Also Known As: Kent Road & Orlando Cemetery

Town of Mansfield

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BOWEN, Adaline Harvey. Spouse of Moses Jr. Born 1839, died 1893
BOWEN, Amanda M. (Meacham). Spouse of Cyrus H. Born 1839, died 1884 - Dau of Elias and Emily (Eddy) Meacham
BOWEN, Amelia M. Spouse of Cyrus H. Born 1840, died 1914
BOWEN, Betsey (Hopkins). Spouse of Moses Sr. Born 5-21-1797, died 2-3-1862. Age 64y 8m 13d - Dau of Jeremiah and Naomi (Smith) Hopkins.
BOWEN, Chauncey. Born 1874, died 1904 - [Their Children] on back of stone
BOWEN, Cyrus Hamilton. Spouse of #1 Amanda M., #2 Amelia M. Born 1834, died 1919 - Son of Moses Sr. and Betsey (Hopkins) Bowen.
BOWEN, Emily. Born 1866, died 1866 - [Their Children] on back of stone
BOWEN, George Washington Grovnor (GWG). Spouse of #1 Lucinda Meacham, #2 Louisa L. Eddy. Born 5-27-1823, died 6-1-1908 - Son of Moses Sr. and Betsey (Hopkins) Bowen. No children with Lucinda, seven children with Louisa.
BOWEN, Hopkins. Spouse of Susan P. Rhoades. Born 9-4-1829, died 1-23-1857 - Son of Moses Sr. and Betsey (Hopkins) Bowen.
BOWEN, Jessie. Born 1860, died 8-20-1863 - [Their Children] on back of stone
BOWEN, Louisa Lydia (Eddy) Harvey #1 Leonard Harvey, #2 GWG Bowen. Born 11-3-1835, died 5-10-1910 - Dau of William and Sally (Trask) Eddy
BOWEN, Lucinda (Meacham) GWG. Born 3-26-1826, died 12-8-1863 - Dau of Lyman and Elizabeth (Goodspeed) Meacham
BOWEN, Lusern A. Born 10-22-1853, died 11-24-1887 - Hopkins, Susan, and Lusern share a stone
BOWEN, Moses Jr. Spouse of #1 Adaline Harvey. Born 12-11-1843, died 5-4-1920 - Son of Moses Sr. and Betsey (Hopkins) Bowen, died in Apopka FL - Civil War Vet, Co B 154th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Mansfield for three years. Mustered out 6-27-1865 at Louisville KY
BOWEN, Susan Phildelia (Rhoades). Spouse of #1 Hopkins Bowen, #2 Albion Johnson. Born 5-3-1829, died 1921 - Dau of Asahel and Agnes (Fair) Rhoades
BOYCE, Albert. Spouse of Melissa. Born 1841, died 19??
BOYCE, Melissa. Spouse of Albert. Born 1846, died 1910
BOYCE, Willie M., died 10-31-1870
BROCKITT, Tunis, died 6-27-1857. Age 26y 6d
BUTLER, Amanda. Spouse of James, died 8-28-1877. Age 73
BUTLER, James. Spouse of Amanda, died 5-2-1882. Age 73
COX, Ann E. Spouse of William E., died 7-1-1884. Age 62y 3m 13d
COX, Jane E. Spouse of Mervin. Born 1834, died 1864
COX, Mervin. Spouse of Jane E. Born 1830, died 1871 - Civil War Vet, Co G 9th Cav NYS Vols Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at Mansfield for one year. Mustered out 6-30-1865 at Cloud's Mills VA
COXE, Elvira. Spouse of William E. Born 1820, died 1896
COXE, William E. Born 1832, died 1903
EDDY, George R., died 2-10-1847. Age 4y 6m 20d - Son of Roswell E. & Eliza E. Eddy
HANKS, Julius, died 4-14-1881. Age 71y 11m 24d
HARVEY, Adaline. Spouse of Moses. Born 1839, died 1893
HARVEY, Louisa Eddy. Born 11-30-1839, died 5-18-1910
HOLLISTER, Deborah. Spouse of Josiah R., died 9-25-1850. Age 19y 5m 3d
HOLLISTER, Josiah R. Spouse of Deborah. Born 1791, died 1871 - War of 1812 Vet
HOPKINS, Betsy R. Spouse of Henry D.
HOPKINS, Cyrus H. Born 1866, died 1928
HOPKINS, Emily M., died 10-6-1869. Age 6y 4m - Dau of Henry D. & Betsy R. Hopkins
HOPKINS, Henry D. Spouse of Betsy R., died 11-1-1879. Age 41y 9m 17d
HOPKINS, Jeremiah. Spouse of Naomi Smith, died 6-1-1855. Age 79
HOPKINS, Naomi (Smith). Spouse of Jeremiah. Born 1775, died 3-13-1863. Age 88 - Dau of Stephen and Elizabath (Tinkham) Smith, born in RI, died in Mansfield NY. Ten children. [Relict of Jeremiah Hopkins]
JOHNSON, Albion. Spouse of #1 Dency L. Southwick, #2 Susan (Rhoades) Bowen. Born 5-11-1823, died 12-21-1895 - Son of Joshua and Ethel Johnson. (Susan b. with 1st Husband) - Civil War Vet, Co G 154th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Mansfield for three years. Discharged for disability 2-29-1863 at Philadelphia PA
JOHNSON, Dency L. Spouse of Albion. Born 1-26-1840, died 5-31- 1864
JOHNSON, Esther. Born 12-25-1857, died 11-20-1859 - Dau of A.P. & Dency L. Johnson
JOHNSON, Joshua. Born 11-13-1790, died 11-7-1878
LATIN, Alson. Born 8-10-1849, died 2-28-1871. Age 21y 5m 18d - Son of Linus & Julia Latin
LATIN, Hannah. Born 1-25-1835, died 7-28-1857 - Dau of Linus & Julia Latin
LATIN, Infant Son. Born 9-2-1840, died 10-15-1840 - Son of Linus & Julia Latin
LATIN, Julia M. Spouse of Linus. Born 5-25-1806, died 12-24-1894
LATIN, Linus. Spouse of Julia M. Born 1-10-1805, died 9-27-1886
LEYMAN, Emily - No Dates
LEYMAN, Lola A., died 1-9-1874. Age 1y 9m 24d - Dau of H & Americo Leyman
MEACHAM, Charles, died 10-6-1865. Age 17y 1m 26d - Son of Milo & Martha Meacham
MEACHAM, Daniel. Spouse of Emily. Born 1819, died 1876
MEACHAM, Delinda - Dau of Daniel & Emily Meacham No Dates
MEACHAM, Elias. Spouse of Emily, died 4-28-1891. Age 82y 7m 24d
MEACHAM, Emily. Spouse of Daniel. Born 1825, died 1897
MEACHAM, Emily. Spouse of Elias, died 10-7-1889. Age 77y 10m
MEACHAM, Emily P., died 8-4-1861. Age 16y 7m 6d - Dau of Elias & Emily Meacham
MEACHAM, Emmet, died 2-27-1877. Age 2y 10m - Son of E.S. Meacham
MEACHAM, Isadore, died 11-16-1850 - Dau of Daniel & Emily Meacham
MEACHAM, James O., died 11-26-1856. Age 13y 6m 16d - Son of Milo & Martha Meacham
MEACHAM, Nellie, died 9-11-1862. Age 11m 5d - Dau of Daniel & Emily Meacham
MIX, Eliza. Spouse of Russell. Born 1841
MIX, Jennie. Born 1873, died 1874 - Dau of Russell & Eliza Same Stone
MIX, Phebe - No Dates
MIX, Russell. Spouse of Eliza. Born 1834, died 1898
STONE, Alexander. Spouse of Nancy/ Lucinda. Born 2-21-1792, died 2-21-1879. Age 87y 8m 22d - War of 1812 Vet
STONE, Anna E. Spouse of Mason. Born 1817, died 1896
STONE, Emmy - No Dates
STONE, George H. Born 1855, died 1927
STONE, Lennie L., died 3-11-1866. Age 18y 3m 10d - Daughter
STONE, Lucinda. Spouse of Alexander. Born 1816, died 2-17-1892. Age 76y 4m 20d
STONE, Mary E. - No Dates
STONE, Mason. Spouse of Anna E. Born 1813, died 1889
STONE, Melissa Jane, died 1-30-1856. Age 13y 5m 10d - Dau of Mason & Anna Stone
STONE, Nancy. Spouse of Alexander, died 6-24-1854. Age 61
SWARTHOFF, Mary. Spouse of Oakley, died 10-3-1848
SWORTHOFF, Phebe. Born 1810, died 1884
THAYER, A. Spouse of Almira. Born 1826, died 1910
THAYER, Almira. Spouse of A. Born 1838, died 1892
THAYER, C.J. Spouse of Grace. Born 1859, died 1939
THAYER, Grace. Spouse of C.J. Born 1865, died 1935
THAYER, Jacob. Spouse of Melinda, died 11-2-1889. Age 75y 3m 8d - Gone but not Forgotten
THAYER, Malcolm. Born 1920, died 1938
THAYER, Melinda. Spouse of Jacob, died 6-1-1876 - Gone but not Forgotten
THAYER, William U., died 11-15-1857. Age 29y 7m 21d

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