Maple Ave., Cassadaga, NY
Submitted By: Dee Davison
Updated from area obituaries and information supplied by our members.


RAMMING, Gerald E. Born 1935, died 1974
RAMSDELL, Evelyn S. Born 1893, died 1948
RANDALL, Joan C. Born 1938, died 1974
RANNEY, Deloris. Born 1939, died 1942
RANNEY, Gloria D. Born 1940*, died 5-9-1942. Age: 2 - Dau of Ralph Ranney of Lily Dale, died in Harmony NY
RANNEY, Quincy D. Born ??, died 1/10/1932. Age: 61
RANSOM, T. Alton. Spouse of Verna M. Born 1887, died 1964
RANSOM, Verna M. Spouse of T. Alton. Born 1897, died 1977
RAYMOND, Alvah B. Spouse of Luanda or Lucina. Born 1806, died 7-30-1883. Age: 78
RAYMOND, Caroline A. Born 1842, died 1934
RAYMOND, Ellis Burr. Born 1927, died 11-13-1928
RAYMOND, Ellis D. Spouse of Mary D. Born 1902, died 11-29-1982
RAYMOND, Florence Harper. Spouse of I. R. Born 1874, died 1934
RAYMOND, I. R. Born 1862, died 1956
RAYMOND, Israel. Born 1842, died 7-18-1924. Age: 81 - Civil War Vet, Sgt - 112th NY Inf.
RAYMOND, John. Born 1836, died 1912
RAYMOND, Luanda or Lucina. Spouse of Alvah B. Born 1810, died 1888
RAYMOND, Mary D. Spouse of Ellis D. Born 1910, died ??
REESE, James. Born 1864, died 1922
REYNOLDS, Eugene H. Spouse of Ruth Wheeler. Born 06-19-1929, died 12-18-2009. Age: 80 - Son of Roy and Bessie (Groves) Reynolds, born in Warren, PA
REYNOLDS, Ruth (Wheeler) [Boots]. Spouse of Eugene H. Born 10-7-1920, died 5-6-2007. Age: 86 - Dau of Clarence and Elizabeth (O'Hara) Wheeler. Married for 46 years
REYNOLDS, Thankful. Born 1804, died 1897 - Mother of George Derby Reynolds
RICE, Alora or Alura. Born ??, died 2-17-1856. Age: 4y 9m
RICE, Clark. Born ??, died 2-25-1850. Age: 35
RICE, Estelle L. Born 1860, died 1909
RICE, Fred A. Born 1869, died 1946
RICE, George. Born ??, died 2-21-1856. Age: 1y 4m - Son of C. and J. Rice
RICE, Martie I. Born 1874, died 1944
RICE, Martin. Born ??, died 2-19-1850. Age: 5y 5m - Son of C. and J. Rice
RICHARDSON, Alice May. Spouse of. Born 1852, died 1927
RICHARDSON, Aruna. Spouse of Keziah Smith. Born 1809, died 1888
RICHARDSON, Aseneth. Spouse of Nathan R. Sr. Born 1799, died 1840
RICHARDSON, Bessie A. Born 1879, died 1931
RICHARDSON, Carrie E. (Devoll). Spouse of Squire F. Born 1844, died 1889
RICHARDSON, Chloe Irene. Born 1844, died 1867
RICHARDSON, Florence E. (Waite). Spouse of Perle E. Born 1890, died 1970
RICHARDSON, Keziah (Smith). Spouse of Aruna. Born 1813, died 1901
RICHARDSON, Merle S. Born 1877, died 1922
RICHARDSON, Nathan S. Jr. Spouse of Rosa. Born 11-10-1828, died 3-27-1910
RICHARDSON, Oliver Perry. Born 1848, died 1851
RICHARDSON, Perle E. Spouse of Vesta Ames/ Florence E. Waite. Born 1880, died 1964
RICHARDSON, Reuben H. Born 1824, died 9-26-1885 - Civil War Vet
RICHARDSON, Rosa. Spouse of Nathan S. Jr. Born ??, died 8-27-1835
RICHARDSON, Squire F. Spouse of Carrie E. Devoll. Born 1841, died 1906
RICHARDSON, Truman S. Born 1846, died 1911 - Civil War Vet
RICHARDSON, Vesta (Ames). Spouse of Perle E. Born 1882, died 9-18-1926
ROBBINS, Ellen E. S. Spouse of George A. Born 1882, died 1955
ROBBINS, George A. Spouse of Ellen E. Born 1882, died 1972
ROBBINS, Shari J. (Johnson). Spouse of Keith L. Born 11-1-1980, died 11-10-2016 - Dau of Richard K. Jr. and April (Courson) Johnson, born, and lived in Jamestown NY. Murdered by husband. Two children.
ROBERTS, Beatrice (Curran). Spouse of Howard P. Born ??, died ??
ROBERTS, Charles M. Born 5-25-1821, died 12-6- 1897
ROBERTS, Edwin L. Spouse of Emma. Born 1882, died 1920
ROBERTS, Emma Morley. Spouse of Edwin L. Born 1888, died 1961
ROBERTS, Florence R. Lee. Born 1907, died 1938
ROBERTS, Howard B. Born 1908, died 1912
ROBERTS, Howard P. Spouse of Jessie Murkett/ Beatrice Curran. Born 2-27-1891, died 9-8-1971 - Son of William and Mary (Putnam) Roberts
ROBERTS, Jessie M. (Murkett). Spouse of Howard P. Born 11-16-1886, died 12-25-1961 - Dau of George and Marilla (Oberg) Murkett
ROBERTS, Mary E. Born 1858, died 1928
ROBERTS, William H. Born 1851, died 1922
ROBERTSON, George. Spouse of Ocie Shaw. Born 1879, died 6-1-1951
ROBERTSON, Ocie (Shaw). Spouse of George. Born 5-28-1880, died 5-15-1964 - Dau of Orrin and Annie Shaw
ROCK, James A. Spouse of #1 Mary (), #2 Jean D. McKillip. Born 1-26-1943, died 1-19-2018. Age: 74 - Son of William and Virginia (Newhouse) Rock. Born in Charleston WV, died in Bemus Point NY. Worked 35 years at Monofrax. Five children, mothers unclear. Wed Jean 11-2-1975, She survives
ROCK, Steven Michael, died 7-4-2016. Age: 35 Son of James A. and Jean (McKillip) Rock. Unmarried
ROGERS, Annie L. Born 1881, died 1953
ROGERS, David H. Spouse of Marcia A. Born 1844, died 4-11-1925
ROGERS, Harriet J. Born 1882, died 1967 or 1976
ROGERS, Marcia A. Spouse of David H. Born 1857, died 1935
ROGERS, Ralph O. Born 1875, died 1946
ROLPH, Ivan E. Born 10/19/1907 D, died 11-2-1964 - Son of Lois J. Rolph Sischo - WW II Vet
RUNGE, David J. Born 6-28-1943, died 8-25-1999 - Son of Waldemar and Feryl A. (Penhollow) Runge, born in Dunkirk NY. -
RUNGE, Ernst. Spouse of Martha Hahn. Born 1886, died 1960 - Killed in a car accident
RUNGE, Feryl A. (Penhollow). Spouse of Waldemar Runge/ Beryl Johnson. Born 1916, died 2000
RUNGE, Harold W. Spouse of Hilda Boening. Born 10-12-1923, died 4-25-2000. Age: 76 - Son of Ernst and Martha (Hahn) Runge - WW II Vet US Army Europe. Awarded four medals
RUNGE, Iola K. Spouse of Richard G. Born 1917, died 1961
RUNGE, Martha (Hahn). Spouse of Ernst B. Born 1897, died 1972
RUNGE, Richard G. Spouse of Iola K. Born 1921, died 1960 - Killed in a car accident - Uncategorized Vet
RUNGE, Waldemar. Spouse of Feryl A. Penhollow. Born 1917, died 1954 - Son of Ernst and Martha (Hahn) Runge
RUNKLE, William L. Born 3-15-1913, died 7-20-1969 - WW II Vet
RUSSELL, Keith. Spouse of ?/ Sylvia. Born 10-8-1904, died 11-12-1962 - Son of Edwin and Sarah (Sipes) Russell, born in Oil City, PA. -
RUSSELL, Sylvia (Ames). Spouse of Keith. Born 1916, died ??
RUTH, Fannie F. Born 1864, died 1950
SABIN, Caroline (Bailey). Spouse of David. Born 1824, died 1899
SABIN, David. Spouse of Louisa Bailey/ Caroline Bailey. Born 1811, died 1887 - Son of Nehemiah and Zilpha (Putnam) Sabin
SABIN, Louisa (Bailey). Spouse of David. Born 1810, died 1856
SABIN, Zilpha (Putnam). Spouse of Nehemiah. Born 1794, died 1867 - Mother of David Sabin
SADLER, Philena. Born ??, died 9-3-1852. Age: 17 - Drowned while attempting to cross Cassadaga Lake
SALETTA, Rita I. (Meger). Spouse of Samuel S. Born 6-18-1930, died 5-20-2000 - Dau of Robert and Marion (Vaughn) Meger. Born in Cassadaga NY, died in Dunkirk NY. Two children.
SALETTA, Samuel S. Spouse of Rita M. Meger. Born 6-16-1922, died 3-13-2017. Age: 94 - Son of Anthony and Santa (DiCarlo) Saletta. Born in Laona NY, lived in Fredonia NY, died in Dunkirk NY. A custodian for Casadaga Schools. Two children. - WW II and Korean War Vet, US Army.
SALHOFF, Evelyn (Johnson). Spouse of James A. Born 1925, died ??
SALHOFF, James A. Spouse of Evelyn H. J. Born 10-31-1923, died 10-20-2000. Age: 76 - Son of Louis and Lizzie Martin Salhoff - WW II Vet, US Army
SAUNDERS, Maude H. Born 1866, died 1948
SCHAFFLER, William. Born ??, died ??
SCHEFFER, George C. Born 2-15- 1898, died 12-15-1961 - WW I Vet, Co. H 112th PA Inf., Pvt
SCHEFFER, Norma (DeRoost). Born 1907, died 1982
SCHENK, Catherine. Spouse of Raymond G. Born ??, died ??
SCHENK, Raymond G. Spouse of Catherine. Born 1901, died 1978
SCHRANTZ, Aurilla M. Spouse of Henry M. Born 1902, died ??
SCHRANTZ, Henry M. Spouse of Aurilla M. Born 1898, died 1976
SCHRUNK, Mary. Born ??, died 11-1-1959
SCHUNK, Gladys (Ainsle). Spouse of Kenneth F. Born 1925, died ??
SCHUNK, Kenneth F. Spouse of Gladys Ainsle. Born 1926, died 1965
SCHUNK, Mary Barbara. Born 1897, died 1982
SCHUTT, Carole N. Born 1900, died 1947
SCHUTT, Mitchell. Born 1879, died ??
SCHWARTZ, Albert. Spouse of Edna Abell. Born 1872, died 4-3-1928
SCHWARTZ, Edna (Abell). Spouse of Albert. Born 1873, died 8-9-1924
SCHWARTZ, Harry G. Spouse of Margaret H. Born 1915, died ??
SCHWARTZ, Margaret H. Spouse of Harry G. Born 5-14-1925, died 10-2-1985
SEARS, Olive. Born 1898, died 1986
SEARS, Oscar H. Born 1896, died 1866
SEELEY, Elbert. Born 1860 or 1880, died 1922
SEELEY, Mary L. Jewell. Born 1848, died 1928
SEIP, Carrie L. Born 1884, died 1967
SETERA, Aimee Jo. Spouse of Scott. Born 10-14-1978, died 1-29-2000. Age: 21 - Dau of Gregory Meadows and Denise Michalak
SHAW, Annie (Lewis). Born 4-6-1861, died 1-9-1941
SHAW, Annie C. Spouse of Orrin Carlton. Born 1849, died 1917
SHAW, Beulah Marian. Born 1882, died 10-26-1966. Age: 84 - Dau of Orrin C. and Annie C. Shaw, a registered nurse
SHAW, Diane K. Born 1944, died ?? - Stone has picture of Pegagus drawn on it
SHAW, Hallie May. Born ??, died 1924. Age: 46
SHAW, Jim LaVerne F. Jr. Born 1942, died 1996
SHAW, Jim LaVerne F. Sr. Spouse of Marian Betty Reuther. Born 1912, died 8-31-1978 - Son of Jesse and Isabelle (Fischer) Shaw - WW II Vet, US Army
SHAW, Lysander. Born 1840, died 1916 - Son of Warren Shaw - Civil War Vet, Pvt. Co. A 188th Inf. Reg. NY
SHAW, Marian Betty (Reuther). Spouse of LaVerne F. Born 7-25-1915, died 3-3-2001. Age: 85 - Dau of Harold August and Lucy (Thomas) Reuther. Stone has bingo card drawn on it
SHAW, Orrin Carlton, Dr. Spouse of Annie C. Born 1848, died 7-1-1915
SHEFFIELD, Ida E. (Richardson). Spouse of George S. Born 8-16-1855, died 9-3-1880 - Dau of Nathan and Rosa Richardson
SHERMAN, Albert J. Born 1862, died 1896 - Son of John Sherman
SHERMAN, Elmer L. Spouse of Florence L. Born 1886, died 3-6-1966 - Uncategorized Vet
SHERMAN, Florence L. (Backus). Spouse of Elmer L. Born 1889, died 3-22-1976 - Dau of Hiram and Mary Elizabeth (Wheaton) Backus
SILBUR, Sadie, Rev. Born 1897, died 1984
SIMMONS, Alida. Spouse of Burdette B. Born 1862, died 3-13-1932
SIMMONS, Burdette B. Spouse of Alida. Born 1862, died 1927 - Son of John and Marion (House) Simmons
SIMMONS, John. Spouse of Marion S. House. Born 3-27-1827, died 2-19-1908
SIMMONS, Johnnie L. Born 12-26-1884, died 11-14-1890 - Son of Burdette B. and Alida Simmons
SIMMONS, Marion S. (House). Spouse of John. Born 8-9-1837, died 5-12-1900 - Dau of Benjamin and Sophronia (Tarbox) House
SIMPSON, John Jr. [Jack]. Spouse of Marilyn Lorenzo. Born 7-3-1929, died 5-9- 2001. Age: 71 - Son of John S. and Dessie (Dickerson) Simplson, born and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 8-30-1973 in Sinclairville NY. Was also a Golden Gloves boxer - WW II Vet, US Navy
SIMPSON, Marilyn (Lorenzo). Spouse of John, Jr. Born 04-29-1928, died 02-18-2011. Age: 82 - Dau of Leonard and Frances (Snyder) Lorenzo-married 8-30-1973
SISCHO, Lois J. Rolph. Spouse of ?/ Robert. Born 1887, died 1971
SISCHO, Robert. Spouse of Lois J. Rolph. Born 8-29-1895, died 7-1-1955 - WW I Vet
SKIFF, Almina (Chase). Spouse of James P. Born 1827, died 12-5-1921 - Dau of Stephen and Clarinda (Holbrook) Chase
SKIFF, Charles. Spouse of Nellie S./ Rosetta C. Born 1850, died 1905
SKIFF, Donnetta. Spouse of Fred. Born 1878, died 10-23-1923
SKIFF, Fred. Spouse of Donnetta. Born 1884, died 1945 - Son of Charles and Nellie S. Skiff
SKIFF, James P. Spouse of Almina Chase. Born 1823, died 1905 - Civil War Vet, Co F 154th Inf. Reg. NY- enl. as PVT in Charlotte NY Aug. 28 1862 - was a POW and paroled
SKIFF, Nellie S. Spouse of Charles. Born 1857, died 1898
SKIFF, Pearl. Born ??, died 1888 - Son of of Charles and Nellie S. Skiff
SKIFF, Rosetta C.[Ettie]. Spouse of Charles. Born 1844, died 12-22-1929. Age: 86
SKINNER, Eleanor (Gleason). Spouse of Edward. Born 1918, died 1-27-1968
SLAWSON, Minnie. Born 1877, died 1904
SLOAN, Abigail. Spouse of Andrew. Born ??, died 5-28-1881. Age: 81y 5m 29d
SLOAN, Andrew. Spouse of Abigail. Born ??, died 10-5-1887. Age: 90y 3m 16d
SMITH, Aaron. Born 1843, died 7-16- 1928. Age: 84
SMITH, Abby D. Born 1858, died 1913
SMITH, Alex. Born ??, died 12-23-1878. Age: 48y and 2m
SMITH, Alfred J. Born 1880, died 5-7-1927
SMITH, Alice L. Spouse of Leroy M. Born 1859, died 7-14-1923
SMITH, Almyron. Born 1-9-1836, died 8-22-1896
SMITH, Anna (Torgeson). Spouse of Warren Rex. Born 3-14-1921, died ?? - [Rex's True Love]
SMITH, Chester Earl. Born 1892, died 4-3-1943 - Uncategorized Vet
SMITH, Cordelia. Spouse of Frank. Born 1847, died 1922
SMITH, David. Born ??, died 1-22- 1923
SMITH, Earl E. Born 11-14-1894, died 8-17-1966
SMITH, Ebenezer Jr. Born ??, died 2-22-1835. Age: 21 - Son of Ebenezer and Keziah (Elmore) Smith, Sr.
SMITH, Ebenezer Sr. Spouse of Keziah Elmore. Born ??, died 5-20-1855. Age: 89y 1m 20d - [his wife Keziah Elmore]
SMITH, Ebenezer, Rev. Born 1850, died ??
SMITH, Edison H., Rev. Spouse of Lucretia Chase. Born 1849, died 6-16-1926. Age: 76
SMITH, Elmer D. Spouse of Jane Jones. Born 1896, died 1981 - Son of Theron and Matie (Fry) Smith
SMITH, Emma M. Born 1876, died 1876
SMITH, Frank A. Spouse of Cordella. Born 1840, died 1912
SMITH, Gerry. Born 1803, died 7-1-1882. Age: 77 - Son of Ebenezer and Keziah (Elmore) Smith, Sr.
SMITH, Hazel Emily (Turner). Spouse of L. Bennett. Born 12/28/1886, died 3-7-1977
SMITH, Herbert Leroy. Born 10-14-1907, died 5-28-1961 - Son of L. Bennett and Hazel Emily (Turner) Smith - WW II Vet, US Army. HQ Coast Arty (HD), T4
SMITH, Jane (Jones). Spouse of Elmer D. Born ??, died 3-1973
SMITH, Keziah (Elmore). Spouse of Ebenezer. Born 4-12-1775*, died 3-17-1869. Age: 93y 11m 5d - Wed 5-17-1792 in Ashfield Franklin Co. MA
SMITH, L. Bennett. Spouse of Hazel E. Turner. Born 5-30-1884, died 3-7-1956
SMITH, Lenora (Patterson). Spouse of R. Halley. Born 1918, died ??
SMITH, Leopold A. Spouse of Wilhelmina. Born 1875, died 3-2-1952
SMITH, Leroy M. Spouse of Alice L. Born 1856, died 1928
SMITH, Lewis W. Spouse of Lizzie L. Born 1874, died 1952
SMITH, Lizzie L. Spouse of Lewis W. Born 1877, died 1963
SMITH, Lucretia (Chase). Spouse of Edison. Born 1850, died 1911
SMITH, Lydia V. Born 1863, died ??
SMITH, Mabel (Bragg). Born ??, died 10-20-1924 - Buried in a double grave with Nettie Smith
SMITH, Mina Marie W (Whalen). Spouse of William A. Born 1883, died 5-14-1969
SMITH, Minerva. Spouse of William. Born 1844, died 1934 - [His wife]
SMITH, Morris. Born ??, died 10-24-1927. Age: 7d
SMITH, Morrison. Born 10-14-1927, died 10-14- 1927. Age: 30 minutes
SMITH, Nancy Lou (Williams). Spouse of Leroy. Born 2-11-1934, died 3-27-2017. Age: 83 - Dau of J. Levant and Mable (Kenear) Williams. Born in Buffalo NY, lived in Sherman NY, died in Dunkirk NY. No children named., husband predeceased.
SMITH, Nettie. Born 1915, died 10-20-1924 - Buried in double grave with Mabel (Bragg) Smith
SMITH, Norman L. Born 3-25-1907, died 12-14-1984 - WW II and Korea Vet
SMITH, R. Halley. Spouse of Lenora Patterson. Born 5-21-1910, died 2-21-1984
SMITH, Retta. Born 1860, died 1944
SMITH, Warren Rex. Spouse of Anna Torgeson. Born 11-2-1914, died ?? - Son of L. Bennett and Hazel Emily (Turner) Smith. Stone says [Old Soldier Rex]
SMITH, Wilhelmina. Spouse of Leopold A. Born 1877, died 1965
SMITH, William. Spouse of Minerva. Born 1837, died 1912
SMITH, William A. Spouse of Mina Marie Whalen. Born 2-15-1885, died 1985 - Son of Aaron Smith
SNYDER, John F. Spouse of Jacqueline Candy. Born 04-06-1927, died 05-26-2010. Age: 83 - Son of Clarence and Robbie Lee (Forest) Snyder. Wed 2-5-1948 - WW II Vet, US Navy
SNYDER, Margaret L. (Washburn). Spouse of Thomas L. Born 4-26-1919, died 8-18-2015. Age: 96 - Dau of Charles and Mayme (Schultz) Washburn. Born in Town of Pomfret NY, lived and died in Dunkirk NY. With family, owned and operated Snyder's Sausage Kitchen. Wed 6-17-1944, One son. (Husband d. 3-28-1981)
SNYDER, Thomas L. Spouse of Margaret L. Washburn. Born 11-5-1910, died 3-28-1981 - Son of Frederick and Mary Barbara (Rechner) Snyder. Born, lived, and died in Dunkirk NY. With family, owned and operated Snyder's Sausage Kitchen. Wed 6-17-1944, One son. - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec4
SPATHELF, Emily. Spouse of Philip. Born 1864, died 1946
SPATHELF, Philip. Spouse of Emily. Born 1854, died 1925
SPRAGUE, Archie L. Born 06-9-1874, died 11-3-1944 - Son of Benjamin Sprague
SPRAGUE, Blanche Louise. Born 1884, died 11-13-1964 - Teacher
SPRAGUE, Minnie (Austin). Born 1876, died 1938
STARR, Mrs. L. O. Born ??, died ??. Age: 77
STEPHENS, Hilda Ann. Spouse of William A. Born 1929, died 2000
STEPHENS, William A. Spouse of Hilda Ann. Born 1-31-1917, died 1-16-1996 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Pvt
STEWARD, Beth. Born ??, died 2-17-1926. Age: 3d
STEWARD, David J. Born ??, died 2-1965
STEWARD, Elmer W. Born 3-13-1913, died 12-16-1974 - Son of Walker and Ethel (Crowell) Steward
STEWARD, James Jr. Born 1936, died 1939
STEWARD, James Silas. Spouse of Mary Wilcox. Born 1-13-1904, died 10-3-1944
STOCUM or SLOCUM Benjamin. Born 1920, died ??
STOCUM or SLOCUM Frances M. Born 1932, died 1979
STODDARD, Fannie F. Born 1864, died 1950 - Mother
STODDARD, George L. Born ??, died 1926. Age: 19d
STODDARD, George T. Spouse of Minnie M. Born 1877, died ??
STODDARD, Minnie M. Spouse of George T. Born 1891, died ??
STOVER, Donald. Spouse of Eva May Moore. Born 2-9- 1931, died 5-10-2001. Age: 70 - Adopted Son of John and Rita Shultz. Wed 8-09-1957 - Korean War Vet
STOWELL, Frank Jr. Spouse of Hollis M. Fisher. Born 10-23-1913, died 5-27-1972 - Son of Frank and Daisy (Rickenbrode) Stowell
STOWELL, Hollis M. (Fisher). Spouse of Frank Jr. Born 7-20-1904, died 1-13-1988. Age: 83 - Dau of George and Hattie (Clark) Fisher. Postmaster at the Cassadaga Post Office
STRAIGHT, Albert A. Jr. [Stub]. Spouse of Irene Ames. Born 10-19-1923, died 3-17- 2001. Age: 77 - Son of Albert A. and Isabelle (Greiner) Straight. Wed 7-03-1946 - WW II Vet, US Army. Air Corp in France and England
STRAIGHT, Albert A. Sr. Spouse of Isabelle. Born 4-7-1889, died 3-4-1966 - Son of Eugene and Anna (Nelson) Straight
STRAIGHT, Anna (Nelson). Spouse of Eugene. Born 11-28-1865, died 1-30-1902
STRAIGHT, Eugene. Spouse of Anna Nelson. Born 7-17-1860, died 4-30-1930
STRAIGHT, Irene (Ames). Spouse of Albert A. Jr. Born ??, died 7-12-1998 - Wed 7-3-1946
STRAIGHT, Irene L. (Spencer). Spouse of Robert E. Born 10-24-1913, died 11-20-2008. Age: 95 - Dau of Herbert L. and Mary D. Spencer, born in Waterford, Ontario
STRAIGHT, Isabelle (Greiner). Spouse of Albert A. Born 1894, died 8-24-1988
STRAIGHT, Jeannette E. (Sheffer). Spouse of Hugh. Born 12-31-1923, died 8-20-2000. Age: 77 - Dau of George and Gertrude (Carlson) Sheffer Raised by Norma (Reynolds) Sheffer. Wed 1-3-1942
STRAIGHT, Marion Louise (Munson). Spouse of Lawrence Chester. Born 3-7-1928, died 10-27-2007. Age: 79 - Dau of Sidney and Edith Munson, born in Mount Morris, NY. Wed 7-3-1946
STRAIGHT, Robert E. Spouse of Irene Spencer. Born 7-1915, died 12-1-1981 - Son of Albert A. and Irene (Ames) Straight Jr.
STRAIGHT, Susan E. (Sprague). Spouse of John L., died 9-15-2015 - Dau of Maurice and Juanita Sprague. Wed 34 years, three daughters. (He survives)
STREETER, Ella M. [Elsie]. Spouse of Ezra. Born 1869, died 1947
STREETER, Emma (Pendleton). Spouse of Zimri. Born 1848, died 3-21-1930. Age: 82 - Married in Iowa
STREETER, Ezra. Spouse of Ella M. Born 1868, died 1954 - Son of Zimri and Emma (Pendleton) Streeter
STREETER, Zimri. Spouse of Emma Pendleton. Born 1842, died 10-9-1924 - Born in Framingham MA, died in Hampton NY - Civil War Vet, Pvt. in Capt. Peter Porters Co. MA Regt.
SWAJDA, John. Born 1890, died 1967 - WW I Vet, WV
SWANSON, Alice B. Spouse of Lloyd S. Born 1914, died 1957
SWANSON, Lloyd S. Spouse of Alice B. Born 1904, died 1979
SWANSON, Ruth H. (Halladay). Spouse of Roger C. Swanson. Born 6-17-1925, died 4-26-2015. Age: 89 - Dau of Glenn Garfield and Frances (Huntington) Halladay. Six children
TAGGART, Irene. Born 1902, died 1903
TAMBLING, Albert L. Born 1872, died 1949
TAMBLING, Alice L. (Derby). Born 1847, died 1930
TAMBLING, Alson C. Born 1848, died 1900
TAMBLING, Archie M. Born 1878, died 12-20-1923
TAMBLING, Flora F. Born 1850, died 1926
TAMBLING, Leverett T. Born 1845, died 1919
TAMBLING, M. Jay. Born 1874, died 1883
TARBOX, Eder. Spouse of Sylvania McNitt. Born 3-18-1857, died 8-19-1934 - Son of Albert Tarbox
TARBOX, Lucelia (McNitt). Spouse of Oscar. Born 1851, died 1923 - Dau of David and Amy (Love) McNitt
TARBOX, Oscar. Spouse of Lucrelia McNitt. Born 1848, died 1924 - Son of Albert Tarbox
TARBOX, Sylvania (McNitt). Spouse of Eder. Born 10-25-1860, died 4-24-1945 - Dau of David and Amy (Love) McNitt
TAYLOR, Charlotte C. Born 1887, died 1976
TAYLOR, Donald C. Born 7-25-1915, died 12-20-1966 - WW II Vet, 333rd Airdrome EG AAF
TAYLOR, Robert C. Spouse of Maybelle Palmer. Born 5-31-1912, died 11-27-2007. Age: 95 - Son of Chauncey and Charlotte (Roberts) Taylor, born in Johnson City, NJ - WW II Vet, US Army and Merchant Marines
TEED, Henry C. Born ??, died 4-19-1893. Age: 46y 9m 19d - Civil War Vet, 112th Regt NY Inf. and 7th MA Batty
TENNANT, Thomas G. Born 1884, died 1913
THATCHELL / TATCHELL, Jennie. Spouse of Harold Derby. Born 11-23-1902, died 5-29-1975 - Dau of William and Nellie Borman Tatchell
THOMAS, Eliza A. Spouse of William A. Born 1895, died 1977
THOMAS, Nettie. Born 1869, died 1961
THOMAS, William A. Spouse of Eliza A. Born 1883, died 1944
THOMPSON, Alice M. Born 1891, died 1969
THOMPSON, Alonzo H. Born 1883, died 1946
THOMPSON, Annie L. Born 1851, died 9-18-1925
TODD, Archie H. Spouse of Elizabeth S. Born 1875, died 1959
TODD, Bela. Spouse of Lucy Hemmingway. Born 11-3-1785, died 9-23-1862. Age: 77y 10m 20d - Son of Caleb and Hannah (Goodsel) Todd, b. North Haven CT
TODD, Caleb Lewis Hannah Goodsell. Born ??, died 5-16-1903. Age: 80y and 9m - Son of Bela and Lucy (Hemmingway) Todd
TODD, Edwin. Born ??, died 8-18-1930. Age: 49
TODD, Edwin Lafayette. Spouse of Gretchen Browne. Born 1879, died 1929
TODD, Elizabeth S. Spouse of Archie H. Born 1877, died 1965
TODD, Emerson H. Born 1902, died 1986
TODD, Gretchen (Browne). Spouse of Edwin Lafayette. Born 1878, died 1948
TODD, Hannah (Goodsell). Spouse of Caleb. Born ??, died 7-23-1852. Age: 86 - Parents of Bela Todd
TODD, Helen L. Born 1905, died ??
TODD, Homer Franklin. Spouse of Josephine Dawley. Born 9-5-1849, died 12-30-1924 - Son of Vesta C. (Putnam) Todd
TODD, John. Born 1910, died ??
TODD, Josephine (Dawley). Spouse of Homer Franklin. Born 1852, died 1944
TODD, Lucinda. Born ??, died ?? - Dau of Homer and Josephine (Dawley) Todd
TODD, Lucy (Hemmingway). Spouse of Bela. Born 12-14-1791, died 5-6-1856. Age: 65
TODD, Stanton W. Born 1876, died 1952
TODD, Vesta C. (Putnam). Born ??, died 2-8-1881. Age: 54y 6m 19d - Dau of Abner and Vesta (Mallory) Putnam
TORREY, Thomas H. Born ??, died 12-17-1902. Age: 51y 9m 29d
TOTMAN, Charity M. Spouse of David J. Born 1832, died 1900
TOTMAN, David J. Spouse of Charity M. Born 1830, died 1912
TOTMAN, Elmira V. Spouse of Perry C. Born 1874, died 1929
TOTMAN, George W. Born 1860, died 1912
TOTMAN, Perry C. Spouse of Elmira V. Born 1858, died 1920
TOTMAN, Phebe. Born ??, died 12-9-1848. Age: 17 - Dau of Abijah and Betsey (Smith) Totman
TOTMAN, Rhoda J. Raymond. Spouse of Abijah B. Born 1840, died 1918 - 2nd wife of Abijah Totman
TREMAINE, Rosella. Spouse of Virgil W. Born 1861, died 2-15-1928
TREMAINE, Vergil W. Spouse of Rosella. Born 1860, died ??
TROUT, Annie E. Born 1938, died ??
TROUT, Donald C. Born 1935, died 1980
TUCKER, Hannah L. Spouse of Watson. Born ??, died 5-13-1856
TUCKER, Wallace E. Born ??, died 6-9-1843. Age: 1y 1m - Son of W. and L. Tucker
TURNER, Barrett Winchester. Spouse of Eliza Lutgen. Born 1860, died 4-9-1931
TURNER, Corydon B. Spouse of Emily A Horton. Born 1834, died 2-16-1913
TURNER, Earl A. Spouse of Lucille. Born 9-24-1887, died 11-4-1969 - WW I Vet
TURNER, Eliza (Lutgen). Spouse of Barrett W. Born 1866, died 1946
TURNER, Emily A. (Horton). Spouse of Corydon B. Born 1-26-1836, died 1-16-1911
TURNER, Esther C. Born 1863, died 1967 - Sister of Earl Turner
TURNER, Isaac Graham Jr. Spouse of Maggie A. Cranston. Born 1863, died 1958
TURNER, John Corydon. Spouse of ?/ Ruth Woodward. Born 12-14-1889, died 1-5-1975 - Doctor in Jamestown NY - Uncategorized Vet
TURNER, Lucille. Spouse of Earl A. Born ??, died ??
TURNER, Maggie A. (Cranston). Spouse of Isaac Graham Jr. Born 1864, died 1-29-1924 - Died at Salamanca NY
TURNER, Roy Corydon. Born 1886, died 1913
TURNER, Ruth (Woodward). Spouse of John Corydon. Born 8-23-1903, died 4-25- 1984. Age: 80 - Dau of Charles and Anna Woodard, a teacher
TURNER, William Graham. Born 1945, died 3-24-1982 - Son of Earl and Lucille Turner
TUTTLE, Elvira (Irons). Born 1829, died 1917
TYLER, Jess W. Born 1888, died 1976
TYLER, Robert. Born 1915, died 1964 - Son of Winifred L. Tyler
TYLER, Winifred L. Born 1894, died 1976
ULRICH, Evelyn (Darling). Born ??, died 9-23-1995. Age: 63 - Dau of George and Bernice Darling
ULRICH, Norman W. Sr. Spouse of Joan Lehnen. Born 06-06-1934, died 04-07-2003. Age: 68 - Son of Rhinehart and Amanda (Kickbush) Ulrich, born in Hanover NY - Uncategorized Vet, National Guard
ULRICH, Robert. Born ??, died 3-1-1996. Age: 81 - Son of Rhinehart and Amanda (Kickbush) Ulrich
UNKNOWN, Mary G. Born 1845, died 5-20-1902 - Surname could be Kollmyr or Kollmer
UTTS, Carlton D. Born 4-1-1916, died 10-6-1974 - Son of Werner W. Utts - WW II Vet
UTTS, Hilda M. Born 1877, died 1935
UTTS, Werner W,. Born 1877, died 1959
VALVO, Michael L. Born 1-15-1915, died 12-10-1982 - WW II Vet
VanBUREN, Elizabeth A. Born 10-1-1818, died 3-21-1905
VanBUREN, Elizabeth M. Born 1832, died 2-2-1924 91
VanBUREN, Evaline. Born 3-27-1825, died 11-5-1898
VanBUREN, Hannah. Spouse of Mulford. Born 4-17-1820, died 7-25-1887 - Surname could also be Viall or Vaill
VanBUREN, John. Spouse of Laura. Born ??, died 2-14-1867. Age: 73
VanBUREN, Laura. Spouse of John. Born ??, died 11-16-1871. Age: 78
VanBUREN, Mulford. Spouse of Hannah. Born 7-25-1813, died 7-27-1887 - Surname could also be Viall or Vaill
VanBUREN, Peter. Born ??, died 8-17-1883 or 1888. Age: 54y 2m 27d
VanBUSKIRK, Harriet. Born 1842, died 1933
VanBUSKIRK, Minnie. Born 1864, died 1952
VanBUSKIRK, Morris. Born 1855, died 1941
VIALL, Fred E. Born 1857, died 3-31-1926
VIALL, Lucina E. Born 1858, died 3-17-1924
VOSE, E. Joy. Born 1875, died 1962
VOSE, Minnie J. Born 1878, died 1953
WADSWORTH, Della Graves. Spouse of Rev. M. T. Born ??, died 11-4-1849. Age: 34y 1m 8 or 18d
WAITE, Adelbert E. Spouse of Louise M. Bailey. Born 2-17-1845, died 12-7-1889
WAITE, Catherine B (Bulger). Spouse of Gerald. Born 1908, died 3-29-1968 - Dau of Ernest and Louise (Grenier) Bulger, teacher
WAITE, Charles Adin. Spouse of Mertilla Bard. Born 1873, died 3-31- 1943
WAITE, Clara Alton (Norton). Spouse of George H. Born 9-21-1884, died 12-12-1965 - Dau of Sylvanus and his second wife Ida (Cardot) Norton
WAITE, Corrine Nancy (Mellett). Spouse of Walter Burton. Born 4-10-1862, died 11-10-1926 - Dau of Herrick and Eliza (Barton) Mellett, born in WI
WAITE, George H. Spouse of Clara Norton. Born 11-21-1868, died 5-6-1960 - Died in Calif. - Civil War Vet
WAITE, Gertrude (Wood). Spouse of Orrin W. Born 5-18-1872, died 1962
WAITE, Harold Charles. Spouse of Harriet M. Swanson. Born 6-15-1909, died 12-16-2002. Age: 93 - Son of Charles A. and Mertella A. (Bard) Waite. Wed 6-29-1930
WAITE, Harriet M. (Swanson). Spouse of Harold Charles. Born ??, died 4-10-1999 - Wed 6-29-1930
WAITE, Henry. Spouse of Polly Hart. Born 1842, died 2-2-1920
WAITE, Louise Matilda (Bailey). Spouse of Adelbert E. Born 6-22-1847, died 1-14-1932
WAITE, Maurice J. Spouse of Anna Carpenter. Born 9-10-1919, died 9-19-2000. Age: 81 - Son of Maurice A. and Bertha A. (Hills) Waite - WW II Vet -US Army 13th Div. Black Cats. Awarded WW II Victory medal, Amer. Svc. Medal, European African Middle Eastern Medal, and a Purple Heart
WAITE, Mertilla (Bard). Spouse of Charles Adin. Born 8-18-1874, died 1968 - Dau of Richard and Harriet (Lewis) Bard
WAITE, Nancy (Putnam). Spouse of William D. Born 11-8-1819, died 12-3-1906 - Dau. of Abner and Vesta (Mallery) Putnam
WAITE, Orrin W. Spouse of Gertrude Wood. Born 1870, died 8-10-1925
WAITE, Polly (Hart). Spouse of Henry. Born 1846, died 12-8-1933
WAITE, Richmond. Born 1848, died 6-22-1875
WAITE, Ruth (Eddy). Spouse of Walter Barton. Born 1888, died 2-3-1966
WAITE, Walter Barton. Spouse of Ruth Eddy. Born 1885, died 8-26-1960
WAITE, Walter Burton. Spouse of Corrine N. Melletl. Born 5-13-1854, died 5-1-1932
WAITE, William D. Spouse of Nancy Putnam. Born ??, died 5-21-1860. Age: 44y 8m 9d
WAITE, William Gamaliel. Spouse of Mertilla Bard. Born 1867, died 4-30-1947
WALLEN, Charlotte C. Born 1859, died 4-5-1933
WALLEN, Inez M. Born 1891, died 1926
WALLEN, John A. Spouse of Mildred Fox. Born 1885, died 12-15-1969 - Mailman
WALLEN, John A. Born 1855, died 1936
WALLEN, Lottie B. Born 1891, died 1980
WALLEN, Mary J. Born 1861, died 1897
WALLEN, Mildred (Fox). Spouse of John A. Born 9-7-1889, died 12-27-1969 - Dau of Herbert and Henrietta (Davis) Fox
WALLEN, Otto E. Born 1891, died 1980
WALLEN, William E. Born 1863, died 1923
WANG, Alice May. Born 1885, died 1966
WANG, Richard G. Born 1882, died 1974
WARNER, Darius. Spouse of Polly Dennison. Born 1835, died 1909 - Civil War Vet, PVT. Co. H 112th Inf. Reg. NY
WARNER, Polly (Dennison). Spouse of Darius. Born 1851, died 8-27-1927
WATERMAN, Ada (Davis). Born 1860, died 1904
WATERMAN, Alice V. (Waite). Spouse of Merle B. Born 1886, died 10-28-1977
WATERMAN, Burton O. Elizabeth J. O'Dell. Born 1923, died ?? - Son of Ruth L. Waterman
WATERMAN, Doris (Sharpe). Born 1923, died 1967
WATERMAN, Elizabeth J. (O'Dell). Spouse of Burton O. Born 8-18-1931, died 5-24-2005. Age: 73 - Dau of Ancel and Florence (Gransbury) O'Dell. Wed 10-23-1968
WATERMAN, Frank. Born 1852, died 1939
WATERMAN, Jennie H. Born 1864, died 1921
WATERMAN, Joan E (Navey). Spouse of Kenneth M. Born 1-25-1930, died 3-14-2015. Age: 85 - Dau of Lloyd and Itha (Peck) Navey, born in Brocton NY, died in Cassadaga NY. Wed 5-12-1956, two children.
WATERMAN, Merle B. Spouse of Alice V. Waite. Born 1886, died 5-27-1955
WATERMAN, Ruth L. Born 1902, died ??
WATERMAN, Velma. Born 1901, died 1902
WATERMAN, Verland D. Born 1900, died 1980
WEBSTER, Ella C. Born ??, died 12-14-1860. Age: 2y 8m - Dau of Sanford and Emily Webster. {Age could also be 2m 8d)
WEBSTER, Elsie J. (Pattyson). Spouse of Russell E. Born 1905, died ??
WEBSTER, Fay H. Spouse of Nina B. Parker. Born 1874, died 1965
WEBSTER, Nina B. (Parker). Spouse of Fay H. Born 1878, died 1936
WEBSTER, Russell E. Spouse of Elsie J. Pattyson. Born 1901, died 1972
WEST, Agnes. Born ??, died 1903 - Dau of George and Elizabeth West
WEST, Anna. Spouse of James D. Born 1909, died 1961
WEST, Clarence G. Born 1902, died ??
WEST, Elizabeth. Spouse of George. Born 1876, died 1961
WEST, Frederick H. Spouse of Luella 'Lulu'. Born 1870, died 1950
WEST, George. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1873, died 1955
WEST, James D. Spouse of Anna. Born 9-22-1886, died 10-7-1964
WEST, Julia M. Spouse of Wilbur F. Born 1850, died ??
WEST, Luella [Lulu]. Spouse of Frederick H. Born 1882, died 5-18-1930
WEST, Nina H. Born 1906, died 1960
WEST, Wilbur F. Spouse of Julia M. Born 1840, died 1902
WHEELER, Ferne A. (Vose). Spouse of George H. Born 1913, died 8-20-1965
WHEELER, Frank T. Spouse of Marge Galley. Born 7-24-1046, died 02-15-2014. Age: 67 - Son of Frank and Ella (Luce) Wheeler, heavy equipment operator for 45 yrs for All Storer and Sons. Born in Stockton, died in Cassadaga. Married 42 years, 3 daughters - Uncategorized Vet, US Army - Fort Dix 1971-1972
WHEELER, George H. Spouse of Ferne A.Vose/ Nellie E. Born 1-23-1910, died 1-11-1988 - Son of Clarence and Elizabeth (O'Hara) Wheeler
WHEELER, Nellie E. Spouse of George H. Born 1916, died 12-4-1986
WHITE, Anna. Spouse of Thomas J. Born 1855, died 8-15-1930
WHITE, Thomas J. Spouse of Anna. Born 1865, died 19??
WHITNEY, Alice (Orcutt). Spouse of Walter A. Born 1869, died 1958
WHITNEY, Arthur F. Spouse of Ethel Field. Born 1897, died 1983
WHITNEY, Ethel (Field). Spouse of Arthur F. Born 1910, died 1994
WHITNEY, Walter A. Spouse of Alice Orcutt. Born 1866, died 11-13-1930
WILCOX, A. T. Born 1859, died 1940
WILCOX, Amorett A. Born ??, died 3-29-1841. Age: 45 - Dau of Enoch and Chloe Wilcox
WILCOX, Anna L. (Clark). Spouse of James Merton. Born 5-15-1893, died 8-30-1897 - Dau of Hiram and Lettie (Weaver) Wilcox (?)
WILCOX, Chloe (Cossitt). Spouse of Enoch. Born 3-21-1778, died 4-14-1852 - Dau of Timothy and Chloe (Buttolph) Cossitt, born in Barkhamstead Litchfield Co. CT
WILCOX, Enoch. Born 1834, died 1916 - Son of Jarvis and Sarah Effingham Wilcox - Civil War Vet
WILCOX, Enoch. Spouse of Chloe Cossitt. Born 1776, died 11-5-1844 - Son of Isaac and Deliverance (Tuller) Wilcox, born in CT
WILCOX, Esther. Spouse of Horace. Born ??, died 3-12-1848. Age: 20 - Buried in the R. Totman Lot.
WILCOX, George W. Spouse of ?/ ?/ Phyllis A. Barnes. Born 1932, died 2002 - Picture of them on stone - Uncategorized Vet
WILCOX, Gordon J. Spouse of Grace Green. Born 1924, died 1993
WILCOX, Grace (Green). Spouse of Gordon J. Born 4-25-1925, died 3-1-1967 - Killed in auto accident
WILCOX, James M. Spouse of Louicy C. Born 1892, died 1968
WILCOX, James Merton. Spouse of Anna L. Clark. Born 1892, died 1968 - Brother of Lyman W. Wilcox
WILCOX, Jarvis. Born ??, died 9-3-1852. Age: 55 - Drowned while attempting to cross Cassadaga Lake
WILCOX, Jennie L. Born ??, died 3-14-1929. Age: 79
WILCOX, Judson. Born 1852, died 1880
WILCOX, Julia. Born 1823, died 1892
WILCOX, Louicy C. Spouse of James M. Born 1893, died 1985
WILCOX, Lyman J. [Junior[. Spouse of Emily Gula Howe. Born 11-04-1919, died 03-05-2010. Age: 90 - Son of Lyman W. and Mabel [Bobby] (Briggs) Wilcox - WW II Vet, US Army
WILCOX, Lyman W. Spouse of Mabel Briggs. Born 1-22-1891, died 3-22-1975 - Son of Porter and Mary (Frost) Wilcox
WILCOX, Mabel (Briggs). Spouse of Lyman W. Born 4-30-1897, died 2-13-1985
WILCOX, Phylis (Barnes). Spouse of George W. Born 1936, died 1984 - Picture of them on stone
WILCOX, Rena M.(Henry) [Silky[. Spouse of Wayne L. Born 10-26-1934, died 6-29-1980 - Dau of Joe and Anna (Turner) Henry
WILCOX, Virginia R. (Walters). Spouse of Richard (divorced). Born 10-18-1922, died 6-24-2015. Age: 92 - Dau of Lester and Glenna (Pattyson) Walters, born in Gerry NY, lived in Jamestown NY. One daughter.
WILCOX, Wayne L. "Wire". Spouse of Rena M. Henry. Born 1930, died ??
WILDRICK, Charles M. Spouse of Lillian. Born 1902, died 1955
WILDRICK, Lillian. Spouse of Charles M. Born 1904, died 1995
WILES, Corey Thomas. Born 2-21-1984, died 10-9-2016. Age: 32y - Son of Thomas and Cheryl (Flis) Wiles; born at home, died in Arcade NY. Cassadaga Valley High School, Class of 2002. - US Air Force (2004-05)
WILKENS, Roy T. Spouse of Geraldine. Born 12-19-1926, died 8-10-1982 - WW II Vet
WILKINS, Alice J. Born ??, died 9-3-1852. Age: 17 - Drowned while attempting to cross Cassadaga Lake
WILKINS, Geraldine Moore. Spouse of Roy T. Born 1930, died ??
WILLIAMS, Cora Adell (Smith). Born 3-1-1870, died 9-3-1905 - Dau of Rev. E. Smith
WILLIAMS, Hannah. Spouse of Monroe. Born 1850, died 1937
WILLIAMS, Monroe. Spouse of Hannah. Born ??, died 2-19-1930. Age: 84
WINSLOW, George W. Spouse of Kittie W. Born 1886, died 1960
WINSLOW, Kittie W. Spouse of George W. Born 1888, died 1981
WISE, Beverly (Miller). Spouse of Delbert. Born 2-13-1939, died 10-6-2007. Age: 68 - Dau of Roman and Camilla (Webster) Miller
WITHERELL, Elizabeth (Turner). Spouse of John F. Born 1869, died 7-3-1933
WITHERELL, John F. Spouse of Elizabeth Turner. Born ??, died 11-19-1932
WITT, Nora J. Spouse of Roger E. Born 1935, died 1991
WITT, Roger E. Spouse of Nora J. Born 1934, died ??
WOERNER, Emma M. Born 1863, died 1952
WOERNER, G. Fred. Born 1880, died 1947
WOOD, Harry G. Born 1881, died 1958
WOOD, Helen (Smith). Born 1859, died 1940
WOOD, Nellie D. Born 1881, died 2-4-1932
WOODARD, Albert J. Born 1892, died 1984
WOODARD, Carrie. Born 1892, died 1977
WOODARD, Myrtle S. Born 1893, died 1984
WOODARD, Percy. Born 1898, died ??
WOODCOCK, Abigail (Waite). Spouse of Charles. Born ??, died 11-8-1871. Age: 70y 11m 28d - Dau of Adin Waite Sr.
WOODCOCK, Charles. Born ??, died 9-18- 1859. Age: 23y 11m 10d - Son of Charles and Abigail (Waite) Woodcock
WOODCOCK, Charles. Spouse of Abigail Waite. Born ??, died 2-27-1858. Age: 56y 8m 4d
WOODCOCK, Emeline O. Born ??, died 11-21-1859. Age: 21y 11m 19d - Dau of Charles and Abigail (Waite) Woodcock
WOODCOCK, Kittie L. Born ??, died 3-14-1881. Age: 16y 5m 20d - Dau of Winter and Lura J. Woodcock
WOODCOCK, Laura M. Born ??, died 1-30-1859. Age: 25y 6m 9d - Dau of Charles and Abigail (Waite) Woodcock
WOODCOCK, Lura J. Spouse of Winter W. Born 1836, died 1911
WOODCOCK, Myrtie A. (Goodrich). Born 1872, died 1895
WOODCOCK, Winter W. Spouse of Lura J. Born 1839, died 10-27-1913
WOODS, ?. Born 7-25-1827, died 5-16-1836
WOODS, ?. Born 11-11-1837, died 8-20-1855
WOODS, Arthur P. Spouse of Harriet. Born 11-17- 1871, died 10-23-1932 - Son of Elijah Woods Jr.
WOODS, Bellie J. Spouse of 1861. Born 1865, died ??
WOODS, Carrie. Born ??, died ?? - Dau of Arthur and Harriet Woods
WOODS, Carrie E. Born 1856, died 1898
WOODS, Charlotte (Farnsworth). Spouse of Levi. Born ??, died 9-30-1857. Age: 85
WOODS, Elijah. Spouse of Jane McGegor. Born 1832, died 1913 - Son of Elijah and Fidelia (Smith) Woods
WOODS, Elijah. Spouse of Fidelia Smith/ Lovisa Fisher. Born 4-6-1800, died 4-22-1867 - Son of Levi and Charlotte (Farnsworth) Woods, born in Keene NH. Wed Lovisa in 1842
WOODS, Fidelia (Smith). Spouse of Elijah. Born 11-22-1798, died 1-17-1840 - Died in Ashfield MA
WOODS, Harriet. Spouse of Arthur P. Born ??, died ??
WOODS, Jane McGegor. Spouse of Elijah. Born ??, died ??
WOODS, Levi. Spouse of Charlotte Farnsworth. Born 2-18-1765, died 9-13-1844. Age: 78 - Son of William and Naomi (Langley) Woods, born in in NH
WOODS, Lovisa (Fisher). Spouse of Rufus Fancher/ Elijah. Born 2-10-1800, died 3-17-1867 - Wed Elijah in 1842
WOODWARD, Lailah Barrows. Born 1894, died 1984
WOOLEY, Elmer L. Spouse of Juanita. Born 1911, died ??. Age: 90 - Son of George and Drucilla (Knox) Wooley
WOOLEY, Juanita. Spouse of Elmer L. Born 1908, died 1982 - Wed 3-16-1940
WURTENBURG, Alice H. Spouse of John F. Born ??, died ??
WURTENBURG, John F. Spouse of Alice H. Born 1860, died 11-7-1931
WYCKOFF, Lucy Augusta. Spouse of Peter. Born 1867, died 9-7-1926
YAGER, Charlotte. Spouse of Mahlon. Born 1904, died 1982
YAGER, Mahlon. Spouse of Charlotte. Born 1903, died 1985
YAGGER, Bertha L. (Hamman). Spouse of Casey. Born 4-13-1908, died 8-29-2003. Age: 95 - Dau of William and Mamie Hamman. Wed 9-22-1961 -Rebekahs
YAGGER, Casey. Spouse of Bertha L. Hamman. Born ??, died 2-16-1972
YONKERS, Frank M. Spouse of Helen J. Clark. Born 4-5-1927, died 7-12-2008. Age: 81 - Son of Jacob and Helen (Szumigala) Yonker. Wed 8-19-1950 stone has picture of a house drawn on it - WW II Vet, US Navy
YOUKER, Jeffrey F. Born 9-1957, died 11-1957
YOUNG, John H. Spouse of Nancy. Born 9-14-1821, died 4-1-1914
YOUNG, Nancy. Spouse of John H. Born 1818, died 5-6-1882
YOUNG, Tena (Sutton). Born 1887, died 1909
YOUNKERS, Helen J. Spouse of Frank M. Born 1930, died 1998 - Stone has picture of a house drawn on it
ZEHNER, John P. Born 1872, died 1950
ZEMBRYSKI, Todd M. Born 1969, died 1982 - Son of Stanley and Kathleen (Abram) Zembryski
ZIBRINSKI, Alele (Valent). Born 1896, died 1975


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