ST. Bonaventure Cemetery

Village of Allegany, NY
Across the road from St. Bonaventure University
Transcribed & Submitted by Gayle Tompson


PAAR, Carl L. Spouse of Dorothy Worrell. Born 3-28-1921, died 10-2-1999 - Son of John and Frances (Korydon) Paar - Born: St. Mary's, PA. Wed 3-6-1943 in Lakeworth FL, three sons. - WW II Vet, US Army, Sept. 7 1942-July 1945
PAAR, Dorothy E. (Worrell). Spouse of Carl L. Paar. Born 6-13-1920, died 4-11-2018. Age: 97y - Dau of Frank W. & Bessie (Gaffney) Worrell, b. Springhill twp PA, d. Olean NY. Wed 3-6-1943 in Lakeworth FL, three sons.
PACER, Mary. Born 1845, died 1921 - [Mother]
PACIORKOWSKI, Stanley T. Spouse of Theresa Dorothy, died 11-8-2002 - Wed 10-24,1953 Salamanca, NY
PACIORKOWSKI, Theresa Dorothy. Spouse of Stanley T. Born 6-15-1930, died 9-23-2006 - Dau of Joseph and Sophia (Skrypczak) Kurlej
PACKARD, Anna H. Spouse of Mark, died 11-24-1922 - Section B
PACKARD, Mark. Spouse of Anna H, died 5-1-1935 - Section B
PACOREK, Paul. Born 1878, died 1952 - Section 4
PADDEN, James J. Spouse of Lucy M. Born 10-30-1938, died 8-28-2008 - Son of Patrick and Margaret (O'Donnel) Padden. Wed 4-4-1964 in Olean NY, two daughters. - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
PADDEN, Lucy J. (McGraw). Spouse of James J. Padden. Born 11-15-1940, died 5-30-2018 - Dau of Robert & Victoria (Sal) McGraw, b. Olean NY, d. West Chester PA. A secretary for 25 years at Cooper Power Systems. Wed 4-04-1964 in Olean NY, two daughters.
PADDEN, Mary Ann B. Spouse of Patrick E. Born 1-9-1935, died 4-11-2008 - Dau of Samuel J. Cottone and Helen E. (Daniels) Germack
PADDEN, Patrick Eugene. Spouse of Mary Ann B., died 6-2-1990 - Son of Patrick T and Margaret (O'Donnell) Padden. Wed 9-16-1973
PADLO, Adolph C. Spouse of Anna C. Born 2-14-1906, died 4-16-1974
PADLO, Amelia H. Born 10-12-1912, died 9-11-2002 - Dau of Joseph and Helen (Odbierzechleb) Padlo
PADLO, Ann. Spouse of Leon J. Born 4-21-1924, died 12-10- 2001 - Dau of Paul and Anastasia (Lega) Pancio - Born: Olean, NY - wed 5-18-1946
PADLO, Anna Caroline. Spouse of Adolph C. Born 2-27-1914, died 3-5-1981 - Dau of George and Mary (Kopec) Banka
PADLO, Anna M. (Lucyszyn). Spouse of Joseph F. Padlo. Born 6-07-1921, died 6-22-2016. Age: 95y - Dau of John & Mary (Blaha) Lucyszyn, b. unstated, d. unstated, Wed 56 yrs
PADLO, Bernice R. Born 1918, died 1920 - Section E
PADLO, Boleslaus J. Spouse of Stella A., died 9-11-1973 - Wed 5-16-1922
PADLO, Carol M. (Rucinski). Spouse of Edward J. Born 12-22-1938, died 4-29-2016 - Dau of Frank & Mary (Rogers) Rucinski, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 7-13-1957
PADLO, Edward J. [Farmer]. Spouse of Carol M. Rucinski. Born 8-22-1933, died 6-19-2007 - Son of Michael J. and Leona (Hamburg) Padlo- died of a heart attack while playing golf - Korean War Vet, US Army
PADLO, Florence. Born 1916, died 1934 - [In Loving Memory]
PADLO, Gerald L. Spouse of Sherry. Born 12-6-1942, died 12-14-2003 - Son of Adolph C. and Anna C. (Balon) Padlo - Olean Barber - Uncategorized Vet, US Army Reserves
PADLO, John. Born 11-30-1936, died 11-30-1936 - [Born & Died]
PADLO, John M. Born 1937, died 1998 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
PADLO, John Thomas Jr. Born 1-20-1913, died 7-31-2011 - Son of John Thomas and Anna (Kolodziej) Padlo Sr - "Kook" - Born: Olean, NY - WW II Vet, US Army
PADLO, Joseph F. Spouse of Anna M. Lucyszyn. Born 4-26-1912, died 2-11-1995 - Son of Jacob and Mary (Polenek) Padlo Born in Olean NY. Wed 56 yrs
PADLO, Julian. Born 1914, died 1928 - Section O
PADLO, Leon J. Spouse of Ann Pancio, died 8-1- 1978
PADLO, Leona L. Hamburg. Spouse of Michael J. Born 8-3-1913, died 8-29- 2000 - Wed June 1932 - Born: Olean, NY
PADLO, Michael J. [Jim]. Spouse of Leona L. Born 12-21-1909, died 2000 - Born: Olean, NY
PADLO, Raymond J. Born 8-12-1933, died 6-12-2019 - Son of Adolph "Shorty" & Anna (Balon) Padlo, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY - Cold War Vet, US Army 1953-55
PADLO, Regina G. [Jean]. Born 4-23-1920, died 12-4-1999 - Dau of Jacob and Mary (Polanek) Padlo
PADLO, Regina I. Spouse of Edward T. Born 5-8-1922, died 5-7-2010 - Dau of Olivar [sic] and Roseanna (St. Laurent) Caya - Born: Sherbrooke Quebec, Canada. Wed 5-13-1950 Olean, NY (he d. 2-20-1993)
PADLO, Robert J. Spouse of Loretta R. Krenzer. Born 8-9-1934, died 6-26-2001 - Son of Boleslaus J. and Stella A. (Kukulka) Padlo - Born: Olean, NY. Wed 5-26-1966 - Cold War Vet, US Army. Germany 1954-1957 -
PADLO, Rose M. Born 12-7-1914, died 11-29-2004 - Dau of Joseph and Helen (Odbierzechleb) Padlo
PADLO, Stella A. Spouse of Boleslaus J. Born 9-28-1903, died 6-15-2001 - Dau of George and Marcyanna (Chcilcia) Kukulka - Born: Olean, NY. Wed 5-16-1922
PADLO, Virginia T. Spouse of Joseph J. [Blackie]. Born 12-05-1915, died 10-05-2004 - Dau of Frank and Josephine Splawski - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Salamanca, NY. Wed 7-31-1941 Olean, NY
PAGE, Fred B. Spouse of Winifred W. Born 1902, died 1977 - Fire Dept. Flag
PAGE, Winifred W. Spouse of Fred B. Born 1900, died 1989
PAGLIAROLI, Josephine Ann, died 4-3-2016. Age: 92 - Dau of Giacomo and Teresa (Carucci) Pagliaroli - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Las Vegas, NV - Pagliaroli Mausoleum
PALMER, Filomena. Spouse of Frank. Born 1890, died 1973 - Section T
PALMER, Frank. Spouse of Filomena. Born 1884, died 1936 - Section T
PALMER, Genevieve M. Spouse of Frank T. Born 3-19-1914, died 3-18-2003 - Dau of Antonio and Maria Capozzelli - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Guilderland, NY - Wed 4-02-1932 Allegany, NY
PALMER, John, died 1-4-1873. Age: 1y 8m 21d - Section D
PALON, Ann E. Born 9-9-1871, died 3-28-1872. Age: 6m 19d - Ann & Daniel, Stones adjoined [Twin children of Geo. & Margaret Pilon] - Section D
PALON, Daniel. Born 9-9-1871, died 8-13-1872. Age: 11m 4d - Ann & Daniel, Stones adjoined [Twin children of Geo. & Margaret Pilon] - Section D
PALUMBO, Anthony. Spouse of Marguerite A. Born 9-14-1930, died 6-21-2000 - Born: Olean, NY. Wed 10-12-1987
PALUMBO, Dominick. Born 1872, died 1942 - Section 4
PALUMBO, Elizabeth I. (McGinnity) [Betty]. Spouse of John B. Palumbo. Born 7-03-1927, died 9-28-2018 - Dau of Edward H. & Gertrude G. (McCabe) McGinnity, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 9-03-1949 in Olean NY, seven children. (he d. 3-05-2004)
PALUMBO, John B. Spouse of Elizabeth I. McGinnity. Born 4-10-1921, died 3-5-2004. Age: 82 - Son of Raffaelo and Rose (D'Attilo) Palumbo. Born, lived, and died in Olean NY. A draftsman for 35 years at Acme Electric in Cuba NY Wed 9-3-1949 at St. John's in Olean, seven children. - WW II Vet, US Army 174th Inf Div. 1939-1945. Africa nd Europe.Purple Heart and Bronze Star among other medals.
PALUMBO, L. Joan. Spouse of Ralph. Born 10-22-1933, died 3-15-2013 - Dau of Robert and Rena (Vecellio) Cotton - Born: Lewis Run, Pa - Died: Buffalo, NY. Wed 5-28-1954 Olean, NY
PALUMBO, Marguerite A. [Peg]. Spouse of Anthony. Born 8-21-1940, died 8-22-2003 - Dau of John J. and Frances M. (Burger) Handley - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY. Wed 10-12-1987 St. John's Church; Olean, NY
PALUMBO-PEARL, Frances M. Born 1938
PANADO, Andrew W. Spouse of Florence C. Born 1907, died 6-2-1988 - Wed 1-6-1941 Salamanca, NY - Section 8, 246
PANADO, Florence C. Spouse of Andrew W. Born 12-12-1911, died 11-11-2006 - Dau of Simon and Anne (O'Brien) Conway - Section 9, 246
PANADO, Frances H. Spouse of John P. Born 1907, died 1996 - Section 8, 246
PANCIO, Andrew. Spouse of Teresa A. Grandusky. Born 5-21-1925, died 4-5-2000 - Son of John and Nellie (Pushkar) Pancio - Born: Olean, NY Died: Cuba, NY. Wed 6-17-1949 St. John's Church in Olean, NY
PANCIO, Ann E. Born 1917, died 1980 - Section 2, 202
PANCIO, Catherine. Born 2-10-1931, died 6-10-1943 - Dau of John and Anastasia Pancio
PANCIO, Helen, died 2-4-2008. Age: 82 - Dau of John and Nellie (Pushkar) Pancio - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Van Duyn Home & Hospital
PANCIO, John E. Born 1915, died 1960 - Section 2, 202
PANCIO, Lois M. Spouse of Paul J - Section 2, 202
PANCIO, Paul. Born 1915, died 1917 - Section E
PANCIO, Paul. Born 8-22-1932, died 12-28-2014 - Son of John and Nellie (Pushkar) Pancino - Born Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY - own television service repair business, Pancio's TV Service -basic training at Sampson Air Force Base and became proficient as a GCA radar mechanic at Keesler Air Force Base. He was stationed at Kimpo Air Force Base, Korea, and Connelly Air Force Base, Waco, Texas. At the time of his discharge, he was an airman first class. He was awarded the National Defense Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Korean Service Medal and United Nations Service Medal - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
PANCIO, Paul. Spouse of Anastasia Lega. Born 8-13-1967, died 2/6/1890
PANCIO, Paul J. [Butch]. Spouse of Lois M. McCullough. Born 1-11-1942, died 6-5-2001 - Son of John P. and Ann (Grega) Pancio - Born: Olean, NY - wed 12-26-1964 - Section 2, 202
PANTANO, Helen A. Bender. Spouse of Vincent J., died 10-30-1997 - Wed 6-21-1952
PANTANO, Rebecca L. Spouse of Pete. Born 12-14-1960, died 3-22-2014 - Dau of Gerald and Doris (Nitsche) Gore - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY
PANTANO, Vincent J. Spouse of Helen A. Born 6-9-1922, died 10-23-2009 - Son of Filippo and Antonina (Zabardo) Pantano - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 31st Bomb Squad, TSgt
PANUS, Arlene M. Spouse of Raymond J. Born 12-6-1928, died 5-11-2006 - Dau of Max F. and Mary (Truby) Olkosky
PANUS, Barbara Adele (Edmund). Spouse of Henry J. Panus. Born 3-13-1934, died 1-21-2017 - Dau of Robert Lewis Edmond and Mary Regina Bricks (Edmond) [sic]. Born in N. Hornell NY, d. Springville NY. An elementary teacher for 36 years. Wed 11-30-1957, five children. (he d. 5-26-2007)
PANUS, Henry J. Spouse of Barbara A. Panus. Born 2-17-1930, died 5-26-2007 - Son of Walter Panus Wladylau Panusz and Tekla Bahyrycz - Investigator for NYS Police. Wed 11-30-1957, five children. - Korean War Vet, US Navy, OM2
PANUS, Joanne. Spouse of Mark V. Born 3-10-1955, died 9-15-2015 - Dau of Arthur and Georgianna (Farrayeh) Fritz - Born: North Kingstown, R.I. - Died: Olean, NY. Wed 9-2-1975 St. Mary of the Angels Church; Olean, NY
PANUS, Julia J. (Mater). Spouse of Michael F. Born 1879, died 1940 - Husband d. between 1925-1930. - Section O
PANUS, Mary Josephine, died 4-30-1936 - Section E
PANUS, Raymond J. Spouse of Arlene M., died 6-28-1988 - Son of Walter Panus Wladylau Panusz and Tekla Bahyrycz
PAPASERGI, Guy D. Spouse of Vivian S. Dutton. Born 5-13-1936, died 1-17-2010. Age: 73 - Son of Domenic and Mary (Anzivine) Papasergi. Wed 9-21-1957 - Section 9
PAPASERGI, Shirley A. (Foster). Spouse of William G. Born 6-5-1935, died 8-21-2021. Age: 86 - Dau of Eugene and Irene (Lippert) Foster. Born and lived in Allegany NY. Wed 6-9-1956 in Allegany, five children. (Spouse d. 3-1-2018) - Section 9
PAPASERGI, Vivian S. (Dutton). Spouse of Guy D. Born 10-11-1934, died 12-7-2020. Age: 80 - Dau of Albert L. and Louise E. (Marshall) Dutton. Born in Portville NY, died in Allegany NY. Wed 9-21-1957 - Section 9
PAPASERGI, William G. Spouse of Shirley A. Foster. Born 8-20-1934, died 3-1-2018. Age: 83 - Son of Domenic and Mary J. (Anzivine) Papasergi. Born Olean NY, lived in Allegany NY. Wed 6-9-1956 in Allegany, five children. - Korean War Vet, USMC, Cpl. - Section 9
PARISH, Nellie T. Born 1872, died 1940 - Buried with John & Mary (Gorman) Taggerty - Michael on the bottom - Section B
PARKE, Richard A. Born 8-8-1934, died 8-12-2005 - Son of Warren and L. Pearl (Dunbar) Parke - Formerly Wed Barbara Barto Weaver and Beverly Bitterman Aloi - Teacher - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
PARKER, Florence M. Born 1880, died 1884 - Section A
PARKER, Marcia N. Born 1878. Age: 8m - Section A
PARKER, Nora B. Spouse of W. D. Born 1861, died 1893 - Section A
PARKER, Raymond L. Spouse of Rose I. Born 1893, died 1963
PARKER, Rose I. Spouse of Raymond L. Born 1904, died 1981
PARKER, W.D. Spouse of Nora - Section A
PARKS, Alice C. Spouse of Walter S. Born 8-11-1919, died 9-29-2014. Age: 95 - Born: Buffalo, NY - Died: Bradford, PA. Wed 8-15-1942 (he Died: 5-04-2013) - Section L2
PARKS, Edward E Sr. Born 8-25-1895, died 2-25-1948 - WW I Vet, US Army, 308th MG Bn 78 Div, Pfc (from PA) - Section L2
PARKS, Edward E. Jr. [Sonny]. Born 1933, died 1935 - Section L2
PARKS, Joseph R. Born 1936, died 1996
PARKS, Walter, S. Spouse of Alice Chmura - Born: Buffalo, NY - wed 8-15-1942 Cheektowaga, NY. Eagle Scout - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy from 1936-1942
PARRIS, Sister Adrian Marie OSF, died 9-29-1982 [RIP] - Section V, Row 3
PARRIS, Sister Marie Antonine OSF, died 4-27-1983 [RIP] - Section V, Row 4
PASCALE, Lory A. Spouse of Vincent. Born 4-26-1962, died 7-26-2000 - Dau of Edward and Sandra O'Brien - Mother of Vincent and Amber Pascale
PASCUCCI, Candida J. Born 1918, died 1982 - Dau of Nazzerano and Emma (Persicilli) Pascucci
PASCUCCI, Christopher M. Born 4-11-1956, died 5-6-1956
PASCUCCI, Dean R. Born 6-7-1938, died 4-13-2007 - Son of Nazzerano and Emma (Persicilli) Pascucci - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Cuba, NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
PASCUCCI, Dean R. Born 6-7-1938, died 4-13-2007 - Son of Nazzerano and Emma Persicilli Pascucci - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
PASCUCCI, Janette G. Spouse of Mario F. Born 9-27-1928, died 2-17-2013. Age: 84 - Dau Of Samuel and Mary (Scardemaglia) Giunta - Born Brooklyn, NY - Died Olean, NY. Wed 1948 St. Mary of the Angels Church; Olean, NY
PASCUCCI, Mario F. Spouse of Janette G, died 9-7-1971
PASCUCCI, Michael Anthony. Born 8-03-1948, died 6-06-2017 - Son of Orlando F. & Mary L. (Sturm) Pascucci. Born, lived, and died in Olean NY. One son.
PASCUCCI, Paul V. Spouse of Virginia M. Born 1923, died 1981 - Son of Nazzerano and Emma (Persicilli) Pascucci - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
PASCUCCI, Pierina F. Born 1921, died 1998 - Dau of Nazzerano and Emma (Persicilli) Pascucci
PASCUCCI, Virginia M. Spouse of Paul V. Born 1923, died 1990
PASSERINO, John L. Spouse of Lucy A., died 8-31-1992 - Wed 6-14-1947 St. Mary of the Angels Church; Olean, NY
PASSERINO, Lucy A. Spouse of John L. Born 1-13-1920, died 4-30-2005 - Dau of Michael and Mary (Pascarella) Bean - Born: Olean, NY - Died: 4-30-2005 - wed 6-14-1947 St. Mary of the Angels Church; Olean, NY
PASTORE, Lillian P. (Suuillano). Spouse of William. Born 1914, died 1995 - [Hail Mary Holy Mary]
PASTORE, William. Spouse of Lillian P. Born 1904, died 1966 - [Hail Mary Holy Mary]
PATITUCE, Agnes Q. Spouse of Vincent J.
PATITUCE, Vincent J. Spouse of Agnes Q.
PATRIZI, Beatrice M. Born 10-15-1930, died 8-23-2015. Age: 84 - Arthur J. and Janet (Eaton) Mohr - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Leon, NY [Daughter]
PATRIZI, E. A. Born 1928, died 1943 - Section 4
PATRIZI, John Peter. Spouse of Marianna
PATRIZI, Marianna. Spouse of John Peter. Born 9-17-1910, died 11-13-2005 - Dau: Prospero and Elizabeth (Garmarco) MelfiBorn - Born: Gorgoglione, Italy - Died: 1954. Wed Angelo Martino
PATTARINI, Sister M. Jolenta OSF, died 5-9-1955 [RIP] - Section V, Row 1
PATTERSON, Gilbert. Born 1877, died 1935 - "WW I Vet, US Army, HQ Co 78TH Div
PATTERSON, Sister M. Cleophas OSF, died 3-11-1955 [RIP] - Section V, Row 1
PATUTO, James, died 1978 - Son of Julia Patuto
PATUTO, Julia D. Spouse of Vincent, Jr. Born 7-4-1917, died 5-5-2000 - Dau of Felix and Leah (Samec) Zaunick - Born: Manville, NJ Died: Olean, NY. Wed 1-24-1924 Buffalo, NY
PAUL, Hugh D. Spouse of Kathleen Sirianni. Born 6-30-1949, died 8-4-2020 - Son of Ernest R. and Betty J. (Stevens) Paul. Born at Niagara Falls NY, lived and died in Allegany NY. Wed 6-15-1974 in Olean, eight children. Spouse survives) - Vietnam Vet, USMC, 1967-1970. Purple Heart and Navy Commendation Medal with Combat V.
PAULEY, Margaret H. Spouse of Leo/ Lester. Born 3-4-1922, died 11-11-2007 - Dau of Alfred L. and Frances (Sutter) Doxey. Wed Leo Smugorzewski Lester - Died: 9-1984
PAULY, Carmelita M. Born 1929
PAULY, Edward J. Born 2-14-1886, died 3-1-1950 - Born: Buffalo, NY - Died: Olean, NY - Played Baseball in Buffalo, NY
PAULY, Ralph E. Born 1926, died 1983 - WW II Vet, US Navy
PAULY, Robin Marie. Born 1962, died 1966
PAULY, Sharon Elizabeth. Born 8-18-1957, died 4-3-2014 - Dau Of Kenneth F. and Rita (Allram) McGee - Born Olean, NY - Died Olean, NY
PAVEL, George F. Spouse of Josephine Startire. Born 9-19-1929, died 11-9-2010 - Son of John and Agnes (Svac) Pavel - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY. Wed 6-24-1961 Olean, NY - Korean War Vet, US Army 1951-52
PAVEL, Josephine M. Spouse of George F. Born 12-14-1929, died 2-12-2012 - Dau of Samuel and Jenny (Ciampa) Startire - Born: Pittsburgh, PA. Wed 6-24-1961 Olean, NY
PAVLOCK, Paul J. Spouse of Theresa M. Born 3-17-1924, died 6-12-2008 - Son of Paul and Mary (DeBolski) Pavlock. Wed 5-3-1952 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force. Europe
PAVONE, Albert W. Spouse of Madeline. Born 4-14-1921, died 3-24- 1966 - [The more you honor me the more I will Bless You] - WW II Vet, US Army, Btry A 466 FA Bn, PFC
PAVONE, Gregory P. Spouse of Carol A. Napolione. Born 9-11-1923, died 4-1-2009. Age: 85 - Son of Michael and Carmelita (Zinganni) Pavone - Born: Olean, NY - Died Olean, NY - wed 7-17-1954 at St. John's Church in Olean, NY
PAVONE, Madeline. Spouse of Albert W. Born 3-10-1923, died 4-14-2013 - Dau of Carl and Antonia (Sequia) Martel - Borb: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY - wed 3-24-1966 [The more You Honor Me The More I Will Bless You]
PAYNE, Charlotte. Born 2-16- 1907, died 6-4-1963
PEACE, Agnes G. Spouse of Herbert L. Born 1902, died 1987
PEACE, George Ellsworth. Spouse of Virginia M. Swanson. Born 3-25-1925, died 5-28-1992 - Son of Herbert and Agnes Peace. Born in Jefferson Co PA, lived and died in Olean NY. Wed 8-16-1947 in Olean NY WW II Vet, US Navy, Pacific
PEACE, Herbert L. Spouse of Agnes G. Born 1898, died 1977
PEACE, Virginia M. (Swanson). Spouse of George E. Born 2-12-1926, died 12-16-2016 - Dau of Adoph & Gladys (Sherman) Swanson, b. Olean NY, d. Cuba NY, Wed 8-16-1947 in Olean NY (he d. 5-28-1992)
PECK, Horace Grant III, died 7-3-1972
PECONE, Donna L. Spouse of John Sr. Born 3-1-1923, died 7-6-2015 - Dau Seth and Lucy (Hodge) Hull - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY
PECONE, Nicholas. Born 1926, died 1975 - Last Supper on Stone - Section C, Lot 73-A
PEMBERTON, Mark Walter. Spouse of Becky A. Lemmer. Born 9-14-1956, died 12-25-2014 - Son of Walter and Dorothy (Oakes) Pemberton - Born: Flint MI - Died: Syracuse, NY - wed, 6-03-1978 Christ United Methodist Church, Olean, NY (she survives)
PENNOCK, Lillian. Born 1897, died 1918
PENSTON, Elizabeth. Born 1866, died 1894 - Section D
PERKINS, Sister M. Michelina OSF, died 4-26-1924 - [Mother Superior] [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 7
PERRINGTON, Alva R. Spouse of Rose K. Pisconski. Born 10-12-1917, died 11-12-2010. Age: 93 - Son of Reed and Isabelle (Irwin) Perrington - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Salamanca - Wife Died 1945 [Father} - WW II Vet, US Navy, aboard USS Ranger and USS Brooklyn, Gunner
PERRINGTON, Rose C. Spouse of Alva R. Born 1918, died 1964 - [Mother]
PERRY, Dennis A. Born 9-4-1962, died 10-23-2004 - Son of Dana F. and Elizabeth A. (Atwood) Perry - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY
PERRY, Sister Patricia Ann OSF. Born 3-22-1937, died 4-11-2019 - Dau of Charles & Charlotte (McGuire) Perry, b. Cortland NY, d. Allegany NY, Member Franciscan Sisters of Allegany
PERUGINI, Angelo. Born 2-7-1926, died 11-10-2008 - WW II Vet, US Navy, AETM3
PERUGINI, Vittotio. Born 8-11-1889, died 7-31-1960 - WW I Vet, US Army, 7th Co 153rd Depot Brigade, Pvt
PETERS, Sister Constantia OSF, died 11-26-1930 [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 10
PETERSON, Geneva C. [Jean]. Born 3-25-1915, died 9-15-2008 - Dau of Francis and Alice (Shoup) Brissee - Born: Oil City, PA - Died: Olean, NY
PETRASY, John Gray - Section E, Row 1 Grave 9
PETRIE, Father Capistran OFM. Born 5-25-1901, died 11-8-1978. Age: 77 - Birth: Attica, NY - Died: Olean, NY - Solemn Profession 1925 - Ordained 1926 - Committted his Recollections to Writing. Completed In less than Three Weeks, submitted 250-page manuscript. Later Appeared in the Provincial Annals [RIP] - Franciscan Friars
PETRONICK, Alice Jeanette. Spouse of Theodore George. Born 4-25-1925, died 7-18-2001 - Dau of Charles and Alice (Cummings) Cornelius - Born: Duke Center, PA. Wed 4-10-1948
PETRONICK, Theodore George. Spouse of Alice Jeanette C, died 9-26-1982 - Wed 4-10-1941
PETROSSI, Katherine - Section E, Row 2 Grave 9
PETRUCCELLI, Angelina. Spouse of Anthony J. Born 1912, died 2000 - Dau of Louis and Teresa (Magrinelli) Piccoli
PETRUCCELLI, Anthony J. Spouse of Angelina. Born 1910, died 1986 - WW II Vet, US Army
PETRUCCELLI, Bonnie Sue (Taylor). Spouse of Thomas L. Born 2-10-1938, died 10-25-2014 - Dau of Bernard and Seba Taylor - Born: Harrisburg, PA - Died: CA
PETRUCCELLI, Thomas Louis. Spouse of Bonnie Sue Taylor. Born 12-13-1933, died 5-3-2010 - Son of Anthony J. and Angeline (Piccoli) Petruccelli - Born: Olean, NY. Wed 50 yrs - Uncategorized Vet, US Army Engrs
PETRUZZI, Francis P. [Frank]. Spouse of Grace Accurso. Born 7-6-1945, died 7-11-2020 - Son of Francis and Angela (Comparato) Petruzzi. Born in Brooklyn NY, lived in Olean NY, died in Cocomut Creek FL. An educator and administrator for 35 years. Wed 8-5-1967 in Allegany NY, two sons.
PETSKI, Stella, died 4-28-2007 - Died: Glendale, Calif.
PETTENATI, Camilla J. Spouse of Waldo V. Born 8-16- 1927, died 12-26-2000 - Dau of Dominic and Rose (Rossi) Nicol - Born: Olean, NY. Wed 7-5-1954
PETTENATI, Waldo V. Spouse of Camilla J. Nicol. Born 1-22-1924, died 6-22-2004 - Son of Peter and Antonia (Simonetti) Pettenati - Born: Crosby, PA - Died: Olean, NY. Wed 7-05-1954 Olean, NY - WW II Vet, US Army, Combat Eng
PETTY, Margaret, M. Born 1909, died 1932 - Section D, Lot 73
PETZ, Dorothy M. Born 1907, died 1914 - Dau of Frank and Ottilia (Ball) Petz
PETZ, Frank E. Spouse of Ottilia E. Born 1882, died 1918 - [Father]
PETZ, James B. Born 1915, died 1919 - Son of Frank and Ottilia (Ball) Petz
PETZ, Jane H. Born 1911, died 1998 - Dau of Frank and Ottilia (Ball) Petz
PETZ, Margaret M., died 6-30-2006. Age: 96 - Dau of Frank and Ottilia (Ball) Petz
PETZ, Ottilia E. Spouse of Frank E. Born 1880, died 1967
PEZZIMENTI, Ann M. (Forness). Spouse of Fancis D. Born 1932, died 3-12-1987
PEZZIMENTI, Etta. Spouse of Joseph. Born 1923, died 1963 - Funeral Home Marker
PEZZIMENTI, Francis A. [Bud]. Spouse of Mary M. Barr. Born 4-03-1927, died 11-25-2019 - Son of Frank & Mary (Sabatino) Pezzimenti. Born in Olean NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 1-03-1953 in Allegany NY (she survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army Air Corp 1946-47
PEZZIMENTI, Francis D. [Pezz]. Spouse of #1 Ann M. Forness, #2 Mary Alice. Born 9-9-1931, died 4-14-2012 - Son of Biago and Anna Maria (Papasergi) Pezzimenti - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY. Wed An 10-14-1961 in Allegany, NY, four daughters. (she d. 3-12-1987). Three daughters with Mary Alice. Allegany Police Chief for 29 years and Fire Department Chief for 46 years. - Korean War Vet, US Army 82nd Airborne, Paratrooper. 1951-53
PEZZIMENTI, Isabella. Born 1937, died 7-25-1843. Age: 6y - Dau of of Biago and Anna Maria (Papasergi) Pezzimenti - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY
PEZZIMENTI, Mary A. (Weakland). Spouse of Anthony J. Born 5-20-1933, died 3-09-2019 - Dau of Bernard & Pauline (Balkney) Weakland, b. Portville NY, d. unstated. Wed 6-03-1961 (he d. 6-20-1997)
PEZZIMENTI, Mary D. [Maimi]. Born 1907, died 1-28-2008. Age: 99 - Dau of Anothony and Rose (Sabatino) Pezzimenti
PEZZIMENTI, Mary M. (Barr). Spouse of Francs A. Born 9-18-1931, died 12-28-2019 - Dau of John & Helen (Hoffmire) Barr, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 1-03-1953 in Allegany NY
PFEIFFER, Clara M. (Wenke). Spouse of Edward C. Born 5-17-1921, died 11-09-2016. Age: 95y - Dau of Charles & Johana (Nolder) Wenke, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 3-17-1946 in Mission San Louis Rey CA
PFEIFFER, Edward C. Spouse of Clara Wenke. Born 11-1-1921, died 1-23-2001. Age: 79 - Son of Ludwig and Agnes Pfeiffer - Born: Olean NY. Wed. 3-17-1946 in Mission San Louis Rey CA - WW II Vet, USMC
PFEIFFER, Father Roman OFM. Born 2-7-1906, died 8-18-1992 - Born: Buffalo, NY - Died: Ringwood, NJ - Profession Solemn Vows 1932 - Ordained 1935 Washington, DC [RIP] - Franciscan Friars
PFEIL, C Ursula. Born 1908, died 1911 - Section D
PHELAN, Katherine, died 8-7-1944 - Section K
PHELAN, Mary, died 4-8-1975 - Section K
PHELAN, Sister Mary Ena OSF, died 3-7-1985 [RIP] - Section V, Row 4
PHELAN, Thomas, died 10-17-1936 - Section K
PHILLIPS, Bridget, died 8-17-1897. Age: 57 - [Wife of Luke Phillips] - Section E
PHILLIPS, Charles. Born 1863, died 1920 - Section E
PHILLIPS, Helen Ann. Born 1932, died 6-16-2021 - Lived in Olean NY and Venice FL, died in Venice.
PHILLIPS, Luke. Born 1832, died 1914 - Section E
PHILLIPS, Norman, F. Spouse of Marcia A. Smith. Born 6-14-1942, died 5-17-2014 - Son of Frank and Hattie (Burzynski) Phillips - Born Franklinville, NY - wed 9-10-1966 St. John's Church; Olean, NY
PHILLIPS, Sister M. Andre OSF, died 9-14-1979 [RIP] - Section V, Row 3
PHILLIPS, Sister M. Francita OSF, died 11-15-1981 [RIP] - Section V, Row 3
PHILLIPS, Viola M. Spouse of Frank W. Born 11-10-1913, died 12-25-1983 - Dau of Lawrence and Elsie (Waltman) Fisher - Born: Phillipsburg, OH
PICCIOLI, Richard J. Spouse of Margel I. Adams. Born 11-21-1930, died 12-22-2016 - Son of Pasquale & Mildred (Orlando) Piccioli. Born in Buffalo NY, lived in and died in Allegany NY. A teacher for over 26 years. Wed 6-13-1964, three sons. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet US Air Force, airman
PICCOLI, Rose P. Luce. Born 1923
PICCOLI, Teresa M. (Magrinelli). Born 1885, died 1966
PICCONE, Rose Cannell. Born 1894, died 1918
PICKARD, Mary. Born 1869, died 1926 - [Mother]
PICKARD, William F. Born 1895, died 1976 - [Son]
PICKARD, William F. Born 1895, died 1976 - [Son]
PIDSKALNY, Andrew. Born 1914, died 1916 - Section E
PIECHOTA, Arthemise M. Spouse of Walter. Born 8-12-1912, died 11-05-2004 - Dau of Arthur and Lois (Brisco) Austin - Born: Belmont, NY - Died: Bradford, PA - wed: 1-11-1941 Transfiguration Church
PIECHOTA, Betty Jane Scheiterle. Spouse of John M., died 1995
PIECHOTA, Frances T. Spouse of Michael S. Born 1925, died 1983
PIECHOTA, Helen A. Born 2-25-1917, died 2-13-2001 - Dau of Louis and Mary (Oko) Piechota - Born: Olean, NY
PIECHOTA, Irene A. Spouse of Stanley M. Born 4-26-1913, died 3-15-2006 - Wed 3-4-1935 Buffalo, NY
PIECHOTA, John M. Spouse of Betty Jane S. Born 12-27-1918, died 7-3-2007 - Son of Louis and Mary (Oko) Piechota - US Navy South Pacific WW II
PIECHOTA, Mary. Spouse of Stanley I. Born 3-17-1918, died 11-1-2008 - Dau of John and Nellie (Pushkar) Pancio - Born: Betula, PA - Died: Bradford, PA - wed 9-1-1941 Transfiguration Church; Olean, NY
PIECHOTA, Michael S. Spouse of Frances T. Born 1923, died 1982 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
PIECHOTA, Peter Paul, died 7-2-1943 - Son of Joseph Piechota - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Rendova Island - WW II KIA, USMC, Pvt. Killed in action on Rendova Island (Solomon Islands in the South Pacific)
PIECHOTA, Stanley I. Spouse of Mary, died 12-7-1998 - Wed 9-1-1941
PIECHOTA, Stanley M. Spouse of Irene A., died 2-6-1965
PIEKUT, Agnes. Spouse of Martin. Born 1854, died 1925 - [His Wife]
PIEKUT, Martin. Spouse of Agnes. Born 1851, died 1916
PIERCE, Harold L. Spouse of Mary Joan Walker. Born 1-03-1932, died 4-09-2019 - Son of Clifford & Genevieve (Tanner) Pierce, Adopted & raised by uncle & aunt Clayton H. & Florence A. (Feneran) Pierce, b. Ellicottville NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 4-16-1955 in Knapps Creek NY
PIERCE, Mary Adella
PIERCE, Mary Joan (Walker). Spouse of Harold L. Born 11-23-1932, died 4-21-2001 - Dau of Robert and Hazel (Fisher) Walker - Born: Bradford, PA. Wed 4-16-1955 in Knapps Creek NY
PIERCE, Sister M. Ernestine OSF, died 7-16-1942 [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 15
PIERSON, Elizabeth. Born 1880, died 1913 - Section B
PIKULSKI, Edwin J. Spouse of Kathleen M. Tilque. Born 8-19-1934, died 10-14-2009 - Son of Joseph L. and Genevieve B. (Bungo) Pikulski - Born: Olean, NY - St. John the Baptist Church; Green Bay, WI
PIKULSKI, Genevieve B. [Jane]. Spouse of Joseph L. Sr. Born 12-4-1912, died 2-25-2014 - Dau Jacob and Joanne (Owcarz) Bugno - Born: Clarendon, Pa. - Died: Olean, NY - 11-4-1930 Transfiguration Church
PIKULSKI, Joseph L. [Pike]. Spouse of Genevieve B., died 4-27-1992
PILON, Mildred C. Spouse of Neal J. Born 7-7-1919, died 4-10-2001 - Born: Olean, NY
PILON, Neal J. Spouse of Mildred C. Born 3-13-1916, died 12-30-1974 - Son of Charles and Cecil (Wheeler) Pilon Died: Sniper Shooting from Olean High School - WW II Vet, US Army, Artillery. Europe
PINNEY, Clara L. Spouse of Robert H. Born 1927, died 1929
PINNEY, Robert H. Spouse of Clara L. Born 1925, died 1926
PIPER, Grace H. Born 2-1- 1920, died 7-27-2000 - Born: Brooklyn, NY
PIPER, Sister Joseph Mary OSF, died 12-10-1987 [RIP] - Section V, Row 4
PIRRELLO, Mary E. (Kwiatkowski). Spouse of Mario Pirrello. Born 10-09-1929, died 3-04-2019 - Dau of Joseph & Sophie (Skala) Kwiatkowski, b. Olean NY, d. Cuba NY, Former husband survives
PISANO, Alta Jeane (Laxton). Spouse of Martin R. Born 2-8-1942, died 7-19-2021 - Dau of Sam and Mary (Ellison) Laxton. Born in Key Rock WV, lived and died in Pittsford NY. Wed 6-3-1962,three children. - Cold War Vet, US Air Force.
PISANO, Martin R. Spouse of Alta J. Laxton. Born 12-10-1942, died 5-28-2017. Age: 74y - Son of Martin G. & Mary E. (Rosetti) Pisano, b. Olean NY, d. Wellsville NY. Wed 6-03-1962 in Olean NY, three children. - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force 1960-66
PISCONSKI, Anna J. Spouse of Charles F. Born 4-28-1914, died 7-31-2006 - Dau: Joseph and Anna (Knazik) Holec - Born: Chtelnica Czechoslovakia - Died: Olean, NY - wed 8-24-1947 Chtelnica, Czechoslovakia
PISCONSKI, Charles F. Spouse of Anna J. Holec. Born 6-28-1908, died 9-28-1986 - Birth: Vandalia, NY - Died: Olean, NY. Wed Chtelnica Czechoslovakia 8-24-1947 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force
PISCONSKI, John, died 9-6-1947 - Died: Olean NY.
PISCONSKI, Katherine M. Spouse of Joseph J. Pisconski. Born 10-19-1913, died 10-24-2010 - Dau of Andrew and Mary (Czeladen) Humyn, "Katie" - Born: Olean, NY. Wed 6-19-1937 Olean, NY (he d. 11-08-1995)
PISCONSKI, Mary. Spouse of John, died 5-5-1947
PISKANSKI, Frank. Born 1911, died 1914 - Section E
PITTMAN, Catherine. Spouse of Glenn V. Born 8-1-1941, died 11-15-2005 - Dau of Jeremiah and Grace Maynard O'Donnell - Born: Shinglehouse, PA - Died: Allegany, NY - wed 8-19-1941
PITTMAN, Cherie L. Spouse of William A. Born 6-24-1942, died 10-28-2015 - Dau of Frank and Adelma Marshall - Born: Buffalo, NY - Died: Olean, NY
PITTMAN, Thomas F. Spouse of Anne Karl. Born 1-23-1929, died 3-29-1998 - Son of Frank and Hester (Grandusky) Pittman
PITTS, Catherine O. Spouse of Glenn V. Born 8-1-1915, died 11-15-2005 - Dau: of Jeremiah and Grace (Maynard) O'Donnell - Born: Shinglehouse, PA
PITTS, Glenn V. Spouse of Catherine O. - Wed 8-19-1941
PITTS, Sister Dorothy OSF. Born 7-21-1915, died 7-5-2012 - Dau of Emery H. and Anna E. (Knauber) Pitts Sr. - Born: Richmond, IN - Franciscan Sisters of Allegany [RIP] - Section V, Row 8
PIZZINI, Ernest. Spouse of Stella A. Born 3-6-1905, died 10-29-1923 - Born in Italy, a barber. Shot to death in Olean NY. At least one daughter. Called "hard luck king of Olean"
PIZZINI, Theresa. Born 4-4-1905, died 7-4-1923 - Dau od Ernest and Stella Pizzini- Born: NY- Died: Olean NY.
PLANO, Albert. Spouse of Eva. Born 6-1-1912, died 11-3-1999 - Son of John and Mary Plano
PLANO, Eva M. Spouse of Albert Andrew. Born 8-14-1916, died 12-22-2000. Age: 84 - Dau of Anastasia "Nellie" Pushkar and John Pancio - Born: Betula, PA. Wed 5-29-1934
PLANO, Louis
PLASSMANN, Father Thomas OFM - Born as Bernard in Avenwedde in the German Province of Westphalia - President St. Bonaventure - Under his leadership, Women were Admitted to the Collage - Helped Lead the Collage through Several Fires [RIP]
PLATT, Mary. Born 1869, died 1905
PLONA, Sister Frances OSF, died 7-17-1983 [RIP] - Section V, Row 4
PLUMMER, Estelle S. Age: 85 - Born: Allegany, NY - Died: Fulton, NY
PLUMMER-NICOLETTA, Jaeden Nicholas. Born 12-8-2020, died 6-24-2021. Age: 7m - Son of Dennis Plummer and Molly Nicoletta. Born, lived, and died in Olean.
POCKALNY, Gereladine A. Spouse of Peter. Born 5-20-1925, died 5-25-2002 - Dau of Raymond and Mazie (Schraeder) Haggerty Sr - wed 6-4-1949 Olean, NY
POCKALNY, Peter. Spouse of Gereladine A., died 1989 - Son of John and Mary (Krywy) Pockalny
POCKALNY, Stephen J. Sr. Spouse of Marion Wallon. Born 1-06-1933, died 9-23-2017 - Son of John & Mary (Krzywy) Pockalny, one of 14 children. Born in Portville NY, lived and died in Olean NY. An accountant, worked 45 years at Dresser-Rand. Wed 5-18-1957, five children. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, during Korean war, stationed in Germany.
POLETEK, Genevieve L. Spouse of John F. Born 5-01-1924, died 6-25-2004 - Dau of John and Mary (Knause) Karowitz - Born: Java Center, NY - Died: Olean, NY - [Jesus hear us]
POLETEK, John. Spouse of Pearl. Born 1894, died 1959 - Section 1, 198
POLETEK, John F. Spouse of Genevieve. Born 1925, died 1968 - Wed 9-19-1945 Olean, NY - [Jesus hear us]
POLETEK, Pearl. Spouse of John. Born 1987, died 1949 - "Dau of Michael Felisiak
and Harriette ""Hattie"" Herman - Died: Olean, NY" - Section 1, 198
POLO, Mary. Born 1827, died 1928 - Section E
POMPLIANO, Ralph P. [Pompy]. Spouse of Shirley Virginia. Born 10-1-1918, died 11-12-2009 - Son of Leo and Adele (Balassone) Pompliano Sr. - Section 1, Lot 38, #9
POMPLIANO, Shirley V. Spouse of Ralph P. Born 1-17-1915, died 3-2-2000 - Dau of Charles and Inez (Hollamby) Arfman - Born: Westons Mills, NY - Section 1, Lot 38, #9
PORCELLI, Alessandro, died 2-22-1918 - Section E
PORCELLI, Anthony. Born 1925, died 1944 - WW II DNB, US Army Co B 220th Arm Engr Bn, Pvt - Section 4,
PORTANOVA, Sister Madelyn Francis OSF. Born 1-3-1912, died 10-2-2012 - "Born as Lucy Agnes Portanova - Dau.of Leonard and Madeline (LoTrecchiano) Portanovain - Born: Cambridge, MA - Died: Allegay, NY - Professed Final Religious vows 8-16-1947
- Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, NY [RIP]" - Section V, Row 8
PORTER, Sister Mary David OSF, died 3-19-1985 [RIP] - Section V, Row 4
POST, Angeline M. Bean. Spouse of Peter P. Sr. - Dau of Michael and Mary (Pascarella) Bean
POST, Peter P. Sr. Spouse of Angeline M. Bean, died 1-21-2001 - Son of Sebastian and Deliah (Varkette) Post. Wed 10-20-1934
POTTER, Father Paul A OFM. Born 8-15-1912, died 4-24-1987. Age: 74 - Born: Lockport, NY - Died: Warwick, NY - Solemn Profession 1942 -Ordained 1944 [RIP] - Franciscan Friars, Row 6
POTTER, Henry Thomas Jr. [Tom]. Spouse of Norma M. Olson. Born 10-06-1925, died 11-16-2013. Age: 88 - "Son of Henry Thomas and Helen (LaStrange) Potter Sr. - Born: Olean, NY - Died: FL. Wed 6-11-1946 St. Mary of the Angels Church; Olean, NY (she d. 5-25-1989 Hollywood, FL)
- Wal-Mart Hero Award in Bentonville, Ark., for breaking a robbery attempt" - WW II Vet, US Navy. Participated in Operation Swordfish, which involved setting up radio communications for the US Army in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater, including Hollandia, New Guinea, and Leyte Gulf in the Philippines. He was wounded in action and received the Purple Heart among several other military medals.
POTTER, Henry Thomas Sr. Born 2-13-1894, died 12-11-1958
POTTER, Marie Helen. Born 5-7-1989, died 8-5-1989
POTTER, Sarah. Spouse of Robert R. Born 10-29-1949, died 5-12-2012 - Dau of Edmund and Anilet (Samuel) Pysadee - Born: Grenada - Died: Olean, NY (at home). Wed 11-25-1984 Houston, TX (he survives)
POWER, Sister Marion M. OSF. Born 7-16 1922, died 6-21-2009 - Born: Marion Margaret Power Dau of John and Helen (Chemineski) Power in New Brunswick, NJ [RIP] - Section V, Row 7
POWNALL, Raymond C. Spouse of Mary F. Born 1919, died 7-18-2006 - Son of Harold T and Maude (Carroll) Pownall - Born: Rochester, NY - WW II Vet, US Army, 19th Combat Engr Regt, Capt. Silver Star
POYDOCK, Clara E. Spouse of Michael J. Born 1898, died 1971
POYDOCK, Doris J. Spouse of Henry L. [Jake]. Born 11-5-1926, died 6-27-2011 - Dau of Charles and Mildred (Brobst) Heberling - Born in DuBois, PA. Wed 6-26-1948 DeLancey, PA (he d. 5-13-1985)
POYDOCK, Michael J. Spouse of Clara E. Born 10-13-1893, died 11-18-1963 - Born: DeLancy, PA
PRATT, Celestine M. Born 1906, died 1991
PRATT, Gladys M. Spouse of James. Born 19003, died 1997
PRATT, James A. Spouse of Gladys. Born 1900, died 1974
PRATT, Suzanne T. Born 1932, died 1971
PRATT, Wilson H. Born 1906, died 1956
PREBEVSEK, Joseph. Born 1885, died 1936 - Section T
PREDGO, Anthony M. Spouse of Caroline M. Born 1913, died 1967
PREDGO, Caroline M. Spouse of Anthony M. Born 1918, died 1998
PREMO, Patrick M. Spouse of Kathleen Boser. Born 6-7-1942, died 7-15-2021. Age: 79 - Son of Mervyn A. and Marion E. (Perry) Premo. Born in Potsdam NY, died in Atlanta GA. A teacher at St. Bonaventure for 36 years. Wed abt 1972, three children. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army. Augsburg Germany
PRESUTTI, Frank. Born 1882, died 1979 - Nancy, Frank, Jenevieve & Lynda are on the same stone, over Jenevieve it says "Creighton"
PRESUTTI, Jenevieve. Born 1920, died 1998 - Nancy, Frank, Jenevieve & Lynda are on the same stone, over Jenevieve it says "Creighton"
PRESUTTI, Linda I. Born 1945, died 2004 - Nancy, Frank, Jenevieve & Lynda are on the same stone, over Jenevieve it says "Creighton"
PRESUTTI, Louis A. [Bozo]. Spouse of Lena, died 6-30-1992 - Wed 10-28-1939 Olean, NY
PRESUTTI, Nancy. Born 1887, died 1963 - Nancy, Frank, Jenevieve & Lynda are on the same stone, over Jenevieve it says "Creighton"
PRESUTTI, Pasquelena Di Cerbo ["Lena"]. Spouse of Louis A. Sr. Born 3-23-1913, died 1-24-2004 - Dau of Louis and Carmella (Mele) Di Cerbo "Lena" - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY
PREVIGLAN, Ernestine. Born 1876, died 1922
PREVIGLAN, John, died 9-18-1906. Age: 18d - Section E
PREVIGLAN, Thomas. Born 1865, died 1950
PRIEST, Anna. Born 1833, died 1909
PRIEST, Edward, died 6-16-1884. Age: 58y 9mo - Born Dublin Ireland [Pray for Me] [HIS] [Jesus Mary and Joseph] - Section A
PRIEST, John, died 4-2-1887. Age: 15
PRIEST, Julia. Born 1852, died 1917 - Section A
PRIEST, Mary. Born 1862, died 1935 - Section A
PRIEST, Patrick. Born 1835, died 1903
PRIMONT, Sister M. Anne OSF, died 10-29-1988 [RIP] - Section V, Row 4
PRITCHARD, Donald J. Spouse of Cathleen. Born 9-23-1936, died 10-17-2009. Age: 73 - Son of Julian and Margretta Pritchard - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
PRITZ, Raymond L. Spouse of Vivian LaCavera. Born 2-17-1927, died 1-23-2003. Age: 75 - Son of Leland and Bessie (Boutelle) Pritz - Born: Salamanca, NY - Died Allegany, NY. Wed St. Mary of the Angels Church in Olean, NY - WW II Vet, US Army, Quartermaster Corps. Germany
PRIVATEER, Dorothy Ann L. Spouse of George J. Dr. Born 8-30-1921, died 10-20-2006 - Dau of Andrew and Agatha (Woodward) Homan - Born: Warren, PA - Died: Allegany, NY wed Warren, PA
PRIVATEER, George J. Dr. Spouse of Dorothy Ann L., died 4-17-2002 - Wed 11-23-1944 Warren, PA
PRIZEL, Robert C. Spouse of Truda S. Mann. Born 2-22-1935, died 2-27-2019 - Son of Clarence & Maude (Wagner) Prizel, b. Angola NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 7-13-1957 in Sliver Creek NY - Cold WarVet, US Navy 1960-62
PRIZEL, Truda S. Spouse of Robert C. Born 6-15-1937, died 2-1-2013 - Dau of John E. and Lois (Slawson) Munn - Twin to Grace Munn Regan - Born: Passaic,NJ - Died: Olean, NY - wed 7-13-1957 St. Alban's Episc Church, Silver Creek, NY
PROTO, Oreste. Spouse of Rose M., died 2-28-1987 - Wed 11-22-1945 Olean, NY
PROTO, Rose M. Spouse of Oreste, died 2-28-2006 - Dau of Daniel and Carmela (Fortuna) DeRose
PROZELLER, Sister M. Edwina OSF, died 10-18-1987 [RIP] - Section V, Row 4
PUDA, Harry R. Sr. Spouse of Mary Ann Kosinski. Born 8-19-1933, died 4-23-2005. Age: 71 - Son of Frank Puda and Mary (Moszak) Puda and Stepson of Frank Moszak - Born: Salamanca, NY - Korean War Vet, US Navy
PUPO, Mary Ann (Sutter). Spouse of Not named. Born 4-10-1943, died 6-13-2015 - Dau.of Albert and Cleo (Richardson) Sutter - Born: Olean NY - Died: Rochester, NY
PUSTAWSKI, Anthony James. Born 1-17-1917, died 1-12-2003 - Son of Andrew and Katherine (Gawoski) Pustawski - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY - WW II Vet, US Navy, Seabees
PUTT, Ann E. Born 6-201933, died 8-17-2014 - Dau Stanley and Julia (Gawronski) Kolasinski - Born Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY. Wed1956 [Beloved Son, Brother and Friend]
PUTT, Clarence J. Spouse of Mary M. Born 1893, died 1934
PUTT, Floyd J. Spouse of Catherine M. Born 6-24-1927, died 7-6-2009 - Son of Floyd H. and Helen (Geise) Putt - wed 10-20-1951
PUTT, Kenneth L Jr. Born 1956, died 1-9-1974 - [Beloved Son, Brother and Friend]
PUTT, Kenneth L. Sr. Spouse of Ann M. Kolasinski. Born 8-08-1929, died 11-09-2013 - Son of George and Mary (Walters) Putt - Born: Allegany, NY - Died: Olean, NY. Wed 1956 (she survives) [Beloved Son, Brother and Friend] - WW II Vet, US Army, 82nd Airborne Div. 1946-48
PUTT, Mary M. Spouse of Clarance J. Born 1872, died 1943
PUTT, Patricia A. (Neeley). Spouse of unstated Putt. Born 11-22-1944, died 10-17-2019. Age: 74y - Dau of Harry L. & June M. (Zink) Neeley, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY
PYLES M. Sarah. Born 1888, died 1957 - Section K
PYLES, Cleveland. Born 1883, died 1942 - Spanish-American War Vet,15 Co Coast Arty. Mexican Border - Section K
PYRKOS, Frank G. Spouse of Mary A. Born 10-4-1922, died 3-1-2001 - Son of Leonard and Ida (Sekrecki) Pyrkosk - Born: Depew [Father] - WW II Vet, US Army,14th Armored Division in Ft. Smith Ark. and 13th Airborne Div in Europe
PYRKOS, Mary A. Spouse of Frank G. Born 7-28-1927, died 10-3-2007 - Dau of Andrew and Anna (Benca) Washington. Wed 5-8-1948 [Mother]
PYRKOS, Timmy A. Born 1960, died 1975 - [Beloved Son]
PYRKOS, Vivian C. (Brooks). Spouse of Francis A. Pyrkos. Born 1-08-1950, died 4-12-2018 - Dau of William J. & Odette C. (Liard) Brooks, b. Gowanda NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 1983, five children, (Spouse survives)
PYRKOSZ, Ida. Born 1895, died 1972 - Ida, Rose, Leonard Share a Stone
PYRKOSZ, Leonard M. Born 1875, died 1964 - Ida, Rose, Leonard Share a Stone
PYRKOSZ, Rose. Born 1931, died 1993 - Ida, Rose, Leonard Share a Stone
QUATTRONE, Antoinette. Born 1857, died 1943 - [Mother] - Section 4
QUATTRONE, Bruno L. Spouse of Norma J. Born 2-15-1921, died 4-27-1963 - WW II Vet, US Army, HQ Co. 389 Inf. Regt, tec5
QUATTRONE, Norma Jean. Spouse of Bruno L. Born 1929, died 1980
QUATTRONE, Thelma M. Born 3-26-1919, died 2-15-2009 - Dau of Robert and Clara (Benton) Bell - Nurses Aide at Olean Hospital for over 30 years
QUESTA, Angelo G. Spouse of Carolina. Born 1870, died 1918
QUESTA, Carolina. Spouse of Angelo G. Born 1883, died 1971
QUESTA, Raymond A. Spouse of Teresa Augostini. Born 4-4-1916, died 11-22-2010 - Son of Angelo and Carolina (Malpeli) Questa - Born: Olean, NY - wed 11-06-1954 St. John's Church; Olean, NY - WW II Vet, US Navy, CPO. 1941-47
QUESTA, Teresa [Tess]. Spouse of Raymond. Born 6-15-1927, died 4-21-2011 - Dau of Luigi and Maria (Vagnoni) Augostini, "Tess" - Born: Olean, NY. Wed 11-06-1954 St. John's Church; Olean, NY (he d. 11-22-2010)
QUESTA, Yolanda M. Born 1907, died 1984 - Dau of Angelo G. and Carolina Questa
QUIGLEY, Ann. Spouse of James, died 3-1-1882. Age: 20 - [Wife of James Quigley]
QUIGLEY, Ann J. Born 10-14-1919, died 7-15-2000 - Born: Friendship, NY
QUIGLEY, James, died 12-20-1887. Age: 37y 10m - [May is soul rest in peace]
QUIGLEY, John A. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1858, died 1931 - Section C, Lot 116
QUIGLEY, John L. Spouse of Margaret M. Goodemote. Born 4-18-1951, died 4-01-2017. Age: 65y - Son of Richard J. & Ann J. (Driscoll) Quigley, b. Olean NY, d. Buffalo NY, Wed 10-07-2011 (she survives)
QUIGLEY, Linus P. Born 1899, died 1905 - [Son of WU & FK Quilgley] - Section B
QUIGLEY, Mary E. Spouse of John A. Born 1858, died 1914 - [His Wife] - Section C, Lot 117
QUIGLEY, Michael Richard. Spouse of Patricia C. Straight. Born 7-11-1939, died 12-04-2017 - Son of Richard & Ann (Driscoll) Quigley, b. Olean NY, d. Cuba NY. Worked 30 years for Cecchi News Agency. - Cold War Vet, US Marine Corps aboard USS Des Moines. 1957-1960
QUIGLEY, Patricia Catherine (Straight). Spouse of Michael R. Quigley. Born 4-16-1942, died 9-08-2018 - Dau of Morris & Ruby M. (Skinner) Straight, b. Cuba NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 9-14-1963 in Olean NY, two children.
QUIGLEY, Sara. Spouse of Patrick F. Born 8-12-1928, died 4-17-2010 - Dau of Enrique and Ernestine (Verdugo) Norville - Born: Brooklyn, NY - Died: Olean, NY. Wed - Husband Died: 6-02-1997
QUIGLEY, Sister M. Antonine OSF, died 5-13-1944 [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 15
QUIGLEY, Sister M. Genevieve OSF. Born 8-26-1921, died 8-29-2004. Age: 83 - Born: Ann Marie - Dau of John Francis and Ann (Williamson) Quigley - Catasauqua, PA - Died: Allegany, NY - Professes her Final Vows 8-16-1956 [RIP] - Section V, Row 7
QUIGLEY, Sister M. Laurentia OSF, died 11-11-1933 [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 11
QUILTER, John T. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1880, died 1943
QUILTER, Mary A. Spouse of John T. Born 1879, died 1957
QUINLAN, Catherine M. Born 1853, died 1940
QUINLAN, Daniel E. Born 1855, died 1929
QUINLAN, Ethel F. Born 1893, died 1961
QUINLAN, Eugene D. [Gene]. Born 6-16-1964, died 12-27-2020 - Son of Eugene F. and Sheila M. (Dixon) Quinlan. Born in Olean NY, lived and died in Allegany NY. A hotel manager.
QUINLAN, Frank A. Born 1888, died 1963
QUINLAN, John, died 8-12-1880 - Family Monument John, Patrick & Mary
QUINLAN, Jonnie, died 6-10-1877. Age: 2y 1m 10d - [Son of Michael & Mary Quinlan] - Section D
QUINLAN, Mary C. Born 1885, died 1982
QUINLAN, Mary J. Spouse of John L. Born 1869, died 1913 - [His Wife]
QUINLAN, Patrict, died 5-2-1913 - Family Monument John, Patrick & Mary
QUINLAN, Sheila M. Spouse of Eugene F. Born 8-28-1931, died 12-28-2013 - Dau of Diarmuid and Margaret (Wheeler) Dixon - Born: Bay Shore ?NY? - Died: Salamanca, NY - wed 10-27-1956 (he d. 12-26-1983)
QUINLAN, William J. Spouse of #1 Karen Sampson, #2 Barbara Long, then companion of Mary George. Born 4-18-1942, died 11-14-2021. Age: 79 - Son of Daniel L. and Carmelita (Gill) Quinlan. Born and lived in Olean NY. Two children with Karen and two with Barbara. Elected Mayor of Olean in 2001
QUINLAND, Margaret E. Born 6-09-1931, died 12-28-2018. Age: 87y - Dau of Vincent L. & Irene (McGavisk) Quinlan, "Fibber", b. Olean NY, d. Shelby NC
QUINN, Bartholomew. Spouse of Bridget O'Brien. Born 1816, died 1904 - Born: Ireland - Section D, 142
QUINN, Bridget. Spouse of Bartholomew. Born 1826, died 1862 - Born: Ireland [Wife of Bartholomew Quinn] - Section D, 142
QUINN, Anne C. Spouse of Thomas H. Born 1-10-1922, died 12-25-2012 - Dau of Edward and Loretta (Crowley) Conley - Born Bradford, PA - Died: Olean, NY. Wed 11-28-1953 in Bradford, PA (he d. 7-08-2009)
QUINN, Baby. Born 10-17-1922, died 10-21-1922 - Son of Raymond M. and Margaret (McCormick) Quinn - T.H. Quinn Mausoleum
QUINN, Catherine J. Marra. Spouse of John H. - Dau of Demitrio and Anna (Allegretta) Marra - wed 10-27-1945
QUINN, Father Timothy J. OFM. Born 2-21-1917, died 11-3-1995. Age: 79 - Born: Jessip, PA - Died: Ringwood, NJ. Ordained in Washington, DC 5-29-1943 [RIP] - Korean War Vet, US Army, Capt. Chaplain Awarded Bronze Star and Korean Service Medal - Franciscan Friars
QUINN, J. Patrick. Spouse of Mary F. Orsini. Born 4-19-1950, died 8-2-2015 - Son of John H. and Catherine J. Marra Quinn - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Hinsdale, NY. Wed 9-26-1970 St. Philomena Church; Franklinville, NY
QUINN, James D. Spouse of Mary Ann. Born 1849, died 1935 - [Father]
QUINN, John, died 9-6-1883 - Family Monument
QUINN, John H. Spouse of Catherine J. Born 12-21-1925, died 9-8-2001 - Son of Orlie C. and Nora A. (Mulcay) Quinn - Born: Olean, NY - WW II Vet, US Merchant Marines
QUINN, Margaret (McCormick). Spouse of Raymond M. Born 1888, died 1958 Dau of John H. and Margaret (McClory) McCormick. Wed 11-23-1920 in Olean NY - T.H. Quinn Mausoleum
QUINN, Mary A. Spouse of Thomas H. Born 1857, died 1936 - T.H. Quinn Mausoleum
QUINN, Mary Ann. Spouse of James D. Born 1864, died 1944 - [Mother]
QUINN, Mary Gertrude. Spouse of Evan V., died 1921 - T.H. Quinn Mausoleum
QUINN, Michael. Born 1825, died 1909 - Section E
QUINN, Nora I. Born 1896, died 1970
QUINN, Raymond M. Spouse of Margaret McCormick. Born 1892, died 1940 Son of T. H. and Mary (Moran) Quinn. Wed 11-23-1920 in Olean NY - T.H. Quinn Mausoleum
QUINN, Sister Barbara J. OSF, died 2-17-1993 [RIP] - Section V, Row 5
QUINN, Sister M. Euphemia OSF, died 12-24-1937 [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 12
QUINN, Sister M. Gerard OSF, died 7-19-1938 [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 13
QUINN, Sister M. Teresita OSF, died 10-9-1958 [RIP] - Section V, Row 1
QUINN, Thomas F. Born 1868, died 1922
QUINN, Thomas H. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1858, died 1939 - T.H. Quinn Mausoleum
QUINN, Thomas H. II. Spouse of Anne C. Conley. Born 6-10-1923, died 7-8-2009 - Son of Raymond M. and Margaret (McCormick) Quinn - Born: Buffalo, NY - Died: Millard Fillmore Hospital, Buffalo, NY - Worked 41 years for Dexter-Hysol of Olean. Wed 11-28-1953 in Bradford PA, three children. - WW II Vet, US Army, 15th Air Force in Italy - T.H. Quinn Mausoleum
QUINN, Thomas H. III. Born 4-28-1961, died 6-13-2012 - Son of Thomas H. and Anne C. (Conley) Quinn, born in Olean NY. Died as a result of an auto accident on 5-28-2012)


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