Village of Ischua, NY
Compiled by Jerry Babcock using a Cemetery List by Sally Pettengill, Vital Records, Census Lists and other Sources.

Submitted by PHGS Member: Jerry Babcock

ALLEN, Marion Hibner      died 6-22-1892  age 29     
APARKS, C. Eudine    born 4-11-1919  died 9-18- 2000    b. Mt. Vernon, WA   Obit 
BACON, Benjamin spouse of Martha A.  born 1827 died 1905    Son of S. & Eunice Hall Bacon Jr. / 2nd wife   TS 
BACON, Martha A. Varnum  spouse of Benjamin  born 1829 died 1908      TS 
BANCROFT, Ella  spouse of D. S. born 1869 died 1898      TS 
BAXTER, Charles     born 3-7-1922  died 7-12- 1922    Son of Jason & Sarah Royale Baxter    
BAXTER, Charles C.  spouse of Mary  born 1840 died 1916      TS 
BAXTER, James     born 4-25- 1873  died 5-26- 1901    Son of Mary J. a& Charles C. Baxter   TS 
BAXTER, Leonard        died 1-28-1892 age 8m  Son of Charles C. & Minnie Smith Baxter    
BAXTER, Mary     born 3-25-1916  died 4-23-1919    Dau. of Jason & Sarah Royale Baxter    
BAXTER, Mary J.  spouse of Charles  born 7-19-1850  died 5-2-1888    TS   
BAXTER, Minnie     born 1869 died 1927    Dau. of Mary J. & Charles C. Baxter  TS 
BLOSSOM, Edith Clayson spouse of Harry  born 1928 died 1996    2nd wife   TS 
BLOSSOM, Harry E.  spouse of Edith C  born 1925 died 1991      TS 
BRISKEY, Jamie Lynn        died 5-19-1982        
CARPENTER, Napoleon B.  spouse of Phila born 1852   died 1908    Son of Julius Carpenter    
CLAYSON, Alina E. Osgood  spouse of Huram E.  born 1861 died 1898      TS 
CLAYSON, Ellen A..    born 1920 died 1944    Dau. of Hiram E. & Harriet Benjamin Clayson  TS 
CLAYSON, Harriet S. Benjamin  spouse of Hiram     died 5-27-1954  age 68y 8m 23d  2nd wife    
CLAYSON, Hiram E.  spouse of Alina E. born 1885 died 1954    Son of George & Esther Rowe Clayson- 1st wife  TS 
CLAYSON, Lenora  spouse of Vern          ASHES- Dau. of Grover C. & Bess Roundtree Allen    
CLAYSON, Vernon  spouse of Lenora A  born 1904 died 1944    Son of Alina E. and Hiram E. Clayson   TS 
CLINE, James        died 4-30-1869  age 44  Son of Lovina and Lyman Cline    
COLVIN, Merritt        died 1-27-1894  age 64  s/o Noah & Caroline Beach Colvin  
CORTHELL, Caroline A.  spouse of Dewitt C.  born 1831 died 1913      TS 
CORTHELL, Dewitt C.  spouse of Caroline A. born 1820 died 1908    Son of William & Sarah H. Pierce Corthell  TS- Obit 
CORTHELL, Frank  spouse of Elsie Schabel  born 1909 died 1989    Son of Lambert & Bessie Nottingham Corthell   TS 
CORTHELL, INFANT SON        died 12-17-1872    Son of Caroline E. and Dewitt Corthell   TS 
CORTHELL, Lambert  spouse of Bessie N           No other data    
COVELL, Mary  spouse of D. L. born 5-1-1864  died 4-15-1889      TS 
DENSMORE, Eleazer  spouse of Phebe    died 3-25-1865  age 73y 8m   War of 1812  TS 
DENSMORE, Phebe  spouse of Eleazer  born 1791 died 1869      TS 
DONALDSON, Reuben     born 9-25-1892  died 74      
FREDERICK, Alice  spouse of John     died 6-5-1908  age 47    
FREDERICK, John  spouse of Alice     died 6-4-1912  age 52    
GREENING, Frederick J.    born 1855 died 1910      TS 
GROSSMAN, Charles   born 1-17-1840       b. Nuderboilingen, Germany- 154th REgt. Co. C. NYS Vols.    
HATCH, Infant       died 3-1-1907  age 3d   Child of Shermann & Jennie Comstock Hatch    
HODGE, Charles      died 12-12-1894  age 7m   No further data    
HOLLISTER, Clarence H.      died 12-31-1905  age 3m   No further data    
KAYLOR, Lewis M.   born 10-24- 1908  died 6-19-1986     ASHES /   Town Minutes  
KELLNER, Joseph G. Jr. Spouse of Virginia CLOUSE Born 4/16/1931 Died 6/2/2012       - Son of Joseph & Catherine (Hornung) Kellner, b. Buffalo-NY Wed 4-21-1951 in Buffalo-NY   
KELLNER, Joseph Sr.    born 1908 died 1980    No further data    TS 
KELLNER, Kathrine E. Hornung   born 1907 died 1984      TS 
KELLNER, Louise F.   born 2-3-1937 died 3-16-2008    dau of Joseph & Katherine E. Hornung Kellner Sr.  Obit 
LAFEVER, John J. spouse of Maria L.     died 3-13-1877 or 1871  age 65    TS-Obit 
LAFEVER, Maria L. Cowdry  spouse of John J.     died 8-5-1861  age 72    TS 
LAPP, Flora  spouse of Harry born 1865 died 1938      TS 
LAPP, Harry  spouse of Flora born 1871         TS 
LAPP, Katherine spouse of Henry     died 1938    1st Wife    
LEARN, Eliza H.  spouse of Walter  born 1857 died 1915      TS 
LEARN, Harry M.     born 1885 died 1911    Son of Eliza H. & Walter Learn  TS 
LEARN, Walter  spouse of Eliza H.  born 1853 died 1916      TS 
LEWIS, Abram        died 2-20- 1882 age 73    TS 
LEWIS, Sally  spouse of Abram    died 2-8-1894  age 92    
LONG, Clyde        died 9-11-1886  age 2    TS 
LOWE, Earl M.  spouse of Gladys  born 1915 died 1990      TS 
MILLER, Frederick       died 12-8-1806    No further data    
MOORE, Collins W.  spouse of Emily T.  born 1842 died 1908      TS- Obit 
MOORE, Emily J.  spouse of Collins N. born 1849 died 1937      TS- Obit 
MOORE, Grace A.  spouse of Thomas born 1874       Dau. of Bartlett M. K. & Althea Cliff Sherwin   TS- Obit 
MOORE, Thomas  spouse of Grace A.  born 1871 died 1937    Son of Collins N & Emily Slocum Moore   TS- Obit 
NICHOLS, Eliza Pike  spouse of Richmond     died 11-27- 1870  age 31y 6m     TS 
NICHOLS, Nellie WIckwire  spouse of Richmond    died 8-26-1884  age 21y 7m 17d     TS 
NICHOLS, Persis   born 1-14- 1814 di ed     further data  TS 
NICHOLS, Z. F.    born 1-24-1810  died 1-3-1881       TS 
NIX, Sarah A.       died 6-16-1888  age 61  No further data    
NOTTINGHAM, Charles O.    born 9-27-1887  died 10-20-1905    Son of Sarah E. and Wellington Nottingham   TS 
NOTTINGHAM, Sara E.  spouse of Wellington born 1846 died 1934      TS 
NOTTINGHAM, Seth    born 1884 died 1958    Son of Sarah E. and Wellington Nottingham    
NOTTINGHAM, Wellington spouse of Sara E.  born 1849 died 1904    Son of Simeon & Polly Abbott Nottingham  TS 
ODELL, Danial       died 1902    No further data  Obit 
OLDENBURG, Ronald J.     born 5-7-1916  died 4-23-1919        
OSGOOD, Aaron     born 1854 died 1904      TS 
OSGOOD, Benjamin H.  spouse of Chloe     died 1901 age 92    
OSGOOD, Chloe  spouse of Benjamin H.     died 5-18-1886  age 71y 1m     TS 
OSGOOD, Clayton spouse of Katherine  born 1860 died 1946      TS 
OSGOOD, Edith     born 1888 died 1910      TS 
OSGOOD, Ella        died 1906 age 4m      
OSGOOD, Elola May    born 1-1-1868  died 7-24-1900      TS 
OSGOOD, Henrietta Webster  spouse of William W. born 1848 died 1918      TS 
OSGOOD, Jeanette     born 1855 died 1916      TS 
OSGOOD, Katherine  spouse of Clayton  born 1864 died 1936      TS 
OSGOOD, Minnie    born 1874 died 1911    Dau. of John Shipman   TS 
OSGOOD, Phebe L.  spouse of Stephen born 1841   died 1925      TS 
OSGOOD, Stephen  spouse of Phebe L.  born 2-6-1835  died 11-30-1914    154th Regt. Co. C NYS Vols.  TS 
OSGOOD, William W.  spouse of Henrietta W  born 2-16-1833 died 12-5-1911    Son of Benjamin & Chloe Densmore Osgood 154th Reg't Co.C NYS Vols.  TS 
PETTENGILL, Edward  spouse of Mary C     died 4-3-1912  age 79    
PETTENGILL, Josephine     born 4-9-1888  died 9-21-1889        
PETTENGILL, Mary Chamberlin  spouse of Edward P  born 3-20-1848  died 1-1-1930        
RITCHIE, John  spouse of Bessie Nottingham     died 1-2-1903     CIVIL WAR   TS 
SEWARD, Amelia H.  spouse of Elam T born 1841 died 1912    Dau. of Joseph & Asebetg Fitch Hibner   TS 
SEWARD, Elam T.  spouse of Amelia H.  born 1843 died 1924      TS 
SEWARD, Till G., Sr.        died 3-28-1867  age 26y 7m 5d  CIVIL WAR   TS 
SHERWIN, Althea spouse of B. M.  born 1851 died 1933      
SHERWIN, B. M.  spouse of Althea  born 1851 died 1929      TS 
SHIPMAN, John A.  spouse of Sarah born 3-6-1824  died 11-13-1888       TS 
SHIPMAN, Sarah  spouse of John A. born 7-6-1927  died 5-4-1902       TS 
SLOCUM, Lyman  spouse of Patience B. born 5-6-1818  died 10-17-1883       TS 
SLOCUM, Patience B.     born 10-11-1822       No further data  TS 
SNYDER, Ezekial spouse of Kate B  born 1845 died 1906      TS 
SNYDER, Kate Button  spouse of Ezekial born 1850 died 19??        
SPARKES, C. Eudine spouse of Earl S.    died 9-18-2000    m. April 24 1943 in Tacoma Wash.  obit
SPARKES, Earl S. spouse of C. Eudine born 4-12-1921 died 5-16-2006    son of Alden & Estella Corson Sparkes US Army WW II   obit
STEVENS, Bessie  spouse of Lambert Corthell born 1879 died 1945    Dau. of Sarah E. and Wellington Nottingham - 3rd wife   TS 
STOUT, Ella  spouse of H. E.  born 1887 died 1911      TS 
THORNTON, A. R. (Alonzo)    born 1-19-1807  died 7-22- 1884      TS 
THORNTON, Delina Chase  spouse of Lyman born 1847 died 1873      TS 
THORNTON, John H.     born 10-7-1852  died 9-20-1860       TS 
THORNTON, Lyman  spouse of Delina C born 1846 died 1903    CIVIL WAR- Son of Alfonzo R. & Adaline Stewart Thornton  TS- Obit 
THORNTON, Zylpha A.   born 9-15-1849  died 1-1-1860    Dau. of Alfonzo R. Thornton   TS 
TOWNSEND, Adam       died 4-29-1866 age 87y 6m 16d    TS 
TOWNSEND, Annis S.    born 1854 died 1876    Dau. of Heslyra F. and B. C. Townsend   TS 
TOWNSEND, Benjamin  spouse of Ada Page     died 8-10-1855  age 78y 6m 8d     TS 
TOWNSEND, Benjamin C.  spouse of Heslyra F.  born 1821 died 1906    Son of Benjamin & Ada Page Townsend  TS 
TOWNSEND, Betsy       died 10-17-1848  age 48y 1m 13d     TS 
TOWNSEND, Heslyra F. Bacon  spouse of Benjamin C. born 1836 died 1875      TS 
TROBRIDGE, Lulu M.  spouse of Ora A. born 1877 died 1927      TS 
WAGNER, Charles H.  spouse of Clarissa A.  born 5-18-1829  died 5-2-1907       TS 
WAGNER, Clarissa A.  spouse of Charles H.  born 7-25-1834 died 7-19-1919       TS 
WICKWIRE, Edward       died 1903 age 43    
WILLIAMS, Barbara    born 10-22-1941 died 11-24-1995      TS 
WILLIAMS, Christopher    born 10-3-1964  died 5-2-1980    Mother's name Barbara- No further data   TS 
WILLIAMS, John M. Jr. spouse of Donna LUZIER born 3/25/1961 died 10/26/2011 age 39  Son of John M. Sr. & Barbara (Robbins) Williams   
WILLOVER, Lucy  spouse of Halsey     died 3-12-1888  age 49    
ZAMOPGNA, Anessa    born 11-13-1979  died 8-20- 1983     No further data   TS 

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