Westbrook Commercial Academy, 1928-9

Olean, NY

Submitted by PHGS Member Mike Henderson

Ada Randall Edgar Dillie Dora McCurdy Edward Garlick
Evelyn Stadlich Lyle M. Bidwell Helen C. Todd Morris Lyman
Helen Hurwitz Margaret Petz Margaret Carls Carl C. Rutter
Howard Crittenden Lorena Bellisle Walburga McAdam Andrew Grossman
Naomi I. June Leah P. Hess Gertrude Blessing Philip Todd
Beatrice Brown Agatha Houser Anita Leary Margaret Malby
Emogene Heath Howard Herron Celia Eschrich Lenarda Leahy
Helen Chamberlain Elizabeth Farwell H. May Erway Austin Walsh
Nevah R. Jones DeVere Williams Twila Redington Elizabeth Rifle
Arnold Timme Rozie G. Dye Margaret Foote Lois E. Smith
Clarissa Backus Hazel J. Baker Ann C. McRae Carolina Tarantine
Sara Rosokoff Thelma Smith Inez E. Smith Raymond Briggs
Vernon L. Card Alice Hammond Pauline Van Schaik Katherine Dempsey
Marian E. Titus Leon T. Rifle Lydia Palmer Magdalene Keating
Harold J. Lewis Aleen Cornelius Arling Langdon Virginia Staley
Mary Compton Bertha C. Lord Margaret Humes Marion Nichols
Leona L. Lamb Charry Woodward Florence Gilbert Ernest Geuder
Ruth Gerringer Elva M. Rifle Virginia Herron Florence Greene
Pearl R. French Charles E. Lamb Marian Gerringer Gladys I. Rifle
Doris K. Whalen Maxine P. Watts Margaret Hickey Arline Towner
Dehra Llewellyn Minnie E. Bacon Arline Inman Paula Armstrong
John Toohey Elsie Paulsen Catherine Mullin Margaret Kehr
Emogene Brokaw Robert Ordway Virginia J. Ames Guy S. Bullock
Lucille Morris Marion L. Coburn Marie G. Martin James A. Richards
Eileen M. Minich Frank Henderson Eileen Anderson Gertrude Ryan
Nina E. Barnes Ruth L. Rice John Cunningham Max W. Bailey
Leona G. Haskins Isabel Chamberlain

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