Cattaraugus County Deaths

Obituaries for these people do not name a burial cemetery.


SAALFIELD, John H. Spouse of Alice Pfleuger. Born 6-17-1940, died 12-5-2016. Age: 76 - Son of Delmas and Alice (Secord) Saalfield, Born in Gowanda NY, lived in Perrysburg NY, died in Buffalo NY. Wed 8-28-1965, no children named. (She survives)
SAGE, Raymond E. Sr. Spouse of Mary "Cookie" John. Born 8-24-1957, died 3-08-2015. Age: 57 - Son of Raymond H. and Edna (Schreckengost) Sage, b. Salamanca NY, d. Kill Buck NY, Wife survives - Vietnam Vet, US Navy USS Hancock [of Kill Buck NY]
SALISBURY, William A. Spouse of Marsha Hall. Born 2-3-1948, died 6-23-2009. Age: 61 - Son of Francis and Esther Methany Salisbury - Vietnam Vet, USMC, 2nd Bn, 26th Marines, 3rd Marine Divison. Purple Heart
SAMUELSON, Carl Kenrick [Sam]. Spouse of JoAnn McAuliffe. Born 3-14-1922, died 10-15-2015 - Son of Iver & Clara (Babbage) Samuelson, b. Cleveland, d. Allegany NY, Wed 3-03-1951 (she survives) - WW II Vet, US Coast Guard [of Allegany NY]
SANTEE, Douglas F. Gayton Sr. Spouse of Betty Clemons. Born 1-09-1922, died 5-10-2016. Age: 94y - Son of Clarence and Alberta Wealthy Peterson Gayton [sic], b. Portville NY, d. Portville NY, Divorced - WW II Vet, US Army 1942-44 [of Olean NY]
SARGENT, Duke. Spouse of Debra Dalaba Lafferty. Born 10-31-1965, died 3-16-2015. Age: 49 - Son of Fred Sargent and Judy (Lohr) Sargent, b. Corry PA, d. Salamanca NY, Wed 3-11-2002 (she survives) - WW II Vet, US Air Force 3762 Student Squadron [of Salamanca NY]
SAULN, Marylyn. Spouse of Alfred Sauln. Born 3-14-1923, died 4-14-2015. Age: 93 - Dau of Agustus and Gertrude Ellis, born in Olean NY, died in Olean NY. Wed 1942 (he predeceased her) [of Allegany NY]
SAULTER, Bruce. Spouse of Rosanne Luce Plummer. Born 4-07-1952, died 1-20-2015. Age: 62 - Son of Clifton and Shirley (Snyder) Saulter, born in Coudersport PA. Wed 6-07-1986 (she survives) [of Salamanca NY]
SAWYER, Donald J. Spouse of Diane H. Born, died 1-25-2016. Age: 82y - Son of Harry & Helen Sawyer, b. unstated, d. unstated, Wife survives [of N. Otto NY]
SCANLON, Sylvia G. (Hanby). Spouse of John. Born 4-24-1950, died 2-15-2015. Age: 64 - Dau of Wayne and Mildred (Reading) Hanby, b. Olean NY, d. Tarpon Springs FL, Wed 44 yrs (husband survives) [of Brunswick OH]
SCHACHOLT, Elvira E. [Vi]. Spouse of Milford D. Born 8-18-1919, died 12-3-2005 - Dau of Harold and Pearl Snyder Scott, born in Humphrey NY
SCHACHOLT, Milford D. Spouse of Elvira E., died 11-1-1982 - Wed Aug 18 1941 in Gowanda NY
SCHAPP, Michael R. Spouse of Carolyn Farner Dolph. Born 12-13-1946, died 1-20-2011. Age: 64 - Son of Robert and Gertrude (Cornelius) Schapp, born in Rochester NY. Wed 11-03-2006 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
SCHAUER, Norman G. Spouse of Pauline Mae Bowers. Born 5-21-1927, died 2-15-2017. Age: 89 - Son of Norman Phillip and Ruth Beatrice (Brown) Schauer. Born in Kane PA, lived in Gowanda NY, died in Summerfield FL. A master electrician. Wed 9-17-1949, three children. (She predeceased) - WW II Vet, US Navy aboard USS Wisconsin. (Funeral Home: Mentley, Gowanda NY - Living in Summerfield FL)
SCHMITTENDORF, Edward. Spouse of Cheryl Warner. Born 11-12-1937, died 5-8-2008. Age: 70 - Son of Edward H. Schmittendorf and Ruth Schara Schmittendorf - Uncategorized Vet, US Army Veterinary Corp. Austria and Germany
SCHNEBLE, Patricia E. Born 4-21-1929, died 1-20-2011. Age: 81 - Dau of Myron E. and Rose L. (Pearce) Lane, born in Omaha NE
SCHNEIDER, Katrina (Garlow) Adams. Spouse of #1 ?Adams, #2 Schneider. Born 8-31-1973, died 12-07-2015 - Dau of John C. & April C. (Allison) Garlow, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY [of Olean NY]
SCHNETTLER, Shirley E. Spouse of Ronald Schnettler. Born 12-31-1936, died 4-6-2011 - Dau of Adrian and True (Davis) Allen, born in Cuba NY. Wed 1-31-1959 in Bolivar NY (he d. 6-11-1988
SCHOEPFLIN, Lelana A. Sr. [Lee]. Spouse of Allene Lester. Born 5-17-1930, died 7-16-2010. Age: 80 - Son of Gilbert and Dorothy (Leonard) Schoepflin, born in Freedom NY. Wed 1-01-1951 in Arcade NY - Korean War Vet, US Army 1953-57
SCHOONOVER, Virginia M., died 2-8-2011 - Dau of Claude and Marguerite (Glady) Spears
SCHRECKENGOST, William. Spouse of Carol Poling. Born 1-05-1936, died 10-17-2015. Age: 79 - Son of William "Earl" & Zelda (McStraw) Schreckengost, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 1-07-1956 (she survives) - [of Salamanca NY]
SCHREINER, James [Nick]. Spouse of Barbara Lambrecht. Born 7-03-1948, died 6-20-2015 - Son of Ernest and Twylah (Eyring) Schreiner, born in Buffalo NY, died in Buffalo NY. Wed 8-04-1984 in Amherst NY (she survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army 1966-70
SCHULTZ, Lloyd E. Spouse of Virginia M. (Novac) Schultz. Born 9-6-1926, died 4-10-2014. Age: 87 - Son of Harold and Irene (Aldrich) Schultz. Born in Forestville NY, died in Springville NY. Retired automation repair specialist for Ford Stamping Plant. Wed 7-10-1948, 2 children - WW II Vet, US Army [FH Hills Funeral Chapel, South Dayton, living in Leon NY]
SCHUMAN, Frank A. [Bruds]. Spouse of Virginia Giuseppe. Born 5-26-1925, died 9-28-2005. Age: 80 - Son of Frank and Alice Toryk Schuman, born in Woodlynn NJ - WW II Vet, US Navy, Pacific USS Luzon
SCHUSTER, Robert J. Spouse of Loretta Gebauer. Born 12-25-1926, died 4-12-2015. Age: 88 - Son of Steven and Madeline (Robinson) Schuster, b. Scranton PA, d. Springville NY, Wed 4-20-1949 (she survives) - WW II Vet, US Army Pacific Theatre [of West Valley NY]
SCHUYLER, Dorothy L. (Miller). Spouse of Robert W. Sr. Born 12-25-1941, died 6-05-2017 - Dau of Elmer D. "Shorty" & Betty M. Miller, prob born and died in Catt Co NY, lived in Franklinville NY. Three children. (Funeral Home: Not named - Living in Franklinville NY)
SCHWAB, Joanne M. Spouse of David Charles Schwab. Born 7-10-1958, died 3-11-2017. Age: 58y - Dau of Roy & Esther Aldrich, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY, Husband d. 8-01-2007 (of Limestone NY)
SCOTT, Joanne (Wallace). Spouse of Stanley. Born 3-6-1927, died 8-20-2009. Age: 82 - Dau of Thomas J. and Lora Frances Drown Wallace. Wed Dec 18 1943
SCOTT, Pearl A. Born 2-19-1973, died 2-21-2015. Age: 42 - Lived on the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation. One daughter with Scott Armbruster. (Funeral Home: Wendland, North Collins NY - Living in Catt Indian Reservation)
SCOTT, Stanley B. Spouse of Joanne Wallace. Born 9-21-1922, died 8-08-2010. Age: 87 - Son of Harold and Pearl (Snyder) Scott, born in Humphrey NY. Wed 12-18-1943 in Orangeburg-SC (she d. 8-20-2009) - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force pilot
SCULL, Peter P. Spouse of Roxanne M. Cox. Born 4-10-1949, died 9-13-2015 - Son of Harry & Frances (Piechota) Scull, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 12-31-1983 in Allegany NY (she survives) - Vietnam Vet, US Navy Seal [of Portville NY]
SEAMANS, Frederic P. Spouse of Candy J. Harvey. Born 10-3-1936, died 1-28-2011 - Son of Stanley and Pauline (Phillips) Seamans, born in Weston's Mills NY, died of cardiac arrest and exposure. Wed 12-06-1987 - Korean War Vet, US Navy
SEELEY, Merry A. Born 4-07-1938, died 8-30-2015 - Dau of Edward M. & Alice E. (Waters) Seeley, b. Olean NY, d. Wellsville NY - [of Bolivar NY]
SEELEY, Ronald [Peter]. Born 10-9-1935, died 12-19-2005. Age: 70 - Son of Edward M. and Alice E. Seeley US Marine Corps
SEGER, Richard A. Spouse of Claudia Greene. Born 1-14-1942, died 12-9-2009 - Son of H. Bert and Lovella Mae Mahlon Seger. Donated his body to SUNY at Buffalo for research - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
SEITZ, Betty J. Spouse of Martin. Born 7-21-1922, died 7-12-2007. Age: 84 - Dau of Louis and Ruth Phillips Ross, school teacher - WW II Vet, US Navy Waves
SEITZ, Martin. Spouse of Betty J., died 10-31-1988
SEQUERTH, Daniel J. Born 3-9-1952, died 8-08-2010 - Son of George and Joyce (Norton) Sequerth, born in IN - Vietnam Vet, US Army, career (21 yrs)
SEQUERTH, George J. Born 5-07-1967, died 7-14-2017 - Son of George & Joyce (Norton) Sequerth, b. Batavia NY, ;oved amd died in Olean NY. One son, mother not named. (Funeral Home: Guenther, Olean NY - Living in Olean)
SHENK, Mary Louise (Harper). Spouse of Alfred Shenk, died 7-05-2017. Age: 90y - Dau of Rev. Wylie & Emma (Armstrong) Harper. b. unstated, lived in Maccias NY, d. unstated. A teacher. (Funeral Home: Not named - Living in Machias NY)
SHERLOCK, Kalen Raymond. Born 10-11-2011, died 9-16-2017. Age: 5y - Son of Timothy & Beth Sherlock, b. Canandaigua NY, living in Hartsville SC, d. Florence SC (Funeral Home: Brown-Pennington-Atkins, Hartsville SC - Living in Florence SC)
SHERLOCK, Richard Clayton III. Born 5-21-1983, died 6-10-2008. Age: 25 - Son of Richard C. and Constance Goodwill Sherlock Jr.
SHERMAN, Florence M. Spouse of Anthony Zasimowick. Born 4-15-1931, died 5-15-2006 - Dau of Francis and Florence Winchell Sherman, was an RN. Cremation
SHERMAN, Sally (Riddle). Spouse of Joseph Paul Sherman. Born 5-02-1942, died 4-15-2017. Age: 74y - Dau of Ralph & Mildred (Aldrich) Riddle, b. Salamanca NY, d. Buffalo NY, Wed 2-26-1960 (he survives)
SHERRY, Kenneth R. Spouse of Patricia A. Costanzo. Born 5-23-1936, died 11-14-2016 - Son of Lewis D. & Amy B. (Himes) Sherry, b. Mayport PA, d. Buffalo NY, Wife survives (of Portville NY)
SHERWIN, Dennis M. Born 10-14-1965, died 4-04-2015 - Son of Timothy Joseph Sr. and Linda M. (Mattys) Sherwin Sr., b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY [of Olean NY]
SHERWIN, James Charles. Born 1-22-1937, died 4-06-2017 - Son of John C. & Olive Rose Sherwin, b. Olean NY, d. Coudersport PA - Uncategorized Vet US Marine Corps 1957-60 (of Olean NY)
SHIELDS, Chester B. Born 5-17-1946, died 5-06-2016. Age: 69y - Son of Norris B. & Helen M. (Renwick) Shields, b. Indiana PA, d. Randolph NY - Vietnam Vet, US Navy 1963-68 [of Randolph NY]
SHINGLER, Marie C. Spouse of Jack M. Born, died 12-16-2015 - Dau of Robert & Genevieve (Rooney) Curran, b. Olean NY, d. unstated, Husband d. 11-12-1996 [of Little Valley NY]
SHIREY, Emmett L. Spouse of Donna Raye Manley. Born 10-25-1920, died 5-12-2011 - Son of Evan and Viola (Olson) Shirey, born in Hazel Hurst PA. Wed 9-07-1943 in Olean NY
SHOUP, Robert E. Spouse of Nita (?) Shoup Boyd. Born 5-30-1967, died 11-06-2016 - Son of Donald & Judy (Northrup) Shoup, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Former wife survives (of Olean NY)
SHUMACK, Michael M. Spouse of Beverly. Born 8-2-1960, died 7-23-2009. Age: 48 - Predeceased by daughter Jessica
SILLIKER, Michelle Anne. Spouse of Alan Silliker. Born 8-25-1951, died 2-21-2017. Age: 65y - Dau of Misael [sic] Felix & Collette (Emond) LeClair, b. Taunton MA, d. Allegany NY, Wed 8-17-1973 in Taunton MA (he survives); Body donated to Univ. at Buffalo med sch (of Allegany NY)
SILPE, Kay (Magee). Spouse of Earl. Born 6-02-1926, died 10-18-2014 - Dau of Walter and Mary Magee, b. Bradford PA, d. Salamanca NY, Husband d. 1994 [of Salamanca NY]
SILVIS, Bettie J. Spouse of J. Leigh Harris/ Harry W. Silvis. Born 6-1-1925, died 11-21-2011. Age: 86 - Dau of William and Florence () Jenick, born in Adrian NY
SIMMONS, James N. Spouse of Rose Miles. Born 4-3-1938, died 3-28-2011 - Son of Bernard Simmons and Pearl Grant, born in Buffalo NY. Wed 5-24-1986 in Evans NY
SIMON, Madolyn S. Spouse of Icar J. Born 10-16-1912, died 1-19-2008 - Dau of Tony and Barbara E. Smith Stoling. Wed 1934
SIMON, Virginia A. [Ginny]. Spouse of Raymond J. Born 1-28-1925, died 8-3-2009 - Dau of Lawrence and Blanch Martin Myers, born in Westfield IL. Wed Jan 1 1945, he d. 1996
SIMPSON, Deborah M. Spouse of Richard H. Born 7-26-1944, died 6-02-2015 - Dau of Wendell & Ruth Milz, b. Cleveland OH, d. Williamsville NY, Husband survives [of Ellicottville NY]
SIRIANNI, Thomas V. Spouse of Wreatha Hale. Born 4-11-1935, died 9-6-2007 - Son of Gabriel and Rose Perry Sirianni, Wife d. 10-4-2006 - Korean War Vet, US Navy, USS Ticonderoga
SISSON, Carrie L. Spouse of Eric E. Born 8-08-1981, died 5-05-2016 - Dau of Russel L. & Patricia (Irvin) Crawford, b. Olean NY, d. Rochester NY, Wed 9-22-2001 in Hinsdale NY (he survives) [of Olean NY]
SKIVER, Ethel M. Spouse of William A. Born 10-20-1938, died 9-27-2009. Age: 70 - Dau of Elmer and Dorothy Decker m. Nov 8 1958
SLATER, Leigh A. Born 1-30-1956, died 10-11-2015. Age: 50 - Son of John and Martha (Milks) Slater, born in Jamestown NY, died in Randolph NY. Three children (Funeral Home: Van Rensselaer, Randolph NY - Living in Randolph NY)
SLAUGHTER, James E. Spouse of Cindy L. Watson. Born 10-27-1942, died 6-17-2015 - Son of Hurbert [sic] and Iva Slaughter, born in Olean NY, died in Cuba NY, Wife died in 12-26-1987 [of Olean NY]
SLUIS, Kerri, died 10-28-2016. Age: 25y - Dau of Nancy Scott; born Unstated, died on Cattaraugus Indian Reservation. One son. Enrolled member of Seneca Nation of Indians, Clan Turtle.
SMITH, Adam. Born 7-15-1977, died 3-1-2011. Age: 33 - Son of Melvin and Irvalee (Evans) Smith, born in Rochester NY
SMITH, Barbara M. Spouse of Roy. Born 3-20-1948, died 6-5-2006. Age: 58 - Dau of Llyod I. and Shirley Tebo Heath, born in Salamanca NY
SMITH, Donald E. Spouse of Eileen K. Greenman [Sis]. Born 9-14-1933, died 4-9-2011 - Son of Lawrence H. and Anna E. (Hadley) Smith, born in Olean NY. Wed 11-19-1971 in Olean NY - Uncategorized Vet, Career. US Air Force Ret'd Tech Sgt E-6
SMITH, Eleanor D. Spouse of Emmons Smith [Bud]. Born 5-4-1918, died 3-20-2011 - Dau of Norman Giesler and Carrie Kramer, born in Holland NY. Wed 6-28-1938 in Delevan NY (he d. 7-29-1996)
SMITH, Hubert E. Spouse of Jean M. Checksfield. Born 12-27-1928, died 1-06-2015 - Son of Leslie and Goldie (Jones) Smith, born in New Martinsville WV, d. Olean NY, Wife survives [of Hinsdale NY]
SMITH, Inge. Spouse of Julian. Born 3-12-1943, died 5-15-2011. Age: 68 - Born in Pori Finland. Wed 2-21-1967
SMITH, Janice I. Born 10-15-1925, died 4-27-2017. Age: 91 - Dau of Omer and Marie (Kyler) Post Sr. Born in Poland Center NY, lived and died in Randolph NY. Worked 25 years for Inkley Pharmacy. Wed 8-15-1942 in Kennedy NY, two children. (He d. 9-12-1999)
SMITH, Keith L. Spouse of Alvonia "Abby" Alderman. Born 12-17-1926, died 8-23-2015. Age: 88y - Son of Lee Andrew & Edith (Simmons) Smith, b. Marlinton WV, d. Buffalo NY, Wed 12-01-1953 in Edray WV (she survives) - WW II Vet, US Navy USS Louisville [of Salamanca NY]
SMITH, Roy. Spouse of Barbara M. Born 4-21-1947, died 6-25-2009 - Son of James and Ruth Buzzard Smith b. Rimersville PA - Vietnam Vet, US Army
SNYDER, Edward F. Born 12-21-1936, died 8-24-2006 - Son of Wayland and Gertrude Wellington Snyder, born in Salamanca NY
SNYDER, Edwin K. II. Spouse of Elizabeth M. DeMart. Born 4-22-1935, died 4-17-2016. Age: 80y - Son of Paul & Azeltha (Hatch) Snyder, b. Franklinville NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 10-29-1955 in Olean NY (she survives) [of Allegany NY]
SNYDER, Jennie L. Spouse of Michael P. Born 6-19-1958, died 3-27-2011 - Dau of Elton and Bernice (Feldman) Shaffer, born in Olean NY. Wed 5-09-1981 in Allegany NY
SNYDER, John Edward. Spouse of Alberta, died 2-9-2012. Age: 78 - Son of Clyde and Beatrice () Snyder of Olean NY, born in unstated. Wed 52 yrs - Uncategorized Vet
SNYDER, Kenneth N. Spouse of Joanne Warner. Born 5-09-1931, died 11-21-2010 - Son of Ernest Roy and Nora (Cooper) Snyder, born in Salamanda NY. Wed 8-25-1946 in Presho Methodist minister, Member Deer Clan, Vet-Korea US Air Force
SNYDER, Michael P. Spouse of Jennie L. Shaffer. Born 12-17-1954, died 3-13-2016. Age: 61y - Son of Herbert A. Jr. & Phyllis (Doane) Snyder, b. Olean NY, d. FL, Wed 6-09-1981 (she predeceased him) - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force
SPENCER, Harold L. Spouse of Pauline, died 5-1985 - Wed Dec 16 1933
SPENCER, Joseph L. Jr. Born 12-08-1968, died 1-11-2017. Age: 48y - Son of Joseph Sr. & Bertha L. (Armour) Spencer, b. Buffalo NY, d. Olean NY (of Jamestown NY)
SPENCER, Pauline. Spouse of Harold L. Born 4-13-1914, died 9-26-2002 - Dau of Ralph and Ethel Kamery Hannigan
SPENCER, Robert P. Spouse of Linda Wasmund Spencer. Born 10-21-1944, died 10-10-2016. Age: 71y - Son of Walter and Jane (Balcerak) Szczykutowicz; born in Buffalo NY, lived in Collins NY, died in Gowanda NY. Wed 4-25-1987; one son. (She survives) Tool and die maker for over 20 years. - Vietnam War Vet, US Army (Funeral Home: Mentley, Gowanda NY - Living in Collins NY)
SPETA, Christian Joseph. Born 5-11-1992, died 2-15-2017 - Son of Christopher & Tamara (Laird) Speta, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY (of Portville NY)
SPLAWNIK, Irene Klingbeil. Spouse of Unstated Klingbeil. Born 9-07-1927, died 8-16-2015 - Dau of Andrew & Anna Splawnik, Name as listed in obit, b. Amsterdam-NY, d. Allegany NY, Husband predeceased her [of Olean NY]
SPLAWSKI, James M. Spouse of Melinda T. Carlson. Born 10-29-1936, died 2-11-2017 - Son of Joseph & Cecelia (Kwiatkowski) Splawski, b. Olean NY, d. Cuba NY, Wed 9-05-1959 (she survives) - Uncategorized Vet US Army & Army Reserves (of Olean NY)
STABB, Harold George [Webb]. Spouse of Patricia Ann SWARTZ. Born 1-11-1933, died 11-19-2011 - Son of Clarence Anthony and Zella Pearl (Webster) Stabb, born in Oneida NY. Wed 8-27-1955 (Daniel J. d. 11-15-1996) - Uncategorized Vet, USMC 1950-54 M/Sgt
STADY, Margaret Jane (Cornish). Spouse of Robert James Stady. Born 11-27-1923, died 9-27-2017 - Dau of Marshall W. & Lyra E. Cornish, b. Olean NY, d. in GA. Wed 3-17-1945 in Olean NY, four children. (Spouse survives) (Funeral Home: Flanigan, Buford GA - Living in Buford GA)
STAKER, Karen A. (LaPolt). Spouse of Kim E. Born 4-28-1954, died 10-07-2014 - Dau of Robert and Nina (Schriber) LaPolt, Twin to Sharon L. LaPolt, b. Buffalo NY, d. Olean NY, Divorced [of Allegany NY]
STANTON, Gary Charles Sr. Spouse of Kimberly Stanton. Born 12-10-1971, died 2-03-2016. Age: 44y - Son of Gary & Roselie (Unverdorben) Stanton, b. Olean NY, d. unstated, Wife survives [of Allegany NY]
STAUDIGL, Carolyn L. Spouse of Dennis. Born 3-24-1955, died 12-16-2010. Age: 55 - Dau of James and Loreen (Potts) Simsick, born in Salamanca NY. Wed 3-14-1995 in Allegany NY
STAVISH, John J. Jr. Spouse of Elvira Ranio. Born 6-25-1930, died 6-16-2017 - Son of John Sr. & Beulah (Dwyer) Stavish, b. Olean NY, d. Cuba NY, Wed 1-03-1953, four children. (Spouse survives) - Korean War Vet, US Army Corps of Engineers (Funeral Home: Guenther, Olean NY - Living in Olean)
STEINBRONER, Richard James Sr. Born 10-13-1947, died 8-17-2016 - Son of John "Jack" & Shirley (Stephens) Steinbroner, b. Salamanca NY, d. FL (Living in Jacksonville FL)
STEPHAN, William A. Jr. Born, died 5-02-2016 - Son of William A. Sr. & Laura Stephan, b. unstated, d. unstated [of Allegany NY]
STEPHENS, Leonard A. Spouse of Emma Jean Huber. Born 5-23-1934, died 5-11-2017. Age: 82 - Son of Walter and Gladys (LaBo) Stephens. Born in Barberton OH, Lived in Cattaraugus NY, died in Jamestown NY. Worked 42 years for Moench Tanning in Gowanda NY. Wed in 1954, three children. (Spouse survives) (Funeral Home: Mentley, Little Valley NY - Living in Cattaraugus NY)
STEPHENS, Lucius. Spouse of Carla Vecellio. Born 1-23-1949, died 5-10-2010. Age: 61 - Son of Q. P. and Seppie (Coleman) Stephens, born in Talladega AL, d. Rochester NY (injuries from auto accident). Wed 5-22-1982 - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
STETZ, Lucille F. Spouse of Peter Prince/ Joseph. Born 3-22-1924, died 10-15-2005 - Dau of Ralph and Anna Gernandt, born in Hornell NY. Peter died in 1971; Joseph in d. 4-13-1992. Cremated
STEVENS, Gerald H. [Four Barrel]. Spouse of Viola M. (Rieckhoff) Crisafulli. Born 8-4-1934, died 2-20-2012 - Born in Las Vegas NV. Wed 1975 in Las Vegas NV
STEVENS, Jeanette. Born 1944, died 4-19-2015. Age: 71 - Member of the Turtle Clan, Seneca Nation. Two children [FH: Wentland, North Collins, NY. Lived Cattaraugus Indian Reservation]
STEVENS, Jeanette. Born 1944, died 4-19-2015. Age: 71 - Member of the Turtle Clan, Seneca Nation. Two children [FH: Wentland Funeral Home. North Collins, NY, Lived on Cattaraugus Indian Reservation]
STEVENS, Jeanette. Born 1944, died 4-19-2015. Age: 71 - Member of the Turtle Clan, Seneca Nation. Two children
STONE, Thomas E. Spouse of Linda Cotton. Born 11-25-1954, died 4-12-2015. Age: 60 - Son of Robert Earl and Doris (Frink) Stone, born in Jamestown NY, Wed 9-16-2005
STONE, Thomas E. Spouse of Linda Cotton. Born 11-25-1954, died 4-12-2015. Age: 60 - Son of Robert Earl and Doris (Frink) Stone, b. Jamestown NY, d. unstated, Wed 9-16-2005 (she survives) [FH: Casey, Halwig & Hartle, Olean NY, Living in Allegany NY]
STONER, George H. Spouse of Dorothy Chellis, died 11-8-2011 - Son of David Franklin and Margaret (Fisher) Stoner, born in Olean NY, one of nine children. - Uncategorized Vet, US Army. Enlisted 1948 and National Guard 1950-1977, Ret'd Lt Col in Corps of Eng, US Army Reserves
STRANBURG, Phyllis A. (Allen). Spouse of Ralph, died 10-27-2015 - Born unstated, d. Dock Woods, Husband predeceased her [of Lansdale PA]
STRITOF, Robert F. Jr. Spouse of Linda S. Maurouard. Born 8-16-1953, died 6-27-2011 - Son of Robert F. Sr. and Helen A. (Skinner) Stritof, born in Olean NY. Wed 11-08-1972 in Olean NY (she d. 12-29-1995) - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force
STURDEVANT, Larry R. Spouse of Pamela Schultz. Born 8-15-1938, died 10-21-2015. Age: 77y - Son of Ross & Kathryn (Reniff) Sturdevant, b. Wellsville NY, d. Salamanca NY, Wed 10-06-1969 in Salamanca NY (she survives) - Vietnam Vet, US Army [of Salamanca NY]
SULLIVAN, Michael P. Spouse of Marcia Spruce, died 9-2-2015. Age: 58 - Three children. - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
SURVIL, John B. Fiance of Donna Skinner. Born 12-11-1946, died 4-09-2017 - Son of John & Mary (Scheminger) Survil, "Johnny B. Good", b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY (of Olean NY)
TALBOT, Barbara Jean Langworthy. Spouse of Earl [Sonny] Talbot Jr. Born 12-08-1944, died 4-23-2015 - Dau of Richard Langworthy and Mildred Davis, born in Olean NY. Wed 8-22-1964 [of Little Valley NY]
TAPP, Ellen B. Spouse of Fred W. Tapp. Born 7-20-1937, died 11-21-2016 - Dau of Marshall & Eddie (Benjamin) Brunell per 11-23-16 obit, Dau of Marshall & Addie (Benjamin) Brunell per 11-25-16 obit, b. Olean NY, d. Salamaca NY, Husband survives (of Salamanca NY)
TARR, Gary L. Jr. Spouse of Staci L. Tigue, companioin of Jill Sandbrow. Born 12-06-1982, died 7-29-2017 - Son of Gary L. Sr. & Angelic [sic] R. (Wilber) Tarr, b. Olean NY, d. Buffalo NY. Four children, mother unclear. Divorced from Staci (Funeral Home: Spink, Olean NY - Living in Cattaraugus NY)
TATE, Hope Maxwell. Spouse of Daniel L. Sr. Born 10-7-1924, died 2-14-2011 - Dau of Claire and Dorothy B. () Maxwell, born in New Rochelle NY
TAYLOR, James W. Spouse of Judithanne McCall. Born 1-31-1935, died 1-05-2017 - Son of Vincen & Catherine Taylor, b. Olean NY, d. Cuba NY, Wed 11-28-2005 (she survives) - Uncategorized Vet US Army Finance Corps 2nd Lt 12 yrs & Army Reserves (of Olean NY)
TAYLOR, Robert A. Spouse of Sheilah Munson. Born 8-12-1942, died 5-20-2017 - Son of Arthur & Antinette (Ricci) Taylor, b. Providence RI, lived and died in Olean NY. Worked over 40 years at Olean Public Library. Wed 6-24-1972, two children (she survives) - Vet US Air Force (Funeral Home: Casey, Halwig & Hartle, Olean NY - Living in Olean)
TAYLOR, Rose Jean Taft. Spouse of #1 Floyd Taft, #2 Richard Taylor. Born 7-11-1941, died 10-02-2015. Age: 74y - Dau of John & Martha (Perry) Pleger, b. Oil City PA, d. Rochester NY, Husband #1 predeceased her, Wed #2 10-14-2006 in Salamanca NY (he survives) - [of Salamanca NY]
TAYLOR, Valerie J. Born 10-26-1958, died 4-7-2010 - Dau of John and Shirley (Thompson) Besok, born in Olean NY
TEEFT, Robert R. Sr. Born 6-3-1931, died 12-17-2006. Age: 75 - Son of Oliver and Martha Wild Teeft, born in Buffalo NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
TEGLER, Virginia M. Spouse of Vernon. Born 12-11-1928, died 5-19-2010. Age: 81 - Dau of Ernest and Edith (Hilliman) Ruper, born in Otto NY. Wed 2-20-1947 (he d. 7-23-1995)
TERHUNE, Donald E. Spouse of Michelle Moore. Born 10-10-1958, died 3-28-2016. Age: 57y - Son of Robert & Dorothy (Johnson) Terhune, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 9-19-2009 (she survives) [of Salamanca NY]
TERRY, John B. III. Spouse of Mary Lavery. Born 2-27-1949, died 2-8-2011. Age: 61 - Son of John B. Jr. and Irene (Czajkowski) Miller, born in Olean NY. Wed 5-09-1980 - Uncategorized Vet, USMC, Sgt E-5
TERWILLIGER, Florence L. Spouse of Donald. Born 3-05-1918, died 10-11-2015. Age: 97y - Dau of Albert & Louise (Schroeder) Westfall, b. West Valley NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 3-03-1945 in Springville NY (he d. 1996) - [of Little Valley NY]
THAYER, Joyce E. Spouse of George. Born 8-20-1932, died 3-17-2011. Age: 78 - Dau of Bernard and Gladys (Sherman) Cobb, born in Ansonia PA. Wed George Thayer 4-1974
THEIS, Richard R. Born 9-22-1951, died 4-29-2016. Age: 64y - Son of Richard & Catherine (Clay) Theis, b. Niagara Falls NY, d. Little Valley N - Uncategorized Vet, US Army [of Little Valley NY]
THOMAS, Joseph J. Born 10-27-1929, died 2-5-2012
THOMAS, Tommy F. Born 12-08-1957, died 5-19-2015 - Son of William and Geraldine V. (Wilson) Thomas, born in Olean NY, died in Buffalo NY [of Allegany NY]
THOMPSON, Clark E. Companion of Debra (Parsons) Bowman. Born 1965, died 3-2-2015. Age: 50 - Son of Elaine and Sidney Thompson. Turtle Clan of Seneca tribe. One son [Living in Gowanda NY]
THOMPSON, David Kendel. Spouse of Gail M. Runkle. Born 12-13-1953, died 4-19-2015 - Son of Charles Kendel and Yvonne Y. Thompson, born in Wiesbaden Germany, died in Olean NY. Wed 4-17-1981 in Norfolkk VA (she survives) - Vietnam and Post-Vietnam Vet, US Navy, Ret'd Master Chief [of Olean NY]
THOMPSON, Donna Louise. Spouse of Donald Draegert. Born 1948, died 4-20-2015. Age: 67 - Three children. Lived on the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation. [Wentland Funeral Home, North Collins, NY. Lived on reservation]
THOMPSON, Philip L. Spouse of Christine Long. Born 6-24-1951, died 1-21-2007 - Son of Jesse Harold and Margaret Louise Price Thompson - Vietnam Vet, USMC
THORNBURY, Paul Miles. Spouse of Lorna Sandy. Born 7-18-1937, died 9-27-2016. Age: 79 - Son of Howard Thornbury / Thelma Miles Tormey, Stepson of Dr. Harold J. Tormey, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 9-01-1961 (she survives) - Vet US Air Force 1955-59 (Living in Olean NY)
TIEDE, Hiltgund M. (Steffens). Spouse of #1 ? Frederick, #2 Tiede. Born 1-20-1926, died 1-02-2016 - Dau of Joseph & Matilda (Roth) Steffens, b. Germany, d. Bradford PA [of Olean NY]
TILLOW, Doris M. Spouse of Lawrence E. Born 5-19-1927, died 8-16-2007 - Dau of Glenn and Myrtle Meyncke Colby m. Aug 7 1949
TILLOW, Lawrence E. Spouse of Doris M. Born 2-5-1927, died 9-18-2007 - Son of Perry and Gladys Parker Tillow - WW II Vet, US Army and Merchant Marines
TIMME, Maynard W. Spouse of Nancy A. Forrest. Born 4-30-1926, died 2-19-2009. Age: 82 - Son of Carl F. and Rose Jones Timme, was a jeweler for 54 years - WW II Vet, US Army. Gen. Patton's 3rd Army 26th Div.Bronze Star and many other medals. Also Korean War 7th Army
TINGUE, Daren D. Sr. Spouse of D'Lyn G. Monroe, died 5-01-2017. Age: 50y - Son of Duane Sr. & Donna (Neamon) Tingue, b. unstated, d. Machias NY. Five children, mother not named. Wed D'Lyn 4-03-2005, she survives. (Funeral Home: Schindler, Gowanda NY - Living in Machias NY)
TINGUE, Norman Pete Sr [Pete]. Spouse of Loretta Jerge/ Phyllis () Spencer. Born 3-16-1940, died 11-12-2011 - Son of Delphin and Marie (Gernatt) Tingue, born in Gowanda NY. Wed Loretta 10-05-1957. Wed Phyllis 12-31-1992 (she d. 11-19-2010
TISDALE, Stephanie Anne. Born 1-03-1991, died 9-30-2014 - Dau of Carla Frost Scott Budaj and Steven Tisdale, Step dau of Scott Budaj b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY
TOOTHMAN, Daniel A. Born 9-16-1950, died 9-03-2017 - Son of Franklin E. & Evelyn M. (Hughes) Toothman. Born and died in Olean NY, lived in Olean NY. A petroleum engineer. One daughter. (Funeral Home: Hollenbeck-Cahill, Bradford PA - Living in Knapp Creek NY)
TOPPER, Bonnie Louise Milgate. Spouse of ? Topper. Born 4-29-1940, died 4-24-2011. Age: 70 - Dau of Roy I. Milgate and Onalee Milgate Forcey Memorial service to be held in Franklinville NY
TORRENCE, James L. Jr. Spouse of Lena Marie Walker. Born 6-26-1957, died 6-20-2017 - Son of James & Anna Mae (Burtch) Torrence, b. Olean NY, lived in Westons Mills NY, d. Wellsville NY, Wed. 4-14-1978 in Portville NY, five children. (she survives) (Funeral Home: Guenther, Olean NY - Living in Westons Mills NY)
TORREY, James Orin. Spouse of Joan Kerr/ M. Jean Anderson. Born 4-17-1933, died 10-08-2014 - Son of Orin and Clair (Burrell) Borrey, b. Shinglehouse PA, d. Bradford PA, Wed Jean 1/01/1978 in Portville NY (she survives) - Korean War Vet, US Navy [of Olean NY]
TORREY, Roberta J. Spouse of David. Born 8-28-1949, died 10-09-2015 - Dau of George & Betty M. (rudolph) Scott, b. Salamanca NY, d. Niagara co NY, Wed 8-16-1969 (he survives) - [of Lewiston NY]
TRAVIS, Ernest R. Sr. Spouse of Debralynn Stillson. Born 3-5-1942, died 12-9-2005. Age: 63 - Son of Alvin and Lorraine Hill Travis, born in Corning NY, law enforcement and investigation - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
TRIPP, Betty (White). Spouse of Roy, died 2-25-2015. Age: 78 - Dau of Richard and Leah (Kennedy) White. Lived on the Cattarraugus Indian Reservation. Enrolled member of Seneca Nation of Indians, Beaver Clan (Funeral Home: Wendland, North Collins NY - Living in Catt Indian Reservation)
TROUTMAN, Karen. Spouse of David W. Troutman. Born 6-07-1954, died 8-04-2016 - Dau of Raymond & Emma (Puff) Brockel, b. Olean NY, d. Buffalo NY, Wed 7-15-1972 in Olean NY (he survives) (Living in Portville NY)
TUCKER, Clark D. Jr. Spouse of Sandra Hhigley. Born 7-08-1943, died 12-26-2010 - Son of Clark D. Sr. and Jane () Tucker, born in Cuba NY. Wed 3-21-1964 in Caneadea NY
TUREK, Samuel J. [Jim]. Spouse of Virginia L. Harris. Born 5-03-1951, died 10-26-2015 - Son of Chester J. "Jim" & Evelyn G. (Coss) Turek, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 7-1993 in Olean NY (she survives) - [of Olean NY]
TURNER, Loren E. Born 10-17-1933, died 12-27-2014 - Son of Everett C. and Grace (Horton) Turner, born in Allegany NY, d. Olean NY, Vet-Korea US Army [of Olean NY]
ULAK, Joan M. (Dube). Spouse of #1 Nicholas Spratz, # 2 John Ulak, died 9-4-2015. Age: 74 - Lived in Perrysburg NY, Four sons with Nicholas. Predeceased by both husbands.
ULLMAN, Mark W. Spouse of Laura M. Ayers. Born 5-10-1959, died 6-28-2011 - Son of Oliver C. and Velma J. (Miller) Ullman, born in Olean NY. Wed 8-27-1983 at Stone Tower at Allegany State Park
ULLMAN, Nan C. Spouse of Roy E. Ullman. Born 1-13-1947, died 3-29-2017. Age: 70y - Dau of Ryan & Eileen (Button) Norton, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 4-01-1967 in Salamanca NY (he d. 6-27-2008)
VAN DIXON, David L. Born 8-31-1943, died 2-3-2009 - Son of Glenn and Clara Zandi Van Dixon - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force
VAN EPPS, Shirley A. (Hosmer). Spouse of Max Van Epps. Born 1-26-1933, died 8-18-2017. Age: 84y - Dau of Leonard & Elizabeth Hosmer, b. Olean NY, lived and died in Punta Gorda FL, Wed 11-04-1950, three children. (Spouse survives) (Funeral Home: Not named - Living in Punta Gorda FL)
VanBUREN, Karen A. Born 9-06-1940, died 9-17-2010. Age: 70 - Dau of J. Howard and Genevieve (Rhodes) VanBuren, born in Salamanca NY, d. Buffalo NY
VanBUREN, Terrance N. Born 8-28-1945, died 10-03-2010. Age: 65 - Son of H. Howard and Genevieve (Rhodes) VanBuren, born in Salamanca NY
VANCE, Cyn'Creah Marie. Born 9-06-2015, died 9-06-2015. Age: Infant - Dau of Justun [sic] Vance and Tayona Peterson, birth in Olean NY - [of Olean NY]
VANCISE, Lee Sr. [Butch]. Spouse of Ann Baum. Born 7-11-1950, died 5-17-2017. Age: 66 - Son of Doyle Sr. and June (Shore) VanCise. Born in Otto NY, lived in Dayton NY, died in Buffalo NY. A truck driver. Wed 9-27-1975, three sons. (Spouse survives) (Funeral Home: Mentley, Gowanda NY - Living in Dayton NY)
VANCUREN, Melvin H. Jr. Spouse of Ellyson. Born 9-11-1939, died 3-8-2008 - Son of Melvin H. and Marjorie Amsden VanCuren Sr. Wed Aug 26 1961 in Salamanca NY. Owned Portville pharmacy
VanDRUFF, Lester C. Spouse of Unstated. Born 7-18-1938, died 2-11-2015 - Son of Charles F. and Mary (Keller) VanDruff, b. Little Genesee NY, d. Wellsville NY [of Olean NY]
VANETTEN, Christine M.(Tarr). Spouse of Donald R. VanEtten. Born 2-11-1972, died 6-10-2017 - Dau of Jack & Marie A. (Levia) Tarr, b. Olean NY, d. Portville NY, Wed 1998, two children. (Spouse survives) (Funeral Home: Spink, Olean NY - Living in Portville NY)
VANSCOTER, Judith A. Spouse of Robert L. Born 6-06-1946, died 11-09-2015 - Dau of Richard & Julia M. (Beckley) Crandell, b. Olean NY, d. Portville NY, Wed 6-24-1967 in Eldred PA (he survives) [of Portville NY]
VAUGHN, Patricia (Bridenbaker). Spouse of David Vaughn. Born 11-05-1959, died 6-13-2017. Age: 57y - Dau of Frederick & Geraldine (DeBoy) Bridenbaker, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 3-17-1984, two children. (Spouse survives) (Funeral Home: O'Rourke, Salamanca NY - Living in Olean NY)
VENEZIA, Patricia J. Spouse of Anthony. Born 1-22-1938, died 1-25-2011 - Dau of Casimer and Victoria (Paszkiewicz) Saskowski, born in Buffalo NY
VERROS, Crissi. Spouse of Chris Alex Verros, died 3-15-2017 - Dau of Theodore & Voula Danas, b. Warren PA, d. assume Salamanca NY, Wed 42y (he predeceased her) (of Salamanca NY)
VESOTSKI, Donna J. Spouse of David. Born 6-25-1955, died 11-02-2010. Age: 55 - Dau of Charles and Christine (Black) Meyer, born in Gowanda NY. Wed 7-04-1980 in Little Valley NY
VICTOR, Lenora (Stockwell) [Cookie]. Spouse of Richard [Huzza]. Born 6-18-1942, died 2-23-2017. Age: 74 - Dau of Earl and Florence Stockwell. Born in Ctttaraugus NY, lived in Gowanda NY, died in Buffalo NY. A therapy aide at Gowanda Psychiatric Center. One son. (Husband survives) (Funeral Home: Mentley, Gowanda NY - Living in Gowanda)
VREELAND, Wiliam D. Companion of William Staiber, died 6-17-2015. Age: 63 - Son of Stanley Vreeland and Paula Donovan, born in Olean NY, died in Boston MA, Companion predeceased him
WAGONER, Rodney. Fiance of Elinor Benson. Born 8-11-1955, died 9-01-2015. Age: 60y - Son of Gerald Wagoner and Beverly (Clark) Wagoner Quigley, Stepson of William Quigley, b. Rockaway Beach, d. Buffalo NY, Fiance survives - [of Salamanca NY]
WAITE, Clinton L., died 2-25-2015. Age: 58 - Son of Lewis and Irene (Schrader) Waite, lived and died in Randolph NY. Single (Funeral Home: Van-Rensselaer, Randolph NY - Living in Randolph NY
WALDEN, Betty Anne (Monroe). Spouse of Robert. Born, died 4-24-2016. Age: 89y - Died in FL. Wed 69 yrs [of Orlando FL]
WALDRON, Sister Teresa, died 9-09-2015 - Dau of unstated, b. unstated, d. Allegany NY - [of Allegany NY]
WALLON, John Robert. Born 2-27-1935, died 11-04-2014. Age: 79 - Son of Steven and Stella (Kashmer) Wallon, b. Ludlow PA,, d. Jamestown NY - Korean War Vet, US Navy [of Randolph NY]
WALSH, Paul W. [Tiny]. Born 7-6-1960, died 10-8-2006 - Son of Wayne E. and Jean Knapp Walsh
WALSH, Thomas P.. Spouse of Emily McCall. Born 8-19-1931, died 7-05-2017. Age: 85y - Son of Patrick & Freda (Koblinger) Walsh. Born and died in Olean NY, lived in Allegany NY. One daughter. (Spouse d. 3-21-2008) - Korean War Vet, US Army (Funeral Home: Casey, Halwig & Hartle, Olean NY - Living in Allegany NY)
WALTON, Mary Lou (Stahlman). Born 9-27-1934, died 10-18-2017 - Dau of Raymond T. & Ruby S. (Hutchins) Stahlman, b. Corsica PA, d. Buffalo NY. Five children, surnamed Walton. (Funeral Home: Guenther, Olean NY - Living in Olean)
WANG, Wallace William Sr. Spouse of Jean Lorene Woods. Born 3-19-1924, died 6-12-2007 - Son of William Conlan and Hulda Wang, born in Madison WI. Wed 6-28-1945 wife d. 2-18-2005 - WW II Vet, US Navy. Pilot
WARNER, Arlyne L. Born 2-02-1947, died 9-29-2014 - Dau of Percy C. and Ada May (Davis) Warner, b. Buffalo NY, d. Olean NY [of Olean NY]
WASHBURN, Karen A. Spouse of Raymond. Born 1-19-1942, died 8-18-2015 - Dau of Carl & Irene (Williams) Haxton, b. Coshocton OH, d. Olean NY, Wed 5-03-2002 in Olean NY (he survives) [of Duffield VA]
WASS, Jean (Mighells). Spouse of John Wass. Born 5-15-1930, died 2-27-2015. Age: 84 - Dau of Charles and Eva (Wilson) Mighells, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 10-01-1949 (he survives) [of Salamanca NY]
WATSON, John G. Spouse of Suzanne Carr. Born 8-27-1943, died 4-17-2011 - Son of John E. and Antonia (Kleindeinst) Watson, born in Detroit MI. Wed 1965
WATT, James T. Spouse of Sandra Yaw. Born 3-17-1933, died 10-20-2016. Age: 83 - Son of Cephas & Pauline (Haines) Watt, b. Salamanca NY, d. Kill Buck NY, Wed 5-26-1962 (she survives) (Living in Kill Buck NY)
WAXEL, Gloria M. Spouse of Marvin Waxel. Born 6-27-1939, died 11-09-2016 - Dau of William & Virginia (Emerson) Tompkins, b. Portville NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 6-22-1957 in Eldred PA (he survives) (of Allegany NY)
WAYMAN, Beatrice A. (Frederick). Spouse of #1 Charles Folts, #2 Joseph Wayman Jr. Born 6-13-1920, died 9-09-2017. Age: 97y - Dau of Herbert & Jessie (Gates) Frederick, b. unstated, d. Springville NY. One son surnamed Frederick. Two sons with Charles who predeceased. Wed Joseph on 2-20-1982 (he d. 2004) (Funeral Home: Mentley, Little Valley NY - Living in Little Valley NY)
WEATHERLEY, Virgina A. Born 5-08-1952, died 11-12-2014 - Dau of Leslie and Nina (Wilbur) Weatherley, b. Olean NY, d. Cleveland OH [of Andover OH]
WEAVER, Howard Samuel. Spouse of Susan Songster. Born 10-25-1948, died 5-25-2010 - Son of William Howard Jr. and Phyllis Irene (Leach) Weaver, born in Little Valley NY (Schoolhouse on Whig St), d. NY. Wed 5-20-1972 in Franklinville NY - Vietnam Vet, US Army, 11th Cav [Black Horse]
WEIR, Joshua J. Born 11-13-1984, died 1-21-2015. Age: 30 - Son of John and Joette (Oliverio) Weir, Mat grson of Joseph and Helen Oliverio, Pat grson of John and Shirley Weir, born in Olean NY, d. Great Valley NY [of Great Valley NY]
WELCH, Bobbi Jo. Born 5-15-1977, died 2-11-2015 - Dau of Earl Redding and Maria Welch, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, 3 daughters survive [of Franklinville NY]
WELKA, Frank Paul. Spouse of Florence K. Mostkowski. Born 3-21-1920, died 8-19-2010. Age: 90 - Son of John and Marie (Blaskiewics) Welka, born in Buffalo NY. Wed 10-30-1950 in Buffalo NY - WW II Vet, US Army 1940-1946
WELLS, Kenneth L. Spouse of Unstated. Born 10-10-1925, died 11-14-2015 - Son of Frank & Mamie (Flick) Wells, b. Depew NY, d. Houghton NY - WW II Vet, US Navy 1943-46 [of Franklinville NY]
WELTY, Vicki D. Spouse of Charles. Born 11-22-1954, died 12-04-2010 - Dau of Andrew and Marjorie (Zbink) Zawatski, born in Salamanca NY. Wed 12-16-1972 at Sacred Heart Ch in Portville, NY
WENZEL, Anna Mae (Yehl). Spouse of Arthur J. Wenzel. Born 1-30-1923, died 6-07-2017 - Dau of Arthur J. & Annie (Welsh) Yehl. Born and died in Olean NY, lived in Largo FL and Allegany NY. Wed 10-3-1942, two sons. (Spouse predeceased) (Funeral Home: Casey, Halwig & Hartle, Olean NY - Living in Allegany NY)
WESLEY, Doris G. Spouse of John Joseph, died 1993 - Wed April 17 1946
WESLEY, John Joseph. Spouse of Doris G. Born 2-22-1924, died 3-7-2006 - Son of Leopold and Julianna Mickolic Wesley - WW II Vet, US Army, Europe Battle of the Bulge
WESTERBECK, William A. Spouse of Jacqueline Swanson. Born 9-10-1929, died 2-10-2017. Age: 87y - Son of unstated Westerbeck, b. Cedar Falls IA, d. assume Cattaraugus NY, Wife survives - Uncategorized Vet US Air Force (of Cattaraugus NY)
WHEELER Daniel M ?? - [Brother]
WHEELER, Lena Green. Spouse of William A., died 1-31-2000
WHEELER, Mandy L. Born 2-6-1978, died 8-24-2008 - Dau of Donald Miller and Deana M. Wheeler
WHEELER, Mathew D. Born 6-27-1967, died 2-25-2010. Age: 42 - Son of Dean S. and Nancy Wills Wheeler
WHEELER, William A. Spouse of Lena. Born 10-31-1929, died 4-11-2006. Age: 76 - Son of George and Irene McMullen, adopted by Gordon and Bertha Wheeler
WHITE, Arnold L. Spouse of Andrea L. Fuller. Born 6-17-1947, died 4-20-2017 - Son of Richard & Flora (Pais) White, b. Bradford PA, d. Bath NY, Wed 2-17-2005 in Puerto Vallarta Mexico (she survives) - Vietnam Vet, US Army (of Olean NY)
WHITE, Brenda. Born 2-02-1963, died 2-28-2017. Age: 54y - Dau of William & Joyce (Wright) White, b. Salamanca NY, d. Buffalo NY (of Little Valley NY)
WHITE, James Patrick. Spouse of Ann Stegman. Born 9-13-1939, died 10-22-2014 - Son of Joseph Patrick and Mary Louise White, b. Indianapolis IN, d. unstated, Wed 9-18-1962 in Peru IN (she survives) [of Olean NY]
WHITEMAN, Thomas A. Spouse of Mary Ellen Babisotto. Born 12-10-1951, died 12-07-2014 - Son of Ralph E. and Anna Marie (Lyaski) Whiteman, born in Olean NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 4-29-1972 in Olean NY (she survives) [of Olean NY]
WHITEMAN, Thomas Robert Sr. Spouse of Betty McSherry. Born 11-2-1953, died 1-25-2017. Age: 63 - Son of William and Marie Rose (Ulrich) Whiteman. Born and died in Jamestown NY, lived in Randolph NY. Eight children, mother not named. Wed Betty 3-6-2007.
WHITMER, Robert E. Spouse of Mary Bowley. Born 8-23-1941, died 12-12-2015. Age: 74y - Son of Robert & Gaithal (Bargy) Whitmer, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 6-14-1968 in Salamanca NY (she survives) - Uncategorized Vet, US Army [of Kill Buck NY]
WHITTON, Robert C. Spouse of Linda J. Cronk. Born 8-29-1938, died 12-26-2014 - Son of Clarence and Helen Rose (Shaffer) Whitton, born in Olean NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 3-29-1987 in Hinsdale NY (she survives). Body to be donated to Science Care in Phoenix AZ - Korean War Vet, US Army [of Olean NY]
WICK, Timothy A. [Wigget]. Born 8-27-1956, died 7-06-2010. Age: 53 - Son of William and Anna May (Edwards) Wick, b. Lackawanna NY, died in Great Valley NY, motorcycle accident
WICKENHEISER, Robert J. Spouse of Patricia Akers, died 11-25-2015 - Son of Joseph P. & Margaret (Schmidt) Wickenheiser, b. unstated, d. unstated NY, Wife survives [of Olean NY]
WIDGER, John Nelson. Spouse of Helen Snyder. Born 2-08-1925, died 12-24-2016. Age: 91y - Son of Glenn & Arlene Widger, b. Ellicottville NY, d. unstated NY, Wifed predeceased him - WW II Vet US Navy (of Ellicottville NY)
WIEDMAN, Dorcas Marie. Born 5-11-1918, died 4-06-2015. Age: 96 - Dau of Walter and Ethel (Bussler) Wiedman, Twin to Doris Ethel Wiedman (who d. 2-20-2014), b. unstated, d. Olean NY [of Allegany NY]
WILBER, Stephania E. Born 1-18-1954, died 12-15-2015 - Dau of Edward & Helen (Domagala) Wilber, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY [of Allegany NY]
WILKINS, Alberta. Spouse of Harold. Born 9-25-1936, died 7-30-2008. Age: 71 - Dau of Burl and Vondale Jones, born in Phillipi. Wed June 26 1970
WILKINS, Linda M. (Brown). Spouse of Not named. Born 11-05-1952, died 4-06-2015 - Dau of George and Mable (Hogle) Brown, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY [of Allegany NY]
WILLARD, Donald B. Spouse of Florence Louise Curtis. Born 7-16-1915, died 11-28-2010. Age: 95 - Son of Roy Ambrose and Nina Pearl (Morse) Willard, born in Hinsdale NY, d. PA?. Wed 3-30-1945 at Derrick City Untd Meth Ch in Derrick City PA. Burial in Hinsdale NY
WILLIAMS, Eliza-Mae Jean. Born 2-7-2011, died 2-7-2011. Age: Infant - Dau of Robert and Elizabeth () Williams Pat grdau of Robert R. and Nancy () Williams
WILLIAMS, Francis A. Sr. Spouse of Unstated. Born 11-08-1939, died 9-26-2015. Age: 75y - Son of Miles & Katherine (Moonen) Williams, b. Olean NY, d. Wellville NY - [of Olean NY
WILLIAMS, Marc G. Born 8-04-1978, died 9-03-2017 - Son of Gary and Janet (Lockwood) Williams. Born in Cuba NY,lived and died in Portville NY. One daughter (Funeral Home: Guenther, Olean NY - Living in Portville NY)
WILLIAMS, Norman J. Spouse of Ruth M. Born 7-23-1934, died 3-4-2008 - Son of L.J. and Elizabeth Daggett Williams. Wed Nov 19 1955 in Franklinville NY
WILLIAMS, Thomas C. Jr. Spouse of Felicia Bartozyk. Born 7-07-1948, died 5-27-2017. Age: 68y - Son of Thomas Williams Sr. and Patricia (McClure) Zink, b. Salamanca NY, lived in Little Valley NY, d. unstated, Wed 6-06-1970, two children. (Spouse survives) - Vietnam Vet, US Army (Died of ALS) (Funeral Home: O'Rourke, Salamanca NY - Living in Little Valley NY)
WILLIAMSON, Donald Allen Jr. Spouse of Pamela Marie Butz. Born 11-21-1967, died 8-01-2015. Age: 47y - Son of Donald Allen Sr. & Lorraine Elizabeth (Smith) Williamson, b. Olean NY, d. FL, Wed 3-26-2011 (she survives) [of Olean NY]
WILLIS, Michael M. Jr. Born 4-02-1982, died 4-07-2015 - Son of Michael M. Sr. and Donna (St. Clair) Willis, b. Olean NY, d. Erie PA [of Westons Mills NY]
WILSON, MaryJane (Carver) Steinbacher. Spouse of #1 James O. Steinbacher Sr, #2 Charles Wilson. Born 8-12-1930, died 8-14-2017 - Dau of C. Lloyd & Anna (Eckert) Carver, b. Philadelphia PA, d. Olean NY. A teacher for 22 years in Olean schools. Wed #1 on 6-23-1953 in Macungie PA, two children. (he d. 1-01-1999). Husband #2 d. 2-14-2006 (Funeral Home: Guenther, Olean NY - Living in Portville NY)
WILSON, Richard J. Born 8-03-1953, died 2-01-2016 - Son of Donald & Elizabeth (Marker) Wilson, b. Olean NY, d. Houghton NY [of Ischua NY]
WINDSOR, Margaret (Green) Sheridan. Spouse of #1 ? Sheridan, #2 ? Green. Born 2-07-1921, died 2-12-2016. Age: 95y - Dau of Niles & Lois (Johnson) Green, b. Mansfield, d. Gowanda NY [of Salamanca NY]
WINEBERG, William J. Spouse of Debra Higley. Born 9-20-1951, died 5-13-2017. Age: 76y - Son of Kenneth & Grace (Nick) Wineberg. Born, lived, and prob died in Olean NY. A truck driver. Wed 5-12-1984 in Olean NY, three children. (Spouse survives) (Funeral Home: Casey, Halwig & Hartle, Olean NY - Living in Olean)
WING, Ruth K. (?) Riley. Spouse of William F. Riley/ Charles W. Wing. Born 3-07-1924, died 2-11-2015 - Born in Allegany NY, d. MI.William d. 1950, Charles d. 2006 [of Dewitt MI]
WINGEIER, Samuel W. Sr. Spouse of Robin Kendall. Born 11-01-1956, died 7-04-2015. Age: 58 - Son of Armin W. and Catherine E. (Render) Wingeier, born in Springville NY, died in Buffalo NY, Separated wife survives [of Salamanca NY]
WINSHIP, Lawrence D. Spouse of Unstated. Born 7-14-1937, died 11-08-2014. Age: 77 - Son of Edward and Irene (Hensel) Winship, b. Little Valley NY, d. Salamanca NY [of Ellicottville NY]
WISNIESKI, Dolores Patricia. Spouse of Edward J. Born 9-05-1928, died 11-18-2015 - Dau of Harry & Josephine (Grzbek) Devery, b. Bayonne NJ, d. Olean NY, Wed 1-31-1959 in Bayonne NJ (he d. 12-09-1991) [of Franklinville NY]
WITHERELL, Brandi Leigh. Spouse of Edward C. Born 7-25-1974, died 1-18-2015 - Dau of Jerry Lee and Mary Ellen (Lawton) Jobson, born in Hillsborough Co FL, d. Portville NY. Husband survives [of Portville NY]
WITHERELL, Rosalie J. (Boser) [Bunni]. Spouse of Dana L. Witherell. Born 1-28-1954, died 4-09-2015 - Dau of James and Rosamond Boser, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 10-27-1984 in Olean NY (she survives) [of Olean NY]
WOGICK, Margaret. Spouse of Leo. Born 11-21-1945, died 1-31-2012. Age: 66 - Dau of Edward and Martina (Flanigan) Conlan, born in Salamanca NY. Husband d. 2-28-1983
WOLF, Dorothy E. Born 3-26-1936, died 9-30-2015 - Dau of Otto & Mary (Grader) Wolf, b. Allegany NY, d. Bradford PA - Cold War Vet, US Navy WAVES 1955-58 [of Allegany NY]
WOLF, Harriett. Spouse of Joseph A. Sr. Born 3-13-1938, died 3-03-2016. Age: 77y - Dau of Levi & Carolyn (Raines) Malone, b. Bradford PA, d. Machias NY, Wed 4-18-1960 in Delevan NY (he d. 5-200-200), Donated body to Univ. at Buffalo [of Delevan NY]
WOLF, Rita D. (Heaney). Spouse of Heinz "Dutch" Wolf. Born 2-15-1924, died 9-11-2017. Age: 93y - Dau of Thomas & Catherine (Black) Heaney. b. Buffalo NY, d. Williamsville NY. Bookkeeper and Sectry for family business for over 30 years. Wed 8-03-1946 in Buffalo, two daughters. (Spouse survives) (Funeral Home: O'Rourke, Salamanca NY - Living in Williamsville NY)
WOOD, Richard E. Sr. [Woody]. Born 8-23-1940, died 1-05-2016 - Born in Ithaca NY, d. Buffalo NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army 1969-72 [formerly of Olean NY]
WOODAREK, Donna M. Spouse of Justin. Born 10-05-1960, died 2-21-2016. Age: 55y - Dau of Thomas "PeeWee" & Shirley (Blake) Kresconko, b. Buffalo NY, d. Ellicottville NY, Wed 6-19-1981 (he survives) [of Ellicottville NY]
WOODMAN, Mary Jane. Born 11-2-1936, died 3-13-2011 - Dau of Clarence and Mary Anne () Parker, born in Jewett NY, d. Wichita KS
WOODRING, Millard R. Jr. Spouse of Karen D. Born 11-14-1943, died 1-25-2007 - Son of Millard R. and Lillian Conrad Woodring Sr. Wed Sept 18 1982
WORDEN, Robert D. Spouse of Unstated. Born 1-16-1939, died 2-14-2015 - Son of Donald and Clara (Baker) Worden, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY [of Olean NY]
WORMER, Duncan C. Spouse of #1 Anne E. Miller, #2 Mary Ellen Linnan. Born 12-14-1925, died 1-21-2017 - Son of Duncan Lee & Catherine (Scheiterle) Wormer, b. Portville NY, d. Jacksonville FL, Wed #1 in 1949 (she d. 1986), Wed #2 9-22-1979 (she survives) - Uncategorized Vet US Navy Lt (of Olean NY)
WORTH, James W. Spouse of Helen R. Warner. Born 6-05-1932, died 1-29-2017. Age: 84y - Son of Emery Jay & Lina (Smalt) Worth, b. Olean NY, d. Wellsville NY, Wed 7-16-1952 (she survives) - Korean War Vet, US Navy (of Portville NY)
WRIGHT, Andrea A. (Eschenbach). Spouse of ? Wright. Born 11-20-1966, died 1-02-2016. Age: 48y - Dau of Richard & Debora D. (Rosenberger) Eschenbach, b. N. Tonawanda NY, d. Olean NY [of Olean NY]
WRIGHT, Catherine M. Spouse of David Wright, died 2-24-2015 - Dau of unstated, b. unstated, d. unstated, Husband survives [of Machias NY]
WRIGHT, James M. Spouse of Alexis Verros. Born 3-10-1947, died 10-14-2007. Age: 60 - Son of Francis J. and Alice M. Grant Wright
WRIGHT, Jessica L. Fiance of Daniel Bucher. Born 11-14-1977, died 12-30-2016. Age: 39y - Dau of Raymond Washburn and Debra Wagner Miller, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY (of Olean NY)
WROBLEWSKI, Lee A. Born 4-11-1952, died 7-18-2016. Age: 64 - Dau of Joseph V. & Leonarda (Cendrowski) Wroblewski, b. Niagara Falls NY, d. Otto NY (Living in Otto NY)
WYKOFF, Thomas William. Spouse of Joanne Held. Born 8-17-1933, died 12-30-2015. Age: 82y - Son of Leward Cornelius & Dorothy (Young) Wykoff, b. Cleveland NY, d. unstated, Wife survives - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force, Capt. [of Portville NY]
YATES, Chester William Jr. Spouse of Mary A. Born 5-10-1951, died 11-18-2007
YEHL, Frederick H. Spouse of Hilda Schoger. Born 2-3-1918, died 1-28-2012 - Son of Alfonse and Elise (Sturm) Yehl, born in Allegany NY, twin to Ernest. Wed 4-19-1946 in Cleveland (she d. 8-06-1994) - WW II Vet
YOCUM, Janice M. Spouse of Ronald. Born 2-04-1949, died 1-06-2016 - Dau of Clifford & Cleo (Coyle) Green, b. Wellsville NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 1-05-1979 in Franklinville NY (he survives) [of Franklinville NY)
YOUNG, Dennis. Born 10-24-1947, died 12-18-2016. Age: 69y - Son of Gerald & Mary "Mayme" (Beatty) Young, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY
YOUNG, James [Cole]. Born 3-24-1949, died 11-1-2005 - Son of Harry and Margaret McClelland Young. He taught the first art classes in St. Bonaventure University
YOUNGS-SANTORE, Adam. Born 8-23-1990, died 4-07-2015 - Son of Pam Youngs and Sean McLaughlin, Pat grson of Michael and Charlotte McLaughlin, Mat grson of William Youngs and Marilyn Meyer, b. Rochester NY, d. McCormick SC, Service in Olean NY [of McCormick SC]
ZARZECKI, Janilen I. Spouse of Joseph Zarzecki. Born 12-21-1931, died 4-15-2006. Age: 74 - Dau of Fountaine A. Carter and Dora Haberly Woodard. Wed July 18 1971
ZEGERS, Jacob M. Spouse of Alice V. Born 6-6-1942, died 11-8-2006 - Son of Jacob and Magdalena Mae Johnson Zagers. Wed Jan 4 1964 - WW II Vet, Vet-US Air Force in post war occupation of Japan
ZEHER, James R. Spouse of Pamela P. Mountain. Born 8-04-1951, died 12-28-2014 - Son of William G. and Alice R. (Lang) Zeher, born in Erie PA, d. Olean NY. Wed 8-1979 in Cuba NY (she survives) [of Olean NY]
ZETH, John C. Sr. Spouse of #1 unstated, #2 Rose Skinner. Born 2-24-1946, died 8-10-2016. Age: 70 - Son of Elvin & Grace (Noel) Zeth, b. Blair co PA, d. Olean NY, Wed 5-01-2016 in Olean NY (she survives) (Living in Salamanca NY)
ZINK, Steven. Spouse of Debra Knowles. Born 1-27-1960, died 6-6-2017. Age: 57 - Son of Robert and Shirley Zink. Born in Olean NY, lived in Port Charlotte FL, died in FL A trucker and commercial fisherman. Two sons. (Spouse survives) (Funeral Home: Not named - Living in Port Charlotte FL)
ZINN, Raymond Eugene. Spouse of Gail Lindell. Born 6-10-1937, died 8-18-2015. Age: 78y - Son of Lewis & Mary Opel (Harshbarger) Zinn, b. Urbana OH, d. Little Valley NY, Wed 1958 (she survives) [of Olean NY]
ZLOCKIE, Betty L. Spouse of Leonard M. Sr. Born 5-01-1936, died 12-25-2015 - Dau of George & Gertrude (Smith) Huegel, b. Erie PA, d. Allegany NY, Wed 9-26-1959 in Erie PA (he d. 3-20-2007) [of Olean NY]
ZYGLOCKE, Helen. Born 2-18-1920, died 11-29-2016. Age: 96y - Dau of Anthony & Katherine (Janazcak) Zyglocke, b. Salamanca NY, d. Salamanca NY (of Salamanca NY)


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