AKA: Napoli Cemetery & Napoli Corners Cemetery
Hardscrabble Road & Intersection of Manley Hill Road
Updated using the Napoli Cemetery Association Records

Walked & Compiled by PHGS Members: Sandra & Norm McIntyre

Photos by Norm McIntyre

ABERS, Alma E. (Boyce) Marvin spouse of Emery G. born 1860 died 10-24-1933 age 73 Dau of David Freeman and Caroline E. (Merchant) Boyce.
ABERS, Alta B. (York) spouse of Carl born 7-22-1897 died 3-15-1978 Sister of Lillian Marvin
ABERS, Carl spouse of #1 ?, #2 Alta B. born 4-2-1892 died 6-11-1986 Son of Emery & Hattie (French) Abers
ABERS, Emery G. spouse of #1 Hattie French, #2 Alma E. (Boyce) Marvin born 1857 died 7-22-1933 age 76
ABERS, Richard born 5-8-1928 died 6-3-1928 Son of Carl Abers
ACKERS, Mary spouse of Rev. John died 4-21-1859 age 87
AKERLY, Nancy spouse of Rev. Samuel born 4-6-1799 died 12-7-1859
AKERLY, Samuel Rev. spouse of Nancy born 7-6-1798 died 6-21-1871
ALLEN, Clara L. Thomas W. born 1854 died 1920 Born in Jeffeson Co NY. At least two children.
ALLEN, Delora A. spouse of S.C. died 2-8-1880 age 23
ALLEN, Ella M. died 1873
ALLEN, Henry spouse of Nancy died 1861 age 90 Born in Rhode Island. War of 1812
ALLEN, Lola C. (Morse) Thomas W. died 1-17-1867 age 37 Two children.
ALLEN, Nancy spouse of Henry died 1861 age 73
ALLEN, Ora W. born 2-4-1880 died 9-1-1895 Son of S.C. Allen
ALLEN, Thomas W. #1 Lola C. Morse, #2 Clara L. born 1826 died 1889 Born in Rhode Island. Civil War Vet, Co C 13th Hvy Arty NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 8-1864 at Buffalo for one year. Mustered out with detachment 6-21-1865 at Norfolk VA.
ALLWOOD, Helen spouse of Leon born 11-2-1914 died 1-17-1998
ALLWOOD, Joyce E. died 5-24-1942 age 6hrs
ALLWOOD, Leon born 4-1905 died 12-8-1986
ALTENBURG, E.E. died 9-18-1854 age 37
ALTENBURG, Stellah E. died 6-25-1855 age 6 Dau of E.F. & Elvira Altenburg
ARCHIBLE, William T. died 10-18-1856 age 10
ASHLEY, Ceylon L. born 1913 died 1913
ASHLEY, Hattie (Wright) spouse of Paul 12-14-1902 28 Died in Napoli NY. Wed abt 1901, no children
ASHLEY, James Knox Polk spouse of Ophelia A. Eldredge born 1843 died 3-25-1911 Born in Cayuga Co NY, died in Napoli NY. At least hree children. Civil War Vet, Co B 75th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 9-1861 at Port Byron for three years. Captured in action 9-8-1863 at Sabine Pass TX, paroled, no date. Mustered out 11-25-1864 at Auburn NY.
ASHLEY, Lina O born 1907 died 1918 Dau of Paul & Anna Ashley
ASHLEY, Ophelia A. (Eldredge) spouse of James K.P. born 1846 died 1-20-1928 age 81 At least three children.
BAILEY, Edward J spouse of Gertrude J. born 9-12-1890 died 9-19-1962 WW I
BAILEY, Estle spouse of Margaret Willa Shenefiel born 12-26-1924 died 5-16-1982 Son of Edward & Gertrude J. Bailey WW II Vet, US Army
BAILEY, Gertrude J spouse of Edward born 1893 died 1-29-1953 age 59y 5m 4d
BAILEY, John O born 6-3-1930 died 1-26-1996 Son of Edward & Gertrude J. Bailey Korean War Vet, US Army
BAILEY, Julina (Thompson) spouse of William W. died 6-22-1929 age 68
BAILEY, William W. spouse of Julina T born 1858 died 9-15-1914 age 56
BAIN, Andrew spouse of Gertrude Whitcomb died 6-23-1933 age 42y 2m 27d
BAIN, Gertrude (Whitcomb) spouse of Andrew died 4-17-1952 age 61y 9m 5d
BAIN, Vivian died 11-16-1914 age 1d dau of Andrew & Gertrude (Whitcomb) Bain
BAKER, Sarah D. died 10-5-1840 age 31
BARBER, Anna born 1852 died 1904
BARBER, Austin died 6-12-1927 age 62 Son of Soloman Barber
BARBER, Benjamin M. spouse of Mercy M. born 11-14-1819 died 10-29-1898 Son of Ezekiel Barber
BARBER, Charles born 1856 died 1910
BARBER, Charlie died 12-3-1908 age 78
BARBER, Dorcus Weaver (Armstrong) Solomon born 2-14-1828 died 6-25-1898 Dau of George and Sarah Carr (Remington) Armstrong. Born in Newport Co RI, died in Napoli NY.
BARBER, Edwin age 9m Twin
BARBER, Elizabeth E. spouse of W.R. born 1840 died 1900
BARBER, Ida Dau of Anna Barber. Died in childhood
BARBER, J. Howard died 1-27-1932 age 27
BARBER, Louisa spouse of Palmer P. born 1818 died 1890 Born in Rhode Island
BARBER, Margaret (Edgar) spouse of Palmer P. died 10-8-1907 age 68
BARBER, Mercy M spouse of Benjamin M. born 1831 died 1879
BARBER, Palmer P. spouse of #1 Louisa, #2 Margaret Edgar born 1811 died 1905 Born in Rhode Island
BARBER, Raymond S spouse of Zillah S. died 1-4-1969
BARBER, Soloman Dorcas W. Armstrong born 9-16-1825 died 10-14-1907 Son of Ezekiel and Content (Palmer) Barber. Born in Washington Co RI, died in Napoli NY. Civil War Vet, Co E 9th Cav NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 8-1862 at Napoli for three years. Discharged for disability 12-13-1862 at Armory Square Hospital, Washington DC. (Carried as Salom Barber)
BARBER, Susie Dau of Austin
BARBER, William spouse of Elizabeth E. born 1832 died 1904 Civil War Vet, Co 7th RIV NYS Vols
BARBER, Zillah S. spouse of Raymond S. born 10-1891 died 4-18-1968
BARNES, Harry born 1904 died 1960
BARREROS, James L. born 1921 died 1977
BARTH, Frank H. spouse of Sophia born 5-25-1897 died 5-13-1980
BATTLES, Benjamin C. spouse of Nancy M. died 2-16-1882 age 60 Civil War Vet, Co C 13th Hvy Arty NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 9-1864 at Leon for one year. Discharged 6-21-1865 at NorfolK VA.
BATTLES, Hannah died 12-2-1852 Dau of Benjamin & Nancy Battles
BATTLES, Nancy M. spouse of Benjamin C. died 6-20-1857 age 32
BAXTER, Sarah spouse of Jonathan died 3-4-1862 age 42
BEARDSLEY, Maria (Boardman) spouse of #1 Joseph H. Miller, #2 Peter Beardsley 1804 died 5-22-1873 age 69 Born in Onondaga Co NY, died in Nebraska
BEARDSLEY, Peter spouse of Maria Boardman 9-2-1795 died 2-2-1878 age 77 Son of S. Wheeler Beardsley. Born and died in Catt Co NY.
BEARDSLEY, Salmon Wheeler 1788 died 12-25-1872 Born in Fairfield Co CT, died in Little Valley NY. Pioneer settler (1823) War of 1812 Vet
BENEDICT, Lucy spouse of Moses died 11-6-1845 age 89
BENNET, Sarah spouse of Eden died 1841 age 24
BENNET, Sarah W. died 1847 age 6 Dau of Edgar & Sarah Bennet
BIGLER, Nancy (Bushnell) spouse of Nicholas born 4-1-1835 died 9-9-1865
BIGLER, Nicholas spouse of Nancy B died 4-8-1915 age 86
BIGLER, Sarah spouse of Jonathan died 3-4-1852 age 42
BISHOP, George A. born 1922 died 1997 WW II Vet
BLAKE, Amelia B. spouse of George born 1851 died 1917
BLAKE, George H. spouse of Amelia B. born 1842 died 1903
BLAKE, Westel died 2-1-1908 age 63
BLODGETT, Benjamin Dr. died 8-21-1832 age 84
BOARDMAN, A. Lovinus [Lovinus] spouse of #1 Ursula J. Harris, #2 Louella Harris born 5-29-1855 died 11-23-1912 Son of Loren and Olive G. (Burbank) Boardman. Born, lived, and died in Napoli NY. Wives were sisters. One son, mother unclear.
BOARDMAN, Alida (Waite) [Lida] spouse of Otis born 9-30-1874 died 10-8-1933 Dau of George and Adeline (Jones) Waite. Born and died in Napoli NY. Wed 9-2-1897, five children
BOARDMAN, Alphonzo J. spouse of #1 Martha, #2 Nellie Gray born 8-16-1839 died 1913 Son of Nelson & Phelena J Boardman. Wed Martha 12-15-1863 Civil War Vet, Co B 64th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 8-1861 at Randolph for three years. Discharged for disability 8-29-1862 at Philadelphia PA.
BOARDMAN, Betsey Emogene (Higbee) spouse of Chauncey born 10-1841 died 5-24-1917 75 Dau of Sanford and Polly (Luce) Higbee. Born in new Albion NY, died in Napoli NY. Wed 10-17-1861, eight children.
BOARDMAN, Chauncey spouse of Betsey E. Higbee born 2-24-1836 died 4-14-1926 90 Son of Timothy and Hannah (Jaynes) Boardman. Born in Napoli NY, died in Cold Spring NY. Wed 10-17-1861, eight children.
BOARDMAN, David died 3-4-1843 age 28
BOARDMAN, Elijah spouse of Elizabeth Pratt A deacon of the Presbyterian church at Napoli Corners
BOARDMAN, Elizabeth (Pratt) spouse of Elijah died 8-24-1857 age 77 Dau of Jotham Pratt
BOARDMAN, Ethel L. born 1893 died 1960
BOARDMAN, Etna Fern (Shurtleff) #1 ?, #2 ?, #3 Otis Boardman born 1887 died 9-20-1952 Born in St. Lawrence Co NY, died in Randolph NY.
BOARDMAN, Frank C. born 8-31-1874 died 4-19-1957 Son of Alfonzo J. & Martha Boardman
BOARDMAN, Fred born 1858 died 1886 son of Loren & Olive Boardman
BOARDMAN, Gerald W. born 1911 died 1913 Son of Otis & Lida Waite Boardman
BOARDMAN, Hannah (Jaynes) spouse of Timothy born 9-11-1795 died 7-1884 age 88 At least three children.
BOARDMAN, Harley died 1977 Ashes between Lot 4 and 5
BOARDMAN, Henry C. born 1839 died 1904 Civil War Vet, Co B 64th Inf NYS Vols, 2/Lt. Enlisted 9-1861 at Randolph for three years. Transferred to VRC 7-1-1863. Commissioned, not mustered, second Lt. 7-26-1865
BOARDMAN, Leicester born 1807 died 1841 Son of Timothy & Rachel (Hopkins) Boardman. Born in Onondaga Co NY.
BOARDMAN, LeLand Jaynes Dr. spouse of Maggie Waite 5-15-1884 died 4-17-1967 Son of Chauncey & Betsy (Higbee) Boardman
BOARDMAN, Lelia died 2-8-1883 age 2 Dau of Chauncey & Betsy (Higbee) Boardman
BOARDMAN, Louella C. (Harris) spouse of A. Lovinus born 6-1859 died 1929 Dau of Warren S. and Jane M. (Clark) Harris. Born in Wisconsin.
BOARDMAN, Lucy (Allcocks) spouse of Richard 2nd Wife
BOARDMAN, Mabel F. born 1877 died 1961
BOARDMAN, Maggie W. (Waite) spouse of Dr. LeLand J. died 12-31-1973 age 91
BOARDMAN, Marcia (Rich) born 1859 died 1942
BOARDMAN, Martha L. spouse of Alfonzo J. born 1842 died 8-14-1888 Wed 12-15-1863
BOARDMAN, Mary died 3-21-1849 Dau of Hannah & Alanson
BOARDMAN, Nellie E. Grey spouse of Alfonzo J. born 1871 died 1956
BOARDMAN, Nelson F. spouse of Phelena J born 1809 died 1883
BOARDMAN, Otis spouse of #1 Alida Waite, #2, Etna Shurtleff, #3 Edna R. Brown, #4 Clara Oakes born 3-6-1878 died 12-19-1956 Son of Chancey & Betsy E. (Higbee) Boardman. Wed Lida 9-2-1897, five children. One other child, prob with Etna.
BOARDMAN, Phelena J spouse of Nelson F. born 1807 died 1895 nee Jones or Janes
BOARDMAN, Rachel (Hopkins) spouse of Timothy 1785 died 4-1827 Dau of Judah and Hannah Hopkins. Wed 1805, six children
BOARDMAN, Ray born 1883 died 1883
BOARDMAN, Richard spouse of Lucy A born 1769 died 1846
BOARDMAN, Timothy spouse of #1 Rachel Hopkins, #2 Hannah Jaynes born 10-2-1781 died 10-1841 Son of Elijah who came from Otisco NY (Rachel's Bio states he is son of Timothy and Dorothy Case Boardman). Five children with Rachel and three with Hannah.
BOARDMAN, Timothy Scott died 3-28-1865 age 22 Civil War DOW, Co F and H, 64th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt.. Enlisted 8-1861 at Napoli for three years. Wounded and captured in action on 8-25-1864 at Reams Station VA. Transferred to Company H 11-3-1864. Paroled, no date. Died of his wounds 3-28-1865 at Annapolis, MD.
BOARDMAN, Ursula (Harris) spouse of A. Lovinus born 1854 died 1883 Dau of Warren S. and Jane M. (Clark) Harris.
BOOTH, Alice spouse of Lymon born 1825 died 1852
BOOTH, Alonzo spouse of Amanda M. Ballard born 10-13-1840 died 10-12-1929 age 88 Son of Joseph & Abigail (Holdridge) Booth
BOOTH, Amanda Martha (Ballard) spouse of Alonzo born 12-1-1843 died 1-11-1928 age 84
BOOTH, Amasa spouse of Sarah F. born 1787 died 8-31-1848 age 61 Son of Joseph & Betsy Cely (Smith) Booth Jr. A Deacon
BOOTH, DeVerre Alonzo spouse of Sarah born 1880 died 1-8-1919 age 38 Son of Alonzo & Amanda (Ballard) Booth
BOOTH, Eliza spouse of Alden died 6-23-1835
BOOTH, Emma J. born 1847 died 1948
BOOTH, Josiah spouse of Lydia Ballard born 1779 died 1854 Son of Joseph & Betsy Cely (Smith) Booth
BOOTH, Lydia (Ballard) spouse of Josiah born 1798 died 1882
BOOTH, Mariette M. spouse of Orin born 4-10-1824 died 5-22-1896
BOOTH, Mary Sophia spouse of G. died 3-13-1861 age 28
BOOTH, Orin spouse of Mariette M. born 10-4-1812 died 2-2-1885
BOOTH, Orlando S. born 1844 died 1912 Son of David & Sarah Booth Civil War Vet, Co F 9th Cav NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 9-1864 at Chenango for one year. Mustered out 7-14-1865 at Rochester NY.
BOOTH, Orris died 5-1-1847 age 6m
BOOTH, Orvia Dau of George & Sophia
BOOTH, Sarah F. Waite spouse of Amasa born 5-12-1788 died 7-31-1860 Dau of Stephen & Jrima Babcock Waite
BRAINARD, Albert died 3-8-1876 age 72
BRAINARD, Marcus born 1843 died 1865 Civil War Vet, Btry H 112th Hvy Arty PA Vols (AKA 2nd Hvy Arty), Pvt. Mustered in 1-26-1863, discharged by General Order 7-3-1865.
BRAMAN, Bartimus Elder died 4-8-1868 age 82
BRAMAN, Harvey died 1-15-1839 age 21 Son of Elder & Sally Braman
BRAMAN, Sally spouse of Elder died 2-23-1858 age 67
BRIDENBAKER, Claude J. spouse of Ruth & Clara born 4-24-1930 died 4-20-2006 age 75 Son of Edward & Martha (Chaffee) Bridenbaker Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
BRIDENBAKER, Ruth (Press) spouse of Claude J. born 1929 died 1984
BRINK, Eunice spouse of Harrison died 10-29-1880 age 56
BRINK, Harrison spouse of Eunice died 1891 age 69
BRINK, Harvey spouse of Mary Jane Sackeider died 9-12-1910 age 91
BRINK, Jacob died 1861 age 37
BRINK, Mary Jane (Sackeider) spouse of Harvey born 9-3-1838 died 1-28-1921
BROWN, Addie A. spouse of Charles D. born 1842 died 1883
BROWN, Albert E. born 1867 died 1950 Son of Charles D & Addie Brown
BROWN, Charles D. spouse of Addie A. born 1837 died 1898
BROWN, Charles S. born 4-7-1836 died 10-10-1909
BROWN, Clarissa born 5-9-1836 died 12-1-1903
BROWN, David spouse of Sally died 4-1-1848 age 55
BROWN, Emily spouse of James M. born 1816 died 1855
BROWN, Fannie born 1870 died 1870
BROWN, Frank W. born 1874 died 1925 Son of Charles D & Addie Brown
BROWN, Fred C. born 1875 died 1929 Son of Charles D & Addie Brown
BROWN, James born 1843 died 1894
BROWN, Leonard
BROWN, Marietta C. spouse of J.M. born 1824 died 1851
BROWN, Mary born 1896 died 1896 Dau of Sarah
BROWN, Mary spouse of James born 1847 died 1923
BROWN, Millie born 1889 died 1889
BROWN, Ray born 1895 died 1896 Son of Sarah & C. Brown
BROWN, Ray born 1879 died 1879 Twin to Roy
BROWN, Roy born 1879 died 1879 Twin to Ray
BROWN, Sally spouse of David died 12-17-1861 age 61
BROWN, Sarah born 7-15-1821 died 4-15-1888
BROWN, Sarah M. spouse of Clayton born 12-18-1857 died 1-5-1923
BROWN, Seeley born 1890 died 1890
BROWN, Susan born 1832 died 1853
BRYANT, Andrew H. spouse of Viola R. born 11-12-1908 died 3-29-1988 Son of Rollie H. & Martha C. (Langvine) Bryant
BRYANT, Daniel W. born 1787 died 1864
BRYANT, Druzilla Ann (Ballard) spouse of Ira T. born 1835 died 1913 Dau of Jacob H. and Ruth Ballard
BRYANT, Ethel spouse of Orrie born 1905 died 1927
BRYANT, Flora (Spack) born 1908 died Jan-58
BRYANT, Henrietta M. spouse of Leroy E. born 1-21-1903 died 1-1994 Dau of George M. & Millam M. (Taylor) Crandall
BRYANT, Ira T. spouse of Druzilla Ann Ballard born 1823 died 1899
BRYANT, Lee died 11-12-1956 age 54
BRYANT, Leroy Earle spouse of Henrietta M. born 4-27-1900 died 11-6-1981
BRYANT, Lester J born 1867 died 1941 Son of William & Mahala J. (Ballard) Bryant
BRYANT, Mahala J. (Ballard) spouse of William born 1833 died 1894 Dau of Jacob H. and Ruth Ballard
BRYANT, Martha G. (Langbine) spouse of Rollie H. born 1883 died 1918
BRYANT, Mildred A. born 8-2-1915 died 2-22-1980 Dau of Rollie H. & Martha (Longbine) Bryant
BRYANT, Nellie spouse of William born 1882 died 1-13-1933
BRYANT, Nettie F born 1871 died 1927
BRYANT, Orrie A spouse of Ethel died 12-7-1953 age 49 Son of Lester Bryant
BRYANT, Rollie H. spouse of Martha G. (Langbine) born 1880 died 1943 Son of Ira T & Druzilla Ann (Ballard) Bryant
BRYANT, Sally died 3-4-1864 age 6wks Dau of Ira T & Druzilla Ann (Ballard) Bryant
BRYANT, Violet R. Carr spouse of Andy born 1909
BRYANT, William spouse of Nellie born 1870 died 1945 Son of Ira T & Druzilla Ann Ballard Bryant
BRYANT, William I. spouse of Makala J born 1828 died 1907
BUCHANAN, Sarah (Livingston) spouse of Thomas died 9-23-1843 age 74 Born in Ireland
BUCHANAN, Thomas spouse of Sarah L died 9-23-1853 age 86
BUCK, Lois (Abbott) spouse of Silas 12-11-1779 died 7-15-1844 age 63 William and Mabel (Whittlesey) Abbott. Born in Grafton Co NH, died in Napoli NY. Ten children.
BUCK, Sarah Unreadable
BUCK, Silas spouse of Lois Abbott 4-22-1782 died 12-23-1863 age 81 Son of Amasa and Sybil (Hibbard) Buck. Born in Windham Co CT, died in Napoli NY. Ten children
BURR, Frankie E. (Bryant) spouse of George M. 3-1863 died 1-23-1926 age 62 Four children
BURR, George Melvin spouse of Frankie E. Bryant 1864 died 3-31-1938 age 74 Born in Catt Co NY, died in Jamestown NY. Four children
BURROUGHS, Arnie Laroy Carrie L Sweet born 3-16-1866 died 2-7-1945 Son of Laroy and Philinda (Everts) Burroughs. Born in New Albion NY. Two children
BURROUGHS, Carrie L (Sweet) Arnie L. born 10-27-1864 died 1908 Dau of Luther and Laura Jane (Hillebret) Sweet. Born in Bradford Co PA. Two children
BURROUGHS, Clara Anette (Waite) spouse of Kent L. 7-31-1889 died 1-4-1981 age 91 Dau of Emmett B. Waite and J. Belle Brown. Born in Napoli NY, died in Salamanca NY.
BURROUGHS, Kent Laroy spouse of Clara A. (Waite) born 1-19-1891 died 1-23-1969 Son of Arnie L. and Carrie L. (Sweet) Burroughs. An educator for 39+ years. Born in Salamanca NY, died in Orange Co FL.
BURROUGHS, Lewis born 1828 died 1857 Son of Loren & Meribah Burroughs
BURROUGHS, Louisa (Boardman) spouse of Selah born 1813 died 1842 1st Wife
BURROUGHS, Martin Dwight 2-15-1842 6-5-1866
BURROUGHS, Meribah Boardman spouse of Loren born 1808 died 1852
BURROUGHS, Richard born 1769 died 1846
BURROUGHS, Steven No Stone
BURROUGHS, Theodora Blanche born 11-21-1893 died 1-7-1972 Dau of Arnie L. and Carrie L. (Sweet) Burroughs. Born in New Albion NY, died in Salamanca NY. Wrote "Burroughs Family of Enfield, CT"
BURT, Effie (Wright) Mosher spouse of John L. born 1866 died 1949
BURT, Emma B. spouse of Jairus born 1838 died 1918
BURT, Jairus N. spouse of Emma B. born 1828 died 1906
BURT, John L. spouse of Effie Mosher born 1866 died 1914 At least one son.
BURT, Oliver Pomeroy spouse of Thankful Clark 6-1-1786 died 1-17-1864 age 77 Son of Samuel & Charity (Pomeroy) Burt. Born in Hampshire Co MA. Household had six children (2 boys, 4 girls) in 1840 Napoli census
BURT, Ralph Lee spouse of Zita born 5-5-1905 died 6-8-1988 Son of John L. Effie (Wright) Burt.
BURT, Thankful (Clark) spouse of Oliver P. died 8-1-1858 age 71
BURT, Zita spouse of Ralph born 12-28-1907 died 9-9-1973
BUSHNELL, Amasa Sr. spouse of Prudence Holcomb born 6-13-1765 died 8-19-1841 Son of Daniel and Hannah Bushnell. Born in Saubrook CT, died in Napoli NY. Came to Napoli in 1826. Wed 12-27-1792 in Granby CT, 10 children. Father was Rev War soldier Daniel Bushnell.
BUSHNELL, Andrew J. born 3-23-1830 died 5-19-1855 Son of A. & M. Bushnell
BUSHNELL, Ashbel born 1805 died 1880
BUSHNELL, Autumn died 10-31-1968
BUSHNELL, Chauncey Smith spouse of #1 Emeline Woodworth, #2 Waity born 9-4-1808 died 11-5-1881 age 76 Born in Litchfield NY. Waity Parks Crounse Crouse? d. 5-15-1852
BUSHNELL, Clarence Jay born 10-15-1874 died 1933 Son of Chauncy and Emeline (Woodworth) Bushnell
BUSHNELL, Cynthia spouse of Elias born 1832 died 1904
BUSHNELL, Edna born 1832 died 1853
BUSHNELL, Elias spouse of Cynthia born 12-30-1817 died 6-28-1909
BUSHNELL, Emeline (Woodworth) spouse of Chauncey born 3-15-1811 died 12-27-1880
BUSHNELL, Francis Frank W. born 12-4-1846 died 5-29-1909 son of Chauncy and Emeline (Woodworth) Bushnell
BUSHNELL, Frank M. born 1917 died 1997
BUSHNELL, Harriet died 7-24-1862 age 13 Dau of Elias & Sarah Bushnell
BUSHNELL, Harriett (Willsie) [Hattie] born 1-18-1846 died 10-11-1908 nee Willsie
BUSHNELL, Hattie S. died 2-18-1811 age 6 Dau of Elias and Cynthia Bushnell
BUSHNELL, Ida M. born 9-2-1864 died 2-18-1865 Dau of Loren & Mary Bushnell
BUSHNELL, Josiah spouse of Juliana died 2-22-1841 age 41
BUSHNELL, Juliana spouse of Josiah died 9-8-1888 age 85
BUSHNELL, June Campbel born 1922 died 1979
BUSHNELL, Lauren S. spouse of Mary D. born 1-3-1831 died 2-3-1901 Son of Chauncey & Emeline Bushnell
BUSHNELL, Luella I. died 9-30-1856 age 2 Dau of Alburn Bushnell
BUSHNELL, Lulina Pope spouse of Ashbel born 1825 died 1922 2nd Wife
BUSHNELL, Lyman spouse of Mary A. Peaslee born 1837 died 1921
BUSHNELL, Martha spouse of Ashbel died 3-3-1869
BUSHNELL, Martin Dwight 2-15-1842 died 6-5-1866 age 24 Son of Chauncey S. and Emmaline (Woodworth) Bushnell. Born in Napoli NY, died in Trumbull OH. Civil War Vet, Co H 154th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Enlisted 8-1862 at Napoli for three years. Wounded in action 6-23-1864 at culp's Farm GA. Discharged for disability 8-12-1865 at Central Park Hosp, New York City.
BUSHNELL, Mary A. (Peaslee) spouse of Lyman born 1838 died 1882
BUSHNELL, Mary D. spouse of Lauren born 5-18-1840 died 10-13-1885
BUSHNELL, Nellie M. died 2-18-1871 age 2 Dau of Elias & Cynthia Bushnell
BUSHNELL, Prudence (Holcomb) spouse of Amasa Sr. born 2-27-1775 died 5-1-1858 age 84 Wed 12-27-1792 in Granby CT, 10 children
BUSHNELL, Ruby born 1868 died 1910
BUSHNELL, Sarah spouse of Elias died 11-4-1861 age 38
BUSHNELL, Vera born 1900 died 1901
CASE, Arthur Russell Jr. died 1921 Son of Arthur R. and Marjorie (Waite) Case Sr. Only one date.
CASE, Arthur Russell Sr. spouse of Marjorie Waite born 11-21-1894 died 5-7-1976 At least one son WW II Vet, US Army, Cpl
CASE, Marjorie (Waite) spouse of Arthur R. Sr. born 5-7-1891 died 3-19-1966 At least one son
CASE, William born 1795 died 1881
CASLER, Grace T. born 1877 died 1937
CHAMPLIN, Amy Ann (Kenyon) spouse of Erastus G. born 1829 died 1907
CHAMPLIN, Bertrand Frank [BF] spouse of Mary E. Hoxie born 6-9-1872 died 7-25-1962 Born in Napoli NY, died in Pinellas Co FL. Wed 8-22-1895 in Catt Co NY - Lot 100, grave 3
CHAMPLIN, Erastus G. Amy A. Kenyon born 1826 died 1903 Born in RI.
CHAMPLIN, Ella (Bushnell) spouse of George A. born 1852 died 1930
CHAMPLIN, George A. born 1850 died 1922
CHAMPLIN, Mary Ellen (Hoxie) spouse of Bertrand F. born 3-17-1874 died 8-30-1952 Wed 8-22-1895 in Catt Co NY
CHAMPLIN, Mary E. (Morrell) Frank born 11-16-1850 died 3-11-1892 Born and died in Napoli NY. Wed abt 1870.
CHAMPLIN, Minnie B born 1827 died 1889
CHERRY, Florence M. (Ullman) spouse of Robert A. born 6-12-1919 died 12-5-1999 age 80 Dau of Roy & Viola (Talcott) Ullman b. Napoli NY
CHERRY, James R. Spouse of Alberta Marsh Born 9-22-1939 Died 9-29-2010 Age 71y Son of Robert & Florence (Ullman) Cherry, b. Napoli NY Wed 6-13-1981 Vet-US Army 1958-60
CHERRY, John born 1835 died 1926
CHERRY, Mary J. born 1895 died 1904 Dau of William Cherry
CHERRY, Minie C. spouse of William born 1873 died 1947
CHERRY, Robert spouse of Florence M. Ullman born 9-25-1900 died 1-26-1973
CHERRY, William John born 1865 died 1958
CHURCH, Julia (Bushnell) Alfred born 9-6-1840 died 10-3-1904 Dau of Josiah and Julianna (Hemenay) Bushnell.
CLARK, Benjamin Diana Shaw 7-3-1768 died 1-8-1840 age 71 Son of Simeon and Betsey (Hall) Clark. Born in Cheshire Co NH, died in Cattaraugus Co NY. At least five children.
CLARK, Huldah spouse of Giles died 5-4-1838 age 77
COLAVITO, Michael A. spouse of Nancy Perrault born 8-10-1925 died 1-6-2000 Uncategorized Vet
CONGDON, Beatrice Amy born 1918 died 7-3-1974 Dau of Fred and Lillian M. Congdon.
CONGDON, Benjamin Mary Kinyon born 1788 died 1-8-1881 Eight children. War of 1812 Vet
CONGDON, Benjamin Franklin spouse of Frances M. Wilcox born 1844 died 1-14-1904 Son of William H.K. and Elizabeth M. (Miller) Congdon. At least three children.
CONGDON, Caroline Elizabeth born 12-6-1832 died 3-13-1920 88 Dau of Benjamin and Mary (Kinyon) Congon. Born in RI, died in Napoli NY.
CONGDON, Charles Edwin spouse of Mary I. Cotrael born 7-17-1877 died 11-6-1979 Son of Benjamin F. and Frances M. (Wilcox) Congdon Uncategorized Vet.
CONGDON, Charley died 1893 age 19
CONGDON, Darwin Wilcox spouse of Marilla (Adams) born 7-3-1875 died 5-29-1965 Son of Benjamin F. and Frances M. (Wilcox) Congdon. Born in East Randolph NY, died in Little Valley NY. At least one daughter.
CONGDON, Elizabeth 8-2-1910 died 6-11-1981
CONGDON, Elizabeth Mariah (Miller) spouse of William H.K. born 1826 died 1911 At least five children.
CONGDON, Frances Mary (Wilcox) spouse of Benjamin F. born 9-20-1849 died 1-14-1930 Dau of Dr. Samuel S. and Mary J. (Bell) Wilcox. Born and died in Randolph NY. At least five children.
CONGDON, Fred Lillian M. born 5-10-1871 died 8-5-1957 Son of James G. and Lucy M. (Beers) Congdon. At least one daughter.
CONGDON, Gerald R. born 1-15-1940 died 11-9-1988
CONGDON, James G. Lucy M. Beers born 1-5-1837 died 10-15-1915 Son of Benjamin and Mary (Kinyon) Congon. Born in Washington Co RI, died in Napoli NY. At least three children.
CONGDON, Lillian Mary Fred born 1876 died 1942 Born in MN.
CONGDON, Lillian Benz spouse of Richard B. born 9-9-1915 died 12-11-2007 age 92 Dau of Frederick & Lillian Gallin Benz, an English teacher. Wed 1943.
CONGDON, Lucy M. (Beers) James G. born 1848 died 1932 At least three children.
CONGDON, Marilla (Adams) spouse of Darwin W. born 1888 died 1961 Dau of Milo M. and Evaline Adams. Born in Russell PA, died in Little Valley NY. At least one daughter.
CONGDON, Mary Isabel (Cotrael) spouse of Charles E. born 7-19-1880 died 4-7-1947
CONGDON, Mary spouse of Benjamin died 2-14-1866 age 62
CONGDON, Mary Isabel born 1880 died 1947
CONGDON, Mary J. Bell born 3-8-1816 died 10-12-1886
CONGDON, Richard Bell spouse of Lillian Benz born 1915 died 1976 wed in Carmel by the Sea Calif. in 1943
CONGDON, Samuel S. Wilcox M.D. died 5-28-1879
CONGDON, William B. born 1881 died 1882
CONGDON, William H.K. spouse of Elizabeth M. Miller born 1818 died 1906
CONKLIN, Gerald R. born 1-15-1940 died 11-9-1988
CONKLIN, Geraldine L. spouse of Ross Walker born 3-10-1918 died 8-26-2010 age 92 daughter of Glenn & Carrie Bentley Brown Sr.-married 2-11-1938
CONKLIN, Ross Walker spouse of Geraldine L. born 12-9-1911 died 7-30-2000 age 88 b. Windmill Rd. Napoli NY
CORBIN, Howard E. spouse of Mary J. Martino born 2-28-1942 died 8-31-2003 age 61 son of Clayton Corbin & Betty Abers Stidd US Air Force Vietnam m. Aug 15 1960
COTTRELL, Orry M. died 1871 age 42
COWAN, Florence "Pauline" spouse of Erie born 2-27-1913 died 1-1-2002 age 88 b. Town of Coldspring NY- Dau of Ray & Zilah Shedd Barber
COWAN, Pauline F. born 1913
COWEN, Erie L. spouse of Florence "Pauline" born 2-24-1910 died 2-9-1976
COWLES, Amos died 2-27-1830 age 33
COWLES, Amos died 8-3-1832 Son of Mary & Rev. S. Cowles
COWLES, Dea Amos died 12-26-1840 age 70 Son of Ebenezer & Mercy Johnson Cowles
COWLES, Dolly F. spouse of Dea. Amos C died 12-1849
COWLES, Elis Rev. died 5-17-1826 age 27
COWLES, Emily Francena died 6-23-1835 age 2m Dau of Mary & Rev. Sylvester D.D. Cowles
COWLES, Emma D. died 3-22-1848 age 2 Dau of Mary & Rev. Sylvester D.D. Cowles
COWLES, Joseph Wood died 7-29-1847 Son of Sylester & F.W. Cowles
COWLES, L.P. Dr. died 5-29-1845 age 34
COWLES, Mary H. spouse of Rev. Sylvester D.D. died 1-8-1846 age 41
COWLES, Oliver died 12-10-1818 age 1 Son of Rev. Sylvester D.D. Cowles
COWLES, Oliver Ellsworth died 12-16-1848 age 6d Son of Sylvester & F. W. Cowles
COWLES, Sylvester Carroll died 8-17-1838 age 3m Son of Mary & Rev. Sylvester D.D. Cowles
COWLES, Sylvester D.D. Rev. spouse of Mary H. born 1-28-1804 died 1891 wed 3x son of Amos and Dolly Ford Cowles
COWLES, Wilson Wolcott died 12-10-1848 age 1d Son of Sylvester & F.W. Cowles
CRANDELL, Lena born 1877 died 1878 Dau of M.D. & F.A.
CURTIS, Waldo H. died 10-17-1875 age 19
CURTISS, Helen E. Merritt spouse of Merritt D. born 1900 died 1952
CURTISS, Merritt D. spouse of Helen E. born 11-26-1886 died 11-17-1963 age 78 b. Weedsport PA- Son of Sidney & Mary Ellen Curtiss
DAMON, Almeida Wait born 1834 died 1913
DAMON, John W. born 1834 died 1869
DAMON, L.E. born 1831 died 1881 Co. E 9th Calvary NYS Vols.
DARBEE, Andrea V. spouse of Lyle died 3-26-1985
DARBEE, Lyle C. spouse of Andrea V. born 3-29-1912 died 6-15-1986
DAVIS, Daniel spouse of Hannah died 10-16-1865 age 65
DAVIS, Hannah spouse of Daniel died 1-13-1871 age 73
DELAND, Lydia Ann spouse of E.S. died 8-1-1852 age 33
DELAND, Mary spouse of E.S. died 5-28-1851 age 34
DELONG, Ronald Ray born 2-12-1955 died 10-7-1955
DIETER, Elvira Foster born 1863 died 1948
DIETER, George W. born 1845 died 1914
DIETER, Ione born 8-14-1909 died 11-3-1983
DIETER, J. Wesley spouse of Vivian Wilber born 1888 died 2-5-1931 shot by wife's ex husband Darwin King
DIETER, Kline born 9-19-1906 died 3-5-1985 Veteran
DIETER, Laura born 1892 died 10-2-1987 age 95
DIETER, Vivian Wilber spouse of J. Wesley died 2-5-1931 age 30 shot by ex husband Darwin King
DOW, Emily J. died 11-22-1862 age 24 Son of Isaac & Melinda Dow
DOW, Hannah died 6-21-1861 age 27 Son of Isaac & Melinda Dow
DOW, Isaac spouse of Melinda died 8-6-1863
DOW, Lyman G. died 11-9-1862 age 21 Son of Isaac & Melinda Dow
DOW, Melinda spouse of Isaac died 8-15-1862 age 52
DOW, Minerva D. died 3-23-1835 age 12 Son of Isaac & Melinda Dow
DOW, Nancy H. died 7-14-1850 age 23 Son of Isaac & Melinda Dow
DOW, Samuel A. died 4-12-1862 age 18 Son of Isaac & Melinda Dow
DUNHAM, Pernal spouse of Dorman born 2-25-1826 died 12-23-1904 Dau of Hiram & Elizabeth Freeman
EAKES, Sandra died 1-2-1990
EARL, Betsy spouse of Silas died 2-20-1952 age 55
EARL, Norman S. died 1871 CO B 64th NYS Vols
EARL, Rachael Buchanan spouse of Silas born 7-30-1805 died 12-21-1858
EARL, Silas died 1863 War of 1812
EARL, Spencer died 1862 CO B 64th NYS Vols
EDGAR, Aldyth born 1878 died 1882
EDGAR, Bonita Goodrich born 5-1-1924 died 1-17-1978
EDGAR, David F. Spouse of Vivian SMITH Born May 10, 1925 Died 5-27-2011 Age 86y Son of Robert B. & Mary B. (Reynolds) Edgar, b. Napoli-NY Wed 12-07-1946
EDGAR, Elizabeth born 1879 died 1952
EDGAR, James Henry born 1874 died 1882
EDGAR, Mary Ette Berry spouse of Robert II died 1928 2nd Wife
EDGAR, Mary May spouse of Robert Sr. born 10-1882 died 12-20-1957
EDGAR, Mary Pamela spouse of Robert I 1st Wife
EDGAR, Robert Berray born 2-23-1882 died 4-29-1967 Son of Robert & Mary Edgar
EDGAR, Robert I spouse of Mary Pamela born 1824 died 1896
EDGAR, Robert S. Jr. spouse of Marjorie Marsh born 7-29-1921 died 6-20-2000 age 78 b. Napoli NY- Son of Robert & Beatrice Mae Reynolds Edgar Sr.- m. Aug. 18 1979- Vet. of WW II 22nd Bombardier group of the 5th Air Force Pacific Theater
EDGAR, Rose Emily born 1885 died 1901
EDGAR, Vivian I. spouse of David F. born 4-6-1926 died 11-26-2003 age 77 dau of Percy A. & Nora Wellman Smith m. Dec 7 1946 in Conewango NY
EDGAR, William Rumuls born 5-4-1950 died 12-13-1999 age 49 Son of James W. & Cinderella Muriera Edgar b. Jamestown, NY- US Army Vietnam
EVERETT, Anna Cowles spouse of Timothy born 8-17-1794 died 9-13-1850 Dau of Amos & Dolly Ford Cowles
EVERETT, Emily Virona died 8-30-1833 age 3 Dau of Timothy & Anna Cowles Everett
EVERETT, Timothy spouse of Anna C died 1847
FARRAH, Todd Calvin born 2-8-1977 died 12-5-1977 Grandson of Carl Abers
FELLOWS, Harold J spouse of Ruth C. born 7-16-1926 died 4-3-1966
FELLOWS, Ruth C. spouse of Harold J. B born 1926
FINCH Minnie age 6wks Dau of Hardy & Kitty Finch
FINCH, Charles E. born 1854 died 1871
FINCH, Chester died 1-26-1875 age 7
FINCH, Mary E. born 1831 died 1905
FINCH, Mary E. Corey born 1848 died 1904
FINCH, Silas born 1827 died 1904
FOY, Doris died 9-27-1865 age 17 Dau of Sam & Nancy Foy
FOY, Ellie died 3-12-1866 age 10 Dau of Sam & Nancy Foy
FOY, Emily died 11-23-1855 age 3 Dau of Sam & Nancy Foy
FOY, Harriet spouse of Samuel died 6-17-1835 age 26
FOY, Nancy spouse of Samuel died 4-28-1882 age 65
FOY, Samuel died 9-14-1890 age 86
FRANK, Alert died 10-4-1922 age 62
FRANK, Arthur born 5-11-1886 died 1-20-1970
FRANK, Develle P. born 1912 died 1992
FRANK, Elsie Congdon spouse of Develle P. born 1909 died 1986
FRANK, Ida Smith died 5-19-1919 age 51
FRANK, Lee born 6-23-1911 died 11-16-1964
FRANK, Mamie born 7-15-1888 died 11-29-1964
FREEMAN, Agnes V. born 1-3-1847 died 6-13-1887
FREEMAN, Elizabeth spouse of Hiriam died 4-7-1892 age 89
FREEMAN, Hiram died 8-26-1857 age 58
FREEMAN, Hiram M. born 9-27-1838 died 6-1897
FREEMAN, Lyman died 4-1840 age 5 Son of Hiram & Elizabeth Freeman
FREEMAN, M. born 1836 died 1911
FREEMAN, Manley C. died 10-20-1855 age 28 Son of Hiram & Elizabeth Freeman
FRENCH, Anna M. spouse of John L. born 1906
FRENCH, John spouse of Anna M. born 9-18-1902 died 4-7-1962
FULLER, Susan A. spouse of Levi born 1-29-1844 died 12-29-1888
GEER, Erastus died 11-9-1857
GLEASON, Lois Cowles spouse of Solomon J. born 3-17-1793 died 4-16-1839 age 46 see Lot 32 grave 28 Dau of Amos & Dolly Ford Cowles
GLENDENNING, Eva born 1886 died 1902
GLENDENNING, Joel born 1856 died 1889 1st Wife?
GLENDENNING, John H. born 11-4-1895 died 1-22-1983
GLENDENNING, John S. born 1856 died 1928
GLENDENNING, Minnie B born 1870 died 1-18-1965 2nd Wife?
GLENDENNING, Roy born 1900 died 1963
GLENDENNING, Viola born 1893 died 1902
GLENDENNING, William G born 1898 died 1928
GLOVER, Minnie F. spouse of Willaim born 1865 died 1948
GLOVER, William born 1863 died 1929
GOODRICH, Carrie A. born 8-20-1902 died 7-5-1959
GOODRICH, Harold R. died 10-20-1988
GOODRICH, Robert Harold . Born 5-3-1932 , died 2-9-2017 . Age: 84 Son of Harold and Carrie (Fellows) Goodrich. Born in Town of Napoli NY, died in Jamestown NY. Lions Citizen of the year in 1998. Catt Co Volunteer of the Year in 2009. Unmarried.
GREEN, Margaret spouse of Simeon H. died 11-10-1983 Dau of Horace & Grace Ackerman Hamer- buried under their spouses name
GREEN, Simeon "Howard" spouse of Margaret H born Sep-03 died 2-1-1978 Son of Danniel & Lena Spencer Green- buried under their spouses name
GREER, Erastus died 11-9-1887 age 66
GRIFFIN, Kenneth Lee spouse of Tammy Cherry born 10-6-1970 died 10-29-1994 age 24 b. Los Angeles CA- Son of William & Jackie Kelley Swanson- m. Dec. 10 1993
GRIFFIN, Sofia Wilcox born 1839 died 1888
HAGSTROM, Laura Bryant born 1898 died 1950
HALE, Edwin died 4-28-1849 Son of Nathanial & Sylvia Hale
HALE, Nathaniel died 7-2-1838 age 80
HALE, Nathaniel S. died 8-2-1841 age 78
HALL, Emily died 5-1-1843 age 3 Dau of Joel & Lydia Hall
HALL, Emily died 1841 age 20
HALL, Joel spouse of Lydia born 1792 died 1875 War of 1812
HALL, Lewis P. died 5-19-1844 age 21
HALL, Lydia spouse of Joel died 9-19-1875 age 78
HALL, Philemon died 4-10-1837 age 10
HARMON, Kate born 1829 died 1906
HARRINGTON, Bert born 1884 died 6-22-1902
HARRINGTON, George died 11-10-1919 age 69
HARRIS, Addison died 9-26-1862 age 17 Son of J & S. Harris
HARRIS, Edwin L. born 1863 died 3-14-1925
HARRIS, Emma died 11-21-1854 age 4
HARRIS, Eva U. died 2-12-1900 age 10
HARRIS, Jane M. born 1829 died 8-13-1906
HARRIS, Jennie born 1863 died 1911
HARRIS, Luella C. born 1859 died 1929
HARRIS, Mira born 1866 died 1883
HARRIS, Ray born 1883 died 1883
HARRIS, Ursula born 1854 died 1883
HARRIS, Warren S. born 8-5-1824 died 1-19-1907 age 82
HASKINS, Ann spouse of H.R. died 1-5-1849 age 24
HATTERMAN, Fred G. died 11-15-1922
HATTERMAN, Helen B. died 1-22-1927
HAWLEY, Jesse D. died 9-26-1851
HAZARD, Charles B. died 7-11-1861 age 8 Son of Joseph & Susan Congdon Hazard
HAZARD, George C. died 8-12-1861 age 11 Son of Joseph & Susan Congdon Hazard
HAZARD, Joseph spouse of Susan R. born 9-19-1814 died 5-25-1875 age 61
HAZARD, Mary J. died 9-11-1848 age 5m Dau of Joseph & Susan Hazard
HAZARD, Susan R. Condgon spouse of Joseph born 9-2-1827 died 4-0-1904 Dau of Benjamin & Mary Kenyon Congdon
HENNESSEY, Carole Willert born 1-4-1949 died 1-3-2001
HENRY, Edward Glenn born 11-5-1918 died 4-17-1999 Veteran
HENRY, Edward Michael born 12-15-1953 died 1-1-1973 Son of Edward G. Henry
HERRICK, Adelia Greer spouse of Harden P. (3) born 1830 died 1893
HERRICK, Adelle spouse of Harden P. (2) born 1861 died 1881
HERRICK, E. J. born 1859 died 1888 Son of Harden P. Herrick
HERRICK, Emeline spouse of Harden P. (1) born 1834 died 1877 1st Wife
HERRICK, Harden P. born 1829 died 1905 Co. A 188 Reg. NYS Vols.
HERRICK, Mary E. spouse of Chris Mecklenburg born 1873 died 1965
HERRICK, Rose E. born 1866 died 1870 Dau of Harden P. & Emeline
HERRICK, Ruth Emma spouse of Harden P. (4) born 1856 died 1942
HERRICK, Walter B. born 1884 died 1893 Son of E. J. Herrick
HILIMAN, Yoko-Maeda spouse of Adelbert born 10-31-1933 died 7-13-2001 age 67
HOLLAND, Nocholas N. died 6-11-1870 age 58
HOLLIDAY, John born 3-29-1925 died 11-5-1990
HOLT, H.M. died 4-16-1847 age 1 Son of H.H. Holt
HOLT, Mary S. Jeffords spouse of H.H. died 8-20-1852 age 33
HOPKINS, Andrew born 1857 died 1862
HOPKINS, David born 1822 died 10-18-1892 age 70
HOPKINS, Sally M. spouse of David born 1823 died 10-15-1904
HOPKINS, Sammy born 1861 died 1862
HOVEY, Sophronia died 9-16-1834 age 21 Dau of Zeba & Sophia
HOXIE, Lydia Ellen Clark spouse of Thomas S. born 1851 died 1938
HOXIE, Thomas S. spouse of Lydia Ellen C born 1851 died 1916 Son of Stephen & Mary Ester Stanton Hoxie
HUNTINGTON, Nancy spouse of Arnold died 6-10-1842 age 30
INKLEY, Hattie H spouse of Jack born 1868 died 1900
JANES, Demma died 3-24-1895 age 85 Dau of Harvey Janes
JANES, Dolly V. Cowles spouse of Harvey born 5-22-1807 died 8-13-1831 Dau of Amos & Dolly Ford Cowles
JANES, Harvey died 1867 age 64
JOHNSON, Gerald Paul born 10-28-1962 died 6-5-1984 age 21 Son of Geraldine Johnson
JOHNSON, Geraldine born 1941 died 1977 Granddaughter of Carl Abers
JONES, Alvin L. born 1826 died 1906
JONES, Arthur
JONES, Bertha Klock born 9-3-1874 died 1-4-1959 age 83
JONES, Demma Beardsley spouse of Harvey died 3-24-1895 age 85
JONES, Dolly died 8-13-1831 age 24
JONES, Grace
JONES, Harvey born 7-21-1950 died 2-12-2001 age 50
JONES, Harvey died 9-2-1867 age 64
JONES, Leland born 1-11-900 died 8-13-1970 Pvt. US Army WW II
JONES, Myrtle died 4-30-1989 age 75
JONES, Robey J. spouse of Alvin died 9-22-1917 age 81
JONES, Sandy born 1947 died 1990
JONES, Walter born 1897 died 10-5-1918 Battery D 14th Reg
KENNEDY, Edith born 8-13-1922 died 7-12-1972
KEYES, Elizabeth Brown
KING, Adelia (Delphine) spouse of Leonard died 3-6-1915 age 56 nee Smith
KING, Leonard spouse of Adelia S born 1858 died 1935
KING, William died 4-15-1910
KLOCK, Ada E. born 1862 died 4-4-1943 age 81
KLOCK, Amy born 7-23-1882 died 6-8-1888 age 5
KLOCK, Anna born 7-23-1882 died 6-4-1888 age 5 twin dau of
KLOCK, Ellen J. spouse of George F. born 1842 died 1912
KLOCK, George F. spouse of Ellen J. born 1833 died 1909
KLOCK, Hiram O. born 1858 died 7-7-1919 age 60
KOCH, Ralph W born 6-10-1921 died 10-27-1980 US Navy WW II
LAKE, George M. died 9-21-1861 age 21
LAMB, Charles born 11-18-1880 died 2-27-1951 age 70
LAMB, James born 1824 died 7-12-1912 age 87
LAMB, Mandanaluce Nye born 1847 died 8-31-1925
LATHROP, Clarence "Mike" born 9-29-1929 died 11-7-1997 Pvt. Us Army Purple Heart Korea
LAZEWSKI, Alberta age 72
LOCKIE, Lola Zeigler born 1870 died 9-22-1907
LOWE, Anna died 2-20-1913
LOWE, Cora E. died 8-1-1880 age 13 Dau of Melvin LOWE
LOWE, James born 1832 died 1929
LOWE, James B. died 1921 age 12d
LOWE, Mary R. spouse of Melvin born 1865 died 1944 Dau of Austin & Fannie Hatch Burbandk
LOWE, Melvin spouse of Mary R. born 1862 died 1953 Son of James LOWE
LOWE, Prucia spouse of J. died 3-12-1877
LOWELL, Bertha M. born 1881
LOWELL, Fred C. born 1868 died 4-11-1906 age 38
LOWELL, Roxie L. born 3-27-1848 died 4-25-1874
LOWING, Carrie born 12-23-1858 died 5-8-1861
LUCE, Robert L. spouse of Anna P. Zbink born 5-11-1923 died 2-9-2005 age 81 son of William & ada Luce US Army Air Corps WW II
LYMAN, Augustus died 7-26-1840 age 9 Son of Alvin & Eleanor Lyman
LYMAN, Azro died 1-14-1841 age 5 Son of Alvin & Eleanor Lyman
LYMAN, David died 1-11-1840 age 3 Son of Alvin & Eleanor Lyman
MANLEY, Addie H. spouse of Glenn G. born 9-14-1870 died 2-29-1959
MANLEY, Ben B. spouse of Goldie Waite born 1874 died 4-26-1941 age 66
MANLEY, Charles C. spouse of Electa C. born 1845 died 6-27-1919 age 73 Civil War
MANLEY, Electa C. spouse of Charles O. born 1846 died 1917
MANLEY, Glen G. born 7-8-1873 died 8-17-1937
MANLEY, Goldie Waite spouse of Ben. B. born 1878 died 1963
MANLEY, Nina E. born 3-28-1876 died 3-5-1962 Dau of Charles & Electa C. Manley
MARKS, John Father of Rudolph Marks
MARKS, Leonard R.E. born 1919 died 1-9-1922 age 2
MARSH, Agustus died 8-23-1833 age 6 Son of Arba & Artemesia Marsh
MARSH, Arba born 5-13-1800 died 1-11-1839
MARSH, Catherine died 10-6-1849 age 11 Dau of Perley & Sally
MARSH, Chris born 1806 died 1898
MARSH, Elizabeth spouse of Orris born 1814 died 1896
MARSH, Fayette born 1840 died 1841 Son of Orris & Elizabeth Marsh
MARSH, Hannah S. died 9-16-1842 age 7 Dau of Perley & Sally
MARSH, Louisa H. born 1843 died 1921
MARSH, Marshal spouse of Sally L. died 10-30-1857
MARSH, Newton died 1-3-1865
MARSH, Orris spouse of Elizabeth born 1806 died 1898
MARSH, Perely spouse of Sally G. born 1797 died 1869
MARSH, Sally G. spouse of Perely died 12-30-1852 age 49
MARSH, Sally L. spouse of Marshal born 6-24-1805 died 12-27-1883
MARSHALL, George W. born 1878 died 1950
MARSHALL, Harold C. born 1907 died 1927
MARSHALL, John died 12-15-1912 age 64
MARSHALL, Sadie B. born 1878 died 1912
MARSHALL, Sarah Weeden spouse of John born 1837 died 1917 age 79
MARVIN, Herbert Abner spouse of Lilliam Alberta Y born 1886 died 1954 Son of Martin Marvin & Alma Boyce Abers
MARVIN, Lillian Alberta York spouse of Herbert born 4-22-1889 died 7-19-1972
MARVIN, Maurice Herbert born 2-27-1921 died 5-10-1968 Son of Herbert & Lilian Marvin
MARVIN, Myrtle Elizabeth born 1913 died 10-14-1926 age 13 Dau of Herbert & Lilian Marvin died of menningitis
MARVIN, Ralph Emery born 1911 died 1947 Son of Herbert & Lilian Marvin
McCLAIN, Henry H. born 11-6-1898 died Mar-86 age 87
McCLANE, Henry born 1894 died 9-13-1956 age 61
McCLANE, John War of 1812
McCLURE, Charlotte spouse of William C. Sr. born 1905 died 1996
McCLURE, William C. Jr. born 4-10-1924 died 4-14-1924 age 4d Son of William & Charlotte McClure Sr.
McCLURE, William C. Sr. spouse of Charlotte born 1901 died 11-30-1979 age 79
McCOLLISTER, Emily spouse of William died 1849
McINTYRE, Dorcas spouse of Jim died 4-5-1872 age 32
McKINNEY, Frank E. spouse of June I. born 1913 died 7-5-1985 age 71
McKINNEY, June I. spouse of Frank E. born 1917 died 2-15-2002
McKOON, Clarissa spouse of Philip born 1801 died 1875
McKOON, Lillis Ballard spouse of Chauncy born 1839 died 1891
McKOON, Philip spouse of Clarissa born 1799 died 1883
McLEMON, Betty Ruth born 6-24-1930 died 6-24-1930 Dau of Alexander & Helen McLemon
McLEMON, Bruce Dennard born 2-9-1929 died 2-16-1929 age 7d Son of Alexander & Helen McLemon
McLEMON, Helen Dieter born 1900 died 6-26-1930 age 29
MCOUT, Unknown born 2-10-1945 died 12-8-1980
MERRILL, Albert N. died 8-20-1845 age 29 Son of J. & Rebbecca Merrill
MERRILL, Isaac spouse of Rebecca died 10-18-1858 age 79
MERRILL, J.N. died 3-29-1882 age 75
MERRILL, Mary died 11-27-1910 age 94
MERRILL, Rebecca spouse of Isaac died 9-17-1861 age 83
METCALF, Zilpha spouse of J. died 2-11-1849 age 92
MILKS, Ada born 1860 died 1932
MILKS, Adelbert born 2-19-1854 died 1923 age 67
MILKS, Anna Waite spouse of John died 4-7-1861 age 61
MILKS, Clifford died 1-5-1883 age 17
MILKS, David spouse of Emeline L. born 1818 died 8-16-1855 age 37
MILKS, Elmer died 1-12-1883 age 22
MILKS, Emeline L. Kinnecott spouse of David II born 1826 died 9-9-1855 2nd Wife
MILKS, Ernest born 1885 died 1907
MILKS, Garret spouse of Jessie born 10-1-1882 died 2-10-1964 age 81
MILKS, George W. born 4-6-1894 died 7-25-1963 Pvt. Co. A 162 Inf. WW I
MILKS, Herbert died 1876 age 4 Son of Hiram & Martha Milks
MILKS, Hiram died 1883 Son of John & Anna Waite Milks
MILKS, Jessie spouse of Garrett born 1887 died 1947
MILKS, Joannah Freeman spouse of David died 7-20-1844 age 19 2nd Dau of Hiram Freeman
MILKS, John spouse of Anna W born 10-8-1793 died 8-27-1859 age 66 Son of Jonathan & Sophronia Benson Milks
MILKS, John Jr. spouse of Anna Phillips born 1815 died 11-8-1884 Son of John & Anna Waite Milks
MILKS, Julian died 2-22-1963 age 72
MILKS, Lenora Louise spouse of Richard W. born 11-14-1926 died 7-8-2005 age 78 daughter of Charles & Dora Wilder Schneider
MILKS, Mahala Arnold spouse of George born 6-25-1827 died 6-20-1920 Dau of Adolphus & Lydia Burroughs Milks
MILKS, Martha C. Case spouse of Hiram born 1836 died 1909 Dau of William Case
MILKS, Martin spouse of Mary Elizabeth born 1836 died 4-19-1896 Son of John & Anna Waite Milks
MILKS, Mary Elizabeth spouse of Martin born 1842 died 4-19-1903 Dau of Lewis & Anna Woodworth Eerle
MILKS, Richard W born 3-28-1925 died 5-11-1979 married Nov 15 1945
MILKS, Rosa died 1-15-1883 Dau of H. & M.
MILLER, Gary E died 6-8-1970
MILLER, Joseph H. died 4-30-1827 age 33
MILLER, Neal born 1943 died 2-17-2000
MIX, Mary Milks Barnes died 8-17-1988 age 66
MONTANGE, Emily V. spouse of John born 1839 died 1905
MONTANGE, John spouse of Emily V. born 1831 died 1900
MORRILL, Alice died 11-11-1931 age 71
MORRILL, Fidelia Boardman spouse of Nelson born 8-6-1830 died 2-21-1914
MORRILL, Hoyt died 9-6-1855 age 26 Son of John & Sophronia Morrill
MORRILL, Hoyt born 1855 died 1930 age 74 Son of Nelson & Fidelia Morrill
MORRILL, John died 5-9-1859 age 2
MORRILL, Mariette died 4-8-1842 age 1 Dau of John & Sophronia Morrill
MORRILL, Nelson Son of John & Sophronia Morrill
MORRILL, Orlin died 4-8-1836 age 1 Son of John & Sophronia Morrill
MORRILL, Ruth died 7-4-1828 age 68
MORRILL, Sargent born 1775 died 11-6-1834 age 79 Revolution War & 1812 Served in the Mass. Militia
MOSHER, Effie Burt born 1866 died 1949
NEWELL, Atwood S. spouse of Emily E. born 1836 died 1914
NEWELL, Carris M. born 1873 died 1942
NEWELL, Edith A. born 1876 died 1932
NEWELL, Emily E. spouse of Atwood born 1838 died 1917
NEWELL, Harriet L. born 1869 died 1869 Dau of Atwood & Emily Newell
NEWELL, Myron born 1796 died 1881
NEWELL, Nancy B. born 1800 died 1872
NEWELL, Orris born 1873 died 1942
NICHOLS, Arnold J. born 10-3-1908 died 9-20-1988
NICHOLS, Doris T. born 4-1-1910 died 6-19-1991 age 81
NOBLE, Alvin S. died 1-2-1866
NOBLE, Henry died 9-11-? age 11m
OAKES, Lewis Thomas died 11-23-1926 age 2
OAKES, Marrel Merlin died 4-24-1931 age 1
OSTERMAN, Francis J. born 8-11-1914 died 4-1-1989 WW II
OSTERMAN, Walter R. born 2-9-1911 died 4-5-1965 PFC BTRY A 681 F21 FA BN
PALMER, Russell W. born 1837 died 1903
PEACE, Allen W. spouse of Grace born 11-16-1930 died 9-26-2002 age 71 son of Wade D. & Averil Cramer Peace US Army Korean War
PEASLEE, Ira W. born 1849 died 1881
PEASLEE,, Lana Damon died 1940
PEASLEE,, William C. Dr. died 1893
PELTON, Elizabeth born 12-20-1878 died 9-20-1962
PELTON, Florence born 1918
PERRAULT, Benjamin Congdon spouse of Suzanna M. born 1932 died 8-25-1985 son of William & Frances Congdon Perreault
PERREAULT, Frances Congdon spouse of William born 1907 died 7-25-2005 age 97 dau of
PERREAULT, Suzanna M. spouse of Benjamin born 1938
PERREUALT, William Jennings spouse of Frances C born 5-16-1907 died 11-27-1991 US Army WW II
PFIEFFER, Clemens E. died 6-27-1983 age 65 Pvt. US Army WW II
PHILLIPS, James born 1845 died 1912
PHINNEY, Gerald L. born 1919 died 1921
PRATT, Frank B spouse of Ruth D born 1894 died 8-9-1961 Son of Calvin Benjamin & Mary Waite Pratt
PRATT, Jonathan born 1760 died 3-23-1838 age 85 Rev. War sergeant in the Vermont Militia
PRATT, Ruth Dieter spouse of B. Frank born 1883 died 1979 Dau of George & Elvira Foster Dieter
PRESCOTT, Eastman died 3-10-1866 age 66
PRESCOTT, Eliza spouse of Eastman born 6-11-1806 died 7-1-1886
PRESCOTT, Harrison died 1901 Co. H 32nd Regt. NYS Vol.
PRESCOTT, Joseph C. born 7-10-1830 died 8-8-1882 Civil War
PRESTON, Martin born 1827 died 1911 CO E 72 NYV
PURDY, Edward J. Sr. spouse of Marie E. Lamb born 10-15-1918 died 11-7-2008 age 90 son of Pearl A. & Alice Rusch Purdy-WWII Veteran-married 6-25-1940
PURDY, Sarah J. Cherry born 1860 died 1915
RATH, William F. born 1911 died 8-17-1984 cremation
REED, Arlene A. born 12-4-1914 died 12-9-1985
RITTING, J.J. born 1860 died 8-22-1914 age 55
RITTING, John born 1819 died 1883 age 64
ROBERTS, Albert W. born 1828 died 1908
ROBERTS, Melissa E. born 1830 died 1912
ROBERTS, Roswell died 9-25-1879 age 82
ROBERTS, Unknown spouse of Roswell age 71
ROWLEY, Elias R. died 4-25-1854 age 33
RRITTING, Margaret F. died 1909 age 74
RYDER, Sarah E. spouse of William D. died 11-13-1868 age 23
SACKRIDER, Millie J. spouse of J.H. died 8-3-1873 age 26
SCHENK, Barbara L. Delone spouse of Richard K. born 2-22-1935 died 10-10-1994 Ashes
SCHENK, Edwin J. 2nd died 9-18-1988 age 29 Son of Richard & Barbara Schenk
SCHENK, Edwin J. Sr. born 5-5-1907 died 2-27-1983 Ashes in headstone
SCHENK, Gretchen A. spouse of Edwin J. Sr. born 1907 died 1970 Ashes
SCHENK, Margaret born 1940
SCHENK, Richard K. born 1931 died 1973 Son of Gretchen & Ed Sr. SCHENK- Veteran
SCHENK, Ronald born 1935
SEAMENS, Horace N. born 1837 died 1908
SEAMENS, Mary G. born 1844 died 1901
SEATON, Clara E. born 1852 died 1913
SEATON, Earl born 1-19-1900 died 8-14-1968
SEATON, Eva M born 1873 died 1944
SEATON, Evelyn born 2-22-1912 died 2-26-1912
SEATON, Hiram born 1842 died 1915 CO G 4th Reg Pa Cav
SEATON, Lorena born 10-13-1901 died 12-20-1996
SEATON, Robert born 1875 died 1950
SEATON, Thora E. born 1895 died 9-3-1959 age 64
SEATON, William E. born 1892 died 6-21-1956
SENN, David S. died 1944
SENN, Marie Antonia spouse of Sigmund born 1887 died 1955
SENN, Sigmund Jr. spouse of Lois M. Dexter born 2-12-1924 died 8-9-2001 age 77 b. Town of Napoli NY- Son of Sigmund & Antonia Marie Fritch Senn Sr.- m. June 20, 1942
SENN, Sigmund Sr. spouse of Maria Antoria born 6-25-1886 died Feb-64 age 77
SHANNON, Chancy born 1844 died 1899 Son of George Shannon
SHANNON, Charlotte spouse of George born 1814 died 1899
SHANNON, Della Champlin born 1872 died 1892
SHANNON, George born 1808 died 1875
SHANNON, Lester T. born 1853 died 1918 age 65 Son of George Shannon
SHANNON, Rose P. born 1885 died 1922
SHANNON, Roy A. born 1887 died 1918 WW 1
SHENEFIEL, Betty born 7-24-1926 died 7-24-1926 Dau of Edwin & Edith Hoxie Shenefiel
SHENEFIEL, Edith died 6-19-1948 age 1d Dau of Edwin & Edith Hoxie Shenefiel
SHENEFIEL, Edith M. Hoxie spouse of Edwin born 1912 Dau of William & Mable E. Tennies Hoxie
SHENEFIEL, Edwin spouse of Edith M. born 8-8-1900 died 11-27-1975
SHERLOCK, Rose B. spouse of Theodroe born 1904 died 1954
SHERLOCK, Theodore R. born 1902 died 1982
SIBLEY, Cyrus born 1830 died 1915 Civil War
SIBLEY, Ira born 1805 died 1891
SIBLEY, Maranda born 1811 died 1894
SIBLEY, Susan born 1850 died 1870
SILAS, Earl born 1863 War of 1812
SMALLEY, Caroline born 1819 died 1897
SMITH, Doris May died 3-7-1939 age 9m
SMITH, Fred died 10-31-1925 age 51
SMITH, J. Michael died 1893 age 83
SMITH, Lana Barber spouse of F.V. born 1878 died 1899
SMITH, Lana Bryant died 5-30-1941 age 32
SMITH, Mary A. born 1822 died 1905
SMITH, Michael I. died 10-13-1893 age 89
SMITH, Mina A. born 1856 died 1932
SMITH, Shirley May died 4-21-1935 either grave 2 or 3
SMITH, William C. born 1821 died 1899
SPAULDING, Austin died 1891
SPAULDING, Eliza spouse of Austin died 1879
SPENGLER, Margaret M. Senn born 4-27-1916 died 5-15-1995 age 79 b. Napoli NY- Dau of Sigmund & Antoinette Fritsche Senn Sr.
STEANS, Artemesia spouse of Vespesian died 1-17-1879 age 74
STEELE, Brian David born 11-5-1962 died 1-20-1964 Son of Isaac & Jessie Steele
STEELE, Isaac spouse of Jesse A born 1929
STEELE, Jessie spouse of Isaac born 8-2-1932 died 12-1-1985 Dau of Carl & Alta Abers
STOCKWELL, Rudolph died 12-13-1953 age 2hrs
STONE, Thomas V. born 1849 died 9-19-1917 age 67
STUDD, Besse M. died 5-3-1917 age Baby Infant Dau of Walter Studd
STUDD, Ernest E. born 1884 died 6-9-1971
STUDD, Henry born 1861 died 1919 age 56
STUDD, Lilian born 1863 died 4-6-1944 age 80
STUDD, Walter born 6-10-1887 died 12-30-1968
SUBE, Daniel H born 1948 died 1949 Son of Daniel L. & Mary E. Edgar Sube
SUBE, Daniel L. spouse of Mary E. born 12-14-1919 died 9-14-1999 Son of Harry & Edith Boke Sube- m. Aug. 10 1946- b. Audenried PA
SUBE, Eileen born 4-4-1952 died 4-4-1952 1/2d Dau of Daniel L. & Mary E. Edgar Sube
SUBE, Mary E. Edgar spouse of Daniel L. born 2-23-1920 died 9-29-1999 Dau of Robert & Mary Reynolds Edgar
SWAN, Alceba S. spouse of Horace D. born 1840 died 1911 age 71
SWAN, Horace D. spouse of Alceba S. born 1836 died 7-3-1918
SWEET, Addie born 4-16-1868 died 10-22-1945 Dau of Luther Sweet
SWEET, Lucinda spouse of Luther born 4-10-1861 died 1-10-1917
SWEET, Luther spouse of Lucinda J. born 11-19-1834 died 1-14-1909
TARBOX, Ford B. spouse of Helen Waite son of George and Ida Adelia Bushnell Tarbox- Ford & wife Helen are buried in Rochester NY
TARBOX, George spouse of Ida born 1868 died 1938 age 69 son of William and Sarah Woods Tarbox
TARBOX, Harry H. born 1898 died 1944 age 45 son of George and Ida Adelia Bushnell Tarbox
TARBOX, Ida spouse of George born 8-13-1870 died 1949 age 78 dau of Chauncy and Emeline Woodworth Bushnell
TENNIES, Evelyn born 1913 died 1916 Dau of Herman & Rena Slocum Owen Tennies
TENNIES, Herman E. spouse of Rena S. born 1881 died 1947 Son of Cornelius & Amelia Frances Snyder Tennies
TENNIES, Rena S. Owen spouse of Herman born 1876 died 1962
THOMPSON, Julina Bailey born 1861 died 6-22-1929 age 68
TINGUE, Lucina A. spouse of Lyndon born 1848 died 1925 2ndWife
TINGUE, Lyndon born 1841 died 1910 CO B 154th Reg NYS Vols.
TINGUE, Melissa spouse of Lyndon born 1842 died 1900 1st Wife
TUBBS, Orrin W. died 5-4-1875 age 64
ULLMAN, Jerome spouse of Sarah born 1854 died 10-8-1928 age 74
ULLMAN, Sarah spouse of Jerome born 1852 died 1-3-1925
UNDERWOOD, Daniel P. died 1902 CO E 9th Cav NYS Vols.
UNDERWOOD, Daniel S. born 1805 died 1877
UNDERWOOD, Martha A. born 1811 died 1900
UNDERWOOD, T.J. died 3-24-1868 age 33
UNDERWOOD, W.G. born 1833 died 1881 CO E 9th Cav NYS Vols.
VAN HORN, Frances L. died 6-17-1993 same stone as George Bishop
VAN VLACK, Elizabeth born 1828 died 1896
VAN VLACK, Frances born 1860 died 1912
VAN VLACK, George born 1822 died 1887
VAN VLACK, George born 1867 died 1924
VAN VLACK, Hamilton born 1859 died 1931
VAN VLACK, John born 1863 died 1933
VAN VLACK, Kitty born 1857 died 6-1-1947 age 90 Dau of Harden P. Herrick
VELIE, Kenneth Allen born 7-18-1912 died 2-3-1990 age 77
VELIE, Olive born 3-19-1917 died 8-31-1998 age 81
VIDAL, Andrew J. born 9-4-1836
VIDAL, Edgar E. died 1-26-1863 Son of Andrew & Phoebe Vidal
VIDAL, Emily died 1872 age 1
VIDAL, Phebe E. spouse of Andrew died 8-25-1865 age 22
VIDAL, Sarah spouse of Thomas died 8-27-1879 age 45
WAITE, Adah J. age 8
WAITE, Adelia Bramen spouse of Alexander born 1826 died 1897 Dau of Bartimus Braman
WAITE, Alexander spouse of Adelia B born 1823 died 1911 Son of Reuben WAITE- CO E 9th NY Cav
WAITE, Alfonso W. born 2-25-1875 died 6-24-1959
WAITE, Almedia B. spouse of William died 12-11-1849 age 35
WAITE, Amelia age Infant
WAITE, Anah 5
WAITE, Annett E. spouse of Worden B. born 1836 died 1901 Dau of Herman & Nancy Porter Beers
WAITE, Annette Young spouse of Dean born 1930 Dau of Russell & Jeanette Seely Young
WAITE, Arthur G. born 1860 died 1893
WAITE, Bartimus born 1838 died 1887
WAITE, Belle Brown spouse of Emmett B. born 1870 died 1901 2nd Wife
WAITE, Charles F. spouse of Jennetta L. born 1847 died 1913
WAITE, Chloe Philips spouse of James born 9-13-1804 died 6-18-1887 age 82
WAITE, Clayton E. born 8-5-1907 died 8-22-1972 Son of Emmett and Mertie (Bushnell) Waite
WAITE, Clayton Everet born 8-5-1907 died 8-22-1972 age 65 b. Napoli NY- Son of Emmett & Mertie Bushnell Waite
WAITE, Cleo E. spouse of Effie born 1-6-1889 died 11-9-1969 Son of Eugene Burdette & Hattie Lamb Waite
WAITE, Curtis age Infant No Data
WAITE, Curtiss age Infant son of Chas. Waite
WAITE, Dean born 1930 Son of Edwin Laverne & Emma Crandall Waite
WAITE, Duane born 7-6-1910 died 3-17-1973
WAITE, Earl A. born 8-1-1887 died Mar-63 Son of Eugene Burdette & Hattie Lamb Waite
WAITE, Edna born 1894 died 1895 Dau of Emmett Beers & Belle Brown Waite
WAITE, Effie spouse of Cleo E. born 1887 died 1978
WAITE, Effie E. spouse of Emmett Beers died 12-25-1880 age 24 1st Wife
WAITE, Elmira born 1840 died 1907
WAITE, Emmett B. Rev. spouse of Marion D born 6-11-1911 died 3-24-1994 age 82 b. Town of Napoli NY- Son of Emmett B. & Mertie Bushnell Waite m. June 12 1937
WAITE, Emmett Beers spouse of Effie /Belle B born 1859 died 1925 Son of Worden Buchanan WAITE
WAITE, Eugene B. spouse of Florence V/ Hattie L born 1855 died 1940 Son of Alexander & Adelia Braman Waite
WAITE, Eva M. Hayes spouse of Fremont born 3-17-1860 died 7-28-1924 Dau of Simon & Mary Sisson Hayes
WAITE, Florence Van Vlack spouse of Jean born 1857 died 1882 1st wife
WAITE, Francis born 9-5-1902 died 1-6-1971
WAITE, Fremont W. spouse of Eva M. born 1857 died 1928 Son of Worden Buchanan& Anette Beers Waite
WAITE, Goldy () Manley spouse of #1 Ben Manley, #2 Earl Waite born 11-26-1876 died 11-14-1963 Born in Axeville Corners
WAITE, Hannah Dau of James & Chloe
WAITE, Hattie Lamb spouse of Eugene B. born 1867 died 1944
WAITE, Helen Annette died 1920 Dau of LaVerne
WAITE, Helen P. spouse of Duane born 1914 died 12-29-1955 1st wife
WAITE, Herbert F. died 9-26-1851 age 3 Son of Gurdeon & Clarissa Waite
WAITE, Horace N.
WAITE, Irene Chesbro spouse of Oliver born 1804 died 1898
WAITE, James born 1836 died 1916 CO B 64th Reg NYV Son of James Waite
WAITE, James spouse of Chloe born 6-29-1800 died 10-12-1858 Son of Stephen WAITE
WAITE, Jane Buchanan spouse of Peleg born 2-25-1802 died 8-5-1879 Dau of Thomas & Sarah Livingstone Buchanan
WAITE, Jennette L. spouse of Charles born 1851 died 1932
WAITE, Lillian I. Priest spouse of Stanley born 10-29-1915 died 2-16-2009 age 93 dau of Charles & Sarah Barth Priest B. Hamlet NY m. wed 1937
WAITE, Lou J. born 1885 died 1907
WAITE, Marion E. Daley spouse of Rev. Emmett born 1912
WAITE, Mary died 9-28-1838 age 2 Dau of Sarah & Reuben Waite
WAITE, Mary E. Harrington spouse of Walter born 1877 died 1951 Dau of George Harrington
WAITE, Mertie E. (Bushnell) spouse of Emmett B. born 1-3-1872 died 1923 Dau of Chauncy and Emeline (Woodworth) Bushnell
WAITE, Obed A. died 5-23-1851 age 2 Son of Gurdeon & Clarissa Waite
WAITE, Oliver spouse of Irene C born 1804 died 1851 Son of Stephen & Jemima Babcock Waite
WAITE, Reuben spouse of Sarah born 1-19-1794 died 12-17-1865 age 71 Son of Stephen & Jemima Babcock Waite
WAITE, Sarah Buchanan spouse of Reuben born 5-2-1798 died 8-11-1863 m. Feb. 25, 1818- Dau of Thomas & Sarah Livingstone Buchanan
WAITE, Sarah G. spouse of James born 1839 died 1913 2nd Wife
WAITE, Sophronia age 6m
WAITE, Stanley M. spouse of Lillian I. born 9-11-1915 died 9-10-2008 age 92 Son of Earl & Muriel Loncteaux (Longteau) Waite US Marine Corps WW II
WAITE, Stanton E. born 10-11-1915 died 8-11-1945 age 29 Son of Earl & Muriel Loncteaux (Longteau) Waite
WAITE, Stephen born 1761 died 1842 Son of Rev. William & Mary Nichols Waite
WAITE, Tilly died 1982
WAITE, Vinal born 1898 died 1917 Son of Emmett Beers Waite
WAITE, Walter L. born 1868 died 1943
WAITE, Warden B. born 8-11-1828 died 2-4-1911 Son of Reuben & Sarah Buchanan Waite Co. B 64th Reg. NYS Vols
WAITE, Warren H. born 1883 died 1944 Son of Charles Waite
WAITE, William Infant
WAITE, William born 9-19-1802 died 12-31-1876 Son of Stephen Waite
WALLACE, Mae born 5-18-1905 died 1941
WEBSTER, Larry D. spouse of Judy born 9-26-1945 died 9-26-2003 age 58 son of Howard & Grace Webster
WEEDEN, Mercy P. spouse of William A. born 4-29-1810 died 1-14-1894
WEEDEN, William A. born 2-23-1813 died 3-31-1885
WEEDEN, William P. born 7-23-1839 died 2-4-1862 Co. B 64th Reg. NYS Vols
WESTOVERr, Anna died 7-26-1837 age 24
WHI, Emily C. died 7-12-1856 Dau of Henry & M.
WHITCOMB, Ruth E. born 8-25-1896 died 1-13-1900
WHITE, Abbie H. died 1861 age 23
WHITMORE, Charles W. died 11-19-1867 age 12 Son of D & M. Whitmore
WHITTEMORE, Albert G. spouse of Lois died 3-16-1886
WHITTEMORE, Lois spouse of Albert G. died 4-7-1880 age 65
WILCOX, Abbie Eliza
WILCOX, Addison Taylor died 8-25-1848 age 2 Son of Lysander & Rachael Ledyard W
WILCOX, Austin Rev. died 6-8-1891 age 79 Son of Rev. William J. W
WILCOX, Burt L. born 1877 died 1956
WILCOX, Darwin age 27
WILCOX, Eliza Spalding spouse of Rev. Austin died 4-16-1876 age 67
WILCOX, Francis R. died 5-27-1845 age 3 Dau of Frances & Elizabeth
WILCOX, Helen Margaret born 1859 died 1862 Dau of Lysander & Rachael Childs Ledyard Wilcox
WILCOX, Jenna A. born 1883 died 1908
WILCOX, John Ball died 9-2-1856 age 2 Son of SS Wilcox
WILCOX, Lansing born 1861 died 1862 Son of Lysander & Rachael Childs Ledyard Wilcox
WILCOX, Louisa Childs born 1848 died 1862 Dau of Lysander & Rachael Childs Ledyard Wilcox
WILCOX, Luranah C. spouse of Rev. William C. died 7-10-1845 age 62
WILCOX, Lysander Byron spouse of Rachael C /Matilda S born 1810 died 1902 Son of William John & Luranah Green Wilcox
WILCOX, Margaret Powers born 1856 died 1858 Dau of Lysander & Rachael Childs Ledyard Wilcox
WILCOX, Mary J. Bell spouse of Samuel S. MD. born 1816 died 1886
WILCOX, Mary Leora born 1850 died 1862 Dau of Lysander & Rachael Childs Ledyard Wilcox
WILCOX, Matilda Sheldon spouse of Lysander Byram born 1826 died 1897 2nd Wife
WILCOX, Phebe A. born 1891 died 1947
WILCOX, Rachel Childs spouse of Lysander Byram born 1816 died 1858 1st Wife- Dau of Samuel & Sophia Childs Ledyard
WILCOX, Samuel D. died 10-11-1844 age 2m Son of SS & MJ. Wilcox
WILCOX, Samuel S. MD. spouse of Mary J. Bell died 1879 age 61
WILCOX, William J. Rev. died 7-14-1842 age 60
WILCOX, Willie Francis
WILLERT, Harold Leonard born 1909 died 6-15-1985
WILLERT, Lilliam born 1912
WILLIAMS, Mary E. died 8-3-1860 age 4 Dau of R.A. WILLIAMS
WILSON, Adaline H. died 1852 age 31
WILSON, Mary E. died 9-24-1850 age 9wks Dau of George & Maryette Wilson
WILSON, Maryette spouse of George died 9-12-1851 age 26
WILTSIE, Richard N. spouse of Florence R. born 2-15-1901 died 10-13-1968 WW 2- Wilson, Mary E. ?
WILTSIE,, Florence spouse of Richard H. born 8-10-1895 died 3-2-1987
WOOD, Susan died 21-3-1849 age 23
WOODWARD, Alice born 6-29-1848 died 12-16-1921
WORST, Lola C. died 1-17-1867 age 37
WRIGHT Mildred born 1898 died 1906
WRIGHT, Charles died 12-8-1901 age 47
WRIGHT, Clara born 1855 died 1936
WRIGHT, Daniel born 1825 died 1903
WRIGHT, Grace L. died 6-26-1887 age 2 Dau of CL & CD
WRIGHT, Kary E. born 1885 died 1902
WRIGHT, Lillian Klock born 1863 died 2-12-1941
WRIGHT, Nellie born 1890 died 1909
WRIGHT, Rhoda born 1830 died 1878
WYMAN, Rosetta born 1825 died 1911
ZEIGLER, Ella M. Allen spouse of L. born 1852 died 1879 age 27
ZEIGLER, Lucetta born 1827 died 1910

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