Ceres and Vicinity
Aug. 14, 1901

Submitted by PHGS member Mike Henderson

Ceres Mail, Wednesday, Aug. 14, 1901



    Little Things

  A little burn will hurt;
        A little sting will smart;
  And little unkind words
        Will grieve a little heart.
                 ---Youth's Companion

School will soon begin.

Leonard P. White is quite ill.

Had a cooking of green corn yet?

The oil market yesterday was $1.25.

It is an all tobacco cigar, the Cream of Roses.

Bilo Coon was down from Little Genesee Friday.

Jacob Brock had business in Bolivar last Wednesday.

The passenger traffic between Ceres and Shingle House is good.

If you want a good, clean, newsy paper, send a $1 bill to this office.

Lige Howard was down from Bellrun Thursday, and took a new wagon home with him.

Mrs. W. G. Ward of Austin was visiting her mother, Mrs. Martha Lackey, below Cerees the past week.

S. Foote of Glenn was in Ceres on business Thursday afternoon. It was the first time we had seen him in town in two years.

Dr. Eugene Hamilton arrived in Ceres on the Friday evening train from Chicago, and will pass a few days with Ceres relatives and friends.

Mrs. Sarah Childs of Olean and her niece, Miss Austin of South Saginaw, Mich., are passing a few days with Ceres relatives and friends.

Mrs. Helen Williams of Lincoln, Neb., and Mrs. Lucy Dean of Pike, N. Y., are guests at the home of Fred and Miss Gusta Call in Ceres.

Fred King and Peter Flannigan have already delivered about 200 cords of bark from their job on King's Run. Between 50 and 75 cords are yet in the woods.

Word comes to Ceres saying that Robert Bell, who recently left here with his brother, Ralph, drew one of  the 160 acre land claims in Oklahoma last week. This is good news, and all their Ceres friends will be glad to hear of it. Both young men are good farmers and know what hard work is, and if farming can be made to pay there, they will make a go of it.

Burdette Almy of Bradford is in town.

If you know a news item, tell us about it.

The world turns round - so does Folsom.

The green corn season is now having its inning.

J. E. Ellis was in Ceres from Eldred Thursday.

When weeds begin to grow, they take no vacation.

Worry often comprises a lot of fool things that never happen.

Arthur Coon of Eldred was calling on Ceres relatives Friday.

Come in and have us look up your subscription account, if it's due.

W. H. Harrington of Coudersport had business in Ceres Thursday.

Mrs. Ira H. Case of Ceres is a guest of her brother, John Gena of Olean.

Jasper Raub and Albert Clark of Myrtle were among the callers in Ceres Thursday.

Landlord Reed drove down from Millport Thursday, and made a short stay in Ceres.

Miss Mollie Delahunte of Olean passed Sunday in Ceres, guest of Miss Orra Williams.

Miss Grace Carrier of Olean has returned home after a visit with friends and relatives in Ceres.

Mrs. J. M. Hargreaves of Bellrun was a business caller at this office while in Ceres Wednesday afternoon.

John Slocum, Aaron DeGroff, Clyde Hendryx and George Beckwith took in the hoss races at Olean Friday.

There has been very little good bass fishing in the Oswayo creek so far this season. It will probably end well, though.

Arthur B. Mann of Coudersport invites you to call or write him about insurance. His announcement appears on this page.

The Misses Myrtle and Lettie Simmons of State Line Mills were guests at the home of Anson Maxson and wife Wednesday.

Irving Stevens and family of Coudersport are passing a few days in Ceres, guests at the home of C. A. Warner and wife.

R. A. Barber of Carroll was a pleasant caller at this office while in Ceres Friday afternoon. He is one of our oldest subscribers.

James Brown and daughter, Miss Ida, of Brooklyn, N. Y., arrived in Ceres Friday morning and are guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. VanWormer.

If you owe this paper and live at a distancee, a money order or stamps will reach us. Just direct your letter to C. A. Herrick, Ceres, N. Y. It will get here.

The standard gauge turn-table which has been standing on two flat cars in the Bolivar yards for the past six months, is now being placed in position for use.

The public telephone office in Ceres is now located in the drug store of O. P. Coon. Lineman Charles Cummings was up from Olean Monday and made the change.

The Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern railroad is now running trains between Larrabee and Mt. Jewett. Their trains are run over the Pennsylvania line from Coryville to Larrabee.

Mrs. Phoebe Robarts is enjoying good health this summer, and Saturday she walked from her son's home over to his store and back again, a distance of nearly half a mile. She is in her 89th year.

The Standard has a rig completed on the Hulett lot at the head of Bee Hollow, between Myrtle and Little Genessee. Contractor H. A. Lewis of Bradford will do the drilling, and was moving his string of tools there yesterday.

Cornelison & Raymond were shut down for a few days last week on account of the breaking of the crank shaft to their drilling engine. They are drilling on the Polly farm in California Hollow, and were just about to tap the Richburg sand when the accident happened.

The ball team of Shingle House came to Ceres Sunday afternoon and met our team on the grounds near George Case's. When the smoke of battle had cleared away and the scoreman had figured up his tally, it was discovered that the visitors had run in 12 scores while the Ceres boys were getting 11. Robarts and Ostrander were in the points for Ceres while Andrews and Drake did the same for the Shingle House team.

Quite a little excitement was caused at Van Wormer's mill Thursday afternoon. They were sawing a large log when a four inch plank became wedged between the saw and the pulley on the arbor, and when the carriage was reversed the saw ran into the log quite a few feet, threw the carriage off the track and before the machinery could be stopped the lug pins were cut and the saw welded to the arbor, the saw cracked and the arbor bent. It was a wonder to 
many of the crew that the saw didn't fly to pieces and hurt some of them. Two days' sawing will about finish up their sawing for this year.

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