Vietnam Conflict Veterans

The Vietnam conflict lasted roughly from 1965 to 1975. The Cattaraugus County men and women on this page answered their country's call.

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • The service column uses these standard military abbreviations: KIA Killed in action; DOW Died of Wounds; DOD Died of Disease; DNB Died Non-Battle; DOI Died of Injuries; FOD Finding of death/Missing presumed dead; Dead no other info; POW Prisoner of War. 
  • "Unnamed Cems, this site" in the Burial column is this page.
  • This list does not include living service men and women.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Chautauqua County's Medal of Honor recipients

Name Service Death Date Burial Place
ABBOTT, Richard L   US Air Force, Maj. Career 1-24-1981 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
ABBOTT, Richard Paul  USMC, Pfc 6-8-1970 Wildwood
ABRAMS, Morris R. US Army 11-06-2018 Hillside Haven
ACKERMAN, James T. US Navy 4-30-2004 St. Bonaventure
AIELLO, Michael V. Vet. 11-24-2021 St. Bonaventure
ALICEA, Miguel A  US Army, 173rd Airborne, Purple Heart 1994 Mount View
AMBUSKE, Michael Gregory Sr.  US Navy 1968-71 Attached to USMC at DaNang Vietnam 11-22-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
ANDERSON, Kenneth Ellsworth Jr. US Army,Test Eng 1965-67 8-03-2018 St. Bonaventure
ANDERSON, Richard Carl USMC, Capt. 1966-1968 12-24-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
ANDERSON, Richard D. US Navy 1979 Calvary
ANDERSON, William E. USMC 5-27-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
ANTINORE, Noel C. US Army, 1/Lt 11-26-1989 Allegany
AUSTIN, Timmie E. US Army 04-07-2003 Chestnut Hill
AUTIERI, Vincent A. US Air Force 3-18-2008 St. Bonaventure
BABB, Robert J Sr US Army, 3 tours 6-3-2008 Mount View
BAGLEY, John "Bags" US Army, Sgt  1966 - 1969 1-6-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
BAILEY, Donald Gerald DOW, USMC, Co L 3rd BM,7th Marines, 1st MARDEV, Cpl. Purple heart, Bronze Star. Wounded in Heip Duc Valley 8-29-1969. Evacuated to US, died at Castle Point VA Hospital. (Vietnam Wall: Panel 02W Ln103) 1-11-1972 Chestnut Hill
BAILEY, James L. US Navy aboard USS Luce 8-02-2017 Chestnut Hill
BAILEY, John T. Sr. [Tom] USMC 10-20-2016 St. Bonaventure
BAIRE, Theodore R  US Navy 7-6-2008 Mount View
BAKER, Theodore A. Button US Army 8-7-2005 Little Valley Rural
BALCERZAK, Walter Joseph Jr. [Butch] US Army SP5 6-1-2016 St. Bonaventure
BARONE, Richard W US Army 2018 Perrysburg
BARONE, Richard W. US Army 12-25-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
BARRY, David J. US Navy aboard USS The Sullivans, YN3. 1962-1965 12-4-2007 St. Bonaventure
BAUER, John E. US Army 8-4-2002 East Otto
BAXTER,, William T.  US Marine Corps 38514 Mount View
BEAVER, Charles D.  US Army, 1st Calvary. 1965-67 6-10-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
BEAVER, Robert J. US Army 5-14-2001 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
BECK, Malcolm Harry  US Navy, AE2 1989 Wildwood
BECKMAN, Donald Leo US Army and USMC 2-11-2004 Allegany
BECKMAN, Ronald R  US Army, CPL 1983 Mount View
BECKMAN, Teddy W. US Army, Special Forces 232nd Signal Co, Radio relay specialist. Two tours. 9-7-2006 Randolph Rural
BEDELL, Calvin C. Jr. USMC, Pvt. 12-1-1997 Little Valley Rural
BELLAMY, Jay A. US Army 7-9-2010 Allegany
BENCENE, Albert Jack  US Navy. Career 1-28-2003 Mount View
BENSON, Allen John USMC. 5-12-2022 Liberty Park
BENSON, Jerry Wayne US Army 6-4-1995 East Randolph
BERG, Dale Russell US Navy Seabees, EON2. Served in PhuBai 9-29-1967 East Otto
BERGAMON, Michael M. US Army, Sp5 2-02-1984 Calvary
BERNREUTHER, Walter John US Army, Co C 35th Inf 4th Div, Capt. Purple Heat, Bronze Star 4-5-1968 Allegany
BESS, Robert L. USMC and Navy. Career 7-05-1990 Calvary
BIERFELDT, David C. US Army, Sp4 9-06-1993 Calvary
BIERFELDT, Peter US Army, 368th Transportation Co 4-24-2005 Calvary
BLAKESLEE, Tex L. US Navy 10-10-1995 Siloam
BLAKESSLEE, Fredrick C.  US Army, Pfc 10-30-1985 Wildwood
BLANCHARD, Raymond K. US Air Force 1966-70 7-24-2019 St. Bonaventure
BOLLES, Gordon D. Korea and Vietnam,  US Army 6-20-2017 Green
BOTTONE, Ralph Joseph  US Air Force 10-23-2022 Donated body
BOTTONE, Ralph Joseph  US Air Force 10-23-2022 Donated body
BOYD, Ernest US Navy, SA 1-18-1996 East Otto
BOYSHA,, James P. Sr. US Air Force, Career, 27 yrs 11-11-2014 Mount View
BRAINARD, Steven W. US Navy 1967-71 4-29-2011 Allegany
BREWER, Dennis D. US Army   3-22-2017 Green
BREWER, William C. US Army. 6-25-2019 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
BRIGGS, William G. US Army, SP4 5-17-1979 Allegany
BRUNDAGE, James M. US Army 10-1-2010 Wildwood
BUDAJ, Robert J.  US Air Force 1962-66 10-11-2016 Unnamed Cems, this site
BUDZINSKI, John A. [Jack] US Air Force  8-25-1994 Crawford
BUERGER, Robert P. WW II, Korea, Vietnam, US Navy, pilot for 24 years.  1-27-2018 Florida Natl Cem, Bushnell FL
BURCH, Lawrence W. US Navy & Naval Reserves 1-07-2017 St. Bonaventure
BUSACK, John C US Army, SP5 1-31-1990 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
BUTLER, Gerald J. US Air Force, A1C  3-27-1996 Allegany
BUTLER, Ralph A. US Army 1965-67 3-19-2019 Pleasant Valley
BUTTON, Ronald Frank Unknown service 1-20-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
CAMP, Alan B. US Air Force 9-25-2015 [sic] St. Bonaventure
CAMP, Alan B. Sr. [Ike] US Air Force. Served 8 years, two tours of duty in Vietnam. 9-25-2015 St. Bonaventure
CAMPBELL, Kenneth H. US Army 8-18-2023 St. Bonaventure
CAMPBELL, Raymond Paul  US Army 1965-67. Two Bronze Stars 6-3-2023 Our Lady of Angels
CAMPBELL, Stephen R. US Army 3-29-1995 Steamburg
CAPOZZELLI, Anthony Rev. US Navy 12-23- 2000 St. Bonaventure
CARGILL, Ronald James US Army, Pfc 7-28-2012 Steamburg
CARLS,  Henry P. MD US Army, Surgical MASH Unit, General Surgeon  7-25-2012 St. Bonaventure
CARLSSON, Danold V. US Navy, Supply Clerk.  3-26-2018 East Randolph
CARPENTER, David R US Air Force, Sgt 3-21-1987 East Randolph
CARTER, Robin Champion US Air Force 10-31-2009 Liberty Park
CARUSO, John [Jack] US Army, Fld Arty, Col. 30-year Career. Earned Many Medals.  (also Korea, Post-Vietnam) 10-25-2013 Calvary
CASE, Larry W. US Army, E4 11-17-2011 Little Valley Rural
CHAFIN, Billy R US Air Force, T/Sgt. Career 2-4-1997 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
CHALKER, Virgil B. Jr. [Corky] US Army. Purple Heart 3-23-2008 Chestnut Hill
CHAMBERLAIN, Timothy D.  US Navy 8-25- 2001  Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
CHAMBERS, Richard A. US Army 1-21-2010 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
CHAPUS, Joseph A. US Army. 1971-74 7-31-2022 St. Bonaventure
CHASE, Russell E. Jr. US Army 11-3-2005 Unnamed Cems, this site
CHICOLA, Michael J. US Army, Medic. 1965-1967. Awarded a Bronze Star with valor 11-5-2015 St. Bonaventure
CLANCY, Gary A. US Army 9-10-2008 Unnamed Cems, this site
CLANCY, Paul R. US Army. Purple Heart 3-29-2003 Green
CLARK, James E  US Army 8-20- 1992 Green
CLARK, James E. WW II, Korea, Cold War. US Army. Career spanned 27 years, retired as M/Sgt. A Japanese language interpreter. 2-29-2020 Mount View
CLAWSON, Barry B. Sr. US Army 6-7-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
CLEMENT, Roger F. US Air Force 9-12-2014 Unnamed Cems, this site
CLEMONS, Robert W.  USMC 1968-70 6-14-2011 Unnamed Cems, this site
CLEVELAND, Clifford L. US Army  1971-72 4-9-2011 Unnamed Cems, this site
CLEVELAND, Jack E. US Army 10-14-2014 Unnamed Cems, this site
CLINE, Harland L.  [of Allegany NY] US Air Force 1966-70 10-25-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
COFFEY, David E. US Army 1968-71 6-17-2019 Mount View
COLLINS, Kevin E. 1967-1969 11-20-2000 St. Bonaventure
COMSTOCK, John Robert  US Air Force, 22nd Airborne Div, Sgt 1986 Mount View
COMSTOCK, Phillip A.   US Army, Co C 32nd Signal Bn, SP4 12-8-1972 Cassadaga
COMSTOCK, Richard H. USMC 3-25-2002 Siloam
CONNER, Timothy R. US Air Force 10-28-2017 Chestnut Hill
CONNER, Timothy R. US Air Force, Sgt 10-28-2017 Chestnut Hill
CONNER, Timothy R. US Air Force, Sgt 10-28-2017 Chestnut Hill
COOLEY, William H  US Army, SP5 12-24-1990 Mount View
COOPER, Gerald A. [Joey] US Navy aboard USS Kitty Hawk, USS Forrestal, USS Constellation, and USS Ranger 9-14-2007 Hillside Haven
COOPER, Jeffrey G. USMC 1974-75 5-28-2015 Acacia Park, N. Tonawanda NY
CORBIN, Howard E.  US Air Force 8-31-2003 South Napoli
CORNELL, Thomas McBride  [of Weedsport] US Air Force, four hears 5-26-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
CORWIN, Daniel K.  US Army, 101st Airborne Div, S/Sgt 12-31-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
COTTILLION, Theodore Paul Cold War and Vietnam. US Navy Hospital Corps. Career, 20 years. 6-18-2021 St. Bonaventure
COUSINS, Richard P. USMC.1964-68. Purple Heart and other medals 4-12-2022 Mt. Prospect
COUSINS, Richard Paul USMC. Purple Heart and other medals. 1964-1968 4-12-2022 Mount View
CRAWFORD, Duane Dewey US Army 1998 East Portville/Main Settlement
CRAWFORD, Leslie J. [Rat]  US Army 11-14-2008 Mount View
CRAWFORD, Russell L.  US Army 7-22-2009 Mount View
CROCE, Alfred J. US Navy 9-16-2006 Little Valley Rural
CROSS, Gordon Earl US Navy, SN 1961-1963 and then Navy Reserves.  9-21-2013 Mount View
CROSS, John H.  US Marines 1967-72 10-26-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
CROUSE, Stephen H. US Army. A paratrooper. Purple Heart, two Air Medals Vietnam Service Medal with four stars, Bronze Star. 11-26-2020 Bunker Hill Seneca Nation Cem, Steamburg
CROUSE, Stephen H. US Army. A paratrooper. Purple Heart, two Air Medals Service Medal with four stars, Bronze Star. 11-26-2020 Bunker Hill Seneca Nation Cem, Steamburg
CROWE, Donner J. US Army, paratrooper 3-17-2005 Hillside Haven
CULPEPPER, Allen Ross US Army,  Btry C 7th Bn 9th Arty, Capt. Purple Heart, Bronze Star, ARCOM 5-18-1969 Allegany
CUNNINGHAM, John J. US Navy. Career, (WW II, Korea, Vietnam) 1985 Calvary
DAVIS, Howard  US Army 3-23-2016 Unnamed Cems, this site
DEAN, Robert E. US Army, SP4 3-11-1987 Cottage
DEBOY, Russell US Army & US Navy Seabee 5-29-2019 Calvary
DECKER, James A. US Army 10-15-2014 Mt. Prospect
DENMEADE, Robert C. US Army 12-18-2000 East Otto
DENNING, Stuart D. US Navy. Two tours. 9-24-2017 Maples, Mansfield NY
DEXTER, Randall Lee US Army, Sp4 3-3-1998 East Randolph
DICKERSON, Lyle D. US Air Force. 1965-69 11-19-2022 Mount View
DOLECKI, Stephen P. US Navy 1994 Calvary
DONAHEY, Robert E. US Army 12-02-2010 Unnamed Cems, this site
DONNER, Timothy L. US Air Force 4-2-2004 Little Valley Rural
DORMAN, Leslie E.   US Army, SP4 6-1-1994 Cassadaga
DRUGG, Daniel US Army S/Sgt. Vietnam and Germany 3-26-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
DUPRE, Richard S.  ~ 2-13- 2001 Allegany
DURAN, Michael A  US Army, SP5 8-26-2005 Mount View
DURKEE, Kenneth F. WW II, Korea, Cold War. US Navy. Career 3-6-2000 Siloam
DUTTON, Harold G. US Army 3-3-2008 St. Bonaventure
DYKSTEA, Donald K  US Army, SFC. Career 1989 Mount View
EBERLE, Dean James   US Army 2nd Lt 3-18-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
EBERT, Harold R.  [Mike] US Air Force 1974-79 6-05-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
EDGAR, William Rumuls  US Army 12-13-1999 South Napoli
EDWARDS, Bruce A. US Army 11-25-2020 Siloam
EHLERS, Bruce A. US Army Military Police 7-21-2007 Allegany
EHLERS, Earl M. Jr. [Bud] US Navy 1967-71   8-27-2012 Chestnut Hill
EHMAN, Douglas W.  US Army 9-3-1986 Sunset Hill, Ellicottville
EHMAN, Richard US Air force, 3 tours 4-28-2007 Unnamed Cems, this site
ELWOOD, James E. Sr. US Navy, Seaman Apprentice, 7th Fleet Frigate, USS John McCain 2-5-2011 Mount View
ELWOOD, Robert Clarence USMC 8-9-2007 St. Bonaventure
EMERSON, Donald .  US Army 9-11-1993 Green
EMICK, Paul G. US Army 1969-73 2-27-2019 St. Bonaventure
ENSELL, John R. [Jack] US Air Force, Career 22 years.  8-20-2018 Sarasota Natl Cem, Sarasota FL
ESHELMAN, Charles O. West Point, Col. Career 1-24-2010 Chestnut Hill
EVERETTS, Duane P. US Air Force 8-16-2008 Hinsdale
EVERITT, William H. Sr. US Air Force 12-28-2008 Chestnut Hill
FINCH, Claude R.  US Coast Guard. Career 12-8-1990 Wildwood
FINCH, Donald I. [Derby] USMC 11-16-2008 Allegany
FINCH, Jack W. USMC 10-23-2019 Allegany
FISHER, Ronald D US Marine Corps, H&S Co 1st Bn, CPL 12-31-2007 Mount View
FITCH, Gerald F. [Jerry] US Army. Six years, one tour with Advisor Team 95 MacV 12-6-2003 Mount View
FITZGERALD, Mark E. US Navy, Cmdr. Career (WW II, Korea, and Vietnam) 7-03-1996 Calvary
FLEMING, Norman E US Army, 41st Signal Corps, Radio teletype operator. 1966-1972 8-4-2023 St. Bonaventure
FLUENT, Jack H. US Army 4-27-2005 Little Valley Rural
FOLTS, Morris W. [Bill] US Army, Sp4. 1968-70 7-23-2011 Mount View
FONSECA, John J. US Air Force, A1C. 1964-1967. A disabled vet. 3-24-2014 Mount View
FOWLER, Daniel L. US Army, Sgt 11-22-2004 St. Bonaventure
FOX, Leslie B. Jr.  US Air Force, Forward air controller, Career - 22 yrs, retired as Lt. Col 10-12-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
FRANK, Lloyd L. US Air Force, Jet mechanic. 1965- 1969, then reserves. 8-06-2013 Mount View
FRANKLIN, Keith K.  US Army, Co B 12 Inf. 4 Inf. Div, SP4. Purple Heart and Bronze Star 5-12-1970 Wildwood
FRARY, Kevin L. USMC. Career. US Army from 1976 to 2002 8-11-2018 Stiltson Hill, Pittsfield PA
FRARY, Thomas Sr.  US Army. Died from long-term effects of Agent Orange. 11-16-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
FRAZIER, William C US Army 1992 Green
FREDERICK, Harold C. Jr. US Army 6-27-2007 Mount View
GAYTON, Vernon L. Sr. US Air Force 9-30-2021 Allegany
GEER, Robert J USMC, PFC 3-15-1980 Hinsdale
GIANNINI, Robert A. US Army. Helicopter crew chief. 7-9-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
GIARDINI, Michael L. US Air Force 4-28-2012 Allegany
GIFFORD, Howard T.  US Air Force 8-31-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
GIVAN, Robert G. Sr. US Army, Sp5. Crane helicopter crew chief. 2-24-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
GLOVER, Alvin Simon Jr. US Navy, ADR3 1-14-1991 St. Bonaventure
GOLD, James Stephen USMC. 1969-1971 6-14-2022 Mount View
GOLLAHER, Richard Stephan US Army 79th Engineer Brigade. Purple Heart. Led vehicle escort for funeral of Dwight D. Eisenhower and inauguration of Richard M. Nixon 4-18-2008 Allegany
GONZALEZ, Luis O. US Army. Career 1-07-1998 Calvary
GOODE, Leroy P. US Army 6-10-2005 Liberty Park
GOODLIFF, Edgar H. US Marine 1963-67 & US Army Reserves Sgt 1st Cl 4-20-2016 Mount View
GOODLIFF, Edgar H. US Marine 1963-67 & US Army Reserves Sgt 1st Cl 4-20-2016 Mount View
GOODLIFF, Edgar H. US Marine Corps & US Army Reserve Sgt 1st Cl 4-20-2016 Mount View
GOODMAN, Thomas E. US Navy 7-29-1991 Calvary
GRAHAM, Terrance K. US Srmy 12-17-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
GRANAGHAN, Hugh E US Air Force. Career 12-10-2001 Mount View
GRAVES, Douglas E. US Army 12-13-2020 East Hill, Otto
GRAVES, Douglas E. US Army 12-13-2020 East Hill, Otto
GREEN, Merle R. Sr. US Army, Co D 5th Bn 31st Inf, Sp4. Two Bronze Service Stars. 4-15-2014 Mount View
GREENE, Kenneth D. Vietnam and Cold War. US Air Force. Four Bronze Service stars, Four Meritorious Service Medals, and 25 additional medals/ribbons. Retired in 1988. died of long-term effects of Agent Orange egxposure. 2-4-2020 Arlington Natl Cem VA
GREKALSKI, Paul John [P J] US Army, 1/Lt 9-18-2014 St. Bonaventure
GROSSE, David A. US Navy. Four years. Purple Heart and Bronze Star. 7-08-2017 Mount View
GROVER, Charles A. US Army 11-14-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
GRUBER, Michael USMC  3-11-2016 Perrysburg
HAGGART, George B. Jr US Army. 1963-1960 5-1-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
HAGGART, George B. Jr. US Army. 1960-1963 5-1-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
HAGLUND,  John R US Navy, Petty Officer/2C 5-20-2023 Pleasant Valley
HAHN, Jean E US Army, SP5. Career (WW II, Korea, and Vietnam) 10-7-1998 Mount View
HALFTOWN, Forrest W. US Air Force 1994 Memorial Heights
HALL, David W. US Air Force 1972-76 5-4-2010 Allegany
HALLOWELL, Charles E. US Army. 1966-1969. A gunner for a recovery team. 1-24-2020 Chestnut Hill
HAMED, Eugene A. US Army 8-28-2016 St. Bonaventure
HAMILTON, Earl R. {Bud] US Army 1967-69 11-08-2015 Mount View
HANDLEY, Donald E. Sr. US Army.  9-25-2020 St. Bonaventure
HANSON, William R.  US Army, SP5 4-12-1947 Chestnut Hill
HARRIER, Wallace LeRoy  US Army, !st Cav, two tours in Vietnam. Many medals. Then TN Guard, 4th Bn, 1st Regt, 1/Sgt since 2008. A disabled vet. 5-26-2014 Mount View
HARRIS, Donald L. US Marine Corps, Cpl. Purple Heart and Vietnam Service medal with 2 stars 4-15-2018 Wildwood
HARRISON, Charles E. Jr. US Army. Co A, 1st BN, 46th Inf BSN-2, Sgt. Purple Heart 7-26-1970 Calvary
HARRISON, Dennis D. Sr. US Army 1-2-2006 Five Mile
HART, Danny Ray, Rev.  US Navy aboard USS Intrepid 4-29-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
HART, Henry Robert [Hank] US Army, SP4 2-27-2008 East Otto
HARTWIG, John E [Jack] US Navy 1978 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
HASARD, Gary R US Air Force, Sgt 9-22-2009 Mount View
HEISER, Richard E. US Air Force, 1960-1964 6-2-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
HENDRICKSON, Clarence  US Army 1-27-1987  Steamburg
HENHAWK, Harley USMC 12-7-2017 Family Cem on Indian Hill
HENHAWK, Harley  USMC 12-7-2017 Indian Hill, Perrysburg
HENRY, Peter John US Air Force, Sgt 10-14-2003 Siloam
HETRICK, Ray E. US Army 5-18-2008 Unnamed Cems, this site
HILLARD, William J. II US Army, Co B 26h Engr Bn, Cpl. Purpel Heart, Bronze Star w/ Oak Leaf Cluster. 3-15- 1969 Randolph Rural
HILLS, Ricky J DNB, US Army, Co A ASLT HELO Bn, 11th AVN Grp, 1st Cav, SP4. Killed in Helicoptor crash in Phuoc Long. Distinguished Flying Cross, Army Commendation Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters. (Vietnam Wall Panel W8, Ln 66) 7-29-1970 Perrysburg
HITCHCOCK, Jeffrey L. Sr. USMC, Pvt 11-19-2012 Siloam
HOLLAMBY, James D. US Army 6-11-2006 St. Bonaventure
HOLLAND, Jerald B. USMC 5-12-2009 Unnamed Cems, this site
HOLLANDS, Richard L. US Army 1-31-2003 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
HOLLOWELL, Roland G. [Rollie] US Army, 101st Airborne. 1970-1971 10-21-2002 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
HOLMES, Theron Burr Vietnam and Post-Vietnam, US Army. Operation Iraqi Freedom. Career -  1969-2005 4-21-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
HOLT, David B.  US Army 6-7-1996 Wildwood
HORNBLOWER, David Jon USMC. 1970-1971 2-13-2020 Houston Natl Cem, TX
HOWARD, Gerald E US Navy 1964 -1968 7-12-2023 Mount View
HUBBARD, Kenneth C. US Air Force. 1-10-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
HUBER, Frank P. Jr. [Bud] US Army. 1960-1966 11-2-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
HUDSON, Barry Allen US Army. Purple Heart and Oak Leaf Cluster 10-30-2002 Mount View
HURRLE, RobertJ US Air Force, T Sgt 4-12-2002 Mount View
IMHOFF, Leon E. [Edward]  US Army. 1969-1970 4-12-1993 Green
INMAN, James V. US Army. 1966-1967 10-10-2012 Mount View
IRVING, Joseph L US Army, Sgt 12-12-2001 Mount View
IRWIN, Thomas C US Army 3-14-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
JACKSON, Leroy R. US Navy 12-18-1992 Arabic
JACOBS, Henry Lloyd US Army, 11th Cav Blackhorse Div. Purple Heart 3-20-2008 Hillside Haven
JANKOWSKI. Joseph W. [Bill] US Army, 101st Airborne. 1970-1971 1-1-2017 St. Bonaventure
JARUSZEWSKI, William A.  US Army 10-29-2005 St. Bonaventure
JIMERSON, Charles William US Army. Bronze Star, Purple Heart 5-20-2003 Memorial Heights
JIMERSON, Norman L US Army 1-27-2017 Seneca Nation 
JIMERSON, Ronald D. US Air Force 63 OMS MAC 10-01-2016 Hillside Haven 
JOHN, Lloyd S. US Navy 1-23-2004 Hillside Haven
JOHN, Milburn A. [Lum] US Army SFC. Career 11-17-1985 Memorial Heights
JOHNSON, Robert T. US Air Force, Capt. Served 6 years and flew 99 combat missions in Vietnam in 1972. Many medals, including Air Medals with 11 oak leaf clusters. 11-03-2018 St. Bonaventure
JONES, John Leroy Sr. US Army, SP4 5-14-2010 Mount View
JONES, Timothy US Army, Purple Hearts 10-13-2021 Hillside Haven
JORDON, Thomas J US Army 4-20-1991 Hinsdale
JULIAN, William D. US Navy. (and Gulf Wars) 7-27-2016 Allegany
JURENKO, Stephen A. US Army, 1968-1969. Victim of Agent Orange exposure. 1-6-2020 Allegany
KAUTZ, David O. US Army at West Point 9-27-2008 Allegany
KELLEY, Ronald J. US Air Force. Four years.  7-27-2021 Liberty Park
KELLY, Clarence A [Jake] USMC, Cpl 9-26-1973 Perrysburg
KEMP, Joseph D. US Army, 1967-1970. 1-14-2020 St. Bonaventure
KENDIG, John  US Army. Purple heart 7-19-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
KENFIELD, Lester F. WW II, Korea, Cold War. US Army. Retired as a senior Non-Com with over 30 years of active duty. 3-28-2020 Indiantown Gap Natl Cem
KENYON, Brian D. US Army Intelligence 11-7-2005 St. Bonaventure
KING, David P. US Army 2-26-2016 Calvary
KLEIN, Daniel Otto US Air Force, munitions specialist. 5-29-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
KLICE, John H.  USMC, 1969-1971 5-18-2022 Mount View
KLICE, John Howard USMC 1969-71 5-18-2022 Mount View
KNELL, Robert William Sr.  US Army, 1965-1977, two tours. Bronze Star 5-10-2014 Mount View
KNOX, Terrance E. US Air Force 4-6-2007 St. Bonaventure
KNOX, Terrance E. US Air force, 3 tours 4-6-2007 Unnamed Cems, this site
KRUPPNER, Bradley USMC, Cpl 3-9-2004 Mt. Prospect
KRYNISKI, Anna H US Army, CWO. Career 3-19-1979 Mount View
KUHANECK, Harold W. Jr.  US Air Force 9-23-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
KUHS, Robert H. US Army 1-17-2022 Jolls
LAING, Stephen H. Mooney US Army 7-11-1988 East Otto
LANGWORTHY, Richard Frederick USMC 2-19-2009 Unnamed Cems, this site
LATA, Stephen R. US Army 4 yrs & US Air Force 4 yrs 10-01-2019 St. Bonaventure
LATA, Stephen R. US Army for 4 years then US Air Force for 4 years 10-1-2019 St. Bonaventure
LAWTON, Bruce A. US Army, Sp4 6-15-1982 McKinstry
LAWTON, Cleon Derwood [Sam] USMC, Pfc. Purple Heart 12-6-1991 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
LAYTON, James J. US Navy Seabees 1-29-2017 Allegany
LEARN, Kenneth H Jr US Navy 2-5-2006 Hinsdale
LEARN, Robert H USAF, A1C 3-24-2001 Hinsdale
LEBLANC, Marvin A. Korea and Vietnam, US Army in Korea and US Navy Seabees in Vietnam. Career. 10-2-2002 Calvary
LEMMER, David Edward US Navy, EN3 2-10-1971 Mount View
LEMMER, Donald L US Navy, RM 3 1980 Mount View
LEMMER, Douglas E US Navy 2003 Mount View
LEONARD, Ronald D. US Navy CM3 1-6-2000 Siloam
LESTER, William  US Navy 4-04-2016 Mount View
LESTER, William  US Navy 4-04-2016 Mount View
LETTS, Bruce D US Marine Corps 12-15-1973 Mount View
LEWIS, Eric Oakley  KIA, USMC, Co A 1st Bn, 7th Marines, 1st MARDIV (Rein) FMF, Pfc. Killed in and IED explosion in Quang Nam, Vietnam. (Vietnam Wall Panel W14 Ln 94) 2-2-1970 Limestone
LICHY, Duane R. US Navy 4-27-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
LIVERMORE, John L. US Army 1964-69 Military Police & US Army XXIV Corps, Sgt.. (Two tours) Died from long-term effects of Agent Orange exposure. 12-04-2022 Sample Hill
LLEWELLYN, Albert L. Jr. US Navy 5-19-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
LOCICERO, Thomas A. US Army, 84th Engr Co, radioman. 1971-1972. 3-28-2021 Crawford
LOCKWOOD, David A. US Army. Many medals including Bronze Service with Oak Leaf cluster and Silver Star with two Oak Leaf clusters 1-18-2019 Rutledge
LOCKWOOD, Robert  US Navy 5-25-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
LORE, John US Army 12-7-2016 Dayton Catholic
LORE, John R US Army 12-7-2016 St. Paul - Dayton
LOUNSBURY, David C  US Army 3-24-2005 Green
LUCAS, James R. US Navy 1968-72  12-29-2002 Mt. Prospect
LUCE, Gary L. Korea and Vietnam, US Army, Pfc & US Navy, STC. Career (20 yrs) 12-20-2018 Little Valley Rural
LUDDEN, Donald Dean US Navy 1-2-1992 Mount View
LYNCH, Eugene Carolan  US Navy 7-24-2000 Randolph Rural
LYTEL, Robert C. US Army 41st Inf 2nd Arm Div 3-25-2017 Memorial Heights
MACKINDER, Harry Richard   US Army, SP 4 12-30-1998 Cassadaga
MACOMB, Orrie Earl Jr. KIA, USMC, Co B 1st Bn 3rd Marines, Cpl. Killed in Quang Tri Province (Vietnam Wall Panel 2E Ln 32) 1967 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
MAINE, Edward R. Sr. [Joe] US Army, PFC 1970-72 7-19-2018 St. Bonaventure
MAKOWSKI, Raymond  US Army 8-19-1994 Mount View
MALINOWZKI, Michael J. Sr. USMC and US Army. 20 years.  7-29-2019 Jolls
MALINOWZKI, Michael J. Sr. USMC and US Army. 20 years.  7-29-2019 Jolls
MALONE, Emmett Earl Jr. US Air Force, M/Sgt. Career 9-08-2015 Jacksonville Memory Gardens, Orange Park FL
MANNING, Leon J. Sr.  US Navy 9-26-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
MARIANI, Ferruccio R. [Frank[ US Army 9-10-2001 St. Bonaventure
MARSH, Kenneth Michael [Mike] US Army, 23rd Inf, Sgt. Bronze Star and Army Air Medal. 7-31-2022 Chestnut Hill
MARTIN, James A. Unknown service 2-5-2017 East Randolph
MARVIN, Ronald Lee Sr  US Navy, EO2 3-21-2004 Mount View
MATTESON, Kenneth F. USMC, Sgt 3-8-1979 Cottage
MATTHEWS Robert S. US Army 2-2-2003  Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
MATYA, John A US Army, Sgt. 1st in Div and 1st Air Cav. 9-23-2019 St. Bonaventure
MAYER, Michael P.  US Air Force 8-23-2003 St. Bonaventure
MCBRIDE, Ralph H.   WW II, Korea, and Vietnam US Army, Medical Service Corps, LT/Col. A medivac helicopter pilot in Korea, Germany, and Vietnam.  Career, 23 years, Earned Distinguished Flying Cross with V, 2 Bronze Stars, nine Air Medals. 9-19-2009 Cassadaga
MCCOY, Timothy M. US Army 2-07-2015 Mount View
MCELROY, Thomas A.  US Air Force 2-8-2012 Unnamed Cems, this site
MCFALL, Donald E. US Army 9-16-2019 St. Bonaventure
MCNEIGHT, Harry Dunning   WW II, Korea, and Vietnam US Army, CWO. Career. Earned Army Commendation Medal 6-25-1973 Cassadaga
MEEHAN, Thomas C. USMC 12-26-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
MELFI, Stephen Anthony  US Navy, USS Bigelow 6-19-2023 Great Lakes Natl Cem, Holly MI
MERKT, Donald E. US Army 5-01-2016 Unnamed Cems, this site
MESSER, James J. US Navy aboard USS Threadfin and USS Lafayette. 1963-70   11-9-2010 Chestnut Hill
METKA, Adrian Albert  US Air Force    10-09-2019 Riverside Natl Cem. Riverside CA
MEYER, William J. US Army, SP4 2-15-2022 Mount View
MIKOWICZ, Michael C. US Army 12-09-2016 Unnamed Cems, this site
MILLER, Claude L. US Marine Corps 9-18-2013 Mount View
MILLER, Dana Alan US Army 1982 Memorial Heights
MILLER, John L.  US Navy 1969-70 7-10-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
MILLER, Lawrence B US Army, M/Sgt. Career (WW II, Korea, and Vietnam) 1985 Mount View
MILLER, Lonny Joe  US Air Force, S/Sgt 4-15-1978 Steamburg
MILLER, Ronald W. US Army, 325 Mil Intell Grp. 1-18-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
MITCHELL, Ronald J.  US Air Force 1972-1974 10-23-2001  Allegany
MITCHELL, William C US Marine Corps 2000 Mount View
MOONEY, David P. US Air Force 7-7-2007 Unnamed Cems, this site
MOONEY, Robert Thomas US Navy, HM2 4-26-2000 Mount View
MOORE, William T. US Army 2nd Bn 94th Arty. 1967-1970 7-26-2021 St. Bonaventure
MORGAN, Ned A. [Noodle Head] US Army 5-29-2006 Chestnut Hill
MURPHY, Harry J. Jr.  US Air Force 12-03-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
MURRIN, Robert E. IV  US Army 2-17-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
NELSON, Edward E. Sr. US Army 10-12-2018 Mount View
NELSON, Robert J Jr. US Army .1969 to 1972 1-28-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
NEWELL, Dale Richard US Army, two tours. 1966-1969. Two Bronze Stars and other medals 7-24-2009 Steamburg
NICHOLS, George Michael US Army, SP5. 1964-1967 3-21-2015 Mount View
NICHOLS, Gerald R  US Navy 10-26-1999 Mount View
NIVER, Terry L. Sr.  US Army 11-15-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
NOLAN, Donald J. US Army. 1969-1971 12-1-2021 Mount View
NOTTINGHAM, Wayne Alfred Sr. US Army, Pvt 6-2-2016 Mount View
NUPP, LeRoy W. Sr. US Army 12-24-2005 Hinsdale
OAKLEY, Larry D.  US Air Force 9-2-1990 Five Mile
O'CONNOR, Robert W. US Air Force 12-03-2016 Unnamed Cems, this site
OSGOOD, Robert J  US Army, SP4 1979 Mount View
OSGOOD, Shields T US Air Force, M/Sgt 10-15-1988 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
OUTMAN, Anthony L  US Air Force  1993 Mount View
OUTMAN, Garold Edwin  US Air Forces, Sgt 1979 Mount View
PANGBORN, Wesley E. US Navy 8-03-2016 Little Valley Rural
PASIEKA, Richard J  US Air Forces, Sgt 4-4-2008 Mount View
PAUL, Hugh D. USMC, 1967-1970. Purple Heart and Navy Commendation Medal with Combat V. 8-4-2020 St. Bonaventure
PAUL, John Thomas [JP] USMC, 5th Marines, 2nd BN. 2-22-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
PAULY, Bruce Allen US Air Force, career 24 yrs 12-27-2018 Evergreen Mem Park Cem
PAVLOCK, Dwayne R US Navy 10-25-1972 Little Valley Rural
PAVLOCK, Mark  US Army, Airborne Pathfinders 9-24-2003 Calvary
PEDACCHIO, James US Army 10-14-2008 Calvary
PENFIELD, Walter Andrew "Skip" US Navy. Career: 1960-1981 4-2-2023 Rutledge Rural
PETERSON, John A. US Navy 6-25-2003 East Otto
PETERSON, Lawrence V. US Army 1962-65 2-07-2019 Allegany
PETERSON, Rodeny A.  US Army, Sgt 1-23-1984 Steamburg
PHILLIPS, Brian A  US Army, SP4 11-16-2005 Mount View
PHILLIPS, James H. US Army, 5th Special Forces Div (Green Berets) 8-5-2008 Little Valley Rural
PIERCE, Floyd F. [Red] US Army 9-9-2007 Little Valley Rural
PIPER, Raymond S  US Army, H&H Co 91st Cmbt Engr Bn 2-21-1979 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
PISANO, Martin R. US Air Force 1960-66 5-28-2017 St. Bonaventure
POLLE, James US Navy 4-11-2011 Unnamed Cems, this site
PORTER, William T. US Navy 6-21-2022 Maples, Mansfield
POSEY, Charles D.  US Air Force 4-9-1999 Five Mile
POTTER, Roland D  US Army 9-21-1994 Mount View
POTTER, William A.  US Army 4-16-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
POUNDS, Jeffrey L. US Army 12-06-2016 Unnamed Cems, this site
PRUSINOWSKI, Anthony A. US Air Force, M/Sgt 2-08-1984 Calvary
PUSZCZ, Robert J. US Navy 5-24-2019 Holy Cross, Ellicottville
QUIGLEY, Joseph D. US Air Force 1965-69 8-08-2019 Mount View
RAMADHAN, Muhummed [Moe] US Army, SP4 7-30-2015 Mount View
RAMADHAND, Arthmard Unknown service 5-21-1969 Arabic
RANDALL, Richard J USMC 8-9-1979 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
RATZEL, James C USMC 11-18-1973 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
RAU, William R. US Naval Reserves,1964-1987 10-3-2019 Unnamed Cems, this site
REDDING, Earl D. Jr.  USMC, Pvt 1987 Mt. Prospect
REDEYE, Gordon M. USMC, Pvt 10-13-2003 Memorial Heights
REED, David L. USMC 9-12-2010 Unnamed Cems, this site
REYNOLDS, Albert M. US Army, SP4. Served two duty tours in Korea.  3-27-2010 Mount View
RIGGS, F. William ~ 8-05-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
RILEY, Edward [EJ] US Army. 10-6-2021 Green
RIORDAN, Clarence F. [Chuck] US Army 1965-71 3-26-2015 Freedom
RIX John S. US Army 10-10-2006 Freedom
ROBBINS, Arnold Lee US Army, 8th Eng.BN  5-15-1970 Little Valley Rural
ROBINSON, Thomas C.  US Army 4-20-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
ROBLEE,Daniel C. US Army, Sgt 1-7-2006 Freedom
ROCKWELL, Gary D.  US Navy 11-03-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
ROCKWELL, George T.  US Navy Seabees 31st Naval Construction Regt 6-04-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
RODUNARDT, Ronald W. US Navy 4-4-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
ROSS, Charles J. Sr. US Army, SFC. Career including 2 tours in Vietnam. 2-10-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
ROSSINGNOL, Russell Joe US Air Force. 1973-1974 4-1-2014 Mount View
ROSSINGNOL, Russell Joe US Air Force. 1973-1974 4-1-2014 Mount View
ROULO, William David US Army 12-14-2010 Chestnut Hill
ROUNDS, Gerald M Jr US Air Force, T/Sgt. Career 6-25-1996 Mount View
ROZLER, Frederick US Army, Transportation Co 5th Army. Bronze Star 9-13-2009 Crawford
RUCKH, Keith D. US Army 8-16-2006 Markham's Ger. Lutheran
RUDING, James H US Army, SP5, Purple Heart 9-17-2006 Mount View
RUGG, Donald E. US Navy. Four years. 9-1-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
RZEPKA, Eugene A. Sr. [Zep] US Air Force 5-10-1998 Allegany
SAGE, Raymond E. Sr.   US Navy USS Hancock 3-08-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
SALISBURY, William A. USMC, 2nd Bn, 26th Marines, 3rd Marine Divison. Purple Heart  6-23-2009 Unnamed Cems, this site
SANDY, John V US Army, SP4 11-23-1972 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
SCHINE, Clyde [Ralph] US Air Force 12-31-2014 Green
SCHMID, David L. US Air Force, Sgt 7-8-2009 Wildwood
SCHWARTZ, David J. US Army 4-18-2022 Ft. Jackson Natl Cem, Columbia SC
SCHWARTZ, Fred W. US Army 11-1-2021 Wildwood
SCICCHITANO, Fredrick M. US Army 1966-69 12-10-2019 Mount View
SCOTT, Bobby E.  Korea and Vietnam, US Navy in Korea. US Army 1956-1972. Helicopter pilot and instructor.  11-20-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
SCOTT, Theodore L.  US Army 1965-67 9-25-2016 Chestnut Hill
SCULL, Peter P. US Navy Seal 9-13-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
SELPH, Lawrence G. US Army, HQ Co 299th Engrs, two tours. 1966-1969 12-7-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
SEQUERTH, Daniel J.  US Army, career (21 yrs) 8-08-2010 Unnamed Cems, this site
SETH, Edward Michael USMC, Cpl. 1966-1969 Three Purple Hearts 2-17-2014 Mount View
SHABALA, Paul M. US Army, SP4 1979 St. Bonaventure
SHATTUCK, Bernard Merle USMC, H&S Co BLT, L/Cpl. Drowned while swimming at Quang Nam Vietnam 11-6-1967 St. Bonaventure
SHERBURNE Joseph Lawrence US Army, 503rd Inf and 173rd Airborne. Wounded and retired 6-26-2023 Arlington Natl Cem VA
SHERMAN, Ernest W. US Air Force 3-25-2017 Maples, Mansfield NY
SHIELDS, Chester B. US Navy 1963-68 5-06-2016 Unnamed Cems, this site
SHINGLER, Robert E. USMC, Sgt 8-18-2004 Freedom
SHORTER, Clarence D US Marine Corps, CPL 2-7-2006 Mount View
SHORTER, Robert Joseph US Navy 4-13-2001 Mount View
SIKES, Ronald  US Army 1965-1967 9-14-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
SILL, Peter James US Air Force, M/Sgt. Career 4-20-1978 Mount View
SIMMONS, Denis L  US Army, Major 5-21-1989 Randolph Rural
SIMPSON, Danny Jay US Marine Corps 6-4-1999 Mount View
SKINNER, Bruce O.  US Marine Corps, M/Sgt. Career, 21 yrs. Served 3 tours in Vietnam 11-13-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
SLATER, Barry Dunn US Army. 1968-1974. Several medals 11-19-2018 Randolph Rural
SMALLISH, Daniel R. USMC 3-24-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
SMITH, Claude C.  [Tod] US Navy 10-8-2011 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
SMITH, Roy US Army 6-25-2009 Unnamed Cems, this site
SMITH, Susan C. (Dombros) US Air Force 5-29-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
SNYDER, Donald F. US Army 2-10-2006 St. Bonaventure
SNYDER, Jerry A.  US Navy 11-11-1988 Five Mile
SNYDER, Ralph R. US Army, Career (WW II, Korea, and Vietnam) 8-1-1993 Memorial Heights
SPENCER, George R US Air Force, S/Sgt. Career 9-4-2004 Mount View
SPENCER, Robert P. US Army 10-10-2016 Unnamed Cems, this site
SPINDLER, James F.  US Army 4-1-2011 St. Patrick, Limestone
SPINK, Mark E. USMC. 1974-1980, then US Army from 1981-1989 4-28-2020 Mount View
SQUIRES, Robert C US Army, SP5 3-27-1999 Mount View
STARK, George W US Army  5-27-2023 Collins Center, Erie Co NY
STARK, George W US Army 5-27-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
STARK, Paul C. Sr. USMC 6-29-2010 St. Bonaventure
STARK, Richard C. USMC, Sgt. 1-18-1989 Chestnut Hill
STARK, Robert Stephen Jr. US Navy, NCCS 6-28-2000 Mount View
STAYER, William A. US Navy Seabees 1968-1970 3-3-2021 St. Bonaventure
STEINBRONER, Daniel J. Sr. Korea and Vietnam. US Army. Career. Youngest Command Sergeant Major. 3-13-2020 Wildwood
STERNISH, Carl R. US Air Force.  3-28-2018 Holy Cross, Gowanda NY
STEVENS, Garry M. US Army 4-17-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
STIER, Edward J US Navy 8-20-1994 Mount View
STORY, Terry A USMC, M CY Sgt 10-29-2004 Mount View
STORY, Toby A. US Army, Sgt 9-01-2022 Green
STRITOF, Robert F. Jr.  US Air Force  6-27-2011 Unnamed Cems, this site
STURDEVANT, Larry R. US Army 10-21-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
SURVIL, Edward J. "Ed"  US Air Force Lt Col, Earned Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross in Vietnam 5-2-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
SWANSON, Carl O.  USMC 10-29-2003 Chestnut Hill
SWANSON, Paul Leroy US Army. 1964-1966 7-1-2006 Rutledge
SWEDA, Joseph Richard DOD US Army, Sp4. 101st Airborne. Died of Malaria. (Vietnam Wall Panel 2E Ln 134) 10-25-1965 Holy Cross, Gowanda NY
SWETLAND, Jack Paul Sr. Korea and Vietnam, US Air Force, T/Sgt. Career, 1951-1972 8-21-2008 Mount View
TAIT, Daniel R US Army 10-3-1998 Mount View
TALBOT, Clay US Navy 11-5-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
TANSIMORE, Charles R. USMC, US Army, US Navy 5-14-2010 Green
TARR, Paul Aremenious Jr. US Army, Sp4 12-17-2017 Mount View
TAYLOR, Jonathan  US Army  8-16-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
THOMPSON, David Kendel  US Navy, Master Chief. Career 4-19-2015 Unnamed Cems, this site
THOMPSON, Philip L. USMC 1-21-2007 Unnamed Cems, this site
THREEHOUSE, James L. US Army, Air Mobile 1st Cav. 1966-68 9-20-2011 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
TIERSON, Thomas W. Korea and Vietnam. US Army. Korea: Co B 86th Inf, 10th Inf Div. 1951-1954. Purple Heart. Vietnam: US Air Force, 1958-1972. 10-31-2020 Mount View
TITUS, Jerry A. US Navy Seabees. 12-16-2020 Little Valley Rural
TITUS, John H. US Navy 1982 Crawford
TOMPKINS, Richard D. US Air Force, S/Sgt 4-9-1972 Rutledge
TUOZZO, Robert T US Army 6-21-1998 Mount View
ULLMAN, Henry O. US Army, Co A 589th Engrs. 12-16-2021 Mount View
ULLMAN, Henry O. [Hank] US Army, Co A 589th Engr Bn. Also served in Germany.1970-1972 12-16-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
ULLMAN, Roy E. US Army 6-27-2008 Allegany
UNDERWOOD, Frederick "Butch" US Army 172nd Inf Brigade, Sp Forces Green Beret. Served 8 yrs, many medals 9-7-2023 Unnamed Cems, this site
URSOY, Gary L. US army 1966-69 2-12-2019 Pleasant Valley
VAN DIXON, David L. US Air Force  2-3-2009 Unnamed Cems, this site
VAUGHN, Edward Dewayne USMC, Pvt 1-7-2000 Mount View
VAUGHN, Wayne Lavern US Army, 2 tours. 8-2018 Ashes Scattered over Grand Canyon
VENO, Ronald R. US Army 1-18-2009 St. Bonaventure
VESOTSKI, Timothy R. US Army, 1st Air Cav. Helicopter gunner  6-15-2003 Calvary
VICTOR, Thomas J. US Air Force 1965-69 10-09-2019 St. Bonaventure
VIRGA, Glenn J. Sr. US Navy 10-12-2019 Siloam
VOORHEES, John D USMC, CWO2, Purple Heart. Career (WW II, Korea, and Vietnam) 11-10-2002 Mount View
VOSBURGH, Wade D. Sr.  ~ 8-26-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
WADSWORTH, Allan G.  US Air Force, A3C 11-30-2000 Randolph Rural
WALTON, JAMES A. US Army, SP4 4-14-2012 Mount View
WARRIOR, Terry James US Navy USS John A. Dole 4-30-2007 Memorial Heights
WASHBURN, Dennis E. US Navy 5-4-2001 St. Bonaventure
WASHBURN, Thomas C.  US Army and US Air Force 5-26-2008 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
WASHINGTON, George M. [Jake] US Navy 6-1-2011 Mount View
WATERHOUSE, Lewis [Ken] US Army 10-24-2008 Rutledge
WATKINS, William G. US Army 1965-67 10-22-2019 Mt. Prospect
WEATHERLEY, Michael J.  US Army, SP4 8-6-2001 Five Mile
WEAVER, Herbert A. US Navy aboard USS Dewey 3-8-2016 Rutledge
WEAVER, Howard Samuel   US Army, 11th Cav [Black Horse] 5-25-2010 Unnamed Cems, this site
WEBER, Donna G. US Navy, Nurse. 9/1971-3/1977 5-3-2012 St. Bonaventure
WEITZEL, James E. [Skeeter] USMC. 1967-1970. Purple Heart and Naval Achievement Combat V. medals. 6-15-2020 Unnamed Cems, this site
WELCH, Paul J. [Wink] US Navy 9-14-2005 St. Bonaventure
WENKE, Michael T. US Navy 1970-72 1-23-2015 St. Bonaventure
WESTLING, Jerry M. US Army 1-14-2004 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
WHITE, Arnold L. US Army 4-20-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
WHITEHEAD, Brian D USMC, Pfc  1-15-1972 Pleasant Valley, Hinsdale
WILCOX, Lowell James US Air Force, Sgt. 1966-1970 Cam Ranh Bay 5-9-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
WILCOX, Lowell James US Air Force, Sgt. 1966-1970 Cam Ranh Bay 5-9-2021 Unnamed Cems, this site
WILEY, James A. US Army 11-26-2006 Freedom
WILLARD, Gary E US Army, Sgt, Purple Heart 3-21-2006 Mount View
WILLIAMS, Thomas C. Jr. US Army (Died of ALS) 5-27-2017 Unnamed Cems, this site
WILLIS, Michael Monte Sr. US Army, Sp4 12-22-1991 Mount View
WILLS, Michael M US Army, SP4 12-22-1991 Mount View
WILSON, Douglas R.  US Air Force 7-14-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site
WILSON, Ivan "Fred" III USMC, 1969-1972 5-19-2023 Maple Lawn 
WIND, Ronald H US Air Force. Career 12-30-1991 Mount View
WINICKI, Michael J. US Air Force 9-12-2007 Allegany
WINSHIP, Ralph R. Jr. US Air Force, SRA 1979 Little Valley Rural
WORK, Glenn R. US Navy Seabee 5-12-2019 Willoughby 
WRIGHT, Neal A Rev. US Army, Inf 4-8-2001 Randolph Rural
WROBLEWSKI, Gary L. USMC. Three tours in Vietnam. 8-08-2022 Crawford
YAUDES, Jack T US Marine Corps, CPL 8-10-1999 Mount View
YAW, Clair R. Sr. US Army, Career (WW II, Korea, and Vietnam) 6-6-1992 Wildwood
YEHL, Ronald J. US Navy Seabees 7-012011 Calvary
YOUNG, Larry G US Marine Corps, L/CPL 6-8-1998 Mount View
YOUNG, Robert B. Sr. US Army 9-4-2005 Little Valley Rural
ZARZECKI, Joseph S. Starr  Korea and Vietnam, US Air Force, S/Sgt. 12 years 12-02-2018 Unnamed Cems, this site
ZINZOLA, Richard US Army 1-5-2022 Unnamed Cems, this site

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