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The early history of the Town of Ellicott, NY.

Personal recollections of Dr. Gilbert W. HAZELTINE, 1887

Respectfully submitted by Dolores Pratt Davidson 

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   The first town of Ellicott meeting in 1813, was to be held at the home of  Joseph AKIN, at Stillwater.  No one now can positively point out where Stillwater was, but this is sure;  at that time it was expected that a town would be laid out on the banks of the Stillwater Creek, which should include the houses of Joseph AKIN and Laban CASE. It is near enough to say that the locality of this was-to-be Village of Stillwater was at or near the brick residence of the late Howard RUSSELL, in Kiantone.
   >From S.A. Browns lecture: 
"In 1815, the Village of Jamestown, then known as  the "Rapids", was laid out in lots,  50x120 ft. etc. Joseph AKIN at this time, laid out a Village on the Stillwater, but it never had any inhabitants."
   At this first town meeting, (1813) James PRENDERGAST was elected supervisor,  Ebenezer DAVIS, town clerk,  Solomon JONES, William DELAND, and Benjamin COVILL, assessors,  James HALL, constable, and collector. It was voted to lay a road from Akinsville, to Lawrence FRANK"S (Frewsburg) also a road from WORK'S mill, to PRENDERGAST'S mill.  A road from Stillwater to Prendergast's mills was voted down,; of course, it would injure the prospects of Stillwater or Akinsville as sometimes called, and would benefit the Rapids.  The next year, 1814, a road was voted from Stillwater to Heman BUSH'S (Busti) also a road from Cyrus FISH'S to BOSTWICKS, all leading to Stillwater.  The next year, (1815) it was voted to lay out a road from "near the dwelling" of William SEARS, (now Kiantone) across Solomon JONES' bridge across Stillwater creek, to a bridge across the outlet of Chautauqua lake, near and below the James Prendergast's mills. The next year, (1816) the town meeting was held at the Rapids and the village of Stillwater was speedily and forever forgotten.
   Prendergast commenced active operations at the Rapids in 1811, but there were several  settlers in the town of Ellicott,  previous to that time. WILLSON was living on the farm below Falconer, in 1806, CULBERTSON, a mile below in 1808, George W. FENTON, John ARTHUR, and Robert RUSSELL, were on the opposite side of the outlet a mile below WORK'S in 1809. 

   During the following year , Thomas SLONE was on the old Indian clearing (The PRENDERGAST  farm) on the Kiantone, Solomon JONES and AKIN and others on the Stillwater.  Nathaniel BIRD was at the foot of the lake where  Gideon SHEARMAN now lives, and William DELAND on what has  since been known as the Solomon BUTLER farm.  Previous to the settlement of the Rapids, the FREW'S,  the OWEN'S, the MYRES'S, James HALL, Ebenezer CHENEY, Ebenezer DAVIS, William SEARS, Jasper MARSH, and others, were settlers on the Conewango and the Stillwater in that part of Ellicott now comprised in the towns of Carroll, and Kiantone.

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