ST. Bonaventure Cemetery
Village of Allegany, NY
Across the road from St. Bonaventure University

Transcribed & Submitted by Gayle Tompson


CACCIOTTI, Madeline D. Born 10-26-1916, died 4-22-2011 - Dau of Cesare and Mary (Karuch) Cacciotti, b. Allegany NY
CACCIOTTI, Sylvester J. Spouse of Lorraine. Born 8-25-1918, died 12-9-2003 - Son of Ceasar and Mary Karuch Cacciotti m. almost 60 years
CAFFO, Vincent J. Spouse of Rosalie M. Rotolo. Born 10-08-1924, died 1-26-2005 - Son of Louis and Elizabeth Plano Caffo b. Olean NY d. Olean NY Wed 8-02-1952 in Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Navy
CAHANEY, Alexander. Spouse of Mary. Born ??, died 1911
CAHANEY, John. Born ??, died 9-18-1904. Age: 60 - Native of Parish of Skrcen Co. Sligo Ireland
CAHANEY, Margaret. Born ??, died 1918 - Dau of Alexander and Mary Cahaney
CAHANEY, Mary. Spouse of Alexander. Born ??, died 1927
CAIN, Edward H. Born 1908, died 1976
CAIN, Grace Wilson. Born 1901, died 1987
CAIN, M. Julia. Spouse of Oscar H. Born 1882, died 1944
CAIN, Oscar H. Spouse of M. Julia. Born 1880, died 1918
CALBI, Marie E. [Doll]. Spouse of Felix A. Born 2-10-1912, died 10-26-2000 - Dau. of Anthony and Elizabeth Siranni Sanzo- m. April 20 1933- b. Shinglehouse PA
CALLAGHAN, Sister Brendan OSF. Born 10-14-1915, died 12-28-2004 - b. Mary Teresa Callagham Dau of John and Mary O'Connor Callaghan took her final vows Aug 15 1950
CALLAHAN, Daniel J. Born 1895, died 1901
CALLAHAN, Ella. Spouse of Michael. Born 1866, died 1917
CALLAHAN, Eloise V. [Molly]. Spouse of Frank M. Born 11-9-1903, died 3-11-2001 - b. Potter Brook PA- Dau. of Edwin A. and Lucy Mallory Truax- m. Nov. 17 1921
CALLAHAN, Frank M. Spouse of Eloise V. Born ??, died 7-7-1953
CALLAHAN, Michael. Spouse of Ella. Born 1857, died 1930
CALLAHAN, William E. Born 1892, died 1911
CAMBREA, William. Born 1902, died 1967
CAMP, Alan B. Sr. [Ike]. Spouse of Mary L. Ueblhear. Born 11-12-1946, died 9-25-2015 - Son of Robert [Satch] and Marion [Jean[ Camp, born in Olean NY [US AIR FORCE] - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force DN-OTH 10-03-15
CAMP, Marion [Jean]. Spouse of Robert L. Born ??, died 11-28-1990 - nee Wescott Wed Jan 12 1946
CAMP, Robert L. "Satch". Spouse of Marion. Born 6-28-1924, died 4-24-2005. Age: 80 - Son of Raymond and Blanche Zaph Camp US Army - WW II Vet, US Army, 3rd Inf. anti-tank gun crewman Purple Heart
CAMPBELL, Deborah M. Walsh. Spouse of Kenneth H. Born 10-1-1951, died 9-29-2006 - Dau of Malcolm G. and Edna Mae Myers Metzler Sr. m. Sept 23 2006
CAMPBELL, Nancy U. Ulrich. Born 12-16-1933, died 9-3- 2000 - Dau. of Dr Henry and Francis Ulrich- b. Middleburg PA
CANADA, Helen I. Spouse of John C. Born 6-22-1925, died 7-03-2003 - Dau of James and Mary Witz Hayes b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-29-1948 in Olean NY
CANADA, Lester M. Jr.[Bud]. Spouse of Mary Frances. Born 2-5-1920, died 2-6-2000 - Son of Lester and Elizabeth Murray Canada - WW II Vet, 8th Air Force in England
CANADA, Mary F. Spouse of Lester M. Born 10-10-1918, died 12-26-2009 - Dau of Fred and Anna Layden Eaton m. Feb 24 1945
CANTWELL, Arthur T. Born 1903, died 1989
CANTWELL, John S. Born 1904, died 1986
CANTWELL, Joseph B. Born 1907, died 1977 - WW II Vet, US Army
CANTWELL, Lucille B. Born 1911, died 1985
CANTWELL, Susan D. Spouse of Thomas A. Born 1878, died 1969
CANTWELL, Thomas A. Spouse of Susan D. Born 1868, died 1920
CAPITANI, Dianne M. Kranock [sic]. Spouse of Michael Kraock. Born 8-13-1939, died 11-01-2013 - Dau of Douglas I. and Agnes G. (Clancy) Guenther, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Divorced - O-OTH 11-03-13 & 11-07-13
CAPITO, Anna A. Born 6-10-1925, died 6-23-2000 - b. Olean, NY
CAPITO, Dean J. Born 1949, died 1966
CAPITO, Pasquale. Born 1930, died 1990 - Korean War Vet, US Navy, GMSN
CAPITO, Pasquale ["Denny"]. Spouse of Sandra L. Wyant. Born 1-27-1951, died 8-3-2011 - Son of Pasquale and Shirley (Richardson) Capito, "Denny", b. Olean NY Wed 11-13-1971 at Sacred Heart Ch in Portville NY Father d. 1990
CAPITO, Shirley A. Born 1931, died ??
CAPOZZELLI, Rev. Anthony. Spouse of Rev. Anthony. Born 3-21-1943, died 12-23- 2000 - Son of Samuel and Laura Palmer Capozzelli, b. Olean - Vietnam Vet, US Navy
CAPOZZI, John J. Sr. Spouse of Ruth A. Born 10-6-1917, died 5-19-2006 - b. Mt. Alton PA Son of Joseph and Mary Nash Capozzi
CAPOZZI, Ruth A. Donaldson. Spouse of John J. Sr. Born ??, died 1-7-1998 - Wed June 3 1940 in Salamanaca NY
CAPPELLETTI, Charles F. Spouse of Matilda L. Born ??, died 4-8-1977 - Son of Mansueto and Noemi Miori Cappelletti m. Aug 8 1942 in St. John's Church Olean NY
CAPPELLETTI, Joanne K. Spouse of John L. Jr. Born 5-22-1936, died 5-22-1936 - Dau of Thomas and Mildred (Shields) Cantwell, b. Olean NY, d. Cuba NY, Wed 1-19-1957 in Eldred-PA (he survives) - O-OTH 10-28-13
CAPPELLETTI, Matilda L. "Tillie". Spouse of Charles F. Born 12-5-1914, died 1-4-2004 - Dau of John and Mary Knaus Karowitz
CAPRA, Chester R. Spouse of Jane E. Born ??, died 12-11-1957 - Wed Nov 27 1927 in Olean NY
CAPRA, Jane E. "Jennie". Spouse of Chester R. Born 5-13-1905, died 2-18-2005 - Dau of Thomas and Ernestine Nesta Previglian
CARAGLIN, Sister Jean Patrice OSF. Born 10-23-1921, died 4-20-2007 - Dau of John and Giovanna Soro Caraglin. Born Jean Eugenia Anne Caraglin, professed final vows Aug 16 1947
CARAPELLATTI, Bernice M. Spouse of Roland A. Born 3-24-1926, died 10-07-2013 - Dau of Paul and Edith (Williams) Hooper, b. Olean NY, d. Cuba NY, Wed 8-28-1946 in Olean NY (he d. 11-10-1993) - O-OTH 10-08-13
CAREY, Patrick J. Sr. Spouse of Zita M. Born ??, died 11-5-1981 - m. May 21 1948 In Bradford PA
CAREY, Zita M. Spouse of Patrick J. Sr. Born 12-5-1926, died 11-6-2003 - Dau of Anthony and Margaret Pascarella Pessia
CARLL, Chester E. Born 1908, died 1972
CARLL, Elizabeth F. Born 1908, died 1980
CARLL, James P. Sr. Spouse of Lillian A. Born ??, died ?? - Wed Feb 16 1948
CARLL, Lillian A. Spouse of James P. Sr. Born 1-19-1929, died 11-15-2007 - Dau of Charles and Agnes Yonder Fisher
CARLOMAGNO, John. Born 10-6-1923, died 8-26-2003 - Son of Anthony and Antoinette Simonetti Carlomagno Corp. US Army 265th Reg't WW II
CARLS, Alice H. Spouse of George E. Born 1899, died 1967
CARLS, Edward L. Born 1882, died 1969 - Son" of John H. and Magdalene Carls
CARLS, George E. Spouse of Alice H. Born 1900, died 1979
CARLS, George J. Born 4-20-1927, died 7-3-1927
CARLS, Henry P. Spouse of Judith Jetty. Born 5-26-1934, died 7-25-2012 - Son of George and Alice (Corcoran) Carls, b. Allegany NY Wed 5-21-1960 in Brockway-PA (she d. 1-07-2001) - Vietnam Vet, US Army, Surgical MASH Unit, General Surgeon
CARLS, J. J. F. Spouse of Mary. Born 1863, died 1956
CARLS, James Richard. Spouse of Orma Bloomindale. Born 6-17-1923, died 9-17-2013 - Son of Richard F. and Veronica (Nenno) Carls, b. Allegany NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 9-18-1948 in Wolcott NY (she d. 3-04-2011), Vet-WWII US Army. Verify: O-OTH 9-19-13
CARLS, John H. Spouse of Magdalene. Born 1835, died 1923
CARLS, Mabel M. Born 1899, died 1992 - Daughter" of J.J.F. and Mary Carls
CARLS, Magdalene. Spouse of John H. Born 1841, died 1933
CARLS, Mary. Spouse of J. J.F. Born 1866, died 1918 - O-OTH
CARLS, Orma B. Spouse of James R. Born 2-6-1923, died 3-4-2011 - Dau of Lloyd and Ethel (Rice) Bloomingdale, b. Huron NY, d. Allegany NY (Absolut of Allegany), Wed 9-18-1948 at St. Mary Magdalene Ch in Wolcott NY (he survives), 8 children, Obit has picture
CARLS, Thomas A. Spouse of Joan L. Ratzel. Born 10-19-1927, died 2-28-2012 - Son of Ernest and Florence (Mohr) Carls, b. Allegany NY Wed 6-03-1950 at St. Bonaventure Ch in Allegany NY Vet-WWII US Army 1945-47 - WW II Vet, US Army, 1945-47
CARLSON, Bebe E. Spouse of Linus [Pete]. Born 9-2-1919, died 12-22- 2000 - Dau. of John and Nellie Kammar Ferris- b. Olean NY- m. May 14 1949
CARLSON, Dorothy M. Spouse of John E. Born 4-25-1926, died 12-18-2001 - b. Olean NY- Dau. of Charles and Lena Schultz Tomsick- m. May 31 1947
CARNEY, Edward J. Spouse of Virginia C. Born ??, died 2-14-1995 - Wed Aug 31 1945
CARNEY, Harry J. Born ??, died 10-5-1918 - Korean War Vet, US Army, 108 Inf. 27 Div., PFC
CARNEY, Virginia C. Spouse of Edward J. Born 8-4-1922, died 1-1-2005 - Dau of Edward and Gertrude Riehler Ryan
CARNICELLI, Joseph P. "Joe". Spouse of Winifred M. Born 9-20-1926, died 1-1-2007 - Son of Philip and Teresa L. Rossi Carnicelli - WW II an Korean War Vet, US Navy
CARNICELLI, Philip. Spouse of Teresa L. Born 6-26-1893, died 12-11-1962 - WW I Vet, Btry A. 6th Field Arty, PFC
CARNICELLI, Teresa L. Rossi. Spouse of Philip. Born 4-20-1910, died 8-18-1979 - O-OTH
CARPENTER, Carl J. Spouse of Gertrude Balcerzak. Born 6-7-1923, died 5-26-2005 - Son of Clayton and Mattie Kemp Carpenter - WW II Vet, US Army, 174th Inf. Co. I 44th Div
CARPENTER, Gertrude C. (Balcerzak). Spouse of Carl J. Born 5-4-1924, died 2-27-2011 - Dau of Anthony and Constance (Szadlowski) Balcerzak, b. Olean NY Wed 9-30-1943 in Olean NY
CARROLL, Patrick J. Spouse of Jacqueline Gutschenritter. Born 3-14-1930, died 3-16-2011. Age: 81 - Son of Patrick D. and Anna (Colender) Carroll, b. Trenton-NJ, d. Cape Canaveral-FL, Wed 6-25-1960 in Wichita-KS (she survives), 7 children
CARUCCI, Angelina K. Spouse of Domenick. Born 1897, died 1964
CARUCCI, Domenick. Spouse of Angelina K. Born 1896, died 1966
CASE, Barbara E. Spouse of Carl M. Born 1894, died 1980 - Dau of John and Frances Parret Threehouse
CASE, Carl M. Spouse of Barbara E. Born 3-18-1894, died 10-12-1983 - WW II Vet, US Navy
CASELLA, Louis F. Spouse of Maxine E. Born ??, died 4-13-1996 - m. April 30 1949
CASELLA, Maxine E. Spouse of Louis F. Born 5-27-1922, died 8-14- 2001 - b. Olean NY- Dau. of John and Jennie Conable Grandusky
CASEY, Anna. Born ??, died 1925
CASEY, Dennis. Born 1850, died 1909
CASEY, Elln. Born ??, died 1960
CASEY, Father. Born ??, died ??
CASEY, Jean S. Spouse of William R. MD. Born 3-22-1916, died 9-13-2003 - Dau of Llyod E. and Edith Carlson Scherer
CASEY, Mother. Born ??, died ??
CASEY, William R. MD. Spouse of Jean S. Born Died, died 7-28-1956 - m. Nov. 1940 in Buffaol, NY
CASH, Ruth Mary Eaton. Spouse of George Colling. Born 3-29-1920, died 6-17-2011 - Dau of Hiram and Matilda (Shaffer) Eaton, 3rd of 8 children, b. Family Farm on Five Mile Rd Wed 5-10-1947 (he d. 1-28-1986)
CASINI, Joseph B. Spouse of Adeline Butchello. Born 4-7-1919, died 1-14-2011 - Son of Emidio [sic] and Nancy (Tontoni) Casini, b. Roulette-PA Wed 12-26-1945 at St. John's Ch in Olean NY - WW II Vet, US Army, 103 Med Batt 1940-1945
CATANI, Albert L. "Tat". Born 1-10-1921, died 12-3-2003 - Son of Anthony and Christina Rosi Catani - WW II Vet, US Army
CATANI, Antonio. Born 1891, died 1921
CAUFIELD, Andrew. Born 1849, died 1931
CAUFIELD, Ann. Born 1858, died 1940
CAUFIELD, Charles. Born 1810, died 1890 - Civil War Vet, Co. C 13 NY HV Arty
CAUFIELD, Charles F. Born 1873, died 1918
CAUFIELD, Geo. Born 1861, died 1881
CAUFIELD, Johanna. Born 1821, died 1901
CAUFIELD, Mary. Born 1853, died 1935
CAUFIELD, Mary J. Born 1858, died 1920
CAYA, Eleanor M. Spouse of Oliver Jr. Born 7-4-1921, died 8-28-2009 - Dau of Harry and Kathryn Sirdevan Blackwell
CAYA, George R. ["Ray"]. Born 1-8-1937, died 7-20-2010 Age - Son of Alfred and Olivine (Godbout) Caya, "Ray", b. Olean NY Vet-US Air Force 1957-61
CAYA, Oliver Jr. Spouse of Eleanor M. Born ??, died 12-10-1986 - Wed Feb 1 1946
CAYA, Sharon A. Spouse of Peter M. Born 2-3-1949, died 5-18-2011 - Dau of George E. Sr. and Bernadine (?) Sisson, Twin to Sandra (Sisson) West, b. unstated Wed 2-19-1977
CECCHI, Domenic. Spouse of Adelaide Martelluci. Born 1-1-1889, died 8-2-1972. Age: 83 - b. Valdictacca Italy- Son of Domenic and Anna Cecchi- m. April 8 1917- US Army WW I in France
CECCHI, Dorothy J. (Swartz). Spouse of Leo. Born 10-3-1925, died 1-30-2010 - Dau of Alfred and Azlee (Gentry) Swartz, born in Oklahoma City OK. Wed May 3 1943 (He d. 2-26-1995)
CECCHI, Josephine L. Spouse of Allen D. Born 7-9-1917, died 1-27- 2002 - b. Rochester NY- Dau. of Anthony and Vincenzina Shortino Burgio
CECI, Ella A. Spouse of Francis F. Born 2-14-1922, died 11-10-2010 Age - Dau of Louis and Anna (Harson) Terhune, b. Salamanca NY Wed 9-11-1940 at St. Joh's Ch (he d. 7-17-1996
CECI, Michael J. Spouse of Rose M. Born 7-30-1921, died 11-7-2006 - Son of Domenic and Lelia L. Furey Ceci - WW II Vet, US Army, 255th Signal Corps, Europe
CECI, Rose M. Spouse of Michael J. Born 2-2-1928, died 12-29-2005 - Dau of Salvatore and Vincenza Spoto Messina m. Oct 8 1949 in Falconer NY was an RN
CHAMBERS, M. Eithne Sister OSF. Born 6-24-1912, died 9-29-2001 - b. Salamanca NY as Mary Louise Chambers- Dau. of William and Mildred Mosher Chambers
CHAMBERS, Nora. Spouse of Louis. Born 10-05-1919, died 8-21-2015 - Dau of Joseph & Anna (Salom) Shewairy, b. Olean NY, d. unstated, Wed 10-08-1955 (he predeceased her) O-OTH 8-26-15 & 8-27-15
CHAMPLIN, Patricia A. Born 10-6-1950, died 2-2-2006 - Dau of Dominic and Margaret Norton Bloise
CHAP, Bennie. Spouse of Sophie A. Born 8-7-1903, died 12-25-1996
CHAP, Sophie A. Czaplicki. Spouse of Bennie. Born 1908, died 1968
CHARLAND, M. DeMontford Sister OSF. Born 6-24-1923, died 9-28-2007 - b. Boston Mass Blanche Elizabeth Dau of Leopold A. and Margaret McManus Charland took final vows Aug 15 1954
CHASE, Nancy L. Spouse of Randy L. Born 3-29-1955, died 10-3-2012 - Dau of Paul and Virginia (Sharkey) Pascucci, "Scooch", b. Olean NY Wed 9-06-1998 at Cuba Lake in Cuba NY
CHESNER, Alice L. Born 1870, died 1936
CHESNER, Ambrose. Spouse of Mary. Born 1834, died 1917
CHESNER, Barbara D. "Bobbie". Spouse of Louis [Pac]. Born 10-12-1911, died 3-7-2000 - Dau. of Raphael M. and Magdelena Karl Nenno- b. Allegany NY
CHESNER, Frank J. Born 1875, died 1947
CHESNER, Louis J. Born 1873, died 1940
CHESNER, Lucy T. Born 1882, died 1961
CHESNER, Mary. Spouse of Ambrose. Born 1850, died 1931
CHESNER, Mary Jean. Spouse of Francis. Born 11-28-1933, died 5-2-2012 - Dau of Luigi and Caroline (Iacucci) Belli, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY (at home), Wed 2-23-1957 at St. Johns Ch in Olean NY (he survives), 5 children (3 sons, 2 daus)
CHEVASSU, Betty Waldeck. Spouse of William Eugene. Born 6-20-1916, died 4-25-2012 - Dau of Grover C and Anna (Graham) Waldeck, b. Allegany NY Wed 5-18-1940 at St. Mary of the Angels Ch Rect in Olean NY (he d. 1-08-1985)
CHIARENZA, Larry J. Born 12-8-1938, died 1-29-2005 - b. Bradford PA Son of Joseph A. Chiarenza and Julia Patuto
CHICOLA, Michael J. Spouse of Nancy Wastyk. Born 1-27-1944, died 11-05-2015 - Son of Nicholas & Mary (Berry) Chicola, b. Portland ME, d. Olean NY, Wed 12-23-1967 in Olean NY (she survives) - Vietnam Vet, US Army Medic 1965-67 O-OTH 11-07-15
CHICOLA, Nicholas. Born 11-29-1918, died 8-3- 2000 - b. James City PA
CHIPCHAK, Frank. Spouse of Helen L. Born ??, died 6-1986 - Wed Nov 26 1936
CHIPCHAK, Helen L. Spouse of Frank. Born 10-15-1916, died 3-14-2006 - Dau of Peter and Mary Olewski-Niker Czajkowski
CHISHOLM, Earl R. Spouse of Katherine Jobe. Born 11-24-1919, died 1-16-2005 - Son of James T. and Edna Stilves Chisholm m. Nov.21 1940
CHISHOLM, Katherine F. Spouse of Earl R. Born 2-27-1921, died 9-30-2009 - Dau of Clarence and Anna Zaph Jobe m. Nov 21 1940
CHISHOLM, Mark Shawn. Spouse of Leah Baker. Born 5-24-1967, died 10-8-2012 - Son of Earle R. and Katherine (Jobe) Chisholm, b. Olean NY
CHITTENDEN, Mary. Spouse of Robert. Born ??, died ?? - nee Quigley ?
CHITTENDEN, Robert. Spouse of Mary. Born ??, died ??
CHIZEWICK, Emil J. Spouse of Patricia A. Born ??, died 6-12-1979
CHIZEWICK, Francis E "Frank". Spouse of Vincenzia [Gege] Russo. Born 10-23-1922, died 10-24-2004 - Son of Michael M. and Sophia Martinek Chizewick - WW II Vet, US Navy, South Pcific
CHIZEWICK, Patricia A. Spouse of Emil J. Born 5-24-1928, died 1-27-2005 - Dau of Mervin E. and Ruby I. Jordan Baldwin
CHOKRACH, Jean E. Spouse of John Paul. Born 9-25-1940, died 9-26-2005 - Dau of Wilford "Will" and Betsy "Peg" Shoemaker Lang
CHOKRACH, John. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1904, died 1967
CHOKRACH, John Paul. Spouse of Jean E. Born 1935, died 1966 - Wed 1963
CHOKRACH, Joseph M. 'Smokey'. Born 3-28-1928, died 10-11-2008 - Son of Paul and Anna Chokrach - WW II Vet, US Army, 82nd Airborne
CHOKRACH, Margaret. Spouse of John. Born ??, died ??
CHURCH, Alene B. Johnson. Spouse of Lawrence/ Leo. Born 11-21-1921, died 8-11-2005 - Dau of Clarence and Bertha Bump Shaffer m. Lawrence Johnson Feb 25 1941 d. 1959 m. Leo Church May 24 1985 d. 1989
CIEZAK, Theodore J. Spouse of Doris Gullion. Born 11-22-1920, died 8-7-2003 - Son of Martin and Anna Fredrych Ciezak - WW II Vet, US Coast Guard
CLARE, Albert J. Born 1885, died 1959
CLARE, Clara. Born 1884, died 1889
CLARE, Mary Quinlan. Born ??, died 10-30-1938
CLARE, Micahel P. Born ??, died ??
CLARE, Robert. Born 1857, died 1904
CLARE, William L. Born 1896, died 1911
CLARK, Audrey G. Spouse of Frederick. Born 7-14-1934, died 9-21-2004 - Dau of Pascal and Eleanor Wood Maraffa m. June 18 1955
CLARK, Evelyn M. Spouse of Lawrence. Born ??, died 10-26-1999 - Dau. of Bertha and Frank L. Ryan
CLARK, Larry J. Spouse of Diana Lespier. Born 11-20-1941, died 8-24-2004 - Son of Lawrence and Evelyn M. Ryan Clark m.1st Nancy Rhinehart
CLARKE, Gerald E. Spouse of Joan M. Cruess. Born 9-7-1933, died 3-30-2012. Age: 78 - Son of William and Mary (Hadley) Clarke, "Jerry", b. Olean NY Wed 9-07-1957 at St. Mary of the Angels Ch - Korean War Vet, US Army
CLARKE, Robert L. Born 1916, died 1962
CLEMENS, Marcella. Spouse of Miechael. Born 1865, died 1934
CLEMENS, Mary. Born 1890, died 1911 - Daughter" of Miechael and Marcella Clemens
CLEMENS, Miechael. Spouse of Marcella. Born 1856, died 1928
CLOSE, Anne E. Spouse of Michael P. Born 8-9-1915, died 10-7-2010 Age - Dau of Frank and Anna (Kukulka) Kuzak, b. Olean NY Wed 11-23-1939 in Olean NY (he d. 12-20-1988)
CLOUTIER, Mary M. Born 10-3-1935, died 2-4-2008 - Dau of Miles and Florence Sweitzer Holcomb
COBLEIGH, Earl J. Born 1891, died 1912 - Son of Lilly S. Cobleigh
COBLEIGH, Lilly S. Born 1868, died 1911 - mother
COCCHETTO, Herman L. ["Barney"]. Spouse of Margaret M. Pezzimenti. Born 11-4-1924, died 9-4-2011 - Son of Joseph and Irma (Pasqualin) Cochetto, "Barney", b. Windsor-Ontario-Canada Wed 2-11-1950 at St. Joh's Ch - WW II Vet, US Army 84th Inf. Fought Battle of Bulge
COCH, Walter G. Spouse of Mary. Born 11-6-1920, died 9-11- 2000 - Wed Nov. 23 1950 - WW II Vet
COCHENER, Bernice M. Born 1889, died 1967
CODDINGTON, Bill. Spouse of Mary M. Born 1908, died 1985
CODDINGTON, Joseph P. Born 3-31- 1938, died 7-13-1990 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, PFC
CODDINGTON, Mary M. Spouse of Bill. Born 1907, died 1998
COFFEY, Jeremiah. Born 9-14-1886, died 4-3-1967
COFFEY, M. Anne Sister OSF. Born 10-22-1920, died 3-25-2001 - b. Hull MASS as Eleanor Rita Coffey- Dau. of Patrick L. and Anne S. Rotchford Coffey
COHANSKI, Sally E. (Fisher). Spouse of Not Named. Born 3-04-1930, died 3-16-2015 - Dau of Sidney and Lillian (Cope) Fisher, b. Fort Wayne IN, d. Olean NY O-OTH 3-18-15
COLDEN, Anthony. Born ??, died 4-18-1913. Age: 92 - b. Co. Mayo Ireland
COLDEN, John P. Born 1859, died 1933
COLDEN, Mary. Born ??, died 2-7-1908. Age: 80 - b. Co. Cork Ireland
COLE, Ethel L. Spouse of Grover E. Born 8-30-1900, died 1-8-1988 - Dau of Frank and Grace Beckwith Clayson
COLE, Peter D. Spouse of Ann Shabala. Born 8-11-1934, died 11-20-2015 - Son of Anthony P. & M. Marguerite (Corbett) Cole, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 2-16-1957 in Olean NY (she survives) - Uncategorized Vet, US Army & US Army Reserve O-OTH 11-22-15
COLEMAN, Dolore Joan. Spouse of Ivan B. Born 11-17-1931, died 7-25-2011. Age: 79 - Dau of George and Mary (Bugno) Malick, b. unstated
COLEMAN, Ivan B. Spouse of Dolores J. Born 7-11-1928, died 3-23-2007 - b. Athens Ohio to George and Thelma Humphey Coleman US Army WW II
COLGROVE, Charles R. Spouse of Julia A. Born 1868, died 1929
COLGROVE, Donald C. Born 1898, died 1905 - Son" of Charles R. and Julia A. Colgrove
COLGROVE, Julia A. Spouse of Charles R. Born 1869, died 1937
COLGROVE, Raymond P. Born 1896, died 1903 - Son" of Charles R. and Julia A. Colgrove
COLLARD, George H. Born ??, died ??
COLLARD, Henry C. Born ??, died ??
COLLARD, Joseph. Born 1890, died 1920
COLLARD, Mary A. Born ??, died ??
COLLIGAN, James B. Born 1893, died 1923 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Co. F. 147 Inf.
COLLIGAN, John J. Spouse of Margaret T. Born 1855, died 1943
COLLIGAN, John M. Born 1881, died 1969
COLLIGAN, Joseph M. Born 1883, died 1970
COLLIGAN, Margaret T. Spouse of John J. Born 1858, died 1933
COLLIGAN, Marguerite. Born 1892, died 1977
COLLIGAN, Nancy L. Spouse of Robert F. Born 2-18-1948, died 11-12-2015 - Dau of John & Helen (Hernquist) Everitt, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 8-19-1967 (He survives) O-OTH 11-14-15
COLLINS, Adelyn K. "Addie". Spouse of Francis J. Born 12-7-1911, died 12-11-2001 - b. Holland NY- Dau. of Oscar A. and LaMona Miller Krampf
COLLINS, Aileen. Born 1879, died 1942 - Sister" of Robert P. Collins
COLLINS, Charles F. Born 1885, died 1914
COLLINS, Daniel. Born 1854, died 1952
COLLINS, Daniel Sr. Spouse of Ellen F. Born 1833, died 1903
COLLINS, Dennis. Born 1861, died 1901 - Son of Daniel and Ellen F. Collins Sr.
COLLINS, Elizabeth V. Spouse of Michael. Born 1850, died 1926
COLLINS, Ellen F. Spouse of Daniel Sr. Born 1839, died 1909
COLLINS, Ellen T. Born 1866, died 1941
COLLINS, Francis J. Spouse of Adelyn K. Born ??, died 4-29-1985 - m. Mar. 17 1935
COLLINS, Hazel C. Spouse of Unmaried. Born 8-24-1904, died 4-7-2001 - b. Olean NY- Dau. of Patrick Sarsfield and Sophia Fink Collins
COLLINS, Joan D. Spouse of Richard R. Born 4-10-1929, died 10-24-2013 - Dau of Alex and Stella (Koziol) Sowinski, b. Lancaster-assume NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 7-11-1953 in Hinsdale NY (he d. 9-07-1987) - O-OTH 10-26-13 & 10-28-13
COLLINS, John. Born ??, died 1913
COLLINS, John W. Born ??, died 1956
COLLINS, Joseph M. Born 1891, died 1918 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, 13, Co. Coast Arty. Fort Monroe, VA
COLLINS, Kevin E. Born 10-14-1945, died 11-20-2000. Age: 55 - Son of Francis J. and Adelyn Krampf Collins- b. Olean NY - Vietnam Vet, 1967-1969
COLLINS, M. Esther. Born ??, died 1983
COLLINS, Mabel G. Born ??, died 1970
COLLINS, Mary F. Spouse of Patrick J. Born 1880, died 1967
COLLINS, Mary J. Spouse of Daniel C. Born 1857, died 1914
COLLINS, Mary Teresa Sister OSF. Born 4-30-1912, died 12-1-2007 - Dau of Frank and Ida Cantrell Collins. Born Mary Teresa Collins, took final vows Aug 16 1953
COLLINS, Michael. Spouse of Elizabeth V. Born 1844, died 1928 - Civil War Vet, Co. F 85th Reg't NY Vols
COLLINS, Patrick F. Born 1857, died 1916
COLLINS, Patrick J. Spouse of Mary F. Born 1881, died 1952
COLLINS, Richard P. Born 1910, died 1911
COLLINS, Robert P. Born 1884, died 1943 - Brother" of Aileen Collins
COLLINS, Sara Jane [Sally]. Born 5-26-1936, died 7-15-2005 - Dau of Francis and Adelyn Krampf Collins -Capt. US Air Force (Cremated)
COLLINS, William R. Born 1915, died 1915
COLON, Miriam. Spouse of George A. Born 9-20-1953, died 2-15-2012. Age: 58 - Dau of Benigno and Lydia A. (Colon) Maysonet, b. New York NY
COLTS, Antoinette R. Born 4-4-1934, died 11-16-2009 - Dau of Aldo F. and Jessie B. Hamed Adami
COMAS, Sister Mary Viator OSF. Born 6-25-1909, died 5-4-2007 - b. Brookly as Grace Mary Comas to Rosa Ventura Comas and Salvador Comas took final vows Aug 16 1943
COMFORT, Theodore M. Born 4-6-1923, died 6-2-1964 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec3
CONDON, Ethel M. Born 1904, died 1984
CONDON, John J. Born 1895, died 1988
CONDON, Margaret E. Born 1870, died 1937
CONDON, Walter J. Born 1897, died 1917
CONDON, William H. Born 1862, died 1914
CONDON, William T. Born 1889, died 1928
CONHISER, Ruth S. Spouse of Robert E. Born 1-8-1925, died 5-11-2006 - Dau of Oliver J. and Teresa Hirt Klice m. June 7 1947
CONKLE, John R. Spouse of Margaret A. Kosinski. Born 6-7-1925, died 5-9-2011. Age: 85 - Son of John M. and Katherine (Levandoski) Conkle, b. Olean NY Wed 5-07-1951 (she d. 7-01-1994) - WW II Vet, US Army
CONKLIN, Thomas W. Sr. Spouse of Phyllis Sutter. Born 5-19-1951, died 4-10-2010 - Son of Charles W. and Evelyn J. (Gerry) Conklin, b. Olean NY Wed 8-10-1974 at Sacred Heart Ch in Portville NY
CONNEELY, Sister Mary Alicia OSF. Born 2-16-1910, died 9-20-2005 - b. Nora Conneely in County Galway Ireland to Patrick and Mary Coyne Conneely took final vows Aug 16 1938
CONNELLY, Earl M. Born 1906, died 1981
CONNELLY, Fannie. Spouse of M. Born 1853, died 1909
CONNELLY, Joseph J. Born ??, died 12-24-1992 - Son of Francis P. and Ann Cullather Connelly
CONNELLY, Joseph J. Born 1907, died 1955
CONNELLY, Marguerite R. Born 1910, died 2001
CONNELLY, Mary A. Born 1877, died 1952
CONNELLY, Patrick J. Born ??, died 10-2-2004 - Son of Francis P. and Ann Cullather Connelly
CONNELLY, Patrick J. Born 1873, died 1939
CONNELLY, Paul A. Spouse of Darlene L. Born 2-28-1953, died 7-4-2009 - Son of Francis P. and Ann Cullather Connelly worked as Olean Fireman for 31 years m. Nov. 3 1953
CONNELLY, Sue E. Born 1890, died 1968
CONNELLY, Theodore J. Born 1887, died 1966
CONNER, James C. Spouse of Sandra Kay Aamore. Born 8-11-1938, died 12-20-2013 - Son of Merle and Helen (Medland) Conner, b. Salamanca NY, d. Cuba NY, Wed 9-15-1977 in Portville NY (she d. 10-28-2011). Verify: O-OTH 12-27-13
CONNOR, Sandra Kay. Spouse of James C. Sr. Born 7-15-1946, died 10-28-2011 - Dau of Edward and Elizabeth (Gleason) Amore, b. Olean NY Wed 9-15-1977 in Portville NY
CONRAD, Caroline Veronica. Born 8-9-1910, died 6-6-2000 - b. Olean NY
CONRAD, Ethel M. (Nenno) Card. Spouse of Vernon L. Card/ Fred M. Conrad. Born 8-25-1917, died 6-20-2004 - Dau of Frank and Amelia (Geise) Nenno, born in Allegany NY, d. Cuba NY. Wed Vernon 5-20-1939 in Knapp Creek NY (He d. 6-19-1993). Wed Fred on 6-01-1995 in Denver CO
CONROY, Anna M. Goodsell. Spouse of Victor A. Born ??, died 1989
CONROY, Eamon Finbarr. Spouse of Joanne. Born 1-23-1931, died 4-24-2001. Age: 70 - b. Kilrush, County Clare Ireland- Son of Edward and Eileen Fitzpatrick Conroy- m. June 10 1961
CONROY, Joanne Martiny. Spouse of Eamon Finbarr. Born 11-11-1936, died 9-21- 2001. Age: 64 - b. Olean NY- m. June 10 1961- Dau. of Lawrence and Frances Rehler Martiny
CONROY, Robert Clement. Spouse of Patricia A. Born 6-11-1924, died 1-04-2003 - Son of Michael and Anna Casey Conroy b. Rochester NY d. Olean NY (pneumonia) Wed 4-11-1964 in Buffalo NY - WW II Vet, US Army
CONROY, Victor A. Spouse of Anna M. Born 10-25-1904, died 5-11-2003 - Son of William and Mary Scheibly Conroy b. Lancaster-PA d. Harrisburg-PA Wed 11-21-1927 in E. Aurora NY - Uncategorized Vet, Natl Guard
CONSEDINE, Francis J. "Jake". Born 1-7-1915, died 8-21-2000 - b. Olean NY
CONSEDINE, Genevieve. Spouse of John Norman. Born 1-2-1912, died 7-9-2009 - Dau of Peter and Florence Kujawa Hoffman
CONSEDINE, John Norman. Spouse of Genevieve. Born ??, died 1990 - Wed Oct 24 1936
CONSEDINE, Leo M. Born 1891, died 1909
CONSEDINE, Martin. Born 1860, died 1932
CONSEDINE, Mary. Born 1865, died 1928
CONSEDINE, Michael K. Spouse of Nancy L. Born 2-17- 1939, died 4-23-2001 - b. Olean NY- Son of John Norman and Genevieve Hoffman Consedine- m. April 12 1969- US Army Sept. 1963-Sept. 1965- Olean Attorney
CONTE, Dorothea Patricia. Spouse of Matt. Born 1930, died 7-16-2011. Age: 81 - Dau of ?, b. Brooklyn NY, d. AZ (leukemia), Wed 62 yrs
CONTE, Matt Armondo. Spouse of Dorothea Yannella. Born 10-5-1926, died 3-17-2012. Age: 85 - Son of unstated Conte, b. Scranton-PA Wed 62 yrs - WW II Vet, USMC
CONTI, Cornelius G. Born 5-30-1933, died 11-14-2010. Age: 77 - Son of Anthony and Elizabeth (Pfister) Conti, Franciscan Friar; b. Erie-PA
CONVERSE, Mary A. Born 9-6-1918, died 8-1- 2001 - b. Olean NY- Dau. of Herbert D. and Aileen McGrath Converse
COOK, Herman J. Born 1892, died 1924 - Son of Jacob N. and Rose A. Cook- "Gone but not forgotten"
COOK, Jacob N. Spouse of Rose A. Born 1845, died 1930 - O-OTH
COOK, Robert Michael. Spouse of Noreen M. Langfitt. Born 11-09-1954, died 7-06-2015 - Son of Robert F. & Betty Jane (Wooten) Cook, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 6-18-1977 in Olean NY (She survives) O-OTH 7-08-15
COOK, Rose A. Spouse of Jacob N. Born 1854, died 1934
COOK, Theresa. Born ??, died ?? - Dau of Edward R. and Ida Kuhn Cook
COONEY, John. Born 1854, died 1917
COONEY, Theresa L. Spouse of Thomas B. Born 6-30-1926, died 1-16-2003. Age: 76 - born in Salamanca to Michael and Clara Biss Poydock
COONEY, Thomas B. Spouse of Theresa L. Born 11-21-1926, died 1-23-2005 - Son of Thomas B. and Helen Kelly Cooney Sr. m. Aug 5 1950 - WW II Vet, US Navy, Pacific
COPELLA, John F. "Skook". Spouse of Nancy M. Born ??, died 10-7-1999 - Wed May 21 1967
COPELLA, Nancy M. Spouse of John F. Born 7-28-1941, died 11-28-2007 - Dau of Manuel and Mary E. Gillia Corinha in Winthrop Mass professed final vows Aug 16 1953
CORCORAN, Catherine. Spouse of Patrick C. Born 1867, died 1932
CORCORAN, Edward F. Spouse of Mayme R. Born 10-18-1890, died 10-29-1943
CORCORAN, Mary Meine. Born 1892, died 1923
CORCORAN, Mayme R. Spouse of Edward F. Born 12-1- 1884, died 9-28-1967
CORCORAN, Patrick. Spouse of Catherine. Born 1859, died 1936
CORDE, Sister Rosemary. Born 8-1-1916, died 12-18-2003 - Dau of Leslie H. and Rosemary Carney Corde. born as Anne Marie Corde, took final vows 8-16-1943
CORDS, Herman J. Spouse of Alene E. Kemp. Born 9-21-1919, died 3-6-2010 - Son of Henry and Josephine (Yehl) Cords, d. Olean NY (at home; heart attack), Wed 9-09-1942 (she d. 10-07-1983), 2 children
CORINHA, Sister Barbara Lillian OSF. Born 7-19-1926, died 5-22-2009 - Dau of Donald and Dorothy Rafferty Brennan
CORKINS, Anna. Born 1862, died 1923
CORKINS, Henry M. Born 1895, died 1966
CORKINS, Joseph. Born 1883, died 1910 - Son of Anna Corkins
CORKINS, Mabel E. Born 1899, died 1981
CORKINS, William. Born 1881, died 1911 - Son of Anna Corkins
CORRIGAN, Margaret [Midge]. Born 7-18-1920, died 1-28-2007 - Dau of Dr. Aubert J. and Carherine (Blunden) Corrigan, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY (The Pines Health Care and Rehab Ctr),
CORRIGAN, Regina Mary [Jean]. Born 5-15-1919, died 3-20-2010 - Dau of Dr. Aubert J. and Carherine (Blunden) Corrigan, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY (The Pines Health Care and Rehab Ctr),
CORRY, Sister Elizabeth OSF. Born 4-26-1923, died 2-07-2015 - Dau of John and Ellen (Doherty) Corry, born Elizabeth Ann Corry in Jersey City NJ, d. Allegany NY. Franciscan Sisters of Allegany O-OTH 2-09-15
CORSON, Leo R. Born 3-8-1914, died 12-28-1999 - Son of Sommers and Christie Corson= - WW II Vet, US Army
CORY, Eugene Franklin [Gene]. Spouse of Laura Augostini. Born 7-5-1927, died 3-22-2006. Age: 78 - Son of Edwin T. and Dora Reynolds Cory - WW II Vet, US Army
CORY, Laura. Spouse of Eugene. Born ??, died ?? - Dau of Luigi and Maria Vagnoni Augostini
COSTA, Dominic. Spouse of Mildred Elizabeth. Born ??, died ??
COSTA, Dorothy. Born ??, died ?? - Dau of Dominic and Mildred Elizabeth Costa
COSTA, Mildred Elizabeth. Spouse of Dominic. Born ??, died ??
COTTONE, Alexander [Abe]. Spouse of Mary C. Born ??, died 1987
COTTONE, Carolyn S. Spouse of George J. Born 3-15-1921, died 10-27-2009 - Dau of Anthony &Mary Zollar Stavana
COTTONE, George J. Spouse of Carolyn S. Born ??, died 8-26-1995
COTTONE, Mary C. Spouse of Alexander. Born 1-10-1916, died 3-28-2003 - Dau of Carmen and Mary Milla Marro b. Galeton-PA d. Olean NY
COVLEY, Daniel R. Born 6-20-1955, died 7-29-2007 - Son of John L. and Jane Garin Covley
COVLEY, Jean. Born ??, died 1956 - Twin Dau of John L. and Jane Garin Covley
COVLEY, Joan. Born ??, died 1956 - Twin Dau of John L. and Jane Garin Covley
COVLEY, John T. Born ??, died 1998 - Son of John L. and Jane Garin Covley
COVLEY, Joseph Patrick. Born ??, died 11-9-1963. Age: 11 - Son of John L. and Jane Garin Covley
CRAM, Patricia. Spouse of Bertram F. Cram. Born 3-24-1916, died 10-30-2011 - Dau of Bertram LeRoy and Catherine (Lyons) Buel, b. Bradford-PA Wed 7-04-1942 in Olean NY (he d. 9-09-1989)
CRAMER, Marion M. Schieler. Spouse of James R. Schieler/Clarence "Wayne". Born 9-23-1936, died 1-7-2008. Age: 71 - b. West Hickory PA to Elliott E. Hurd and Edith Ruth Fanning James d. 1974
CRANDALL, Damien Marie Sister, OSF. Born 10-1-1921, died 6-30-2007 - b. in Utica NY Frieda Mae Crandall Dau of George D. and Nora Costello Crandall professed final vows Aug 16 1954
CRANDALL, Roy S. Spouse of Jean P. McMullen/ Carmelita (Peasley) Pauly. Born 11-14-1926, died 10-13-2010 Age - Son of Harley Crandall and Hazel (Wells) Crandall Jonak, b. Olean NY Wed #1 9-06-1947 in Olean NY (she d. 2-21-1984), Later Wed #2 (she survives) - WW II Vet, US Navy Seabees
CRAWFORD, Daniel. Born 1844, died 1914
CRAWFORD, Florence. Born 1896, died 1931
CRAWFORD, Frank Edward. Spouse of Christine M. Knieser. Born 4-17-1949, died 2-12-2015 - Son of Lester and Dora (Speta) Crawford, b. Cuba NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 6-21-1969 in Olean NY (she survives) - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force 1969-76 O-OTH 2-15-15
CRAWFORD, Frederick. Born 1887, died 1906
CRAWFORD, Joseph T. Spouse of Margaretta Smith/ June Bockmier Hall. Born 7-29-1921, died 1-31-2015 - Son of Stewart and Josephine (Brennan) Crawford, b. Erie PA, d. Allegany NY, Wife #1 d. 1963, Wed #2 2-14-1969 in Allegany NY(she survives) - WW II Vet, USMC O-OTH 2-12-15
CRAWFORD, Margaretta. Spouse of Joseph T. C. Born 1924, died 1963
CRAWFORD, Sarah. Born 1860, died 19??
CRECO, Henry A. Spouse of Mary L. Born ??, died 9-7-1973 - Wed July 24 1937
CRECO, Mary L. Spouse of Henry A. Born 6-25-1911, died 8-23-2006 - Dau of Thomas and Ernesta Ross Previglian
CREIGHTON, Linda L. Born 11-29-1945, died 1-1-2004 - Dau of Milford "Bud" and Jenevieve Presutti Creighton
CRIDLER, Ernest C. Spouse of Phyllis. Born 6-23-1915, died 10-31-2007 - Son of Albert and Grace Deveraux Cridler - WW II Vet, US Army
CRIDLER, Phyllis Comberladge. Spouse of Ernest C. Born ??, died 7-20-2006
CRISAFULLI, Angelo. Spouse of Celestine. Born ??, died 11-8-1996 - m. July 28, 1927
CRISAFULLI, Celestine Molica. Spouse of Angelo. Born 1-7-1904, died 1-13- 2002 - b. Sangiorgio Sicily- Dau. of Giusseppe and Rosaria Accordino Molica
CRISAFULLI, Lawrence Carmel. Spouse of Elma Carucci. Born 6-4-1928, died 6-30-2011 - Son of Angelo and Celestina (?) Crisafulli, b. Allegany NY Wed 7-25-1953 Vet-US Navy. Verify: O-OTH
CRISAFULLI, Linda Marie. Spouse of John. Born 11-3-1955, died 6-17-2011 - Dau of Thomas and Anita (?) McCaffery, pat grDau of Edward and Velma McCaffery, Mat grDau of Joseph and Karolina Helmert, b. Allegany-N Y Wed when she was 18y old, Husband (Son of John and Josephine Crisafulli)
CRONIN, John. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1831, died 1903
CRONIN, Margaret. Spouse of John. Born 1842, died 1913
CRONIN, Mary Foley. Spouse of Patrick J. Born 1901, died 1955
CRONIN, Patricia Ann. Born 1-28-1932, died 1-12-2007 - Dau of Patrick J. and Mary Foley Cronin
CRONIN, Patrick J. Spouse of Mary Foley. Born 1907, died 1991 - b. Warsaw NY Son of Richard and Catherine Cross US Army
CROSS, Beverly Ann. Spouse of Robert Thomas. Born 11-14-1934, died 6-17-2008
CROSS, Robert Thomas. Spouse of Beverly Ann. Born 7-2-1934, died 4-29-2009 - Dau of Joseph and Katherine Georghegan DiSorbo m. June 20 1959
CROWE, Sister Anne. Born 1-22-1935, died 3-8-2011 - Dau of Timothy and Jeannette (O'Sullivan) Crowe, b. Elizabeth Crowe in Milton-MA, d. Allegany NY (St. Elizabeth Mohterhouse), OSF Congregation of Franciscan Sisters of Allegany
CROWLEY, Anna F. Spouse of Frank W. Born 1875, died 1918
CROWLEY, Emma. Born ??, died 1936
CROWLEY, Father. Born ??, died 1909
CROWLEY, Frank W. Spouse of Anna F. Born 1871, died 1940
CROWLEY, Gerald M. Born 1909, died 1976 - Son" of Frank W. and Anna F. Crowley - WW II Vet, US Army, TSgt
CROWLEY, Jane. Born ??, died ??
CROWLEY, Marjorie F. Spouse of Stephen T. Born 6-22-1934, died 8-27-2005 - Dau of John and Arthlene Robbins Craft, Smethport PA. Wed Oct 22 1955 cancer
CROWLEY, Mary C. Born 1904, died 1981 - Daughter" of Frank W. and Anna F. Crowley
CROWLEY, Mother. Born ??, died 1918
CROWLEY, Myrna E. Scott. Spouse of Stephen T. Sr. Born ??, died 1-25-1991 - m. April 16, 1928
CROWLEY, Naomi E. Spouse of Stephen B. Born 3-1-1919, died 9-10-2001 - b. Eldred PA- m. Oct. 20 1941- Dau. of Fred and Revaa App Sanderson
CROWLEY, Nora. Born ??, died 1927
CROWLEY, Stephen B. Spouse of Naomi E. Born 7-23-1919, died 12-23-2006. Age: 87 - Son of William and Olive Splain Crowley - WW II Vet, US Navy
CROWLEY, Stephen T. Sr. Spouse of Myrna E. Born 12-13-1905, died 5-23-2001 - b. Belmont NY- Son of Daniel and Martha Cartwright Crowley m. April 16 1928
CROWLEY, Theresa D. Spouse of James W. Born ??, died 1-09-2015 - Dau of Daniel and Carmela (Fortuna) DeRose, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Husband predeceased her. Verify: O-OTH 1-12-15
CROWLEY, William E. Spouse of Elaine M. Meyers. Born 7-05-1937, died 10-08-2014 - Son of Stephen T. Sr. and Myrna (Scott) Crowley, b. Olean NY, d. unstated NY, Wed 4-25-1959 in Salamanca NY (she survives) O-OTH 10-10-14
CRUSEN, Shirley M. Born 12-24-1931, died 1-29-2005. Age: 73 - Dau of Henry C. and Violet Nelson Edel
CUCCHIARO, Elizabeth I. Born 9-3-1924, died 12-9-2010 - Dau of Salvatore and Josephine (Minneci) Cucchiaro, "Betty", b. Olean NY
CUCCHIARO, Salvatore Louis. Spouse of. Born 10-24-1922, died 3-22-2003 - Son of Salvatore and Josephine Minneci Cucchiaro b. Olean NY d. Olean NY Wed #2? Crystal F. (Rogers) Ross on 6-25-1977 in Olean NY= - WW II Vet, US Army
CUDDY, Leo M. Spouse of Teresa L. Born 1895, died 1984
CUDDY, Marian B. Born 8-24-1908, died 9-20-2001 - b. Olean NY- Dau. of William and Stella Ellman Baer
CUDDY, Robert J. Born 1928, died 1967
CUDDY, Teresa L. Spouse of Leo M. Born 1906, died 1989
CULLATHER, John P. Born 1890, died 1969
CUMMINGS, Genevieve Madonna Mannion. Spouse of Gerald P. Born 9-18-1909, died 5-23-2002. Age: 92 - b. Niagara Falls NY- Dau. of Janes and Nell Ryan Mannion II- m. Feb. 12 1933
CUMMINGS, Josephine A. Spouse of Sylvester [Vet]. Born 1-17-1913, died 8-24-1999. Age: 86 - b. Olean NY- Dau. of Pasquale and Anna Grassie Steillitano- m. Oct. 27 1935
CUMMINS, Annette Helen. Spouse of Dr. John P. [Jack]. Born 11-21-1923, died 8-05-2015 - Dau of William & Blanche (Frigon) Pepper, b. Trois Rivers Quebec, d. Olean NY, Wed 1946 in Montreal Quebec (he d. 5-24-2012) O-OTH 8-06-15
CUMMINS, John P. J. Jr. Spouse of Annette Pepper. Born 10-28-1918, died 5-24-2012. Age: 93 - Son of John P.J. Sr. and Elizabeth (Riley) Cummins, "Jackl", b. Ticonderoga NY, d. Olean NY (Olean Gen Hosp), Wed 3/1946 (she survives), Vet-WWII Lt Jr grade US Navy Med Corps, Physician, 5 children (1 predeceased him)
CUNNINGHAM, Della. Born ??, died 1-1-1935 - Della Margaret and Robert Cunningham together
CUNNINGHAM, Margaret. Born ??, died 2-11-1906 - Della Margaret and Robert Cunningham together
CUNNINGHAM, Robert. Born ??, died 8-??
CURRAN, Donald L. Spouse of Esther L. Born ??, died 7-8-2008 - Dau. of Wallace and Gladys Herkimer Wingert- b. Fillmore NY- m. Feb. 8 1947
CURRAN, Esther L. Spouse of Donald L. Born ??, died 12-10- 2000 - Son of William and Margaret Murry Curran b. Belfast NY
CURRAN, Judith A. Spouse of Kevin. Born 3-12-1954, died 11-23-2014 - Dau of Gerald L. and Arlene R. (Phillips) Ford, "Judy", b. Olean NY, d. Cuba NY, Wed 5-1975 (he survives) O-OTH 11-25-14
CWIERZ, Peter. Spouse of Sophie. Born ??, died 1953
CWIERZ, Sophie. Spouse of Peter. Born 12-16-1898, died 9-20-2004. Age: 105 - can't read bottom of stone
CYGAN, Margaret Mary. Born 5-11-1989, died 8-16-2001. Age: 12 - b. Poland nee Latas


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