Revolutionary War Soldiers of Cattaraugus County

Adye, Caleb    Born 1760, died 1849 in Napoli, Catt. Co., NY Served in NY Militia. Pension granted from Genesee Co.,NY and dated June 1, 1833. Caleb Came to Napoli in 1824 and was 88 years of age at the time of his death.

Ash, John    Probably settled in Conewango, Catt. Co. Pension granted from Genesee County, NY May 17, 1833. When application was made age given was 71. He was a private in Rhode Island Continental Troops.

Bakeman, Daniel Frederick    Born near the Deleware River in NJ about 1760. Died April 5, 1869, aged 109 yrs. 5 months and 21 days. His wife was Susan Brewer, born 1758. Their marriage occured in 1782 and they lived together 81 years until her death September 10, 1863 at the age of 105 yrs., 8 months, 8days. In 1828, Daniel settled in Arcade, Wyoming Co., NY where he lived until 1845 when he removed to Freedom, Catt. Co., NY and remained there until his death in 1869. Daniel served as a private in the New York Militia under Col. Willett and Capt. Van Arnum, March 1781.

Beach, Moses T.    Lived in East Otto, Catt. Co., NY coming from Ashford, Mass. in 1821. Served in Revolutionary War, in the Mass. Troops.

Berray, Seth   Died May 14, 1847 in Randolph, Catt. Co., NY and is buried there in an unmarked grave. He received a pension from Ontario Co., NY. Served as a private in Connecticut Militia. Placed on pension roll, Nov. 30, 1838, age 66.

Biglar, Nicholas    He served under Gen. Herkimer at Oriskany. He died in 1846 and is buried in Leon, Catt. Co., NY. His pension was pending at time of his death.

Blackman, Zachariah    Settled in Farmersville, Catt. Co., NY in 1825 and died there. Applied for pension in 1816, when he resided in Palmyra, NY. Served in Connecticut Troops for 9 months in 1777. Pension granted from Ontario Co., NY April 23, 1819, aged 73.

Blur, Nicholas    On Pension list for Catt. Co. Living in Leon, age 94 yrs.

Boardman, Jebeil   Born Sept.30, 1761 in Bolton, Conn. Died July 27, 1834 in Olean, NY and is buried in Mt. View Cemetery. He served as a private in the Vermont Militia, enlisting Aug. 1777 under Capt. Flisha Burton, Col. Herricks regiment. He resided at Norwich, Conn. at time of enlistment. His pension was granted May 9, 1833 and commenced March 4, 1831. He moved to Olean in 1814. His wife was Sallie Hatch of Derby, Orleans Co., VT.

Boutell, John   He was an early settler in the town of Otto, Catt. Co., NY. He died Sept. 12, 1847, aged 85 years.

Brroks, Cornelius.    Born March 17, 1758 in Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ. Died may 9, 1837 in Olean, NY. Buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery, having been removed from the old Oak Lawn Cemetery. He enlisted July 9, 1776 as a fifer in Capt. Timothy Jayne's of the First Battalion of Associators in the County of Northampton, Province of Penn. which composed part of the "Flying Camp." He was mustered out at Brunswick, NJ July 27, 1776. He was taken prisoner at the Battle of Long Island and was confined in the Old Dutch Church in NYC, so stated on his tomb-stone. He was a pensioner from October 3, 1832 until his death. He married Mary Hyndshaw on June 16, 1778. She was born Jan. 3, 1751. At first they lived at Fall Rift, Northampton Co., Penn. but soon moved to Wallpack Township, Sussex Co., NJ. In 1791 the family moved to Tioga Center, NY and in 1806 Cornelius became one of the pioneer settlers of Olean, where he occupied many offices of trust until his death.

Burt, Edward    Settled in the town of Machias, Catt. Co., NY. served as private in the 23rd regiment U.S. Infantry. Placed on pension roll March 20, 1819. Pension granted from Genesee County, NY. (Pension list of 1840 gives his age as 68 yrs, so probably he served in the War of 1812)

Camp, John    Born July 31, 1754 at Middletown, Conn. Died May 26, 1841. Aged 88 years, 6 months, 25 days. He lived and died at Lodi, Catt. co., near Gowanda. Buried in Persia, Catt. Co. (Broadway Cemetery) A gravestone, lying flat upon the ground for 30 years, tells of his being a soldier of the Revolution. His wife, Eunice Bennett, was born in Conn. Aug. 19, 1765. she died Feb. 10, 1842, aged 78 yrs., 5 months, 16 days.

Carpenter, Daniel    Born Dec. 25, 1761 at Rehoboth, Mass. Died August 18, 1840 in Portville, where he supposedly is buried. He enlisted July 9, 1780 in the New Hampshire Militia, commanded by Col. Nichols. Discharged Oct. 21, 1780. He applied for pension in 1832 and it was allowed for nine months as a private in the Mass. Line, under Capt. Jacob Fuller and Col. John Jacob's regiment. At time of enlistment he resided at Rehoboth, Mass. He married Mary Thompson in New Hampshire in 1784. In 1845, she (the widow)a pension, at which time she was aged 86 and residing in Richmond, NH. Pension record-W- File no. 18870. Certificate No. 7972. Act of 1830 allowed $30 per month. Catt. Republican, Aug. 26, 1840 - "Died at his residence in Portville, on the 23rd inst., Daniel Carpenter in the 81st year of his age."

Chamberlain, Benjamin (also Chambers, Benjamin)    Born April 1756. died Feb. 4, 1847 in Great Valley, Catt. Co., NY.Buried at Willoughby Cemetery. Aged 90 yrs, 10 months, 9 days. Enlsited under the name of Benjamin Chambers. Pension record states that he served as a private in the Mass. Line. Pension allowed July 19, 1819. Was at Lexington, Yorktown, Bunker Hill and Stillwater, Valley Forge and others; was also at Quebec where he was captured and confined in irons. See "Catt.Republican" Feb. 15, 1847 Obit says 91 yrs, 11 months. Gives details of service.

Champlin, Jonathan    Served as private in the Mass. Troops. Pension was granted from Ontario Co., NY Aug. 2, 1819. Age at time given as 64 yrs. Received $96 per Annum. His widow, Susanna R. Champlin, lived in Freesom, Catt. Co., NY and also received a pension. Pension list of 1840 gives her age as 78 yrs.

Cole, Benjamin (Coleman, Bennett, Rev.)    Born in Ireland, Aug. 1, 1754. He came to this country in Lord Howe's Army, but deserted at the battle of White Plains and immediately enlisted in the American army as Benjamin Cole, serving until the close of the War. He died in Humphrey, Catt. Co., Jan. 2, 1834. He always retained the name of Benjamin Cole. After the war he settled in Franklin, Mass. where he married Rachel Salisbury. Later moved to Harkboro, VT thence to Phelps, NY and finally to Humphrey, Catt. Co., NY. Children were Mary, Seth, Stephen S., Benjamin, Betsey, Sarah and Elijah.

From the County Historian at Humphrey: Bennett Coleman born Aug. 1, 1754 in Parish of Thurles, Province of Muester, ireland. Died Jan. 2, 1834 in Burton (now Humphrey). Buried in the town of Humphrey, Cole Cemetery. He served as a private in Troop B, Second Light Dragoons. He enlisted Nov. 2, 1776 under Col. Elisha Sheldon. Although only a private he saw more than one of his rank usually saw, for he was detailed as a secretary at Washington's headquarters from almost the time of his enlistment, after the Battle of White Plains, to the fall of Yorktown, and was brought into persoanl relations with Adam Hoops. He was a graduate of Trinity College (now Dublin University)Ireland and belonged to Irish nobility. He was a Baptist minister later in life and was one of the first to organise a church of that denomination in this county. He belong to the British Army but deserted after the Battle of White Plains. His pension certificate is dated March 23, 1823, pension to begin April 21, 1818 under the law of March 18, 1818, signed by John C. Calhoun, Secretary of War. Additional information received June 1826 from grand-daughter, maude Cole Gould, San Carlos, Cal. gives some facts already stated and also states that Benjamin Cole was the grandson of the Earl of Linster, and a cousin of Lord Fitzgerald. Benjamin Cole made the prayer at the opening of the Maryland Legislature, for which he received a vote of thanks and $15.00.

Connell, Benoni    Grave in Cemetery at Ashford Hollow. Stone bears inscription Revolutionary Soldier. Died March 31, 1839, age 79 yrs, 10 months. Received pension from Oneida Co. Annual allowance $60.00. Private in Huntington's Regiment. Placed on pension roll Sept. 1832, no age given.

Coston, Bishop    Born 1760 in Francistown, Hillsborough, NH. Died Jan. 23, 1847 at Yorkshire, Catt. Co., NY. Buried at Yorkshire. Enlisted April 7, 1777 in Capt. Ebenezer Fry's First Regiment, Col. Joseph Silly (Cilly). It is said he served under Gen. Gates in the campaign against Burgoyne. Was present at eh surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, Oct. 19, 1781. Also states that he served in NC and VA as well as Indian fighting on the Delaware, Hudson and Mohawk rivers. His cousin, Gen. Goph, was commander of Colonial forces. At one time small pox was epidemic in camp and Bishop Coston was a victim. He was so ill that the doctor said he could not recover, but said he, "I did not believe what the doctor said any of the time." He lived for 65 years after the close of the war. His wife is buried near and the tombstone stated her name as Elizabeth Costen died August 31, 1843, aged 77 yrs. From "Catt, Republican" Feb 1, 1847-Died at residence of son-in-law in Yorkshire, on 23rd Jan. Bishop Coston, age 88yrs.

Cowan, John    Probably settled in Olean, or vicinity. He was a pensioner. Pension was transfered from Tolland, Conn. to Broom Co. NY. He ws a mariner and served in the Frigate-Boston. Received $96.00 per year. Placed on the pension roll March 5, 1819. Age 79. His name appears on pension list 1840, age 86 years and living in Conewango. Catt. Co. History (1893) states that he was born in Rhode Island. Name of wife Olive Smith, who died aged 91 years.

Crawford, Isaac    Born May 7, 1756 at Pelham, Mass. Died June 4, 1833, age 75 years Married Katherine Selfridge, born ? Died May 13, 1841. He enlisted March 1775 in Capt. Isaac Gray's Co. for 9 months. Discharged Jan. 1, 1776 also under Capt. Smith and Col. Woodbridge. In the Battle of Bunker Hill. Again he enlisted at Pelham, Feb. 1777 for 9 months under Capt. Thompson. Discharged Nov. 1777 by Gen. Gates. Applied for pension Oct. 3, 1832, then living in Freedom, NY. Children- William S., Isaac, katherine (Mrs. Beard of Galen, NY), Sara (Mrs. Gillett, Franklin Co., NY), Olive, Betsey (Mrs. Seth Jackson, China, Wyoming Co., NY). Pension granted Sept. 23, 1818, beginning with April 15, 1818, age 72. Dropped, not continued.

Crook, Charles   Born in Conn. 1751. Came to Coldspring, Catt. Co. from Holland, Erie Co. March 1822. Served in the Revolution from New Hampshire, Vermont and New York. He spent time in Coldspring, but lived mostly in Erie Co. He is buried in Holland, NY. His wife was Polly Chandler, born 1759, a native of New England. She died in 1833. They had four sons: Stephen, Asa, Elijah and Nathan.

Davis, Joseph    He died in New Albion, Catt. Co., NY in the forties, aged over 80 yrs. Buried in New Albion. Tombstone states that he was a Soldier of the Revolution. Received pension from Chautauqua Co, granted in 1819. Seervice in Mass. Line.

Day, Anthony    Enlisted at Danbury, Mass. Died in 1842 in Leon, Catt. Co., NY. Received pension from Essex Co., NY. Granted July 6, 1833. Age at application 71 yrs. Served in Vermont Militia.

Dota or Doty, John    Born about 1752. Buried at Franklinville, Catt. Co., NY. Apllied for pension in 1832 in Catt. Co. Pension $40.00 per year. Enlisted at Saybrook, Conn. in 1779 for 9 months under Capt. James Smith; Col. Mead's Regiment, Conn. Militia. Again in 1780 in Capt. Abram Smith's Co.; Col. Beebe's Regiment and served 6 months at Horseneck; Enlisted again same year in Capt. Starr's; Col. S. Canfield's Regiment. Marched to West Point and served 3 months as Corporal. Resided at Biephentown, Renssaeler Co., NY when he applied for pension, age given as 82.

Farnsworth, Edmund    Served as a private in the Mass. Troops. Pension granted from Catt. Co., NY. Age 71, March 4, 1831.

Farnsworth, William    Received a pension from Franklin Co., Mass. and it was transferred to Broome Co., NY. Pension granted April 26, 1819. Age 96 in 1834.

Farrar, John    Born in 1759, probably in Mass. He was a pensioner and later moved to Machias, Catt. Co., NY where he died and is no doubt buried. He enlisted at Northfield, Mass. in 1776 for three years as a private in Capt. Charles Colson's Co. Third Mass. Regiment and was discharged at Peekskill, NY in 1779. Application for pension made April 16, 1818 at which time he resided in Ontario Co., NY. He had two sons, Chauncey and Amos.

Fay, Moses Sr.    Grave marked by Olean Chapter, D.A.R. July 24, 1929. Born march 3, 1741 in Bennington, VT. Died December 3, 1836 at Hinsdale, Catt. Co., NY. Buried in Maplehurst Cemetery. Married Melissa Smith of Worcester Co. Mass. Sept. 15, 1762. Enlisted as a private in Capt. Benjamin Walker's Co. Col. Samuel Webb's Regiment, Conn. Troops, in 1781. He was wounded and discharged Oct. 12, 1782. Pension granted Sept. 21, 1819 age 78 yrs. Granted from Broome Co., NY. Received $96.00 per annum. Note: Mrs. Lucy Yates Conrad recalls the marble slab which marked his grave.

Fay, Moses Jr.    Born 1763, married Mary Hazen of Shrewsbury, Mass. Oct. 6, 1785. She was born in 1764. He died in Hinsdale, Catt. Co., NY March 11, 1842 abd is buried near Cuba. His widow received a pension in 1842. He served as a private in Capt. Benjamin Walker's Co. Col. Samuel Webb's Regiment Conn. Troops. He was in the battle of East Chester and in New Jersey. Discharged in 1782. Pension was granted Nov. 8, 1820 when he was 57 years of age.

Fitch, Ephriam    Born March 29, 1736 at Norwich, Conn. Died in 1832 and probably is buried in Sunset Hill Cemetery near Ellicottville, Catt. Co., NY. Married April 20, 1757 Lydia Root, who was born Aug. 26, 1737 at Sheffield, Mass. He was in the 6th Regiment, Col. Parson, Commander from May 9 to Dec. 10, 1775. Fought at Bunker Hill. Later became a Corporal in Col. Samuel Parson's 2nd Regiment Light Dragoons (See Conn. Men in the Revolution, p. 73 & p. 273). His daughter, Lydia, married a Burlingame and is buried in Cemetery on Eugene Litchfield's farm near Ellicottville, NY.I have recently discovered that this person is believed NOT to have lived in Catt. Co., NY. It was recommended that I remove him, but since he was listed in the book, he will remain. Please note that this information is probably incorrect.

Frank, Henry Sr.    He was a scout in the Revolution. He moved to the town of Ashford, Catt. Co., NY and is buried in Ashford Hollow Cemetery. Living in 1840. He served in Conn. Troops. Pension granted from Cattaraugus Co. July 30, 1833 at $50.00 per annum. aged 88 yrs.

Franklin, James    Enlisted at Cheslea, NH under Col. Warner. He was at the Battle of Bennington. He built the first house in Leon, where he died the latter part of 1843. Pension granted Aug. 8, 1833, age 83 yrs. Granted from Catt. Co. at rate of $30.00 per annum.

Freeman, Ashbel    Born Nov. 20, 1755 at Metuchen, NJ and died June 5, 1823 in Farmersville, Catt. Co., NY and is buried in a family cemetery about 2 miles north of Franklinville. He lived in New Jersey until about 1800 when he moved his family to Herkimer, NY coming to Famersville about 1816. He was one of the first associate Judges of Catt. Co. appointed Apr. 1817. He served with Washington in NJ. Was a private in Capt. Christopher Marsh's Co. Troops of the Light Horse, Essex Co., NJ. Mrs. F.H. Pike of Randoph, NY supplied the following; Ashbel Freeman was married in 1792 to his second cousin, Kenoviah Freeman at Woodbridge, NJ settling in South Columbia, Herkimer Co., NY. In 1815 they moved to Farmersville. He had 8 children, Nancy married Ebenezer Reed, whose father of same name was a Revolutionary soldier, and they had 6 children.

Freeman, Elisha    Enlsited from Saratoga Co., NY and was in the Campaign against Burgoyne and later in Washington's army. He received a pension and is buried in Leon. Listed among the early settlers of Leon who participated in the Revolutionary struggle.

Fuller, Jonathan    Born in Hampton, Conn. (part of the town of Windham)in 1753. Lived in Freedom, Catt. Co., NY. His wife, named Bester, was 66 yrs of age in 1818, and a daughter, Anna M. was 22 in same year. Applied for pension April 8, 1818, at which time he resided at Hampton. Served 19 months in Conn. and New Hampshire Troops. He was a mason by trade.

Going (Gowing), Jonathan    Grave marked by the Olean Chapter, D.A.R. July 24, 1929. Born in Lunenburgh, Worcester Co., Mass. 1761. Died Aug. 25, 1848 at Hinsdale, Catt. Co., NY. Buried in Maplehurst Cemetery. Enlisted as a private Aug. 6, 1779 in Capt. Jacob Gaskin's Co., Col. John Jacob's Regiment and discharged Jan. 31, 1780. Re- enlisted and served from July 6, 1780 to Jan. 10, 1781 in Col. Drury's Regiment discharged Oct. 3, 1781. Granted a pension in June 1834, while a resident of Hinsdale, NY. A son, Eliab Going, was the first Baptist minister in Hinsdale, more than a hundred years ago.

Gordon, James     Born in Scotland in 1732 and died in Rushford, NY, 1844. Received a pension in 1820 from Allegany Co. age given as 82 yrs when granted. Served in New Hampshire. Listed among pensioners in Catt. Co. 1840.

Gould, William    Born in 1756. died in Yorkshire, Catt. co., NY. Received a pension application made Dec. 18, 1819 from Newton, NH. Enlisted in Aug. 1776; discharged in 1777 at Sarasota, or Stillwater. He had a son, Thomas, to whom he sold is farm for $300.00 in March, 1831 and the same year was restored to pension roll.

Grant, Thomas    He lived in East Otto and died March 29, 1840. Received a pension from Cattaraugus Co. May 16, 1833 aged 75 years. He served in Cinnecticut. Annual allowance $60.00.

Grannis, David    Died Jan. 7, 1834 aged 79 years. Buried in old cemetery at Gowanda, said to have been first burial there. His widow, Clarissa Grannis, drew a pension until her death in 1852. He served in Conn. Was in the battle of Long Island and White Plains. Time of service expired Dec. 25, 1776. Pension granted Catt. Co. May 1, 1833.

Harmon, Alpheus    Born March 29, 1755. died April 11, 1831. Buried in McKinstry Hollow Cemetery, town of Yorkshire. Susanna Smith, hsi wife, died March 23, 1834 aged 59 yrs. He enlisted in 1775 and served under ? Allen and Seth Warner. Was at Ticonderoga and Crown Point, in the Battle of Bennington and at the surrender of Burgoyne. Enlisted several times, in 1780 in the NY Rangers and served until discharged in fall of 1780. Children were John, Lois, Bohan, Susannah, Nathan, Fudelia and Fidelia, the last two were twins.

Harrington, Nathaniel    Born in Foster, Rhode Island in 1757. died in Little Valley, NY in 1836. Served in Rhode Island Militia. Received pension Oct. 21, 1833 for $80.00 per annum from Catt. Co. age 76 yrs.

Hevar, Jeptha    He was a private with allotment of $32.00 per annum and received a NY State pension May 31, 1818. He was raised twice because of increased disability.

Hill, Henry    On Pension list for Catt. Co. 1840. Living at Ashford, age 79 yrs.

Hitchcock, Otis    He, with his family and ten children, settled in Randolph, Catt. Co., NY in 1832 and was living there in 1832.

Hoar, Jephtha    His name appears on pension list for 1833-34 for service in 107 Regiment NY Militia. First allowance May 31, 1818 and twice increased. (Possibly for service in the War of 1812). Pension from Catt. Co.

Hoard, Samuel    Born in Rhode Island in 1758. died in Fluvanna, NY 1848. Private in Capt. Stephen Mile's Co., Col. Killian Van Rensselaer, Albany County Militia. Lived in Conewango part of the time, but probably died in Chautauqua Co., NY.

Hollister, Josiah R. Probably Elijah,    which name appears on Pension list for Catt. Co. 1833-34) Lived and died in Mansfield, Catt. Co., NY listed as a Soldier of the Revolution in History of Catt. Co. published 1879, page 456. The family came from Cairo, Greene Co., NY to Ovid, Seneca Co. in 1806 and to Franklinville, Catt. Co. in 1811, then to Great Valley, removing to Mansfield in 1821. Josiah may probably have been in the War of 1812. Elijah served as a private and Sergent in Conn. Continentals. Pension began March 4, 1831 aged 89 years.

Holt, Oliver    Little is known of him, but he probalby live near Steamburg and came over from Andover, Vt. after 1800. Name appears on Pension list for Catt. Co. 1840. aged 84yrs.

Hoops, Adam  Major    Founder of Olean, NY Born Jan. 9, 1760 in Carlisle Penn. Died June 9, 1846 in West Chester, Penn. Buried in North Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia. Appointed 2nd Lieutenant, 4th Maryland, 10th Dec. 1776; 1st Lieut. 15th Oct. 1777; Captain, 15th Oct. 1779; taken prisoner at Camden 16th Aug. 1780; transferred to 2nd Maryland, 1st Jan. 1781 and was a prisoner on parole to the close of the war. His name appears in records of the War Dept. with rank given as Captain of the 2nd (Gundy's) Maryland Regiment, with the date March 16, 1781 opposite his name. Major Adam Hoops acted as an Aide-de-Camp to Gen. Sullivan in his campaign against the Indians in 1779. On May 27, 1785 he was named Surveyor of Pennsylvania. He soo became associated with Robert Morris, making frequent visits to survey his holdings in Northern Penn. and Western NY. In 1793 he was sent to select site for the refuge of Marie Antoinette and her family, which was located on the upper Susquehanna River, near Athens and named "Asilum". On April 27, 1796 he was appointed Major of the National Troops Artillerist and Engineers and stationed at Ft. Jay on Governer's Island, which commission he held until his resignation July 3, 1800. While there he became associated with Alexander Hamilton. In 1803 he purchased over 20,000 acres in this section and located a settlement on the Allegheny River which he named "Olean". His brother, Major Robert Hoops settle here in 1804. From March 1824 until Oct. 1842 he was Military Storekeeper of Ordiance at Watervliet, NY which postion he held until honorably discharged. The last years of his life were spent in West Chester, Penn. where he died June 9, 1846, aged 86 years and 6 months. The following is a copy from the inscription upon his tombstone:

In Memory of  Major Adam Hoops 1st Regiment of U.S. Artillery

 A gallant, accopmplished and patriotic soldier of the Revolution
 Born at Carlisle, PA in the 9th day of January, A.D. 1760
 Died at West chester, PA on the 9th day of June, A.D. 1846
Hoops, Major Robert (First settler of Olean, NY 1804)
 Born probably in bucks Co., Penn. in 1746. Died Aug. 7, 1818 in Olean. buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, but grave not identified at time of removal. Married Martha Cottnam of Trenton, NY who died Feb. 2, 1797. Stryker in his "Jerseymen in the Revolution" states that Robert Hoops was named Brigade-Major to Gen. Reed, June 14, 1776, but declined to act, but of Aug. 2, 1776 he was agian named Brigade-Major to Brigadier-General Philemon Dickinson. Another authority states that he served on the staff of Gen. Dickinson of the New Jersey Militia during the Revolutionary War. Heitman, in his "Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army" gives the following: Hoops, Robert (NJ) Brigade-Major ot Gen. Dickinson in 1776. Deputy Commissary-General Issues, 1st July, 1777; resigned Aug. 1777.
Hotchkiss, Benjamin    Came from Whitehall, NY about 1817 and located first in Ischua, then moved to Franklinville, Catt. Co., NY. He served in the Connecticut Troops.
Howe, Jazaniah    Born in Mass. in 1752. died in Gowanda or Ellicottville, Catt. Co., NY March 19, 1838. Married Lois Stevens at Wells, VT Sept. 30, 1798. She died March 19, 1854 in the 85th year of her age. Application for pension made April 6, 1818 at Wells, VT. Enlisted in 1781 and served until June 1783. Widow received a pension.
Howe, Titus    Born June 17, 1765 at Stillwater, Saratoga Co., NY. Died 1837. While residing at Townhill, dutchess Co., NY he enlisted in April 1782 and served 9 months as a private in Capt. Henry Pawling's Co., Col. Weissenfels' NY Regiment. He was allowed pension on his application executed Oct. 5, 1832, while residing in Hinsdale, Catt. Co., NY.
Hubbard, Jedediah    Received a pension from Catt. Co. Sept. 12, 1833, aged 74 yrs, for service in the Conn. Militia. Private in Wadsworth's Brigade in 1776.

Hufstader, Jacob    He moved from Herkimer Co. to Catt. Co. in 1816 and settled in the town of Ashford. Probably served in the Albany County Militia.

Kimball, John    Born Oct. 8, 1760 in Conn. His father also in the Revolutionary War. Died Aug. 14, 1839 in West Valley, Catt. Co., NY and buried on his farm. There was a stone, with an inscription on his grave. His wife was Priscilla Simpson, age in 1820, 61 yrs. Enlisted Jan. 1, 1776 for 2 months under Capt. Green; Col. Douglas, Conn. Troops. Again Sept. 1, 1778 for 3 months under Capt. Ebenezer Mosely;Col. Fly and again on Apr. 1, 1781, serving until Jan. 1, 1782 under Capt. Riley and Col. Samuel Webb, 3rd Conn. Regiment. Engaged ath the Seige of Yorktown. Date of application for pension April 14, 1818 and residence given as Pembroke, Genesee Co., NY age given as 57 yrs.

Lafferty, John    Born about 1740. Moved to Freedom Catt. Co., NY in 1821 and died there. Enlsited as a private in Capt. Smith's Co.;Col. Polk's Regiment of North Carolina, for three years service, at which time he was a resident of Tioga Co., PA. Pension granted May 13, 1818. Age given as 79 yrs

Lane, Matthias    Born May 18, 1759. died in 1850 at Farmersville, Catt. Co., NY. Pension granted from Catt. Co. July 18, 1834 for service as a dragoon in NY Continental Troops. Another record gives New Jersey service.

Larrabee, Eleazer    He moved to East Otto in 1824, with hsi wife and five sons from Erie County. Died Jan. 1837, aged 87 years and is buried in East Otto, Catt. Co., NY. Received pension May 16, 1833 for service as a private in the Vermont Militia.

Leland, Ebenezer    Born in Mass. in 1737. Died in Hinsdale, Catt. Co., NY in 1806. Was living in worcester Co., Mass. in 1790. D.A.R. Nat. No. 189297

Lovejoy, Abner    Probably died in Yorkshire, Catt. Co., NY. Received a pension from Genesee Co. for service in Massachusettes. Pension granted May 17, 1820. Age 73.

Ludden, Enos    Born May 10, 1761 at Braintree, Mass. Died Aug. 30, 1841 at Hinsdale, Catt. Co., NY aged 80 yrs, 3 months and 21 days. Buried in maplehurst Cemetery, Hinsdale. Inscription on old tombstone: "In freedom's cause he fought andbled, But now he's numbered with the dead." He enlisted Dec. 1777 and served 3 months under Major Proctor, 3 months under Capt. Champhney and 15 months under Capt. Burbank at Castle Island, Boston Harbor. Applied for pension Sept. 11, 1832, at which time he was living at Fabius, Onondaga Co., NY aged 71 or 72. Pension granted Apr. 30, 1833. D.A.R. marker placed on his grave July 23, 1925 and offical granite marker, July 24, 1929.

McKinstry, Paul    Probably born in Conn. as he served as a private in Conn. Troops. Moved to Vermont and then to Yorkshire, Catt. Co., NY where he died Aug. 14, 1845, aged 85 years. Name of wife Betsey. Pension granted July 21, 1819. Age 73. granted from Seneca Co.

Mallory, James    Born about 1762. Died March 14, 1841, aged 79 yrs. Buried in Mallory Cemetery, Perrysburg, Catt. Co., NY. Pension record states that he was a private in the Conn. Militia. Pension allowed March 4, 1831, aged 61 yrs. $30.00 per annum.

Mills, Joseph Born 1765 in Sturbridge, Mass. Died March 2, 1843 in Farmersville, Catt. Co., NY. Tombstone in village cemetery reads: "To the memory of Major Joseph Mills who died March 2, 1843, aged 77 years." He enlisted at the age of sixteen in Capt. Reuben Davis' Co.; Col. Luke Dunry's Regiment of Mass. Malitia. Later served in the First New hampshire Regiment.

Miner, Samuel (Mynard) * Born about 1747 in Norwich, Conn. Died Oct. 13, 1841, aged 94 yrs. Buried in Mallory Cemetery at Perrysburg, Catt. Co., NY. Served in the War of the Revolution 7 yrs and 7 months as a drum major and discharged personally by Washington. Pension began March 24, 1818, age given as 82. Statement made that he was a musician in Conn. Line. Transferred from New London, Conn.
* got a letter from an ancester of Mr. Miner,  saying his name was Lemuel Mynard, not Samuel.

Morrill, Sargent Born in Vermont in 1755. Died in Napoli July 4, 1828. Granted a pension from Catt. Co., NY Sept. 26, 1823 aged 79 yrs. Served in the Mass. Militia.

Mosher, John He lived in New Albion or Cattaraugus. received an Invalid pension of $48.00 per annum for service as a private in the Army of the Revolution. Probably served in Westchester Co., NY.
*****Mosher, John born July 15, 1749 near Tryingham, Conn, died April 22, 1833 at New Albion, New York, buried in Pioneer Cemetery on Dye farm off 42nd Street in Dayton, New York. He married Lois Dibble, she was born Sept. 14, 1765, died July 4, 1834 and is buried beside her husband.  He served in the Revolutionary War for more than 9 months and served under Gen. George Washington, Capt. Tyler and Col. Prentice and was discharged in Morristown, New York. ***** From the Town of Dayton

Murry, Elihu Born in 1753 at Hatfield, Mass. Died 1835 at Guilford, NY. Married in 1782 to Lydia Strong (1755-1836) Responded to the Lexington Alarm and served in several impoetant battles. Made a Captain in 1780. Was not a resident of Catt. Co. but some of his children lived at Hinsdale, and he spent some time with them.
Descendants still reside here.

Niles, Jeheil  Settled in Little Valley, but was living in Randolph in 1832. Received a pension from Seneca Co., NY for service as a private in the Conn. Line. Pension granted May 22, 1822. Age 77 yrs. Received $96.00 per annum.

Nichols, Caleb Died in Leon, Catt. Co., NY Aug. 11, 1845 age 78 yrs, 2 months and 27 days. Was a Revolutionary Soldier. Taken prisoner by Indians at Bennington.

Nichols, John Born July 25, 1754 at Bolton, Mass. Died April 26, 1842 at Westfield, NY. Buried at Freedom, Catt. Co. Married Phene Sacket Dec. 8, 1791 at Thetford, VT. She was born in Kent, Conn. in 1768. In 1813 they moved to Westfield, Chaut. Co. and his application for pension was made from there. Pension granted from Genesee Co. June 26, 1834. Age 73. He served in the New Hampshire Troops. Widow applied for pension July 6, 1843.

Norton, Zera  He was born in Goshen, Conn. 1763. Died 1840 in Freedom, Catt. Co., NY and is buried in the Elton Cemetery, town of Freedom. He
received a pension for service in the Vermont Troops under Col. Benjamin Wait. Received pension from Genesee Co. Jan. 23, 1833 for service as a private. Also Mass. service. Pension $60.00 per annum.

Noyes, Dudley  Born in 1764 in Middlebury, Mass. Died 1846 in Leon, Catt. Co., NY. Married Sally Johnson (1763-1857) He served as a private in Capt. John Davis's Co.; Col. Frey's Regiment, Mass. Troops in 1775. Received a pension. Lineage Book-D.A.R. v. 122, p.39

Odell, Richard Born Aug.15, 1750-60. Died April 8, 1855 in Machias, and is probably buried in Machias, Catt. Co., NY. He was a private in Regiment commanded by Col. Van Schaick of the New York Line. Pension certificate bears the date of Sept. 6, 1819 and signed by J.C. Calhoun, secretary of War. It was granted from Genesee Co. at $96.00 per annum. Application for land bounty was made March 21, 1855, when he gave his age as 95 and a resident of Catt. Co. A daughter of R. Odell married Calvin Brace and he died at her home. Alva Brace, a nephew, lived in Portville and also his daughter, Mrs. John Philips.

Parish, Jeremiah Born Feb. 17, 1765 in Canterbury, Conn. Died July 16, 1851 at Portville, Catt. Co., NY. Married Thankful Abbot, May 1, 1788 in Bethel, VT. She was born in Bethel, Feb. 15, 1769 and died Sept. 17, 1818. He received a pension for service as a private in Conn. Troops under Captains Dana and durkee, Co. Willis'

Parish, Nehemiah Born in Conn. in 1757. Died in Farmersville, Catt. Co., NY. Pension grnated Oct. 5, 1832 for service as a private in Conn. Troops. He lived in Canterbury, Conn. at the time of his enlistment. Wounded at the Battle of White Plains.

Parkenson, Sylvanus He was an early settler in Otto, but later removed to Erie Co. where he died. Pension list for Catt. Co. 1840 gives his age as
78 and living at Otto.

Peabody, Phineas  Settled in the town of Yorkshire, Catt. Co., NY. Received a pension from Catt. Co. for service as a private and sergeant in the Mass. Line. Pension granted June 26, 1833 at the rate of $52.00 per annum. Age given as 83. He was living in Worcester Co., Mass. in 1790.

Perham, Ezekial Born in Pepperell, Mass in 1764. Died in Perrysburg, Catt. Co., NY April 19, 1843 and is buried in the Mallory Cemetery. Inscription on his tombstone;"A soldier of the Revolution." In 1817 he married Phebe Ann Oakes for his second wife. Served as a private in Capt. Carr's Co.; Col. Michael Jackson's Regiment 6th Mass. In 1818 he applied for pension and it was granted. Lineage Book, D.A.R. v.134, p.195

Phelps, Alexander  Born May 12, 1760 at Lyme, Conn. Died after 1840 and is buried at Ellicottville, Catt. Co., NY. Enlisted April 1, 1777 as a private in Capt. Eliphalet Holme's Co.; Col. David F. Sill's Regiment. Wounded at the Battle of Monmouth and lost his left leg, for which he was pensioned Nov. 6, 1786. He resided in
Killingworth, Conn. in 1836. On Pension List for Catt. Co. 1840. Age given as 83 and living in Ellicottville. From the "Catt. Co. Republican" dated Jan. 26, 1846. "Died in this village (Ellicottville) on the 22nd, Alexander Phelps, aged 93 yrs. A Rev. Pensioner."

Place, Nathan Born April 11, 1745, probably in Rhode Island. Died March 22, 1833 in Freedom, Catt. Co., NY. His wife was Barbara Eddy, born July 22, 1746. died July 20, 1828. He served as a private in Vermont Militia.

Pratt, Jonathan  Born about 1760. Died and is buried in Napoli, Catt. Co., NY. Tombstne states the he was a soldier of the Revolution. Received a pension from Ontario Co., NY for service as a private and sergeant in the Vermont Militia. Pension $59.00 per annum. Pension commenced May 2, 1833 and age given as 72.

Quackenbush, John H.  He was an early settler in the town of Ashford and is buried there. Served as a private and sergeant in the Albany Co. Militia. Received $85.00 per annum. Pension commenced Feb. 11, 1834. Age given as 83. He was captured by the Indians, taken to Niagara and forced to run the gauntlet.

Randall, Elisha Lived and died in Yorkshire, Catt. Co., NY. Received a pension from Catt. Co., which is dated Sept. 15, 1833. Age 73. Annual allowance $53.00. Served in the New York Militia. His name also appears on the Pension List for Catt. Co. 1840, living in Yorkshire, age 79.

Redfield, Samuel Dr. He was born in Guilford, Conn. Sept. 18, 1762. Died 1837 in Dayton, Catt. Co., NY
***** and is buried in Cottage Cemetery in the Town of Dayton. Married May 18, 1782, Nancy Fairchild, who was born Aug. 3, 1763 at Guilford, Conn. She died Jan. 10, 1845. He served in the Conn. Troops and is said to have been a fifer.
Moved to Catt. Co. in 1821. ***** From the Town of Dayton

Reed, Ebenezer Born in Stanford, Conn. in 1760. Died Jan. 1845 in Olean, Catt. Co., NY. buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, removed later to Mount View Cemetery. He was married twice and had many children. He came to Olean about 1815 and was the proprietor of the "Old Boat House." He enlisted at Stanford, Conn. and sereved as a private in the Conn. Troops, a part of the time under Capt. Bell and Col. Sillman. Placed on the Pension roll from Catt. Co. Oct. 3, 1832 for over two years service in the Revolutionary War. His second wife was Polly Dickinson, a daughter by this marriage, Mrs. Caroline Reed Stone, born Feb. 18, 1823 in Olean, became a
"Real Daughter", member of the Olean Chapter, D.A.R. In 1855 she married Eli Stone and in 1865 they moved to South Park, Washington. She resided in the West until her death, Jan. 20, 1923, just a few days short of her hundredth birthday. Nat. No. D.A.R. 26202

Rice, Jacob He died March 3, 1852, aged 90 yrs., 11 mos., 15 days. Buried in Napoli. Received a pension from Genesee Co. for $96.00 per annum for service in New Hampshire. Pension commenced Sept. 15, 1820 at which time he live in Windham Co. VT. and then transferred to Genesee Co., NY.

Rickard, Abner His name appears on the Pension List for Catt. Co. 1840, age 76 yrs. and living in Yorkshire.

Ripley, Pyram  He was born in Duxbury, Mass. Nov. 22, 1762. Died in Franklinville, Catt. Co., NY March 23, 1844. He married Hannah Plumb, June 6, 1785. She was born Apr. 24, 1769 at Haetwood ? , Plymouth Co., Mass. He had twelve children. Moved to Franklinville from Livingston Co. June 3, 1839 to live with his daughter Rebecca and her husband Walter Blount. Pension commenced March 4, 1832 for service as a sailor and private in the Infantry. Name sometimes spelled Piram. Pension $91.33 per annum. His name appears on Pension List for Catt. Co. 1840 age 77 yrs. living at Franklinville.

Rugg, Abraham He was an early settler in Perrysburg, Catt. Co., NY. Served as a private in Mass. Troops. Received a pension March 21, 1834 age 70. Credited to Catt. Co.

Rugg, Isaac He was born Feb. 25, 1765 at Greewich, Conn. Died June 30, 1853 at Perrysburg, Catt. Co., NY. third wife, Abigail Skinner, born 1795, died 1849. Pension granted Sept. 15, 1833 at $60.00 per annum. Granted from Catt. Co. for services as a private in Mass. Militia. Age 69. One record gives service as Vermont. A duaghter by his third wife, Mrs. Abigail Strong, became a "Real Daughter" on his record. Reference-D.A.R. Magazine for April 1924, p.226 Nat. No.82866, D.A.R. Lineage book, v.155, p.246

Rust, Justin May have lived in the town of Great Valley, though his name appears on the Pension List of Catt. Co. for 1840 as living in Ellicottville, age 76. Pension granted Apr. 16, 1819 age 59 as a private in Mass. Line. Pension first granted from Hampshire Co., Mass. and transferred to Broome Co., NY. He was living in Mass.
in 1790.

Scudder, Ezekial He moved from Victor, Ontario Co. to Randolph in 1827. Listed as a Revolutionary soldier in the Catt. Co. History. Died in Randolph. Grave marked with a stone in the Randolph Cemetery which gives simply his name.

Shepard, Henry Lived in the town of Hinsdale. Received a pension from Catt. Co. Oct. 10, 1833. Aged 85 yrs. Served in the NY. Troops, First Regiment.

Silliman, Samuel He came to Yorkshire in 1819 from Arlington, Bennington Co. VT. Buried at Cadia in the town of Franklinville, Catt. Co., NY. Served as a private in the Conn. Militia. Pension granted from Catt. Co. March 4, 1831. Age 76yrs. $80.00 per annum. On pension list for Catt. Co. 1840 the name Samuel Sullivan appears living at Franklinville, age given as 83. Possibly these two names have been confused.

Smith, Oliver Buried at Eddyville, town of Mansfield, Catt.Co., NY. Received a pension May 9, 1833. Age 80 yrs. Received $67.65 per annum. Probably served in Mass. Name appears on the list for Catt. Co.

Squires, Ambrose Died in the town of Leon. Received a pension from Onondaga Co. for services as a private in Mass. Pension commenced Apr. 22, 1818. Age 67. received $96.00 per annum. His name appears on Pension List for Catt. Co. 1840, living at Leon. Age 74 yrs.

Stannard, Ezra Received his pension from Catt. Co. Service, private in Conn. Line. Pension granted May 15, 1833. Age 70 yrs. Received $31.00 a year.

Stratton, Zebulon Lived in Little Valley. Received a pension from Catt. Co. for service as a private in Mass. Pension commenced Oct. 2, 1833. Age 80 yrs. Received $30.oo per annum. On Pension list for Catt. Co. 1840, living in Little Valley, age 88 yrs.

Sweeten, Benjamin Probably lived in the town of Allegany. Pension was granted from Lycoming Co., PA and transferred to Broome Co., NY. He was placed on pension roll Sept. 7, 1820 for service in Virginia, age 72. Received $96.00 per annum.

Symons, Sylvanus Received his pension from Catt. Co. for service as artificer in the NY Militia, Ulster Co. Age 83 when pension was granted.

Taylor, Gad He was born 1760 in Conn. Died March 13, 1841 at Machias, Catt. Co., NY. Married Abigail Hill, who was born Oct. 7, 1754 at Glastonbury, Conn. Date of marriage Aug. 7, 1777. They had eight children. He enlisted as a private Apr. 17, 1777 in Capt. Ellis's Co. 3rd Conn. Regiment, commanded by Col. Samuel Eyllys. Discharged Jan. 1, 1778. Later he served as a private in Capt. Ebenezer Hill's Co.; Col. Herman Swift's Regiment. Enlisting March 1, 1778. Was transferred about 1780 in July to Capt. Chamberlain's Co., same Regiment. Discharged March 1, 1781 at Peekskill, NY. He applied for pension June 22, 1818, at that
time residing at Georgetown, Madison Co. NY. Age 77. Congressional Record gives pension granted from Chenango Co. Widow received a pension, issued June 20, 1848.

Thatcher, Peter Pension granted from Catt. Co. for service as a private in Vermont. Received $40.00 per annum.

Thomas (Seneca Indian) Received a pension of $48.00 per annum in the United States service. He was placed on Pension roll Feb. 1, 1823 and was raised in 1834. Though his name appears on the list of Pensioners from Catt. Co. 1833-34, it may have been for service in the War of 1812, instead of the Revolution.

Van Rensselaer, Nancy (Widow of Gen. Henry K. Van Rensselaer) From the History of Catt. Co., published 1879-p.187 Randolph. "Here also, died Dec. 30, 1876, one of the oldest persons in the County, nancy Van Rensselaer, who was born Oct. 21, 1775. She was the wife of Gen. Henry K. Van Rensselaer, of Revolutionary fame. She was married in 1793 and her husband died in 1815, she lived a widowed life for more that sixty years. Celebrated her one-hundredth birthday. She is interred in the Randolph Cemetery. History does not mention his burial place.

Vaughn, Obidiah Born Feb. 21, 1748. Died 1825 and is buried in the Brewer Cemetery, Machias, Catt. Co., NY, which was taken from his farm. His wife, elizabeth, was born July 9, 1741. They had 13 children. Pension issued Dec. 28, 1818 at $20.00 a month. Application was made Apr. 23, 1818, aged 70 yrs and residing in Genesee Co., NY. Declaration made in Catt. Co. Feb. 1821, at which time he was 73 yrs old and a resident of Ischua, living with his son, Obidiah. He was commisioned as 2nd Lieut. 1st Company, 4th Battalion, NY forces on Feb. 29, 1776. Served 1 year under Capt. Cornelius Van Sanford; as Lieut. of 4th Battalion, Feb. 29, 1776; also in col. Wyncoop's Regiment, NY Line. Discharged March 1777 at Albany. His commision was signed by John Hancock.

Vining, Ebenezer Settled on Bryant Hill in the town of Ellicottville, Catt. Co., NY in 1824 and was the first Baptist Minister in that section. Received a pension for service in the Mass. Line, as a private. Dropped from roll May 1, 1820 and restored Oct. 14, 1828. Came from Hampshire Co., Mass. Was 80 years of age when pension was granted.

Vinton, Abiather Born in Chesterfield, Mass. Oct. 11, 1758. Died in  Ellicottville, Catt. Co., NY Jan. 22, 1850 and buried there. Moved to Ellicottville in 1836. His wife was Sarah Paine. He served in Col. W.R. Lee's Regiment Mass. Troops from Nov. 1, 1777 to Feb. 9, 1779. On pension list for Catt. Co. 1840, living at Ellicottville. Age 81 yrs.

Warner, Moses, Sr. Born in 1758 at Stafford, conn. Died Aug. 17, 1840 at Franklinville, Catt. Co., NY and buried in Cadis Cemetery. Married May 2, 1782 to Rachel Rider, who was born Apr. 1761 at West Stafford, Conn. She died in 1850. Moved to Franklinville in 1806, with his four sons, from Vermont. Application for pension
was made Sept. 21, 1832 at which time he resided in Venango, Erie Co. PA. He served as a private and fifer in Conn. Troops. His widow received a pension. They had eleven children. Lineage Book, D.A.R. v.136, p.52

Washburn, Captain Buried at Cadiz, town of Franklinville, Catt. Co., NY. Grave marked with old tombstone, which states that he was a Soldier of the Revolution. Catt. Co. History says that Howland Washburn settled below Cadiz in 1817, undoubtedly the same man.

Waterman, Levi Received a pesnion from Cat. Co for service as a private in Vermont. $43.00 per annum. Dated March 4, 1834. Age 75 yrs. On Pension List for Catt. Co. 1840. Residence given as Napoli.

Wheeler, Luther Buried in the Cemetery between Delevan and Arcade. Grave has a Revolutionary marker upon it.

Whitcomb, Samuel Died Feb. 28, 1841 in Leon, Catt. Co., NY. Served at New London, Conn and was there when the city was burned by Arnold. On
Pension List for Catt. Co. 1840. Living at Leon, age 87 yrs.

White, William Died March 5, 1834. Received a pension from Catt. Co. Served in New York. Rank given as Sergeant. Pension grnated March 4, 1831.
Age given as 80. Pension No. W22606

Woodworth, Joseph Born 1756 in Old Lebanon, Conn. Died May 21, 1842 at Napoli, Catt. Co., NY. Buried at Elm Creek. Served four years in the
Revolution from Conn. Enlisted Jan. 1, 1776 in Capt. Dyer's Co.; Col. Durkee's Regiment. Participated in Battles of Harlem and Trenton. Was with Gen. Wayne at Stony Point and present at the surrender of Burgoyne. Later in New Jersey Campaign and at Valley Forge. Married as 2nd wife, Weity Parks Couse, who was
born in 1760. Received a pension from Madison Co. in 1818. On Pension List for Catt. Co. 1840. Living at Conewango. Age 82 yrs. Lineage Book, D.A.R. v. 151, p.122

Worden, Jesse Died March 5, 1844 at Dayton, Catt. Co., NY. Received a pension from Genesee Co. for service in Penn. Troops. Received pension
Oct. 23, 1833 aged 72. On Pension List for Catt. co. 1840. Living at Dayton, age 86 yrs.

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