Located on Carpenter Hill Road between Ischua and Abbott Rd.
Compiled by Jerry Babcock using existing record, "History of Ischua", Census Lists, and other sources.

Submitted by PHGS Member: Jerry Babcock

CARPENTER, Charles Born, 1850 died, 1860 Son of Frederick & Elcy Hibner Carpenter II
CARPENTER, David Born, 1831 died, 1854 Son of Frederick & Elcy Hibner Carpenter II
CARPENTER, Elcy Hibner Spouse of, Frederick II Born, 1810 died, 1882 Dau. of David & Susanna Parker Hibner 
CARPENTER, Eunice Spouse of, Frederick Born, 1769 died, 1865 
CARPENTER, Frederick Spouse of, Elcy H Born, 1804 died, 1896 Son of Frederick & Eunice Carpenter Sr.
CARPENTER, Frederick Spouse of, Eunice Born, 17?? died, 1837 
CARPENTER, Frederick Born, 1837 died, 19?? Son of Frederick & Elcy Hibner CarpenterII
CARPENTER, Levi Born, 1839 died, 1860 Son of Frederick & Elcy Hibner Carpenter II
CARPENTER, Spencer Born, 1843 died, 1858 Son of Frederick & Elcy Hibner Carpenter II
FLAGG, Ann Miner Spouse of, William G. Born, 1804 died, 1861 
FLAGG, William G. Spouse of, Ann M Born, 1802 died, 1861 
GILL, Nellie Born, 1867 died, 1875 
GOIT, Harry died, 11-11-1820 Age, 23 
GRAVES, Lucy Clark Spouse of, Stephen died, 7-31-1840 Age, 64 
GRAVES, Melinda Spouse of, Stephen C. died, 2-5-1896 Age, 88y 6d 
GRAVES, Stephen Spouse of, Lucy C died, 2-17-1852 Age, 71 
GRAVES, Stephen C. Spouse of, Melinda died, 8-8-1890 Age, 84 Son of Stephen & Lucy Clark Graves
GUILD, Charles W. MD Spouse of, Elizabeth Born, 1866 died, 1900 Son of William P. & Lucy T. Thomas Guild
GUILD, Elizabeth Born, 1881 died, 1883 Dau. of William P. & Lucy T. Thomas Guild
GUILD, Horace Spouse of, Rhoda P Born, 1794 died, 1885 
GUILD, Lucy T. Thomas Spouse of, William P. Born, 1849 died, 1926 Dau. of William Thomas
GUILD, Rhoda Parker Spouse of, Horace Born, 1800 died, 1878 
GUILD, William P. Spouse of, Lucy T. Born, 1839 died, 1900 Son of Horace & Rhoda Parker Guild
HENDRICKS, Marion Chamberlain Spouse of, Walter A. Born, 10-23-1923 
HENDRICKS, Walter A. Spouse of, Marion C Born, 3-30-1913 died, 12-29-1985 WW-II Vet. U.S. Navy - Chaplin
HIBNER, Adelbert died, 12-18- 1850 
HIBNER, Albert died, 1840 
HIBNER, Angelina French Spouse of, Joseph died, 1856 Age, 29 2nd wife of Joseph Hibner;
HIBNER, Emily died, 1876 Age, 29 Dau. of William & Delilah Pearsall Hibner;
HIBNER, Joseph Spouse of, Angelina F/ Asenath R. Fitch died, 5-14-1908 Age, 94 Asenath was 1st wife of Joseph Hibner;
HIBNER, Luther died, 1820 
HIBNER, Maryanne died, 10-15-1832 Age, 35 
HIBNER, Michael died, 5-17-1891 Age, 78y 28d Son of David & Susanna Parker Hibner;
HIBNER, William Spouse of, Delilah P Born, 1821 died, 1904 Son of David & Susanna Parker Hibner; Delilah was his 1st wife
ODELL, S. & D. 
ODELL, Thomas 
SALISBURY, George L. Spouse of, Mary A. L. Born, 1865 died, 1937 
SALISBURY, Lulu E. Born, 1885 died, 1962 
SALISBURY, Marie S. Miner Spouse of, Monell Born, 1834 died, 1910 
SALISBURY, Mary A. L. Sawyer Spouse of, George L. Born, 1860 died, 1944 Dau. of Thomas & Marion Nottingham Sawyer (Adopted)
SALISBURY, Monell Spouse of, Marie S. Born, 1835 died, 1896 
SALISBURY, Ruth Spouse of, Wayne Born, 8-18-1916 died, 11-23-1982 Ashes
SALISBURY, Wayne Spouse of, Ruth Born, 6-3-1911 died, 4-2- 1994 Son of George L. & Mary A. L. Sawyer Salisbury- Ashes
SHERWOOD, Noah died, 7-30-1882 Age, 59 
SNYDER, Joseph G. Spouse of, Mary A. Born, 2-13-1818 died, 8-28-1894 
SNYDER, Mary A. Spouse of, Joseph G. Born, 4-21-1825 


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