Town of South Valley
On Brennan Road off of Sawmill Run Rd
This cemetery is surrounded by NYS Forest land.
Has 3 huge boulders blocking the road to the cemetery

Walked & Photo's by: Mary E. Bryant

BIETERMAN, Jospeh   born 3-21-1831  died 3-17-1892       
BRADLEY, Ann  spouse of Dennis/Arthur B  born 6-6-1829  died 3-20-1912      - b. County Down Ireland- "His Wife" 1st hus. Dennis Farrell  
BRADLEY, Arthur spouse of Ann born 1816 died 10-27-1872  age 56    - b. Ballycorian Coutny Down Ireland- d. South Valley Catt. Co. NY- "May his soul Rest in Peace"  
BRADLEY, Arthur A.    born 7-16-1838  died 8-28-1860  age 27    - b. Lansingburgh, Rensler Co. NY- d. South Valley NY  
BURNS, Michael    born 4-10-1831  died 6-30-1898       - b. Coutny Kilkenny Ireland- "Father"  
COLWELL, --------            - Stone laying down  
FARRELL, Dennis  spouse of Ann  born 1823 died ?       
FARRELL, John    born 1817 died 1900      - Stone Broken  
FERRIN, Ellen  spouse of Patrick  born 1820        - His Wife  
FERRIN, Patrick spouse of Ellen b born 1818 died 1893     
FITSPATRICK, Sarah A. spouse of William.    died 12-19-1880  age 25y 7m 9d    - Wife of  
FITZPATRICK, Mary             - No dates  
FRACKOWIAK, Stanley C    born 3-27-1905  died 12-7-1987       - In Loving Memory  
GIBSON, Leo   born 1889 died 1896     
GRIBBIN, Catherine  spouse of John    died 8-9-1888  age 60    - Mother"- Monument erected by J.C. Gribbin in Memory of his Father & Mother  
GRIBBIN, John  spouse of Catherine   died 7-30-1900  age 77    - Father"- Monument erected by J.C. Gribbin in Memory of his Father & Mother  
GRIBBIN, Michael   born 9-24-1864  died 9-3-1901       - In Memory of"- "Rest in Peace"- erected by his brother Henry  
HALA, A.S.?    born 1887 died 1905 age 28    - hard to read  
KELWASKI, John   born 1850 died 1918      - His original headstone was broken and he now has a metal cross as a marker with his information on it 
LAUGHLIN, Anna Maria spouse of James  born 11-14-1851  died 2-5-1902      - nee Cargill "Wife of - "Rest in Peace"  
LAUGHLIN, Barnard  spouse of Catherine  born 1831        - Father" born in Ireland  
LAUGHLIN, Catherine    born 1873 died 1945      - dau of Barnard & Catherine Laughin  
LAUGHLIN, Catherine  spouse of Barnard  born 1836 died 5-18-1908      - Mother" born in Ireland  
LAUGHLIN, Clarence    born 7-7-1886 died 9-19-1892       
LAUGHLIN, Diamous   born 1867 died 1913      - son of John & Eliza Laughin  
LAUGHLIN, Eliza  spouse of John  born 1828 died 1915      - born in Ireland  
LAUGHLIN, James spouse of Anna M born 1845 died ?       - born in Ireland  
LAUGHLIN, John  spouse of Eliza  born 1829 died 1906      - born in Ireland  
LAUGHLIN, John F.    born 1857 died 1939      - son of Barnard & Catherine Laughin  
LAUGHLIN, Maggie T.   born 1873   age 44y 17d     - dau of James and Ann Laughin  
LAUGHLIN, Rose McGinnis    born 1868 died 1895     
LAUGHLIN, William   born 1864 died 1942      - son of John & Eliza Laughin  
McCANN, Arthur  spouse of Bridget  born 10-26-1818  died 10-6-1873      - b. Bandbridge Ireland- d. Onoville NY- "We only know that thou hast gone   
McCANN, Bridget  spouse of Arthur McCann  born 3-20-1831  died 4-10-1883      - b. Hiltown Ireland- d. Onoville NY- "Wife of"  
McCANN, Mary J.    born 5-13-1863  died 3-21-1878      - She has left us lone and weary Dropping on her grave a tear Dau. of John McCann  
McCANN, Samuel J.   born 9-21-1876  died 3-26-1878       - Son of John McCann  
McCONNILLE, Bridget    born 11-8-1800        - b. Ireland  
McLINDON, Bernard   born 1845 died 1922     
McLINDON, Elizabeth    born 1864 died 1935     
McPOLAND, Ann   born 5-1-1835  died 6-29-1872      - May their Souls rest in Peace" Erected by John McPoland  
McPOLAND, John  spouse of Katherine  born 9-25-1830        - May their Souls rest in Peace" Erected by John McPoland  
McPOLAND, John M.  spouse of Susan  born 1-1-1853  died 7-9-1872       - May their Souls rest in Peace" Erected by John McPoland  
McPOLAND, Susan  spouse of John M.  born 2-26-1852  died 7-25-1872       - May their Souls rest in Peace" Erected by John McPoland  
McPOLIN, Anna B.  spouse of Murty  born 1864 died 1935      - His Wife  
McPOLIN, Murty  spouse of Anna B.  born 1849 died 1927     
MURPHY, -----  spouse of Barnard    died ?       - Stone Broken can't read  
MURPHY, Alice M.   born 1862 died 1888 age 26    - Dau. of John C. & Mary Murphy Broken Stone  
MURPHY, Barnard  spouse of ? born 1798 died 11-11-1886?      - b. Ireland County Down Broken Stone  
MURPHY, Catherine    born 11-14-1805        - b. Ireland County Down sister of James   
MURPHY, Catherine  spouse of Matthew  born 1856 died 1904      - Rest in Peace"- "Mother  
MURPHY, Hugh    born 1863 died 9-7-1892       - Stone laying down son of John C. & Mary Murphy  
MURPHY, James    born 5-10-1807        - b. Ireland County Down brother of Catherine  
MURPHY, John T.    born 9-7-1865  died 1-14-1888       - Stone laying down son of John C. & Mary Murphy  
MURPHY, Mathew    born 1844          - son of Barnard &   
MURPHY, Peter     died 3-4-1874  age 63    - b. Ireland  
MURPHY, Rose    born 4-22-1873  died 6-19-1880      - Stone laying down Dau. of John C. & Mary Murphy  
PROCTOR, Kathleen M.    born 1943 died 1992     
SMITH, James  spouse of Margaret  born 6-11-1810 died 4-8-1883      - b. County Monaghan Ireland  
SMITH, Margaret spouse of James  born 1815 died ?      - b. County Monaghan Ireland  
STEVEN, James   born 1859 died 1861     
STEVEN, Mary    born 1852 died 1855     
STEVEN, Peter    born 1868 died 1869     
UNKNOWN,    born 2-4-1875  died 1899      - Broken Stone  

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