Chronology of Ceres

Submitted by Dan Maxson
1797 First dwelling built
1798 Kings move to Ceres, sawmillbuilt
1798-99 First birth, death and burial
1802 The Bells, Bees, Smiths, and Listers arrive
1804 First recorded flood,McKean County formed
1805 John Brevoost was first justice of peace
1807 First marriage in Ceres
1817 First Ceres Post Office established at John King's
1823 First school house in Ceres, PA
1833 First Sschool house in Ceres, NY
1842 William King established station for underground railroad
1838 Church built that was in both states
1852 Plank road built to Olean
1888 First natural gas for fuel and light
1881 Trolley from Olean
1926 Trolley shut down
1801 Mrs Francis King dies
1817 William Bell first settler in Ceres, NY
1814 Francis King dies
1879 Narrow guage railroad from Olean to Ceres to Friendship
1875 First iron bridge over the Oswayo River
1901 Last logs sawed at the Walsh mill
1830 Dr Enoch Maxson was first doctor
1873 The Ceres News was the first newspaper

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