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The early history of the Town of Ellicott, NY.

Personal recollections of Dr. Gilbert W. HAZELTINE, 1887

Respectfully submitted by Dolores Pratt Davidson 

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The Naming of the Town Part 3 Conclusion

   As a record of this meeting, by one who was present, says "The junto intends to rule us . The Judge is opposed and vexed on all sides, in the most trivial things, and his friends are prompted to work against him, not knowing they are doing so: 

   The devil is surely here: some think his headquarters are on the Stillwater, but Uncle Solomon JONES says "we need not travel as far as that to find him."  " FORBES says JAKINS is full of tricks but harmless, why is somebody so anxious to have a post office here? I tell you they have got it all cut and dried to name the town and raise themselves to the top of the heap   AKINS was over yesterday and the Junto had a meeting *          *        *                  *know that we intend to give the locality a name tonight; they are troubled but dare not interfere.." 

"Captain FORBES" said Phineas PALMITER, "They take off scalps about as savage as they did over on the 'conjockety'  but you remember it was Stillwater , not the Rapids that run away there, we are to be depended on every time." 

   Several names were suggested in which the name of Prendergast was used; all of them with a suffix of town, ton, berg, or ville. It did not appear to enter the minds of our fathers  that Prendergast would have been an appropriate name, for that was not the fashion and usages of the day.  It was decided that Prendergast was too long a name, so they took up the word James, and hitched all kinds of suffixes to it. 

   Finally the majority favored JAMESVILLE as the name but Dr. Hazeltine opposed it because there were already one if not 2 towns in the state with that name already, and favored the name JAMESTOWN. Which was finally decided upon, although the majority were in favor of adjourning for a few days before the name was fully adopted. 

BLANCHAR declared it was time to go home, that he himself should take the responsibility of naming the town himself and if they would examine the door of the grist mill in the morning, they would find the name there. That if the "junto" wanted to shear their goats they would find him and Walt at the grist mill, and they would grind, their grist, or pick and card their wool, he didn't care a cuss what, but he had lived too long at the Rapids to be whipped by Stillwaters and old Jacobs boarders. 

   True to his word, there was found on the grist mill door  the next 
morning,  an advertisement for SIMMONS and BLANCHAR, written in ink on a half sheet of fools cap paper, calling for wool to be cleaned, dried, picked oiled and carded into rolls if delivered to them at their carding works in the Village of JAMESTOWN, formerly known as the RAPIDS. 

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