World War II Veterans

These pages contain the names of  men and women from Chautauqua County who served in World War II.
Many were born here, others came to the county later in life. They all helped make the county what it is today.

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • The service column uses these standard military abbreviations: KIA Killed in action; DOW Died of Wounds; DOD Died of Disease; DNB Died Non-Battle; DOI Died of Injuries; FOD Finding of death/Missing presumed dead; Dead no other info; POW Prisoner of War. If the service begins with Vet, the soldier survived the war.
  • If we do not know a soldier's burial place, the place where he enlisted is in square brackets in the burial column.
  • "Unnamed, this site" in the Burial column is this page.
  • The ~ means we do not know.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Chautauqua County's Medal of Honor recipients


Name Service Death Date Burial Place
SABINO, Nicholas R. Vet, US Army, Europe.1942-1946, several medals  11-27-2016 Holy Sepulchre
SADOWSKI, Herman Vet, US Army 4-29-1976 St. Hyacinth
SAELI, Samuel R. Jr. Vet, US Army Air Force 8-17-2005 Holy Cross
SAELI, Samuel R. Sr. Vet, US Army 12-10-1966 Holy Cross
SAFF, Wallace G. Vet, US Army Air Corps, 1944-1946 4-1-2014 Sunset Hill
SALABA, Joseph H. Jr. Vet, US Army Air Force, PFC 12-26-2007 Evergreen Sinclairville
SALETTA, Samuel S. Vet, US Army, WW II and Korea 3-13-2017 Cassadaga
SALHOFF, James A.  Vet, US Army 10-20-2000 Cassadaga
SALISBURY, William J. Vet, US Navy, RM2 aboard LST 289 in Europe and USS Parkins DD-877 in the Pacific. 5-3-2017 Mayville
SAMPLE, George F. Vet, US Army 12-31-1999 Sunset Hill
SAMPSON, Marvin V. Vet, ~ 1994 Evergreen Sinclairville
SAMUELSON, Ivar A. Vet, US Army 8-11-2006 Sunset Hill
SAMUELSON, Robert H. Vet, US Navy 3-31-2010 Sunset Hill
SANCTUARY, Robert H. Vet, US Army Air Corps, Col 3-11-2009 Lake View
SANDBERG, Raymond E  Vet, ~ 6-24-1962 Riverside Kennedy
SANDBLOOM, Lloyd K. Vet, US Navy - Europe and Pacific 7-29-1994 Sunset Hill
SANDELL, Verdun E. [Sandy] Vet, US Army, Pacific 01-06-2014 Pine Hill
SANECKI, Joseph F Vet, US Army, S/Sgt 2-11-1982 St. Hyacinth
SANFILIPPO, Joseph Samuel Vet, US Navy, several medals. 5-3-2015 Holy Sepulchre
SANFORD, Gordon L. Vet, US Navy 4-2000 Sunset Hill
SANTAMARIA, Vincent [Jim] Vet, US Army 4-27-2010 Holy Sepulchre
SANTUCCI, Frank  Vet, US Navy 1-9-2001 Sunset Hill
SARD, Allen F. Vet, US Marine Corps, Cpl 5-25-2002 Panama Union
SAUBERAN, Peter Joseph Vet, US Army, Sgt 7-14-1983 Villenova
SAUNDERS, Theodore W. "T.W." Vet, US Navy 4-17-2009 East Ripley
SAVAGE, Donald K. Vet, US Army, Tec5 1991 Sherman Valley
SCANEO, Benjamin P. Vet, US Army 1-2-2006 Mt. Olivet
SCARPINE, Robert Vet, 1942-1945 abt 2002 Unnamed Cem, this site
SCHAUERS, Francis J. [Bud] Vet, US Navy 10-15- 2000 Sunset Hill
SCHILLING, Robert E. Vet, US Army (Also Korea) 8-1-2003 Sunset Hill
SCHLICK, John W. Vet, US Navy. 1944-46 10-8-2016 Westfield
SCHNEIDER, Jack F Vet, US Army 4-19-2014 Unnamed, this site
SCHNUR, Norman W Vet, US Marine Corps 3-15-2015 Unnamed, this site
SCHULTE, Russell H. Vet, US Army 6-21-2001 Sunset Hill
SCHULTZ, Earl L. Vet, US Navy, AM3 6-30-1973 Fentonville
SCHULTZ, Edward J Vet, US Army, Pfc 7-24-1986 St. Hyacinth
SCHULTZ, Ernest Joseph Vet, US Navy Reserves, S2 1-13-1958 St. Hyacinth
SCHULTZ, Lloyd E. Vet, US Army 4-10-2014 Unnamed, this site
SCHWAN, William J. "Bill" Vet, US Army Air Corps 12-02-2010 Pine Hill
SCOTT, Don A. Vet, US Army 9-1-2000 Sunset Hill
SCRIVEN, Lawrence E. Vet, US Marine Corps 02-25-2010 Mayville
SEIBERG, Herbert W. Vet, US Army 7-16-2001 Sunset Hill
SEK, John J. Vet, US Army, Co B. 309th Engr Combat Bn, Pvt 4-12-1955 St. Hedwig
SELLSTROM, Warren F. Vet, US Army Air Corps 2-12-2008 Lake View
SELTENMEYER, Clarence J. Vet, ~ 10-27-1988 Villenova
SENA, Joseph R.  Vet, US Army, CBI Theater 2-3-2004 Holy Sepulchre
SERAFIN, Henry R [Hank] Vet, US Army Air Corps. Tail gunner on B29. Multiple medals 5-2-2015 St. Hedwig
SERAFIN, Shirley J. (Robinson) Vet, US Army Air Corps. Tail gunner on B29. Multiple medals 2003 St. Hedwig
SERRANO, Jose A. "Pepe" Vet, US Army 09-22-2010 Pine Hill
SHAFFER, Paul R. Sr. Vet, US Army 4-10-2006 St. Matthias
SHAGLA, George T. Vet, US Army 6-1-2010 Holy Cross
SHARP, Jesse Vet, US Army, MSgt. 30 yrs. (Also Korea and Vietnam) 8-20-2003 Villenova
SHARP, Ralph E. Vet, ~ 3-6-1973 Villenova
SHATTUCK, Frank Eugene  Vet, US Army, Tec5 2-18-1980  Cherry Creek
SHAW, Jim LaVerne F. Sr. Vet, US Army 8-31-1978  Cassadaga
SHELDERS, Louis A. Vet, US Army, 104th Inf.Timberwolves 12-31-1999 Mt. Olivet
SHELDON, James L. Vet, US Army, Pvt 4-19-1991 Villenova
SHELGREN, Milton T. Vet, US Army 1-21-2011 Holy Cross
SHELTERS, Raymond E Vet, US Army 9-28-1987 Fluvanna
SHEPARD, Franklyn A.  Vet, US Army, Europe 5-25-1979 Sunset Hill
SHERMAN, Dale J. Vet, US Army, SFC. 20-year career. (WW II, Korea, Vietnam)) 1-15-2013 Westfield-Portland Union
SHERMAN, Duane L. Vet, US Navy 12-6-2007 Mayville
SHOEMAKER John C Vet, US Army, Purple Heart 12-6-2000 Evergreen Sinclairville
SHOLIN, Holgar  [Hoagie] Vet, US Army 6-30-2001 Lake View
SHORT, Allen Vet, USMC 12-31-2016 Unnamed, this site
SHORTS, William T. Vet, ~ 1-05-1920 Westfield/Portland
SHREVE, Frederick D. Vet, ~ 5-09-1965 Westfield/Portland
SHUTE, John Marshall Vet, US Marine Corps, 3rd Div Airwing 9-12-2004 Sunset Hill
SIEBERG, Herbert W. Vet, US Army 7-16-2001 Sunset Hill
SIENKIEWICZ, John M. Vet, US Marine Corps 5-30-2002 Busti
SIKORA, Anthony J Vet, US Army, S/Sgt 1-10-1988 St. Hyacinth
SIKORA, Michael P Vet, US Army, Tec5. Purple Heart 2-8-2000 St. Hyacinth
SILLIMAN, A. Cutler Vet, US Navy, Ens. 2-13-2015 Unnamed, this site
SIMMONS, Sheldon L Vet, US Army Air Corp, 740th Bomber Squadron, 455th Bomb Group, radio operator, POW, Purple Heart ~ Fluvanna
SIMPSON, Harry L. Vet, US Army, 1457th Svc Cmd Unit, Cpl. 7-17-1958 Maple Grove, Ashville
SIMPSON, John Jr. [Jack] Vet, US Navy 5-9- 2001 Cassadaga
SIMS, Warren M. Vet, US Army Co M 31 Inf, Pvt 11-26-2000 Lake View
SIRACUSA, Samuel  Vet, US Army 05-06-2003  Holy Cross
SISAK, Peter Vet, US Army. Europe First Scout at Normandy and three other major battles. Purple Heart 1-27-2018 Lake View
SKINNER, Halstead A  Vet, US Army 3-19-2001 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
SKINNER, Harold Edgar  Vet, US Army, solo flutist for the 7th Army Band 8-17-1997 Maple Grove, Ashville
SKINNER, Harold Edgar  Vet, US Army, a solo flutist for the 7th Army Band 8-17-1997 Maple Grove, Ashville
SKINNER, Lynn D.  Vet, ~ 8-5-1969 Portland Evergreen
SKRYPEK, Arthur A [Blackie] Vet, US Army, Tec5 11-7-1998 St. Hyacinth
SKRZYPEK, Adam S Vet, US Army Air Force, Sgt 11-17-1968 St. Hyacinth
SKRZYPEK, Edward P Vet, US Navy, AM3 1-17-1997 St. Hyacinth
SKRZYPEK, Marion T Vet, US Army, HQ Co, 355 Inf, S/Sgt. Bronze Star 7-18-1957 St. Hyacinth
SKRZYPEK, Richard Vet, US Army Air Corps, Sgt ~ St. Hyacinth
SKUBIS, Chester M Vet, US Navy, CM3 12-29-1996 St. Hedwig
SKUBIS, Joseph J Vet, US Army Air Forces 7-9-2006 St. Hedwig
SKUBIS, Stanley Vet, US Navy, ARM1 10-16-1996 St. Hedwig
SKUCE, John Joseph Vet, US Army, Engrs 5-30-1960 Holy Cross
SLAGLE, Earl L. Jr. Vet, US Army 5-22-2007 Bemis Point
SLAVA, Anthony Vet, US Army, Tec4. 1943-1946 4-8-1993 St. Matthias
SLITER, Olney [Slits] Vet, US Army 2-6-2007 Mayville
SLOCUM, D. Robert Vet, US Army, 1942-1946 10-5-2015 Sunset Hill
SLOMIANY, Stanley J Vet, US Army, Pvt 3-8-1972 St. Hedwig
SLONIA, Matthew John Vet, US Army, Co A 832 Engr Avn Bn, Cpl 9-23-1955 St. Hyacinth
SMAGNER, John J. Vet, US Navy, CPO.  Pacific 1940-1947 1-10-2010 St. Hedwig
SMITH, Carl R Vet, US Army, Tec5 9-14-1982 St. Hyacinth
SMITH, Charles Ostrye Vet, US Army Air Force, 8th Air Force, England - 4 yrs. Crew chief on B-17 - 25 missions. 12-16-1984 St. Matthias
SMITH, George S. Vet, US Navy  04-01-2010 Levant
SMITH, Herbert Leroy  Vet, US Army, HQ Coast Arty (HD), T4 5-28-1961 Cassadaga
SMITH, Howard C. Vet, ~ 12-27-2000 Sunset Hill
SMITH, James Adrian  Vet, US Army 10-3-1976 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
SMITH, Mark H. Vet, US Army Air Force, 89th Bomb Squad 8-16-2007 Gerry Village
SMITH, Marwood F. Vet, US Navy  2-6-2009 Levant
SMITH, Melvin M. Vet, US Army. Germany during and Special Forces frogman during Korea. Two Silver and 5 Bronze Stars. 12-8-2016 Other
SMITH, Norman L.  Vet, ~ (Also Korea) 12-14-1984 Cassadaga
SMITH, Robert H. Vet, ~ ~ Evergreen Sinclairville
SMITH, William Russell Vet, US Navy 6-7-1986 Villenova
SMOCZYNSKI, Daniel M Vet, US Army Air Corps, Sgt 5-31-1988 St. Hyacinth
SMOCZYNSKI, Vincent D Vet, US Coast Guard, QM2 9-17-1996 St. Hedwig
SMTIH, Allen A. Vet, US Army, Purple Heart 6-7-1994 Evergreen Sinclairville
SNOW, Robert D. Vet, US Army, Tec4 12-8-1986 Evergreen Sinclairville
SNYDER, John F. Vet, US Navy 05-26-2010 Cassadaga
SNYDER, Thomas L. Vet, US Army, Tec4 3-28-1981 Cassadaga
SOBCZAK, Frank J Vet, US Army, Pvt 6-14-1981 St. Hedwig
SOBCZAK, Walter E Vet, US Army, Pfc 5-14-1991 St. Hyacinth
SOBKOWSKI, Aloysius Vet, US Army Air Force, 497th BHQ ABSQ, Cpl 10-10-1969 St. Hyacinth
SODERBERG, Carl R. Vet, US Navy  12-27-1996 Sherman
SODERQUIST, John Kenneth, Rev. [Ken] Vet, US Army Air Force. 1942-1946, South Pacific. 2-20-2018 Lake View
SOMERFELDT, Jerome J Vet, US Army, S/Sgt. Purple Heart 1987 St. Hyacinth
SOMERFELDT, Walter E Vet, US Army 362 Inf, 91 Inf Div, Pvt 6-9-1968 St. Hyacinth
SORENSEN, Walter H. Vet, US Army 7-2-2008 Allen
SORG, James Vet, US Marine Corps 12-8-2008 Sunset Hill
SOTIR, Richard L. Sr. Vet, US Army 4-10-2009 Sunset Hill
SPANO, James V.  Vet, US Army Air Corps. Radio technician in the Philippines and Japan 12-13-2004 Holy Sepulchre
SPEAR, Thomas S. Vet, US Army, Btry A 307th Field Artillery, 78th Div 12-26-1968 Evergreen Sinclairville
SPENCER, Norman F Vet, US Marine Corps, Pfc 9-24-1986 St. Hedwig
SPITALE, Basil J. [Bay] Vet, US Army, Europe 10-7-2015 Holy Sepulchre
SPITALE, Joseph C  Vet, US Army Air Force 2-28-2000 Holy Sepulchre
SPRAGUE, Alton Burnell Vet, US Army Air Corps 01-09-2011 Riverside Kennedy
SPRAGUE, Roger D. Vet, US Army 5-23-2015 Unnamed, this site
SPURR, Harry Vet, US Navy 1990 Open Meadows
SQUALIA, Pasqual A Vet, ~ 7-8-1967 Riverside Kennedy
STACY, James Vet, US Army. Also Army Reserve, Maj. Served until 1984. 2-14-2016 Westfield
STAFFORD, Donald W. Vet, US Coast Guard 11-25-2008 Westfield
STAFFORD, Gordon W. Vet, US Army 3-7-2008 Fluvanna
STAHL, Milton E. Sr. Vet, US Army, Tec5 5-22-1979 Maple Grove, Ashville
STANFORD, H. Ralph Vet, US Army 9-5-2005 Fluvanna
STANSBURY, Charles D. Sr. Vet, US Navy, MM3 2001 Sherman Valley
STANTON, Don C.  Vet, US Army, Pfc 10-28-1995 Sherman
STANTON, Walter G. Vet, US Navy 4-8-2014 Sunset Hill
STAPLES, Larry P. Vet, US Army 3-9-2011 Sunset Hill
STARKWEATHER, Archie E. Vet, US Army 5-02-1997 Panama Union
STARKWEATHER, Floyd L. Vet, US Navy 5-14-1975 Sunset Hill
STARKWEATHER, Harold L. Vet, US Navy, S1  6-21-1996 Panama Union
STEARNS, Woodrow Wilson Vet, US Army, Pvt 1942-1945 12-8-2004 Villenova
STEBBINS, David F. Vet, US Army Air Force 6-4-2006 Mayville
STEBBINS, John E. Jr. Vet, US Navy, F1 11-6-2000 Maple Grove, Ashville
STEBBINS, John E. Jr. Vet, US Navy 11-06-2000 Maple Grove, Ashville
STEBBINS, Raymond E. Vet, US Navy (Also Korea) 4-21-2008 Mayville
STEELE, Edward Cudahy Vet, US Army, Sgt. Europe and Pacific. 1943-1946 12-22-2016 Forest Hill
STEELE, Thomas Richard Vet, ~ 10-25-1964 Quincy
STEIN, Ebert Vet, US Army 4-10-2006 Lake View
STEINHAUSER, John William, Rev. Vet, US Army, WW II and Korea 3-28-2017 Unnamed Cem, this site
STEINHOFF, Clarence Robert Vet, US Army 8-23-2005 East Ripley
STEPPE, Raymond Richard Vet, US Army 12-14-2010 Lake View
STEVENS, George D. Vet, US Army 1-19- 2001 Sunset Hill
STEVENS, Lawrence H. Vet, US Navy - USS Midway, cook 12-4-2004 Busti
STEVENSON, Charles A. Vet, US Army 3-4-2006 Sunset Hill
STOLINSKI, Aloysius H Vet, US Army, Pfc 6-21-2000 St. Hyacinth
STONE, Florence J. (Johnson) [Johnnie] Vet, USMC, Cpl 2-12-2015 West Bay, Gouldsboro ME
STORMER, Robert A. Sr. Vet, US Army, WW II and Korea 3-4-2017 Fluvanna
STORNES, Rudolph B. Vet, US Army 9-22-2010 Sunset Hill
STORY, Leland Vet, US Army Air Force, 95th Bomb Group, Waist gunner Shot down over Holland. Spent 15 months as a German POW. 5-29-2015 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
STORY, Phyllis L. (Suckow) Vet, US Marine Corps 11-10-2005 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
STOW, Frank E. Vet, US Navy 1-27-1994 Maple Grove, Ashville
STRAIGHT, Albert A. Jr. [Stub]  Vet, US Army, Air Corp in France and England 3-17- 2001 Cassadaga
STREED, A. LeRoy Vet, US Army 10-29-2002 Sunset Hill
STRESSING, George V. Vet, ~ 7-20-1962 Westfield/Portland
STRICKLER, Kenneth W. Vet, US Army 1944-46 6-10-2015 Union Dale Cemetery, Pittsburgh PA
STRONG, Donald L. Sr. Vet, US Army  4-17-2002 Allen
STRONG, Wendell [Squirt] Vet, US Navy SEABEES 5-12-2017 Unnamed Cem, this site
STRUNK, Gordon A. Vet, US Army Air Corps 11-7-2006 Pine Hill
STRYCHALSKI, Vincent C Sr Vet, US Navy, WT2 7-26-1984 St. Hyacinth
STRYCZEK, Henry J Vet, US Army 172 Inf, 43 Inf Div, PFC 10-3-1968 St. Hyacinth
STUPCY, Joseph Vet, US Army, Tec5 1-20-1973 St. Hedwig
STUPCY, Michael Vet, US Army, Tec5 12-14-1983 St. Hedwig
STURGES, Merle L. Vet, US Army, Tec5. Europe 2-08-2001 Panama Union
STURZENBECKER, Fred C. Vet, US Army Air Corps. 1943-1946 1992 Busti
SUCHAR, Alphonse M. Vet, US Army 1-20-2003 Sunset Hill
SUNDEAN, Delbert R.  Vet, US Army Air Force 8-28-2004 Sunset Hill
SUNDQUIST, Duard L. [Pete]  Vet, US Army, 82nd Airborne Div  9-7-1977 Holy Cross
SWAN, Arnold [Tom] Vet, US Army 1-1-2009 Sunset Hill
SWAN, Francis [Pete] Vet, US Navy, Pacific 1-21-2000 Sunset Hill
SWANSON, Alan Lester [Bud] Vet, US Army Air Corps. 5-14-2017 Lake View
SWANSON, Alvin H. Vet, US Army 4-28-2006 Sunset Hill
SWANSON, Benjamin H. Vet, US Navy 5-16-2006 Lake View
SWANSON, Burton F. Vet, ~ 9-27-1968 Levant
SWANSON, C. Edwin [Swanie] Vet, US Army Air Force 3-28-2006 Bemis Point
SWANSON, James E. [Ed] Vet, US Air Force (Also Korea) 1-31-2006 Sunset Hill
SWANSON, Lawrence E. Vet, US Navy 3-23-2008 Sunset Hill
SWANSON, LeRoy E. [Tiny] Vet, US Army Air Corps (Also Korea) 10-10-1994 Sunset Hill
SWANSON, Melvin L Vet, US Army Air Corps, PFC 4-13-1991 Fluvanna
SWANSON, Miner B. Vet, US Navy 5-27-2015 Unnamed, this site
SWANSON, Richard T. Vet, US Navy - USS Rocket-USS -YMS-USS Marabout and USS Execute 12-29-2004 Sunset Hill
SWANSON, Robert D. Vet, US Navy 10-9-1999 Sunset Hill
SWARD, Richard H. Vet, US Army 10-12-2010 Lake View
SWARTOUT, Joel E.  Vet, US Army, Co C 42 Tank Bn, Tec5 1959 Sherman
SWIECH, Chester F Vet, US Army, Btry I, 13th Coast Arty, PFCt 6-30-1964 St. Hedwig
SWIERK, Edward J Vet, US Army, 493rd Engr, Tec3 1-21-1964 St. Hedwig
SWIERK, Joseph S Vet, US Army, Pvt 9-23-1970 St. Hyacinth
SYSOL, Chester L [Chet] Vet, US Army, Pfc 10-23-1984 St. Hyacinth
SZALKOWSKI, Roger S Vet, US Army, S/Sgt. Purple Heart 2-22-1998 St. Hyacinth
SZARY, Milo W Vet, US Army, 738 Base Unit AAF, PFC 3-6-1967 St. Hedwig
SZLACHTA, Martin P Vet, US Army, 5 Inf 71 INF Div, 1/Sgt 8-16-1968 St. Hyacinth
SZOCKI, Edmund Vet, US Army, Co A, 390 Inf, Pvt 5-28-1954 St. Hyacinth
SZOCKI, Eugene G Vet, US Coast Guard, SC2 7-13-1982 St. Hyacinth
SZOCKI, Ignatius Vet, US Army, Co E 348 Inf, Pvt 10-3-1955 St. Hyacinth
SZOCKI, Reginald F Vet, US Navy, S1 1-5-1993 St. Hyacinth
SZOPINSKI, Daniel L Vet, US Navy, AMM2 11-4-1982 St. Hedwig
SZOPINSKI, Theodore N Vet, US Army, Cpl 5-17-1984 St. Hyacinth
SZOT, Joseph Vet, US Army Air Force 1943-1946. 12-20-2016 Unnamed, this site
SZUMIGALA, Stephen N Vet, US Army, S/Sgt 12-1-1992 St. Hedwig
SZWEBJKA, Chester Peter Vet, US Army, Pfc 6-18-1986 St. Hedwig
SZWEJBKA, Albin J Vet, US Army, 1946-1948 5-29-2015 St. Hyacinth
SZWEJBKA, Andrew W Vet, US Army, Tec5 2-11-2000 St. Hyacinth
SZWEJBKA, Edmund J Vet, US Navy, RM3 11-19-1995 St. Hyacinth
SZYDLO, Rafael Vet, US Army, T/Sgt 5-23-1997 St. Hyacinth
SZYMCZAK, Edmund Vet, US Army, Pfc 6-11-1980 St. Hedwig
TABONE, Charles J. Vet, US Navy 3-1-2006 Holy Cross
TABONE, Robert Joseph Vet, US Army 1-23-2000  Holy Cross
TAFT, Philip A. Vet, US Navy aboard the USS Fall River CA-131 12-13-2016 Unnamed, this site
TANNER, Roger S. Vet, ~ 11-7-1985 Magnolia
TARNOWSKI, Edmund S. [Chief] Vet, US Army Air Force, Radar operator with the 613rd 1-5-2013 St. Hedwig
TARNOWSKI, Edwin W Vet, US Army, Tec5. South Pacific 1943-1946 8-12-2011 St. Hedwig
TARNOWSKI, Leon D Vet, US Army, Tec5 10-5-1998 St. Hedwig
TATCHELL, Elmer A. Vet, US Army Air Corps 1-6-1994 Villenova
TAYLOR, Donald C.  Vet, US Army Air Force, 333rd Airdrome EG 12-20-1966 Cassadaga
TAYLOR, John Robert Sr. Vet, US Navy (Also Korea) 11-22-1985 Open Meadows
TAYLOR, Kathryn (Oakes) Vet, US Army, 1/Lt 8-28-1997 Forestville/Pioneer
TAYLOR, Robert C. Vet, US Army and Merchant Marines 11-27-2007 Cassadaga
TEATER, Donald M. Vet, US Navy aboard a mine sweeper 12-30-2017 Unnamed Cem, this site
TEDEROUS, George P Vet, US Army, 1944-1946. South Pacific Six medals 3-9-2015 Unnamed, this site
TEFFT, Arthur Guy Jr. Vet, US Army, Sgt 1-1978 East Ripley
TELLINGHUISEN, Gerald Alvin. DOW, USMC, 6th Div 29th Marines 3rd Bn, Cpl. Wounded at Naha Okinawa, 5-14-1945. 7-13-1945 Germantown Presb. Cem., Chancellor Co SD
TELLINGHUISEN, Oscar Avolt Vet, US Army Air Force, Capt. 1942-1946. Flew 33 bombing missions over Europe 6-8-1999 ~
TELLINGHUISEN, Rudolph Raymond Vet, US Navy, S-6 (WW II and Korea) 1-9-1986 De Smet Cem, De Smet SD
TELSCHOW, Walter V. Jr. Vet, US Army, 350th Inf. 88th Div., Purple Heart 7-11-2001 Lake View
TERESE, Anthony P Vet, US Army, Pfc. Purple Heart 9-17-1992 St. Hyacinth
TERESI, Anthony "Tony" Marion Vet, US Marine Corps 10-9-2007 Holy Sepulchre
TERRANO, Joseph Vet, US Army Air Corps  7-24-2007 Holy Sepulchre
TERRANOVA, Thomas J  Vet, US Army, 139th anti-Aircraft Div 10-31-2000 Holy Sepulchre
TERRY, Durward B. Vet, US navy aboard USS Randolph. 1944-1946. 4-2-2017 Lake View
TERRY, Wayne J. Vet, US Army Air Force, 243 Base Unit, Pvt, NY 8-3-1968 Evergreen Sinclairville
TESSIER, Leonard J., Pastor Vet, US Army Air Force 1-4-2018 Unnamed Cem, this site
TESTRAKE, Carl W. Vet, US Army 6-26-2000 Quincy
TEWINKLE, Herbert A.  Vet, ~ 11-10-1993 Sherman
THAYER, Margaret M. Vet, US Army, Major 2-10-1999 Thayer
THOMAS, Arthur C. Jr. Vet, US Army Air Force, 1st Lt. Several medals 3-1-2011 Magnolia
THOMPSON, Bernard E. [Bus] Vet, US Army 07-25-2009 Redbird
THOMPSON, Donald J. Vet, US Army 9-09-2001 Lake View
THOMPSON, Floyd W. Vet, US Army 1-10-2009 Pine Hill
THOMPSON, Gerald A. Vet, US Army. Europe 5-5-2017 Mayville
THOMPSON, Paul B. Vet, US Army 04-26-2008 Bemis Point
THOMPSON, Wilton Vet, US Navy, MM1 10-19-1977 Ivory
THOMS, Frank E.  Vet, US Navy 10-24-1994 Sherman
THOREN, Richard F. Vet, US Navy - Pacific Theatre 10-17-2004 Sunset Hill
TICKNOR, Joseph Norman Vet, US Army Air Corps, Capt 11-5-1993 Maple Grove, Ashville
TILLER, Lee E. Vet, US Army Air Force, Cpl. Asia-Pacific 2-9-2004 Villenova
TIMM, Allen F. Vet, US Army 9-29-2007 Cherry Creek
TINGWALL, Ralph Egon Vet, US Navy 10-22-2010 Lake View
TOFIL, Leo Vet, US Army, Pfc 9-20-1963 St. Hyacinth
TOWNE, Robert E. Vet, US Army Air Corps 1-11-2008 Sunset Hill
TRACY, Frederick N. Vet, US Navy 7-31-2010 Sunset Hill
TRAINOR, Neil Vet, US Navy 5-6-2007 Holy Cross
TRANMER, Wayne A. Vet, US Army 07-04-2010 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
TRESSLER, Dale L. Vet, US Army,  8-8-1987  Holland
TRIPPI, Anthony L. "Nin" Vet, US Army 1-9-2010 Holy Sepulchre
TRIPPY, Joseph S. Vet, ~ 12-12-1969 Quincy
TRISCARI, Sebastian J. ‘‘[Foggy]’’ Vet, US Navy. Pacific, many medals 3-24-2002 Mt. Olivet
TROPP, Marion A. Vet, US Navy Nursing Corps 3-28-2006 Lake View
TRUAX, Lloyd Vet, US Navy. 1943-1946 2-1-2016 Sunset Hill
TRUDNOWSKI, Edward W KIA. USMC Mt Sgt 2-27-1945 St. Hedwig
TRUDNOWSKI, William L Vet, US Army, Sgt 11-11-2007 St. Hedwig
TRUITT, David B. Vet, US Army 721st Engineers 3-1-1998 Fluvanna
TRUSSALO, Joseph A  Vet, US Army 4-11-2000 Holy Sepulchre
TURNQUIST, Wallace E. Vet, US Army 7-23-2000 Sunset Hill
TURZILLO, William J. Vet, US Army 8-27-2005 Cherry Creek
TWOREK, John J Vet, US Army, Tec4 1-5-1993 St. Hedwig
TYKTOR, Richard D. Vet, US Army, S/Sgt 11-5-1993 Lake View
TYLER, Irving S Vet, ~ 6-15-1963 Riverside Kennedy
TYLER, Samuel T. Sr. Vet, US Army, Europe 1941-1945. Five medals 1-18-2014 Unnamed, this site
UBER, James O. [Pete] Vet, US Army 2-5-2011 Sunset Hill
ULRICH, Otto C. Vet, US Army, Pvt 11-15-1984 Evergreen Sinclairville
URBANIK, Paul F Vet, US Army, Pfc 12-19-2008 St. Hedwig
UTEGG, Arthur Vet, US Army, Tec5 8-4-1992 East Ripley
UTEGG, Carl KIA, US Army, PFC 2-1-1949 Portland Evergreen
UTEGG, Charles E. Vet, US Army, Pvt 8-7-1993 East Ripley
UTTS, Carlton D.  Vet, ~ 10-6-1974 Cassadaga
VALONE, Anthony M. Vet, US Army 10-14-2009 Holy Sepulchre
VALVO, Angelo J.  Vet, US Navy aboard USS Bennington. 1944-1946 5-14-2017 Holy Sepulchre
VALVO, Frank J.  Vet, US Army, Pacific 11-19-2003 Portland Evergreen
VALVO, Michael L.  Vet, ~ 12-10-1982 Cassadaga
VAN ORD, Leon E. Vet, US Navy 2-15-2004 Sunset Hill
VAN STEE, Donn C. Sr. Vet, US Navy 5-26-2007 Sunset Hill
VAN VLACK, Hall Glesnor Vet, US Army, Medical Corps, Col. 3-14-1963 Forestville/Pioneer
VANATTER, Earl S. Vet, US Army Air Corps, glider pilot 2-7-2002 Mayville
VANCE, Richard A. Vet, US Army 2-14-2009 Lake View
VANCISE, Doyle A. Vet, US Army 8-28-1966 Villenova
VanERDEN, Kenneth R. Vet, US Army, Tec4  4-17-1996 Panama Union
VEILEY, Merton L Vet, US Navy 3-27-1990 Fluvanna
VELLA, Frank J. Vet, US Army 10-15-2009 Holy Sepulchre
VENN, Robert J. Vet, US Army 1-13-2008 Lake View
VIBBERT, Cecil E. Vet, US Army, Surgical Technician 5-10-2000 Sunset Hill
VICARIO, Benedict Vet, US Coast Guard 1-28-2015 Holy Sepulchre
VICARIO, Benedict Vet, US Coast Guard 1-28-2015 Holy Sepulchre
VIK, Roy H. Vet, US Army Air Force 10-31-2007 Lake View
VINCIGUERRA, Samuel A. Vet, US Navy, S1 3-12-2016 St. Anthony
VIRGA, Santo R. Vet, US Army, HQ Co, 7th Inf Div, Pfc 4-07-1972 St. James, Westfield
VISTRAND, Norman L. Vet, US Army, Sgt 7-20-1969 Grant
VITELLO, Charles S. Vet, US Army 11-28-2000 Lake View
VIZINE, Frank Vet, US Army 1-16-2006 Holy Sepulchre
VOGAN, William R., Dr. Vet, US Army, Medical Corps 02-07-2000 Bemis Point
VOLKMAN, Roger N. Vet, US Army, 39th Inf, 9th Div Anti-tank, PFC 10-1944 to 8-1946. 1-8-2007 St. Matthias
VOLLENTINE, Clifford R. Vet, US Navy - 7th Fleet 1-9- 2002 Sunset Hill
VOLLENTINE, Phillip Wayne Vet, US Army 3-15-2006 Pine Hill
VOLPE, Angelo J. "Screech" Sr. Vet, US Army 2-26-2010 Holy Sepulchre
VOLPE, Charles James ‘‘[Chick’’] Vet, US Army ~ Busti
VOLPE, Sandy  Vet, US Army 7-12-2000 Holy Sepulchre
VOLZ, Ralph W. Vet, ~ (Also Korea) 10-10- 2000 Sunset Hill
WACLAWSKI, Carl S Vet, US Army, Tec5 4-18-1990 St. Hyacinth
WACLAWSKI, Esther D. Vet, US Marine Corps, 1st Sgt Career (Also Korea, and Vietnam) 10-2-2009 St. Hedwig
WADE, Raymond A. Vet, US Army 7-1-2008 Sunset Hill
WAGNER, Carleton R. Vet, US Army, 1946-1951 (also Korea) 1-31-2015 Portland Evergreen
WAGNER, Carleton R. Vet, US Army. 1946-1951 (Also Korea) 1-31-2015 Portland Evergreen
WAID, Millard A. [Pete] Vet, US Army, Co L, 324th Inf. 6-8-1966 Fentonville
WAITE, Floyd Vet, ~ 3-26-1985 Fluvanna
WAITE, Maurice J. Vet, US Army, 13th Div. Black Cats. Awarded Victory medal, Amer. Svc. Medal, European African Middle Eastern Medal, and a Purple Heart 9-19-2000 Cassadaga
WALBECK, Hubert Leo Vet, US Army, Co A 308th Engr Bn, Pfc 10-24-1959 Forestville/Pioneer
WALCZAK, Julian S Vet, US Army, Pfc 5-6-1980 St. Hyacinth
WALKER, Beverley McMillen Vet, US Army  5-29-2008 Levant
WALKER, James E. Vet, US Army Air Force 6-10-1979 Evergreen Sinclairville
WALKER, Robert E.  Vet, US Army 3-20-2005 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
WALKERMAN, Robert K. Vet, US Navy 5-31-2015 Unnamed, this site
WALLACE, Frank S Vet, US Army Air Corps, Sgt 9-22-2000 St. Hyacinth
WALLACE, Maynard B.  Vet, US Air Force, Col. (Also Korea) 7-9-1992  Holland
WALLGREN, Leonard G. Vet, US Army 4-26-2010 Lake View
WALROD, Fred Alton Vet, US Army and US Air Force. (WW II and Korea) ~ ~
WALROD, Lorren Everett Vet, US Coast Guard, US Army, and US Air Force (WW II and Korea) 1-10-1984 Riverside Natl Cem, Riverside CA
WALSH, Frank L. Vet, US Army Air Corps, Pacific 6-27-1989 Bemus Point
WALSH, John Jerome [Jack] Vet, US Army Co C 505th parachute Regt, 82nd Airborne Div. 1942-1945. Normandy, Sicily and Middle East. Purple Heart, Bronze Star and other medals. 2-6-2016 Lake View
WALTER, Fordyce M. Vet, US Army, 8th Air Force 924 aviation engineers England and Europe 11-23-2004 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
WALTERS, Jack Hughes Vet, US Navy 4-29-2017 Chautauqua
WALTERS, Wayne L. Vet, US Air Force. Flew the Berlin Airlift 7-21-2001 Quincy
WARD, Charles A Vet, US Army, 480th Amph Truck CS, Tec3 11-21-1960 Forestville/Pioneer
WARD, James Maxwell Vet, US Army 4-7-2000 Bemis Point
WARD, John Taylor Vet, US Army, 357th Inf, anti-tank gunner in France 6-20-2015 Magnolia
WARES, Chester Barton Sr. Vet, US Army Air Force 1-3-1994 Sunset Hill
WARN, L. Robert "Bob" Vet, US Army 8-13-2006 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
WARNSHUIS, John W. Vet, US Navy  12-10-1968 Holland
WASSINK, Ivan Vet, US Army 01-10-2011 Greenwood Stockton
WASSINK, John T.  Vet, US Army  12-26- 1980 Holland
WASSINK, Merle Walter Vet, US Navy, PHMI 8-23-1964 St. Matthias
WATERMAN, Edwin P. [Mose] Vet, US Navy, SKV3 12-26-2000 East Ripley
WATERMAN, Glenn Vet, US Army 4-09-1993 Grant
WATERMAN, James D Vet, US Army 3-9-2000 Fluvanna
WATERS, Charles G. Vet, US Army, Sgt 4-8-1992 Villenova
WATERS, Edward Hugh Vet, US Army 4-24-1971 Hamlet
WATERS, James I. Vet, US Navy, a radioman on an LST. 10-8-2004 East Ripley
WATERS, Marian Louise (Kolpien) Vet, US Navy, a radioman on an LST. 1-24-2014 East Ripley
WATSON, Humprey W. Vet, ~ 9-07-2000 Lake View
WEEKS, Stanley A. Vet, US Navy 1-7-2010 Lake View
WEILACHER, Llyod O. Vet, US Navy 3-5-1999 Sunset Hill
WEISS, Fred T. Vet, US Army, 797 Mil Pol Bn, Tec5 2-25-1946 St. James, Westfield
WEISS, John James Vet, US Army, Co D 25th Tank Bn, Pfc 8-27-1965 St. James, Westfield
WELDON, John R. [Jack] Vet, US Army 4-18-2008 Holy Cross
WELKA, John A Vet, US Navy Reserves, M3 1-3-1963 St. Hyacinth
WELLS Richard R. Vet, US Navy. 1942-1946 3-9-2017 Unnamed Cem, this site
WELLS, James M.  Vet, US Army 10-20-2007 Greenwood Stockton
WENZEL, Peter Vet, US Army, Pvt 3-28-1999 St. Matthias
WEST, Franklin R. Vet, US Army - Sgt, Europe. Many medals, wounded twice. 2-7-2014 Villenova
WESTERBURG, E. Eugene [Gene]  Vet, US Navy - USS Langley 11-17-2004 Sunset Hill
WETTINGFELD, Robert F., M.D. Vet, US Army 6-23-2008 Lake View
WHEELER, Sidney A.  Vet, US Navy, Baker 2C 9-23-1944 Myrtle
WHIPPLE, Fred William Vet, US Army, 502 Tac Conti GPAP, Pvt 12-13-1960 Blockville Union
WHITCOMB, Leslie P. [Bud] Vet, US Navy 12-5-1975 Sunset Hill
WHITE, Andrew John Vet, US Navy, CGM 2-14-1973 St. Hyacinth
WHITE, Donald M. Vet, US Army Air Force 12-28-2006 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
WHITE, Vincent C Vet, US Army, Tec5 4-18-1994 Fluvanna
WHITEHILL, Robert D. Vet, US Navy 11-18-2010 Dewiittville
WHITFORD, Floyd R. Vet, US Army, 4 HQD SVC, Tech 4, NY 10-28-1966 Evergreen Sinclairville
WHITMEYER, James F. Vet, US Navy. 1945-1948. Participated in Admiral Byrd's 1947 expedition to the South Pole. 9-12-2015 Unnamed, this site
WHITNEY, Donald L. Vet, US Army 6-19-2010 Sunset Hill
WHITTINGTON, William Arthur Vet, British Army, Green Howard Infantry Regiment in India and Burma 11-19-1988 Lake View
WICK, Paul C. Vet, US Army Air Corps 9-18-2007 Holy Cross
WICKHAM, Wallace H.  Vet, US Army - Engineers, 650th Topo Bn. 12-31-2004 Sunset Hill
WIDLOWSKI, Joseph J Vet, US Army, Co G, 306th Inf, Pvt 4-27-1968 St. Hyacinth
WIELGASZ, Michael S Vet, US Army, Tec5 9-16-1986 St. Hedwig
WIGREN, George  [Dick] Vet, US Army, Medaille Du Jubile Medal NYS Conspicuous Service Cross 12-31-1999 Lake View
WILCOX, Allen E. Vet, US Merchant Marine, participated in supply relief of Murmansk Russia. 6-29-2015 Sunset Hill
WILCOX, Harrison R. [Larry] Vet, ~ 6-10-1973 Magnolia
WILCOX, Lyman J. [Junior[ Vet, US Army 03-05-2010 Cassadaga
WILEMSKI, Benjamin A Vet, US Army, S/Sgt 2-3-2003 St. Hedwig
WILEMSKI, Frank A Vet, US Navy, SSMC1 5-18-2000 St. Hedwig
WILEMSKI, Henry J Vet, US Army, 9205 Tech Svc, S/Sgt 11-19-1950 St. Hedwig
WILEMSKI, John Vet, US Army, Co L, 164 Inf, Pvt 1-22-1954 St. Hedwig
WILEMSKI, Thaddeus Vet, US Army, Pfc 3-10-1983 St. Hyacinth
WILHELM, Robert G. Vet, US Navy 12-25-2013 East Randolph
WILKENS, Roy T.  Vet, ~ 8-10-1982 Cassadaga
WILKINSON, Louis R. Vet, US Army, Sgt. 1943-1945 Bronze Star 3-13-2008 East Ripley
WILLIAMS, Donald R. Vet, ~ 12-26-1966 Villenova
WILLIAMS, Douglas Sr. Vet, US Navy, USS Vulcan, USS Winston and USS Whipstock 2-04-2003 Lake View
WILLIAMS, Jack D Vet, US Navy 1-22-2004 Fluvanna
WILLIAMS, Robert G. Vet, US Army 1-9-2010 Sunset Hill
WILLIAMS, Robert X., MD Vet, US Army, Medical Corps, Capt. 7-14-1973 St. Matthias
WILLIS, Ann E. Vet, US Coast Guard 3-16-2009 Greenwood Stockton
WILLSIE, Robert L. Vet, ~ 8-5-1994 Magnolia
WILSON, George Ivan Vet, US Army, 1224 Mil Police, Tec5 ~ Maple Grove, Ashville
WILSON, Ralph A. Vet, US Army 1-5-2011 Sunset Hill
WILSON, Willard L. [Zorro] Vet, ~ 11-8-2007 Pine Hill
WILTSIE, James P. Jr. Vet, US Army 2-16-2008 Riverside Kennedy
WINCENCIAK, Anthony M Jr KIA, US Army, 101 Abn Div, Pvt 6-11-1944 St. Hedwig
WING, Douglas W. Vet, US Navy 12-15-2002 Grant
WINKLEMAN, John H. Vet, US Navy, S2 6-11-1964 East Ripley
WINSLOW, Donald Vet, ~ 3-11-1986 Volusia
WINTERS, Theodore , born  Vet, US Army, S/Sgt. Italy and North Africa 10-15-1967 Lake View
WINZELL, Bert J Vet, ~ 2-1-1995 Fluvanna
WISNIEWSKI, Edwin T Vet, US Army, Pfc. Purple Heart 12-27-1993 St. Hedwig
WITKOWSKI, Joseph Vet, US Army, Sgt 2-12-1983 St. Hedwig
WLODAREK, Constantine Vet, US Army 241 AAA SLT Bn CAC, Pvt 8-4-1957 St. Hedwig
WODE, Robert W. [Woody] Vet, US Army, Pfc. Purple Heart 8-27-2015 Mt. Carmel
WOJCIECHOWSKI, Stanley J DNB, US Army, PFC. Died of non-batle cause 1945 St. Hedwig
WOJCINSKI, Arthur J Vet, US Army, S/Sgt 10-15-1998 St. Hedwig
WOJCINSKI, Edmund J Vet, US Army, Tec4 3-8-1995 St. Hyacinth
WOJCINSKI, Henry P Vet, US Army, Pfc 11-9-1997 St. Hyacinth
WOLEBEN, Fred D. Vet, US Army, Europe 1-25-2005 Portland Evergreen
WOLFE, Robert F Vet, US Army, Btry C 72nd  AAA Bn, Pvt  9-30-1969 St. Hyacinth
WOLL, Lester A. Stoney Vet, US Army 10-18-2007 Fluvanna
WOLOSZYN, Chester B. Vet, US Army  10-22-2016 St. Hedwig
WOLOSZYN, Chester B. Vet, US Army  10-22-2016 St. Hedwig
WOLOSZYN, Matthew J Vet, US Army, Pfc 1-6-1993 St. Hedwig
WOLOSZYN, Michael Vet, US Army 1-26-1993 St. Hedwig
WONCKI, Joseph A. Vet, US Army 1986 Evergreen Sinclairville
WOOD, Hubert L. Vet, US Army Air Force 6-2-2003 Mayville
WOOD, Ivan P. Vet, US Army 10-9-2009 Sunset Hill
WOODS, Ronald R. Sr. Vet, US Army 9-15-2000 Grant
WOODWARD, C. Glade [Ki] Vet, US Marine Corps, Cpl 11-28-2004 Sunset Hill
WOODWARD, Stanley E. Vet, US Navy, MoMM1/c 1942-1945 10-25-1957 East Ripley
WOOLLETT, Willard E. Vet, ~ 3-22-1979 Magnolia
WORDEN, Frederick L. Vet, US Navy. 1944-1946. 4-23-2016 Sunset Hill
WOROSZ, Edward J Vet, US Army, 5th and 1st Cav, Cpl. Purple Heart, Distinguished Service Medal (Also Korea) 9-20-1950 St. Hedwig
WOZNIAK, Chester Vet, US Army, Cpl 3-20-1991 St. Hyacinth
WOZNIAK, Francis J. Vet, US Army Air Corps. Served in CBI in India.  1-14-2018 Forest Hill
WOZOWICZ, Casper P. Vet, US Army 10-13-1987 St. Matthias
WOZOWICZ, John J. Vet, US Army 7-28-1992 St. Matthias
WOZOWICZ, Walter T Vet, US Army 12-1982 St. Matthias
WRIGHT, Edwin F. Vet, US Navy 11-20-1962 Greenwood Stockton
WRIGHT, Frank R. Sr. Vet, US Navy 10-12-2007 Sunset Hill
WRIGHT, George A. Vet, US Army 11-4-2006 Mina
WRIGHT, Lavern Vet, US Army, 3rd Engr Trng Gp, Pvt 8-8-1971 Ivory
WRIGHT, Leroy H. Vet, US Army Air Corps 1-20-2009 Webster Street
WRIGHT, Merle A.  Vet, US Army, Co I, 313 Inf 99th Div  1945 Cutting Cem
WRITEMAN, Raymond C. Vet, US Army - Ordinance Div, Europe 3-27-1999 Sunset Hill
WROBLEWSKI, Alexander F. Vet, US Army, Tec5. Pacific 10-24-2009 St. Matthias
WROBLEWSKI, Leonard Michael Vet, US Army 2-19-2013 St. Matthias
WYNN, Wilson E. Sr. [Bud] Vet, US Army  10-19-2000 Sunset Hill
WYSTUP, Gerald V Vet, US Army, Cpl 3-2-1990 St. Hedwig
WYSZYNSKI, Erwin E Vet, US Army Air Corps, Pfc 2-21-1994 St. Hyacinth
YANKOSKI, Frank L. [Bud] Vet, US Army 12-30-2005 Sunset Hill
YASHER, Marvin D. Vet, US Army 2-16-2011 Sunset Hill
YOCHUM, Edward H. Vet, ~ 2-17-1997 Villenova
YOCHYM, Anthony J. Vet, US Navy Reserves, S1 8-23-1946 St. Hedwig
YONKERS, Frank M. Vet, US Navy 7-12-2008 Cassadaga
YORK, Earl Ralph Vet, US Army 3-3-2009 Lake View
YOUNG, Donald O. Vet, US Navy, Pacific, USS Sloat DE 245 5-16-2005 Pine Hill
YOUNGREN, Charles E. Vet, US Navy, USS Bunker Hill, Purple Heart 9-17-2003 Lake View
ZABOROWSKI, Walter J Vet, US Army, Cpl 3-5-1990 St. Matthias
ZACH, Florentius M. [Bud]  Vet, US Army, 34th Inf Normandy and Europe   4-27-2001 Holy Cross
ZACHARZEWSKI, Aloysius A Vet, US Army Air Corps, S/Sgt 12-22-1988 St. Hyacinth
ZAEDOW, John G Vet, US Army, Tec4 5-18-1973 St. Hyacinth
ZAGORSKI, Adalbert W Vet, US Navy 11-18-1979 St. Hyacinth
ZANETTA, Sam  Vet, US Navy 6-15-2001 Holy Sepulchre
ZANGHI, Angelo Anthony Vet, USS Navy aboard the USS O'Bannon 1-26-2015 Portland Evergreen
ZANGHI, Angelo Anthony Vet, US Navy, Pacific USS O'Bannon 1-26-2015 Unnamed, this site
ZEBRACKI, John S Vet, US Army, Tec4 12-5-2000 St. Hedwig
ZEBROWSKI, Stanley John Vet, US Army, Tec5. 5-1941 to 12-1945 12-8-1987 St. Matthias
ZEBROWSKI, William John Vet, US Army Air Corps 4-20-2009 Sunset Hill
ZEESTRATEN, C. Robert Vet, ~ 11-15-1996 Fluvanna
ZEMNICK, Frank P. Sr. Vet, US Army 10-5-1999 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
ZEPKA, John G  Vet, US Army 1-28- 2001  Holy Cross
ZIEGLER, Charles F. Vet, US Army 9-17-2007 Sunset Hill
ZIEMBA, Edward J Vet, US Army Air Forces, Cpl 12-13-1999 St. Hyacinth
ZIENTOWSKI, Henry J Vet, US Army, S/Sgt 9-2-2003 St. Hedwig
ZIMMERMAN, Vincent F Vet, US Army Air Corps 9-20- 2000  Holy Cross
ZIMMERMAN, William R. Vet, US Navy 12-16-1982 Sunset Hill
ZOJONC, John E. Vet, US Army, Pacific 4-3-2017 St. Matthias
ZOJONC, Walter F. Jr. Vet, US Army Air Force, S/Sgt 7-28-2001 St. Matthias
ZOLLINGER, Robert A. Vet, ~ 1-7-1976 Villenova
ZURAWSKI, Chester J Vet, US Army, 17 Base Post Office, Tec5 7-14-1963 St. Hedwig
ZURAWSKI, Herman J Vet, US Navy 11-10-2005 St. Hedwig
ZYSK, Frank Stanley Vet, US Army, SFC. 20-year career. (WW II, Korea, Vietnam) 7-17-1962 St. Matthias


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