Submitted by PHGS Member: Dolores Davidson 2000

Complied by Gayle Thomson


EADIE, Daniel S. Spouse of Lucy. Died 11-14-1875 62y 4m 1d
EADIE, Lucie B. Spouse of Allen. Died 8-15-1877 21y 10m 22d
EADIE, Lucy. Spouse of Daniel S., died 3-17-1879
EADIE, Sidney S., died 10-19-1861
EDDY, Agnes (Polder). Spouse of Alonzo P. Born 1851, died 1918
EDDY, Alonzo P. Born 1841, died 1894 - Civil War Vet, Co F 9th NY Vols, Qtrmstr Sgt. Mustered out with Co 10-27-1864
EDDY, Alonzo P. Jr. Born 1876, died 1880 - Son of Alonzo P. Eddy, Sr.
EDDY, Dorcas (King). Spouse of James. Born 1835, died 1922
EDDY, Genevieve L. (Button). Spouse of DeForest. Born 1916, died 10-08-1982
EDDY, Grace A. Born 1884, died 1892
EDDY, J. Shirley. Spouse of Mercy B. Born 1845, died 1921
EDDY, James. Spouse of Dorcas K. Born 1832, died 1861
EDDY, Joseph F. Died 7-22-1878 1y 9m 10d - Son of J. S. and M. M. Eddy
EDDY, Martin V. Born 1830, died 6-1-1864 - GAR - Civil War DOW, Co D 112th Inf NYS Vols, Died of Wounds at Cold Harbor VA.
EDDY, Mary A. (Mead). Spouse of Willis. Born 1860, died 1951
EDDY, Matilda I. (Powers). Spouse of Alonzo P. Born 1843, died 1878
EDDY, Mercy (Button). Spouse of J. Shirley. Born 1847, died 1931
EDDY, Willis. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1855, died 1937
EDIE, Abigail - Dau of E. A. Edie
EDWARDS, Beverly J. Born 1932, died 1978 - Dau of Joe C. and Geneva (Groters) Edwards
EDWARDS, Carolyn G. (Collins). Spouse of Bradley. Born 10-22-1948, died 3-22-2006 57 - Dau of Melvin Earl Ferguson and Imogene (Cooper) Collins, born in Barboursville WV. Wed 8-1996
EDWARDS, Charles E. Born 11-16-1872, died 7-17-1880 - Son of Darius and Mary (Sloan) Edwards
EDWARDS, Clara L. Born 12-13-1874, died 10-31-1953 - Dau of Darius and Mary (Sloan) Edwards
EDWARDS, Cornelia. Born 2-28-1836, died 2-08-1839 - Dau of Ebenezer and Sarah Edwards
EDWARDS, Eban J. Spouse of Martha N. Born 1882
EDWARDS, Ebenezer. Died 2-19-1882 76y 6m
EDWARDS, Edward B. Born 11-27-1840, died 3-22-1843 2y 5m - Son of Ebenezer and Sarah Edwards
EDWARDS, Emma T. Born 1921, died 1980 - Dau of John and Florence Edwards
EDWARDS, Geneva (Groters). Spouse of Joe C. Born 1908, died 1995
EDWARDS, Joe C. Spouse of Geneva G. Born 1908, died 1976
EDWARDS, John D. Born 1877, died 1976 - Son of Darius and Mary (Sloan) Edwards
EDWARDS, Martha. Died 6-22-1816 21y 1m 15d
EDWARDS, Martha N. Spouse of Eban J. Born 1909, died 1982 - Dau of Starkweather
EDWARDS, Mary E., died 6-23-1816
EDWARDS, P. - No data
EDWARDS, Ralph, died 6-17-1880
EDWARDS, Sally (Pray). Spouse of Ebenezer, died 3-17-1849 - Sarah?
EDWARDS, Sybil. Born 2-06-1845, died 6-29-1846
EGGLESTON, Alta (Carr). Spouse of Ray C. Born 1896, died 1988
EGGLESTON, Edith A. Born 1869, died 1910
EGGLESTON, Ella L. Spouse of Henry. Died 3-11-1880 26y 3m 13d
EGGLESTON, Ellen. Died 1-07-1885 34y 9m 5d - Dau of Myron and Elvira Eggleston
EGGLESTON, Elma G. Born 1886, died 1920
EGGLESTON, Elvira. Spouse of Myron. Died 8-18-1897 78y 8m 4d
EGGLESTON, Elvira. Spouse of Myron H. Born 1835, died 1915
EGGLESTON, Ernest. Born 1872, died 8-24-1917 - Son of Seth and Julia A. (Cook) Eggleston
EGGLESTON, Julia A. Spouse of Seth. Born 1843, died 1916
EGGLESTON, Louis. Born 1-21-1877, died 9-14-1906
EGGLESTON, Mary L. Born 1874, died 1929
EGGLESTON, Myron. Spouse of Elvira. Died 7-26-1882 71y 3m 15d
EGGLESTON, Myron H. Spouse of Elvira. Born 1835, died 1924
EGGLESTON, Ray C. Spouse of Alta CARR. Born 1885, died 1978 - Son of Seth and Julia A. (Cook) Eggleston
EGGLESTON, Rolpe. Died 7-27-1850 13y 10m - Son of Myron and Elvira Eggleston
EGGLESTON, Seth. Spouse of Julia A. Born 1843, died 1929
EGGLESTON, Sherman R. Born 1863, died 1938
ELDERKIN, James R. Spouse of Myrtie C. Born 1868, died 1942
ELDERKIN, Myrtie C. Spouse of James R. Born 1873, died 1928
ELLIS, Adda R. Born 1850, died 1885
ELLIS, Elmira. Born 1819, died 1896
ELLIS, Eveline. Born 1845, died 1912
ELLIS, Olivet. Born 1812, died 1890
ELLIS, Reuben. Died 11-24-1845 59
ELSTON, Cynthia. Spouse of William, died 10-10-1853
ELY, Mary B. Born 1835, died 19--
ELY, William G. Born 1829, died 1912
ENGSTROM, Frances (Carver). Spouse of Levin E. Born 1887, died 1937
ENGSTROM, Levin E. Spouse of Frances C. Born 1887, died 1975 - WW I Vet, US Army, Co H 6th Div 52nd Inf
ERB, Eugene E. Spouse of Frances R. Born 1915
ERB, Frances R. Spouse of Eugene E. Born 1916, died 1999
ERICKSON, Carl E. Born 1910, died 1991
ERIKSON, Mathilda. Born 1914, died 1999
EVERETT, Harriet C. Spouse of Timothy. Died 3-15-1884 81y 11m 15d
FELCH, Riley. Died 4-29-1847 29y 2m 21d
FELLOWS, John. Spouse of Polly. Died 5-27-1816 76
FELLOWS, Polly. Spouse of John, died 3-05-1839
FIELDS, Ernest. Born 1871, died 1881
FIELDS, George W. Born 1830, died 1902 - Son of John and Susannah Fields
FIELDS, John. Died 1-02-1855 61y 2m 16d
FIELDS, Julia. Born 1842
FIELDS, Lucy A. Spouse of William P. Born 10-16-1824
FIELDS, William P. Spouse of Lucy A. Born 9-17-1821, died 9-18-1893
FINDLEY, Edna A. (Barry). Spouse of George William. Born 12-13-1858, died 11-23-1937 - Dau of Horace and Alzina (Whitford) Barry
FINDLEY, George Leroy. Spouse of Ida M. Born 8-21-1887, died 11-21-1970 - son of George and Edna (Barry) Findley
FINDLEY, George William. Spouse of Edna A. Born 1854, died 9-23-1933 78y 9m 23d - Son of William and Julia (Drake) Findley
FINDLEY, Ida M. (Burt). Spouse of George Leroy. Born 12-28-1889, died 12-25-1971 - Dau of Arthur and Rosetta (Appleby) Burt
FINDLEY, Ralph C. Born 1878, died 1954
FOE, Ernest A. Spouse of Ida E. Born 1866, died 1963
FOE, Ida E. Spouse of Ernest A. Born 1868, died 1948
FORTH, Stella (Polder). Born 1871, died 1917
FOSTER, Audrey (Scheller). Born 1924, died 1987
FOSTER, Edward. Born 10-26-1920
FOSTER, Ray E. Born 1910, died 1985
FOX, DeEmma. Born 4-06-1861, died 8-19-1887
FOX, Dorcas A. Spouse of Sanford?. Died 9-03-1910 80y 8m - [Mother]
FOX, Edward B. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1828, died 1905
FOX, Hannah. Spouse of George W. Died 8-24-1846 60y 7m 16d
FOX, Mary E. Spouse of Edward B. Born 1829, died 1907
FOX, Sanford N. Spouse of Dorcas?. Died 10-04-1893 72y 4m - [Father]
FREDD, Edwin. Spouse of Nancy J. - No data
FREDD, Nancy J. Spouse of Edwin. Born 1949, died 2000 - Wed 6-14-1969
FRY, Bruce I. Born 1896, died 1984
FRY, Leila (Cramer). Born 1895, died 1957
FRY, Richard B. Born 1925, died 1957
FRYE, Helen R. (Butler). Spouse of James E. Born 11-9-1934, died 1-7-2017. Age: 82 - Dau of Mr. and Mrs. William F. Butler. Born in Jersey City NJ, lived in Panama NY, died in Jamestown NY. Wed 62 years, two daughters, (He survives)
GARDNER, Thyra (Haines). Spouse of Wallace G. Born 1898, died 1957 - [Mother]
GARDNER, Wallace G. Spouse of Thyra Haines. Born 1897, died 1990
GLASS, Mary Jane. Died 9-12-1852 3y 1m 12d
GLIDDEN, Abner. Spouse of Esther F. Born 1817, died 1901
GLIDDEN, B. F. Died 4-06-1853 19y 5m 24d
GLIDDEN, Cornelia. Died 1-04-1862 1y 2m 17d - Dau of Horace Hall and Cornelia A. (Moore) Glidden
GLIDDEN, Cornelia A. (Moore). Spouse of Horace Hall. Born ca 1824
GLIDDEN, Esther F. (Button). Spouse of Abner. Born 1819, died 1892
GLIDDEN, Horace Hall. Spouse of Cornelia A. Born 9-07-1820, died 8-21-1901 - Doctor
GLIDDEN, Jeremiah. Died 4-10-1813 69y 2m 5d
GLIDDEN, Joanna. Spouse of Jeremiah, died 1-05-1856
GLIDDEN, Minnie. Born 6-23-1854, died 9-26-1893 - Dau of Horace Hall and Cornelia A. (Moore) Glidden
GLOVER, Flora M. Spouse of Purcivall M. Born 1884, died 1947
GLOVER, Purcivall M. Spouse of Flora M. Born 1877, died 1930 - Civil War Vet, Co F. 35th Regt MI Vols, Musician
GOBLES, Todd. Born 4-05-1954, died 12-06-1963
GOLDBERG, Allene F. Spouse of Frederick L. Born 1909, died 1999
GOLDBERG, Frederick L. Spouse of Allene F. Born 1907, died 1953
GOLDBERG, John M. Spouse of Marjorie A. Bemis. Born 12-17-1930, died 5-13-2015. Age: 84 - Son of Frederick J. and Allene F. Goldberg, born in Jamestown NY, lived in Panama NY, died in Corry PA. A dairy farmer for 48 yrs. Wed in 1953, two sons. Also 11 foster children.
GOLDBERG, Marjorie A. (Bemis). Spouse of John M. Born 7-09-1935, died 4-22-2001 65 - Dau of Amos and Jesse (Jackman) Bemis. Dairy farm for 48 yrs. Wed in 1953, two sons.Also 11 foster children.
GOLDFINCH, Jennie. Spouse of W. B. - No dates
GOLDFINCH, Ward B. Born 1856, died 1911 - Son of Henry and Victoria Goldfinch
GOODENOUGH, Hosea, died 11-01-1945
GOODRICH, Alice M. Spouse of Charles. Born 1874, died 19--
GOODRICH, Barbara (Sage). Spouse of Edwin H. Born 1876, died 1966
GOODRICH, Charles. Spouse of Alice M. Born 1869, died 1936
GOODRICH, Delilah. Spouse of Harvey. Died 10-11-1882 74y 8m 15d
GOODRICH, Edith H. Spouse of Harry S. Born 1875, died 1947
GOODRICH, Edwin H. Born 1868, died 1944
GOODRICH, Elizabeth (Shaw). Spouse of Ross H. Born 1910, died 1985
GOODRICH, Eusebia A. (Oliver). Spouse of Sidney. Died 5-26-1887 41y 4m 2d
GOODRICH, Harry S. Spouse of Edith H. Born 1875, died 1953
GOODRICH, Harvey. Died 2-28-1884 77y 8m 14d
GOODRICH, Julia F. Spouse of Preston E. Born 1910, died 1959
GOODRICH, Mabel R. Born 1906, died 1978
GOODRICH, Marjorie, died 11-19-1992
GOODRICH, Maryette (Cook). Spouse of Spencer. Born 1846, died 1927
GOODRICH, Phylura. Died 8-25-1818 19y 10m 25d - Dau of Harvey and Delilah Goodrich
GOODRICH, Preston E. Spouse of Julia F. Born 1904, died 1981
GOODRICH, Ross H. Spouse of Elizabeth S. Born 1906, died 1975
GOODRICH, Sidney. Spouse of Eusebia A. Died 4-28-1915 70y 9m 10d
GOODRICH, Spencer. Spouse of Maryette C. Born 1846, died 1920 - Son of Harvey and Delilah Goodrich
GOODRICH, Susan. Spouse of Edwin. Born 1865, died 1929
GOSSETT, Rudolph. Spouse of Vesta P. Born 1839, died 1925
GOSSETT, Vesta (Park). Spouse of Rudolph. Born 1840, died 1915
GOTHARD, Mary E. Born 1906, died 1957
GOTHARD, Nellie J. Born 1876, died 1972
GOULD, Fred H. Spouse of Mary Warner. Born 1847, died 1924
GOULD, Harry. Born 1801, died 1840
GOULD, Mary (Warner). Spouse of Fred H. Born 1851, died 1937
GRAHAM, Clifford L. Spouse of Grace S/. Born 1903, died 1979
GRAHAM, Cordelia. Spouse of Lyman C. Died 2-27-1857 31y 8m 21d
GRAHAM, Eddie, died 12-27-1866 - Son of Lyman C. and Cordelia Graham
GRAHAM, Georgie, died 8-17-1852 - Son of Lyman C. and Cordelia Graham
GRAHAM, Grace S. Spouse of Clifford L. Born 1905, died 1969
GRAHAM, Lyman C. Spouse of Cordelia. Died 2-02-1890 66y 7m
GRAHAM, Mary (Finland). Spouse of Oscar E. Born 1883, died 1932 - [Mother]
GRAHAM, Mary L. Born 1846, died 1897
GRAHAM, Mary L. (Whitford). Spouse of Sumner. Born 1857, died 1943
GRAHAM, Maurice. Spouse of Myrtle L. Born 1901, died 1989
GRAHAM, Myrtle L. Spouse of Maurice. Born 1908, died 1992
GRAHAM, Oscar E. Spouse of Mary Finland. Born 1878, died 1917 - [Father]
GRAHAM, Sumner. Spouse of Mary L. Whitford. Born 1858, died 1937
GRAVES, Alfred P. Spouse of Lottie. Born 1844, died 1897 - Son of Phineas and Sally (Graves) Graves
GRAVES, Celina (Lewis). Spouse of Henry H. Born 1833, died 1917
GRAVES, Charles B. Died 11-18-1888 9y 6m 14d - Son of A. P. and L. Graves
GRAVES, Emma (Jenks). Spouse of John S. Born 1870, died 1944
GRAVES, Frances Floy (Skinner). Spouse of Rue L. Born 1890, died 1966
GRAVES, Harriet, died 2-22-1838 - Dau of P. and S. Graves
GRAVES, Henry H. Born 1883, died 1922 - Son of Phineas and Sally (Graves) Graves
GRAVES, Irma (Hoitink). Spouse of James G. Born 1887, died 1968
GRAVES, James G. Spouse of Irma H. Born 1881, died 1969 - Son of Alfred and Charlotte Graves
GRAVES, John S. Spouse of Emma J. Born 1866, died 1945 - Son of Henry H. and Celina (Lewis) Graves
GRAVES, Levi L. Spouse of Susan W. Born 1862, died 1924
GRAVES, Lottie [Charlotte] (Brightman). Spouse of A. P. [Alfred?]. Born 1850, died 1911
GRAVES, Lynn, died 3-10-1885 - Son of Levi L. and Susan (Wiltsie) Graves
GRAVES, Phineas. Spouse of Sally. Died 7-31-1887 82y 5m 25d
GRAVES, Rue L. Spouse of Frances Floy S. Born 1894, died 1981 - Son of John S. and Emma (Jenks) Graves
GRAVES, Sally (Graves). Spouse of Phineas. Died 7-31-1878 76y 5m 4d
GRAVES, Susan (Wiltsie). Spouse of Levi L. Born 1863, died 1928
GRAY, David L. Sr. Spouse of Patricia M. Born 11-07-1951, died 6-30-2002 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
GRAY, Patricia M. Spouse of David L. Sr. Born 7-09-1956
GREELEY, Rosa M. (Mandaville). Born 1894, died 1965
GREEN, Julia Louise (Lewis). Spouse of Lorance A. Born 1902, died 1950
GREEN, Lorance A. Spouse of Julia Louise L. Born 1903, died 1959
GREEN, Unknown (Phelps). Died 4-22-1882 80y 5m 9d
GUINTER, Alice, died 1966
GULICKSON, Warren William. Born 8-15-1911, died 11-07-1974 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy, MM3
GUSTAFSON, Burnell. Spouse of Kathleen. Born 1909
GUSTAFSON, Kathleen (Lewis). Spouse of Burnell. Born 1904, died 1964
HAGELY, Maria L. Born 1844, died 1906
HAINES, Austin. Spouse of Martha M. Born 1831, died 1908 - Son of Nathan and Lucinda Haines
HAINES, Frank M. Spouse of Lydia I. Born 1852, died 1943
HAINES, Genevieve (Mudge). Spouse of Stephen B. Born 1864, died 1927
HAINES, Lucinda. Spouse of Nathan T. G., died 8-02-1846 - Check husband's initials
HAINES, Lydia I. Spouse of Frank M. Born 1851, died 1937
HAINES, Martha M. Spouse of Austin. Born 1829, died 1905
HAINES, Mary. Spouse of Stephen. Died 12-31-1837 61y 0m 21d
HAINES, Nathan T. C. Born 1801, died 1888 - Check initials - T.C. or T.G.?
HAINES, Stephen B. Spouse of Genevieve M. Born 1865, died 1933
HALL, Mary (Davis). Spouse of F. A. Died 12-27-1851 22y 5m 3d - Dau of William R. and Ann Davis
HANES, Clara D. Spouse of Floyd E. Born 1905, died 1978 - Ladies Aux VFW
HANES, Floyd E. Spouse of Clara D. Born 1897, died 1972 - WW II Vet, US Navy, 1917-1918
HANNA, Almy. Spouse of John - No data
HANSON, Carrie. Born 3-17-1876, died 6-10-1931 - Dau of Bengt and Anna Hanson
HARRINGTON, A. Noah. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1871, died 1943
HARRINGTON, Margaret. Spouse of A. Noah. Born 1874, died 1965
HARRISON, Clarinda. Spouse of James. Died 9-24-1852 70y 11m 16d
HARRISON, James. Spouse of Clarinda. Died 1-12-1850 77y 4m 3d
HARRISON, Margaret. Born 10-06-1832
HART, Addie S. Spouse of Frank. Born 1865, died 1940
HART, Barbara H. Spouse of Lawrence D. Born 1926
HART, Clayton S. Spouse of Norah S. Born 1894, died 1968 - Son of Frank and Addie S. Hart
HART, Ernest. Born 1872, died 1917
HART, Frank D. Spouse of Addie S. Born 1864, died 1920
HART, Lawrence D. Spouse of Barbara H. Born 1918, died 1990 - Son of Clayton S. and Norah (Stearns) Hart
HART, Mary L. Born 1874, died 1929
HART, Norah (Stearns). Spouse of Clayton S. Born 1896, died 1972
HARTER, Ella V. Born 1858, died 19--
HARTER, Emeline. Spouse of James P. Born 1832, died 1917
HARTER, Henry. Spouse of Sophronia H. Died 2-12-1875 80y 11m 13d
HARTER, James P. Spouse of Emeline. Born 1827, died 1908 - Son of Timothy Harter
HARTER, Sophronia (Hide). Spouse of Henry. Died 5-31-1870 70y 3m 19d
HARTSON, Elizabeth M. Born 1848, died 1928
HARTSON, James C. Born 1843, died 1908
HARTSON, Nancy C. Born 1815, died 1892
HARTSON, Philetus P. Born 1806, died 1888
HARTSON, Silas. Born 8-05-1812, died 11-16-1861
HASSAM, Arthur C. Born 1861, died 1941
HASSAM, Charles N. Born 1864, died 1922
HASSAM, DeEtte (Lewis). Born 1855, died 1923
HASSAM, Sadie. Born 1865, died 1945
HAWKINS, Anna. Spouse of Nathan. Died 7-21-1851 73y 5m 19d -
HAWKINS, Belinda (Benedict). Spouse of George D. Born 12-02-1835, died 6-03-1889
HAWKINS, Edith E. Born 1894, died 1989 - Dau of Willis B. and Ellen D. (Cook) Hawkins
HAWKINS, Ellen D. Spouse of Willis B. Born 1869, died 1943
HAWKINS, George. Spouse of Rhoda P. Born 1802, died 1883
HAWKINS, George D. Spouse of Belinda Benedict. Born 9-22-1828, died 9-03-1905 - Son of George and Rhoda Powers Hawkins
HAWKINS, Hannah. Spouse of Jessie. Born 3-03-1787
HAWKINS, Hannah (Gypson). Spouse of Nathan. Died 10-25-1887 79y 6m 11d -
HAWKINS, Jessie. Spouse of Hannah. Born 1-11-1777, died 1-30-1871
HAWKINS, Lula, died 11-22-1867 - Dau of George D. and Belinda (Benedict) Hawkins
HAWKINS, Nathan. Spouse of #1 Anna, #2 Hannah Gypson. Died 5-06-1878 90y 9m 30d
HAWKINS, Rhoda (Powers). Spouse of George. Born 1806, died 1900 - Dau of Simeon and Polly (Goodyear) Powers
HAWKINS, Willis B. Spouse of Ellen D. Born 1862, died 1940
HEELER, Nancy W. Died 12-10-1839 33
HEMINK, Albert J. Spouse of Pearl W. Born 1875, died 1940
HEMINK, Pearl W. Spouse of Albert J. Born 1873, died 1952
HEMPSTEAD, Clara (Bunce). Born 6-29-1808, died 11-21-1881 - Born in Herkimer NY, died in Panama NY
HENDERSON, Ruth W. Spouse of Vernon C. Born 1921
HENDERSON, Vernon C. Spouse of Ruth W. Born 1922, died 1994 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, T/Sgt
HENRIS, Velma Doris, died 7-01-1964
HESLINK, Dorian (Graves). Spouse of Elmore I. Born 1900, died 1988
HESLINK, Elmore I. Spouse of Dorian G. Born 1901, died 1964
HILLE, Frank S. Spouse of Lavina J. Born 1832, died 1907
HILLE, Lavina J. Spouse of Frank S. Born 1838, died 1914
HILLS, Estella O., died 12-13-1936
HITCHCOCK, Amanda, died 8-08-1845 - Dau of William and Hannah Hitchcock
HITCHCOCK, Emily C. Died 7-31-1815 2y ? 9m - Dau of William and Hannah Hitchcock
HITCHCOCK, Hannah. Spouse of William B. Died 6-26-1852 51y 8m
HITCHCOCK, William B. Spouse of Hannah - No data
HITCOME, Florel A. Spouse of Gerald A. Born 1912, died 1974
HITCOME, Gerald A. Spouse of Florel A. Born 1905, died 1980
HLOSTA, Dorothy. Born 1925, died 1987 - [Beloved Wife]
HLOSTA, infant. Died 2-01-1959 Infant
HOBART, Annis K. Born 1835, died 1918
HOBART, Betsey E. Spouse of Lorin. Died 7-14-1883 75y 11m ??d
HOBART, D. M. Died 3-06-1838 32y 7m 22d
HOBART, Edward. Born 1833, died 1906
HOBART, Hollis James. Born 2-05-1882, died 8-20-1910 - Son of Lester G. and Rachel (Peck) Hobart
HOBART, Joseph H. Born 1880, died 1904 - Son of Lester G. and Rachel (Peck) Hobart
HOBART, Lester G. Spouse of Rachel P. Born 3-26-1841, died 1912 - Son of Lester and Mary Ann Preston - Civil War Vet, Co G 72nd Inf NYS Vols
HOBART, Lorin. Spouse of Betsey E. Died 9-25-1865 62y 10m 11d
HOBART, Mary Ann (Preston). Spouse of Lester. Died 6-18-1850 40y 1m 1d
HOBART, Rachel (Peck). Spouse of Lester G. Born 1839, died 1915
HOBART, William D. Born 1872, died 1900 - Son of ? and Rachel Hobart
HOITINK, Albert. Spouse of Effie V. Born 1861, died 1936
HOITINK, Effie V. (Jaquith). Spouse of Albert. Born 1866, died 1944
HOLBROOK, Josiah. Died 4-07-1839 27
HOLMLUND, Henry Leine. Spouse of Irene W. Born 1894, died 1977
HOLMLUND, Irene (Wilcox). Spouse of Henry Leine. Born 1905, died 1961
HOSIER, Cleo (Fields). Spouse of William. Born 6-25-1882, died 4-29-1965
HOSIER, Edward E., died 11-21-1955
HOSIER, Jacob - No dates - War of 1812 Vet
HOSIER, William. Spouse of Cleo F. Born 1-20-1868, died 4-09-1955
HOWE, Ruth, died 12-09-1990
HOWES, Grace (Anderson). Spouse of William J. Born 1889, died 1971
HOWES, William J. Spouse of Grace A. Born 1885, died 1964
HOWES, William Jarvis. Born 2-17-1915, died 6-25-1953 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 375th Service Sqdrn, Sgt
HUBBARD, Angeline (Felch). Spouse of James. Died 6-27-1893 66y 9m 19d
HUBBARD, Asenath. Spouse of Grant. Died 12-09-1849 72
HUBBARD, Ernest L. P. Died 5-04-1877 6y 6m 6d
HUBBARD, James. Spouse of Angeline F. Died 5-16-1905 82
HUBBARD, Joel. Spouse of Orinda. Died 4-01-1862 78y 0m 16d
HUBBARD, Orinda. Spouse of Joel. Died 5-11-1850 64y 0m 11d
HUNT, Sarah. Spouse of Stephen M. Born 1845, died 1910
HUNT, Stephen M. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1840, died 1931
Hunter, Israel B. Died 12-30-1865 29y 10m 28d
HUNTLEY, Abigal. Spouse of Stephen. Died 8-07-1847 70y 0m 12d
HUNTLEY, Stephen. Spouse of Abigal. Died 8-26-1871 92y 2m?
HURLBERT, Ethe. Born 1908, died 1970
HURLBERT, Hazel. Born 1905, died 1948
HURLBERT, John. Born 1900, died 1969
HURLBERT, Mary Jean. Born 1929, died 1930
HURLBERT, Pauline. Born 1925, died 1929
HURLBURT, Alta R. (Smith). Spouse of Benjamin. Born 1861, died 1943
HURLBURT, Donald Wilson. Spouse of Hazel C. Born 1919, died 1943 - WW II, US Army Air Force, Lt
HURLBURT, Hazel, died 1948
HURLBURT, Hazel (Cronbaugh). Spouse of Donald Wilson. Born 1914, died 1980 - Born in Ada OH
HURLBUT, Abey L. Died 5-21-1866 13 - Dau of S. P. and Mary Hurlbut
HURLEY, Annabelle M. Spouse of William C. Born 9-15-1932, died 6-11-2007 74 - Dau of Kenneth A. and Alice (Lacock) Starkweather. Wed in 1957
HYDE, Carrie. Born 11-29-1838, died 2-06-1890 - Dau of Elilphalet and Marcia A. (Doud) Hyde
HYDE, Charles E. Born 3-05-1849, died 9-16-1849 - Son of Elilphalet and Marcia A. (Doud) Hyde
HYDE, Eliphalet. Spouse of Marcia A. Born 11-13-1808, died 5-16-1894
HYDE, Marcia A. (Doud). Spouse of Eliphalet. Born 4-05-1807, died 5-03-1897
IRELAND, Bethany, died 6-22-1976 - Dau of John and Donna Ireland
IRELAND, Carolyn S. (Galloway). Spouse of Myron William. Born 1924, died 1990
IRELAND, Gladys L. (Clark). Spouse of Merlyn J. Born 1902, died 1970
IRELAND, Jarvis Elroy. Spouse of Margaret P. Born 3-19-1927, died 2-27-2003 75 - Son of Merlyn and Gladys (Clark) Ireland. Was postmaster at Panama NY. - WW II Vet, US Army. 202 MP Co, Sgt
IRELAND, Lydia N. (Rasor). Spouse of Myron W. Sr. Born 1895, died 1985
IRELAND, Margaret (Perkins). Spouse of Jarvis Elroy. Born 6-23-1928 - Wed 3-27-1948
IRELAND, Merlyn J. Spouse of Gladys L. Born 1901, died 1967 - Son of William G. and Myrta A. Ireland
IRELAND, Myron W. Sr. Spouse of Lydia N. Born 1893, died 1965 - Son of William G. and Myrta A. Ireland
IRELAND, Myron William. Spouse of Carolyn S. Born 1924
IRELAND, Myrta A. Spouse of William G. Born 1866, died 1932
IRELAND, William G. Spouse of Myrta A. Born 1865, died 1943
JAMES, Clarence H. Spouse of #1 Ethel W., #2 Emeline L. [Emily]. Born 1891, died 1957
JAMES, Emeline L. [Emily]. Spouse of Clarence H. Born 1910, died 1977 - Wife #2
JAMES, Ethel W. Spouse of Clarence H. Born 1900, died 1929 - Wife #1
JAYNES, Hailey Grace. Born 7-17-2008, died 7-17-2008 0d - Dau of Matthew R. and Katie J. (O'Neil) Jaynes
JENKS, Albert L. Spouse of Isabell W. Born 1841, died 1905 - Son of Vincent C. and Mary Jenks
JENKS, Cyrus R., died 6-23-1855 - Son of Vincent C. and Mary Jenks
JENKS, Isabell (Woodin). Spouse of Albert L. Born 1844, died 1911
JENKS, Mary. Spouse of Vincent C. Died 11-29-1877 80y 3m 6d
JENKS, Vincent C. Spouse of Mary. Died 2-17-1876 84y 3m 8d
JENNIE, Beatrice (Findley). Spouse of Elmer F. Born 1911, died 1960
JENNIE, Carrie. Born 11-??-1917, died 5-??-1953
JENNIE, Elmer F. Spouse of Beatrice F. Born 1904, died 1977
JOHNSON, Agnes M. Spouse of J. Amil. Born 1872, died 1951
JOHNSON, Electa - No data
JOHNSON, Eliza. Spouse of John N., died 9-04-1899
JOHNSON, Gust A. Born 1877, died 1938
JOHNSON, J. Amil. Spouse of Agnes M. Born 1869, died 1952
JOHNSON, John N. Spouse of Eliza, died 11-16-1876
JOHNSON, Laura I. (Button). Born 7-3-1925, died 6-17-2006 80 - Dau of Raymond and Marjorie (Foe) Button
JOHNSON, Rhoda. Born 7-27-1800, died 6-08-1879
JOHNSON, Rhoda A. Died 3-11-1847 9y 1m 11d - Dau of John N. and Eliza Johnson
JOHNSON, Velma D. Born 1889, died 1964
JONES, Arlouine G. (Babbitt). Born 1846, died 1931
JONES, Elizabeth. Spouse of Asahel Clark. Born 8-07-1801, died 7-05-1881
JOSEPH, Virginia (Smith). Born 1926, died 1979 - Dau of ? and Garnet Foe Smith
KAPPLE, Chloe (Button). Spouse of John. Died 6-29-1861 33y 11m 24d
KAPPLE, Julia Ann D. Died 8-27-1852 28y 11m 17d
KAPPLE, Nancy. Spouse of John J. Died 8-23-1817 24
KEET, Dwight H. Born 1845, died 1907
KEET, F. T. Born 1816, died 1886
KEET, Frederick A. Born 1858, died 1908
KEET, Harlow, died 7-01-1955
KEET, Lucinda C. Spouse of Thomas G. Born 1849, died 1919
KEET, Mary. Born 1858, died 1908
KEET, Thomas G. Spouse of Lucinda C. Born 1845, died 1914 - IOOF
KELLY, Suzanne, died 12-10-1948
Kent, Kate M. Born 1866, died 1939
KENT, Cora O. Spouse of John A. Born 5-02-1862, died 6-08-1893
KENT, Donald J. Spouse of Grace Graham. Born 4-24-1933, died 12-26-2005 72 - Son of Albert John and Alice (Werner) Kent. Wed 5-26-1954 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
KENT, John A. Spouse of Cora O. Born 12-27-1859, died 1934
KENT, Leah Edith (Loeb). Born 1894, died 1956
KENT, Reuben J. Born 1894, died 1951
KERN, Unknown. Spouse of W. F., died 12-??-1938
KERN, W. F. Spouse of Unknown, died 8-01-1949
KERN, William F., died 1-01-1956
KING, Albert. Spouse of Rebecca A. Born 1825, died 1887
KING, Daniel. Died 2-02-1849 34y 7m ?
KING, David. Spouse of Tabatha. Born 1779, died 1851
KING, Eva (Lucas). Spouse of Paul H. Born 1901, died 1990
KING, Harriet, died 5-03-1878
KING, Harrison. Spouse of Mary H. Born 1831, died 1896
KING, Harry. Spouse of Olive. Died 5-29-1856 52y 5m
KING, Lillie. Born 1856, died 1861
KING, Mary H. Spouse of Harrison. Born 1831, died 1892
KING, Minnie E. Born 1865, died 1877
KING, Olive. Spouse of Harry. Died 5-11-1883 81y 6m 13d
KING, Paul H. Spouse of Eva L. Born 1901, died 1981
KING, Rebecca A. Spouse of Albert. Born 1834, died 1886
KING, Sarah M. Died 6-14-1850 12y 7m 16d - Dau of Harry and Olive King
KING, Tabatha. Spouse of David. Born 1787, died 1854
KNAPP, Ann E. Spouse of John. Born 1817, died 1907
KNAPP, Charlotte. Died 4-01-1853 19y 7m - Dau of Noah and Patience Knapp
KNAPP, Cornelius. Spouse of Hattie M. Born 10-30-1838 - Son of Noah and Patience Knapp
KNAPP, Fannie. Born 1874, died 1945
KNAPP, George. Died 3-28-1842 18y 4m - Son of Levi and Samantha Knapp
KNAPP, Hattie (Mead). Spouse of Cornelius. Born 2-03-1841, died 1-23-1897
KNAPP, James. Born 10-20-1845, died 7-3-1864 - Buried in York PA - Civil War DOW, Co E 112th Inf NYS Vols. Wounded 6-1-1864 at Cold harbor, died 7-3-1864
KNAPP, Jehu. Spouse of Louisa. Died 10-01-1858 91y 10m?
KNAPP, John. Born 1817, died 1852
KNAPP, Levi - Son of Noah and Patience Knapp. No dates
KNAPP, Louisa. Spouse of Jehu. Died 1-03-1832 62
KNAPP, Noah. Spouse of Patience. Died 3-31-1866 73y 6m 6d
KNAPP, P. Ann. Died 8-12-1858 16y 3m - Dau of John and Ann E. Knapp
KNAPP, Patience. Spouse of Noah. Died 1-11-1868 70y 5m 3d
KNAPP, Susan S. Died 4-05-1882 38y 3m ? - Dau of John and Ann E. Knapp
KNOWLTON, Ira J. Born 1895, died 1964
KNOWLTON, Kenneth S. Born 6-14-1920, died 5-26-1967 - WW II Vet, US Air Force, Maj
KNOWLTON, Ruth D. (Stebbins) Starkweather. Born 1896, died 1981


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