Early Settlers of Randolph, Cattaraugus County, NY

From: History of Cattaraugus County, published 1879
Submitted by member, Laura Greene 

ANGLE, JOHN, came about 1830, father of Nicholas Angle. Native of Ontario Co.

ARCHER, BENSON - came about 1827 with David Archer


BLODGETT, BENJAMIN (Dr.) - came in 1827

BOWEN, DARIUS - came with Sylvester Caswell in 1825 from Monroe 

BUSH, ABRAHAM G., came in 1825 from Ontario Co. Died in 1863

CASE, ESAU - moved to Ohio

CASWELL, SYLVESTER - 1825 from Monroe Co, father of William and Orrin

CLARK, BENJAMIN, came in 1823, removed to PA

COOK, ELISHA R. , came in 1823 from Monroe Co.

COOK, JOSIAH, came in 1823 with Elisha from Monroe Co

CROWLEY, ASAHEL, native of Rutland Co Vt, came in 1831

CROWLEY, ADDISON, native of Rutland Vt., came in 1825

DIXON, DAVID, came 1827 from Genesee Co NY

DRAPER family - came before 1830

EWING, SAMUEL, came in 1831 from Ontario County. Father of Samuel and Robert Ewing

FULLER, EDMUND - made 1st settlement in 1820, came from Oneida Co. NY.

FULLER, HOWARD - accompanied Edmund Fuller as 1st settlers

GORSLINE, GILBERT, came about 1830

HARVEY, THOMAS, came in 1822

HELMES, ALBERT, came in 1826 - still living in 1893

HELMES, CHAUNCY came in 1825 from Monroe Co. Brother of Albert Helmes.

HITCHCOCK, OTIS, came in 1823, father of George, Truman, Milo. Otis died in 1873

HODGE, DAVID - came with with Solomon Nichols in 1823

HODGE, JONATHAN - married daughter of Benjamin Clark

HOLBROOK, SANFORD came in 1829 from Chemung Co. NY

HOLBROOK, SANFORD F., son of Sanford

HOLBROOK, FREEMAN, son of Sanford (Sr.)

JOHNSON, MARCUS, b. in Olean 1809

LATHAM, H. S., from Long Island, came in 1822

LATHAM, C. H., brother of H. S., came in 1840

LEWIS, ELNATHAN - came in 1827

McCAPES, ALFRED - still living in Randolph in 1893

McCAPES, JAMES - died in Ranoldph

McCAPES, MAJOR - still living in Randolph in 1893

McCAPES, SILAS - moved to the "west".

NICHOLS, SOLOMON came in 1823 from Monroe Co NY

POWELL, JAMES, came in 1823, brother of Dennis, moved to PA





SAMPLE, FREDERICK - came with the other Samples in 1823

SCUDDER, JOEL, son of Ezekiel, father of Samuel Scudder

SCUDDER, FREEMAN - came as a single man in 1827, married Miss Sample, moved to Illinois

SCUDDER, ENOS - son of Ezekiel Scudder. Moved to Kentucky

SCUDDER, EZEKIEL - Rev war soldier, came from Victor, Ontario Co in 1827. 

SCUDDER, MARVIN, came in 1828 - moved to Illinois



THURSTON, MARCUS, brother of Daniel.

THURSTON, DANIEL, came from Oneida Co in 1829

TORRANCE, TIMOTHY - came in 1823 from Monroe Co, died in 1871. Son - G. M. Torrance

VAN RENSSELAER, NANCY - b. 1775, widow of Gen. Henry Van Rensselaer (of Rev. War), mother of Dr. D. S. Van Rensselaer

VANDAMAKER, JACOB, came in 1821, father of JOHN J. 

WOOD, JONATHAN, came from Monroe Co in 1826 - died in 1832 near Pittsburgh while rafting

WOOD, URIAH D. - was there as early as 1824

WOODWORTH, ZEBEDEE, settled there about 1824, brother of BENJAMIN WOODWORTH

YORK, JEREMIAH, brother of Samuel, came in 1823. Both moved to "the west".

YORK, SAMUEL J. - came in 1821

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