Village of Allegany, NY
Across the road from St. Bonaventure University

Transcribed & Submitted by Gayle Tompson


PAAR, Carl L. spouse of Dorothy Worrell born 3-28-1921  died 10-2-1999      - b. St. Mary's PA- m. Mar. 6 1943- Son of John & Frances Korydon Paar- US Army WW II Sept. 7 1942-July 1945  
PACER, Mary   born 1845 died 1921      - Mother  
PACIORKOWSKI, Stanley T. spouse of Theresa Dorothy   died 11-8-2002      - wed Oct 24 1953 in Salamanca NY  
PACIORKOWSKI, Theresa Dorothy spouse of Stanley T. born 6-15-1930 died 9-23-2006      - dau of Joseph & Sophia Skrypczak Kurlej  
PADDEN, James J. spouse of Lucy M born 10-30-1938 died 8-28-2008      - son of Patrick & Margaret O'Donnell Padden m. Apr. 4 1964 US Army    
PADDEN, Mary Ann B. spouse of Patrick E. born 1-9-1935 died 4-11-2008      - dau of Samuel J. Cottone & Helen E. Daniels Germack  
PADDEN, Patrick E. spouse of Mary Ann B.   died 6-2-1990      - son of Patrick T & Margaret O'Donnell Padden wed Sept 16 1973  
PADLO, Adolph C. spouse of Anna C. born 2-14-1906  died 4-16-1974      
PADLO, Amelia H   born 10-12-1912 died 9-11-2002      - dau of Joseph & Helen Odbierzechleb Padlo  
PADLO, Ann spouse of Leon J.   born 4/21/1924 died 12-10- 2001      - b. Olean NY- Dau. of Paul & Anastasia Lega Pancio- m. May 18 1946  
PADLO, Anna C. spouse of Adolph C  born 2-27-1914  died 3-5-1981       - dau of George & Mary Kopec Banka  
PADLO, Boleslaus J. spouse of Stella A.     died 9-11-1973      - m. May 16 1922  
PADLO, Edward J. "Farmer" spouse of Carol R. born 8-22-1933 died 6-19-2007      - son of Michael J. "Jim" & Leona Hamburg Padlo US Army Korean War had heart attack while playing golf  
PADLO, Gerald L. spouse of Sherry  born 12-6-1942  died 12-14-2003      - son of Adolph C. & Anna C. Balon Padlo Olean barber US Army Reserves    
PADLO, John Thomas Jr.    Born 1/20/1913 Died 7/31/2011       - Son of John Thomas Sr. & Anna (Kolodziej) Padlo, "Kook", b.Olean-NY Vet-WWII US Army   
PADLO, Leon J. spouse of Ann Pancio   died 8-1- 1978      
PADLO, Leona L. Hamburg spouse of Michael J. 'Jim'   born 8-3-1913  died 8-29- 2000      - m. June 1932 - b. Olean NY  
PADLO, Michael J. "Jim" spouse of Leona L.  born 12-21-1909 died 2000      - b. Olean NY  
PADLO, Regina G. "Jean"   born 4/23/1920 died 12-4-1999      - Dau. of Jacob & Mary Polanek Padlo  
PADLO, Regina I. Spouse of Edward T. "Chick" PADLO Born 5/8/1922 Died 5/7/2010       - Dau of Olivar [sic] & Roseanna (St. Laurent) Caya, b. Sherbrooke-Quebec-Canada Wed 5-13-1950 in Olean-NY (he d. 2-20-1993)   
PADLO, Robert J. spouse of Loretta R. Krenzer born 8-9-1934  died 6-26-2001      - b. Olean NY- Son of Boleslaus J. & Stella A. Kukulka Padlo- m May 26 1966- US Army Germany 1954-1957  
PADLO, Rose M.   born 12-7-1914 died 11-29-2004      - dau of Joseph & Helen Odbierzechleb Padlo  
PADLO, Stella A. spouse of Boleslaus J.  born 9-28-1903  died 6-15-2001      - b. Olean NY- Dau. of George & Marcyanna Chcilcia Kukulka m. May 16 1922  
PADLO, Virginia T. Spouse of Joseph J. "Blackie"   Born 12-05-1915 Died 10-05-2004      - Dau of Frank & Josephine Splawski b. Olean-NY d. Salamanca-NY Wed 7-31-1941 in Olean-NY  
PAGE, Fred B. spouse of Winifred W. born 1902 died 1977      - Fire Dept. Flag  
PAGE, Winifred W. spouse of Fred B.   born 1900 died 1989      
PALMER, Genevieve M. Spouse of Frank T.   Born 3-19-1914 Died 3-18-2003      - Dau of Antonio & Maria Capozzelli b. Olean-NY d. Guilderland-NY Wed 4-02-1932 in Allegany-NY  
PALUMBO, Anthony spouse of Marguerite A. born 9-14-1930 died 6/21/2000      - b. Olean NY m. Oct 12 1987   
PALUMBO, Dominic "Mego" spouse of Alda M. Ricci   died 12-6-1984      
PALUMBO, L. Joan Spouse of Ralph PALUMBO Born 10/22/1933 Died 3/15/2013       - Dau of Robert & Rena (Vecellio) Cotton, Stepdau Irene Cotton and Wade Blauser, b. Lewis Run-PA  Wed 5-28-1950 in Olean-NY (he d. 5-08-1998)   
PALUMBO, Marguerite A. "Peg" spouse of Anthony born 8-21-1940 died 8-22-2003      - dau of John J. & Frances M. Burger Handley Owned "Peg's " Beauty Shop   
PALUMBO-PEARL, Frances M.   born 1938        
PALUMBO-PEARL, Laura A.   born 1966 died 1978      
PANADO, Andrew W. spouse of Florence C.    died 6-2-1988      - wed Jan 6 1941 in Salamanca NY  
PANADO, Florence C.  spouse of Andrew W. born 12-12-1911 died 11-11-2006      - dau of Simon & Anne O'Brien Conway  
PANCIO, Andrew   born 5/21/1925 died 4/5/2000      - b. Olean NY  
PANCIO, Catherine     born 2/10/1931 died 6/10/1943    Dau of John & Anastasia Pancio  
PANCIO, Helen     died 2-4-2008 age 82    - dau of John & Nellie Pushkar Pancio    
PANCIO, Paul Spouse of  Anastasia Lega Pancio born 8/13/1967 died 2/6/1890      
PANCIO, Paul J. "Butch" spouse of Lois M. McCullough born 1-11-1942 died 6/5/2001      - b. Olean NY- Son of John P. & Ann Grega Pancio- m. Dec. 26 1964  
PANTANO, Helen A. Bender spouse of Vincent J.   died 10/30/1997      - wed June 21 1952  
PANTANO, Vincent J. spouse of Helen A. born 6/9/1922 died 10/23/2009      - son of Filippo & Antonina Zabardo Pantano US Air Force Tech Sergeant 31st Bomb Squad WW II  
PANUS, Arlene M. spouse of Raymond J. born 12-6-1928 died 5-11-2006      - dau of Max F. & Mary Truby Olkosky  
PANUS, Henry J. spouse of Barbara Adele born 2-17-1930 died 5-26-2007      - son of Walter Panus (Wladylau Panusz) & Tekla Bahyrycz US Navy Korean War Investigator for NYS Police  
PANUS, Raymond J. spouse of Arlene M.   died 6-28-1988      - son of Walter Panus (Wladylau Panusz) & Tekla Bahyrycz    
PAPASERGI, Guy D. spouse of Vivian S. born 5/13/1936 died 1/17/2010      - son of Domenic & Mary Anzivine Papasergi m. Sept 21 1957  
PARKE, Richard A.   born 8-8-1934 died 8-12-2005      - son of Warren & L. Pearl Dunbar Parke formerly m. to Barbara Barto Weaver & Beverly Bitterman Aloi US Navy- teacher  
PARKER, Raymond L. spouse of Rose I. born 1893 died 1963      
PARKER, Rose I. spouse of Raymond L.   born 1904 died 1981      
PASCALE, Lory A. O'Brien spouse of Vincent born 4-26-1962 died 7-26-2000      - Mother of Vincent and Amber Pascale daughter of Edward & Sandra O'Brien  
PASCUCCI, Candida J.   born 1918 died 1982      - dau of Nazzerano & Emma Persicilli Pascucci  
PASCUCCI, Dean R.   born 6-7-1938 died 4-13-2007      - son of Nazzerano & Emma Persicilli Pascucci US Army   
PASCUCCI, Paul V. spouse of Virginia M. born 1923 died 1981      - son of Nazzerano & Emma Persicilli Pascucci PFC US Army WW II  
PASCUCCI, Pierina F.   born 1921 died 1998      - dau of Nazzerano & Emma Persicilli Pascucci + 5 sisters & 5 brothers  
PASCUCCI, Virginia M. spouse of Paul V.   born 1923 died 1990      
PASSERINO, John L. spouse of Lucy A.   died 8-31-1992      - wed June 14 1941   
PASSERINO, Lucy A. spouse of John L. born 1-13-1920 died 4-30-2005      - dau of Michael & Mary Pascarella Bean  
PASTORE, Lillian P. spouse of William   born 1914 died 1995      - nee Suuillano Hail Mary Holy Mary  
PASTORE, William spouse of Lillian P. born 1904 died 1966      - Hail Mary Holy Mary  
PATITUCE, Agnes Q. spouce of  Vincent J.          
PATITUCE, Vincent J. spouce of  Agnes Q.          
PATRIZI, John Peter spouse of Marianna          
PATRIZI, Marianna spouse of John Peter born 9-17-1910 died 11-13-2005      - b. Gorgoglione Italy to Prospero & Elizabeth Garmarco Melfi wed 1st Angelo Martino d. 1954  
PATUTO, James     died 1978      - son of Julia Patuto  
PATUTO, Julia D.   born 7/4/1917 died 5/5/2000      - b. Manville NJ  
PAULEY, Margaret H. spouse of Leo/ Lester born 3-4-1922 died 11-11-2007      - dau of Alfred L. & Frances Sutter Doxey 1st wed Leo Smugorzewski Lester died 9-1984  
PAULY, Carmelita M.   born 1929        
PAULY, Ralph E.   born 1926 died 1983      - US Navy WW II  
PAULY, Robin Marie   born 1962 died 1966      
PAVEL, George F. Spouse of Josephine STARTIRE Born 9/19/1929 Died 11/9/2010 Age   Son of John & Agnes (Svac) Pavel, b. Olean-NY Wed 6-24-1961 in Olean-NY Vet-Korea US Army 1951-52   
PAVEL, Josephine M. Spouse of George F. PAVEL Born 12/14/1929 Died 2/12/2012      - Dau of Samuel & Jenny (Ciampa) Startire, b. Pittsburgh-PA Wed 6-24-1961 in Olean-NY   
PAVLOCK, Paul J. spouse of Theresa M. born 3-17-1924 died 6-12-2008      - son of Paul & Mary DeBolski Pavlock m. May 3 1952 US Air Force WW II European Theater  
PAVONE, Albert W. spouse of Madeline born 4/14/1921 died 3-24- 1966      - NY PFC BRTY A 466 FA BN WW II- "The more you honor me the more I will Bless You"  
PAVONE, Madeline spouse of Albert W.   born 1923        - The more you honor me the more I will Bless You  
PAYNE, Charlotte   born 2-16- 1907 died 6/4/1963      
PEACE, Agens G. spouse of Herbert L.   born 1902 died 1987      
PEACE, Herbert L. spouse of Agnes G. born 1898 died 1977      
PECK, Horace Grant III     died 7-3-1972      
PENNOCK, Lillian   born 1897 died 1918      
PERRINGTON, Alvie R. Spouse of Rose K. PISCONSKI Born 10/12/1917 Died 11/12/2010 Age 93y  Son of Reed & Isabelle (Irwin) Perrington, b. Olean-NY Wife d. 1945, Vet-WWII US Navy Gunner on USS Ranger & USS Brooklyn   
PERRINGTON, Rose C. spouse of Alva R.   born 1918 died 1964      - Mother  
PERRY, Dennis A.   born 9-4-1962 died 10-23-2004      - son of Dana F. & Elizabeth A. Atwood Perry   
PETERSON, Geneva C. "Jean"   born 3-25-1915 died 9-15-2008      - b. Oil City PA dau of Francis & Alice Shoup Brissee   
PETRONICK, Alice Jeanette spouse of Theodore George   born 4-25-1925  died 7-18-2001      - b. Duke Center PA- Dau. of Charles & Alice Cummings Cornelius- m. April 10 1948  
PETRONICK, Theodore George spouse of Alice Jeanette C    died 9-26-1982      - m. April 10 1948  
PETRUCCELLI, Angelina spouse of Anthony J.   born 1912 died 2000      - dau of Louis & Teresa Magrinelli Piccoli   
PETRUCCELLI, Anthony J. spouse of Angelina born 1910 died 1986      - US Army WW II  
PETRUCCELLI, Thomas Louis Spouse of Bonnie Sue Born 12/13/1933 Died 5/3/2010       - Son of Anthony J. & Angeline Piccoli Petruccelli, b. Olean-NY  Wed 50 yrs Vet-US Army Engineer    
PETSKI, Stella      died 4-28-2007      - died in Glendale Calif.  
PETTENATI, Camilla J. spouse of Waldo V.   born 8-16- 1927 died 12-26-2000      - Dau. of Dominic & Rose Rossi Nicol- b. Olean NY- m. July 5 1954  
PETTENATI, Waldo V. Spouse of Camilla J. Nicol Born 1-22-1924 Died 6-22-2004      - Son of Peter & Antonia Simonetti Pettenati b. Crosby-PA d. Olean-NY Wed 7-05-1954 in Olean-NY Vet-WWII US Army Combat Eng  
PETZ, Dorothy M.   born 1907 died 1914      - dau of Frank & Ottilia Ball Petz  
PETZ, Frank E. Spouse of Ottilia E. born 1882 died 1918      - Father  
PETZ, James B.   born 1915 died 1919      - son of Frank & Ottilia Ball Petz  
PETZ, Jane H.   born 1911 died 1998      - dau of Frank & Ottilia Ball Petz  
PETZ, Margaret M.     died 6-30-2006 age 96    - dau of Frank & Ottilia Ball Petz  
PETZ, Ottilia E. Spouse of Frank E. born 1880 died 1967      
PEZZIMENTI, Etta spouse of Joseph born 1923 died 1963      - Funeral Home Marker  
PEZZIMENTI, Francis D. Spouse of Mary Alice ? & Ann M. FORNESS Born 9/9/1931 Died 4/14/2012       - Son of Biago & Anna Maria (Papasergi) Pezzimenti, "Pezz", b. Olean-NY wed 10-14-1961 in Allegany-NY (she d. 3-12-1987)  Vet-Korea US Army 1951-53 Paratrooper 82nd Airborne Div   
PEZZIMENTI, Mary D. " Maimi"   born 1907 died 1-28-2008 age 99    - dau of  Anothony & Rose SabatinoPezzimenti  
PFEIFFER, Edward C. spouse of Clara Wenke born 11-1-1921  died 1-23-2001 age 79     - Son of Ludwig & Agnes Pfeiffer- b. Olean NY- m. Mar. 17 1946- US Marine Corps WW II  
PHILLIPS, Viola M. spouse of Frank W.   born 11-10-1913  died 12-25-1983      - Dau. of Lawrence & Elsie Waltman Fisher- b. Phillipsburg OH  
PICCOLI, Louis            
PICCOLI, Rose P. Luce   born 1923        
PICCOLI, Teresa M.   born 1885 died 1966      - nee Magrinelli  
PICCONE, Rose Cannell   born 1894 died 1918      
PICKARD, Mary   born 1869 died 1926      - Mother  
PICKARD, William F.   born 1895 died 1976      - Son  
PIECHOTA, Arthemise M. Spouse of Walter   Born 8-12-1912 Died 11-05-2004      - Dau of Arthur & Lois Brisco Austin b. Belmont-NY d. Bradford-PA Wed 1-11-1941   
PIECHOTA, Betty Jane Scheiterle spouse of  John M.   died 1995      
PIECHOTA, Helen A.   born 2-25-1917  died 2-13-2001      - Dau. of Louis & Mary Oko Piechota b. Olean NY  
PIECHOTA, Irene A. spouse of  Stanley M. born   4-26-1913 died 3-15-2006      - wed March 4 1935 in Buffalo NY  
PIECHOTA, John M. spouse of  Betty Jane S born 12-27-1918 died 7-3-2007      - son of Louis & Mary Oko Piechota US Navy South Pacific WW II  
PIECHOTA, Mary spouse of  Stanley I. born 3-17-1918 died 11-1-2008      - dau of John & Nellie Pushkar Pancio    
PIECHOTA, Stanley I. spouse of  Mary   died 12-7-1998      - m. Sept 1 1941  
PIECHOTA, Stanley M. spouse of  Irene A.   died 2-6-1965      
PIEKUT, Agnes spouse of Martin   born 1854 died 1925      - His Wife  
PIEKUT, Martin spouse of Agnes born 1851 died 1916      
PIERCE, Mary Joan spouse of Harold L.   born 11-23-1932  died 4-21-2001      - b. Bradford PA- Dau. of Robert & Hazel Fisher Walker m. April 16 1955  
PIKULSKI, Edwin J. spouse of Kathleen M. born 8/19/1934 died 10/14/2009      - son of Joseph "Pike" & Genevieve "Jane" Bungo Pikulski   
PILON, Mildred C. spouse of Neal J. born 7-7-1919  died 4-10-2001      - b. Olean NY  
PILON, Neal J. spouse of Mildred C. born 3-13-1916 died 12-30-1974      - son of Charles and Cecil Wheeler Pilon World War II Army Artillery European Theather died as a result of a sniper shooting from the Olean High School  
PIPER, Grace H.   born 2-1- 1920  died 7-27-2000      - b. Brooklyn NY  
PISCONSKI, Anna J. spouse of Charles F. born 4-28-1914 died 7-31-2006      - b.Chtelnica Czechoslovakia to Joseph & Anna Knazik Holec  
PISCONSKI, Charles F. spouse of Anna J.   died 9-28-1986      - wed in Chtelnica Czechoslovakia Aug 24 1947  
PISCONSKI, Katherine M. Spouse of Joseph J. PISCONSKI Born 10/19/1913 Died 10/24/2010 Age   Dau of Andrew & Mary (Czeladen) Humyn, "Katie", b. Olean-NY Wed 6-19-1937 in Olean-NY (he d. 11-08-1995)   
PITTMAN, Thomas F. spouse of Anne Karl born 1-23-1929 died 3-29-1998      - son of Frank and Hester Grandusky Pittman  
PITTS, Catherine O. spouse of Glenn V. born 8-1-1915 died 11-15-2005      - b. Shinglehouse PA to Jeremiah & Grace Maynard O'Donnell  
PITTS, Glenn V. spouse of Catherine O.   died       - wed Aug 19 1941  
PITTS, Sister Dorothy OSF     Born 7/21/1915 Died 7/5/2012       - Dau of Emery H. Sr. & Anna E. (Knauber) Pitts, b. Richmond-IN  Franciscan Sisters of Allegany   
PLANO, Albert spouse of Eva   born 6-1-1912  died 11-3-1999      - Son of John & Mary Plano  
PLANO, Eva M.  spouse of Albert Andrew   born 8-14-1916  died 12-22-2000 age 84     - Dau. of Anastasia "Nellie" Pushkar & John Pancio- b. Betula PA- m. May 29 1934  
POCKALNY, Gereladine A.   spouse of Peter   born 5-20-1925  died 5-25-2002      - b. Renovo PA- Dau. of Raymond & Mazie Schraeder Haggerty Sr.- m. June 4 1949 in Olean, NY  
POCKALNY, Peter spouse of Gereladine A.    died 1989      - son of John & Mary Krywy Pockalny  
POLETEK, Genevieve L. Spouse of John F.   Born 5-01-1924 Died 6-25-2004      - Dau of John & Mary Knause Karowitz b. Java Center-NY d. Olean-NY  "Jesus hear us"  
POLETEK, John F. spouse of Genevieve born 1925 died 1968      - Wed 9-19-1945 in Olean-NY  "Jesus hear us"  
POMPLIANO, Ralph P. "Pompy" spouse of Shirley Virginia born 10/1/1918 died 11/12/2009      - son of Leo & Adele Balassone Pompliano Sr.  
POMPLIANO, Shirley V. spouse of Ralph P.   born Jan. 17, 1915 died Mar. 2, 2000      - Dau. of Charles & Inez Hollamby Arfman- b. Westons Mills NY  
PORTANOVA, Lucy Agnes -- see PORTANOVA, Sister Madelyn Francis            -   
PORTANOVA, Sister Madelyn Francis OSF     Born 7/3/1912 Died 10/2/2012       - Dau of Leonard & Madeline (LoTrecchiano) Portanova, b. Lucy Agnes Portanova in Cambridge-MA Franciscan Sisters of Allegany   
POST, Angeline M. Bean spouse of Peter P. Sr.          - dau of Micheal & Mary Pascarella Bean  
POST, Peter P. Sr. spouse of Angeline M. Bean   died 1-21-2001      - Son of Sebastian & Deliah Varkette Post m. Oct. 20 1934  
POTTER, Henry Thomas Jr. Spouse of Norma M. OLSON Born 10-06-1925 Died 11-16-2013 Age 88y    - Son of Henry Thomas Sr. & Helen (LaStrange) Potter, b. Olean-NY, d. FL, Wed 6-11-1946 in Olean-NY (she d. 5-25-1989 in Hollywood-FL), Vet-WWII US Navy Verify- O-OTH 11-22-13
POTTER, Sarah  Spouse of Robert R. POTTER Born 10/29/1949 Died 5/12/2012       - Dau of Edmund & Anilet (Samuel) Pysadee, b. Grenada, d. Olean-NY (at home), Wed 11-25-1984 in Houston-TX (he survives), Mother survives, No surviving or predeceased children mentioned in obit    
POWER, Sister Marion M. OSF   born 7-16 1922 died 6/21/2009      - born Marion Margaret Power in New Brunswick NJ to John & Helen Chemineski Power  
POWNALL, Raymond C. spouse of Mary F. born 1919 died 7-18-2006      - b. Rochester to Harold T & Maude Carroll Pownall Capt. US Army 19th Combat Engineering Regiment WW II  
POYDOCK, Clara E. spouse of Michael J.   born 1898 died 1971      
POYDOCK, Doris J. Spouse of Henry L. "Jake" POYDOCK Born 11/5/1926 Died 6/27/2011       - Dau of Charles & Mildred (Brobst) Heberling, b. DuBois-PA Wed 6-26-1948 in DeLancey-PA (he d. 5-13-1985)    
POYDOCK, Michael J. spouse of Clara E. born 10-13-1893  died 11-18-1963      - b. DeLancy PA  
PREDGO, Anthony M. spouse of Caroline M. born 1913 died 1967      
PREDGO, Caroline M. spouse of Anthony M.   born 1918 died 1998      
PRESUTTI, Louis A. "Bozo"  spouse of Lena    died 6-30-1992      - m. Oct 28 1939 in Olean NY    
PRESUTTI, Pasquelena Di Cerbo  ["Lena"] Spouse of Louis A. "Bozo"  Sr. Born 3-23-1913 Died 1-24-2004      - Dau of Louis & Carmella Mele Di Cerbo "Lena" b. Olean-NY d. Olean-NY   
PRITCHARD, Donald J. spouse of Cathleen born 9/23/1936 died 10/17/2009 age 73    - son of Julian & Margretta Pritchard US Army  
PRITZ, Raymond L. spouse of Vivian LaCavera born 2-17-1927  died 1-23-2003 age 75    - born in Salamanca NY  to "Leland & Bessie Boutelle Pritz.  WWII vet US Army Quarter Master Corps - Germany  
PRIVATEER, Dorothy Ann L. spouse of George J. Dr. born 8-30-1921 died 10-20-2006      - b. Warren PA dau of Andrew & Agatha Woodward Homan  
PRIVATEER, George J. Dr. spouse of Dorothy Ann L.   died 4-17-2002      - wed Nov 23 1944 in Warren PA  
PRIZEL, Truda S. Spouse of Robert C. PRIZEL Born 6/15/1937 Died 2-??-2013       - Dau of John E. & Lois (Slawson) Munn, Twin to Grace Munn Regan, b. Passaic-NJ Wed 7-13-1957 at St. Alban's Episc Ch in Silver Creek-NY (he survives)   
PROTO, Oreste spouse of Rose M.   died 2-28-1987      - wed Nov 22 1945 in Olean NY  
PROTO, Rose M. spouse of Oreste born ? died 2-28-2006      - dau of Daniel & Carmela Fortuna DeRose  
PUDA, Harry R. Sr. spouse of  Mary Ann Kosinski born 8-19-1933 died 4-23-2005 age 71    - born in Salamanca NY to Frank Puda & Mary Puda Moszak & Stepson of Frank Moszak US Navy Korean War  
PUSTAWSKI, Anthony James   Born 1-17-1917 Died 1-12-2003      - Son of Andrew & Katherine Gawoski Pustawski "Tony" b. Olean-NY d. Olean-NY Vet-WWII US Navy Seabees  
PUTT, Floyd J. spouse of Catherine M. born 6/24/1927 died 7/6/2009      - son of Floyd H. & Helen Geise Putt m. Oct. 20 1951  
PUTT, Kenneth L. Sr. Spouse of Ann M. KOLASINSKI Born 8-08-1929 Died 11-09-2013       - Son of George & Mary (Walters) Putt, b. Allegany-NY, d. Olean-NY, Wed 1956 (she survives), Vet-WWII 82nd Airborne Div 1946-48 Verify- O-OTH 11-10-13
PYRKOS, Frank G. spouse of Mary A.   born 10-4-1922  died 3-1-2001      - Son of Leonard & Ida Sekrecki Pyrkosk- b. Depew US Army WW II 14th Armored Division in St. Smith Ark. & 13th Airborne Div. European Theater of Operations  
PYRKOS, Mary A.   spouse of Frank G. born 7-28-1927 died 10-3-2007      - dau of Andrew & Anna Benca Washington - m. May 8 1948    
QUATTRONE, Bruno L. spouse of Norma J. born 2-15-1921  died 4-27-1963      - NY Tec 5 HQ Co. 389 Inf. Regt. WW II  
QUATTRONE, Norma J. spouse of Bruno L.   born 1929 died 1980      
QUATTRONE, Thelma M.   born 3-26-1919 died 2-15-2009      - dau of Robert & Clara Benton Bell Nurses aide at Olean Hospital for over 30 years  
QUESTA, Angelo G. spouse of Carolina born 1870 died 1918      
QUESTA, Carolina spouse of Angelo G.   born 1883 died 1971      
QUESTA, Raymond A. Spouse of Teresa AUGOSTINI Born 4/4/1916 Died 11/22/2010     Son of Angelo & Carolina (Malpeli) Questa, b. Olean-NY Wed 11-06-1954 at St. John's Ch in Olean-NY Vet-WWII US Navy 1941-47 Chief Petty Officer   
QUESTA, Teresa Spouse of Raymond QUESTA Born 6/15/1927 Died 4/21/2011       - Dau of Luigi & Maria (Vagnoni) Augostini, "Tess", b. Olean-NY Wed 11-06-1954 at St. John's Ch in Olean-NY (he d. 11-22-2010)   
QUESTA, Yolanda M.   born 1907 died 1984      - Dau. of Angelo G. & Carolina Questa  
QUIGLEY, Ann J.   born 10-14-1919  died 7-15-2000      - b. Friendship. NY  
QUIGLEY, John A. spouse of Mary E. born 1858 died 1931      
QUIGLEY, M. Genevieve OSF   born 8-26-1921 died 8-29-2004      - b.Ann Marie dau of John Francis & Ann Williamson Quigley in Catasauqua PA Professes her final vows Aug 16 1956  
QUIGLEY, Mary E. spouse of John A.   born 1858 died 1914      
QUIGLEY, Sara Spouse of Patrick F. QUIGLEY Born 8/12/1925 Died 4/17/2010      - Dau of Enrique & Ernestine (Verdugo) Norville, b. Brooklyn-NY Husband d. 6-02-1997   
QUINLAN, Catherine M.   born 1853 died 1940      
QUINLAN, Daniel E.   born 1855 died 1929      
QUINLAN, Ethel F.   born 1893 died 1961      
QUINLAN, Eugene F. spouse of Sheila Dixson born 5/19/1930 died 12-26-1983      - Son of Dr. Eugene & Frances Mullane Quinlan m. Oct. 27 1956- US Army Korean Conflict- b. Olean NY  
QUINLAN, Frances M.   born 1896 died 1985      
QUINLAN, Frank A.   born 1888 died 1963      
QUINLAN, John L. spouse of Mary J. born 1864 died 1944      
QUINLAN, Mary C.   born 1885 died 1982      
QUINLAN, Mary J. spouse of John L.   born 1869 died 1913      - His Wife  
QUINLAN, Megan G.   born 12-19-1965 died 6/12/1974      - Loving Daugher of Daniel & Linda Quinlan  
QUINLAN, Sheila M. Spouse of Eugene F. QUINLAN Born 8-28-1931 Died 12-28-2013       - Dau of Diarmuid [sic] & Margaret (Wheeler) Dixon, b. Bay Shore-?NY?, d. Salamanca-NY, Wed 10-27-1956 (he d. 12-26-1983) Verify- O-OTH 12-29-13
QUINLAN, Teresa L. Spouse of Joseph A. QUINLAN, Sr. Born  Died 5/6/2012       - Dau of William E. & Margaret (Quinn) Lennon, b. Olean-NY, d. Rochester-NY (St. Ann's Community), Wed 12-28-1957 at St. Mary of the Angles Ch (she survives), 3 children (2 sons, 1 dau)    
QUINN,  Bartholomew  spouse of Bridget O'Brien born 1816 died 1904      - b. Ireland section d lot number 142  
QUINN,  Bridget spouse of Bartholomew born 1826 died 1892      - b. Ireland section d lot number 142  
QUINN, Anne C. Spouse of Thomas H. QUINN Born 1/10/1922 Died 12/25/2012       - Dau of Edward & Loretta (Crowley) Conley, b. Bradford-PA Wed 11-28-1953 in Bradford-PA (he d. 7-08-2009)     
QUINN, Baby   born 10-17-1922 died 10-21- 1922      - T.H. QUINN Mausoleum- son of Raymond & Margaret Quinn  
QUINN, Catherine J. Marra spouse of John H.          - dau of Demitrio & Anna Allegretta Marra m. Oct. 27 1945  
QUINN, James D. spouse of Mary Ann born 1849 died 1935      - Father  
QUINN, John H. spouse of Catherine J.   born 12-21-1925  died 9-8-2001      - b. Olean NY Son of Orlie C. & Nora A. Mulcay Quinn- Merchant Marines WW II  
QUINN, Margaret McCormick spouse of Raymond M.   born 1888 died 1958      - T.H. QUINN Mausoleum  
QUINN, Mary A. spouse of Thomas H.   born 1857 died 1936      - T.H. QUINN Mausoleum  
QUINN, Mary Ann spouse of James D.   born 1864 died 1944      - Mother  
QUINN, Mary Gertrude spouse of Evan V.   died 1921      - Quinn Mauseleum  
QUINN, Nora I.   born 1896 died 1970      
QUINN, Raymond M. spouse of Margaret McC. born 1892 died 1940      - T.H. QUINN Mausoleum  
QUINN, Thomas F.   born 1868 died 1922      
QUINN, Thomas H. spouse of Mary A. born 1858 died 1939      - T.H. QUINN Mausoleum  
QUINN, Thomas H. spouse of Anne C. born 6-10-1923 died 7-8-2009      - T.H. QUINN Mausoleum son of Raymond & Margaret McCormick Quinn m. Nov 28 1953 in Bradford PA US Army 15th Air Force in Italy  
QUINN, Thomas H. III    Born 4/28/1961 Died 6/13/2012       - Son of Thomas H. & Anne C. (Conley) Quinn, b. Olean-NY post auto acc on 5-28-2012)   

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