ST. Bonaventure Cemetery
Village of Allegany, NY
Across the road from St. Bonaventure University

Transcribed & Submitted by Gayle Tompson


YAHN, Annie D. Born 1891, died 1961 -
YAHN, Arthur E. Born 1889, died 1958 -
YAHN, Arthur E. Jr. Spouse of Winona Haseloff. Born 1914, died 1983 -
YAHN, Hugo C. Born 3-4-1958, died 9-19-2005 - Son of Arthur and Winona Haseloff Yahn Jr. talented musician
YAHN, Pauline E. Born 1860, died 1947 -
YAHN, William J. Born 1925, died 1986 -
YAHN, Winona (Haseloff). Spouse of Arthur E. Yahn Jr. Born 8-16-1918, died 1-25-2015 Age - Dau of Hugo and Conerly (Brooks) Haseloff, b. Jackson Heights,Queens NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 1936 in Olean NY (he d. 12-29-1983)
YANETSKO, Phyllis Fannie Mae. Spouse of Foster Bingman/ Thomas C. Yanetsko. Born 12-5-1923, died 11-7-2011 - Dau of David P. and Grace M. (Beal) Gerhard, b. Meyersdale PA. Wed Thomas on 5-05-1956 (he d. 1-30-1978)
YEAGER, Louis. Born 1888, died 1942 -
YEHL, Cecelia A. Spouse of Dean Arthur. Born 2-2-1922, died 6-7-2007 - Dau of James and Bahia Thomas, born in Beirut Labanon
YEHL, Dean Arthur. Spouse of Cecelia A. Born ??, died 10-20-1980 - wed Jan 16 1946 in Olean NY
YEHL, Emil J. Spouse of Patricia. Born 8-15-1928, died 6-17-2006 - Son of Arthur and Annie Welsh Yehl
YEHL, Ernest M. Spouse of Virginia M. Born ??, died 6-221986 - wed Sept 10 1941
YEHL, Frank A. Spouse of Louise Scarlato. Born 10-16-1919, died 1-29-2004 - Son of Alfonse and Elise Sturm Yehl b. Allegany NY d. Bradford PA. Wed 9-13-1952 - WW II Vet, US Navy
YEHL, Mary E. [Betsey]. Born 10-18-1949, died 9-2-2013 - Dau of Ernest M. and Virginia M. (Lippert) Yehl, born and died in Olean NY
YEHL, Patricia Manley. Spouse of Emil J. Born ??, died 1991 - wed July 30 1949
YEHL, Susan J. Spouse of Richard M. YEHL. Born 7-15-1951, died 10-16-2012 - Dau of Henry C. and Jean (Zawolik) Jawor, b. Buffalo NY. Wed 5-25-1974 at St. Bonaventur Ch in Allegany NY
YEHL, Virginia M. Spouse of Ernest M. Born 11-18-1915, died 3-31-2006 - Dau of Matthew and Mary Stephen Lippert
YEHL, William C. Spouse of Elizabeth A. THOMAS. Born 7-31-1920, died 4-11-2011 - Son of Rennie and Annie (Overstone) Yehl, Twin to Dean Yehl, b. Olean NY Wed 9-23-1946 (she d. 12-30-1996) ZDROJOWY, Anthony R. - WW II Vet, US Navy 1942-45
YONDER, Anna. Spouse of John. Born 1884, died 1962 -
YONDER, John. Spouse of Anna. Born 1875, died 1937 -
YONDER, John F. Born 1915, died 1980 - - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
YORKE, Louis. Born ??, died ?? - Son of Thomas and Neva Yared Yorke
YORKE, Margaret. Born 10-31-1911, died 4-12-2007 - Dau of Thomas and Neva (Yared) Yorke b. Olean NY
YORKE, Mary A. Born 3-08-1916, died 4-30-2003 - Dau of Thomas and Neva (Yared) Yorke b. Olean NY
YORKE, Rose M. Born 3-19-1920, died 5-29-2006 - Dau of Thomas and Neva (Yared) Yorke
YOUNG, Francis L. "Bunky". Born 2-28-1927, died 7-20-2001 - Son of Charles O. and Dolores Bischalaney Young, born in Olean NY
YOUNG, Joan A. Kenyon. Spouse of Robert N. Born ??, died 8-11-2000 - wed Sept 25 1948
YOUNG, Josephine M. Born 7-17-1926, died 5-8-1989 - Dau of of Saverio and Mary Margaret Caputo Gagliardo
YOUNG, Richard A. Sr. Spouse of Nan M. Born 6-18-1933, died 8-28-2008 - Son of George and Eleanor Charlesworth Young m. June 18 1955 - WW II Vet, USMC, 2nd Marine Div, Maj.
YOUNG, Robert J. Born 1-14-1963, died 8-25-2005 - Son of Josephine Gagliardo Young
YOUNG, Robert N. Spouse of Joan A. Born 6-20-1929, died 9-25-2002 - Son of Charles O. and Dolores Bischalaney Young, born in Olean NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
YURENKO, John. Spouse of Anna Yurchisin Yurenko. Born 1878, died 12-12-1943 -
YUSKO, Francis E. "Fritz". Spouse of Jean G. Born 9-1-1927, died 2-8-2005 - Son of Joseph C. and Magdalene Konkol Yusko - WW II Vet, US Army
YUSKO, Jean G. Spouse of Francis E. "Fritz". Born 12-15-1925, died 1-14-2003 - Dau of George and Mary Wiley Graas b. Olean NY d. Allegany NY. Wed 5-20-1950 in Olean NY
YUSKO, Joseph C. Spouse of Magdalene F. Born ??, died ?? -
YUSKO, Magdalene F. Spouse of Joseph C. Born 2-10-1903, died 5-21-2000 - Born in Spruce WI
ZABLE, Rhea. Spouse of Martin Vail/Arthur Z. Born 2-6-1926, died 10-14-2001. Age: 75 - Dau. of Frederick and Ila Besecker Davis, born in Olean NY
ZALWSKY, E. Stanley. Spouse of Stella S. Born 8-5-1919, died 6-18-2003 - Son of Edward S. and Ruth Alexander Zalwsky
ZALWSKY, Edward S. III. Spouse of Melanie R. Welty. Born 11-01-1979, died 6-22-2015 - Son of Stanley M. and Muriel died in (Blade) Zalwsky, born in Olean NY, died in Williamsville NY. Wed 2-21-2004 in Olean NY (she survives) -
ZALWSKY, Stella S. Spouse of E. Stanley. Born 8-10-1919, died 7-6-2008 - Dau of Micheal and Edna Pulanski Spenik, born in Ludlow PA. Wed Aug 30 1947 in Olean NY
ZAMPOGNA, Anthony Sr. Spouse of Margaret Ann P. Born 12-16-1920, died 3-1- 2000 - Son of Jospeh and Theresa Zampogna b. Westline PA
ZAMPOGNA, Margaret Ann. Spouse of Anthony Sr. Born 10-23-1921, died 03-12-2003 - Dau of Michael and Veronica Vosick Perilla, born in Arroyo PA
ZAPH, Father. Spouse of Mother. Born 1848, died 1917 -
ZAPH, John A. Spouse of Louise B. Born 1878, died 1955 -
ZAPH, Leo J. Spouse of Callista M. Born 1896, died 1969 -
ZAPH, Louise B. (Pauly). Spouse of John A. Born 1881, died 1945 -
ZAPH, Margaret Ann. Spouse of Leo J. Born 1895, died 1968 -
ZAPH, Mildred G. Spouse of Theodore J. Born 7-24-1902, died 12-19-2005. Age: 103 - Dau of Nicholas and Teresa Meiers Felt, was a teacher
ZAPH, Mother. Spouse of Father. Born 1858, died 1917 -
ZAPH, Theodore J. Spouse of Mildred G. Born 1904, died 1967 - wed Dec 15 1936 in New York City
ZAWATSKI, Ruth A. Neal. Spouse of Stephen. Born 11-7-1933, died 11-25-1995. Age: 62 - Dau. of C. Walter and Grace Ackenbach Neal, born in Salamanca NY. Wed Nov. 17 1951
ZDROJOWY, Anthony R. Born 6-2-1955, died 9-22-2010. Age: 55 - Son of Francis A. Sr. and Rhoda V. (Moore) Zdrojowy,born in Olean NY
ZDROJOWY, Frank A. Spouse of Rhoda V. Born 2-20-1913, died 12-1976 - Son of Anthony Zdrojowy and Edna Grukowski Zdrojowy. Section 6
ZDROJOWY, Joseph Anthony. Spouse of Lucile M. Born 2-11-1917, died 12-5-2000 - Son of Anthony and Edna (Grukowski) Zdrojowy, born in Brookly PA. Section 6, Lot 520A
ZDROJOWY, Lucile M. Spouse of Joseph Anthony. Born 9-22-1921, died 11-13-1980 - Dau of of Frank and Antonina Tomczak Ukolowicz, born in Salamanca NY. Section 6, Lot 520A
ZDROJOWY, Rhoda V. Spouse of Frank A. Born 6-14-1920, died 9-1986 -. Section 6
ZELKO, Frances A. Spouse of Peter J. Born 3-11- 1909, died 3-4- 2001 - Dau. of Stanley and Anna Gogowski Wesoloski, born in Natrona Heights PA
ZELKO, Peter J. Spouse of Frances A. Born ??, died 6-27-1969 - wed Mar. 5 1931
ZELKO, Walter T. "Tommy". Born 1948, died 1953 - Son of Peter J. and Frances A. Wesoloski Zelko
ZEMER, Albert A. Spouse of Genevieve S. Born 5-29-1922, died 7-16-2007 - Son of Philip and Mary Ash Zemer - WW II Vet, US Army
ZEMER, Joseph J. Spouse of Lucille E. Born 6-24-1918, died 2-16-2008 - Son of Philip and Mary Ash Zemer. Owned Joe's service station for 41 years - WW II Vet, US Army, SSgt
ZEMER, Lucille E. Tarver. Spouse of Joseph J. Born ??, died 3-4-1997 - wed Nov. 11 1944 in Lubbock Texas
ZIEGLER, Anna F. Born 1890, died 1966 -
ZIEGLER, Anna M. Spouse of Walter L. Born 1906, died 1995 -
ZIEGLER, Walter L. Spouse of Anna M. Born 1904, died 1977 -
ZIMBAUER, Barbara. Spouse of John. Born 1839, died 1928 -
ZIMBAUER, John. Spouse of Barbara. Born 1844, died 1917 -
ZIMMER, Mary Herbert, Sister OSF. Born 4-15-1903, died 2-15-2001 - Dau of Peter and Elizabeth Speidel Zimmer, born Irene Anglea Zimmer
ZINK, Dorothy Jones. Born 1931, died 1959 -
ZINK, Elizabeth M. Spouse of John F. Born 1867, died 1922 -
ZINK, Fred J. Born 1890, died 1918 - Son of John F. and Elizabeth M. Zink
ZINK, George H. Spouse of 1. Mary- 2. May M. Born 1865, died 1951 -
ZINK, John F. Spouse of Elizabeth M. Born 1861, died 1951 -
ZINK, Joseph Jr. Spouse of Juanita J. Born ??, died 10-20-1996 -
ZINK, Juanita J. Spouse of Joseph Jr. Born 1-26-1935, died 11-17-2008 - Dau of George and Reva Burger
ZINK, Marcella K. Spouse of Walter L. Born 1899, died 1982 -
ZINK, Marion (Conrad) Hall. Spouse of George H. Hall Sr. / Howard H. Zink. Born 11-28-1922, died 11-3-2011 - Dau of Frank and Letha (Stidd) Conrad, b. Lakewood OH. George d. 4-06-1978; Wed Howard 5-21-1983 (he d. 5-23-1996)
ZINK, MAry. Spouse of George H. Born 1867, died 1911 -
ZINK, Mary C. Spouse of William. F. Born 10-9-1829, died 3-14-1911 -
ZINK, Mary L. Born 7-29-1872, died 1-20-1961 - [Daughter] of Wm. F. and Mary C. Zink
ZINK, May M. Spouse of George H. Born 1879, died 1960 -
ZINK, Richard J. Spouse of Frances M. JOHNSON. Born 5-23-1920, died 9-26-2011 - Son of George and Mary (Montgomery) Zink, b. Gasport NY. Wed 3-14-1959 at Grace Meth Ch in Warren PA
ZINK, Robert. Born 1908, died 1928 -
ZINK, Suzanne L. Born 6-28-1961, died 10-5-2012. Age: 51 - Dau of Norman and Frances (Cooney) Zink, b. Olean NY, d. Fort Worth TX
ZINK, Walter Leonard. Spouse of Marcella K. Born 1-23-1896, died 4-2-1968 - - WW I Vet, US Army, Co. G 347 Inf. 87 Div., Pvt
ZINK, Wm. F. Spouse of Mary C. Born 2-3-1828, died 5-20-1911 -
ZLOCKIE, Leonard M. Sr. Spouse of Betty L. Born 10-25-1928, died 3-16-2007 - Son of Micheal and Helen Zlockie - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
ZLOTKOWSKI, Alexander J. Born 3-14-1918, died 4-11-1967 - Son of Walter and Sophia Witkowski Zlotkowski - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 1106 Unit, Cpl
ZLOTKOWSKI, Paul. Born ??, died 1943 -
ZLOTKOWSKI, Sophia Witkowski. Spouse of Walter. Born 1885, died 1956 -
ZLOTKOWSKI, Walter. Spouse of Sophia W. Born ??, died 1917 -
ZOGHIBE, Edward S. Spouse of Evelyn G. Born 10-7-1917, died 6-22-2007 - Son of Sais and Eva Deeb Zogbhibe
ZOGHIBE, Evelyn Gerber. Spouse of Edward S. Born ??, died 11-18-1996 - wed Nov 27 1947 in Little Genesee
ZOGHIBE, Frederick S. Spouse of Rita J. Brennan. Born 1-20-1915, died 2-15-2003 - Son of Sais and Eva Deeb Zogbhibe - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 10th Fighter Sqdn, 50th Fighter Group
ZOGHIBE, Joseph M. Born 9-15-1920, died 1-28-2001 - Son of Michael S. and Nillie K. Zoghibe, born in Olean NY
ZOGHIBE, Rita J. Brennan. Spouse of Frederick S. Born ?, died 1-17-1985 - wed May 16 1949
ZUECH, Dorothy C. Spouse of Ferdinando M. [Fred]. Born 8-27-1931, died 9-??-2015. Age: 84y - Dau of Doanld & Geraldine (Ahrens) Hinkley, b. Franklinville NY, d. unstated date/unstated location, Wed 2-13-1954 (he d. 5-21-1996) -


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