Hamilton Township
McKean County

This cemetery with a fence around it, is located on the right side of route 6 west as you're coming into Ludlow
the cemetery is on  property that belong to OLMSTED's
The OLMSTED's brought migrant workers with them and this is where they were buried

There is actually no name for this cemetery, but it is the only other cemetery in Ludlow other than Moriah and Gibbs Hill cemeteries for the town.
the cemetery book says that a local lady told of 2 babies being buried there..

Walked & Complied by: Becky Hakes

CONDON Rebecca spouse of Elijah CONDON   died 12 Sep 1881 age 63y  - foot stone of R.C. native of Nova Scotia photo 001-002
VANCE Liona spouse of Nancy J. born 15 Apr 1819 died 24 Mar 1902     photo 003
VANCE Nancy J. spouse of Liona VANCE born 19 Oct 1823 died 6 Feb 1897      - his wife photo 003
VANCE Melvin   born 28 Jul 1860 died 13 Nov 1909     photo 003
VANCE C.S.     died 20 Jun 1880 age 30-1-6   photo 004
CATHERS Henry  child   died 19 Nov 1882 age 13-3-16    - s/o Henry & Lorinda CATHERS photo 005
CATHERS Lurinda spouse of Henry B. CATHERS   died 2 May 1887 age 53-4-16   photo 006-007
THORNTON Charles     died 7 Jul 1893 age 65y   photo 008
HAMILL Maggie  child   died 16 Dec 1881 age 3-8-15   photo 009
blank stone           photo 010
ERVIN Eliza A. spouse of Isaac ERVIN born 30 May 1830 died 15 Dec 1891     photo 011-012
ERVIN Margrett E.   born 22 Oct 1863 died 23 Oct 1881      - d/o Isaac & Eliza ERVIN photo 013-014


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