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The early history of the Town of Ellicott, NY.

Personal recollections of Dr. Gilbert W. HAZELTINE, 1887

Respectfully submitted by Dolores Pratt Davidson 

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Judge Prendergast's Yard Town of Ellicott

   In August 1814, Judge Prendergast built a small one story house, consisting of one large room, two bedrooms in the east end, with a passageway for the stairs to the garret between them.  In the end toward the street was but one window that lighted the garret.  There were 2 windows on the south side  and two on the north side, with a door between the latter two.

   A large Dutch fire-place and chimney occupied the west end.  This house was made of planks and covered with wide unplaned clapboards, and was guiltless of paint.  It stood on the ground now occupied by HEVENOR'S store, on the west  side of Main St., and its east end was about 15ft. from the street. As long as we can remember, Judge Prendergast's "yard" as it was called, extended from Main St to Cherry St, and from Second St, to a line drawn at the north side of the store now owned by L.L. MASON. 
   Judge Prendergast's "yard" at that early day was the playground of all the children in the town, and we dare say they consumed at least a milkpan full of Aunt Nancy's doughnuts daily,  and better doughnuts were never made either in the village or city of Jamestown.
   In Judge Prendergast's "yard", the east half of which was in grass, the west in smart weed, was the house before described,  and several small buildings for poultry.  On the west there was a large barn, immediately north of the present Chautauqua Democrat building, and barnyard, and a large goose pond where the Journal building now stands, which was fed by a large and constant stream of water arising from the swamp above, passing across Second St. west of the Journal Printing establishment. We have attempted to be explicit in our description of this old stamping ground of Jamestown's early youth, hoping that our description will induce some house painter to commit it to canvas.


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