located on Rt 446 east of the intersection of Routes 46 and Route 446 past the International Waxes Company, Farmers Valley Mckean Pa
I also used the printout from the McKean County Cemetery Book done about  20 years ago.
Many stones were either too faded or weathered to read very much of them. Many were broken

Complied & Photos by Nancy Thomas

BARRETT Abigail Bean died 4-28-1859 age 62 w/o Thorton Barrett Sr. Mother Small broken stone
BARRETT Ben W. died 10-10-18-- age 1y 5m 19d  broken stone leaning against tree
BARRETT Henry died 3-20-1865 age 30y 1m CW Flag
BARRETT Nathaniel died 6-13-1848 age 68y 11m 
BARRETT Thornton died 3-24-1862 age 85 Flag
BARRETT Thornton broken stone
BEER Evaline P. died 8-2-1855 age 19 w/o John R. Beers Farewell dear Evaline Sweet be thy quiet dreamless rest
BOTLAN Henrietta P died 10-16-1862 age 34y 3ms 13d w/o John A. Boylan broken stone
BUNT Francis died 10-6-1874 age 85y 8m 10d  No pains no grief no anxious fear into _  thy bounty no mortal woes can reach our _  here while angels watch soft repose.
CONSORT Mary died 10-22-1858 age 80y22d dau of Solomon Startwell
COOK Martha M born 1-16-1857 died ?broken  off 
COOK Mary Eva died 6-4-1889 age 21y 11m dau of  C. M. & Mary Applebee
COVELL Polly died 6-1-1841 age 31  w/o Eliphalet Covell
DICKINSON Charless Co. C 150th Pa. Inf. flag
FRISBEE C. A. born 7-17-1848 died 3-3-1868 
FRISBEE Matilda G died 8-21-1856 age 9y 1m 7ds dau of  R. & C. A. Frisbee
FRISBEE Roswell died 3-16-1861 age 66yr 11m 14d 
FRISBEE Samuel A. died 7-15-1854 age 18y 10ms son of B. & M. Frisbee
GEARY Amos Co. C 211th Pa. Inf.
GOODWIN Alonzo died 3-1-1868 age 23yr 6m 3d  son of Thos. & M. Goodwin Taken away by the call of youth and  early seek the God of truth
GOODWIN Mary born 9-20-1815 died 1-15-1897 
GOODWIN Thomas  born 8-25-1816 died no date 
HARVEY Harrio A. died 1-31-1871 age 23y 10m 16d 
HOWARD Addie M. died 3-5-1876 age 6y 2m 5d  dau of  J. V. & H. M. Howard
HOWARD James died 6-26-1907 age 77yrs Co. I. 141 Reg NYV C.W.V.
HULIN Herbert died 9-19-1890 age 1yr 9m son of M. L. & E. F. Hulin our darling
KING Irving died 7-27-1859 age 29y 8m 
LARRABEE Asa died 4-21-1868 age 21  son of Ebenzer & L ucinda Larrabee
LENOX Sally A died 2-19-1869 age 35y 3m 25d w/o Daniel Lenox
LENOX Sophrona B died 3-26-1860 age 9m 3ds dau of  D.& S.A. Lenox
MOORE Alice died 6-22-1863 age 6 dau of  M.S. & Elizabeth Moore broken stone
MOORE Bersheba born 11-18-1828 died 1-5-1855 
MOORE George J died 3-31-1849 age 3y6m16d son of M.S. & Elizabeth Moore Leaning up against a tree wired together
MOORE H. K. born 1-25-1821 died 1-21-1907 Co. E 76 REg Pa Vol. C.W.V.
MOORE Wm. S died 2-2-1881 age 65 
MOREY Charles. died 4-1-1894  58th Regt Pa.Vol broken stone
OTTO Caroline died 6-?-1865 age 32  w/o A. J. Otto
OTTO Clarence died 4-22-1866? very hard to read
OTTO Corpl J. B. Co. C. 150th Pa Inf. C.W.V
OTTO Elmer N. died 5-30-1862 age 8y8ds son of  A. J. & Caroline Otto
OTTO Henry P. died 12-21-1868 age 7m21ds son of  A. J. & Caroline Otto
OTTO Jacob T. died 2-8-1874 age 58y 10m 4d died in Farmers Valley weep not he is at rest
OTTO Nettie died 8-14-1867 age 8m15d dau of  A. J. Otto
PARKER Ebenezer died 3-24-1842 In the 48th yr of his Age Friend nor Physicians could save this mortal body from the  grave
PATTERSON Esta Celine died 6-23-1863 age 11y 5d 
PATTERSON Ida Mae died 6-11-1863 age 5y 6m 8d dau of  S. A. & Angaline Patterson
PROVIN Charles M.  born 4-19-1862 died 3-16-1879 Son of Samuel Lathrop & Harriet Samantha Provin very hard to read surname
PROVIN Gilbert A. born 7-30-1851 died 7-9-1861 Son of Samuel Lathrop & Harriet Samantha Provin very hard to read surname
PROVIN Lucy E. born 1-5-1851 died 8-7-1868 Daughter of Samuel Lathrop & Harriet Samantha Provin very hard to read surname
ROBBINS Miles Co. H. 58th Pa. Inf. C.W.V.
ROBBINS Rosarah died 3-12-1845 age 74yr 20d  very hard to read
ROCKWELL Abner died 9-16-1871 age 85y 10ms 
ROCKWELL Mary died 9-3-1880 age 53y 2m w/o E. Rockwell
Sas-----Solomon   broken stone 
SLACK ______M. died 1-13-1854 age 54 broken stone
STEETH Willie died 3-28-1899 age 2y  son of C. & B. R. Steeth
STRONG Hannah born 4-7-1800 died 12-4-1872 w/o Herman Strong
STRONG Herman born 10-7- 1796 died 7-10-1863 Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord
TUBBS Seth W. died 5-13-1845 broken stone put back together can't make out age.
TYLER Mary A. died 8-17-1856 age ?y 5m 29d  dau of H. B. & E. A. Tyler
TYLER Nathaniel F. born 1-2-1833 died 8-31-1862 
TYLER Susanhan died 6-21-1869 age 54y 4m 5d w/o Enoch Tyler
UNKNOWN died 8-2-1858 age 1y 8m 15d  small stone broken
UNKNOWN Flat stone no information
UNKNOWN small stone no markings
UNKNOWN W. S. small stone behind Barrett stone
UNKNOWN small stone nothing on it
UNKNOWN broken stome Nancy on one piece
UNKNOWN small stone cann't read
UNKNOWN small stone no information
UNKNOWN died 11-27-1866 age 1yr5m 
UNKNOWN M. S. small stone
UNKNOWN S. S. small stone
UNKNOWN 3 small stones together nothing on them
UNKNOWN small stone with H. H. O. 
UNKNOWN broken stone in bush
UNKNOWN small stone nothing on it
UNKNOWN mall stone
UNKNOWN small stone
UNKNOWN small stone
UNKNOWN small stone
UNKNOWN small stone
UNKNOWN P.H.? small stone
UNKNOWN V. A. Y. small stone (could be young)
UNKNOWN L. H. Y. small stone (could be Young)
UNKNOWN small stone
UNKNOWN   small stone
UNKNOWN C. Y. small stone (could be Young)
UNKNOWN   C. Y. small stone (could be Young)
UNKNOWN S. B. small stone
UNKNOWN  died 5-20-1858  age 31 broken stone
UNKNOWN E. F.  small stone
UNKNOWN A. B. small stone
UNKNOWN H. S. small stone (could be Strong)
UNKNOWN __. S. small stone (first letter is broken off) (Could be Strong)
UNKNOWN flag and stone 1812 1814
UNKNOWN small stone
UNKNOWN small stone
UNKNOWN small stone
UNKNOWN 2 small stones together
UNKNOWN 2 small stones
UNKNOWN small stone
UNKNOWN small stone
UNKNOWN small stone
UNKNOWN small stone M.M.C. this stone is behind Martha Cook
UNKNOWN  T. O. age  small stone
UNKNOWN A. H. L. A. H. L. small stone
UNKNOWN Chariety Juliette dau of ___(maybe  Emerson last name)
UNKNOWN Father small stone behind bush
UNKNOWN Flora  died 10-15-1851 age 1y5m7d dau of --------
UNKNOWN J.S. small stone
UNKNOWN L.A.A. small stone
UNKNOWN R.E.M. small stone
WOODWARD A. P. Co. H. 58th Pa. Inf.
YOUNG Amanda born 10-29-182 died 3-13-1867 
YOUNG Arthur  died 12-1-1878 age 65y 8m 8d 
YOUNG Betsey  died 3-7-1858 age 74yr4m24d w/o Stephen Young
YOUNG Clinton  died 9-16-1821 age 36y9m27d 
YOUNG Ella A  died 10-19-1856 age 3yr 7m 13d dau of  S. D. & Polly Young
YOUNG Laurinda H born 4-23-1818 died 8-20-1906  w/o Arthur Young
YOUNG Stephen  died 7-16-1870 age 61y 21d 
YOUNG Stephen D born 9-19-1823 died 9-22-1878  father broken and repaired
YOUNG Victor A.  died 9-30-1851 age 1y3m 13d son of S. D. & Polly Young
YOUNG Violetta A.  died 6-29-?  dau of  A. & L.Young

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