ST. Bonaventure Cemetery

Village of Allegany, NY
Across the road from St. Bonaventure University
Transcribed & Submitted by Gayle Tompson


FABIC, Mary. Born 1-15-1914, died 3-11-2005 - Dau of Joseph and Pauline Grzincich Fabic
FADLALLA, Agnes M. Spouse of Aziz. Born 9-7-1905, died 8-30-2001 - Born in Olean NY. Wed Feb 1 1926- Dau of Latof and Julia David John
FADLALLA, Florence J. Born 12-19-1931, died 6-24-2011. Age: 79 - Dau of Aziz and Agnes (John) Fadlalla, born in Olean NY
FADLALLA, Pauline L. Born 7-16-1930, died 11-24-2012 - Dau of Aziz and Agnes (John) Fadlalla, born in Olean NY Father d. 1966, Mother d. 2011, Brother George Fadlalla d. 2005
FAHERTY, James G. III [Doc]. Spouse of M. Teresa A. Born 9-08-1934, died 10-01-2016 - Son of James G. Flaherty Jr. / Martha Shelly, b. unstated, d. Stony Point NY, Wed 57 yrs (she survives)
FAHEY, Anna M. Spouse of William J. Born 1895, died 1919
FAHEY, William J. Spouse of Anna M. Born 1862, died 1933
FAHRER, Anna. Born 1879, died 1897
FAHRER, Frances. Spouse of William. Born 1850, died 1923
FAHRER, Louis. Born 1-22-1886, died 7-31-1968 - WW I Vet, US Army, QM Corps, Pvt
FAHRER, Paul. Born 1891, died 7-6-1902. Age: 10y
FAHRER, William. Spouse of Frances. Born 1851
FAIRBANKS, Carolyn M. (Pockalny). Spouse of Lester M. Born 12-29-1918, died 3-29-2014 - Dau of John & Mary (Krzywy) Pockalny, one of 14 children. Born and lived in Portville NY, died in Gulfport MS. Worked 40 years at Olean tile. Wed 10-25-1941, two daughters. (He d. 11-7-1996)
FANELL, Marion [Sister]. Born 11-14-1909, died 6-15-2004 - Dau of Vincent and Leonarda di Dio Fanelle. Born as Camelia Fanelle in New York City NY d. Allegany NY "Sister Marion" Franciscan Sisters of Allegany NY
FANELLI, Albert A. Spouse of Mary J. Born 10-25-1910, died 2-9- 2000 - Son of Pasquale and Julia Fanelli- born in Angelica NY - WW II Vet, US Army
FANELLI, Mary J. (Karczewska). Spouse of Albert A. Born 9-11-1915, died 9-7-2004 - Wed April 14 1954
FARAGHER, John M. [Red]. Spouse of Ruth G. Born 8-8-1915, died 2-18- 2001 - Son of Michael and Louise Derrig Faragher, born in Olean NY. Wed Oct. 9 1948
FARAGHER, Ruth G. Spouse of John M. Born 8-12-1922, died 3-27-2010 Age - Dau of William and Jessie (Gile) Northcote, born in Olean NY, d. Olean NY (Olean Gen Hosp), Wed 10-09-1948 at St. Mary of the Angels Ch in Olean NY (he d. 2-18-2001), 4 children
FARAGHER, Thomas R. Born 8-8-1915, died 8-27-2004 - Son of Michael and Louise Derrig Faragher - WW II Vet, US Army
FARLEO, Donald E. Sr. [Papa Don]. Born 6-11-1937, died 6-8-2009. Age: 71 - Son of Joseph and Charlotte Marie Farleo, born and died in Olean NY. Divorced from Judith Matthews Bell. - Uncategorized Vet, US Army and Reserves. 1957-1962
FARLEO, Janet R Hirsch. Spouse of Joseph F. Born 1-8-1940, died 2-22-2008 - Dau of Francis J. and Hester M. Hamilton Hirsch. Wed March 7 1959
FARLEO, Joseph F. Spouse of Janet R. Hirsch. Born 3-16-1939, died 5-2-2005 - Son of Joseph and Marie Riordan Farleo
FARLEO, Virginia L. Hamilton. Spouse of George W., died 3-29-2016. Age: 95y - Died in NY.
FARMER, Michael, died 1-28-2010 - Killed in an auto accident in Indiananpolis IN.
FARR, Josephine M. Spouse of Robert W. Born 9-19-1915, died 6-12-2006. Age: 90 - Dau of Michael and Anna Haase Bronald
FARR, Robert W. Spouse of Josephine M. Born 1909, died 2-3-1966
FARRELL, Genevieve N. Spouse of Jacob L. Born 3-20-1921, died 2-9-2011. Age: 89 - Dau of Frederick and Katherine (O'Meara) Nenno, born in Allegany NY Wed 8-08-1938 at St. Bonaventure Ch in Allegany NY (he d. 5-02-2004
FARRELL, Sister Mary Jeannette. Born 9-4-1909, died 9-22-2002 - Born as Elizabeth Helen to John Michael and Catherine Fortune Farrell. Took final vows Aug 15 1934 had 6 brothers and 1 sister
FARRIS, Ester G. Spouse of Farris A. Born 12-26-1912, died 4-12-2011 - Dau of Louis and Dora (Abdo) Gabriel, born in Eldred PA Wed 6-06-1938 at St. Raphael's Ch in Eldred PA (he d. 8-31-1991)
FARRIS, Julia K. [Sitti]. Spouse of Phillip A. Born 5-7-1912, died 2-27-2007 - Dau of Najem and Anna Saad Knieser. Family owned clothing store in Olean NY
FARRIS, Phillip A. Spouse of Julia K., died 5-16-1984 - Wed April 19 1936
FASO, Anthony C. Spouse of Elizabeth M. Born 1920, died 1973
FASO, Elizabeth M. Spouse of Anthony C. Born 1922
FASO, Mary Catherine. Born 1955, died 1991
FAULKNER, Helen S. Spouse of M. Gordon. Born 9-16-1911, died 12-4-1999 - Dau of Thomas M. and Johanna Flynn Keegan
FAULKNER, Michael J. Born 6-25-1968, died 9-10-1995 - Son of Thomas K and Mary Ann Woodgie Faulkner. Killed in an airplane accident during a skydiving event
FAVRO, Edward Lawrence. Born 10-23-1934, died 7-9-2011. Age: 77 - Born in Olean NY
FAY, John T. Born 10-1-1953, died 12-23-2007 - Son of Drs. Cornelius and Janet Askane Fay Jr.
FAYDEN, Sister M. Michael Joseph OSF. Born 5-16-1924, died 1-9-2009 - Born as Mary Florence Fayden to Michael and Florence Buckman Fayden
FEDELL, Anthony R. OFM. Born 4-12-1940, died 12-26-2003 - Born in Salamanca NY Son of Rocco and Phyllis Marino Fedell Ordained 3-15-1966 was a Composer and Pianist
FEDISON, Edna L.(Hirliman) [ Curly]. Born 1-06-1923, died 4-30-2017 - Dau of Albert & Marion Hirliman. Born and lived in Olean NY, d. Machias NY. Long-time secretary at Olean General Hospital. No spouse or children named. - WW II Vet, USMC 1943-1945
FEE, Charles P. Spouse of #1 Mary Mann, #2 Maude Eloise. Born 1864, died 1922 - Son of Thomas and Mary Fee he was a well-known Lumbermen of Potter County. Wed Maude 2-21-1900
FEE, Clara Dunn. Spouse of Richard. Born 8-12-1884, died 10-25-1947 - Dau of Susan and John Dunn of Sartwell, PA. Wed 1907 in Coudersport PA
FEE, Maude Eloise. Spouse of Charles P. Born 12-24-1878, died 5-28-1943 - Dau of Leroy and Mary Franke Huff b. Portage, NY. Wed 2-21-1900
FEE, Mausaleum, died 1919
FEE, Richard. Spouse of Clara Dunn. Born 1861, died 12-1918 - Son of Thomas and Mary Fee he was a well-known Lumbermen of Potter County. Wed 1907 in Coudersport PA
FEICHTER, Helen A. Spouse of William J., died 6-19-1977
FEICHTER, Rev. Paul. Born 2-11-1918, died 2-27- 2000 - Born in Allegany NY
FEICHTER, Willian J. Spouse of Helen A., died 2-15-1976
FELT, Angie C. Born 1870, died 1910
FELT, Colletta F. Born 1891, died 1952
FELT, Edward N. Born 5-23-1930, died 2-24-2005 - Son of Nicholas and Mary Spati Felt
FELT, John F. Born 1864, died 1949
FENSTERMAKER, Charles F. Spouse of Mary Rucinski. Born 1-14-1939, died 11-10-2019 - Son of Charles L. & Gerturde (Miller) Fenstermaker, b. Kane PA, d. Smethport NY. Wed 8-03-1983 in Hinsdale NY (she survives)
FERRIS, George. Spouse of Jennie. Born 1841, died 1924 - Civil War Vet, Co C. 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted in 1861 at Richburg for three years. Transferred to band 10-26-1861. Discharged 8-10-1862 at camp near Harrisons Landing VA
FERRIS, Jennie. Spouse of George. Born 1855, died 189?
FERRIS, Jennie V. Born 1878, died 1973
FIDURKO, James R. Spouse of Corlee J. Harris. Born 6-27-1956, died 8-23-2005 - Dau of Edward and Theresa Dombeck Fidurko
FIDURKO, John F. Spouse of Tina L., died 8-25-1994 - Wed July 26 1938
FIDURKO, Penelope M. (Ethridge). Born 1-11-1956, died 12-1-2021 - Dau of Perry and Stella (Tracz) Ethridge. Born, lived, and died in Olean NY. A victim of COVID-19. Owned the Rocking Crow craft store in Olean. Four children, father not named.
FIDURKO, Tina L. Spouse of John F. Born 12-13-1914, died 4-4-2006 - Dau of Joseph and Albina Kobodu Chiapuso
FIE, Barbara. Spouse of Theodore J. Jr. Born 12-4- 1929, died 9-23- 2001 - Dau of John and Mary McDonald Cullather - Born: Trenton NJ Wed Aug. 7 1948
FIE, Felicia S. Spouse of William Jr. Born 2-14-1929, died 3-8- 2000 - Dau of Ralph and Angeline Sirianni
FIE, Theodore J. Jr. Spouse of Barbara. Born 7-30-1928, died 12-13-2007 - Son of Theodore J. Sr. and Le Rtta Turner Fie - Korean War Vet, US Army. Purple Heart
FILJONES, Thomas P. Spouse of Lucy. Born 2-1-1958, died 4-5-2009 - Son of Nicholas J. "Buck" and Patricia Reilly Fijones. Wed March 27 2008
FINAN, Elizabeth Anne. Born 1916, died 1971
FINCH, Dale I. Spouse of Marie Steiger. Born 8-23-1947, died 10-25-2002 - Son of Richard and Vivian "Bea" Boser Finch b. Olean NY d. Allegany NY Wed 11-12-1966 in Allegany NY
FINCH, Delores Marie, died 6-3-2009 - Dau of Harry K. and Edna F. Kelleher Finch, born in OK. Graduated from St Bonnies in 1959 was a teacher
FINLAY, Father. Born 1856, died 1912 - [Father]
FINLAY, James. Born 1886, died 1909
FINLAY, Minnie. Spouse of W.V. Born 1889, died 1941
FINLAY, Mother. Born 1868, died 1934 - [Mother]
FINLEY, Nancy J. (Shifley). Spouse of unstated Finley. Born 1-16-1931, died 6-24-2019 - Dau of Henry & Florence (Consedine) Schifley. Born, lived, and died in Olean NY
FINN, Alice Francella (Johnsotone). Spouse of Clifford C. Sr. Born 4-17-1903, died 12-9-1989. Age: 86 - Dau of Harry and Alice (Jones) Johnstone. Born in Silver Creek NY, lived in Allegany NY. Wed 10-19-1924 in Olean NY, seven children. Section L2
FINN, Clifford Christopher Jr. Born 6-26-1930, died 11-4-1950. Age: 20 - Son of Clifford C. Sr. and Alice (Johnstone) Finn. Born in Carrolton NY, died in North Korea - Korean War KIA, 19th Inf 24th Inf Div, PFC. Purple Heart, Distinguished Service Cross. Section L2
FINN, Clifford Christopher Sr. Spouse of Alice F. Johnstone. Born 3-28-1902, died 6-5-1963. Age: 61 - Son of Christopher and Anna B. (Taylor) Finn. Born in McKean Co PA, died in NY. Wed 10-19-1924 in Olean NY, seven children. Section L2
FINN, Joseph T. Born 1917, died 1962
FINN, Velma Gertrude. Spouse of Joseph T. Born 6-20-1922, died 12-03-2013. Age: 91 - Dau of Paul and Hazel (Whitling) Gonter, born in Wellsville NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 3-08-1943 in Wellsville NY (he d. 7-22-1962)
FIRKEL, Harold E. Spouse of Patricia Ann Waters. Born 3-16-1934, died 1-26-2004 - Son of Clyde and Anna Spears Firkel b. Olean NY d. Olean NY Wed 6-05-1954 in Eldred PA
FIRKEL, Patricia Ann (Waters). Spouse of Harold E. Born 2-15-1934, died 5-18-2009 - Dau of John J. and Rosella C. McGavisk Waters
FISH, Charles E. Spouse of Helen M.G. Born 1915
FISH, Donald Thomas. Spouse of #1 Louise Sullivan, #2 Gay Sheahan. Born 6-23-1935, died 3-18-2021 - Son of Floyd and Anna (Tomaszewski) Fish. Born in Middle Granville NY, lived and died in Olean NY. A lawyer. Wed Louise in 1963 in Ridley Park PA, she d. 1989. Two daughters, prob with Louise. Wed Gay in 1993, she survives. - Cold War Vet, US Army, a paramedic.
FISH, Louise (Sullivan). Spouse of Donald T. Born 1940, died 1989 - Wed in 1963 in Ridley Park PA, two daughters. - Cold War Vet, US Army, a paramedic. - Section 11
FISH, Helen M.G. Spouse of Charles E. Born 1913, died 1967
FITCH, Charles F. [Cris]. Spouse of Ethel Mary MacDonald. Born 6-20-1926, died 12-03-2018 - Son of Charles & Thenia Fitch. Born in West Seneca NY, lived in Ceres NY, d. Bradford PA. Wed 2-18-1947, eight children - WW II Vet, US Navy USS Liddle & USS Wildcat
FITCH, Ethel Mary MacDonald. Spouse of Charles [Chris]. Born 4-23-1926, died 9-27-2003. Age: 77 - Dau of Donald and Irene (LeBlanc) MacDonald. Wed Feb 18 1947 in Olean NY
FITZGERALD, Catherine M. Born 1908, died 1933
FITZGERALD, Edward W. Spouse of Helena M. Born 1870, died 1936
FITZGERALD, Elda R. (Rogers). Spouse of James. Born 1-12-1915, died 1-02-2015. Age: 99 - Dau of Frank and Mary (Scinta) Rogers, b. Olean NY, d. Rochester NY, Wed 7-02-1941 in Olean NY (he d. 2-26-1990)
FITZGERALD, Helena M. Spouse of Edward W. Born 1870, died 1910
FITZGERALD, Maion Sister OSF. Born 11-23-1913, died 1-8-2002 - Born as Marion Elizabeth Fiitzgerald to John P. and Mary E. Moran Fiitzgerald in North Walpole NH
FITZGERALD, Patricia Sister OSF. Born 1-15-1925, died 9-26-2000 - Born as Margaret Patricia to Thomas and Mary Howard FIitzgerald,
FITZMAURICE, Irene M. Spouse of Charles F. Born 10-31-1926, died 12-23-2015 - Dau of Joseph & Rosalie (Skrzypcak) Smuskiewicz, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 5-07-1949 in Olean NY (he d. 4-23-1993)
FITZPATRICK, Andrew. Born 1879, died 1931 - Son of Andrew S. and Mary Fitzpatrick
FITZPATRICK, Andrew S. Spouse of Mary. Born 1843, died 1928
FITZPATRICK, Bede, Fr. OFM. Spouse of NONE. Born 7-13-1922, died 9-12-2018 - Son of William F. & Loretto [sic] (Kelly) Fitzpatrick, b. Francis Bernard Fitzpatrick in Ellicottville NY, d. Ringwood NJ, Ordained 1955, Spent 55 years as a missionary in Japan. - WW II Vet, US Navy, Lt. Japan
FITZPATRICK, Daniel M. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1841, died 1914
FITZPATRICK, Delores I Ferris. Spouse of Terence G., died 1963
FITZPATRICK, Ellen. Spouse of M. Born 1836, died 1910
FITZPATRICK, Francis Bernard -- see FITZPATRICK, Bede
FITZPATRICK, George D. Born 1909, died 1918
FITZPATRICK, James [Fitz], died 2-06-2015 - Buried 4-11-15
FITZPATRICK, Madeline G. Spouse of Unmarried. Born 6-17-1904, died 10-28-1994. Age: 90 - Born in Hancock PA- Dau of Joseph and Katherine Brooder Fitzpatrick
FITZPATRICK, Mary. Spouse of Andrew S. Born 1847, died 1907
FITZPATRICK, Mary A. Spouse of Daniel M. Born 1844, died 1912
FITZPATRICK, Mary E. Born 1873, died 1955
FITZPATRICK, Michael J. Born 1873, died 1910
FITZPATRICK, Terence G. [Terry]. Spouse of #1 Delores I. Ferris, #2 ?. Born 6-26-1921, died 3-04-2003 - Son of William S. and Elizabeth "Bessie" Armstrong Fitzpatrick, b. Olean NY d. Olean NY, Wed Margaret 10-16-1965 in Bolivar NY. - WW II Vet, US Navy
FITZSIMMONS, Father. Born 1863, died 1917 - [Father]
FITZSIMMONS, Mary A. Born 1890, died 1988
FITZSIMMONS, Mother. Born 1864, died 1927 - [Mother]
FITZSIMMONS, Thomas J. Born 12-28-1891, died 3-30-1963 - WW I Vet, US Army, 6 Co. 52 Depot Brigade, Pvt
FITZSIMMONS, Thomas Larry. Spouse of Shirley V. Stephens. Born 7-28-1931, died 9-22-2016 - Son of Thomas J. & Mary A. (Minton) Fitzsimmons, b. unstated, d. Olean NY, Wed 6-15-1957 (she survives)
FLAHERTY, Sister Concilia. Born 12-06-1920, died 2-18-2017 - Born Mary Barbara Flaherty in Roslindale MA, to John & Delia (Mannion) Flaherty, Franciscan Sisters of Allegany
FLAHERTY, Terry P. Born 3-10-1950, died 4-23-2003 - Son of Edward Sr. and Donna Flagg Flaherty b. Olean NY d. Rome NY - Cold War Vet, US Air Force. Career 1969-96
FLEMING, Mary Gregory Sister. Born 8-21-1918, died 12-23-2001. Age: 83 - Dau of Lawrence E. and Mary A. Whalen Fleming, born in Brooklyn NY
FLEMING, Sister Mary OSF. Born 11-30-1942, died 11-17-2002 - Born as Mary M. Fleming to Michael and Mary Wooley Fleming in S. Boston MA. Took her vows Aug 29 1969
FLICKER, Robert Max. Born 7-25-1938, died 3-26-2012 - Son of Max W. and Cecil (Watkins) Flicker, born in Olean NY
FLINT, Kathleen M. Spouse of Paul E. Born 9-1-1921, died 1-8-2003 - Dau of Philip and Susan Sullivan Baum
FLINT, Paula E. Born 10-7-1961, died 7-15-2007 - Dau of Paul E. and Kathleen M. Baum Flint
FLYNN, Alice M. Spouse of William J. Born 1-25-1917, died 1-24-1994 - WW II Vet, US Army
FLYNN, Dorothy A. Quinlan S. Spouse of Edward T., died 3-26-1997 - Wed Sept. 18 1937 in St. Mary of the Angels Church in Olean NY
FLYNN, Edward T. Spouse of Dorothy A. Born 8-11-1914, died 1-8-2004 - Son of T. Edward and Bertha Murrau Flynn. Elks Lodge 491, KOC 1220
FLYNN, Genevieve, died 10-19- 1907
FLYNN, Helen B., died 3-3-1961
FLYNN, Hugh. Spouse of Susan M. Born 8-1840, died 9-15-1914 - Son of James and Mary Flynn
FLYNN, James E. Born 1881, died 8-16-1948
FLYNN, John Patrick. Spouse of Mary [Bunny]. Born 7-3-1951, died 4-2-2001 - Son of Charles and Julia Gorton Flynn, born in Olean NY- Wed Sept. 2 1972
FLYNN, Joseph. Born 1877, died 1909
FLYNN, Patrick Michael. Spouse of Carol. Born 5-25-1960, died 11-3-2007. Age: 47 - Son of Walter and Dorothea Foran Flynn
FLYNN, Susan M. Spouse of Hugh. Born 1844, died 10-2-1915 - Dau of Edward and Susan McManus McGuire
FLYNN, William Anthony, died 12-27-1943
FLYNN, William J. Spouse of Alice M. Born 4-14-1911, died 1-16-1968 - WW II Vet, US Army, 1051st Engineer Bn, T/Sgt
FOGARTY, John E. [Jack]. Spouse of Muriel S. Born 9-19-1916, died 6-30-2009. Age: 92 - Son of John and Laura Beilstein Fogarty - WW II Vet, US Navy aboard USS George F. Elliott. Survived when Japanese fighter planes sank his ship
FOGARTY, Muriel M. Spouse of John E. Born 8-23-1919, died 12-10-2012 - Dau of Edgar and Ada (Watson) Sanderson, born in Canada Wed 7-24-1943 at The Little Church Around the Corner in NY City (he d. 6-30-2009)
FOLEY, Catherine M. Spouse of James G. Born 1879, died 1910
FOLEY, Denis. Born 1868, died 1946
FOLEY, Ellen. Born 1834, died 1926
FOLEY, Frances A. Born 1907, died 1908 - Dau of James G. and Catherine M. Foley
FOLEY, Frank P. Born 1858, died 1908
FOLEY, James Garen. Spouse of Catherine M. Born 1873, died 1929
FOLEY, Mary. Born 1867, died 1918
FOLEY, Sister Ellen M. OSF. Born 1-31-1917, died 4-22-2005 - Born as Mary Elizabeth Foley to Cornelius and Ellen Doran Foley. Professed final vows Dec 8 1945
FOLLAND, Alma. Spouse of Harold [Pete]. Born 7-02-1922, died 11-17-2015 - Dau of Sylvester & Gertrude (Gretch) Billigen, b. Monaca PA, d. Falls Church VA, Husband d. 1983
FOLTZ, Mildred L. Spouse of Sidney T. Born 1-19-1917, died 8-13-2011 - Dau of Henry Samuel and Florence (Lawton) Darrin, born in Franklinville NY Wed 2-24-1934 at 1st Babt Ch in Olean NY (he d. 7-16-1982)
FONTAINE, John W. Born 1883, died 1967 - [Brother] of Lucille F. Shoff
FONZI, Dominic A. Spouse of Reba J. Martin. Born 1933, died 12-1982 - Wed 11-5-1955 in Pittsburgh PA, three children. Korean War Vet, US Army, PFC - Section 7
FONZI, Reba J. (Martin). Spouse of Dominic A. Born 7-2-1933, died 8-14-2021 - Dau of William O. Martin and Addi L. Ballard. Born in Memphis TN, lived in Olean NY, died in Allegany NY. A working registered nurse for 50 years. Wed 11-5-1955 in Pittsburgh PA, three children. - Section 7
FORD, Clarence Fr. OFM. Born 1-28-1906, died 9-14-1975. Age: 65 - Born in NYC, died in Paterson NJ. Ordained in 1934. A teacher and postmaster at St Bonnies. - WW II Vet, US Army, Chaplain. France
FORD, Florence. Spouse of Leon C. Born 1896, died 1931
FORD, Lawrence D. Sr. Spouse of Susan Ryan. Born 12-06-1938, died 7-03-2018 - Son of John Jr. & Juia (Day) Ford, b. Bridgeport CT, Lived in Olean NY, d. Cumberland RI. Worked 32 years at St. Bonnies. Wed 10-17-1964 in Trumbull CT, five children. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army Military Police. Ft. Lewis WA
FORDHAM, James R., died 4-05-2015. Age: 48 - Died in Charlotte NC
FORNESS, Anthony. Born 1850, died 1907
FORNESS, Bird Merrill. Born 1874, died 1955
FORNESS, David. Born 1882, died 1914
FORNESS, Ellen M. (Murphy). Spouse of Ronald D. Born 8-23-1937, died 5-23-2002 - Dau of John and Mary Walsh Murphy, born in Olean NY- Wed 5-2-1959 in Olean NY
FORNESS, Emma Burgess. Spouse of Frank L. Born 1904, died 1952
FORNESS, Frank L. Spouse of Emma. Born 1910, died 1968
FORNESS, Fred W. Jr. Born 1872, died 1964
FORNESS, Fred W. Sr. Spouse of Mary. Born 1843, died 1921
FORNESS, Henry W. Born 1879, died 1901
FORNESS, John W. Spouse of Mary C. Watkins. Born 10-5-1925, died 11-8-2012 - Son of Clement and Florence (Wiesman) Forness, born in Olean NY. Wed 8-09-1947 - WW II and Korean War Vet, US Navy 1943-46 and 1950-51
FORNESS, Marion Belle. Born 1897, died 1917
FORNESS, Mary. Spouse of Fred W. Sr. Born 1846, died 1928
FORNESS, Robert M. Born 1906, died 1977
FORNESS, Ronald D. Spouse of #1 Ellen M. Murphy, #2 Cynthia A. Mazza. Born 2-15-1937, died 11-01-2018. Age: 81 - Son of Donald J. & Dorotha L. (Withey) Forness, b. Olean NY, d. Allegany NY. Loan Officer at FHA for 25 years. Wed Ellen 5-02-1959 in Olean NY, four children. (she d. 5-23-2002). Wed Cynthia 2-19-2005 in Allegany NY (she survives)
FORNEY, Arthur James. Spouse of Mary Ann Martin, died 6-9-1959
FORNEY, Barbara A. Born 1-24-1938, died 1-20-1968
FORNEY, C. Susan. Spouse of David. Born 9-10-1944, died 6-23-2011 - Dau of John and Margaret (Connelly) Coogan, born in Dunkirk NY p), Wed 2-15-1969 in Dunkirk NY
FORNEY, Douglas D. Born 4-5-1963, died 9-9-1996
FORREST, John Edward. Spouse of Danae McIntosh. Born 5-22-1962, died 5-12-2017 - Son of Edward F. & Dorothy A. (Johnston) Forrest. Born, lived, and died in Olean NY. Wed 8-17-1985 in Allegany NY. Four children. (Spouse survives)
FORREST, Kevin R. Born 10-26-1959, died 2-21-2009 - Son of Edward F. and Dorothy Johnson Forrest
FORSTER, Sister M. Dorothy. Born 9-6-1920, died 1-29-2000 - Dau of Albert C and Adelaide Herbst Forster
FORTUNA, Charles J. Spouse of Elizabeth Stavish. Born 2-25-1932, died 11-14-2019. Age: 87y - Son of Sebastin & Felicia (Quattrone) Fortuna, b. Olean NY, d. Cuba NY. Wed 11-24-1951 in Olean NY - Korean War Vet, US Army 508th Airborne 1951-54
FORTUNA, Dorothy M. Spouse of Peter P. Born 6-21-1921, died 12-20-2004 - Dau of Charles George and Helen Goodsell O'Laughlin. Wed 1st Robert Lampack
FORTUNA, Elizabeth (Stavish) [Betty]. Spouse of Charles J. Born 6-28-1933, died 9-9-2003 - Dau of John and Beulah (Dwyer) Stavish. Wed 11-24-1951
FORTUNA, Peter P. Spouse of Dorothy M., died 11-29-1998 - Son of of Sebastian and Felicia Quattrone Fortuna. Wed July 2 1949
FOSKIT, Dolores L. Spouse of Donald Davis. Born 10-21-1916, died 11-10-2005 - Dau of John and Louise Pauly Zaph
FOSKIT, Donald Davis [Curley]. Spouse of Dolores L., died 4-12-1998 - Wed 2-7-1946 in Olean NY
FOSKIT, Mary F. Born 1919, died 1966
FOSTER, Beverly Ann. Born 1935, died 1963
FOSTER, Eugene G. Spouse of Irene C. Lippert. Born 1896, died 1971
FOSTER, Irene C. (Lippert). Spouse of Eugene F. Born 1901, died 1966
FOTE, Francis Anthony Sr. Spouse of Josephine, died 8-08-2015 - Son of italian immigrants, b. Olean NY, d. unstated AZ, Wife d. 2014 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
FOTE, Richard Joseph. Spouse of Gail Davis. Born unstated, died 7-16-2019. Age: 86y - Son of William Dominic & Olga (Coccari) Fote, b. unstated, d. FL. Wed 62 yrs (she survives)
FOWLER, Barbara A. Born 8-26-1946, died 12-28-2005 - Dau of Rudolph and Cecelia Sonzollo Tyler
FOWLER, Daniel L. Spouse of Anonette M. Cygan. Born 8-13-1942, died 11-22-2004 - Son of Raymond and Margie R. Eaton Fowler - Vietnam Vet, US Army, Sgt
FOWLER, David Scott. Spouse of Rachel (Backeng Pangda). Born 12-29-1973, died 9-24-2018 - Son of Kenneth R. & Jaquelyn E. (Kent) Fowler, b. Olean NY, d. Baquio City Philippines. Wed 8-18-2009 (she survives) - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Army 1996-2005 AH-64 Apache helicopter pilot
FOWLER, Jeffrey R. Spouse of Rosemary. Born 3-29-1947, died 12-13- 2000 - Son of Robert and Jean Troup Fowler, born in Olean NY. Wed Feb. 14 1975
FOWLER, Kenneth R. Spouse of Jaquelyn E. Kent. Born 7-29-1940, died 2-21-2019 - Son of Raymond A. & Margie R. (Eaton) Fowler, b. Olean NY, d. Portville NY. Wed 7-02-1961 in Allegany NY (she survives) - Cold War Vet, US Navy & US Marine Corps 1960-69
FOWLER, Raymond A. Spouse of Margie R. Eaton. Born 6-29-1915, died 1-19-2004 - Son of Arthur and Ruth Swarts Fowler b. Olean NY d. Olean NY Wed 10-01-1939 in Allegany NY
FOX, Aileen S. Spouse of Fred W. Born 1899, died 1974
FOX, Florence. Spouse of Raymond J. Born 1903, died 1966
FOX, Fred W. Spouse of Aileen S. Born 1894, died 1963
FOX, John. Spouse of Rose. Born 1856, died 1919
FOX, Raymond J. Spouse of Florence. Born 1902, died 1976
FOX, Rose. Spouse of John. Born 1859, died 1923
FRANZ, David M. Born 4-11-1931, died 12-21-2005 - Son of Milton and Margaret Turbrack Franz. A lawyer for 50 years - Korean War Vet, US Army
FRANZI, Anthony Sr. Spouse of Domenica. Born 4-29-1909, died 1-29- 2001 - Son of Peter and Antoinette Certo Franzi, born in Byrnedale PA. Wed Sept. 3 1928
FRANZI, Domenica (Sciotti) [Marsha]. Spouse of Anthony Sr. Born 9-3-1912, died 9-18-2013. Age: 101 - Dau of Dominick and Grace (Catanese) Sciotti, born in Italy, d. Olean NY, Wed 9-03-1928 in Salina PA (he d. 1-29-2001)
FRASER, Catherine A. (Griffin). Spouse of William D. Fraser. Born 10-06-1946, died 3-08-2015 - Dau of Mark and Frances (Fay) Griffin, b. Olean NY, d. Hollywood FL, Wed 11-27-1971 in Olean NY
FRASER, Sister Anne OSF. Born 9-21-1917, died 6-11-2007 - Born as Anna Catherine to Francis and Anna Frayne Fraser. Professed final vows Aug 16 1945
FRASER, William D. Spouse of Catherine A. Griffin. Born 7-11-1945, died 11-13-2019. Age: 74y - Son of William & Rose (VanKleeck) Fraser, b. N. Tonawanda NY, d. Cuba NY. Wed 11-27-1971
FRATARCANGELO, Angelo L. Spouse of Danae Tuttle. Born 10-25-1930, died 2-18-2018 - Son of Joseph & Philomenia [sic] M. (Penque) Fratarcangelo, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 6-11-1955 (she survives) - Korean War Vet
FRATARCANGELO, Joseph V. Spouse of Rose Marie Frisina. Born 5-10-1934, died 2-22-2003 - Son of Joseph and Philomenia Penque Fratercangelo b. Olean NY d. Rochester NY Wed 9-03-1960 in Allegany NY - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
FRATARCANGELO, Nicholas J. "Nick". Spouse of Louise E., died 2-19-1998 - Owned Angee Restaurant in Olean
FRATARCANGELO, Philomenia M. (Penque). Spouse of Joseph. Born 2-19-1912, died 2-08-2015. Age: 102 - Dau of Vencencino and Loreto (Fusco) Penque, b. Buffalo NY, d. Allegany NY, Husband d. 1961
FRATERCANGELO, Christina Lynn. Born 6-22-1988, died 4-4-2010 - Dau of Angelo and Carol (Kohl) Fratercangelo, born in Buffalo NY
FRATERCANGELO, Louise E. Spouse of Nicholas J. Born 12-15-1923, died 1-21-2009 - Born in Hornell to Nicholas and Catherine DeSanto. Wed May 29 1948 in Olean
FRATERCANGELO, Rose Marie. Spouse of Joseph V. Born 10-8-1934, died 12-27-2006 - Dau of William M. and Margaret Letro Frisina. Wed Sept 3 1960
FREANEY, Mary A. Spouse of Thomas C. Born 1929, died 1989
FREANEY, Thomas C. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1-26-1924, died 11-6-1965 - WW II Vet, US Army, Co. E 260 Inf. 65 Inf. Div, Pvt. Bronze Star
FREDERICK, Barbara A. Spouse of Roger L. Born 1948
FREDERICK, Kevin M. Born 1970, died 1981 - Son of Roger L. and Barbara A. Frederick
FREDERICK, Roger L. Spouse of Barbara A. Born 11-21-1946, died 2-11-2009 - Son of William S. Frederick and Judy Walega Shoup
FREEL, Mary A. O'Neill. Spouse of P.H. Born 1857, died 1914
FREEL, P.H. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1858, died 1926
FREEL, Patrick H. Born 1905, died 1908
FREEMAN, James G. [Kilty]. Spouse of Margaret T. Born 4-15-1920, died 3-29-2007 - Son of Albert and Mary McGarry Freeman, born in Glasgow Scotland. Wed July 17 1954
FREEMAN, Margaret T. [Peggy]. Spouse of James G. Born 1-31-1918, died 11-20-2005. Age: 87 - Dau of Michael and Catherine Brady Kennelly, born in Harrison NJ. Wed July 17 1954
FRENCH, Genevieve M. (Bailer). Spouse of John R. Born 7-3-1896, died 6-30-1981. Age: 84 - Born in Allegany NY, died in Olean NY. Five children. - Section 6, Lot 143
FRENCH, John Raymond. Spouse of Genevieve M. Bailer. Born 7-29-1897, died 9-27-1976. Age: 79 - Five children. - Section 6, Lot 143
FRENCH, Mary. Spouse of William H. Born 1868, died 1936 - [his wife]
FRENCH, William H. Spouse of Mary. Born 1864, died 1925 - [her husband]
FRENTZ, Judy Gail. Born 2-21-1953, died 1-31-2004. Age: 50 - Dau of Gerald G. and Madelyn C. McCready Spearing
FRICANO, Doris M. Spouse of Marion. Born 8-10-1914, died 8-28-1972. Age: 58 - Dau of Robert and Clara Post Goss, born in Buffalo NY- Wed Aug. 1 1940
FRIEL, Sister Patricia. Spouse of none. Born 3-17-1934, died 9-03-2016 - Born Patricia C. Friel to Francis & Anna (Thill) Friel. Died in Allegany NY, Franciscan Sisters of Allegany
FRIEL, Teresa C. Spouse of Thomas. Born 2-17-1923, died 1-22-2006 - Dau of Harry and Catherine Burns Dwyer
FRIEL, Thomas [Kelly]. Spouse of Teresa C., died 9-1967
FRIES, Joseph. Spouse of Mary. Born 1882, died 1964
FRIES, Mary. Spouse of Joseph. Born 1896, died 1964
FRIES, Ronald J. Spouse of Gloria J. Born 9-20-1942, died 5-9-2001 - Born in Staten Island- Son of John F. and Solveig Magnus Fries. Wed Mar. 7 1964
FRISINA, Gloria A. Born 3-24-1932, died 12-16-2012 - Dau of William M. and Margaret (Letro) Frisina, "Glo", 1st born child, born in Allegany NY
FRISINA, Nancy. Spouse of Albert. Born 8-31-1932, died 2-8-2003 - Dau of Daniel and Angeline Convey. Wed July 16 1955
FRITZ, Georgianna G. Spouse of Arthur J. Born 5-15-1930, died 2-11-2015 - Dau of George and Weeda Sousa, "Speedy", b. Central Falls RI, d. Olean NY, Wed 8-15-1950 in Central Falls RI (he d. 12-27-2011)
FRITZ, Sister Mary Basil OSF. Born 7-02-1913, died 12-31-2002 - Born as Doris Fritz to William and Mary O'Rourke Fritz b. Harveyville PA d. Olean NY.
FROMME, Alice N. Spouse of Aloysius. Born 6-10-1911, died 9-28- 2000 - Dau of John H and Margaret Wall Noonan, born in Elmira, NY. Wed Dec. 27 1945
FROMME, Aloysius G. Spouse of Alice N, died 8-7-1983 - Wed Dec. 27 1945
FRUNGILLO, Louis Anthony. Spouse of Dawn M. Johnson. Born 7-10-1945, died 12-18-2021. Age: 76 - Son of Louis T. and Josephine M. (DeCerbo) Frungillo. Born, lived, and died in Olean NY. A restauranteur and cook with L'Alcove and and Cameo Restaurants. Wed 7-3-1965 in Olean, three children. (Spouse survives)
FRY, Cecelia R. Spouse of Robert W. Born 3-16-1920, died 3-16-2004 - Dau of George and Felicia Lenart Suchora b. Olean NY d. Cuba NY
FULMER, Donald D. Spouse of Florence M. Born 1906, died 1985
FULMER, Florence M. Spouse of Donlad D. Born 1914, died 1973
FURCI, Salvatore. Born 1890, died 1962
FUREY, Anthony J. Spouse of Jennie M. Born 1898, died 1968
FUREY, Jennie M. Spouse of Anthony J. Born 1900, died 19??
FUREY, John C. Sr. Spouse of Mary L. Born 1900, died 1966
FUREY, Margaret E. (Flick). Spouse of John Charles Furey Jr. Born 11-08-1937, died 8-17-2018. Age: 80y - Dau of Willard & Elizabeth (Lloyd) Flick, b. Utahville PA, d. Buffalo NY. Wed 2-19-1955, two children. (Spouse survives)
FUREY, Mary L. Spouse of John C. Sr. Born 1908, died 1992
FUSCO, Andrew J. Jr. Spouse of Linda L. Gregg. Born 11-02-1941, died 9-20-2017. Age: 75y - Son of Andrew J. Sr. & Mary (Ilyko) Fusco. Born in Olean NY, lived and died in Arcade NY. Two children, one with Pam Mooney. Wed Linda 5-28-1977 in Arcade NY. (Spouse survives)
FUSCO, Andrew J. Sr. Spouse of Mary Ilyko. Born 10-24-1910, died 1-3-1997 - No other information WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt. - Sect 6
FUSCO, Anna. Spouse of Dominick. Born 7-15-1905, died 9-25-2003 - Dau of John and Rose Agliastese Andolina
FUSCO, Audrey E. (Burdzinski). Spouse of Dominic Jr. Born 10-15-1941, died 3-24-2015 - Dau of Stephen and Martha Burdzinski, b. Buffalo NY, d. Olean NY, At least 5 children. Husband d. 3-10-2010
FUSCO, Dominic, Jr. Spouse of Audrey E. Burdzinski. Born 6-26-1932, died 3-10-2010 - Son of Dominick and Anna (Andolina) Fusco, d. Olean NY (Olean Gen Hosp), Wife survives, 5 children survive
FUSCO, Dominick. Spouse of Anna, died 1977 - Wed Nov. 24 1923 in Mt. Morris NY
FUSCO, Mary M. (Ilyko). Spouse of Andrew J. Sr. Born 1913, died 1985 - No other information
FUSCO, Troy Anthony. Born 3-28-1966, died 8-15-2016. Age: 50 - Son of Andrew Fusco Jr.and Pam Mooney. Stepson of Linda Fusco, b. Olean NY, d. Chattanooga TN
FUSIARA, Walter J. [Bugsy]. Spouse of Julie M. Born 6-3-1924, died 1-3- 2002 - Son of Andrew and Aniela Kozub Fusiara. Wed Aug. 9 1958 - Born: Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Army
GABLER, Anna I. Spouse of William J. Born 1896, died 1982
GABLER, Barbara [Carles]. Spouse of C. W. Born 1888, died 1941
GABLER, James. Born 1-4-1920, died 4-11-1920
GABLER, William J. Spouse of Anna I. Born 1895, died 1974
GABLIER, Louis John. Spouse of Dora Abdo Dann. Born 3-19-1884, died 7-16-1949 - Born: Seleema, Lebanon - Died: Warsaw, NY -Wed 1910 St. Raphael's Church; Eldred, PA
GABRIEL, Mary K. (Perewiznyk). Spouse of Thomas C. Born 9-2-1946, died 9-25-2020 - Dau of Stefan and Julia (Palys) Perewiznyk. Born in Kufstein Austria. Owner/operator of Gabriel's Wigs and Hair Goods for 53 years. Wed 3-18-1967 in Olean NY, two children. (Spouse survives)
GABRIEL, Peggy. Born 8-12-1921, died 1-9- 2000 - Dau of Elmber and Jesse (Sherwood) Kirtz
GABRIEL, Ruth E. Spouse of Thomas G. Born 6-16-1923, died 2-10-2015 - Dau of Herbert G. and Florence (Wormer) Ayers, b. Bradford PA, d. Olean NY, Wed 5-29-1974 in Olean NY (he d. 4-27-1997)
GADPAR Magdalene. Spouse of John. Born 8-23-1838, died 1-26-1892 - Section B
GADPAR, Edward F. Born 1897, died 1973
GADPAR, John. Spouse of Magdalene. Born 7-2-1831, died 1-31-1893 - Section B
GADPAR, Sarah. Born 1898, died 1978 - Section A
GAETA, Gertrude M. Spouse of Louis J. Born 1907, died 1970
GAETA, Louis J. Spouse of Gertrude M. Born 1902, died 1967
GAETANO, Mario Paul [Merle]. Spouse of #1 Carmella Palmer, #2 Catherine Harrison O'Hara. Born 1-21-1930, died 10-07-2015 - Son of Angelo and Raphaela (Guerra) Gaetano - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Buffalo, NY - #1 wed 5-10-1993 Olean, NY - #2 wed 8-2-1995 (She survives) - Korean War Vet, US Navy, GM2C 1948-957 USS Albany CA-123 & USS New Jersey BB-62
GAGLIARDO, Father Anthony Francis OFM. Born 7-13-193, died 5-15-2014. Age: 80 - Son of Samuel and Margaret Gagliardo - Born: Allegany, NY - Died: Colorado Springs, Colorado - Ordained 2-25-1961 [RIP] - Cold War Vet, US Army, Chaplain. Served over 25, retired in 1993. Served in Korea, Japan, Germany and United States. Created Fort Carson Medical Center's Catholic Program that supervised for 17 years.
GAGLIARDO, Louis. Spouse of Monajean. Born 1-4-1929, died 12-16-2007 - Son of Saverio and Mary Margaret (Caputo) Gagliardo. Wed 11-8-1947 - Section 9, Lot 423
GAGLIARDO, Monajean "Jean". Spouse of Louis. Born 9-23-1930, died 10-28-2012 - Dau of William and Minnie (Parkett) Lippart - Born: Clearfield, PA - Died: Buffalo, NY. Wed 11-08-1947 St. Mary of the Angels Church; Olean, NY (he Died: 12-16-2006)
GAGLIARDO, Rosemarie K. Spouse of Vincent Sr. Born 11-7-1940, died 7-31-2014 - Dau of Joseph and Rose Stritof - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Buffalo, NY. Wed 6-18-1960 Transfiguration Church; Olean, NY
GAGNE, Sister M. Paul Cosmas OSF. Born 9-19-1923, died 8-18-2005 - Born as Muriel Mary in Portland Maine to Alverez H. and Eva {Desjardins} Gagne. Took final vows Aug 16 1958
GAGNE, Sister M. Paul OSF. Born 9-19-1923, died 8-18-2005 - Born as Muriel Mary, Partland Maine - Dau of Eva Desjardins and Alverez H. Gagne - Professed Final Vows 8 -16-1958 [RIP] - Section V, Row 7
GAINO, Francis E. Born 9-3-1897, died 8-3-1946 - [Father] - Section 4
GAL, Father Gedeon OFM. Born 1-9-1915, died 5-25-1989. Age: 83 - Born: Toszeg in the Diocese of Vac, a Hungarian city on the Danube - temporary vows 8-30-1933. He made his profession of solemn vows 9-8-1937 - Ordained 9-10-1939 Gyongyos - Prevented from returning home by the Soviet Occupation of Hungary - granted U.S. citizenship in 1967 [RIP] - Franciscan Friars
GALLAGHER, Anna J. Spouse of Daniel B. Born 1866
GALLAGHER, Anne Clare, OSF. Born 9-6-1920, died 5-23-2020. Age: 99 - Dau of James and Ella M. (Thompson) Gallagher. Born Ethel Frances in Newton Ma. Died in Allegany NY. A Franciscan sister for 75 years.
GALLAGHER, Daniel B. Spouse of Anna J. Born 1852, died 1903
GALLAGHER, Edward J. Born 1868, died 1895 - Section a
GALLAGHER, Elizabeth. Born 1833, died 1899 - Section B
GALLAGHER, Helen, died 11-20-1872. Age: 11y5m18d - [Dau of Peter & Ellen Gallager] - Section D
GALLAGHER, James. Born 12-17-1818, died 3-12-1883 - [In Memory of Our Father] - Section A
GALLAGHER, James. Born 1884, died 1907 - Born: Co.Sligo, Island
GALLAGHER, James E. Born 1817, died 1900 - Section A
GALLAGHER, Sister Alice Mary OSF, died 12-8-1986 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 4
GALLAGHER, Sister Anthony Marie OSF, died 3-22-1955 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 1
GALLAGHER, Sister Edmund Marie OSF, died 4-10-2009 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 7
GALLAGHER, Sister France Marie OSF, died 8-18-1981 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 3
GALLAGHER, Sister M. Agnes OSF, died 12-15-1940 - [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 14
GALLAGHER, Sister M. Olivia OSF, died 12-1-1959 - [RIP] - Section V
GALLAGHER, Sister Marie Patrice OSF, died 11-8-1996 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 6
GALLAGHER, Sister Mary Clareen OSF, died 1916-198 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 4
GALLAGHER, Sister Mary Michael OSF, died 7-20-1988 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 4
GALLAGHER, Thomas F. Born 2-18-1893, died 12-25-1951 - WW I Vet, US Army, Pvt. Enlisted July 25 1918 Discharged Nov. 23 1918
GALLETS, Albert. Born 1895, died 1975 - Section T
GALLETS, Annetta F. Born 1896, died 1991 - [His Wife] - Section T
GALLETS, Christine. Spouse of Joseph A. Born 1856, died 1941
GALLETS, Clair F. Spouse of Margaret L. Born 7-2-1922, died 5-17-2009 - Son of Albert and Annetta F. Riehle (Gallets) - Born: Allegany, NY. Wed 9-28-1946 - Farmer
GALLETS, Clara A. Spouse of Frank G. Born 1883, died 1932
GALLETS, Dennis, died 1976 - Son of Clair F. and Margaret L. (Randall) Gallets - Born: Allegany, NY
GALLETS, Dorothy A. Born 11-10-1897, died 10-1-1985
GALLETS, Frank G. Spouse of Clara A. Born 1880, died 1951
GALLETS, Jacob. Born 1859, died 1940 - Section B
GALLETS, Jakob, died 2-10-1879 - Section B
GALLETS, John. Born 8-20-1995, died 9-1-1895 - [Son of J & M Gallets] - Section B
GALLETS, Joseph A. Spouse of Christine. Born 1856, died 1928
GALLETS, Joseph P. Spouse of Mary V. Born 1893, died 1964 - WW II Vet, USMC
GALLETS, Joseph S. Born 9-7-1896, died 11-1-1896 - [Son of M ] [At Rest] - Section B
GALLETS, June M. Spouse of Lawrence M. Born 8-3-1930, died 3-15-2006 - Dau of John and Frances (Parret) Threehouse -Born Olean, NY - Died: Buffalo, NY - Wed 5-3-1953 St. Bonaventure Church; Allegany, NY
GALLETS, Lawrence A. Born 4-3-1899, died 12-24-1962
GALLETS, Lawrence M. Spouse of June M. Born 1-10-1924, died 2-18-2009 - Son of Lawrence and Dorothy (McGrath) Gallets - Born: Allegany, NY - Died: Olean, NY. Wed 5-3-1953 St. Bonaventure Church; Allegany, NY - WW II Vet, US Army, Cpl. Pacific
GALLETS, Lawrence M. Spouse of June M. Threehouse. Born 1-10-1924, died 2-18-2009 - Son of Lawrence and Dorothy (McGrath) Gallets - Born: Allegany, NY - Died: Olean, NY. Wed 5-3-1953 St. Bonaventure Church; Allegany, NY - corporal US Army WW II Asiatic Pacific Theater
GALLETS, Margaret L. "Skip". Spouse of Clair F. Born 10-3-1925, died 10-19 2001 - Dau of Lee and Nina (Hollister) Randall -Born: Olean, NY - Wed 9-28 -1946
GALLETS, Margaret L. [Skip]. Spouse of Clair F. Born 10-3-1925, died 10-19 2001 - Dau of Lee and Nina Hollister Randall, born in Olean NY. Wed Sept. 28 1946
GALLETS, Mary. Born 1856, died 1906 - [His Wife] - Section B
GALLETS, Mary A. Born 1880, died 1978
GALLETS, Mary V. Keenan. Spouse of Joseph P. Born 1909, died 1977
GALLETS, May E. Born 1887, died 1983 - [Daughter} - Section B
GALLETS, Rost E. Born 1885, died 1976
GALLETS, Susan. Spouse of Jakob. Born 8-21-1823, died 11-2-1895 - [Wife of Jakob Gallets] - Section B
GALLETS, Tommy. Born 8-19-1927, died 8-22-1948 - WW II Vet, US Navy
GALLO, Anthony A. Spouse of Carol A. Schimpf. Born 6-3-1942, died 1-15-2021 - Son of Angelo and Carmella (Malgieri) Gallo. A chemist who held 15 patents. Born in Schenectady NY, lived and died in Olean NY. Wed 1-7-1972 in Cleveland OH, three children. (Spouse survives)
GALLOWAY, Irene Pierce. Spouse of Joseph D., died 1997 - Dau of Clayton H. and Florence A. (Feneran) Pierce. Wed 6-10-1943
GALLOWAY, Joseph D. Spouse of Irene P. Born 11-15-1918, died 1-24-2005. Age: 86 - Son of Louie and Emmeline D.(Bishop) Galloway - WW II Vet, US Navy
GALVIN, Dennis, died 8-19-1870 - Born: County Cork, Ireland - Section D
GALVIN, Sister M. Humisis OFS, died 5-10-1931 - [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 10
GANDOUR, Elia. Born 1883, died 1908 - [Wife of Joe Moses]
GANDOUR, Joe Thomas. Born 1866, died 1919
GANDOUR, Martha, died 1936
GANGEMI, Frank, W. Spouse of Lucy Anzivine. Born 6-21-1916 8-6-1997 - Son of Dominic & Mary Ali Gangemi. Wed 4-17-1948 Olean, NY - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec4
GANGEMI, Gilda M. (Ambroselli). Spouse of Joseph F., died 7-29-2008 - Wed 6-18-1947
GANGEMI, Joseph F. Spouse of Gilda M. Ambroselli. Born 8-31-1919, died 7-9-2009 - Son of Dominic and Mary Ali Gangemi - WW II Vet, US Army
GANGEMI, Lucy. Spouse of Frank W. Born 3-21-1920, died 2-5-2011 - Dau of Guy and Theresa (Rigo) Anzivine - Born: Lackawanna, NY. Wed 4-17-1948 Olean, NY (he Died: 8-06-1997)
GANNON, Aggie. Born 1873, died 1879 - Section B
GANNON, Jennie A. Born 1881, died 1895 - Section B
GANNON, Margaret. Born 1850, died 1910 - [Mother] - Section B
GANNON, Sister M. Lymard OFS, died 11-30-1960 - [Mother Superior] [RIP] - Section V, Row 1
GANNON, Sister Mary Immaculata OFS, died 6-23-1978 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 3
GANNON, Thomas P. Born 1875, died 1879 - Section B
GANNON, William. Born 1840, died 1918 - [Father] - Section B
GANSEN, Brother Celsus Gansen, OFM. Born 11-10-1902, died 3-12-1984. Age: 81 - Born: Köln-Nippes, Germany - Died: Allegany, NY - Solemn Profession 1931 [Venerable Brother] [RIP] - Franciscan Friars
GARCIA, Violet Mae. Spouse of Andrew. Born 5-08-1930, died 8-07-2015. Age: 85y - Dau of Frank & Hester (Grandusky) Pittman, Allegany NY, d. unstated, Wed 50 yrs (he d. 1-18-2005) - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy, teletype operator
GARDNER, Edward R. Born 1873, died 1903 - [K of C K.O.T.M.]
GARDNER, Emmitte J. Born 2-18-1890, died 9-26-1950 - WW II Vet, US Army, 18th Inf Div, Pvt.
GARDNER, Frances N. (Chesner). Spouse of William. Born 10-16-1934, died 8-27-2021 - Dau of Donald and Cenyth (Young) Chesner. Born, lived, and died in Olean NY. Owner/operator of Red Door Saloon. Wed 11-1-1952, four children. (Spouse survives)
GARDNER, Francis Ginter. Born 1869, died 1934 - Francis and Kenneth share a stone
GARDNER, Kenneth. Born 1879, died 1906 - Francis and Kenneth share a stone
GARIN, Anna. Spouse of Michael. Born 5-12-1946, died 10-14-1895 - [Wife of Michael Garin]
GARIN, Michael. Spouse of Minnie, died 10-4-1914
GARIN, Minnie. Spouse of Michael. Born 1880, died 1943
GARIN, Winnie. Born 11-1-1887, died 12-1-1891 - Section B
GARVEY, Ann. Spouse of Machael, died 7-11-1871. Age: 1y - [Born Cook Co Ireland] - Section B
GARVEY, Ann. Born 1834, died 1918 - Section D
GARVEY, James, died 9-2-1865. Age: 23 - [Son of Michael & Ann Garvey] - Section D
GARVEY, John J. Spouse of Margaret E. Born 1864, died 1942
GARVEY, John J. Spouse of Margaret E. Born 1864, died 1942
GARVEY, Margaret E. Spouse of John J. Born 1864, died 1949
GARVEY, William H. Spouse of "Theresa
McDermott". Born 12-27-1884, died 6-7-1943 - Born: Somerville Mass. Wed 1912 Genesee, PA. Member of Aliyn K Capton Camp, United Spanish American War Veterans - Spanish-American War Vet.
GARVEY,Infant, died 1941 - Section E
GASDICK, Joseph. Spouse of Mary E., died 2-8-1990
GASDICK, Mary E. [Betty]. Spouse of Joseph. Born 4-21-1914, died 10-23-2006 - Dau of George and Mary Shea Hannigan
GASPISH, Brother Anthony OFM. Born 11-2-1887, died 6-16-195. Age: 87 - Born: Treboconi, Yugoslavia - Died: Olean, NY - Solemn Vows 6-11- 1923 [Venerable Brother] [RIP] - Franciscan Friars
GATES, Albert J. "Al". Spouse of Mary Jane. Born 11-20-1913, died 1-18-2005 - Son of Joseph and Lillian (Dole) Gates
GATES, Mary Jane (Travers). Spouse of Albert J., died 8-21-1987 - Wed 9-11-1937
GATTIGLIO, Anna M. Spouse of Valentine D. Born 1892, died 1984
GATTIGLIO, Valentine D. Spouse of Anna M. Born 1889, died 1967
GAUDREAU, Sister M. Bernadette OFS, died 3-29-1972 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 2
GAUL, Mary. Spouse of John M. Born 10-11-1908, died 6-10-1942 - Dau of George and Rose K Sokolowski
GAUL, Patricia Ann (Kranock). Born 5-21-1941, died 10-26-2012 - Dau of Thomas and Frances (Kuklewicz) Kranock, born in Olean NY, died in McLean VA.
GAVAGAN, Sister M James OFS, died 7-5-1930 - [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 10
GAVIN, Robert, OFM. Born 11-22-1925, died 5-19-2015. Age: 89 - Son of Bernard and Ora Lee (Every) Gavin, Born: Olean, NY - Died Ringwood, NJ - Professed Solemn Vows 8-20-1957 - Ordained 4-25-1959 [RIP] - Korean War Vet
GAVIN, Sarah A. (Finn) [Ann]. Spouse of John R. Born 12-20-1938, died 1-24-2020. Age: 81 - Dau of Clifford and Alice (Jones) Finn. Born in Allegany NY, lived in Allegany and Rochester NY, died in Rochester. A medical secretary. Wed 6-24-1964, four children. (Spouse survives)
GAVIN, Sister Frances OFS. Born 11-15-1924, died 4-29-2015 - Born as Frances Ann Gavin in Olean NY to Bernard and Ora Lee (Every) Gavin, died in Allegany NY, Member Franciscan Sisters of Allegany - Section V
GAY, Agnes B. Spouse of Frank. Born 1880, died 1914
GAYNOR, Ellen A. Born 1868, died 19??
GAYNOR, Ellen A. Born 1868, died 19??
GAYNOR, John H. Born 9-13-1889, died 3-25-1958 - WW I Vet, US Army, 1st Lt. Purple Heart
GAYNOR, Joseph L. Born 1893, died 1912
GAYNOR, Michael J. Born 1851, died 1911
GAZDIK, Elizabeth J. Born 1-28-1926, died 10-29- 2001 - Dau of Walter L. and Azubah J. (Gilliland) Nitsche - Born: Olean, NY
GEARY, Anna J. Spouse of Thomas F. Born 1840, died 1918 - [Wife of T.F Geary]
GEARY, Bernice. Spouse of Edward. Born 10-6-1916, died 11-21-2008 - Dau of Phillip and Sarah (Grigsby) Johnson
GEARY, Charles F. Born 1876, died 1902. Age: 26
GEARY, Daniel J. Born 1908, died 1988 - Section 6
GEARY, Edward. Spouse of Bernice, died 1988 - Wed Nov 21 1940
GEARY, Margaret E. [Peg]. Born 4-19-1929, died 12-31-2006 - Dau of Leonard and Grace Maxwell Eberl
GEARY, Mary L. Born 1909, died 1975 - Section 6
GEARY, Robert Blair. Born 7-12-1947, died 11-2-1953
GEARY, Thomas C. Born 2-12-1931, died 3-12-2010 - Son of Charles T. and Helen (Stambaugh) Geary, born in Allegany NY, 11 children, Obit has picture
GEARY, Thomas F. Spouse of Anna J. Born 1842, died 1937
GEE, Elizabeth. Spouse of Erwin S. Born 1891, died 1982
GEE, Erwin S. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1891, died 1969
GEIGER, Catherine. Spouse of Jacob H. Born 1858, died 1923
GEIGER, Jacob. Spouse of Rosalie. Born 1841, died 1922
GEIGER, Jacob H. Spouse of Catherine. Born 1851, died 1921
GEIGER, John. Born 7-27-1888, died 4-3-1889 - [Son of J & R Geiger] - Section E
GEIGER, Rosalie. Spouse of Jacob. Born 1840, died 1913 - [His Wife]
GEIGER, Rosalie. Spouse of Jacob. Born 1840, died 1913
GEISE, Ann. Spouse of John. Born 1842, died 1902
GEISE, Ann Mary. Spouse of John. Born 1-13-1842, died 10-28-1902 - Dau of John Martin and Mary Magdalena (Backenstraus) Klice - Born Lancaster, NY - Died: Allegany, NY. Wed about 1866 - [His Wife]
GEISE, Beverly J. (Balacki). Spouse of Kenneth. Born 9-10-1947, died 1-16-2021 - Dau of Nick and JoAnn (Strittof) Balacki. Lived and died in Olean NY. Worked 30 years at Community Bank. Wed 6-14-1969, one son. (Spouse survives)
GEISE, Catherine A. Spouse of Clarence "Snowball". Born 2-13-1913, died 2-13-2011. Age: 97 - Dau of Francis and Christine A. (Gerringer) Martiny - Born: Allegany, NY. Wed 6-17-1936 St. Bonaventure Church; Allegany, NY (he Died:11-05-1999)
GEISE, Catherine B. Born 1866, died 1954 - Section B
GEISE, Daisy. Born 1885, died 1911
GEISE, Elizabeth. Spouse of John, died 11-17-1879. Age: 82 - [Wife of JG] - Section B
GEISE, Elizabeth. Spouse of Joseph P. Born 1869, died 1910
GEISE, Frank. Born 1844, died 1914
GEISE, Frederick J. Spouse of Margaret T. Born 8-11-1881, died 11-5-1940
GEISE, Genevieve (Wharton). Spouse of William Sr. Born 7-5-1912, died 9-7-2010. Age: 99 - Dau of Thomas Henry and Helen (O'Mara) Wharton - Born: Bradford, PA. Wed 10-28-1939 St. Bernard Church (he Died:1-11-1980)
GEISE, Harry T. Born 1897, died 1926
GEISE, Jacob W. Born 1875, died 1938 - [Father]
GEISE, James N.
GEISE, John, died 5-7-1886. Age: 62y5m
GEISE, John Adam. Spouse of Ann. Born 11-5-1842, died 10-23-1924 - Born: Germany - Died Warren, PA. Wed abt 1966 - Immigrated 1853
GEISE, Joseph P. Spouse of Elizabeth Taggerty. Born 1-8-1869, died 1932. Age: 62 - Born: Allegany, NY - Died: Olean, NY
GEISE, Joseph P. Born 1878, died 1967
GEISE, Laura T. (Riehle). Spouse of Leo. Born 9-12-1917, died 4-9-1995 - Dau of Oliver J. and Clara B. (Ferris) Riehle - Born: Allegany, NY
GEISE, Leo. Spouse of Laura T. Reihle, died 1993 - Son of Jacob and Rose (Bockmeir) Geise
GEISE, Margaret T. Spouse of Frederick J. Born 4-22-1887, died 12-10-1970
GEISE, Marianne V., died 12-4-1986
GEISE, Mary A. Spouse of Philip J. Born 1855, died 1941
GEISE, Mary C., died 4-13-1883 - Section B
GEISE, Merwin. Born 2-13-1896, died 8-5-1959 - WW I Vet, US Army, 2nd Amb Co. 1st Div. Pvt
GEISE, Paul. Born 1901, died 1904 - Son of William and Martha Geise
GEISE, Philip J. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1847, died 1926
GEISE, Philothea - Son of Jacob and Rose (Bockmeir) Geise [Sister]
GEISE, Rosaurea - Son of Jacob and Rose (Bockmeir) Geise [Sister]
GEISE, Rose Ann. Born 1883, died 1926 - [Mother]
GEISE, Sylvester H. Born 1889, died 1909
GEISE, William. Born 9-15-1931, died 12-19-2004 - Son of Raymond and Anna (Cunningham) Geise - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, Sgt
GEISE, William J. Born 4-09-1926, died 4-01-2015 - Son of Charles R. and Beatrice V. (Myers) Geise, b. Olean NY, d. Wellsville NY - WW II Vet, US Navy
GEISE, William Louis. Born 4-23-1876, died 5-16-1937 - Dau of John Adam and Ann Mary (Klice) Geise - Born: Allegany, NY - Died: 6-16-1937
GEISER, Maria Katrina, died 11-7-1904. Age: 110 - Born: Village Leidmar Westfall -Kreis Brelon Perssia - Died: Allegany, NY. Wed in Prussia about Was the Oldest Person in NY and probably the US -was 3 years older than the US - Worked outside until age 108.
GELEN, Edward J. Born 9-12-1929, died 7-25-2013 - Son Edward and Irene (Helmer) Gelen - Born: Buffalo, NY - Died: Allegany, NY. Wed 7-1-1956 St. Mary's Church; Little Valley, NY - Korean War Vet, US Army Signal Corps, radio operator in Okinawa, Japan. 1951-1953
GELSOMINO, Frank T. Jr. Born 11-22-1912, died 8-13-2007 - Son of Frank and Catherine Shilberto Gelsomino Sr. - WW II Vet, US Army, Europe
GENTILE, Fiore J. Spouse of #1 Lucy Furey, #2 Mary Cook. Born 4-27-1914, died 11-18-2008. Age: 94 - Son of Archille and Natalina Polucci Gentili. Lucy d. 1974 and Mary d.1983
GEOGHEGAN, James. Born 1895, died 1953 - Section B
GEOGHEGAN, Martin. Spouse of Theresa. Born 1868, died 5-1-1939 - Section B
GEOGHEGAN, Theresa. Spouse of Martin. Born 1879, died 1945 - Section B
GEORGE, Alda M. (Ricci) Palumbo. Spouse of #1 Dominic Palumbo, #2 Norman George Sr. Born 8-1-1927, died 1-21-2006 - Dau of Natale and Mary Caffo Ricci. Dominic d. Dec 6 1984
GEPINGER, Helen D. Spouse of Joseph C. Born 7-28-1915, died 7-26-2012 - Dau of Andrew and Katherine (Kosinski) Pustawski - Born: Olean, NY Died: Cuba, NY (Husband d. 3-28-1976)
GERGEL, Anna M. (Ruby). Spouse of Thomas J. Born 4-21-1909, died 11-4-2001 - Dau of Jacob and Mary Ruby- born Elkland, PA- Wed - 6-2-1934 [Daughter]
GERGEL, Catherine Frances (Kenny). Spouse of Michael J. Gergel. Born 3-20-1920, died 4-16-2018. Age: 98 - Dau of Patrick Joseph & Catherine (Meagher) Kenny, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 8-29-1948 St. Mary of the Angels Church Olean NY, two children. - Section 1
GERGEL, Constance J. [Connie]. Born 1-23-1935, died 8-8-2008 - Dau of Thomas J. and Anna M. (Ruby) Gergel - Born; Olean, NY
GERGEL, Gail C. Born 3-8-1948, died 12-9-2005 - Dau of Thomas J. and Anna M. (Ruby) Gergel - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY - Well Known Artist [Daughter]
GERGEL, Gloria Ann, died 1945 - Dau of Thomas J. and Anna M. (Ruby) Gergel
GERGEL, John Edward. Spouse of Shirley Zimmer. Born 4-13-1924, died 2-28-2004. Age: 79 - Son of Thomas and Anna Klotczyk Gergel, Sr - Born: Olean, NY - Salamanca, NY. Wed 9-30-1978 St. James Church; Erie, PA
GERGEL, Michael J. Spouse of Catherine Frances Kenny. Born 5-09-1918, died 4-08-2013. Age: 94 - Son of Thomas and Anna (Klotczyk) Gergel - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Oean, NY. Wed 8-29-1948 St. Mary of the Angels Church Olean NY, two children. - Vet-WWII US Army 1942-46 combat in Italy, Africa and the Philippines
GERGEL, Thomas J. Spouse of Anna M. Born 10-16-1909, died 4-11-1968
GERLACH, Caroline. Born 5-4-1883, died 11-6-1923
GERMACK, Andrew, died 4-1921. Age: 3m - Son of Mr and Mrs Anthloy Germack - Foley Rd, Olean, NY
GERMACK, Beverly Ann T. Born 5-02-1944, died 9-19-2016 - Dau of Casimer "Kaiser" Germack and Sophia Sylvia Ruby, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY
GERMACK, Joseph J. Spouse of Mary Bush Germack. Born 8-15-1905, died 2-12-1999 - Son of Antoni and Marianna (Kurek) Giermek - Born: Smolice, Poland - Died: Olean, NY. Wed 8-15-1905 Olean, NY - Immigrated at 16
GERMACK, Mary M. Spouse of Joseph Germack. Born 9-29-1910, died 1-16-1999 - Dau of Thomas and Anna (Pikula) Bush - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY - wed 9-1-1931 Olean, NY
GERMACK, Sophie Sylvia. Spouse of Casimir R [Kaiser]. Born 4-11-1915, died 3-12- 2000 - Dau of Jacob and Mary (Borowski) Ruby - Born: Galeton, PA - Died: Olean, NY. Wed4-20-1940 Olean, NY
GERMANO, Antonino. Born 8-1-1904, died 8-22-1938 - [RIP] - Section 2
GERMANO, Pasquale. Born 1899, died 1929 - Section T
GERRINGER, Adam G. Spouse of Rose M. Born 1873, died 1962
GERRINGER, Anthony. Born 1849, died 1926
GERRINGER, Carl A. Born 7-21-1944, died 8-13-2015. Age: 71y - Son of Robert J. and Edna (Ireland) Gerringer - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Salamanca, N.Y. - Cold War Vet, US Air Force 1964-70 Sgt
GERRINGER, Christopher Alan, died 8-31-1977
GERRINGER, Edna G. Spouse of Robert J. Born 1911, died 1979 - [Wife]
GERRINGER, George. Spouse of Mary Hirt. Born 2-9-1874, died 8-9-1897 - George info on front of stone with wife's info on right side of stone - Section B
GERRINGER, George A. Spouse of Marie T. Hyde. Born 12-15-1921, died 4-17-2011 - Son of John L. and Celia (Stephens) Gerringer - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY. Wed 8-16-1947 St. Mary of the Angels Church; Olean, NY - Vet-WWII US Army
GERRINGER, George E. Born 1883, died 1906
GERRINGER, Janet L. Born 1952, died 1987 - Dau of George and Marie T (Hyde) Gerringer
GERRINGER, Jessie R. Born 1-26-1920, died 11-17-2013 - Dau of Adam and Rose (Geiger) Gerringer - Born: Allegany, NY - Died: Bradford, PA [Sister]
GERRINGER, Magdalena. Born 1865, died 1946
GERRINGER, Marie (Cavanaugh). Spouse of Stephen E. 1st wife, died 1975 - Wed 6-10-1931
GERRINGER, Marie T. (Hyde). Spouse of George A. Born 2-16-1925, died 11-1-2012 - Dau of Glenn and Blanche (Riehle) Hyde - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY. Wed 8-16-1947 (he d. 4-17-2011)
GERRINGER, Mary. Spouse of George. Born 12-7-1845, died 10-11-1904 - Mary's info on right side of stone with husband's info on front - Section B
GERRINGER, Mary. Born 1815, died 1894
GERRINGER, Robert J. Spouse of Edna G. Born 1908, died 1999 - [Husband]
GERRINGER, Rose M. Spouse of Adam G. Born 1878, died 1957
GERRINGER, Stephen E. Spouse of #1 Marie Cavanaugh, #2 Janice M. Born 12-11-1911, died 6-29-2008 - Son of John and Celia Stephens Gerringer. Wed Marie 6-10-1931 wed Janice 2-14-1981
GESEK, Marjorie D. Born 12-18-1939, died 1-9-2003 - Dau of George and Alice (Brown) Davison - Born: Islip, NY
GESSNER, Sister Mary Bernita OFS, died 10-22-1984 - Section V, Row 4
GIANNECHINI, Louis P. Spouse of Nancy Swanson. Born 9-10-1928, died 1-26-2019 - Son of Parise & Ester (Perantoni) Giannechini, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 5-10-1948 in Olean NY - Cold War Vet, US Army 1946-47
GIANNECHINI, Nancy A. (Swanson). Spouse of Louis P. Born 2-7-1930, died 12-6-2009 - Dau of Adolph and Gladys (Sherman) Swanson. Wed 5-10-1948
GIARDINI, Beverly C. Born 12-3-1951, died 6-25-2010 - Dau of Frank I. and Norma J. Liguori
GIARDINI, Carolyn J. (Panada). Spouse of Gerale R. Born 3-6-1940, died 4-17-2020. Age: 80 - Dau of Dominic and Marie (Martinelli) Panada. Born in Olean NY, lived and died in Salamanca NY. Two children, surnamed McCaul. Wed Gerald 8-14-1982 in Chipmonk,
GIARDINI, Charles A. [Chip]. Spouse of Estelle C. Born 9-24-1963, died 9-5-2009 - Son of Frank and Rose (Gerringer) Giardini - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY. Wed 3-10-1995 Niagara Falls, NY
GIARDINI, Frank U. Spouse of Rose M. Gerringer. Born 4-15-1931, died 3-2-2020 - Son of Ruggiero and Dominica (Quattrone) Giardini. Born in Vandalia, lived in Allegany NY, died in Bradford PA. A truck driver. Wed 1-15-1955 at Knapp's Creek, six children. - Korean War Vet, US Army. 1952-1954
GIARDINI, Gerald R. Spouse of Carolyn J. Panada. Born 4-23-1939, died 4-14-2017 - Son of Gerald & Marion (Thomas) Giardini,, b. Carrollton NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 8-14-1982 in Chipmonk NY. - Uncategorized Vet US Army
GIARDINI, Joseph W. Sr. [Poppy Joe]. Spouse of Mary Jane Crowner. Born 2-7-1929, died 9-9-2007 - Son of Anthony and Virginia (Levis) Giardini - Born: Vandalia, NY - Died: Buffalo, NY - wed 8-2-1952 First Presbyterian Church; Olean, NY
GIARDINI, Louise M. Spouse of Paul J. Born 6-2-1923, died 5-15-2010 - Dau of Erminio and Flavia (Porcello) Orsini - Born: Olean, NY. Wed 6-25-1955 Olean, NY
GIARDINI, Mary Jane (Crowner). Spouse of Joseph W. Born 1932, died 8-25-1987 - Wed 8-2-1952 First Presbyterian Church; Olean, NY
GIARDINI, Paul J. Spouse of Louise M. Born 3-4-1925, died 12-24-2008 - Son of Anthony and Virginia (Levis) Giardini. Wed 6-25-1955
GIARDINI, Ronald F. [Inky]. Born 2-27-1944, died 5-04-2015 - Son of Francis and Marion Janice (Thomas) Giardini - Born: Olean,NY - Died: Olean, NY
GIARDINI, Rose Marie (Gerringer). Spouse of Frank U. Born 9-29-1934, died 3-27-2020 - Dau of Robert and Edna Ireland Gerringer. Born in Olean NY, lived in Allegany NY, died in Bradford PA. Wed 1-15-1955 at Knapp's Creek, six children.
GIARDINI, Vincent. Born 4-22-1930, died 8-2-1930 - Section E
GIB, Sister Mary Elise OSF, died 12-13-1982 - [Rip] - Section V, Row 3
GIBBONS, Anna J. Spouse of James D, died 9-5-1924 - wed 4-10-1871
GIBBONS, Christine M. [Tina] Matusik. Spouse of George R., died 1-25-2008 - Wed Sept 30 1941
GIBBONS, George R. [Babe]. Spouse of Christine M. Born 5-8-1916, died 7-24-2009 - Son of John and Margaret Blackall Gibbons
GIBBONS, Gorden. Spouse of Mary E., died 11-21-1937 - Died: Buffalo, NY
GIBBONS, James D. Spouse of Anna J. Born 1891, died 9-11-1937 - Born: Titusville, PA - Died: Olean, NY - wed 4-10-1872
GIBBONS, James P. Spouse of Sophia A. Born 2-1-1914, died 9-1-1981
GIBBONS, John W. III. Spouse of Sharon L. Flint. Born 2-2-1942, died 4-26-2010 - Son of John W. and Mary (Harenda) Gibbons - Born: Olean, NY. Wed 9-18-1965 St. John's Church; Olean, NY (she survives) - Uncategorized Vet, US Army Reserves, Sgt
GIBBONS, John W. IV [Johnny]. Born 2-14-1966, died 7-20-2008 - Son of John W. and Sharon L. Flint Gibbons- vehicle accident
GIBBONS, Kylee D. M. Born 12-5-1983, died 9-12-2011 - Dau of James R. and Mary Ann (Hamed) Gibbons - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY
GIBBONS, Sister M. Anthony OSF, died 1-24-1934 - [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 11
GIBBONS, Sophia A. Spouse of James P. Born 5-1-1918, died 2-1-1985
GIBINS, Sister M. Cecil OFS - [RIP] - Section V, Row 2
GIERMEK, Emily [Aunt Emily]. Born 7-07-1919, died 7-25-2015 - Dau of Valentine and Sophia (Molenda) Giermek - Born: Olean, NY
GIERMEK, Esther (Szukala). Spouse of Walter W., died 5-31-1997 - Wed Sept 21 1958 in Dunkirk NY
GIERMEK, Walerja. Born 9-20-1916, died 7-17-1920 - Section E
GIERMEK, Walter W. Spouse of Esther S. Born 1-1-1915, died 11-5-2005 - Son of Valentine and Sophia Molenda Giermek. Police officer in Olean NY - US Army WW II
GIERMEK, Walter W. Spouse of Esther S. Born 1-1-1915, died 11-5-2005 - Son of Valentine and Sophia Molenda Giermek. Police officer in Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Army
GIFFORD, John E. Spouse of Susie Cottone. Born 1-9-1920, died 12-13-2005 - Son of James W. and Ella (Singleton) Gifford - WW II Vet, US Navy. Asiatic-Pacific and European-African Theaters
GIFFORD, Susie (Cottone). Spouse of John E., died 4-6-1999
GILBERT, George. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1854, died 1908
GILBERT, Joseph F. Born 1-2-1902, died 4-8-1962 - WW II and Korean War Vet, US Army,Sgt
GILBERT, Lena M. Spouse of Steven. Born 5-30-1915, died 10-2-2012 - Dau of Michael and Mary (Schultz) Cashimere - Born: Olean, NY. Wed 5-03-1944 Palacios TX (he d. 1990)
GILBERT, Margaret. Spouse of George. Born 1870, died 1922
GILBERT, Mary A. Born 1891, died 1970
GILBERT, Michael E. Born 1889, died 1954
GILBERT, Steven. Born 1915, died 1990
GILL, Robert W. Spouse of Cassandra A. Terrell. Born 12-18-1943, died 6-16-2017 - Son of Kenneth & Ellen (Cardman) Gill, b. Bradford PA, lived in Olean, d. Cuba NY. Worked 40 years at Dresser-Rand. Wed 7-22-1967 in Bradford PA, no children named. (Spouse survives) - Uncategorized Vet, PA Natl Guard
GILLESPIE, Sister Lucian Marie OSF, died 4-8-1987 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 4
GILLESPIE, Sister M. Matthew OSF, died 3-20-1969 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 2
GILLIGAN, Ann. Spouse of Patrick, died 8-26-1887. Age: 72 - [Wife of Patrick Gilligan]
GILLIGAN, Christopher. Born 1845, died 1911
GILLIGAN, Mary Goodwin. Spouse of Thomas James. Born 11-9-1912, died 4-9-2014. Age: 101 - Dau William Tecumseh Sherman and Jennie Agnes (Fitzpatrick) Dodson - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Bridges Cornell Heights; Ithaca. Wed 6-16-1939 St. Mary of the Angels Church; Olean, N.Y. - Graduate of St. Bonaventure University, First Class Enroll Women as Full-Time Students
GILLIGAN, Patrick. Spouse of Ann, died 9-25-1861 - Same Monument Joseph [son of A & F Depchensky]
GILLIGAN, Sister M Lucilla OSF, died 11-8-1995 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 6
GILLIGAN, Thomas James III [Tee]. Born 11-26-1943, died 1-01-2016 - Son of Thomas James II & Mary (Dodson) Gilligan, b. Olean NY, d. Syracuse NY
GILLIS, Sister Mary Christina OSF, died 8-2-1976 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 3
GILLOGLY, Father Ildefonse Gillogly, OSF. Born 10-14-1909, died 8-13-1980. Age: 70 - Born: Buffalo, NY - Died: DenVille, NJ - Solemn Vows 1930 - Ordained Priest 1933 [RIP] - Franciscan Friars
GILLOGLY, Sister Margaret Mary OSF, died 6-18-1996 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 6
GILLOOGLY, Sister M. Celestine OSF, died 3-27-1944 - [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 15
GILLOOLEY, Sister M. Cecillia OSF. Born 08-25-1915, died 04-05-2003 - Born as Catherine Josephine Gillooley, St. Petersburg Fl. - Dau of Robert E. and Elizabeth (Parker) Gillooley - Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, NY [RIP] - Section V, Row 7
GILMORE, Sister Margaret Rose OSF. Spouse of None. Born 4-20-1927, died 8-26-2019 - Dau of James & Margaret (Rowan) Gilmore, b. Rose Margaret Gilmore in NYC NY, d. Olean NY, Member Franciscan Sisters of Allegany
GILOON, Barney, died 8-4-1881. Age: 56 - Section B
GILROY, Joyce M. (Phillips). Spouse of Not Named. Born 7-30-1935, died 4-12-2015 - Dau of Frederick Ransom and S. Lorraine Phillips, Stepdau of Kenneth Guinnip, b. Olean NY, d. Buffalo NY
GILTINAN, Sister M Francis OFS, died 6-11-1912 - [RIP]
GILTINAN, Sister Marie Dolores OFS, died 12-12-2006 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 7
GINLEY. Sister Madeline Marie OFS, died 8-20-1993 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 5
GINLEY. Sister Mary Cletus OFS, died 12-12-1975 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 3
GINTER, Francis C. Born 1869, died 1934 - Shares a stone with Kenneth Gardner
GIONTA, Sister Marie Dolores OSF. Born 1-19-1935, died 12-12-2006 - Born as Elizabeth Rose to Zemira and Italo Gionta. Took final vows Aug 16 1963 [RIP]
GIRARD, Father Cosmas OSF. Born 12-4-1909, died 9-19-1998. Age: 88 - Born: Cambridge, Mass. - Died: Ringwood, N.J - Solemn Vows 1932 Ordained 1935 [RIP] - Franciscan Friars
GIRARD, Sister M. Francelia OSF, died 7-1-1992 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 5
GISONNO, Dolorata. Spouse of Frank, died 7-29-1908. Age: 22 - [Wife of Frank Gisonno}
GISONNO, Mary. Born 1890
GIUNTA, Brother Cletus OFM. Born 6-2-1896, died 4-12-1960. Age: 63 - Born: Newburgh, NY - Died: Allegany, NY - Solemn Profession 1926 [Venerable Brother] [RIP] - Franciscan Friars
GIUNTA, Josephene. Born 1-23-1935, died 9-10-1936 - Section O
GIUNTA, Xavier S. Spouse of Linda Reid. Born 3-4-1942, died 2-15-2020 - Son of Dr. Joseph R. and Mary V. (Bordonaro) Giunta. Born and lived in Olean NY, died in Machias NY. Partner and general manager of Aspen Tower in Olean. Twin sons, then divorced from Linda.
GLAIR, Sister Cecelia Marie OSF, died 6-19-1987 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 4
GLEASON Margaret. Born 1909, died 1910 - Section B
GLEASON, F Donald. Born 1910, died 1969 - Section B
GLEASON, Father Wulstan OFM. Born 8-5-1907, died 5-3-1959. Age: 51 - Born: Buffalo, NY - Died: New York City, NY - Solemn Vows 9-17- 1932 - Ordained 6-10-1935 - Grew the Franciscan Missionary Union, Answered Every Donation with Hand-Written Letter, Number of Benefactors Grew to 40,000 People [RIP] - Franciscan Friars
GLEASON, Marie B. Spouse of Michael T., died 10-12-1999 - Wed 11-23-1950 in Buffalo NY
GLEASON, Michael T. [Tom]. Spouse of Marie B. Born 10-20-1923, died 5-25-2006 - Son of James and Hannorah (Ryan) Gleason - Born: Chipmonk, NY - Died: Olean, NY - wed 11-23-1950 Buffalo, NY - WW II Vet, US Army
GLEASON, Susan. Spouse of Michael. Born 1860, died 1893 - [Wife of Michael Gleason] - Section D
GLENN, Madeline Alma OSF. Born 5-25-1931, died 4-12-2018 - Dau of Robert & Alma (Frohner) Glenn, b. Bronx NY, d. Allegany NY, Member Franciscan Sisters of Allegany. Professed vows 8-16-1958. An educator, principal of Alvernia Prep in Kingston Jamaica for 31 years. - Section V, Franxiscan Sisters
GLOVER, Alvin Simon Sr. Born 6-29-1922, died 10-26-1999 - Son of Arthur Glover and Emma M Kelsey
GLOVER, Frank E. Spouse of Clara M. Lippert. Born 5-12-1923, died 9-1-2011 - Son of Herman G. and Eugenia H. (Wing) Glover - Born: Little Genesee, NY. Wed 1-07-1943 - St. Mary of the Angels Church; Olean, NY - Vet-WWII US Army Eng Corps
GLOVER, Leona Evelyn. Spouse of Alvin S. Sr. Born 7-01-1924, died 11-14-2010 - Dau of Michael and Clara (Cook) Lippert - Born: Allegany, NY - Died: Olean, NY. Wed 10-04-1941 St. Bonaventure Church; Allegany, NY (heDied:10-26-1999)
GLUCK, Anne T. Born 5-23-1912, died 1-3-2002 - Dau of Joseph and Anna (Ivaucitiz) Gluck - Born: New York City, NY
GLUCK, George J. Spouse of Gertrude B. Born 1-14-1916, died 1-25-2007 - Son. of Joseph and Anna (Ivaucitiz) Gluck - Born: New York City, NY
GLUCK, Gertrude B. Spouse of George GLUCK. Born 1-04-1918, died 2-12-2011. Age: 93 - Dau of Theodore and Hazel (Whaley) Smith - Born: Warren, PA. Wed 2-11-1928
GLYNN, Father Alan OMF. Born 5-16-1921, died 11-5-1958. Age: 37 - Born: Brooklyn, NY - Died: Allegany, NY - Solemn Profession 1944 - Ordained 1947 - Older Brother of Father Myles Glynn OFM [RIP] - Franciscan Friars
GLYNN, Sister M. Louis OSF, died 12-31-1945 - [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 16
GLYNN, Sister M. Phyllis OSF, died 11-19-1935 - [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 12
GODZWA, Brother Stanislaus OFM. Born 10-2-1887, died 11-6-1967. Age: 80 - Born: Guiana Kopsk, Poland - Died: Gowanda, NY - Solemn Profession 1920 [Venerable Brother] [RIP] - Franciscan Friars
GOING, Sister M. Celeste OFS, died 12-12-1935 - [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 12
GOLDEN, Anthony. Spouse of Mary, died 4-18-1913. Age: 93 - Born: Co.Mayo Ireland
GOLDEN, John P. Born 1859, died 1933
GOLDEN, Mary. Spouse of Anthony, died 2-7-1908. Age: 80 - Born: Co.Mayo Ireland [His Wife]
GOLDRICK, Sister M. Valeria OSF, died 9-13-1930 - [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 10
GOLTINAN, Sister M. Francis OSF, died 6-11-1912 - [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 4
GONDEK, Cecelia A. Spouse of John I. Born 1920, died 1992
GONDEK, John I. Spouse of Cecelia A. Born 1915, died 1998
GONDEK, Julian J. Born 1910, died 1939
GONDEK, Julian J
GONDEK, Stanley K. Born 1884, died 1955 - [Father]
GONSKA, Regina L. Spouse of Daneil F. Born 6-12-1922, died 2-10-2007 - Dau of Michael and Frances (Szadlowska) Kwiatkowski
GOOD, Hazel I. Spouse of William E. Born 1901, died 1936 - [Wife of William C.]
GOOD, Thomas M. Jr. Spouse of Virginia E. Greene. Born 2-23-1922, died 3-15-2011 - Son of Thomas D.Sr. and Florence (Keefe) Good - Born: MI - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force
GOOD, Virginia Eleanor (Greene). Spouse of Thomas Michael Jr. Born 11-28-1922, died 2-4-2009 - Dau of Merton and Genevieve Whitcomb Greene. Wed June 25 1948
GOODEMOTE, James F. Spouse of Linda L. Lux. Born 8-11-1941, died 12-27-2017 - Son of Leon & Margaret (Burns) Goodemote, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 2-2-1963 in Springville NY, two children.
GOODEMOTE, Linda L. (Lux). Spouse of James L. Born 9-7-1944, died 1-18-2014 - Dau Clyde and Irene (Parsons) Lux Sr. - Born: Springville, NY - Died: Buffalo, NY. Wed 2-2-1963 St. Aloysius Church Springville NY, two children.
GOODSELL, Magdalene. Born 1864, died 1918
GOODWIN, Miriam - Child of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Goodwin
GOODWIN, Paschal. Born, died - Child of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Goodwin
GOODWIN, Paul. Spouse of Valerie Fidurko. Born 12-17-1951, died 6-28-2021 - Son of Francis and Jean (Hoganson) Goodwin. Lived and died in Olean NY. Wed 7-5-1975, two children. (Spouse survives)
GORDON, Charles B. [Bud]. Spouse of Florence M. Born 10-26-1929, died 1-9-2005 - Son of Charles and Alice Bottomley Gordon. Wed April 6 1956
GORDON, Florence M. Spouse of Charles B. "Bud". Born 4-26-1932, died 5-10-2006 - Dau of Arthur and Gladys (Heyshem) Stuck - Born: Boliver, NY. Wed 8-6-1957 Bradford, PA
GORE, Cathryn Elizabeth, died 6-5-1974 - [Granddaughter]
GORE, Doris E. (Nitsche). Spouse of Gerald M. Born 2-12-1924, died 8-26-2021 - Dau of Walter J. and Azuba (Gilliland) Nitsche. Born in Olean NY, lived and died in Portville NY. Four children. (Spouse bd. Allegany Cem)
GORECKI, Alice R. (Chapin). Spouse of Joseph J. Born 3-10-1925, died 9-4-2020 - Dau of Charles and Winifred (Watson) Chapin. Born in Port Allegany NY, lived in Olean NY, died in Allegany NY. An accountant for 40 years. Wed 6-21-1947 in Olean, one daughter.
GORECKI, Joseph J. Spouse of Alice Chapin. Born 12-26-1920, died 12-27-2009 - Son of Stanley and Veronica Gorecki. Wed 6-21-1947, one daughter. - WW II Vet, US Army, Airborne
GORHAM, Sister M Tesine OSF, died 8-20-1989 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 5
GORMAN, Agnes Cecelia. Spouse of Daniel. Born 9-28-1866. Age: 85 - Dau Of __ Crowell - Born: Lafayette. Wed 12-30-1896 St. Bernard's Church
GORMAN, Mary Crane, died 8-17-1924 - Section B
GORMAN, Sister Mary Eucharia OSF, died 2-17-1978 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 3
GORNY, Alice R. Spouse of Richard F. Born 3-21-1925, died 10-7-2001 - Dau of Stanley and Josephine (Kolach) Nowak - Born: Buffalo, NY. Wed 8-8-1944
GORNY, Alice R. (Nowak). Spouse of Richard F. Born 3-21-1925, died 10-7-2001 - Dau of Stanley and Josephine Kolach Nowak, born in Buffalo, NY. Wed Aug. 8, 1944
GORNY, Frank J Jr. Born 1904, died 1952 - Section B
GORNY, Richard F. Spouse of Alice R. Nowak. Born 4-8-1921, died 3-5-2014 - Son of Frank J. and Helen (Zarlephta) Gorny - Born: Buffalo, NY - Died: Cuba, NY. Wed 8-8-1944 Buffalo, NY - WW II Vet, US Army. 1942-1946
GORSKI, Felicya. Spouse of William, died 11-11-1915 - Died: Olean, NY
GORTON, Bobby. Born 3-23-1946, died 6-25-1947 - Section L2
GORTON, Kathy. Born 8-2-1949, died 6-10-1956 - Section L2
GORTON, Loretta. Born 5-29-1923, died 11-29-1964 - [RIP] - Section L2
GORTON, Robert E. [Pete]. Spouse of #1 Loretta O'Keefe, #2 Martha C. Wolfe. Born 10-22-1919, died 1-6-2005. Age: 85 - Son of Lyle and Alice Harris Gorton. Loretta d. 1964. - WW II Vet, US Army
GOSSIN, Mary Lou, OSF. Born 2-26-1934, died 9-18-2020 - Dau of Harry and Margaret (Kunkel) Gossin. Born in Utica NY, died in Allegany NY. A Franciscan sister for 67 years.
GOULD, Elizabeth V. Spouse of Lennen W. Born 1919, died 1998
GOULD, Lennen W. Spouse of Elizabeth V. Born 1904, died 1967
GOULET, Sister M. Albertine OSF, died 4-30-1965 - Section V, Row 2
GOULET, Sister Marie Germaine OSF, died 8-22-1973 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 3
GOWAN, Junior H. Born 5-24-1916, died 10-8-1994
GOWAN, Loretta E. Born 10-26-1915, died 5-30-2000 - Born: Olean, NY
GOWAN, Richard A. Born 6-03-1952, died 7-09-2003 - Son of Junior H. and Loretta E. (Hoffmire) Gowan - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Asheville, NC - Cold War Vet-US Army Intelligence 1972-1992
GOY Maria (Woerle) [Lina]. Spouse of John. Born 10-7-1931, died 12-26-2020 - Dau of Robert and Anna (Neher) Woerle. Born in Jagstzell Germany, lived in Olean NY, died in Bradford PA. One of the founders of The Rehab Center (Intandem). Wed 1-31-1953 in Allegany NY, five children.
GOY, John M. Spouse of Maria M. Woerle. Born 4-04-1928, died 4-13-2019 - Son of Anna Goy. Born in the Ukraine, died in Olean NY. Wed 1-31-1953 in Allegany NY, five children.
GRABOWSKI, Mary H. (Moszak). Spouse of Robert F. Born 6-26-1922, died 12-21-2014 - Dau of Frank and Helen (Lyaski) Moszak, born in Olean NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 9-02-1946 (he d. 3-21-2002)
GRACE, Frederick G. Spouse of Mary Jean Goodemote. Born 1-28-1921, died 1-14-2006 - Son of Andrew and Amelia (Mussel) Grace - Born: Luzerne, PA - Died: Olean, NY. Wed 7-9-1949 St. Mary of the Angels Church; Olean, NY - Head Coach - Football - Principal - Allegany Central School (later became Allegany - Limestone CS Allegany, NY) when the new school the Football field was named after him. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force
GRACE, Mary Jane. Spouse of Frederick G. Born 8-21-1925, died 7-25-2009 - Dau of Leon and Margaret (Burns) Goodemote. Wed 7-9-1949 St. Mary of the Angels Church; Olean, NY
GRACE, Veronica T. [Ronnie]. Spouse of #1 James L. Blatter, #2 Gordon D. Grace. Born 11-1-1919, died 10-16-2005. Age: 85 - Dau of Joseph and Frances Pawlowski Urbanski. James d. 3-9-1967. Gordon d. 11-14-1999
GRADER, Norma J. Spouse of Thomas G. Born 9-6-1933, died 9-28-2006 - Dau of Ervin and Genevieve (Dutton) Putt - Born: Allegany, NY - Died: Port Allegany, NY. Wed 9-27-1952 St. Bonaventure Church; Allegany,NY
GRADER, Thomas G. Spouse of Norma J. Putt. Born 3-15-1927, died 5-20-2006 - Son of Jacob and Lenora (Collins) Grader - Born: Allegany, NY - Died: Olean, NY. Wed 9-27-1952 St. Bonaventure Church: Allegany,NY - US Navy WW II SS Luzon
GRADY, Sister M Clement OSF, died 2-28-1963 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 2
GRAELEY, Sister M. Alverna OSF, died 10-10-1961 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 1
GRAELEY, Sister M. Concetta OSF, died 12-31-1919 - [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 7
GRAELEY, Sister Mary Redempta OSF, died 2-22-1919 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 6
GRAHAM, Sister M Augustine OSF, died 6-14-1975 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 3
GRAHAM, Sister Pauline Marie OSF. Born 11-8-1914, died 3-18- 2000 - Born: East Boston, MA [RIP] - Section V, Row 6
GRAM, Susan Elizabeth. Spouse of Larkin J. Gram. Born 2-14-1964, died 6-10-2010 - Dau of Walter [Budsy] Fusiara - Born: Olean, NY. Wed 7-30-1989 Cuba, NY
GRANBEL, Andrew, died 7-30-1832. Age: 68
GRANDUSKY, Adah H. Spouse of Herbert C. Born 12-10- 1903, died 7-17-2000 - Plot: 6-554
GRANDUSKY, Albert - Section T, Row 2 Grave 18
GRANDUSKY, Alice E. Spouse of Leo L. Born 1911, died 1985 - Plot: 5-391
GRANDUSKY, Alice Kathryn. Spouse of Howard J. Jr. Born 8-20-1926, died 1-15-2006 - Dau of Bernard and Katherine (Donavan) O'Neill - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY
GRANDUSKY, Allan F. Born 4-3-1918, died 1-9-1973 - WW II Vet, US Army, Cpl. - Section N, 39
GRANDUSKY, Alyce K. Born 1910, died 1979 - Dau Of ___ Kelly - Plot: 6-634
GRANDUSKY, Anthony John. Born 1869, died 1929 - Section O, Lot 76
GRANDUSKY, Caroline A. Born 1865, died 1958 - Section O, Lot 76
GRANDUSKY, Constantine. Spouse of Magdalene. Born 1867, died 1930 - [Father] - Plot: B-17
GRANDUSKY, Edward E. Spouse of Jane M. McGavisk. Born 4-16-1910, died 6-5-1999 - Son of Edward J. and Mary S. (Yehl) Grandusky. Born in Allegany NY, died in Olean NY. Wed abt 1934, three children.
GRANDUSKY, Edward John. Spouse of Mary S. Yehl. Born 4-10-1886, died 8-16-1969. Age: 83 - Son of Louis & Christina (Edel) Grandusky. Born in Allegany NY, died in Olean NY. Wed 1909, at least five children. - Plot: 2-8
GRANDUSKY, Emil L. Born 1915, died 1989 - Plot: 6-634
GRANDUSKY, Francis C. Born 1925, died 1995 - [Granny] - Plot: R-39A
GRANDUSKY, Fred M. Born 1894, died 1982 - Plot: 1-320-D
GRANDUSKY, Georgia. Born 1896, died 1915 - [Daughter] Prob. Dau of Magdalene and Constantine - Plot: B-17
GRANDUSKY, Helen. Born 1891, died 1918
GRANDUSKY, Herbert C. Spouse of Adah H. Born 1904, died 1988 - Plot: 6-554
GRANDUSKY, Howard J. Born 1896, died 1980 - Section D, 144
GRANDUSKY, Howard J. Spouse of Theresia. Born 1-15-1926, died 4-28-1987 - Wed Dec 31 1972 - WW II Vet, US Army, 34th Co. Inf. RTC, PFC
GRANDUSKY, James Francis. Born 1917, died 1966 - Plot: d-181
GRANDUSKY, Jane M. [Nana]. Spouse of Edward. Born 11-9-1914, died 4-25-2012 - Dau of William and Jennie (McMahon) McGavisk. Born and lived in Olean NY, died in Cuba NY. Wed abt 1934, three children.
GRANDUSKY, John C. Born 6-22-1939, died 3-19-2007 - Son of James and M. Kathryn (Cleaver) Grandusky - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1958-1962
GRANDUSKY, Katherine T. Born 1905, died 1977 - Section D, 144
GRANDUSKY, Kim David. Spouse of Mary Ann. Born 1954, died 1988 - Wed 8--1979 [Granny] - Plot: 7-6
GRANDUSKY, Leo L. Spouse of Alice E. Born 1-22-1901, died 2-4-1963 - WW I Vet, USMC, Pvt - Plot: 5-391
GRANDUSKY, Lulu. Born 1893, died 1971 - Plot: 1-320-D
GRANDUSKY, M. Katheryn. Born 1917, died 1996 - Plot: d-181
GRANDUSKY, Magdalene. Spouse of Constantine. Born 1864, died 1929 - [Mother] - Plot: B-17
GRANDUSKY, Marcella. Born 1912, died 2000 - Plot: 2-8
GRANDUSKY, Mary Salome (Yehl). Spouse of Edward J. Born 1-22-1888, died 11-14-1976. Age: 88 - Dau of Emil I. and Salome (Bischoff) Yehl. Born in Germany, died in Olean NY. Wed 1909, at least five children. - Plot: 2-8
GRANDUSKY, Reinhart J. Born 1893, died 1958 - Plot: B-17
GRANDUSKY, Richard L. Born 10-17-1921, died 10-17-1965 - WW II Vet, USMC, Cpl
GRANDUSKY, Rita F. Born 1929, died 2002 - Plot: R-39A
GRANDUSKY, Theresia. Spouse of Howard J. "Junior". Born 4-6-1929, died 1-18-2010. Age: 80 - Dau of Leonhard and Josepha (Wieland) Meyr - Born: Augsburg, Germany - Died: Salamanca, NY. Wed 12-31-1972 Olean, NY - Plot: 5-594B
GRANDUSKY, Virginia A. Born 7-11-1926, died 5-5-2005 - Dau of John and Jennie (Conable) Grandusky - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY
GRANGER, Robert Sr. [Spaghetti]. Spouse of Emma Lou Forness. Born 3-23-1933, died 5-25-2016. Age: 83y - Son of Charles Sydney & Louise (John) Granger, b. Olean NY, d. Allegany NY, Wed 1955 (she survives) - Korean War Vet, US Navy 1951-55 aboard USS Intrepid
GRANT, Bridget, died 6-5-1884. Age: 30 - [Dau of John & Mary Grant - Section A
GRANT, John. Spouse of Mary, died 8-21-1885. Age: 63 - Section A
GRANT, Mary. Spouse of John, died 9-3-1913 - [His Wife] - Section A
GRATHIA, Anna. Born 1869, died 1894 - Section D
GRATZ, Barbara A. Born 11-17-1879, died 9-25- 1970
GRAVES, David C. Jr. [Gravy]. Spouse of Lynn M. Born 7-30-1957, died 1-30-2008 - Son of David and Ruth Henry Graves Sr.
GRAVES, Irene A. Born 1899, died 1972
GRAY, Camilla (Brown) [Cam]. Spouse of Daniel L. "Mike" Gray. Born 11-1-1925, died 8-26-2017. Age: 91y - Dau of Creed D. & Teresa A. (Murphy) Brown. Born in Olean NY, Lived in Lakeland FL, d. unstated FL. Wed 9-21-1950 in Olean NY, four children. (he d. 1981)
GRAZIANO, Margerita Theresa. Born 1885, died 1944 - Section 4
GREAR, Mary. Spouse of Patrick, died 7-23-1900. Age: 63 - [Wife of Patrick Grear] - Section A
GREELEY, Father Ambrose OFM. Born 3-11-1876, died 12-5-1936. Age: 60 - Born: Louisburg, County Mayo, Ireland - Died: Hartford Conn. - Solemn Profession 1900 - Ordained 1901 [RIP] - Franciscan Friars
GREELEY, Rev. Mother Jean Marie OSF, died 9-25-1957 - [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 2
GREELEY, Sister M. Alphonsus OSF, died 5-25-1986 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 4
GREEN, Edwin D. Spouse of Mary C. Born 1912
GREEN, James. Born 1857, died 1913 - Name could be James Green Fitzsimmons-has same stone style and is next to them - Section B
GREEN, Lena (Nenno). Born 1849, died 1911
GREEN, Mary C. Spouse of Edwin D. Born 1914
GREEN, Sister M. Adelaide OSF, died 10-19-1935 - [RIP] - Franciscan Sisters, Row 11
GREEN, Sister M. Mercia OSF - [RIP] - Section V, Row 2
GREENAN, F. Thomas. Spouse of Elizabeth, died 1930 - Buried 4-3-1930
GREENE, Dorothy A. Spouse of Ralph C. Born 9-22-1903, died 11-14-1992 - Dau of John and Mary (Quarry) Trager - Born: Newport, RI
GREENE, Elizabeth F. Spouse of Maynard G. Born 6-22-1921, died 5-12-2012 - Dau of Anthony and Katherine (Ross) Ginco - Born: Angelica, NY - Died:Olean, NY (at home). Wed 8-04-1941 Allegany, NY (he Died:11-24-1991)
GREENE, Maynard G. Spouse of Elizabeth F. Born 2-4-1921, died 11-24-1991 - Son of Buel and Ruth Battles Greene - WW II Vet, US Army
GREENE, Monica M. Born 8-18-1997, died 12-15-2013 - Dau of Jamie P. Greene and Kristy D. Bell - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Olean, NY (house fire; mother also died)
GREENE, Ralph C. Spouse of Dorothy A., died 6-30-1986 - Wed 5-28-1925
GREENE, Terrence P. Born 12-17-1954, died 9-22-2021 - Son of Richard B. and Romayne E. (Eaton) Greene. Born and lived in Catt Co NY, died in Cuba NY.
GREGA, Andrew. Born 1875, died 1937 - Section T, Row 9
GREGA, George. Born 1910, died 1933 - Section T, Row 9
GREGA, Mary. Born 1877, died 1958 - Section T, Row 9
GREGO, James J. Sr. Spouse of Rose L. Rubino. Born 2-8-1920, died 4-23-2012 - Son of Joseph and Frances (Frisina) Grego, born in Bradford PA. Wed 7-22-1944 in Hillsgrove RI, four children - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Sgt Med Tech 1941-45
GREGO, Rose Lucille (Rubino). Spouse of James J. Grego Sr. Born 5-19-1916, died 8-27-2017. Age: 101y - Dau of Michael & Mary (Pascarella) Rubino, b. Bradford PA, d. Bradford PA. Wed 7-22-1944 in Hillsgrove RI, four children.
GREKALSKI, Jennie. Spouse of John. Born 2-11-1915, died 4-17-2005 - Dau of Walter and Martha (Sowak) Trazak. Wed 2-20-1943 Franklinville, NY -Teacher
GREKALSKI, John [Jack]. Spouse of Jennie, died 9-20-1994 - Wed Feb 20 1943 in Franklinville NY
GREKALSKI, Paul John [P J]. Spouse of Donna Ludwig. Born 9-24-1947, died 9-18-2014 - Son of John and Jenny Grekalski - Born: Frankinville, NY - Died: Erie, PA - wed 8-13-1977 & 10-14-2011 - Vietnam Vet, US Army, 1/Lt
GREKALSKI, Paul John II. Born 12-13-1979, died 5-25-2013 - Son of Paul John and Donna (Ludwig) Grekalski - Born: Watertown, NY - Died: Fredonia, NY
GRIFFIN, Anna G. Born 1862, died 1935
GRIFFIN, Catherine. Spouse of Patrick, died 9-21-1893. Age: 70 - [Wife of P Griffin] - Section D
GRIFFIN, Catherine R. Born 1877, died 1953
GRIFFIN, Elizabeth E. Born 1892, died 1955
GRIFFIN, Francis A. Born 1859, died 1917
GRIFFIN, Francis M. [Griff]. Born 1900, died 9-15-1987
GRIFFIN, Henrietta M. [Aunt Etta]. Spouse of Paul J. Born 1-8-1918, died 5-3-2009 - Dau of John F. and Rachael (Fitsimmons) Flaim - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital (Buffalo, NY area) - wed 10-20-2003 St. Mary of the Angels Church; Olean, NY
GRIFFIN, Herbert C. Born 4-29-1907, died 9-1-1987 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
GRIFFIN, James. Spouse of Mary. Born 1855, died 1915
GRIFFIN, Jane. Spouse of Phillip, died 6-19-1885. Age: 45
GRIFFIN, John. Born 1879, died 1902
GRIFFIN, Joseph A. Spouse of Opal M. Born 1902, died 1962
GRIFFIN, Mary. Spouse of James. Born 1855, died 1920
GRIFFIN, Opal M. Spouse of Joseph A. Born 1914, died 1994
GRIFFIN, Patrick. Spouse of Caatherine, died 7-25-1881. Age: 75 - Born: Irland - Section D
GRIFFIN, Paul J. Spouse of Henrietta Flaim. Born 1-6-1916, died 9-20-2003 - Son of William and Mary Ellen (Conley) Griffin. Wed 10-20-1941 Olean, NY
GRIFFIN, Phillip. Spouse of Jane. Born 1841, died 1907
GRITMON. Father Timothy F. OFM. Born 7-6-1939, died 2-14-1992. Age: 62 - Born: Fort Edward, N.Y. - Died: Yulan, N.Y. - Solemn Profession 1960 - Ordained 1962 [RIP]
GROGAN. Sister M. Lucian Martin OFS, died 2-1-1963 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 2
GROGAN. Sister M. Mary Vincentia OFS, died 12-18-1977 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 3
GROSSMAN, Elsie M. Spouse of Joseph John Sr. Born 2-15-1911, died 1-17-2001 - Dau of Thomas and Elizabeth (Serena) Barbar - Born: Olean, NY. Wed 8 -19-1936
GROSSMAN, Godfrey. Born 4-27-1856, died 7-1- 1879
GROSSMAN, Ida. Born 2-11-1864, died 1935 - Ida and Judith share a stone that is knocked over. - Section B
GROSSMAN, Joseph, died 3-16-1883. Age: 54
GROSSMAN, Judith. Spouse of Jos. Born 1-1-1820, died 1-8-1892 - [wife of Jos. Grossman] [Our Mother] Ida and Judith share a stone that is knocked over. - Section B
GROTH, Dolores A. Spouse of Herman. Born 3-19-1930, died 8-6-2015 - Dau of Jeremiah and Willa (Steele) Toohey - Born: Olean, NY - Died: Coudersport, PA - wed 11-10-1951 St. Mary of the Angels Church; Olean, NY
GROTH. Herman. Spouse of Dolores A., died 7-13-1999
GRUNTHANER, Sister Rita MAE OSF. Born 9-4-1930, died 9-26-2006 - Born as Rita Mae Agnes Grunthaner - Dau of Mathew S and Caroline Rose (Eckert) Grunthaner - Born: Buffalo, NY - Died: Allegany, NY - Professed Final Vows 7-2-1967 [RIP] - Section V, Row 7
GUAY, Donald [Jack]. Spouse of Diane SMITH. Born 3-15-1958, died 2-23-2011 - Son of Mickey and Barbara (Goding) Guay - Born: Nashua, NH. Wed 12-10-1983 Jamestown, NY
GUAY, Joseph E. Born 1877, died 1929
GUAY, Mary E. Born 1859, died 1912
GUAY, Nell E. Born 1877, died 1963
GUAY, Owen D. Born 1891, died 1952
GUAY, Philias. Born 1852, died 1905
GUENTHER, Agnes Grinarda. Born 1900, died 1961 - [St. Jude Pray For Us] - Section 5, Lot 232
GUENTHER, Clara Barbara (Blecha). Spouse of Joseph C. Born 4-30-1924, died 8-06-2013. Age: 89 - Dau of Thomas and Rose (Krafka) Blecha - Born: Manning, ND -Died: Allegany, NY. Wed 9-24-1942 St. Philomena's Roman Catholic Church; Franklinville, NY (heDied:2005)
GUENTHER, Joseph Conrad. Spouse of Clara B. Blecha. Born 9-6-1919, died 4-19-2005. Age: 85 - Son of Conrad and Anna (Slothan) Guenther
GUENTHER, Leo C. Born 12-3-1933, died 6-30-1963 - Section 5, Lot 232
GUIDDRY, Sister M. Conception OFS, died 7-15-1956 - [RIP] - Section V, Row 1
GUINTA, Mary E. Spouse of Samuel. Born 1902, died 1968
GUINTA, Samuel. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1899, died 1979
GULCH, Genevieve. Born 1901, died 1983
GUMLACK, Mike. Born 1861, died 1891 - Section E
GUMTOW, Mary J. Spouse of William F. Jr. Born 7-23-1928, died 2-14-2001. Age: 72 - Dau of Van J. and Grace Daley - Born: Bolivar, NY. Wed 2-18-1948
GUNCHEON, Agnes K. Spouse of Ward C Sr. Born 5-22-1884. Age: 79 - Born: Galeton - Died: Catskill, NY [RIP]
GUNTER, Mary J. Born 9-28-1919, died 4-28-2009 - Dau of Edward F. and Gertrude (Riehler) Ryan - Born: Allegany, NY - Died: Olean, NY
GUNTHER, Albert F. X. Dr. Spouse of Joyce C. Born 9-24-1931, died 11-29-2004 - Son of Albert E. and Theresa (Schwab) Gunther. Wed 7-26-1958 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
GUSON, Martha Elizabrth (Aud). Spouse of S. John. Born 1-17-1917, died 1-17-2017. Age: 100y - Born in Owensboro KY, d. Olean NY, Wed. 6-1944
GUSON, S. John. Spouse of Martha Aud. Born 3-10-1915, died 4-18-2006. Age: 91 - Son of John and Jamillah (Makdessi) Guson - Born: Boston, Mass. - Died: Olean,NY. Wed 6-28-1944 - Professor Emeritus of St. Bonaventure University - Franciscan Order's Highest Honors - Holy Name Province of the Order of Friars Minor
GUSSELL, Elizabeth. Spouse of John. Born 1846, died 1913
GUSTAFSON, Albin S. Spouse of Anna V. Born 1906, died 1968
GUSTAFSON, Anna V. Spouse of Albin S. Born 1909, died 1995
GUSTAFSON, Jane E. Born 1927, died 2001


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