Route 20

Submitted by Dolores Pratt Davidson
Formatted by: Gayle Thomson

Photos by Wendy Phillips

ACKERMAN, Roseann Marie      Died 1949      - One date -- assume dod Temporary marker LOT 37 E       
ACKLEY, Child     Died 1917      - Child of Ackley, one date -- assume dod? LOT 66E       
ACKLEY, Floyd E.   Born 9-06-1893 Died 6-29-1977     LOT 66E       
ACKLEY, Mary E.   Born 11-28-1849 Died 6-09-1976     LOT 66E       
ADAMS, Annis Cochran Spouse of Moses     Died 5-02-1818 Age 35     - Consort of Moses Adams LOT G9       
ADAMS, Clarissa Spouse of Moses     Died 2-14-1882 Age 87y1m5d           
ADAMS, Delia     Died 12-18-1846 Age 47    LOT G6       
ADAMS, Harriet     Died 5-11-1818      - Happy Infant", matches stone of Annis Adams (eroded) LOT G10       
ADAMS, Jonathon Esq.     Died 10-17-1844 Age 86     - Stone lies flat and partially buried LOT G13       
ADAMS, Jonathon Jr.     Died 11-19-1819 Age 33    LOT G15       
ADAMS, Levi     Died 11-29-1860 Age 65    LOT G5       
ADAMS, Moses Spouse of Clarissa   Died 4-16-1855 Age 71    LOT G7       
ADAMS, Susan      Died 1-29-1839 Age 49    LOT G14       
ALFORD, Laverne     Died 6-01-1873 Age 6y7m18d    - Son of F. & E. Alford LOT B63       
ALLENDER, Rebecca   Born 1-10-1782 Died 4-13-1868     LOT FG90-95       
APGER, S. P.      Died 4-1912             
APGER, William C.      Died 5-1909      - One data--assume dod  LOT 52W       
APPLEBEE, Arnold L. Spouse of Rose Born 1925 Died 1979     LOT 2E       
APPLEBEE, Rose M.  Spouse of Arnold L.   Born 1931       LOT 2E       
ARCHER, Alice E.    Born 1857 Died 1950     LOT 7W       
ARCHER, Florence W.   Born 1878 Died 1932     LOT 98W       
ARCHER, Gertrude E.   Born 1908 Died 1932     LOT 98W       
ARCHER, H. Earl    Born 1877 Died 1928     LOT 98W       
ARCHER, Henry B.    Born 1849 Died 1935     LOT 7W       
ARCHER, John G. Spouse of Katie Born 1811 Died 1879      - Vet-CW 112 NY Inf Reg Co E LOT 7W       
ARCHER, Mrs.     Died 12-1905      - Book records 12-1905 -- assume dod?         
ASKEW, Floyd   Born 1912 Died 1979      - Temporary marker LOT 101E       
ASKEW, S. B.            - Initials recarved on old creek stone LOT C43       
AYLING, Ella Maginnis Spouse of Henry  Maginnis [#1?] Born 1852        - Wed 2nd Ayling? LOT 47W       
BABCOCK, Aaron S.     Died 1975      - Our Baby" LOT 76E       
BAHL, Irene R.   Born 1954 Died 1972     LOT 11E       
BAIER, Hannah A.  Spouse of Valerian   Born 1857 Died 1944     LOT 100W       
BAIER, Valerian  Spouse of Hannah Born 1848 Died 1914     LOT 100W       
BAIRD, Charles W.           LOT 43W       
BAIRD, Hannah Roundy Spouse of Silas    Died 6-01-1863 Age 79y11m12d   LOT M79       
BAIRD, Silas Spouse of Hannah R    Died 4-08-1851 Age 75y1m19d   LOT M78       
BAKER, Edith E. Spouse of William W.  Born 1887 Died 1946     LOT 20E       
BAKER, William W.  Spouse of Edith Born 1883       LOT 20E       
BANDALE, Amelia Spouse of Samuel     Died 2-04-1840 Age 38    LOT D52       
BANDELLE, Frederick Spouse of Susan   Died 7-04-1862 Age 76     - Wed twice? LOT E51       
BANDELLE, Susan Spouse of Frederick     Died 8-29-1832 Age 47    LOT E52       
BANDELLE, Tirza Spouse of Frederick     Died 5-19-1856      - Stone broken, Church records show Mrs. Tirzah Bandle adm 1834 from Sheridan NY LOT E53       
BANUCHER, Amelia  Spouse of Peter   Born 1845       LOT 38W       
BANUCHER, Bertha    Born 1878 Died 1895      - Dau of Peter & Amelia Banucher LOT 38W       
BANUCHER, Ernestine Colbow   Born 1875 Died 1961     LOT 38W       
BANUCHER, Peter  Spouse of Amelia Born 1844 Died 1910     LOT 38W       
BARBER, Amanda  Spouse of Gilbert H.   Born 1840 Died 1892     LOT 29W       
BARBER, Gilbert H.  Spouse of Amanda Born 1840 Died 1923      - Wed twice LOT 29W       
BARBER, May Pickard  Spouse of Gilbert H.   Born 1852 Died 1945             
BARDEN, Clarence L.  Spouse of Geraldine Born 1889 Died 1956     LOT 84W       
BARDEN, David Clarence  Spouse of Norma Belle B  born 12-27-1923 died 4-28-2003 age 79    - son of Clarence and Geraldine Sipperley Barden US Army WW II 3175 Signal Service Co          
BARDEN, Geraldine S.  Spouse of Clarence L.   Born 1892       LOT 84W       
BARDEN, Harold William Spouse of Maud Rosette L  Born 1885       LOT 80W       
BARDEN, Lillian Julia Spouse of William H.  Born 1855 Died 1929      - Dau of Smith LOT 80W       
BARDEN, Maud Rosette Spouse of Harold William   Born 1883 Died 1968      - Dau of Lull LOT 80W       
BARDEN, Norma Belle Bosworth Spouse of David Clarence    died 9-8-1999             
BARDEN, William H.  Spouse of Lillian Julia S  Born 1845 Died 1921     LOT 80W       
BARGER, Sarah A.   Born 1888 Died 1918     LOT 118W       
BARKER, Francis      Died 1-15-1838 Age 56    LOT F or P15       
BARKMAN, Child     Died 8-1913      - Book record August 1913 -- assume dod?         
BARNES, Ettie     Died 10-07-1871 Age 1      - Dau of W. M. & A. Barnes LOT 76W       
BARNES, Lois or Louisa Spouse of Addison  Pratt   Died 4-12-1835 Age 26     - b. Ontario Canada, Addison Pratt then married to her sister there is conflicting data on   Barnes sister is here and extensive Mormon files exist on Addison  Pratt and Barnes LOT G55       
BARNES, Mrs. William  Spouse of William     Died 2-1916      - Book records 2-1916 -- assume dod? LOT G55?       
BARNES, W. H.     Died 7-06-1922 Age 76    LOT G55?       
BARNHART, Alta Marie Spouse of Edward Grant  Born 9-13-1903 Died 4-06-1984      - Dau of John & Della (Pratt) Testrake LOT 36 or 86E       
BARNHART, Earl Franklin Spouse of Ruth M. Born 8-29-1933 Died 4-1979      - s/o Frank Walter Barnhart 1st.wife  Adelta May Stowell  LOT 42E       
BARNHART, Edward Grant  Spouse of Alta Marie T  Born 5-31-1904 Died 2-19-1986     LOT 36 or 86E       
BARNHART, Ruth M. spouse of Earl F. born 11-1-1936 died 9-16-2005 age 68    - dau of Roy & Beatrice Ellsworth-born in Lowville PA         
BARRETT, Elizabeth Spouse of Joseph    Died 5-06-1841 Age 46y10m22d   LOT N65       
BAXTER, Cora A.  Spouse of Ford L.   Born 1888 Died 1959     LOT 46E       
BAXTER, Ford L.  Spouse of Cora Born 1886 Died 1954     LOT 46E       
BAXTER, Lois N.    Born 1912 Died 1961      - Dau of Ford & Cora Baxter LOT 46E       
BEACH, Elizabeth     Died 5-23-1872 Age 66    LOT J86       
BEATMAN, Earle    Born 1874 Died 1912      - Woodmen of the World" LOT 56W       
BECK, Frederick N. Spouse of Nelly H  Born 1900 Died 1965     LOT 69W       
BECK, Nelly Honeysett Spouse of Frederick N.   Born 1892 Died 1970     LOT 69W       
BELL, Arthur   Born 1-20-1827 Died 4-27-1833      - Son of William & Nancy (Shipboy) Bell LOT H51-55       
BELL, Arthur Spouse of Mary G  Born 1836 Died 1874     LOT K51-52       
BELL, Arthur  Spouse of Eleanor M  Born 1-12-1752 Died 8-06-1834      - b. Paxton PA, Vet-Rev War LOT H51-55       
BELL, Eleanor   Born 7-29-1819 Died 9-10-1846      - Dau of William & Nancy (Shipboy) Bell LOT H51-55       
BELL, Eleanor Montgomery Spouse of Arthur   Born 9-02-1768 Died 12-12-1839     LOT H-51-55       
BELL, Eugenie   Born 4-29-1840 Died 9-08-1841      - Dau of William & Nancy (Shipboy) Bell LOT H51-55       
BELL, John      Died 5-1906      - Of Harbor Creek PA - book records 5-1906 paid by Alex M. BELL Clayton A         
BELL, Mary  Greenwood Spouse of Arthur   Born 1836 Died 1874     LOT K51-52       
BELL, Nancy Shipboy Spouse of William   Born 3-23-1799 Died 1-30-1842     LOT H51-55       
BELL, William A. Spouse of Nancy S  Born 10-14-1791 Died 8-23-1872     LOT H51-55       
BELL, William A.                   
BELSON, Connie L.    Born 1950 Died 1969      - Dau of Harry & Ruth Belson LOT 60E       
BELSON, Jacob W. Spouse of Myrabel Born 2-19-1924 Died 3-30-1972      - Vet-WWII LOT 60E       
BELSON, Myrabel S. Spouse of Jacob   Born 1929       LOT 60E       
BENJAMIN, Fred B.  Spouse of Mary Born 1887 Died 1917     LOT 105W       
BENJAMIN, Mary E.  Spouse of Fred B.   Born 1885 Died 1929     LOT 105W       
BENNETT, Benjamin Spouse of Sarah ST. JOHN [#1] Born 2-13-1756 Died 9-12-1841      - Wed #1 10-09-1784, Wed #2 Eunice (Ferre) Johnson, 9-09-1790 at Milton NY LOT N2       
BENNETT, Chloe Spouse of Lyman     Died 3-16-1892 Age 89y5m11d   LOT P87       
BENNETT, Eunice Ferre Spouse of Benjamin   Born 7-27-1756 Died 8-08-1843      - Wed #1 William Johnson, d. Ripley NY, Unmarked grave per DAR LOT N2       
BENNETT, Lyman Spouse of Chloe Born 1797 Died 4-07-1855 Age 57y10m22d    - Son of Benjamin & Eunice (Ferre) Bennett LOT P87       
BENTLEY, Ford W.  Spouse of Sue Born 1909 Died 1981     LOT 70E       
BENTLEY, Sue G.  Spouse of Ford W.   Born 1910 Died 1974     LOT 70E       
BIDWELL -- See BIDWELL-NEWLOVE                   
BIDWELL-NEWLOVE, A. A.   Born 1885 Died 1948      - Bidwell-Newlove marker LOT 78W       
BIDWELL-NEWLOVE, Nellie   Born 1875        - Bidwell-Newlove marker LOT 78W       
BOLINGER, Terry L.     Died 1-29-1972 Age 8m10d    - Our Baby" LOT 62E       
BOLLES, Arminda M. Spouse of Arthur M.   Born 1851 Died 7-23-1935 Age 84y2m16d   LOT 117W       
BOLLES, Arthur M. Spouse of Arminda Born 1855 Died 1926     LOT 117W       
BRAITHMAYER, Blanche J.  Spouse of John S.   Born 1881 Died 1939     LOT 88W       
BRAITHMAYER, John S. Spouse of Blanche Born 1875 Died 1908     LOT 88W       
BRIANT, Daniel W. Jr.     Died 9-05-1849 Age 9m2d    - Son of Daniel W. & Lucretia Briant, d. of whooping cough LOT M84       
BROCKWAY, Burban Spouse of Lois Anna B    Died 9-02-1861 Age 94y5m0d    - see bio on automated boards LOT H57       
BROCKWAY, Eliza M.    Born 1807 Died 1890     LOT H56       
BROCKWAY, Frederick      Died 9-23-1847 Age 34y0m8d    - d. of inflammation of the stomach, farmer LOT H59       
BROCKWAY, H. Heber   Born 2-08-1837 Died 6-21-1877     LOT H58       
BROCKWAY, Henrietta Augusta   Born 1841 Died 1910      - Sister" LOT H56       
BROCKWAY, Henry Hobart   Born 1833 Died 1903      - Brother" LOT H57       
BROCKWAY, Henry W. Spouse of Sarah G  Born 3-19-1791 Died 3-26-1846     LOT H60       
BROCKWAY, Horace   Born 1796 Died 1835     LOT H56       
BROCKWAY, Lois Anna Spouse of Burban     Died 11-26-1851 Age 87y10m0d    - Dau of Bostwick LOT H58       
BROCKWAY, Sarah Gill Spouse of Henry W.   Born 4-22-1798 Died 9-27-1877     LOT H59       
BROOKER, Alice L.   Born 1883 Died 1910      - Dau of Richard & Maria BROOKER LOT 54W       
BROOKER, Maria Spouse of Richard   Born 1858 Died 1919     LOT 54W       
BROOKER, Richard Spouse of Maria Born 1856 Died 1945     LOT 54W       
BROOKER, William   Born 1885 Died 1887      - Son of Richard & Maria BROOKER LOT 54W       
BROWN, Alta D. Spouse of Delbert E.   Born 1879 Died 1969     LOT 88W       
BROWN, Delbert E.   Spouse of Alta Born 1874 Died 1959      - Son of James & Sally (Peterson) Brown LOT 88W       
BROWN, James     Died 1929      - b. ca 1842 PA per IGI LOT 88W       
BROWN, Sally   Born ca 1852 Died 1925      - Dau of Peterson, "Dell Brown's Mother" LOT 88W       
BROWNELL, Adelia M. Spouse of John T.     Died 11-24-1883 Age 42     - Dau of Smallwood? (on Smallwood Lot) LOT FG80-89       
BROWNELL, Ida Bell      Died 1-21-1937 Age 58y6m29d           
BROWNELL, John T.  [Rev.] Spouse of Adelia   Died 3-26-1886 Age 49y9m2d    - Rev. LOT FG80-89       
BROWNSON, Rachel Spouse of William    Died 6-12-1843 Age 45    LOT D37       
BRUMAGIN, Ala L.    Born 1868 Died 1948     LOT 31W       
BRUMAGIN, Blanche H.    Born 1880 Died 1920     LOT 31W       
BRUMAGIN, Fred J.    Born ? Died 1950     LOT 31W       
BRUMAGIN, Herman J.   Born 1869 Died 1957     LOT 31W       
BRYSON, Belle C.   Born 1900 Died 1977     LOT 91W       
BRYSON, Belle Clark   Born 1900 Died 1977      - Dau of Boyd & Fannie Clark LOT 91W       
BUMPAS, Harriet M. Spouse of Henry E.     Died 8-24-1885 Age 61y8m3d   LOT 14W       
BUMPAS, Henry E. Spouse of Harriet   Died 5-03-1913 Age 83y8m24d    - Our Father", Vet-CW 146 PA Inf Regt Co C LOT 14W       
BURDEN, Abraham     Died 4-21-1835 Age 82y2m21d    - Native of NJ; Vet-RW LOT A28       
BURGESS, Basil Spouse of Rhoda   Died 7-04-1849 Age 81    LOT N72       
BURGESS, Basil [Jr.] Spouse of Emily Born 4-21-1809 Died 2-05-1848      - Son of Basil BURGESS LOT E2       
BURGESS, Emily Spouse of Basil  Jr.   Died 10-16-1872 Age 61y9m1d   LOT E2       
BURGESS, George M.  Spouse of Lottie Born 1876 Died 1938     LOT 51W       
BURGESS, George W.     Died 8-26-1844 Age 11m    - Son of Basil Jr. & Emily Burgess, Twin, "They took of life's little cup; Refused to drink the portion up; They turned their little heads aside; Disgusted with the taste, and died" LOT E1       
BURGESS, Henry  Spouse of Jennie S  Born 1838 Died 1925     LOT E5       
BURGESS, Infant Daughter     Died 8-20-1844 Age 9d    - Dau of Basil Jr. & Emily Burgess, Twin, "They took of life's little cup; Refused to drink the portion up; They turned their little heads aside; Disgusted with the taste, and died" LOT E1       
BURGESS, Jennie Spouse of Henry   Born 1846 Died 1941      - Dau of Oliver Jr. & Rhoda Stetson LOT E5       
BURGESS, John      Died 2-11-1875 Age 63    LOT N74       
BURGESS, Lottie L.  Spouse of George M.  Born 1877 Died 1959     LOT 51W       
BURGESS, Rhoda Spouse of Basil     Died 4-23-1850 Age 74    LOT N73       
BURGESS, Sarah     Died 3-24-1892 Age 74    LOT N71       
BURGESS, Theodore W.    Born 1912 Died 1944      - Sonn of George M. & Lottie L. Burgess LOT 51W       
BURNHAM, Arthur R.  Spouse of Gertrude Born 1896 Died 1944     LOT 39E       
BURNHAM, Gertrude T.  Spouse of Arthur R.   Born 1897 Died 1957     LOT 39E       
BURWELL, Almira Spouse of William W.     Died 10-30-1837 Age 54    LOT P19       
BURWELL, William     Died 7-03-1832 Age 23     - Son of William W. & Almira (?) Burwell LOT P20       
BURWELL, William W.  Spouse of Almira   Died 2-05-1839 Age 58     LOT P18       
BUSH, Charles B. Sr.    Born 1937 Died 1977     LOT 57E       
BUSH, Ethel G.  Spouse of Floyd W.  Born 1916       LOT 57E       
BUSH, Floyd W.  Spouse of Ethel Born 1904 Died 1966     LOT 57E       
CALDWELL, Anna M. Winkelman spouse of Guy born 07-28-1922 died 09-19-2011 age 89  daughter of Floyd & Ethel Winkelman         
CALDWELL, Bertha M. Spouse of Harold N.   Born 1905 Died 1956     LOT 23W       
CALDWELL, Clarence W.    Born 1865 Died 1926      - Father" LOT 23W       
CALDWELL, Guy F. spouse of Anna born 08-20-1912 died 10-09-2011 age 99  son of Guy & Mabel Caldwell-married for 70 years         
CALDWELL, Guy H. Spouse of Mabel Born 1889 Died 1947      - Son of Clarence W. Caldwell LOT 23W       
CALDWELL, Harold N. Spouse of Bertha Born 1899 Died 1979      - Son of Clarence W. Caldwell LOT 23W       
CALDWELL, Mabel   Born 1885       LOT 23W       
CALKINS, Burlan  Spouse of Ethel M  Born 1887 Died 1979     LOT 110E & 59E       
CALKINS, Ethel May Spouse of Burlan   Born 1891 Died 1975     LOT 110E & 59E       
CAMPAIGN, Alva B. Spouse of Grace A  Born 1873 Died 1956      - Wed twice LOT 7W       
CAMPAIGN, Grace Archer  Spouse of Alva B.   Born 1879 Died 1909      - Book record - paid by Henry B. Archer LOT 7W       
CAMPAIGN, Janeil J.  Spouse of Merle A.   Born 1908        - Eastern Star emblem LOT 95E       
CAMPAIGN, Lulu Janes Spouse of Alva B.   Born 1886 Died 1963     LOT 7W       
CAMPAIGN, Merle A.  Spouse of Janeil Born 1908 Died 1977      - Masonic emblem LOT 95E       
CAMPAIGN, Thomas James     Died 11-12-1933     LOT 7W       
CAMPBELL, Harriet Spouse of Joseph     Died 4-10-1872 Age 46y0m19d   LOT G33       
CAMPBELL, J. C.            - One of two stones next to Harriet Campbell LOT G33       
CAMPBELL, Joseph W.  Spouse of Harriet           - book records 6-21-1902 paid by J.F. Moore LOT G33       
CAMPBELL, T. C.            - One of two stones next to Harriet Campbell LOT G33       
CANDLISH, Alexander Spouse of Jeanette D           - No dates LOT KL90-100       
CANDLISH, Elizabeth    Born 1819 Died 1902     LOT KL90-100       
CANDLISH, Jeanette Dickson Spouse of Alexander            - No dates LOT KL90-100       
CANDLISH, Muriel     Died 7-1902 Age infant    - Dau of Candlish, One date -- assume dod? LOT KL90-100       
CASS, Fanny Spouse of J. W.     Died 7-09-1860 Age 49y7m26d   LOT P59       
CASS, Jane     Died 12-29-1842 Age 16y1m2d    - Dau of Judd W. & Olive (Dickson) Cass LOT P56       
CASS, Judd W.  Spouse of Olive D    Died 7-15-1880 Age 80y6m10d    - Wed twice LOT P58       
CASS, Olive Dickson  Spouse of Judd W.     Died 1-21-1846 Age 41y3m6d    - Dau of Robert & Olive (Hungerford) Dickson LOT P57       
CASS, Tabithy Spouse of Joseph     Died 11-25-1813 Age 26    LOT G30       
CHAPMAN, Estelle H.   Born 1887 Died 1952     LOT 69W       
CHAPMAN, Mabel Waters   Born 1907 Died 1953     LOT 113W       
CHURCH, Harriet May Spouse of Jay P.  Born 1895 Died 1931     LOT 104W       
CHURCH, Jay P. Spouse of Harriet May Born 1899 Died 1966     LOT 104W       
CLARK, Blanche L.   Born 1900 Died 1901      - Dau of Boyd & Fannie Clark LOT 91W       
CLARK, Boyd A.  Spouse of Fannie Born 1874 Died 1940      - b. or d. New Richmond PA LOT 91W       
CLARK, Fannie E.  Spouse of Boyd A.   Born 1877 Died 1961     LOT 91W       
CLARK, Joseph S.     Died 2-04-1846 Age 1m9d    - Son of Daniel S. & Lucy D. Clark LOT M40       
CLARK, Lucy D.  Spouse of Daniel S.    Died 9-07-1853 Age 25y7m25d   LOT M41       
CLARK, Morris B.      Died 1899      - Son of Boyd & Fannie Clark  LOT 91W       
COBURN, Israel      Died 10-13-1833 Age 44    LOT C6       
COCHRAN, Alexander   Born 10-07-1802 Died 11-16-1882      - b. County Down Ireland, d. Joliet IL LOT H76       
COCHRAN, Alexander     Died 3-09-1856 Age 90     - b. Northern Ireland, Of the class called "Protestant Irish" or "Scotch Irish", believed to be the first settler in Ripley and the first man in this county to take a deed for his land. He lived on the farm he purchased until his death. He had 13 children H LOT J73       
COCHRAN, Alexander     Died 4-12-1854 Age 26y10m13d    - Son of Hugh & Sarah Cochran LOT MN52       
COCHRAN, Eliza A.      Died 6-02-1854 Age 19y8m11d    - Dau of Hugh & Sarah Cochran LOT MN51       
COCHRAN, Ellen E.      Died 6-06-1863 Age 21y2m4d   LOT E92       
COCHRAN, Hannah    Born 1826 Died 1911     LOT D61-65       
COCHRAN, Harriet   Born 1832 Died 1833     LOT D61-65       
COCHRAN, Hugh 2nd     Died 3-06-1854 Age 64y20m0d   LOT MN56       
COCHRAN, Infant     Died 5-29-1828 Age 11d    - Son of William & Laura Cochran LOT J72       
COCHRAN, Ithmar     Died 9-17-1824 Age 5m20d    - Son of John and Sarah Cochran LOT C64       
COCHRAN, James     Died 3-23-1846 Age 21y8m11d    - Son of Hugh & Sarah Cochran LOT MN53       
COCHRAN, Jane Spouse of Robert     Died 4-02-1837 Age 46    LOT E61-65       
COCHRAN, Janet    Born 1814 Died 1887     LOT D61-65       
COCHRAN, John     Died 3-23-1846 Age 20y10m20d    - Son of Hugh & Sarah  Cochran LOT MN54       
COCHRAN, John  Spouse of Mary Born 1796 Died 1878     LOT JK55-60       
COCHRAN, John      Died 5-23-1835 Age 31    LOT C65       
COCHRAN, Martha   Born 1841 Died 1879      - Dau of J. & M. Cochran LOT JK55-60       
COCHRAN, Mary    Born 1831 Died 1838      - Dau of J. & M. Cochran  LOT JK55-60       
COCHRAN, Mary D.   Born 1839 Died 1840      - Dau of J. & M. Cochran LOT JK55-60       
COCHRAN, Mary D. Spouse of John  Born 1795 Died 1847     LOT JK55-60       
COCHRAN, Nancy A.  Spouse of William N.  Born 1833 Died 1914     LOT L51--2       
COCHRAN, Nancy M.     Died 10-01-1840 Age 2     - Dau of Hugh & Rachel Cochran LOT H73       
COCHRAN, Nancy M. Spouse of Alexander     Died 6-08-1863 Age 83    LOT J74       
COCHRAN, Rachel C.   Born 1828 Died 1916     LOT D61-65       
COCHRAN, Robert Spouse of Jane   Died 5-08-1870 Age 8    LOT E61-65       
COCHRAN, Sally   Born 1833 Died 1848      - Dau of J. & M. Cochran LOT JK55-60       
COCHRAN, Sarah     Died 11-30-1847 Age 16y9m15d    - Dau of William & Laura Cochran LOT J71       
COCHRAN, Sarah H.     Died 10-12-1840 Age 6y0m12d    - Dau of Hugh & Rachel Cochran LOT H74       
COCHRAN, Thomas J.   Born 1818 Died 1839     LOT D61-65       
COCHRAN, William N. Spouse of Nancy Born 1829 Died 1903     LOT L51--2       
COCHRAN, William W.   Born 1830 Died 1891     LOT D61-65       
COCHRANE, Agnes E   Born 1895 Died 1959     LOT 57W       
COCHRANE, Alexander       Age 60     - No dates LOT 50W       
COCHRANE, Auntie            - No dates LOT 57W       
COCHRANE, Charles F. Spouse of Hattie   Died 4-07-1937 Age 77y10m24d   LOT 57W       
COCHRANE, Child     Died 1909      - Childe of David J. Cochrane, One date - assume dod? LOT 71W       
COCHRANE, David S.       Age 61     - No dates LOT 60W       
COCHRANE, Elizabeth M.    Born 1860 Died 1938     LOT 57W       
COCHRANE, Father            - Father", No dates LOT 60W       
COCHRANE, Francis J.   Born 1847 Died 1929     LOT 57W       
COCHRANE, Frank     Died 1929      - One data--assume dod  LOT 60W       
COCHRANE, Hattie E. Spouse of Charles F.  Born 1863 Died 1960     LOT 57W       
COCHRANE, Helen Gates Spouse of Martin   Born 1818 Died 1866     LOT 60W       
COCHRANE, Isaac       Age 66     - No dates LOT 60W       
COCHRANE, Isaac   Born 1815 Died 1881      - Son of Robert & Mary Jane Cochrane LOT 50W       
COCHRANE, James Spouse of Nancy J  Born 4-11-1811 Died 5-14-1891     LOT 57W       
COCHRANE, Julia       Age 68     - No dates LOT 60W       
COCHRANE, Julia Etta     Died 10-29-1878 Age 22    LOT 57W       
COCHRANE, Margaret       Age 72     - No dates LOT 60W       
COCHRANE, Martin Spouse of Helen G  Born 1815 Died 1868     LOT 60W       
COCHRANE, Mary     Died 1931      - One data--assume dod  LOT 57W       
COCHRANE, Mary Jane Spouse of Robert   Born 1793 Died 1873     LOT 50W       
COCHRANE, Mother W.M.S. Spouse of W.M.S.             - "Mother W.M.S.", No data LOT 60W       
COCHRANE, Mrs. Frank Spouse of Frank     Died 1906      - One data--assume dod  LOT 60W       
COCHRANE, Nancy Johnston Spouse of James   Born 3-01-1818 Died 5-09-1891     LOT 57W       
COCHRANE, Nancy M.            - No data, Book record 1914 A.N. and D.J. for burial of their mother LOT 60W       
COCHRANE, Rachel       Age 63     - No dates LOT 60W       
COCHRANE, Robert Spouse of Mary Jane Born 1779 Died 1854     LOT 50W       
COCHRANE, William A.    Born 1853 Died 1878      - Son of Martin & Helen Cochrane LOT 60W       
CODDINGTON, Amanda M.  Spouse of Samuel     Died 7-08-1830 Age 28y5m0d    - Most of stone buried at reading LOT H6       
COLBOW, Ernestine   Born 1-05-1876 Died 3-24-1961     LOT 38W       
COLVIN, Ellen            - No data, Book record 1924         
COLVIN, Mary     Died 11-28-1935 Age 81y2m27d           
CONANT, Calvin     Died 7-30-1837 Age 8m25d    - Son of Elijah & Sarah Conant LOT M16-7-8       
CONANT, Hannah     Died 5-27-1837 Age 19y10m0d    - Dau of Elijah & Sarah Conant LOT M16-7-8       
CONANT, James     Died 1-22-1868 Age 37y7m0d   LOT E81       
CONANT, John     born 1822 Died 4-27-1870 Age 47     -  Co. E 145th NYS Vols. Enlisted 8-22-1862 Ripley NY rank Private age 40 Served New York Transferred 18th Reg Co G Mustered Out at Point Lookout MD on 6-29-1865 LOT E82       
CONANT, Sarah     Died 8-24-1824 Age 15y1m0d    - Dau of Elijah & Sarah Conant LOT M16-7-8       
CONANT, Sarah Spouse of Elijah     Died 1-08-1838 Age 46    LOT M16-7-8       
CONE, Almira T. Pratt Spouse of Charles P.   Born 7-09-1856 Died 2-23-1887 Age 30y7m14d    - Dau of Richard Edward & Mary Ann (Doan) Pratt, b. Crowland, Welland, Ontario, Canada LOT 22W       
CONE, Ellen            - One data--assume dod  LOT E46       
CONE, Mr.             - Book record 1919 LOT E46       
CONE?, H.            - May be Harvey Cone, recarved on old creek stone LOT E46       
CONLEY, Mary Spouse of James H.     Died 10-05-1837 Age 42y5m0d    - Footstone is leaning on a tree  LOT A40       
CONRATH, Baby     Died 1922      - One data--assume dod  LOT 120W       
CONRATH, Carol June     Died 1934      - One data--assume dod  LOT 120W       
CONRATH, Charles   Born 11-17-1905 Died 8-22-1959     LOT 120W       
COOK, Laura M.      Died 3-04-1827 Age 21     - Stone matches adjacent Lodema Truesdail stone LOT J6       
COOVER -- See ELLIS                   
COWLES, Amos     Died 12-26-1840 Age 70     - Deacon  LOT R21       
COWLES, Infant            - Two infant graves, no data LOT R18       
COWLES, Infant            - Two infant graves, no data LOT R18       
COWLES, Luther  [M.D.]      Died 5-29-1845 Age 34     - Son of Amos & Dolly (Ford) Cowles, M.D. LOT R18       
COX, Lillean L. Spouse of W. S.   Born 1851       LOT 27W       
COX, W. S.  Spouse of Lillean Born 1854 Died 1917     LOT 27W       
CROSSGROVE, Rachel  Spouse of William     Died 1-10-1853 Age 81    LOT I8       
CROSSGROVE, William Jr.   Born 4-28-1804 Died 1-10-1852      - Son of William & Rachel Cosgrove         
CULVER, Elizabeth Spouse of Harmon    Died 12-24-1834 Age 39y7m0d    - Dau of Jonathon & Phebe Nichols LOT M27       
CULVER, Harry B. Spouse of Mary Born 1900 Died 1963     LOT 43E       
CULVER, Mary A. Spouse of Harry B.  Born 1899 Died 1978     LOT 43E       
CURTIS, Elmer   Born 1900 Died 1980     LOT 37E       
CURTIS, Harriet N. Spouse of S. W.  Born 7-30-1829 Died 11-29-1853      - Dau of Dean?, On Dean family plot LOT KI61-70       
CURTIS, Harriet N. Spouse of S. H.   Born 7-30-1829 Died 11-29-1853      - Dau of Samuel & Sarah Dean LOT KL61-70       
CURTIS, J. D.            - Recarved on an old stone LOT H15       
CURTIS, N. D.            - Initials on footstone LOT K2       
DASCOMB, Ralph I.   Born 1873 Died 4-08-1837 Age 63y8m7d   LOT 47W       
DAVIS, Charlotte     Died 11-12-1851 Age 16y11m2d    - Dau of John & Laura Davis LOT F7       
DAVIS, John W.     Died 9-11-1857 Age 68    LOT F6       
DAW, James            - tiny stone on Russell lot, no dates LOT C89       
DAWSON, Emeline E. Spouse of John W.   Born 8-01-1823 Died 10-29-1902      - Dau of Ross LOT FG90-100       
DAWSON, Hannah   Born 2-22-1784 Died 1-05-1871      - Dau of Connely, probably widow of Thomas DAWSON & parents of John W , Isaac, & Hannah LOT FG90-100       
DAWSON, Hannah   Born 7-31-1825 Died 1-10-1900      - Dau of Hannah Dawson, Unwed LOT FG90-100       
DAWSON, Irene Spouse of Isaac Uans            - Dau of Ross LOT E98       
DAWSON, Isaac Uans Spouse of Irene R    Died 7-27-1886 Age 74y9m25d   LOT E98       
DAWSON, J. H.     Died 3-10-1870 Age 64     - probably Joseph Hemphill Dawson (son of Thomas & Hannah Dawson b. 1804) LOT J95       
DAWSON, John W. Spouse of Emeline E.   Born 9-14-1817 Died 8-08-1890     LOT FG90-100       
DAY, Eva Mowhor   Born 1890 Died 1973     LOT 32E       
DAY, Frank G.   Born 1906 Died 1967     LOT 32E       
DEAN, Abigail Spouse of Gilbert    Died 5-03-1849 Age 81     - Dau of Bullard LOT M21       
DEAN, Daniel     Died 9-01-1829 Age 28     - d. Westfield NY LOT M20       
DEAN, Daniel W.   Born 11-30-1832 Died 4-18-1866      - Son of Samuel & Sarah Dean LOT KL61-70       
DEAN, Gilbert Spouse of Abigail B    Died 12-04-1835 Age 68    LOT M21       
DEAN, James Henry   Born 5-11-1831 Died 6-07-1855      - Son of Samuel & Sarah Dean LOT KL61-70       
DEAN, Lucy Ann   Born 12-13-1826 Died 3-11-1841      - Dau of Samuel & Sarah Dean LOT KL61-70       
DEAN, Mary Ellen   Born 9-22-1836 Died 1-16-1848      - Dau of Samuel & Sarah Dean LOT KL61-70       
DEAN, Prosper E.   Born 2-03-1825 Died 5-22-1845      - Son of Samuel & Sarah Dean LOT KL61-70       
DEAN, Samuel Spouse of Sarah Born 2-22-1798 Died 3-10-1841      - Son of Gilbert Dean LOT KL61-70       
DEAN, Sarah   Born 3-01-1841 Died 5-22-1861      - Dau of Samuel & Sarah Dean LOT KL61-70       
DEAN, Sarah Spouse of Samuel   Born 10-18-1801 Died 11-30-1871     LOT KL61-70       
DERBY, Abigail   Born 12-29-1772 Died 11-03-1854     LOT P50       
DEWEY, Alonzo B.   Born 1860 Died 1952     LOT 83W       
DEWEY, Anna J.   Born 1881 Died 1916      - Possibly 1st wife of Leon A.? LOT 24W       
DEWEY, Elizabeth V.   Born 1888 Died 1966      - Possibly 2nd wife of Leon A.? LOT 24W       
DEWEY, Frederick H.     Died 4-24-1922 Age 15d   LOT 83W       
DEWEY, Leon A.   Born 1883 Died 1949     LOT 24W       
DEWEY, Lorenzo Spouse of Mary R  Born 1850 Died 1927     LOT 83W       
DEWEY, Marian E.    born 12-27-1946 died 9-6-2004 age 57    - dau of Earle S. Dewey and the late Mildred Swantec Dewey         
DEWEY, Mary Russell Spouse of Lorenzo  Born 1850 Died 1924     LOT 83W       
DEWEY, Mildred L. spouse of Earle born 2-15-1916 died 6-16-2003 age 87    - dau of the late Frank and Rosalie Swantek         
DEWEY, Ralph S.   Born 1894 Died 1959      - Vet-WWI LOT 83W       
DEWEY, Rosina A.   Born 1859 Died 1925     LOT 83W       
DEWEY, Winifred L.   Born 1889       LOT 83W       
DICK, Adeline     Died 2-17-1839 Age 6y1m9d    - Dau of James & Mahala Dick LOT F48       
DICK, Carlisle O.     Died 11-21-1839 Age 9m5d    - Son of Morris & Eliza (Riddle) Dick LOT K13       
DICK, Mary Irene     Died 8-21-1850 Age 3?y    - Dau of James & Mahala Dick LOT F48       
DICKSON, Ada J.     Died 3-16-1852 Age 8m8d    - Dau of Dwight & Jenette Harriet (Webster) Dickson LOT KL90-100       
DICKSON, Agnes C.      Died 11-04-1854 Age 2y8m0d    - Dau of S. C. & E. B. Dickson LOT D91       
DICKSON, Albert     Died 5-24-1866 Age 48    LOT H61       
DICKSON, Alexander      Died 11-11-1862 Age 15y2m0d    - Son of S. C. & E. B. Dickson LOT D95       
DICKSON, Andrew W.     Died 7-22-1825 Age 25y4m8d    - Son of Robert & Olive (Hungerford) Dickson LOT G19       
DICKSON, Benjamin Henry Spouse of Permilia W  Born 1791 Died 1881      - Vet-War of 1812 LOT G28       
DICKSON, Carnelia B.     Died 5-04-1828 Age 2y9m20d    - Dau of Benjamin & Permilia (Wells) Dickson LOT G35       
DICKSON, Charlotte Spouse of Dwight   Born 1834 Died 1916      - Wife #2 LOT KL90-100       
DICKSON, Cora L. Fuller Spouse of Tenney   Born 1863 Died 1939     LOT 136W       
DICKSON, D. William  Spouse of Nelly   Died 4-14-1922 Age 72            
DICKSON, Dwight Spouse of Jenette Harriet W  [#1] Born 1823 Died 1906      - Son of William Dickson; Wed twice? LOT KL90-100       
DICKSON, Elizabeth Spouse of William     Died 3-23-1856 Age 59    LOT J65       
DICKSON, Fayette Spouse of Isabelle R    Died 7-16-1855 Age 58y10m16d    - Son of Robert & Olive (Hungerford) Dickson LOT G24       
DICKSON, Harriet Jennet Spouse of Dwight   Born 1826 Died 1860      - Dau of Webster, should be Jenette Harriet, Wife #1 LOT KL90-100       
DICKSON, Infant sibling     Died 5-04-1855      - Child of S. C. & E. B. Dickson LOT D91       
DICKSON, Isabelle Rexford Spouse of Fayette   Born 4-03-1807 Died 10-20-1895     LOT G24       
DICKSON, Marion            - "Mrs.", No dates, Book record 1926         
DICKSON, Nellie M.      Died 11-28-1862 Age 5y1m0d    - Dau of S. C. & E. B. Dickson LOT D95       
DICKSON, Nelly Spouse of D. William            - No dates, Book record 1929         
DICKSON, Niriam Adelia     Died 4-10-1909 Age 79     - Dau of Benjamin Dickson         
DICKSON, Olive Hungerford Spouse of Robert     Died 1-18-1812 Age 48    LOT G16       
DICKSON, Permilia Spouse of Benjamin Henry   Born 1800 Died 1839      - Dau of Wells LOT G29       
DICKSON, Robert   Born 2-10-1763 Died 8-20-1832      - Vet-RW 7th NY Militia LOT G16       
DICKSON, Samuel J.   Born 1839 Died 1932     LOT 136W       
DICKSON, Sara M.     Died 11-22-1819 Age 2y11m0d    - Dau of James & Martha Dickson, d. date may not be correct LOT H9       
DICKSON, Sarah Lombard   Born 1838 Died 1926     LOT 73W       
DICKSON, Tenney V.  Spouse of Cora L.   Born 1873 Died 1968      - Son of Samuel DICKSON LOT 136W       
DICKSON, Unknown            - Badly broken stone, not ledgible         
DICKSON, William     Died 7-24-1832 Age 11m    - Son of James & Martha (?) Dickson LOT H9       
DICKSON, William  Spouse of Elizabeth   Died 12-31-1840 Age 56    LOT J64       
DICKSON, William C.     Died 9-13-1836 Age 36     - Son of William & Elizabeth Dickson LOT J63       
DINSBIER, Fred   Born 1868 Died 1932     LOT 75W       
DINSBIER, Margaret   Born 1870 Died 1917     LOT 75W       
DINSBIER, Mary   Born 1899       LOT 75W       
DINSBIER, Paul   Born 1899 Died 1958      - Son of Fred & Margaret Dinsbier LOT 75W       
DINSMORE, Charles Spouse of Emmeline W    Died 2-25-1855 Age 29     - Son of John & Nancy (Wilson) Dinsmore LOT M10       
DINSMORE, Elizabeth G. Spouse of John Bell     Died 2-02-1836 Age 36y7m20d    - Dau of Griffin, Wife #2 LOT M8       
DINSMORE, Ellen G.     Died 4-17-1838 Age 5      - Dau of John & Elizabeth (Griffin) Dinsmore LOT M8       
DINSMORE, Emmeline Willis Spouse of Charles   Born 9-04-1826 Died 5-22-1917     LOT M10       
DINSMORE, Harriet  Spouse of John Bell   Born 10-17-1806 Died 7-14-1876      - Dau of Hall? Spouse of Alden?, Wife #3 LOT M8       
DINSMORE, John Bell Spouse of Nancy W  [#1] Born 8-14-17792 Died 8-15-1871      - son of John & Suzanna Bell Dinsmore b. in Windham Co NH Wed 3 Times LOT M8       
DINSMORE, Nancy Spouse of John Bell     Died 1-15-1831 Age 32y7m7d    - Dau of Wilson, Wife #1 LOT M8       
DINSMORE, Susan Bell   Born 7-16-1845 Died 1-25-1863      - Dau of John & Harriet (Alden) Dinsmore LOT M9       
DINSMORE, William     Died 5-16-1852 Age 8m21d    - Son of Charles & Emmeline (Willis?) Dinsmore LOT M10       
DOING, Estella N.     Died 12-15-1858 Age 5m15d    - Dau of Benjamin L. & Nancy L. Doing LOT C96       
DOING, Nancy L.  Spouse of Benjamin L.     Died 7-01-1858 Age 39y2m21d   LOT C96       
DOOLITTLE, F. D.            - Initials on footstone next to Hannah Doolittle LOT J24       
DOOLITTLE, Hannah Spouse of Willard     Died 3-22-1848 Age 36     - Dau of Charles & Abigail Forsyth LOT J24       
DOOLITTLE, Infant son     Died 4-20-1848      - Son of Willard & Hannah (Forsyth) Doolittle, b. with mother LOT J24       
DOOLITTLE, J. E.            - Initials on footstone next to Hannah Doolittle LOT J24       
DORAN, Anna            - No dates, Book record 1926         
DRAKE, Allen C.   Born 1921 Died 1922      - Son of Charles Drake LOT 17W       
DRAKE, Charles   Born 11-15-1894 Died 7-11-1955      - Vet-WWI LOT 17W       
DRAKE?, Child     Died 1922      - Child of Drake, "3 Children Drake & Barber"--transcription unclear, One date--assume dod?         
DRAKE?, Child     Died 1928      - Child of Drake, "3 Children Drake & Barber"--transcription unclear, One date--assume dod?         
DRAKE?, Child     Died 1926      - Child of Drake?, "3 Children Drake & Barber"--transcription unclear, One date--assume dod?         
DURKEE, Mariette F.     Died 9-03-1844 Age 5m14d    - Dau of David M. & Abby J. Durkee, b. with Forsyth family         
DURYEA, Andrew J.  Spouse of Myrtle    Died 8-27-1921 Age 70     - Stone matches Myrtle LOT 67W       
DURYEA, Myrtle Spouse of Andrew J.  Born 1851 Died 1921      - Dau of Maginess?, Stone matches Andrew J. LOT 67W       
DYE, Aurelia Morris   Born 1852 Died 1930     LOT 8W       
EARL, Thomas            - No data - Book record 1906         
EBERT, Lavern J.   Born 12-25-1959 Died 7-30-1960     LOT 3E       
EBERT, Mary Lou   Born 11-02-1957 Died 4-10-1969     LOT 3E       
EBERT, Robert   Born 12-01-1923 Died 6-10-1962      - Vet-WWII LOT 3E       
EDDY, Cordelia S. Spouse of Orson  Born 6-06-1844 Died 11-14-1937     LOT 119W       
EDDY, Harvey R.  Spouse of Mary  Born 1871 Died 1965      - Son of Orson Eddy LOT 119W       
EDDY, Mary E. Dikeman Spouse of Harvey  Born 1885 Died 1963     LOT 119W       
EDDY, Orson  Spouse of Cordelia  Born 4-04-1829 Died 4-11-1914      - Son of Russell & Maria (Macomber) Eddy LOT 119W       
EIMERS, Guernon R. "Gurney"   born 7-9-1928 died 2-13-2007 age 78    - son of Harry & May Lewis Eimers-U.S. Navy WW II & Korean War Veteran         
EIMERS, Harry W.  Spouse of Mae  Born 1892 Died 1961     LOT 52E       
EIMERS, Mae I. Spouse of Harry  Born 1893 Died 1974     LOT 52E       
ELDRED, Annie     Died 3-15-1874 Age 21y6m0d    - Dau of Norris & Ursula (Doing?) Eldred LOT C100       
ELDRED, Norris Spouse of Ursula D    Died 6-23-1874 Age 34    LOT C98       
ELDRED, Ursula Doing  Spouse of Norris   Born 9-06-1845 Died 6-08-1907      - Mother of Annie & Charles LOT C99       
ELLIS, A. W.   Born 3-03-1806 Died 5-14-1877      - Is this Andrew? LOT E95       
ELLIS, Fred J.   Born 1893 Died 1917      - Son of Hazard & Ida Ellis LOT 116W       
ELLIS, Hazard H. Spouse of Ida Born 1856 Died 1929     LOT 116W       
ELLIS, Ida Spouse of Hazard Born 1863 Died 1947     LOT 116W       
ELLIS, Maryetta B. spouse of  Clarence born 1-7-1915 died 5-2-2000 age 85    - daughter of Marvin and Ethel Montgomery Brecht.         
ELLIS, Susannah Coover      Died 6-15-1852 Age 70     - Dau of Andrew & Elizabeth (Coover) Ellis LOT P3       
ELLIS, Unknown     Died 7-19-1866 Age 60y2m0d    - Broken stone - matches A.W. Ellis Is this Elizabeth (Coover) Ellis? LOT E95       
ELLSWORTH, Oliver E.   Born 1872 Died 1944     LOT 72W       
ELY, Abigail D.  [or Abby G.]  Spouse of Abner Lord   Born 3-10-1813 Died 3-18-1879 Age 66     - Dau of Seth & Phebe Marvin Ely; Abner b. 1810 son of John & Mary Lord Ely LOT F-G75-70       
ELY, Eben S.  [Ebenezer Seth]   Born 1837 Died 12-7-1893      - Son of Selden Martin & Esther S. Griffin Ely Vet-CW 154 NY Inf Reg Co E LOT G64       
ELY, Eliza Ann Spouse of Seth Elisha     Died 12-29-1879 Age 61y7m21d    - Dau of Horace and Elizabeth (McBride) Hale LOT F-G75-70       
ELY, Esther S. Griffin Spouse of Selden Martin    Died 12-15-1887 Age 82    LOT F61-65       
ELY, John            - No data-Book record 12/1914         
ELY, John Selden  Spouse of Sarah J.   Born 12-04-1830 Died 11-30-1914      - Son of Selden Martin & Esther S. (Griffin) Ely LOT F61-65       
ELY, Phebe Spouse of Seth     Died 11-02-1852 Age 80     - Dau of Marvin LOT F-G75-70       
ELY, Phebe     Died 3-19-1833 Age 1m9d    - Dau of Selden Martin & Esther S. (Griffin) Ely  LOT F61-65       
ELY, Sarah J. McHenry Spouse of John Selden  Born 3-17-1838 Died 9-04-1923      - Dau of McHenry LOT F61-65       
ELY, Selden Martin Spouse of Esther S.     Died 4-06-1861 Age 81    LOT F71-65       
ELY, Seth Spouse of Phebe M    Died 12-12-1847 Age 82y9m0d    - Deacon LOT F-G75-70       
ELY, Seth Elisha Spouse of Eliza Ann   Born 12-24-1808 Died 12-27-1884      - Son of Seth & Phebe (Marvin) Ely b. Lyme CT LOT F-G75-70       
EPPS, Alma C. Spouse of Charles E.  Born 1906       LOT 4E       
EPPS, Charles E. Spouse of Alma Born 1884 Died 1971     LOT 4E       
EVERSON, Helen M.     Died 9-12-1855 Age 23     - Dau of Loren & Sarah Shattuck LOT B86       
EVERTS, Elinor S. Spouse of Leo  Born 1885 Died 1974     LOT 104W       
EVERTS, Leo N. Spouse of Elinor  Born 1885 Died 1-03-1938 Age 52y4m11d    - b. Delevan NY LOT 104W       
FAIR, F.  Spouse of Olive Born 1840 Died 1911      - Reverand LOT F93       
FAIR, Olive E.  Spouse of F.   Born 1847 Died 1924     LOT F93       
FAIRCHILD, John     Died 10-31-1834 Age 87     -  Vet-RW Pvt, DAR marker LOT L2       
FALVAY, John Spouse of Sarah Born 1864 Died 1926     LOT 75W       
FALVAY, Sarah E. Spouse of John  Born 1866 Died 1913     LOT 75W       
FANN, George W.  Spouse of Ina Viola S  Born 1852 Died 1944      - Father" LOT 122W       
FANN, Ina Viola Springreen Spouse of George W.   Born 1863 Died 2-04-1937 Age 74y0m10d    - b. WI, "Mother" LOT 122W       
FAREL, Anna M.    Born 1877 Died 1967     LOT 46W       
FARLEY, Sarah Odell   Born 1886 Died 1953     LOT 111W       
FARNHAM, Archelaus Kenney Spouse of Lura Eloda K  Born ca 1842 Died 6-1915      - b. Bastard Twp. Leeds Co Ontario Canada, No marker LOT 97W       
FARNHAM, Belle L . [Isabelle] Spouse of Floyd Leander   Born 9-02-1899 Died 5-19-1930      - Dau of Willian Dennis & Harriet (Waterman) Reardon; Records state 1900-1930 LOT 97W       
FARNHAM, Floyd Leander Spouse of Belle L . Isabelle R  Born 3-20-1883 Died 10-23-1950      - Son of Archelaus Kenney & Lura Eloda (Kelley) Farnham, No marker, b. Kenosha WI LOT 97W       
FARNHAM, Lura Eloda Spouse of Archelaus Kenney   Born ca 1848 Died 1926      - Dau of Leander & Susan (Dow) Kelley, b. Stockton NY         
FARR, Cinette G.   Born 1872 Died 1966      - Buried with Pitt lot LOT 109       
FARR, Lou F.   Born 1869 Died 1943      - Buried with Pitt lot LOT 109       
FAY, Phile P.  [Phila] Spouse of Timothy    Died 3-02-1842 Age 69y0m29d    - Dau of Phillips         
FAY, Timothy  Spouse of Phila P    Died 8-25-1846 Age 75y5m17d   LOT B9       
FISH, Jemima Spouse of Thomas H.     Died 2-21-1833 Age 48    LOT F4       
FORBES, Daniel C. Spouse of Leonora Isabelle S  Born 1839 Died 1918      -  Vet-CW Pvt Cpl 10 NY Cav Co I LOT 104W       
FORBES, Henry E. Spouse of Lillian Born 1871 Died 1955     LOT 103W       
FORBES, Leonora Isabelle   Spouse of Daniel C.  Born 8-20-1849 Died 6-12-1924      - Dau of John Anderson & Mary (Peck) Stetson         
FORBES, Lillian M. Spouse of Henry E.   Born 1874 Died 1926     LOT 103W       
FORSELL, Paul Spouse of Pauline A.    died 8-31-1994             
FORSELL, Pauline A.  Spouse of Paul born 5-11-1915 died 12-10-2001 age 86           
FORSYTH, Abigail Spouse of Charles   Born 1-19-1779 Died 3-31-1830     LOT J19-23       
FORSYTH, Blanche Burdette    Born 1846 Died 1906     LOT 96W       
FORSYTH, Charles Spouse of Abigail Born 4-25-1777 Died 5-01-1860      - b. CT LOT J19-23       
FORSYTH, Charles Hiram      Died 1-06-1841/44 Age 33     - Son of Charles & Abigail Forsyth LOT J19-23       
FORSYTH, David     Died 1-06-1844 Age 26-0m18d    - Son of Charles & Abigail Forsyth LOT J19-23       
FORSYTH, Eunice     Died 9-09-1824 Age 8y6m13d    - Stone badly broken and found with that of Mariette Durkee LOT J19-23       
FORSYTH, Lovenia E. Spouse of John K.     Died 7-01-1851 Age 29y11m10d    - Dau of Hugh and Olive M. Stevens LOT K48       
FORSYTH, Nancy Spouse of John K.     Died 1-12-1869 Age 61    LOT N47       
FOWLER, Charles E.      Died 2-16-1865 Age 11     - Son of John R. & Elizabeth Fowler LOT F100       
FOX, Son     Died 11-23-1825 Age 3m5d    - Son of Ziba & Lucretia Fox LOT D15       
FRANCIS, Ada G.  Spouse of Len Born 1886 Died 1969     LOT 109W       
FRANCIS, Barbara Elnora Ross Spouse of Elihu   Born 1838 Died 1905     LOT 109W       
FRANCIS, Elihu Spouse of Barbara Elnora R  Born 1834 Died 1917     LOT 109W       
FRANCIS, Ellsworth R.    Born 12-09-1914 Died 10-06-1967      - Son of Len & Ada Francis, Vet-WWII LOT 109W       
FRANCIS, Len R. Spouse of Ada Born 1874 Died 1949      - Son of Elihu & Barbara Elnora (Ross) Francis LOT 109W       
FREEMAN, Caroline     Died 9-13-1842 Age 1y11m0d    - Dau of Jared & Phebe Freeman LOT I18       
FRENCH, Charles   Born 1914 Died 1962      - Son of French, Temporary marker LOT 8E       
FURCHAK, Mary V.  Spouse of Stephen C.   Born 1913       LOT 56E       
FURCHAK, Stephen C.  Spouse of Mary Born 1908 Died 1969     LOT 56E       
FURMAN, Elizabeth Nichols Spouse of William E.   Born 1853 Died 1933     LOT K100       
FURMAN, William E.  Spouse of Elizabeth N  Born 1857 Died 1921     LOT K90       
GALE, Lora D.    Born 1885 Died 1973     LOT 83W       
GARRISON, Mrs. George  Spouse of George           - No data-Book record 1910         
GARSKE, Bernard A. Spouse of Josephine  Born 1889       LOT 5E       
GARSKE, Helen T. Spouse of John Sr born 8-6-1920 died 1-15-2003 age 82   - dau of Marion and Veronica Buscka Ratkowski         
GARSKE, John Sr Spouse of Helen T.   died 1982             
GARSKE, Josepha Eva Spouse of Bernard  Born 1894 Died 1972      - "Lovely wife and mother" LOT 5E       
GELSIE, James Jr.  ["Hawkeye"]   Born 1951 Died 1977     LOT 56E       
GELSIE, Melissa            - One date - 1969 LOT 56E       
GIBSON, Della S.  Spouse of Henry  Born 1909       LOT 36E       
GIBSON, Eleanor Spouse of John     Died 6-12-1822 Age 42    LOT F14       
GIBSON, Frederick V.    Born 1875 Died 1957     LOT 34E       
GIBSON, Hazel M.    Born 1925 Died 1953     LOT 34E       
GIBSON, Henry E.  Spouse of Della  Born 1911       LOT 36E       
GIBSON, Ida B.    Born 1885 Died 1958     LOT 34E       
GIBSON, John Spouse of Eleanor   Died 11-16-1840 Age 73y0m10d   LOT F14       
GIBSON, John     Died 3-03-1848 Age 28y9m3d   LOT F14       
GIBSON, John B.     Died 2-09-1847 Age 3y2m7d    - Son of John & Abigail Gibson LOT F14       
GILMAN, Sarah     Died 8-07-1823 Age 3m7d    - Dau of Eliphalet & Polly Gilman  LOT H35       
GOODRICH, Clarissa Spouse of Henry    Died 9-13-1848 Age 35     - Stone badly worn, d. uterine hemorrhage          
GRAHAM, Bob  Spouse of Ruth Born 1897 Died 1949      - Vet-WWII LOT 21E       
GRAHAM, Elizabeth M. Spouse of Fred  Born 1873 Died 1947     LOT 21E       
GRAHAM, Fred M. Spouse of Elizabeth  Born 1871 Died 1949     LOT 21E       
GRAHAM, Raymond   Born 1897 Died 1949      - Son of Fred & Elizabeth Graham LOT 21E       
GRAHAM, Ruth Spouse of Bob  Born 1918 Died 1960     LOT 21E       
GREEN, Allen R. Spouse of Caroline  Born 1921       LOT 34E       
GREEN, Caroline T. Spouse of Allen  Born 1914       LOT 34E       
GROVER, Child      Died 1904      - Child of Frank & Ena Grover, One date-assume dod? LOT 100W       
GROVER, Ena B.   Born 1882 Died 1911     LOT 100W       
GROVER, Frank L.   Born 1877 Died 1946     LOT 100W       
GUNN, Mrs. John  Spouse of John            - No data-Book record 1932         
HAGLE, Frances Spouse of T. Raymond  Born 1913       LOT 26E       
HAGLE, Myrtle L. Spouse of Theodore  Born 1876 Died 1956     LOT 26E       
HAGLE, T. Raymond Spouse of Frances  Born 1909 Died 1974      - Son of Theodore & Mrytle Hagle LOT 26E       
HAGLE, Theodore D. Spouse of Myrtle  Born 1870 Died 1942     LOT 26E       
HAIGHT, Ashley A.   Born 1826 Died 1852     LOT D68       
HAIGHT, Charles E.   Born 1832 Died 1894     LOT D70       
HAIGHT, George D.   Born 1843 Died 1862      - Vet-CW 72 NY Inf Reg Co E Pvt, killed in action LOT D67       
HAIGHT, Henry A.   Born 1799 Died 1845     LOT D66       
HAIGHT, John H. Spouse of Louisa  Born 7-01-1841 Died 4-08-1917      - Vet-CW 72 NY Inf Reg Co G d. Westfield NY LOT 108W       
HAIGHT, Louisa E. Spouse of John  Born 1842 Died 1932     LOT 108W       
HALCY, Leroy   Born 10-14-1899 Died 3-21-1956      - Vet-WWI LOT 21E       
HALE, Elizabeth Spouse of Horace     Died 10-22-1850 Age 65     - Dau of McBride  LOT E65-70       
HALE, Horace Spouse of Elizabeth M    Died 11-22-1852 Age 63     - Deacon LOT E65-70       
HALE, Horace Jr.     Died 7-10-1845 Age 24     - Son of Horace & Elizabeth (McBride?) Hale, Partially buried stone LOT E65-70       
HALE, Isaac     Died 8-09-1846 Age 22     - Son of Horace & Elizabeth (McBride?) Hale, Partially buried stone LOT E65-70       
HALE, Martha J.     Died 10-17-1851 Age 21     - Dau of Horace & Elizabeth (McBride?) Hale LOT E65-70       
HALL, A. B.            - Initials only on footstone, matches Alonzo W. Hall LOT R45       
HALL, Alma A.   Born 4-1846 Died 8-1846      - Dau of Hervey & Louise (Baird) Hall LOT 2W       
HALL, Alonzo W.     Died ??-??-1831      - date almost obliterated LOT R46       
HALL, D. H.            - Initials only on footstone, matches Alonzo W. Hall LOT R45       
HALL, Elizabeth B. Evans   Born 1829 Died 1912      - Wife #2 LOT 2W       
HALL, Frances L   Born 7-02-1840 Died 2-25-1853      - Dau of Hervey & Louise (Baird) Hall LOT 2W       
HALL, Hervey   Born 2-15-1812 Died 5-03-1899     LOT 2W       
HALL, Louisa L. Baird   Born 10-10-1810 Died 1-06-1871      - Wife #1 LOT 2W       
HANDY, Harvey L.   Born 1854 Died 1928     LOT 104W       
HANDY, Sabra A.   Born 1861 Died 1940     LOT 104W       
HARRIS, Albert Spouse of Harriette Born 1887 Died 1963     LOT 115W       
HARRIS, Bertha E. Spouse of Robert [#1?] Born 6-19-1895 Died 4-26-1976      - Wed 2nd Mays? LOT 128W       
HARRIS, Elizabeth Spouse of James  Born 1833 Died 1903     LOT 40W       
HARRIS, George   Born 4-17-1859 Died 5-28-1899      - Son of James & Elizabeth Harris LOT 40W       
HARRIS, Harriette O. Spouse of Albert Born 1887 Died 1963     LOT 115W       
HARRIS, Harry H. Spouse of Lany Born 1862 Died 1926     LOT 115W       
HARRIS, Ida Spouse of James  Born 1868 Died 2-06-1935 Age 66y9m25d   LOT 40W       
HARRIS, James Spouse of Ida Born 1852 Died 1944      - Son of James & Elizabeth Harris LOT 40W       
HARRIS, James Spouse of Elizabeth Born 1831 Died 1891     LOT 40W       
HARRIS, Lany B. Spouse of Harry Born 1866 Died 1935     LOT 115W       
HARRIS, Mrs. Edward Spouse of Edward            - No data, Book records 1902 paid by Edward HARRIS LOT Unk. Lot       
HARRIS, Robert J. Spouse of Bertha Born 4-14-1892 Died 3-06-1933     LOT 128W       
HARRIS, Thomas            - No data-Book records 1931         
HARRISON, Anna     Died 11-17-1862 Age 11y11m0d    - Dau of William Henry & Mary (Dickson) Harrison; Bd. with Websters LOT FG71-99       
HATCH, Ella M.   Born 1853 Died 2-05-1937 Age 83y6m15d   LOT 83W       
HATCH, George D.   Born 1873 Died 1934     LOT 127W       
HATCH, Jesse N.   Born 1881 Died 1912     LOT 83W       
HAVEN, Eliza Spouse of S. W.     Died 5-24-1863?      - Placement of stone indicates possibility of earlier death date-stone badly worn LOT A33       
HAWKER, Edward Ludwig   Born 12-31-1892 Died 10-12-1972      - Vet-WWI LOT 56E       
HAWKINS, Belle Spouse of Charles   Born 1873 Died 1940     LOT 85W       
HAWKINS, Charles Spouse of Belle Born 1874 Died 1960     LOT 85W       
HAWKINS, Harriet B. Spouse of Ross  Born 1905 Died 1967     LOT 85W       
HAWKINS, Infant     Died 1913      - One data--assume dod  LOT 85W       
HAWKINS, James W.     Died 1871 Age Infant    - Son of Bruce Hawkins LOT 85W       
HAWKINS, Jean E. Spouse of Norris C.   Born 1910 Died 1962     LOT 78W       
HAWKINS, John Charles     Died 1949 Age 3m    - One data--assume dod  LOT 85W       
HAWKINS, LaFern L.     Died 1-07-1981 Age 56    LOT 85W       
HAWKINS, Norris C. Spouse of Jean Born 1904 Died 1980      - bd. 1980 in Quincy, Riply NY LOT 78W       
HAWKINS, Ross L. Spouse of Harriet  Born 1901 Died 1962     LOT 85W       
HAYES, Neal David Spouse of Wanita Born 11-19-1928 Died 4-01-1977      - Vet-WWII US Navy LOT 89E       
HAYES, Wanita J. Spouse of Neal David   Born 1931       LOT 89E       
HAYNER, Anna M. Reid Spouse of Herman D.  Born 1882 Died 1971     LOT 114W       
HAYNER, Bernice     Died 10-11-1970 Age 61    LOT 114W       
HAYNER, Beulah S.   born 1-27-1914 died 7-3-2008 age 94  daughter of Herman & Anna Reid Hayner         
HAYNER, Edgar   Born 1861 Died 1940      - b. Mina NY LOT 112W       
HAYNER, Herman D. Spouse of Anna  Born 1885 Died 1946     LOT 114W       
HAYNER, Lizzie   Born 1858 Died 1928     LOT 112W       
HAYNER, Morris P.   Born 1899 Died 1973      - Son of Edgar & Lizzie Hayner LOT 112W       
HAYNER, Russell F.   Born 1928 Died 1932     LOT 114W       
HAYNES, Mary            - "Mrs.", No data, Bood record 1908         
HAZELTINE, Girl     Died 1925      - One data--assume dod          
HAZELTINE, Girl  [Beattrice]     Died 2-16-1922 Age 13    - d. Erie PA, One date--assume dod?         
HEBNER, Charles Spouse of Irene Born 1888 Died 1967     LOT 134W       
HEBNER, Irene Spouse of Charles Born 1895 Died 1966     LOT 134W       
HEBNER, James T. Spouse of Mary Born 1852 Died 1932     LOT 134W       
HEBNER, Mary E. Spouse of James Born 1862 Died 1960     LOT 134W       
HENNING, Adelbert Spouse of Irma Born 1888 Died 1951     LOT 123W       
HENNING, Charles Lewis Spouse of Ida Born 1858 Died 10-1937 Age 79y8m1d   LOT 74W       
HENNING, Donald A.            - No dates, Vet-WWII LOT 123W       
HENNING, Ida M. Spouse of Charles Born 1862 Died 1922     LOT 74W       
HENNING, Irma M. Spouse of Adelbert Born 1900 Died 1968     LOT 123W       
HENNING, Ross   Born 1929 Died 1930      - Son of Adelbert & Irma Henning, "Baby Ross" LOT 123W       
HERRICK, Frank J.     Died 3-10-1921 Age 49    - Book record LOT 94W       
HERRICK, Infant            - No dates LOT 94W       
HERRICK, Infant child     Died 1910      - One data--assume dod  LOT 94W       
HERRON, Chloe A. Spouse of Robert  Born 1850 Died 1921     LOT 111W       
HERRON, Robert W. Spouse of Chloe  Born 1847 Died 1924      - "By son, H.C. Herron" LOT 111W       
HEVENER, Sophia            - No data, Book record 1908 LOT 134W       
HEWITT, Ernest A. "Tex" companion of Marilyn Coe born 3-30-1938 died 4-8-2009 age 71  son of Edwin & Orrissa Hurst Hewitt-born in Donna, TX-US Army Veteran         
HEWITT, Orissa Spouse of Edwin   Born 3-23-1919 Died 4-11-1938      - Dau of Arthur & Florence (Waterman) Hurst; d. childbirth LOT Unk. Lot       
HICKS, Mother            - "Mother of Alsa", No dates         
HILL, Betsey Spouse of Eleazer    Died 9-1852? Age 76    - Badley worn stone LOT R4&5       
HILL, Eleazer Spouse of Betsey    Died 9-06-1856 Age 76    - From records as Hills LOT R4&5       
HITCHCOCK, Clementine Spouse of Harvey Sanderson     Died 9-04-1852      - Badley worn stone, Dau of Thompson LOT L21       
HITCHCOCK, Harvey Sanderson Spouse of Clementine Thompson [#1] Born 7-25-1812 Died 8-13-1893      - No data on stone, Son of Horace & Phebe (Johnson) Hitchcock; Wed #1 Clementine Thompson 4-15-1835; Wed #2 Sarah Baudelle 8-24-1853, d. Detroit MI, Reverand LOT L21       
HOAG, Edward C. Spouse of Harriet B  Born 1889 Died 1923     LOT 74W       
HOAG, Harriet Button Spouse of Edward C.   Born 1891 Died 1977     LOT 74W       
HOAG, Mother            - "Mother of John"          
HOAG, Mrs. John            - No data, Book record 1920         
HOAG, Richard B. spouse of Helen  born 8-12-1920 died 12-4-2002 age 82    - Son of Edward C. & Harriet (Button) Hoag an aeronautical engineer at Northrup         
HOAG, Robert C.   Born 1917 Died 1939      - Son of Edward C. & Harriet (Button) Hoag, "Cadet Robert C." LOT 74W       
HOAG, Russell   Born 1918 Died 1920      - Son of Edward C. & Harriet (Button) Hoag LOT 74W       
HOLBROOK, Selinda Spouse of G. B.     Died 11-17-1831 Age 39    LOT L43       
HOLDER, Geraldine J. Spouse of J. Norman   Born 1923       LOT 108E       
HOLDER, J. Norman Spouse of Geraldine Born 1917 Died 1973      - Reverand LOT 108E       
HONEYSETT, Edith M.   Born 1895 Died 1972     LOT 69W       
HONEYSETT, Frank   Born 1879 Died 1896     LOT 62W       
HONEYSETT, George Spouse of Kate  Born 1868 Died 1925     LOT 69W       
HONEYSETT, Kate  Spouse of George  Born 1872 Died 1951     LOT 69W       
HONEYSETT, Mother     Died 11-07-1901 Age 59     - "Mother" (of Frank?) LOT 62W       
HOOKER, Edwin D.   Born 1906 Died 1976     LOT 38E       
HOOKER, Gene R.   Born 1920       LOT 38E       
HOPKINS, Cornelia     Died 1-17-1854 Age 15y4m0d    - Dau of J. H. & Harriet Hopkins LOT N25       
HOPPER, James   Born 1842 Died 1878     LOT 40W       
HORNER, J. Edward Spouse of Sadie Born 1905 Died 1953     LOT 3E       
HORNER, Sadie M. Spouse of J. Edward Born 1912       LOT 3E       
HOUGH, Gertrude E.   Born 1908 Died 1933     LOT 45W       
HOW, Giles     Died 8-18-1825 Age 25    LOT F32       
HOWARD, Charles Edwin   Born 11-25-1896 Died 3-26-1954      - Vet-WWI LOT Unk. Lot       
HOWARD, Henry   Born 12-04-1816 Died 8-26-1852 Age 37    LOT E91       
HOWARD, Mary Ann Spouse of Samuel P.     Died 10-12-1842 Age 22    LOT L44       
HOWARD, Robert J.   Born 1917 Died 1979     LOT 71E       
HUBBELL, Alvin   Born 1884 Died 1903      - Son of E.A. & Loretta Hubbell LOT 31W       
HUBBELL, E. A. Spouse of Lorette Born 1847 Died 1909     LOT 31W       
HUBBELL, Lorette Spouse of E. A.  Born 1848 Died 1893             
HUBER, Grace     Died 11-23-1964 Age 68     - "Mrs." LOT 28W       
HULETT, Harriet E.   Born 1868 Died 1958     LOT 33E       
HULETT, Mark E.   Born 1850 Died 1948     LOT 33E       
HUNGERFORD, Allie     Died 1-04-1873 Age 15y10m0d    - Dau of J. P. & M. A. Hungerford LOT B58       
HUNGERFORD, Cass H.   Born 1896 Died 1867      - Son of Wellington J. & Elsie R. Hungerford LOT 34W       
HUNGERFORD, Elsie R. Spouse of Wellington J.   Born 1871 Died 1896      - Wife #1 LOT 34W       
HUNGERFORD, J.P.   Born 1828 Died 1900     LOT 34W       
HUNGERFORD, Jennie E. Spouse of R. V. Tucker Born 1854 Died 182     LOT 34W       
HUNGERFORD, Margaret            - "Mrs.", No data, Book record 1910 paid by W.J. Hungerford LOT 34W       
HUNGERFORD, Vira Tyler Spouse of Wellington J.   Born 1870 Died 1927      - Dau of Tyler?, Wife #2 LOT 34W       
HUNGERFORD, Wellington J. Spouse of Elsie  [#1] Born 1867 Died 1927     LOT 34W       
HUNT, Jennie A. Spouse of William    Died 4-26-1876 Age 88?y    - Age may be in error LOT 3W       
HUNT, Marvin      Died 11-12-1918      - Son of Charles Hunt, One date--assume dod? LOT 3W       
HUNT, Walter   Born 1903 Died 1974      - Son of Hunt, Temporary marker LOT 64E       
HUNT, William J. Spouse of Jennie          - No date - Book record 1909 LOT 3W       
HUNTER, Lincoln U.   Born 1865 Died 1929     LOT 97W       
HURST, Baby     Died 1925      - Child of Hurst, One date-assume dod?         
JACKSON, Carlis R. Jr.   Born 1959 Died 1968      - Son of Carlis R. Jackson LOT 45E       
JACKSON, Edmund L.   Born 8-12-1808 Died 10-18-1880     LOT H95-100       
JACKSON, Eliza Spouse of James     Died 12-30-1827 Age ?   LOT I26       
JACKSON, Harry     Died 6-07-1849 Age 56     - Cabinet maker; d. apoplexy LOT L25       
JACKSON, Unknown            - Part of an old broken stone -- possibly James Jackson? LOT L27       
JAQUITH, Blanche L. Spouse of Burton Born 1898       LOT 108E       
JAQUITH, Burton C. Spouse of Blance Born 1896 Died 1972     LOT 108E       
JOHNSON, Elizabeth            - Dau of Johnson, "Miss", No dates--Book record 1912         
JOHNSON, Esther C.   Born 1918       LOT 32W       
JOHNSON, Lulu P.   Born 1890       LOT 32W       
JOHNSON, Thomas W.   Born 1893 Died 1972     LOT 32W       
JOHNSTON, Olive H. Spouse of John Jr.   Died 4-19-1851 Age 29     - Dau of Hale?, On Hale lot LOT E69       
JONES, Abbie            - No dates--Book record 1920         
JONES, Alsa E. Spouse of Sylvester  Born 1839 Died 1913     LOT 81W       
JONES, Cora B. Spouse of Warren  Born 1867 Died 1942     LOT 65W       
JONES, Daniel Spouse of Huldah   Died 4-27-1865      - Vet-1812 Pvt NY Militia Hopkins Reg LOT J84&85       
JONES, Eliza Spouse of Milton   Born 1-17-1810 Died 5-05-1879     LOT H95-100       
JONES, Father            - Footstone on Jackson/Jones Lot LOT H95-100       
JONES, Huldah Spouse of Daniel     Died 9-29-1851 Age 65    LOT J84&85       
JONES, Infant            - Child of Sylvester & Alsa Jones LOT 91W       
JONES, Milton Spouse of Eliza Born 9-12-1801 Died 7-07-1884     LOT H95-100       
JONES, Mother Spouse of JONES          - Footstone on Jackson/Jones Lot LOT H95-100       
JONES, Sylvester Spouse of Alsa? Born 1826 Died 1900     LOT 81W       
JONES, Teresa H. Spouse of Warren  Born 1895       LOT 65W       
JONES, Viola M.   Born 1865 Died 1953      - Dau of Sylvester & Alsa Jones LOT 81W       
JONES, Warren F. Spouse of Cora? Born 1855 Died 1925     LOT 65W       
JONES, Warren H. Spouse of Teresa  Born 1894        - Son of Warren & Cora Jones LOT 65W       
JUDA, Joseph   Born 1897 Died 1954      - Temporary marker LOT 43E       
KANESS, Clyde R.     Died 10-16-1959 Age 43y11m16d    - Vet LOT 72W       
KEITH, Earl F.   Born 1890 Died 1891      - Son of Keith, **Matching stones LOT 32W       
KEITH, James E.   Born 1855 Died 1895      - Son of Keith, **Matching stones LOT 32W       
KEITH, Orson Spouse of Philet Born 1830 Died 1904      - Son of Keith, **Matching stones LOT 32W       
KEITH, Philet Spouse of Orson Born 1832 Died 1894      - **Matching stones LOT 32W       
KENDALL, Mary Spouse of Hazzard    Died 2-25-1838 Age 22    LOT N37       
KENNEDY, Dora E. Spouse of Richard  Born 1903       LOT 75W       
KENNEDY, Mary A. Spouse of Richard W.   Born 1865 Died 1941      - Kennedy/Falvay monument LOT 75W       
KENNEDY, Richard W. Spouse of Mary Born 1858 Died 1926     LOT 75W       
KENNEDY, Richard W. Jr. Spouse of Dora  Born 1893 Died 1969      - Son of Richard W. & Mary Kennedy Sr. LOT 75W       
KERR, Catherine Spouse of John     Died 8-01-1836 Age 66    LOT N35       
KERR, Robert     Died 12-08-1854 Age 66y8m0d   LOT N33       
KERR, William     Died 6-21-1854 Age 29y3m0d   LOT N34       
KILBANE, Charles E. Spouse of Jessie Born 1885 Died 1962     LOT 3E       
KILBANE, Jessie M. Spouse of Charles Born 1903 Died 1966     LOT 3E       
KIMBEL, Amy Nicole     Died 2-24-1975 Age 2m    - Dau of Kimbel         
KING, Emory C.     Died 2-02-1980 Age 85     - Flag & wreath temp marker LOT 131W       
KING, Josephine F. Spouse of Winfield  Born 1870 Died 1948     LOT 131W       
KING, Winfield Spouse of Josephine  Born 1864 Died 1903      - Paid by George Garrison LOT 131W       
KINGSLEY, James Kinglsey Spouse of Phebe   Died 4-05-1851 Age 87y3m24d   LOT M84&85       
KINGSLEY, Phebe Spouse of James    Died 2-12-1855 Age 78y10m21d   LOT M84&85       
KINNEAR, Freddie M.     Died 9-30-1868 Age 1y6m6d    - Son of W. W. & L. R. Kinnear LOT E98       
KINNEAR, Lydia Spouse of W. W. Kinnear Born 1845 Died 1921     LOT 87W       
KINNEAR, Sophia     Died 6-05-1870 Age 5y5m2d    - Dau of W. W. & L. R. (?) Kinnear LOT E98       
KINNEAR, W. W. Spouse of Lydia Born 1840 Died 1911     LOT 87W       
KNAPP, Ann Spouse of John    Died 5-17-1882 Age 83    LOT N22       
KNAPP, Elizabeth     Died 1-03-1855 Age 25     - Dau of John & Ann Knapp LOT N22       
KNAPP, John Spouse of Ann   Died 11-29-1849 Age 57y    - Son of Knapp, foreigner/stocking maker, d. chronic inflammation LOT N22       
KNAPP, Mary     Died 11-29-1859 Age 23     - Dau of John & Ann Knapp LOT N22       
KOLPEIN, ---------            - Father, Mother , and Grandmother  LOT 35W       
KOLPEIN, Augustus   Born 3-29-1879 Died 12-12-1889      - Son of Frank & Dora Kolpein LOT 35W       
KOLPEIN, Charles J. Spouse of Ella Born 1870 Died 1940     LOT 36W       
KOLPEIN, Dora M. Spouse of Frank   Born 8-30-1843 Died 7-27-1927     LOT 35W       
KOLPEIN, Edith M. Spouse of William Born 1874 Died 1931     LOT 36W       
KOLPEIN, Ella M Spouse of Charles Born 1870 Died 1944     LOT 36W       
KOLPEIN, Frank Spouse of Dora Born 4-09-1837 Died 1-21-1892     LOT 35W       
KOLPEIN, Freidrich   Born 8-18-1813 Died 10-20-1887      - M____die Frau, Written in german LOT 35W       
KOLPEIN, George            - No data  LOT 35W       
KOLPEIN, Jeanie N. Spouse of Lewis  Born 1879 Died 1960     LOT 78W       
KOLPEIN, John Lahl            - No data  LOT 35W       
KOLPEIN, Lewis W. Spouse of Jeanie? Born 1874 Died 1969     LOT 78W       
KOLPEIN, Von Fritz   Born 11-23-1817 Died 10-20-1887      - Written in german LOT 35W       
KOLPEIN, William J. Spouse of Edith Born 1876 Died 1949     LOT 36W       
KOLPEIN, Willis Eddy   Born 1912 Died 1913     LOT 36W       
KOLPIEN, James spouse of Jean F. Nichols born 02-11-1945 died 1-23-2013    son of Herbert Bly & Mabel Lamphert Kolpien-married 6-13-1970         
KOMAN, Frank D.     Died 1980      - Twin, One date--assume dod? LOT 82N       
KOMAN, Kandy L.      Died 1980      - Twin, One date--assume dod? LOT 82N       
KORWIN, Grace H.   Born 1879 Died 1947     LOT 69W       
LAHL, Mrs.            - No dates--Bood record 1904, "Grandmother of Kolpein" LOT 36W       
LANPHERE, Dolla M. Spouse of Elwood   Born 1907 Died 1972     LOT 93W       
LANPHERE, Elwood Spouse of Dolla Born 1915        - Son of Floyd & Helen L. (Farnham) Lanphere LOT 93W       
LANPHERE, Floyd Spouse of Helen L. FARHNAM Born 1892 Died 1976     LOT 93W       
LANPHERE, George Spouse of Velora Born 1871 Died 1944     LOT 128W       
LANPHERE, Gloria Jean Spouse of Gary  Born 1951 Died 1970     LOT 128W       
LANPHERE, Harvey Lee Jr.   Born 1927 Died 1946      - Son of Harvey Lee Lanphere Sr. LOT 128W       
LANPHERE, Harvey Lee Sr.     Died 1-24-1967 Age 63    LOT 128W       
LANPHERE, Helen L. Spouse of Floyd   Born 1891 Died 1915      - Dau of Archelaus Kenney &  Lura E. (Kelley) Farnham LOT 93W       
LANPHERE, Howard V. Spouse of Sarah  Born 1858 Died 1937 Age 78y11m5d   LOT 93W       
LANPHERE, Madeline A. Spouse of Norman V.   Born 1918 Died 1981     LOT 93W       
LANPHERE, Norman V. Spouse of Madeline Born 1909       LOT 93W       
LANPHERE, Sarah J. Spouse of Howard V.  Born 1869 Died 1954     LOT 93W       
LANPHERE, Velora Spouse of George  Born 1872 Died 1932     LOT 128W       
LAWRENCE, Luther R.     Died 5-21-1831 Age 33y5m11d    - Son of Lawrence, Stone badly worn LOT P15       
LEAMER, Dale E.   Born 1959 Died 1966      - Son of Quintley & Louise Leamer LOT 56E       
LEWIS,  Bertha B. Spouse of Russel P.   Born 1896       LOT 27E       
LEWIS, Baby            - John C. & Baby, no dates LOT 10&11       
LEWIS, David            - No dates--Book records 1914 paid by Mrs. David Lewis LOT 27E       
LEWIS, Edgar R.   Born 1920 Died 1965     LOT 27E       
LEWIS, John C.            - John C. & Baby, no dates LOT 10&11       
LEWIS, Russell P. Spouse of Bertha  Born 1893 Died 1965     LOT 27E       
LIEBLER, Julia Spouse of C. M.  Born 1870 Died 1892     LOT 17W       
LIGHT, Amos C. Spouse of Susan  Born 1823 Died 1897     LOT 54W       
LIGHT, Maude W. Spouse of Raymond  Born 1897       LOT 54W       
LIGHT, Raymond F. Spouse of Maude? Born 1893       LOT 54W       
LIGHT, Roy G.   Born 1887 Died 1965     LOT 54W       
LIGHT, Sarah J. Spouse of William  Born 1859 Died 1933     LOT 54W       
LIGHT, Susan M. Spouse of Amos  Born 1823 Died 1904     LOT 54W       
LIGHT, William W. Spouse of Sarah? Born 1851 Died 1926     LOT 54W       
LINDSTROM, Grant Delbert spouse of Donna Mae VanEvery born 11-16-1934 died 09-07-2009 age 74  son of Axel & Lolo Chelton Lindstrom         
LOLL, Regina A. Spouse of Wilbur   Born 1922 Died 1975     LOT 71E       
LOLL, Wilbur no data Spouse of Regina         LOT 71E       
LOMBARD, Catherine M. Osterman Spouse of T. Dwight   Born 6-03-1843 Died 6?-22-1912      - Dau of Osterman  LOT 9W       
LOMBARD, Daniel  Spouse of Nancy   Died 9-10-1884 Age 89y11m0d   LOT 9W       
LOMBARD, Helen M. Hall Spouse of Lucius   Born 1837 Died 1890     LOT 9W       
LOMBARD, Lucius Spouse of Helen M. HALL Born 1831 Died 1908      - Son of Daniel & Nancy Lombard LOT 9W       
LOMBARD, Nancy Spouse of Daniel     Died 4-06-1875 Age 74y10m0d   LOT 9W       
LOMBARD, T. Dwight Spouse of Catherine M. OSTERMAN Born 1-14-1835 Died 4-17-1916      - Son of Daniel & Nancy Lombard LOT 9W       
LOOMIS, Catherine Spouse of Lester     Died 2-17-1836 Age 33y3m3d    - Dau of Hopkins? LOT I23or28       
LOOMIS, Daughter       Age Infant    - Dau of Cyrus & Hannah (Beard) Loomis, No dates LOT H47       
LOOMIS, Ira Spouse of Lucy DUSTIN [#1]   Died 4-10-1882 Age 77y10m27d    - Wed twice? LOT K38       
LOOMIS, Jedediah Spouse of Margaret COCHRANE Born 5-01-1806 Died 5-17-1883      - b. North East PA, d. Westfield NY LOT L76       
LOOMIS, Joel Spouse of Susannah BEARD   Died 4-15-1851 Age 78     - Deacon, d. North East PA LOT L78       
LOOMIS, John Spouse of Naomi   Died 3-02-1857 Age 65y5m15d   LOT M95-100       
LOOMIS, L. L.            - Initials only-on footstone LOT H48       
LOOMIS, Lucy Spouse of Ira    Died 5-11-1842 Age 38y10m0d    - Dau of Dustin, Wife #1 LOT K38       
LOOMIS, Lucy Ann Spouse of Ira     Died 4-21-1851 Age 44     - Wife #2, Wed #1 French LOT K38       
LOOMIS, Margaret Cochrane Spouse of Jedediah  Born 12-23-1809 Died 11-01-1881      - d. Wesfield NY LOT L77       
LOOMIS, Naomi Spouse of John   Born 11-27-1810 Died 8-27-1875     LOT M95-100       
LOOMIS, Olive      Died 7-22-1828 Age 22    LOT L30       
LOOMIS, Oliver      Died 3-04-1848 Age 76    LOT L31       
LOOMIS, Sarah S. Spouse of Walter    Died 2-18-1837 Age 35     - Dau of Rickey LOT L36       
LOOMIS, Son       Age Infant    - Son of Cyrus & Hannah (Beard) Loomis, No dates LOT H47       
LOOMIS, Susannah Spouse of Joel     Died 5-27-1849 Age 69     - Dau of Beard LOT L79       
LUDLOW, Francis     Died 5-03-1836 Age 60     - Son of Ludlow, Stone very worn LOT N6       
LULL, Ellen V. Spouse of William  Born 1850 Died 1933     LOT 79W       
LULL, Eugene W.   Born 1873 Died 1955      - Son of William & Ellen Lull LOT 79W       
LULL, William Spouse of Ellen  Born 1-4-1844 Died 1-30-1922      - Vet-CW 154th NY Inf Hardtack Reg Co F Pvt Cpl LOT 79W       
LUPIAN, Larry Harris     Died 12-26-1937 Age 73y6m9d           
MAGINNIS -- See MAGINNIS-MANN                   
MAGINNIS, Bessie   Born 1900       LOT 44E       
MAGINNIS, Donald H.   Born 1907 Died 1960     LOT 44E       
MAGINNIS, George E.     Died 9-21-1856 Age 16     - bd. with Ely family LOT EorF70       
MAGINNIS, Henry J. Spouse of Ella Born 1847 Died 1913     LOT 47W       
MAGINNIS, Myrtle   Born 1885 Died 1905     LOT 67W       
MAGINNIS-MANN, Phebe            - Name only-carved on old stone         
MANN -- See MAGINNIS-MANN                   
MANNING, Bernard E.   Born 6-11-1880 Died 8-27-1949      - Vet LOT 33E       
MANNING, Vera   Born 9-26-1908 Died 4-28-1965     LOT 25E       
MARTIN, Eleanor     Died 2-15-1843or 1813 Age 73y6m9d    - Bd. on Cochran lot LOT H75       
MARVIN, Dudley Spouse of Mary WHALLEY Born 1786 Died 1852     LOT G58       
MARVIN, Mary Whalley Spouse of Dudley  Born 1792 Died 1876     LOT G58       
MARVIN, Susan H.     Died 8-22-1834 Age 19     - Dau of Elihu & Anne Marvin LOT G58       
MASON, Hannah Spouse of Samson     Died 3-04-1833 Age 63y8m27d   LOT G47       
MASON, Louisa Almeda     Died 11-14-1817or 1848 Age 9y2m19d    - Dau of Norman & Sarah (?) Mason LOT G48       
MATHEWSON, Father     Died 1903      - Father of Fred", One date--assume dod? LOT 117W       
MATHEWSON, Fred Spouse of Mary Born 1865 Died 1954     LOT 117W       
MATHEWSON, James H. Spouse of Mary Born 1875 Died 1934     LOT 117W       
MATHEWSON, Mary Spouse of Fred  Born 1868 Died 1924     LOT 117W       
MATHEWSON, Mary L. Volker Spouse of Fred Born 1883       LOT 117W       
MAWHORR, Frank E.   Born 1886 Died 1941     LOT 32E       
McBRIDE, Ella Waters   Born 1884 Died 1970      - Bd. with Waters LOT 113W       
McCLELLAND, Charlee   Born 9-05-1978 Died 1-22-1979      - Child of McClelland, Name as spelled LOT 82E       
McCOURT, Sena Spouse of James    Died 4-30-1888 Age 68    LOT M92       
McCRAY, Rose Emily   Born 1883 Died 1906      - "Mrs." LOT 128W       
McCUTCHEON, Alfred S.   Born 1894 Died 1900      - Son of Frank & Anna McCutcheon LOT 96W       
McCUTCHEON, Anna B. Spouse of Frank  Born 1872 Died 1955     LOT 96W       
McCUTCHEON, Florence L. Spouse of Frank  Born 1896 Died 1976     LOT 61E       
McCUTCHEON, Frank A. Spouse of Anna? Born 1867 Died 1916     LOT 96W       
McCUTCHEON, Frank A. Jr. Spouse of Florence? Born 1897 Died 1962     LOT 61E       
McCUTCHEON, Genevieve R. Spouse of Ralph W.  Born 1899       LOT 10E       
McCUTCHEON, George   Born 1895 Died 1955      - Son of Frank & Anna McCutcheon LOT 96W       
McCUTCHEON, Ralph W. Spouse of Genevieve Born 1896 Died 1969     LOT 10E       
McDONALD, Nellie Spouse of William Born 1876 Died 1959     LOT 39E       
McDONALD, William Spouse of Nellie Born 1866 Died 1946     LOT 39E       
McGUAY, Child     Died 1916      - Child of Jesse & Dollie McGuay, One date--assume dod? LOT 125W       
McGUAY, Dollie Spouse of Jesse  Born 1886 Died 1913     LOT 125W       
McGUAY, Jesse Spouse of Dollie Born 1869 Died 1918     LOT 125W       
McHENRY, Elizabeth Spouse of John     Died 8-20-1858 Age 52y9m9d   LOT H14       
McHENRY, Lydia wife of Alex Spouse of Alex     Died 10-27-1844 Age 38      - Bd. with Royce family LOT D59       
McHENRY, Mary  Spouse of Alex     Died 10-21-1861 Age 51    LOT P85       
McHENRY, Walter E.     Died 3-16-1883 Age 91y10m16d   LOT D58       
McLEAN, Hazel Secord   Born 1887 Died 1903      - Dau of Secord, Bd. with Secord's LOT 41W       
McNEILL, Laughlin Spouse of Rebecca   Died 2-20-1813 Age 65y5m15d   LOT F9       
McNEILL, Rebecca Spouse of Laughlin     Died 4-08-1841 Age 82    LOT F9       
McNEILL, Son     Died 4-27-1813 Age 27     - Son of Laughlin & Rebecca McNeill LOT F9       
McPHERSON, A. P. M.            - Initial only-recarved on old stone LOT M23       
McPHERSON, Mary   Born 1849 Died 1895      - Dau of Loren & Sarah Shattuck, bd. with Shattuck family LOT B85       
MEREDITH, Jessie     Died 6-04-1969 Age 95   LOT 10W       
MILKS, Harriet     Died 9-21-1884 Age 91     - Dau of Hall?--same marker as Hall LOT 2W       
MILLER, Kenneth E.   Born 4-04-1907 Died 8-21-1976     LOT 14E       
MILLER, Lillian O.   Born 1900 Died 1977     LOT 37E       
MINIGER, A. M. Spouse of Martha Born 1840 Died 1901     LOT Lots5&6       
MINIGER, Clementine M. Spouse of S. O.   Born 1850 Died 1874     LOT Lots5&6       
MINIGER, Ella R.   Born 1873 Died 1874      - Dau of A. M. & Martha Miniger LOT Lots5&6       
MINIGER, Ellen Martha   Born 1844 Died 1851      - Dau of Orville & Mary Jane Miniger LOT Lots5&6       
MINIGER, George W. Spouse of Lizzie   Died 1-19-1938 Age 67y11m10d   LOT Lots5&6       
MINIGER, Josephine   Born 1856 Died 1901      - Dau of Orville & Mary Jane Miniger LOT Lots5&6       
MINIGER, Lizzie K. Spouse of George W.  Born 1871 Died 5-19-1938 Age 67y3m2d   LOT Lots5&6       
MINIGER, Martha A. Spouse of A. M.   Born 1837 Died 1910     LOT Lots5&6       
MINIGER, Mary Ella   Born 1852 Died 1863      - Dau of Orville & Mary Jane Miniger LOT Lots5&6       
MINIGER, Mary Jane Spouse of Orville   Born 1816 Died 1903     LOT Lots5&6       
MINIGER, Orville Spouse of Mary Jane Born 1813 Died 1892     LOT Lots5&6       
MINIGER, S. O. Spouse of Clementine Born 1842       LOT Lots5&6       
MOORE, Alpheus Spouse of Betsey  [#1] Born 1810 Died 1896      - Wed twice? LOT PR50-55       
MOORE, Betsey B. Spouse of Alpheus   Born 1812 Died 1856      - Wife #1 LOT PR50-55       
MOORE, Margaret J.     Died 5-07-1882 Age 57            
MOORE, Marvin N.   Born 1849 Died 1858      - Son of Alpheus & Betsey Moore LOT PR50-55       
MOORE, Mary C.   Born 1846 Died 1847      - Dau of Alpheus & Betsey Moore LOT PR50-55       
MOORE, Rachel C. Spouse of Alpheus   Born 1816 Died 1904      - Wife #2  LOT PR50-55       
MOORE, Son       Age Infant    - Son of J. F. & C. A. Moore, No dates         
MOREHOUSE, Annie F.   Born 1885 Died 1886      - Dau of T. A. Morehouse LOT 95W       
MOREHOUSE, Charles A.   Born 1891 Died 1918      - Vet-WWI LOT 95W       
MOREHOUSE, Charles Kirkwood   Born 1885 Died 1886      - Son of Morehouse, bd. Lisbon ND LOT 95W       
MOREHOUSE, Charles L.   Born 1919       LOT 32W       
MOREHOUSE, Donald J.     Died 9-30-1972 Age 55    LOT 40E       
MOREHOUSE, Fred Spouse of Eva Born 1890 Died 1923      - Paid by wife Eva LOT 95W       
MOREHOUSE, Frederick Spouse of Martha STOWE Born 8-07-1855 Died 7-18-1932     LOT 95W       
MOREHOUSE, Harold F.   Born 6-13-1912 Died 3-19-1974      - Vet-WWII LOT 32W       
MOREHOUSE, Marion F.   Born 1915 Died 1969     LOT 32W       
MOREHOUSE, Martha Stowe Spouse of Frederick   Born 12-02-1859 Died 3-27-1932     LOT 95W       
MOREHOUSE, Ormond S.   Born 1887 Died 1958     LOT 95W       
MOREHOUSE, Pearl     Died 1916 Age Baby    - One data--assume dod  LOT 95W       
MORGAN, Elizabeth Spouse of Jabez     Died 5-05-1858 Age 29y9m12d   LOT G92       
MORGAN, Marium Spouse of Jabez     Died 1-28-1857 Age 31     - Dau of Winter, Name only the 1st name above ground LOT G91       
MORRIS, Helen     Died 1928      - One data--assume dod  LOT 8W       
MORRIS, J. F.     Died 10-10-1859 Age 4y11m0d    - Son of John & Laura Morris LOT 8W       
MORRIS, John B. Spouse of Laura   Died 8-25-1881 Age 66    LOT 8W       
MORRIS, Laura H. Spouse of John B.     Died 5-20-1875 Age 51    LOT 8W       
MORSE, Artemus Spouse of Mary Born 1754 Died 1837      - Vet-RW LOT N42       
MORSE, Benjamin F.     Died 6-20-1850 Age 19y6m1d    - Son of Joseph & Sibbel (?) Morse LOT R44       
MORSE, Ellen D. Spouse of George   Born 4-06-1823 Died 5-24-1907      - Most of stone buried LOT D88       
MORSE, George            - No data--Book record 1908 LOT 45E       
MORSE, Henry H.     Died 7-28-1841 Age 22y2m17d    - Vet-RW LOT MN59       
MORSE, Joel D.     Died 3-04-1848 Age 19y6m1d    - Son of Joseph & Sibbel (?) Morse LOT R43       
MORSE, Lester H. Spouse of Lester  Born 1888 Died 1969      - Morse burial pd. by George Morse 1907 LOT 45E       
MORSE, Lydia Spouse of William     Died 2-23-1865 Age 77    LOT MN58       
MORSE, Mae L. Spouse of Mae? Born 1890 Died 1960      - Morse burial pd. by George Morse LOT 45E       
MORSE, Mary Spouse of Artemus   Born 1760 Died 1845      - Dau of Johnson? LOT N42       
MORSE, Mildred C. "Millie"   born 06-04-1930 died 10-01-2009 age 79  daughter of Lester & Mae Baker Morse         
MOYER, DeForrest   Born 1889 Died 1960      - Son of Joans & Elizabeth Moyer, Vet LOT 94W       
MOYER, Elizabeth Spouse of Joans  Born 9-14-1864 Died 6-13-1907     LOT 94W       
MOYER, Joans Spouse of Elizabeth Born 11-20-1864 Died 5-05-1932     LOT 94W       
MURPHY, Albert     Died 1-19-1840 Age 8m27d    - Son of George & Rachel Murphy         
MYRICK, Stella M.   Born 1868 Died 1947     LOT 25E       
NEWELL, Clyde R. Spouse of Vera Born 1887 Died 1975     LOT 110W       
NEWELL, Edward H. Spouse of Effie Born 1860 Died 1937     LOT 110W       
NEWELL, Effie R. Spouse of Edward Born 1865 Died 1941     LOT 110W       
NEWELL, Mother            - No marker/data-Book record 1922 "Mother of Mr. Newell" LOT 110W       
NEWELL, Vera W. Spouse of Clyde Born 1904       LOT 110W       
NEWLOVE -- See BIDWELL-NEWLOVE                   
NEWLOVE, Eunice E. Spouse of John W.   Born 5-15-1855 Died 5-31-1900     LOT 78W       
NEWLOVE, Jane Spouse of Rober J.   Born 1852 Died 1934     LOT 78W       
NEWLOVE, John W. Spouse of Eunice Born 12-13-1853 Died 7-19-1936     LOT 78W       
NEWLOVE, Robert J. Spouse of Jane Born 1884 Died 1923      - Son of John & Eunice Newell LOT 78W       
NEWLOVE, Sister            - Dau of John & Eunice Newell, Sister of Thomas J. LOT 78W       
NEWLOVE, Thomas J.   Born 1881 Died 1923      - Son of John & Eunice Newell LOT 78W       
NICHOLS, Brayton L. Spouse of Pauline HEYL Born 1863 Died 1920     LOT KL90-100       
NICHOLS, Clarissa Dickson Spouse of DeAzro   Born 1830 Died 1904     LOT KL90-100       
NICHOLS, DeAzro Spouse of Clarissa DICKSON Born 1828 Died 1910     LOT KL90-100       
NICHOLS, Elizabeth -- See FURMAN                   
NICHOLS, Fanny L. Spouse of Orvis     Died 9-28-1869 Age 70    LOT K83       
NICHOLS, H. B.     Died 6-13-1858 Age 29     - Lost on the steamer "Pennsylvania" (see Shipwrecks on Chautauqua Shores) LOT KL90-100       
NICHOLS, Harriet M. Spouse of Olney    Died 6-05-1829 Age 29    LOT G51       
NICHOLS, Harriet N. Spouse of S. N.   Born 7-30-1829 Died 11-29-1853      - Dau of Samuel & Sarah Dean LOT KI61-70       
NICHOLS, Henry L.     Died 6-14-1863 Age 30y11m0d    - d. Port Hudson LA LOT KL90-100       
NICHOLS, Jonathan Spouse of Phebe Born 7-25-1754 Died 4-26-1842 Age 88     - Vet-RW 6 NH Mil, b. Bolton MA, Gr. in Lower Ripley Cem., DAR marker, Children were: Lorrel, Olney, Orvis, Achsah, Wiseman,Chloe, Jonathan, Lucinda LOT M34       
NICHOLS, Joseph Cass      Died 10-05-1837 Age 1y8m6d    - Son of Wiseman & Favilla NICHOLS LOT G26       
NICHOLS, Olney Spouse of Harriet   Died 3-13-1867 Age 71y7m0d    - Son of Jonathan & Phebe Nichols LOT G51       
NICHOLS, Orvis Spouse of Fanny   Died 10-31-1865 Age 61y1m8d    - Son of Jonathan & Phebe Nichols, d. Beardstown IL LOT K83       
NICHOLS, Pauline Heyl Spouse of Brayton L.   Born 1866 Died 1956     LOT KL90-100       
NICHOLS, Phebe Spouse of Jonathan     Died 11-08-1844 Age 77    LOT M35       
NIVER, Wife Spouse of C. H.            - No dates--Book record 1912         
NORTHAM, Ebenezer Spouse of Rachel BASCOM   Died 8-12-1837 Age 76     - Captain LOT N14&15       
NORTHAM, Rachel  Spouse of Ebenezer     Died 7-29-1847 Age 89    LOT N14&15       
NORTHAM, Unknown     Died 11-22-1868 Age 31y11m8d    - Could be Merritt or Truitt Mid initial E or L  LOT E85       
NORTHROP, Anna H. Spouse of Earl E. Born 1887 Died 1950     LOT 40E       
NORTHROP, Earl E. Spouse of Anna Born 1885       LOT 40E       
NORTHROP, Ethel B. Spouse of Howard S.  born 10-13-1914 died 2-18-2000 age 85    - daughter of Harold W. and Maud Loll Barden. LOT 79W       
NORTHROP, Howard Spouse of Ethel B. Born 1906 Died 1977      - Temporary marker LOT 79W       
NORTHROP, Jessie   Born 1873 Died 1969     LOT 20W       
NORTHROP, Julia H. Spouse of OrinT.  Born 1882 Died 1965     LOT 20W       
NORTHROP, Mother     Died 1927      - One data--assume dod  LOT 20W       
NORTHROP, Orin T. Spouse of Julia Born 1877 Died 1950      - Son of Walter Northrop LOT 20W       
NORTHROP, Walter   Born 1844 Died 1917     LOT 20W       
NORTHROP, Woodrow H.   Born 1918 Died 1974      - Son of Orin T. & Julia H. Northrop LOT 20W       
NORTON, Elizabeth       Age 15     - No dates--only ages LOT 44W       
NORTON, Emily S.       Age 14     - No dates--only ages LOT 44W       
NORTON, Father       Age 55     - No dates--only ages LOT 44W       
NORTON, Jerome       Age 41     - No dates--only ages LOT 44W       
NORTON, Mother        Age 76     - No dates--only ages LOT 44W       
NORTON, Stephen       Age 31     - No dates--only ages LOT 44W       
NORTON, Thomas O.       Age 24     - No dates--only ages LOT 44W       
NORTON, Tommy       Age 8     - No dates--only ages LOT 44W       
NORTON, William       Age 28     - No dates--only ages LOT 44W       
ORTON, Henry M.     Died 8-30-1842 Age 5m    - Son of Rev. G. Orton LOT J67       
ORTON, Lydia     Died 10-10-1852 Age 84     - Mother of Rev. G. Orton LOT J69       
PABODY, Adda Page   Born 1869 Died 1959     LOT 105W       
PABODY, Clara Spouse of E. F.  Born 1818 Died 1902     LOT 42W       
PABODY, Clara B.   Born 1888 Died 1905      - Dau of Loren & Minnie Pabody LOT 105W       
PABODY, E. F Spouse of Elmira & Clara Born 1818 Died 1893      - Wed twice? LOT 42W       
PABODY, Elmira Spouse of E. F.  Born 1824 Died 1877     LOT 42W       
PABODY, Harry W.     Died 7-30-187?      - Son of R. G. & M. A. Pabody, One date--assume dod?, Check date LOT 42W       
PABODY, Loren Spouse of Minnie Born 1856 Died 1913     LOT 105W       
PABODY, Minnie Spouse of Loren  Born 1854 Died 1901     LOT 105W       
PABODY, William A.      Died 1880 Age 2m19d    - Son of R. G. Pabody LOT 42W       
PADEN, Fenton   Born 1911 Died 1964     LOT 66W       
PALMER, Martin W.   Born 3-25-1892 Died 12-09-1959      - Vet-WWI LOT 2E       
PARK, Erma M. Spouse of Morris L.   Born 1910       LOT 77E       
PARK, Morris L . Spouse of Erma  Born 1906 Died 1976     LOT 77E       
PARKER, Chester   Born 1893 Died 1894      - Son of Horace & Gertrude Parker LOT 39W       
PARKER, Gertrude H. Spouse of Horace D.  Born 1866 Died 1923      - "Mother" LOT 39W       
PARKER, Horace C. Spouse of Gertrude Born 1866 Died 1952      - Father" LOT 39W       
PARKER, Howard   Born 1892 Died 1896      - Son of Horace & Gertrude Parker LOT 39W       
PARKER, Mrs. H. C.            - No data-Book record 1928 LOT 39W       
PARKER, Mrs. S.     Died 1908      - One data--assume dod  LOT 39W       
PARKS, Harriet E.   Born 1837 Died 1921     LOT R57       
PARKS, Hattie     Died 1921      - One data--assume dod          
PEABODY, August Stephen Spouse of Martha Born 1845 Died 1922      - Son of Ezra Fitch & Elmira (Dickson) Peabody, b. East Erie Co. PA LOT 68W       
PEABODY, Charles F.   Born 1877 Died 1897      - Son of August & Elmira Peabody LOT 68W       
PEABODY, Martha E. Spouse of August Stephen PEABODY Born 1844 Died 1914     LOT 68W       
PECK, Alfred H.   Born 2-18-1895 Died 4-21-1975      - Vet-WWI LOT 123W       
PECK, Blossom,   Born 1905 Died 1937     LOT 123W       
PECK, Child     Died 1929      - Child of Robert Peck, One date--assume dod? LOT 123W       
PECK, Ethel    Born 1927 Died 1929     LOT 123W       
PECK, Gideon Spouse of Phebe WILKINSON   Died 11-18-1817 Age 72y10m13d   LOT F40&41       
PECK, Isabella     Died 1-24-1840 Age 4     - Dau of Edward & Cornelia E. Peck, Right side of double marker         
PECK, Mary A.     Died 1-24-1840 Age 8     - Dau of Edward & Mary A. (Richmond) Peck, Left side of double marker LOT F40&41       
PERKINS, William H.     Died 1912      - Vet-CW 88 PA L.A. Co C LOT 14W       
PERRY, Jane Siggins   Born 1826 Died 1905      - Dau of John & Nancy Siggins, bd. with Siggins LOT 43W       
PERRY, Lee H.     Died 10-19-1860 Age 31or34y1m19d    - Son of Perry, Stone broken and separated LOT N98-100       
PERRY, Minerva Spouse of Samuel    Died 10-04-1860 Age 62y0m10d   LOT N98-100       
PERRY, Samuel Spouse of Minerva    Died 9-04-1866 Age 72y6m9d   LOT N98-100       
PHELPS, Dan     Died 12-9-1843 Age 12y5m12d   LOT K1       
PHELPS, Elizabeth L. Spouse of Frank  Born 1880 Died 1919     LOT 16E       
PHELPS, Frank H. Spouse of Elizabeth  Born 1883 Died 1957     LOT 16E       
PHELPS, Nancy Spouse of Leander     Died 7-05-1842 Age 35     - Dau of Smith LOT N13       
PINNEY, Myra   Born 1878 Died 1951      - Temporary marker, Burial of Pinney-Book record by Reuben Oaks 1915 LOT 30W       
PINNEY, Nella M. Spouse of Stephen M.   Born 1878 Died 1962      - "Mother", Burial of Pinney-Book record by Reuben Oaks 1915 LOT 30W       
PINNEY, Stephen M. Spouse of Nella Born 1874 Died 1942      - Father", Burial of Pinney-Book record by Reuben Oaks 1915 LOT 30W       
PITCHER, Simeon     Died 7-25-1838 Age 51y0m3d    - Stone has verse LOT E35       
PITT, Cora E. Spouse of John Born 1859 Died 1936     LOT 109W       
PITT, H. Francis   Born 1901       LOT 109W       
PITT, John C. Spouse of Cora Born 1849 Died 1904     LOT 109W       
PITT, Ruth E.   Born 1895       LOT 109W       
POST, Anna Spouse of John     Died 8-10-1836 Age 61    LOT H21&22       
POST, John Spouse of Anna   Died 3-29-1832 Age 56     - Captain LOT H21&22       
POST, Mary C. Spouse of John I.    Died 10-18-1842 Age 33     - Stone marked at bottom "Vanderpool & Co. Buffalo NY" LOT H17       
POWERS, Clara B.   Born 1879 Died 1961      - Mother of Clara Schoenfeldt LOT 9E       
PRACHT, Louie Sr.    Born 1873 Died 1954      - Son of Louie Pracht LOT 25E       
PRATT, Almira T. -- See CONE           LOT 22W       
PRESTON, Mary Spouse of Rev. J. B.     Died 8-04-1832 Age 58    LOT H42       
RAMAGE, Katherine Kolpein   Born 1901 Died 1925      - Bd. with Kolpein LOT 36W       
RANDALL, Child     Died 1922      - Child of Harry & Louise Randall LOT 38E       
RANDALL, Frank Spouse of Mary ROSS Born 1853 Died 1931     LOT 99W       
RANDALL, Harriett B.   Born 1874 Died 1950     LOT 99W       
RANDALL, Harry F. Spouse of Louise Born 1894 Died 1951      - Shrine emblem LOT 38E       
RANDALL, Louise L. Spouse of Harry F.  Born 1898 Died 1967      - Eastern Star emblem LOT 38E       
RANDALL, M. Helen   Born 1878 Died 1922      - Dau of Frank & Mary (Ross?) Randall LOT 99W       
RANDALL, Margaret Louise     Died 1922     LOT 99W       
RANDALL, Mary Ross Spouse of Frank  Born 1854 Died 1914     LOT 99W       
RANDALL, Olive N.   Born 1881 Died 1952      - Dau of Frank & Mary (Ross?) Randall LOT 99W       
RANDOLPH, William     Died 3-13-1856 Age 78     - Stone propped against tree LOT H25       
RATER, Edward Spouse of Edwina  Born 1882 Died 1966     LOT 6E       
RATER, Edwina Spouse of Edward  Born 1887 Died 1961     LOT 6E       
RATER, Helen Frances Phelps spouse of Howard E. Sr. born 03-26-1919 died 1988    daughter of Frank H. & Elizabeth L. Phelps-married 3-6-1942         
RATER, Howard Edward Sr. spouse of Helen Frances Phelps born 09-19-1906 died 1987    son of Edward & Edwina Rater-married 3-6-1942-WWII Veteran         
RAYNOR, Baby            - No dates; Book record 1927         
REARDON, Harriet Louise Spouse of William Dennis   Born 5-16-1869 Died 1-21-1943      - Dau of Seth & Orissa (Williams) Waterman LOT 129W       
REARDON, William Dennis Spouse of Harriet Louise W  Born 2-24-1868 Died 4-07-1937 Age 71y1m10d    - Son of Dennis William & Olive Augusta (Cobb) Reardon, b. Marshal MI, d. Ripley NY LOT 129W       
REID, Herman P. Spouse of Jessie  Born 1880 Died 1972     LOT 28E       
REID, Jessie M. Spouse of Herman  Born 1890 Died 1952     LOT 28E       
REXFORD, Jennie Spouse of Harry    Died 7-24-1880 Age 22y9m0d    - "A good wife" LOT L93       
REXFORD, Zeruiah Spouse of Benajah    Died 5-12-1827 Age 43y6m21d    - Stone eroded, name as written LOT K28       
REYNOLDS, Anna Reynolds Arneman   Born 1914       LOT 120W       
REYNOLDS, Bertha M   Born 1876 Died 1933     LOT 120W       
REYNOLDS, Charles W.   Born 1876 Died 1961     LOT 120W       
REYNOLDS, Child     Died 1905      - "Children of Bert" One date LOT 24W       
REYNOLDS, Child     Died 1907      - "Children of Bert" One date LOT 24W       
REYNOLDS, Child     Died 1913      - "Children of Bert" One date LOT 24W       
REYNOLDS, Child     Died 1914      - "Children of Bert" One date LOT 24W       
REYNOLDS, Cyrus Spouse of Julia Born 5-23-1851 Died 7-07-1914     LOT 121W       
REYNOLDS, Frank Elmer   Born 1879 Died 1899 Age 20y9m24d   LOT 121W       
REYNOLDS, Grandchild     Died 1930      - "Grandchild of Bert" One date  LOT 24W       
REYNOLDS, Julia Spouse of Cyrus Born 12-10-1854 Died 3-08-1913      - "Mother of Charles" LOT 121W       
REYNOLDS, Mrs. Clarence Spouse of Clarence           - No dates--Book record 1919 LOT 121W       
RHINE, Dora J.   Born 1872 Died 1922     LOT 52W       
RHINE, Joseph Spouse of Sophia? Born 1837 Died 1915     LOT 52W       
RHINE, Raymond     Died 11-17-1976      - One data--assume dod  LOT 52W       
RHINE, Sophia Spouse of Joseph? Born 1845 Died 1929      - "Mother of Lena" LOT 52W       
RHORY, Mother     Died 3-22-1854 Age 66     - "Our Mother" only desination, Bottom of stone reads E.A. & E.M. Rhory, Matches "Sister" Rhory stone LOT H30       
RHORY, Sister      Died 4-10-1856 Age 21     - "My Sister" only designation, Bottom of stone reads Elsie A., Matches "Mother" Rhory stone LOT H29       
RIAN, Fred J. Spouse of Mary  Born 1865 Died 1947     LOT 52W       
RIAN, John F. Spouse of Lena? Born 1869 Died 1895     LOT 52W       
RIAN, Lena W. Spouse of John  Born 1881 Died 1967     LOT 52W       
RIAN, Mary F. Spouse of Fred  Born 1867 Died 1927     LOT 52W       
RICKENBRODE, Alice A.   Born 1857 Died 1918      - "Sister" LOT 55W       
RICKENBRODE, Clara A.   Born 1864 Died 1950     LOT 55W       
RICKENBRODE, Clarence   Born 1-17-1889 Died 8-31-1890      - Son of William & Emma Rickenbrode LOT 55W       
RICKENBRODE, Ella F. Spouse of Franklin W.   Born 1863 Died 1922     LOT 55W       
RICKENBRODE, Emma Spouse of William W.   Born 1862 Died 1947     LOT 55W       
RICKENBRODE, Franklin W. Spouse of Ella Born 1859 Died 1923     LOT 55W       
RICKENBRODE, Harold   Born 1891 Died 1927     LOT 55W       
RICKENBRODE, Harriett  Spouse of Henry  Born 1837 Died 1913      - "Mother" LOT 55W       
RICKENBRODE, Henry Spouse of Harriett Born 1835 Died 1910      - Father" LOT 55W       
RICKENBRODE, Jay Frederick Spouse of Virginia Born 1915 Died 1951     LOT 111W       
RICKENBRODE, Mary Alice Gill   Born 1882 Died 1941      - Dau of of Gill? LOT 55W       
RICKENBRODE, May Alice   Born 1890 Died 1963     LOT 55W       
RICKENBRODE, Virginia Spouse of Jay Born 1910       LOT 111W       
RICKENBRODE, William W. Spouse of Emma Born 1862 Died 1947     LOT 55W       
RIDDEL/RIDELL/RIDDLE, Unknown     Died 10-31-1847 Age 73y6m7d    - Apparently unreadable? LOT K6       
RIDDLE, Eliza     Died 5-13-1863 Age 36y0m12d    - Dau of Robert Jr. & Olive (Tucker) Riddle LOT L3       
RIDDLE, Elizabeth Spouse of Robert     Died 3-16-1832 Age 76    LOT K7       
RIDDLE, Hugh B.     Died 8-10-1831 Age 6     - Son of William & Jennet (Stetson) Riddle LOT K10       
RIDDLE, Jane     Died 5-22-1846 Age 18     - Dau of Robert Jr. & Olive (Tucker) Riddle LOT L3       
RIDDLE, Jennet Spouse of William M.     Died 6-16-1839 Age 57     - Dau of Oliver Sr. & Jenett (Anderson) Stetson LOT K4       
RIDDLE, Lucinda S.     Died 8-22-1833 Age 23     - Dau of William & Jennet (Stetson) Riddle LOT K10       
RIDDLE, Olive Spouse of Robert Jr.   Died 11-23-1843 Age 46     - Dau of Tucker LOT L3       
RIDDLE, R. R.  [Robert?]            - Stone disintegrated, May be Robert Riddle (Vet-RW NH) LOT K8       
RIDDLE, Robert Jr. Spouse of Olive TUCKER   Died 2-21-1861 Age 77y8m15d    - Son of Robert Riddle LOT L3       
RIDDLE, William M. Spouse of Jennet Stetson   Died 10-21-1851 Age 68y4m0d   LOT K4       
RIEDESEL, Alfred F. Spouse of Isabelle  Born 1912 Died 1979     LOT 88E       
RIEDESEL, Isabelle F. Spouse of Alfred? Born 1923       LOT 88E       
RITTER, Anna L. Clark  Spouse of Ernest   Born 1882 Died 1926      - Dau of Boyd & Fannie Clark LOT 91W       
ROBERTSON, George P.     Died 9-25-1850 Age 7y5m18d    - Son of David & Melvina Robertson LOT B52       
ROBERTSON, John            - Name only--all else illegible LOT G55       
ROBERTSON, Theodore     Died 2-28-1848 Age 10d    - Son of David & Melvina Robertson LOT H51       
ROGERS, Geneva D.     Died 2-21-1858 Age 36y1m21d   LOT N91       
ROSS, Franklin S.   Born 1908 Died 1961      - Temporary marker, Vet-WWII LOT 110W       
ROSS, Loren P. Spouse of Mary Born 1843 Died 1902     LOT 110W       
ROSS, Mary Louise Spouse of Loren Born 1837 Died 1922     LOT 110W       
ROSS, Richard C.   Born 7-18-1931 Died 9-19-1950     LOT 110W       
ROYCE, Albert N. Spouse of Ruth? Born 1901       LOT 78W       
ROYCE, Arthur F. Spouse of Gladys Born 1906        - Son of Frank & Lizzie Royce LOT 20E       
ROYCE, Bruce R.     Died 4-06-1851 Age 20y5m7d    - Son of Willis & Violetta (Hawley) Royce LOT E55-57+D10       
ROYCE, David     Died 12-07-1847 Age 8     - Son of Willis & Violetta (Hawley) Royce LOT E55-57+D10       
ROYCE, David Spouse of Martha   Died 11-21-1847 Age 74y4m0d    - Vet-War of 1812 LOT E60       
ROYCE, Frank O. Spouse of Frank  Born 12-26-1869 Died 3-30-1940     LOT 45W       
ROYCE, Gladys M. Spouse of Arthur Born 1907 Died 1979     LOT 20E       
ROYCE, Lee N.   Born 1879 Died 1927     LOT 10W       
ROYCE, Lizzie J. Spouse of Lizzie  Born 11-05-1871 Died 6-03-1948     LOT 45W       
ROYCE, Mabel M.   Born 8-09-1897 Died 3-05-1899      - Dau of Frank & Lizzie Royce LOT 45W       
ROYCE, Malvina L. Spouse of Simeon Born 1842 Died 1927     LOT 10W       
ROYCE, Martha Spouse of David ROYCE   Died 12-16-1850 Age 74y10m0d   LOT E59       
ROYCE, Minnie E.   Born 1868 Died 1919     LOT 10W       
ROYCE, R. Bruce   Born 1857 Died 1930     LOT 10W       
ROYCE, Rhoda B.     Died 4-06-1850 Age 21     - Dau of Willis & Violetta (Hawley) Royce LOT E55-57+D10       
ROYCE, Ruth M. Spouse of Albert  Born 1903       LOT 78W       
ROYCE, Simeon M. Spouse of Malvina Born 1827 Died 1902      - Son of Willis & Violetta (Hawley) Royce LOT 10W       
ROYCE, Thomas M.     Died 7-05-1838 Age 11m    - Son of Willis & Violetta (Hawley) Royce LOT E55-57+D10       
ROYCE, Unknown            - Stone Broken LOT 10W       
ROYCE, Violetta Hawley Spouse of Willis     Died 9-21-1888 Age 86    LOT D57       
ROYCE, Willis Spouse of Violetta HAWLEY   Died 1-25-1876 Age 76    LOT D56       
RUSSELL, Earl Spouse of Elizabeth  Born 1881 Died 1950     LOT 29E       
RUSSELL, Edna   Born 1903 Died 1951     LOT 29E       
RUSSELL, Elizabeth Spouse of Earl  Born 1879 Died 1949     LOT 29E       
RUSSELL, Lawra  [Laura] Spouse of Roderick    Died 1-28-1830 Age 47y0m7d    - Names as written, "Consort of Russell", Dau of Goodrich LOT F46       
RUSSELL, Phillip     Died 4-08-1842 Age 26y9m22d    - Son of Roderick & Laura Russell LOT P45       
RUSSELL, Roderick Spouse of Laura GOODRICH Born 11-19-1776 Died 11-02-1852     LOT P47       
RUSSELL, Rose Ann     Died 1900      - One data--assume dod  LOT C85       
RUSSELL, Sarah Spouse of Thomas    Died 12-28-1851 Age 27y0m19d    - Dau of Daw? LOT C86       
RUSSELL, Thomas Spouse of Sarah DAW? Born 1828 Died 1898      - Son of Russell, Matches adjacent James Daw stone LOT C87       
RUSSELL, Unknown            - Last name only--all ese eroded LOT G88       
RUSSELL, Unknown     Died 9-02-1843 Age 4m23d    - Last name only-badly worn stone LOT N46       
SAUNDERS, Elizabeth J. "Betty" Gerould spouse of Theodore W. born 12-26-1923 died 11-14-2009 age 85  daughter of Frances O. & Jessie Fullerton Gerould-born in Pittsburgh, PA-married 8-30-1947         
SAUNDERS, Theodore W. "T.W." spouse of Elizabeth Gerould born 7-11-1926 died 4-17-2009 age 82  son of William & Katherine Dodge Saunders-US Navy WWII Veteran-married 8-30-1947 in Stateline, PA         
SAYRE, Emma E. Spouse of Lincoln  Born 1885 Died 1968     LOT 34E       
SAYRE, Lincoln I. Spouse of Emma  Born 1885 Died 1974     LOT 34E       
SCHERMERHORN, M. Harry Spouse of Pauline  Born 1911 Died 1977     LOT 73E       
SCHERMERHORN, Pauline E. Spouse of M. Harry  Born 1916       LOT 73E       
SCHOENFELDT, Clara P. Spouse of Clara  Born 1898 Died 1978      - Dau of Powers? LOT 9E       
SCHOENFELDT, Minnie L. Spouse of Ralph  Born 1880 Died 1969     LOT 9E       
SCHOENFELDT, Ralph A. Spouse of Minnie  Born 1882 Died 1969     LOT 9E       
SCHOENFELDT, Stuart T Spouse of  Born 1902 Died 1958     LOT 9E       
SCOTT, Ernest L. Spouse of Nancy  Born 1884 Died 1966     LOT 8E       
SCOTT, Frances A.  Spouse of Vergil  born 4-15-1912 died 9-25-2002 age 90    - dau of of Henry and Lepha Sparling Neckers         
SCOTT, George M.   Born 1834 Died 1885     LOT L90       
SCOTT, Harret  [sic] Spouse of Albert     Died 1-09-1858 Age 48y1m20d    - Name as written--probably Harriet LOT L91       
SCOTT, James M.   Born 1849 Died 1917      - Vet-CW 4 US Cav Co A LOT 27W       
SCOTT, Nancy O. Spouse of Ernest  Born 1886 Died 1974     LOT 8E       
SCOTT, Vergil  Spouse of Frances A.    died 2-9-1981             
SEARS, Baby     Died 1943 Age Baby    - Child of Carl & Emily Sears  LOT 33E       
SEARS, Carl I. Spouse of Emily Born 1915       LOT 33E       
SEARS, Emily B. Spouse of Carl Born 1916       LOT 33E       
SECORD, Edith E.   Born 1887 Died 1903     LOT 41W       
SECORD, Ethelyn M.   Born 1884 Died 1972     LOT 41W       
SECORD, Mabel V.   Born 1860 Died 1932      - "Mother", LOT 41W       
SECORD, Mrs.             - Burial paid by Mrs. Secord 1907 LOT 41W       
SEELEY, Baby     Died 1910      - Child of F. J. & Ethel Seeley, One date--assume dod? LOT 126W       
SEELEY, Ethel Spouse of F. J. Born 1888 Died 1918      - Burial paid by Charles Jell LOT 126W       
SEELEY, Frances J.  [Francis?] Spouse of Ethel Born 1883 Died 1918      - Son of Seeley, Should this be Francis?, Frank J. in record book LOT 126W       
SEELEY, Jennette   born 1829 died 1898             
SHAFER, Alzina Spouse of William Shafer   Died 3-12-1888 Age 28     - Skinner-Shafer lot LOT 21W       
SHATTUCK, Emma V.   Born 9-30-1851 Died 9-17-1902      - Dau of Loren & Sarah A. (Jackson) Shattuck LOT B88+89-84+87       
SHATTUCK, Frances     Died 2-02-1861 Age 16y10m0d    - Dau of Loren & Sarah A. (Jackson) Shattuck LOT B88+89-84+87       
SHATTUCK, Loren Spouse of Sarah A. JACKSON   Died 8-02-1863 Age 58y11m0d   LOT B88+89-84+87       
SHATTUCK, Sarah A. Spouse of Loren   Born 6-13-1811 Died 5-18-1879      - Dau of Jackson LOT B88+89-84+87       
SHEER, Olive Spouse of Charles     Died 7-28-1858 Age 30     - Dau of L. B. & O. Stetson LOT J38       
SHELDON, Clinton Spouse of Sena Born 1893 Died 1957     LOT 19W       
SHELDON, George B. K.   Born 9-11-1848 Died 2-27-1896      - b. Governour NY, d. Ripley NY, Vet-CW 13 Reg NY Cav Co A LOT 19W       
SHELDON, Sena E. Spouse of Clinton Born 1894 Died 1967     LOT 19W       
SHIELDS, J. Alfred Spouse of S. Ethel Born 1885 Died 1967     LOT 13E       
SHIELDS, S. Ethel Spouse of J. Alfred   Born 1886 Died 1974     LOT 13E       
SHIPBOY, Anna Spouse of Joseph     Died 6-28-1828 Age 31     - "Consort of Joseph", Stone carved by J.E. Smith LOT H20       
SHIPBOY, John Spouse of Nancy? Born 10-13-1763 Died 1-20-1837     LOT J51       
SHIPBOY, Nancy K. Spouse of John  Born 9-06-1767 Died 9-06-1847     LOT J51       
SHIPBOY, Sarah   Born 7-09-1801 Died 1-08-1879     LOT J51       
SHORTMAN, Blanche E. Putnam Spouse of John Born 1871 Died 1936      - Dau of Putman? LOT 18W       
SHORTMAN, Irene M. Spouse of Ralph Born 1900       LOT 18W       
SHORTMAN, John B. Spouse of Blanche Born 1866 Died 12-1938 Age 75y5m2d    - b. PA LOT 18W       
SHORTMAN, Ralph F. Spouse of Irene Born 1896 Died 1914      - Son of John & Blance Shortman LOT 18W       
SHOVE, Ann G.     Died 1-31-1862 Age 17y9m12d    - Dau of Daniel H. & Anna Shove LOT C61-65       
SHOVE, Ann G. Spouse of Daniel H.     Died 6-22-1892 Age 80y7m24d   LOT C61-65       
SHOVE, Daniel H. Spouse of Ann   Died 1-28-1845 Age 40y8m7d   LOT C61-65       
SHOVE, Eli Spouse of Sarah HUNGERFORD   Died 9-18-1845 Age 67    LOT F52-55       
SHOVE, Eli Jr. Spouse of Mariah   Died 2-27-1842 Age 29y6m19d    - Son of Eli & Sarah (Hungerford) Shove LOT F52-55       
SHOVE, Harlan     Died 8-24-1840 Age 4y?d    - Son of Daniel H. & Anna Shove LOT C61-65       
SHOVE, Mariah E. Spouse of Eli  Jr.   Died 3-26-1845 Age 26y10m0d   LOT F52-55       
SHOVE, Olney N.     Died 6-09-1861 Age 29y2m0d    - Son of Daniel H. & Anna Shove LOT C61-65       
SHOVE, Sarah Spouse of Eli   Born 9-22-1775 Died 2-10-1850      - Dau of Hungerford LOT F52-55       
SHOWALTER, Agnes G. Spouse of Charles  Born 1875 Died 1936     LOT 4-5-6W       
SHOWALTER, Charles C. Spouse of Agnes  Born 1873       LOT 4-5-6W       
SHREVE, Charlie   Born 1870 Died 1948     LOT 45E       
SIGGINS, Helen   Born 12-31-1846 Died 1-25-1889     LOT 43W       
SIGGINS, Hugh   Born 1818 Died 1846     LOT 43W       
SIGGINS, John     Died 11-23-1873 Age 72     - Top of marker missing LOT EorF90       
SIGGINS, John N. Spouse of Nancy B. COCHRAN [#2] Born 1801 Died 1873      - Wed twice? LOT 43W       
SIGGINS, Nancy B. Spouse of John       Age 81     - Dau of Robert and Mary Jane (Strain) Cochran, 2nd Wife, See Andrew Young History of Chautauqua LOT 43W       
SIGGINS, Robert   Born 1821 Died 1824     LOT 43W       
SIGGINS, Sabrina E. Parker   Born 1843 Died 1908     LOT 43W       
SIGGINS, Sarah   Born 1828 Died 1829      - Dau of Siggins  LOT 43W       
SIGGINS, Walter E.   Born 1849 Died 1895     LOT 43W       
SILL, Mr.            - Book record by wife Phebe M. 1905 LOT 125W       
SIMON, Bessie Woodling Spouse of SIMON Born 1885 Died 1965     LOT 44E       
SIPPERLEY, Anna Dickson Spouse of Frank S.   Born 1867 Died 1952     LOT 73W       
SIPPERLEY, Frank S. Spouse of Anna DICKSON Born 1867 Died 1958     LOT 73W       
SKINNER, Dora Spouse of James Skinner   Died 4-22-1890 Age 45     - Skinner-Shafer lot, "Mother" LOT 21W       
SKINNER, Elda   Born 1864 Died 1903      - Skinner-Shafer lot, By sister Mrs. Current LOT 21W       
SKINNER, James W. Spouse of Dora Born 1831 Died 1896      - Skinner-Shafer lot, "Father" LOT 21W       
SMALLWOOD, Clementine     Died 9-10-1860 Age 26y7m0d    - Dau of John & Harriet Jennet (Webster) Smallwood LOT FG80-89       
SMALLWOOD, Harriet Jennet Spouse of John     Died 3-30-1873 Age 69     - Dau of Webster LOT FG80-89       
SMALLWOOD, John Spouse of Harriet Jennet WEBSTER   Died 3-24-1884 Age 73    LOT FG80-89       
SMITH, Arthur Spouse of Eliza   Died ? Age 72y7m16d    - Date not readable--stone broken and cement dovers date LOT G98       
SMITH, Baby     Died 1903      - Child of Calvin &Emma Smith, One date--assume dod? LOT 118W       
SMITH, Calvin Spouse of Emma Born 1879 Died 1943     LOT 118W       
SMITH, Eliza died Dec 31, 1831? ae 79 Spouse of Arthur    Died 12-31-1831? Age 79    LOT G99       
SMITH, Emma P. Spouse of Calvin Born 1878 Died 1941     LOT 118W       
SMITH, Leonard Spouse of Sarah TABER Born 1827 Died 1906     LOT 80W       
SMITH, Lottie A.            - Same marker as Ida Lester Cummings LOT 106W       
SMITH, Lydia E. Spouse of W. Lewis Born 1881 Died 1951     LOT 32W       
SMITH, Polly Spouse of Jesse     Died 9-26-1828 Age 32     - May be Polly Felt         
SMITH, S. Lewis Spouse of Lydia Born 1877 Died 1951     LOT 32W       
SMITH, Sarah Taber Spouse of Leonard   Born 1825 Died 1908     LOT 80W       
SMITH, Theodore L.   Born 1863 Died 1899     LOT 106W       
SPRAGUE, Catherine I. Spouse of William Born 1821 Died 1911      - By Charles J. LOT 33W       
SPRAGUE, Charles            - Book record 1928 LOT 33W       
SPRAGUE, Mary Trask Spouse of William S.  Born 1845 Died 1886     LOT 33W       
SPRAGUE, William Henry   Born 1843 Died 1863      - Vet-CW 154 NY Regt LOT 33W       
SPRAGUE, William S. Spouse of Catherine Born 1818       LOT 33W       
SPRAGUE, William S. Spouse of Mary T  Born 1848 Died 1863     LOT 33W       
STANTON, John Y. Spouse of Sally Born 1826 Died 10-17-1872 Age 47    LOT P88       
STANTON, Kittie B. Spouse of William  Born 1855 Died 1920     LOT R88       
STANTON, Sally E.   Born 1830 Died 1902     LOT P88       
STANTON, William L. Spouse of Kittie  Born 1851 Died 1931      - Son of John & Sally Stanton LOT R89       
STEBBINS, Bertha E.   Born 1872 Died 1891     LOT 48W       
STEBBINS, Child            - Book record 1913 LOT 48W       
STEBBINS, Clara Siggins Spouse of Edgar W.   Born 1876 Died 1945     LOT 48W       
STEBBINS, Edgar W. Spouse of Clara SIGGINS Born 1876 Died 1958      - Son of Hiram & Janette Stebbins LOT 48W       
STEBBINS, Emmett O. Spouse of Jane Born 1867 Died 1910     LOT 48W       
STEBBINS, Hiram Dexter Spouse of Janette ANDERSON Born 1844 Died 1914     LOT 48W       
STEBBINS, Jane H. Spouse of Emmet O.   Born 1875 Died 1955     LOT 48W       
STEBBINS, Janette A. Spouse of Hiram Dexter   Born 1844 Died 1906      - Dau of Anderson LOT 48W       
STEBBINS, Monica            - No dates LOT 48W       
STEDMAN, Almira S.   Born 1826 Died 1887     LOT K90-92       
STEDMAN, James H.   Born 1812 Died 1894     LOT K90-92       
STEDMAN, Viola H.   Born 1857 Died 1873      - Dau of James & Almira Stedman LOT K90-92       
STEPHENS, Eliza     Died 11-28-1848 Age 37     - Dau of Philip L. & Elizabeth Stephens LOT J11       
STEPHENS, Elizabeth Spouse of Phillip L.     Died 9-24-1851 Age 60    LOT J16+17       
STEPHENS, Eunice Spouse of William     Died 5-12-1825 Age 81y7m15d           
STEPHENS, George W.     Died 8-25-1851 Age 22     - Son of Philip L. & Elizabeth Stephens LOT J11       
STEPHENS, Jane Cochrane   Born 1807 Died 1876      - Dau of Robert & Mary Jane Cochrane; Bd. with Cochrane's LOT 50W       
STEPHENS, Julia     Died 2-17-1853 Age 19     - Dau of Philip L. & Elizabeth Stephens LOT J11       
STEPHENS, Nelson     Died 1-12-1838 Age 21y4m16d    - Son of Philip L. & Elizabeth Stephens LOT J11       
STEPHENS, Oliver S.     Died 8-23-1832 Age 3y1m0d    - Son of Hugh C. & Olive (Stetson) Stephens LOT J47       
STEPHENS, Phillip L. Spouse of Elizabeth   Died 3-08-1861 Age 74    LOT J16+17       
STEPHENS, William Spouse of Eunice   Died 6-13-1827 Age 81y1m11d    - Vet-RW (RW marker to be placed)         
STETSON, Edwin     died 12-28-2839 age 15    - Son of Oliver Jr. & Rhoda (Adams) Stetson LOT Lots J35-50       
STETSON, Fanny Spouse of Moses     Died 10-23-1870 Age 46     - Dau of Porter LOT Lots J35-50       
STETSON, Jennet Spouse of Oliver Sr.   Died 12-23-1825 Age 69     - Dau of Anderson LOT Lots J35-50       
STETSON, Moses Spouse of Fanny P    Died 6-03-1893 Age 75     - Son of Oliver Jr. & Rhoda (Adams) Stetson LOT Lots J35-50       
STETSON, Oliver Jr. Spouse of Rhoda Adams born 1778 Died 10-31-1833 Age 55     - Son of Oliver Stetson, Vet-War of 1812 LOT Lots J35-50       
STETSON, Oliver Sr. Spouse of Jennet A  Born 11-12-1756 Died 9-14-1839      - Captain, Vet-RW LOT Lots J35-50       
STETSON, Rhoda Spouse of Oliver Jr.   Died 10-12-1840 Age 48    - Dau of Adams LOT Lots J35-50       
STONER, Emma Jane     Died 8-26-1840 Age 6y9m0d    - Dau of Jacob & Hannah Stoner LOT C10       
STOOLFER, Myrtle E. Tripp Spouse of possible John Tripp? Born 1887 Died 1968      - Myrtle E. Tripp Stoolfer bd. with John Tripp LOT 135W       
STRAIN, Hugh C.     Died 10-06-1850 Age 5y6m0d    - Son of John & Nancy Strain LOT J98       
STRAIN, John     Died 5-31-1857 Age 37y5m0d   LOT J98       
STRATTON, Jessie   Born 1876 Died 1877     LOT 25E       
SUCHAR, George   Born 1877 Died 1904      - Temp marker dates read 1804-1877--obviously reversed in error LOT 71E       
SULLIVAN, Card   Spouse of Elma Born 1858 Died 1917      - Son of Milton & Rebecca (Card) Sullivan, French Creek NY LOT 26W       
SULLIVAN, Elma  Spouse of Card   Born 1856 Died 1929     LOT 26W       
SUMMERTON, Child            - Child of A. W. Summerton, Book record 1910 LOT 77W       
SUTHERLAND, Mrs. Joseph  Spouse of Joseph                    
TABER, Polly Spouse of Asa     Died 5-21-1871 Age 79y10m0d   LOT 80W       
TAGGERT, Bedelia Spouse of Hugh   Born 1839 Died 1907     LOT 61W       
TAGGERT, Elizabeth Spouse of John M.     Died 3-14-1937 Age 70y8m1d   LOT 61W       
TAGGERT, Hugh Spouse of Bedelia Born 1839       LOT 61W       
TAGGERT, John M. Spouse of Elizabeth Born 1871 Died 1924      - Son of Hugh & Bedelia Tagggert LOT 61W       
TATE, James F. Spouse of Mary Born 1861 Died 1909     LOT 101W       
TATE, Mary A. Spouse of James F.  Born 1867 Died 1901     LOT 101W       
TAYLOR, Ann Spouse of James     Died 3-27-1836 Age 54     - Possibly Ann Reed LOT Lots K8-17       
TAYLOR, Arley M.   Born 1885 Died 1938      - Same stone as Tracy P. LOT 110W       
TAYLOR, Campbell     Died 5-11-1837 Age 23     - Son of James & Ann Taylor LOT Lots K8-17       
TAYLOR, D. D. T.             - No data--old recarved stone adjacent to Taylor stone, Broken war marker         
TAYLOR, Delia Ann Stetson Spouse of John     Died 9-26-1839 Age 32y9m0d    - Dau of Oliver Jr. & Rhoda (Adams) Stetson LOT P6       
TAYLOR, James Spouse of Ann    Died 12-14-1840 Age 59y1m0d   LOT Lots K8-17       
TAYLOR, Margaret     Died 2-26-1838 Age 30     - Dau of James & Ann Taylor LOT Lots K8-17       
TAYLOR, Tracy P.   Born 1894 Died 1969      - Vet-WWI, Same stone as Arley M. LOT 110W       
TAYLOR, William R.     Died 10-04-1836 Age 20     - Son of James & Ann Taylor LOT Lots K8-17       
TEFFT, Arthur G. Jr. Spouse of Joyce Born 1917 Died 1978      - Vet-WWII LOT 101E       
TEFFT, Arthur G. Sr. Spouse of Inez Born 1882 Died 1970      - Son of Ozro & Ellen Tefft LOT 46W       
TEFFT, Carrie B.   Born 1871 Died 1892      - Dau of Ozro & Ellen Tefft LOT 46W       
TEFFT, Donald Paul spouse of Patricia Tye born 7-17-1935 died 5-4-2006 age 70    - son of Arthur & Inez Powers Tefft-U.S. Navy Veteran         
TEFFT, Edith M. Spouse of John E.   Born 1887 Died 1963     LOT 46W       
TEFFT, Ellen F. Spouse of Ozro J.   Born 1844 Died 1932     LOT 46W       
TEFFT, Inez P. Spouse of Arthur G. Sr. Born 1895 Died 1967     LOT 46W       
TEFFT, John E. Spouse of Edith Born 1880 Died 1935      - Son of Ozro & Ellen Tefft LOT 46W       
TEFFT, Joyce P. Spouse of Arthur G. Jr. Born 1916       LOT 101E       
TEFFT, Ozro J. Spouse of Ellen Born 1844 Died 1917     LOT 46W       
TERRY, Mrs.  Spouse of S. C.            - Book record 1905 by husband S.C. Terry         
THOMAS, Fanny M. Spouse of Amon     Died 6-18-1835 Age 19    LOT G25       
THOMAS, J. J.            - Book record 1916         
THOMAS, Velma Waters   Born 1907 Died 1951      - Bd. with Waters LOT 113W       
THOROUGH, Gertrude   Born 1882 Died 1954      - "Mother" LOT 15E       
TILLINGHAST, Albert G. Spouse of Eunice   Died 11-17-1868 Age 45y6m17d    - Wed twice? LOT J80+81       
TILLINGHAST, Amarilla E . Spouse of Elisha    Died 8-03-1871 Age 49y1m19d   LOT H84       
TILLINGHAST, Antipas Spouse of Sarah   Died 8-08-1869 Age 71y9m0d   LOT H80       
TILLINGHAST, Clarissa Spouse of Albert G.     Died 4-26-1918 Age 97y1m14d   LOT J79       
TILLINGHAST, Eunice M. Spouse of Albert G.     Died 10-22-1847      - d. consumption LOT J80+81       
TILLINGHAST, Sarah M. Spouse of Antipas     Died 9-07-1881 Age 82y6m20d   LOT H80       
TINKER, Bert G. Spouse of Clara  Born 1872 Died 1942     LOT 89W       
TINKER, Clara E. Spouse of Bert? Born 1872 Died 1946     LOT 89W       
TINKER, Frank A. Spouse of Marion  Born 1847 Died 1925      - "Father" LOT 4-5-6W       
TINKER, John Braddock Spouse of Mary BENSON Born 9-10-1816 Died 11-02-1899     LOT 4-5-6W       
TINKER, Joshua T. Spouse of Mary ROGERS Born 2-29-1788 Died 3-02-1879     LOT 4-5-6W       
TINKER, Marion A. Spouse of Frank  Born 1849 Died 1935     LOT 4-5-6W       
TINKER, Mary Spouse of Joshua T.   Born 1-06-1789 Died 8-07-1876      - Dau of Rogers? LOT 4-5-6W       
TINKER, Mary Benson Spouse of John Braddock   Born 3-17-1819 Died 11-02-1899     LOT 4-5-6W       
TONG, James            - Book record 1902 by Robert Tong         
TORRANCE, Elizabeth C. Spouse of Robert  Born 1917       LOT 17E       
TORRANCE, Robert J. Spouse of Elizabeth  Born 1912 Died 1979     LOT 17E       
TRIPP, John Maynard Spouse of Mrytle  Born 1875 Died 1-15-1936      - b. Seneca Falls NY LOT 135W       
TRUESDAIL, Lodema  Spouse of Samuel     Died 2-09-1827 Age 43     - Consort of Samuel LOT J5       
TRUESDAIL, Martha Spouse of Heil     Died 9-30-1837 Age 68    LOT J5       
TUCKER -- See HUNGERFORD                   
UTEGG, Albert Spouse of Bertha  Born 1879 Died 1944     LOT 130W       
UTEGG, Bertha B Spouse of Albert  Born 1878 Died 1928     LOT 130W       
UTEGG, Clara Mabel   Born 5-04-1919 Died 10-11-1962      - Am Leg Post Aux 351 LOT 130W       
VICARY, Aldine   Born 1902 Died 1969     LOT 37E       
WALKER, Ina M. Spouse of William T. Born 1874 Died 1914     LOT 37W       
WALKER, Marjorie M.   Born 1903 Died 1940      - Dau of William & Ina Walker, Mercer Co PA LOT 37W       
WALKER, William T. Spouse of Ina M. Born 1858 Died 1949     LOT 37W       
WALLACE, Adelia B. Spouse of Francisco  Born 1859 Died 1927     LOT 133W       
WALLACE, Francisco D. Spouse of Adelia  Born 1855 Died 1925     LOT 133W       
WALLACE, Myrtle M. Spouse of Sheridan  Born 1889       LOT 133W       
WALLACE, Sheridan W. Spouse of Myrtle  Born 1888 Died 1961     LOT 133W       
WARNER, Clarence W.   Born 1879 Died 1946     LOT 72W       
WATERMAN, Ada M. Forbes Spouse of Milton Tyler  Born 1-18-1880       LOT 102W       
WATERMAN, Carl J. Spouse of Leola L  Born 1-15-1872 Died 10-31-1936 Age 64y9m16d    - Brother to Milton, b. Ellery LOT 122W       
WATERMAN, Daughter     Died 1910      - Dau of Milton Tyler & Ada M. (Forbes) Waterman, One date--assume dod? LOT 102W       
WATERMAN, Ella            - No dates LOT 122W       
WATERMAN, Leola Lewis     Died 1934     LOT 122W       
WATERMAN, Milton Tyler Spouse of Ada M.   Born 4-20-1876 Died 1948      - Son of Seth & Orissa (William) Waterman LOT 102W       
WATERMAN, Seth     Died 1947     LOT 122W       
WATERS, Aaron D.     Died 1977 Age Infant    - One data--assume dod  LOT 77E       
WATERS, Arthur J.   Born 1891 Died 1925     LOT 90W       
WATERS, Baby     Died 1924      - One data--assume dod  LOT 90W       
WATERS, Jay S.   Born 1864 Died 1932     LOT 113W       
WATERS, Lavern   Born 1882 Died 5-23-1936      - b. Jamestown LOT 113W       
WATERS, Mearl   Born 1884 Died 1949     LOT 113W       
WATERS, Nellie   Born 1858 Died 1927     LOT 113W       
WATERS, Nellie I.   Born 1880 Died 1908     LOT 113W       
WATTS, Charlotte Spouse of Edward     Died 3-01-1841 Age 35     - b. Billesdon Leicestershire England LOT C47       
WATTS, S. W.     Died 184?      - Recarved on old stone-date unclear, One date--assume dod? LOT C47       
WAY, Ella Reynolds Spouse of John A.    Died 11-09-1980 Age 93    LOT 120W       
WAY, Frank            - Book record 1929         
WAY, John A. Spouse of Ella R Born 5-04-1844 Died 7-04-1956     LOT 120W       
WAY, Mrs Frank Spouse of Frank           - Book record 1928         
WEBSTER, Albert H.    Born 4-24-1844 Died 9-17-1860     LOT FG71-99       
WEBSTER, Belle E.     Died 3-29-1883 Age 22    LOT FG71-99       
WEBSTER, Elizabeth Warren Spouse of Elizur    Died 12-17-1848 Age 77y7m2d   LOT FG71-99       
WEBSTER, Elizur  Spouse of Elizabeth W    Died 3-08-1851 Age 80y6m11d    - Honorable"  LOT FG71-99       
WEBSTER, Elizur Jr. Spouse of Frances AVERILL Born 11-19-1809 Died 2-22-1871      - Son of Elizur & Elizabeth (Warren) Webster LOT FG71-99       
WEBSTER, Frances Averill  Spouse of Elizur  Jr. Born 9-20-1822 Died 9-21-1862     LOT FG71-99       
WEBSTER, Rebecca   Born 10-31-1800 Died 4-20-1879     LOT FG71-99       
WEBSTER, Walter D.     Died 2-15-1843 Age 9m   LOT FG71-99       
WEBSTER, Warren   Born 11-11-1795 Died 1-27-1864     LOT FG71-99       
WEBSTER, William P.   Born 7-25-1834 Died 3-21-1861     LOT FG71-99       
WESTLING, John            - Paid by Mrs. Westling 1923 LOT 28W       
WHITMAN, Unknown            - Book record no name 1923         
WILCOX, Abigail Spouse of George S.   Born 1820 Died 1904     LOT G96-97       
WILCOX, Beatrice Perry     Died 10-05-1973 Age 65    LOT 86W       
WILCOX, Daughter            - Dau of Richard Wilcox, Book record 1920 LOT 86W       
WILCOX, George C.     Died 12-09-1937 Age 87y9m4d   LOT 86W       
WILCOX, George S. Spouse of Abigail Born 1810 Died 1886     LOT G96-97       
WILCOX, Mary J. Spouse of Wallace  Born 1845 Died 1927      - By son C.G. Wilcox LOT 86W       
WILCOX, Son            - Son of Richard Wilcox, Book record 1911 LOT 86W       
WILCOX, Wallace W. Spouse of Mary  Born 1849 Died 1922     LOT 86W       
WILLARD, ...oble     Died 7-17-1821 Age 11     - Dau of Ephrain & Mindwell (Loomis) Willard, Name apparently illegible         
WILLARD, Lucretia Spouse of James    Died 3-14-1832 Age 34    LOT G44       
WILLARD, Minerva     Died 12-12-1829 Age 22     - Dau of Ephrain & Mindwell (Loomis) Willard LOT G43       
WILLIAMS, Dolly J. Spouse of Humphrey     Died 2-12-1816or1848 Age 29y2m0d    - Dau of George & Dolly Thompson, "Janes Grave" LOT L19       
WILLINGTON, Lucinda Spouse of James     Died 7-01-1842 Age 32     - Dau of Jonathon & Phebe/Phene Nichols LOT M36       
WILLSON, Albert W.     Died 11-21-1867 Age 26y    - Son of Willson, Vet-CW LOT C95       
WING, Charles     Died 9-20-1836 Age 1y5m10d    - Son of Joseph & Sabrina (?) Wing LOT M70       
WISNER, Calvin Spouse of Catherine Born 1812 Died 1875     LOT 56W       
WISNER, Catherine Spouse of Calvin   Born 1810 Died 1881     LOT 56W       
WISNER, Ellen            - Book record 1924 LOT 56W       
WISNER, Frances A.   Born 1832 Died 1855     LOT 56W       
WISNER, Franklin A.   Born 1843 Died 1892      - Son of Calvin & Catherine Wisner LOT 56W       
WISNER, Nathan     Died 2-05-1846 Age 76    LOT R22+23       
WISNER, Sallie     Died 2-10-1871 Age 69    LOT R22+23       
WOLF, Bessie M.   Born 1884 Died 1960     LOT 29E       
WOLF, Blanche F. Spouse of John N.   Born 1916       LOT 29E       
WOLF, John N. Spouse of Blanche Born 1916 Died 1960     LOT 29E       
WOLF, Nelson R.   Born 1914 Died 1968     LOT 29E       
WOOD, Louisa Scott Spouse of Dr. Southard     Died 5-11-1879 Age 56y3m28d   LOT L94       
WOOD, Mary Ann Spouse of Hiran     Died 2-08-1844 Age 38y6m5d   LOT B35       
WOODLING, Catherine G. Spouse of Catherine  Born 1894       LOT 44E       
WOODLING, Clarence A. Spouse of Clarence? Born 1880 Died 1960     LOT 44E       
WOODRING, Alex   Born 1830 Died 1898     LOT 17W       
WOODWARD, Stanley E.   Born 1921 Died 1957      - Temporary marker LOT 40E       
WRIGHT, Elizabeth Spouse of Jay    Died 11-1973     LOT 95W       
WRIGHT, Elizabeth Morehouse Spouse of Jay   Born 1897 Died 1973      - Wright-Morehouse marker LOT 95W       
WRIGHT, H. V.            - Displaced marker, verse only LOT 95W       
WRIGHT, Henry            - Book record 1908 LOT 95W       
WRIGHT, Jay Spouse of Elizabeth Morehouse Born 1886 Died 1973      - Son of Wright, Wright-Morehouse marker LOT 95W       
WRIGHT, Jay Spouse of Elizabeth   Died 8-18-1973 Age 87    LOT 95W       
WRIGHT, Mrs. S. M. Spouse of S. M.            - Book record 1928 LOT 95W       
YOUNG, Chloe Spouse of Asa     Died 7-22-1832 Age 29y2m0d    - Dau of Jonathon & Phebe/Phene Nichols LOT M32       
YOUNG, Claranda Spouse of William     Died 7-18-1840 Age 57y7m10d   LOT M38       

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