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By: Cheryl Minton
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The Indian princess and her lover could no longer endure the wrath their parents inflicted because of their courtship.† They walked slowly, carefully, arm in arm to the edge of the tranquil water.† The pond glimmered with an ebony tint.† The water was cold and deep.† The pair slid noiselessly into the deadly abyss.† Together at last.
So goes the legend of Red Pond.† Or one of the legends I should say.† This remote glacial pond in western Cattaraugus County has been surrounded with mystery and speculation since its discovery.† Rumors of underwater serpents and a bottomless depth has led many an unwelcome visitor to its shores.
The landscaping around the pond is gorgeous.† Natural growths of unusual botanical specimens create a jungle like atmosphere.† The plant life is seemingly out of proportion; lily pads and fungi are oversized; jubilant in color.
The pond measures two acres across.† Several years ago tow local divers determined its depth at 87 feet.† They found the first 81 feet to be impenetrable to light.† The water has a distinct charcoal cast to it.
Fish are not well supported in the pond, attaining a maximum length of approximately 6 inches.† The pondís owner attributes this to a high level of acidity in the water.† A current runs through the pond with a suction strong enough to pull a fishing line towards it.
Our visit to the pond was a welcome intermission in an otherwise congested schedule.† No sea monster of myth or legend noticed out arrival or departure.† History is the documentation of change.† With regard to Red Pond, history takes no claim, for the spirit of serenity is timeless

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