Cattaraugus County Deaths

Obituaries for these people do not name a burial cemetery.


MACMILLAN, Lester. Spouse of Marilyn, died 2-22-2002 - Wed July 28 1940
MACMILLAN, Marilyn. Spouse of Lester. Born 11-3-1920, died 3-16-2007. Age: 86 - Dau of Louis and Nina Finny France
MADDOX, Dawn Leah. Born 1-16-1960, died 2-22-2015 - Born in Cattaraugus Co NY, d. unstated NY, Husband and parents predeceased her [of Salamanca NY]
MAINE, Janice M. Spouse of Floyd E. Born 9-23-1949, died 12-16-2015 - Dau of Stanley & Lucy (Lamberton) Schwerk, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 2-13-1968 in Olean NY (he survives) [of Olean NY]
MAINE, Russell Charles Sr. [Chuck]. Spouse of Mary Ellen Lyman. Born 12-19-1942, died 10-11-2017 - Son of Floyde [sic] E. & Rachel (Simon) Maine, "Charlie Black Foot". Born and lived in Olean NY, d. Buffalo NY. Owned maine;s paint and Auto Body Shop for over 40 years. Four children. Divorced (Funeral Home: Spink, Olean NY - Living in Olean)
MALANOWKSI, William Walter. Spouse of Carol Anne Piorun. Born 4-24-1942, died 7-05-2015 - Son of Walter & Anna (Budzinski) Malanowski, b. Salamanca NY, d. Clermont FL, Wed 51 yrs (she survives) [of Freedom NY]
MALEK, James Robert. Spouse of Mary J. Frank. Born 1-03-1956, died 12-18-2016. Age: 60y - Son of Stanley & Margorie [sic] Malik, b. Buffalo NY, d. unstated NY, Wife survives - Post-Vietnam Vet US Marine Corps (of Otto NY)
MALEY, Constance M. Spouse of Unstated. Born 3-07-1925, died 8-12-2010 - Dau of Harold Sr. and Gladys (Cole) Reymore, born in Meadville PA
MANGOLD, Shirley M. Spouse of William J. Born 3-15-1936, died 10-02-2010 - Dau of Gerald and Ruth (Kemp) Small, born in Bolivar NY. Wed 1962 in Philadelphia PA (he d. 4-19-1991
MANGUS, Sally Joan. Spouse of #1 Albert Wagner, #2 Wilber McCue & #3 Jack Mangus. Born 7-07-1933, died 11-19-2015 - Dau of Orvie & Gladys (Lamb) Meacham, b. Franklinville NY, d. Machias NY, Wed #1 7-1951, Wed #2 6-1980, Wed #3 3-1999, All husbands predeceased her
MANLEY, Renay. Spouse of Dave. Born 7-15-1959, died 2-28-2012. Age: 52 - Dau of Harold Glazer and Donna () Glazer Pacitti, Optometrist. Born in Jamestown NY. Died of injuries from house fire on 2-12-2012. Wed 28 yrs, dau-in-law of Bruce and Dorothy Manley
MANNING, Leon J. Sr. Spouse of Jessie M. Brown. Born 9-13-1946, died 9-26-2017. Age: 71y - Son of Richard & Bernice Manning, b. Gowanda NY, lived in Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 12-09-1967 in Steamburg NY, six children. (Spouse survives) - Vietnam Vet, US Navy (Funeral Home: O'Rourke, Salamanca NY - Living in Salamanca)
MANSFIELD, Dolores. Spouse of Alan. Born 11-10-1934, died 1-05-2015. Age: 80 - Dau of Gerhardt and Rose Diesfeld, born in Buffalo NY. Husband predeceased her [of Olean NY]
MANTI, Antonio J. Jr. Born 1-21-1936, died 9-01-2010. Age: 74 - Son of Antonio Sr. and Laura (Santa Marco) Manti, born in Lancaster NY, d. Great Valley NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
MANZO, Catherine (Ciampa). Spouse of Gerald A. Born 10-29-1921, died 11-21-2014 - Dau of Anthony and Marguerite (Romanelli) Ciampa, b. Bolivar NY, d. Buffalo NY, Wed 7-31-1946 (he d. 2-26-2011) [of Olean NY]
MANZO, Gerald A. Spouse of Catherine Ciampa. Born 1-24-1925, died 2-26-2011 - Son of Michael and Carol Lee Manzo, born in Olean NY. Wed 7-31-1946 - WW II Vet, US Army
MARIETTA, Jeannie M. Spouse of James. Born 11-11-1958, died 6-3-2010 - Dau of Robert J. and Patricia A. (Good) Ostrye, born in Olean NY. Wed 3-1980 in Olean NY (he survives), Father d. 8-19-1998
MARINER, Wilbert Judson Jr. Spouse of Dorothy. Born, died 5-09-2016. Age: 92y - Son of Wilbert Judson Mariner Sr., "Bill", b. unstated, d. Westlake OH, Wed 69 yrs (she survives); Bd. Allegany NY - WW II Vet [of Westlake OH]
MARKHAM, David J. Spouse of Sandra Bachman. Born 3-30-1943, died 11-19-2015. Age: 72y - Son of Merle "Boney" & Erma (Sommers) Markham, b. Salamanca NY, d. Great Valley NY, Wed 9-1964 (she survives) [of Great Valley NY]
MAROWSKI, Jacquelyn Ann Woods. Spouse of Unstated. Born 2-29-1948, died 8-17-2010. Age: 62 - Dau of Ferman and Rose (Butler) Woods, born in Olean NY, d. Portsmouth VA
MARRA, Betty J. Born 10-12-1935, died 1-15-2011 - Dau of Alvin G. and Lois (Allen) Huddleston, born in Hopkinsville KY
MARRA, Beverly A. Spouse of Unstated. Born 9-29-1935, died 8-10-2015 - Dau of Gerald & Clella (Appli) Schoonmaker, b. Port Allegany PA, d. unstated MI [of Cattaraugus NY]
MARSH, Thomas L. Born 7-09-1949, died 6-29-2017. Age: 67y - Son of Edgar W. & Elva (Weichman) Marsh, b. Salamanca NY, lived in Kill Buck NY, d. Machias NY. Owned T. L.Marsh & Sons (log trucking) for 40 years. Three children, mother not named. (Funeral Home: W. S. Davis, Arcade NY - Living in Kill Buck NY)
MARTELLO, Clorinda B. Born 4-04-1927, died 5-07-2016 - Dau of Jack & Edith Martello, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY [of Little Genesee NY]
MARTIN, Althea F. Spouse of. Spouse unstated. Born 12-03-1933, died 2-21-2017. Age: 83y - Dau of George & Eleanor (Griggs) Steadman, b. Fillmore NY, d. Olean NY, (of Delevan NY)
MARTIN, Anne M. Spouse of Halley A. Born 6-06-1932, died 11-27-2015 - Dau of William & Anna (Baumann) McCue, b. unstated, d. Olean NY, Wed 7-08-1950 (he d. 9-13-1976) [of Olean NY]
MARTIN, Donald P. Sr. Spouse of Unstated. Born 6-20-1939, died 1-14-2016 - Son of Donald G. & Vivian (Luderman) Martin, b. Olean NY, d. Buffalo NY [of Olean NY]
MARTIN, Esther A. Spouse of Roderick D. Born 6-20-1911, died 8-28-2006 - Dau of George W. and Bessie Story Whitlock, born in Chicago. IL. Wed Apr. 2 1931. (He d. 3-17-1980)
MARTINELLI, Thomas E. Spouse of Kathleen E. Keeler. Born 11-23-1927, died 12-28-2005 - Son of Ergildo and Loretta Boats Martinelli m.Oct 13 1967 - WW II Vet, US Army
MARTINY, JoAnn (McGill) Gould. Spouse of Dana [Skip] Gould/ Earl J. [Marty] Martiny Jr. Born 10-16-1930, died 12-25-2014 - Dau of Ralph and Leona (Mowery) McGill, born in Franklinville NY, d. S. Daytona FL. Wed Earl 12-1979 (d. 3-19-2011) [of S. Daytona FL]
MATECKI, Thomas M. Born 7-20-1936, died 9-13-2016. Age: 80 - Son of Harry & Florence (Malanowski) Matecki, b. Salamanca NY, d. Jamestown NY - Vet US Army (Living in Jamestown NY)
MATTHEWS, Martha I. Spouse of Joseph E. Born 1-8-1917, died 1-11-2007 - Dau of George and Lola Root Weatherall. Husband d. 1950
MATYA, Scott A. Born 12-29-1977, died 9-21-2016 - Son of Paul Sr. & Yvonne (Ursoy) Matya, b. Marion IN, d. unstated (Living in Olean NY)
MAUROUARD, Tamara L. (Maurouard). Born 8-02-1960, died 2-17-2015 - Dau of Joseph L. and Joan (Johnson) Maurouard, b. Salamanca NY, d. Cuba NY [of Olean NY]
MAYBEE, Gloria (Scott). Spouse of Armand, died 12-1-2016. Age: 69 - Four children
MAYNARD, Howard R. Spouse of Joan M. Sutter. Born 6-13-1945, died 6-13-2015. Age: 70 - Son of Ernest E. and Edna Bell (Keyes) Maynard, born in Olean NY, died in Jamestown NY. Wed 4-06-1984 in Pine City PA (she survives) [of Jamestown NY]
MAYNARD, James G. Spouse of Barbara A. Peterson. Born 9-09-1929, died 4-11-2017 - Son of Ray & Mary (Spears) Maynard, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 7-06-1951 in Olean NY (she survives) (of Allegany NY)
MAZZA, Jennie. Spouse of Milo Mazza, died 12-15-2016 - Dau of Daniel & Carmela (Fortuna) DeRose, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Husband predeceased her (of Olean NY)
MCCANNA, Ryan C. Spouse of Alicia Smith. Born 12-01-1983, died 8-05-2010 - Son of James McCanna and Cynthia () Martin, born in Olean NY
MCCLARIN, Donald George Sr. Spouse of Marion Taylor, died 3-16-2011. Age: 71 - Son of Leroy and Virginia () McClarin. Wed 48 yrs
MCCLUNE, Linda. Spouse of Unstated. Born 3-20-1943, died 1-14-2015. Age: 71 - Dau of Richard and Marjorie (Goodwill) Waite, born and died in Salamanca NY [of Salamanca NY]
MCCORMICK, John P. Sr. Born 2-12-1931, died 10-09-2010. Age: 79 - Son of William and Gladys (Tulioico) McCormick, born in Ray AZ - Uncategorized Vet-US Air Force aircraft mechanic
MCCOY, Harold J. Spouse of Connie First. Born 9-09-1952, died 4-22-2015. Age: 62 - Son of richard and Josie (Stone) McCoy, "Harry", b. Coudersport PA, d. Olean NY, Wed 1995 in Jamestown NY (she survives) [of Olean NY}
MCCREA, Barbara J. Spouse of Gary. Born 3-22-1945, died 12-26-2015. Age: 70y - Dau of Robert & Inella (Bulicz) Nelson, b. Kane PA, d. Olean NY, Husband predeceased her [of Olean NY]
MCELFRESH, Frederick Earl. Spouse of Maryann. Born 5-8-1935, died 2-5-2006 - Son of Morris and Catherine McElfresh. Cremated
MCELHENEY, Janet A. Spouse of Robert C. Born 2-22-1939, died 6-17-2006 - Dau of Russell and Evelyn Prentice Strait
MCELROY, Thomas A. Spouse of Deirdre E. Nagle. Born 3-30-1949, died 2-8-2012. Age: 62 - Son of William D. and Eva Rae (Cleveland) McElroy, born in Olean-N. Wed 10-17-1992 - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force
MCGARRY, Patrick J. Spouse of Lynn Somers. Born 10-31-1936, died 2-21-2015 - Son of Kenneth and Sarah (Aszman) McGarry, b. Elizabeth NJ, d. Olean NY, Wife predeceased him - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force & Natl Guard [of Olean NY]
MCGINTY, Geraldine L. Spouse of Robert Jr. Born 5-21-1938, died 1-17-2007 - Dau of Charles B. and Marfisa A. Giardin. Wed Nov 1 1958
MCGONIGLE, Sean D. Born 3-15-1975, died 1-12-2016. Age: 40y - Son of Richard & Lillian McGonigle, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY [of Olean NY]
MCGONNELL, Karen M. Born 3-9-1959, died 3-13-2007. Age: 48 - Dau of John "Jack" and Dorothy McGonnell, a nurse
MCGRATH, Deborah. Spouse of James. Born 12-06-1950, died 5-27-2010. Age: 59 - Dau of Murray and Shirley (Pruzansky) Weinberg, born in Bronx NY. Wed 8-11-1974 in N. Tonawanda NY
MCGUIRE, Linda S. (Town). Spouse of Wayne H. Born 8-18-1962, died 12-16-2016. Age: 54 - Dau of Gerold L. and Alice (Bailey) Town, born in Salamanca NY, lived and died in Randolph NY. Wed 10-19-1996, three children. (He survives)
MCKAY, Emer Catherine Patricia. Born 3-16-1948, died 1-20-2017. Age: 68 - Dau of Richard and Irene (Clark) McKay. Born in Butte MT, lived Kennedy NY, place of death unclear. Owned and operated Em's Beauty Salon in Randolph NY for 30 yrs. One daughter
MCKENNA, Patrick D. Spouse of Gail Metzler. Born 12-28-1941, died 6-3-2011. Age: 69 - Son of Adelbert and Francis (Connors) McKenna, born in Salamanca NY. Wed 5-11-1962 (she d. 8-10-2010)
MCKERROW, D. Robert, died 8-18-2015. Age: 83y - No other information [of Olean NY]
MENDELL, David. Spouse of Mary Elniskey. Born 12-28-1937, died 10-11-2015 - Son of Lawrence & Josephine (Dolecki) Mendell, b. Olean NY, d. Cuba NY, Wed 1-24-1959 in Olean NY (she survives) - Cold War Vet, National Guard 7 yrs [of Olean NY]
MENDELL, Lawrence V. Jr. Spouse of Nancy Lewandowski. Born 11-20-1940, died 10-12-2015 - Son fo Lawrence V. Sr. & Josephine (Dolecki) Mendell, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wife predeceased him - [of Cuba NY]
MERKT, Donald E. Spouse of Anne Petersen. Born 8-01-1947, died 5-01-2016. Age: 68y - Son of Gloria Villa Weimer, b. Buffalo NY, d. Buffalo NY, Wed 1-22-1972 (she survives) - Vietnam Vet, US Army [of Gowanda NY]
MERRITT, Collins L. Spouse of Victoria L. Born 1-1-1945, died 10-29-2009 - Son of Fredrick and Anna Thomas Merritt. Wed June 25 2005
MESLER, Michele L. Born 1-11-1974, died 3-11-2017 - Dau of Penni (Faulkner) Mesler, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY (of Olean NY)
METZ, James P. Born 2-28-1963, died 2-20-2006 - Son of Ronald G. and Carolyn Hitchcock Metz
METZLER, George Jr. Born 7-04-1962, died 11-30-2016. Age: 54y - Son of George Sr. & Lorraine (Frost) Metzler, b. Olean NY, d. Buffalo NY (of Salamanca NY)
MEYERS, Teresa M. (Nenno). Spouse of Gordon W. Born 10-05-1926, died 12-23-2014 - Dau of Clyde and Catherine (Wilson) Nenno, born in Allegany NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 1-10-1947 in Olean NY (he survives) [of Olean NY]
MICHENER, Kyle J. Born 5-16-1985, died 11-10-2015. Age: 30y - Son of Donald Michener and Elaine (<Webster>) Warner, b. Springville NY, d. Little Valley NY [of Little Valley NY]
MIKOWICZ, Michael C. Spouse of Nancy Murphy. Born 7-18-1945, died 12-09-2016. Age: 71y - Son of Walter & Madeline (Sikes) Mikowicz, b. Salamanca NY, d. Springville NY, Wed 9-04-1965 (she survives) - Vietnam Vet, US Army (of Cattaraugus NY)
MILES, Francis J. Spouse of Teri Phillips. Born 7-28-1960, died 11-7-2011. Age: 51 - Son of Lester and Dorothy (Jay) Miles, born in Silver Creek NY. Wed 7-09-1983
MILLER, Debra M. Born 12-20-1958, died 10-06-2016 - Dau of Betty McKenney, b. Jacksonville FL, d. Olean NY (Living in Allegany NY )
MILLER, Delmar [Bud]. Spouse of Linda McKale. Born 7-31-1931, died 2-26-2015. Age: 83 - Son of Clarence and Nellie S. Miller, born in Keyser WV, died in Jamestown NY. Drove truck for Don Frame Trucking for 30 yrs. Wed 4-4-1985 in Conewango NY, four children. - Cold War Vet, US Army. 97th Signal Bn. Germany 1949-1952 (Funeral Home: Van-Rensselaer, Randolph NY - Living in Randolph NY
MILLER, John T. Born 12-12-1965, died 2-15-2016 - Son of Merle & Rose Marie (McElfresh) Miller, b. Olean NY, d. Portville NY, Fiance survives [of Portville NY]
MILLER, Joseph F. Spouse of Dorothy Ann O'Leary. Born 8-29-1928, died 12-18 2008. Age: 80 - Son of Emma Peirce Tanner. Wed Sept 8 1951
MILLER, Paul H. Spouse of Alice I. Putzke. Born 10-15-1932, died 6-4-2011. Age: 78 - Son of Theodore and Esther (Carlson) Miller, born in Olean NY. Wed 6-01-1956 (she d. 4-21-2011), Vet-US Air Force 1951-54
MILLER, Richard A. Spouse of #1 Virginia R. Dixon, #2 Gladys Mott-Lute. Born 12-28-1930, died 4-23-2017 - Son of Edwin & Beatrice (Jordan) Miller, b. Olean NY, d. Cuba NY, Wed #1 on 6-06-1951 (she predeceased him), Wed #2 on 8-04-2001 (she survives) (of Cuba NY)
MINK, Andrea S. Spouse of James. Born 7-03-1958, died 10-12-2014 - Dau of Irene Splawnik, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Husband predeceased her [of Allegany NY]
MINNER, JoAnn. Spouse of Paul F. Born 3-11-1938, died 9-10-2015. Age: 77y - Dau fo Joseph & Lorene (Curtis) Clayton, b. Jamestown NY, d. Buffalo NY, Wed 11-07-1959 (he d. 6-17-2010) - [of Salamanca NY]
MINNER, Paul F. Spouse of JoAnn Clayton. Born 12-30-1939, died 6-17-2010. Age: 70 - Son of Albert and Monica (Sweeney) Minner, born in Gowanda NY. Wed 11-07-1959 in Falconer NY Vet US Army 1957-58
MITCHELL, Westley. Born 9-03-1954, died 4-22-2015. Age: 60 - Son of Donald and virginia (Cowan) Mitchell, b. Buffalo NY, d. Olean NY [of Little Valley NY]
MIX, Donald P. Spouse of Claudia Bouquin. Born 10-29-1939, died 2-25-2015. Age: 75 - Son of Charles and Hazel (Hicks) Mix, b. Buffalo NY, d. Franklinville NY, Wed 6-01-1967 (she d. 10-14-2000) [of Salamanca NY]
MOHR, Daniel R. Sr. Born 3-09-1952, died 7-03-2017 - Adopted son of Floyd & Ruth Mohr, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY. Owned Dan Mohr Dry Walling for over 30 uears. Three children, mother not named (Funeral Home: Casey, Halwig & Hartle, Olean NY - Living in Olean)
MOHR, John C. Spouse of Debra A. Born 11-1-1951, died 10-27-2007 - Son of Edwin J. and Clara V. Siperek Mohr m. June 7 1975
MOHR, Paul [PJ], died 10-23-1999 - Brother of Todd E.
MOHR, Todd E. Born 4-18-1969, died 8-14-2008. Age: 39 - Son of Donald Mohr and Carolyn Kenjockety Murphy
MOONEY, David P. Spouse of Patty Wilcox. Born 1-6-1947, died 7-7-2007 - Son of Raymond Francis and Margaret Jane Sullivan Mooney - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force
MOORE, Jimmie C. Spouse of Delores () Mansfield. Born 4-1-1933, died 6-26-2011 - Son of Charles Moore and Inez Harris, Raised from infancy as son of Henry and Alice () Hill, born in Olean - Korean War Vet, US Air Force 1952-56
MOORE, Teresa M. Spouse of Cecil Moore. Born 10-14-1966, died 3-22-2017. Age: 50y - Dau of Marvin & Mary (Wills) Edwards, b. Gowanda NY, d. Philadelphia PA, Wed 3-12-1988 (he survives) (of Franklinville NY)
MORABITO, James A. Spouse of Rose Bellidora. Born 3-5-1920, died 1-25-2012. Age: 91 - Son Joseph and Angela (Nicola) Morabito, born on ship en route to US. Wed 1946 - WW II Vet, US Army
MORGAN, Andrea L. (Chaffee). Spouse of unstated Morgan. Born 9-29-1949, died 8-12-2016 - Dau of William & Estelle Chaffee, b. Olean NY, d. KY (Living in Radcliff KY)
MORGAN, Christopher S. Spouse of Mun Cha. Born 6-25-1942, died 7-27-2015. Age: 73y - Son of Ranald [sic] Berry & Helen Mae (White) Morgan, b. Washington DC, d. last year near Spring TX, Wife survives - Uncategorized Vet US Navy (of Olean NY)
MORICCA, Frederick J. Spouse of Donna M. Swendsen. Born 4-16-1945, died 4-09-2017 - Son of Fortunato J. & Theresa C. (Previglian) Moricca, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 9-09-1966 (she survives) (of Olean NY)
MORRISON, David. Spouse of Margie E. Steward. Born 7-28-1955, died 3-10-2017. Age: 67 - Son of Dallas M. Sr. and Ellen M. (Hanlon) Morrison. Born in Gowanda NY, lived in Conewango Valley NY, died in Salamanca NY. Worked over 30 yrs at Monofrax in Falconer NY. Wed 6-29-1985 in Cherry Creek NY, two sons.
MORRISON, Mary Frances. Spouse of Gary. Born 12-23-1949, died 1-24-2016 - Dau of John & Clara (Puda) Kochaniec, b. Salamanca NY, d. Buffalo NY, Wed in Allegany NY (he d. 10-1993) [of Olean NY]
MOSHER, Calvin W. Born 6-09-1926, died 4-01-2016. Age: 89y - Son of Paul Nathan & Dorothy (Farman) Mosher, b. Utica NY, d. unstated - WW II Vet, US Navy Seabees [of Allegany NY]
MOTT, Cathy (Shinners). Spouse of ? Mott. Born 9-28-1961, died 1-12-2016. Age: 54y - Dau of Donald & Joyce (Metzler) Shinners, b. Salamanca NY, d. Bradford PA [of Bradford PA]
MOTT, Ralph P. Sr. Spouse of Betty Lou Johnston. Born 3-13-1933, died 2-26-2016 - Son of William & Louise (Hielig) Mott Sr., b. Bradford PA, d. Olean NY, Wife survives [of Olean NY]
MUEHLNICKEL, Scott E. Born 2-15-1969, died 5-20-2011 - Son of Gerald and Phyllis (Hitchcock) Muehlnickel, born in Olean NY
MURILLO, Evelyn Lucille (Folts) Baker. Spouse of ? Baker/ ? Murillo. Born 4-18-1939, died 12-12-2010 - Dau of George and Mildred (Everetts) Folts, born in Hinsdale NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
MURPHY, Calvin D. Spouse of Thelma A. Keech. Born 10-30-1940, died 2-07-2017 - Son of Roy & Genevieve (Clark) Murphy), b. Lowville OH, d. Olean NY, Wed 3-31-1962 in Eldred PA (she survives) (of Olean NY)
MURPHY, Eugene [Murph]. Born 2-26-1956, died 1-08-2016 - Son of Francis & Mildred (Schweickert) Murphy, b. Buffalo NY, d. Olean NY [of Franklinville NY]
MURPHY, Jessie M. Spouse of John P. Born 7-14-1962, died 5-16-2016 - Dau of Glenn L. Sr. & Arlouine A. (Braley) Houghtaling, b. Hornell NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 12-24-2008 in Scio NY (he survives) [of Wellsville NY]
MURRAY, Richard F. Spouse of Sally A., died 10-27-1997 - Wed May 27 1969
MURRAY, Sally A. Spouse of Richard F. Born 1-23-1944, died 3-12-2008. Age: 64 - Dau of Loren P. and Helen Shaffer Coss, a teacher
MURRIN, Robert E. IV. Spouse of Shelly R. McDonald. Born 1945, died 2-17-2015 - Son of Robert E. III and Helen (Dunn) Murrin, b. Sr. Joseph MO, d. unstated FL - Vietnam Vet, US Army [of Tampa FL]
MYERS, Dennis M. Jr. Born 12-11-1969, died 4-10-2017. Age: 47y - Son of Dennis M. Myers Sr. and Kathleen Law, b. Newfane NY, d. Franklinville NY (of Franklinvillen NY)
MYERS, Harry C. Spouse of Elaine Hamilton. Born 1-11-1937, died 4-03-2015. Age: 78 - Son of Harry and Helen (Pincoski) Myers, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 10-08-1960 (she survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army 1956-58 [of Kill Buck NY]
NAGEL, Barbara Ann. Spouse of Lenny J. Born 1956, died 4-19-2008. Age: 51 - Dau of Leonard "Bud" and Dorothy uerger Ploetz, was a nurse
NAHREBESKI, Anna. Spouse of Charles. Born 6-14-1926, died 5-26-2009 - Dau of Steven and Julia Robak m. 1947
NARY, Jeanne M. Spouse of Joseph [Papa Joe]. Born 11-3-1943, died 1-19-2009. Age: 74 - Dau of Volney and Anna Lee Baldwin m. Dec 26 1969 1st female Vol. fireman in Salamanca NY
NEAR, Martha L. Spouse of Robert G. Born 3-22-1925, died 3-17-2011. Age: 85 - Dau of Robert and Marie (Ohl) Henry, born in Brockport PA. Wed 53 yrs
NELLIGAN, Kenneth E. Spouse of Karen Johnston. Born 3-04-1948, died 4-21-2017. Age: 69y - Son of William & Susie (Frederick) Nelligan, b. Olean NY, d. Maricopa AZ, Wed 2-18-1967 in Olean NY, five children. (Spouse survives) - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy (Funeral Home: Not named - Funeral in Ransomville NY)
NELLIS, Emmett F. [Chuck]. Spouse of Paula I. Eaton. Born 6-20-1933, died 1-22-2016 - Son of Frank & Alice (Mansfield) Nellis, b. Johnstown, d. Olean NY, Wed 9-06-1975 in Cuba NY (she survives) - Korean War Vet, US Air Force [of Olean NY]
NEVINS, Margaret E. Spouse of #1 James W. Gosney, #2 Joseph A. Nevins Jr. Born 5-20-1930, died 12-23-2016. Age: 86y - Dau of Clifford & Bernadette (Durant) Philippart, b. River Rouge MI, d. Olean NY, Predeceased by both husbands (of Olean NY)
NICHOLS, Debra K. Spouse of Richard W. Calin. Born 2-18-1954, died 6-15-2017 - Dau of Donald Richard & Gloria Darlene (McKeel) Nichols, b. Sayre PA, lived in Hinsdale NY, d. Wellsville NY. One son. Divorced (Funeral Home: Spink, Olean NY - Living in Hinsdale NY)
NICHOLS, George M. Spouse of Melanie E. Follett. Born 8-16-1942, died 3-21-2015 - Son of Michael and Alice Jane (Beardsley) Nichols, b. Olean NY, d. Buffalo NY, Wed 8-16-1986 in Olean NY (she survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army 1964-67 [of Allegany NY]
NICHOLSON, John B. III [JB]. Born 6-17-1942, died 5-24-2016 - Son of John Burton Jr. & Mildred (Livesy) Nicholson, b. Carlisle PA, d. Erie PA [of Olean NY]
NINHAM, Carol Crouse. Spouse of Robert Sr. Born 5-2-1945, died 6-20-2010. Age: 54 - Dau of E. Robert and Ruby (Miller) Crouse, born in Jamestown NY. Wed 2-02-1985 in Buffalo NY
NOLAN, Edward C. Spouse of Marilyn Erlichman. Born 11-13-1930, died 1-14-2017. Age: 86y - Son of James & Mary Nolan, b. Olean NY, d. San Diego CA, Wed 18y & divorced - Cold War Vet US Navy, Master Chief Aircraft Mechanic. Career - 30 years (of Bemidji MN)
NOLING, Sherry L. Born 1-31-1958, died 12-16-2016. Age: 58y - Dau of the late Bea Swan, b. Jamestown NY, d. Buffalo NY, brother's surname is Chestnut (of Salamanca NY)
NORTON, James M. Spouse of Joyce E. Barnhart. Born 1926, died 2017. Age: 90y - Son of Courtney B. & Hila (Ryan) Norton, b. unstated, lived in Great Valley and Salamanca NY, d. Boulder CO, two weeks before 91st birthday. Worked 53 years at C. B Norton and Son lumber company, retired as pressident. Wed 1950, two children. (Spouse predeceased). (Wife bd Green Cem, Great Valley) - WW II Vet, US Navy Radioman aboard USS Charrette in the Pacific (Funeral Home: O'Rourke, Salamanca NY - Living in Boulder CO)
NUTTALL, Peggy Ann (Wight). Spouse of. Born 12-2-1943, died 6-6-2015. Age: 72 - Dau of Leonard and Ella (Kio) Wight, Sr., died in Cattaraugus NY. At least four children [FH Mently, Little Valley NY, living in NY and NC]
OAKES, Danny Lee. Spouse of Betty. Born 5-22-1960, died 11-27-2014. Age: 54 - Son of Fred and Janice (Philbrick) Oakes, b. Gowanda NY, d. Jamestown NY, Wife survives [of Cattaraugus NY]
OAKES, Paul R. Born 6-22-1963, died 4-28-2011. Age: 47 - Son of Ronald and Laura (Codaro) Oakes, born in Buffalo NY
OAKES-ARMOUR, Christianae Maries Christine. Born 8-13-2005, died 4-3-2006. Age: infant - Dau of Tanessa Rochelle Armour and Mark Allen Oakes Jr.
OAKES-ARMOUR, Mareek Allen, died 8-3-2004. Age: infant - Son of Tanessa Rochelle Armour and Mark Allen Oakes Jr.
OAKLEAF, Elizabeth Mason (Loomis). Spouse of Robert B. Born 8-09-1922, died 11-25-2014 - Dau of Van Wyck and Elizabeth (Heath) Loomis, died in FL. Wed 9-08-1945 in Greenwich CT; Cremated and ashes scattered in ocean waters in FL and ME [of Naples FL]
O'BRIEN, Julius A. Spouse of Carol Warner. Born 9-08-1941, died 2-23-2017. Age: 75y - Son of Ellsworth & Genevieve (Von Rhode) O'Brien, "Butch", b. Salamanca NY, d. unstated, Wife d. 2003 - Uncategorized Vet US Army (of Little Valley NY)
O'CONNOR, Maureen A. Born 9-08-1948, died 5-12-2017 - Dau of Thomas M. & Myrne E. Volker) O'Connor. Born in Buffalo NY, d. Olean NY. Three children. (Funeral Home: Casey, Halwig & Hartle, Olean NY - Living in Hinsdale NY)
O'CONNOR, Robert W. Spouse of Yoko, died 12-03-2016 - Son of Walter & Rieta O'Connor, Stepson of Virginia O'Connor, b. unstated, d. assume Sacramento CA, Wife survives - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force (of Sacramento CA)
OEFFLING, Larry A. Spouse of Louise Stokes. Born 2-26-1959, died 10-10-2015 - Son of Francis Oeffling and Judy Gallas, b. Harvard IL, d. Olean NY, Wed 7-04-1998 in Ellicottville NY (she survives) - [of Ellicottville NY]
O'KEEFE, James Edward Sr. Spouse of Shirley Ann MacWilliams. Born 9-11-1929, died 1-20-2015 - Son of Thomas and Lura[sic] (Wilcox) O'Keefe, b. Olean NY, d. NJ, Wed 7-01-1950 (she survives) [of Westwood NJ]
O'NEIL, Daniel [Buzzy]. Spouse of Candace Sampson. Born 12-18-1953, died 6-16-2009. Age: 55 - Son of Jack O'Neil and Joyce (Pete) Wallace O'Neil Ambuske
OPFERBECK, Larry D. Born 1-30-1943, died 12-5-2007. Age: 64 - Son of Lloyd Opferbeck and Wilma Weisham Opferbeck - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
OSGOOD, Gloria Jean (Hulbert). Spouse of unstated Osgood. Born 3-21-1944, died 9-30-2016. Age: 72 - Dau of Merle Hulbert Sr. / Lillian Armstrong, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY (Living in Olean NY)
OUDERKIRK, Gary E. Born 6-18-1942, died 7-26-2015 - Son of Ralph & Mildred (Reitz) Ouderkirk, b. Olean NY, d. NY [of Salamanca NY]
OUDERKIRK, Robert C. Spouse of Janice B. Born 12-30-1936, died 12-31-2007 - Son of Ralph S. and Mildred M. Reitz Ouderkirk b. Olean NY
OWENS, Bonnie Lee. Born 4-5-1941, died 5-12-2006. Age: 65 - Dau of Beatrice Breman. Son Jimmie E. Coole II died 1983
OWENS, Richard Allen. Spouse of Melitta Trapp. Born 7-21-1939, died 1-06-2015. Age: 75 - Son of Eugene and Dorothy (Rockwell) Owens, born in Salamanca NY, d. Belleville IL,. Wed 1-31-1961 at Hahn AFB in Germany (she survives) - Uncategorized Vet [of O'Fallon IL]
PAGE, Mary Jane Sharp. Spouse of Bob PAGE. Born 6-08-1929, died 7-19-2015 [sic]. Age: 86y - Dau of unstated, b. Olean NY, d. Winter Haven FL, Husband predeceased her [of Cattaraugus NY]
PAINTER, Lauren Mead. Spouse of Patricia Yazak, died 9-22-2014. Age: 92 - Son of Helen Adams and Thomas Painter, b. Salamanca NY, d. unstated NV, Wed 12-13-1947 (she survives) - WW II Vet [of Las Vegas NV]
PARKER, Julie Ann. Born 3-21-1965, died 12-17-2009 - Dau of Philip V. and Cathy Carey Parker
PARKES, Catherine [Kitty]. Born 3-28-1928, died 5-19-2011. Age: 83 - Dau of Raymond and Helen (Adams) Kessel, born in Buffalo NY
PATTERSON, Guy. Spouse of Lois Marie Parker. Born 6-14-1928, died 10-29-2016. Age: 88y - Son of Frank & Edith (Crouse) Patterson, b. Cattaraugus Territory NY, d. Olean NY, Wife predeceased him, Member Seneca Nation (Wolf Clan) (of Jimersontown NY)
PATTERSON, Otis S. Spouse of Beverly L. Johnson. Born 3-10-1929, died 1-29-2015 - Son of Robert and Mildred (Slade) Patterson, b. Salamanca NY, d. Clearwater FL, Wed 9-19-1953 (she survives) - Korean War Vet, US Army [of Kill Buck NY]
PAYNE, Mary E. Spouse of Louis E. Born 2-03-1932, died 8-20-2015 - Dau of Clarence & Viola (Wilcox) McGavisk, b. Sartwell PA, d. Olean NY, Husband predeceased her [of Olean NY]
PAYNE, Nancy Elizabeth. Spouse of Robert. Born 11-16-1934, died 12-27-2008 - Dau of Robert and Betty Robertson Bruce. Wed Oct 4 1958
PEACE, Rea Maleya. Born 10-08-1969, died 9-09-2015 - Dau of Lydia Macalisang, Stepdau of Skip & Noi Spencer, b. Manilla-Phillippines, d. Corning NY - [of Olean NY]
PEASELY, Walter G. Spouse of Bette M. Farner. Born 3-18-1922, died 1-14-2015. Age: 92 - Son of Earl H. and Hazel (Nichols) Peasley, born in Cuba NY, d. Olean NY,. Wed 7-31-1943 in Cuba NY (she d. 1-21-2006) - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force [of Olean NY]
PECK, Ellen M. (Barr). Spouse of Horace G. Peck. Born 3-26-1945, died 9-19-2017 - Dau of John B. Sr. & Helen M. (Hoffmire) Barr, b. Olean NY, d. Buffalo NY. A secretary at Allegany-Limestone High School for 30 years. Wed 6-13-1964, four children. (Spouse survives) (Funeral Home: Spink, Olean NY - Living in Allegany NY)
PECK, Jack F. Sr. Spouse of Melva D. Speta. Born 5-25-1946, died 10-16-2017 - Son of Horace G. & Emogene (Tisdale) Peck, b. Olean NY, d. Salamanca NY. Worked 45 years for Potter Lumber. Wed 7-24-1965 in Rushford NY. (Spouse survives) (Funeral Home: Spink, Olean NY - Living in Allegany NY)
PENDERGAST, Brenda Marie. Spouse of. Spouse unstated, died 3-17-2017. Age: 55y - Dau of Ralph Carlton & Dorothy Jane (Fichtner) Clark, b. Olean NY, d.unstated SC - Post-Vietnam Vet US Army (of Williamston, SC)
PENNELL, Cynthia. Spouse of #1 Thomas Starks, #2 Daniel Pennell. Born 12-15-1949, died 3-06-2017. Age: 67y - Dau of Homer "Joe" & Mary (Sargent) Goodemote, b. Buffalo NY, d. Little Valley NY, Husband #1 predeceased her, Wed #2 on 5-04-1991 (he survives) (of Little Valley NY)
PENNELL, Marian L. Spouse of David Pennell. Born 3-13-1923, died 8-09-2016. Age: 93 - Dau of LeRoy & Verna (Harold) Chamberlain, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 9-10-1941 (he d. 2015) (Living in Salamanca NY)
PERCY, Jeffrey T. Born 11-19-1967, died 5-4-2017. Age: 49 - Son of Thomas Percy and Edna Bowles Pettit. Born in Salamanca NY, lived in Forestville NY, died in Buffalo NY. One daughter (Funeral Home: O'Rourke, Salamanca NY - Living in Forestville NY)
PERKINS, Curtis Remington. Spouse of Nancy Folts, died 2-15-2016 - Son of Joel and Marcella (Remington) Perkins, born, lived, and died in Cattaraugus NY. A dair farmer for 22 yrs and owned P and C Services. Wed 67 yrs, four children. (She survives) (Funeral Home: Mentley, Little Valley NY - Living in Cattaraugus NY)
PERKINS, Margaret R. Spouse of Duane Perkins. Born 1-06-1958, died 3-01-2017. Age: 59y - Dau of Leonard & Elizabeth Carlson, b. Jamestown NY, d. Cattaraugus NY, Husband survives (of Cattaraugus NY)
PERKS, Patricia. Spouse of Jeffrey L. Born 6-13-1952, died 2-13-2016. Age: 63y - Dau of John & Mary (Magara) Kyser, b. Salamanca NY, d. Little Valley NY, Wed 4-15-1979 in Arcade NY (he survives) [of Little Valley NY]
PERRINGTON, Matthew James. Born 10-21-1973, died 1-21-2016. Age: 42y - Son of Phillip Perrington and Linda M. Jones, b. Olean NY, d. Phoenix AZ [of Phoenix AZ]
PETERS, Emma A. [Adell"]. Born 8-17-1910, died 3-17-2008. Age: 97 - Dau of Ralph and Emma Niles Peters, school teacher
PETERSON, George E. Spouse of unstated. Born 6-10-1970, died 3-30-2015. Age: 44 - Son of Karen Peterson, b. Buffalo NY, d. unstated [of East Otto NY]
PETERSON, Neva N. Spouse of Alvin. Born 6-21-1908, died 11-17-2007. Age: 99 - Dau of Frank and Mattie Finch, born in Emporium PA. Wed June 20 1926, d. 3-21-1969
PETROVICK, Sandra N. Spouse of David Gee/ Edward. Born 9-24-1943, died 3-6-2006 - Dau of John and Edythe Bigoney MacConnach. David died 1-16-1994
PHEARSDORF, Ronald A. Spouse of Thelma R. "Sookie". Born 1-11-1932, died 1-27-2017. Age: 85y - Son of Harold Vincent & Edna Elizabeth (Allen) Phearsdorf, b. Allegany NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 6-12-1954 in Cuba NY (she d. 6-11-2015) (of Olean NY)
PHEARSDORF, Thelma R. Spouse of Ronald A. Born 11-19-1934, died 6-11-2015 - Dau of James & Anna (Myers) VanCuren, "Sookie", b. Olean NY, d. Allegany NY, Wed 6-12-1954 in Cuba NY (he survives) [or Portvillel NY]
PHILLIPS, Agnes I. Spouse of Newton F. Born 9-2-1917, died 6-17-2010 - Dau of Charlie and Georgia (Roland) Felton, born in Machias NY. Wed 6-13-1946 in Machias NY (he d. 1-30-2002)
PHILLIPS, Brian A. Born 11-5-1943, died 11-16-2005. Age: 62 - Son of Alex and Lillian Nolan Phillips, born in Niagara Falls NY - Vietnam Vet, US Army
PHILLIPS, Gordon W. Spouse of Helen Krzywy. Born 10-14-1925, died 6-9-2011 - Son of Norris and Lavina () Phillis. Wed 1950 - WW II Vet, US Navy 1942-46
PIEPHO, John Burton Sr. Spouse of Marilyn Rice. Born 9-22-1930, died 6-17-2015 - Son of Arthur George and Iva (Miner) Piepho, born in Gary IN. Wed 1-19-1963 in Portville NY (she survives), Body donted to UB Med Sch [of Olean NY]
PIERCE, Howard D. Spouse of Brenda J. Blade. Born 7-11-1953, died 8-05-2010 - Son of Earl and Mildred (Fahy) Pierce, born in Olean NY. Wed 6-01-1974
PIERCE, Margaret V. (Bradley). Spouse of Henry E.[Skip]. Born 4-19-1925, died 2-19-2015. Age: 89 - Dau of John W. and Lillian B. (Sherwood) Bradley, b. Austin PA, d. Allegany NY, Wed 8-08-1962 in Olean NY (he d. 8-02-2006) [of Olean NY]
PIETCE, Carlen Lee. Spouse of Vernon Sr. Born 6-24-1969, died 4-29-2009. Age: 39 - Dau of Hobart Nolan Cooper. Member Seneca Nation of Indians Turtle Clan
PISCITELLI, Catherine G. Spouse of Anthony. Born 1-30-1935, died 5-16-2009. Age: 74 - Dau of Michael and Zella Thornton Thomas, born in Bradford PA. Wed Aug 6 1955
PITTMAN, Joseph W. Born 3-11-1968, died 8-11-2017. Age: 49y - Son of Thomas & Anne (Karl) Pittman, b. Cleveland OH, d. Buffalo NY in a home accident. A handyman. One daughter, mother not named. (Funeral Home: Casey, Halwig & Hartle, Olean NY - Living in Olean)
PIXLEY, Betty Ruth (Wilber). Spouse of Duane Pixley. Born 5-03-1926, died 7-05-2015. Age: 89 - Dau of Clarence and Winifred Wilber, born in Olean NY, died in St. Petersburg FL, Husband predeceased her - WW II Vet, US Cadet Nurse Corps [of St. Petersburg FL]
PLUME, Joseph C. Spouse of Diane Plotz, died 1-15-2017. Age: 69y - Son of unstated Plume, b. unstated, d. unstated, Wife survives (of West Valley NY)
PLUNKETT, Bruce M. Spouse of Valerie C. Born 3-2-1962, died 6-24-2008. Age: 46 - Son of Romaine Wooderek Case and Herbert Plunett
PODSKALNY, Mike. Spouse of Donna. Born 3-22-1927, died 10-29-2005 - Son of Gabriel and Mary Podskalny
POLASIK, Michael R. Sr. Spouse of Marion S. Born 3-30-1947, died 10-17-2016. Age: 69 - Son of Raymond & Maxine (Myers) Polasik, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 8-11-1972 (she survives) (Living in Salamanca NY)
POLING, Craig E. Spouse of Julie Winship. Born 12-22-1959, died 5-06-2015. Age: 55 - Son of Noel Poling and Alberta (?) Wilkins; Stepson of Linda (?) Poling and Harold Wilkins, born in Painseville OH, died in Philippi WV. Wed 1984 in Salamanca NY (she survives) - Post-Vietnam Vet, USMC [formerly of Kill Buck NY]
POLLE, James. Born 1-18-1948, died 4-11-2011. Age: 63 - Son of Harry and Eva (Thompson) Poole, born in Salamanca NY - Vietnam Vet, US Navy
POMMERENCK, Eric. Spouse of Brigid Odoj. Born 11-29-1955, died 3-22-2006. Age: 50 - Son of Kenneth and Anneca Pommerenck-Munson, born in Fort Wayne IN
PONTASKI, Marguerite. Spouse of Sylvester Pontaski. Born 9-08-1925, died 5-28-2015. Age: 89 - Dau of Edmund and Genevieve (Bargy) Morrison, born in Salamanca NY, died in Warsaw NY. Wed 8-02-1944 (he died in 6-07-2009) [of Warsaw NY]
PORCELLO, Glenda J. Spouse of Frederick A. Born 6-6-1929, died 11-15-2011 - Dau of Glen and Eula () Allen, born in Athens TN. Wed 6-1947 in VA (he d. 1989)
PORTER, Mary Rose (True). Spouse of Jack E. Sr. Born 10-24-1946, died 1-02-2015. Age: - Dau of Charles Ray and Antonia (Ognibene) True, b. unstated, d. Olean NY, Wed 1967 in Olcott Beach (he survives) [of Olean NY]
POTTER, Gail M. Spouse of Wayne Carroll Potter Sr. Born 7-31-1951, died 11-28-2015. Age: 64y - Dau of Charles "Bucky" & Joan (Washburn) Swain, b. Warsaw NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 12-11-1971 in Bliss NY (he d. 3-06-2008) [of Olean NY]
POTTER, Hannah Diegel. Spouse of Frank Dixon. Born 5-03-1924, died 9-27-2015 - Dau of Robert A. & Mirabel (Hamiln) Digel, b. Bradford PA, d. Olean NY, Wed 11-24-1950 in Smethport PA (he d. 1976) - [of Olean NY]
POTTER, Nancy. Born 7-16-1937, died 1-30-2012. Age: 74 - Dau of Allen Sr. and Alice (Schultz) Potter, born in Bradford PA
POTTER, Theodore D. Sr. Spouse of Barbara Brown. Born 11-27-1933, died 8-05-2015 - Son of Robert & Zeruah (Goodrich) Potter, b. Olean NY, d. Allegany NY, Wed 10-09-1954 in Allegany NY (she survives) - Cold War Vet, US Navy 1953-57 [of Allegany NY]
POTTER, Wayne C. Spouse of Gail M. Born 3-22-1943, died 3-6-2008 - Son of Carroll and Lorraine Baier Potter. Wed Dec. 11 1971 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy, ship fitter
POUNDS, Jeffrey L. Spouse of Janet Kratz. Born 5-05-1947, died 12-06-2016 - Son of Richard & Glenna (Archibald) Pounds, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 5-10-1975 in Kenmore NY - Vietnam Vet, US Army (of Little Genesee NY)
PRINTUP, Maribel W. Spouse of Unstated. Born 5-27-1929, died 9-13-2015. Age: 86y - Dau of Clarence & Nettie (Huff) Watt, b. Coldspring NY, d. Olean NY, Member Seneca Nation - [of Jimersontown NY]
PROVORSE, Donald [Porky]. Spouse of Deborah Puda. Born 8-02-1948, died 8-22-2016. Age: 68 - Son of Loyal & Margaret (Miller) Provorse, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wife survives (Living in Great Valley NY)
PULLEY-LEHMAN, Jillian D. Spouse of George. Born 4-17-1987, died 3-23-2016. Age: 28y - Dau of David C. & Karen J. (Walleshauser) Pulley, b. Amherst NY, d. unstated, [of Olean NY]
PUSEY, Janis G. Spouse of Kevin J. Pusey. Born 12-29-1949, died 7-25-2016 - Dau of Earl & Virginia (Holdridge) Gray, b. Manhattan NY, d. Allegany NY, Wed 12-26-1991 in North Hempstead (he d. 2009) (Living in Allegany NY)
PUTT, Martha L. Spouse of Donald F. Sr. Born 4-14-1921, died 4-02-2016. Age: 94y - Dau of Arthur & Esther Boyle, b. Olean NY, d. unstaed, Wed 1941 (he predeceased her) [of Allegany NY]
PUTZKE, Mary P. Spouse of Alan F. Born 6-28-1936, died 1-29-2012 - Dau of John and Marguerite (Siffin) Padlo, born in Olean NY
QUATTRONE, Donna (Markham). Spouse of Richard Quattrone. Born 1-22-1945, died 12-15-2016. Age: 71y - Dau of Leslie & Bernice (Reed) Markham, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY, Husband d. 3-14-2002
QUATTRONE, Sharon. Spouse of ? Quattrone. Born 11-07-1953, died 6-28-2015. Age: 61 - Dau of John Sr. and Shirley (Koch) Weir, born in Buffalo NY, died in Salamanca NY [of Salamanca NY]
QUATTRONE, Terry M. Spouse of Anita Shaffer. Born 8-21-1951, died 2-22-2017 - Son of James & Mildred (Storey) Quattrone, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY, Former wife survives (of Westons Mills NY)
RAECHER, Russell F. Spouse of Carol W. Born 11-7-1951, died 4-8-2009. Age: 58 - Son of Franklin and Esther Bowen Raecher
RAJSKI, Joseph A. Spouse of Stephanie Lampack. Born 5-07-1963, died 10-12-2016 - Son of John & Ann (Lounsberry) Rajski, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Divorced?, Fiance survives (Living in Olean NY)
RANDOLPH, Larry B. Spouse of Helen Case. Born 8-1-1928, died 12-14-2007. Age: 79 - Son of Royce and Nellie Randolph. Wed Nov. 11 1951 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
RANKE, Rodney H. Born 10-26-1949, died 1-31-2011. Age: 61 - Son of Maynard and Lorraine (Hawkins) Ranke, b. Salamanca-NY - Cold War Vet, US Army Reserves
RANKIN, Mark S. Spouse of Unstated. Born 4-16-1964, died 11-26-2015. Age: 51y - Son of Cletus & Marlene (George) Rankin, b. Olean NY, d. Gowanda NY [of Gowanda NY]
RAS, Brittanie Lynn. Born 4-14-1992, died 5-30-2015. Age: 23 - Dau of Norman A. Ras and Amy Lynn Rupp, born in Springville NY, died in Erie PA [of West Valley NY]
RATZEL, Marion E. Spouse of Fredrick H. Jr. Born 10-18-1943, died 4-27-2016 - Dau of Jared & Marie (Bean) Clark, b. Olean NY, d. Ceres NY, Wed 2-02-1963 in Allegany NY (he survives) [of Ceres NY]
RAVEN, Rebecca (Hurdle). Spouse of Howard. Born 3-20-1947, died 2-10-2017. Age: 69 - Dau of Robert and Orvella Q. Quillen Overchuk Hurdle. Born in Nassawadox VA, lived and died in Sherman NY. Wed 6-18-1971, four children. (He survives)
RAYMOND, Jonathan C., died 7-9-2009 - Son of Scott and Elaine Eaton Raymomd, was a junior at St Bonaventure University
REASON, Phyllis H. Spouse of Donald. Born 3-26-1945, died 2-07-2016 - Dau of Gustave & Gertrude Belle Hausser, b. South Dayton NY, d. Springville NY, Wed 6-11-1988 (he d. 1-03-2005) [of Cattaraugus NY]
REDDING, Charles H. Spouse of Ruth M. Lubke. Born 2-19-1925, died 4-5-2009 - Wife died 7-21-2008
REDDING, Louise. Born, died 6-19-2015. Age: 96 - Died in Cuba NY, Body donated to UB Med Sch [of Olean NY]
REDDING, Stephan F. Born 7-21-1943, died 9-27-2017. Age: 74y - Parents unknown, grew up in foster homes. b. Brooklyn NY, d. Salamanca NY. Unmarried. (Funeral Home: O'Rourke, Salamanca NY - Living in Salamanca)
REDEYE, Charlene (Schenandoah). Spouse of Raymond [Freeman] Redeye. Born 6-25-1955, died 5-23-2015. Age: 59 - Died Cattaraugus Indian Reservation, NY, 9 children [FH: Wentland, North Collins, NY. Lived Cattaraugus Indian Reservation]
REDEYE, Stewart J. III. Spouse of Dawn White. Born 2-16-1964, died 2-18-2017. Age: 53y - Son of James & Judith (Cooper) Redeye, "Dotsie", b. Salamanca NY, d. Buffalo NY, Wed 7-10-1994 (she survives, Member Seneca Nation (Turtle Clan) (of Salamanca NY)
REDINGTON, Douglas L. Spouse of Catherine Salzler. Born 8-04-1954, died 3-25-2016. Age: 61y - Son of James Levi and Betty Louise (Larson) Redington, b. Bradford PA, d. Jamestown NY, Wed 31 yrs (she survives) [of Randolph NY]
REED, David L. Spouse of Bonita L. Meyers. Born 4-16-1946, died 9-12-2010. Age: 64 - Son of Leroy E. and Mary L. () Reed, born in Salamanca NY. Wed 1970 (she d. 2007) - Vietnam Vet, USMC
REED, Deborah. Spouse of Robert. Born 11-25-1954, died 3-11-2011. Age: 56 - Dau of Ronald and Delores (Laieski) McCartney, born in Bradford PA
REED, Irene E. Spouse of Daniel R. Born 12-13-1931, died 5-08-2016. Age: 84y - Dau of Guy & Sarah (Hatch) Phillips, b. Little Valley NY, d. Olean NY, Husband d. 1963 [of Little Valley NY]
REED, Patricia A. Spouse of Unstated. Born 11-13-1939, died 6-27-2011. Age: 71 - Dau of Francis and Bernice (Burt) Hubbard, born in Salamanca NY
REGER, Robert. Spouse of Mary Slater. Born 10-10-1940, died 12-7-2009. Age: 79 - Son of Willard and Eleanor Reger. Wed June 14 1996
REID, Bernard M. Spouse of Evelyn F/ Amy D. Born 7-2-1932, died 11-1-2007 - Son of Joseph and Emma Butler Reid
REID, Evelyn F. Spouse of Bernard M., died 11-27-2005 - Dau of Samuel J. and Blanche M. Volkl Huselstein. Wed May 18 1957
REID, Joanne. Spouse of Marvin Jerome [Jerry]. Born 9-14-1937, died 12-7-2007. Age: 70 - Dau of T.A. and Meredith Dadswell Russell, born in Rochester
REIDEL, Brenda J. Spouse of Ernest A. Born 7-15-1942, died 4-07-2016 - Dau of John B. & Pauline (Mehlenbacher) Wheaton, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 11-10-1962 in Westons Mills NY (he survives) [of Olean NY]
REISNER, Walter L. Spouse of Ruth Torrey. Born 9-06-1947, died 1-19-2017 - Son of Lewis C. & Doris (Field) Reisner, b. Biloxi MS, d. Olean NY, Wed 2-14-1975 in Olean NY (she survives) (of Olean NY)
REITZ, LeRoy H. Born 11-23-1935, died 10-19-2016 - Son of Henry J. & Geneivieve (Kratts) Reitz, b. Olean NY, d. Dayton OH. Unmarried. (Funeral Home: Glickler, Dayotn OH - Living in Dayton OH)
REYNOLDS, Jerry. Spouse of Vivian. Born 12-12-1929, died 12-??-2016. Age: 86y - Son of unstated Reynolds, b. unstated, d. unstated date in Cedar Park TX, Wed 65 yrs (she survives) - Vet-Korea US Army (formerly of Olean NY)
RICE, Wilma I., died 2-27-2015. Age: 94 - Lived in South Dayton NY, died in Gerry NY. (Funeral Home: VanRensselaer, Randolph NY - Living in South Dayton NY)
RICHARDSON, Franklin D. Spouse of Beatrice Gaffigan d. 9-3-2002. Born 3-3-1933, died 8-16-2008. Age: 75 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
RICHARDSON, Gertrude A. Spouse of Nelson [Amos]. Born 5-29-1914, died 4-25-2010. Age: 95 - Dau of Bertie and Ella (Deyoe) Thayer, born in Olean NY
RICHARDSON, Mary Jane. Spouse of Otis L. Born 12-21-1934, died 10-30-2009 - Dau of Theodore and Ella Fontaine m. June 27 1970
RICHTER, Betty Lou (Howard). Spouse of Raymond Roy. Born 12-7-1936, died 11-15-2016. Age: 79 - Dau of Francis and Margaret (Seileman) Howard, Lived in Leon NY. Wed 6-8-1957, four children. (He survives) (Funeral Home: DiStasio-Hills, South Dayton NY - Living in Leon NY )
RIEHLE, Karl J. Spouse of Mary L. Born 10-09-1957, died 4-22-2015. Age: 57 - Son of Norman [Joe] and Delores Riehle, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 12-29-1985 in Allegany NY (she survives) [of Olean NY]
RIGGS, F. William. Spouse of Unstated. Born 5-31-1947, died 8-05-2015. Age: 68y - Son of Franklin W. & Frances Riggs, b. Olean NY, d. Polson MT - Vietnam Vet [of Polson MT]
RIGGS, Tommy W. Jr. Born 3-25-1970, died 3-27-2016 - Son of Tommy W. Sr. & Sandra (Hurd) riggs, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY [of Olean NY]
RIGGS, Tracey R. Spouse of Frances Terhune. Born 2-3-1929, died 3-10-2012. Age: 83 - Son of Tracey and Helen (Kobinski) Riggs, born in Salamanca NY. Wed 6-27-1959 at Free Meth C
RIGOLI, Thomas V. Spouse of Leslee Ann Schummer, died 9-29-2015. Age: 61y - Son of Victor & Aurora Rigoli, Son-in-law of Les & Dorothy Schummer, b. unstated, d. FL - [of Leesburg FL]
RILEY, Raymond [Randy]. Spouse of Kimberlee Reed & Laura Whitcomb. Born 2-26-1953, died 8-06-2017. Age: 74y - Son of Raymond & Elizabeth "Jane" (Flynn) Riley. b. Buffalo NY, d. Great Valley NY. An engineer who worked 25 years for Fibercel in Portville NY. Two children with Kimberly who d. 11-28-2000, 2nd wife survives (Funeral Home: Not named - Living in Great Valley NY)
RINDOSH, Edward M. Spouse of Michelle Atwater. Born 8-24-1960, died 7-15-2010 - Son of Edward and Janet (Dame) Rindosh, born in Buffalo NY
ROBBINS, Ty L. Spouse of Renee Baker. Born 4-18-1972, died 2-26-2008 - Son of Gerard Robbins and Laurie Maurouard Jennings
ROBERTS, Wilma J. Spouse of Unstated. Born 7-07-1919, died 11-16-2010. Age: 91 - Dau of Chauncey and Miriam (Crouse) Lee, born in Quaker Bridge, member Seneca Nation, Beaver Clan
ROBINSON, Thomas L. Born 12-15-1958, died 9-10-2010. Age: 52 - Son of Kenneth and Joann (Clifford) Robinson, born in Buffalo NY
RODGERS, Laura E. (Schreckengost). Spouse of Rutherford Rodgers [Russ]. Born 8-15-1932, died 1-17-2016. Age: 83 - Dau of William and Zelda (McStraw) Schreckengost, born in Salamanca NY, died in Jamestown NY. No children mentioned. (Funeral Home: O'Rourke & O'Rourke, Salamanca NY - Lived in Steamburg NY)
RODGERS, Myra I. (Johnson) 11-17-1914 5-8-2015 100 Dau of Floyd Johnson and Alice Pierce, born in Elko NY, died in Salamanca NY. An enrolled member of Seneca Nation, hawk clan. Two sons, one surnamed Johnson.
RODGERS, Rutherford E. [Russ]. Spouse of Laura E. Born 3-11-1934, died 11-18-2009. Age: 75 - Son of Percy and Myra Johnson Rodgers, member of the Seneca Nation, Hawk Clan - Korean War Vet, US Army
ROGERS, Thomas R [Bo]. Spouse of Ann Graham. Born 2-21-1948, died 9-1-2006 - Son of Ralph T. Sr. and Albina Pascucci Rogers - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
ROGOZINSKI, Steve A. Born 9-18-1939, died 10-23-2015. Age: 76y - Son of Leo & Anna (Kisko) Rogozinski, b. Cambria PA, d. Olean NY - [of Salamanca NY]
ROSE, Stephen A. Spouse of Bonnie Lambert, died 12-30-2014 - Son of Karl and Lois (Hillman) Rose, born in unstated, d. unstated FL,. Wed 47 yrs (she survives) - Uncategorized Vet, US Army [of New Smyrna Beach FL]
ROWAN. Retha. Born 3-7-1917, died 4-9-2015. Age: 98 - Dau of Patrick and Margaret Markham Rowan, one of 10 siblings. Born in Great Valley NY, died in Conchranton PA. [FH: Dickson, Cochranton PA, living in Conchranton PA]
ROWE, Alberta (Morgan). Spouse of Leon J. Born 7-01-1938, died 12-24-2014 - Dau of John and Eva Morgan, born in Portville NY, d. TX. Wed 8-09-1957 in Portville NY (he survives) [of New Braunfels TX]
ROWE, Helen Margaret Eisert. Spouse of Robert Rowe. Born 12-04-1930, died 12-08-2016. Age: 86y - Dau of Frank J. Eisert and Olive Polly Stephan, b. Olean NY, d. Houston TX, Wed 11-06-1954 (he d. 9-10-2010) (formerly of Olean NY)
ROYCE, Walter J. Spouse of Floris S. Vaughn. Born 6-9-1926, died 11-27-2011. Age: 85 - Son of Otis and Isabelle (Woodruff) Royce, born in Hume NY. Wed 1952 (she d. 1-02-2007) - WW II Vet, US Navy 1943-46
RUDING, Lynn Patricia. Spouse of James Ruding. Born 3-24-1949, died 11-06-2016. Age: 67y - Dau of Samuel & Albina Herzog, b. Olean NY, d. unstated, Husband predeceased her (of Portville NY)
RUDY, Kathleen Marie. Spouse of. Spouse unstated. Born 11-22-1949, died 12-24-2016. Age: 67y - Dau of John F. & Veronica F. (Bish) Kayes, b. unstated, d. Olean NY (of Olean NY)
RUELA, Elias Jr. Born 10-31-1957, died 1-15-2016. Age: 58y - Son of Elias Tavares Sr. & Maria Lourdes (Yebra) Ruela, b. Newark NJ, d. Napoli NY [of Little Valley NY]
RUGGIERI, Ford F. Spouse of Helen M. Born 12-7-1934, died 9-6-2006 - Son of Louis L. and Mary Kelly Ruggieri. Printer and Publisher at Allegany Mountain Press Allegany NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
RUMGAY, Agnes M. [Squirt]. Spouse of Robert G. Born 11-16-1916, died 7-18-2007 - Dau of Charles L. and Mabel Jeralds Mallery m. Dec 27 1938. (He d. 2-6-1976)
RUSSELL, Marion E. Spouse of C. A. Russell. Born 4-27-1929, died 5-14-2008 - Dau of Raymond S. and Dorotha Mallory Miller, born in in Walton. Was formerly married to C. A. Russell
RUTH, Steven Grant. Born 2-18-1955, died 1-11-2016. Age: 60 - Son of Henry G. and Margaretta Mae (Tompkins) Ruth, born in Bradford PA, died in Randolph NY. Unmarried (Funeral Home: Van Rensselaer, Randolph NY - Living in Randolph)
RYAN, Larrie A. Born 11-4-1934, died 9-18-2006 - Son of Alfred and Mary Anderson Ryan Olean NY, police officer for many years
RZUCEK, Joseph F. Spouse of Terri Harnish. Born 8-6-1958, died 5-23-2011. Age: 52 - Son of Frank J. and Joanne (Frank) Rzucek, born in Salamanca NY. Wed 8-20-1983, son-in-law of Daniel L. and Beatrice Harnish. Christopher Ryan Rzucek who d. 8-05-1987


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