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BELDEN, Clara M. died 8-6-1886 Dau of E. E. & E. M. BELDEN; "Bury wee Clara dear, From us you have gone before his throne to appear, In yonder home"
BELDEN, Mother born 1836 died 1915 
BUESINK, David born 1867 died 1943 
BUESINK, Jennie born 1868 died 1937 
BUESINK, Julia age 21y2m25d 
CLARK, Garrett born 10-22-1897 died 7-27- 1933 
CLARK, George H. born 1847 died 1917 
DUESINK, Ray T. born 1893 died 1893 
DUESINK, William 
DUNNEWOLD, Benj. W. born 1891 died 1933 
DUNNEWOLD, Cena J. Spouse of H. J. born 1862 died 1918 
DUNNEWOLD, Ella Mae born 1897 died 1958 
DUNNEWOLD, H. J. Spouse of Cena J. born 1860 died 1910 
FARNSWORTH, Sarah Jane died 2-28- 1888 age 15y 8m 7d Dau of L.B. & E.F. FARNSWORTH; "Many hopes are buried here"
GOTHAM, Henry born 1826 died 1921 
GOTHAM, Mirabel born 1826 died 1895 
MORGAN, Ezra born 1808 died 1886 
NECKERS, Alice Spouse of Harmon J. born 11-17-1828 died 1911 
NECKERS, Alta born 9-15-1894 died 9-5-1895 twin
NECKERS, Alvin born 9-15-1894 died 3-16-1895 twin
NECKERS, Bennie H. born 9-16-1886 died 3-3-1893 
NECKERS, Harmon J. Spouse of Alice born 9-13-1823 died 1904 
NECKERS, Harry E. Spouse of Lena M. born 1888 died 1968 Son of W. J. & Johanna Neckers
NECKERS, Henry P. born 1855 died 1923 
NECKERS, Johanna Willemina Lucink Spouse of John W. born 12-6-1866 died 8-6-1945 b. Rochester, NY daughter of Hendrik Jan Lucink & Johanna Willemina Nekkers
NECKERS, John W. Spouse of Johanna W born 1858 died 1951 m. Aug. 26, 1886 in Mina, NY son of Harmen Jan Nekkers 
NECKERS, Lena M. Spouse of Harry E. born 1882 died 1967 
NECKERS, Minnie P. born 1858 
NECKERS, Ora W. born 1890 died 1961 Son of W. J. & Johanna Neckers
NECKERS, Ray born 11-18- 1892 died 9-30-1893 
NEWHOUSE, Alice born 1884 died 1884 
NEWHOUSE, Alton born 1876 died 1902 
NEWHOUSE, Dalvan H. died 6-8- 1894 age 4m 13d 
NEWHOUSE, Harriet born 1850 died 1910 
NEWHOUSE, J. Henry born 1850 died 1886 
NEWHOUSE, J. W. born 1847 died 1933 
NEWHOUSE, Sarah J. born 1856 died 1935 
PRINDLE, Ida M. born 1880 died 1911 
PRINDLE, Myron J. born 1881 died 1959 
SCHREUS, Delnoria Spouse of William born 1854 died 1893 
SCHREUS, Ruth King born 6-22-1900 died 3-20-1901 
SCHREUS, William Spouse of Delnoria born 1844 died 1901 
WHITE, Henrietta Meyers born 1864 died 1937 
WHITE, Henry L. born 1860 died 1928 


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