Village of Allegany, NY
Across the road from St. Bonaventure University

Transcribed & Submitted by Gayle Tompson

photos by Bob Grover and Mary Bryant


AARON, Benson R. "Bish". Spouse of Leo M. Born 7-21-1912, died 7-29-2008 - Born in West virginia to James Percy and Lula Whitt Rader
AARON, Leo M. Spouse of Benson R. "Bish", died 1972 - Wed Dec 29 1931
ABBOTT, Joseph William, died 5-26-2006. Age: 89 - Son of Rosario and Carmella Abate Abbott US Army Air Force
ABDO, Clara E. Spouse of William A. Born 5-11-1912, died 10-10-2004 - Dau of Dominic and Mary Lamanza Praino b. Clarendon PA d. Olean NY Wed 9-15-1934 in Clarendon PA
ABDO, Elia E. Spouse of John M. Born 1-15-1917, died 11-10-2002 - Dau of Joseph and Josephine Norhra Moses
ABDO, James A. Spouse of Sally L., died 8-18-1998 - Wed June 10 1939
ABDO, John M. Spouse of Elia E, died 4-26-1983 - Wed July 14 1951 in St. Joseph's Church Olean NY
ABDO, John R. Spouse of Betty SHEWAIRY. Born 5-31-1923, died 7-9-2011 - Son of Abraham and Rose (Ash) Abdo, born in Olean NY Wed 5-08-1946 at St. Joseph's Ch in Olean NY Vet-WWII US Army
ABDO, June A. Spouse of Eugene T. Born 2-27-1929, died 4-1-2008 - Dau of Lawrence H. and Anna E. Hadley Smith. Wed Jan 28 1949
ABDO, Sally L. Spouse of James A. Born 6-30-1914, died 3-3-2005 - Dau of Dominic and MAry Lamenza Praino
ABRAMS, Linda Marie Marino. Spouse of Arnold S. "Ozzie" ABRAMS. Born 1953, died 9-27-2010. Age: 57 - Dau of John and Annette (Bonaventure) Marino, born in Olean NY
ACCURSO, Angelina. Spouse of Dominic. Born 1902, died 1982
ACCURSO, Domenico. Spouse of Maria, died 3-24-1981 - Wed Nov.11 1929 in Scido Italy
ACCURSO, Dominic. Spouse of Angelina. Born 12-13- 1889, died 8-2-1971 - NY Pvt. Co. K 59 Inf. WW I
ACCURSO, Maria "Josephine". Spouse of Domenico. Born 6-21-1908, died 9-23- 2000 - Dau of Giuseppe and Maria Teresa Papasergio Germano. Wed Nov. 11 1929- b. Scido Reggio Calabria Italy
ACCURSO, Valerie A. Spouse of David. Born 4-9-1958, died 9-20-2001. Age: 43 - Born in Olean NY- Dau of Ignatius and Ann Mikolajczyk. Wed FeBorn in 16, 1980
ACEVEDO, Santiago III, died 12-30-2002. Age: Infant - Son of Santiago Jr. and Sandra Hulbert Acevedo d. Buffalo NY Pat grSon of Santiago Sr. and Ortencia Acevedo Mat grSon of Merle Sr. and Carmella Hulbert
ACKERMAN, Anita M. Spouse of George T. Born 8-9-1909, died 4-10-2001 - Dau of Lawrence and Nita Warters Forness b. Allegany NY. Wed 1937
ACKERMAN, George T. Spouse of Anita M., died 5-16-1981 - Wed 1937
ACKERMAN, James T. Spouse of Carol A. Michienzi. Born 7-04-1945, died 4-30-2004 - Son of George and Anita Forness Ackerman b. Olean NY d. Olean NY Wed 8-10-1968 Vet-Vietnam US Navy
ADAMI, John. Born 12-7-1938, died 3-20-2007 - Son of Aldo and Jessie Hamed Adami US Army
ADAMI, Nina. Spouse of Paul. Born 12-10-1882, died 11-14- 1963 - Born in Pendescala Italy- Dau of Francis and Katherine Santini Maragone
ADAMI, Paul. Spouse of Nina, died 12-30-1952
ADAMS, Rosemary Ann Brehm. Born 12-13-1932, died 7-7-2012 - Dau of Henry L. Sr. and Julia (Sorg) Brehm, born in Port Jervis
ADAMS, Ruth M. Spouse of Stephen ADAMS. Born 11-16-1923, died 6-28-2010. Age: 86 - Dau of Michae R. and Irene (Williamson) Fox, born in Oil City PA Wed 1-20-1945 at St. Mary of the Angels Cath Ch in Olean NY
ADAMS, Stephen. Spouse of Ruth Marie Fox, died 2-18-2009. Age: 89 - Son of John and Emma Danalok Adams US Marine Corps WW II
ADAMS, W. Mallery. Spouse of Mary Chapus. Born 3-24-1913, died 1-31-2009 - Son of William M. and Kathryn Mallery Adams US Navy seaman 1st class WW II wed 72 years
AGETT, Joan G. Spouse of Robert E. Born 3-18-1921, died 10-20-2002 - Dau of Frank and Mary Ellen Breen Griffith b. Rochester NY d. Olean NY Wed 2-09-1946 in Rochester NY
AGETT, Robert E. Spouse of Joan GRIFFITH. Born 10-17-1919, died 3-15-2012 - Son of Clair and Erma (Mulliken) Agett, born in Farmersville NY Wed 2-09-1946 in Rochester NY Vet-WWII US Army Air Corps
AGOSTINI, Louis. Spouse of Mary. Born 6-21- 1893, died 7-14-1967 - NY Pvt. Co. G 345 Inf. WW I- "Lord have Mercy"
AGOSTINI, Mary. Spouse of Louis. Born 1902, died 1980
AHRENS, Patsy L. Spouse of Albert A. AMBROSELLI. Born 6-15-1946, died 11-2-2010 - Dau of Henry George and Thelma M. (Bell) Ahrens, born in Salamanca NY, "Pat"
AIELLO, James R. "Jimmer". Spouse of Cynthia C. Born 5-9-1950, died 11-16-2008 - Son of Frank "Chic" and Gloria Sutherland Aiello
AIELLO, Lois Swinefort. Spouse of Richard J. Born 2-10-1932, died 2-25-2008 - Dau of Allen D. and Beulah J. Anderson Swineford. Wed Aug 29 1951
AIELLO, Richard J. Spouse of Lois Swinefort. Born 1-9-1931, died 11-30-1999 - Son of Peter and Rose Vittalli Aiello
AIELLO, Thomasina. Spouse of S. Dennis. Born 2-12-1928, died 9-07-2015 - Dau of Oriazo & Mary Bianco, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 6-04-1949 (he d. 3-14-2014) -
ALAIMO, Elizabeth. Spouse of Salvatore. Born 1913, died 1968
ALAIMO, Savatore. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1891, died 1963
ALAIMO, William A. Spouse of Barbara (BAUER) Covert. Born 3-8-1934, died 7-30-2011. Age: 77 - Son of Salvatore and Elizabeth (Pavone) Alaimo, born in Olean NY Wed 9-06-1992 at Allegany Convention Ctr
ALDRICH, Ella E. (Liskow). Spouse of Basil. Born 10-5-1925, died 12-30-2015. Age: 90 - Dau of Edward and Elsie Liskow, born in Napoli NY. Owned Valley Lanes Bowling Alley and Aldrich Drive-in. Wed 12-19-1945 (70 yrs), two daughters. (He survives)
ALEXSA, Catherine V. Spouse of John J. Born 7-2-1924, died 5-27-2009 - Born in Irvona PA Dau of Stanley and Veronia Wheeling Elniskey
ALEXSA, John J. Spouse of Catherine V., died 9-5-2006 - Wed Oct 7 1944
ALLEN, Anna M. Spouse of Edward V. Sr. Born 7-24-1913, died 2-5-2007 - Dau of John and Katherine Soroka Kush
ALLEN, Antionette T. Spouse of Michael L. Born 1-24-1924, died 11-20-2003 - Dau of Giardi and Michelina Salvatorelli LaCavera
ALLEN, Edward V. Sr. Spouse of Anna M. Born 1-9-1910, died 10-14-2004 - Son of Truman and Frannie Mikolajczyk Allen. Wed Sept 12 1936
ALLEN, Francis. Born 1893, died 1915
ALLEN, James. Spouse of Theresa A. Born 3-6-1904, died 11-26-1996 - Son of Michael and Celestine DeMaria Allen
ALLEN, Michael L. Spouse of Antionette T., died 7-1-1982 - Wed 1945 in Olean NY
ALLEN, Rosamond. Spouse of E.H. Born 1887, died 1908
ALLEN, Ruth M. Spouse of Thomas E. Born 1896, died 1946
ALLEN, Theresa A. Spouse of James. Born 1-7-1904, died 8-14-1996 - Dau of William and Anne Pfabe Jackson. Wed 1921
ALLEN, Thomas E. Spouse of Ruth M. Born 1894, died 1954
ALLRAM, Anna M. Tumser. Spouse of Anton. Born 6-15-1857, died 1920 - Dau of mother Maria Tumser, born in Austria. Wed abt. 1881
ALLRAM, Anton. Spouse of Anna M. Born 5-13-1855, died 1930's - Born in Austria Son of Johann Allram and Julia (nee Krenn) Allram. Wed abt. 1881
ALLRAM, Charles Mark. Spouse of Frances Theodora. Born 9-13-1892, died 10-12-1965 - Son of Anton Allram and Anna M. (nee Tumser) Allram
ALLRAM, Edward John. Born 10-4-1900, died 3-5-1973 - Son of Anton Allram and Anna M. (nee Tumser) Allram.
ALLRAM, Frances Theodora (nee Klice). Spouse of Charles Mark. Born 7-1-1890, died 2-3-1976 - Dau of John Martin Klice and Frances Theresa Fritch/Fritsch. Wed 1912
ALLRAM, Louis Charles. Spouse of Alice Marie Phearsdorf. Born 8-2-1915, died 1-15-1945 - Son of Charles Mark Allram and Frances Theresa (nee Klice) Allram Battle of the Bulge WW II
ALTMAN, J. William [John]. Spouse of Sandra M. Hodara/ Carol L. (Rowe) Peace. Born 2-06-1931, died 12-07-2014 - Son of John E. and LaRita Louise (Heckendore) Altman, born in Franklin PA, d. Allegany NY. Wed Sandra 11-11-1967 (she d. 10-12-1996). Wed Carol 9-16-2000 (she d. 5-01-2012). Note: incomplete obit notice of 12-08-14 states name as J. William [John]
AMBROSELLI, Alfonso. Born 8-9-1909, died 4-9-2000 - Born in Olean NY
AMBROSELLI, Elsie (Jeffery). Spouse of Pascal. Born 4-22-1913, died 11-15-1992 Dau of Joseph and Flossie Jeffery, born in Redruth England, died in St. Petersburg FL. Wed 01-04-1929, three children
AMBROSELLI, John. Spouse of Mary Palumbo. Born 1-26-1916, died 11-17-2011 - Son of Samuel and Maria (Pavone) Ambroselli, born in Olean NY Wed 4-27-1939 (she d. 9-27-1997), Vet-WWII US Navy Shipfitter 3rd Cl
AMBROSELLI, Pascal. Spouse of Elsie Jeffery. Born 3-26-1910, died 11-11-1979 Son of Vincent and Lucia Ambroselli, born in Olean NY, died in Buffalo NY. Wed 01-04-1929, three children
AMORE, Dennis J. Spouse of Rebecca STAYER. Born 5-19-1950, died 10-31-2013. Age: 63 - Son of Anthony and K. Ramona (?) Amore, born in Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 11-24-1972 in Allegany NY (she survives)
AMORE, Kathryn Ramona. Spouse of Anthony Amore. Born 10-30-1918, died 8-8-1987. Age:
ANASTASIA, Catherine M. (Aloia) [Kay]. Spouse of Joseph [Motor] Anastasia. Born 11-30-1922, died 5-26-2015 - Dau of John and Rose (Barbaro) Aloia, born in Italy, died in Olean NY. Wed 8-10-1948 (he d. 2-23-2011)
ANASTASIA, Dominic J. "Mego". Spouse of Emilie P. Born 4-4-1918, died 8-4-2004. Age: 86 - Son of Guiseppi and Carmello Orcutti Anastasia
ANASTASIA, Emilie (Pykosz). Spouse of Dominic J., died 8-5-1989 - Wed Sept 13 1939
ANASTASIA, Joseph J. Spouse of Catherine M. BARBARO. Born 9-5-1922, died 2-23-2011 - Son of Frank and Carmella (Alise) Anastasia, "Motor", born in Olean NY Wed 9-10-1948 at St. John's Ch Vet-WWII US Navy
ANASTASIA, Marguerite J. Spouse of Ralph Angelo, died 1-31-1996 - Wed Oct 2 1937
ANASTASIA, Ralph Angelo. Spouse of Marguerite J. Born 1-11-1911, died 6-2-2007 - Son of Guiseppi and Carmello Orcutti Anastasia He played the mandolin from the age of 9 years
ANDERSON, Helen C. Spouse of Carl J. ANDERSON. Born 7-28-1920, died 8-17-2010 - Dau of Clarence and Clara (Schuman) Dieteman, born in Olean NY Wed 2-17-1958 at St. Bonaventure Ch in Allegany NY (he d. 2-28-1985)
ANDERSON, Joan Marie. Spouse of Joseph E. ANDERSON, M.D. Born 3-7-1921, died 2-19-2010 - Dau of John and Georina Kennedy Hagerty
ANDERSON, Joseph E. MD. Spouse of Joan Marie, died 10-20-2000 - Wed Feb 26 1944
ANDERSON, Mamie. Spouse of William O. Sr. - Dau of Domenic and Mary Anzivine Papasergi
ANDERSON, Mary Hotchkiss. Spouse of Raymond d. 1952. Born 7-22-1920, died 2-16-12009 - Dau of Claude and Elsie French Hotchkiss
ANDERSON, Raymond. Spouse of Mary, died 1952 - Wed March 6 1948 at St. Bernard Church Bradford PA
ANDERSON, William O. Sr. Spouse of Mamie Papasergi. Born 2-06-1931, died 4-26-1962 - Son of ? and Hannah Tunall Anderson b. Kane PA Wed 4-26-1952 in Olean NY
ANIBUS, Anna M. Born 1857, died 1914
ANTES, Sara J. "Mickey". Born 2-17-1921, died 3-7-2005 - Dau of Charles and Sara JaneMcCarthy Shoemaker
ANTHONY, Sister Richard Anne OSF, died 9-10-2004 - Born in Rita Mae Anthony Dau of Flora M. Haenlin Anthony and Richard N. Anthony Took her final vows Aug 16 1954
ANTONELLI, Joan E. Born 10-1-1940, died 4-6-2008 - Dau of Leo M. and Benson "Bish" Rader Aaron
ANTONELLI, Sally L. Born 2-27-1939, died 6-07-2015 - Dau of Betty Carpenter, stepdaughter of John Edwards, born in Williamsport PA, died in Buffalo NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force
ANTONIETTI, Elisa. Spouse of Santi. Born 1900, died 1970
ANTONIETTI, Nazarena. Spouse of Primo. Born 1-1-1915, died 9-1-2004
ANTONIETTI, Primo. Spouse of Nazarena, died 7-30-1965
ANTONIETTI, Santi. Spouse of Elisa. Born 2-10-1892, died 12-21-1967 - NY Pvt. US Army WW I
ANTOSH, Marie T. Spouse of Albin. Born 2-2-1921, died 2-22-2008 - Preceded in death by husband and Baby dau. Phyllis
APA, John Thomas. Born 10-18-1938, died 10-7-2001 - Born in Olean NY- Son of Frank and Mary Dorso APA- US Navy aboard the USS Truckee in Africa
APOLLONIO, Amelia. Born 3-01-1904, died 10-09-2004. Age: 100 - Dau of John and Josephine Paronich Petz b. Austria d. Olean NY Wed #2? Antonio Apollonio on 10-01-1921
ARMSTRONG, Nadine E. Spouse of William J. “Buck”. Born 7-25-1907, died 7-13-1996 - Born in Austin PA Dau of Owen and Inez Howard Allen
ARMSTRONG, Terrance J. Born 1-27-1921, died 9-24-2003 - Son of Sherman and Ellen Mooney Armstrong US Navy WW II
ARMSTRONG, William J. “Buck”. Spouse of Nadine E., died 10-1-1968 - Wed Jan 30 1937
ARNOLD, Paul C. Spouse of Christine Welker. Born 11-1-1896, died 3-11-2001 - Son of Paul Arnold- b. Findley OH
ASH, Ameil M. Spouse of Mary KNEISER. Born 9-21-1923, died 8-22-2013 - Son of John J. and Adele (Simon) Ash, born in Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 7-04-1946 in Olean NY (she d. 11-23-2011)
ASH, Catherine L. Spouse of Samuel. Born 3-11-1916, died 5-11-2004 - Dau of Louis Sr. and Elizabeth Plano Caffo b. LaPorte PA d. Buffalo NY Wed 1943 in Olean NY
ASH, Cecelia J. Spouse of Edward J.Sr. Born 10-17-1906, died 9-28-2000 - Dau of Antonius and Elizabeth Hoffer Fritsch b. Olean NY
ASH, Edward J. Spouse of Cecelia J, died 3-4-1961 - Wed April 27 1924 St. Joseph's Maronite Church
ASH, Jordan Allen. Born 6-14-1991, died 3-25-2008. Age: 16 - Son of John and Jacklynn Ash
ASH, Mary K. Spouse of Ameil M. ASH. Born 6-1-1922, died 11-23-2011 - Dau of Nagem and Anna (Saab) Knieser, born in Olean NY Wed 7-04-1946 at St. Joseph's Maronite Ch
ASH, Mary Louise. Spouse of Fred J. ASH. Born 2-13-1927, died 4-5-2010 - Dau of David J. and Mary L. (Lapp) Watt, born in Buffalo NY Wed 1-02-1956 in Buffalo NY
ATKINS, Alice B. Spouse of John C. ATKINS. Born 1-12-1928, died 12-18-2010 Age - Dau of C. Morris and Ethyl (Brodie) Bennett, Youngst child, born in Interlaken NY Wed 9-22-1951
ATKINS, Cameron Willard. Spouse of Dr. Leslie John, died 1979
ATKINS, Dorothy E. Born 4-16-1910, died 1-9-2007 - Dau of Osmund and Ellen Gilloren Atkins English teacher
ATKINS, Dr. Leslie James. Spouse of Cameron W, died 1982 - Son of Osmund and Ellen Gilloren Atkins
ATKINS, Dr. Thomas Willard. Spouse of Virginia B. Born 2-6-1923, died 10-14-1979 - Son of Dr. Leslie J. and Cameron Willard Atkins
ATKINS, John Cemeron "Judd". Spouse of Alice E. Bennett. Born 2-3- 1924, died 12-6-1999 - Son of Dr. Leslie J. and Cameron Willard Atkins- 2613 Air Corps Reserve from Sept. 1956-Set. 1959
ATKINS, Virginia B. Spouse of Dr. Thomas Willard, died 10-23-2008. Age: 75 - Dau of Robert and Clara Brown was a nurse
ATTOLINI, Joseph. Born 3-24- 1923, died 3-17-2000 - Born in Crosby PA
AUD, Christine W. Born 2-2-1892, died 12-31- 1975
AUD, Joseph Guy. Born 4-5-1891, died 8-29-1960
AUD, Joseph Zachary Rev. Born 4-16-1919, died 1-17- 1955 - Ordained June 3, 1943
AUGIMERI, Antoinette M. "Ann". Born 7-18-1915, died 6-3-2001 - Born in Olean NY- Dau of Pasquale R. and Julia LiCastro Augimeri
AUGUSTYN, Linda Marie. Spouse of Joseph P. AUGUSTYN. Born 7-22-1946, died 11-26-2010 Age - Dau of Peter J. and Antoinette (Bizarro) Disorbo, born in Olean NY Wed 6-15-1968 at St. John's Ch in Olean NY
AUMAN, Charlotte L. Spouse of Arthur R. Born 5-19-1936, died 4-15-2005 - Dau of Arthur James and June Hannigan Lindermath. Wed 1954
AUMAN, Geraldine. Born 1927, died 1957 - Dau of Phillip Joseph and Margaret Auman
AUMAN, Margaret. Spouse of Phillip Joseph. Born 1902, died 1972
AUMAN, Mary. Age: 0d - Dau of Phillip Joseph and Margaret Auman
AUMAN, Phillip Joseph. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1891, died 1973
AUMAN, Thomas W. Born 6-5-1950, died 10-18-2007 - Son of Thomas and Donna Beaton Auman heart attack
AURINO, Pascal L. "Pat". Spouse of Lucy G. Carrier. Born 6-26-1916, died 7-01-2004 - Son of Louis and Rose Gelsomino Aurino b. Olean NY d. Allegany NY Wed 5-05-1940 in Cuba NY Vet-WWII US Army 5 Div 11 Inf 3rd Batt 3 purple hearts
AUTERA, Leonard. Spouse of Joan Pittman. Born 2-25-1915, died 10-2-2009 - Born in Gorgoline, Italy Son of Giulian and Angela Gagliardi Autera US Army 716th Tanks Batt. WW II Philippines
AUTERA, Leonard. Spouse of Joan Pittman. Born 2-25-1915, died 10-2-2009
AUTIERI, Mary V. (Marra). Spouse of Frank. Born 1-1-1913, died 9-13-2000 - Dau of Demitrio and Anna Allegretta Marra. Wed June 12 1937- b. Olean NY
AUTIERI, Vincent A. Spouse of Carol A. Born 11-24-1948, died 3-18-2008 - Son of Victor V. and Elizabeth Pascale Autieri US Air Force Vietnam War
BAAKLINI, Alfred K. Born 1911, died 1942 - HDQRS. Co. 2nd B'N 1st Armored Inf. WW II- Photo
BABCOCK, Betty Jean "Jeannie". Born 10-5-1932, died 1-7-2007 - Dau of Lawrence C. and Marjorie M. Anderson Babcock was deaf
BABCOCK, Joseph E. Born 6-10-1948, died 8-19-2000
BABCOCK, Lawrence C. Spouse of Marjorie M. Born 1911, died 1969
BABCOCK, Marjorie M. Spouse of Lawrence C. Born 1914, died 1990
BABINGER, Minnie C. Born 1886, died 1918
BABLER, James. Born 1-4-1920, died 5-11-1920
BAEER, Katherine. Spouse of Michael Sr. Born 1860, died 1944
BAER, Annabelle D. Spouse of Chester R. Sr. Born 10-14-1912, died 1-09-2005 - Dau of Cataldo and Costanza Gabadillo Coletti b. Batavia NY d. Bradford PA
BAER, Barbara. Born 1889, died 1916
BAER, Chester R. Spouse of Annabelle D., died 8-6-1960 - Wed in Bradford PA Feb 14 1942
BAER, John. Born 1893, died 1984
BAER, Michael Jr. Born 1877, died 1942 - Son of Michael and Katherine Baer Sr.
BAER, Michael Sr. Spouse of Katherine. Born 1855, died 1925
BAER, Paula L. Spouse of Robert L. Born 6-23-1950, died 11-29-2002. Age: 52 - Dau of Paul L. and Olga Anderson McCaigue b. Olean NY Wed 28 yrs
BAGAZZOLI, Dora (Manili). Spouse of Quinto. Born 3-6-1935, died 9-17-2000 - Wed Aug. 17 1959 - b. Sarano Italy
BAGAZZOLI, Quinto. Spouse of Dora M, died 4-27-1987 - Born in Sarano Italy
BAGLIONE, Bernard. Spouse of Maria Rosa. Born 4-21-1896, died 1-10-1986
BAGLIONE, Frank L. Spouse of Marilyn A. Born 10-11-1921, died 3-12-2007 - Son of Bernard and Rose Marie Baglione US Army WW II
BAGLIONE, John J. Sr. Spouse of Ruth I. Cole. Born 6-24-1930, died 1-30-2010 - Son of Bernard and Maria Rosa Oliva Baglione. Wed Feb 23 1952
BAGLIONE, Maria Rosa. Spouse of Bernard. Born 8-15-1890, died 9-6-1967
BAGLIONE, Marilyn A. Spouse of Frank L. Born 8-21-1922, died 9-20-2004 - Dau of Raymond Bernard and Ella Pauline Wittmer Maroney. Wed June 10 1950 -Cancer
BAILER, Bridget N. Spouse of Herman J. Born 1865, died 1916
BAILER, Edward J. Born 1902, died 1986 - Son of Herman J. and Bridget N. Bailer
BAILER, Elenor F. Born 1906, died 1962 - Dau of Herman J. and Bridget N. Bailer
BAILER, Herman J. Spouse of Bridget N. Born 1860, died 1938
BAILEY, Ameda. Spouse of Roddie E. "Potato". Born 7-22-1927, died 4-30-2008 - Dau of Vittorio and Domenenica Migliorelli Perugini
BAILEY, Catherine Elizabeth. Spouse of Clyde Milton. Born 9-16-1902, died 7-20-2005. Age: 102 - Born in Baltimore Md Dau of John George and Anna May Schaum Keller- took drivers ed and received a drivers license at 65
BAILEY, Clyde Milton. Spouse of Catherine Elizabeth, died 6-25-1974 - Wed April 30 1927 in Niagara Falls
BAILEY, Roddie E. "Potato". Spouse of Ameda, died 1977 - Wed May 24 1952
BAISH, J. Milton. Born 1892, died 1962
BAISH, Mary E. Born 1891, died 1976
BAISH, Mary Jane. Spouse of C.E. Born 1864, died 1915
BAKER, Barbara. Spouse of Conrad L., died 8-20-1933 - [mother] Section B
BAKER, Basil I. Spouse of Marie V., died 7-14-1983 - Wed July 16 1932 in Bradford PA Section B
BAKER, Charles. Spouse of Minnie. Born 1879, died 1951
BAKER, Conrad L. Spouse of Barbara, died 12-24-1910 - [Father] Section B
BAKER, Etta M., died 2-16-1969 - Dau of Conrad L. and Barbara Baker section B
BAKER, Katie M., died 4-19-1891 - Dau of Conrad L. and Barbara Baker section B
BAKER, Marie V. Spouse of Basil I. Born 9-14-1913, died 8-13-2004 - Born in Bradford PA Dau of Paul and Agnes Kyser Villot
BAKER, Minnie. Spouse of Charles. Born 1880, died 1909
BALACKI, Anna P. Spouse of John. Born 7-6-1915, died 1-3-2007 - Dau of John and Mary Krywy Pockalny
BALACKI, Joanna A. (Stritof). Spouse of Nicholas, died 3-28-1988 - Wed Feb 8 1944
BALACKI, John. Spouse of Anna P., died 11-26-1988 - Son of Micheal and Katherine Mativijiw Balacki wed Oct 31 1936
BALACKI, Nicholas. Spouse of Joanna A. Born 1-25-1915, died 10-4-2008 - Son of Micheal and Katherine Mativijiw Balacki US Navy chief petty officer Destroyer USS Markab
BALAZS, Regina L. Born 4-22-1933, died 1-5-2011 - Dau of Mack DEETS and Beatrice (COLE) Deets Sirdevan, born in Oil City PA
BALCERZAK, Walter Joseph Sr. Spouse of Sophia Kush. Born 4-17-1919, died 12-22-2003 - Son of Anthony and Constance Szadlowski Balcerzak US Army WW II Purple Heart and Many More.
BALDONI, Basilio. Spouse of Florinda. Born 1879, died 1965
BALDONI, Florinda. Spouse of Basilio. Born 1881, died 1972
BALDWIN, Irma E. Spouse of Kenneth T. Born 8-1-1924, died 12-14-2009 - Dau of Leighman and Irene Evans Young. Wed Feb 26 1949
BALINT, Ruth E. Born 4-1-1929, died 7-18-2000 - Dau of Howard J. and Amelia M. Lippert Levett
BALL, Allie D. Spouse of Edward P. Born 7-14-1925, died 4-3-2005. Age: 79 - Born in Salamanca NY Dau of Elmer and Blanche Tyler Hess was a teacher for over 33 years
BALL, Edward P. Spouse of Allie D., died 1987 - Wed Aug 1954
BALLAK, John J. Born 11-2- 1936, died 12-28-2001 - Born in Olean NY- Son of Michael P. and Mary C. O'Sheer Ballak
BALLAK, Mary C. Spouse of Michael P. Born 1-10-1905, died 7-12-2001 - Born in Limestone NY- Dau of John and Mary O'Sheer
BALLAK, Michael P. Spouse of Mary C., died 3-23-1985 - Wed Sept. 27 1927
BANDURA, Filip. Born 1883, died 1967
BANDURA, Mary Krywy. Born 1911, died 1992
BANDURA, Samuel. Born 1891, died 1966
BANKA, Stella A. Born 2-4-1918, died 12-28-2004 - Dau of George and MAry Kopec Banka
BARBARO, Camella A. Spouse of Frank, died 11-22- 1999 - Dau of Dominic and Mary Messa Petterio- born Bradford PA
BARBARO, Elinor H. (Whitcomb). Spouse of Michael J. Born 2-12-1918, died 5-04-2015 - Dau of Sidmore and Dorothea (Hagelberger) Whitcomb, born in Buffalo NY, died in Rochester NY. Wed 2-19-1936 in Bolivar NY
BARBARO, Michael J. Spouse of Elinor H. Whitcomb. Born 10-13-1914, died 9-26-2007 - Son of Ralph and Archangela Palumbo Barbaro NY. Wed 2-19-1936 in Bolivar NY - National Guard
BARBARO, Patricia M. (Hasbrouck) Boats. Spouse of #1 Bernare E. Boats, #2 Anthony J. Barbaro. Born 3-17-1920, died 5-15-2011 - Dau of John Sr. and Mary (Bentley) Hasbrouck, born in Bradford PA Wed #1 6-20-1945 (he d. 5-09-1981), Wed #2 5-17-1988 (he d. 10-31-1992
BARDENETT, James D. Sr. Spouse of Wanda A. Born 10-8-1918, died 2-13-2006 - Son of Humbert and Lucia Allegretta Bardenett. Wed June 7 1947
BARNARD, Barbara Hamilton. Spouse of Frank G., died 7-17-1959 - Wed Feb 23 1946 in Chicago, ILL
BARNARD, Frank G. Spouse of Barbara H. Born 12-8-1923, died 12-25-2002 - Son of Emery and Martha Werner Barnard
BARNICK, Lena. Born 1848, died 1911
BARNICK, William. Born 1842, died 1919
BARR, Helen M. Spouse of John V.Sr. Born 1903, died 1966
BARR, John V. Sr. Spouse of Helen M. Born 5-23-1897, died 11-22-1970 - NY Sgt. TRP M8 Cavalry Regt. WW I
BARRETT, Anna. Spouse of James. Born 1854, died 1915
BARRETT, James. Spouse of Anna. Born 1851, died 1921
BARRETT, Mary Ellen (Fisher) [Fish]. Spouse of Thomas Frederick Burlingame Jr./ Daniel Barrett. Born 5-10-1948, died 11-11-2014. Age: 66 - Dau of Clifford and Mary Catherine (Simmons) Fisher, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY. Wed Thomas 1 7/27/1968 (he survives), Wed Daniel 9/05/1998 in Olean NY (he survives, too)
BARRON, Diane L. (Strucker). Spouse of Fredrick. Born 4-05-1958, died 12-23-2014 - Dau of Michael and Joan (Kukulka) Strucker, born in Olean NY, d. Buffalo NY. Wed 10-25-1986 (he survives)
BARRY, Albert W. Born 1891, died 1922
BARRY, David J. Spouse of Suzenne E. Born 5-21-1942, died 12-4-2007 - Born in Coudersport PA to David J. and Ethel Clayson Barry. Wed July 7 1962 US Navy USS The Sullivans
BARRY, Johanna. Born 1848, died 1923
BARRY, Josephine Lundy. Born 1886, died 1912
BARTEN, Henry P. Spouse of Louise P. Born 1894, died 1969
BARTEN, Katherine. Born 1-1-1922, died 6-21-2009 - Dau of Henry and Louise Schalk Barten registered nurse
BARTEN, Louise P. Spouse of Henry P. Born 1893, died 1984
BARTH, Delores J. Spouse of Roy D., died 12-29-1992 - Dau of Max F. and Mary Truby Olkosky wed Aug 29 1953
BARTH, Douglas A. Spouse of Audrey M. Born 12-22-1934, died 2-2-2007 - Son of Frank J. and Flora Harms Barth. Wed July 12 1960 predeceased by 6 brothers
BARTH, Karl Lewis. Spouse of Lucille B. Ceci. Born 2-25-1928, died 9-28-2005 - Born in Dunkirk NY Son of Frank J. and Flora Harms Barth US Navy WW II and Korean War. Wed Feb 14 1953
BARTH, Roy D. Spouse of Delores J. Born 7-9-1930, died 2-28-2005 - Son of Eddie and Marie Dutton Stechenfinger US Navy
BARTHOLOMEW, Michele A. PT DPT. Spouse of Joseph M. Born 2-21-1976, died 2-12-2005 - Dau of William E. and Catherine E. Kosinski Foss physical therapist wed July 31 1999 Auto accident
BARTMAN, Anthony S. Jr. "Tony". Born 4-24-1947, died 9-15-2004 - Son of Anthony S. and Mary M. Kehoe Bartman Sr.
BARTMAN, Anthony S. Sr. Spouse of Mary M., died 1990
BARTMAN, Mary M. Spouse of Anthony S. Sr. Born 9-22-1923, died 5-10-2006 - Dau of Thomas and Harriet Earley Kehoe
BARTSCH, William F. Spouse of Gertrude H. Born 1894, died 1963
BARTSCJ. Gertrude H. Spouse of William F. Born 1895, died 1974
BASSANELLI, Mary Christine. Born 3-5- 1950, died 11-25-1963 - Born in Olean NY- Dau of John Bassanelli
BASSANO, Anthony. Spouse of Jean Redding. Born 8-28-1933, died 5-09-2015 - Son of Antonio Sr. and Angelina (DiAmbrosia) Bassano, born in Olean NY, died in NY. Wed 2-01-1958 in Olean NY (she survives) - Korean War Vet, US Navy 1952-53 USS Perry
BATESKI, Elizabeth M. Born 11-19-1921, died 12-15-2010 - Dau of Michael and Mary Ann (Malec) Bateski, born in Olean NY
BATESKI, Frank J. ["Fritz"]. Spouse of Myra F. Redmond. Born 2-11-1920, died 11-01-2004 - Son of Michael and Mary Malec Bateski "Fritz" b. Olean NY d. Olean NY Wed 11-25-1950 in Olean NY Vet-WWII US Army
BATESKI, Mary T Czajkowski. Spouse of Raymond L. Born, died 2-19-1977
BATESKI, Raymond L. Spouse of Mary T. Born 6-19-1916, died 5-24-1995 - Born in Olean NY- Son of Micahel and Mary Malec Bateski. Wed Aug. 5 1944- US Army WW II
BATESKI, Stella M. Born 5-8-1918, died 2-4-2006 - Dau of Michael and Mary Ann Malec Bateski
BATESKY, Anne M. Spouse of Walter J. BATESKY. Born 12-23-1916, died 1-25-2011 - Dau of Andrew and Mary (Shuback) Martin, born in Olean NY Wed 10-25-1952 in Olean NY
BATESKY, Mary K. Spouse of Joseph J.Sr. Born 4-6-1920, died 1-22-2001 - Dau of James and Elnora Kuhn Kayes b. Olean NY. Wed 1948
BATESKY, Walter J. Spouse of Anne Martin. Born 8-20-1918, died 2-7- 2000 - Son of Anthony and Rosalie Batesky- Veteran of WW II US Army
BATHURST, Marion A. Spouse of Mary. Born 1890, died 1965
BATHURST, Mary. Spouse of Marion A. Born 1892, died 1987
BAUM, Aline E. Born 1914, died 1917 - Child of Philip F. and Susan Baum
BAUM, Jeffery M. Born 3-22-1971, died 2-9-2011 - Son of Phillip M. Jr. and Rita E. (Jobe) Baum, born in Olean NY Father d. 10-16-1991
BAUM, Philip F. Spouse of Susan. Born 1880, died 1969
BAUM, Susan. Spouse of Philip F. Born 1882, died 1928
BAXTER, Earl N. Spouse of Mary J. Born, died 1976
BAXTER, Ferris W. [Red]. Spouse of Elizabeth Pupo. Born 9-15-1916, died 10-19-2000 - Son of William and Lillian Wright Baxter, born in Casey IL. Wed 2-1944
BAXTER, Mary J. Spouse of Earl N. Born 1-07-1920, died 3-20-2003 - Dau of Frank and Catherine Dougherty Mengel b. DuBois PA d. Olean NY Wed 12-23-1942 in Camp Wheeler-GA
BAXTER, Robert M. Born 2-01-1959, died 4-12-2015 - Son of Earl and Mary (Mengel) Baxter, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY
BAZOW, Edward T. Spouse of Mary Ruth, died 10-23-1997 - Wed Feb 12 1955 in Olean
BAZOW, John T. Spouse of Marcella M. Born 5-11-1922, died 7-23-2006 - Son of Dmytro and Julia Podskalny US Navy WW II South Pacific Theater
BAZOW, Marcella M. Edel. Spouse of John T., died 6-24-1998 - Wed in Elk City Okla May 31 1943
BAZOW, Mary [Ruth]. Spouse of Edward T. Born 3-31-1933, died 8-3-2004 - Dau of Coy and Rose Baumgarner Price raised by Sam and Orpha Lovecchio
BEAN, Carl P. Spouse of Grace M. Born 10-1-1913, died 10-30-2004 - Son of Micheal and Mary Pasquerello Bean
BEAN, Elizabeth J. Spouse of John R Sr. Born 1-15-1925, died 7-22-2001 - Born in Olean NY- Dau of Raymond and Eileen O'Brien McLaughlin. Wed Aug. 14 1943
BEAN, Grace M. (Fuller). Spouse of Carl P., died 5-7 1990 - Wed Nov 8 1943
BEAN, Helen M. (Terwilliger). Spouse of James L., died 10-3-1997 - Wed Nov. 4 1936 in Olean NY
BEAN, James L. Spouse of Helen M. Born 10-1-1913, died 11-29-2004 - Son of Micheal and Mary Pasquerello Bean
BEAN, John R Sr. Spouse of Elizabeth J. "Betty". Born 5-4-1923, died 4-27-2007 - Son of Michael and Mary Pasquerello Bean US Army
BEARDSLEY, Floyd E. Spouse of Lottie Cushing. Born 3-5-1893, died 2-21-1951
BEARDSLEY, Lucille D. Spouse of Frank W. BEARDSLEY. Born 1-12-1928, died 6-4-2011 - Dau of George and Stella (Staczyk) Manko, born in Detroit-M Wed 8-12-1960 in Olean NY (he d. 7-28-1985)
BEATTY, Catherine. Spouse of John. Born 1873, died 1923
BEHAN, Mary E. Spouse of Michael. Born 1861, died 1930
BEHAN, Michael. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1854, died 1926
BELL, Harold M., died 1982 - Wed Oct 5 1939
BELL, Harold S. Spouse of Loretta. Born 7-13-1915, died 8-25-2003 - Son of Charles and laura Foster Bell US Army WW II Signal Corps Pacific theater
BELL, Helen Rose. Spouse of George C. d. 1988. Born 6-20-1916, died 8-30-2007 - Dau of Jan and Rosalie Kufel Giermek. Wed Jan. 22 1934
BELL, Henrietta M. Spouse of Harold M., died 2-5-2008 - Dau of Andrew and Augusta Karnuth Boser
BELL, Kristy M. Born 10-06-1979, died 12-15-2013 - Dau of Harold W. and Marsha F. (Liguori) Bell, born in Olean NY, d. Olean NY (house fire; dau Monica Greene also died)
BELL, Kristy M. Born 10-06-1979, died 12-15-2013 - Dau of Harold W. and Marsha F. (Liguori) Bell, born in Olean NY, d. Olean NY (house fire; dau Monica Greene also died)
BELL, Loretta Felt. Spouse of Harold S., died 1-1-1998 - Wed July 22 1952 in Napoli NY
BELLI, Anthony J. Spouse of Emeline HITCHCOCK. Born 6-26-1932, died 4-15-2010 - Son of Luigi and Caroline (Iacucci) Belli, "Tony", born in Allegany NY Wed 6-27-1959 at St. John's Ch in Olean NY Vet-Korea US Navy 1951055 USS Missouri
BELLI, Margaret R. Spouse of Joseph L. Born 2-05-1950, died 11-02-2004 - Dau of Dominic A. and Mary E. Bruno Scicchitano b. Olean NY d. Buffalo NY Wed 9-21-1974 in Olean NY
BELLI, Sante. Born 4-14-1933, died 11-27-2004. Age: 71 - Born in Scifelli Italy 5th of 11 children of Valentino and Maria Iacoucci Belli wed 3x 1.Benedicta Luffarelli 2. Mary Freaney 3. Judy Payne
BELVEES, Anthony J. Spouse of Delia E. Born 1909, died 1966 - Son of Philip and Mary Mele Belvees
BELVEES, Delia E. Spouse of Anthony J. Born 4-16-1910, died 12-14-1999 - Dau of Eugene and Noemi Crosetto Testi
BELVEES, Michael A. [Milo]. Born 1-26-1949, died 11-03-2015 - Son of Miilo F. & Gertude M. (Rosia) Belvees, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY
BENECKE, Marie G. Spouse of Fletcher H. Born 10-25-1917, died 9-9-1999 - Born in Canton OH- Dau of Leo H. and Mary M. Meirs Barrett
BENNETT, Father. Born 1834, died 1912
BENNETT, Mother. Born 1846, died 1911
BENNETT, Naomi E. Spouse of Thomas F. Born 8-23-1896, died 5-15-1968
BENNETT, Thomas F. Spouse of Naomi E. Goodrich. Born 4-25-1873, died 11-8-1963
BERGSTROM, Frances Mary. Spouse of Walter. Born 4-27-1912, died 8-4-2003 - Born in St Thomas Ontario Canada Dau of Oliver J. and Margaret E. Kasperski Gauthier school teacher
BERGSTROM, Walter. Spouse of Frances Mary, died 2-4-1993 - Wed Nov 26 1936
BESS, Frances A. "Fran". Spouse of Kenneth H. (died). Born 7-20-1921, died 3-13-2008 - Born in Salamanca NY Dau of John J. and Louise Marinari Agnelli
BIEHLER, Frank J. Spouse of Mary L. Born 1874, died 1936
BIEHLER, Mary L. Spouse of Frank J. Born 1876, died 1933
BIELECKI, William S. Spouse of Cynthia "Cyndee" DOMBOSKI. Born 3-21-1948, died 6-30-2011 - Son of Stephen and Catherine (Wisniewski) Bielecki, born in Buffalo NY Wed 8-15-1981 in Olean NY
BIELECKI, William S. Spouse of Cynthia DOMBOSKI. Born 3-21-1948, died 6-30-2011 Age - Son of Stephen and Catherine (Wisniewski) Bielecki, born in Buffalo NY Wed 9-15-1981 in Olean NY
BIGGAN, John. Spouse of Mary. Born 1841, died 1898
BIGGAN, Mary. Spouse of John. Born 1843, died 1888
BIGGINS, James J. Spouse of Mable. Born 1885, died 1966
BIGGINS, Jimmie. Born 1933, died 1938
BIGGINS, Mable Brown. Spouse of James J. Born 1885, died 1912 - Dau of Nettie E. Very
BIHLER, Tyler John. Born 12-13-1995, died 8-24-2005. Age: 9 - Son of Michael R. and Kim M. Anastasia Bihler gSon of Ronald and Marlene Anastasia and Bud and Pat Bihler
BILLYARD, Pamela M. Spouse of Doyle E. Born 4-16-1951, died 8-9-2006 - Dau of Perry M. and Stella M. Tracz Ethridge. Wed April 16 1988
BILODEAU, Marc L. Spouse of Irene Luant-Coneys. Born 11-26-1927, died 11-2-2005 - Born in Lewistown Maine Son of Emile and Adelia Gourde Bilodeau wed 1st to Doris L. Fox d.2-26-1968
BILOTTA, Elloise H. Spouse of Joseph J. Born 6-1-1916, died 3-16-2005 - Born in Tippecanoe County Ind. Dau of Emory and Rose Rogers Hunt
BILOTTA, Joseph J. Spouse of Elloise H., died 7-31-1974 - Wed March 4 1950in Olean NY
BILOTTA, Minnie C. Born 10-19-1915, died 8-25-2001 - Born in Cadiz- Dau of Antonio and Virginia Frontera Bilotta
BINKEY, Ellen. Spouse of Martin. Born 1869, died 1922
BINKEY, Francis. Born 1894, died 1926 - 37th Div. World War
BINKEY, Martin. Spouse of Ellen. Born 1859, died 1941
BIRD, Charles W. Sr. Spouse of Ida A., died 4-25-1991
BIRD, Ida A. Spouse of Charles W. Sr. Born 8-1-1909, died 11-28-2008 - Dau of Louis and Catherine Hoffer Antonioli Army Air Force WW II nurse
BIRMINGHAM, Edward J. Spouse of Celestine M. Conlan. Born 12-19-1910, died 1-4-1994. Age: 83 - Born in Salamanca NY- Son of Edward and Mae Sullian Birmingham. Wed 1929
BIRMINGHAM, Helen M. Born 7-21-1941, died 6-16-2007 - Dau of Edward J. and Celestine M. Conlan Birmingham
BISCARO, Jeffrey D. Spouse of Katie Ripple. Born 5-23-1954, died 7-13-2015 - Son of Joseph Anthony and Janet (O'Donnell) Biscaro, born in Warsaw NY, died in Gowanda NY. Wife survives
BISCHALANEY, Eugenia Mary "Jean". Born 3-24-1949, died 7-9-2006 - Dau of Joseph A. and Lucy A. Praino Bischalaney
BISCHALANEY, Joseph A. Spouse of Lucy A. Praino, died 7-11-1979 Wed 5-18-1940 in Olean NY
BISCHALANEY, Lucy A. (Praino). Spouse of Joseph A. Bischalaney. Born 6-13-1918, died 6-04-2015 - Dau of Dominic and Mary (Lamanza) Praino, born in Clarendon PA, died in Allegany NY. Wed 5-18-1940 in Olean NY
BISETT, Christopher C. Spouse of Mary Jane. Born 1860, died 1934
BISETT, M. Loretta. Born 1890, died 19??
BISETT, Mary Jane. Spouse of Christopher C. Born 1866, died 1935
BISETT, Robert W. Born 1899, died 1915
BISH, Ryan M. Born 2-14-1981, died 8-31-2000 - Born in Olean NY
BISHOP, John W. Spouse of Agnes Hadley. Born 1-15-1915, died 3-19-2003 - Son of Albert and Iva Stahl Bishop b. Rossiter PA d. Miami Beach-FL Wed 7-05-1947 Vet-WWII US Army 43 Div 172 Inf 1941-45 Purple Heart
BISHOP, Mabelle E. Pickard. Spouse of C.J. Born 1889, died 1914
BIZZARO, Cheryl Ann. Born 11-02-1950, died 4-09-2015 - Dau of Frank and Helen (Letro) Bizzaro, died in Olean NY
BLACKALL, James P. Jr. Born 1869, died 1930 - Son of James Sr. and Mary Blackall
BLACKALL, James Sr. Spouse of Mary. Born 1836, died 1908
BLACKALL, Mary. Spouse of James Sr. Born 1838, died 1926
BLANCHARD, Evelyn B., died 9-6 2004
BLASKE, Steven R. Spouse of Cheryl A. Hopkins. Born 4-24-1954, died 6-11-2001 - Born in Olean NY- Son of Robert P. and Audrey J. Rasmusson Blaske. Wed June 17 1989
BLASSEY, Clara M. Spouse of Raymond W. Born 1897, died 1990
BLASSEY, Raymond W. Spouse of Clara M. Born 1894, died 1989 - Pvt. US Army WW I
BLAZEJEWSKI, Ella F "Polly". Spouse of Micheal J. Born 6-30-1927, died 3-25-2006 - Dau of Earl and Florence Klink Richardson
BLAZEJEWSKI, Mary R. Spouse of John J. BLAZEJEWSKI. Born 3-10-1915, died 3-23-2013 - Dau of Luigi and Maria Rosa Olivia (?) Leone, StepDau of Bernard Baglione, born in Mt. Jewett PA, Wed 6-01-1940 at St. John's Ch (he d. 2-06-1990)
BLAZEJEWSKI, Micheal J. Spouse of Ella F, died 5-10-1971 - Wed June 26 1948 in Olean NY
BLOISE, Jeanne K. "Kathy:. Spouse of James V. Born 8-2-1945, died 6-21-2008 - Dau of Herbert T. and Patricia Scholl Kent. Wed Oct 3 1964
BLY, Ralph W. Sr. Spouse of Delores M. Born 11-8-1929, died 3-2-2006 - Son of Ralph and Emma Bly US Army Korean War
BOATS, Bernard E. Spouse of Patricia Hasbrouck, died 5-9-1981 - Son of Leonard T. and Clare Boats
BOATS, Edward J. Born 1885, died 1918
BOATS, Helen (Quigley). Spouse of Leonard Thomas, died 3-39-1976
BOATS, Joseph J. Born 1854, died 1953
BOATS, Leonard Thomas. Spouse of Helen, died 11-15-1973
BOATS, Linus. Spouse of Mildred, died 6-10-1994 - Son of Leonard T. and Clare Boats
BOATS, Marie A. Born 1882, died 1960
BOATS, Mildred M. Spouse of Linus L. BOATS. Born 1-5-1920, died 10-14-2012 Age - Dau of Wallace and Cora (Corwin) Newton, born in Shinglehouse PA Wed 5-17-1940 in Olean NY
BOATS, Rose C. Born 1858, died 1928
BOCKMIER, Florence J. Born 1887, died 1980
BOCKMIER, Fred J. Born 1872, died 1943
BOCKMIER, George A. Born 1877, died 1959
BOCKMIER, Hattie C. Born 1882, died 1931
BOCKMIER, Henry G. Born 1886, died 1973
BOCKMIER, J. Lowell. Born 1901, died 1903
BOCKMIER, Jerome. Born 1910, died 1926
BOCKMIER, Mary E. Born 1873, died 1948
BOHAN, Anne A. Spouse of Francis A. Born 11-11-1907, died 03-05-2003 - Born in Marlboro NY to Joseph and Anna Karel Necas.
BOHAN, Francis A. Spouse of Anne A, died 1983 - Wed July 1 1937
BOHAN, Martha Kathryn Yurick. Spouse of Dr. Francis M. BOHAN. Born 12-29-1958, died 7-25-2010 Age - Dau of Dr. Bernard and Patricia (?) Yurick, born in Los Angeles-CA Wed
BOLAND, Bridget. Born 1845, died 1881 Section B
BOLAND, Mary. Born 1870, died 19?? Section B
BOLENDER, George P. Born 1862, died 1934
BOLENDER, Georgiana M. Born 1864, died 1950
BOLENDER, Loretto Morrow. Born 1895, died 1918
BORDONARO, Anna, died 1-4-1994 - Dau of Charles X. and Roraria Russo Bordonaro
BORDONARO, Anthony X. "Nino". Spouse of Arlene R. Born 5-23-1917, died 2-17-2004 - Son of Charles X. and Roraria Russo Bordonaro
BORDONARO, Arlene R. "Dixie". Spouse of Anthony X. Born 5-13-1938, died 12-16-2002 - Dau of William and Minnie Crawforth Dixon b. Portville NY. Wed Oct. 14 1978
BORDONARO, Benedict C. Spouse of Mary Elizabeth, died 5-10-1966 - Son of Charles X. and Rosaria Russo Bordonaro
BORDONARO, Charles X. Spouse of Roraria R
BORDONARO, Joseph C. "Bill". Spouse of Mary K. Born Dec. 8, 1919, died 12-8- 2000 - Son of Charles X. and Rosaria Russo Bordonaro b. Olean NY. Wed Aug. 13 1977
BORDONARO, Lucy, died 1-7-1988 - Dau of Charles X. and Roraria Russo Bordonaro
BORDONARO, Mary Elizabeth. Spouse of Benedict C. Born 1-6-1914, died 7-25-2001 - Born in New York City NY- Dau of John and Kathleen Cotter O'Brien. Wed Sept. 1950
BORDONARO, Mary K. Spouse of Joseph C. "Bill". Born 9-16-1925, died 4-7-2001 - Born in Olean NY- Dau of Thomas and Carmela Lombardo Marino. Wed Aug. 13 1977
BORDONARO, Roraria Russo. Spouse of Charles
BOSER, Carl W. Spouse of Mary Gleason and Leona Falk Joshnick. Born 4-12-1911, died 9-20-2000 - Son of Charles and Bessie Cramer Boser- b. Allegany NY
BOSER, Donald J. Spouse of Jayne E. STEPHAN. Born 10-24-1918, died 12-5-2010. Age: 92 - Son of John and Ella (Steel) Boser, born in Allegany NY Wed 12-20-1949 in Glouster-NJ Vet-WWII US army 1940-45 Staff Sgt 410th Inf Co A
BOSER, Edward. Spouse of Frances T, died 1978 - Wed June 23 1935 in Olean NY
BOSER, Elizabeth M. Spouse of William J. Born 4-1-1919, died 5-10-2002 - Born in Chipmonk- Dau of Edward G. and Catherine L. Ryan Maloney. Wed July 12 1941 in Allegany NY
BOSER, Frances T. Spouse of Edward. Born 12-15-1913, died 03-04-2003 - Born in Olean NY to Charles and Frances Allram.
BOSER, Frances Theresa. Spouse of Edward. Born 12-15-1913, died 3-04-2003 - Dau of Charles and Frances Theodora Klice Allram b. Olean NY d. Olean NY Wed 6-23-1935 in Olean NY divorced headstone as Allram
BOSER, Leona M. Spouse of Carl W. Born 6-30-1914, died 2-11-2010 - Dau of Jesse and Bessie Falk. Wed 1955 son robert 1983
BOSER, William J. Spouse of Elizabeth M., died 7-22-1997
BOSKO, Elsie M. Spouse of Joseph M. Born 11-12-1928, died 2-17-2009 - Dau of Archie and Arlene Lauser Rowe
BOSKO, John. Spouse of Mary. Born 1889, died 1967
BOSKO, Joseph M. Spouse of Elsie M., died 9-26-1988 - Wed June 16 1951
BOSKO, Mary. Spouse of John. Born 1894, died 1989
BOSWORTH, Eva C. Spouse of Ralph A. Born 1904, died 1986 - Dau of Michael and Anna Haase Bronald
BOSWORTH, Ralph A. Spouse of Eva C. Born 4-17-1894, died 1-17-1965 - NY PFC Co. A 162 Inf 41 Div. WW I
BOTHNER, Richard C. Dr. "Doc". Spouse of Margaret C. "Peggy". Born 5-16-1929, died 2-15-2008 - Son of Richard H. Bothner and Charlotte Bouffier Bothner 1st Lieutenant US Air Force. Wed June 28 1958
BOTHWELL, Edward W. Spouse of Rose C. Born 1-26-1922, died 8-9-2008 - Born in Staten Island Son of William and Christina Schick Bothwell. Wed June 14 1944 US Army Air Corps WW II
BOWEN, John Joseph. Spouse of Margaret L. GEARY. Born 3-20-1925, died 3-8-2010. Age: 84 - Son of John F. and Wilhelmina (Walsh) Bowen, born in Manhattan NY, Wed 5-29-1954 (she survives), Vet-WWII US Army, 3 children survive
BOWLES, Charles J. Spouse of Margaret E. Born 3-6-1905, died 6-9-1905
BOWLES, Margaret E. Spouse of Charles J. Born 3-20-1905, died 6-7-1905
BOYLAN, Maude A. Spouse of William C. Born 1896, died 1963
BOYLAN, William C. Spouse of Maude A. Born 1894, died 1978
BOYLE, Anna. Spouse of James B. Born 1864, died 1928
BOYLE, Elizabeth M. Born 1901, died 1978 - Dau of James B. and Elizabeth M. Boyle
BOYLE, James B. Spouse of Anna. Born 1863, died 1911
BOYLE, James B. Jr. Spouse of Marjorie M. Born 8-27-1923, died 7-7-2009 - Son of James and Helen L. Kreydt Boyle Sr. US Army WW II
BOYLE, Marjorie M. Spouse of James B. Jr. Born 07-09-1920, died 05-25-2003 - Born in Buffalo NY to Lawrence and Winifred Mescall Kaufmann. Wed Nov 18 1950 in Springbrook NY
BOYLE, Mary. Born 1859, died 1935
BRAHANEY, Caroline M. Krott. Spouse of James V. Born 11-4-1906, died 11-30-2001 - Born in Olean NY- Dau of Andrew J. and Caroline M. Bockmier Krott
BRAHANEY, James V. Spouse of Caroline M., died 5-25-1964 - Wed Aug. 16 1930
BRANDEL, Anna M. Born 1864, died 1926
BRANDEL, Blanche C. Born 1897, died 1904
BRANDEL, George F. Born 1896, died 1913
BRANDEL, Robert J. Born 1854, died 1926
BRANDEL, William C. Sr. Spouse of Shirley. Born 4-7-1926, died 4-4-2012. Age: 86 - Son of Simon F. and Anna (Dillon) Brandel, the southerntierof NY Wife survives, Vet-WWII 100th Inf Div in France and Germany
BRANECKY, Irene. Born 6-29-1910, died 6-26-2000 - Born in Olean NY
BREHM, Christine Wyatt, died 8-19-1997 - Wed Dec 7 1950 in Jefferson IN
BREHM, Edward H. Spouse of Christine. Born 8-11-1927, died 9-17-2004 - Born in in Hornell NY to Henry and Julia Sorg Brehm US Army WW II
BREHM, James G. Born 8-11-1927, died 1-29-2005 - Son of Henry and Julia Sorg Brehm US Marine Corps WW II and US Army
BRELING, Ephraim P. Spouse of Minnie A. Born 1846, died 1923
BRELING, Minnie A. Spouse of Ephraim P. Born 1857, died 1923
BRENECKI, Melania. Spouse of Michael. Born 1895, died 1929
BRENECKI, Michael. Spouse of Melania. Born 1885, died 1961
BRENNAN, Donald S. Spouse of Dorothy E. Born 1906, died 1967
BRENNAN, Dorothy E. Spouse of Donald S. Born 1913, died 1978
BRENNAN, Father J. Gregory. Born 4-10-1951, died 8-20-2007. Age: 56 - Born in Troy NY to James and Marie Anne Beaudoin Brennan ordained into priesthood May 12 1979
BRENNAN, John C. Born 3-6-1914, died 11-14-1969
BRENNAN, Marion G. Born 1-5-1911, died 12-24-2004. Age: 93 - Dau of William and Frances Carroll Brennan
BRESNIHAN, Dennis, died 2-19-1930
BRESNIHAN, Katherine E., died 12-16-1959
BREWER, John R. Sr. Spouse of Jean C. GRANDUSKY. Born 3-6-1931, died 3-20-2010 - Son of William and Lucille (?) Brewer, born in Layton PA, d. Olean NY (at home), Wed 3-15-1952 in Salamanca NY (she d. 1-24-1997), Vet-Korea Sgt US Army, 2 children
BRIDENBAKER, Nancy Willet Barker. Spouse of Louis D. BRIDENBAKER, Sr. Born 11-15-1937, died 9-28-2011 - Dau of Charles and Marie (Cook) Barker, born in Philadelphia PA Wed 12-26-1953 in Philadelphia PA
BRIGGS, Frances M. Spouse of Raymond R. BRIGGS. Born 6-28-1913, died 1-5-2011 - Born in Olean NY. Wed 10-12-1937 in Angelica NY (he d. 9-15-1987)
BRIODY, Elizabeth C. Spouse of Thomas A. Born 2-21-1917, died 5-26-2005 - Dau of Lester and Elizabeth Murray Canada
BRIODY, Thomas A. Spouse of Elizabeth C., died 11-12-1970 - Wed Nov.20 1941
BROKAW, Robert L. Spouse of Helen E., died 6-3-1982
BROKAW, Rodney L. Spouse of Karen A. Born 4-14-1951, died 9-16-2006 - Son of Robert L. and Helen E. Bugno Brokaw US Navy. Wed June 29 1974
BRONOLD, George J. Born 1840, died 1909
BROSLET, Kathryn M. Spouse of William P. Born 10-8- 1910, died 10-1- 2002. Age: 91 - John T and Mary Alice Gorman Cunningham a Teacher
BROSLET, William P. Spouse of Kathryn M. Born, died 12-15-1976 - Wed Aug 16 1937 in St. Elizabeth's Church in Smethport PA
BROWN, Alice Maude. Born 1879, died 1943
BROWN, Arthur J. Sr. Spouse of Susan R, died 5-23-1997 - Wed Jan 6 1935 in Maine
BROWN, Betty Jane, died buried 3-1-1926 - Dau of Francis and Cecelia Greenan Brown They were coming back to Olean after a day trip to Niagara Falls
BROWN, Cecelia Greenan. Spouse of Francis, died buried 3-1-1926 - Buried with dau Betty Jane. Killed coming back to Olean after a day trip to Niagara Falls
BROWN, Edward. Born 1815, died 2-10-1888 - Co. I 154th Regt. NYS Vols.
BROWN, Ella E. Born 1860, died 1930
BROWN, Harry J. Born 1883, died 1905 - Son of J.W. and C. Brown
BROWN, John W. Born 1886, died 1907
BROWN, Lucy A. Spouse of F.G. Born 1892, died 1918
BROWN, Marlene Ellen. Born 1-23-1936, died 2-26-2010 - Dau of Creed D and Teresa Ann Murphy Brown
BROWN, Milton J. "Dutch". Spouse of Virginia Page. Born 10-23-1924, died 1-21-2004 - Son of George and Isabella Robinson Brown b. Hinsdale NY d. Olean NY
BROWN, Norman W. Born 1886, died 1903 - Son of J.W. and C. Brown
BROWN, Peter E. Born 1896, died 1922
BROWN, Susan R. Spouse of Arthur J. Sr. Born 1-25-1916, died 1-24-2006 - Born in Huntington L.I. Dau of Joseph and Rose Nappa Aurriccio
BRUNNER, Patrick Joseph. Born 3-8-1948, died 11-26-2005. Age: 57 - Son of Edward M. and Helen R. Duffy Brunner cremeted
BRUNO, Angelo A. Spouse of Sophie. Born 1913, died 1967
BRUNO, Anthony R. Sr. Spouse of Margaret, died 5-3-1989 - Wed June 29 1946 in Olean NY
BRUNO, Margaret. Spouse of Anthony R. Sr. Born 5-6-1927, died 11-23-2002 - Dau of Joseph and Filomena Civale Praino
BRUNO, Sophie. Spouse of Angelo A. Born 1919, died 1997 - Dau of George and Anna Lucyszyn Neporadny
BRYAN, Sister Jean Paul OSF. Born 6-15-1916, died 10-14-2009 - Born in Westbrook Maine as Mary Augusta to Harry and Elizabeth Welch Bryant
BRYCE, Kathleen Dowd. Spouse of Myrick Waters. Born 1-17-1892, died 12-14-1959 - Dau of Thomas H. and Agnes M. Dowd
BRYER, Catherine M. Spouse of Roy K. Born 10-30-1903, died 7-31-2001 - Born in New York City, NY- Dau of George and Celestine LaCompte Walker
BRYER, Roy K. Spouse of Catherine M., died 10-12-1986 - Wed Aug. 30 1924
BUCHER, Albert F. Born 12-2-1910, died 12-19-2003 - Son of Jacob W. and Frances C. Barnick Bucher
BUCHER, Anna M. Spouse of Joseph A. Born 1878, died 1942
BUCHER, Donald J. Born 12-27-1911, died 7-02-2004 - Son of Jacob W. and Frances C. Barnick Bucher b. Allegany NY d. Olean NY Vet-WWII US Army
BUCHER, Gertrude Anna. Born 1907, died 1912
BUCHER, Joseph A. Spouse of Anna M. Born 1873, died 1949
BUCHER, Joseph W. Born 1909, died 1984
BUCHER, Kathryn E. Born 1913, died 1991
BUCHER, Lula I. Wiles. Spouse of William C. Sr. Born 8-23-1908, died 3-23- 2001 - Born in Olean NY- Dau of Edward H. and Susan I. Riddle Wiles. Wed Mar. 5 1938
BUCHER, Mary. Spouse of William. Born 12-5-1841, died 11-20-1903
BUCHER, William. Spouse of Mary. Born 7-19-1839, died 4-22-1908
BUCHER, William C. Sr. Spouse of Lula I. Born 8-27-1909, died 1-25- 2001 - Son of Christian A. and Sophia Lippert Bucher- b. Allegany NY
BUCK, Ella. Spouse of Eugene. Born 1860, died 1948
BUCK, Eugene. Spouse of Ella. Born 1846, died 1924
BUDAJ, Cecelia Jane. Spouse of Mike Newton and Andrew Budaj. Born 3-17-1921, died 2-6-2008. Age: 86 - Dau of Peter L. and Mary Olewski-Niker Czajkowski
BUDZINSKI, Donald M. Spouse of Theresa Loskey. Born 6-14-1934, died 7-11-2015 - Son of Michael and Genevieve (Lontz) Budzinski, born in Salamanca NY. Wed 7-11-1959 (she survives) - Peacetime Vet, US Army 1955-57
BULKLEY, Ellen O'Brien. Spouse of George, died 1909
BULKLEY, George. Spouse of Ellen, died 1905 - Co. I 6th US Inft.
BUNK, Margaret M. Spouse of Stanley Sr. Born 6-18-1918, died 1-21-2001 - Dau of Elias and Yasmine Baaklini Eade Sr.- b. Olean NY. Wed Apri. 30 1945
BURGER, George K. Spouse of Reva B. Born 1911, died 4-12-1968 - Wed Nov. 5 1937
BURGER, John. Born 1876, died 1937
BURGER, Phoebe. Born 1880, died 1959
BURGER, Reva B. Wilson. Spouse of George K. Born 6-17-1909, died 5-20-2001 - Born in Willing NY- Dau of Cyrus and Loretta Sherwood Wilson
BURGESON, James R. Spouse of Nancy Hyde. Born 6-01-1953, died 2-18-2015 - Son of Willis E. and Marian (O'Shea) Burgeson, b. Titusville PA, d. unstated NY, Wed 3-13-2003 (she survives)
BURKE, Anna Marie. Spouse of Thomas J. Born 1906, died 1979
BURKE, Daniel. Spouse of Nell A. Born 1854, died 1912
BURKE, Eugene Patrick. Born 3-17-1933, died 12-19-1975 - AA US Navy Korea
BURKE, Hannah. Born 1863, died 7-29-1923
BURKE, Helen T. Born 6-24-1910, died 9-28-2004 - Dau of Patrick and Rose Ginnelly Burke "Sister Mary Andrew" Franciscan Sisters of Allegany NY b. Ireland d. Allegany NY
BURKE, Mary Andrew [Sister] -- see BURKE, Helen T.
BURKE, Mary Richard Sister OSF. Born 12-16-1916, died 11-3-2006 - Born in Brooklyn to Catherine E. Burke to Richard and Mary Ryan Burke took final vows Aug 16 1944
BURKE, Myles L. Spouse of Ruth M. Born 1910, died 1984 - US Army WW I
BURKE, Nell A. Spouse of Daniel. Born 1862, died 1935
BURKE, Peter J. Born 1873, died 1959
BURKE, Ruth M. Spouse of Myles L. Born 1902, died 1985
BURKE, Sophia. Born 1895, died 1915
BURKE, Thomas J. Spouse of Anna Marie. Born 1898, died 1963
BURLINGAME, Delia A. Spouse of Fred R. Born 1890, died 1944
BURLINGAME, Fred R. Spouse of Delia A. Born 1890, died 1950
BURNEAL, Anthony. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1861, died 1943
BURNEAL, Jane T. Spouse of Anthony. Born 1889, died 1966
BURNEAL, Mary A. Spouse of Anthony. Born 1853, died 1904 - [his wife]
BURNS, Anna. Born 1888, died 1912
BURNS, William R., died 4-29-1918
BURROWS, Sharon M. "Honey Abdo". Spouse of Thomas York Sr and Albert. Born 8-15-1944, died 2-26-2008 - Dau of James and Sally Praino Abdo wed 1st Thomas York Sr, 2nd Albert Burrows d 10-24-1977
BURTH, Lorena E. Born 1898, died 1983
BURTON, Dennis Herbert Stanley. Spouse of Margaret "Rita" Herlihy d. 2-16-1994. Born 8-14-1926, died 1-16-2007 - Born in London to James Herbert and Grace Violet Saunders Burton
BURTON, Margaret Teresa Herlihy. Spouse of Dennis Herbert Stanley. Born 12-7-1926, died 2-15-1994
BURTON, Robert W. Sr. Spouse of Margaret Ann S. Born 8-3-1936, died 6-8-2006 - Son of James and Helen Burton. Wed Nov. 14 1968
BUSH, Alice A. Spouse of Thomas H. BUSH. Born 8-23-1926, died 6-23-1011 - Dau of Bruno and Jessie (?) Andrews, born in Olean NY Wed 7-12-1947 at St. Mary of the Angels Ch in Olean NY
BUSH, Ann. Spouse of Simon Bush. Born 12-24-1921, died 8-2-1999
BUSH, Anthony. Born 1-24-1929, died 1-29-1929. Age: 5d - Son of Thomas and Anna Bush, Foley Rd, Olean
BUSH, Brenda Anne. Born 8-16-1960, died 1-4-1991 - Dau of Robert and Elvira Thurber Bush
BUSH, Ellizabeth B. "Betty". Spouse of Joseph P. Born 11-5-1920, died 2-9-2003 - Born in Portland Mills PA to Jacob and Mary Boroski Ruby.
BUSH, Frank A. Spouse of Viola Kolasinski Bush. Born 10-6-1904, died 10-13-1989 - Born in Poland the Son of Thomas and Anna Pikula Bush
BUSH, Joseph E. Spouse of Leah M. Born 1899, died 1981 - Pvt. US Marine Corps WW I
BUSH, Joseph P. Spouse of Elizabeth Ruby Bush. Born 10-7-1917, died 1-3-1998 - Wed Nov.16 1942 in Olean NY
BUSH, Leah M. Spouse of Joseph E. Born 1898, died 1968
BUSH, Margaret E. Spouse of William H. Born 12-14-1924, died 9-28-2015 - Dau of James & Mary (Pisconski) Nolan, b. Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 5-11-1944 in Salina KS (he d. 4-18-2002) -
BUSH, Simon. Spouse of Ann Pancio Bush, died 10-21-1970
BUSH, Stanley E. Spouse of Gladys M. PIERCE. Born 2-06-1924, died 8-29-2013 - Son of Martin and Monica (Giermack) Bush, born in Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 11-10-1944 in Olean NY (she survives)
BUSH, Thomas. Spouse of Anna Pikula Bush. Born 11/21/1883, died 10-22-1932 - Immigrated via Ellis Island on May 19, 1905
BUSH, Thomas H. Spouse of Alice A. QUATTRONE. Born 7-9-1926, died 9-26-2013 - Son of Joseph E. and Leah (Wilson) Bush, born in Olean NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 7-12-1947 in Olean NY (she d. 6-23-2011), Vet-WWII US Navy 1946-48
BUSH, Thomas J. Spouse of Mary Lou Forney Bush. Born 12-5-1936, died 8-21-1997
BUSH, Viola. Spouse of Frank A. Bush. Born 10-13-1912, died 3-26-1997
BUSH, Walter W. "Ed'. Spouse of Esther Mary Frances. Born 2-2-1926, died 2-17-2010. Age: 84 - Son of Martin and Monica Giermek Bush US Air Force Korean War
BUSHNELL, Elizabeth Rose "Betty". Spouse of Merle C. Born 5-5-1916, died 4-18-2008. Age: 91 - Born in St. Marys PA Dau of John and Frances Kordan Paar
BUSHNELL, Lucille. Spouse of Kenneth BUSHNELL. Born 8-27-1917, died 9-28-2011. Age: 94 - Dau of Anthony and Mary (?) Francella, born in Italy Wed in Trenton-NJ (he d. 2004)
BUSHNELL, Merle C. Spouse of Elizabeth Rose, died 12-25-1977 - Wed Aug 23 1942
BUTCHELLO, Daniel J. Sr. Spouse of Stephanie A. Born, died 9-8-1985 - Son of Guerino and Dorothy Hale Butchello wed Feb 6 1960 in Olean NY
BUTCHELLO, Dorothy H. Spouse of Guerino. Born 3-9-1918, died 4-16-2005 - Dau of Clinton and Myrtle Howard Hale
BUTCHELLO, Elizabeth Bonita. Born 4-14-1900, died 6-7-1905
BUTCHELLO, Guerino [Butch]. Spouse of Dorothy H., died 2-22-1976 - Wed July 20 1937. Owned L'Alcove Castle Inc.
BUTCHELLO, Stephanie A. Spouse of Daniel J. Sr. Born 2-6-1943, died 9-9-2002 - Dau of Stephen and Winifred Karl Rieger
BUTCHELLO, William D. Spouse of Mary C. SIMKO. Born 3-30-1939, died 4-7-2010 - Son of Guerin and Dorothy (Hale) Butchello, born in Olean NY Wed 12-05-1939 [sic --
BUTINSKI, Edward F. [Boots]. Spouse of Doris E. Blackman. Born 11-9-1920, died 8-30-2004 - Son of Frank and Rose Suda Butinski US Air Army Force WW II South Pacific. Wed July 7 1951
BUTINSKI, Robert. Spouse of Teodora C. Pisco. Born 3-14-1938, died 12-6-1999
BUTINSKI, Robert W. Spouse of Josephine "Joann" Woods. Born 6-17-1932, died 4-20-2015. Age: 82 - Son of John and Stephanie (Basik) Butinski, b. Brentwood PA, d. Olean NY, Wed 1-1957 (she d. 10-09-2008)
BUTLER, Elbert T. Spouse of Helena M. Born 1906, died 1969 - Pvt. US Army WW II
BUTLER, Harriet Elizabeth. Spouse of Mark Edward. Born 1-14-1921, died 11-18-2002 - Dau of Edwin Stuart and Shirley Hull Wakefield
BUTLER, Helena M. Spouse of Elbert T. Born 1900, died 1995
BUTLER, Mark Edward. Spouse of Harriet Elizabeth, died 2-26-1976 - Wed May 29 1939 in Hinsdale NY
BUTLER, Mavis ["Pat"]. Spouse of Leland BUTLER. Born 2-2-1924, died 8-2-2010. Age: 86 - Dau of Forrest and Marion (McIver) Blood, born in Milwaukee-WI Wed 2-12-1948 (he d. 2004), Vet-WWII US Navy WAVES Pharmacist Mate 3rd Cl
BUTTON, Frances. Spouse of Joseph, died 2-13-1878. Age: 72y 9m 28d
BUTTON, Joseph. Spouse of Frances, died 12-29-1892. Age: 72 - Co C NYS Dragons
BUTTS, George J. Spouse of Mildred C. Born 8-9-1909, died 12-19-2005 - Son of George A. and Helen Gersner Butts
BUTTS, Mildred C. Cartenuto. Spouse of George J. Born 3-6-1912, died 3-2-2008 - Born in Rochester Dau of Joseph V. and Ethel McCrae Cartenuto. Wed Aug 8 1935
BUTZOW, Evelyn M. Maier. Spouse of John W. Sr. Born 6-18-1907, died 7-5-2005. Age: 98 - Born in Chicago ILL Dau of Joseph and Margaret Mayer Maier
BYRD, Maddox Decimus. Born 6-28-2010, died 6-28-2010 - Son of Justin and Jennifer Anderson Byrd
BYRNE, Mary Lou ["Nina"]. Spouse of Michael H. Born 11-5-1946, died 8-16-2011 - Dau of Vincent and Mary Grace (DiCerbo) Marra, "Nina", born in Olean NY Wed 10-24-1970 at St. John's Ch
BYSIEK, Bernard John. Spouse of Isabelle " Belle" P. Born 12-4-1922, died 7-10-2007 - Son of John and Stefania Turek Bysiek US Army WW II played the accordion
BYSIEK, Edward J. Sr. Spouse of Loretta M. Born 1-30-1925, died 11-22-2009. Age: 84 - Son of John and Stefania Turek Bysiek US Army WW II m.Apr 19 1952
BYSIEK, Laura M. Spouse of Michael. Born 2-7-1933, died 1-20-2008 - Dau of Philip and Teresa Rossi Carnicelli. Wed June 20 1953
BYSIEK, Loretta M. Spouse of Edward J. Sr. Born 12-09-1930, died 11-19-2015. Age: 84y - Dau of Andrew & Rose Jusko, b. Salamanca NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 4-19-1952 in Salamanca NY (he d. 11-22-2009)
BYSIEK, Michael. Spouse of Laura Carnicelli. Born 2-25-1931, died 3-2-2013 - Son of John and Stephania [sic] (Turek) Bysiek, born in Olean NY Wed 6-20-1953 at St. John's Ch (she d. 1-20-2008)


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