McKean Memorial Cemetery
85 Boylston Street
Bradford PA

Compiled by Eleanor Schwalb

ABBOTT, Elizabeth Ann Spouse of Kevin S. Abbott Born 5/25/1954 died 2/28/2016 Age 61  Dau of Robert T. and Ruth E. (Lawrence) McAlpine, Born in Bradford, married July 3, 1976, Died in Bradford, 2 sons
ABPLANALP, Timothy M. spouse of Jessica Kemick born 9-30-1967 died 11-18-2008 age 41 - Son of William Yetto & Nancy Abplanalp b. & d. Kane PA Wed 7-29-2003 in Jacksonville NC 

ACKLEY, Sabrina L. Spouse of Mike Kline Born 11/16/1984 died 2/6/2016 Age 31  Dau of Zora "Boo" (Hochstine) Wallace and Gordon Ackley, Born in Bradford, Died in Bradford, 1 son
AHARRAH, Emery W.  spouse of  Phyllis A. Ishman  born  11-25-1927  died  12-8-2010  age  83y    Son of Alvie W. & Lillie E. Work Aharrah b. Sheffield Warren County PA d. Bradford PA Wed 2-25-1950 in Cyclone PA
ALWARD, Diane Spouse of Dennis Alward Born 4/24/1938 died 5/11/2017 Dau of Dr. & Mrs. Hartman, born in Bradford, 4 sons.
AMACHER, Sarah I. spouse of James T. Sr. born 9-14-1921 died 7-3-2007 age 85  - Dau. of Charles P. & Ellen G. White Ward  b. Grassflat PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed  1-24-1948 in Bradford PA 

ANDERSON, Axel born 12-14-1919 died 8-24-2006  86 - Son of Arvid & Esther O. Asberg Anderson b. Arvika Sweden d. Bradford Pa. U.S. Navy WW 2
ANDERSON, Dona W . spouse of Wilbur "Swede" born 2-16-1931 died 9-12-2009 age 78y  - Dau. of Harold Verner & Anna Elizabeth Smith Walters b. McDonald PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-19-1953 in Bradford PA 
ANDERSON, Dorothy Louise (Jansen) Spouse of Maurice H.  Born  12-8-1926 died  2-28-2015 Age 88  - Dau of Allen S and Irene (Holmlund) Jensen, First President of Alpha Kappa Chapter Kappa Phi for Methodist women           
ANDERSON, Flossie E. spouse of Fred A.  born 2-17-1912  died 12-11-2000  age 88  - Dau. of Carl & Amanda W. Johnson Holmquist b. Ridgway - m. June 27, 1934 

ANDERSON, George W.  spouse of Jane Smathers Tuttle  born 9-30-1916  died 5-12-2000 
ANDERSON, James Carlyle  spouse of  Patricia F. Stover  born  6/12/1936  died  1/13/2013  age  76y  Son of Carl J. & Eva Marie Paulson Anderson b. Campbelltown PA d.Bradford PA Wed 5-1-1965 in Bradford PA U. S. Army serving in Ankara Turkey
ANDERSON, Jane spouse of Harold E. Smathers  [#1] born 11-22-1923 died 3-22-2003 age 79 - Dau of Fred Leonard & Marian Teresa (Hayes) Tuttle, b. Bradford-PA, d. Smethport-PA, Wed #1 7-18-1942 in Allegany NY who d. 12-31-1944, Wed #2 George W. Anderson on 11-16-1947 in Allegany-NY who d. 5-12-2000

ANDERSON, Raymond F.  spouse of Ann M. Rebovich  born 8-27-1936  died 11-14-2000  - Son of Frederick A. & Flossie Holmquist Anderson m. 2-23-1975 
ANDREWS, Eva K.  spouse of W. Aubrey  born 6-26-1906 died 6-27-2001 age 95  - b. Bradford, PA - Dau. of William D. & Daisey Benton Kelly 
ANDREWS, Garnet D. spouse of William E. born 1/4/1929 died 5/9/2012 age 83y Dau of Harold Pratt & Clara Caswell Stickney b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 2-25-1949 Married 63 years
ANDREWS, R . V. spouse of Norene Bailey born 4-23-1915 died 2-28-2009 age 93y  - Son of Robert Lee & Myra Ethel Heath Andrews b. Gann AR d. Concord NC Wed 7-3-1937 in El Rino OK

ANDREWS, W. Aubrey  spouse of Eva K.  born  died 7-1994  - m. Dec. 21, 1933 
ARMAGOST, Angeline A. "Angie"  born 6/23/1928 died 4/25/2012 age 83y Dau of Andrew & Evelyn Bastow Sloter Sr. b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA
ARNETT, David E.  spouse of  Marjorie R. Johnson  born   6-13-1961  died  8-22-2010  age  49y  -  Son of Thomas J. & Theresa Cramer Arnett b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-29-1999 in Bradford PA
ARNETT, Marjorie R.  spouse of  David E.  born  6/20/1950  died  11/1/2014  age  64y  Dau of Herbert W. & Doris Ruth Erickson Johnson b. Kane PA d. Olean NY Wed 5-29-1999 in Bradford PA
ARNOLD, Norma J. spouse of William H. born 7-4-1931 died 12-27-2009 age 78y  Dau. of Harold & Louise Kittle Perry b. Corry PA d. Bradford PA Wed 12-20-1969 in Bradford PA 

ARNOLD, Robert D. Jr. born Unknown died 10-20-2009 age 53y  Son of Robert D. & Wilma Arnold Sr.
ARNOLD,  Wilma L.  spouse of  Robert D. Sr.  born  11/12/1934  died  10/17/2013  age  78y  Dau of Martin & Margauretta Young Dann b. Westline PA  d. Smethport PA Wed 9-12-1952 in Westline PA Robert preceded her
AULT, Lucille M.  Spouse of Harold K. Ault Sr. born 8/17/1928 died 12/15/2017 Age 89 Dau of Ward R. and Cleva M. (Parker) Bickford, born in Farmers Valley, died in Famers Valley, 1 daughter, 2 sons.
AUSTIN, Earl R. Jr. spouse of Naomi R.  born 9-3-1925  died 1-16-2002 age 76  - b. Bradford, PA - Son of Earl R. & Geraldine Dawn Austin Sr. US Navy WW II 1944-1946

AUSTIN, Glenn R. Jr. spouse of Virginia Haskins born 11-13-1917 died 8-20-2006 age 88 - Son of Glenn R. & Laura S. Pete Austin Sr. b. Farmersville N.Y. d. Bradford Pa. Wife #2 Lois A. Cornelius U.S. Army WW 2
AUSTIN, Naomi R. "Nonie"  spouse of Earl R.  born 5-13-1929  died 9-28-2001  age 72  - b. Bradford, PA - Dau. of Alexander & Iva Emerson Dahlgren m. 10-15-1949 
AYERS, Beatrice B. spouse of Leslie E. born 4-30-1931 died 5-20-2008 age 77 - Dau. of Orrie & Ella Barr Cochran b. Marienville PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-3-1950 in Allegany NY 
AYERS, Leslie A.  spouse of Beatrice Cochran born 9-23-1928  died 1-7- 2000 - Son of Herbert & Florence Wormer Ayers US Marine Corps 
BACHA, Mark W. spouse of Laura Jane Burrows born 6-28-1932 died 9-5-2005 age 73  - son of George V. & Mary Dibble Bacha US Army Korean War wed March 8 1953 in Olean NY
BACKER, Jeanne Gage  spouse of  born 4-24-1951 died 6-27-2000 
BAILEY, Edna L.  spouse of W. Kenneth  born 1-1-1908  died 7-9-2001  age 93  - b. Eldred, PA - Dau. of Bruce & Anna Burdie Clark 
BAILEY, Genevieve M.  spouse of    born  9/15/1934  died  2/22/2015  age  81y  Dau of Henry & Emily Stilson Fern b. Cyclone PA d. Cuba NY 
BAILEY, W. Kenneth spouse of Edna L.  born 1-30-1984 

BAKER, Debra Jean  spouse of  David  born 9/18/1949  died  12/19/2011 age 62yDau of Roland & Helen Drake Collins b. Warren PA d. Erie PA Wed 12-5-1998
BAKER, Monroe C. spouse of Lillian M. (Sherwood) Born 2/12/1950 Died 2/9/2017 Age 66 - Son of Orson and Nora (Thomas) Baker, Born in Bradford, Married July 8, 1972 in Lafayette, died in Erie PA. 3 sons, 1 daughter.
BAKER, Pearl A. spouse of  born 1-6-1912  died 8-10-2001  age 89  - b. Tyler, MINN - Dau. of Hans G. & Emma Bohadlo Brown 

BAKER, Richard J Wayne born 8-21-1965 died 4-7-2008 age 42  - Son of Jack G. & Linda Clawges Baker b. Olean NY d. Richfield OH Auto Accident
BAKER, Sharon Lee -- see RILEY-BAKER, Sharon Lee spouse of  born - 
BAKER, Velma May spouse of Leland H. Sr. born 7-13-1927 died 9-3-2009 age 82y  - Dau. of Parker Wesley & Pearl Isabell Finney Reed b. Olean NY d. Erie PA  Wed 10-1-1949 in Ludlow PA 
BALDWIN, Catherine Mary Jane spouse of Donald J. Baldwin Born 6/6/1932 Died 2/12/2017 Age 84 - Dau of Lloyd E. and Mabel A. (Dotts) Dodson, Born in Bradford, Married Dec 30, 1950 in Bradford, died in Bradford; 2 sons, 1 daughter.
BALDWIN, Donald J. "Jim' Jr. spouse of  Mary Jane Dodson born 11/7/1929 died 12/20/2011 age 82y Son of Donald James & Alice Jane Middleborough Baldwin Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 12-30-1950 in Bradford PA Married 60 years U.S. Army Korean War
BALDWIN, Michael Robert Spouse of Stirling Baldwin born 1958 died 11/26/2017 Age 59 Son of Jane and Clark "Si" Baldwin, 2 daughters, 1 son.
BALSIGER, Barbara "Bonnie" born  6/30/1927 died 10/15/2011 Dau of Jeames C. & Georgina Kahle Balsiger b. Bradford PA d. Palm Harbor FL
BANEY, Dean E. spouse of Margaret E. born  died 3-21-1999  - m. 7-22-1944 

BANEY, Margaret E.  spouse of Dean E. born 6-1-1925  died 12-6-2001  age 76  - b. Olean, NY - Dau. of Earl & Myrtle White Coon 
BARBER, Nancy L. born 6-25-1950 died 3-13-2008 age 57 - Dau. of Wilber C. & Lois J. Frair Barber b. Olean NY d. Indiana PA 
BARBER, Lois J. spouse of Rev. Wilber C. born 12-22-1926 died 12-9-2005 age 78  - dau of Westley & Florence McBride Frair m. May 11 1946
BARLET, Dorothy R.  spouse of  J. Tod  born  2-14-1916  died  3-14-2011  age  95y    Dau. of John J. & Ruth J. Traub Casses b. Warren PA d. Smethport PA Wed 11-9-1934 in Warren PA 63 years of Marriage
BARRACLOUGH, Donald E. spouse of Constance L. (Cole) born 8-28-1925 died 7-24-2015 age 89 Son of James and Zula (Clinton) Barraclough, born in Crenshaw,  Married Nov. 6, 1959 in Limestone, NY., 1 son, 1 daughter : Navy Veteran of WWII, having served as a hospital apprentice in the Pacific Theater.
BARRACLOUGH, Linda D. spouse of  Wayne born 8-31-1956 died 8-22-2015 age 58  Dau of Kenneth and Viola (Means) Bullock, Born in Bradford, died in Bradford.
BARRETT, Clarence spouse of Margaret E. Conner born 11-25-1921 died 10-23-2009 age 87y  Son of Ernest Martin & Edith Ann Foote Barrett b. Bradford PA d. Smethport PA Wed 10-5-1941 in Salamanca NY U.S. Army Tec 5th Grade WW2

BARTH, Michael F. II  spouse of  born 6-3-1987 died 8-4- 2001  age 14  - b. Olean, NY - Son of Michael F. & Theresa Prescott Barth 
BARTHOLOMEW, Thomas L. spouse of Barbara J. Eley born 3-3-1942 died 8-18-2007 age 65  - Son of Pauline Blanc Olmstead  Bartholomew  b. Bradford PA  d. Buffalo NY  Wed 5-18-1958 U.S. Army 
BARTLETT, Arlene  spouse of James Curtis born 9-13-1934 died 9-2-2009 age 74y  - Dau. of Carl & Margaret Howard Gardner b. Olean NY d. Jonesboro Wed 3-10-1956 in Bradford PA 
BARTLETT, James Curtis  spouse of Arlene  born 7-30-1936  died 8-30-2002 6  - son of Curtis & Evelyn Bates Bartlett m. 3-10-1956 
BARTLETT, L. Wayne spouse of  born 
BATTLES, Ilean R. Spouse of Raymond L. Battles born 6/24/1920 died 12/8/2017 Age 97 Dau of Michael and Elizabeth (Flickinger) Short, Born in Bakerton, Married 1940 in Bradford, died in Bradford, 1 son.
BATTLES, Kenneth E. spouse of  born  died 6-21-1985 

BAUM, Merle E.  spouse of  born 10-18-1920  died 10-6-2003  age 82  - son of Clemens & Myrtle Rhodes Baum 
BEAVER, Valarie J.  spouse of  David E.  born  3/16/1962  died  7/13/2013  age  51y  Dau of Esther A. Simon Zias b. & d. Bradford PA  David preceded her
BEERE, Harold R.  spouse of  born 9-15-1911  died 8-30-2000 

BEERE, Leona J. spouse of Harold R. born 11-19-1919 died 6-8-2007 age 87  - Dau. of Robert & Laura Lafferty Johnson  b. Limestone NY  d. Bradford PA  Wed 10-4-1958 
BEHAN, Kathleen F.  spouse of Franklin G. born 5-16-1961 died 5-30-2003 age 42  - dau of Charles W. & Zoranne B. Hervatin Stewart m. 7-27-1985 
BELL, Anna E. "Annie"  spouse of  Charles  born  8/25/1922  died  10/26/2014  age  92y  Dau of William Clare & Gladys Laurah Davies Burr Sr. b. Port Allegany PA d. Coudersport PA Wed 1-31-1943 in Portville NY
BELL, Charles "Chuck" spouse of Anna E. Burr born 4-12-1921 died 9-5-2008 age 87 - Son of Charley & Sadie Bixby Bell b. & d. Eldred PA Wed 1-31-1943 in Portville NY U.S. Navy WW2

BELL, Herman B.  spouse of  Elaine Woodcock  born  4/13/1922  died  3/31/2013  age  90y  Son of  Harvey & Hester Taylor Bell b. Keller VA d. Bradford PA Wed 12-6-1945 in Washington DC Elaine died 10-8-1993 U.S. Army served inFrance Belgium & Germany Wounded in Normandy & awarded the Purple Heart
BELL, James L. Sr. born 1-18-1947 died 8-16-2008 age 61y  - Dau. of Herman B. & Elaine W. Woodcock Bell b. Nassawadox VA d. Smethport PA Former Wife Sarah J. Kinney 

BELLIVEAU, Jacqueline L.  spouse of    born  5/23/1964  died  1/23/2013  age  48y  Dau of Harold D. & Grace Skaggs b. & d. Bradford Pa
BELSER, Verda A. spouse of  Cecil E. born 4-11-1915 died 7-10-2006 age 91 - Dau. of Grant & Edith Heitzenrater Dixon  b. Munderf  d. Bradford, Pa.  Wed:  3-9-1935 in Emerickville

BENNETT, Albert A.  spouse of Dorothy B. born  died 1978 
BENNETT, Albert A.  spouse of Sue Ellen Fox born 1-15-1941 died 9-16-2001 age 60  - b. Kane, PA - m. July 13, 1963 - Son of Albert A. & Lucille Schollard Bennett Sr. 
BENNETT, Arthur L.  spouse of Margaret E. born 11-3-1915  died 12-15-2001  age 86  - b. Bressler - Son of Hilton & Jennie Lantz Bennett US Army 2nd lieutenant 561st Army Air Force Base unit 
BENNETT, Dorothy B. spouse of Albert A. born 9-26-1905  died 9-4-2002  age 96  - dau of William J. & Blanche B. Miller Dibble 
BENNETT, Leonard F.  spouse of  Jean Scott  born  2/23/1936  died  4/26/2013  age  77y  Dau of Albert & Dorothy Dibble Bennett b. Olean NY d. Rixford PA Wed 1968 in Salamanca NY
BENNETT, Margaret E.Rhodes spouse of Arthur L.  born  died 10-5-1995  - m. 9-5-1942 

BENNETT, Rodney L.  spouse of  Sandra Ann Florentine  born  4/1/1937  died  10/21/2013  age  76y  Son of  LeRoy & Doris Zobriest Bennett b. Warren PA d. Bradford PA Wed 1987 in Hope Sound FL U.S. Marine Corps 1957-1960
BENNETT, Sandra Ann spouse of Rodney L. born 10-25-1941 died 4-22-2006 age 64  - dau of James V. & Thelma S. "Boots" Schattenberg Florentine m. 1987

BENNINGER, Nancy C. spouse of Charles born 9-1-1937 died 6-13-2010 age 72y  - Dau. of Oliver & Agnes "Roxie" Davis Anderson b. Kane PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-8-1956 in Kushequa 
BENTLEY, Karen (Valentine) Spouse of  Gary L.  Born 4-26-1947  died  3-6-2015 Age 67 - Dau of Thomas and Virginia (Smathers), one daughter           
BERLIN, John Raymond  spouse of  Mary Ann Buffa  born  5-5-1933  died  9-25-2011  age  78y    Son of Wayne E. & Goldie Rossman Berlin b. Knox PA d. Brookville PA Wed 7-25-1953 in Rew PA  Mary Ann died 10-24-1989 U.S. Army
BESECKER, Audrey J.  born  10-15-1936  died  3-2-2011  age  74y    Dau. of Lloyd W. & Florence J. Anning Sherk b. & d. Bradford PA  Husband #1 Gale "Sonny" McLaughlin  Husband #2 Ray E. Besecker who died 10-15-1989
BESECKER, Dorothy M.  spouse of Richard born 3-23-1936  died 8-8-2001  age 65  - b. Bradford, PA - Dau. of Harold V. & Marion R. Hutton Scott m. 3-23-1964 

BEST, Orlan G.  Spouse of  Twila (Church) Born 6-16-1951 died 3-17-2015 Age 84 - Son of Orlo L. and Martha D. (Cobler), three sons, two daughters - Navy Veteran, served on USS Albert T. Harris           
BEYER, Anne N.  spouse of  Donald G.   born  6/19/1938  died  2/23/2012  age  73y    Dau of Millard A. & Hester G. Geer Niver b. Bradford PA d. Columbus OH Wed 2-9-1963 in Wasbash IN Donald G. died 3-31-2010
BICKEL, Anita Jean  spouse of  Ernest  B. "Lee" Jr.  born  3-29-1946  died  1-27-2008  age 61y  Dau. of Paul & Mane Scott Chase b. Buffalo NY d. Bradford PA Wed 6-8-1968
BICKEL, Ernest B. "Lee" Jr. spouse of  Anita Jean Chase  born  3-25-1939 died 3-7-2011  age 71y  Son of Ernest & Grace Irene Davis Bickel Sr. b. Oil City PA d. Meadville PA Wed 6-8-1968 U.S. Air Force 1960-1963
BICKEL, Grace I. spouse of Ernest B. born 6-23-1917 died 7-13-2007 age 90  - Dau. of George R. & Blanche Lupro Davis  b. Oil City PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed  9-22-1937-Salvation Army Corps- Sunday School Teacher - Church Pianist- Girl Scout Leader - Corps Cadet Counselor and Salvation Army Red Kettle Appeal 

BIDWELL, Nita Carol spouse of Clifford Eugene Bidwell Jr. born 5/29/1932 died 9/27/2016 age 84  Dau of Corbly Sanford and Rilla Ruth (Tennant) Ammons, 1 son, 3 daughters
BIGLEY, Gordon D. "Swede"  spouse of  Winzola "Winnie" Albaugh   born  9/16/1927  died  2/2/2012  age  84y    Son of James & Gertrude Amsler Bigley b. Bradford PA d. Smethport PA  Wed  6-3-1950 in DeGolia PA U.S. Navy WW2
BIRTCIL, Max W.  spouse of Shirley A. Eidson born 7-14-1931 died 12-2-2001  age 70  - b. Sigel - Son of Harry & Minnie Kiehl Birtcil m. Mar. 3, 1956- US Air Force 1951-1955 

BIRTCIL, Shirley  A.  spouse of  Max W.  born  8/7/1930  died  5/3/2014  age  83y  Dau of John W. & Jessie Sneath Eidson b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 3-3-1956 in Bradford PA
BISHOP, Betty E.  spouse of  C. Fred  born  6/26/1919  died  12/18/2013  age  94y  Dau of Harry H. & Ruth A. Blum Blauser b. Oil City PA d. Smethport PA Wed 6-21-1941 in Duke Center PA C. Fred died 10-21-1966
BISKER, Margaret M. spouse of Owen L. born 10-4-1916 died 10-6-2007 age 91  - Dau. of Frank & Marabel Baker Adelsperger  b. Pittsburgh PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed  4-1-1939 in Oil City PA 

BISKER, Martin H.  spouse of Jane Griffith born 3-9-1920  died 11-5-2001  - b. Oil City, PA - Son of Chapin & Minnie DeLong Bisker m. Feb. 19, 1938- US Air Corps WW II 
BIXBY, Richard "Dick"  spouse of  Barbara Young  born  3/14/1925  died  9/23/2014  age  89y  Son of Raymond L. & Ava Wood Bixby b. Eldred PA d. Bradford PA Wed 5-23-1953 in Bradford PA Barbara died 6-1-1999 U.S. Army serving in Northern France the Rhinelands & Central Europe Awarded European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with 3 Bronze Stars WW2 Victory Medal Good Conduct Medal and American Campaign Medal
BLACK, Clair J. spouse of Helen E. Covert born 8-14-1916 died 1-20-2010 age 93y  Son of Martin & Bertha Johnston Black b. Farmington Township PA d. Smethport PA Wed 1-31-1951 in Mount Jewett PA  U.S. Army WW2 in a Medical Detachment - Involved in the Invasion of Normandy - Discharged as Staff Sergeant - Purple Heart 

BLACK, Emogene H.  spouse of  George W.   born  6/1/1930  died  4/22/2013  age  82y  Dau of Pearl Brown Baker b. Bradford PA d. Buffalo NY Wed 4-4-1953 in Knapp Creek NY George died in 2004
BLACK, Herman E. "Blackie" spouse of  Lorraine Harriett Sloppy born 8-2-1918 died 7-30-2006 age 87  - Son of James John & Helen Nichols Black  b. Rew, Pa. d. Bradford, Pa. Wed: 7-12-1941 in Bradford, Pa.  Pennsylvania National Guard

BLACK, James spouse of Cathryn Francis Matthews born 7-19-1922 died 5-26-2008 age 85  - Son of James & Leoda Myers Black b. Johnsonburg PA d. Bradford PA Wed 12-30-1986 Wife #1 Edith Dorothy Zurfluh who died 3-24-1984  U.S. Army Radio Operator WW2 
BLACK, Richard born 4/26/1931 died 5/13/2016 age 85  Son of Vernie S. and Minnie A. (McCool) Black, Born in Mount Alton, died in Bradford
BLAUSER, Lillian H. spouse of Ormel D. Blauser born 6/25/1917 died 8/31/2016 age 99  Dau of George and Mary Elizabeth (DePrater) Bomaster, Born in Lewis Run, Married Oct 3, 1940 in Bradford, PA, died in Rixford, 1 daughter, 2 sons
BLAUSER, Ormel D.  spouse of Lillian H. Bomaster  born 6-19-1917 died 9-1-1999  age 82  - b. Van - Son of G. Raymond & Mary Osmer Blauser m. 10-3-1940 

BLESSING, Patricia E. spouse of Jack Blessing Born 10/9/1939 Died 3/6/2017 Age 77 - Dau of Thomas and Eva (Jordan) Renwick, Born in Bradford, Married Jan 9, 1965 and died in Bradford, 1 daughter
BLEW, Alma S. spouse of Harold Bruce  born 6-24-1913 died 6-23-2003 age 89 - Dau of Benjamin & Anna (Coleman) Sawyer, R.N., b. Port Allegany-PA, d. Smethport-PA, Wed 9-18-1943 in Port Allegany-PA

BLISS, Marjorie I. spouse of Lyle  born 1-11-1908 died 10-29-2002 age 94 - Dau of James Henry & Laura Gertrude (Horton) Baker, b. Otto Tshp., d. Bradford-PA, Wed 2-22-1927 in Olean-NY
BLY, Betty J.  spouse of Raymond A.  born 1-23-1919 died 7-4-2001  age 82  - b. Bradford, PA - Dau. of Michael P. & Enda Cartwright Coyne 
BLY, Raymond A.  spouse of Betty J.  born  died 2-5-1972 
BOND, Bruce W. spouse of  born 5-21-1910  died 3-17-2000 
BOND, Dulcie I. spouse of Bruce W. born 1-21-1912 died 12-17-2007 age 95  - Dau. of John Thomas & Emma Leverna Jenkins McKeown b. Shirley W.VA d. Buffalo NY Wed 8-26-1933 in Middlebourne W.VA 
BOND, Wayne T. Spouse of Theresa M. (Vicere) Born 6/4/1938 died 1/28/2016 Age 77  Son of Earl and Maudie (Lucas) Bond, Born in Bradford, Married June 16, 1962 at First Baptist Church in Bradford, died in Bradford, 3 daughter
BOOTH, Alonzo C.  spouse of Daisy R. born  died 10-8-1971 

BOOTH, Daisy R.  spouse of Alonzo C. born 2-12-1910  died 11-27-2001  age 91  b. Smethport, PA - Dau. of Roy & Katherine Fields Dickinson 
BOOTH, Edwin J. spouse of Mary Lenora M. born 12-12-1919 died 9-6-2005 age 85  - son of Lynn & Mary Saunders Booth US Army 774th Tank Battalion a medical aidman WW II Purple Heart plus 8 other medals. 
BOOTH, Mary Lenora M. spouse of Edwin J. died 11-22-1999  - nee Cochran wed 1951 in Smethport PA owned Booth's Inn in Duke Center
BOWEN, Norma M.  spouse of    born  12/3/1932  died  7/30/2013  age  80y  Dau of Andrew & Jeanette Rouse Powell b. Prentisvale PA d. Duke Center PA
BOYLE, Daniel P. spouse of Ruth M. Irons born 7-13-1918 died 8-5-2008 age 90y  - Son of Anthony & Florence Nuhfer Boyle b. Cranberry d. Bradford PA Wed 9-6-1952 in Eldred PA U.S. Marine Corps - Fought at Iwo Jima - Awarded the Purple Heart 

BRADLEY, George Artley spouse of  Anna McGonigle born 2-15-1928 died 6-16-2006 age 78 - Son of George F. & Phyllis Huling Artley Bradley  b. Bradford, Pa. d. Olney, Ill.  Wed: 6-17-1995 
BREESE, Gary A. "Tex" born  3/24/1953 died 9/2/2012 age  59y Son of George & Clara A. Layfield Breese b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA U.S. Air Force 2 tours of Vietnam  (Debi Byne his companion of 32 years)
BRENAN, Russel Allen spouse of Marcella McCool & Helen Edmonds Smith born 7-2-1913  died 12-26-1999 - Son of Lewis & Nellie Brenan 

BRIGHT, Donna L.  born  5-26-1935 died 1-31-2010 age  74y -  Dau. of Clifford & Blanche Kincaid Bright b. Olean NY d. Chicago IL
BRIGHT, Harry L. spouse of Lois Elverna Monjar born 11-04-1914 died 1-30-2000 age 85 - Son of Clifford C. & Emma (Skinner) Bright, d. Coudersport-PA

BRINKER, Richard W.  spouse of Elizabeth Barnes  born 12-29-1938  died 03-30-2003  age 64  - born in McKean Co. PA to Arnold & Mildred Babcock Brinker. 
BRITTON, Birdie L.  spouse of  Thomas J. Sr.  born  3-28-1922  died  7-25-2011  age  89y    Dau. of Calvin S. & Martha Geesey Waltermire b. In Indiana d . Bradford PA Wed 10-25-1938 in Indiana Thomas died 9-9-1991
BROCIOUS, Aldene M. spouse of  Malcolm H. "Fat" born 4/18/1918 died 4/9/2012 age 93y Dau of Mervin & Marie Brocious b. Timblin d. Bradford PA Wed 9-16-1938 in DuBois PA Malcolm died 4-16-1987
BROCIOUS, Harry L. Jr. spouse of Shirley Ishman born 8-3-1930  died 1-3-2002 age 71  - b. Bradford, PA - Son of Harry L. & Mae Reynolds Brocious m. 10-6-1951 

BROMLEY, Norma Jean spouse of Ward born 3-19-1928 died 7-30-2009 age 81y  - Dau. of Hiram Woodmansee & Marion Gallup Touro b. Bradford PA d. St. Marys PA Wed 8-23-1946 
BROUGHAM, Peggy spouse of Milford A Brougham Born 5/4/1937 died 8/6/2016 age 79 Dau of William M. and Anna M. (Beck) Kenneson, Born in Bradford, PA, Married in Bradford, died in Bradford, 3 daughters, 2 sons
BROWN, Glenna G.  spouse of    born  4-28-1933  died  5-26-2011  age      Dau. of Glenn & Viola C. Cramer Brown b. & d.Bradford PA  Glenna was active in Special Olympics & excelled in bowling and participated in Senior Games 
BROWN, Harriet W. spouse of Kenneth G. born 6-30-1929 died 1-25-2009 age 79y  - Dau. of Charles D. & Madeline Burt Wells b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 2-10-1951 in Bradford PA 

BROWN, John L. spouse of Marjorie A. Manning born 5-15-1926 died 3-7-2008 age 82  _ Son of Walther & Maude Leaster Brown b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-12-1949 in Eldred PA U.S. Army WW2
BROWN, Ethel L.  spouse of Josephus O. "Joe" born 11-24-1915 died 2-3-2009 age 93 - Dau. of Irvine A. & Flora Bell Jeffords Keyser b. Lafayette d. Smethport PA 
BROWN, Paul R.  spouse of Irene M. Davis  born 4-5-1914  died 9-15-2001 age 87  - b. Franklin - m. Feb. 1, 1934 - Son of Guy & Elva Crattyu Brown 
BRUNNER, Nancy Carolyn spouse of Peter J. born 6-25-1935 died 10-9-2008 age - Dau. of Charles & Maude Crain Heasley b. Bradford PA d. Blue Jay PA Wed 6-29-1963 in Smethport PA 
BRUNNER, Shirley A.  spouse of  William    born  5/31/1936  died  8/9/2014  age  78y  Dau of Herschel M. & Edna Courtwright Clark b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA  William preceded her
BRYSON, Elizabeth E. "Liz"  spouse of  Kay O.  born  9/9/1920  died  9/20/2013  age  93y  Dau of Thomas H. & Mary Catherine Fraley b. Elkatawa KY d. Bradford PA Wed 10-28-1967 in Limestone NY Kay died in 1985
BRYSON, Jerry Lee Sr. spouse of Maxine M. Shields born 6-4-1936 died 12-25-2008 age 72y  - Son of Frank J. &  Martha E. Eschrich Bryson b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 8-3-1957 in Erie PA 

BUCHANAN, Aletta E.  spouse of  Richard G.  born  5/7/1939  died  12/14/2012  age  73y  Dau of James F. & Anna L. Kline Weaver b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-31-1958  in Bradford PA  Richard died 4-6-2000
BUCHANAN, Richard G.  spouse of  born 6-16-1938  died 4-6-2000 

BUCHANAN, Wayne L.  spouse of  Louella L. Boggs Unferdorfer  born  8/7/1924  died  12/19/2013  age  89y  Son of Andrew L. & Minnie M. Abott Buchanan b. Lottsville PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-30-2002 in Bradford PA U.S. Army WW2 serving in the European Theatre He was preceded in death by his first wife
BUCHER, Ruth M. spouse of Donald L. born 12-7-1923 died 10-12-2009 age 85y  Dau. of George & Mary Auer b. Pittsburgh PA d. Peru IN Wed 5-7-1947 

BUFFINGTON, Norma L. (Mays) Spouse of William J. Buffington Born 1928 died 5-10-2015 Age 86 Dau of Samuel and Odessa (Sewell) Mays, Born in Kragon, KY, Died in Kane, PA., Married in Westline Sept. 25, 1948, 2 daughters, 2 sons
BUGDEN, Bernard L.  spouse of Freda M. McFarlin  born 2-28-1925  died 7-29-2001  age 76  - b. Portland Mills - Son of Egnacious & Mary Iona Gere Budgen m. 11-9-1946- US Navy WW II 

BULLERS, C. Byron  spouse of Esther Virginia  born  died 9-21-1979  - m. 6-21-1931 
BULLERS, Esther Virginia spouse of C. Byron  born 5-28-1911 died 9-10-2003  age 92  - dau of Francis E. & Jeanette Houston Redmond 
BUNKER, Theresa V.  Thomas Duane  6-30-1938  10-14-2006  68 Dau. of Theodore & Rhoda Clark Lingaton b. Bradford Pa. d. Akron, Wed: 12-3-1959 in Bradford Pa. 
BUNKER, Thomas D.  spouse of  Theresa V. Lingaton  born  5/16/1934  died  1/7/2015  age  90y  Son of Eugene & Delores Burger Bunker-Swanson b. Olean NY d. Lancaster PA Wed 12-3-1959 in Bradford PA
BURGESS, Alvin W. spouse of Margaret L.  died 10-7-1960  wed June 26 1935

BURGESS, Charles H. Spouse of Susan L. (Marble) Born 4/25/1936 died 5/26/2017 Age 81 Son of Charles E. and Mabel (Roberts) Burgess, Born in Seneca Falls, Died in Bradford, Married June 14, 1958, also March 2, 1984, 1 daughter, 1 son; served in US Air Force from 1953-1974 when he was honorably discharged, served in both the Korean and Vietnam wars.
BURGESS, Margaret L.  spouse of Alvin W. born 11-7-1919 died 10-17-2005 age 85  - b. Nova Scotia Canada dau of Edward & Edith Bower Trott
BURKETT, Jack A. spouse of Carol L. Hart born 3-13-1939 died 6-3-2009 age 70y  - Son of Harry & Wilma Myers Burkett b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-14-1962 in Olean NY 
BURKHOUSE, Lloyd M. Sr.  spouse of  Patricia Baldwin  born  1/23/1931  died  7/29/2014  age  83y  Son of J. Clair & Elizabeth "Bebe" Schuckers Burkhouse b. Reynoldsville PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-28-1952 in Port Allegany PA U.S. Army Korean War in Germany
BURNS, Frederick Michael Jr. spouse of Juanita J. Kaber born 2-12-1918 died 9-9-2009 age 91y  - Son of Fred & Ruth Ruppert Burns b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 1956 U.S. Navy WW2 serving aboard a destroyer in the South Pacific  - His ship & destroyer squadron received a Presidential Unit Citation for its service during the War

BURNS, Virginia M. spouse of Arburtas R. "Burt" born 2-13-1920 died 5-10-2009 age 89 - Dau. of Nelson J. & Lena Price Shonts b. Spring Creek PA d. Smethport PA Wed 9-2-1939 in Bradford PA
BURT, Clarence L. "C.L." spouse of  born 5-9-1926 died 11-17-2006 age 80 - Son of Clarence A. & Deema E. Weimer Burt b. Cyclone Pa. d. Ravenna Ohio  Veteran U.S. Army WW2 
BURT, Jeffery L. spouse of Charlotte Freeburg born 12-9-1951 died 2-12-2010 age 58y  - Son of Lowell A. & Ida I. Roberts Burt b. Olean NY d. Marvindale PA Wed 2-12-1977 Kersey PA 
BURTON, Twilla W.  spouse of  LeRoy S. "John"   born  9/22/1925  died  12/31/2011  age  86y    Dau of Delno & Iva Peeling Ward b. Bradford PA d. Warren PA Wed 10-24-1943 in Bradford  PA
CALDERWOOD, Robert L. Jr. born  5/7/1940  died  7/22/2014  age  74y  Son of Robert L. & Lena B. Shirey Calderwood Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA Wed Wife #1 Norma Smyth on 11-6-1963 who died 3-24-1978 Wed Wife #2 Carol Irene Shields on 1-20-1979 who died 10-15-2001 Wed Wife #3 Karen Alexander on 3-2-2002
CALDERWOOD, Robert L. Sr.  spouse of  Lena B. Shirey  born  4/20/1917  died  10/24/2013  age  96y  Son of Wilson & Margaret H. Hopkins Calderwood b. Brookville PA d. Williamsport PA Wed 10-29-1938 in Bradford PA  Lena died 9-16-2002
CAMPBELL, Doris M.  spouse of  Walter C.  born  4/29/1930  died  12/24/2013  age  83y  Dau of Noe & Vera Reed Courteau b. Cassin d. Bradford PA Wed 7-16-1949 in Bradford PA
CAMPBELL, Walter E.  spouse of  Doris M. Courteau  born  4-29-1926  died  10-12-2010  age  84y    Son of Oakley & Mary Hardy Campbell b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-16-1949 in Bradford PA U.S. Army WW2 serving in the tank battalion in Central Europe receiving Army of Occupation Medal - European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal & WW2 Victory Medal
CARLOUGH, George A. Jr.  spouse of  Judith A. Smith  born  10/6/1943  died  2/7/2014  age  70y  Son of George A. & Helen Johonson Carlough Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-4-1964 in Kerrville TX U.S. Air Force 1964-1968
CARLSON, Agnes V. spouse of Edwin F. W. born 10-26-1904  died 8-26-2001  age 96  - b. Bradford, PA - m. 6-4-1925 - Dau. of Oscar & Anna Slattberg Johnson 

CARLSON, Evelyn F.   spouse of  Robert  born  4-2-1920  died  7-12-2011  age  91y    Dau. of Allen & Margaret Yellowhead Knott b. Lakefield Ontario Canada d. Bradford PA Wed 5-13-1949 Robert died 3-15-1972
CARLSON, Jane P.  spouse of  Earl E.  born  10/20/1921  died  1/6/2013  age  91y  Dau of Arthur & Leona Kellog Atkinson b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA Wed 5-24-1958 in Lewis Run PA
CARLSON, Naomi G. Born 4-15-1931 died 5-14-2015 Age 84 Dau of Edwin F.W. and Agnes V. (Johnson) Carlson, Born in Bradford, PA., Died in Bradford, PA.,
CARLSON, Patricia A. spouse of Robert L. born 4-8-1929  died 12-31-2003  age 74  - dau of Matthew V. & Ruth E. Black O'Connell 

CARLSON, Robert L.  spouse of Patricia A.  born  died 10-25-2002  - m. 9-25-1947 in Mount Jewett NY 
CARNES, Margaret (Kahle) spouse of Robert Don Carnes born 11/27/1917 died 5/8/2016 age 98  Dau of Fred and Florence (Everitt) Kahle, born in Duke Center, Marred Aug 6, 1949 in Ceres, NY, died in Pinecrest, 1 son
CARPENTER, Darel E. spouse of Theresa A. Curcio born 8-3-1949 died 3-15-2007 age 57  - Son of Herbert L. & Dorothea Kibble Carpenter  b. Kane Pa. d. Bradford Pa.  Wed 4-28-1973 U.S. Marine Corps

CARPENTER, Janice Carol Spouse of Thomas R. Carpenter, Sr. born 2/22/1939 died 11/27/2017 Age 78 Dau of Leland and Ruth M. (Jaggard) Thompson, born in Mount Morris,NY, Married Fed 22, 1975 in Eldred, died in Smethport, 4 daughters.
CARPENTER, Phyllis Jane spouse of Reynold Louis born 10-20-1926 died 7-28-2006 age 79 - Dau. of Charles E. & Mabel Canon Foster b. & d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 9-5-1945 

CARPENTER, Theresa A.  spouse of  Darel E.  born  11/5/1950  died  9/15/2013  age  62y  Dau of Joseph "Smokey" & Loris Woodin Curcio b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 4-28-1973 in Bradford PA
CARVOLTH, Chris spouse of  Grant born 3-1-1953 died 7-16-2006 age  - Dau. of Frances "King" & Patricia O'Connell 

CASE, Arlene L. spouse of Douglas L. born 8/23/1925 died 7/28/2012 age 86y Dau of Myrl E. & Grace L. Beser Bailey b. Red Rock d. Bradford PA Wed 8-7-1948 in Derrick City PA Married 64 years
CASE, Douglas L.  spouse of  Arlene L. Bailey  born   6-25-1926  died  6/12/2014  age  87y  Son of Charles & Myrtle Mather Case b. Indian Creek PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-7-1948 in Derrick City PA U.S. Navy WW2 serving in Pacific Theatre
CASE, Elaine Y.  spouse of  Leland "Bud"  born  10-15-1934  died  2-2-2011  age  76y    Dau. of Lester Glenn & Bertha M. Bundy Yale b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-15-1953 in Allegany NY
CASE, Ellwood Earl  spouse of Mary Catherine  born  died 8-31-1988 - m. 4-29-1939 in Bradford NY 

CASE, Jennifer (Bess) Spouse of    Dennis L. Case Born 3/16/1968 Died  7/18/2017  Age 49 Dau of Nancy Farwell (Childs) and Ronald Bess, Born in Olean, Married April 6, 2002, died in Olean, 2 daughters, 1 son
CASE, Leland W. "Bud"  spouse of  Elaine Y. Yale  born  6/22/1933  died  6/24/2014  age  81y  Son of John & Viola Buchanan Case b. Bradford PA d. Lewis Run PA Wed 8-15-1953 in Allegany NY
CASE, Lynn E. spouse of Sally A born 8-11-1942 died 5-28-2005 age 62  - son of Ellwood Earl & Mary Catherine Day Case US Marine Corps Vietnam

CASE, Mary Catherine  spouse of Ellwood Earl  born 2-29-1912  died 8-29-2003 age 91  - dau of Clifton & Mary Edith Gibson Day Eastern Star 
CATTONI, Ruby born 12-27-1920 died 7-17-1959 - Dau. of James B. & Edna Wilcox Littlefield b. Unknown d. Bradford PA 
CAWLEY, Mary Arlene spouse of Mendal B. born 5-31-1924 died 6-4-2006 age 82 - Dau. of Samuel Earl & Charlotte  S. Hitchcock Coast  b. Clintonville, Pa. d. Bradford, Pa.  Wed: 12-4-1943
CHAMBERS, Mary M. spouse of Orval "Pete" born 9-29-1919 died 10-6-2008 age 89 - Dau. of Jacob & Louise Stomieroski b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-5-1975 Wed Husband #1 George E. Kenworthy on 4-21-1941 who died 10-25-1969 
CHARTREAU, James E. "Frenchy" spouse of  born 2-29-1944 died 12-20-2007 age 63  - Son of John M. & Clara Cicirello Chartreau  b. Wellsville NY d. Bradford PA Former wives Marilyn Yost Kizer & Susan Zeigler Null U.S. Air Force 1963 - 1967 as a jet engine mechanic 
CHASE, Alice "Arlene"  spouse of  Calvin E .  born  2-29-1936  died  10-2-2011  age  75y    Dau. of Albert E. & Hazel Mae McCool Simpson  b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA Wed 5-25-1985 in Duke Center PA    
CHASE, Walter B. spouse of Willovene A. Shirey born 4-7-1918 died 4-15-2009 age 91 - Son of Wilbur G. & Donna L. Burt Chase b. Titusville PA d. Bradford PA Wed 7-12-1918 in Obi NY U.S. Navy WW2 Pacific Theater as Chief Welder 

CHESEBRO, Dorothy A.  spouse of  born 3-28-1910  died 4-29-2000 
CHRISMAN, Patricia A. spouse of  born 4-5-1935 died 1-26-2008 age 72 - Dau. of Lamont & Grayce Margaret Anderson Chrisman  b. Kushequa d. Smethport PA 
CHRISTJOHN, Robert L. "Bob" spouse of Sara Catharine Warren born 4-18-1926 died 8-22-2007 age 81  - Son of Herbert L. & Loretta Newhouse Christjohn  b. Kane PA  d. Bradford PA  U.S. Army Air Corps WW2 serving in India - China - Burma theaters - Awarded American Theater Ribbon - Asiatic Pacific Theater Ribbon - Good Conduct Medal - Distinguished Unit Bad 
CLANCY, Edward G.  spouse of  Sandra L. Newton  born  5/8/1940  died  2/6/2014  age  73y  Son of Gerald & Lila Hart Clancy b. Emporium PA d. Bradford PA Wed 10-26-1968 in Port Allegany PA  U.S. Army 1959-1962
CLARK,  Florence V. spouse of Merle born 6-17-1907 died 10-21-2007 age 100  - Dau. of Walter & Phoebe Sherwood Sebring  b. Port Allegany PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed  9-11-1926 in Sharon PA 

CLARK, Louise E. spouse of Harold W. "Bill"  born 3-4-1910 died 8-17-2006 age 96 - Dau. of Charles M. & Ella Thayer O'Connor b. & d. Bradford Pa. Wed:: 5-27-1931 in Salamanca N.Y. 
CLARK, Richard J.  spouse of  Joanne Sparks  born  5/30/1928  died  1/24/2014  age  85y  Son of George & Ida Frutiger Clark b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-30-1949 in Bradford PA U.S. Marine Corps WW2 stationed in Hawaii
CLARK, Robert Bruce  spouse of  Helen Pauline Bairunas  born  6-14-1923  died  10-18-2011  age  88y    Son of William Bruce & Edna Gilbert Clark b. Unknown  d. Dacula GA  Wife #2 Louise Fugett Wife #3 Carol Milliron U.S. Marine Corps WW2 awarded many honorable medals including the Purple Heart ribbon   
CLAWGES, Aldean Z.  spouse of  Clifford C. born 6-6-1912  died  9-20-2010 age  98y  -  Dau. of Foster & Edna Mary Brocious Zimmerman b. Emerickville  d. Bradford PA Wed 7-11-1969 in Clarion PA  Wed Husband #1 Thomas L. Mackey Sr. on 2-6-1931 in Allegany NY who died 8-8-1959
COAST, Harry E.  spouse of     born  9-2-1922  died  11-16-2010  age  88y    Son of Braden & Laura Cammon Coast b. Clintonville PA d. Bradford PA Wed Wife #1 Lois Ellen Stilson on 9-1946 who died 10-25-1989  Wed Wife #2 Kathryn E. Best on 9-21-1991  U.S. Army WW2
COBURN, Charlyne F.  spouse of G. Clifford born 12-23-1921  died 1-18-2001 age 79  - Dau. of Royal & Naomi Derkis Freeman b. Bradford, PA- m. 5-29-1976 

COCHRAN, Clair D. spouse of Ellen L. Acre born 11-20-1931 died 8-31-2007 age 75  - Son of Bernard R. & Iva May Dorsett Cochran  b. Coryville PA  d. Smethport PA  Wed  5-2-1950 in Framers  Valley PA 
COCHRAN, Ellen L. spouse of Clair D.  born 6-12-1934 died 3-5-2010 age 75y  - Dau. of Stanley & MIldred Steelman Acre b. Port Allegany PA d. Smethport PA  Wed 5-2-1950 in Farmers Valley PA 
COCHRAN, Myrtle   spouse of    born  6/2/1909  died  5/20/2013  age  103y  Dau of Rupert C. & Irene O. Andrews Fuller b. Bradford PA d. Katy TX Wed and preceded by three husbands Raymond Peterson Norman Rennard & William Cochran
COLDREN, John Charles born  11/11/1967  died  4/29/2014  age  46y  Son of H. Wayne & Lynne Carter Coldren b. Bradford PA d. Pittsburgh PA
Jr. born 12-13-1975 died 5-28-2007 age 31  - Son of John H. & Christy Dallenbach Coldren Sr.  b. Bradford PA  d. Rew PA 
COLDREN, Carl R.  spouse of Oauline F RIichardson  born 8-11-1915  died 7-9-2001 age 85  - b. Ten Mile Bottom- Son of Charles & Pauline Schmidt Coldren US Army WW II 
COLDREN, Mary Lou  spouse of Clarence  born 6-4-1929  died 12-30-1999  - Dau. of John & Mary Ann Rathurn Sanders m. 1- 21-1936 
COLDREN, Pauline F.  spouse of  Carl R.  born  12/18/1915  died  10/11/2012  age  96y  Dau of Carroll M. & Lulu M. Wentworth Richardson b. Petrolia NY d. Bradford PA Wed 1-21-1936 in Limestone NY Married 65 years
COLE, Milo W.  spouse of  born 8-1-1904 died 5-8-2000 

COLEMAN, Edgar T.  spouse of Gladys G  born 5-24-1909  died 12-10-2003  age 94  - son of Aaron E. & Kate Sawyer Coleman 
COLEMAN, Gladys Gadsby spouse of Edgar T. born  died 8-13-1990  - m. 9-25-1930 in Little Valley NY 
COLLIGAN, Michael P.  spouse of Melissa Gae R  born 8-21-1950  died 11-11-2003  age 53  - son of John Fleming "Jack" & Patricia Krieg Colligan Bradford Football Coach 
COLLINS, Beatrice  spouse of Isaac R. born 6-18-1909 died 7-31-2006 age 97 - Dau. of Orville Goodrich & Mary Earl Goodrich-Halsaver b. & d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 11-28-1930 
CONFER, Michael L.  spouse of  Linda K. Huntington  born  9/10/1955  died  4/24/2013  age  57y  Son of Marion W. & Anna L. Wilson Confer b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-13-1981 in Bradford PA Mike was a sergeant with Foster Township Police Department & chief of police with the Corydon Township Police Department
CONFER, Ronald Lyle born 12-16-1972 died 5-20-2006 age 33 - Son of James & Lois Kilpatrick Confer  b. Bradford, Pa.  d. Dayton, Ohio

CONKLIN, Guy L Sr. spouse of Gloria B. Swanson born 12-29-1924 died 12-10-2004 age 79  son of Elton & Dorathea Grastorf Conklin US Army Battle of the Bulge WW II
CONKLIN, Lillian L.  spouse of Paul  born 2-18-1911  died 1-2-2002  age 90  - b. Kane, PA - Dau. of August Emil & Mary Larson Munson m. 12-23-1932
CONNER, Clifford Sr.  spouse of  Roberta J. Foltz  born  3/13/1938  died  4/23/2013  age  75y  Son of Andrew & Jessie Smeal Conner b. Salamanca NY d. Bradford PA Wed 10-31-1973 in Eldred PA
CONNORS, Constance N.  spouse of  William C.  born  12/7/1925  died  2/16/2015  age  89y  Dau of Joseph & Emma Samans Fultz b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-28-1947 William died 1-28-1993
COOK, Barbara A.   spouse of    born  12/30/1924  died  11/1/2012  age  87y  Dau of Lawrence & Marion Kockler Cauvel b. Franklin PA d. Bradford PA Wed Paul P. Meserole on 12-7-1941 Knapp Creek PA who died 2-1-1966 Wed Husband #2 Richard H. Cook on 8-3-1968 in Knapp Creek who died 9-1997
COOK, Charles E. spouse of Janice G. Carvolth born 10-31-1921 died 3-2-2009 age 87y  - Son of Charles A. & Grace Coulter Cook b. Bradford PA d. Richmond VA Wed 8-23-1947 in Bradford PA U.S. Army Air Corps WW2

COPELAND, Manley spouse of Lillian Wheelock born 7-23-1930 died 4-11-2006 age 75y  - Son of Ernest D. & Margaret M. Chambers Copeland  b. Sheffield, Pa. d. Smethport, Pa.  Wed: 6-30-1984 in Port Allegany, Pa. 
COPELAND, Ruth Virginia  spouse of    born  7/25/1934  died  11/27/2013  age  79y  Dau of Charles J. & Virginia Moulton Morris Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA
CORBIN, Lloyd F.  spouse of  Alice C. Perry  born  10/31/1920  died  9/3/2013  age  92y  Son of Ralph & Agnes Aldrich Corbin b. Red House NY d. Olean NY Wed 12-8-1943 Married 69 years U.S. Army WW2 as a staff sergeant 1942-1946
COSTELLO, Jane M. spouse of John P. born 12-29-1910 died 6-28-2004 age 93 - Dau of James W. & Mary H. (Cole) White, b. Robinson-IL, d. Bradford-PA, Wed 12-15-1934 in Bradford-PA

COTTON, Virginia J. spouse of George born 2-9-1924 died 9-24-2007 age 83  - Dau. of Frank L. & Jeanette Lintz Young  b. Marion PA  d. Smethport PA  Wed Husband #1 Paul Grolemund on 6-29-1946 in New Castle PA  Wed Husband #2 on 4-28-1984 
COVERT, Annabelle  spouse of  John W .  born  2-13-1919  died  4-20-2011  age  92y    Dau. of Ralph & Alta Mabel Thayer Deming b. Pleasant Valley NY d. Bradford PA Wed 3-17-1938 in Limestone NY John W. died 10-24-1983 
COVERT, Edward L. Jr. Spouse of Donna M. (Dixon) born 8/30/1935 died 11/17/2017 Age 82 Son of Edward L. and Naomi P. (Taylor) Covert, Born in Gifford, Married Oct 15, 1954, died in Smethport, 1 daughter, 2 sons.
COVERT, Edward L. Sr.  spouse of Naomi P. born  died 1-25-1980  - m. 52 years 
COVERT, Naomi P. "Happy"  spouse of Edward L. Sr. born 3-22-1912  died 4-20-2004  age 92  - dau of John H. & Edna V. Gallup Taylor 
COX, Herbert D. Sr. spouse of Gwendolyn E. Chapman born 11-22-1927 died 4-26-2010 age - Son of Zera & Esther Rifle Cox b. Bradford PA d. Cuba NY Wed 3-19-1956 in Smethport PA  U.S. Army Combat Engineers 1946-1947 WW2
COX, Robert F.  spouse of  Barbara L. Ireland  born  8/8/1924  died  11/21/2014  age  90y  Son of Zera A. & Esther Rifle Cox b. Port Allegany PA d. Buffalo NY Wed 7-18-1945 in Port Allegany PA  Barbara died 10-3-2007 U.S. Army WW2 as a corporal with B Battery 20th Field Artillery Battalion
COY, Laura I. born 8-20-1912 died 8-26-2008 age 96y - Dau. of George C. & Chloe Motter Jones b. Love Joy d. Fairview PA 

COYNE, Phyllis L.  spouse of  Thomas E .  born  3-8-1925  died  6-22-2011  age  86y    Dau. of Arthur S. & Reba Hurd King b. Warren PA d. Erie PA Wed 10-18-1981 Thomas died 9-28-1995  Wed Husband #1 Joseph G. Camas on 4-20-1949 in Bradford PA who died 11-69  
CRAMER, Fred A. Jr.  spouse of    born  3-9-1953  died  12-31-2010  age  57y    Son of Fred A. & Lyla Cotton Cramer Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA
CRANDALL, Donald G.  spouse of Nancy Lathrop  born 10-16-1939 died 12-29-1999  - Son of Donald L. & Doris Long Crandall 

CRANDALL, Doris L.  spouse of Donald L. born 3-1-1914  died 9-14-2001 age 87  - b. Bradford, PA - m. Sept. 13, 1936- Dau. of George & Matie C. Pollock Long 
CRANDALL, Fred A.  spouse of  born 11-3-1921 died 8-17-2000  - son of Harold O. & Isabelle E. Eidson Crandall 
CRANDALL, Gladys H.  spouse of  Fred A.  born  12-10-1922  died  2-9-2011  age  88y    Dau. of Harold R. & Margaret Kenyon Hanson b. &  d.  Bradford PA  Wed 1-30-1941 in Emporium PA
CRANDALL, Harold O.  spouse of Isabelle E  born ?  died 6-22-1959 - wed 12-6-1920 in Olean, NY 

CRANDALL, Isabelle E  spouse of Harold O.  born 7-4-1902  died 2-22-2003  age 100  - daughter of William Arthur and Delia Ann Patterson Eidson 
CRANE, Mary A.  spouse of  William "Bill'  born  11/11/1941  died  2/2/2012  age  70y    Dau of Milton J. & Mary Onuffer Dawley b. Bradford PA d. Lake Wales FL
CRANE, Miriam Louise  spouse of  Cullen C.  born  1-14-1919  died  5-6-2011  age  92y    Dau. of Charles & Signa Johnson Mathis b. & d. Warren PA  Wed 1939 in Bradford PA Cullen died in 1978 
CRATTIE, Betty N.  spouse of Charles M.  born 10-15-1941  died 2-15-2001  age 59  - Dau. of Wayne K. & Bessie L. Smith Gulnac b. Olean, NY 

CRATTIE, Charles M.  spouse of Betty N.  born  died 7-29-1997  - m. 08-30-1977 
CRATTIE, Donald E.  Mary E. Lindy  9-13-1927  10-12-2006  79 Son of Edwin & Ona Bosworth Crattie b. Port Allegany Pa. d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 10-23-1954  Sergeant US Army Military Policeman Co. A Manhattan District Los Alamos N.M.
CROOKS, Charles W. ''Charlie'' spouse of Phyllis White Hardinger born 3-5-1928 died 1-13-2006 age 77  - son of Eugene and Girtha Terill Crooks U.S. Air Force in the 307th bomb group Korean War m. Dec 28 1974
CROSS, Kinsey L  spouse of M. Nadine  born  died 9-19-1991  - m. 12-12-1939 in Custer City PA 
CROSS, M. Nadine spouse of Kinsey L born 8-5-1923  died 4-20-2004 age 80  - dau of Okey G. & Daisy Emily Sargent Toothman
CROSS, Sally L. Born 2/3/1941 Died 9/21/2017 Age 76 Dau of Harold and Isabelle (Eidson) Crandall, Born in Bradford, died in Bradford, 2 daughters, 1 son.           
CRUMLEY, Arlene M.  spouse of  Richard G.  born  5/4/1917  died  4/7/2013  age  95y  Dau of Ralph & Myrtle Lowman Frick b. Henrys Mills Warren Cty d.Gaithersburg MD Wed 6-21-1947 Richard died 9-12-1997
CUMMINGS, Ruth A.  spouse of  Harold " Dutch"  born  6/9/1914  died  2/10/2013  age  98y  Dau of John & Hannah Lantz Nelson b. Mount Jewett PA d. Bradford PA Wed 7-22-1947 in Titusville PA Harold died 1-19-1987
CURTIS, Mary C. spouse of  Franklin W. born  12-19-1923 died 11-19-2010 age 86y  -Dau. of Chauncey & Frances Smith Wasson b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA Wed 5-5-1945 in Knapp Creek NY
CURTIS, Franklin W. spouse of Mary C. Wasson born 7-29-1920 died 11-5-2008 age 88 - Son of Logan H. & Freda Ward Curtis b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-5-1945 in Knapp NY U.S. Navy Seabees in Pacific Theater as a motor machinist mate WW2

CURTIS, Mable L. spouse of  Thomas C. born 1-15-1917 died 3-28-2006 age 89  - dau of Warren George & Lottie Mae Slater Brown m. May 20 1939
CURTIS, Maxine E. Spouse of Richard Curtis Born 8/22/1927  Died 7/4/2017 Age 89 Dau of Arthur Ray and Mildred Ray (Pugh),1 son, 1 daughter.           
CURTIS, Thomas Charles spouse of Mable L. Brown born 3-22-1918 died 2-6-2009 age 90y  - Son of Logan & Freda Mae Ward Curtis b. Bradford PA d. Cuba NY Wed 5-20-1939 Duke Center PA 

CUTRIGHT, Paul  G.  spouse of  Nancy Havens  born  3/5/1931  died  1/12/2013  age  81y  Son of Jared & Maude Bowyer Cutright b. Elkins W.VA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-26-1952 in Bradford PA Married 60 years U.S. Navy Korean Conflict 1948-1962
DARRAH, Allen Joseph  spouse of Marjorie Lee Oakes born  9-3-1941 died 8-31-2005 age 63  - son of Clarence & Dorothy Moonan Darrah US Army Vietnam War

DAWLEY, Jon A.  spouse of    born  3/24/1935  died  10/1/2012  age  77y  Son of LeRoy M. & Helen M. Ekdahl Dawley b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Former Wife Patricia Duvall Timblin
DAVIS, Edna O. spouse of H. L. "Dutch" born 7-18-1919 died 5-26-2006 age 86 - Dau. of Charles Calvin & Lydia Claypool Shaffer  b. Arroyo d. Johnsonburg, Pa.  Wed: 6-26-1970

DEITZ, Edith J.  spouse of Ronald born 11-29-1938  died 3-14-2001  - b. Bradford, PA - Dau. of Edward & Susie Anderson Cooper m. 6-28-1968 
DEITZ, Ronald F.  spouse of  Edith Cooper  born  5-5-1928  died  11-1-2010  age  82y    Son of John Willis & Anna Howe Deitz b. Fisher PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-28-1968 in Mount Jewett PA
DELCAMP, Opal M. spouse of Norman born 11-24-1929 died 2-20-2008 age 78 - Dau. of William P & Susie I. Cook Hannold b. Lamont PA d. Bradford PA Wed Husband #2 4-28-1965 Wed Husband #1 George Shoff on 2-28-1948 

DELOE, Ruth spouse of Thomas H. born 8-7-1905 died 12-4-2006 age 101 - Dau. of James H. & Lydia C. Gilbert Gibson  d. Dallas City Pa. d. Meadville Pa.  Wed: 5-1-1940 
DEMPSEY, Irma V.  spouse of  Thomas Terrance  born  9-13-1910  died  2-10-2011  age  100y    Dau. of W. E. & Viola M. Straight Parmeter b. Eldred PA d. Coryville PA Wed 7-24-1929 Thomas died 10-21-1969
DENNIS, Carroll R.  spouse of Donald R. born 7-15-1934 died 3-3-2004  age 69  - dau of Oval E. & Mary L. Hixenbaugh Toothman m. 12-8-1956 in Eldred, PA 

DENNIS, Donald R.  spouse of  Carroll R. Toothman  born  8/29/1933  died  1/14/2015  age  81y  Son of Richard & Margaret Crone Dennis b. Eldred PA d. Shinglehouse PA Wed 12-8-1956 in Eldred PA  Wed Wife #2 Joyce B. Lowe on 8-19-2010  U.S. Air Force Korean Conflict continuning his service over the years retiring from the 107th ARW Air National Guard of Niagara Falls NY as Master Sergeant in 1993
DENNIS, Joel William spouse of  born 5-30-1939 died 5-12-2004 age 64 - Son of Richard D. & Margaret A. "Peg" (Crone) Dennis, b. Eldred-PA, d. Eldred-PA

DENNIS, Margaret A. "Peg"  spouse of  Richard    born  9/21/1917  died  7/27/2014  age  96y  Dau of Wilard & Margaret McCord Crone b. U/K d. Smethport PA Wed 4-2-1933 in Port Allegany PA Richard died 7-16-1987
DENT, Josephine  spouse of Lester born 11-14-1903 died 4-13-2008 age 104 - Dau. of George A. & Josephine Davis West b. & d. Bradford PA Husband #1 Benjamin Covert who died 7-1961 

DENT, Thelma G. spouse of Duane R. born 4-28-1922 died 6-4-2010 age 88y  - Dau. of Charles & Sarah Claycomb Wertz b. Altoona PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-27-1945 in Bradford PA  Duane R. died 5-17-1998
DeROSIA, Catherine Bishop spouse of Edward J. born 3-16-1876 died 7-31-1958 - b. Machias, NY d. Bradford PA 
DeROSIA, Edward J. spouse of Catherine Bishop born 10/25/1872 died 11/20/1951 d. Bradford PA 
DeROSIA, Herbert B.  born 8/23/1905 died 11-16-1986 - Son of Edward J. & Catherine Bishop DeRosia b. & d. Marshburg PA 
DEWYER, David W. spouse of Ella May Burton born 9-14-1916 died 9-15-2007 age 91  - Son of Franklin B. & Bearice Anderson Dewyer  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 9-15-1936 in Allegany NY
DICKINSON, Frederick J. spouse of born 2-7-1971 died 6-17-2006 age 35 - Son of Frederick J. & Norma J. Dickinson, Jr.  b. Bradford, Pa. d. Philadelphia, Pa.  U.S. Army 
DICKINSON, Lanny E. spouse of Nancy R. (Gustafson) Born 2/25/1936 died 8/27/2016 age 80  Son of R. Earl and Genevieve (Charles) Dickinson, Born in Kane, Married Dec 1, 1956 in Smethport, died in Smethport, 2 sons
DIXON, Irene C.  spouse of  Dayle  born  1-11-1915  died  4-1-2011  age  96y    Dau. of Mark & Minnie Meeredink Legters b. French Creek NY d. Bradford PA Wed 1977 Dayle died in 1977 Wed Husband #1 Pearle S. Robinson in 1934 who died in 1973 
DIXON, Glenn E. spouse of Erma J. Booth born 4-20-1917 died 7-26-2007 age 90  - Son of Daniel O. & Mary E. Mortimer Dixon  b. Mundurff PA  d. Wellsville NY 

DIXON, Stewart E. spouse of Della Viola Belser born 10-15-1914 died 5-24-2007 age 92 92  - Son of Daniel O. & Mary E. Doverspike Dixon  b. Munderf PA  d. Smethport PA  Wed  7-4-1935 in Bradford PA 
DOLESKI, Stanley P.  spouse of  Florence "Babe" N. Osborne  born  8/23/1918  died  10/27/2013  age  95y  Son of Stanley P. & Stella Motylewski Doleski Sr. b. Scranton PA d. Olean NY Wed 10-17-1945 in Bradford PA Florence died 8-20-2005 U.S. Army WW2 served in Pacific Theater Awarded the Purple Heart
DORNOW, Jessie A.  spouse of Edwin A. born 7-4-1920  died 11-25-2003  - dau of Frank & Emma Fieley Allison m. 1st Leslie L. Parker 

DOUGHERTY, Elizabeth "Betty" spouse of Glen E. Jr. born 5-1-1933 died 6-1-2010 age 76y  - Dau. of Harold R. & Edna G. Deems b. Kane PA d. Olean NY Wed 5-19-1951 in Limestone NY 
DOUGHERTY, Glenn E. Jr. spouse of Elizabeth "Betty" Beere born 9-13-1929 died 8-13-2008 age 78y  - Son of Glenn E. & Gladys Dempsey Dougherty Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-19-1951 in Limestone NY U.S.Army Korean War
DOUGHERTY, John E.  spouse of Leanna Mae Anderson born 5-19-1924  died 12-25-2001  age 77  - b. Kane, PA - Son of Thomas M. & Pearl A. Johnston Dougherty US Army WW II 
DUNN, Brenda L.  spouse of  Larry W.  born  3/18/1949  died  6/20/2013  age  64y  Dau of Robert E. & Eugenia Bell Gorton Sr. b. Bradford PA d. Pittsburgh PA Wed 8-2-1969 in Lewis Run PA
DUNN, James E. Jr. born 3-24-1935 died 5-8-2008 age 73 - Son of Earl J. & Geraldine A. Brinkley Dunn b. & d. Bradford PA U.S. Navy serving on U.S.S. Ahiromeda Korean War 

DuPONT, Devon Preston born 9-14-1999 died 6-6-2006 age 6 - Son of Jason & Dawn  M. DuPont 
DuSHAW, M. Joyce  spouse of  James H.  born  8/13/1935  died  1/26/2012  age  76y    Dau of William R. & Ella Walk Soisson b. Connellsville PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-10-1955 in Connellsville PA
EAKIN, Hilda Mae spouse of George W. born 1-17-1920 died 4-23-2008 age 88 - Dau. of Roscoe S. & Ella F. Lamabus Kyle b. Braddock PA d. Butler PA Wed 5-22-1943 

EASON, Betty Jane   spouse of    born  4/27/1920  died  5/7/2014  age  94y  Dau of Rupert S. & Edith Deloe b. Erie PA d. Redding CA
EATON, Mary V.  spouse of C. Vincent born 5-1-1946  died 1-7-2004  - dau of Charles F. & Phyllis Jane Taylor Crawford heart attack 

ECK, Gwendolyn M.  spouse of  Norman E.  born  5-28-1928  died  11-16-2011  age  83y    Dau. of Paul George & Estella Link Matz b. Pewaukee WI d. Bradford PA Wed 10-4-1947 in California  Norman died 5-17-1999   
EDDY, Kenneth B. spouse of Cordelis A. "Cordy" born 8-4-1923 died 4-6-2006 age 82y  - Son of Nimrod & Minnie Pearl Patton Eddy  b. Statler Run, W.Va. d. Bradford, Pa.  Wed: 10-31-1953 in Degolia U.S. Army  WW2 

EDGREEN, Howard J. "Hod"  spouse of Lucille Leete  born 11-11-1917  died 2-5-2003 age 85  - son of George & Virginia Wilson Edgreen WW II US Army 1st Lt. 15th Army Air Force 450th Bomb Group 421 Sqd He flew over 50 combat missions as pilot of a B-24 
EDGREEN, Lucille L. spouse of Howard J. "Hod" born 8-27-1922 died 7-15-2007 age 84  - Dau. of Rosell H. Leete & Kathryn Palmatier Gould  b. Coudersport PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed  11-11-1944 in Coudersport PA
EDWARDS, Agnes k.  spouse of  born 4-24-1916  died 3-24-2000 
EDWARDS, Barbara L. born 1-5-1937 died 10-2-2002 age 65  - dau of Russell & Marcella McKool Brenan teacher & Cattaraugus Co. treasure from 1972 to 1986
EIDSON, Donna M. spouse of Raymond L. born 12-28-1931 died 1-9-2009 age 77y  - Dau. of Francis & Agnes Eaton Woodley b. Olean NY d. Titusville PA Wed 4-14-1951 in Bradford PA 
EIDSON, John W. spouse of Mabel Hanyon born 3-24-1908 died 6-30-2007 age  90  - Son of William Arthur & Delia Ann Patterson Eidson  b. Sawyer City  d. Bradford PA  Wed Wife #1 Jessie Sneath on 10-28-1928  Wed Wife #2 4-20-1968
EKDAHL, Alice M.  spouse of  Donald F.   born  8/8/1917  died  6/21/2013  age  95y  Dau of Clarence & Elizabeth Bessie Williams Closser b. Perry NY d. Bradford PA Wed 9-14-1940 in Bradford PA Donald F. died 9-2-2003
ELEY, Doris K.   spouse of  George  B.  born  1/4/1919  died  7/20/2014  age  95y  Dau of Charles & Anna Buck Keenan b. Betula PA d. Smethport PA Wed 10-11-1941 in Smethport PA George B. died 3-28-1981
ENGLISH, Lawrence E. Sr.  spouse of  Bella Jean Brocious  born  7-13-1931  died  10-18-2011  age  80y    Son of Lloyd & Emma Boyer English b. Derrick City PA d. Duke Center PA Wed 11-15-1952 in Derrick City PA U.S. Air Force Korean War    
ERICSON, James Edwards spouse of Louise Marlayne Dodaro born 3-9-1945 died 11-16-2009 age 64y  Son of Webster C. & Jean Edwards Ericson-Graham b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 1-5-1980 in Bradford PA 

ERNEST, Betty L.  spouse of  Marshall  born  4/24/1929  died  2/10/2015  age  85y  Dau of Richard & Gladys Crispen Ward b. Bradford PA d. Rochester NY Wed 6-25-1948 in Bradford PA Married 66 years
ERNEST, Marshall Spouse of Betty L. (Ward) Born 7-25-1927    died 5-12-2015 Age 87 Son of Charles and Shirley (Nielly) Ernest, Born in Bradford, PA., Died in Rochester, NY, Married June 25, 1948 in Bradford, PA., 2 daughters, 1 son - WW II Vet, U.S. Marine Corps, Pacific Theatre and the occupation of China. Honorably discharged Nov 5, 1946.
ERNEST, Robert M. spouse of  born 1-3-1926 died 7-5-2010 age 84y  - Son of Charles M. & Shirley Meilly Ernest b. & d. Bradford PA  U.S. Army WW2 

ERSKIN, Larry B. born 3/16/1937 died 9/2/2012 age 75y Son of Robert & Sarah Bullock Erskin b. & d. Bradford PA U.S. Air Force Vietnam
ERSKINE, Walter L. "Roy"  spouse of  Alice May Dickinson  born  3-6-1919  died  4-10-2011  age  92y    Son of Earl L. & Charlotte May Potter Erskine b. Lewis Run PA d. Murrells Inlet SC Wed 6-12-1940 in Cumberland MD Alice died 10-23-2004 U.S. Army WW2 serving in the Pacific - Participated in Luzon Campaign in the Philippines & served with Occupation Force 
ESCHRICH, Margaret Hardy spouse of Llyod  born 1-28-1928 died 1-14-1951  - wed Feb 24 1936 in Allegany NY

ESCHRICH, Merle L. spouse of Ruth L. Coldren Higley born 8-30-1928 died 4-1-2007 age 78  - Son of Paul & Mamie Belser Eschrich  b. Lewis Run PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed 5-11-1974 in Farmers Valley PA 
EVAN, John  spouse of Vera S  born  died 1978
EVAN, Vera S.  spouse of John Evan  born 10-10-1906  died 03-16-2003  age 96  - born in Donahey Hill, PA to Lawrence & Gertrude Hoover Champion. 
EYMER, Bruce D.  spouse of  Constance Howe  born  5/21/1931  died  9/18/2013  age  82y  Son of Cyril & Marion Stevens Eymer b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-19-1954 in Bradford PA Married 59 years U.S. Army 1955-1957 stationed in Frankfurt Germany for most of his military career
FABIAN, Mary Rose  spouse of  Joseph M.  born  11-10-1919  died  9-1-2010  age  90y  -  Dau. of Amedao "Joe" & Nicolina Distrola Chicketti b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-5-1955 in Bradford PA  Joseph died 2-20-2002
FAIR, Michael M. spouse of Ruth Helen Johnson born 1-2-1912 died 11-23-2007 age 95  - Son of Patsy & Rose Perry Fair b. Mount Alton Pa d. Bradford PA Wed 5-16-1942 in Bradford PA Tec 5 U.S. Army WW2

FALLER, Gayle E. born 11/28/1934 died 6/26/2015    age 80    Dau of Kenneth O'Dell and Elain (Carlan), 2 daughters, 3 sons, Born in Kane, Died in Bradford
FARYNICK, Marco  spouse of Sophia G. Tsepelis born 11-25-1922 died 5-6-2007 age 84  - Son of Theodore & Anastasia Podgurski Farynick  b. Westberry NY  d. Erie PA  Wed 2-24-1946  U.S. Army 81st Fighter Group in the Pacific Theater  WW2

FEELY, Richard E. "Dick" spouse of Shirley Kurtz born 5-10-1930 died 1-31-2009 age 78y  - Son of Colonel & Josephine Antill Feely b. Bradford PA d. Lakeland FL Wed 11-18-1977 in Emporium PA U.S. Air Force Korean War serving in Far East Air Force's Bomber Command Korean War - Awarded Korean Service Medal & three Battle Stars 
FICHTNER, Charles Max  spouse of Violet M.  born  died 1965  - m. 1927 
FICHTNER, Violet M.  spouse of Charles Max  born 4-2-1911  died 3-12-2001  age 89  - b. Angelica, NY - Dau. of Rev. Oscar & Anna Bish Lamberson 
FIELD, Jean A. spouse of  born 6-03-1942 died 10-28-2002 age 60 - Dau of Paul A. & Marjorie L. (Cramer) Onuffer, b. Bradford-PA, d. Smethport-PA, Dau-in-law of Joe & Martha Field
FINK, John N. spouse of Robin Elaine Margaret Brandt born 6-18-1942 died 3-9-2008 age 65  _ Son of Merton & Frances Regina Kane Fink b. Bradford PA d. Pittsburgh PA Wed 6-2-1990 in Lafayette PA U.S. Army 1962 - 1964
FINK, Shirley M. spouse of Ronald L. born 2-22-1935 died 9-24-2009 age 74y  Dau. of Fred Roth & Alice Mae Cricks b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-18-1997 in Bradford PA 
FINNEFROCK, Evelyn  spouse of Edwin LaRue born 8-8-1906 died 11-25-2009 age 103y  Dau. of Samuel & Althea Alden Benninger b. Seneca PA d. Kane PA Wed 5-6-1937 in Franklin PA
FISH, Dorothy J. spouse of  Myron E. born 3-25-1921 died 10-31-2009 age  88.  Dau. of Leslie A. & Lena Crisman Whiteman b. Oil Valley PA  d. Willow Creek PA Wed 6-28-1980  Wed Husband #1 Kenneth A. Lamberson on 5-5-1947 in Boston MA who died in 1962
FISH, Katherine Darlene spouse of  born 10-4-1952 died 3-25-2007 age 54  - Dau. of Franklin Cummings & Barbara "Kitty" Schimp Hinchman  b. Bradford PA  d. Pittsburg PA Husband #1 Jerome R. "Curly" Kerr - Former Husband Bradley A. Fish
FITZGERALD, Ida L.  spouse of  Vernon S.  born  5/26/1922  died  10/20/2012  age  90y  Dau of Floyd & Mary Selander Moore b. Warren PA d. Bradford PA Wed 1-24-1944 in Port Allegany PA Married 65 years U.S. Navy WW2 attained rank of Pharmacist Mate 2nd Class
FITZGERALD, Vernon S.  spouse of  Ida Louise Moore  born  1/3/1922  died  3/6/2012  age  90y    Son of Sylvester &  Bertha Eminger Fitzgerald b. Hottleville PA Lewis Run PA Wed 1-24-1947 Married 65 years U.S. Navy attaining rank of Gunner's Mate Third Class & traveled to several ports in North & South America Africa Europe & the Philippines
FITZSIMMONS, Boyd A. spouse of Florence E. born 2-20-1916 died 10-29-2004 age 88  - son of Charles & Bess Oaks Fitzsimmons 

FITZSIMMONS, Florence E. Spouse of Boyd A. Fitzsimmons Born 8/18/1920 died 3/2/2016 Age 95  Dau of Raymond J. and Anna (Fowler) Wright, Born in Eldred, Married Oct. 2, 1942 in Farmers Valley, Died in Smethport, 3 sons
FLANDERS, Marian A. spouse of Leo born 7-9-1915 died  9-12-2007 age 92  - Dau. of Lawrence & Pearle Confer Goodman  b. Venus PA d. Bradford PA  Wed 3-2-1932 in Bradford PA 

FLICKINGER, Earl L. spouse of  Mary Louise Carrow born 4-1-1920 died 11-18-2008 age 88 - Son of Clair & Esther Hagman Flickinger b. Clermont PA d. Smethport PA Wed 10-12-1945 in Hazel Hurst PA U.S. Army WW2 serving under General Patton - Fought Battle of the Bulge - 2 Purple Hearts - 2 Bronze Stars Also five Battle Stars
FLORENTINE, James V.  spouse of Thelma S. born  died 1-29-1984  - m. Sept-4-1948 in Smethport PA 
FLORENTINE, Thelma S.  spouse of James V. born 1-18-1921  died 1-13-2004  age 82  - dau of Willis R & Anna Moyer Schattenberg Moose Chap.330 
FLUENT, Shelly L. spouse of Donald H. Jr. born 11-12-1968 died 5-24-2008 age 39 - Dau. of William J. & Jane L. Saxton Dragoone b. Bradford PA d. Cleveland OH Wed 1-27-1996 in Bradford PA 
FOOTE, Margaret B. spouse of Robert L. born 9-2-1913 died 11-29-2006 age 93 - Dau. of Earl J. & L. Blanche Tilden Shavalier b. Wellsville N.Y. d. Bradford Pa.  Wed: 1-16-1932 in Hinsdale N.Y. 
FOSTER, Blanche A. spouse of Francis E. born 1-18-1915 died 5-1-2008 age 93 - Dau. of James & Ida Carson Andrews b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-17-1934
FOWLER, Gary W. "Billy" born 10/6/1960 died 4/15/2012 age 51y Son of William R. & Jeannine Ann Gaynor Fowler b. Port Allegany PA d. Bradford PA
FOWLER, Gloria  spouse of Richard "Pete" born 8-2-1943 died 3-24-2006 age 62  - dau of Richard Cook & Gladys Shine Frantz m. May 18 1985 in Duke Center

FOWLER, Grace L. spouse of Richard D. born 12-23-1930 died 10-8-2008  - Dau. of Clinton & Frieda Work Barber b. Cyclone PA d. Kane PA Wed 6-18-1948 in Olean NY
FOWLER, Richard D.  spouse of Grace L. Barber  born 6-27-1926  died 11-3-2002 age 76  - son of Thomas Richard & Leona Keator Fowler US Army WW II m. 6-18-1948 in Olean NY 
FOX, Ethel R.  spouse of  Wendall L.  born  9/23/1911  died  7/26/2014  age  102y  Dau of Cash A. & Clara M. White Benninger b. Brookville PA d. Bradford PA Wed 1-17-1934 in Bradford PA Wendall died 7-23-1963
FOX, Gregory D. spouse of Sandra Keister born 3-2-1946 died 11-26-2007 age 61  - Son of Edward & Betty Bell Fox b. Bradford PA d. Smethport PA Wed 8-9-1969 in Smethport PA U.S. Army Vietnam War

FOX, Ruth M.  spouse of  Donald E.  born  11-6-1918  died  3-1-2011  age  92y    Dau. of Marsh & Carrie Switzer Merriman b. Sligo d. Bradford PA Wed 8-24-1940 in Olean NY Donald E. died 7-29-1966
FRANCIS, Sylvia May (McIntosh) spouse of Richard D. Francis born 9/2/1921 died 7/2/2016 age 94  2 sons
FREDERICK, Kenneth   spouse of  Colyn Hogue  born  8/31/1935  died  8/21/2014  age  78y  Son of Herbert & Lydia E. Bigley Frederick b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-5-1956 in Smethport PA
FREER, Lucius  spouse of Rena Moore born 4-5-1901  died 11-17-1982 - Son of Harry & Minnie Sherwood Freer m. 9-25-1922- b. Port Allegany, PA 

FREEMAN, Kenneth W. spouse of Marion Hosack born 1-21-1917 died 3-12-2009 age 92y  - Son of Royal W. & Naomi Derkis Freeman  b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-17-1941 in Bradford PA U.S. Army Air Corps European Theater WW2 as a tailgunner on B-17 - Flew 35 combat missions against Nazi German targets - Earned Aviation Badge - Air Medal with five O
FREDERICK, Herbet C. Spouse of Shirley Born 6/12/1931 died 3/12/2016 Age 84  Son of Herbert and Lydia E. (Bigley) Frederick, Born in Oil City, Died in Bradford, 2 sons - US Air Force veteran having served during the Korean War from April 1, 1951 through April 16, 1955
FREEMAN, Marion H.  spouse of  Kenneth W.  born  10/13/1919  died  11/28/2014  age  95y  Dau of Ross William & Lovice Bard Hosack b. Philadelphia PA d. Bradford PA Wed 5-17-1941 in Bradford PA
FREEMAN, Tom H.  spouse of    born  4-6-1943  died  5-11-2011  age  68y    Son of Kenneth W. & Marion H. Hosack Freeman b. & d. Bradford PA  
FRENCH, Alice K. spouse of  born 9-17-1914 died 1-10-2010 age 95y  Dau. of Munson H. & Ethna Haugh Kelso b. Baxter  d. Bradford PA 

FRENZ, Martha J. Spouse of Robert L. Frenz Born 5/8/1920 died 3/16/2016 Age 95  Dau of Charles and Viola (Dunn) Moore, Born in Bradford, Died in Erie, 3 daughters, 2 sons
FRISBIE, Dolores E. spouse of William S.  born 5-11-1928 died 4-30-2006 age 77 - Dau. of Charles Otis & Maude May Fuller Main  b. Angelica, N.Y. d. Smethport, Pa.

FROST, Martha   spouse of  Cecil   born  2/1/1916  died  12/27/2011  age  95y    Dau of Henry & Flora Buckle Besse b. Eldred PA d. Bradford PA Wed 11-29-1947 Cecil died 6-19-1975
FUSS, Carl L. spouse of Virginia L. born  died 6-22-1998  - wed Nov. 27 1974

FUSS, Virginia L. spouse of Carl L./? Graham [#1]? born 10-29-1909 died 3-01-2005 age 95 - Dau of LaVerne S. & Tillie A. (Stover) Lineman, b. Seneca-PA, d. Bradford-PA, Wed #2? Carl L. FUSS on 11-27-1974
GALBREATH, Clyde R. spouse of Viola Doverspike born 10-26-1910 died 1-1-2009 age 98y  Son of Merle H. & Ida Edeburn Galbreath b. Belltown PA  d. Bradford PA Wed 8-15-1987 in Warren PA  Preceded by #1 Wife Irene Payne & #2 Wife Marie Lasher 
GALBREATH, Viola R. Rev.  spouse of  Clyde R.  born  5-27-1923  died  10-24-2010  age  87y    Dau. of William M. & Nora George Doverspike b. Mayport d. Bradford PA Wed 8-18-1987 in Warren PA
GALLAGHER, James P. Spouse of Marjorie (Swarm) Gallagher Born 7/12/1923 died 6/25/2017 Age    93  Son of Paul and Mable C. (Benson) Gallagher, born in Bradford, married June 18, 1949 in Bradford, died in Bradford, 1 daughter, 2 sons
GALLAGHER, Marjorie M. spouse of James born 11-9-1925 died 6-14-2009 age 83y  - Dau. of Charles & Martha Olson Swarm b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-18-1949 

GARDNER, Shirley M. (Lineman) Spouse of Keith Duane Gardner Born 7-14-1934 died 5-5-2015 Age 80 Dau of Arvel and Mae (Newman) Lineman, Born in Bradford, PA., died in Bradford, PA., Married May 1, 1953, 3 daughters   
GATES, Frank born 1917 died 5/20/2012 age  no information
GATES, Terry L. "Shorty"  spouse of  Judith A. Scalise  born  7-10-1947  died  4-17-2011  age  63y    Son of Clinton E. "Bull" & Rita L. McKnight Gates Jr. b. Clearfield PA d. Bradford PA Wed 5-20-1972 in Bradford PA U.S. Army in Germany Vietnam War 
GAULT, William  spouse of  Martha M. Johnson  born  11-8-1921  died  8-21-2011  age  89y    Son of Robert & Susanna Wilson Gault b. Bellshill Scotland (arrived in America at Ellis Island on 7-14-1923) d. Smethport PA Wed 6-14-1958 in  Bradford PA Martha died 12-21-1997  U.S. Army 29th Bomb Disposal Squadron that fought in Normandy & the Battle o
GEORGE, Harriett A. spouse of Alexander born 1-28-1921 died 3-10-2008 age 87  _ Dau. of George & Eliza Williams Hubert b. Bellevue PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-1948 in Wexford PA 

GETZ, William F.  spouse of  Karen M. Farrell  born  3-19-1946  died  4-3-2011  age  65y    Son of Frank D. & Elizabeth Irene Felmlee Getz b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 4-27-1968 in Bradford PA  
GIBSON, Charles F.  spouse of  Patricia Senft  born  7/28/1942  died  12/8/2014  age  72y  Son of Norman & Hazel Rudesill Gibson b. Olean NY d. Warren PA U.S. Navy
GIBSON, David J.  spouse of  born 8-3-1936 died 3-30-2000 

GIBSON, Mary Jane  born 7/6/1932  died 5/7/2013  age 80y Dau of Norman & Hazel Rudesill Gibson b. Olean NY d. Jamestown NY
GIFFORD, Ida Delores spouse of Jack "John" born 2-24-1937 died 4-28-2007 age 70  - Dau. of Clifford & Gertrude DePledge Keesler b. Kane PA  d. Smethport PA  Wed 6-20-1987 

GIORDANO, Christina Marie born 8-11-1969 died 12-6-2008 age 39y  - Dau. of Regina Backhaus Freeman & Tom Giordano b. Bradford PA d. Mesa AZ U.S. Army earned National Defense Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon M15 Rifle Expert & Sharpshooter & Army Lapel Button
GLOVER, Harold E . spouse of Janet A. Hendrickson-Wolford born 9-5-1934 died 10-3-2009 age 75y  Son of Frank & Katherine Jordan Glover b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 2-14-2003 in Bradford PA Wed Wife #1 Helen Louise Clarridge on 12-18-1976 who died 5-4-1992 
GOOD, Blaine spouse of Dorothy  born 12-23-1916  died 1-1985  - son of Ira & Grace Cox Good 
GOOD, Dorothy  spouse of Blaine  born  died 1970  - m. 9-5-1936 nee Carney
GOOD, John C.  spouse of    born  6/24/1961  died  11/21/2014  age  53y  Son of Richard R. & Julia Heffner Good b.. Bradford PA d. Pittsburgh PA
GOODNOE, Marvin E. spouse of Lori A. Goodrich born 12-16-1961 died 8-11-2007 age 45  - Son of Donald & Patricia A. Goodnoe  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 10-18-1997 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army & Pennsylvania Army National Guard  Auto Accident 

GOODRICH, Cmdr. Vincent N. spouse of Frances A. Arnold born 9-22-1926 died 4-9-2006 age 79y  - Son of Vincent R. & Eva Marie Newberry Goodrich  b. Syracuse, N.Y. d. Bradford, Pa.  Wed: 6-19-1948  U.S. Navy WW2 A survivor of the sinking of the USS Samuel B. Roberts Destroyer Escort-413 during WW2
GORRELL, Chris E.  spouse of Mary E. Thomas  born 3-10-1950  died 6-24-2001 age 51  - b. Olean, NY - Son of Philip B. & Zella M. Argue Correll m. 9-24-1988 
GORRELL, Julie A. Spouse of Scott Gregory Gorrell born 3/30/1964 died 12/27/2017 Age 53 Dau of Ralph E. Barger and Twila J. (Newhouse) Barger, born in Bradford, Married April 4, 2001 in Smethport, died in Buffalo NY, 1 daughter, 3 sons.
GOULD,  Dorothy D. spouse of born 2/6/1925 died 6/9/2014 age 89y Dau of Paul J. & Myrtle Powell Doughman b. Summerville PA d. Bradford PA Wed Husband #1 Alfred E. Ekas on 6-15-1945 who died 6-17-1974 Wed Husband #2 Charles J. Gould on 8-9-1991in Bradford PA
GOULD, Ethel L. Spouse of Raymond J. Gould Sr. Born 7/5/1928 died 4/22/2017 Age 88 Dau of James Franklin and Lucinda (Kline) Weaver, born in Bradford, married Nov 14, 1947, died in Bradford, 2 daughters, 3 sons
GOULD, Gordon E. Spouse of Terza Virginia (Hardesty) Born 9/12/1929 Died 9/17/2017 Age 88 Son of Harold and Florence (Hitchcock) Gould, Born in Bradford, married Sept 16, 1950 in Bradford, died in Bradford, 1 son, 1 daughter.           
GOULD, Terza V. "Pat" spouse of Gordon Eugene born 7-3-1929 died 6-25-2008 age 78 - Dau. of James Marcus & Virginia Elizabeth Haynes Hardesty b. Woodfield OH d. Bradford PA Wed 9-16-1950 in Bradford PA 

GRAHAM, Gladys S.  spouse of  Stanley F.  born  12/25/1924  died  11/29/2013  age  88y  Dau of Loran & Florence Connor Stanhope b. West Brookfield MA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-10-1949
GRAVES, Marian Lillian Spouse of Phillip L. Graves Born 5/17/1928 died 3/20/2016 Age 87  Dau of Charles and Margaret (Moore) Holsinger, Born in Binham, Married Aug 6, 1944 in Machias NY, Died in Bradford, 1 daughter, 3 sons
GRAVES, Phillip L. Sr.  spouse of  Marian L. Holsinger  born  1-11-1927  died  2-5-2011  age  84y    Son of John P. & Agnes I. Childs Graves b. West Clarksville NY d. Gifford PA Wed 8-6-1944 in Machias NY
GREEN, Alma S.  spouse of William D.  born 2-20-1902  died 6-8-1993  age 91  - b. Warren, PA - Dau. of Daniel & Isabelle Hattie Perry Wing 

GREEN, Beverly J.  spouse of  William J.  born  4/10/1935  died  7/27/2014  age  79y  Dau of Percy & Mildred Spangenberg Prentice b. Susquehanna PA d. Bradford PA Wed 11-18-1961 in Coudersport PA
GREEN, William D.  spouse of Alma S.  born  died 1963  - m. 6-29-1917 

GREEN, William J.  spouse of Beverly J. Prentice born 11-12- 1934  died 11-29-2001 age 67  - b. Bradford, PA - Son of William J.Green & Jean MAlinowski Green Gregory m. 11-18-1961 
GREER, George M. "Ben"  spouse of Velma Irene  born 11-25- 1910  died 8-22- 2000  - wed 7-24-1935 
GREER, Margaret spouse of  born 4-3-1916 died 11-24-2000  age 84  - Dau. of Henry E. & Della A. Shrieber Greer b. Derrick City, PA 
GREER, Velma Irene  spouse of George M "Ben"  born 11-25-1910 died 6-7-2003  age 92  - dau of William D & Beatrice Baldwin Cargill Born in Red House, NY 
GREGORY, Jean Hedwig spouse of Clarence  C. born 12-18-1914 died 6-11-2008 age 93 - Dau. of Adolph & Ursula Bohusewicz Malinowski b. Poland d. Bradford PA Wed 1-3-1946 in Bradford PA Husband #1 William J. Green who died 7-30-1943 Jean came to America as a teenager in 1927 & quickly adapted to the customs & language of America 
GRIESBAUM, Bradley E. Born 11/24/1963 Died 2/3/2017 Age 53 - Son of Dr. Bradley E. and Alleta E. (Ekas) Griesbaum, Born in Bradford, died in Bradford, 2 sons, 1 daughter.
GRINOLDS, Bernard A. spouse of Doris G. Johnson born 10-6-1919 died 2-15-2009 age 89y  - Son of Mart & Anna Marsh Grinolds b. Betula d. Bradford PA Wed 2-6-1943 in Louisville KY U.S. Army with the Calvary WW2 Purple Heart 

GRISHAM, Betty  M. spouse of George J. born 12-30-1919 died 3-2-2007 age 87  - Dau. of Herbert Oris & Ruth Evelyn Baldwin Bolles b. Red House N.Y. d. Bradford Pa. 
GRISHAM, George J.  spouse of  Betty M. Bolles  born  10-8-1920  died  10-22-2011  age  91y    Son of Francis & Ruth Bellman Grisham b. Machias NY d. Macon GA Wed 1-25-1944    
GROCE, Dorothy L. spouse of Paul E. born 10-14-1921 died 11-3-2006 age 85 - Dau. of Delbert H. "Shorty" & Ethel Abbott Coburn  b. & d. Bradford Pa. Wed 2-6-1944 

GROCE, Paul E. spouse of Dorothy L. (Coburn) Born 5/16/1922 Died 3/16/2017 Age 94 - Son of Eugene C. and Twila Mae (Black) Groce, Born in Shippenville, Married Feb 6, 1944 in Asbury, died in Bradford, 2 daughters 1 son; enlisted Sept 8, 1942 in the U.S. Marine Corp, served in Pacific Theater as well as in Japan, honorably discharged March 26, 1946.
GROLEMUND, Pearl Cooper Born June 20, 1931 died June 29, 2001 age 70 - dau of Edward A. Cooper & Lulu Barr
GROSS, Frances spouse of James H. born 9-8-1921 died 10-24-2006 age - Dau. of Harold & Fannie Sherrick b. Toronto Canada d. Bradford Pa. Husband #1 Lennart C. Vanerstrom Sr. Wed Husband #2 on 12-29-1971

GROSS, Frederick C. spouse of Marilyn J. Shaffer born 3-4-1932 died 3-9-2009 age 77y  - Son of Clayton H. & Frances V. Long Gross b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 4-21-1956 U.S. Army Korean War
GROVE, Richard W. "Dick" spouse of  Rachel Ann  Fairbanks born 4-21-1930 died 3-26-2011 age 80y  -Son of Fred Russell & Ruby A. Bullock Grove Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 1-3-1948 in  Bradford PA U.S. Navy  
GUNCHEON, Mildred A. spouse of George E. born 6-3-1921 died 11-7-2007 age 86  - Dau. of Leland M. & Ethel Lyman Murphy b. Coudersport PA d. Smethport PA Wed 12-29-1945 in Port Allegany PA 

GUSTAFSON, Mildred "Isabelle"  spouse of    born  9-8-1919  died  10-28-2011  age  92y    Dau. of Gustax A. &  Mary Transue Gustafson b. Kushequa d. Kane PA    
HALE, Althea J. born 9-20-1927 died 11-22-2006 age 79 - Dau. of Francis & Esther Wolfgang Jones  b. Curwensville Pa. d. Bradford Pa. 

HALE, Sonya Y.  spouse of  Howard D. Jr.  born  12/28/1926  died  10/4/2013  age  86y  Dau of James & Mary Rapchick Vinnick b. Coneville PA d. Bradford PA Wed 7-12-1947 in Bradford PA Howard died 8-11-1981
HALEY, Elmira F. spouse of  born 1919 died 8-13-2007 age 90  - No other information

HALL, Betty Lou  spouse of Kenneth R. born 5-8-1922 died 4-12-2008 age 85 - Dau. of Lester R. & Caroline Steckhahn Edwards b. Waukesha WI d. Boca Raton FL Wed 1-26-1946 in Bradford PA
HALL, Melvin H.  spouse of  Cora June Bigller  born  1-3-1925  died  10-29-2011  age  86y    Son of William H. & Cora VanHorn Hall b. Eldred PA d. Bradford PA Wed 12-18-1945 in Bradford PA Cora died 8-19-1990  U.S. Army Air Corps    
HALLOCK, Bruce A. Jr.  spouse of  Tekla Ann Parana  born  12-21-1962  died  10-2-2010  age  47y  -  Son of Bruce A. & Barbara Hallock Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-22-1994 in Bradford PA  Tekla Ann died 1-18-2010
HALQUIST, Dorothy Blanche spouse of Ray Earl born 11-13-1921 died 9-16-2007 age 85  - Dau. of Otto & Iva Weir Oertly  b. Johnsonburg PA  d. Kane PA  Wed  10-12-1940 

HAMILTON, Donald E. Jr. born 6-30-1960 died 3-1-2009 age 48y  - Son of Donald E. & Mary E. Veite Hamilton Sr. b. Unknown d. Bradford PA 
HAND, Carrie E.  spouse of H. Earl  born 12-8- 1911  died 9-8-2001 age 87  - b. Shinglehouse, PA - m. 4-21-1937 - Dau. of Harry & Mary Harvey Moore 
HAND, Eleanor J.  spouse of  Ernest "Roy"   born  7/2/1920  died  4/29/2013  age  92y  Dau of Chester & Mabel Beabout Parker b. Olean NY d. Smethport PA Wed 7-30-1939 in Accident MD Ernest died 2-8-1982
HAND, June Marie spouse of James D. Hand born 3-30-1926  died 8-20-2015 age 89 Dau of Louis E. and Freda B. (Smith) Gardner, Born in Bradford, Marrried Dec 15, 1961 in Bradford, Died in Bradford, 1 son
HAND, Roscoe D. spouse of Ruby died 3-27-1976  - wed Oct 28 1940 in Duke Center PA

HAND, Ruby I. spouse of  Roscoe D. born 9-16-1911 died 1-31-2007 age 95  - Dau. of Kentz S. & Maude Mansfield Morrical b. Montpelier Ohio d. Smethport Pa. Wed 10-28-1940 in Duke Center Pa. 
HAND, Sandra Lea  born  9-30-1938 died 9-5-2010 age 71y  -  Dau. of Henry Earl & Carrie Moore Hand b. Portville NY d. Bradford PA 
HANNAHS, Alberta M.  spouse of  Erville T. Sr.  born  8/15/1917  died  11/28/2014  age  97y  Dau of Edward & Florence Stebbins Kellner b. Coudersport PA d. Bradford PA Erville preceded her on 1-5-1986
HANNAHS, Diana L.  spouse of  Thomas  born  9/12/1941  died  1/23/2012  age  70y    Dau of John &  Mary Chicketti Bleem b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-22-1959 in Limestone NY
HANNAHS, Elaine G. spouse of William J. born 11-7-1932 died 5-26-2008 age 75 - Dau. of Albert E. & Grace Elaine Moorhead Benjamin b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-22-1952 

HANNAHS, Thomas Jr.  spouse of  Diana L. Bleem   born  6/20/1939  died  1/23/2015  age  75y  Son of Erville T. & Alberta Kellner Hannahs b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-22-1959 in Limestone NY
HANNIGAN, Minnie Alene Reed  spouse of Richard "Dick"  born 8-24- 1916  died 10-2-2001  age 98  - b. Coryville, PA - Dau. of Joseph & Mame Hibbard Reed m. 6-21-1941 

HANNON, Owen V. Sr. spouse of Winifred M.  born  died 6-14-1984  - m. 12-31-1929 
HANNON, Winifred M.  spouse of Owen V. Sr. born 4-7-1906 died 8-6-2001 age 95  - b. Olean, NY - Dau. of Scott & Jessica Owens Sherman 
HANOLD, Beverly Ann  spouse of Charles T. Jr.  born 5-20-1930  died 9-22-2001  age 71  - b. Bradford, PA- m. 12-31-1948- Dau. of Robert & Sarah Bullock Erskin 
HARDY, Esther L.  born 5-23-1928 died  9-4-2010 age  82 -  Dau. of Clarence P. & Newia Gross Hardy b. Portville NY d. Olean NY 
HARMAN, Mae Meley spouse of Albert born 3-20-1921 died 3-5-2009 age 87y  - Dau. of Earl & Ella Harmon b. Clarion County PA d. Edinboro PA Wed 2-1979 - Husband #1 Aubrey M. Meley who died 1-1969 

HARRIGER, Signe J.  spouse of Wade  born 10-1-1903 died 4-15-2001 age 97  - Dau. of Enoch & Nina Larson Anderson b. Mt. Jewett, PA- m. 8-18-1926 
HARRINGTON, Marian Lois  spouse of Frederick J. born 3-12-1915  died 1-30-2003  age 87  - born in Ludlow PA to Clifford F. & Emma M. Davidson Uber 
HARTBURG, James K. spouse of Patricia "Patty" Myers  born 3-29-1929 died 8-12-2006 age 77 - Son of Carl W. & Adia P. Geddes Hartburg  b. Warren, Pa. d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 10-17-1953 in Bradford Pa. U.S. Army Korean War
HARTBURG, Patricia  spouse of  born 10-12-1932  died 4-4-2000 
HARTLE, Margaret McLennan  spouse of  Walter S. "Jack" born  3-22-1919  died  9-8-2011  age  92y -Dau. of Robert & Susanna Wilson Gault b. Bellshill Scotland d. Erie PA Wed 7-19-1941 in Allegany NY Walter S. died 6-23-1982
HARTLE, Robert F. spouse of Jane W. Ward born 10-16-1941 died 10-20-2009 age 68y  Son of Walter S. & Margaret Gault Hartle b. Bradford PA d. Lewis Run PA Wed 8-16-1980 in Mount Alton PA

HARTMAN, Dorothy G. "Genny"  spouse of  John P. "Jack"  born  8-23-1926  died  3-9-2011  age  84y    Dau. of James Gilmore & Helen K. Monjar Eakin b. Clintonville PA d. Bradford PA Wed 10-30-1948 in Bradford PA  John P. died 1-1-1985
HARTMAN, Howard E. spouse of Betty L. Erskin born 7-12-1923 died  4-6-2010 age 86y  - Son of Emil & Laura Howard Hartman b. Kane PA d. Gifford PA Wed 9-14-1945 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army WW2 serving in European Theater

HARVEY, Caroline spouse of William M. born 7-22-1922 died 1-20-2005 age 82  - b. Eldred PA dau of Guy & Della Bennett Smith
HARVEY, William M. spouse of Caroline born  died 9-29-1983  - wed 6-25-1946 in Bolivar NY
HASTINGS, Clifton H. Spouse of Virginia H. (Wiles) Johnson born 5/7/1936 died 10/20/2017 Age 81 Born in Rew, died in Bradford; A US Army veteran who served from 1959-1961.
HAUCK, Edith  C. spouse of Merle A.  born 5-7-1912 died 7-29-2007 age 95  - Dau. of Samuel M. & Ida E. McGinnis Kelly  b. Parker's Landing PA  d. Smethport PA  Wed Husband #1 Fred Corbett on 4-13-1929 - Married Husband #2 on 5-7-1973 

HAUSMAN, Raymond Harvey  spouse of Eleanor J.  born  died 12-1949  - m. 9-29-1938 in Bradford PA 
HAZZARD, Francis E.  spouse of Josephine H. "Jody" Storer born 4-30-1925 died 9-23-2008 age 83 - Son of Carl & Goldie Strait Hazzard b. Bradford PA d. Limestone NY Wed 6-11-1945 U.S. Marine Corps 
HAZZARD, Josephine H. Spouse of Francis E. Hazzard Born 11/9/1925 died 1/23/2016 Age 90  Dau of Raymond and Eva (Walker) Storer, Born in Bradford, Married June 11, 1945 in Bradford, died in Limestone, NY, 2 daughters
HEASLEY, Charles K.  spouse of Maude  born 8-27-1899  died 7-1975  age 75  - son of William & Sarah Heasley 

HEASLEY, Maude Crain  spouse of Charles K. born  died - m. 5-18-1920 
HECTOR, Arthur O. "Bud"  spouse of  Judy B. Welch  born  7/18/1933  died  10/17/2012  age  79y  Son of Emil Arthur & Ester Ida Evelyn Anderson Hector b. Smethport PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-26-2002 in Las Vegas NV
HENDERSON, Anna M.  spouse of  Charles L. Sr.  born  12/26/1943  died  8/15/2014  age  70y  Dau of Charles L. & Georgienna Warden Hicks b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 3-16-1985 in Bradford PA Charles Sr. died 4-14-1992
HENSLEY, Jay C. spouse of Nancilea Harmon born 7-18-1935 died 8-3-2015 age 80 Son of Tilden and Dahlia (Combs) Hensley, Born in Jackson KY, Married Jan 16, 1959 in Ceres, Died in Erie PA, 1 daughter
HENSLEY, Nancilea  spouse of Jay C. born 8-10-1937 died 6-2-2007 age 69  - Dau. of Leon C. & Gladys DeGolia Harmon  b. Weston Mills NY  d. Bradford PA  Wed 1-16-1959 in Ceres NY  U.S. Air Force serving at Richards-Gebgur Air Force Base in Missouri 

HERVATIN, Eleanor R .  Silvis A .  3-17-1933  10-4-2006  73 Dau. of James S. & Helen R. Porter Bernhard b. Berkley Springs W.Va. d. Erie Pa. Wed: 9-13-1952 
HERZOG, Marlene V. spouse of  William L. born 9-13-1931 died 1-11-2007 age 75  - Dau. of Theodore & Virginia Mann Wilhelm b. Ridgway Pa. d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 9-21-1949 in Johnsonburg Pa. 
HERZOG, Richard B.  spouse of Connie Magee  born 5-25-1914  died 12-14-2001  age 87  - b. Smethport, PA- Son of Leo & Agnes Barry Herzog 
HESS, Lewis F. spouse of Ann Babarsky born 12-6-1921 died 5-15-2007 age 85  - Son of Paul H. & Mabel E. Benjamin Hess  b. Cameron Mills NY  d. Coudersport PA  Wed 2-6-1942 in Leesburg VA  U.S. Marine Corps  WW2
HESS, Rasma  spouse of W. Orlo born 1-10-1933 died 4-24-2005 age 72  - b. Cesis, Latvia dau of Alfreds & Anna Berzins Markovs was a nurse
HESS, W. Orlo spouse of Rasma  died 10-16-2000  wed Aug 30 1957 in Port Allegany
HEWEY, Margrieta  spouse of Charles J. born 4-25-1910 died 12-27-2007 age - Dau. of Charles & Lulu Stevenson Coit b. Buffalo NY d. Mechanicsburg PA Wed 8-28-1936 in Bradford PA 
HIGLEY, Keith D. Spouse of  Marjorie E. (Shoff) Born 10/9/1925 Died 8/7/2017 Age 91 Son of Donovan and Nina (Ford) Higley, born in Otto, married Feb 6, 1948, died in Duke Center, 1 daughter; a veteran of the US Army, having served in WWII.           
HIGLEY, Marjorie E. spouse of  Keith born 7-25-1924 died 8-1-2011 age 87y -Dau. of Lester & Edna V. Case Schoff b. Bradford PA d. Duke Center PA Wed 2-6-1948
HILLARD, Shelia C. spouse of  Guy E. Jr.born 12/19/1939 died 8/20/2012 age 72y  Dau of Asher & Elda Ward Webster b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-18-1959 in Bradford PA.
HILLS, James D. "Jimmy" spouse of Wanda M. Mesler  born 11-26-1939  died  2-6-2011 age 71y Son of Donald S. & Flora Zandi Hills b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-1-1967 in Bradford PA U.S. Navy Vietnam
HIMES, Clarence Lester  born  2-22-1928  died  8-8-2010 age 82y  -  Son of Harry & Evelyn DeGolier Himes b. Hazel Hurst PA d. Kane PA  He was the first fire chief of the Hamlin Township Volunteer Fire Department - Also one of the first EMT's in the area
HINAMAN, Joseph C.  Spouse of Virginia M. (Perry) Born 3/13/1927 died 2/24/2016 Age 88  Son of Charles L. and Lelia (Parkerhurst) Hinaman, Born in Bradford, Married June 25, 1947 in Hill Memorial, Died in Bradford, 2 sons, 1 daughter
HINAMAN, Virginia R. Born 8/12/1932 died  Age 83 Dau of Charles and Lelia (Parkhurst) Hinaman
HINCHMAN, Barbara Katherine "Kitty"  spouse of  Gordon  born  4-1-1932  died  10-4-2010  age  78y  -  Dau. of Raymond & Winifred Eaker Schimp b. Dallas City PA d. Bradford PA Wed 10-1969 in Bradford PA  Gordon died 10-1975
HINCHMAN, Gerald W. "Huck"  spouse of  born 5-15-1924  died 10-13-2001 age 77  - b. Gifford - Son Earl & Florence Messler Hinchman US Army Korean War 

HITCHCOCK, Richard E. spouse of Patricia Ellis born 6-26-1933 died 8-11-2008 age 75y - Son of Laurence L. & Marie B. Ekas Hitchcock b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-26-1957 in Bradford PA U.S. Army 1953 - 1956
HOCH, Alma E. Bohner  spouse of Paul R.  born 7-12-1912  died 1-7-1992  - m. 4-20-1935 
HOCH, Elmer J. "Buster"  spouse of Gladys A.  born 9-4-1935  died 3-29-2004  age 68  - son of Paul R & Alma E. Bohner Hoch US Air Force Korean War 
HOCH, Gladys Abrahms  spouse of Elmer J. born  died 1-23-1996  - m. 1978 
HOCH, Paul R.  spouse of Alma E. born 5-24-1911  died 6-10-1990 
HOGUE, Charles R.  spouse of  Elaine M. Dinger  born  6/18/1942  died  12/28/2011  age  69y    Son of Gerald E. & Erma A. Avery Hogue b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-4-1962 in Allegany NY
HOGUE, Erma A.  spouse of  Gerald E. born  10-17-1920  died  3-12-2011 age 90y  Dau. of Ernest & Bonalyn Rothrock Avery b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-8-1939 in Lewis Run PA
HOGUE, Evelyn E. born 3/25/1914  died  11/3/2013  age  99y  Dau of John & Lilia Hines Bates b. Gliford Cananda d. Bradford PA Wed Husband #1 Curtis Bartlett in 1933 who died in 1943 Wed Husband #2 Ralph Hogue 6-1946 in Port Allegany PA who died in 1977
HOGUE, Kenneth W. spouse of Eris Latham born 1-17-1922 died 5-30-2007 age 85  - Son of Charles & Ruby Rote Hogue  b. & d. Seneca PA  Wed  1-11-1942 in Allegany NY  U.S. Army 104th Timberwolf Division in Northern France, Central Europe & the Rhineland

HOLSINGER, Dorothy I.  spouse of  W. Glenn  born  10/12/1923  died  1/13/2013  age  89y  Dau of Clifford & Nettie Burley Rapp b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-10-1945 in Bradford PA W. Glenn died 12-14-1986 U.S. Coast Guard WW2 with the Coast Guard Spars
HOLSINGER, Rowena M. Spouse of George T. Holsinger born 11/16/1932 died 12/9/2017 Age 85 Dau of John and Agnes (Childs) Graves, born in Gifford, Married June 16, 1951 in Gifford, died in Bradford, 3 daughters, 1 son.
HOLZWARTH, Betty Jane spouse of Larry G. born 3-18-1943 died 11-8-2006 age 63 - Dau. of Forrest & Ruth Hall Miller b. English Ind. d. Bradford Pa. Wed 4-7-1962 in English Ind. 

HOLZWARTH, Kathy Anne  born  8/18/1966  died  1/17/2014  age  47y  Dau of Larry G. & Betty J. Miller Holzwarth b. Bradford PA d. New Castle PA
HOLZWARTH, Larry G.  spouse of  Betty Jane Miller  born  9/9/1937  died  12/27/2014  age  77y  Son of Andrew C. & Margaret A. Disney Holzwarth b. Bradford PA d. Sebring FL Wed 4-7-1962 in English IN U.S. Army stationed in Fort Knox KY
HOOPER, Christopher Mark born 5-16-1966 died 4-9-2008 age 41  _ Son of Donald C. & Mary Villoughby Hooper b. & d. Bradford PA 

HOTTEL, Alice E  spouse of Harry  born 8-30-1903 died 12-26-1983  - Dau. of Emil & Mary Lundin Johnson m. 6-18-1941- b. Mount Jewett, PA 
HOWARD, Albert L. born 7-22-1961 died 8-18-2015    age 54 Son of Donald A. "Joe" and Bonnie (Benson) Howard-Tancar, born in Bradford, Died in Bradford, 1 son
HOWELL, Verna M. spouse of  William P. born 3/29/1925  died  7/29/2013  age  88y  Dau of Paul & Estelle Link Matz b. Waukesha WI d. Bradford PA Wed 6-4-1941 in San Francisco CA William died 12-27-1971
HUBER, Mary Ann spouse of Charles S. born 7-23-1925 died 1-16-2008 age 82 - Dau. of Rosario & Mary M. Stolico Vavalo b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 2-5-1944 in Allegany NY 

HUDSON, Thomas  A. spouse of Theresa Petalino  born 3-9-1929 died 4-14-2007 age 78  - Son of Alton E. & Lillian Morgan Hudson  b. Aliquippa PA  d. Bradford PA  U.S. Navy
HUGHES, Lucille Frances  spouse of  Earl B.  born  4-3-1927  died  5-15-2011  age  84y    Dau. of Lyle R. & Marjorie Baker Bliss b. Batavia NY d. Bradford PA Wed 3-2-1951 in Prentisvale PA 
HUGHES, Mary S.  spouse of Franklin Paul  born 3-20-1903  died 8-29-1999  age 96  - b. Rew, PA - Dau. of John & Sophronia Smith Chute m. 3-20-1920 

HUGHES, Paul Franklin spouse of Freda Schlotterbeck born 8-20-1923 died 12-21-2007 age 84  - Son of F. Paul &  Mary Chute Hughes b. Rew PA d. Painesville Township OH Wed 7-3-1943 in Bradford PA U.S. Army WW2
HUFF, Irene D.  spouse of  Roy L.  born  2/25/1920  died  5/30/2014  age  94y  Dau of John R. & Emma Cross Cooney b. Allegany NY d. Smethport PA Wed 2-25-1938 in Allegany NY Roy died 12-10-1996
HUFF, Kathryn M. spouse of Robert H. born 5-18-1920 died 3-28-2010 age 89y  - Dau. of Charles L. & Maie L. Huber Billings b. Norwich PA d. Smethport PA Wed 12-28-1936 in Olean NY  Robert died 12-23-1968 

HULINGS, Harry LeRoy  spouse of Janet Mae Helenbrook  born 1-16-1939  died 4-25-2004  age 65  - son of Harry E. & Hazel Emma Norman Hulings m. 10-26-1968 
HULLIHEN, Patricia S. spouse of  born 11-1-1927  died 7-26-2003  age 75  dau of Lawrence L. & Ruth Owens Hullihen 
HULTBERG, Carl A. spouse of  Harriette Hanson born 9/13/1929 died 5/29/2012 age 82y Son of Oscar & Agda Johnson Hultberg b. Cyclone PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-5-1953  U.S. Army Korean War
HUMMEL, Mary E.  spouse of  Michael B.  born 1-1-1921 died  7-23-2010  age  89y -  Dau. of Elmer & Jenny Hindman Moore b. Sigel PA d. Brookville PA Wed 8-16-1940 in Corsica PA
HUNGIVILLE, Agnes E. spouse of Robert E., Jr. born 10-30-1942 died 1-28-2007 age 64  - Dau. of Thomas & Eva Jordan Renwick b. Bradford Pa. d. Lewis Run Pa. 

HUNTINGTON, Barbara A. spouse of  Darrell W.  born  11/7/1933  died  1/11/2013  age  79y  Dau of Richard & Pearl Frambus Hughes b. Bradford PA d. Cedar Rapids IA Wed 7-11-1952 in Allegany NY Darrell died 2-19-1995
HUNTINGTON, Darrell W spouse of Barbara A. born 10/19/1933 died 2/19/1995 age 61y Son of Harold and Winifred Huntington b. Bradford PA d. Bradford PA Wed 7/11/1952 in Allegany NY Barbard died 1/11/2013
HUNGIVILLE, Thomas Edward born 2-28-1955 died 9-6-2015 age 60 son of Robert Edward and Doris (Evan) Hungiville
HURD, Tina Irene born 1-15-1959 died 12-24-2006  - dau of Wellington M. Hurd & Carol E. Bullock Reese

HURST, James T.  spouse of Freda Freer  born 7-6-1897  died 8-10-1986 - Son of George & Kathrine Smedly Hurst m. 5-2-1925- US Navy WW I- b. Saybrook 
INSHETSKI, Gerald Leo spouse of Shirley A. Troutman  born 7-21-1925 died 3-23-2008 age 82  _ Son of Johin & Bessie Biglin Inshetski b. Pecksville d. Bradford PA Wed 1-27-1951 in Buffalo NY 
INSHETSKI, Shirley A. spouse of  Gerald born 6-10-1934 died 7-2-2011 age 77y - Dau. of Clayton H. & Lucy Chiodo Troutman b. Pittsburgh PA d. Bradford PA Wed 1-27-1962 in Buffalo NY
IRONS, Frances Cutting spouse of Miford A. died 1996  wed 40 years

IRONS, John G. spouse of Mary born 1924 died 5-1-2006 age 82 - Son of Edwin & Jeanette Irons 
IRONS, Milford A.  Frances Cutting  1925  8-20-2006  81 Son of Milferd D. & Gladys Nunn Irons b. Kane Pa. d. Palm Bay Fla. 
IRONS, Milford E. spouse of Vernice M. Hardes born 9-23-1922 died 4-30-2005 age 82  - son of Edwin & Janette s. Brougham Irons US Marine Corps 4th Marine Div. Inf.
IRONS, Vernice   spouse of  Milford E.  born  2/27/1926  died  1/8/2012  age  85y    Dau of John E. & Mary E. Baxter Hardes b. Port Allegany PA d. Smethport PA Wed 12-28-1947 in Port Allegany PA
IRONS, Vernice M.  spouse of  Milford E.  born  2/27/1926  died  1/8/2012  age  85y    Dau of John E. & Mary E. Baxter Hardes b. Port Allegany PA d. Smethport PA Wed 12-28-1947 in Port Allegany PA
ISHMAN, Donald R.   born 9/5/1955 died 7/23/2016 age 60 Son of Theresa M. (Ault) Ishman and Raymond Ishman, Born in Olean, NY, Died in Cyclone
ISHMAN, Ernest P. "Ernie"  spouse of    born  8-26-1933  died  6-27-2011  age  77y    Son of Pearl & Mary E. Brosius Ishman b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA  U.S. Army korean Conflict  
ISHMAN, Grace N.  spouse of Robert M. born 12-13-1904 died 2-17-1984  - Dau. of William & Lettie Lamb Penn b. Kushequa 

ISHMAN, Lucille R. spouse of Dewain Ishman born 9/21/1948 died 5/2/2016 age 67  Dau of Flora (Zamberlan) and Theodore D. Leonard, Born in Bradford, Married Feb 19, 1977 in Sawyer Evangelical Church, died in Bradford
ISHMAN, Melvin P. spouse of Cheryl A. Frey born 11-28-1960 died 11-26-2007 age 46  - Son of Raymond L. & Theresa "Tricky" Ault Ishman b. Olean NY d. Cold Spring NY (during transport to Erie PA) Wed 8-31-1996

ISHMAN, Sally Ann died 1/2/2017 Age 77
JACKSON, Betty Frances spouse of Henry James Sr. born 7/19/1922 died 5/11/2014 age 91y Dau of Harry & Barbara Noerr Wachob b. Juneau PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-3-1944 in Columbia SC Henry Sr. died 12-31-1974
JACKSON, Beverly Jean spouse of Jim Jr. born 8/3/1946 died 4/16/2014 age 67y Dau of Harold & Laura Jean Stowell Robbins b. Bradford PA d. Derrick City PA Wed 5-29-1965 in Bradford PA
JACOBY,  Christine G.  born 12-12-1962 died 11-8-2010 age 47y Dau. of William & Martha Johnson Gault b. & d. Bradford PA            
JEANNERETTE, Geraldine Lois  spouse of John F.  born 9-23-1907  died 2-3-2004  age 96  - dau of Samuel McClure & Elva Edith Simpson Mills School teacher 

JEANNERETTE, John F. "Bud"  spouse of Geraldine Lois  born  died 5-28-1972 - m. 6-16-1937 in Elmira NY 
JENNINGS, Ethel Hannold Spouse of Carl Hannold / Alfred Jennings Born  died 12/25/2015 Age 95 Dau of Delano and Ethel (Comes), Born in Vineland, NJ, Died in Loudon, TN, 2 daughters 2 sons
JOHNSON, Alvin W.  spouse of Jean E. Himes  born 9-19-1927 died 12-10-2001  age 74  - b. Ludlow - Son of John William & Mabel A. Lindquist Johnson m. 7-22-1950- US Army third Armor Div. WW II 1945-1947 

JOHNSON, Betty E. spouse of George W. born 7-22-1921 died 12-10-2009 age 88y  Dau. of William "Scotty" & Sarah Barraclough Anderson b. Coleglenn d. Bradford PA Wed 1942 George died 10-23-1980
JOHNSON, Betty Levenia  spouse of  Richard L. born 2/7/1928 died 11/5/2014  age 86y Dau of Anthony & Mary Dixon Balon b. Dallas TX d. Gifford PA Wed 10-5-1946 in Cyclone PA Richard died 6-19-2002
JOHNSON, Charles L. spouse of Margaret born 1923 died 5-27-2007 age 84  - Son of Harry & Mable MacKenzie Johnson  b. St. Mary's PA  d. Fort Wayne IND  U.S. Marine Corps participating in the North Africa campaign & Normandy invasion Omaha Beach  WW2

JOHNSON, Doris R. spouse of Herbert W. born 1-7-1916 died 8-8-2006 age 90 - Dau. of Clarence & Bessie Grinnell Erickson b. Kane Pa. d. Smethport Pa. Wed: 5-25-1939 in Kane Pa. 
JOHNSON, Dorothy L. spouse of  Robert E. born 3-26-1923 died 7-26-2006 age - Dau. of Henry & Esther Johansson Lindahl  b. & d. Bradford, Pa.  Wed: 12-10-1944
JOHNSON, Emory C.  spouse of Winona A.  born  died 3-24-1983  - m. 2-10-1946 
JOHNSON, George M. Jr. Spouse of Shirley F. (Holden) Johnson born 9/3/1940 died 11/3/2017 Age 77 Son of George M. and Elizabeth A. (Anderson) Johnson Sr., Born in Bradford, Married July 1, 1961 in East End Presbyterian, died in Bradford, 2 daughters.
JOHNSON, Joyce M. spouse of  Eric B. born 8-18-1935 died 3-30-2009 age  73y  -  Dau. of Morgan L. & Jeanette Cross McDougal b. Bradford PA d. Smethport PA Wed 12-27-1961 in Bradford PA  Eric B. died 8-26-1979
JOHNSON, LeRoy A. spouse of Barbara Fox born 7-18-1936 died 12-24-2009 age 73y  Son of John W. & Mable Lindquisst Johnson b. Rew PA d. Erie PA Wed 2-10-1962 in Smethport PA  U.S. Army 1959-1965

JOHNSON, Margaret M.  spouse of  Charles L.  born  Unknown  died  2/19/2012  age  89y    Dau of Michael Beatty & Bertha Hunter b. Limestone NY d. Fort Wayne IN
JOHNSON, Paul Michael spouse of Renee (Lupold) Johnson Born 10/10/1956 Died 2/9/2017 Age 60 - Son of Paul W. and Molly (Oakes) Johnson, Born in Bradford, Married June 23, 1995, died in Bradford, 3 sons, 2 daughters.
JOHNSON, Philip M.  born 12-17-1939 died 12-17-2009 age 70y -  Son of Maurice R. & Edith Billing Johnson b. Ridgeway PA d. Pittsburgh PA
JOHNSON, Winona A.  spouse of Emory c. born 1-18-1920 died 3-4-2001 age 81  - b. Port Allegany, PA - Dau. of Elof & Anna Johnson Nelson 

JOHNSTON, Ruth L. spouse of  Donald G. born 3/4/1927 died 6/6/2013 age 86y Dau of Maynard & Genevieve Benteen Cramer b. Bradford PA d. Olean NY Wed 9-11-1948 in Maryland Donald died 1-10-2000
JONES, Albert E. Sr. spouse of  Eleanor Trace  born 3-25-1920  died  3-2-2011 age 90y Son of Harold & Lena Dollmetsch Jones b. Flint MI d. Bradford PA Wed 8-2-1946 in Bradford PA U.S. Army - awarded European-African Middle Eastern Service Medal - one Silver Star - Bronze Star 3 Service Strips & 3 Overseas Service Bars
KAHLE, Eileen J. S spouse of Richard M. Kahle born 9-22-1930 died 11-20-2000  age 70  - Dau. of James & Esther Dittman Piper b. Clarion Co., PA- m. 8-12-1950 

KAHLE, Phillip E. spouse of Dulice A. born 8-1-1926 died 1-27-2006 age 79  - son of Frederick William & Florence O. Everitt Kahle US Navy WW II Pacific threater chief of police Otto Twp.
KAHLE, Thomas J.  spouse of  Frances F. Bozcska  born 12/31/1920  died 11/25/2011  age 90y  Son of Frederick & Florence Everitt Kahle b. Duke Center PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-19-1941 Frances died 7-13-1997  U.S. Army WW2 Korea
KAN, James Casey Jr. Born 10/5/1990 Died 3/18/2017 Age 26 - Son of James Casey and Middalia (Rivera) Kan
KAUTZ, Charles B. spouse of  born 3-5-1918  died 4-21-2000 

KAUTZ, Donald E.  spouse of  Mildred I. Potter  born  7/10/1920  died  6/16/2014  age  93y  Son of Paul R. & Bertha Scheiterle Kautz b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-5-1950 in Bradford PA  Mildred died 11-13-1980 U.S. Army Air Corps WW2 in India & Burma - Awarded American Theater Ribbon & the Asiatic-Pacific Theater Ribbon with Bronze Star
KAUTZ, Margaret spouse of Charles B., Sr. born 4-6-1924 died 4-11-2006 age 82y  - Dau. of Edward R. & Magaret Donlan Gunsallus  b. Ridgway, Pa. d. Pittsburgh, Pa.  Wed: 2-1-1947 in Bradford, Pa. 

KEARNEY, Vivian H. spouse of Thomas M. died 4-1-2006 age 98y 
KEESLER, Eunice E.  spouse of Rollo W. born 11-25-1911  died 1-29-2000 - Dau. of Guy E. & Ethel J. Craig O'Neil 
KEISTER, Alfred J. spouse of  Arlene Ward born 7/28/1925  died  3/29/2014  age  88y   Son of Arthur & Lucille Day Keister b. Shippenville PA d. Derrick City PA Wed 9-22-1944 in Bradford PA
KEISTER, Arlene L. spouse of Alfred J. born 9-28-1927 died 3-13-2010 age 82y  - Dau. of Delno & Iva Pelling Ward b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-22-1944 in Bradford PA 

KEISTER, Herman O. spouse of  Mary Catherine Bortz born 2/10/1924  died  1/19/2014  age  89Y  Son of Arthur & Lucille Day Keister b. Shippenville PA d. Derrick City PA Wed 3-16-1946 in Bradford PA U.S. Army WW2 served in the Rhineland Ardennes & Central Europe - Awarded American Campaign Medal European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with 3 Bronze Stars
KEISTER, Mary Catherine spouse of Herman O. born 8-9-1919 died 5-15-2006 age 86 - Dau. of Lee & Faye Wolford Bortz  b. Brookville, Pa. d. Pittsburgh, Pa.  Wed: 3-16-1946  U.S. Womens Army Corps  WW2

KELLER, Ellen R. "Red" spouse of Harry B. Sr. born 10/14/1919 died 4/9/2014 age  94y Dau of Leonard & Louise O'Neil Steck b. Degolia PA d. Bradford PA Wed 4-8-1938 in Bradford PA Harry died 4-9-1996
KELLGREN, Vivian G. spouse of Francis  born 2-17-1923 died 9-18-1999  age 76  - b. Turtlepoint, PA - Dau. of Rodney & Grace Taylor Simar m. 10-20-1976 

KELLOGG, Marian J. spouse of Ronald F. born 6-3-1934 died 2-2-2010 age 75y  - Dau. of John & Beth McKinney Hofius b. Meadville PA d. Bradford PA Wed 3-8-1952 in Meadville PA 
KELLOGG, Ronald F.  spouse of  Marian Hofius  born  9/18/1933  died  7/10/2014  age  80y  Son of Merle & Helen Robinson Kellogg b. Oil City PA d. Bradford PA Wed 3-8-1952 in Meadville PA
KELLY, Catherine M. spouse of Russell S. born 12-16-1914 died 5-15-2010 age 95y  - Dau. of Willard P. & Harriett Thompson Cline b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 12-30-1939 in Bradford PA 

KELLY, Russell S.  spouse of Catherine Cline born 4-9-1908  died 12-25-2001  age 93  - b. Bradford, PA - Son of William & Daisy Benton Kelly m. 12-30-1939 
KELLY, Veronica D. Spouse of Harry T. Kelly Born 10/3/1925 died 2/2/2016 Age 90  Dau of Michael and Suzanna (Stanicar) Sankner, Born in Custer City, Married April 30 ,1949 in Custer City, died in Bradford, 5 sons
KENNEMUTH, Frances H. spouse of Richard L. born  died 3-25-1996  - nee Avis wed 1-24-1949

KENNEMUTH, Mary Helen spouse of William F. born 10-3-1908 died 12-8-2004 age 96  - dau of Charles M.W. & Margaret Harrold Bishop
KENNEMUTH, Richard L. spouse of Frances H. born 11-21-1918 died 1-19-2005 age 86  - son of William Floyd & Lucy Donaldson Kennemuth Sgt. UA Army 79th Inf. European Theater WW II
KENNEMUTH, Steven R.  spouse of Lins Sue Crift born 6-16-1949  died 11-30-2003  age 54  - son of Richard L. & Frances L. Avis Kennemuth m. 6-12-1993 
KENNEMUTH, William F. spouse of Mary Helen born  died 1958  - wed 1931
KERSTETTER, Donna M. Spouse of Harvey G. Kerstetter Born 6/7/1930 died 5/19/2017 Age 86 Dau of Gervice and Josephine (Bauer) Hubbard, born in Portville, NY, Married Oct 1978, 2 daughters, 2 sons.
KERSTETTER, Harvey G.  spouse of  Donna M. Hubbard  born  5-1-1926  died  8-7-2010  age  84y  -  Son of Robert & Grace McGee Kerstetter b. Sackett PA d. Bradford PA Wed 10-28-1978  U.S. Navy serving with the 71st Naval Seabees in the Pacific Theater
KERVIN, Betty B. spouse of Kenneth J. born 12-4-1926 died 3-17-2010 age 83y  - Dau. of Robert & Genevive Dible Van Camp b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-20-1952 in Eldred Pa

KERVIN, Kenneth J. Sr. spouse of Betty B. VanCamp born 10-14-1922 died 6-23-2004 age 81 - Son of Joseph & Jessie (Schroder) Kervin, b. Duke Center-PA, d. Duke Center-PA (heart attack), Wed 9-20-1952 in Eldred-PA, Vet-WWII US Navy radio tech
KEYSER, Betsy W.  spouse of Irvin  born 6-1-1921 died 3-10-2007 age 85  - Dau. of Carl M. & Mildred Huff Wonner  b. & d. Mount Jewett Pa. Wed 10-2-1965 in Mount Jewett Pa.  Husband #1 William Bristol
KING Jr., Arthur Scott spouse of Rosemary Margaret Lloyd born 9-3-1922  died 2-27-2007 age 84  - Son of Arthur Scott & Reba Hurd King Sr.  b. Warren Pa. d. Canton N.Y. Wed 8-27-1946 in Olean N.Y. U.S. Army WW2 310th Infantry Regiment captured during Battle of the Bulge was Missing in Action became Prisoner of War. Awarded Silver Star Bronze Star & Prsidential Unit Citation among many others. In 1987 awarded Prisoner of War Medal from the state commander of the Ex-POW's Association.
KING, John F. spouse of  Ruth A. died 6-16-1978  - wed June 21 194 in Farmers Valley PA
KING, Ruth A. Walker spouse of John F. born 3-15-1914 died 8-25-2006 age 92 - Dau. of Arthur & Ruth Young Reed b. Farmers Valley Pa. d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 6-21-1941 Husband #1 Arthur Walker wed 7-12-1932 
KING, William E. Spouse of Margaret E. (Covel) Born 4/26/1927 Died  8/7/2017 Age 90 Son of Glen King and Ethel Louise (Engle), born in Burbank, Okla, married Oct 8, 1949 in Kane, died in Bradford, 2 daughters; served in US Navy during WWII, in the Pacific Theater aboard the USS Telamon, ARB-8. His last duty was in Operation Crossroads, the detonation of the atomic bomb at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific in July 1946.           
KINNER, Harry L. spouse of Clara born U/K died 1-18-2008 age 87 - formerly of Hazel Hurst PA  d. Rochester NY

KLAWUHN, Robert E.  spouse of    born  11/29/1934  died  11/21/2014  age  79y  Son of Theodore & Naomi Ryan Klawuhn Homell b. Turtlepoint PA d. Smethport PA U.S. Army Korean Conflict
KLEIDERLEIN, Darlene spouse of  Ernest H. born 12-14-1930 died 7-28-2006 age - Dau. of Guy & Vilo Patterson Finlan  b. Bradford, Pa. d. Allegany, N.Y.  Wed: 4-11-1964 

KLINE, Mary B. (Edwards) Spouse of Lawrence Kline Born 9-26-1926 died 3-29-2015 Age 88  - Dau of Earl and Lillian (Fishburn) Edwards, 2 daughters, 1 son           
KLOSS, Marie E. spouse of Paul born 7-3-1921 died 8-27-2009 age 88y  - Dau. of William & Mildred Nellis Whelan b. Bradford PA d. Seneca PA  Wed 5-22-1043 in Bradford PA 

KLUSSMAN, Janice L. Born 5-18-1945 died 4-10-2015    Age 69 Dau of Samuel John and Glora Jean (Walter) McGriff, born in Bradford, PA., died in Buffalo, NY., one daughter, one son
KNIGHT, John  R. spouse of  Lorraine O. Miller born 5-8-1932 died 7-9-2006 age 74 - Son of Russell & Anna Flockerzi Knight  b. Fertigs  d. Erie, Pa.  Wed: 8-7-1953 U.S. Army  Korean War Armored Tank Battalion 

KNIGHT, Lorraine O. spouse of John R. Knight born 6/5/1934 died 6/27/2016 age 82  Dau of LeRoy and Onolee (Knapp) Miller, Born in Warren, Married Aug 7, 1953 in Rew, died in Bradford, 1 daughter, 1 son
MASTERS, Robert Jr. born 2/12/1943 died 5/28/2016 age 73  Son of Robert L. and Arabelle E. (Riley) Masters, Born in Bradford, died in Kane
KNIGHT, Michael Jonathan born 9/14/1973 died 5/18/2016 age 42  Son of Ira R. (Jan) Knight and Marlene (Anthony) Aiken, Born in Bradford, died in Smethport
KNOTT, Twila J.  spouse of  Ronald W. Sr.  born  7/11/1933  died  5/15/2013  age  79y  Dau of Lawrence & Emma Bengson Pilk b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA Wed 12-20-1952 in Bradford PA Ronald Sr. died 6-23-1971
KNOX, Herbert R. spouse of Idamae (Wilson) Born 7/22/1928 Died 2/3/2017 Age 88 - Son of Lawrence R. and Sarah Cecelia (Brown) Knox, Born in Bradford, Married March 21, 1951, died in Bradford, 3 daughters, 2 sons; Served in Germany with the U.S. Army from 1946 to 1949, honorably discharged
KNOX, Idamae spouse of Herbert R. "Herb" born 7-2-1930 died 2-1-2008 age 77 - Dau. of Earl & Mary Wells Wilson b. Bradford PA d. Amherst NY Wed 3-21-1951 

KOHLER, Benjamin S. "Ben" spouse of Nita L. Pascarella born 7-12-1944 died 3-19-2009 age 64y  - Son of Gerald S. & Helen Layfield Kohler b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-14-2008 U.S. Navy Vietnam War
KOHLER, Gerald D. "Jerry"  born  3/28/1943  died  3/16/2013  age  69y  Son of Gerald S. & Helen Layfield Onuffer Kohler b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA  Former wife Nancy Holden
KOHLER, Randee O. Spouse of Mary (Dow) Born 10/7/1947 died 1/5/2016 Age 68 Son of Otto and Helen (Edwards) Kohler, Born in Port Allegany, Married Aug 9, 2003, died in Kane, 2 sons - Served in the U.S. Navy in Japan during the Vietnam War.
KOLBE, John Lyon spouse of Helen Marie (Kahle) born 12/16/1926 died 6/10/2015 age 88 Son of William and Alice (Kauffman) Kolbe, Born in Bradford, died in Spokane Wash, Married June 24, 1947, 1 daughter, 1 son - WWII Veteran serving in the US Army from 1945-1946 and in the Army reserves as a captain from 1951-1968.
KOLIVOSKI, Eleanor A. born 12-8-1917 died 4-21-2006 age 88 Dau. of David B. & Grace Adams Austin b. Kane Pa. d. Tucker Ga.

KRAKAT, George G.  spouse of  Marie L. Hunter born  6-25-1921 died 7-23-2010 age  89y  - Son of George & Olga Shultz Krakat b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA  Wed 3-23-1946 in Bradford PA  U.S. Navy serving aboard LST 343 & 889 in the Solomon Islands Philippine Islands & Japan WW2
KRAKAT, Marie L. spouse of George G. born 3-29-1920 died 3-7-2010 age 89y  - Dau. of Wayne A. & Sadie Swatzler Hunter Sr. b. West Hickory PA d. Bradford PA Wed 3-23-1946 in Bradford PA 

KRALL, Anna E. (Alexander)    . Spouse of     Captain Robert P. Krall, M.D.    . Born     11-26-1920    , died     3-25-2015    . Age:     94     -     Dau of James M. and Sarah Ethel (Crouse) Alexander, 2 sons          KRIEG, Jeffrey L. born  7-14-1958 died 5-6-2008 age 49 - Son of Earl Louis & Betty J. Minser Krieg b. Massillon OH d. Pittsburgh PA 
LAMB, Frances P.  spouse of Archie L. "Bud" Lamb born 6-14-1917  died 12-12-2000 age 83  - Dau. of Paul & Gladys Reagle Henton b. Spartansburg- m. 2-7-1939 
LAMPERT, Norma V. spouse of Tim A. born 12-4-1923 died 1-8-2008 age 84 - Dau. of Paul H. & Mabel E. Benjamin Hess b. Rathburn NY d. Smethport PA
LARSON, Emil A. born 6-21-1911 died 5-21-2007 age 95  - Son of Lewis & Anna Johnson Larson  b. Bradford PA  d. Jamestown NY 
LARSON, Helen E. spouse of Leonard S. born 11-6-1908 died 3-27-2008 age 99  _ Dau. of Frederick & Elizabeth Britton Gilbert b. Buffalo NY d. Bradford PA Wed 10-12-1927 in Bradford PA 
LARSON, Raymond Theodore spouse of Madolyn Crouse born 9/7/1915 died 6/23/2012 age 96y  Son of August & Mary Dolstrum Larson b. Farmers Valley PA d. Smethport PA Wed 10-16-1937 in Farmers Valley PA Madolyn died 12-14-1996
LATHROP Jr., Henry B. spouse of Marion R. Johnson born 6-17-1916 died 8-19-2006 age 90 - Son of Henry B. & Viva Timmerman Lathrop b. Crosby Pa. d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 6-28-1939 

LATHROP, Marion R. spouse of  Henry B., Jr. born 3-2-1919 died 1-11-2007 age 87  - Dau. of Oscar F. & Edna V. Wilson Johnson b. Betulah Norwich Township Pa. d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 6-28-1939 
LATTIN, Mildred M. spouse of  born 3-4-1940 died 5-1-2010 age 70y  - Dau. of Leslie & Esther Miller James b. Bolivar NY d. Erie PA
LAWSON, Brian Edward spouse of  born 10-30-1951 died 12-16-2004  - Son of Byron E. & Anna Madelon (Marvin) Lawson, "Fast Eddie", b. Olean-NY, d. Olean-NY
LAWTON, Ronald W.  spouse of    born  5/21/1987  died  5/14/2014  age  26y  Son of Ronald L. & Martha F. Gunderman Lawton b. & d. Bradford PA
LEARY, Mary Alene William Calendar  5-8-1925  10-6-2006  81 Dau. of Leonard Clair & Eleanor Blanche Johns  b. Clarion Pa. d. Glen Burnie Md. Wed: 6-25-1949 in Bradford Pa. 

LEHMAN, Harry I. spouse of Margery J. Beyeler born 7-24-1917 died 5-20-2006 age 88  - Son of Harry & Marie Fowler Lehman  b. Zanesville, Ohio  d. Olean, N.Y.  Wed: 1-6-1943 in Akron, Ohio  U.S. Army Air Corps  WW2
LEHMAN, Margery J. spouse of Harry I.born 11-25-1921 died 6-20-2010 age  88y  - Dau. of Karl & Thelma Neal Beyeler b. Bradford PA d. Warren PA Wed 1-6-1943 in Akron OH
LENT, Eleanor R. spouse of Hobert T. born 10-20-1916 died 7-30-2008 age 91y  - Dau. of Anthony & Florence Nuhfer Boyle b. Cranberry d. Smethport PA Wed 9-17-1936 in Bradford PA

LEONARD, Clarence R. Spouse of Elizabeth Rachel (Bundy) Leonard Born 4/3/1918 died 4/19/2017    Age 99 Son of William J. and Myrtle (Roberts) Leonard, born in Bradford, Married June 25, 1939  in Meadville, died in Bradford, 3 daughters; served in US Army, 1st Battalian, 313th and 79th Infantry Regiment, received Purple Heart, Victory Medal, Good Conduct and European-African Middle Eastern Ribbon with 2 Bronze Stars; honorably discharged.
LEONARD, Elizabeth R. "Betty"  spouse of  Clarence R.  born  10/7/1918  died  1/4/2013  age  94y  Dau of Warren R. & Ellen E. Beacher Bundy Swavey b. Brockway PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-25-1939 in Meadville PA Married 73 years
LEONARD, Lily  spouse of Drxel D. born 12-7-1924 died 2-28-2008 age 83 - Dau. of Steve & Frances Troncone b. Emporium PA d. Port Allegany PA 

LEWIS, Warriner C. "Rebel"  spouse of  Ardis M. Niver born 8/7/1930 died 2/14/2013 age 82y Son of Thorton & Lois Harper Lewis b. Crewe VA d. Cyclone PA Wed 2-2-1962 in Limestone NY U.S. Army
LINDAHL, Betty L. spouse of Carl H. born 5-28-1924 died 2-1-2008 age 83 - Dau. of Harry & Clara Whitted Bruner b. Walkertown PA d. Bradford PA Wed 11-10-1945 Farmers Valley PA 

LINDAHL, Carl H Spouse of Betty L. (Bruner) Lindahl Born 6/15/1920 died 1/9/2016 Age 95 Son of Henry and Esther (Johansson) Lindahl, Born in Bradford, Married Nov. 10, 1945 in Farmers Valley, Died in Bradford, 2 sons - Served in U.S. Army, awarded four Bronze Stars, Honorably discharged on Oct. 9, 1945
LINEMAN, Edward D.  spouse of  Ruthanne Burritt  born  2/25/1934  died  7/23/2014  age  80y  Son of Melvin & Mae Whitling Lineman b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 12-21-1957 in Bradford PA Married 56 years  U.S. Air Force Korean War 1953-1957
LINGATON, Harry E.  spouse of  Joyce E. Stiles  born  6/13/1937  died  1/3/2013  age  75y  Son of Theodore J. & Rhoda M. Clark Lingaton Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-11-1960 in Kane PA  U.S. Army 1961-1963
LINDQUIST, John E. Spouse of Phyllis J. Wagner Born 2/23/1933 died 3/9/2016 Age 83  Son of Elmer and Agnes (Boyle) Lindquist, Born in Kane, Marred June 8, 1957 in Bradford, died in Bradford, 2 daughters, 2 sons - Served in U.S. Army and Reserves until 1962
LITTLEFIELD, Carl L.  born 10-24-1913 died 2-21-1959 - Son of James B. & Edna Wilcox Littlefield b. Unknown d. Murfreeboro TN 

LITTLEFIELD, Edna  spouse of James B. born 3-30-1889 died 7-9-1949 - b. Sanford PA d. Bradford PA 
LITTLEFIELD, James B. spouse of Edna Wilcox born 3-15-1888 died 7-27-1965 - b. Pokey PA d. Clarendon PA  Wife #2 Twila 
LITTLEFIELD, Twila spouse of James B. born 5-24-1898 died 8-14-1964 - Second  Wife of James B. "b. Sanford PA d. Clarendon PA 
LOCKWOOD, Mary G.spouse of  Willard  A. born 1/19/1929  died  12/31/2012  age  83y  Dau of Joe & Nancy G. Aaron Kerr b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA Wed 7-19-1947 in Eldred PA Willard died 10-27-1995
LOOKER, James E. spouse of Lucille A. died 3-1968  - wed 1940

LOOKER, Lucille A. "Lucy" spouse of James E. born 8-23-1915 died 12-10-2006 age 91  - dau of Claude & Agnes Brady Brown
LORD, Belva B. spouse of Delbert C. born 9-12-1930 died 3-22-2007 age 76  - Dau. of Edward & Nina Stonemetz Childs  b. Obi NY  d. Smethport PA  Wed  10-15-1952 in Obi NY
LORD, Octave E. "Butch"  spouse of  Paula Stuart   born  4/10/1944  died  3/24/2014  age  69y  Son of Octave E. & Blanche Marzucco Lord b. & d. Bradford PA U.S. Army National Guard
LUKE, Judy W.  spouse of    born  11/17/1943  died  3/28/2013  age  69y  Dau of Simon R. & Joyce E. Tambash  Walker b. & d. Bradford PA
LUNDGREN, Joseph M. Spouse of Tricia A. (Blaisdell)    Born 1-9-1959 died 4-15-2015 Age 56 Son of Robert Lundgren and Karen (Markey) Cook, born in Kane, PA., died in Erie, PA., married March 20, 1993 in Lewis Run, 2 daughters, 2 sons.   
LUNN, Mary Elizabeth (Pierce) Spouse of Matthew S. Lunn    Born 2-4-1982 died 5-22-2015 Age 33 Dau of Milton and Elizabeth (Stiles) Pierce, Born in Coudersport, Died in Smethport, Married Aug 18, 2000 in Smethport, 2 sons   
LYNDE, Lesta G. spouse of William T. born 6-1-1908 died 7-28-2008 age 100y  - Dau. of William H. & Dora E. Haight Spence b. & d. Kane PA Wed 6-21-1934 

LYONS, E. June  spouse of  Fred J.   born 10/16/1921  died 3/1/2012  age 90y  Dau of Charles & Eva Rose Hilliard b. Bartleville OK d. Bradford PA Wed 8-15-1941 in Olean NY Fred J. died in 2000
MacARTHUR, Anna Madelon spouse of Byron E. Lawson  [#1] born 10-23-1923 died 3-17-2004  - Dau of Robert & Leah (Weimer) Marvin, b. Farmers Valley-PA, d. Buffalo-NY, Wed #1 10-31-1948 who d. 4-21-1976, Wed #2 Eugene D. MacArthur on 1-04-1984 in Knapp Creek-NY
MacPHERSON, Maldred L. "Millie" spouse of  born 12/11/1924 died 11/8/2014  age  89y  Dau of John William & Mabel Lindquist Johnson b. Wetmore PA d. Fort Wayne IN
MACK, Floyd Spouse of  Marlene K. (Johnson) Born 7-7-1948 died 3-27-2015 Age 66 -  Son of Floyd V. and Beatrice (G'Danitz) Mack, one daughter, one son           
MACK, Vernon E. "Gene" spouse of  Pamella J. Miller born 6-25-1936 died 10-12-2010 age 74y  Son of Floyd V. & Beatrice  A. G'danitz Mack b. Oil City PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-24-1961 Pamella died 2-24-2001 U.S. Marine Corps 1956-1958
MACKEY, Betty J. spouse of Harold Eugene Mackey born 11-22-1937 died 9-1-2015 age 77  Dau of Frederick Campbell and June (Neiswongerl), 3 daughters, 3 sons
MADINE, Rose Marie  spouse of  Samuel S.  born  8/24/1933  died  5/13/2013  age  79y  Dau of Thomas & Rosalia Patterson Manning b. Pittsburgh PA d. Smethport PA Wed 10-1-1952 Married 60 years
MAGEE, Druesa Jane  spouse of  Gordon W .  born  1-31-1925  died  2-27-2011  age  86y    Dau. of James Leslie & Eileen Stetler Selkregg b. North East PA d. Smethport PA Wed 7-1-1950 in Bradford PA  Gordon W. died 10-13-2002
MAHOLIC, Ernestine D. spouse of  Andrew, Jr. born 4-23-1916 died 1-12-2007 age 90  - Dau. of Ernest L. & Ada Lamberton Nichols b. W. Clarksville N.Y. d. LeRoy N.Y. Wed: 9-5-1970  Wed Husband #1 Lloyd Andrews 4-23-1937

MANGUS, Barbara A.  spouse of Philip "Toby"Mangus  born 3-18-1944  died 2-10-2003  age 58  - born in Olean NY to Frank & Cora Dort Haynes 
MANNING, Bertha Mary spouse of  born 5-26-1895 died 12-7-1963 
MANNING, Charles F born 1-5-1882 died 9-3-1965 
MANNING, Charles Francis died 1-22-1993 (buried) 
MANNING, Edith S.  born 1-9-1883 died 3-7-1958 
MANNING, James Dean  born 5-23-1919 died 7-30-1975 
MANNING, Jane born 4-10-1887 died 1-27-1960 
MANNING, Luella Rose born 5-13-1920 died 7-26-1976 
MARTINY, Susan Kay  spouse of  Edward F.  born  5-27-1943  died  8-22-2011 age 68y Dau. of Ralph & Pearl Rapchick McAlpine b. Bradford PA d. Lakewood NY Wed 8-18-1968 in San Diego CA
MASCHO, Harry L.  spouse of  Virginia M. Jarrett  born  7/14/1927  died  1/18/2012  age  84y    Son of Harry C. & Josie Curtin Mascho b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-29-1951 in Limestone NY U.S. Army Air Corps WW2
MASTER, Gladys P. spouse of Harold G. born 9-5-1914 died 12-1-2007 age 93  - Dau. of William A. & Mila Cordray Hays b. Mannington WVA  d. Bradford PA Wed 4-21-1938 

MASTERS, Robert Jr. born 2/12/1943 died 5/28/2016 age 73  Son of Robert L. and Arabelle E. (Riley) Masters, Born in Bradford, died in Kane
MATHYS, Jean Marie  born  4/2/1924  died  6/18/2014  age  90y  Dau of Frank & Helen Harvison Conklin b. Cambridge MA d. Bradford PA Wed Husband #1 Robert M. Mayo on 1-1-1947 who died 11-26-1980 Wed Husband #2 John R. Mathys on 5-19-1984
MATHYS, John R.  born  10/4/1934  died  7/28/2014  age  79y  Son of John M. & Beatrice Simmons Mathys b. Ridgway PA d. Bradford PA Wed Wife #1 Patricia Benson on 5-30-1953 who died 4-23-1980 Wed Wife #2 Jean Marie Conklin-Mayo on 5-19-1984 who died 6-6-2014
MATTO, John A. spouse of Lucille Schollard born 9-20-1919 died 4-12-2007 age 87  - Son of Stephen & Susan Kolesar Matto  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 1968

MATTO, Lucille S. spouse of John  A. born 2-21-1921 died 3-28-2011 age 90y  - Dau. of Hugh & Ahava Bailey Schollard b. Rixford PA d. Bradford PA Wed 5-1968 in Machias NY  
MAXWELL, Celeste M. spouse of Marshall "Bert" born 11-24-1913 died 7-19-2008 age 94y  - Dau. of Valentine & Sallie Kellison Moore b. Morgansville W.VA d. New Port Richey FL Wed 5-31-1933
MAYER, Ralph J. spouse of Jonnie Lynn Peterson born 10-11-1933 died 3-28-2009 age 75y  - Son of Harry & Kathryn Field Mayer b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-3-1954 in Smethport PA 
MAYER, Jonnie Lynn  spouse of Ralph J.  born 4-22-1934 died 7-19-2003  age 69  - dau of Alfred W. & Carrie A. Lindholm Peterson m 7-3-1954 in Smethport PA 
MAYS, Dolores "Dorie" spouse of David born 3/28/1939 died 3/23/2012 age 72y  -Dau of Stanley & Mary Meholick Sunealitis b. DuBois PA d. Erie PA Wed Unknown
McALEE, Edward M.  spouse of    born  12-31-1950  died  9-27-2011  age  60y    Son of Harold "Bud" & Lavina Roberts McAlee b. Ridgway PA d. Danville PA    
McALPINE, Pearl  spouse of Ralph  born 4-3-1909  died 11-6-1999  - Dau. of Fred & Anna Kuprinack Rapchick 

McCANN, Basil M.  spouse of Florence E.  born 4-9-1914 died 9-20-2001  age 87  - b. Olean, NY - Son of Clarence & Margaret Goodsell McCann 
McCANN, Florence E. Rucinski  spouse of Basil M.  born  died 12-24-1986  - m. 7-21-1938 
McCANNA, Robert C. Jr. born  6/20/1970  died  9/27/2013 age 43y Son of Robert C. & Helen J. Stuckey McCanna Sr. b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA
McCANNA, Robert C. Sr. spouse of  Helen J. Stuckey born 4/30/1930 died 1/22/2013 age 82y Son of Charles & Ruth McCune McCanna b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 3-11-1967 U.S. Air Force Korean Conflict 1951-1955
McCool Sr., Ronald L. spouse of Beverly A. (Graves) Born 2/27/1937 Died 2/23/2017 Age 79 - Son of Earl and Margaret (Butcher) McCool, born in Oil City, Married March 25, 1956 in Bradford, died in Bradford, 2 sons, 3 daughters
McCOY, Jennie "Aunt Jennie" spouse of Raymond W . "Barney" born 4-22-1913 died 8-11-2009 age 96y  - Dau. of John & Jennie Brock Crattie b. Rew PA d. Erie PA Wed 9-12-1974 in Rew PA 

McCLELLAND, Mary Madeline  spouse of born 1-26-1943 died 7-21-2011 age  68y -Dau. of Tony & Gladys Cornelius Cesario b. Bradford PA d. Kane PA
McCORMICK, Marjorie A.  spouse of  Robert  born  5/15/1933  died  6/21/2014  age  81y  Dau of Harold & Ena Hardy Ackley b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-20-1949 in Bradford PA  Robert died 12-18-1977
McCRACKEN, Betsy L.  spouse of Kevin E. born 5-12-1952 died 3-10-2010 age 57y  - Dau. of Leon & Betty Covell Pire b. Bradford PA d. Buffalo NY Wed 7-2-2002 in DuBois PA 

McDERMOTT, Marilyn M. born 12/11/1925 died 5/11/2016 age 90  Dau of Thomas William and Anna (Benson) McDermott, Born in Smethport, died in Bradford
McDERMOTT, Thomas William "Bill" spouse of Bettie M. Crawford born 8-24-1927 died 11-20-2009 age 82y  Son of Thomas W. "Snick" & Anna Bengston McDermott b. Smethport PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-21-1952  U.S. Navy aboard the U.S.S. NeverSail WW2

McDIVITT, Laurie A.  spouse of  Jeff F. Sr.  born  8-22-1963  died  4-23-2011  age  47y  Dau. of Lawrence & Marjorie Hardy Hallock b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed in 1981 Jeff F. died in 1984  
McDOWELL, Eleanor J. spouse of James R. born 3/17/1923 died 5/28/2012 age  89y  Dau of John & Ella Kutchmire Kemick b. Lewis Run PA d. Fort Myers FL Wed 11-24-1963 in Bradford PA James died in 1980
McFALL, Antoinette V. "Annette"  spouse of  Richard L. Sr.  born  3/21/1936  died  9/2/2014  age  78y  Dau of  Helen V. Moore Battaglia b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 4-7-1956 in Bradford PA Married 58 years
McFALL, Richard L. Sr.  spouse of  Antoinette V. Annette Battaglia   born  3/3/1934  died  11/5/2014  age  80y  Son of Robert & Virginia Nichols McFall b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 4-7-1956 in Bradford PA Married 58 years U.S. Army Korean War 1954-1956
McGANN, Kay spouse of John M. born 1928 died 4-9-2007 age 79  - Dau. of Leroy & Irene Brocious Ishman  b. u/k  d. Mullins SC

MCGEE, Margaret R. spouse of Vernon  born 11-12-1918 died 05-07-2003 age 84  - b. in Clarendon, PA to William & Pearl Dushaine McClellan m. 1st Eskil Quist d. 1969 
MCGEE, Vernon  spouse of Margaret R. born  died 1976 
McGONIGAL, Burnett C. spouse of Howard Edgar born 3-11-1921 died 6-18-2010 age 89y  - Dau. of George Earl & Ella Barbara Oneacre Day b. New Martinsville W.VA d. Kane PA Wed 9-26-1947 in Coshocton OH  Howard Edgar died in 1981
McKEOWN, John H. spouse of Marilyn Martin born 9-7-1937 died 9-17-2006  - son of William H. & Ruby Swiger McKeown US Navy USS Gehring
McKEOWN, Ruby E. spouse of William H.  born 11-17-1917  died 6-16-2003  age 85  - dau of Okey & Romanzie Spencer Swiger 
McKEOWN, William H. spouse of Buby E.  born  died 7-13-1983  - m. 1-16-1935 in Salem W. VA 
MCLAUGHLIN, Joanne A. Spouse of Aaron L. McLaughlin Born 10/23/1932 died 2/1/2016 Age 83  Dau of Kenneth O'Dell and Elayne (Anderson) O'Dell, Born in Bradford, Married Aug. 2, 1971 in Bradford, Died in Bradford, 2 daughters, 1 son
McLAUGHLIN, N. Jean spouse of Charles Frederick born 1-10-1924 died 2-3-2009 age 85y  - Dau. of  George W. & Ethel I. Phillips McCord b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-13-1952 in Bradford PA

McMEANS, Bertha M. Born 12/28/1920 died 5/17/2017 Age 96 Dau of Walter H. and Evelyn (Stroup) McCauley, born in Pine Camp,  married in 1958, died in Kane.
McMILLAN, Malcolm W. "Mack"  spouse of  Marion Herrington  born  12/2/1917  died  1/25/2014  age  96y  Son of Malcolm H. & Rosetta Yanke McMillan b. Warsaw NY d. Bradford PA Wed 10-23-1939 in Port Allegany PA U.S. Army Air Corps in the Pacific Theater 1944-1946
McMILLAN, Marion F. spouse of Malcolm W. Sr. born 10-19-1918 died 8-7-2009 age 90y  - Dau. of Frank & Ella Swaney Herrington b. Nile NY d. Bradford PA  Wed 10-23-1939 in Port Allegany PA 

McMILLEN, Doris G. born 10/30/1931 died 8/8/2014 age 82y Dau of Wayne & Grace Sheridan b. & d. Bradford PA 
McNEIL, Ilene M.  spouse of  born 3-19-1915  died 6-11-2000  - b. Crosby, PA 

McOMBER, Virginia Mae spouse of Robert A. born 9-15-1921 died 3-14-2007 age 85  - Dau. of John William & Mabel Lindquist Johnson b. Ludlow Pa. d. Harbor Creek Pa. Wed: 5-18-1946 
MEALY, Harold C. Jr  spouse of Nellie Ward  born 3-12-1923  died 12-17-2003  age 80  - son of Harold C. & Darlula Zent Mealy Sr. Us Army WW II 95th Signal Batt. 
MEALEY, Marguerite L. "Marnie" spouse of Melvin Arvid born 9-5-1916 died 1-7-2010 age 93y  Dau. of Godfery & Florence Foust Benson b. Kane PA d. Greenhurst NY Wed 9-15-1939 in Port Allegany PA 
MEALY, Nellie W. spouse of Harold C. born 1-22-1921 died 9-8-2009 age 88y  - Dau. of Jay & Gertrude Fenern Ward b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-30-1942 Bradford PA 
MEEKS, Phyllis  spouse of Raymond L. born 6-2-1920 died 9-2-2007 age 87  - Dau. of Francis & Cora Arnold Price  b. Geneva NY  d. Bradford PA  Wed  6-28-1942 
MERRITT, Marilyn A.  spouse of  Benny  born  9/7/1936  died  2/24/2015  age  78y  Dau of Donald & Rhoda Shelley Bromley b. Bradford PA d. Limestone NY Wed 5-11-1985 in Allegany NY Former Husband LaVern E. Jacoby
MERRITT, Benny F. spouse of Marilyn A. Bromley born 3-31-1934 died 5-26-2007 age 73  - Son of Alvie & Mary E. Barrile Merritt  b. Bradford PA  d. Olean NY  Wed 5-11-1985 in Allegany NY  U.S. Army Korean War

MERRITT, Violet L. "Punk"  born  6-25-1931 died 12-21-2008 age 77y  - Dau. of Charles S. & Olive Paul Albaugh Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA
MILHISLER, Gertrude A.  spouse of  Kenneth P.  born  9-20-1934  died  1-10-2011  age  76y    Dau. of Grant O. & Ella H. Huntoon Work b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-4-1991 Kenneth died 11-4-1991
MILKS, Frank E. Sr.  spouse of Mary E.  born  died 6-20-1992  - m. 6-22-1942 

MILKS, Mary E.  spouse of Frank E. Sr.  born 5-29-1925  died 5-18-2001  age 75  - b. Muncy - Dau. of Otto J. & P. Beatrice Smith Weaver 
MILLER, Alice L. spouse of  born 3-18-1930 died 10-6-2007 age 77  - Dau. of Arthur G. & Annabelle Taylor Miller  b. Mount Alton  d. Bradford PA 
MILLER, Catherina "Jo" spouse of William E. Miller born 10-2-1937 died 8-3-2015 age 77    Dau of Harold and Daisy (Garvin) Newhouse, Born in Kane, Married Oct 5, 1957 in Mount Alton, Died in Bradford, 3 daughters, 2 sons
MILLER, Elizabeth M. "Betty" spouse of Russell E. born 6-12-1925 died 8-31-2008 age 83y  - Dau. of Charles William & Viola Ruth Irwin Strait b. Duke Center PA d. Lecanto FL Wed 1-1-1947 in Portville NY 

MILLER, Gerald M. spouse of Gwen E. Grove born 10-31-1927 died 4-05-2004 age 76 - Son of Julius A. & Hester (Cusick) Miller, d. Port Allegany-PA, Wed 7-19-1947 in Bradford-PA, Vet-WWII US Army Air Corps
MILLER, Glenn A. Spouse of Helen L. (Weaver)    Born     5-25-1940 died 4-9-2015    Age 74 Son of Arthur G. and Annabelle (Taylor) Miller, born in Mount Alton, PA., married in Limestone, NY, Dec. 31, 1966, 2 sons, 3 daughters - Army Veteran, discharged Sept. 4, 1965
MILLER, Linda Lou spouse of Gary Miller Sr. Born 10/4/1950 died 8/16/2016 age 65  Dau of Fred and Lyla (Cotton) Cramer Sr., Born in Bradford, Married Nov 29, 1969 in Derrick City, 2 daughters, 1 son
MILLER, Wayne E.  born 1-15-1945 died 8-19-2009 age 64y  - Son of Arthur G. & Annabelle Taylor Miller b. Kane PA d. Smethport PA U.S. Navy with Seabees MCB-11 Received Vietnam Service Medal with 3 Bronze Stars & the Fleet Marine Force Combat Operation Insignia - Awarded a Purple Heart 

MILLIRON, Gayle M. Spouse of Larry Dean Daugherty Born 9/27/1944 died 5/31/2017 Age   72 Dau of Erdice and Nellie (Berdella) Dorsett Milliron, born in Olean, NY, married Aug 21, 1965 in Rixford, died in Punxsutawney
MINICH, Gerald E.  spouse of Lucy A.  born  died 11-16-1994  - m. 1-8-1944 

MINICH, Lucy A.  spouse of Gerald E.  born 1-4-1924  died 5-6-2001  age 77  - b. Buffalo, NY- Dau. of Anthony & Pauline Golata Kolodziejczak 
MINNICH, Donald "Boo" Sr. spouse of Evelyn Mae Hughes born 6-14-1924 died 3-23-2009 age 84y  - Son of Lawrence & Ruth E. Gailey Minnich b. Duke Center PA d. Alliance OH Wed 7-28-1951 U.S. Army Air Corps as a B-17 Pilot WW2 Flew in 88 Missions including Iwo Jima - Tinnian & Sai Pan
MINNICH, Evelyn Mae spouse of Donald M. Sr. born 8-3-1925 died 9-15-2007 age 82  - Dau. of Dave & Lottie Wise Hughes  b. Rixford PA  d. Alliance OH  Wed 7-28-1951 
MISHENKO, Stephen "Chippy"  spouse of  Cecilia Ann "Tootsie" Nelson  born  9/22/1932  died  9/10/2013  age  80y  Son of Stephen J. & Anna Kasaback/Kasubjak Mishenko b. Johnsonburg PA d. Marienville PA Wed 12-31-1957 in Johnsonburg PA Married 50 years
MONG, Paul A . spouse of Betty Jane Burgess born 5-3-1923 died 5-29-2007 age 84  - Son of Lawrence & Reba McDowell Mong  b. Shippenville PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed 6-24-1944 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army 259th Field Artillery WW2

MONTAGUE, Esther M.  spouse of  Ernest B .  born  6/2/1915  died  12/3/2011  age  96y    Dau of Albert A. & Edna Boyle Maley b. Sugarcreek Township PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-6-11942 in Bradford PA Ernest B. died 5-6-1996
MONTI, Nick J.    Spouse of Joanne M. (Carter)     Born     5-6-1932 died 5-23-2015    Age 83 Son of Nick J. and Tena (Zamberlan) Monti Sr., Born in Bradford, died in Erie, Married May 8, 1954 in Anaheim CA., 2 boys, 3 daughters - Korean War Vet,  U.S. Marine Corp
MOONAN, Donna C.  Robert L.  4-6-1938  10-16-2006  68 Dau. of Howard & Lucille Douthit McCollough b. & d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 10-27-1956 

MOONAN, Nancy K. spouse of Charles C. Sr. born 2-29-1936 died 3-7-2010 age 74y  - Dau. of Grant O. & Helen E. Huntoon Work b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-11-1955 in Bradford PA  Charles died 6-10-1995 
MOORE, Arthur M. spouse of Laura G. English born 12-15-1916 died 1-30-2008 age 91 - Son of Carl E. & Rosa M. Gates Moore b. Rockland PA d. Bradford PA Wed 11-3-1945 in Bradford PA U.S. Army  WW2
MOORE, C. Robert spouse of Audrey Marie Olson born 3-28-1913 died 9-9-2011 age 98y -Son of Charles A. & Viola Dunn Moore b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-2-1934 in Warren PA Audrey Marie died 1-1-1989
MOORE, Edna  spouse of Wayne  born 1907 died 6-7-2001 age 93  - b. Apollo 

MOORE, Kenneth A. Sr.  spouse of Jean R  born 1-12-1930  died 9-16-2002  age 72  - son of Llyod & Catherine Paige Moore US Air Force m. 10-21-1946 
MOORE, Lillian E.  spouse of Raymond  born 10-22-1914  died 04-12-2003  age 88  - born in Mt. Jewett, PA to Samuel & Alice Burns Huff. 
MOORE, Oscar R.  spouse Loretta J (Johnson Fox) Moore    born 10/19/1922 died 6/5/2015 age 92 Son of Harry and Bertha (Bond) Moore, Born in Bradford, died in Bradford, Married July 2, 1952 in Chautauqua NY. - Army veteran serving with the 19th field Artillery, 5th Division, 3rd Army serving during WWII. Awarded European African Middle Eastern Theatre Ribbon with three Bronze Service Stars, honorably discharged Oct. 30, 1945
MOORE, Raymond  spouse of Lillian E. born  died 1992 

MOORE, Wayne  spouse of Edna born 1908 died 4-30-2001 age 92  - b. Pittsburgh, PA - Son of Ellie Bliss & Miles Moore 
MOREY, Helen L.  spouse of  Ralph E.   born  11/8/1923  died  11/20/2014  age  91y  Dau of Urald & Della Stuchell Dye b. Dixonville PA d. Bradford PA Wed 7-17-1943 in Smethport PA Ralph died 12-20-2002
MORGAN, Betty A. spouse of Donald W. died 7-12-1996  - nee Smith wed Sept 23 1950 in Allegany Co., NY

MORGAN, Bruce H. Spouse of Evelyn J. (Benjamin-Bennett) Born 3-5-1936 died 3-10-2015 Age 79 - Son of Archie and Bernice (Beauchamp) Morgan Jr., two sons, one daughter    
MORGAN, Donald W. spouse of Betty A. born 4-22-1926 died 7-10-2005 age 79  - son of Archie J. & Loretta Kelley Morgan US Navy WW II

MORGAN, Marjorie Grace spouse of  Donald J. born 12-4-1923 died 1-25-2008 age 84 - Dau. of Lynn & Elizabeth Shaporski Swartz  b. Bradford PA d. Peterborough NH 
MORRIS, James Randall "Randy" spouse of Patricia A. Barth born 5-21-1959 died 10-20-2006 age 47 - Son of Burdette & June Elizabeth Backer Morris b. St. Petersburg Fla d. Sidney Neb Wed: 9-26-1980 in Smethport Pa U.S. Army
MOSER, Berniece W. "Bam" born 1/25/1921 died 7/29/2012 age 91y  Dau of Russell H. & Leona B. Williams b. & d. Bradford PA Wed Husband #1 LaVern Hartburg on 6-26-1941 who died 9-11-1974 Wed Husband #2 Dean Moser on 11-19-1988 who died 12-1-1996
MOSER, Cora E. spouse of Jacob  born 12-23-1920 died 2-27-2009 age 88y  - Dau. of Alba & Pansy Dunkle King b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-17-1949 in Bradford PA 

MOSER, Jacob J. spouse of  born 10-31-1931  died 6-27-2000  - b. Goshen, IND 
MOYER, S. Louise spouse of  Willard P.  born 12-8-1916  died  9-28-1990 age 73y  Dau. of Lewis & Eileen Wood Silsby b. Cuba NY d. Olean NY Wed 6-10-1937 in Obi NY
MULVIHILL, Bernice D.  spouse of Ralph E. "Red"  born 2-4-1928  died 11-25-2003  age 75  - dau of Marion & Thelma McNeil Sherwood 

MULVIHILL, Ralph E. "Red"  spouse of Bernice D.  born 12-31-1921  died 7-10-2000  - b. Crosby, PA m. 7-13-1957 in Olean NY School teacher 
MYERS, Marjorie, J. Spouse of William J. Myers Born 6/29/1936 died 5/9/2017 Age 80 Dau of Arthur E. and Ruth (Garthwaite) Murphy, born in Olean NY, Married May 21, 1960 in Bradford, died in Smethport, 3 daughters, 1 son
MYERS, William J. spouse of Marjorie J. (Murphy) born 10/17/1926 died 9/17/2016 age 89  Son of Lawrence R. and Belva A. (Gatrell) Myers, Born in Alma W. VA, Married May 21, 1960 in Bradford, died in Bradford, 3 daughters, 1 predeceased son.
NEEL, Myrna W. spouse of Paul R. born 6-11-1937 died 6-6-2008 age 70 - Dau. of Lloyd & Mabel Henry Wheelock b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 12-13-1969 

NEEL, Paul R. spouse of Myra L. Wheelock born 12-2-1927 died 12-10-2009 age 82y  Son on Perry & Irene Haggerty Neel b. Brookville PA d. Bradford PA Wed 12-13-1969 
NEFF, Marian A. spouse of  Lester Emmett born 5/25/1921 died 4/2/2012 age 90y Dau of Harry & Hazel Groves Huston b. Bartlesville OK d. Bradford PA Wed 8-3-1946 Lester died 12-24-1990
NEIL, John "Jack"  born 8-16-1933 died 9-4-2009 age 76y  - Son of Charles & Margaret McCartney Neil b. Bradford PA d. Stuart FL U.S. Army 1953-1955 - Also Army Reserves 

NEELY, Gerald D. Born 9/15/1937 died 2/15/2016 Age 78  Son of Wayne and Alice (Work) Neely, Born in Bradford, died in Bolivar, NY, 1 son
NEILLY, Walter T. "Duke"  spouse of    born  3-25-1954  died  5-28-2011  age  57y    Son of Thomas M. & Madeline Rossman Keifer Neilly b. Bradford PA d. Custer City PA Former Wife Debbie Passage 
NEISWONGER, Dale  spouse of June F.  born  died 1985 

NEISWONGER, June F.  spouse of Dale  born 1-16-1914  died 6-24-2001  age 87  - b. Hurst - Dau. of Henry & Lucy Burrows Fields m. 1st Fred C. Campbell 1934 he d.1958 
NELSON, Donald Flodine  spouse of  Jean Kathryn Mealy   born  12/14/1921  died  7/17/2014  age  92y  Son of Levi John & Elsie Amelia Carlson Nelson b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 4-21-1948 in Bradford PA Jean died 11-10-2005 U.S. Army WW2 serving in North Africa Corsica Italy France & Germany
NELSON, Dorothy Lou  spouse of James A. born 6-28-1928 died 1-31-2008 age 79 - Dau. of Lloyd O. & Linna Brown Knight b. Warren PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-23-1947 in Clarendon PA 

NELSON, James A. "Jim" spouse of Dorothy L. Knight born 2-8-1927 died 3-26-2009 age 82y  - Son of Alfred & Sarah Kidd Nelson b. Kane PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-23-1947
NELSON, Lawrence E. "Bud"  spouse of  Margaret Elaine Kublie  born  2/5/1923  died  10/6/2013  age  90y  Son of Elof & Anna Johnson Nelson b. Port Allegany PA d. Olean NY Wed 6-2-1949 in Port Allegany PA
NELSON, Lucy Ella Spouse of Carl Avery Nelson    Born     5-22-1922 died 4-8-2015    Age 92 Dau of Peer Paul and Cleda Lucinda (Burdick) Campbell, born in Colegrove, died in Crosby, Married Oct. 29, 1940 in Hancock, MD., one daughter, 3 sons
NELSON, Margaret "Elaine" spouse of Lawrence "Bud" born 11-23-1922 died 11-17-2008 age 85 - Dau. of Fred & Leah Dillon Kublie b. Brockport NY d. Coudersport PA Wed 6-2-1949 in Port Allegany PA 

NEWMAN, Edgar F.  spouse of  Donna Ruth Knight  born  5/17/1935  died  1/16/2015  age  79y  Son of Edgar Frank & Doris Sidney Bates Newman b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-2-1956 in Bradford PA U.S. Marine Corps Korean War
NEWTON, Francis E .  Hazel Claire Hamilton  7-15-1913  9-12-2006  93 Son of Merrill & Bertha Norcross Newton b. Cyclone Pa. d. Oneida N.Y. or Pa. Wed: 4-4-1936 in Eldred Pa. 

NEWTON, Hazel Claire spouse of Francis E. born 8-26-1916 died 10-29-2006 age 90 - Dau. of Arthur & Mabel Barkas Hamilton  b. West Eldred, Pa. d. Rome, N.Y.  Wed: 4-4-1936 in Eldred, Pa. 
NIANIATUS, Gloria M.  spouse of George P.  born 2-20-1932  died 12-31-2000  - Dau. of Clarence & Kathleen Smith Dempsey b. Bradford, PA, m. 2-19-1954 
NICHOLS, Hazel L. (Freer) Born 12/23/1926 died 4/25/2017 Age 90 Dau of Freeman and Margaret Louise (Vanover) Freer, born in Bradford, died in Westfield, 2 daughters, 2 sons.
NICHOLS, Venus L. "Great-Great"  spouse of  Charles R. "Red"  born  1/18/1918  died  10/24/2014  age  96y  Dau of Samuel & Mittie Eady Towner b. Mount Alton PA d. Custer City PA Wed 10-26-1940 in Bradford PA  Charles died 1-1-1995
NORRIS, Jeanette S.  born 8/24/1946 died 2/19/2013 age 66y Dau of Walter S. "Jack" & Margaret Gault Hartle b. Kane PA d. Bradford PA  Wed Husband #1 Edward V. Edmonds III on 2-17-1968 who died 12-21-1974 Wed Husband #2 Richard N. Norris
NORTON, Nadine Jean  spouse of  Charles Boyd  born  9/13/1934  died  12/10/2014  age  80y  Dau of Carl & Margaret Howard Gardner b. Olean NY d. Smethport PA Wed 7-6-1973 in Bradford PA Charles died 1-5-1994
NOURSE, Doris Ann (Scott) Spouse of Richard S. Nourse Born 10/14/1932 Died 7/24/2017 Age 84 Dau of Myrl R. and Lepha C. (White) Scott, Born in Rew, Married June 29, 1973 in Bradford, died in Smethport           
NOURSE, Richard S. spouse of  Doris Ann Scott-Sinclair  born  4/20/1921  died  12/12/2011  age  90y Son of Forrest H. & Pearl S. Sawtelle Nourse b. Smethport PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-29-1973 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
NYE, Margaret E.  spouse of  born 3-6-1949  died 12-6-2000 age 51  - Dau. of Alfred N. & Artie L. Bells Cochran b. Port Allegany, NY 

O'CONNELL, Patricia A. "Patty" spouse of Francis E, "King" born 1-14-1934 died 6-16-2010 age 76y  - Dau. of William & Evelyn Lindblade Bonini b. Kane PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-27-1952 in Mount Jewett PA 
O'DELL, Frances M. Born 4/30/1919 died 2/20/2016 Age 96  Dau of Charles Grand and Susan (Mayo) O'Dell, Born in Kane, Died in Bradford
O'DONOHOE, Mary Jo  spouse of  Peter M.  born  11/1/1934  died  1/21/2015  age  80y  Dau of John W. & Mildred McCracken Palmiter b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-1960 Married 54 years
OLSON, Walfred G . "Moose" spouse of Frances A. Peterson born 9-24-1929 died 2-6-2009 age 79y  - Son of Walfred G. & Catherine A. Songer Olson b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-11-1954 Jamestown NY U.S. Air Force Korean War 

OSBORNE, Myrna Loie spouse of Darrel "Toot" born 5-17-1929 died 11-9-2008 age 79 - Dau. of Russell B. & Norma B. Songer Smail b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 2-17-1951 in Bradford PA 
ORR, Betty E. born 2-21-1927 died 5-4-2007 age 80  - Dau. of Thomas & Lettie Armstrong Ellenberger  b. Ohl PA  d. Bradford PA 
OSBORNE, Nancy C. born 9-17-1941 died 5-30-2008 age 66 - Dau. of Donald D. Miller & Virginia E. Skiver b. Portville NY d. Bradford PA 
OSTRANDER, Enid A. "Tiny"  spouse of  William F.  born  11/27/1931  died  6/19/2014  age  82y  Dau of Paul & Mable Benjamin Hess b. Bath NY d. Smethport PA Wed 8-1-1953
OSTRANDER, William F. spouse of Enid A. "Tiny" Hess born 9-24-1929 died 3-1-2009 age 79y  - Son of Floyd & Carrie Pitcher Ostrander b. Bradford PA d. Smethport PA Wed 8-1-1953 in Smethport PA 

OTTO, Frank E.  spouse of  Nancy White  born  11/19/1935  died  12/15/2012  age  77y  Son of Nelvin & Evelyn Bush Otto b. East Stroudsburg PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-26-1954 Nancy died 1-25-1984
OWENS, Gale P.  spouse of    born  1929  died  8-7-2011  age  82y    Wed Wife #1 Margaret E. "Peg" Young on 9-30-1950 who died 4-14-1986 Wed Wife #2 Gloria Persichini  Clark-Owens on 7-27-1990  in Bradford PA U.S. Army Korean War awarded the Korean Service Medal with two Bronze Stars
OWENS, Kenneth C.  spouse of  Wilma J. Mangel  born  10-1-1942  died  3-2-2011  age  68y    Son of Robert & Mable Burkhart Owens b. Erie PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-11-1984 in Gifford PA U.S. Army Vietnam
PAIS, Artis L.  spouse of Ceasar A.  born 9-12-1927  died 7-28-2003  age 75  - dau of Edwin Roy & Nina Cheeseman Johnson 

PAIS, Ceasar A.  spouse of Artis L.  born  died 4-25-1972  - m. 11-26-1946 in Lewis Run PA 
PARKER, Elsie J. spouse of Leslie A. born 4-12-1926  died 1-5- 2000 - Dau. of Lemuel Elroy & Dolly Viola Parker Monroe 
PARKER, Ruth J. spouse of  Earl F.  born  3/30/1928 died 3/24/2012 age  83y  Dau of Charles G. & Agnes C. Larson Johnson b. Dahoga PA d. Buffalo NY Earl F. died in 1988
PARKER, Marie A. spouse of Fred born 3/7/1913 died 9/26/2012 age 99y Dau of Robert Lewis & Myra Ethel Heath Andrews b. Unknown d. Charleston W.VA Fred preceded her in death
PASCARELLA, Elsa M. spouse of Carmen born 8-2-1923 died 8-25-2007 age 84  - Dau. of George & Mary Johnson South  b. Jackson KY  d. Bradford PA  Wed Husband #1 Eugene Hannahs on 5-16-1952 

PASSMORE, Dorothy A. spouse of Harold E. born 5-12-1925 died 11-16-2007 age 82  - Dau. of Samuel & Grace Hardy Campbell b. Bradford PA d. Forksville PA Wed 6-22-1947 in Lewis Run PA 
PATTERSON, A. Dale spouse of  Betty T. Raught born 8-20-1924  died 10-27-2009 age 85y - Son of Kenneth & Eloise Reeves Patterson b. Bradford PA d. Whitney TX Wed Wife #2 Mildred Cornelius Yoxtheimer in Mineola TX in 1995  U.S. Army WW2 in Normandy Northern France Rhineland Ardennes & Central Europe - In communications in General Patton's trailer - Awarded many medals of honor
PATTERSON, Edwin A. spouse of Genevieve M. (Scott) born 4/12/1920 died 9/21/2016 age 96  Son of Edwin and Orvella (Ishman) Patterson, Born in New Bedford, PA, Married Jan 11, 1944, died in North Andover, Mass, 2 daughters; Served in U.S. Navy during WWII, honorably discharged Dec 21, 1945.
PAUL, Mildred H. spouse of Merwin D  . born 11-4-1913 died 3-9-2009 age 96y  - Dau. of William H. & Ida N. Wingard Rodgers b. Kellettville d. Kane PA Wed 9-11-1930 

PEDINE, Julio J. "Jules" spouse of  Shirley Ann Vinca born 11/25/1924 died 4/23/2012 age 87y Son of John & Elizabeth Barbadora Pedine b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-16-1950 in Bradford PA U.S. Army WW2 in Germany & the Korean War in New Guinea & Soutrhern Philippines - awarded Asiatic Pacific Theater Ribbon with 2 Bronze Stars & Philippine Liberation Ribbon with the Purple Heart
PERRY, Andrew J. spouse of Florence Estella  born  died 10-21-1977  - m. 6-20-1940 in Limestone, NY 

PERRY, Florence Estella  spouse of Andrew J.  born 9-24-1915  died 10-10-2003  age 88  - dau of Arthur & Mayola Young Crisman 
PESSIA, Lawrence R.  spouse of  June K. Koehler  born  10-5-1923  died  10-26-2011  age  88y    Son of Joeph & Amelia D'Orazio Pessia b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 12-29-1962 in Bradford PA U.S. Army WW2 involved in the Liberation of Italy Awarded 2 Bronze Stars European African Middle Eastern Theatre Service Medal & WW2 Victory Medal   
PETERS, Joseph A. spouse of Mary F. (Beere) Peters Born 12/22/1932 Died 3/25/2017 Age 84 - Son of Charles A. and Marie (Wright) Peters, born in Bradford, Married June 27, 1964 in Bradford, died in Pavilion, 2 daughters
PETERS, Mary A. spouse of John Dorrion  [#1] born  died 9-30-2004 age 70 - Dau of Thomas & Amy (Ruby) Bell, d. Bradford-PA, Wed #1 6-17-1956 in Bradford-PA who d. 11-01-1958, Wed #2 William Peters on 6-25-1965 in Port Allegany-PA who d. 12-25-1979

PETERS, Merle D.  spouse of  Norma Akers  born 8/11/1928  died  6/28/2013  age  84y  Son of Ollie & Hattie McDonald Peters b. Sergeant PA d. Kane PA Wed 9-12-1947 in Johnsonburg PA Norma preceded him in death National Guard during WW2
PETERSON, Franklin J. "Pete"  born  12-18-1931  died  7-1-2011  age  79y    Son of Franklin J. & Lillian I. Haven Peterson Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA  
PETERSON, Grover "Pete" spouse of Helen A. born 12-15-1916  died 12-21-2003  age 87  - son of Grover C. & Frances S. Chute Peterson US Army WW II 3rd Armored Div. Tech 5 tank crewman 

PETERSON, Julianne (Johnston) Spouse of S. Lloyd Peterson Born 7/12/1936 died 2/12/2016 Age 79  Dau of Etta "Naomi" (Decker) and Alfred McKean Johnston, Born in Baltimore, MD, Married June 23, 1962 and died in Lemont, 2 sons
PETERSON, Margaret A. "Peggy"  spouse of  John R. "Johnny"  born  10/28/1913  died  4/9/2014  age  100y  Margaret was born and lived in Derrick City for 67 years d. Amherst NY
PETERSON, Mary L. spouse of  born 3-31-1916 died 10-09-2004 age 88 - Dau of James & Bertha (Mandville) Babinger, b. Olean-NY, d. Bradford-PA

PETERSON, Mollie C. spouse of Louis born  6-26-1920 died 9-28-2010 age 90y - Dau. of Howard L. & Charlotte M. Hunt Covert b. Cyclone PA d. Smethport PA Wed Husband #1 Joseph P. Baker on 10-24-1935 in Allegany NY who died 4-4-1967  Louis died in 1991
PETRO, Mary spouse of  born 12-2-1908 died 7-25-2007 age 98  - b. Czechoslovakia d. Bradford PA retired from W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. after 70 yrs of service - Received several awards including the company's "Wall of Fame" & "Mary Petro Day" in her honor-her family has contributed more than 255 yrs of service to the Co.

PHALON, Charles K. Sr. spouse of M. Patricia B. born 11-22-1921 died 11-20-2006 age 84  - son of Theodore A. & Kathryn M. Merkel Phaion Sr. US Army Air Corps flight engineer B-24's China-Burma-India Theater awarded Distinguished Flying Cross  WW2
PHALON, Emily M. spouse of Theodore A. died 6-9-1994  - nee Belvees wed April 29 1950 in Olean NY
PHALON, M. Patricia   spouse of  Charles K. Sr.  born  7/13/1922  died  9/25/2013  age  91y  Dau of John & Goldie McMillan Bigler b. Rixford PA d. Doylestown PA Wed 11-22-1945 in Eldred PA
PHALON, Theodore A. spouse of Emily M. born 9-28-1924 died 3-14-2006 age 81  - son of Theodore A. & Kathryn M. Merkel Phaion Sr. WW II US Army 163rd Combat Eng. Batt.

PIRE, Richard D.  spouse of  born 4-7-1981 died 
PLOWMAN, William A .  spouse of  Estella M. "Dolly" Yohe  born  1-12-1963  died  4-25-2008  age  45y    Son of William E. & Beverly Anderson Plowman b. Kane PA d. Buffalo NY Wed 8-16-2003
POTTER, Lillian Louise spouse of Floyd L. Potter born 2/22/1925 died 9/2/2016 age 91  Dau of Alfred William and Blanche (Brown) Page, Born in Bradford, Married 1945 in Bradford, died in Bradford, 3 sons, 1 daughter, predeceased by 1 son.
POWELL, William Stewart  spouse of  Mary K.  born  4-7-1947  died  7-17-2010  age  63y    Son of Wilbert E. & Elizabeth J. Say Powell b. Bradford PA d. Shaker Heights OH
RANDOLPH, John R. "Jack" spouse of  Mary A. Good born 8/30/1936 died 7/30/2012 age 75y  Son of James H. & Leona K. Weilhelm Randolph b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-4-1964 in Bradford PA  U.S. Navy
RANDOLPH, Mary A.  spouse of  Jack  born  6-6-1938  died  6-13-2011  age  73y    Dau. of Donald E. & Catherine Place Good b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-4-1964 in Bradford PA  
RANKIN, Ernest E. Sr.  spouse of  Barbara A. Reed  born  5/16/1938  died  9/23/2013  age  75y  Son of Harry & Sarah MacAdoo Rankin b. Brookville PA d. Smethport PA Wed 6-2-1958 in Phoenix AZ
RAPP, Cecil W.  spouse of  Dorothy Hogue  born  7/30/1922  died  7/12/2013  age  90y  Son of Clifford & Nettie Burley Rapp b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-20-1998 Dorothy died 6-20-1998 U.S. Navy WW2 as a ship cook - Awarded the Medal Honor 1942-1946
RAUGHT, Guy "Marty" III born 5-22-1957 died 12-19-2008 age 51y  - Son of Guy M. & Kay Locke Raught Jr. b. Kane PA d. Eldred PA Technical Sergeant with 1836th Engineering Installation Group Operation Desert Storm

RAUGHT, Kittie Bernice spouse of Guy M. born 12-3-1906 died 3-21-2009 age 102y  - Dau. of John & Ella Randolph Miles b. Fisher PA d. Mt. Jewett PA Wed 1-25-1924 in Brookville PA
REA, Edgar LeRoy  spouse of Bernice Crooks  born 1-23-1933  died 12-15-2001  age 68  - b. Cyclone, PA - Son of Robert & Elizabeth Ward Rea m. 2-5-1954 - US Army Korean War 
REES, Albert L. spouse of Rita T. Stoker Kauffman born 2-12-1928 died 9-21-2007 age 79  - Son of Floyd & Elsie Mae Rice Rees  b. Coryville PA  d. Olean NY  Wed Wife #1 Oaka Kio on 8-2-1952 Wed Wife #2 on 9-10-1966  U.S. Army  WW2
RENWICK, Dolores A. "Dee"  spouse of Milton  born 2-21-1928  died 12-31-2001  age 73  - b. Bradford, PA - Dau. of Carl & Mary Moonan Nelson 
RENWICK, Milton  spouse of Dolores A. "Dee" born  died 6-1-1996  - m. 4-10-1948 

RENWICK, Robert C. spouse of Sherry Coast born  6/14/1956 died 10/8/2012  age 56y  Son of Milton & Dolores "Dee" Nelson Renwick b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA Wed 11-7-2008 in Bradford PA  U.S. Navy served in Desert Storm & received three Navy Commendation Medals two Navy Achievement Medals four Battle "E" Ribbons Navy Unit Commendtion Meritorious Commendation & the two Southwest Asia Service Medals
REYNOLDS, Edith M.  spouse of  Ben  born  10/2/1924  died  11/9/2013  age  89y  Dau of Bea Coldren McWilliams b. Oil City PA d. Bradford PA Wed 5-15-1943 in Hopkinsville KY Ben died 5-10-1999
REYNOLDS, Ronald E. Jr. Spouse of Nancy (Wareham, Brace) Reynolds born 10/25/1939 died 12/5/2017 Age 78 Son of Ronald E. Reynolds, Sr. and Shirley (Willibey) White, Born in Bradford, Married Oct 3, 1988 in Las Vegas, died in Erie, 4 daughters, 2 sons.
REYNOLDS, Shirley A.  spouse of  Larry R.  born  10/19/1938  died  5/17/2013  age  74y  Dau of Robert N. & Lidia Cramer Smith Noore b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 3-9-1961 in  Bradford PA
RIGGS, Thelma Ruth  spouse of  William E.  born  1-23-1933  died  9-7-2011  age  78y    Dau. of Leonard S. & Helen E. Gilbert Larson b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-2-1963 in Cleveland OH
RILEY-BAKER, Sharon Lee spouse of Leighton E. "Lee" Baker born 12-27-1934 died 1-19-2004  - Dau of Lee E. & Rosadel V. (Pierce) Riley, b. Olean-NY, d. Erie-PA, Wed 1-30-1954 in Little Valley-NY

RITZ, Catheryn Frances spouse of Howard F.  born 7-17-1915  died 11-2-2002  age 87  - dau of Joel W. & Sarah E. Campbell Gage Rebekah Lodge 175 
RITZ, Howard F.  spouse of Catheryn Frances  born  died 9-17-1990  - m. 2-3-1939 in Eldred NY 
ROBBINS, Genevieve G.  spouse of Harry Howard  born 6-5-1907 died 12-10-2000  age 93  - Dau. of George & Charlotte Hembury Cook b. Bradford Co.- m. 1926 
ROBBINS, Harold J. spouse of Laura Jean Stowell born 3-9-1920 died 11-11-2006 age 86 - Son of Frederick & Mabel Dusing Robbins b. Bradford Pa. d. Bemus Point N.Y. Wed 11-24-1943 in Olean N.Y. U.S. Army WW2 in the Argo Forests in France  Recipient of  two Purple Hearts
ROBERTS, Clair L. spouse of  Jean Marlo Swartz born 4-28-1922 died 9-22-2007 age 85  - Son of Harry & Pearl Finley Roberts  b. Guffy PA  d. Smethport PA  Wed  8-9-1941  U.S. Army Staff Sergeant - served in Rhineland  Central Europe & Northern France  WW2
ROBERTS, Rae G.  spouse of Charles F. born 7-19-1919  died 9-19-2000  - Dau. of Howard & Neta Lentz Gundlach m. 5-25-1946 - b. Jersey Shore, PA 
ROEDER, Donna Jean spouse of  born 3-8-1939 died 1-30-2007 age 67  - Dau. of Leonard & Louise O'Neil Steck b. & d. Bradford Pa. Former Husband Andrew A. Roeder
ROFF, Patricia G. Born 7/1/1927 died 2/21/2016 Age 88  Dau of Charles A. and Violet M. (Grant) Gallagher, Born in Bradford, died in Gradenton, FL, 4 sons
ROGERS, Anne M.  spouse of    born  6/22/1962  died  1/20/2013  age  50y  Dau of William & Kathryn Dennis Schwab b. Olean NY d. Eldred PA 
ROLFE, Donald F. spouse of Twila A. Graves born 12-28-1930 died 10-02-2004 age 73 - Son of Herman & Bessie (Robinson) Rolfe, b. Model City-NY, d. Gifford-PA, Wed 10-10-1953 in Youngstown-NY, Vet-Korea US Air Force 1949-52

ROLFE, Twila A.  spouse of  born 4-25-1934  died 9-2-2000  - b. Bradford, PA 
ROSE, Meredith C. spouse of Virginia M  born 5-27-1919  died 8-1-1990  - son of Carl & Alta Buel Rose m. 8-10-1940 
ROSE, Sheilla J.  spouse of  Thomas C.  born  5/23/1949  died  2/25/2013  age  63y  Dau of Donald E. & Beulah M. O'Neil Newton b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA Wed 12-14-1968 in Lewis Run PA
ROSS, Elizabeth R. "Libby" spouse of James A. born 2-22-1925 died 4-24-2009 age 84 - Dau. of Joseph & Virginia Bushong Kuser b. Front Royal VA d. Bradford PA Wed 5-26-1945 

ROSS, Evelyn spouse of William born 6-21-1912 died 4-17-2006 age 93y  - Dau. of Lawrence & Pearl Confer Goodman  b. Oil City, Pa. d. Bradford, Pa.  Wed: 8-15-1928 in Olean, N.Y. 
ROSS, Howard "Bud"  spouse of    born  4/18/1930  died  2/24/2015  age  84y  Son of Howard & May Ward Ross b. & d. Kane PA  U.S. Army Quartermasters
ROSS, Judith D.  spouse Thomas C. Ross born 10/13/1948 died 6/14/2015 age 66 Dau of DaWayne H. Maze and Bernice B. (Peters) Maze, Born in Kane, died in Kane, Married Feb 13, 1965 in Kane, 2 daughters, 1 son
ROSS, Ruth B.  spouse of  Howard  born 9-18-1910 died  8-21-2011  age 100y  - Dau. of Thomas & Sarah McClure Buchanan b. Bellefonte PA  d. Smethport PA Wed 11-1942 Howard died in 1966
ROSSI, Richard B. spouse of Betty Lorraine (Buhl) Rossi born 7/3/1919 died 5/4/2016 age 96  Son of Dominick and Eva (Burton) Rossi, Born in Bradford, Married Apr 8, 1950 at First Baptist Church, died in Plattsburgh, NY, 2 daughters, 1 son; Served in the US Army in 1942 till 1945in the Asiatic Pacific Theater, awarded three Bronze Stars.
ROTE, Gerald E. "Gene" spouse of  born  8-27-1927 died 10-13-2010 age 83y -Son of Gerald A. & Margaret Laughner Rote b. Cranberry PA d. Edinboro PA  Wed Wife #1 Patricia Myrick Cooper on 12-6-1974 who died 9-4-1984 Wed Wife #2 Mary Joan Houben Crocker Tomasick on 10-26-1991
ROULO, Joseph R. Sr.  born 6-19-1937  died 7-4-2000  - b. Olean, NY

ROUNSVILLE, Richard D.  spouse of Margie A. Shelley born 4-14-1935  died 12-17-2001  age 66  - b. Coryville - Son of Milo & Mary Clarrison Rounsville m. 9-8-1956 
ROWE, Charles T. "Chuck"  spouse of  Eulaine Ruth Carnahan  born  6-17-1924  died  9-20-2011  age  87y    Son of Charles F. & Mary Scott Rowe b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-17-1947 in Bradford PA U.S. Army WW2 with the 45th Infantry Division in North Africa & the Italian Campaign
RUDESILL, James D. "Buster" spouse of Ruby Stanford born 8-11-1912 died 5-4-2006 age 93 - Son of James A. & Katherine Braatz Rudesill  b. Hazel Hurst, Pa. d. Binghamton, N.Y.  Wed: 8-31-1934 in Bradford, Pa. 

RUDOLPH, Edward W. spouse of Lorene M. Pritchett born 5-20-1909 died 8-5-2006 age 97 - Son of Charles & Elvina Myers Rudolph  b. Johnsonburg Pa. d. St. Mary's Pa. Wed: 9-8-1945  U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Troop E 19th Calvary in the Rhineland & Central Europe  Recipient of European Middle Eastern Service Medal & two Bronze Stars
RUGH, Thelma Marie Loomis  spouse of John born 1-18-1915  died 11-10-2000  - Dau. of Guy & Mildred Cain Loomis m. 1940- b. Olean, NY 
RUNYAN, James P. spouse of Erica Izbinski born 3-27-1949 died 2-7-2010 age 60y  - Son of William A. & Alfreeda J. Gordon Runyan b. & d. Bradford PA  U.S. Air Force Vietnam War 
RUNYAN, William A. spouse of Alfreeda J. Gordon  born 9-10-1919 died 10-28-2006 age 87 - Son of William E. & Edna Angevine Runyan b. & d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 7-24-1943 in Bradford Pa.  U.S. Army 81st Airdrome Squadron  WW2
RUPERT, Barbara R.  born 7-10-1928 died 2-2-2010 age 81y  - Dau. of Alfred & Ruth Hansen Rinfrette b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-18-1988 to Darrell W. who died 6-10-1995 Wed Husband #1 Lynton M. Irons Jr. on 12-20-1946 who died 7-6-1987 
RUPERT, Dorothy A.  spouse of Robert B. born 4-8-1914  died 9-5-2003  age 89  - dau of Edwin W. & Mildred Colburn Fleming was school Teacher 
RUPERT, Robert B.  spouse of Dorothy A. born  died 3-29-2000 - m 7-6-1942 in Louisville KY 
RUPPLE, Charlotte M. spouse of John  born 2-14-1907 died 3-2-2001  - Dau. of Charles E. & Lettie Chase Storms- b. Bradford, PA 
RUSH, Lillian Kelley  spouse of Hughes A.  born 8-15-1928  died 2-9-2001  age 72  - Dau. of Frank & Dorothy Spencer Kelley b. Olean, NY- m. May 1964 
RUTH, Janet M. born  died 6-13-2001 age 91 
RYAN, Dorscella "Dottie"  spouse of  Robert  born  3/16/1928  died  1/9/2012  age  83y    Dau of Clifford & Lucille Larson Martinson b. Kane PA d. DeLand FL Wed 1951 Bob died in 1988 Husband #2 Larry Mossing
SACHERICH, Frank R. "Sonny" born 8/18/1941 died 10/8/2013 age 72y Son of Frank J. & Hilma S. Carlson Sacherich b. Penn Hills PA d. Kane PA  A peacetime Veteran of the U.S. Army for nine years
SAWYER, Elsie   spouse of  George B.   born  9/3/1921  died  6/9/2013  age  91y  Dau of Edward & Edith Bowser Trott b. Austria Lake Nova Scotia Canada d. Jamestown NY Wed 6-15-1944 George died 10-28-1987
SAWYER, Marian E. spouse of Martin S. born 2-9-1924 died 9-30-2009 age 85y  Dau. of Conrad C. & Mildred M. Sikstrom Forslund b. Jamestown NY d. Smethport PA Wed 8-24-1941 in Olean NY 

SAWYER, Martin S. spouse of Marian E. Forslund born 9-24-1922 died 10-22-2008 age 86 - Son of Norman D. & Laura M. Austin Sawyer b. Wrights PA d. Smethport PA Wed 8-24-1941 in Olean NY Married 67 years U.S. Marine Corps WW2
SAXMAN, Clarence L spouse of Josephine  born  died 7-5-1985  - m. 9-4-1946 in Dagolia 
SAXMAN, Josephine  spouse of Clarence L born 7-2-1922 died 9-2-2002 - dau of Dominic & Ruth Helenbrook Pascarella 
SAXTON, Radley K. spouse of James born 9-23-1942 died 1-22-2009 age 66y  - Dau. of Ronald & Thelma Thomas Dennis b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-23-1974 in Bradford PA 
SCHICK, Dennis R. Spouse of Linda C. (Whiteman)    Born     6-23-1962 died 4-8-2015    Age 52 Son of Robert Schick and Faye Anne (Riggs) Mackey, Married April 1, 1995 at Bolivar Drive Baptist Church
SCHINE, Clarence F. spouse of Charlene Ruth born 5-13-1935 died 11-22-2006 age 71  - Son of Joseph Leroy & Hazel Layton Schine b. Kill Buck-NYm. Sept 11 1970 US Army Vietnam 

SCHNELLER, Berla Jeanne spouse of Morris F.  born 6-4-1922  died 1-4-2002  - b. Kellettville - Dau. of George & Ida Fuller Hopkins 
SCHNELLER, Morris F.  spouse of Berla Jeanne  born  died 4-9-1980 - m. 2-6-1943 
SCHOONOVER, Emma F. Spouse of Leroy Schoonover born 9/13/1927 died 12/23/2017 Age 90 Dau of Richard and Carrie (Moyer) Aldrich, born in Woodhull, NY, died in Bradford, 4 daughters, 5 sons.
SCHROEDER, Clara E. spouse of Charles born 1-29-1913 died 1-17-2008 age 94 - Dau. of William & Daisey Benton Kelly b. Bradford PA d. Sharon PA Wed 7-20-1935 in Bradford 

SCHUMAN, Jane spouse of Charles Edgar born 9-20-1915 died 5-17-2007 age 91  - Dau. of Anthony & Flossie Burgess Wurm Lyons  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 5-1-1937 in Bradford PA
SCHWAB, Douglas W. born 6-18-1953 died 12-21-2008 age 55y  - Son of Clifford & Hazel Henton Schwab b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA 
SCHWAB, Opal C. spouse of Joseph G. born 12-22-1913 died 3-9-2008 age 94  - Dau. of Aloysius S. & Pearl Keister Nuhfer b. Venus PA d. Bradford PA Wed 2-12-1935 in Eldred PA 
SCHWAB, William S. spouse of Kathryn A. Dennis born 8-30-1941 died 4-3-2005 age 63  - son of Joseph G. & Opal C. Nuhfer Schwab m. Nov. 29 1961 
SCOTT, Joan M. spouse of Ned C. born 3-29-1931 died 12-26-2006 age 75 - Dau. of Ferdinand & Helen V. Woodarek Myers  b. Salamanca N.Y. d. Bradford Pa.  Wed:  10-10-1953 in Detroit, Mich. 
SEALY, Joyce A. spouse of Charles born 5-1-1928 died 4-28-2008 age 79 - Dau. of Stanley & Mae L. Barber Bullock b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-23-1955 in Bradford PA 
SEIBERT, Kathryn E. born 1-3-1918  died 6-13-2000  - b. Brandy Camp 
SENIOR, Leora spouse of Richard born 1931 died 6-11-2009 age 78y  - Dau. of Lloyd & Dorothy Call b. Hornell NY d. Pahrump NV 
SERTICK, Peter spouse of Marilyn R. Case Harris born 4-15-1939 died 6-16-2007 age 68  - Son of Peter & Wanda Sawa Sertick  b. Niagara Falls NY  d. Buffalo NY  Wed 7-23-1977 in Limestone NY 
SEYBERT, Lillian A. spouse of Ralph L. born 3-24-1917  died 4-18-2001  - b. Eldred, PA - Dau. of Ernest Clyde & Bertha Trenney Payne 
SEYBERT, Ralph L. spouse of Lillian A. born  died 6-10-1977  - m. 8-16-1941 
SGAMMA, Helen A.  spouse of  John  born  1914  died  7-15-2011  age  97y    No information available
SHAFFNER, Carolyn L. "Connie"  spouse of  Roy L. Jr.  born  3/7/1923  died  5/12/2013  age  90y  Dau of Carl A. & Tina Cumbow Burgland b. Bradford PA d. Olean NY Wed 6-29-1945 in Bradford PA Roy L. preceded her
SHALL, John C. "8 Ball" Spouse of Carol L. (Masters) Shall born 6/22/1945 died 10/5/2017 Age 72 Son of William A. and Mabel (Ross) Shall, Born in Kane, Married April 5, 1969 in Bradford, died in Bradford, 2 daughters, 2 sons.
SHEFFER, Paul R. Jr. "Bump"  spouse of  Patricia A. Freer  born  2/27/1934  died  12/7/2014  age  80y  Son of Paul R. "Dutch" & Isabelle F. Moran Sheffer Sr. b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA Wed 6-2-1956 in Eldred PA  U.S. Army 1956-1958 stationed in Italy
SHELANDER, Doris Madeline   spouse of  Edward W.  born  10/10/1930  died  3/31/2014  age  83y  Dau of Charles D. & Madeline  Burt Wells b. Bradford PA d. Olean NY Wed 11-21-1953 in Bradford PA
SHELANDER, Edward William  spouse of  Doris M. Wells  born  7/16/1927  died  1/27/2015  age  87y  Son of John August & Sophia Steinhauer Shelander b. Kane PA d. Fayetteville NC Wed 11-21-1953 in Bradford PA
SHERK, Lloyd H. "Brud" born 10-4-1927 died 1-7-2009 age 81y  - Son of Lloyd W. & Florence J. Anning Sherk b. & d. Bradford PA U.S. Navy WW2 Former Wife Katherine Redington

SHERMAN, Richard M. Spouse of Virginia M. (Springer) Sherman    Born 2-16-1926 died 5-2-2015 Age 88 Son of Frederick and Arlene Doris (Fritz) Sherman, Born in Bradford, PA., Died in Olean, NY., Married July 19, 1947 in Salamanca, NY., 2 daughters, 2 sons  -  WW II Vet, US Navy, honorably discharged
SHOFF, Dorothy E.  spouse of  Donald D.  born  1-3-1923  died  3-7-2011  age  88y    Dau. of John & Edith Menteer Fox b. Sigel PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-30-1947 Donald D. died 6-21-1993
SHOFF, Steven J. Sr.  born 1-5-1954  died 3-12-2003  age 49  - son of George L. & Opal M. Hannold Shoff 

SHUNK, Judith Ann "Judy"  spouse of  Robert W.  born  2/19/1942  died  8/29/2013  age  71y  Dau of Harry Leo & Lois L. Monjar Bright b. Kane PA d. Sayre PA
SHUNK, Robert W. spouse of Judy A. Bright born 3-21-1932 died 12-4-2008  - Son of Guy & Dorothy Lingle Shunk b. Centre Hall PA d. Port Allegany PA Wed 6-21-1976 in Coudersport PA

SIEBERT, Harry C.  spouse of  Janet E. Rudesill  born  9/8/1923  died  8/30/2014  age  90y  Son of Harry John & Margaret Georgiana Schneider Siebert b. Borough of Queens NY d. Corning NY Wed 1-3-1976 in Bradford PA U.S. Army WW2 104th Infantry 26th Yankee Division - fought in the Battle of Arenness & Rhineland - Recipient of the Bronze Star - Also served as Military Police in Paris France
SIEGEL, Harriet T . "Hattie"  8-27-1905  10-11-2006  101 Dau of  Lewis F. & Theresa Schreiber Siegel b. Sergeant Pa. d. Kane Pa. 

SILFIES, Agnes E  (Larson)  spouse of  Oscar F. Silfies  died  7/9/1978  age 85y  Member of Angelica chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star No 231, the Angelica Boosters, the Angelica Sunset Club and attended the First United Methodist Church of Angelica  SIMMS, Harry M.  spouse of Margaret S. Legler  born 3-2-1906  died 2-6-2000  - Son of James & Maude MacMillian Simms 
SILVIS, Robert J.6/21/1957 died 12/16/2017 Age 60Son of Robert P. and Dorothy L (Case) Silvis, Born in Bradford, died in Bradford, 1 daughter.
SIMONETTI, John G. spouse of Mary Jane Hills born 4-28-1935 died 4-27-2009 age 73 - Son of Hector & Leona Lathrop Simonetti b. Crosby PA d. Bradford PA Wed 5-2-1964 in Bradford PA U.S. Army 

SINGER, Doris Joy  Thomas A.  7-30-1928  10-11-2006  78 Dau of Donald James & Alice Jane Middleborough Baldwin b. Sawyer City Pa. d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 6-20-1953 in Sawyer City Pa. 
SINGER, Doris Joy spouse of Thomas A. born 7-30-1928 died 10-11-2006 age 78 Dau. of Donald James & Alice Jane Middleborough Baldwin b. Sawyer City Pa. d. Bradford Pa. Wed 6-20-1953 in Sawyer City Pa. 
SITTIG, Ruth C. spouse of Floyd P. born 11-22-1922 died 5-7-2008 age 85 - Dau. of Dick & Hazel Thornton b. Beggs OK d. Bradford PA Wed 8-19-1950 in Bradford PA Husband #1 Bert L. Blendinger who was killed in action during WW2
SKIVER, Nancy F. Spouse of Martin R. Skiver Born 9/26/1938 died 5/28/2017 Age 78 Dau of Gordon and Dorothy (Fee) Ward, born in Bradford, Married June 14, 1975 in Bradford, died in Lewis Run, 2 stepdaughters, 3 stepsons and 2 sons.
SLOAN, Pearl A. born 8/23/1934 died 3/30/2016 age 81  Dau of James and Anna L. (Kline) Weaver, Born in Bradford, died in Bradford, 3 daughters, 4 sons
SLOPPY, Benjamin  spouse of Gertrude I. Black born 3-23-1918 died 5-18-2007 age 89  - Son of William & Mary Covley Sloppy  b. Mount Jewett PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed  8-17-1946 in Rew PA  U.S. Army Air Corps 380th Air Service Squadron serving in France, Germany & England

SLOPPY, Edith L. spouse of Harrison H. born 9-23-1923 died 12-6-2008 age 85y - Dau. of George W. & Emma Bohadlo Lockwood b. Norwich PA d. Bradford PA Wed 1-10-1942 in Custer City PA 
SLOPPY, Gertrude I. spouse of Benjamin born 7-28-1921 died 6-26-2011 age 89y  - Dau. of James J. & Helen Nichols Black b. Coryville PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-17-1946 in Rew PA  U.S. Army WW2 serving as a Clerk & Typist  
SLOPPY, Rose M. spouse of Francis L. born 7-2-1915 died 5-4-2007 age 91 - Dau. of Lewis & Augusta Vecellio Pais  b. Lewis Run PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed  1-13-1936 

SMITH, Autumn Rose spouse of  born 9-18-2008 died 9-20-2008 age - Infant Dau. of Christopher M. & Melissa J. Smith b. & d. Bradford PA
SMITH, Donald M. spouse of Betty J. (Wolcott) born 1/7/1919 died 7/23/2016 age 97  Son of William E. and Jennie (Starr) Smith, Born in Falls Creek, Married Aug 17, 1940 in Limestone, NY, died in Bradford, 1 daughter, 3 sons; Veteran of U.S. Army enlisted Sept. 2, 1943, served in European, African, Rhineland theaters, awarded the American Campaign Medal European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with 2 Bronze Stars, honorably discharged a Tech-5 on Jan 9, 1946
SMITH, Galen A. spouse of Mary E. "Tootie" Foster born 1-7-1920 died 5-24-2010 age 90y  - Son of George A. & Myrtle McCollough-Hillard Smith b. Endeavor d. Bradford PA Wed 8-22-1940 in Olean NY 

SMITH, Harvey D. "Dennie" born  12/1/1946  died  4/30/2014  age  67y  Son of Harvey C. & Mary L. Bean Smith b. & d. Bradford PA
SMITH, Helen E.  spouse of  Ronald H.  born  1/27/1931  died  5/22/2013  age  82y  Dau of Nelson J. & Lena Anna Price Shonts b. Cyclone PA d. Bradford PA Wed 12-17-1971 in Gifford PA
SMITH, Marie L.  spouse of Michael  born 7-4-1954 died 11-17-2000 - Dau. of John C. & June Foster Long b. Olean, NY 

SMITH, Helen E.  spouse of  Ronald H.  born  1/27/1931  died  5/22/2013  age  82y  Dau of Nelson J. & Lena Anna Price Shonts b. Cyclone PA d. Bradford PA Wed 12-17-1971 in Gifford PA
SMITH, Mary Elizabeth "Tootie"  spouse of  Galen A .  born  3/19/1917  died  4/7/2014  age  97y  Dau of Norman & Madeline Kearney Foster b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-22-1940 in Olean NY
SMITH, Randy W.  spouse of    born  12-16-1966  died  5-30-2011  age  44y    Son of Roger C. & Diane Anderson Smith b. & d. Bradford PA  
SMITH, Verner W. "Pud" "Bill" born 5-22-1945 died 6-24-2008 age 63 - Son of Harvey C. & Mary L. Bean Smith b. Olean NY d. Cleveland OH 

SMYTH, Eva Mae spouse of  Charles E . born 6/23/1921 died  5/21/2012 age 90y Dau of Charles E. & Ruby Hullihen Wolcott b. Bradford PA d. Girard PA Wed 8-17-1940 in Limestone NY Charles died 5-10-1981
SNYDER, Alice I. spouse of Robert W. Sr. born 10-20-1917 died 5-21-2010 age 92y  - Dau. of William M. & Sarah E. Shay Heasley b. Blue Jay d. Bradford PA Wed 4-30-1936 in Clarendon PA  Robert W. died 9-9-1982

SNYDER, Phyllis R.  spouse of  Melvin Preston Jr.  born  7-10-1928  died  6-22-2011  age  82y    Dau. of Spurgeon & Rudelle Young Minich b. Butler PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-4-1944 Melvin died 5-20-1996  
SOBLE, Dale C. spouse of Betty Jean (Poling) Soble born 8-19-1928 died 8-31-2015 age 87  Son of George and Blanche (Barrett) Soble, Born in Bradford, died in Charlotte, NC, Married Sept 11, 1948, 2 daughters, 2 sons
SOBLE, Dennis Dale born 10-18-1952 died 6-14-2006 age 53 - Son of Dale & Betty Soble  b. Bradford, Pa. d. South Port, Fla.  U.S. Air Force 

SOMERS, Allen Harris born 10-15-1927 died 7-1971 age 43  - son of Warren L. & Ruby Mosher Somers US Marines WW IIauto accident
SONGER, Donald J. spouse of Jacqueline A. Gilmore born 5-07-1934 died 12-30-2002 age 68 - Son of Harry P. & Elizabeth B. (Williams) Songer, b. Siegel-PA, d. Coudersport-PA, Wed 11-14-1964 in Bradford-PA
SOUTHWARD, Fred spouse of Thelma L. died 3-1978  - wed 6-21-1975 in Adrian-MI
SOUTHWARD, Thelma L. spouse of  Born 4-01-1921 died 7-15-2005 age 84 - Dau of George & Chloe Motter Jones b. Clymer-PA d. Coudersport-PA wed unknown SILSBY 1st
SPARKS, Joy A. spouse of Edward F. born 1-2-1924 died 8-15-2007 age 83  - Dau. of Robert O. & Frances D. Warner Helenbrook b. Bradford PA  d. Buffalo NY  Wed 1946 
SPRAGUE, Marlan Lee  Born 10/6/1953 Died 9/16/2017 Age 63 Son of Charles T. and Donna J. (Dittman) Sprague, born in Bradford, died in Bradford, 2 daughters; served in US Air Force as X-ray technician.
SPRESTER, Virginia M. spouse of Kenneth E. born 6-1-1927 died 7-20-2008 age 81y  - Dau. of Leroy & Edna Belser Eschrich b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-25-1946 in Bradford PA

STAHLMAN, Marie H. spouse of Albert C. "Clair" born 10-3-1921 died 12-15-2007 age 86  - Dau. of Paul F. & Mary Chute Hughes Sr. b. Rew PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-20-1940 in Allegany NY 
STAHLMAN, Sidney E. Jr. "Sid"   spouse of  Helena L. Hartburg  born  4/9/1928  died  10/17/2012  age  84y  Son of Sidney E. & Laura Childs Stahlman b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-2-1954 in Bradford PA Helena died 4-16-2001 U.S. Air Force as a senior radio interceptor operator  Korean War
STARK, Frealyn Otto  spouse of Ilah  born  died 11-30-1974  - m. 6-15-1926 

STARK, Frealyn Otto Jr. spouse of Pearl Allison born 6-29-1927 died 10-17-2005 age 78  - son of Frealyn Otto & Ilah Titus Stark Sr. US Navy WW II 
STARK, Ilah  spouse of Frealyn Otto Sr.  born 1-17-1907  died 1-11-2002 age 94  - b. Bradford, PA - Dau. of Frank M. & Cecil M.Tibbits Titus 
STARR, E. Ardena   spouse of  D. Sidney Jr.  born  4/26/1927  died  8/30/2014  age  87y   Dau of Harry & Mary Esther Kerr Colebert b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA Wed 9-9-1950 in Eldred PA D. Sidney died 1-27-1996
STAUFFER, Kathleen M. spouse of  born 7-20-1950 died 6-22-2010 age 59y  - Dau. of Herman  B. & Elaine W. Woodcock Bell b. Port Allegany PA d. Pittsburgh PA

STECK, Richard H.  spouse of    born  6/28/1925  died  6/27/2014  age  88y  Son of Leonard & Louise O'Neil Steck b, Degolia PA d. Erie PA Wed Wife #1 Lola English on 6-26-1948 who died 7-13-1976 Wed Wife #2 Hope Fargo on 4-30-1977 who died 12-16-2005  U.S. Army WW2 awarded American Theater Ribbon European African Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon Meritorious Unit Award WW2 Victory Ribbon & Army Occupation Medal Germany
STECKHAHN, Beulah B. spouse of Benjamin L. born 3-18-1910 died 11-5-2008 age 98 - Dau. of Lewis F. & Mary Watson Livingston b. Philipsburg PA d. Coudersport PA Wed 4-13-1942 in Cumberland MD

STEINHAUSER, Carl L. Jr.  spouse of  Elizabeth Ann Guy  born  9-22-1931  died  9-19-2011  age  79y    Son of Carl L. & Alfreda V. Paige Steinhauser Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 3-26-1960 in Ellicottville NY U.S. Army Korean War Awarded Combat Infantryman Badge Korean Service Medal with 3 Bronze Stars Occupation Medal Japan & United Nations Service Medal
STEINHAUSER, Elizabeth Ann " Betty"  spouse of  Carl L. Jr.  born  2/1/1938  died  1/17/2012  age  73y    Dau of Sylvester & Regina Gerwitz Guy b. Ellicottsville NY d. Bradford PA Wed 3-26-1960 in Ellicottsville NY
STEPANKOW, Rachel E.  spouse of Walter born 4-20-1915 died 5-25-2009 age 94y  - Dau. of Clyde & Anna C. Butz b. Coudersport PA d. South Carolina Wed 4-22-1978 in Harmonsburg  Wed Husband #1 Robert J. Welsh on 6-15-1941 in Coudersport PA who died 9-28-1975 

STEWART, James R.  spouse of  Jamie L. Bullock  born 1-14-1946  died 1-21-2011 age  65y  Son of Claude Lamar & Margaret Evans Stewart b. Oakridge TN d. Bradford PA Wed 7-12-1975 in Washington DC
STEWART, Jamie L.  spouse of  James R.  born  4-17-1952  died  3-25-2011  age  58y    Dau. of James A. & Nancy McFadden-Bullock b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 9-12-1975 in Washington DC  
STIDD, William O.  spouse of Betty Corbin born 1-6-1922  died 11-6-2001 age 79  - b. Kinzua - Son of William & Louella Benjamin Stidd m. 1944- US Army Sergeant WW II 

STILES,  Artimisha born  4/5/1944  died  3/9/2014  age  69y  Dau of Leroy "Roy" & Virginia Grace Spaich Stiles Sr.  b. Kane PA d. Smethport PA
STILES, Florence E.  spouse of  John  born  9-12-1929  died  2-21-2011  age  81y    Dau. of John & Florence Bair Rutledge b. Kane PA d. Bradford PA Wed6-26-1948 in Kane PASTILES, John   spouse of  Florence E. Rutledge  born  3/26/1918  died  2/26/2013  age  94y  Son of Ray & Carrie Foulkrod Stiles b. Kane PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-26-1948 in East Kane PA Married 62 years  U.S. Army WW2 Awarded American Defense Service Medal with one Bronze Star European African Middle Eastern Service Medal with two Bronze Stars
STILES, LeRoy Jr.  born  8/21/1959 died 5/14/2014 age 54y Son of LeRoy "Roy" & Virginia Grace Spaich Stiles Sr. b. Kane PA d. Erie PA
STIVES, Elmer Eugene "Gene" born 1-11-1914 died 10-22-2005 age 91  - son of Louis T. & Martha Messler Stives

STIVES, Richard D.  spouse of Penny J. Walker born 7-10-1937 died 1-27-2004 age 66 - Son of Elmer Eugene & Julia J. (Cole) Stives, "Dick", b. Scio-NY, d. Bradford-PA (heart attack), Wed 6-17-1957 in Portville-NY
STOKES, Eugene L. "Gene"  spouse of  Jo Rae Mack  born  1/15/1927  died  12/3/2011  age  84y    Son of Van Bauren & Katie Ritz Stokes b. Rew PA d. Bradford PA Wed 3-23-1957 Joe Rae died 11-9-1991 Wed Wife #2 Margaret P. Kenneson McCleary on 3-26-1993 who died 5-5-2011 U.S. Army WW2 serving in Germany as a Policeman
STOKES, Margaret J. "Peggy" spouse of  Charles W. Jr. born  3/16/1919  died  3/17/2012  age 93y Dau of Martin L. & Jennie Paton Lewis b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-27-1960 in Bradford PA Charles died 6-14-2004
STOKES, Margaret P.  spouse of  Eugene L.  born  12-14-1931  died  5-5-2011  age  79y    Dau. of William Herbert & Pearl Malvina Storms Kenneson b. Bradford PA d. Smethport PA Wed 3-26-1993 Husband #1 Ralph "Sam" McCleary who died 10-1982 
STOLL, Robert W.  spouse of  Virginia M. James  born  7-1-1919  died  12-28-1982  age  63y    Son of John & Helen Ives Stoll b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-3-1939 in Genesee PA  U.S. Marine Corps WW2
STOUGHTON, Ruth W. spouse of Roland M. "Gus" born 6-7-1912 died 2-22-2009 age 96y  - Dau. of Samuel Bert & Charlotte Mae Detrie Wright b. Lickingville Clarion County PA d. Siloam Springs AR Wed 4-30-1933 in Mineral Springs OH 

STOVER, Beulah I.  born 4-27-1917  died 11-15-2000  - Dau. of Frederick & Orpha Coburn Stover b. Encampment, WY 
STOVER, Marguerite A.  spouse of  John A. "Smokey"  born  2-5-1919  died  3-23-2011  age  92y    Dau. of James & Anna Harson Terhune b. Ellicottville NY d. Bradford PA Wed 3-23-1940  
SUTLEY, Alice spouse of Edward E. born 2-18-1919 died 8-18-2006 age 87 - Dau. of Warren & Julia Collins Munn  b. Brockway Pa.d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 8-8-1938 in Franklin Pa.

SUTLEY, Jean A. spouse of Max B. Jr. born 7/2/1930 died 11/10/2012 age 82y Dau of Thomas & Lorene Higgins Moonan b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-23-1948 in Allegany NY Max died 8-25-1993
SWANSON, Hilding "Pete" spouse of Antoinette Zampogna born 12-28-1910 died 3-17-2009 age 98y  - Son of Peter & Louisa Johnson Swanson b. Westline PA d. Mt. Jewett PA Wed 7-25-1945 in Mt. Jewett PA

SWEELEY, Clyde T. "Doc" Jr.  spouse of  Mary A. Zamberlan  born  10-24-1919  died  10-30-2011  age  92y    Son of Clyde T. & Grace Jones Sweeley Sr. b. Punxsutawney PA d. Bradford PA Wed 1-18-1947 in Lewis Run PA U.S. Army WW2 as a Sergeant in Normandy the Rhinelands Ardennes & Central Europe Awarded five Battle Stars   
SWEELEY, Mary A.  spouse of  Clyde T. "Doc"  born  7/20/1919  died  5/17/2013  age  93y  Dau of Gaetano & Lucia Vecellio-Buoite Zamberlan b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA Wed 1-18-1947 in Lewis Run PA
SWIGER, Blane L.  born 08-28-1919  died 04-26-2003  age 83  - born in Shirley, W.Va. to Okie & Romanzie Spencer Swiger. 

SWINEFORD, Ralph R.  spouse of Betty J. Ekdahl  born 3-4-1919 died 6-28-2001  age 82  - b. Brookville - Son of Ralph & Gladys A. Burkhouse Swineford m. 3-25-1948- US Army WW II 
TALBOTT, Ethel spouse of Frank D. born 12-07-1913 died 12-22-2004 age 91 - Dau of Alvin & Gertrude (Weakland) Miller, b. Hastings-PA, d. St. Mary's-PA, Wed 11-10-1937 in Portville-NY
TALBOTT, Frank D. spouse of Ethel Miller born 8-12-1908 died 12-16-2002 age 94 - Son of Lucien H. Jennie (Pomeroy) Talbott, b. Sisterville-WV, d. Emporium-PA, Wed 11-10-1937 in Portville-NY
TANCAR, Bonnie  spouse of    born  4/3/1936  died  1/17/2012  age  75y    Dau of Albert L. & Margaret McKay Benson b. Brockway PA d. Bradford PA Wed Husband #1 Donald A. "Joe" Howard on 4-26-1959 who died 8-18-1975 Wed Husband #2 Michael Tancar on 2-14-1981 who died 11-8-2005
TANNER, Genevieve R. spouse of Roy W. born 8-8-1925 died 10-4-2009 age 84y  Dau. of Levi I & Thressa I. Smith Wilcox b. Duke Center PA d. Bradford PA Wed 12-7-1945 in Bradford PA Married 63 years 

TANNER, Helen M.  spouse of  John F. Jr.  born  5/8/1930  died  3/5/2012  age  81y  Dau of Raymond L. & Florence L. Anderson Austin b. Framers Valley PA  d. Bradford PA Wed 12-11-1948 in Farmers Valley PA John F. Jr. died 12-13-1976
TANNER, Roy W. spouse of Genevieve R. Wilcox born 2-2-1924 died 4-28-2008 age 84 - Son of John F. & Neva Kemp Tanner b. Millport PA d. Smethport PA Wed 12-7-1945 in Bradford PA Married 62 years

TAYLOR, Linda C.  John L.  11-6-1951  10-5-2006  54 Dau. of Ralph & Gladys "Toddy" Peterson Hetrick b. Kane Pa.d. Lewis Run Pa. Wed: 8-12-1972 in Mount Jewett Pa.
TAYLOR, Robert L. spouse of Victoria DelMonego born 1-31-1925 died 1-11-2007 age 81  - Son of Lloyd T. & Rose M. Black Taylor b. & d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 7-24-1948 in Lewis Run Pa. U.S. Navy WW2 
THAYER, Dorothy P. spouse of George W. born 2-21-1913 died 8-16-2006 age 93 - Dau. of Jerome & Stella Salsbury Park  b. Warren Pa. d. Sarasota Fla. Wed: 1-26-1934 in Bradford Pa. 
THOMAS, Anna Belle spouse of Charles M. born 2-28-1938 died 5-17-2009 age 71 - Dau. of Charles J. & Dorothy L. Barger Deitz b. Clarion PA d. Bradford PA Wed 1-24-1976 in Bradford PA 
THOMAS, Armond C.  born 2-16-1930  died 5-11-2000  - b. Bradford, PA 
THOMAS, Joseph S. Spouse of  Alicia M. (Holcomb)  Born 10-3-1950 died 3-22-2015 Age 64 - Son of Carrie L. Thomas and Howard Stiles, one Son           
THOMPSON, Bradley James, 
Capt. born 5-20-1971 died 10-20-2006 age 35 - Son of Ronald E. & Gail A. Smith Thompson b.Olean N.Y. d. Fort Worth Tx. U.S. Army & U.S. Army National Guard Decorated Veteran
THOMPSON, Nellie M. spouse of Clifford B. born 10-1-1909 died 11-3-2009 age 100y  Dau. of Ben &  Nora Madge Gathers Fox b. Monroe Township PA d. Bradford PA Wed 4-15-1935 in Bradford PA
THOMSON, Albert "Al" spouse of Margaret "Peggy" Holleran born 5-26-1921 died 2-23-2009 age 87 - Son of John & Mabel Gibson Thomson b. Bradford PA d. Rochester MN Wed 7-1-1944 in Bradford PA 
THOMSON, Nancy L. born  3/26/1929 died 8/27/2013 age 84y Dau of Frederick & Mildred Reed McFadden b. & d. Bradford PA
TILTS, Rachel K.  spouse of  Arthur R. Sr.  born  9-20-1930  died  11-23-2011  age  81y    Dau. of George & Margaret Korb Sr. b. Venus PA d. Endicott NY Arthur preceded her U.S. Army Korean War as an Army Nurse    
TINGLEY, Margaret L. spouse of Frank Harold Tingley Born 9/3/1925 Died 3/2/2017 Age 91 - Dau of Norman Lightner and Bessie (Maltby) Rathfon, Born in Bradford, Married Feb 16, 1946, died in Coudersport, 3 daughters.
TINGUE, Harold J.
Jr., spouse of Helen O. Phetterplace born 6-22-1921 died 10-29-2006 age 85 - Son of Harold J. & Hazel B. Hullihen Tingue b. & d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 4-25-1943 in Manchester N.H. U.S. Army Air Corps WW2 
TINGUE, Helen O.  spouse of  Harold J. Jr.  born  7/8/1922  died  10/26/2012  age  90y  Dau of John D. & Lola Gould Phetterplace b. Franklinville NY d. Bradford PA Wed 4-25-1943 in Manchester NH
TOOTHMAN, Evelyn M.  spouse of  Frank E.  born  5/7/1927  died  5/16/2013  age  86y  Dau of Clyde E. & Ruth E. Kockler Hughes Sr. b. Franklin PA d. Knapp Creek PA Wed 1-21-1946 Married 67 years
TOOTHMAN, Raymond C. born 1-15-1920 died 12-9-2009 age 89y  Son of Theodore & Della Grubb Toothman b. Mannington W VA d. Erie PA  Three Wives preceded him - Nellie Engle - Bernice Hebner - Winifred Cotton 

TOOTHMAN, Winifred E.  spouse of Raymond C. born 11-20-1911  died 2-29-2000 - Dau. of Raymond & Nellie King McCoy 
TORREY, Robert K. spouse of Lucille U. Franco born 1-10-1929 died 11-20-2007 age 78  - Son of Kenneth L. & Ida D. Breese Torrey b. Custer City PA d. Lewis Run PA Wed 3-24-1950 in Lewis Run PA U.S. Navy 1946-1948
TRONETTI, James L. spouse of Sharon L. Walling born 6-24-1932 died 12-27-2009 age 77y  Son of Dominic & Eleanor Dann Tronetti b. Port Allegany PA d. Warren PA Wed 6-6-1998 in Limestone NY  U.S. Army Korean War - Purple Heart
TRULICK, Paula spouse of  Lawrence J. "Larry" born 10/31/1947 died 9/18/2012 age 64y Dau of Paul E. & Dorothy L. Coburn Groce b. Bradford PA d. Pittsburgh PA Wed 7-7-1967 in Bradford PA
TRUMAN, Richard D.  spouse of Beverly A. Baker  born 10-6-1934  died 9-29-2003 - son of Harry & Dorothy Duffee Truman US Naval Reserves Korean War m. 5-10-1958 

TRUMBULL, Louise A. "Peg"  born 11-12-1921  died 7-24-2001  age 79  - b. Ketleville - Dau. of Charles Stewart & OIive Albaugh 
TRUMBULL, Norma Jean born 2/3/1930 died 7/2/2012 age  82y  Dau of Cecil & Hazel Wagner Pollock b. Ritterville d. Smethport PA
TSEPELIS, George  spouse of Alice Jean Stuchel  born 3-24-1925  died 9-7-2001  age 76  - b. Bradford, PA - m. 5-30-1950- Son of Socrates & Mary Hanson Tepelis US Army Pvt. WW II Co. C 504th Parachute Infantry Reg. in the 82nd Airborne Div. 

TSEPELIS, James Sr.  spouse of  Marlyn Kuhns  born  8/28/1933  died  1/14/2012  age  78y    Son of Socrates & Mary Hanson Tsepelis b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA Wed 10-31-1953 in Bradford PA  U.S.Army Signal Corps Korean War
TUTTLE, Fred L. "Tutt" Jr.  spouse of Patricia A. Townsend born 11-1-1921  died 7-4-2001 age 79  - b. Bradford, PA - Son of Fred L. & Marion Hayes Tuttle Sr.- Sept. 28, 1946 

TUTTLE, Patricia A. spouse of Fred L. Jr. "Tutt" born 3/17/1923 died 9/27/2013 age 90y Dau of Edward & Magdalena Wason Townsend b. Bradford PA d. Pittsburgh PA Wed  9-28-1946 in Bradford PA
TYGER, Florence V. Smith spouse of Robert J. Sr.  born  died 6-18-1997 

TYGER, Robert J. Sr. spouse of Florence V.  born 8-29-1936 died 10-7-1999  - Son of Max O. & Harriet Wagner Tyger Sr. 
TYLER, Gregg E.  born 2-18-1957  died 1-15-2001 age 43  - Son of Greg P. & Gwen Besecker Tyler b. Olean, NY 
UPDEGROVE, Florence E.  born 9-8-1920 died 9-11-2009 age 89y  - Dau. of Augustus & Caroline Clark Black b. Kane PA d. Bradford PA 
VANORDEN, Kristy L. born 5/30/1977 died 6/16/2016 age 39  Dau of William and Katherine (Hontz) Howe, Born in Bradford, died in Matagorda, TX
VANSICKLE, Glenn H  spouse of Ruth Philpot  born 8-2-1938 died  age 36  - son of Glenn H. & Martha Jordan Van Sickle 

VARGO, Paul Wayne  spouse of    born  11-28-2010  died  3-2-2011  age  3m    Infant Son of Steven Paul & Ruthie Elaine Baker Vargo b. West Point NY d. Valhalla NY
VAVALO, Rocco "Rocky" Born 8/9/1935 died 8/9/2016 age 81  Son of Rosario and Mary M. (Stolico) Vavalo, Born in Bradford, died in Bradford
VECELLIO, Clyde J. Spouse of  Evelyn (Bell) Vecellio Born 8/19/1926 Died 8/16/2017 Age 90  Son of Luke and Annette (DeBouna) Vecellio, born in Bradford, married Aug 9, 1952 in Bradford, died in Bradford,; enlisted in US Army Nov 8, 1945 serving in Pacific Theatre, honorably discharged Nov 23, 1946
VECELLIO, Leno M. spouse of Alice E. Shine-Hotelling born 1-31-1923 died 9-28-2009 age 86y  Son of Peter & Rose Vecellio b. Cooks Falls NY d. Bradford PA Wed 10-6-1990 U.S. Army Air Corps Wed Wife #1 Cleda F. Moore on 8-13-1942 who died 1-29-1989 

VECELLIO, Sally Jo spouse of Leo C. born 4-2-1939 died 3-14-2007 age 67  - Dau. of Jack & Mae Stein O'Connor  b. & d. Bradford Pa. Wed 6-28-1958 in Bradford Pa. 
VINNI, John spouse of  Grace Bruno  born  1925  died  9/15/2013  age  88y  Son of James & Mary Rapchick Vinnick b. Bradford PA d.  Cleveland OH  Grace preceded him in death
WAID, Diane M. spouse of Merle F. born 7-25-1939 died 11-29-2009 age 70y  Dau. of Merle & Genevieve Tyler Say b. Gifford PA d. Erie PA Wed 11-6-1956 

WALKER, Helen M.  born 4-2-1915 died 2-10-2010 age 94y  - Dau. of Fred J. & Rose L. Chapman Walker b. & d. Bradford PA 
WALKER, James B. Jr. spouse of Patricia H. Hanes born 6-8-1925 died 4-5-2009 age 83 - Son of J. Blaine & Philipa Given Walker Sr. b. Buffalo NY d. Erie NY Wed 6-21-1948 in Bradford PA 
WALLACE, Zora A. "Boo"   spouse of    born  5/28/1962  died  1/27/2014  age  51y  Dau of Robert & Maryanne Hochstine Walton b. Kane PA d. Pittsburgh PA
WANNER, Wallace "Bud" born 6/2/1942 died 5/19/2016 age 73  Son of Wallace L. and Harriet (Rockwell) Wanner, Born in Olean NY, died in Bradford
WANTUCK, Frances  C. spouse of John born 4-5-1919 died 11-18-2006 age 87 - Dau. of Alfred & Anna Lundberg Halquist b. Wilcox Pa. d. St. Marys Pa. Husband #1 Carl Y. Johnson

WARD, Dorothy Mae spouse of Robert J. born 11-29-1906 died 8-2-2006 age 99 - Dau. of Morris & Sarah Lavine Mealy Barnett b. Tylersburg d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 12-1922 in Kane Pa. 
WARD, Lorena Mae  spouse of  William Thomas  born  10/24/1918  died  5-19-201?  age    Dau of Charles & Mary Anderson Skaggs b. Backus PA d. Bradford PA Wed 12-31-1974 in Smethport PA  William died 1-17-1997 Former Husband Lovell Pattison
WARD, Madeline   spouse of  Burley N.   born  7-29-1915  died  1-26-2011  age  95y    Dau. of Joseph P. & Henrietta Miller Ryan b.Mount Alton PA d. Bradford PA Wed 4-19-1945 Burley N. died 7-5-1969
WARD, Mary L. spouse of Raymond C. Sr. born 4-8-1923 died 3-10-2008 age 84  _ Dau. of Harry & Anna Skirpinn Pregnar b. Olyphant PA d. Bradford PA Wed 2-28-1942 in Elmira NY 

WARD, Rubie L. spouse of Geroge M. born  7-11-1924 died 2-20-2008 age 83 - Dau. of Rienertz & Vera Henderson Sittig b. Bellevue PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-7-1954 U.S. Navy & discharged to Reserve Duty in 1946 
WARES, Gerald L.  spouse of Helen A.  born  died 8-3-1981  - m. 8-8-1941 
WARES, Helen A.  spouse of Gerald L.  born 11-18-1919  died 10-2-2001  age 81  - b. Kane, PA - Dau. of Charles R. & Nellie L. Tew Jones 
WARNER, Dorothy Jean  9-1-1917  9-4-2006  89 Dau. of Rev. C.N. & Edna Baldwin Warner b. Sawyer City Pa. d. Bradford Pa. 
WASSON, M. Jeanette  spouse of  Albert D. Jr.  born  10-23-1917  died  10-27-2011  age  94y    Dau. of Curtis Austin & Ruth Leinaweaver Scott b. Wila PA d. Lakewood NY Wed 6-12-1939 in Newport PA  Albert D. died 3-16-1992   
WATT, Sandra L. spouse of John R. Watt Born 5/24/1934 died 8/7/2016 age 82 Dau of Merle Jacob and Correne Helen (Barrett) Black, Born in Bradford, married Aug 14, 1955 , died in Florissant, MO, 3 daughters, 3 sons
WEAVER, James L. born 9/29/1931 died 2/16/2013 age 81y Son of James F. & Anna L. Kline Weaver b. & d. Bradford PA Former Wife Leslie M. Daugherty  U.S. Army Korean War
WEBSTER, Asher W.  spouse of Ellda Ward Smith  born 2-23-1927  died 10-29-2001  age 84  - b. Brockway - Son of Rev. William O. & Maude Smith Webster- m. 2-26-1937 

WEBSTER, Florence J. spouse of Francis born 9-11-1924 died 5-28-2007 age 82  - Dau. of Isaac & Mae Jones  b. Lumber City PA  d. Madison PA  Wed  12-3-1943 in Bradford PA 
WEILACHER, Olive M. "Ollie"  spouse of  Edward Clair  born  11-14-1918  died  3-3-2011  age  92y    Dau. of Fred & Mary McManigle Osborne b. Brookville PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-24-1942 in Brookville PA Edward died 11-2-1989
WEIRICH, Bonnie L. "Tubby" born 11-11-1929 died 11-11-2010 age 81y  Dau. of Wayne & Bernice Walker Weirich b. Wellsville NY d. Kane PA
WELLS, Anna Mae  spouse of  William L.  "Bill"  born  8/4/1933  died  10/17/2014  age  81y  Dau of John Benedick & Mary Elizabeth Lander Hahn b. Prentisvale PA d. Pittsburgh PA Wed 1-2-1954 in Eldred PA
WELLS, William L. "Bill" spouse of Anna H. Hahn born 7-4-1924 died 3-3-2010 age 85y  - Son of Charles D. & Madeline B. Burt Wells b.& d. Bradford PA Wed 1-2-1954 in Eldred PA  U.S. Army WW2 serving in Northern France Rhineland Ardennes & Central Europe - Awarded Bronze Star Medal - American Campaign Medal & European African Middle Eastern C 

WHEELER, Richard C. spouse of Margaret Gontero born 12-3-1924 died 1-28-2008 age 83 - Son of Richard G. & Alma E. Guenther Wheeler b. & d. Johnsonburg PA Wed 7-8-1949 in Johnsonburg PA U.S. Navy Quartermaster 3rd Class aboard USS William C. Miller Pacific Theater  WW2
WHELAN, Genevieve "Genny" spouse of William F. "Red" born 7-12-1915 died 9-14-2009 age 94y  - Dau. of James & Anna Palmiter b. Tyrone PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-26-1950 in Olean NY 
WHITEMAN, Donald J. Sr.  spouse of Shirley Stroup born 4-12-1927  died 9-10-2001  age 74  - b. Bradford, PA - m. 9-11-1948- Son of Leslie & Lena Crisman Whiteman US Army WW II 
WHITMAN, Harold E. spouse of Gloria J. Clark born 5-15-1925 died 9-15-2009 age 84y  - Son of Harold G. & Kathleen L. Simonds Whitman b. Kinzua PA  d. Bradford PA Wed 1-4-1947 in Kinzua PA U.S. Army Air Corps WW2 as a tail gunner aboard the B-17 in the European Theater 
WILES, Jack E.  spouse of Shirley June Schuetrum born 11-24-1924  died 6-6-2011 age  - Son of John M. & Florence Hinderliter Wiles b. Falls Creek PA d. Bradford PA Wed 12-14-1946 in Rixford PA U.S. Army WW2 serving in European Theater  
WILLIAMS, Clara Mary "Caddie"  Glenn A.  12-22-1907  9-2-2006  98 Dau. of John D. & Florence Mitchell Ormsby b. & d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 8-27-1935 in Bradford Pa. 

WILLIAMS, Goldie S. spouse of Claude I. "Shorty" born 5-25-1918 died 9-15-2008 age 90 - Dau. of Henry & Elizabeth Lawhead Shaffer b. Tylersburg d. Chapel Ridge  Wed 7-14-1942 in Olean NY
WILLISON, Ora Mae spouse of Clair F. born 6-11-1932 died 4-11-2009 age 76 - Dau. of Wade C. & Evelyn Opel Lewis Mealy b. Tionesta PA d. Bradford PA Wed 10-30-1971 Wed Husband #1 Herbert E. Hough on 1-6-1951 who died 11-19 1970
WILLOUGHBY, Frederick C. "Fred"  spouse of Beverly Ann Hertlein born 10-16-1930 died 3-12-2007 age 76  - Son of Donald J. & Edna Swanson Willoughby  b. & d. Bradford Pa. Wed 6-15-1963  U.S. Navy Korean War
WILSON, Aubrey spouse of Alice E. "Betty" Falconer-Redington born 10-18-1925 died 3-19-2011 age 85y - Son of Clarence & Sarah Slay Wilson b. Canton OH d. Bradford PA Wed 8-28-1965 in Limestone NY Alice died 4-27-1999 U.S. Navy & U.S. Army serving in both WW2 & Korean War with more than 20 years of service 
WILSON, Burton F. Spouse of  Donna L. (Aughenbaugh)  Born 10/27/1936 Died 9/10/2017 Age 80  Son of Burton S. and Violet (Potts) Wilson, born in Clearfield, Married Dec 12, 1960 in Bradford, died in Olean, NY, 4 daughters; served in US Air Force during the Korean War, in Okinawa Japan.
WILSON, G. Maxine Knight spouse of Albert J. born 2-11-1916 died 2-27-2003 age 87 - Dau of Thomas & Dora (Clark) Knight, b. Cooksburg-PA, d. Smethport-PA, Wed 10-20-1933 in Olean-NY

WILSON, Lorenzo W. "Ren" spouse of Verna Goodrich born 6-24-1914 died 1-12-2008 age 93 - Son of Lorenzo R. & Eva E. Crissman Wilson b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-12-1936 
WILSON, Richard L. spouse of  Dorothy Welch born 4/13/1936 died 8/22/2014 age 78y Son of Albert J. & G. Maxine Knight Wilson b. Cyclone PA d. Smethport PA Wed 9-1996 in Olean NY U.S. Air Force Airman 2nd Class 1954-1957
WILSON, Virginia A.  spouse of  David R. Dr.  born  5/4/1929  died  7/23/2013  age  84y  Dau of Ralph & Grace Campbell Dietz b. Jeanette PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-27-1953 in Bradford PA David R. died 12-3-1970
WINNER, Paul H. Jr.  spouse of  Mary A. Bagnoli  born  7-20-1929  died  6-16-2011  age  81y    Son of Paul H. & Cecelia DeGolier Winner b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-29-1953 in Bradford PA U.S. Air Force serving with 36th Fighter-Bomber Squadron in Korea - Awarded numerous medals including the Purple Heart 
WINSLOW, Evelyn Bloomster spouse of Kermit B.  born 1-11-1905  died 2-10-2001  age 96  - b. Marvindale - Dau. of James & Nellie Shelander Bloomster 

WINSLOW, Kermit B.  spouse of Evelyn B  born  died 10-8-1969  - m. 6-12-1925 
WINTERS, Lillian M. spouse of Leo J. "Bobe" born 7-2-1926 died 12-10-2009 age 83y  Dau. of Charles & Laura Olson Fitch b. & d. Johnsonburg PA  Wed 7-12-1958 
WITHEROW, Kathryn L.  spouse of  Kenneth Foster  born  12/10/1919  died  5/4/2013  age  93y  Dau of William J. & Myrtle V. Roberts Leonard Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-20-1940 in Allegany NY Married 51 years Kenneth died 10-8-1991
WOLF, Bernice J. spouse of Francis L. Wolfe born 5/3/1926 died 4/3/2016 age 89  Dau of Daryl and Verla (Rossy) Irwin, [Raised by Willis and Verla Ishman], Born in Clarington, Married Sept 6, 1946 in Bradford, died in Bradford, 1 daughter, 1 son
WOLFE, Chester Lyle spouse of Leona Arlene Hokenson & Blanche Breech  born 3-14-1909  died 8-6-2001  age 92  - b. Lickingville, PA - Son of Willis & Edna Everhart Wolfe

WOLFORD, Anna Marie  spouse of Doyle Thomas "Tom" born 8-12-1920  died 8-25-2003  age 83  - dau of Orlo & Hazel Mallory Ferman Easter Star 
WOLFORD, Doyle Thomas "Tom"  spouse of Anna Marie  born  died 7-27-2002  - m. 9-7-1940 in Portville, NY 
WOODRUFF, Gerald R.  spouse of  Carolyn J. Skiver  born  10/10/1936  died  9/16/2013  age  76y  Son of Fred & Mary Bosworth Woodruff b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 4-1-1956 Carolyn died 7-26-2013
WOODS, Guy H. spouse of Marjorie H. Harper born 3-6-1926 died 12-9-2006 age 80 - Son of Guy H. & Estella Dauphen Woods Sr.  b. Shippensville Pa. d. Bradford Pa.  Wed: 12-20-1947  U.S. Navy on USS Pennsylvania in the Pacific Theater  WW2

WOOSTER, Norma Jean born 4-29-1928 died 8-29-2015 age 87 Dau of James T. and Freda B. (Freer) Hurst, Born in Rew, Died in Bradford, 2 daughters, 1 son
WORDEN, Elizabeth S." Betty" Powell spouse of George born 5-24-1920 died 4-29-2009 age 88y  Dau. of Roy S. & Lulu V. Smoyer Say b. & d. Bradford PA  Husband #1 Wilbert E. Powell who died 9-13-1957

WRIGHT, Eleanor Jane spouse of Raymond born 12-23-1916 died 12-1-2006 age 89 - Dau. of Harry & Esther Canaan  b. Mount Jewett Pa. d. St. Simons Island Ga.  Wed: 1934 
WURSTER, Juddowen spouse of Mary Lou born 11-12-1919 died 12-29-2004 age 85  - son of Phillip H. & Sophia Schmidt Wurster SSgt US Army Air Corps WW II Gunnery bombardier on B-17s
WURSTER, Mary Lou spouse of Juddowen born  died 7-20-2004  - nee Mesler wed 12-18-1949 in Bradford PA YALE, Doris I.  born 3-20-1933 died 2-24-2010 age 76y  - Dau. of Lester Glenn & Bertha M. Bundy Yale b. Ridgway PA d. Cheektowaga NY  U.S. Army 1953-1964 
YALE, Barbara J.  spouse of  Velmore D. born 1-9-1940 died  2-28-2011 age 71y Dau. of Donald & Lulu Woodruff Kohler b. Salamanca NY d. Bradford PA Wed 2-26-1955 in Allegany NY Velmore D. died 9-28-1995
YALE, Doris I.    born  3-20-1933  died  2-24-2010  age  76y  -  Dau. of Lester Glenn & Bertha M. Bundy Yale b. Ridgway PA d. Cheektowaga NY  U.S. Army 1953-1964    
YEAGER, Dean born 5/18/1945 died 7/3/2016 age 71  Son of Herbert and Velma (Westover) Yeager, Born in Bradford, diedin Eldred, 4 sons, 3 daughters; veteran of the U.S. Air Force, served during Vietnam war
YEAGER, Nancy Jean Spouse of Leon "Red" Yeager Born 8/3/1933 died 5/12/2017 Age 83 Dau of Creighton and Dorothy A. (Eighman) Chesebro, born in Humphrey NY, Married Oct 25, 1952 in St. Francis Church, died in Rew,  1 daughter, 3 sons.
YEAGER, Robert B.  spouse of  Celia "Maxine" Dittman  born  6/7/1923  died  12/18/2011  age  88y    Son of  Pius & Agnes Hipps Yeager b. Hastings PA d. Buffalo NY Wed 10-24-1945 in Rixford PA Celia died 10-24-2009
YOUNG, Dorothy R. spouse of John R. born 6-25-1918 died 12-13-2009 age 91y  Dau. of George & Deliah Winegard Robinson b. Marble PA d. Smethport PA Wed 6-27-1937 in Randolph NY John died 10-20-1977

ZALEPA, Roberta Jean spouse of George Zalepa born 2/22/1932 died 6/19/2016 age 84  Dau of Arthur and Laura (Manners) Fox, Born in Bradford, Married Feb 15, 1953 in Lewis Run, Died in Marshburg, 1 daughter, 1 son
ZELTWANGER, June L. spouse of Robert N. born 6-20-1924 died 10-11-2008 age 84 - Dau. of  Elmer I. & Mary Lucinda McCord Jackson b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-16-1962 

ZELTWANGER, Robert N. spouse of June L. Jackson born 7-6-1924 died 5-17-2007 age 82  - Son of Chris & Iva Vickery Zeltwanger  b. Bradford PA  d. Erie PA  Wed 6-16-1962 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army 771st F.A. Battalion  WW2
ZEIGLER, Frank F. "Ziggy" born 5-25-1940 died 1-25-2008 age 67 - Son of Frank M & Marie A. Stoddard Zeigler b. & d. Bradford PA Former Wife Barbara Haynes Mangus
ZIAS, Esther A.  spouse of  P.Andrew  born  1-7-1943  died  1-11-2011  age  68y    Dau. of Orrin & Bessie Glover Simon b. Ridgway PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-5-1987 in Bradford PA
ZIEGLER, Frank M.  spouse of Marie A  born  died 5-20-1965 

ZIEGLER, Marie A.  spouse of Frank M. born 09-17-1913 died 05-23-2003  age 89  - born in Salamanca, NY to Arthur & Zorada Clemons Stoddard. 
ZIEGLER, Samuel Frederick Dr.  spouse of  Beverly Yancey  born  3-3-1914  died  9-8-2010  age  96y  -  Son of Christian & Mary Amanda Magee Zeigler b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-5-1943 in Ft. Dix NJ  U.S. Army WW2 serving as a Medic - Normandy Invasion Northern France the Hurtgen Forest Ardennes Rhineland & Western Germany - Awarded Purple Heart Bronze Star &
ZIMMERMAN, Ruth M.  spouse of  Howard L. Jr.  born  6-16-1927  died  3-2-2011  age  83y    Dau. o f Harry A. & Rita McNutt Mader b. Ridgway PA  d. Bradford PA Wed 1-28-1950 in Greenville PA
ZUMSTEIN, Paul E.  spouse of Jane L. Stiver born 2-15-1935  died 12-13-2001  age 66  - b. Hyde City - Son of Dorsey W. & Mabel c. Price Zumstein m 6-5-1955- US Navy Reserves 

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