Ceres and Vicinity
May 30, 1900

Submitted by PHGS member Mike Henderson

Ceres Mail, Wednesday, May 30, 1900


Did you see the 'clipse?

The oil market was $1.31.

Farmers are bringing their wool to market.

C.B. Roberts had business in Olean Thursday.

Sunday evening's rain storm was just what we needed.

Dr. G.W. Hackett is nursing a frog felon on his left hand.

Brakeman Laffin was in Rochester a few days the past week.

That new side walk in front of F.H. Call's residence is a dandy.

General Brock was sort 'o under the weather during the past week.

Dr. J.P. Booth was up from Olean on professional business Saturday.

They are small, but there is 5c worth of smoke in a Cream of Roses cigar.

E. I. Maxson came up f.... own on business Saturday... 

A Ceres man has gone... doers by having his beard...

The Misses Daisy Robarts and Eliza Raymond were Olean visitors Friday.

John Frugan drove up to Shingle House to transact some business Friday.

Barton Holly was among the business callers in town from Myrtle Saturday.

Ernest and Paul Maxson have been over on Newell Creek the past several days shearing sheep.

The rig is up and drilling has begun on a test well on the Thomas Butler farm at the head of Newell Creek.

A large number of people were at work Saturday improving the looks of Evergreen Cemetery, near W. K. King's.

Frank Langworthy wheeled over  from Alfred, and spent Saturday and Sunday with his parents, B. A. Langworthy and wife.

A fast express train on the Pennsylvania railroad covers the distance between New York and St. Louis in 28 hours and 45 minutes.

Back pension amounting to $254.47, and at original widow's pension of $8 per month has been granted to Mrs. Nettie Maxson of Ceres. 

Twenty-two narrow gauge car loads of ties are being transferred at White ...ouse for use on the Shawmut Line between Bolivar and Olean.

While working in the mill Saturday Thomas Nolan was hit on the right leg by a chunk of plank thrown from a buzz saw. Tom is walking with a cane.

In order to keep his vegetables from growing too large and running over onto his neighbors land, Frank Cole has built a fence around his garden.

Mrs. Gilbert Harder of Wellsville and Mrs. Robert Harder of Allentown, were guests at the home of W. G. Cornelison and wife last Wednesday. 

Thursday George H. Case went to Buffalo and had Dr. Park amputate the index finger of his right hand close to the knuckle joint. Mr. Case had a close call to losing the entire hand.

Conductor Jack McLaughlin of the Shawmut Line received a bad sprain of his left ankle while unloading freight at the Ceres depot Friday forenoon.

A broken plank let him down through the platform.

Robert Herrick of Bolivar spent Saturday in Ceres.

W. G. Cornelison and wife were Bolivar visitors Thursday.

A Coudersport man was recently fined $25 for Sunday fishing.

G. N. North and wife of Bellrun visited Ceres relatives Friday.

Frank Blair of the Shawmut Line was a business caller in Ceres Friday.

A twelve pound carp was caught by Link Jacques of Little Genesee Saturday.

The ball room in the Hotel Ayers at Oswayo has been made into twelve sleeping rooms.

J. H. Coon and son, Arthur, of Eldred were calling on Ceres relatives the first of this week.

Allie Ostrander of West Branch was a guest of his parents in Ceres for a few hours Sunday.

Mrs. Herbert C. Hendryx of Olean was visiting among Ceres friends and relatives Thursday.

Mrs. Will Wells and Mrs. N. Lanphere of Bellrun were callers in town Wednesday afternoon.

Fred Coon of Erie, Pa., and brother Lee, of Eldred were greeting friends and relatives in Ceres Friday.

At Allegany Sunday the St. Bonas were done up to the tune of 8 to 11 by the Wilkesbarre base ball team.

The Central House at Eldred, recently damaged by fire, is being repaired and will soon be doing business again.

Among the new subscribers to The Mail this week are Elha Kilmer of Bradford and P.A. Dickinson of Portville.

G. C.HICKOK sells the paint that wears twice as long as lead and oil--Devoe lead and zinc, ground by machinery.

James McLaughlin of Friendship is now express messenger on the P.S&N. between Olean and Bolivar. A good selection.

Word has been received in Ceres that Mrs. Ella Ostrander of Coudersport has been granted a back pension, also $8 per month.

It is reported that after June 1 the Pennsylvania Ralroad Company will run solid vestibule trains between Philadelphia and Buffalo.

After a woman's son has been given  a job in a store, she can't understand why his employer should feel and necessity for going to the store at all.

   ...... a cordial invitation is extended to all.

W.G. Robarts has been appointed postmaster at Eldred. This will be news that his old Ceres friends will be glad to hear. It carries a salary of $1, 300 with it.

B. A. Langworthy called at this office and renewed his subscription. He also advanced the subscription to The Mail sent to R. H. Maxson of Lakewood, N.Y.

A tightrope walker by the name of George W. Lesly, who was giving a performance in Olean Saturday evening, fell and broke both of his legs.His home is in Elmira.

 Talk about your easy running mowing machines, but did your team ever pull a McCormick? It would make a horse laugh to be hitched to one. Better see Raymond about a McCormick.

We heard a man say yesterday that if a certain Ceres citizen didn't keep his cattle from running the streets, he would be compelled to lock the cattle in his barn and make the owner settle.

On Friday afternoon a very interesting mother's meeting conducted by Mrs. C.S. Bissell was held in the church parlors, after which Mrs. T.J. Bissell of Rochester delivered an inspiring address full of sound advice and encouragement to all mothers.Light refreshments were served, and the occasion was a pleasant one to all.

Elba C. Kilmer, a shooter for the Bradford Torpedo company, had quite a narrow escape Thursday while putting a shot in an oil well in the Chipmunk field. He had lowered 60 quarts of glycerine to the bottom of the well, and 20 quarts more had been let down about 240 feet when it "went off." The casing was blown out and the rig badly damaged, but Kilmer was not touched. This is his second accident within a short time.

Frank B. Palmer the express messenger on the P.S.&N. between Olean and Bolivar made his last trip over the road Saturday. He has been transfered to the Buffalo & Susquehanna route, and will run between Austin and Wellsville, Galeton and Ansonia. His salary will be advanced $25 a month, a fact that Frank's many friends along the Shawmut Line will be glad to hear. He
will reside in Austin. Good reliable men always forge to the front.

Let us do your printing.

Oswayo wants a National Bank.

Good time to pay your subscription.

When you want a good smoke, ask for a New License.

David Rixford has been appointed postmaster at Millport.

Henry and Frank Butler of Glenn were in Ceres on business Friday.

The best 5c cigars in the market are New License and Cream of Roses.

Among the business callers in Bolivar from Ceres Friday was  F.H. Raymond.

Among those who renewed their subscription the past week was C.E. MacDonald of Ceres.

Nearly everyobody was looking at the eclipse of the sun through smoked glass Monday morning.

John Nelson, an inmate of the poor house at Smethport died last Wednesday, aged 77 years.

Miss Grace Carrier wheeled up from Olean and passed a couple of days with Ceres relatives.

The Pennsylvania's new fast train between Buffalo and Washington made its first trip Sunday.

Miss Myrtie Cooper of Bolivar will teach in the high school at Athens N. Y., the coming term.

M.J. Woodard and Miss May Hamphill, both of East Hebron were recently united in marriage.

At a basket social held at Eleven Mile a few evenings ago, $17 was raised for Rev. W.W. Tubbs.

Hi Eaton of Bolivar has leased 1,200 acres of land near Genesse Forks, and two test wells will soon be drilled there.

Unknown parties tried to wreck a B. R. & P. passenger train between Bradford and Mt. Jewett a few adays ago, but failed.

On June 6 will occur the marriage of Ned L. Rumsey and Miss Ella May Head. Both are well known Oswayo young people.

O. Richards of Buffalo was an agreeable caller at The Mail office Wednesday, while on his way to visit
his mother, Mrs. Richard Richards of Bellrun.

Under the superintendency of Do... B. Freeman, the old sawmill on the creek at North Olean known as Brown's mill, is again in operation, says a correspondent.

Twenty-nine liquor licenses have been granted in Potter county. Genesee Forks was the only town in the
     ...worthy and W.B. Horn... .J.K. Gardner of Ridgeway has just purchased a tract of 8,000 acres of timber land near Vandalia and will erect a saw mill and get the lumber out of the tract. The mill, it is said, will be a large one.

Potter Journal: The dismissal of Etes G. Rathbone as Director of Posts in Cube, as the result of fraudulent oractices discovered in the department of the Island, is a shock to the people of this county, the native home of Mr. Rathbone. His steady ascent of the hill of fortune has been the special pride of his old neighbors, who still hope that investigation will acquit him of blame.

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