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The early history of the Town of Ellicott, NY.

Personal recollections of Dr. Gilbert W. HAZELTINE, 1887

Respectfully submitted by Dolores Pratt Davidson 

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The Naming of the Town Part 2

   The forests were not only vast in extent, but the trees were larger than any ever before known.  Its pineries, were the wonders of the day, and their fame had extended even to Europe.  The great wealth which they represented, the vast water powers which everywhere penetrated these forests in every direction, rendering their conversion into lumber and shipments to market made easy, by continuous waterway through the great Mississippi Valley.  The conversion of this water power when the timber was gone, into power for factories of various kinds which even then had entered the minds of the settlers in their dreams of future greatness and prosperity,  the beautiful Chautauqua Lake, distant, but a mid-day walk from the greatest chain of inland lakes in the world, this lake bordered by the richest agricultural lands in the state, and itself a great reservoir of water power.  All these things had passed through the minds of the early settlers at the rapids, and filled their minds with ideas of future greatness. 

  Our fathers were the "Creame de Creame" of the emigrating classes of those days and in prophetic vision saw these things nearly as clearly as we, their descendants, see them after the changes of   two-thirds of a century have stamped themselves on the country. 

  The truth is these strong, sturdy men, were fighting for leadership in 
the grand movements soon to follow. It was a praiseworthy ambition that gave origin to the junto, nevertheless, we must confess that their 
ambition was not without alloy. Human nature is prone to stoop to the basest trickery, deceit, and falsehood, to accomplish her ends. 

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