Complied & Submitted By Dick Rice

1-16-1887 Name Rice, Phillip Sheridan Place Port Allegany Father Rice, Nehemiah Mother Rice, Marie (Mary) E.- m. nee Strong 
1-7-1888 Name Rice, Jennie Lucenia Place Port Allegany Father Rice, William Mother Rice, Phebe Ann- m. nee Barrows/Burrows?
12-4-1897 Name Rice, Arminta Place Grimes Dist. Father Rice, Joel Mother Rice, Etta  
2-13-1895 Name Rice, Della Bella Place Eldred Boro Father Rice, A.A. Mother Rice, Cary Della  
2-5-1898 Name Rice, Harold Holcomb Place Smethport Father Rice, Claude Russell Mother Rice, Emmay May  
3-21-1894 Name Rice, Nelson Place Coryville Father Rice, John A. Mother Rice, Jennie     - m. nee Norton
4-13-1895 Name Rice, Alvioa (sp?) Place Kent Hollow Father Rice, George W. Mother Rice, Altie     - May be "Rees"
5-22-1897 Name Rice, Orpha Mildreth Place Eldred Boro Father Rice, J.E. Mother Rice, A.J.  
5-3-1894 Name Rice, Clarence Arthur Place Dunbar Mills Father Rice, J.C. Mother Rice, Sara Jane  
6-16-1896 Name Rice, Arthur Myron Place Keating Twp Father Rice, John Mother Rice, Jennie     - m. nee Norton
7-31-1896 Name Rice, Helen Lizza Place Eldred Twp Father Rice, Archie A. Mother Rice, Carrie  
8-26-1898 Name Rice, Calista Celutia Place Clermont Father Rice, F.L. Mother Rice, Mary  
9-29-1899 Name Rice, Harry  E. Place Liberty Twp Father Rice, Lynn Mother Rice, Manda     - m. nee Tenbrook, Maude V.
4-27-1900 Name Rice, Raymond  E. Place Larabee Father Rice Albert Mother Rice, Tina     - m. nee Washburn
6-7-1900 Name Rice, Harold Place Kent Hollow Father Rice, William B. Mother Rice, Emma  
8-20-1900 Name Rice, Elizabeth Furn Place Sergeant Father Rice, F.H. Mother Rice, Minnie M.  
10-28-1900 Name Rice, Dewey Place Liberty Twp Father Rice, Joel Mother Rice, Lizzie  
10-31-1900 Name Rice, (no name,Female) Place Stulltown Father Rice, Robert Mother Rice, Emma  - Child:Mary M. m. nee Kessler
12-9-1900 Name Rice, Chester Prouty Place Eldred Boro Father Rice, Lynn Mother Rice, Maude     - m. nee Tenbrook, Maude V.
12-23-1900 Name Rice, Anna A. Place Clermont Father Rice, L. F. Mother Rice, Mary     - m. nee Russell
5-27-1901 Name Rice, Flossie Place Kane Father Rice, Edward Mother Rice, Hattie  
9-7-1901 Name Rice, Forest L. Place Port Allegany Father Rice, Albertus R. Mother Rice, Gertrude Ione   - m. nee Wandover
11-27-1901 Name Rice, Gilbert L. Place Keating Twp Father Rice, John A. Mother Rice, Jennie     - m. nee Norton
12-28-1901 Name Rice, Elmer Place Clermont Father Rice, George A. Mother Rice, Mary  
1-29-1902 Name Rice, Ruth Leona Place Keating Twp Father Rice, Arthur Frank Mother Rice, Myrtle Jasamine    - m. nee Peck?
5-5-1902 Name Rice, Alberta Place Larabee Father Rice, Albert E. Mother Rice, Tina     - m. nee Washburn
7-7-1902 Name Rice, Glenn Place Kent Hollow Father Rice, John A. Mother Rice, Jennie     - m. nee Norton
10-8-1902 Name Rice, Ella Place Grimes Father Rice, Joel Mother Rice, Sarah  
4-21-1903 Name Rice, Hellen G. Place Fowler Brook Father Rice, L. F. Mother Rice, Mary     - m. nee Russell (Keating Twp)
6-23-1903 Name Rice, Raymond Place ? Father Rice, Orlin (Orlie) Mother Rice, Laura (J.)     - m. nee Rice
8-20-1903 Name Rice, Frederick Allen Place PA Ave Father Rice, H.B. Mother Rice, Lizzie     - b. prob. Eldred
10-2-1903 Name Rice, Fred Place Stulltown Father Rice, Robert Mother Rice, Emma R.     - m. nee Keesler
2-4-1904 Name Rice, Alma N. Place Haymaker Father Rice, E (Ernest).L. Mother Rice, Lena     - m. nee Broughton (Eldred Twp)
3-6-1904 Name Rice, Orrin St Clair Place Corydon Father Rice, J.K. Mother Rice, Lillian  
8-31-1904 Name Rice, Gladys A. Place Eldred Boro Father Rice, Lynn Mother Rice, Maude     - m. nee Tenbrook, Maude V.

10-11-1944      Groom   Rice, Archie Duane      Bride   Bizzaro, Theresa Bernadine                              
5-23-1946       Groom   Rice, Richard Edward    Bride   Causey, Bonnie Adelle                           
5-23-1895       Groom   Rice, Ellison   Bride   Duryea, Ada                             
3-31-1928       Groom   Rice, Glenn Harrison    Bride   Fox, Eva Mary   where   Hazelhurst              
11-19-1955      Groom   Rice, George B. Bride   Fox, Helen M.                           
4-4-1929        Groom   Wandover, Charles A.    Bride   Hunt, Irene Livicia                             
10-22-1966      Groom   Rice, Roger Nelson      Bride   Kelley, Jean Ann                                
9-19-1912       Groom   Rice, George L. Bride   Knapp, Leda M.                          
6-26-1928       Groom   Rice, Glen Vere Bride   McGill, Mary Ellen      -   Mary b. 3/8/1897, Turtlepoint
10-17-1938      Groom   Rice, Herman    Bride   McMillen, Gertrude                              
10-4-1899       Groom   Rice, William J.        Bride   Meeker, Vande   where   Millport                
11-10-1920      Groom   Bruner, Staley L.       Bride   Rice, Adda A.   where   Eldred  - Bride parents L.F. & Mary Rice
12-25-1920      Groom   Ellis, John W., Jr.     Bride   Rice, Alberta                           
8-10-1940       Groom   Gorrell, Ellis Avril    Bride   Rice, Ruth Amanda                               
9-8-1894        Groom   Robinson, Edmund Smith  Bride   Rice, Amanda                        -   Groom was clergyman
5-4-1892        Groom   Hakes, Charles W. Ae 23 Bride   Rice, Amanda Estella  where  P.Allegany- Bride Parents Charles Rice & Lucenia Burrows
9-10-1925       Groom   Wetmore, George W.      Bride   Rice, Annie                             
6-15-1897       Groom   Osborne, Homer Greely   Bride   Rice, Bertha Orella                             
6-11-1918       Groom   Dorrion, Jay M.b9/22/92 Bride   Rice, Calista C. where Eldred - Bride parents L.F. & Mary Rice
12-19-1910      Groom   Haines, Andrew J.       Bride   Rice, Clara E.                          
2/-28-1936      Groom   Merry, Richard Alfred   Bride   Rice, Elizabeth May                             
2-3-1909        Groom   Wetmore, Fred L.        Bride   Rice, Grace     where   Port Allegany           
3-29-1893       Groom   Smith, August A.        Bride   Rice, Lena M.                           
9-1-1959        Groom   Rice, Harry Eugene      Bride   Rice, Lucille                           
6-15-1897       Groom   Dennis, Herman B.       Bride   Rice, Mary Addi                         
4-16-1948       Groom   Ripley, Willis Eugene   Bride   Rice, Maxine Louise                             
10-8-1891       Groom   Green, Richard H.       Bride   Rice, Melissa   where   Larabee - Groom ae 46 b.Canada 2nd marr.
1st wife died 2/1889
4-10-1895       Groom   Huntington, William D.  Bride   Rice, Minnie M.                         
11-17-1928      Groom   Hunt, Loyal     Bride   Rice, Minnie Viola                              
10-21-1912      Groom   Wilson, Charles Oscar   Bride   Rice, Rachel                            
5-28-1935       Groom   Harrison, Herbert       Bride   Rice, Ruth Irene                                
2-19-1938       Groom   Cronin, John Howard     Bride   Rice, Ruth Leah     -   Bride Parents L.B. & Maude V. Rice
12-2-1923       Groom   Mencer, Glenn H.        Bride   Rice, Ruth Leona                                
10-3-1908       Groom   Robison, Fred   Bride   Rice, Sarah                             
10-4-1961       Groom   Nelson, Rudolph Oscar   Bride   Rice, Thelma Auline                             
11-14-1931      Groom   Scanlon, Neil William   Bride   Rice, Vivian Vera                               
2-28-1931       Groom   Rice, Fred      Bride   Rounsville, Bessie Virginia                             
7-27-1892       Groom   Rice, Luman F.  Bride   Russell, Mary J.                                
3-14-1902       Groom   Rice, Harry B. b.NJ     Bride   Tasser, Elizabeth b.NJ 2/20/1881                                
9-3-1939        Groom   Wandover, Reavoe        Bride   Tuttle, Harriett Holmes                         
6-4-1929        Groom   Drobert, Michael        Bride   Wandover, Ethel Ione                            
6-5-1919        Groom   Rice, Raymond W.        Bride   Wood, Letha G.                          
4-9-1899   -   Rice, R.A.      Place   Eldred      - Age 68y 3m 6d  -   Urinary Disease (Civil  War Vet)
12-6-1901  -   Rice, Lucenia   Place   Liberty Twp - Age 55y 3m 28d  -  Consumption 7 mos b. Potter Twp PA ?(nee Burrows)
6-12-1901  -   Rice, Charles   Place   Liberty Twp - Whooping Cough 2 weeks b. Liberty Parents: Roscoe & Addie (White) Rice
1-4-1902   -   Rice, Arminta   Place   Grimes      - Age 3y 1d  -  Burned 6 days Parents: J.C. & Sara J. Rice
7-2-1902  -   Rice, Etta      Place   Grimes Dist  - Age 20y 1m  -  b. Ioway Consumption 2 yrs J.C. & Sara J. Rice
2-4-1903   -   Rice, Almira    Place   Eldred ?     - Age 89y 6m 17d  -  b. Coventry NY old age d. First St.(nee Carpenter)
9-14-1905  -   Rice, Jessie F. Place   Liberty Twp  - Age 9y 5d -   Typhoid 4 mos. Joel & Sara Rice

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