ST. Bonaventure Cemetery
Village of Allegany, NY
Across the road from St. Bonaventure University

Transcribed & Submitted by Gayle Tompson


NAPOLEONI, Marie L. Born 8-11-1936, died 1-19-2007 - Dau of Leon Evans and Ruth Gardner and Step daughter of Frank Gardner was a champion bowler
NAPOLEONI, Piacentino [Denny]. Born 5-4-1933, died 6-16-2003 - Born in Maenza Italy to Rico and Giovannina Napoleoni
NAPOLIONE, John M. [Bunny]. Spouse of Kathryn Dimicco. Born 2-2-1925, died 2-13-2001 - Son of Vincent and Nellie Roger Napolione- b. Olean NY- US Navy WW II and Korean War
NAPOLIONE, Lorraine. Born 2-16-1928, died 4-5-2000 - Born in Olean NY
NDES, Michael J. Born 10-27-1924, died 7-19-2003 - Son of Andro and Anna Yursisian Ondes
NEARY, Charles Richard. Spouse of Midge Kehoe. Born 5-28-1924, died 12-20- 2001. Age: 77 - Born in Olean NY- Son of Charles W. and Elizabeth Cassidy Neary- m. Sept. 26 1953- US Navy WW II
NEEDHAM, Margaret M. Born 1886, died 1945
NEEDHAM, Vincent P. Born 1890, died 1970
NEFF, Harry C. Spouse of Mary A. Born 6-29-1929, died 8-12-2009 - Born in Indiana Son of Beverly and Harriett Cole Neff m. Apr. 24 1954 US Navy
NEILER, Frank G. Spouse of Nell M. Born 1888, died 1964
NEILER, Nell M. Spouse of Frank G. Born 1885, died 1962
NELLENBACH, Sister Mary Joanita. Born 11-23-1911, died 1-3-2000 - Dau of Joseph and Mary Ulrich Nellenbach
NENNO, Baby, died 1-10-1917
NENNO, Beatrice C. Born 1912
NENNO, Catherine S. Born 1885, died 1952
NENNO, Elna M. Spouse of Louis J. Born 6-26-1907, died 4-23-1995 - Born in Ellicottville NY- Dau. of James and Maude MacMillen Simms- m. May 7 1934
NENNO, Evelyn P. Spouse of William R. Born 1910, died 1984
NENNO, Frances. Spouse of Lewis. Born 1859, died 1900 - [Mother-His Wife]
NENNO, Fred S. Born 1875, died 1943
NENNO, Glenn J. Born 1888, died 1920
NENNO, John W. Spouse of Veronica M., died 7-20-1974 - Wed July 20 1974
NENNO, Katherine. Born 1878, died 1922
NENNO, Lewis. Spouse of Frances. Born 1846, died 1905 - [Father]
NENNO, Louis J. Spouse of Elna M., died 2-4-1965
NENNO, Margaret E. Born 1861, died 1929
NENNO, Marie. Born 1906, died 1924
NENNO, Mary Ann. Spouse of Victor Joseph. Born 3-15-1871, died 11-24-1933 - Dau of John and Mary Kemmer Martiny
NENNO, Nellie M. Born 1877, died 1928 - [Mother]
NENNO, Paul J. Spouse of Shirley Irene McGraw. Born 9-3-1929, died 1-24-2010. Age: 80 - Son of Walter J. and Ruth Atherton Nenno US Army 2rd Armored Division Korean War
NENNO, Shirley J. "Shoo-Shoo". Spouse of Paul J. Born 2-2-1933, died 3-17-2006. Age: 73
NENNO, Veronica M. [Babe]. Spouse of John W. Born 10-20-1913, died 1-7-2007 - Dau of Constantine T. and Margaret Gladney McCabe
NENNO, Victor Joseph. Spouse of Mary Ann. Born 7-25-1869, died 8-13-1947
NENNO, William C. Spouse of Shirley E. Rickard, died 1-10-2008 - US Navy WW II a career diplomat helped to establish the first US Embassy in East Berlin
NENNO, William F. Born 1861, died 1940 - Allegany Fire Dept. Flag Holder
NENNO, William R. Spouse of Evelyn P. Born 1916, died 1991 - Tec 5 US Army WW II
NEPORADNY, Ella. Spouse of Frank. Born 1899, died 1971
NEPORADNY, Frank. Spouse of Ella. Born 1885, died 1965
NEPORADNY, Helen M. Born 10-11-1931, died 2-20-2011 - Dau of George and Anna (Lucyszyn) Neoradny, b. Olean-NY
NETHERTON, Barbara. Spouse of Kenneth E. Born 5-31-1925, died 1-30-2003 - Born in Hertfordshire England Dau of George and Ellen Meagher
NETHERTON, Kenneth E. Spouse of Barbara, died 3-27-1996 - Wed 4-30-1949 in St. Albans England
NEUSCHEL, Evelyn C. Spouse of Henry F. Born 10-28-1914, died 12-20-2003 - Born in Leroy NY Dau of Lloyd and Anna Moloneaux Carney
NEUSCHEL, Henry F. [Hank]. Spouse of Evelyn C., died 1998 - Wed July 4 1942 in St. Mary of the Angels Church in Olean NY
NEVINS, Frances H. Spouse of Joseph A. Sr. Born 6-9-1906, died 2-3-2007. Age: 100 - Dau of Micheal and Aileen Moran Haely- teacher
NEVINS, Joseph A. Hon. Sr. Spouse of Frances H., died 1988 - Justice of the Supreme Court of State of New York
NEVINS, Joseph A. Jr. Spouse of Margaret E. Born 7-28-1935, died 11-9-2005 - Son of Joseph A. and Frances H. Haely Nevins Sr. -Lawyer
NEVINS, Michael P. Born 2-6-1945, died 10-27-2010. Age: 65 - Son of Joseph Anthony and Frances H. (Haely) Nevins, b. Olean-NY Vet- US Army 1971-1973
NEVINS, Sister Frances Louise OSF. Born 9-10-1916, died 6-19-2012 - Dau of Francis A. and Margaret (Maloney) Nevins, b. Boston-MA
NEWTON, Gordon G. Spouse of Betty McAlpine. Born 10-6-1923, died 2-26-2011. Age: 87 - Son of George and Mildred (Toennies) Newton, b. Allegany-NY Wed 12-02-1950 she d. 1-04-1998 Vet-WWII US Army 1943-45
NICE, Harold Joseph. Spouse of Marsha A. Anthony. Born 7-18-1935, died 3-14-2015 - Son of Harry and Alice (Nicolia) Nice, b. Buffalo NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 5-04-1957 in Buffalo NY (she survives)
NICHOLAS, Linnae M. Spouse of Ronald. Born 10-31-1956, died 6-18-2008 - Dau of Robert and Emma Lou Forness Granger m. Aug 23 1985 teacher
NICHOSON, Maurice [Bud]. Spouse of Regina F., died 3-27-1995
NICHOSON, Regina F. [Jean]. Spouse of Maurice. Born 10-15-1924, died 10-16- 2001 - Born in Olean NY- Dau. of John and Genevieve Bailor French m. FeBorn in 19 1944
NICKEL, Howard W. Spouse of Frances S. Stavish. Born 4-7-1935, died 10-30- 2001. Age: 66 - Born in Olean NY- Son of Paul and Jeanette Hubbard Nickel m. Oct. 20 1956
NICOLETTA, Edward V. Spouse of Mary Zita, died 6-15-1996 - Wed June 6 1953 in Olean NY
NICOLETTA, Mary Zita. Spouse of Edward V. Born 1-11-1931, died 11-27-2005 - Dau of Louis and Mary Kelly Ruggieri
NIEWIADOMSKI, Irene C. Spouse of Richard K., died 10-9-2005 - Owned Reed's Jewelers
NITCHE, James F. Spouse of Debra Leindenfelder. Born 2-2-1942, died 9-7-2003 - Son of James and Helen Kuzak Nitche m. Dec 8 1998
NITSCHE, Azuba J. Spouse of Walter. Born 9-7-1900, died 11-9-2004. Age: 104 - Dau of William and Lucy Chaffee Gilliland
NITSCHE, Robert W. Spouse of Sabina A. Born 12-27-1915, died 7-14-1967 - Son of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Nitsche NY Sgt. BTRY B 68 Field ARTY WW II- "St. Anthony Pray for Us"
NITSCHE, Sabina A. Spouse of Robert W. Born 10-18-1920, died 6-28-2004 - Dau of Joseph and Sophie Skala Kwiatkowski b. Olean-NY d. Bradford-PA Wed. 3-01-1949 St. Anthony Pray for Us
NITSCHE, Walter. Spouse of Azuba J., died 9-1960 - Wed Nov 9 1923
NIXDORF, Mary Lou (McCabe). Spouse of Bill Tenney/ William H. Nixdorf. Born 5-28-1926, died 7-23-2012 - Dau of Edwin and Francis (Carroll) McCabe, b. Allegany-NY Husband #2 predeceased her, Wed #2 8-21-1954 in Allegany-NY (he d. 10-22-1991)
NOBLE, John J. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1900, died 1967
NOLAN, Catherine. Born 1882, died 1977
NOLAN, Delores. Spouse of James E. Jr., died 6-6-1995 - Wed 1948
NOLAN, James E. Jr. Spouse of Delores. Born 5-2-1920, died 1-17-2005 - Son of James E. and Mary M. Pinconski Nolan Sr. US Navy WW II
NOLAN, Paul F. Spouse of Bernice J. Brol. Born 2-05-1922, died 7-06-2003 - Son of James E. and Mary M. Pisconski Nolan b. Chipmonk-NY d. Allegany-NY Wed 5-07-1949 in Salamanca-NY Vet-WWII US Navy 1942-45
NOLAN, Robert. Born 1918, died 1935 - Son of James E. and Mary M. Pinconski Nolan Sr.
NOLAN, Walter J. Sr. Born 1894, died 1982
NOLDER, Isabella E. (Goretti). Spouse of John F. [Buddy]. Born 2-06-1928, died 3-11-2015 - Dau of Camillo and Mary (Trupo) Goretti, b. Medina NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 10-18-1947 in Buffalo NY (he d. 2-28-1996)
NOLDER, Jean Marie. Spouse of William. Born 7-27-1928, died 10-9-2005 - Dau of Paul and Winona Millard Foster
NOLDER, William [Jim]. Spouse of Jean Marie, died 4-28-2000 - Wed Nov. 28 1953
NOONAN, John B. Spouse of Marion B. Born 9-28-1917, died 9-14-2009 - Son of Michael and Florence Conrath Noonan- b. Olean NY m. May 25 1940
NOONAN, Mary Z. Born 9-10-1915, died 3-7- 2000 - Dau of Michael and Florence Conrath Noonan- b. Olean NY
NORTON, Ailene Marie. Spouse of Ivers John Sr. Born 1901, died 1988 - Dau of George and Jeannette McCory Eaton
NORTON, Edward. Spouse of Mary. Born 1845, died 1926 - [Father]
NORTON, Edward. Born 1883, died 1913
NORTON, Elizabeth J. Born 1861, died 1936
NORTON, Ivers John Jr. Born 1927, died 1928. Age: 8m
NORTON, Ivers John Sr. Spouse of Ailene Marie. Born 2-22-1897, died 10-20-1965 - NY S2 USNR WW I
NORTON, John R. Born 1861, died 1917
NORTON, Mary. Spouse of Edward. Born 1856, died 1938 - [Mother-His Wife]
NOWAK, Sister Marie John OSF. Born 11-13-1921, died 1-10-2010 - Born in Anna Nowak Central City PA Dau of Julian and Sophia Novorol Nowak
NUNAMAKER, Grace Eleanor. Born 4-27-1933, died 3-04-2015 - Dau of James A. and Nellie P. (Logan) Nunamaker, b. Rimersburg PA, d. Olean NY. A son is named James Everett, Jr.
NUSS, Helen K. Spouse of Leamon [Dutch]. Born 1-30-1931, died 10-24-2014 - Dau of Fred and Mary (McIntyre) Koch, b. Watsontown PA, d. Olean NY, Wed 5-05-1951 in Watsontown PA (he d. 1-04-2011)
NUSS, Leamon L. Jr. Spouse of Helen F. Koch. Born 10-24-1928, died 1-4-2011 - Son of Leamon L. Sr. and Mable Katharyn (O'Dell) Nuss, "Dutch", b. Montgomery-PA Wed 5-05-1951 in Watsontown-PA Vet-Korea US Army
NUTTING, Catherine A.Brown. Spouse of James. Born 1865, died 1937
OBERMILLER, Carl A. Born 1905, died 1990
OBERMILLER, Carolune. Born 1903, died 1980
O'BRIEN, Edward. Born 7-23-1876, died 6-29-1939 - Son of John J. and Mary Burke O'Brien
O'BRIEN, Eileen A. Born 9-19-1918, died 10-30-2005 - Dau of John and Kathleen Cotter O'Brien
O'BRIEN, John. Spouse of Mary. Born 1842, died 8-7-1918
O'BRIEN, Joseph M. Spouse of Rose. Born 1889, died 1967
O'BRIEN, Mary. Spouse of John J. Born 1848, died 3-7-1918. Age: 70 - Born in in County Clair Ireland
O'BRIEN, Rose. Spouse of Joseph M. Born 1917, died 1993
O'BRIEN, Sister Eileen Mary. Born 11-12-1919, died 9-19-2011 - Dau of Edward J. and Mary (Eagan) O'Brien, b. Rochester-NY Fransiscan Sisters of Allegany
O'BRIEN, Thomas F. Born 1-1873, died 6-23-1929 - Son of John J. and Mary Burke O'Brien
O'CALLAGHAN, Sister Dominic Mary OSF. Born 9-30-1913, died 3-15-2005 - Born in Chelsea Mass Mary Frances Dau of Cornelius and Anna Rolfe O'Callaghan
O'CONNELL, Anna M. Spouse of Daniel E. Born 1882, died 1960
O'CONNELL, Daniel E. Spouse of Anna M. Born 1882, died 1954
O'CONNELL, M.J. Born 1893, died 1918 - Co. B 26th Engrs.
O'CONNELL, Nora. Born 1889, died 1911
O'CONNOR, Ardeth H. Spouse of James M. Born 4-19-1921, died 3-3-2011 - Dau of Edwin and Anetta [sic] (?) McGuire, b. Leeper-PA Wed 2-07-1948 in Niagara Falls-NY
O'CONNOR, Caroline. Born 1857, died 1921
O'CONNOR, Eliza. Born 1830, died 1903
O'CONNOR, James M. Spouse of Ardeth H. Walter. Born 4-05-1922, died 6-24-2015 - Son of Martin and Mary O'Connor, born in Portville NY, died in Houghton NY. Wed 2-07-1948 in Niagara Falls NY (she died in 3-03-2001)
O'CONNOR, Martin. Born 1867, died 1932
O'CONNOR, Mary Ann. Born 1848, died 1910
ODELL, Aileen Sorg. Spouse of Stanley K. Born 7-4-1911, died 9-30- 2000 - Dau of John and Mary Simco Sorg- m. July 3 1936- b. Olean NY
O'DELL, Helen S. Spouse of Maynard F. Born 1908, died 1982
O'DELL, Loretta M. Born 1895, died 1921
O'DELL, M. June. Spouse of Edward J. Born 5-27-1921, died 8-12-2009 - Dau of Raymond and Della Koehler Sweitzer, was a nurse. Wed Aug 26 1961 (He d 4-9-1987)
O'DELL, Mary Mulvey. Born 1896, died 1941
O'DELL, Maynard F. Spouse of Helen S. Born 9-3-1913, died 10-14-1997 - T/Sgt. US Army WW II
O'DELL, Stanley K. Spouse of Aileen S. Born 12-29- 1908, died 10-6-2001. Age: 92 - Born in Town of Rushford NY- Son of James and Isabelle Mitchell O'Dell
O'DONNELL, Agnes. Born 1883, died 1923
O'DONNELL, Father. Born 1856, died 1937
O'DONNELL, James. Born 1885, died 1903
O'DONNELL, Kathryn. Born 1898, died 1913
O'DONNELL, Mary Nazarene Sister OSF. Born 11-26-1908, died 1-19- 2002 - Born in Clifden County Galway Ireland as Mary O'Donnell- Dau. of John and Elizabeth Devine O'Donnell-- Professed her final religious vows on Aug. 16 1941
O'DONNELL, Mother. Born 1864, died 1912
O'DONNELL, Nora Theresa -- see O'DONNELL, Sister William Francis OSF
O'DONNELL, Roger. Born 1887, died 1938
O'DONNELL, Sister William Francis OSF. Born 4-13-1919, died 10-10-2011 - Dau of William and Margaret (Teahan) O'Donnell, b. Nora Theresa O'Donnell in Boston-MA
O'GRADY, Catherine. Spouse of E. Born 1855, died 1915
O'GRADY, Edward, died 1934
O'HANDLEY, Anne Anicetus -- see O'HANDLEY, Sister Mary Anicetus OSF
O'HANDLEY, Sister Mary Anicetus OSF. Born 4-17-1913, died 5-29-2012 - Dau of Stephen and Sarah (MacMullin) O'Handley, b. Anne Anicetus O'Handley in Barrachois Harbour-Nova Scotia-Canada, d. Allegany-NY (St. Elizabeth Motherhouse)
O'HARA, Charlotte A. Spouse of Michael. Born 11-24-1915, died 8-2-2008 - Dau of John and Pearl Twaddell Martin Sr.
O'HARA, Michael. Spouse of Charlotte A., died 11-4-1969 - Wed Dec. 20 1941 in Warren PA
O'HARA, Rose. Born 1880, died 1947
O'HERN, Mary. Spouse of J.H. Born 1877, died 1904
OHERNE, Jeremiah. Born 1840, died 3-15-1915 - 154th Regt. Co. G NYS Vols.
O'KEEFE, Harold R. Spouse of Patricia A. Gazdik. Born 9-14-1927, died 8-14-2013 - Son of Thomas and Lura (Wilcox) O'Keefe, "Hal", b. Olean-NY, d. Cuba-NY, Wed 12-30-1950 in Olean-NY (she survives), Vet-WWII US Army
O'KEEFE, Marianne F. Spouse of Thomas. Born 12-31-1923, died 11-04-2014 - Dau of William & Gertrude (Horan) Dorson, b. Olean NY, d. Hickory NC, Wed 5-22-1948 in Olean NY (he d. 9-08-2002)
O'KEEFE, Ronald J. Spouse of Penny Conley. Born 11-24-1935, died 12-29-2010 - Son of Thomas and Lura (Wilcox) O'Keefe, b. Olean-NY Wed 6-07-1958 at Sr. Mary fo Angels Vet-US Army Reserve Guard 1957-64
OLIVA, Joan M. Spouse of Fred. Born 11-28-1914, died 8-31-2015 - Dau of Carmen & Mary (Farrone) Carey, b. James City PA, d. Olean NY, Wed 10-26-1940 in Kane PA (he d. 3-02-1973) -
OLIVO, Sister Jeanne OSF. Born 2-18-1925, died 7-10-2005 - Born in Jeanne Louise Olivo in Niagara Falls NY to Frank Olivo and Bettina Calao Olivo Giordano took final vows Aug 16 1953
OLKOSKY, Francis " Frank" J. Born 3-1- 1935, died 9-5- 2000 - Son of Victor and Rose Marie Olkosky
OLKOSKY, Robert F. Spouse of Patricia S. Born 8-17-1926, died 1-14-2009 - Son of Max F. and Mary Truby Olkosky m. Nov 21 1951 US Navy WW II and Korean War USS TATE South Pacific
OLMSTEAD, E. Pearl, died 1-19-1971
OLSEN, Sister Ursula OSF. Born 5-25-1910, died 1-11-2005 - Born in Winifred Bertha Olsen Dau of Albert and Mary Berry Olsen took her final vows Aug 16 1939
OLSON, Bernice M. Spouse of Peter M. Born 1903, died 1997
OLSON, Peter McKing [King]. Spouse of Bernice M. Born 1896, died 1985 - US Army WW I
O'MALLEY, Florence M. Spouse of Peter J. Born 1894, died 1967 - [We have finished the work which thou gavest us to do]
O'MALLEY, Peter J. Spouse of Florence M. Born 1893, died 1968 - [We have finished the work which thous gavest us to do] Veterans Flag
O'MEARA, Ida B. Born 1877, died 1948
O'MEARA, Lawrence P. Born 1906, died 1990
O'MEARA, Leon M. Born 5-24-1913, died 9-4-1997
O'MEARA, Louise A. Born 1876, died 1907
O'MEARA, Patrick E. Born 1866, died 1947
O'NEIL, Ann A. Born 8-14-1915, died 10-21-2014 - Dau of Michael J. and Alice (McManus) O'Neil, b. Olean NY, d. Brighton NY
O'NEIL, Marguerite C. [Peg]. Born 11-1-1918, died 1-25-2008 - Dau of Michael J. and Alice McManus O'Neil a registeered nurse
O'NEILL, Florence Sullivan. Spouse of Robert, died 10-3-2001 - Born in Olean NY- Dau. of Dennis and Bertha Geise Sullivan- m. 47 yrs.
ORCUTT, Mary J. [Jackie]. Spouse of John W. Born 2-4-1923, died 2-21-2008 - Dau of Leo C. and Reva Ellen Young Welch m. Jan 23 1943 at Naval Base in Norfolk Va
ORSINI, Angelo "Yi". Spouse of Rose M. Augostini. Born 10-2-1919, died 10-5-2000 - Son of Erminio and Flavia Porcelli Oorsini- m. April 6 1940- US Navy WW II- b. Olean NY
ORSINI, Rose M. Spouse of Angelo J. [Yi]. Born 11-16-1920, died 8-18-2015 - Dau of Louis & Maria (DiSorbo) Augostini, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 4-06-1940 in Olean NY (he d. 10-05-2000)
ORVIS, Sister Marie Rosaire OSF. Born 2-20-1930, died 3-14-2015 - Dau of Ceylon and Gladys (Olmstead) Orvis, b. Gwen Louise Orvis in Winooski VT, d. Allegany NY, Member Franciscan Sisters of Allegany
O'SHEA, Ida Marie. Spouse of James P. Born 1893, died 1963
O'SHEA, James P. Spouse of Ida Marie. Born 1891, died 1968
OSMOLA, Sister Susan. Born 10-27-1947, died 4-28- 2009 - Dau of Michael and June Calvert Osmola took her final vows Feb 15 1986
OSTERMAN, Stella Mary. Spouse of Howard, died 3-27-2005. Age: 93
OSTRANDER, Emma M. Jones. Spouse of A. M. Born 1875, died 1923
OUTMAN, Helen E. Spouse of James L. Sr. Born 7-1-1917, died 2-21-2003 - Dau of Anthony and Sophia Frain Hee
OUTMAN, Helen E. Spouse of James L. Sr. Born 7-01-1917, died 2-21-2003 - Dau of Anthony and Sophia Frain Hee b. Philadelphia-PA d. Wellsville-NY Wed 11-23-1939 in Allegany-NY
OUTMAN, James L. Sr. Spouse of Helen E. Born ?, died 2-26-1976 - Wed Nov 22 1939 in Allegany NY
OUTMAN, Richard Lee Sr. Spouse of Unstated. Born 7-05-1947, died 9-15-2015 - Son of James & Helen (Hee) Outman, b. Allegany NY, d. Punxsutawney PA -
OZOGAR, Andrew. Spouse of Rose E. Born 1906, died 1962
OZOGAR, Andrew D. Born 8-25-1937, died 3-11-2008 - Son of Andrew and Rose Sakala Ozogar US Army 4th Armored Divison
OZOGAR, Jean M. Anderson. Spouse of Victor J., died 7-15-2000 - Wed Dec. 19 1958 in Wichita KS.
OZOGAR, John. Spouse of Rose M. Born 10-16-1910, died 7-29-1965 - Wed 1934
OZOGAR, Joseph. Spouse of Mary. Born 1-19-1920, died 1-14-1974 - NY Tec 5 US Army WW II
OZOGAR, Mary. Spouse of Joseph. Born 1913, died 1970
OZOGAR, Rose E. Spouse of Andrew. Born 11-3-1912, died 5-3-2000 - Born in Ludlow PA
OZOGAR, Rose M. Spouse of John. Born 08-27-1913, died 04-25-2003 - born in Olean NY to John and Anna Martin Washington
OZOGAR, Victor J. Spouse of Jean M. Born 8-19-1931, died 9-25-2004 - Son of John and Rose M. Washington Ozogar US Navy Korean War


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