ST. Bonaventure Cemetery

Village of Allegany, NY
Across the road from St. Bonaventure University
Transcribed & Submitted by Gayle Tompson


WAGNER, Adolph. Born 2-14-1891, died 7-10-1900 - Son of Henzel & Dorothy Wagner - Section E
WAGNER, Agnes L. Born 1884, died 1951 - [Mother of Ruth] - Section I
WAGNER, Albert L. Jr. Spouse of Ruth L. Robbins. Born 6-14-1924, died 3-11-2009 - Son of Albert L. and Catherine (Wetzel) Wagner Sr. - Born: Pittsburgh, PA - Died: Olean, NY. Wed 5-28-1949 Etna, PA - US Navy WW II Philippine Islands/Asiatic/Pacific Theaters
WAGNER, Bert E. Jr. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 7-2-1922, died 10-71999 - Son of Bert and Genevieve Bell Wagner - WW II Vet, US Army
WAGNER, Brother Edmund. Born 8-30-1902, died 6-7-1979. Age: 76 - [Venerable Brother] [RIP] Born: Little Fals, NY - Died: Mercy Hospital; Buffalo, NY - solemn profession of vows 9-17-1939 - Franciscan Friars
WAGNER, Catherine M. Born 1876, died 1958
WAGNER, Charles L. Born 1877, died 1949
WAGNER, Cornelia M.
WAGNER, Edward J. Born 1887, died 1969 - Section L
WAGNER, Elizabeth. Spouse of Bert E. Jr. Born 1-15-1921, died 2-11-2006 - Dau of Fred and Margaret Michienza Scicchitano, born in Austin PA. Wed Aug 25 1955
WAGNER, Florence G. Born 1889, died 1960 - Section L
WAGNER, Lillian Franklin. Born 1908, died 1989
WAGNER, Maria Elain. Born 10-18-1941, died 10-20-1941 - Section E
WAGNER, Ned. Born 1913, died 1940 - Section L
WAGNER, Nora M. Born 3-22-1928, died 4-16-2006. Age: 78 - Dau of Henry and Ethel (Kelly) Hug - Born: Buffalo, NY - Died: Olean, NY - Had 12 children
WAGNER, Robert J. Spouse of Sue Westling. Born unstated, died 5-15-2017 [sic]. Age: 81y - Son of unstated, b. Buffalo NY, d. unstated FL, Wed 52 yrs, three children. (she predeceased him) - Cold War Vet, US Army reserves, Maj.
WAGNER, Sr Mary Laurine OSF, died 1-5-1995 - [RIP] - Section V Row 5
WAGNER, Steve White. Born 1867, died 1957 - Section L
WAGNER, Sue Ann (Westling). Spouse of Robert J. Born 10-29-1934, died 7-23-2010 - Dau of Oscar L. and Mildred K. (?) Westling, born in Olean NY, d. SC,. Wed 52 yrs, three children
WAGNER, William Robert. Spouse of Cornella M., died 12-19-1944 - WWI Veteran: Co. I, 174th Regiment, 27th Division
WALD, Frances Kosinksi. Spouse of Leonard. Born 1-03-1916, died 12-03-2002. Age: 86 - Dau of James and Kathryn Kosinski b. Olean NY d. Allegany NY. Wed 1947
WALDMAN, Fr. Philip. Born 7-12-1865, died 3-10-1923. Age: 57 - [RIP] [Reverend] Born: NYC, NY - Died: Allegany, NY - Ordained 1889 - Franciscan Friars
WALDOCK, Jeanne Marie. Spouse of Dr. James. Born 7-30-1924, died 3-10-2006 - Dau of Charles and Marie (Allen) McDermott - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY - she ran for state Assembly. Husband d. 3-16-1984.
WALDRON, Sr Theresa Waldron, died 9-9-2015 - [RIP] - Section V
WALKER, Mary Ann (Bush). Spouse of Kyle A. Born 4-10-1940, died 11-23-2020 - Dau of Frank and Viola (Kolasinski) Bush. Born in Olean NY died in Allegany NY. A an LPN and pharmacy tech. Wed 7-23-1963 in Long Beach CA, two sons. (Spouse survives)
WALKINS, Sr Mary Rose, died 8-17-2008. Age: 75 - Born: Alberta Catherine Watkins in Somers Point, N.J. to Francis and (Alberta) Watkins - Died: Boston, Mass
WALLACE, Bridget. Spouse of M. J. Born 1848, died 1918 - [Mother] [Wife of M.J. Wallace] - Section G
WALLACE, Carolyn G. Spouse of T. A., died 11-30-1905. Age: 50 - [Wife of T.A. Walley] [Mother]
WALLACE, Kathryn Teresa. Spouse of Malcolm Vincent T. Dr. Born 8-8-1909, died 1-26-2007 - Dau of Henry and Ellen Cunningham Meyer, born in Mishawaka IN. Wed June 5 1943
WALLACE, Malcolm Vincent T. Dr. Spouse of Kathryn Teresa Meyer. Born 10-3-1915, died 9-20-2000 - Born: Pittsfield, Mass. - WW II Vet, US Army 23rd Hospital
WALLACE, Michael J. Born 1842, died 1924 - [Father] - Section G
WALLACE, Phillip. Born 1873, died 1943 - Section 4
WALLACE, Sr M. Ambrosia, died 6-29-1912 - [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters; Row 3
WALLACE, Xiomara A. Spouse of None. Born 9-04-2010, died 8-19-2019. Age: 8y - Dau of Edmund & Janette Santos (Cantones) Wallace, Grdau of Antonio Cantones, b. Cebu City in the Philippines, d. Olean NY
WALLEN, Margaret A. (Karuch). Spouse of Peter M. Wallen. Born 1-23-1949, died 9-04-2018 - Dau of Charles & Leah Karuch, b. Olean NY, d. Charleston SC. A dental Hygienst. Wed 10-24-1970 in Olean NY, two sons. (Spouse survives)
WALLEY, Ella May, died 9-15-1870. Age: 1m 2d - [Children of TA & C.G. Walley] - Section b
WALLEY, John J. Born 1867, died 1942
WALLEY, Mary. Born 9-20-1881, died 10-6-1881. Age: 16d - [T.A.& C.G. Walley] - Section b
WALLEY, Mary. Spouse of Michael. Born 1829, died 1902 - [Mother]
WALLEY, Micahel. Spouse of Mary. Born 1825, died 1906 - [Father]
WALLEY, Olive C, died 11-11-1881. Age: 1y 3m 6d - [T.A.& C.G. Walley] - Section b
WALLEY, Rye P. Born 8-15-1881, died 4-17-1884 - Section A
WALLON, Andrew A. Spouse of Katherine. Born 1873, died 1939 - [Father] " - Section R Lot 51A
WALLON, Anna S. Spouse of Joseph J. Born 1903, died 1989 - Section 6 Lot 72
WALLON, Frank A. Born 1915, died 1979 - [Brother] - SI US Navy WW II - Section 5
WALLON, Joseph, J. Spouse of Anna S. Born 1910, died 1970 - Section 6 Lot 72
WALLON, Katherine. Born 1897, died 1957 - [Father] - Section 5
WALLON, Katherine. Spouse of Andrew, A. Born 1874, died 1958 - [Mother] - Section R Lot 51A
WALRATH, Anna. Born 1909, died 1910 - Section D
WALRATH, Mary. Born 1873, died 1919 - Section D
WALRATH, Mary K. Born 1882, died 1971 - Section D
WALRATH, Newton L. Born 1874, died 1965 - Section D
WALRATH, Walter H. Born 9-5-1906, died 7-11-1963 - NY PFC BTRY A 55 FD ARTY BN WW II - Section D
WALSH, Ann M. Born 1905, died 1988 - Section 1
WALSH, Austin Henry. Spouse of Margaret E., died 4-21-1992 - Wed 4-29-1950
WALSH, Barbara J. Born 6-19-1928, died 10-19-2020 - Dau of John J. and Celia (Phillips) Walsh. Born in Bolivar NY, lived in Allegany NY, died in Houghton NY. An elementery teacher for 43 years.
WALSH, Francis OFM. Born 11-28-1864, died 12-3-1928. Age: 64 - Born: Enniscorthy, Ireland - Died: Allegaany, NY - Ordained 1889 in Fulda, Germany - Franciscan Friars
WALSH, Honorah. Spouse of James, died 2-21-1898. Age: 62 - [Wife of James Walsh]
WALSH, James. Spouse of Mary. Born 1816, died 1899 - Section E
WALSH, James. Spouse of Honoran, died 12-12-1888. Age: 52
WALSH, Jillian F. (Becket). Spouse of John P. Walsh. Born 6-05-1930, died 10-21-2019 - Dau of Frank H. & Jean (Jarrett) Becket, b. London England, d. Loudenville NY, Immigrated to US in 1956. Wed 1960 in Birmingham AL, four children (Spouse survives)
WALSH, Joan M. (Metcalf). Born 9-29-1931, died 3-8-2020 - Dau of Charles and Julia (Evans) Metcalf. Born and lived in Olean NY, died in Bradford PA. Four children, sons surnamed Glendinning.
WALSH, JoAnne M. Born 4-7-1949, died 6-16-2008 - Dau of William and Helen (Perry) Walsh - Born: Jamestown, NY
WALSH, John, died 10-12-1886. Age: 21y 3m 12d - [Son of James & Honoran Walsh]
WALSH, John F. Born 1869, died 1951 - [Father] - Section D
WALSH, Joseph Francis "Joe". Born 10-14-1886, died 1-6-1967 - Professional baseball player 1910-1911. Catcher for the New York Highlanders.
WALSH, Kathleen. Born 1930, died 1931 - [Twins] - Section D
WALSH, Kathryn. Born 1875, died 1929 - [Mother] - Section D
WALSH, Kevin OFM, died 3-25-1964 - Franciscan Friars
WALSH, Malureen. Born 1930, died 1931 - [Twins] - Section D
WALSH, Margaret E. Spouse of Austin Henry. Born 8-20-1919, died 7-26-2005 - Dau of William John and Elizabeth Margaret (Russell) Ehbaueer - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Allegany, NY. Wed 4-29-1950 St. Mary of the Angels Church; Olean, NY
WALSH, Martin. Born 1877, died 1949 - Section D
WALSH, Mary. Spouse of Pierce. Born 1890, died 1957 - Section D
WALSH, Mary. Spouse of James. Born 1829, died 1899 - [His Wife] - Section E
WALSH, Mary Ellen, OSF. Born 3-17-1927, died 4-16-2020 - Dau of Edward J. Sr. and Bridget (Connolly) Walsh. Born in Malden MA, died in Allegany NY. A Franciscan Sister for 73 years.
WALSH, Mary M. Born 4-4-1934, died 10-10-2020 - Dau of Patrick and Freda (Koblinger) Walsh. Born in Olean NY, ived in NYC NY, died in Allegany NY. Longtime employee of IBM.
WALSH, Pierce. Spouse of Mary. Born 1889, died 1989 - Section D
WALSH, Sister Marie Catherine OFS, died 11-29-1995 - [RIP] - Section V Row 6
WALSH, Sister Mary Benedict OFS, died 12-11-1985 - [RIP] - Section V Row 4
WALSH, Sister Mary Lucian OSF. Born 11-4-1903, died 3-24-2005 - [RIP] Born as Katherine Ann Walsh in County Mayo Ireland to Patrick and Mary Ryan Walsh. Professed her final vows 8-16-1934 - Section V Row 6
WALSH, Sister Mary Patrina OFS, died 2-27-1998 - [RIP] - Section V Row 6
WALSH, Thomas R. Rev Msgr., died 12-02-2016 - Son of John J. & Celia (Phillips) Walsh, b. unstated, d. Cuba NY. Ordained 5-1953
WALSH, William J. "Bill". Born 12-6-1927, died 9-12-2008 - Son of Patrick and Freda (Koblinger) Walsh - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY - Had 9 brothers and sisters - WW II Vet, US Army, Guam
WALTER, Fr. Arnold OSF. Born 8-25-1902, died 3-8-1992. Age: 89 - [RIP] - Born: Warren, Pa. - Died: Ringwood N.J. - Ordained in 1929 - Franciscan Friars
WALTER, George. Spouse of Katherine. Born 1852, died 1922 - Section G
WALTER, George M., died 8-5-1884. Age: 7m 14d - [Son of George & Catherine Walter] - Section U
WALTER, Katherine. Spouse of George. Born 1845, died 1920 - Section G
WALTER, Mary. Born 1903, died 1961 - [Sister] - Section K
WALTON, Mare A. Spouse of James A. Born 1-1-1946, died 10-12-2000 - Dau of John and Genevieve (Karowitz) Poletek - Born: Olean, NY. Wed 7-17-1982
WALTON, Mary Johanna. Born 5-28-1884, died 4-22-1933 - Section E
WALTZ. Amandus C. Born 1882, died 1970 - Section I
WALTZ. Mary Magdalene "Mollie". Born 1888, died 1978 - Section I
WAMBOLT, Sr M. Leonard OFS, died 2--9-1963 - Section V Row 2
WARD, Anna. Born 1869, died 1882 - Section A
WARD, Anna G. Born 1869, died 1956
WARD, B. Born 1837, died 1892 - Section A
WARD, Catherine. Born 1849, died 1914 - Section D
WARD, Catherine. Spouse of John. Born 1856, died 1933 - [Mother] - Section I Lot 96A
WARD, Charles Mead. Spouse of #1 Donna (), #2 Kathi Knight. Born 9-30-1937, died 11-22-2021 - Son of Hamilton III and Madeline Ward. Lived in Allegany NY. A newspaperman and Publisher of Olean Times Herald. Three daughters with Donna, then divorced. Wed Kathi in 1985, two sons. (Spouse d. 1996) - Cold War Vet, USMC. 1959-1961 - Section 9
WARD, Dona G. (Pierce). Spouse of Jack. Born 7-15-1934, died 6-6-2020 - Dau of Nelson and Edith (Yeager) Pierce. Born in Pittsburgh PA, lived and died in Allegany NY. Wed in 1960 in Olean, three children. - Section 7
WARD, Elizabeth T. Born 1878, died 1933 - Section G
WARD, Fr Lawrence OSF. Born 1-31-1859, died 5-26-1903. Age: 44 - [RIP] [Reverend] - Born: Donegal, Ireland - Died: Buffalo, NY - Had TB - Ordained 6-20-1893 - Not sure why the headstone says OSF, since he is a Father, it should be OFM, which is how it is listed in the OBIT - Franciscan Friars
WARD, Henry B. Born 1843, died 1893
WARD, John. Spouse of Catherine. Born 1858, died 1929 - [Father] - Section I Lot 96A
WARD, John T. [Jack]. Spouse of Dona G. Pierce. Born 1932, died 1981 - Wed in 1960 in Olean, three children. - Korean War Vet, US Army Cpl - Section 7
WARD, Katherine M. (Knight). Spouse of Charles M. Born 1954, died 1996 - Wed Charles in 1985, two sons. - Section 9
WARD, Margaret H. Born 1845, died 1901
WARD, Mary M. Born 1881, died 1901 - Section D
WARD, Patrick. Born 1874, died 188_ - Section A
WARD, Patrick. Born 1883, died 1914 - Section D
WARD, Thomas J. Born 1867, died 1953
WARD, W. H. Born 1876, died 1924 - Section G
WARDEIN, Janet C. Spouse of John. Born 8-23-1938, died 6-30-2001 - Dau of Andrew M. and Mary M. Buchheit Clark, born in LAckawanna NY. Wed July 1 1967
WARE, Willard O. "Pete". Born 1927, died 1998 - Section 10
WARNER, Mary Pickett. Born 1892, died 1989
WARNER, Walter. Born 1889, died 1972
WARREN, Charles. Born 1884, died 1936
WARREN, Floosie. Born 1891, died 1895 - [Son of J.W. & M. Warren] stone very worn - Section D
WARREN, Jerome. Born 1881, died 1938 - [Son] - Section K
WARREN, Mary Burns - [Mother - Section K
WARTERS, Caroline M. Spouse of J. C. Born 1854, died 1909 - [Wife of J. C. Warters] - Section E
WARTERS, Ferdinand P. Born 1883, died 1893 - [Son of J. C. & C. M.] - Section E
WARTERS, Ferdinard. Born 1883, died 1893 - [Son of J. C. & C. M.] - Section E
WARTERS, Francis J. Spouse of Mary. Born 1840, died 1914 - Civil War Vet, Co H, 37th Inf NY Vols, Cpl. Enlisted 1861 at Allegany for three years. Wounded in Action 5-5-1962 at Williamsburgh [sic] VA. Discharged for disability 11-20-1861 [sic] at Fort McHenry Baltimore MD. (Carried as Waters)
WARTERS, Francis J. Spouse of Mary. Born 1840, died 1914 - Co. H 37th NY Vols. Inf.
WARTERS, Jacob C. Born 1849, died 1932 - Section E
WARTERS, John J. Spouse of Rosella C. Born 1851, died 1933 - [Father]
WARTERS, Julia Ann. Spouse of Robert John. Born 7-5-1933, died 4-3-2005 - Dau of Ralph and Julia Spry Howard. Born in Clermont PA, Licensed Practical Nurse
WARTERS, Lewis. Age: 7M 14d - Section D
WARTERS, Loretta Coffey. Born 1892, died 1941 - [Dau of J. C. & C. M.] - Section E
WARTERS, Mary. Spouse of Francis J. Born 1843, died 1931 - [His Wife]
WARTERS, Mary. Spouse of Francis J. Born 1848, died 1931
WARTERS, Mary Theresa. Born 9-21-1812, died 1-10-1896 - [His Wife] - Section E
WARTERS, Paul J. Born 1890, died 1974 - Section E
WARTERS, Peter. Born 1853, died 1931 - Section E
WARTERS, Robert John. Spouse of Julia Ann, died 4-18-1974 - Son of John J. and Rosella C. McGavisk Warters. Wed Nov. 8 1952 in Clermont PA
WARTERS, Rosa. Spouse of John J. Born 1861, died 1929 - McGavisk
WASHBURN, Dennis E. Spouse of Phyllis. Born 12-9-1941, died 5-4-2001 - Son of Wilbur and Virginia Palmatier Washburn, born in Olean NY. Wed April 19 1985 - Vietnam Vet, US Navy
WASHINGTON, Andrew Jr. Spouse of Ruth E. Glover. Born 10-12-1934, died 11-03-2017. Age: 83 - Son of Andrew Sr. & Anna (Benca) Washington, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 9-03-1961, two daughters. - Cold War Vet, US Army 1957-59
WASHINGTON, Frances J. Brink. Spouse of Michael Sr., died 10-7-2000 - Wed Jan 12 1946 in Olean NY
WASHINGTON, George. Born 4-19-1933, died 5-7-2006 - Son of Andrew and Anna Benca Washington
WASHINGTON, George. Spouse of Victoria F., died 6-26-1977 - Wed July 16 1938
WASHINGTON, Jean (McKenney). Spouse of John Washington Sr. Born 10-18-1937, died 10-28-2018 - Dau of John & Catherine McKenney, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 2-27-1960 in Allegany NY, five children. (Spouse survives)
WASHINGTON, Linda L. Spouse of Joseph P. Born 8-9-1944, died 4-10-2005 - Dau of William L. and Helen Bells Egbert, born in Weatherford TX
WASHINGTON, Michael Sr. Spouse of Frances J. Born 12-8-1917, died 2-24-2006 - Son of John and Anna Martin Washington - WW II Vet, US Army, Field Arty, Pacific
WASHINGTON, Ruth E (Glover) "Neen". Spouse of Andrew Washington. Born 6-29-1942, died 6-5-2023 - Dau of Joseph Lee & Helen (Griffin) Glover. Born, lived, and died in Olean NY. Wed 9-30-1961 in Olean, 2 daughters.
WASHINGTON, Victoria F. Spouse of George. Born 10-4-1919, died 4-5-2007 - Dau of Edward R. and Ida Kuhn Cook. Eleven children
WASKOW, Helen L. Spouse of Peter M. Born 12-14-1931, died 1-12-2005 - Dau of William and Lillian Squillano Pastore
WASKOW, Peter M. Spouse of Helen L., died 9-13-1994 - Wed May 5 1951
WASTYK, Steven M. Spouse of Connie. Born 2-15-1920, died 4-18-2012 - Son of Wasyl and Anna (?) Wastyk, born in Olean NY, d. Olean NY. Wife d. 1989, 3 children
WATERMAN, Andrew Scott. Spouse of Marie Matya. Born 2-5-1953, died 10-29-2006. Age: 53 - Son of Bryon and Joanne Ostrus Waterman, born in Chicago IL
WATERMAN, Marie Matya. Spouse of Andrew Scott, died 1992 - Wed June 1986
WATERS, Margaret F. Born 2-20-1015, died 10-29-2005 - Dau of Lawrence and Mary Waldeck Karl, born in Olean NY
WATKINS, Donald D. Born 9-13-1944, died 5-8-2000 - Born in Lafayette IN
WATKINS, Sister Mary Rose OSF. Born 1-20-1933, died 8-17-2008 - Born as Catherine Watkins in Alberta to Francis and Alberta Seabold Watkins
WAYNE, Earl W. Jr. "Buzz". Spouse of Madeling G. Born 12-24-1927, died 12-17-2007 - Son of Earl W. and Blanche Deasy Wayne Sr. - WW II Vet, US Army
WAYNE, Madeling G. Spouse of Earl W. Born 11-14-1931, died 9-20-2000 - Dau of Alfred and Olevine Godbout Caya, born in Olean NY. Wed Aug. 26 1950
WEAGRAFF, Dolores [Mickey]. Spouse of John Weagraff. Born 7-05-1931, died 7-11-2017 - Born in Olean NY, d. Fairport NY. Wed Aug 23 1952, two children.
WEAGRAFF, John F. Spouse of Dolores [Mickey]. Born 9-28-1927, died 7-16-2009 - Son of George A. and Katherine (Pingleton) Weagraff. Wed Aug 23 1952, two children - WW II Vet, US Navy
WEAKLAND, Bernard Harold. Spouse of #1 Pauline T. Balkeny, #2 Mary B. (Cristini) Tamatus. Born 12-23-1910, died 3-3-1996. Age: 85 - Born in Altoona PA. Wed 1928, at least two daughters. - Section L
WEAKLAND, Pauline T. (Balkeny). Spouse of Harold B. Born 1910, died 1957 - Wed 1928, at least two daughters. - Section L
WEAKLAND, Rose Marie. Born 5-8-1935, died 6-23-1940. Age: 5y - Dau of Bernard H. and Pauline (Balkeny) Weakland. - Section L
WEBER, Audrey Jean. Spouse of Carlyle H., died 3-5-2005 - Wed March 22 1941
WEBER, Carlyle H. [Spence]. Spouse of Audrey Jean. Born 5-1-1915, died 12-24-2009 - Son of George and Myrtle McElroy Weber, raised by aunt and uncle Edith and Theodore Fox
WEBER, Carmella A. Born 11-17-1915, died 10-13-2010 - Dau of Michael and Rose (Scinta) Abbott, born in Olean NY
WEBER, Donna G. Spouse of Harry [Bob]. Born 3-3-1951, died 5-3-2012 - Dau of Lester and Dorothy (Thomas) Rahn, born in Winona MN, d. Portville NY. Wed 9-08-1975 in Winona MN, 3 children survive (2 sons, 1 dau) - Vietnam Vet, US Navy, Nurse. 9/1971-3/1977
WEBER, Father - No other information
WEBER, Florence - No other information
WEBER, Frances A. Spouse of Raymond W. Born 10-15-1922, died 10-7-2008 - Dau of Berton and Fannie Burdic Murphy
WEBER, Mary - No other information
WEBER, Mother - No other information
WEBER, Raymond W. Spouse of Frances A., died 5-30-1983 - Wed July 18 1942
WEBER, Thomas E., died 11-29-2005 - Son of Raymond W. and Frances A. Murphy Weber
WEDLOCK, Ronald R. Spouse of Carol A. Sandburg, then companion of Marie Jankowski. Born 8-25-1945, died 6-08-2017. Age: 71y - Son of Raymond & Teresa (Mohr) Wedlock. Born, lived, and died in Olean NY. Worked 40 years at Dresser-Rand. Wed Carol 6-7-1969 who d. 8-6-1995, one son. - Vet US Army Reserve
WEHMEYER, Josephine A. [JoAnn]. Spouse of William A. Born 7-09-1936, died 7-07-2003 - Dau of Anthony and Josephine Vitale Marra b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA. Wed 12-27-1965
WEINMAN, John T., died 7-31-1933
WEINMAN, Mary B., died 12-2-1933
WEINMAN, Vincent Frederick Jr. Spouse of Sally A. Pepperdine. Born 10-2-1928, died 9-7-1970. Age: 31 - Son of Vincent F. Sr. and Mary (Turner) Weinman. Born in Olean NY, died in Polk County FL. Wed 1959, four children
WEIS, Elizabeth (McGavisk). Spouse of James Ernest. Born 7-25-1923, died 11-18-2008 - Wed Sept 1945
WEIS, Ella M. Spouse of Maximilian. Born 1860, died 1936
WEIS, Ernest McCormick. Spouse of Helen Welch. Born 1894, died 1979 - Son of Maximilian and Ella M. Weis
WEIS, Helen Welch. Spouse of Ernest McCormick. Born 9-10-1896, died 1965 - Dau of Mary Ring.
WEIS, Howard M. Born 1889, died 1976 - Son of Maximilian and Ella M. Weis
WEIS, James (Jimmy) M. Born 1961, died 1967 - Son of Peter T. and Kay M. (Cook) Weis
WEIS, James Ernest. Spouse of Elizabeth McGavisk. Born 3-2-1921, died 10-31-1970 - WW II Vet, US Navy, Lt Cmdr.
WEIS, Joseph P. Companion of Noreen Cook. Born 2-12-1963, died 1-17-2019 - Son of Peter & Kay (Cook) Weis, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY. Two sons, mother unclear.
WEIS, Kay M. (Cook). Spouse of Peter T. Born 1938, died 1974
WEIS, Leo P. Born 1891, died 1970 - Son of Maximilian and Ella M. Weis
WEIS, Maximilian. Spouse of Ella M. Born 1861, died 1912
WEIS, Peter T. Spouse of Kay M. Cook. Born 1936, died 1998
WELCH, Celestine (McLaughlin). Spouse of Chester P. Born 4-6-1921, died 5-13-2020. Age: 99 - Dau of James and Romaine (Griffin) McLaughlin. A teacher for over 39 years. Wed 12-27-1947 in Allegany, five children. - Section 9
WELCH, Charles E. Spouse of Margaret L. Born 1891, died 1966
WELCH, Charles E. Jr. [Dutch]. Spouse of Mary Cacciotti. Born 5-14-1932, died 7-18-2010 Age - Son of Charles F. [sic] Sr. and Laura (?) Welch, born in Olean NY. Wed 1957 at St. Mary of Angles Ch in Olean NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
WELCH, Chester Paul. Spouse of Celestine McLaughlin. Born 2-19-1921, died 4-10-1993. Age: 72 - Born in Allegany NY, died in Olean NY. Wed 12-27-1947 in Allegany, five children. - WW II Vet, US Army - Section 9
WELCH, Edward S. Spouse of V. Pearl. Born 1903, died 1969
WELCH, Frances S. Born 5-15-1923, died 7-7-2000 - Born in Olean NY
WELCH, Gertrude. Born 1901, died 1902 - Dau of Peter Welch
WELCH, Helen R. Spouse of Ivan C. Born 1-30-1926, died 12-3-2008 - Dau of Micheal and Bertha Smith Reidy, born in Elmira NY
WELCH, Ivan C. [Ike]. Spouse of Helen R., died 1-12-1979 - Wed Feb 18 1945 in Tacoma Wash.
WELCH, Joseph T. Spouse of #1 Helen Bickmire, #2 Nina Butts Harris. Born 12-08-1916, died 12-28-2002 - Son of William and Ellen Doran Welch, born in South Weymouth MA, d. Olean NY. Wed Nina on 6-17-1978 in Olean NY. Owner/operator Joseph T. Welch Associates of Buffalo
WELCH, M. Eileen (Cronin). Spouse of Ronald E. Welch. Born 10-03-1929, died 5-30-2018. Age: 88y - Dau of Patrick J. & Katherine E. (Prendergast) Cronin. Born in Olean NY, lived in Eldred PA, died in Buffalo NY. Wed 10-12-1963 in Olean NY, two children.
WELCH, Margaret L. Spouse of Charles E. Born 1892, died 1978
WELCH, Martin J. Spouse of Mary F. McGarvey. Born 11-02-1928, died 12-20-2016 - Son of John P. & Margaret (Kreitzer) Welch, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 10-10-1959 in Olean NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army. 1950-1952
WELCH, Mary F. (McGarvey). Spouse of Martin J. Born 10-21-1927, died 5-16-2007 - Dau of John and Alice Dailey McGarvey m. Oct 10 1959 in Olean NY,
WELCH, Michael J. Spouse of Nellie E. Born 1876, died 1967
WELCH, Nellie E. Spouse of Michael J. Born 1878, died 1969
WELCH, Nina M. (Butts) Harris. Spouse of #1 Elias Harris, #2 Joseph T. Welch. Born 3-3-1918, died 5-19-2012 - Dau of Lemuel and Bertie (Bosworth) Butts, born in Detroit-MI, d. Olean NY, Wed Elias 4-08-1940 (he d. 4-17-1967), 3 daughters. Wed Joseph on 6-17-1978 (he d. 12-28-2002)
WELCH, Paul J. [Wink". Spouse of Sharon A. Born 7-3-1942, died 9-14-2005 - Son of Donald and Alice Morgace Welch, Wed Mar 6 1971 - Vietnam Vet, US Navy
WELCH, Peter. Born 1869, died 1943
WELCH, Ronald F. Sr. Spouse of M. Eileen Cronin. Born 10-09-1932, died 5-10-2018. Age: 85y - Son of John P. & Margaret Ann (Kreitzer) Welch. Born, lived, and died in Eldred PA. Worked 41 years as a splicer for Bell/Verizon. Wed 10-12-1963 in Olean NY, two children.
WELCH, Sean M. Spouse of Terri Cooney. Born 10-24-1966, died 8-07-2017. Age: 50y - Son of Martin J. Sr. & Mary F. (McGarvey) Welch. Born in Olean NY, lived in Olean and Eldred PA, died 'at home'. A high school teacher for 26 years. Divorced from Terri, no children named.
WELCH, V. Pearl. Spouse of Edward S. Born 1897, died 1967
WELD, Elizabeth A. Born 1852, died 1910
WELD, Irving J. Born 1884, died 1943
WELLS, Sister Poverello OSF. Born 9-28-1925, died 2-8-2011 - Born as Dorothy Ann Wells in Grand Rapids MI to Harold and Viola (Fullum) Wells
WELSH, Anna (Walsh, Welch). Spouse of Patrick E. Born 3-10-1852, died 7-13-1929
WELSH, Helen M. Spouse of Leo C. Born 12-24-1918, died 1-6-2005 - cremated
WELSH, Leo C. Spouse of Helen M. Born 8-2-1921, died 1-20-2007 - cremated
WELSH, Leo C. Spouse of Reva E. Born 1894, died 1967
WELSh, Patrick E. (Walsh, Welch. Spouse of Anna. Born 1841, died 9-25-1909 - Born in Ireland
WELSH, Reva E. Spouse of Leo C. Born 1901, died 1986
WENDEL, Leo G. Spouse of Marie M. Born 1899, died 1969
WENDEL, Marie M. Spouse of Leo G. Born 1900, died 1971
WENKE, Charles F. III [Phred]. Spouse of Roxann Dobmeir. Born 1-26-1949, died 4-27-2012. Age: 63 - Son of Charles F. II and Martha (Gofran) Wenke, born in Olean NY, d. Rochester NY Wed 8/1982, 2 children - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
WENKE, Daniel. Born 7-21-1950, died 8-17-2000
WENKE, Kathleen T. Corson. Spouse of Robert W., died 11-24-1981 - Dau of Richard and Margaret Lundy Corson. Wed June 26 1954 in Olean NY
WENKE, Loren E. Spouse of Marian V. Hughes. Born 1-30-1921, died 11-20-2012 - Son of Peter and Mary (Nolder) Wenke, born in Olean NY. Wed 9-06-1947 at St. Mary of the Angels Ch in Olean NY (she d. 8-09-2008) - WW II Vet, US Army Pacific Theatre 1942-45
WENKE, Marian V. [Chub]. Spouse of Loren E. Born 9-11-1926, died 8-9-2008 - Dau of Elmer and Vena Hughes. Wed Sept 6 1947
WENKE, Mary A. Spouse of Peter P. Born 1887, died 1970
WENKE, Michael T. Born 8-02-1950, died 1-23-2015. Age: 64 - Son of Loren E. and Marian V. (Hughes) Wenke, b. Olean NY, d. Buffalo NY - Vietnam Vet, US Navy 1970-72
WENKE, Paul P. Spouse of Geraldine A. Corson. Born 6-29-1916, died 12-28-2010 - Son of Peter P. and Mary (Nolder) Wenke, born in Olean NY. Wed 6-14-1941 at St. John's Ch (she d. 8-25-2003), 4 children - WWII US Army, 125 Batt Eng, 14 Arm Div, Tec5
WENKE, Peter P. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1889, died 1972
WENKE, Richard J. Spouse of Ruth M. Born 12-24-1918, died 2-25-2005 - Son of Charles and Johanna Nolder Wenke - WW II Vet, US Army, 1st Armored Div, Africa and Europe
WENKE, Robert W. Spouse of Kathleen T. Born 11-17-1922, died 9-14-2004 - Son of Peter and Mary A. Nolder Wenke - WW II Vet, US Navy
WENKE, Ruth M. Lewis. Spouse of Richard J., died 6-19-1988 - Wed Jan 7 1941 in Salamanca NY
WENTZ, Agnes M. Spouse of Arthur L. Born 1914, died 1954
WENTZ, Arthur L. Spouse of Agnes M. Born 1919, died 2002
WESCOTT, Genevieve Flynn. Born 1907, died 1984
WESLEY, Blanche C. Spouse of Leo R. Born 9-9-1923, died 8-1-2010 - Dau of Stephen and Mary (Winnicki) Medwid, born in Olean NY. Wed 7-03-1948 at Transfig Ch in Olean NY
WESLEY, Leo R. Spouse of Blanche M. Born 4-19-1922, died 2-15-2007 - Son of Leopold and Juliana Mickolic Westley, retired Olean police officer - WW II Vet, US Army Medical Corps, Pacific. Bronze Star
WESLEY, Margaret E. Spouse of Frank E. Born 8-14-1929, died 7-16-2013 - Dau of William R. and Florence (Dittrick) Martin, born in Olean NY, d. Brookville PA, Husband d. 5-22-1986
WETHERBY, Ronald Jay. Spouse of Donna Zaleski. Born 2-06-1958, died 7-05-2018 - Son of Kendall & Carol (Thompson) Wetherby, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 5-23-1981 in Olean NY, three sons. (Spouse survives) - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Navy, Electrician 1979-83 & Navy Reserves
WHALEN, Alice V. Spouse of William J. Born 1901, died 1979
WHALEN, William J. Spouse of Alice V. Born 1898, died 1968
WHEELER, Frances D. (Loskey). Spouse of John A. Born 3-13-1930, died 10-18-2012 - Dau of Frank and Mary (Jonak) Loskey, born in Olean NY. Wed 1-27-1951 at Transfig Ch in Olean NY
WHEELER, John A. Spouse of Frances D. Loskey. Born 1-23-1928, died 2-11-2015 - Son of Avery and Mary Wheeler, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 1-27-1951 in Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Navy
WHITE, Fr. Gervase F.OFM. Born 8-13-1925, died 1-7-2002 - Born in Jessup PA. Ordained to the Roman Catholic priesthood in 1954 - WW II Vet, US Navy, 1943-1946
WHITE, James M. Spouse of Mary R. Born 1863
WHITE, Mary R. Spouse of James M. Born 1865, died 1947
WHITE, Melroy J. Sr. Spouse of #1 Thyrza Harline Clark, #2 Virginia M. Flynn. Born 5-26-1916, died 7-15-2004 - Son of Louis and Alice Andrews White b. Portville NY d. Olean NY
WHITE, Richard G. Spouse of Bernardine A. Suda. Born 1-23-1942, died 10-01-2016 - Son of Homer G. & Isabelle B. (Martin) White, b. Kenmore NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 11-23-1963 (she survives)
WHITE, Sister Mary Christine OSF. Born 7-23-1919, died 5-1-2009 - Born as Helen C. White to George and Helen Cotter White. Made final vows Aug 16 1948
WHITTON, Clarence. Spouse of Helen. Born 10-29-1913, died 1-7-2003 - Son of Arthur and Eva Brook Whitton
WHITTON, Elizabeth L. Born 6-27-1941, died 5-2-2012 - Dau of Walter and Josephine (Plewnarz) Suda, born in Olean NY, d. Olean NY. Two children Bd. parents' lot
WHITTON, Eva B. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1858, died 1931
WHITTON, Florence - No other information
WHITTON, Maude - No other information
WHITTON, Nora T. Born 1886, died 1942
WHITTON, Oscar J. Born 1885, died 1915
WHITTON, Raymond - No other information
WHITTON, Thomas. Spouse of Eva B. Born 1857, died 1903
WHITTON, Thomas L. Born 1887, died 1916
WIEDERMAN, Sophia. Born 1840, died 1918
WILCOX, Elizabeth M. Spouse of Owen W. Born 10-26-1918, died 11-15-2012 - Dau of Jacob and Frances (Barnick) Bucher, born in Allegany NY. Wed 9-06-1947 in Allegany NY (he d. 4-1961), Vet-WWII 2nd Lt US Army Nurses Corp
WILCOX, Gregory Thomas. Spouse of Betty Bjelland. Born 8-25-1954, died 10-31-2017 - Son of Donald G. & Catherine E. (Lyke) Wilcox, b. Olean NY, d. Austin TX. Divorced from Betty, no children named. - Uncategorized Vet, US Army. Germany
WILCOX, Judith L. Spouse of Wayne E. Born 9-30-1939, died 12-19- 2000 - Dau of Joseph and Martha O'Dell Cummiskey- b. Bradford PA- m. June 4 1960
WILCOX, Judith L. (Cummiskey). Spouse of Judith L., died 12-19-2000 - Wed June 4 1960 in Bradford PA
WILCOX, Wayne E. [Willie]. Spouse of Judith L. Born 8-18-1936, died 5-2-2005 - Son of Howard and Magdelene Hirliman Wilcox - Uncategorized Vet, US Army and Natl Guard
WILDER, Catherine M. Born 1869, died 1935 - Dau of Arthur and Catherine McCann McGinnis
WILES, James P. Spouse of Elizabeth J. Blood. Born 8-24-1925, died 12-27-1983 - Son of Thomas and Laura Lippert Wiles, born in Allegany NY - WW II and Korea Vet
WILEY, Francis J. Spouse of Kathleen E. Bushy. Born 3-27-1948, died 11-17-2021. Age: 73 - Son of John and Helen (Szadlowski) Wiley Jr. Born in Olean NY, died in Allegany NY. Three daughters with Kathleen, then divorced.
WILEY, Helen M. (Szadlowski). Spouse of John J. Wiley Jr. Born 8-22-1922, died 6-13-2017 - Dau of Matthew & Eva (Cal) Szadlowsk. Born, lived, and died in Olean NY, Wed 4-28-1947, three children.
WILEY, John Joseph Jr. Spouse of Helen M. Szadlowski. Age: 28 - Son of John J. Wiley Sr. Born in Centralia IL, lived in Humphrey NY and Randolph NY. Died in Great Valley. Dates conflict within obit info. Date of death is prob 10-31-1951. Age at death was 28. That makes birth year 1923, not 1893 as stated elsewhere in the obit. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Pfc. Served in Italy, 1943-1945
WILKINSON, David L. [Wilkie]. Spouse of Dale F. Born 7-22-1954, died 2-10-2016 - Son of Robert & Lillian (Hirliman) Wilkinson, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 8-13-1981 in Stafford TX (she survives)
WILKINSON, Lillian E. Spouse of Robert L. Born 1917, died 1973
WILKINSON, Robert L. Spouse of Lillian E. Born 1921, died 1988
WILLIAMS, Abraham. Born 1893, died 1937
WILLIAMS, Eileen E. (Dorson). Spouse of Harry L., died 8-1-2020. Age: 85 - Dau of William R. and Gertrude M. (Horan) Dorson. Lived in Olean NY and Port St. Lucie FL, died in Stuart FL. Wed 8-1-1953 in Olean, six children.
WILLIAMS, Eugene T. Spouse of Marie Gleason. Born 10-31-1919, died 8-24-2010 - Son of Claude and Anne (Donovan) Williams, born in Olean NY. Wed 10-25-1941 in Portville NY - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, UJS, 1942-45
WILLIAMS, Gerald F. Spouse of Patricia M. Born 7-8-1933, died 5-9-2009. Age: 75 - Son of Charles and Helen Fitzsimmons Williams. Wed Sept 27 1980 - Korean War Vet, US Army, 25th Inf
WILLIAMS, Harry Alexander [Hedgie]. Spouse of #1 Margaret Young. Born 10-9-1912, died 1-7-2007. Age: 94 - Son of John and Daisy (O'Brien) Williams. Wed Margaret in 1929, three children. - WW II Vet, US Army - Section 4
WILLIAMS, Harry Lavere. Spouse of Eileen E, Dorson, died 10-3-1975 - Son of Harry A. and Margaret L. (Young) Williams. Born in Olean NY. Wed 8-1-1953 in Olean, six children. - Korean War Vet, US Navy, AM3 - Section 6
WILLIAMS, John Duane [Dewey]. Spouse of Constance A. Chesner. Born 7-26-1930, died 1-25-2004 - Son of Harry A. and Margaret L. (Young) Williams b. Olean NY, d. DeFuniak Springs-FL. Wed 9-08-1951 in Olean NY - Korean War Vet, US Navy
WILLIAMS, Margaret L. Young. Spouse of 1st wife Harry A., died 6-10-1988 - Wed 1929, three children
WILLIAMS, Marie L. Spouse of Eugene T. Born 5-28-1922, died 3-12-2012 - Dau of Floyd and Myrtle (Baker) Gleason, born in Portville NY. Wed 10-25-1940 in Portville NY
WILLIAMS, Martha. Born 1873, died 1921
WILLIAMS, Mother. Born 1859, died 1918
WILLIAMS, Nancy J. Spouse of Robert R. Born 8-26-1954, died 6-22-2012 - Dau of Joseph and Rose (Schieler) Marowski, born in Olean NY. Wed 7-05-1975 in Olean NY (he d. 6-23-1982)
WILLIAMS, Patricia Mary. Spouse of Gerald F. Born 12-02-1929, died 11-19-2013. Age: 83 - Dau of Clare and Kathleen (McFadden) Hand, born in Olean NY, d. Wrightsville PA
WILLIAMS, Sister M. Gabriel Robert OSF. Born 10-4-1924, died 9-17-2004 - Born as Anne Mary Williams in Jamacia NY to Robert Thomas and Elizabeth (Conboy) Williams
WILLOVER, Evelyn. Spouse of Norman B. Born 7-17-1914, died 9-2-2009 - Dau of Frank and Mary [Minnie] Sirdevan Turock
WILLOVER, Norman B. Spouse of Evelyn, died 10-25-1944 - Wed 1931 - WW II, KIA
WILSON, Catherine M. Spouse of George F. Born 2-2-1904, died 7-8-1986
WILSON, Charles D. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1846, died 1916 - Civil War Vet, Co K 81st Inf NY Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Constantia for three years. Re-enlisted as a veteran 1-1-1864. Wounded in action 8-15-1864 at Petersburg VA. Discharged for disability caused by wounds 9-5-1865 at Albany NY
WILSON, D. James. Spouse of Elizabeth H., died 2-16-1996 - Wed Dec 26 1942
WILSON, Dorris Forness. Born 1899, died 1995
WILSON, Elizabeth. Spouse of Charles D. Born 1855, died 1936
WILSON, Elizabeth H. Spouse of D. James. Born 11-5-1923, died 12-15-2005 - Dau of Clyde W. and Catherine Wilson Nenno Sr.
WILSON, George F. Spouse of Catherine M. Born 10-19-1895, died 3-16-1971 - WW I Vet, US Navy NNY, Blacksmith2
WILSON, James W. Spouse of Stella E., died 12-20-1981 - Wed May 25 1940
WILSON, Mary. Born 1833, died 1919
WILSON, Stella E. Spouse of James W. Born 5-6-1914, died 7-29-2006 - Dau of Michael and Mary N. Hapak Mayarczyk
WIND, Jean Marie. Spouse of Donald M. Born 6-18-1950, died 9-11-2006 - Dau of Bernard F. and Ruth Bleem Suchora
WINDNAGLE, John H. Born 12-16-1937, died 3-16-2011 - Son of George and Loretta (Fagullar) Windnagle, born in Lancaster NY
WINICKI, Agnes Rudzinski. Spouse of John - No other information
WINICKI, Clara L. (Skala). Spouse of Leon E. Winicki. Born 4-22-1920, died 5-01-2017 - Dau of John & Agnes Skala. Born, lived, and died in Olean NY. Three children. (He d. 1977)
WINICKI, Frank R. Spouse of Marjorie M. Born 10-17-1922, died 5-13-2005 - Son of Walter and Josephine Chrzan Winicki - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
WINICKI, John. Spouse of Agnes Rudzinski - No other information
WINICKI, Marjorie M. (Drake). Spouse of Frank R., died 4-30-1990 - Wed April 19 1947
WINNISKI, Bronislawa. Born 1896, died 1913
WINTERMANTEL, Edward. Spouse of Marjorie Kerns. Born 8-1-1923, died 3-10-2012. Age: 88 - Son of Dr. Joseph and Jeanette (Waldorf) Wintermantel, an inventor. Born in Allegany NY. Wed 6-07-1947 - WW II Vet, US Army, medic and engineer
WINTERMANTEL, Jeannette Waldorf. Spouse of Joseph A. M.D. Born 4-11-1894, died 3-4-1979
WINTERMANTEL, Joseph A. Spouse of Jeannette W. Born 3-12-1897, died 4-6-1973 - A Medical Doctor
WINTERMANTEL, Marjorie K. Spouse of Edward. Born 1-30-1924, died 7-31-2010 - Dau of Daniel Vincent and Aline (Latimer) Kerns, born in Olean NY. Wed 6-07-1947 at St. Bonaventure Ch in Allegany NY
WIRTH, Edward. Spouse of Winifred Catherine Dr., died 8-5-1979 - Wed June 22 1937 in St Bonaventure Church
WIRTH, Winifred Catherine Dr. Spouse of Edward. Born 9-10-1916, died 12-18-2006 - Dau of Edwin Adam and Clara Eve Bucher Peozeller, was an educater
WISNIEWSKI, Jean M. Born 6-21-1936, died 1-16- 2000 - Dau of James M. and Virginia M. Jewell Wisniewski
WISNIEWSKI, John. Spouse of Victoria. Born 1846, died 1914
WISNIEWSKI, Victoria. Spouse of John. Born 1851, died 1912
WITTER, Lynn M. Spouse of Jeffery J. Born 11-5-1961, died 8-23-2006 - Dau of James and Sylvia Hoffmanm. April 12 1986 was a NYS Women's Kung-Fu champion at 14
WITZ, Hattie. Spouse of Xavier. Born 1868, died 1917
WITZ, Xavier. Spouse of Hattie. Born 1867, died 1937
WLEKER, Mary E. Born 1862, died 1942 - [Mother] - Section T
WOJCIK, Anna E. Spouse of Walter E. Born 3-27-1917, died 9-29-1995
WOJCIK, Franciszek. Spouse of Victoria. Born 1889, died 1972
WOJCIK, James E. Born 3-15-1962, died 8-9-2021 - Son of ? and Mary Ann Wojcik-Eaton. Born, lived, and died in Olean NY. Owner/operator of J. Wojcik Contracting. Four children, mother not named.
WOJCIK, Jan S. Spouse of Sophie R. Born 2-12-1897, died 2-22-1948. Age: 51 - Child of Wojciech Wojcik
WOJCIK, Joseph S. Spouse of Gertrude Kwiatkowski. Born 4-10-1906, died 2-10-1989 - Son of Wojciech and Marianna Parzymieso Wojcik (Woodgie)
WOJCIK, Peter. Spouse of Catherine Budaj, died 3-2-1929 - Father of Sophie and Michael Wojcik
WOJCIK, Victoria. Spouse of Franciszek. Born 1885, died 1968
WOJCIK, Walter E. Spouse of Anna E. Born 3-15- 1916, died 3-29-1966
WOJTOWICZ, Annette V. Shembeda. Spouse of Stanley, died 1-19-1982 - Wed May 6 1939 in Bradford PA
WOJTOWICZ, Stanley [Stosh]. Spouse of Annette V. Born 11-15-1909, died 6-9-2005 - Son of Anthony and Victoria Wojtowicz. Owned Duke's Grill
WOLFGANG, Linda L. (Lemmer). Companion of John Windnagle. Born 3-28-1940, died 9-15-2020 - Dau of Robert and Margaret (Voorhees) Lemmer. Born, lived, and died in Olean NY. A nurse. Four children, father not named. (Companion survives)
WOLVERTON, Dorothy M. Spouse of Paul A. Born 1910, died 1992
WOLVERTON, Paul A. Spouse of Dorothy M. Born 1907, died 1995
WONG, Mary Agnes, Sister OSF. Born 10-23-1920, died 10-5-2006 - Dau of Alfred and Lily Chin Wong. Took final vows Aug 16 1948
WOOD, Marion R. Spouse of William A. Born 6-24-1915, died 4-14-2007 - Dau of Howard and Ethel B. Brouckshaw Rogers, home economics teacher. DAR
WOOD, William A. Spouse of Marion R, died 7-31-1994 - Wed in Great Valley NY Sept 19 1936
WOODGIE, George. Spouse of Marianna. Born 1862, died 8-24-1920 - Son of Josef and Agatha Skotnik Wojcik- "aka Wojciech Wojcik"
WOODGIE, Gertrude S. Spouse of Joseph S. Born 2-10-1914, died 5-16-2007 - Dau of Joseph and Sophia Skala Kwiatkowski, oldest of 12 children. Wed May 22 1934
WOODGIE, Joseph S. Spouse of Gertrude S. Born 4-10-1906, died 2-10-1989 - Son of Wojciech and Marianna Parzymieso Wojcik
WOODGIE, Louis J. Spouse of Janice Carey Stayer. Born 4-3-1939, died 12-24-2010 - Son of Joseph and Gertrude (Kwiatkowski) Woodgie, born in Olean NY
WOODGIE, Mary A. (Parzymieso). Spouse of Wojciech. Born 8-22-1863, died 7-11-1931 - Dau of Wojciech and Anna Kasper Parzymieso
WOODGIE, Stephen F. Born 12-9-1900, died 7-12-1997 - Son of Wojciech and Marianna Parzymieso Wojcik, born in Poland. [surname trnsitioning to Woodgie]
WOODS, David M. Cpl. Spouse of Tammy B. Born 10-2-1976, died 5-9-2008 - Son of Daniel and Marie Robak Woods. Wed Sept 15 2007 - Uncategorized Vet, USMC
WOODS, Francis E. Spouse of Virginia M. Born 1897, died 1979 - WW I Vet, US Army, pl
WOODS, Lillian Margretta (Cronin). Spouse of John M. Born 2-07-1923, died 10-03-2014 - Dau of Patrick and Katherine (Prendergast) Cronin, b. Olean NY, d. Anchorage AK, Wed 1-05-1952 in Olean NY (he d. 1983)
WOODS, Timothy, died 2004 - Son of William T. Woods
WOODS, Virginia M. Spouse of Francis E. Born 1910, died 1963
WOODS, William T. Spouse of #1 Karen Black, #2 Nancy Hiltner. Born 8-5-1935, died 4-11-2010 - Son of F. Edwin and Virginia (Larkham) Woods, born in Oil City PA. Wed Karen 9-21-1957 in Olean NY. Wed Nancy on 10-03-1997 in Dover NJ - Uncategorized Vet, USMC
WORTH, Ann Marie (Moses). Spouse of John R. "Jack" Worth. Born 4-14-1939, died 7-25-2018. Age: 79 - Dau of Joseph & Josephine (Nohra) Moses. Born, lived, and died in Olean NY. Worked 40 years at Community Bank. Wed. 10-03-1959, four children. (he d. 3-28-2008)
WORTH, Annette Marie, died 10-10-1960 - Dau of John R. Sr. and Ann M. (Moses) Worth. - Section L
WORTH, John R. Sr. [Jack]. Spouse of Ann Marie Moses. Born 12-19-1939, died 3-28-2008 - Son of Herbert and Virginia V. (Stuart) Worth.Born and lived in Olean NY, died in Buffalo NY. Worked 44 years for Dresser Rand. Wed 10-03-1959, four children. - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force
WUEST, Martha. Spouse of A. Born 1887, died 1919
WULFF, Wanda L. Spouse of #1 Frank A. Leute Jr, #2 Thomas P. Maher, #3 Rhinehart Wulff. Born 8-26-1911, died 2-25-2007 - Dau of George and Theresa Meek, born in Helenville WI. Frank d. 7-11-1938; Thomas d. 7-17-1975; Rhinehart d. 3-29-1987
WURSCH, John [Sarge]. Spouse of Mary E., died 10-4-1983 - Wed May 2 1945
WURSCH, Mary E. Spouse of John. Born 3-21-1919, died 8-4-2007 - Dau of Thomas and Alice Meaney Fleming - WW II Vet, US Army, nurse
WURTZ, Carole A. Born 10-02-1925, died 11-09-2015 - Dau of Lewis & Helen (Schumacher) Wurtz, b. West Valley NY, d. Allegany NY
WYNDHAM, Sister Catherine Patricia OSF. Born 10-30-1912, died 2-15-2011 - Dau of Patrick and Catherine (O'Malley) Wyndham
WYNDHAM, Sister Mary Benigna OSF. Born 12-5-1910, died 12-16-2006 - Born as Barbara Anne Wyndham in Lettermore County Galway Ireland to Patrick and Catherine O'Malley Wyndham. Made final vows on Aug 16 1939
WYVIORKA, Jeanette M. Spouse of Joseph J. Jr. Born 2-02-1930, died 11-02-2004 - Dau of Joseph and Mary Kaydos Stanek b. Olean NY d. Olean NY. Wed 10-28-1950 in Olean NY
WYVIORKA, Joseph J. Jr. Spouse of Jeanette M. Born 8-1-1924, died 12-8-2006 - Son of Joseph J. and Rose (Bandzera) Wyviorka Sr.


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