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The following Photos were submitted by PHGS Member - Phil Roblee.
They are in relation to article #18,
(Photo References) on the "Circle of Friends" Page.
Note that group pic # 7 is related to article #17, (Rev. Wagoner's 
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    1.Jesse E. K. Button, Stephen P. Randall, Fred M. Little,  Harmon J. Ashley, M.D.,1849-1908 

    2.Mrs. Sally Beebe, Born March 4, 1801, Died March 1, 1904,  Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Reiman.

    3.Edwin Baker, Born October 8th, 1831, Died September 5th, 1903, Jesse E.K. Button 
    (same photo, different paper),  Byron R. Locke, 1833-1905

    4.Deland Very, 1839 - 1910, Rathbun Follett, Benjamin F. Whitney, 1830-1906, Daniel Shaw

    5.Sylvester J. Carver, 1832-1914, Clark D. Day (Obit photo, no obit), Clarence C. Loucks

    6. Alfred M. Gillett

    7.Rev. W. B. Wagoner (pic and obit), Rathbun Follett 


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