Ashford NY
Schwartz Road C/R 85

COBO, Friedrich                         born    1/4/1871        died    1/4/1881                Son of Wilhelm & Maria Cobo 
COBO, Johanna                           born    10/28/1868      died    1/5/1881                Dau. of Wilhelm & Maria Cobo 
COBO, Maria     spouse of       Wilhelm         born    8-8-1838        died    10-22-1921              Hier Ruhet In Gott"- " Seine Ehfrau" 
COBO, Martin                    born    2/17/1877       died    1/4/1881                Son of Wilhelm & Maria Cobo 
COBO, Wilhelm   spouse of       Maria   born    4-18-1828       died    3-25-1903               Hier Ruhet In Gott" 
JASTER, Anna T.                         born    8-7-1873        died    1-3-1881                Dau. of Fritz & Johanna Jaster
JASTER, Friederich A.J.                         born    3-29-1881       died    9-16-1891               Hier Ruhet In Gott"- "Wic Nolil Hin Ich Nun Auj Gelioben- die Woht Hat Wir Mein Gott Rer?orge"? 
JASTER, Herny W.                        born    3-17-1877       died    12-30-1880              Son of Fritz & Johanna Jaster 
JASTER, Johanna E.                      born    11-18-1852      died    8-19-1926 
JASTER, Robert M.                       born    11-14-1874      died    12-29-1880              Son of Fritz & Johanna Jaster
PETERS, Job                     born    3-13-1881       died    4-3-1881                Son of John & Sophia Peters
PETERS, Sophia                          born    3-13-1881       died    4-3-1881 
REYNOLDS, Infant Daughter                       born    10-1-1926       died    10-1-1926 
REYNOLDS, James Jr.                     born    10-5-1928       died    19-5-1928 
SCHWARTZ, Augusta       spouse of       Henry   born    5-24-1865       died    12-29-1936 
SCHWARTZ, Elbert                                                                Our Darling" 
SCHWARTZ, Emma A.                               1889            1915 
SCHWARTZ, Emma M.                               1-7-1880                12-9-1880               Dau. of Carl & Louisa Schwartz
SCHWARTZ, Henry         spouse of       Augusta                 6-28-1858               10-27-1946 
SCHWARTZ, Herbert                               5-27-1823               3-22-1897 
SCHWARTZ, Rosa                                  4-13-1890               5-19-1905 
SCHWARTZ, Rubick                                9-14-1887 
SCHWARTZ, Solmliam                              9-14-1887               9-14-1887               Son of H.N. & A.G. Schwartz
SCHWARTZ, Sophie        spouse of       Wilhelm                 1828            1908            Hier Ruhet In Gott" 
SCHWARTZ, Wilhelm       spouse of       Sophie          5-27-1823               3-22-1897               Hier Ruhet In Gott" 


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