Maple Grove Road (Co. R 22)
Freedom NY

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Cemetery incomplete

ARNOLD, Lester T. Spouse of Onnalee J. Stanbro. Born 11-18-1928, died 5-17-2011 - Son of Elmer L. Arnold and Laura A. Tarbell, b. Freedom NY. - Uncategorized Vet
ARNOLD, Onnalee J. Spouse of Lester. Born 11-10-1928, died 10-4-2006 - Dau of Lanson and Georgia Cheney Stanbro. Wed 9-21-1957
ATWATER, Donald R. Spouse of Jane. Born 4-14-1930, died 8-7-2009. Age: 79 - Son of Wesley L and Gertrude May Waklee Atwater
ATWATER, Richard L. Spouse of Simone Favre. Born 4-16-1936, died 5-27-2002. Age: 69 - Son of Wesley L and Gertrude May Waklee Atwater - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
BAIRD, Ralph E. Spouse of #1 Ethel Goss, #2 Gwendolyn Day. Born 12-1-1928, died 8-21-2008. Age: 79 - Son of Ralph E. and Christina M. Mizerak Baird, born in New York City. Ethel died 1990
BALL, Hattie Adelia. Born 6-23-1874, died 1-7-1925
BARBER, Betty J. Spouse of Charles L. Born 4-14-1935, died 9-12-2011 - Dau of William and Nellie (McPhearson) Blake, b. Anderson IN. Wed 10-10-1959 at Elton Bapt Ch
BARBER, Charles M. Spouse of Virginia Jakuboski/ Phyllis A. Deveraux. Born 2-09-1925, died 3-26-2010 - Son of Merle and Blanche (Shaffer) Barber, b. Arroyd PA, d. Cuba NY. Wed Virginia 3-17-1943 in Johnsonburg NY, one child. Wed Phyllis 3-16-1963 in Franklinville NY (she d. 7-10-2001) - WW II Vet, US Army 2nd Armoured Div
BENNETT, Dorothy L. Spouse of Robert. Born 9-2-1905, died 12-4-2004 - Dau of Joseph Guy and Jessie Anna Blank Morrison, a teacher
BENNETT, Robert. Spouse of Dorothy L., died 9-10-1965 - Wed 6- 21-1928 in Canaseraga NY
BLAKE, Aneda Marie. Born 10-20-1932, died 9-5-2010 - Dau of William and Nellie (McPhearson) Blake, b. Anderson IN
BROWN, Ada Meacham. Spouse of James E., died 10-16-1981 - Wed 1-4-1942
BROWN, James E. Spouse of Ada Meacham. Born 2-17-1908, died 3-19-1985 - Son of Millard and Anna Love Brown
BURGESS, Gerald L. Spouse of Bertha Carpenter Burgess. Born 8-28-1939, died 7-29-2011. Age: 71 - Son of Robert and Arda [sic] (Marble) Burgess, b. Sandusky-?NY?. Wed 5-01-1965 in Morton's Corners-?NY. He and wife were foster parents to 65 foster children - Cold War Vet, US Army 1963-65
CARLSON, Anna Marie Sponholz. Spouse of Robert P., died 7-17-1994 - Wed 4-6-1963 in Colden NY
CARLSON, Robert P. Spouse of Anna Marie S. Born 11-2-1926, died 6-24-2008 - Son of Phillip and Frances Carlson - WW II Vet, US Navy
CONKLIN, Betty J., died 1-22-2003. Age: 70
CRANDALL, Sandra J. (Jones). Spouse of Ronald O. Born 9-09-1931, died 11-27-2014. Age: 83 - Dau of Morris M. and Grace Clarissa (Cudworth) Jones, b. Buffalo NY, d. Ceres NY. Wed 12-24-1976 in Wirt NY (he survives)
DETTMAN, Charles. Born 1-1-1877, died 9-26-1979
DETTMAN, Frederick. Born 11-?-1867, died 1955
DETTMAN, Minnie Elizabeth. Born 4-9-1866, died 9-19-1944
EBERT, James J. Spouse of #1 Majorie Merzig, #2 Anna Gardner. Born 7-20-1938, died 9-6-2006 - Son of Frank and Josephine Szwaczkowski Ebert Sr., born in Colden NY, died in Ada OK. A hydraulic engineer. Four children with Majorie. (She d.1992) Anna survives. - Cold War Vet, US Air Force, AB. 1955-1958
GOSS, Alvin J. Spouse of Jean P., died 2-9-1987 - Wed 11-15-1947 in Arcade NY
GOSS, Jean P. Spouse of Alvin J. Born 11-10-1925, died 9-27-2005 - Dau of Carl and Jessie Palmer Bates
HINCKLEY, Arthur. Spouse of Pauline E., died 6-9-1975 - Wed 9-1-1962
HINCKLEY, Pauline E. Spouse of Arthur. Born 2-16-1919, died 8-25-2004 - Dau of Frank L. and Harriett Hotchkiss Lockwood
HITCHCOCK, Jeffrey L. Sr. Spouse of Alvina Goss. Born 10-25-1952, died 11-19-2012. Age: 60 - Son of Bruce and Anna (Frederick) Hitchcock, b. Olean NY Wed 5-06-1972 in Arcade NY - Vietnam Vet, USMC, Pvt
HOLMES, Flora M. (Leonard). Spouse of John R. Born 9-21-1894, died 6-19-1982 - Dau of Melvin Evan and Ida M. (Peet) Leonard. Husband d 1951
HOLMES, Grace L. (Burrell). Spouse of Virgil L. Holmes. Born 11-22-1921, died 12-07-2015 - Dau of Wesley & Grace (Keech) Burrell, b. Genesee PA, d. Warsaw NY. Wed 2-03-1940 in Bradford PA (he d. 12-01-2001)
HOLMES, John R. Spouse of Flora M. Leonard. Born 1889, died 1951 - Son of John R. and Flora (Leonard) Holmes
HOLMES, Virgil L. Spouse of Grace L. Burrell. Born 12-1919, died 12-1-2007 - Son of John R. and Flora (Leonard) Holmes
HOOPER, Duane M. Spouse of Linda A. Wheeler. Born 3-28-1943, died 8-28-2016 - Son of Morris & Margaret (Norton) Hooper, b. Farmersville NY, d. Farmersville Station NY, Wed 10-07-1967
JACKSON, John C Sr. Spouse of Barbara. Born 1-29-1951, died 8-18-2009. Age: 58 - Son of Charles Kermit and June Leonard Jackson
JONES, Catherine. Born 10-12-1834, died 12-27-1932
JONES, Charles Howell. Born 12-11-1889, died 1-31-1970
JONES, Darrell Brent. Born 10-19-1948, died 6-20-1966
JONES, David Howell. Born 9-20-1868, died 8-15-1952
JONES, Delwyn Albert. Born 6-6-1914, died 7-6-1939
JONES, Dorothy Marie. Born 12-24-1907, died 8-22-1988
JONES, Elizabeth Catherine. Born 12-29- 1878, died 4-30-1964
JONES, Elsie Minnie. Born 3-15-1897, died 4-22-1897
JONES, Floyd David. Born 4-25-1911, died 3-11-1912
JONES, Fred Howell. Born 5-26-1905, died 1983
JONES, Gretrude E. Born 9-25-1898, died 2-14-1981
JONES, Howell R. Born 5-5-1826, died 12-6-1897
JONES, Jack Leonard. Born 8-13-1925, died 1-1-1998
JONES, Jane. Born 10-?-1785, died 2-27-1863
JONES, Jennie C. Born 9-17-1870, died 4-2-1883
JONES, Jennie Mae. Born 8-9-1891, died 11-3-1982
JONES, Katherine Elizabeth. Born 12-29-1878, died 3-3-1950
JONES, Leo Gerson. Born 10-3-1904, died 2-18-1983
JONES, Robert R. Born 1822, died 3-21-1901
JONES, Robert Thomas. Born 5-?-1790, died 5-31-1865
JONES, Thomas Howell. Born 9-11-1861, died 3-15-1939
JONES, William H. Born 11-13-1865, died 10-2-1937
KING, Wilma E. Spouse of Edward O. Born 9-24-1922, died 5-04-2016 - Dau of Merle & Olive (Strong) Roblee, b. Farmersville NY, d. Machias NY. Wed 7-12-1942 in Farmersville NY (he d. 10-30-1993)
KINGSLAND, Maria May. Spouse of none, died 7-11-2010. Age: Infant - Dau of Thomas and Amy (Lipka) Kingsland
KROTJE, Janice H. Spouse of Paul G. Born 8-23-1944, died 5-28-2010 - Dau of Harry Blossom and Tetha Nahrebeski, Stepdau of Edward Nahrebeski, b. Olean NY
KROTJE, Paul G. Spouse of Janice B. Born 12-12-1940, died 6-23-2005 - Son of Henry and Elizabeth Diermyer Krotje, born in North Tonawanda NY. Wed 9-22-1962
LANE, Basil V. Spouse of M. Luella, died 3-15-1999
LANE, M. Luella. Spouse of Basil V. Born 2-1-1927, died 2-5-2009 - Dau of Carl and Ellen Jenkins Kraft. Wed 4-28-1945
LAW, Ada May. Born 6-21-1887, died 2-21-1954
LAW, Doris. Born 1-24-1893, died 3-26-1979
LINDSLEY, Ethel. Born 5-30-1894, died 1-24-1975
MARBLE, Helen V. Spouse of Nelson. Born 12-5-1925, died 5-28-2007. Age: 81 - Dau of Raymond and Beatrice Caner Sweet
MCGILL, Gwendolyn A. Spouse of William. Born 11-29-1923, died 11-4-2011 - Dau of Clyde and Hyla (Warner) Blackmon, b. East Aurora NY. Wed 10-20-1951 (he d. 1-09-1990
MOORE, Charles. Spouse of Vivian E., died 1996 - Wed 1938
MOORE, Vivian E. Spouse of Charles. Born 12-23-1916, died 7-5-2008. Age: 91 - Dau of George and Harriet Freeman Leonard
NAPIER, Elbert E. Born 11-6-1887, died 9-2-1973
NEWLAND, Marie E. Spouse of Donald. Born 12-10-1940, died 11-2-2010. Age: 69 - Dau of Robert S. and Martha (McCall) Bliss, b. Hume NY. Wed 12-13-1958 in Sandusky
OWENS, Sally B. Spouse of Robert D. Born 7-06-1940, died 3-01-2016 - Dau of Frank & Evelyn (Moore) Typhair, b. Gouverneur NY, d. Houghton NY. Wed 2-03-1962 in Franklinville NY (he d. 3-04-2000)
PERKINS, Athalene M. Spouse of Lewis C. Born 11-14-1915, died 5-16-2001 - Dau of John and Flora Leonard Holmes
PERKINS, Gary E. Born 2-23-1945, died 10-12-1987 - Son of Lewis C. Perkins and Athalene M. Perkins
PERKINS, Lewis C. Spouse of Athalene M. Born 4-23-1917, died 12-5-1974 - Son of Edward and Ethyl Bateman Perkins
PINGREY, Robert H. Born Abt 1842, died aft 1865 - Civil War Vet, Co F 116th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Sardinia for three years. Mustered out with company 6-28-1865 at Washington DC. (Carried as Pingry)
READ, Anna S. Born 5-10-1970, died 6-11-1959
RICHARDS, Bernice F. Spouse of Millard. Born 12-23-1903, died 7-7-2006. Age: 102 - Dau of George and Mabelle Easterly. Husband d. 1973
ROBLEE, William A. Spouse of Cheryl Durkee [Suzy]. Born 5-12-1940, died 6-3-2012. Age: 72 - Son of William D. Roblee and Minnie Shaw, b. Farmersville Station NY. Wed 8-06-1966 in Farmersville Station NY - Cold War Vet, US Navy Seabee 1960-64
ROGERS, Helen B. Spouse of Wayne. Born 9-11-1927, died 6-4-2010. Age: 82 - Dau of Merlin and Ethel (Milgate) Harvey, b. Salamanca NY. Wed 3-03-1946 in Franklinville NY
ROGERS, Wayne L. Spouse of Helen Harvey. Born 1-14-1924, died 11-3-2007. Age: 83 - Son of Albert and Eleanor Leonard Rogers - WW II Vet, USMC, Sgt
ROSE, Ethel A. Spouse of Herbert L. Born 9-23-1921, died 12-27-2006 - Dau of Holsae and Blanche Caldwell Lane. Wed 3-20-1946
ROSE, Herbert L. Spouse of Ethel LANE. Born 4-28-1917, died 8-2-2010 - Son of Simeon and Ruth (Austin) Rose, b. Caneadea NY Wed 3-20-1946 in Farmersville NY (she d. 12-27-2006) - WW II Vet, US Army
SCHOEPFLIN, Allene L. Spouse of Leland Sr. [Lee]. Born 7-8-1932, died 8-13-2012. Age: 80 - Dau of Clifford and Hazel (Barber) Lester, b. Freedom NY. Wed 1-1-1951 in Arcade NY (he d. 7-16-2010)
SCHWAB, Gary E. Spouse of Darla Neamon. Born 2-17-1953, died 7-8-2007. Age: 54 - Son of Leon J. and Cecilia Grover Schwab. Wed 7-14-1973
SCHWAB, Tim G. Spouse of Erin Redden. Born 2-1-1983, died 11-9-2010. Age: 27 - Son of Gary E. and Darla (Neamon) Schwab, b. Springville NY Wed 7-21-2007 on family farm in Delevan NY Unborn child due end of year survives, Father d. 7-08-2007
SHOFF, Gerald Francis. Sr. Spouse of Loretta E. (Warner). Born 5-12-1916, died 10-24-1999 Son of Edgar & Martha Rafferty Shoff. Born in Castile NY, lived in Olean NY, died in Phelps NY. Wed 5-17-1952 in Smethport PA, nine children.
SHOFF, Loretta Elizabeth (Warner). Spouse of Gerald F. Shoff Sr. Born 9-23-1924, died 4-11-2017 - Dau of Fred & Bernice (Young) Warner, b. Delevan NY, d. Clifton Springs NY, Wed 5-17-1952 in Smethport PA, nine children.
SMITH, Emmons Sr. Born 1893, died 1982
SMITH, John. Born 5-4-1925, died 2000
TINGUE, Betty J. Spouse of Clarence E. Sr. Born 10-3-1932, died 12-14-2010. Age: 78 - Dau of Earl and Bertha (Hallock) Leonard. Wed 55 yrs, 15 children
TINGUE, Clarence E. Spouse of Betty J. Leonard. Born 4-29-1929, died 8-17-2013. Age: 84 - Son of Delphin and Marie (Gernatt) Tingue, b. Collins NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 55 yrs, 15 children
WAGNER, Harold M. Spouse of Arlene Phillippi. Born 1-23-1928, died 11-9-2007. Age: 79 - Son of Leon and Gladys Hall Wagner - Korean War Vet, US Army
WARNER, Nelson J. Spouse of Sharon KushmanAN. Born 1-24-1939, died 3-16-2010 - Son of Ralph and Florence (Hughes) Warner, b. Farmersville NY, d. Farmersville Station NY (at home), Wed 8-01-1959 in Farmersville Station NY, 3 children (she survives)
WARNER, Roscoe L. [Rocky]. Spouse of Dorothy M. Born 5-1-1921, died 4-30-2007. Age: 85 - Son of Fred Elwyn and Bernice Hazel Young Warner - WW II Vet, US Army, 3rd Armored Div. in Europe. Drove a Spearhead Tank
WEBER, Alfred L. Spouse of Barbara Henry. Born 12-25-1930, died 8-30-2010 - Son of Leslie and Lucy (Kerr) Weber, b. Franklinville NY. Wed 9-27-1952 at Harold Bates residence in Franklinville NY
WILLETT, Clarence C. Jr. [Corky]. Born 3-04-1941, died 3-12-2016 - Son of Clarence C. Sr. & Dorothy (Sponholz) Willett, b. Holland NY, d. Coudersport PA - Uncategorized Vet, US Army 1961-64
WILTSIE, Clara Bell (Kennedy). Spouse of Nathan C. Born 1885, died 1973 - Dau of Isaac Kennedy M. and Maude Edsall
WILTSIE, Nathan Clyde. Spouse of Clara B. Kennedy. Born 1891, died 1977

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