World War I Veterans

This page contains the names of men and women from Chautauqua County who served in World War I.

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • The service column uses these standard military abbreviations: KIA Killed in action; DOW Died of Wounds; DOD Died of Disease; DNB Died Non-Battle; DOI Died of Injuries; FOD Finding of death/Missing presumed dead; Dead no other info; POW Prisoner of War. If the service begins with Vet, the soldier survived the war.
  • If we do not know a soldier's burial place, the place where he enlisted is in square brackets in the burial column.
  • "Unnamed Cem, this site" in the Burial column is this page.
  • The ~  means we do not know.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Chautauqua County's Medal of Honor recipients

Name Service Death Date Burial Place
ABBEY, Floyd  Vet ~ ~ Portland Evergreen
ABRAM, Floyd  Vet ~ 12-27-1973 Portland Evergreen
ACKROYD, Arthur Vet US Army, Co D 59th Pioneer Inf, Pfc, NY 11-24-1952 Fluvanna
ADAMOWIEZ, Peter Vet US Army, Aviation Sec Signal Corps 1919 St. Hedwig
ADAMS, Frank B Vet US Army, Co E, 348th Inf and Co D. 153rd DBRD, Pvt 1926 St. Hedwig
ALBRIGHT, Reece Vet ~ 4-1-1968 Riverside Kennedy
AMES, Charles Albert Brunson Vet 1-26-1969 Allen
ANDERSON, George S. Vet US Army, 418 Supply Train, Col 7-17-1958 Valley View
ANDERSON, Gifford Leach Vet Career (Also WW II Vet) 1-4-1970 Valley View
ANDERSON, Ray V. Vet, US Navy, BM2 11-1-2978 Greenwood, Stockton
ANDERSON, Vern A. KIA, Co C 309 Inf. 78th Div, Pvt. Killed in France 1918 Valley View
BAILEY, Harry Vet US Army, Co E 74th Inf NG, Pvt 2-11-1940 Greenwood, Harmony
BAKER, Arthur C. Vet ~ 1923 Quincy
BAKER, Ralph George Vet ~ 8-1-1955 Magnolia
BALL, Clayton George  Vet NY FFC 2nd Mech Regt Air SVC 2-27-1967 Riverside Kennedy
BANKS, William J Jr KIA, died in France 10-6-1918 Forest Hill
BARBER, Harley J. Sr. Vet, US Army, 3rd Div, Btry A. 3-5-1982 Mayville
BARBER, William A. Vet US Army, HQ Troop, 12th US Cav, Musician 3/C 11-19-1937 Maple Grove, Ashville
BARCLAY, Burt J Vet US Army, S/Sgt 3-20-1977 Fluvanna
BARKELL, Robert P.  Vet US Army, 348th Inf, PFC 9-7-1962 Cassadaga
BARMORE, Allen Vet ~ 1937 Gerry Village
BATES, George Palmer Vet ~ 12-20-1971 Magnolia
BEMIS, William R.  Vet US Army, 307th Trench Mortar, Pvt 11-7-1958 Cutting Cem
BENNETT, Clifford C. Vet US Army, Co L 59th Pioneer Inf, Pvt. 8-21-1963 Fentonville
BENNINK, Hermey Vet ~ 1978 Holland
BENSON, John A.  Vet ~ 6-16-1954 Myrtle
BIALASZEWSKI, Michael Vet US Army 110 Co Trans Corps, Pfc 5-9-1965 St. Hyacinth
BIELAWSKI, Max Vet US Army, Co D 29 Inf, Pvt 1-29-1961 St. Hyacinth
BILLINGS, James A. Vet ~ 1955 Magnolia
BLAUSER, Samuel Wendell, Jr. Vet ~ 9-18-1976 Fentonville
BODIN, Edward F.  Vet ~ 8-2-1983 Cassadaga
BOOZEL, Homer McKinley Vet US Army, Btry E 58th Field Arty, Pvt 3-23-1954 West Mina
BOSWELL, Guy William Vet US Army, Co G 77th Div 1948 Busti
BOURNE, Charles C. Vet ~ 8-19-1953 Westfield/Portland
BRACISZEWSKI, John Vet US Army 9-12-1979 St. Hyacinth
BRADLEY, Rollie M. Vet ~ 12-27-1966 Mina
BRATT, Victor H Vet Pvt. 10-5-1918 Lake View
BRIGGS, Walter E. Vet US Army, Pvt. Career 12-26-1967 Maple Grove, Ashville
BROOKS, John P. Vet US Army, Btry E, 36th CAC 1933 Panama Union
BROWN, Reuben [Carl] Vet US Army, 307th Fld Arty, 2/ Lt 7-13-1964 Bemis Point
BUCKHOLTZ, John A Vet US Army 10-18-1979 St. Hyacinth
BUDNIEWSKI, John B Vet US Army, Co B 363rd Inf 1935 St. Hedwig
BUNT, George F  Vet US Army, 26th Regt 10-29-1926 Portland Evergreen
BURCH, George E Vet ~ 12-5-1939 Riverside Kennedy
BURCH/BURTCH, Frederick Melvin  Vet ~ 10-23-1975 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
BURKE, Roman Joseph Vet 10-23-1985 Allen
BURLEY, Marion C. Vet ~ 1920 Quincy
BUSH , Ohmer  Vet ~ 5-3-1970 Myrtle
BUSH, Edwin M. Vet ~ 10-1-1981 Riverside Kennedy
BUTTON, George Fields Vet Co H 147th Inf NYS Vols 1927 Westfield
BUTTS, Vance L. Vet Co A 311 Mch Gun Bn, Pvt 5-24-1955 Maple Grove, Ashville
CAFLISCH, J. Carl Vet 6-29-1961 Holland
CAMPBELL, Harold E. Sr.  Vet ~  5-31-1970 Cassadaga
CARLSON, C. Rudolph   Vet US Navy 3-26-1981 Lake View
CARLSON, Clarence A Vet US Army, Mech 11-4-1971 Fluvanna
CARLSON, Eric A. Vet US Army, Btry E 6 Fld Arty, Pvt 11-23-1964 Maple Grove, Ashville
CARLSON, Howard R Vet ~ 9-29-1983 Fluvanna
CASLER, Evander Vet US Army, Pfc 5-07-1988 Panama Union
CATTLEY, Marshall E. Vet US Army, Co A 306 MC Bn 77 Div 1965 Fluvanna
CHRISTIAN, John J.  Vet US Army, Btry A 307 Fld Arty 78th Div, PFC, NY 2-7-1962 Evergreen Sinclairville
CHRISTIE, Eugene F. Vet US Army, 319th Field Arty. 82nd Airborne Div, Pvt 4-26-1934 Quincy
CIEPIELA, Joseph F Vet US Navy 12-6-1967 St. Hyacinth
CLARK, Walter John Vet 1-27-1939 Allen
CLELAND, Glenn W.  Vet US Army, Pvt, NY 9-28-1918 Evergreen Sinclairville
COOGAN, Joseph A. Vet US Army Reserves, Maj. 1956-1972 7-27-1956 Quincy
COPE, William Vet Purple Heart 4-1-1954 Cassadaga
CORNELL, Purl D.  Vet US Army 11-23-1975 Mayville
CORNELL, Rex A. Vet US Army, Co A 112th Inf 28th Div, Pvt (PA) 6-18-1950 Grant
COX, Lewis Henry Vet ~ 1-2-1954 Riverside Kennedy
CRANDELL, Howard D Vet ~ 3-9-1948 Riverside Kennedy
CRAWFORD, Lewis L. Vet US Marine Corps, Pvt. 1918-1922 6-6-1974 Magnolia
CREEK, Murray D.  Vet ~ ~ Levant
CULVER, Clarence E. Vet US Army, 74th inf NY Natl Guard  12-31-1999 Sunset Hill
CUMMINGS, Adelbert Vet ~  5-1-1988 Cassadaga
CZARNIAK, Stanley F Vet US Army, Co L 345 Inf, Pvt 1-2-1968 St. Hyacinth
DAHL, Robert W. Vet 3-21-1964 Allen
DAHLER, Henry Vet ~ 1929 Magnolia
DAMCOTT, John Frederick KIA, US Army, Co. C 308th Inf. 77th Div, Pfc. Killed in action at Argonne Forest, France  10-5-1918 Holland
DANIELS, Marion L. Vet Career 9-14-1964 Grant
DENNISON, Frank Vet ~ 12-13-1969 Riverside Kennedy
DENNISON, Richard Lee Vet ~ 11-5-1965 Riverside Kennedy
DERBY, Harold  Vet ~  6-18-1983 Cassadaga
DEWEY, Ralph Smith Vet ~ 1-21-1959 East Ripley
DILL, John Whitcomb KIA, US Army, Co M, 9th Inf, Sgt 11-4-1918 Portland Evergreen
DOBRYNSKI, Max Vet US Army, Co I, 1st Tr Bn 153rd DB, Pvt 1924 St. Hedwig
DOBRZYNSKI, Stanley R Vet Cook Base Hospital  7-31-1932 St. Hyacinth
DOKTOR, John V Vet US Army, Co 120th Engrs. 6-26-1970 St. Hedwig
DONNELL, Robert II KIA, USMC, Sgt. Purple Heart, AM, +9 GS 11-18-1970 Holland
DOUGAN, Roy C. Vet US Marine Corps, Cpl 6-5-1971 Quincy
DRAKE, Charles Edward Vet ~ 7-11-1955 East Ripley
DRAKE, Orah E. (Barber) Vet ~ 6-10-1992 East Ripley
DRISCOLE, Denis T. Vet US Army, Co E 348 Inf, Pvt  8-18-1947 Sherman
DUE, Martin Vet ~ 11-1-1952 Fluvanna
DUE, Robert S. Vet, Canadian Army. 2-25-2018 Unnamed Cem, this site
DURANT, Edward L. Vet US Army, Inf, 2/Lt 3-9-1945 Quincy
EARLE, Gerald R. Vet US Army 2-8-1972 Evergreen Sinclairville
ECCLES, Harry Josiah Vet ~ 6-2-1955 Riverside Kennedy
ECKLUND, Andrew R. Vet ~ 1971 Maple Grove, Ashville
EDDY, John A. Vet US Army, Brty C 319th Regt PA Vols, Pvt 3-10-1969 Maple Grove, Ashville
EDWARDS, Albert Tom Vet US Guard, Co D 14th Bn, Cpl 2-21-1964 Fluvanna
EGGLESTON, Oren M. Vet US Army, 144th Co Trans Corp, Pfc 8-7-1966 Greenwood, Harmony
ENGLAND, William Fred Vet, US Guards 9-18-1934 Allen
ENGSTROM, Levin E. Vet US Army, Co H 6th Div 52nd Inf  1975 Panama Union
ENOS, Charles H. L.  Vet ~ 8-13-1922 Fentonville
ERICKSON, John M.  Vet 321? Co F, Cpl 09-15-1956 Busti
ERICSSON, Clair H. (Clare)  Vet US Army, 307 Fld Arty 11-3-1922 Myrtle
FAFINSKI, John Vet US Army, HQ Co, 8th regt FARD 6-24-1956 St. Hedwig
FARLEY, Frederick Vet, US Navy aboard USS Lamar in the Pacific. 1943-1946 10-2004 Gerry Village
FAULKNER, Herman Jesse MIA, US Army, 7th Inf 3rd Div. On Tablets of the Missing, Aisne-Marne American Cemetery  7-15-1918 Grant
FAY, Edward Howard [Howard].  KIA. Pvt 10-9-1918 Portland Evergreen
FESSENDEN, Benjamin H. Vet ~ 4-16-1970 Evergreen Sinclairville
FIELD, Frederick E. Vet Canadian Army 7-19-1977 Valley View
FIELD, Helen Jane (Barhite) Vet Canadian Army 6-12-1975 Valley View
FITCH, Harvey Vet ~ 2-22-1967 Portland Evergreen
FLUENT, Lee Roy  Vet US Marine Corps, Cpl 4-26-1968 Myrtle
FOSTER, Oliver Vet ~ 2-15-2001 Mina
FOX, Ernest L. Vet 12-31-1976 Allen
FRANKLIN, Wayne G. KIA, US Army, Co A 30th Inf, Pfc. 7-15-1918 Westfield
FREDRICKSON, Albin L. Vet ~  1968 Cassadaga
FREDRICKSON, Leonard G. Vet ~ 7-19-1966 Portland Evergreen
FREDRICKSON, Paul Walter  Vet ~  1961 Cassadaga
FULLER, Ernest Clarence Vet US Marine Corps, 1st Brigade 1-9-1917 Maple Grove, Ashville
GAIDZINSKI, Joseph Vet US Army, Co D, 302 Ammo Bn, Pvt 12-18-1953 St. Hedwig
GESTWICKI, Thomas J Vet US Army Corps Engineers 12-31-1958 St. Hyacinth
GIBBS, George D.  Vet US Army, Co.C 10th BN, 4th squadron, Cpl 1940 Sherman
GOLDEN, Ephram Vet ~ 5-8-1951 Riverside Kennedy
GORNIKIEWICZ, Edward Vet US Army, A Co, 61st Inf, Pvt 11-30-1963 St. Hedwig
GOSCH, Otto John Vet 6-11-1972 Allen
GOZDIEWSKI, Stanley E Vet US Army, Co D, 153 Depot Brigade, Pvt 6-21-1970 St. Hyacinth
GRAHAM, Halcy Leroy Vet ~ 3-21-1956 East Ripley
GRAMINSKI, Andrew Vet US Army, Co D, 309th Inf. PFC 7-5-1967 St. Hedwig
GREEN, Robert W. Vet US Army, 364th Inf, 91st Div CA. 4-27-1937 Maple Grove, Ashville
GREENLUND, Douglas T. Vet ~  4-19-1963 Cassadaga
GRESKOVIAK, Paul P Vet US Army E Btry, 106 Field Arty, Pvt 2-8-1948 St. Hyacinth
GUIDO, Giuseppe Vet US Army, Calvary, 3rd Mountain Co, Trieste 12-6-1970 Holy Cross
GULICK, Norma F.  Vet US Army, Nurse 1-09-1979 Sherman
GUZIEC, Michael J Vet US Navy, F3 7-28-1965 St. Hyacinth
HAIR, Arthur M. Vet US Army 5-15-1983 Mina
HAIR, Margaret Vet US NRF 3-12-1974 Mina
HALL, Hugh  Vet ~ 1-3-1981 Cassadaga
HANK, Henry F. Vet US Army, Pvt 4-13-1977 Sherman Valley
HANSON, Carroll E. Vet ~ 12-6-1957 Magnolia
HARRINGTON, Edward M. Vet US Army, Co F 16 RR Engrs, Sgt 10-11-1938 St. Matthias
HARVEY, Hart Harold [Pete]  Vet ~ 8-29-1981 Fluvanna
HAWKER, Edward Ludwig Vet ~ 10-12-1972 East Ripley
HENGST, Clarence M.  Vet ~   1979 Holland
HETRICK, Clarence J. Vet US Army, Trp E 4th Cav, Cpl. 7-24-1969 West Mina
HIRZ, Leo John, Sr. Vet US Army, Co E 325th Inf. Pvt. 9-26-1917 to 1-22-1918 6-17-1962 St. Matthias
HOFFMAN, Felix R Vet US Army, 153 Depot Brigade, Pvt 3-28-1966 St. Hyacinth
HOLTHOUSE, Jesse A.  Vet ~ 1937 Holland
HOLTZ, Vern  Vet ~ 8-1-1983  Cassadaga
HOLTZ, Walter L. Vet US Army, Bat F 34th Fld Arty 1980 Evergreen Sinclairville
HOULE, Adrian  Vet US Army, 30th Co 151st Depot Brig, Bugler 8-08-1967 St. James
HOWARD, Charles Edwin Vet ~ 3-26-1954 East Ripley
HOWE, Jay Franklin Vet US Army, Co G 308 Inf, Pvt. Purple Heart, wounded at Vesle, France August 16, 1918. 1961 Sherman
HUGO, Harry Joseph  Vet ~ 9-5-1961 Levant
HYDE, Clarence D. Vet US Army 1-21-1975 Quincy
JACKSON, George C. Vet US Army, PA Inf 8-20-1964 Christian
JANOSINSKI, Michael Vet US Army 65 Arty CAC, Pvt 1-22-1948 St. Hyacinth
JOBES, Glenn M  Vet ~ 11-26-1966 Riverside Kennedy
JOHNSON, Alvin A.  Vet ~ 1978 Portland Evergreen
JOHNSON, Fredrick  Vet ~ 9-10-1906 Sherman
JOHNSON, Henry A. Vet ~ 1947 Magnolia
JOHNSON, James L. Vet ~ 1971 Quincy
JOHNSON, Park J. Vet ~ 10-13-1953 Quincy
JOPSEPHSON, Gordon W. Vet US Navy 9-28-1999 Cassadaga
JURS, John Alexander Vet ~ 5-28-1964 Villenova
KANGIGOWSKI, Edward Vet US Army, D Btry, 106 Field Arty, Pvt 1933 St. Hyacinth
KARALUS, John Vet US Navy 1931 St. Hyacinth
KARALUS, Joseph Vet US Army, 115 Co TransCorps,Pvt 2-2-1962 St. Hyacinth
KELLEY, Harrie E. Vet ~ 3-21-1979 Villenova
KENNY, Clarence Vet US Army, HQ Co, 27th Field Arty  1972 Sherman
KIDDER, Raymond S. Vet ~ 1972 Quincy
KIEREPKA, Jan Vet US Army, Co E, 319the FA and 82nd Div NA, Pvt 1929 St. Hedwig
KIGHTLINGER, Grant  Vet US Army, Cpl 7-19-1968 Cassadaga
KLISZEWSKI, Edward Vet US Army, Co B, 12th Brdg WSG WSA, Pvt 1921 St. Hedwig
KNAPP, James Carter  KIA, US Army, Co D 312th Inf, 1/Lt 10-24-1918 Forestville/Pioneer
KNOTT, Clifford M.  Vet ~ 7-3-1971 Cassadaga
KOPER, John Vet US Army and US Navy 5-9-1968 St. Hyacinth
KOZLOWSKI, Stephen Vet US Army, Co S, Trans Corps, Pvt 5-8-1946 St. Hyacinth
KRZYZANOWSKI, Leo A Vet US Army, Pfc 4-26-1983 St. Hyacinth
KUCZYNSKI, Frank W Vet US Army, Btry D 11 Field Arty, Wagoner 5-25-1961 St. Hyacinth
KUJAWA, Frank J Vet US Army Co A, 18 Inf, Pfc 8-3-1965 St. Hyacinth
KUJAWA, Ignacy J Vet US Air Service, Pvt 1918 St. Hyacinth
KULAKOFF, John D. Vet US Army, 316 Aero, Cpl 4-28-1967 Forestville/Pioneer
KURJIAN, Armond Vet US Army, Co A 16 Inf, Pvt 8-21-1958 Sherman
KUZDALE, John T Vet US Navy Reserves, F2 7-3-1963 St. Hyacinth
LAMMERS, John E. Vet ~ 1934 Panama Union
LANNING, Fred L. Vet ~ 2-19-1949 Maple Grove, Ashville
LARSON, Albert L. Vet US Army, Base Hospital in France 5-20-1984 Evergreen Sinclairville
LARSON, Hans O. Vet US Army, 13th Ordinance Casual Co, Pvt 1-19-1962 Maple Grove, Ashville
LAWSON, Albert L. Vet US Army 5-20-1984 Evergreen Sinclairville
LAWSON, Carey E. Vet 18th Field Arty 3 Div, Sgt 2-26-1963 Bemis Point
LEBARRON, Arthur P. Vet US Army, Btry A 307th Fld Arty 78th Div, Cook 6-25-1972 Villenova
LEVANDOSKI, Joseph H Vet US Army, Btry D, 37th Arty CAC, Pvt 3-19-1956 St. Hedwig
LEWIS, Bert E.  Vet US Army, 112th Inf 6-24-1962 Grant
LEWIS, Glenn Harold Vet US Army, Co A 112th Inf 28th Div, Cpl 8-09-1960 Grant
LIEDBLAD, Carl Signor  Vet Ambulance Corps, France 1-27-1931 Lake View
LOCKWOOD, Edward C. Vet ~ 3-11-1967  Cassadaga
LORD, Harry W Sr. Vet ~ 4-21-1951 Fluvanna
LOUCKS, Richard M. Vet ~ 10-10-1960 Quincy
LUCE, David Vern Vet ~ 1918 Evergreen Sinclairville
LUCKEY, Claude N. Vet 10-10-1969 Allen
LUCZKOWIAK, Jerome Vet ~ 11-16-1945 St. Hyacinth
LUNDELL, Albert A. DOD, US Army, Inf Repl Unit Repl Draft, Pvt. Died of Broncho pneumonia in France 10-31-1918 Lake View
LUNDGREN, Albert Rudolph Vet 10-13-1982 Allen
MACKOWIAK, Paul Vet US Army, 307th Field Arty, Pfc 1-18-1952 St. Hyacinth
MAJEROWSKI, Thomas Vet US Army, 4th Co 152 DB and 5th Cpr ARK Park 1925 St. Hedwig
MALINOWSKI, Roman Vet US Army, Co F 4th Eng Training Regt, Pvt. 1922 St. Hedwig
MARSH, Ellis L  Vet ~ 2-5-1959 Myrtle
MATYJAKOWSKI, Kazimierz [Casper] Vet ~ 6-14-1929 St. Hyacinth
MAURO, Alfonzo F. Vet, US Army, Pvt. 5-2-1988 Mount Olivet
McCLURE, John  Vet ~ 1-15-1942 Cassadaga
MCINTYRE, Nat  DOD, Co F 310th Inf, Pvt. Broncho Pneumonia 10-19-1918 Busti
MCKOON, Frank S. Vet US Army, Btry B Fld Arty 1930 Pioneer, Ellington
MEKUS, Andrew H Vet US Army, 347 Inf, 87 Div, Pvt/1 1-14-1943 St. Hyacinth
MEKUS, Felix F Vet US Army Co E, 348 Inf, Cpl 2-22-1967 St. Hyacinth
MESKE, Robert Ernest Vet ~ 2-21-1960 Valley View
MICHALAK, Phillip Felix Vet US Navy, Oiler 11-21-1963 St. Hyacinth
MIKULA, Anthony  Vet ~ 6-19-1971 Cassadaga
MILLER, Alfred Vet US Army, 345th Inf 87th Div, Pvt 2-06-1930 Grant
MOCH, Stanley F Vet US Army, Evacuation Hosp, Pfc 5-9-1950 St. Hyacinth
MOHN, Josiah Vet US Army, 111th Inf 28th Div, Pvt, PA 9-20-1936 Evergreen Sinclairville
MOORE, Charles W Vet ~ 8-3-1969 Riverside Kennedy
MOREHOUSE, Charles August Vet ~ 1918 East Ripley
MOREY, Kenneth Taylor Vet 6-7-1946 Northville, North East PA
MORGAN, Peter R. Vet. 1930 Lake View
MUSZYNSKI, Walter Vet US Army, 40 Co Transportation Corp, Pvt  2-10-1934 St. Hedwig
NAWROCKI, Mikolaj Vet US Army, 16 Co, 153rd Depot Brgd. Pvt 11-8-1960 St. Hedwig
NEAR, Ora Melford Jr. Vet US Navy 9-24-1973 Cassadaga
NEATE, Nathan Menzo Vet Colonel. Career (Also WW II) 8-25-1948 Levant
NEELY, Leslie J. Vet US Navy 3-17-1961 Quincy
NEILD, John Vet US Army ~ Sunset Hill
NELSON, Leonard Axel Vet, Co D, 59th Pioneer Inf, Pvt 11-13-1955 Sunset Hill
NEWHOUSE, Merle  Vet ~  1983 Holland
NICHOLS, Theron C. Vet ~ 1923 Westfield
NIEDBALSKI, Stephen W Vet US Army, 503rd Ordinance, PFC. (Also WW II) 7-18-1971 St. Hedwig
NOBLES, Harry J. Vet US Army, Pvt 11-6-1955 Villenova
NORTON, Grant Smith KIA, US Army, Co B 308 Inf. Killed in France 10-2-1918 Sherman
NYHART, Jay Lee Vet ~ 10-21-1967 Villenova
OSTRYE, Bertrand Joseph Vet US Army, 6 Co 152 Depot Brigade, Pvt  12-23-1952 St. Matthias
OSTRYE, Clarence Vincent Vet US Army, Brty A 307th Fld Arty, Mechanic 11-26-1961 St. Mary
OSTRYE, Edward Ryan Jerome Vet ~ 3-3-1988 St. Matthias
OSTRYE, Leonard Henry US Army Signal Corps, HQ Co 3rd Regt Motor Mechanics, Chauffer 6-11-1942 St. Mary
OWENS, Fred  Vet ~  10-26-1966 Holland
PAGETT, Oliver Charles Vet ~ 7-5-1967 Villenova
PAGETT, Theodore R. Vet ~ 9-30-2007 Villenova
PAKULSKI, Felix R Vet US Navy, SEA2 4-27-1990 St. Hyacinth
PALMER, Marion E. Vet 278 Mil Police, PFC 5-19-1972 Villenova
PALMER, Martin W. Vet ~ 12-09-1959 East Ripley
PAPLOW, Wesson M. Vet US Army 11-3-1978 Pine Hill
PARK, George A. Vet ~ 1907 Sherman Valley
PARKER, Archie A. Vet US Army, 310 Fld Arty 79 Div, NY 05-14-1921 Bemis Point
PAVLAK, John J Vet US Army, D Btry,.310.Field Arty, Pvt 1930 St. Hyacinth
PAWELCZAK, Peter Vet US Army, Co M, 164th Inf, Pvt 3-10-1971 St. Hedwig
PAWLAK, John J Vet 269th PW ESCORT COASC, Cpl  1-1-1960 St. Hyacinth
PECK, Alfred H. Vet ~ 4-21-1975 East Ripley
PECK, Archie A. Vet US Army, 1st Sgt, Medal of Honor 9-15-1978 Evergreen Sinclairville
PECK, Leon R. WW I and Mexican Border War 4-14-1977 Allen
PERKINS, Walter Dewitt  KIA, US Army, Co C 38thInf 3 Div, Cpl. Killed/Battle Argonne Offensive Meuse France 10-18-1918 Riverside Kennedy
PERSONS, Paul S. M.D. Vet ~ 1963 Quincy
PERU, Merle D. Vet US AEF, Co A 16th PA Inf, Pvt 3-13-1960 Fluvanna
PETERSON, Harold G.  Vet US Navy Reserves, S2C 1931 Levant
PILARSKI, Joseph R Vet US Army 5 Co, 52 Dept Brigade, Pvt 6-11-1956 St. Hyacinth
PLEWA, Thomas Vet US Army 314 Inf 79 Div, Pvt  6-5-1927 St. Hyacinth
PLOMBON, Barney F Vet US Army, 9 Regt FAREPLDRAFT, Pvt 12-13-1970 St. Hyacinth
PRATT, Charles W. Vet US Army, 109th Eng Div, Pvt.  7-10-1946 Quincy
PRATT, Floyd R. Vet US Army, 348 Inf 87 Div, Pvt 1944 Sherman Valley
PRIEST, William Vet US Army, Co L 59th Pioneer Inf, Cpl. 4-23-1962 Hamlet
PRYGA, Frank Vet US Army, Pvt  8-15-1979  St. Hedwig
PRZESPOLEWSKI, Alex T Vet US Army, Co A 106th Field Arty, Pvt. Possibly service-connected death. 4-17-1918 St. Hedwig
PRZESPOLEWSKI, Frank Vet US Army, Co 14, 1st A. S. Mech Regt, Cpl 12-4-1972 St. Hedwig
PUROL, Edward Andrew Vet US Navy Reserves, CBM 8-1-1948 St. Hedwig
PUROL, John A Vet US Army, 4th Ord Evac Co, Pvt 5-26-1955 St. Hedwig
QUINN, Leonard B. Vet Career. (Also WW II) 1-31-1970 Villenova
RACZEK, Joseph W Vet US Army, 328 Inf, 82 Div, Pvt 1-2-1947 St. Hedwig
RAJSKI, Andrew Vet US Army 312 Inf 78 Div, Pvt 5-3-1943 St. Hyacinth
RAJSKI, Franksi ? Vet US Army OC2 Armd Tng Regt, PFC 10-15-1945 St. Hyacinth
RAJSKI, Martin P Vet US Army, 153 Depot Brigade, Pvt 8-13-1953 St. Hyacinth
RANUS, Leo F Vet ~ 1956 St. Hyacinth
RANUS, Stephen Vet US Army, Co C 15 Mach Gun Bn, Pvt. Purple Heart 4-1-1964 St. Hyacinth
RASPAS, Merle DOW, American Expeditioary Forces, Co H 309 Inf. Died of Wounds 11-5-1915 Sherman
RATKIEWICZ, John Peter Vet US Army, Co B 313 MG Bat, Pvt 1951 St. Hedwig
REED, Erwin O.  Vet ~  1976 Holland
REMINGTON, Arthur Bernice Vet ~ 4-9-1989 Villenova
REUTHER, Thomas A Vet US Army, Engrs, Sgt ~ St. Hedwig
REXFORD, Sherwood E Vet US Army 03-15-1977 Fluvanna
REYNOLD Jessie Vet ~ ~ Webster Street
RIBANDO, Samuel A Vet US Army 8-23-2001 Mount Olivet
RIFFEL, Joseph C Vet Career (Also WW II) 2-4-1940 Riverside Kennedy
ROACH, Walter Henry  Vet ~ 4-7-1948  Levant
ROBINSON, Harold E. Vet US Army, Pvt 9-22-1986 Evergreen Sinclairville
ROGERS, John Walker KIA, US Army, Co L 309th Inf, Pvt 10-16-1918 Westfield
ROSE, Gerald M. Vet ~ 9-7-1943 Charlotte Center
ROZUMALSKI, Peter P Vet US Army Inf, Pvt 12-6-1966 St. Hyacinth
RUTKOWSKI, Joseph E. Vet US Army, 15th Cav, Pvt. Possibly KIA 1916 St. Hedwig
RYKACZEWSKI, Joseph Vet US Army, 19 Co, 157 Depot Brigade, Pvt 5-16-1969 St. Hyacinth
SANDSTROM, Arvid F. Vet ~ 10-4-1951 Maple Grove, Ashville
SCANLON, John Joseph Vet US Army, 82 Co Trans Corp NY, Pvt 6-27-1956 St. Matthias
SCHEFFER, George C.  Vet Co H 112th Inf PA Vols, Pvt 12-15-1961 Cassadaga
SCHERMERHORN, Lyle Clifford Vet Co E 74th Inf NY Natl Guard, Pvt 6-16-1962 East Clymer
SCHULTZ, William Vet Sec4 Aircraft Accept Park 2, Pvt 1930 St. Hyacinth
SCOTT, Andrew J. Vet US Army, 108th Inf 27 Div, Pfc 9-28-1951 Charlotte Center
SEAMAN, Emil F. Vet ~ 1921 Westfield
SEASTRUM, Everett E. Vet US Navy 2-26-1963 Sunset Hill
SEEBER, Augustus O. Vet ~ 2-8-1982 Villenova
SEEKINGS, Orma Vet ~ 10-17-1965 Webster Street
SEITER, Kasson Vet ~ 5-09-1965 Westfield/Portland
SHAIN, Jackson R Vet US Army, 1 Bn Engineers, Pvt  4-13-1961 St. Hyacinth
SHARRON, Frank Colby Vet Assume US Army. France 1970 Glenwood
SHARRON, Frank Colby Vet 1970 Glenwood
SHEFFIELD, Raymond Vet US Army, Co C 338 Bn, Tank Corps, Pvt 4-7-1966 Villenova
SHERWOOD, Floyd F. Vet ~ 4-18-1937 Quincy
SHORT, James H. Vet ~ 12-21-1939 Levant
SHOWALTER, Albert Vet US Army, Co M 112th Inf, Pfc 9-26-1953 Grant
SIEBERT, Henry J. Vet 316 Salvage Unit QMC, Pvt 5-25-1951 Villenova
SIKORSKI, Frank Vet US Army, Pvt 1973 St. Hyacinth
SIKORSKI, Walter P Vet US Army, Pfc 4-7-1982 St. Hyacinth
SIMMONS, Leon A Vet ~ 1964 Fluvanna
SISCHO, Robert  Vet ~  7-1-1955 Cassadaga
SLOCUM, George Monroe Vet ~ 8-21-1960 Westfield/Portland
SMILEY, Robert Porter Vet ~ ~ Fluvanna
SMITH, Frank E. Vet US Army, 112th Inf 28th Div, Pvt (PA) 12-03-1936 Grant
SMITH, Ralph J Sr.  Vet US Army 4-8-2001  Holy Cross
SOBKOWSKI, Nicholas Vet US Army, Medical Dept, Pvt  1-10-1950 St. Hyacinth
SOMERFELDT, Andrew B Vet US Army, 2 Co, Trans Corps, Cook 11-11-1961 St. Hyacinth
SOMERFELDT, Frank Vet US Army 61 Inf, 5 Div, Pvt. Purple Heart 5-7-1951 St. Hyacinth
SONDELL, Adolphus G Vet ~ 1945 Fluvanna
SONDELL, Charles A Vet ~ 1949 Fluvanna
SOSINSKI, Anthony L Vet US Army, Co M 346 Inf, Pvt 11-14-1956 St. Hyacinth
SOSINSKI, Stanley E Vet US Army Co D 5 Bn Ranger, S/Sgt 4-16-1956 St. Hyacinth
SPANN, Joseph Vet US Army, Cpl 1965 St. James
SPRAGUE, Arthur  Vet ~ 5-1-1965 Levant
ST. JOHN, William W. Vet, US Army, Wagoner 1-5-1993 Webster Street
STANDLEY, Charlie E. Vet ~ 5-02-1923 Westfield/Portland
STASKIEWCZ, Joseph J Vet US Army 5-6-1985 St. Hyacinth
STASKIEWICZ, Stephen S Vet US Army, 348 Inf 87 Div, Pvt 2-17-1943 St. Hyacinth
STEARNS, Carl A. Vet US Army, HGD Troop 5th Corp. Also 12 Co 152 D.B. 1929 Villenova
STETSON, Carl S Vet ~ 2-25-1970 Riverside Kennedy
STEVENS, Willis Franklin Vet US Army, Cpl 11-3-1976 St. Matthias
STODDARD, Clarence Percival Vet ~ 5-16-1996 Fentonville
STUDD, Lee L. Vet, USMC Pvt. 5-15-1974 Allen
STURZENBECKER, Rudolf Vet, US Army Co D 26th Inf, Pvt 1-1-1968 Busti
SUSKA, Walter J Vet US Army, Ordnance Dept, PFC 8-21-1957 St. Hedwig
SUSKI, Stanley Vet ~ 1936 St. Hyacinth
SWAJDA, John  Vet West Virginia 1967 Cassadaga
SWANSON, Walfred L. Vet 5-31-1982 Allen
SWIECH, Anastazy Vet US Army, Pvt 2-10-1974 St. Hedwig
SZALKOWSKI, Stephen J Vet US Army, Pvt 8-14-1991 St. Hedwig
SZOCKI, Joseph M Vet US Army, Pvt 7-4-1973 St. Hyacinth
SZUKALA, John S Vet US Army, Pvt 4-3-1962 St. Hyacinth
SZYNSKI, Peter Paul Vet US Navy Reserves, S2 5-29-1950 St. Hyacinth
TAYLOR, Tracy Pulman Vet ~ 1969 East Ripley
TECLAW, Frank Vet US Army, Co B 319 Mach Gun Bn, Pvt 7-25-1969 St. Hyacinth
TELLINGHUISEN, John Johnson Vet US Army,10th Div, 25th Fld Arty, Pfc. 1918-1919 ~ ~
TenPAS, Jay  Vet ~  1984 Holland
THOMAS, Stephen Vet US Navy, S2 8-11-1967 St. Hyacinth
THOMPSON, George W. Vet US Army, France 3-27-1963 Lake View
TODD, Martillus L., Dr. Vet US Army, Maj. 5-30-1948 Fentonville
TON, Gilbert J.  Vet ~  1987 Holland
TONER, Albert E. Vet US Army, Co 11 152 Depot Brig, Wagoner  10-22-1957 Panama Union
TRACY, Clair Almiron Vet, US Army, Co 1, 155th Depot Brgde, Pvt 6-16-1960 Sunset Hill
TRESLER, Ray F. Vet Co G 112th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Purple Heart 9-24-1966 West Mina
TRUMP, Charles Vet ~ 11-27-1971 Quincy
TURKOVICH,  Peter Thomas Vet US Army, Pvt 1-16-1975 St. James
TURKOVICH, Michaiel A. Vet US Army, Sgt 3-07-1984 St. James
TURNER, Earl A.  Vet ~  11-4-1969 Cassadaga
TYLER, George F. Vet ~ 7-2-1949 Villenova
UNDERWOOD, James R. Vet ~ 10-15-1963 Lake View
VAN VLACK, Hall Glesnor Vet US Army, Medical Corps, Col. 3-14-1963 Forestville/Pioneer
VANBRAAK, James J. Vet ~ 8-13-1963 Villenova
VOLLENTINE, Gerald Vet ~ 2-10-1970 Riverside Kennedy
VRUINK, Clarence J. Vet ~  6-10-1978 Holland
WACHOWIAK, Albert Vet US Army Co F, 59th Pioneer Inf, Cpl 10-10-1969 St. Hyacinth
WAITE, Earl  Died in war 1916 Myrtle
WAITE, Elgie  Vet Co M Prov. Reg. 156 D.B.  1926 Myrtle
WAITE, Tracy Henry  Vet US Army, R.Q. Co 7 Inf. 3 Div. Pvt ~ Myrtle
WAKELEY, Floyd R. Vet US Army, Co G 308th Engr Bn, Pvt. 3-5-1970 Forestville/Pioneer
WALLACE, Blaine James  Vet ~  1958 Holland
WALLACE, Percy Reuben Vet 4-3-1972 Allen
WALROD, Mark Hiram  Vet US Army, Btry F 321 Fld. Arty. Pvt 8-4-1963 Myrtle
WALTERS, Harry A. Vet ~ 8-20-1967 Quincy
WASELEWSKI, Michael W Vet US Army, Co 72, 18th 153 rd Depot Brig, Pvt. 1924 St. Hedwig
WASHBURN, Jasper N. Vet ~ 1918 Quincy
WEED, Nowell Phipps Vet, US Army, Co B, 326th BN, Tank Corps, Captain. Distinguished Service Cross. 10-29-1957 Allen
WEISE, Clarence A. Vet ~ 1958 Quincy
WEISHON, Arthur Vet ~ 5-5-1969 Portland Evergreen
WELLER, Harry E. Vet US Army, Cpl 10-24-1969 Villenova
WENSKI, Frank R Vet US Navy Reserves, F1 11-30-1963 St. Hyacinth
WENSKI, John Felix Vet US Marine Corps, 6M Bn, 2 Div, PFc 3-1-1950 St. Hyacinth
WESOLOWSKI, Andrew Vet US Army, Co L 345 Inf, Pvt 7-4-1963 St. Hedwig
WESTLEY, Glenn A. Vet ~ 10-20-1959 Evergreen Sinclairville
WHEELOCK, Harry Elmer, MD Vet, US Army Medical Corps, 1Lt.  8-25-1956 Forest Hill
WILCOX, Lee A. Vet US Army, 13th Co 4th MM Regt DMA, Cpl 1927 Laona
WILLIAMS, Annie Maria KIA, Nurse, died in France 10-15-1918 Forest Hill
WILLIAMS, Charles E Jr Vet US Army, Pvt 4-23-1981 St. Hyacinth
WILLINK, Roy  Vet ~  1918 Holland
WILLIS, Lawrence H Vet ~ 11-8-1975 Riverside Kennedy
WILSON, Harry Vet US Army, Co L 36th Inf, PFC 3-5-1967 St. Hedwig
WILTSIE, James P. Sr. Vet ~ 12-19-1985 Riverside Kennedy
WINCENCIAK, Frank Vet US Army, 22nd Co Inf, 142nd DB, Pvt 1923 St. Hedwig
WISNIEWSKI, John Vet US Army, 99 Co.Trans.Corp, Pvt 1925 St. Hyacinth
WOJTOWSKI, Frank Vet US Army, 302 AMM Train, Pvt 2-16-1920 St. Hedwig
WOLAK, Peter Vet US Army, CO 62, 16th Bn,153 Depot Brigade, Pvt 1921 St. Hyacinth
WOLANIN, Frank Vet US Army, Pvt 12-11-1981 St. Hedwig
WOOD, Marcus M. Vet US Army, Pvt 3-21-1991 Villenova
WRIGHT, William Sr. Vet ~ 8-9-1957 Myrtle
YOUNG, Joseph Vet US and Canada 1-22-1931 Lake View
ZBIERASKI, Anthony Vet ~ 1960 St. Hyacinth
ZEHNDER, Jay Edward KIA, USMC, 74th Co 6th Regt. Killed in Action in France. (Shown as Zender) 6-19-1918 Forest Hill
ZETTERMAN, Swan Vet ~ 1969 Levant

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