The Coopers of Ceres and Bell Run

McKean County,  Pa.

Submitted by Frankie Stonemetz

From the " History of Ceres" written by Maria King 1896

PAGES 116, 117

The Coopers -- Ira, Cyrus and Russell--- came first as Early as 1833, I think, or earlier. After a time their father, mother, and brothers Theron and Silas came, but they did not remain many years, but settled on Annin Creek, where Theron and Silas still live. In 1936, Russell built the house where Leonard White now lives. He lived there until his death in 1866. His wife died there in 1869, They left two children, a son and a daughter, who in turn married and had families, but they both died many tears ago, the son leaving three children and the daughter two.

Ira built the house near Mr. White, and now owned by him, but soon after sold out and moved to Bell's Run, where he became a successful farmer and lived many years. His widow married George Grow, and only recently died, at nearly ninety years of age. She leaves two daughters, the older living on Bell's Run and now the widow of Rev. Herrick; the younger has long lived in Oregon.

Cyrus sold out to Dedrick and bought land on King's Run, where he lived ten years or more, when he moved to the village and after bought and built near where Dr. Place lives; but he again sold out and removed to Myrtle, where his second wife died in 1882. He lived until 1888, when he died at the age of eighty-four, leaving three children, who still survive him, Evaline, Adelaide, and Oscar. Evaline has for many years been a resident of Plainfeild, NJ, the wife of J. C. Dyer. Oscar has long been a resident of South Dakota; Ruth Adelaide is the second wife of C. A. Warner, of Ceres. Mr. Coopers first wife died while he was a resident of King's Run.

Page 81

Nelson Peabody and Russell Cooper kept a grocery in Cooper's house for a number of years.

Page 123

Miss Julie Main accompanied her relatives here, and after teaching school awhile, became the wife of Russell Cooper, of Ceres.

Page 137 - 138

C. A. Warner came to Ceres in 1857. He established a harness shop and worked here for two or three years, and then tried several other places. He married Maggie Fay and returned and bought the house where Charles Bell now lives. His wife died in 1869. Leaving him with four small children. He gave the youngest to its mother's sister, and hired the other three and himself boarded until 1871 when he married Addie Cooper. After a little he bought out E.N Andrus and moved to that place, where he remains unto the present, having greatly improved and enlarged the house.

Page 101

Chapter title, History of Temperance work.

The three young men who worked so earnestly should be remembered. Two of them have passed from earth; Henry Ledyard and Sobieski Cooper, but R. R. Bell is a true temperance man as then. But for the work of these three young men all the others had done would probably have proved a failure.

Page 119

Thomas Peabody

Thomas, the oldest of the brothers, moved to Oswayo in 1829, and was one of the first two settlers of that region. He came to Ceres and remained a few years. He was a hardworking, industrious man with a large family, and went west in the forties and settled near Washburn, Illinois, where he succeeded in bringing up his children well, and where he lived to a good old age, only dying within a few years, His oldest son married the older daughter of Ira Cooper, and died of small pox in 1870, leaving several children who have done him honor.

Page 65 - 66

Ceres Church: Account of the sale of slips in the church, 1839

NO Name of Purchaser Price Paid
1 L. Potter $45.00 Rent $ 5.00
2 William Smith 45.00 45.00
3 William Weber 45.00 45.00
4 Lemuel Smith 36.50 36.50
5 Darius Wheeler 38.00 38.00
6 Alexander Martin 38.00 38.00
7 Cyrus Cooper 34.40 34.50
8 Daniel Karr 30.50 30.50
9 Lister Hargraves 28.00 18.00
10 Veranus Ackerman 26.50 26.50
11 Joseph Rork 20.00 20.00
12 Robert King 20.00 20.00
13 ------------ --------- ---------
14 Loyal Stevens 41.00 ---------
15 Henry Smith 45.50 45.50
16 Cyrus Cooper  49.50 29.50
17 Hiram Wilson 53.00 53.00
18 Luman Rice 37.50 37.50
19 William Smith 61.00 61.00
20 Myron McCord 60.00 60.00
21 John Smith 58.00 58.00
22 F. W. Leonard 54.50 54.50
23 Samauel Eastey 49.50 49.50
24 William Bell 44.00 44.00
25 J. Dietz and M. King 41.00 by M.K. 5.00
26 -------------------------- 39.00 ----------
27 -------------------------- 20.00 ----------
28 Edward Steenrod 20.00 20.00
29 Benjamin Perkins 27.00 27.00
30 Russell Cooper 28.00 28.00
31 -------------------------- 36.00 Rent 5.00
32 -------------------------- 38.00 ----------
33 Nelson Peabody 44.00 44.00
34 Jacob Young 39.50 ----------
35 Samuel Eastley 42.00 B'ght 1/2 42.00
36 --------------------------- 45.00 Rent 3.00
37 Harvey Bridge 45.00 Rent ----------
38 --------------------------- 45.00 ----------
  TOTALS $1480.50 $1023.50
  The slips were prized at
  Received from this sale
  The expense of building
  Bible and hymn book
  Leaving a debt of


  From The Vandermark Tract written by Chris Hobson 1991

In 1835 George Grow bought his family from Almond, N.Y. They purchased a large tract of land about a mile south of Lister Hargraves and William Lister's homes. Here George raised a family and lived out his life. George died in 1884, ages 92. George's wife, Ruth Cornell, died in 1852, age 61. Three of their children settled in the area: Hannah married Peter North, Sally married Nimrod Lanphere, and James married Martha Fuller. A year after Ruth's death, George married Betsy Cooper, She was the widow of Ira Cooper. Ira's farm adjoined George's. George and Betsy continued to live on the Grow farm, but their son, James, took over the operation of the farm. Here, George and Betsy lived out their lives. Betsy died in 1893, Here too; James and Martha lived, having two sons and two girls. Both of their sons died young. The older girl Hattie married Caleb Robarts. As James had no sons living, he hired a local boy to help with the farm work. Alton Maxson came to lives with the Grows, and eventually married the younger daughter Jennie, They raised nine children. In 1898, Martha died at the age of 64. James lived until 1905, when he was 78 years old. At this time the farm was willed to Alton and Jennie Grow Maxson. Jennie died in 1912 at the age of 55. Alton lived until 1937, when he was 86 years old. After Alton, his youngest son, Keith, took over the farm. Keith married Agnes Thompson and had five children. Eileen, Edward, Dale, Marilyn, Carolyn. The first four lived on Bell Run. Keith had a sister, Amber, who married John Gleason of Ceres. It was her son, Hal, who told this author about the Grows and Maxsons. Keith died in 1981 at the age of 81. The Grow farm is one of the few that have been in the same family for so long. For 155 years the same family has lived on the same farm. The other families that came close to this record are the Fullers, who have lived on the same farm since about 1841, and the Hacketts, who have lived on the same farm since 1847. Keith's widow, Agnes, still lives on the old farm in the second or third home built here.

In 1837, Ira Cooper bought a large tract of land and turned it into farmland. Today Ira's farm covers the homes of Dorothy Carpenter, Muriel Montgomery, and the trailor court owned by the Carpenters. Ira Cooper came to Ceres about 1832 with his brothers and a sister. He had a successful farm until his death in 1849. He was about 50 when he died. In 1850 Daniel Peabody came and took over the farm. He ran it for about twenty years. He married Martha, daughter of Ira Cooper, and Ira's oldest child. Ira and his wife Betsy also had another daughter, Frances, who married William North (son of Abiel North Jr.). William and Frances settled in Oregon. Ira and Betsy also had several sons. Daniel and Martha Cooper Peabody had a large family, but moat of them died as babies or small children. The other two married and moved out of the area. Their son Albert was a schoolteacher in the area before moving to Cameron. In 1870, the family came down with smallpox and the family fuller recovered except for Daniel who died. He was 44 years old. Mrs. Peabody sold the place and moved to Shinglehouse to live with her daughter, Ellen. After several years, Martha married Frank Herrick who was a minister in the Shinglehouse and Ceres area. Frank died in 1895, at the age of 65. Martha died in 1917, at the age of 87. Only two children survived her. Ira died in 1903 and Ellen also died before her about 1910. Of her last two children, Albert died in 1930, and Nina died in 1939. In 1870, the farm was split into smaller pieces and sold off. John Perarsall, Joseph Morse, and John Chapman bought all the land on the right side of the road. John Pearsall was living here in 1870 and shows up in the Beers map, but does not show up in the 1880 census. John probably died, as he was 75 years old in 1870. He and his wife, Ruth, had at least two daughters, Clinipa and Josephina. His property is believed to have been bought by Joseph Karr.

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