert R. Sr.    born    4/11/1940    died    4/5/2012    age    71y        Dau of Flower & Mary Rezettie Rich b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 2-13-1960  Mausoleum
RYAN, Micheal J. spouse of Mary Lyons born 1865 died 2-9-1941  - b. Tipperary Ireland 

SANKNER, George E. spouse of  born 5-28-1924 died 10-5-2008 age 84  - Son of Stephen & Anna Onuffer Sankner b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA U.S. Marine Corps Guam WW2
SAPKO, John A.  born 9-30-1949 died 8-28-2009 age 59y  - Son of Michael & Angeline M. Pepe Sapko b. Bradford PA d. Oakdale PA U.S. Navy Vietnam War 
SAPKO, Steven Michael spouse of Ethel Zoller born  died 10-20-2006 age  - Son of Andrew & Anna Jezenko Sapko  b. Custer City Pa.  d. Erie Pa. U.S. Army Korean War
SAPKO, William J.  born 11-10-1950 died 3-12-2010 age 59y  - Son of Michael & Angeline M. Pepe Sapko  b. & d. Bradford PA 
SCARANO, Joseph C. Jr.  born 1-7- 1944  died 4-5-2000   - b. Bradford, PA 
SCHAMING, George F.    spouse of    Mary Lou Fox    born    8/20/1926    died    3/31/2012    age    85y        Son of Walter B. & Susan M. Bauer Schaming Sr. b. Lewis Run PA d. Erie PA Wed 10-18-1947 in Limestone NY U.S. Navy WW2
SCHREIBER, Harry W.  spouse of  Connie L. Sullivan  born  1-5-1937  died  8-7-2010  age  73y    -  Son of Arthur W. & Betty Leah Carlson Schreiber b. Sargent PA d. Bradford PA Wed 3-3-1962 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army 1956-1958
SCHROEDER, Judith A. "Judy" spouse of  Gary L born 8-16-1940 died 1-20-2005 age 64  - dau of Frank Peter & Virginia Carter Benedict m. May 19 1960 was a Registered Nurse

SCHWEIZER, Raymond C.  spouse of  Elizabeth "Betty" Roarke  born  1-30-1921  died  2-15-2011  age  90y    Son of Charles & Gertrude Raymond Schweizer b. Buffalo NY d. Pittsburgh PA Wed 6-28-1047 in Buffalo NY U.S. Army Air Corps & attended B-29 Flight Engineering School  Betty died 4-24-2005 Mausoleum
SHAY, A. Adeline spouse of Theodore "Ted" born 7-14-1921 died 12-30-2008 age 87y  - Dau. of Tony & Pasqualina Michaelizzo Colella b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-9-1950 in Bradford PA Mausoleum

SHEMBEDA, Edward J. spouse of  Elizabeth Onuffer born 6-9-1923 died 6-17-2006 age 83  - Son of Frank & Mary Skutnik Shembeda  b. & d. Bradford, Pa.  Wed: 2-3-1951  U.S. Army  WW2 European Theatre St. BERNARD MAUSOLEUM
SHIELDS, C. Lawrence spouse of Dorothy V. Holub born 11-19-1926 died 8-14-2007 age 80  - Son of Clyde L. & Iva Mae Mesler Shields  b. Yubedam NY  d. Bradford PA  Wed  2-26-1947 in Chicago IL  U.S. Navy  WW2  serving on the USS Forester  Mausoleum 
SHIELDS, Donald J. spouse of  Lillian Bombasay born  3-26-1931 died 5-30-2011 age 80y  Son of Earl & Alda Wyle Shields b. Portage PA d. Bradford PA Wed 7-6-1957 in Lewis Run PA  U.S. Navy aboard the USS Van Valkenburgh DD656 Korean War - Awarded National Defense Service Medal Korean Service Medal "S" United Nations Service Medal  China Serv
SLOTER, Andrew T. "Andy" Jr.  spouse of  Rosemary Platko  born  7-13-1938  died  5-12-2011  age  72y    Son of Andrew T. & Evelyn Bastow Sloter Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-28-1969 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army 1961-1963
SLOTTA, George  spouse of  Helen Irene Hart  born  5-20-1917  died  9-9-2010  age  93y    -  Son of John & Anna Janov Slotta b. Backus PA d. Smethport PA Wed 8-31-1946 in Bradford PA U.S. Army Air Force WW2 stationed in Northern Italy with B-24th Bomb Squardron -  Awarded numerous medals including the Purple Heart
SLOTTA, Helen Irene spouse of George born 8-12-1924 died 11-23-2007 age 83  - Dau. of Sylvester & Helen Zawacki Hart b.Bradford PA Smethport PA Wed 8-31-1946 in Bradford PA 

SMITH, Anna Mae spouse of  born 4-22-1913 died 2-2-2009 age 95y  - Dau. of John Patrick & Harriett Horan Smith b. Wellsville NY d. Bradford PA 
SMITH, Charles G.  spouse of Eileen M.  died 3-1-1998   - m. 5-8-1954 
SMITH, Eileen M. spouse of Charles G.  born 5-21-1928 died 7-13-2001  age 73  - b. St. Marys, PA- Dau. of John M. & Monica C. McLaughlin Krieg 
SMITH, Paul C. spouse of Helen E. Sennett born 11-20-1915 died 4-4-2010 age 94y  - Son of Charles A. & Geneve Jefferson b. Arroyo PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-27-1941 in Kersey PA  Sergeant  U.S. Army 1943-1946 WW2
SMITH, Roger Paul  born 3-10-1950 died  9-10-2010 age 60y  -  Son of Paul C. & Helen E. Sennett Smith b. Ridgway PA  d. King George VA 
SOLAREK, Harry J. Sr. spouse of Shirley G. Maine born 6-22-1938 died 8-27-2009 age 71y  - Son of Harry G. & Helen E. Palumbo Solarek b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-7-1967 in Olean NY U.S. Air Force in 1957-1962 serving in Kansas Alaska & Greenland

SOLAREK, Shirley G. spouse of Harry J., Sr. born 5-1-1946 died 1-22-2007 age  60  - Dau. of Floyd & Rachel Simons Maine b. Olean, N.Y. d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 10-7-1967 in Olean N.Y.
SPOSATO, Augustine C. "Tino" spouse of Argenia Buccolini born 12-19-1923 died 4-8-2008 age 84  -Son of James & Josephine Piscitelli Sposato b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 4-21-1945 U.S. Navy WW 2 Purple Heart 
SPRING, Rita L.  James F.  1-16-1932  10-17-2006  74  Dau. of Guy & Clara Gardner Murray b. Brasier Falls N.Y.  d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 1-1-1952 in Syracuse N.Y. Mausoleum 
STACK, Frank R.  spouse of Jane R.  died 3-19-1988  - m. in Bradford 8-31-1943 
STACK, Gerald C. "Jerry" spouse of Joan L. Stanburg born 6-25-1929 died 1-19-2010 age 80y  - Son of William J. & Alice I. Leipold Stack b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-26-1953 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army National Guard serving with Company K 112th Regiment also U.S. Army Korean War discharged as a Sergeant
STACK, Jane R. spouse of Frank R. born 8-23-1912  died 9-3-2003  age 91  - dau of John F. & Elizabeth Murtha Roche Curator of The Bradford Landmark Society 
STECK, Michael A.  born 10-10-1959 died 5-18-2010 age 50y  - Son of Rodney A. "Herk" & Dolores R. Chase Steck b. & d. Bradford PA 
STIDD, Daniel N.  born 11-4-1923 died 9-18-1979  - Son of William and Luella Benjamin Stidd
STORER, Clair J.  spouse of  Mary M. Maloney  born  6-26-1925  died  4-3-2011  age  85y    Son of Clair & Grace Yorke Storer b. Warren PA d. Bradford PA Wed 10-16-1948 in Bradford PA Mary M. died 2-17-2000 U.S. Marine Corps serving in South Pacific WW2
STORY, Helen P. spouse of James B. born 9-16-1911 died 1-19-2007 age 95  - Dau. of John & Anna Loney Purcell b. Gorgona Panama Canal Zone d. Bartlett Tenn. Wed: 11-1-1937 in Emporium Pa.

SUPPA, Edith M. spouse of Gaetano J. born 12-17-1917 died 1-26-2009 age 91y  - Dau. of Enrico J. & Matilda Verolini Innamorati b. Kushequa d. Bradford PA Wed 10-29-1938 
SUTLEY, Clara N.  spouse of Laurence P. born 9-8-1911  died 12-5- 2001 age 90  - b. Olean, NY- Dau. of Pietro Gentili & Caterina Tempesta Gentili 
SUTLEY, Laurence P.  spouse of Clara N.  died 1-26-1981   - m. 4-25-1942 
SWACKHAMER, Calvin E. spouse of Norma Jean Warner born 11-17-1924 died 7-28-2006 age 81  - Son of John & Grace English Swackhamer b. Benezette d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 5-22-1943 in Bradford Pa. U.S. Marine Corps WW 2
SWACKHAMER, Norma Jean spouse of Calvin born 7-24-1925 died 2-25-2007 age 81  - Dau. of Lawrence & Elizabeth Mack Warner Sr. b. DuBois Pa. d. Erie Pa. Wed 5-22-1943 in Bradford Pa. 
SWIFT, Eloise M.  spouse of  James R.  born  8-10-1931  died  8-8-2010  age  78y    -  Dau. of Michael & Anna DePrater Melinche b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA  Wed 3-21-1955 in Bradford PA
SYLVESTER, Janet C.  spouse of Samuel H. born 11-9-1936 died 5-23-2007 age 70  - Dau. of Urbain B. & Bertha Dubey Gagnon  b. Lebanon N.H.  d. Erie PA  Wed 5-16-1959 in Littleton N.H. Mausoleum

TALERICO, Sally Mary  spouse of Francis J. born 8-23-1916 died 2-15-2010 age 93y  - Dau. of John & Sophia H. Hegeduze Susan b. Pittsburgh PA d. North East PA 
TANY, Philip J.  spouse of  Mary Ann Mecanko  born  12-13-1924  died  9-21-2010  age  85y    -  Son of Giuseppe & Margaret Ross Tantimonaco b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-12-1947 in Bradford PA U.S. Army WW2  Mausoleum
TASCONE, Joseph F. spouse of  Madeline Schwab born 1924 died 4-4-2011 age 87y  Son of Francis A. & Marie Assunta Iaconis Tascone b. Geneva NY d. Orlando FL U.S. Army WW2  42nd Field Artillery Battalion - Part of the 4th Infantry Division landing in France on D Day two Purple Hearts
TASIN, Donato "Rocky" born 11-12-1920 died 10-9-2009 age 88y  Son of Matteo & Rosaria Vecellio Tasin b. & d. Bradford PA U.S. Army WW2 serving in Rhineland & Central Europe - Received the Bronze Star -  Distinguished Unit Badge - American Campaign Medal - European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with 2 Bronze stars 

TASSONE, Barbara A. spouse of  Robert D.  born  8-26-1940  died  1-20-2011  age  70y    Dau. of James &  Margaret E. Petruney Varatta b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-24-1959
TAYLOR, Edith  spouse of Myron O. born 2-22-1921 died 6-1-2009 age 88y  - Dau. of Anthony & Mary Shive Wegscheider b. Philadelphia PA d. Bradford PA Wed 1-29-1942 in Salamanca NY

TAYLOR, Evelyn C.  spouse of Ralph C.  born 11-14-1916 died 12-20-2000  age 84  - Dau. of Andrew & Emma OMara Campbell b. Smethport, P- m. 11-23-1940 
TELESE, Antonio  spouse of Mary Vigliotta born 7-1-1931  died 1-31-2000  - Son of James & Grace Pascarella Telese b. Salamanca, NY 
THIEL, Randall L. 5-18-2006 age 52  Son of Lawrence & Mary Ellen Thiel 
THOMAS, Minnie M. spouse of James "Heinie" born 1-1-1921 died 10-31-2009 age 88y  Dau. of Sydney & Fern Evrard Stewart b. Nancy France d. Bradford PA  Wed 2-15-1941 in Bradford PA 
THOMAS, Joseph F. born 8-18-1927  died 10-19- 2001  age 74  - Son of Frank Joseph Gusek & Bertha Josephine Thomas Bateski 
THOMPSON, Charles P. spouse of Jane F. Dougherty born 11-18-1920 died 9-14-2007 age 86  - Son of Charles P. & Mary McTague Thompson Sr.  b. Bellevue PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed 6-5-1947 in Bradford PA  U.S. Navy served as signalman with the Armed Guard WW2 
THOMPSON, Patrick G. spouse of Beth E. Paddock born 6-10-1954 died 11-11-2007 age 53  - Son of Charles P. & Jane F. Dougherty b. & b. Bradford PA Wed 5-26-1991 at St. Bonaventure University U.S. Army Transportation Unit in Germany 
TIMBROOK, Paul W.  spouse of  Sophie Augunas  born  12-6-1924  died  8-27-2010 age 85y  -  Son of George R. & Susie Sampson Timbrook b. Kansas City MO d. Bradford PA  U.S. Navy serving in South Pacific WW2 
TINGLEY, Angeline M.  spouse of  Harold F.  born  7-4-1921  died  3-21-2011  age  89y    Dau. of John & Rose Iaderosa Romano b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 2-20-1943 in Bradford PA Harold F. died 6-11-1998
TITUS, John William spouse of Grace Maxson born 6-23-1937 died 5-14-2010 age - Son of William & Genevieve Hinchey Titus b. Bradford PA d. Greenwood SC Wed 4-1-1967 

TOMINEZ, Alice Jane spouse of Michael born 8-8-1926 died 4-24-2006 age 74  - dau of Edward & Alice Brady Skivington
TOMINEZ, Michael spouse of Alice Jane  died 4-12-2005 - wed Sept 15 1951
TONSAR, Anna spouse of  born 8-1-1920 died 9-8-2008 age 88  - Dau. of Michael & Helen Troyan Tonsar b. Pleasant City OH d. Lewis Run PA 
URBAN, Anna M.  Joseph P.  6-11-1911  10-2-2006  95  Dau. of John & Mary Oravitz Walaski b. Harrison Valley Pa. d. Erie Pa. Wed: 11-30-1932 in Olean N.Y. 
TORNATELA, Dorothy J.  spouse of  Patsy  born  2-22-1922  died  8-31-2010  age  88y    -  Dau. of Peter N. & Myrtle Bellamy Ross b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-13-1950  Patsy died 9-25-1982
VALENTINE, Mary Ann spouse of Patrick born 1-29-1925 died 6-9-2007 age 82  - Dau. of Michael & Lucy Vecellio DeZorzi  b. Lewis Run PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed  6-10-1950 in Lewis Run PA

VANERSTROM, Jo A.  born 12-26-1950 died 4-4-2009 age 58y  - Dau. of Joseph & Anna Carletta Nash b. Bradford PA d. Pittsburgh PA 
VANHOUTTE, Richard G. spouse of Joyce West born 5-31-1931 died 7-18-2007 age 76  - Son of Amos & Helen Siffrin VanHoutte  b. Olean NY  d. Smethport PA  Wed  9-8-1956 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army  Mausoleum 
VARATTA, Dominic J.  spouse of Marilyn M. born 6-21-1912  died 8-21-2003  age 91  - son of Joseph J. & Teresa Luzzi Varatta US Army Co. D 395th Inf Reg't 99th Div. Drill Sgt. 
VARATTA, Marilyn M. Warfield spouse of Dominic J.  died 5-27-1999   - m. 2-15-1947 in Bradford PA 
VARATTA, Theresa "Terry" spouse of  born 1-23-1939 died 5-9-2007 age 68  - Dau. of James & Margaret E. Petrundy Varatta  b. & d. Bradford PA 
VECELLIO, Bruce E. spouse of Lisa M. Schaming born 4-6-1957 died 10-30-2009 age 52y  Son of Clayton V. & Gloria J. Faes Vecellio b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 8-3-1985 in Bradford PA
VECELLIO, Ernest "Ernie" spouse of Marilyn B. Bond born 12-18-1932 died 4-25-2007 age 74  - Son of Joseph V. & Julia P. Pingie Vecellio  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 5-7-1955 in Lewis Run PA  U.S. Navy Korean War  Mausoleum
VECELLIO, Helen T. spouse of Claude Charles born 3-30-1920 died 3-29-2007 age 86  - Dau. of Victor & Solina Condigiani Carducci  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 6-14-1952 in Bradford PA 
VECELLIO, Henry L. "Hank" spouse of Rose M. Colosimo born 6-28-1926 died 6-9-2006 age 79  - Son of Sylvio A. & Angelina Vecellio Vecellio b. Lewis Run Pa.d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 6-24-1950 in Bradford Pa. U.S. Army WW2 serving in Rhineland, Scotland & Central Europe MAUSOLEUM
VECELLIO, Joan E. spouse of Aldo O. born 9-14-1929 died 7-9-2007 age 77  - Dau. of Jeremiah P. & Pauline Rogan Healy  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed  11-17-1956 in Bradford PA 
VECELLIO, Linda  born 6-21-1923 died 12-14-2008 age 85y  - Dau. of Lucco & Ann Dobona Vecellio b. & d. Bradford PA 
VECELLIO, Mary L.  spouse of Joseph N.  born 9-14-1904  died 1-28- 2000 
VECELLIO, Rose M. spouse of Henry L. "Hank" born 11-20-1931 died 5-25-2008 age 76 - Dau. of James V. & Marguerite E. Ross Colosimo Sr. b. Olean NY d. Lewis Run PA Wed 6-24-1950 
VEROLINI, Armondo A. spouse of  born 11-12-1920 died 2-11-2008 age 87  - Son of Felizano & Antionette Conti Verolini b. & d. Bradford PA U.S. Army European Theatre Bronze Star WW2
VEROLINO, Joseph J. spouse of Almeda R. Gentili  born 2-24-1923 died 12-9-2008 age 85y  - Son of Felizano & Antionette Conti Verolini b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-23-1948 in Bradford PA U.S. Army European Theatre WW2
VICERE, Vicent J. spouse of  born 7-10-1936 died  7-26-2011 age 75y - Son of Samuel & Mary Belardia Vicere b. & d. Bradford PA  U.S. Army Vietnam War Member of the Special Operations Force
VIGLIOTTI, Andrew D. spouse of Jean G. died 5-31-1973  - wed May 21 1955 

VIGLIOTTI, Jean G. spouse of Andrew D. born 1-19-1930 died 8-24-2007 age 77  - Dau. of Mariano O. & Palmira Orzetti Giardini  b. Bradford PA  d. Pittsburgh PA 
VILLOTT, Rena M. spouse of Jack born 2-18-1910 died 3-9-2007 age 97  - Dau. of Luigi & Pauline Vecellio Monti b. Nusbaum d. Bradford Pa. Wed 5-28-1930 in Bradford Pa. 
VINELLI, Robert M. born    9/18/1958    died    12/30/2011    age    53y        Son of John J. & Louise E. Piscitelli Vinelli Sr. b. Bradford PA d. Pittsburgh PA
VIOLA, Anne M. born 1-22-1918 died 9-7- 2000  - Mausoleum- b. Bradford, PA 

VIOLA, Joseph B. spouse of  Charmaine Fouyon  born  7-9-1920 died 10-19-2010 age  90y  Son of Michael & Terezina Pacini Viola b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-15-1962 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army Air Corps WW2  Mausoleum
  VOGG, Fanny spouse of Alphonse born 7-5-2007 died 7-17-2007 age 100  - Dau. of Alois & Karolina Kuchner Brem  b. Allersdorf Germany  d. Bradford PA  Wed 6-30-1934 in Buffalo NY  Moved to the United States in 1929  Founding member of St. Francis Church & the Rosary & Altar Society 

WALTER, Helen K. spouse of  H. Dale born 7-9-1918 died 8-7-2011 age 93y -Dau. of Henry & Flora Buckie Besse b. Bradford PA d. Bradenton FL Wed 6-28-1980 in Corry PA H. Dale died 11-12-1988 Wed Husband #1 John E. Luke on 3-10-1939 who died 3-25-1976
WALTER, Jo Ann spouse of Ronald E. born 8-1-1929 died 6-17-2009 age 79y  - Dau. of Dominic & Rose Colosimo Costanzo b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-23-1954 in Bradford PA 

WARD, Charles P. Jr. spouse of Rita J. Sullivan born 5-7-1919 died 12-7-2008 age 89y  - Son of Charles P. & Ellen White Ward b. Grassflats PA d. Bradford PA Wed 7-13-1946 in Bradford PA U.S. Army Air Forces in India & Central Burma as air traffic controller WW2 Mausoleum 
WEAVER, James M. spouse of  Marie A. Janov born 1932 died 3-10-2007 age 75 75  - Former McKean County Commissioner
WEST, Dorothy L. "Dotty"    spouse of    Lawrence G.    born    9/19/1929    died    3/31/2012    age    82y        Dau of William & Louise Moran Shinners b. Salamanca NY d. Bradford PA Wed 12-27-1950 in Salamanca NY Mausoleum
WHEELER, Mary A. spouse of Walter M.  born 2-2-1915  died 11-28-2003  age 88  - dau of Louis & Lucia Recina Chiarilli 

WHEELER, Mary K. spouse of Robert L. born 8-28-1948 died 6-9-2006 age 57  - dau of Chartles K. & Kathryn E. Narby Wenzel
WHEELER, Mary K. spouse of Robert L. born 8-28-1948 died 6-9-2006 age 57  - Dau. of Charles K. & Kathryn E. Narby Wenzel b. St. Marys Pa. d. Bradford Pa. Wed 7-4-1970 in Emporium Pa. 
WHEELER, Robert L. spouse of Mary K.  died 7-21-1998   - wed July 4 1970 in Emporium PA
WHEELER, Walter M.  spouse of Mary A.  died 8-29-1998  - m. 9-9-1943 in St Bernard Catholic Church Bradford PA 
WHITE, Flora spouse of Richard A. born 1-19-1922 died 4-26-2008 age 86 - Dau. of Louigi & Agusta Vecellio Pais b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA Wed 1-19-1946 in Bradford PA Mausoleum
WHITE, Stephen J. spouse of  born 5-19-1957 died 5-31-2007 age 50  - Son of Daniel & Wilma Zetts White  b. & d. Bradford PA 
WILBER, Sandra S. spouse of  born 9-5-1937 died 11-26-2009 age 72y  Dau. of Arthur & Viola Banks Storms b. & d. Bradford PA  Former Husband Jerry L. Wilber who died 5-21-1998
WILEY, Helen M. spouse of Kenneth F. born 11-7-1922 died 8-12-2006 age 94  - dau of Byron & Clara Slattery Kelly b. Treton Ontario Canada
WILEY, Kenneth F. spouse of Helen M.  died 5-10-1966   - wed June 12 1933
WILLIAMS, Virginia Y.    spouse of        born    10/21/1925    died    1/31/2012    age    86y        Dau of Archie L. & Anna Isabelle Laughlin Yerdon b. & d. Bradford PA
WISEL, Patricia  E. spouse of Edward F. born 7-16-1925 died 2-11-2008 age 82  - Dau. of Edwin & Ona Bosworth Crattie b. Port Allegany PA d. Coudersport PA Wed 6-7-1947 in Lewis Run PA

WOLFE, Wilbert J. "Rupe"  spouse of  Helen A . C onnelly  born  2/16/1921  died  1/17/2012  age  90y    Son of Lea Baun & Genevieve Rose Kennedy Wolfe b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-3-1946  U.S. Army WW2 in the Pacific Theatre simultaneously with six of his brothers
WOOD, R. Joe spouse of  born 10-21-1950 died 1-27-2010 age 59y  Son of Howard M. "Hap" & Marie A. Butler Wood b. & d. Bradford PA  Mausoleum

WOODARD, Earl  died 11-25-1987 age 72 
WOODS, Mary Lou spouse of Lawrence M. born 7-18-1932 died 3-23-2008 age 75  -Dau. of Howard T. & Mary Rauch Harrington b. Syracuse NY d. Bradford PA Wed 5-23-1953 in Syracuse NY 
YABLONSKI, Mona M. spouse of Michael J. born 8-3-1927 died 4-30-2008 age 80  - Dau. of George & Twila Heckathorn Lineman b. Cranberry d. Salamanca NY Wed 11-19-1966 in Bradford PA Mausoleum
YAKIMOVICH, Mary R. spouse of Mike born 1-10-1919 died 1-10-2007 age 88  - Dau. of Joseph & Elizabeth Hvizdak Sudock b. Mount Alton d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 9-20-1942 in Bradford Pa. 
YAROS, George spouse of Rose M. Mongillo born 1-16-1928 died 9-25-2004 age 74  - son of Michael & Mary Haliski Yaros UA Navy USS Norris Pacific Theater WW II & Korean War
YAROS, Rose Marie spouse of  George born 3-3-1931 died 7-4-2006 age 75  - Dau. of Luigi & Mary Tartarella Mongillo  b. Bradford, Pa. d. Derrick City, Pa.  Wed:  9-5-1953 
YERDON, Elizabeth D .  spouse of  James J.  born  1-21-1936  died  2-28-2011  age  75y    Dau. of Frank & Anna Sudock DePetro b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-25-1965 in Lewis Run PA James died 12-13-2003
YOHE, Shirley Jean spouse of John E. "Jack" born 1-13-1934 died 8-12-2008 age 74y  - Dau. of Harry & Grace Nortum Fields b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-8-1954 in Bradford PA 

YOUNG, Theda A.  spouse of Joseph H. born 2-22-1917 died 2-9-2009 age 91y  - Dau. of Lloyd & Arline Van Curen Paton b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 1-1942 
YUNKUN, William E. spouse of Katherine R. Close born 9-25-1947 died 9-18-2007 age 59  - Son of William J. & Margaret Hritz Yunkun  b. Pittsburg PA  d. Laurel MD  Wed 1-27-1973 in Pittsburgh PA  U.S. Air Force 
ZAMPOGNA, Joseph F. spouse of Aldine Irwin born 2-17-1924 died 6-14-2007 age 83  - Son of Frank & Mary Zampogna  b. Kane PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed 5-2-1953 in Kane PA  U.S. Army  Awarded Combat Infantryman's Badge - Bronze Star - Good Conduct Medal - Distinguished Unit Badge - French Fourragere - European African & Middle Eastern Service Medal with five Bronze Stars - Victory Medal & Occupation Medal with German bar WW2
ZANDI, Helen L.  spouse of Aldo J.  born 6-13-1928  died 11-3- 2001 age 73  - b. Sheffield- Dau. of Paul & Twila M. Neal Rensel m. 8-8-1970 
ZAPEl, Matthew, F.  born 7-31-1980 died 7-16-2004 age 23  son of Wesley & Cathy Miller Zapel 4 yr letterman graduated with high honors an avid soccer player
ZEIGLER, Robert E. Sr. spouse of Janice F. Wetmore Calkins born 4-29-1940 died 4-3-2008 age 67  - Son of John E. & Virginia Lyons Zeigler b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 1-8-1997 in Salamanca NY Appointed to Bradford City Fire Department on 9-1-1961 retiring as Captain on 1-3-1997
ZIMMERMAN, Joanne spouse of Robert R. born 4-11-1934 died 4-7-2006 AGE 71y  - Dau. of Jim & Faye Chearillo Taylor Near  Wed: 2-14-1989
ZIMMERMAN, Virginia Frances spouse of Stanley born 1-15-1924 died 11-7-2007 age 83  - Dau. of Joseph & Stella Jakuboski b. Johnsonburg PA d. Bradford PA 
Wed 5-1-1948 in Smethport PA
ZURAT, Frances M. spouse of  born 1-15-1927 died 10-8-2008 age 81   - Dau. of Floyd & Anna Kyser Zurat b. North Tonawanda NY d. Pittsburgh PA 

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