Submitted by PHGS Member: Dolores Davidson 2000

Complied by Gayle Thomson


SALISBURY, Amy (Loomis). Spouse of Orrin F. Born 1833, died 1906
SALISBURY, Emery O. Spouse of Minnie C. Born 1862, died 1944
SALISBURY, Minnie C. Spouse of Emery O. Born 1862, died 1947
SALISBURY, Orrin F. Spouse of Amy Loomis. Born 1829, died 1904 - Son of Emery and Lucy Salisbury
SAMPSELL, Maude B. Born 1882, died 1974
SANDERSON, Charles, died 10-04-1849
SANDERSON, J. Spencer, died 2-08-1840 - Son of Charles and Lucretia Sanderson
SARD, Alice (Bohall). Spouse of Milo T. Born 1906, died 1967
SARD, Allen F. Born 8-07-1924, died 5-25-2002 - Vet-Cpl US Marine Corps - WW II Vet, USMC, Cpl
SARD, Frances P. Spouse of William R. Born 1935
SARD, Milo T. Spouse of Alice B. Born 1903, died 1958
SARD, Robert C. Born 1927, died 1928 - Son of Milo T. and Alice Bohall Sard
SARD, William R. Spouse of Frances P. Born 1933
SAVELL, Edward. Spouse of Emeline. Born 1846, died 1927
SAVELL, Elverton. Born 1879, died 1966
SAVELL, Emeline. Spouse of Edward. Born 1856, died 1944
SAWYER, Delbert A. Born 1878, died 1932
SAWYER, Ethel (Vandenburg). Spouse of Gordon C. Born 1895, died 1967
SAWYER, Gordon C. Spouse of Ethel Vandenburg. Born 1889, died 1951
SCHELLER, Clarence. Spouse of Mabel R. Born 1893, died 1938
SCHELLER, Dorothy M. Spouse of Romaine L. Born 1920, died 1995
SCHELLER, Gloria D. Spouse of Ivan J. Born 1927, died 1994
SCHELLER, Ivan J. Spouse of Gloria D. Born 1922, died 1993 - Son of Clarence and Mabel Hemink Scheller
SCHELLER, Mabel R. (Hemink). Spouse of Clarence. Born 1897, died 1982
SCHELLER, Romaine L. Spouse of Dorothy M. Born 1920, died 1983 - Son of Clarence and Mabel Hemink Scheller
SCHOENBECK, Edith E. (Foe). Born 1903, died 1964 - [Rest in peace]
SCHOLTON, Calla M. Spouse of Lawrence. Born 1880, died 1962
SCHOLTON, Harold A. Spouse of Mabel R. HEMINK. Born 1918, died 1987
SCHOLTON, Lawrence. Spouse of Calla M. Born 1883, died 1947
SCHOLTON, Mabel R. Spouse of Harold A. Born 1920
SCOFIELD, Esther (Pray). Spouse of Ezra C. Born 1822, died 1910
SCOFIELD, Ezra C. Spouse of Esther PRAY. Born 1824, died 1906
SCOFIELD, Howard Clinton. Born 1849, died 1897 - Son of Ezra and Esther Pray Scofield
SHEFFIELD, Elizabeth. Spouse of Joseph, died 9-12-1875. Age: 30
SHEFFIELD, Joseph. Spouse of Elizabeth?, died 9-30-1848
SHELDON, Bessie. Born 1890, died 1975
SHELDON, Mary E., died 3-07-1864. Age: 25 - Dau of William J. and Emily Sheldon
SHELDON, William J. Spouse of Emily?, died 8-14-1875. Age: 68y 0m 18d
SHEPHARD, Almira (Fry). Spouse of Harry. Born 1820, died 1857
SHEPHARD, Andrew M. Born 1839, died 1859
SHEPHARD, Edwin R. Born 1837, died 1860 - Son of Harry and Almira Fry Shephard
SHEPHARD, Franklin D. Born 1847, died 1869 - Civil War Vet, Co G 64 Inf NY Vol
SHEPHARD, Harry. Spouse of Almira F. Born 1814, died 1889
SHEPHARD, Harry M. Born 1845, died 1864 - Son of Harry and Almira Fry Shephard
SHEPHARD, Marcia. Spouse of Marion J. SHEPHARD. Born 1843, died 1860
SHEPHARD, Marion J. Spouse of Marcia. Born 1841, died 1866 - Son of Harry and Almira Fry Shephard
SHERMAN, Aurilla. Born 3-24-1806, died 1-15-1889
SHERMAN, Jonathan. Born 3-15-1805, died 1-11-1889
SHERMAN, Nancy Lee (Sour). Born 1941, died 1968 - Dau of Murl and Beatrice Oviatt Sour
SHOMO, Mary V. (Lewis). Spouse of J. M. Born 1870, died 1892
SIMMES, David L. Born 1943 - Son of Wayland and Mable Simmes
SIMMES, Geraldine C. (Brightman). Spouse of Wayland W. Born 1-30-1921, died 11-6-2001 - Dau of Henry Earl and Bessie Ann Braley Stanton
SIMMES, Karen A. (Nutt). Born 1946
SIMMES, Wayland W. [Bill]. Spouse of Geraldine C. Born 1913, died 4-17-1990 - Wed 9-17-1955
SIMMONS, Bruce Lee, died 11-30-1950
SIMMONS, Sally Ann. Spouse of William. Born 6-25-1812, died 12-18-1888
SIMMONS, William. Spouse of Sally?. Born 3-24-1821, died 9-05-1895
SKINNER, Andrew. Spouse of Catherine C. Born 1830, died 1914
SKINNER, Catherine C. Spouse of Andrew. Born 1840, died 1907
SKINNER, Clifford W. Spouse of Dorothy LEWIS. Born 1892, died 19--
SKINNER, Dorothy (Lewis). Spouse of Clifford W. Born 1894, died 1919
SKINNER, Elsie. Born 1873, died 1938
SKINNER, Frank. Born 1898, died 1943
SKINNER, Fred. Born 1875, died 1955
SKINNER, Herbert. Spouse of Letitia. Born 1870, died 1944
SKINNER, John A. Born 1879, died 1926
SKINNER, Lenna (Burnham). Born 1866, died 1939 - Dau of Thomas and Fannie Skinner
SKINNER, Lester A. Born 1861, died 1924
SKINNER, Letitia. Spouse of Herbert. Born 1870, died 1943
SKINNER, Marian M. Born 1902, died 1993
SKINNER, Minnie B. Born 1875, died 1915
SKINNER, Ruth W. Born 1892, died 1979 - Dau of Lester and Lenna Skinner
SKINNER, Sake - No data
SLOAN, Hester, died 3-12-1841
SMITH, Alice E. Born 1841, died 1879
SMITH, Baby. Born 1834. Age: Baby - [Baby]
SMITH, Benjamin. Spouse of Alta?, died 2-10-1892. Age: 29y 8m 14d
SMITH, Benjamin. Spouse of Eunice D. Born 1797, died 1884
SMITH, Charles F. Born 1873, died 1949
SMITH, Eaton B. Spouse of Sarah F. Born 1826, died 1901 - Son of Benjamin and Eunice Dix Smith
SMITH, Edward W. Born 1925, died 2003
SMITH, Eliza. Spouse of Frank J. Born 1840, died 1924
SMITH, Elizabeth E. Born 02-20-1956, died 09-10-2010. Age: 54 - Dau of Lawrence R. and Emily Crumb Smith
SMITH, Elnora A. Spouse of Jesse H. Born 1883, died 1947
SMITH, Elwin F. Spouse of Mary S. Born 1893, died 1966
SMITH, Emeline M. Born 1824, died 1911 - Dau of Benjamin and Eunice Dix Smith
SMITH, Emily. Born 1803, died 1875
SMITH, Emily (Crumb). Spouse of Lawrence R. Born 8-24-1922, died 4-27-2015. Age: 92 - Dau of Claude and Ada (Rasor) Crumb, born in Niobe NY, died in Xenia OH. Wed 7-2-1948, five children. (He d. 1989)
SMITH, Ethel (Peters), died 10-??-1956
SMITH, Eunice (Dix). Spouse of Benjamin. Born 1791, died 1876
SMITH, Frank J. Spouse of Eliza. Born 1831, died 1911 - Son of Benjamin and Eunice Dix Smith
SMITH, Garnet (Foe). Born 1901, died 1988 - Dau of Ernest A. and Ida E. Foe
SMITH, Henry D. Born 1830, died 1977 - Son of Jesse Smith
SMITH, Jesse. Born 1792, died 1879
SMITH, Jesse H. Spouse of Elnora A. Born 1877, died 1963
SMITH, Lawrence, died 9-08-1889. Age: 7m 5d - Son of Benjamin and Alta Smith
SMITH, Lawrence R. Spouse of Emily Crumb. Born 1915, died 1989
SMITH, Loren B. Spouse of Rena C. Born 1890, died 1966 - Son of Benjamin and Alta Smith
SMITH, Lydia M. (Robinson). Spouse of Nathaniel D., died 4-14-1884. Age: 51y 6m 2d
SMITH, M. Randall. Born 1864, died 1898
SMITH, Mabel C. Born 1892, died 6-11-1877
SMITH, Mary (Nelson). Born 1844, died 1923
SMITH, Mary (Savell). Spouse of Elwin F., died 6-01-1977
SMITH, Nancy (Fellows). Spouse of N. S. Born 8-10-1795, died 12-07-1843 - Born in Andover NH d. Panama NY
SMITH, Nathaniel D. Spouse of Lydia M. Born 1827, died 1910 - Son of Benjamin and Eunice Dix Smith
SMITH, Rena C. (Whitford). Spouse of Loren B. Born 1891, died 1942
SMITH, Sarah (Fletcher). Spouse of Eaton B. Born 1832, died 7-07-1860
SMITH, Victoria. Born 1832, died 1912 - [Mother]
SMITH, Willard Emory. Born 4-11-1833, died 2-02-1852 - Son of N. S. and Nancy Fellows Smith
SOUR, Beatrice M. (Oviatt). Spouse of Murl V. Born 1916
SOUR, Emma J. (Price). Spouse of Nicholas. Born 1846, died 1909
SOUR, Frank B. Spouse of Ruth A. Born 1868, died 1940 - Son of Nicholas and Emma J. Price Sour
SOUR, Murl V. Spouse of Beatrice M. Born 1916, died 1991 - Son of Frank B. and Ruth A. Price Sour
SOUR, N. Milton. Born 1912, died 1938 - Son of Frank B. and Ruth A. Price Sour
SOUR, Nicholas. Spouse of Emma J. Born 1834, died 1917 - GAR Star - Civil War Vet, Co H 112 NY Vol
SOUR, Ruth A. (Price). Spouse of Frank B. Born 1889, died 1938
SPERRY, Bulah Moriah (Bunce). Spouse of Merit?. Born 8-16-1803, died 12-18-1883 - Born in Aurelius NY d. Sherman NY
SPERRY, Merit. Spouse of Bulah?. Born 4-05-1806, died 8-18-1863. Age: 57y 1m 13d - Born in New Haven CT, died in Panama NY
STARKWEATHER, Albert A. Spouse of Esther. Born 1845, died 1907
STARKWEATHER, Archie. Spouse of Ora. Born 1882, died 1953
STARKWEATHER, Archie E. Born 3-02-1913, died 5-02-1997 - WW II Vet, US Army
STARKWEATHER, Donald L. Spouse of Grace M. Born 8-12-1904, died 8-16-1875 - Wed 11-27-1926
STARKWEATHER, Doris, died 1-19-1936
STARKWEATHER, Esther. Spouse of Albert A. Born 1840, died 1923
STARKWEATHER, Grace M. (Schruise). Spouse of Donald L. Born 7-01-1910, died 8-09-2001. Age: 91 - Dau of William and Pearl McCray Schruise. Wed 11-27-1926
STARKWEATHER, Harold. Born 1913, died 1997 - Son of Donald L. and Grace M. Schruise Starkweather
STARKWEATHER, Harold L. Born 2-18-1928, died 6-21-1996 - WW II Vet, US Navy, S1
STARKWEATHER, Kenneth A. Born 1907, died 1944 - Son of Archie and Ora Starkweather
STARKWEATHER, Ora. Spouse of Archie. Born 1884, died 1962
START, Margaret A. Born 1928, died 1987 - [Wife / Mother]
START, Winifred P. [Winnie]. Born 1961, died 1980
STEARNS, Elmer S. Spouse of Inez P. Born 1869, died 1931 - Son of William and Mary Stearns
STEARNS, Inez (Parks). Spouse of Elmer S. Born 1877, died 1940
STEARNS, Infant. Born 1-21-1904, died 2-03-1904. Age: Infant
STEBBINS, G. Lavern. Spouse of Lona E. Born 1868, died 1953
STEBBINS, John. Spouse of #1 Mae Stearns, #2 Marion H. LeBar. Born 1882, died 1963
STEBBINS, Lona E. Spouse of G. Lavern. Born 1871, died 1949
STEBBINS, Mae (Stearns). Spouse of John Sr. Born 1884, died 1928
STEBBINS, Marion H. (LeBar). Spouse of John Sr. Born 1909, died 1982
STEBBINS, Melvin W. Born 1914, died 1991 - Son of John Sr. and Mae Stearns Stebbins
STEBBINS, Wayne. Born 1933, died 1937 - Son of John Sr. and Marion H. LeBar Stebbins
STEVENS, Abram. Born ca 1834, died 7-25-1855 - Son of Areony and Sarah Stevens
STEVENS, Anna May. Born 1918, died 1919
STEVENS, Charlotte (Brooker). Spouse of James. Born 1820, died 1917
STEVENS, Florence, died 12-11-1976
STEVENS, Harry, died 3-08-1979
STEVENS, James. Spouse of Charlotte B. Born 1817, died 11-20-1879. Age: 62y 1m 2d
STEVENS, Jane M. Born 4-18-1865, died 6-24-1904
STEVENS, Jimie. Born 11-17-1892, died 1-10-1893 - Son of W. A. and M. S. Stevens
STEVENS, Lee W. Born 1894, died 1917 - Son of William M. and Mary J. Stevens
STEVENS, Mary J. Spouse of William M. Born 1860, died 1923
STEVENS, Nettie Bell, died 2-01-1963
STEVENS, Philo. Born 1844, died 1923
STEVENS, William M. Spouse of Mary J. Born 1857, died 1925
STEWARD, Frank W. Spouse of Hattie A. Born 1856, died 1899 - Son of Eliphalet and Clarissa Steward
STEWARD, Hattie A. (Wiltsie). Spouse of Frank W. Born 1855, died 1921
STURGES, Aaron. Spouse of Belle. Born 1839, died 1914 - Son of William S. and Emma Sturges
STURGES, Amy N. Born 1803, died 1879
STURGES, Belle [Isabelle?]. Spouse of Aaron. Born 1844, died 1897
STURGES, Edwin F. Born 1894, died 1895 - Son of Aaron and Isabelle Sturges
STURGES, Edwin F. Born 1887, died 1958 - Son of Edwin F. and Susan A. Sturges
STURGES, Edwin J. Born 1914, died 1965
STURGES, Emma. Spouse of William S. Born ca 1803
STURGES, Georgia. Spouse of Edwin A. [F.?]. Born 1891, died 1971
STURGES, Marguerite (Haines). Spouse of Oliver M. Born 1896, died 1991
STURGES, Merle L. Born 4-18-1911, died 2-08-2001. Age: 89 - Son of Erwin A. and Georgia Shannon Sturges - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5. Europe
STURGES, Oliver M. Spouse of Marguerite H. Born 1896, died 1971
STURGES, Susan A. Spouse of Edwin F. Born 1865, died 1929 - [Susie]?
STURGES, William M. Born 1828, died 1856 - Son of William S. and Emma Sturges
STURGES, William S. Spouse of Emma. Born 1802, died 1880
SUMMERFIELD, Marian W. Born 1914, died 1967 - Buried at Lake Charles LA
SVENSON, Ola. Born 1835, died 1909
SWANSON, Andrew. Spouse of #1 Hilda Hansen, #2 Jennie A. Anderson. Born 1866, died 1953
SWANSON, Hilda (Hansen). Spouse of Andrew. Born 1870, died 1912
SWANSON, Jacqueline. Spouse of Norman A. Born 1931
SWANSON, Jennie A. (Anderson). Spouse of Andrew. Born 1891, died 1954
SWANSON, Joel R. Born 1955
SWANSON, Johanna. Spouse of John. Born 1860, died 1941
SWANSON, John. Spouse of Johanna. Born 1858, died 1938
SWANSON, Norman A. Spouse of Jacqueline. Born 1926, died 1999
SWANSON, Victor. Born 1884, died 1907
SWART, Frank. Born 1905, died 1923 - Son of William and Jennie Swart
SWART, Jennie. Spouse of William?. Born 1865, died 1928
SWART, Leroy. Born 1890, died 1972 - Son of William and Jennie Swart
SWART, Sarah. Born 1894, died 1917 - Dau of William and Jennie Swart
SWART, William. Spouse of Jennie?. Born 1850, died 1917
SWEENEY, Philip S. Spouse of Rhonda Whitney. Born 9-22-1962, died 9-16-2005. Age: 42 - Son of Richard R. and Alberta Hintz Sweeney, born in Olean NY. Wed 10-6-1989
SWEET, Agnes (Glidden). Spouse of Frank S. Born 1871, died 1959
SWEET, Alice M., died 5-02-1889. Age: 16 - Dau of Charles J. and Mary J. Sweet
SWEET, Almira (Daniels). Spouse of Clark, died 2-11-1878. Age: 68
SWEET, Bertha (Haines). Spouse of George D. Born 1870, died 1966
SWEET, Carrie Agnes (Glidden). Spouse of SWEET, died 6-06-1959
SWEET, Charles J. Spouse of Mary J. Born 1842, died 1930 - Son of Clark and Almira Daniels Sweet
SWEET, Clark. Spouse of Almira D, died 12-20-1889. Age: 83y 3m 14d
SWEET, Clifton D. Sr. Spouse of Kathryn E. Born 1911, died 1985 - Son of Frank S. and Agnes Glidden Sweet
SWEET, Ellen A. Spouse of John R., died 1-06-1876
SWEET, Frank S. Spouse of Agnes G. Born 1870, died 1931 - Son of Washington and Emily Sweet
SWEET, George D. Spouse of Bertha H. Born 1864, died 7-16-1944 - Son of John and Julia Sweet
SWEET, Ida F. Born 1905, died 1982 - Dau of Frank S. and Agnes Glidden Sweet
SWEET, Janet M. Born 4-22-1931, died 5-10-1931
SWEET, Kathryn L. Spouse of Clifton D. Sr. Born 9-26-1913, died 6-29-2008. Age: 94 - Dau of George and Minnie Rothe Eggleston
SWEET, Lois. Spouse of James Jr.
SWEET, Mary J. Spouse of Charles J. Born 1841, died 1919
SWEZEY, Anzonettie. Born 1885, died 1925
SWEZEY, Daniel D. Spouse of Mary. Born 1821, died 1900
SWEZEY, Ellen A. (Sweet). Spouse of John R., died 1-06-1876
SWEZEY, Franklin. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1826, died 1900
SWEZEY, Fred E. Born 1866, died 1943
SWEZEY, Herbert L. Born 1877, died 1957
SWEZEY, Horace C. Born 1861, died 1939
SWEZEY, Mary. Spouse of Daniel D. Born 1826, died 1900
SWEZEY, Sarah. Spouse of Franklin. Born 1832, died 1911
SWIFT, D. Eileen. Born 1914, died 1984
SWIFT, Edwin R. Born 1915, died 1919
SWIFT, Ernest R. Spouse of Helen E. Born 1888, died 1970
SWIFT, Helen E. Spouse of Ernest R. Born 1894, died 1948
TANNER, Alvah. Spouse of Sally P. Born 1823, died 1852
TANNER, Amos. Spouse of Susannah, died 1-25-1874. Age: 73y 4m 13d - Son of Amos and Susannah Tanner--Check parents
TANNER, Augusta (Babbitt). Spouse of Milo. Born 1831, died 1920
TANNER, Bessie D. Born 1895, died 1943 - Dau of Walter and Millie Tanner
TANNER, Caty, died 8-09-1861. Age: 1y 5m 1d - Dau of Norton and Julia Tanner
TANNER, Millie (Sheedy). Spouse of Walter. Born 1864, died 1898
TANNER, Milo. Spouse of Augusta B. Born 1827, died 1915 - Son of Amos and Susannah Tanner
TANNER, Norton. Born 1-15-1822, died 9-30-1888. Age: 65 - Civil War Vet, Co G 5 Eng NY Vol
TANNER, Sally (Powers). Spouse of Alvah. Born 1829, died 1913
TANNER, Susannah (Cook). Spouse of Amos, died 6-27-1879. Age: 78y 6m 14d
TANNER, Walter. Born 1883, died 1949 - Son of Milo and Augusta Babbitt Tanner
TANNER, Willie C., died 6-26-1861. Age: 6y 3m 10d - Son of Milo and Augusta Babbitt Tanner
TANNER, Ziba (VanEpps). Spouse of Walter. Born 1873, died 1952 - Wife #2
TAYLOR, Ella I. (Widrig). Spouse of George. Born 1856, died 1886
TAYLOR, Hattie (Barbour). Spouse of C. C. Born 1836, died 1916
TAYLOR, Reuben S. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1866, died 1947 - [Father]
TAYLOR, Sarah E. Spouse of Reuben. Born 1865, died 1936 - [Mother]
TELLER, Elizabeth F. Spouse of Willis, died 9-05-1852. Age: 24y 3m 20d
TENNANT, Mary (Cook) Moore. Spouse of #1 ? Moore, #2 Philander Tennant. Born 1842, died 1941
THORNTON, Cary. Spouse of Catharine, died 5-16-1875. Age: 98y 10m 22d
THORNTON, Catharine. Spouse of Cary, died 4-08-1875. Age: 66y 21m 8d - Check age at death
THORNTON, Eva. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1855, died 19--
THORNTON, Thomas. Spouse of Eva. Born 1845, died 1919 - Son of Cary and Catharine Thornton
TICKNOR, Eva (Widrig). Born 1894, died 1956
TICKNOR, G. Byron. Spouse of Hattie P. Born 1857, died 1942
TICKNOR, Hattie P. Spouse of G. Byron. Born 1863, died 1959
TICKNOR, R. Ray. Born 1884, died 1977
TIFFANY, Nancy M. Spouse of Isaac, died 3-21-1881. Age: 57y 1m 21d
TODD, Orie L. (Cook)
TOMLINSON, Bathsheba. Spouse of Joseph, died 6-06-1857
TOMLINSON, Ellen E. - No data
TOMLINSON, Elvira, died 9-11-1869
TONER, Albert E. Born 7-29-1893, died 10-22-1957 - WW I Vet, US Army, Co 11 152 Depot Brig, Wagoner
TONER, Lena A. (Farnsworth). Spouse of William H. Born 1872, died 1953
TONER, William H. Spouse of Lena A. Born 1863, died 1926
TREAT, Sarah J. Spouse of A. J., died 10-15-1867. Age: 34y 10m 24d
TRIPP, A. Roy. Spouse of Mae C. Born 1875, died 1925
TRIPP, Cassander G. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1844, died 1921
TRIPP, Elizabeth. Spouse of Cassander G. Born 1856, died 1938
TRIPP, Flora A. Born 1866, died 1959
TRIPP, Harvey, died 1961
TRIPP, Mae (Cook). Spouse of A. Roy. Born 1877, died 1941
TRIPP, Milo J. Spouse of Sarah M. Born 1842, died 1925 - Civil War Vet, Co G 112 Reg
TRIPP, Sarah M. Spouse of Milo J. Born 1845, died 1900
TURCK, Doris A. Spouse of Ernest L. Born 1915, died 1984
TURCK, Ernest L. Spouse of Doris A. Born 1897, died 1965
TYLER, Phoebe Inez (Cook). Spouse of Steward A. Born 1873, died 1977
TYLER, Steward A. Spouse of Phoebe Inez C. Born 1882, died 1951
VANDENBURG, Evora B. Spouse of William M. Born 1908, died 1992
VANDENBURG, Lillie B. Spouse of William. Born 1873, died 1931
VANDENBURG, William. Spouse of Lillie B. Born 1867, died 1942
VANDENBURG, William M. Spouse of Evora B. Born 1909, died 1997
VanERDEN, Edith L. Spouse of William H. Born 1878, died 1935
VanERDEN, Gertrude B. (Button). Spouse of John R. Born 1898, died 19--
VanERDEN, John R. Spouse of Gertrude B. Born 1885, died 1930
VanERDEN, Kenneth R. Born 11-17-1919, died 4-17-1996 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec4
VanERDEN, William H. Spouse of Edith L. Born 1882, died 1963
VanMEURS Flora A. (Cross). Spouse of John. Born 1843, died 1908
VanMEURS John. Spouse of Flora A. Born 1834, died 1926 - GAR Star - Civil War Vet, Co F 112 Reg NY Vol
VanMEURS Rose. Born 1871, died 1955 - Dau of John and Flora A. Cross VanMeurs
VORSE, Jason. Born 1863, died 1955
WADE, Hiram W., died 6-16-1843. Age: 27y 10m ? - Son of J. and Abigail Wade
WAITE, Thelma (Burt). Spouse of Willis B. Born 1912, died 1996
WAITE, Willis B. Spouse of Thelma B. Born 1909, died 2000
WALLACE, William, died 12-11-18??. Age: 19y 4m 20d
WALTON, Arlie M. Born 1898, died 19--
WARD, David, died 10-15-1852
WARD, John, died 9-??-1870
WARD, Julia A., died 12-07-1847. Age: 11 - Dau of John and Sabrina Ward
WARD, William H., died 11-30-1842. Age: 1y 8m ? - Son of John and Sabrina Ward
WARNER, Adeline M. Born 1911, died 1911
WARNER, Adora E. Born 1909, died 1918
WARNER, Edith (Cook). Spouse of Lewis L. Born 1867, died 1896
WARNER, Lewis L. Spouse of Edith C. Born 1860, died 1938
WARNER, Ludvig. Spouse of Maria. Born 1852, died 1923
WARNER, Maria. Spouse of Ludvig. Born 1862, died 1940
WARNER, Mary L. Born 1908
WARNER, Rhoda (Hawkins), died 10-01-1957
WEAVER, Harry O. Spouse of Janette A. Born 1938, died 1999
WEAVER, Janette A. Spouse of Harry O. Born 1939 - Wed 1-17-1958
WELLMAN, Ethel S. Born 1891, died 1980
WELLMAN, J. Willard. Born 1885, died 1973
WELLS, Mary. Spouse of William, died 8-21-1856
WELLS, William. Spouse of Mary, died 5-06-1878. Age: 60y 3m 24d
WEVERS, Lester W. Spouse of Wyona M. Born 1927
WEVERS, Wyona M. (Dole). Spouse of Lester W. Born 1930
WHATTLER, Genevieve D. Born 1906, died 1998
WHEELER, Elizabeth. Spouse of Aaron. Born 5-06-1823, died 1-30-1849
WHEELER, Nancy, died 12-19-1839
WHIPPO, Anna M. Spouse of Austin M. Born 1912, died 1983
WHIPPO, Austin M. Spouse of Anna M. Born 1899, died 1969
WHIPPO, Charlotte M. Spouse of John K. Born 1861, died 1951
WHIPPO, John K. Spouse of Charlotte M. Born 1866, died 19--
WHITE, Abagail, died 1-14-1879. Age: 94y 29d
WHITFORD, Dennis J. Spouse of Rebecca. Born 12-10-1829, died 4-07-1919
WHITFORD, John D. Born 1859, died 1916
WHITFORD, Rebecca. Spouse of Dennis J. Born 8-07-1829, died 4-27-1892
WHITMORE, Betsy. Spouse of Elias, died 5-19-1890. Age: 79
WHITMORE, Eli, died 9-11-1850. Age: 16y 1m 11d - Son of Elias and Betsy Whitmore
WHITMORE, Elias. Spouse of Betsy, died 10-04-1875. Age: 73y 0m 12d
WHITNEY, Jesse O. Born 1880, died 1946
WHITNEY, Jessie (Brooks). Spouse of Jesse O. Born 1881, died 1954
WHITNEY, Kathryn Graves (Skinner). Spouse of Norman P. Born 5-20-1918, died 4-20-2002. Age: 83 - Dau of Rue L. and Frances ‘‘[Floy]’’ Graves Skinner. Wed 9-3-1944 Wife #2
WHITNEY, Lamont. Born 1914, died 1921 - Son of Jesse and Jessie Whitney
WHITNEY, Norman P. Spouse of #2 Kathryn G. Skinner. Born 7-12-1917, died 7-14-2006. Age: 89 - Son of Jesse O. and Jessie Brooks Whitney. Wed 9-3-1944
WIDRIG, Charles - No data
WIDRIG, Charles F. Spouse of Harriet. Born 1834, died 1899
WIDRIG, Charles M. Born 1872, died 1924
WIDRIG, Edward L. Born 1858, died 1926
WIDRIG, Elizabeth (Steward). Spouse of Michael, died 6-27-1875. Age: 72y 1m 5d
WIDRIG, Eunice S. Born 1858, died 1939
WIDRIG, Harriet. Spouse of Charles F. Born 1839, died 1918
WIDRIG, Harvey W. Born 1862, died 1930
WIDRIG, James P. Born 1886, died 1963 - Son of Harvey W. and Nellie Mensink Widrig
WIDRIG, Julia A. (Maine), died 3-30-1884. Age: 45y 4m 20d
WIDRIG, Leroy E. Born 1890, died 1917 - Son of Harvey W. and Nellie Mensink Widrig
WIDRIG, Michael. Spouse of Elizabeth S, died 5-28-1878. Age: 70y 9m 21d
WIDRIG, Nellie (Mensink). Born 1868, died 1946
WIDRIG, Paul H. Spouse of Vera A. Born 1832, died 1895
WIDRIG, Vera A. Spouse of Paul H. Born 1834, died 1927
WILCOX, Aldene. Spouse of Tracy
WILCOX, Bernice L. Born 1912, died 1930
WILCOX, Claude G. Born 11-27-1877, died 1-26-1897 - Son of Frank and Elizabeth Wilcox
WILCOX, Elizabeth. Spouse of Frank. Born 1852, died 1947
WILCOX, Emiley S., died 12-15-1851. Age: 14y 3m 11d - Dau of George and Sarah Wilcox
WILCOX, Frank. Born 1903, died 1926
WILCOX, Frank. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1848, died 1930
WILCOX, George M., died 8-08-1845. Age: 6m 11d - Son of George and Sarah Wilcox
WILCOX, George Merrit, died 2-19-1844. Age: 3y 1m 20d - Son of George and Sarah Wilcox
WILCOX, Martha. Born 1-01-1830, died 12-04-1908
WILCOX, Perry - GAR Star - Civil War Vet
WILCOX, Sarah R. Spouse of Tracy. Born 1881, died 1930
WILCOX, Tracy T. Spouse of #1 Sarah R., #2 Aldene. Born 1882, died 1964
WILCOX, Will. Born 1848, died 1930
WILDER, Rhoda (Lewis). Spouse of Ephraim. Born 4-01-1807, died 10-18-1848. Age: 41y 6m 18d
WILLIAMS, Jane. Spouse of Levi A. Born 1838, died 1918
WILLIAMS, Levi A. Spouse of #1 Olive G. Cook, #2 Jane. Born 1840, died 1910 - GAR - Civil War Vet, Co G 48th Inf NYS Vols
WILLIAMS, Olive G. (Cook). Spouse of Levi A. Born 4-20-1838, died 6-28-1895
WILSON, Allen J. Spouse of Lucy H. Born 1894, died 1975 - Son of James and Mary C. Willson
WILSON, Bessie (Sweet). Born 1902, died 1970 - Dau of Frank S. and Agnes Glidden Sweet
WILSON, Corrah E. Spouse of John D. Born 1862, died 1949
WILSON, Edna (Toner). Spouse of Leroy T. Born 1895, died 1968
WILSON, James. Spouse of Mary C. Born 1868, died 1951
WILSON, John D. Spouse of Corrah E. Born 1863, died 1947
WILSON, John Henry. Born 1924, died 1936 - Son of Leroy T. and Edna Toner Wilson
WILSON, Leon C. Born 1913, died 1943
WILSON, Leroy T. Spouse of Edna T. Born 1889, died 1966
WILSON, Lucy H. Spouse of Allen J. Born 1893, died 1976
WILSON, Mary C. Spouse of James. Born 1870, died 1947
WILSON, Virginia (Howes). Born 1921, died 1999
WILTSE, Amelia - No data
WILTSE, Asenath (Hurd). Spouse of Eleazor, died 1-16-1881. Age: 76
WILTSE, Eleazor. Spouse of Asenath H, died 9-02-1890. Age: 87
WILTSE, Flora. Born 1861, died 1863 - Dau of John and Sarah Reed Wiltse
WILTSE, Frances, died 9-23-1868 - Dau of Eleazor and Asenath Hurd Wiltse
WILTSE, Frank. Born 1857, died 1861 - Son of John and Sarah Wiltse
WILTSE, Gilbert, died 2-24-1866. Age: 30y 1m 21d - Son of Eleazor and Asenath Hurd Wiltse
WILTSE, Harriet (Casher). Spouse of John. Born 1833, died 10-04-1853. Age: 20y 6m 2d
WILTSE, John. Spouse of #1 Harriet Casher) #2 Sarah Reed, died 10-25-1887. Age: 58y 3m 6d
WILTSE, Rhoda E., died 7-15-1846 - Dau of Eleazor and Asenath Hurd Wiltse
WILTSE, Sarah (Reed). Spouse of John. Born 1833, died 2-25-1911
WILTSE, Susan J. Born 1833, died 1911 - Same as Sarah Reed Wiltse?
WILTSE, Volona, died 2-02-1863. Age: 22y 11m 7d - Dau of Eleazor and Asenath Hurd Wiltse
WILTSIE, Alice D. (Hendrickson). Spouse of J. Clare. Born 1906, died 1977
WILTSIE, Alton M. Spouse of Bertha L. Born 1870, died 1941
WILTSIE, Arlo Lynn, died 6-13-1882. Age: 6m - Son of William and E. M. Wiltsie
WILTSIE, Barbara J. (Hewes). Spouse of Ronald R. Born 1933, died 1994 - Wed 11-12-1954, four daughters.
WILTSIE, Bertha L. (Casselman). Spouse of Alton M. Born 1873, died 1961
WILTSIE, Betsy (White). Spouse of David. Born 11-27-1816, died 10-18-1895
WILTSIE, Caroline (Allen). Spouse of William, died 7-08-1876. Age: 41y 10m 2d
WILTSIE, Charlie. Born 1870, died 1958
WILTSIE, Charlotte (Eddy). Spouse of John, died 10-22-1864. Age: 59y 3m 27d
WILTSIE, Clifford. Spouse of Elizabeth L. Born 1-28-1911, died 7-09-1982 - Son of John and Maude Wiltsie
WILTSIE, David. Spouse of Betsy W, died 9-19-1885. Age: 77y 6m 20d
WILTSIE, David A. Spouse of Sarah B. Born 1852, died 1903 - Son of James and Sarah Wiltsie
WILTSIE, Dora E. (Pettis). Spouse of Spencer A. Born 2-27-1849, died 7-01-1940
WILTSIE, Elizabeth L. (Nordland). Spouse of Clifford R. Born 1911, died 1987
WILTSIE, Ellen (Ransome). Spouse of William. Born 1847, died 1917 - Wife #2
WILTSIE, Elmer H. Spouse of Margaret M. Born 1872, died 1926
WILTSIE, Emmily [Emily?], died 1-31-1862 - Dau of William and Caroline Allen Wiltsie
WILTSIE, Ernest M. Spouse of Minnie M. Born 1873, died 1962 - Son of Spencer A. and Dora E. Pettis Wiltsie
WILTSIE, Euphema, died 1-13-1857
WILTSIE, Guy J. Born 1881, died 1917
WILTSIE, J. Clare. Spouse of Alice D. Born 7-12-1904, died 11-24-1964 - Son of Elmer and Marguerite Wiltsie
WILTSIE, John. Spouse of Charlotte E. Born 8-15-1801, died 3-12-1876. Age: 74y 6m 27d - Son of John and Polly Wiltsie
WILTSIE, Lucinda (Wilder). Spouse of Thomas, died 7-24-1878. Age: 76y 11m 13d
WILTSIE, Lyman. Born 1821, died 6-02-1847 - Son of Thomas and Lucinda Wilder Wiltsie
WILTSIE, Margaret M. (Casselman). Spouse of Elmer H. Born 1876, died 1961
WILTSIE, Mary G. (Goodrich). Spouse of Thomas Jr. Born 1841, died 1910
WILTSIE, Minnie M. (Pelton). Spouse of Ernest M. Born 1878, died 1927
WILTSIE, Morella E. Born 6-11-1910, died 1978 - Dau of Ernest M. and Minnie M. Pelton Wiltsie
WILTSIE, Ronald R. Spouse of Barbara J. Hewes. Born 3-13-1934, died 1-14-2015. Age: 80 - Son of Clifford and Elizabeth (Nordland) Wiltsie, born in Panama NY, died in Corry PA. A dairy farmer for 61 yrs. Wed 11-12-1954, four daughters.
WILTSIE, Sarah B. Spouse of David A. Born 1857, died 1925
WILTSIE, Spencer A. Spouse of Dora E. Born 10-15-1846, died 5-31-1920 - Son of David and Euphemia Eadie Wiltsie
WILTSIE, Thomas. Spouse of Lucinda W. Born 1790, died 11-24-1869. Age: 70y 4m?
WILTSIE, Thomas Jr. Spouse of Mary. Born 3-18-1838, died 3-12-1904 - Son of Thomas and Lucinda Wilder Wiltsie
WILTSIE, William, died 9-02-1907
WILTSIE, Winnie (Hoyt), died 10-01-1942
WING, Amelia, died 9-??-1856 - Dau of Wesley and Salina Wing
WING, William - Civil War Vet, Co E 9 NY Cav
WINSOR, Marybelle, died 8-11-1865. Age: 1y 3m 23d - Dau of G. W. and Eliza M. Winsor
WITHERELL, Mary, died 2-01-1853
WOLCOTT, Merritt S. Born 1905, died 1969
WOOD, Edna. Born 1873, died 1908
WOOD, Frances. Born 1906, died 1994
WOOD, Jonathan, died 4-29-1851. Age: 20y 4m 9d
YORK, Adelbert, died 2-15-1949
YORK, Mary, died 12-17-1945
ZANKO, Ardith (Foe). Spouse of Pete. Born 1911, died 1979
ZANKO, Lois (Lupton). Born 1934, died 1977
ZANKO, Pete. Spouse of Ardith F. Born 1914, died 1986
ZEITLER, Eva (Tanner). Spouse of Joseph A. Born 1890, died 1981
ZEITLER, Joseph A. Spouse of Eva T. Born 1889, died 1970


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