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The early history of the Town of Ellicott, NY.

Personal recollections of Dr. Gilbert W. HAZELTINE, 1887

Respectfully submitted by Dolores Pratt Davidson 

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The Canoe

   After the completion of this road, Miles made a canoe from an enormous pine tree,  which he had noticed when making the road.  The tree was said to be over 5 feet in diameter.  I believe the tree stood in Pennsylvania.  During the winter that canoe was made and drawn to the lake at Miles' Landing, ready for use the coming season, 1806. For years it was the principal carrying craft of the lake. 

    A number of years later, it was purchased by Judge PENDERGAST, for the purpose of preservation, and moored in the millpond. It was frequently used by the sawyers in floating logs down the race into the mill, and in giving the boys a ride up the rapids.  Many a ride we have had in Miles' canoe. 

   Finally in 1823-1824, come one of the unfortunate breaks in the dam - which first and last cost the Judge a good fortune, away went a thousand or more logs, and the big canoe was never seen again.

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