Also called
in the Town of Mansfield on the Jersey Hill Road
The big stone by the tree has WILLSON carved on it and the date 1894

Walked & Photos by John & Mary E. Bryant
August 2003

ALCOTT, Nicholas                        1827    1858 
BARSE, Archibald                                3-31-1865       43 
BARSE, Eve      spouse of       George          3-17-1886       84y 2m 7d       Calm on the bosom of thy God dear Mother rest the now" 
BARSE, George                           3-2-1876        75y 7m 24d      Father gone to rest" 
BARSE, Willaim E                                6-17-1860       16y 6m 7d 
COOK, Abigail M         spouse of       John H          5-27-1880       42y 7m 10d 
COOK, Betsey    spouse of       Henry           9-17-1872       76y 3m 21d      Our Mother" "wife of Henry Cook" 
COOK, John H    spouse of       Abigail M               1-19-1903       75y 4m 27d 
CROSBY, Hannah *        spouse of       Stephen         1790                    gone home" wife of --- can't read rest of stone It's next to Stephen Crosby
(the gggrandson of Stephen Crosby thinks this stone belonged to the wife of Stephen. Hannah (Holmes) Crosby born 1790 in Keene New Hampshire No death date known)
CROSBY, Stephen         spouse of       Hannah          1869            married in 1810 in Cazenovia Madison Co NY.
ETHERIDGE, Margaret                             1810            wife of William" 
HARVEY, Acil Jermone                            10-29-1864              son of Erastus & Sally Harvey 
HARVEY, Asahel                          1855            son of John & Julia Harvey 
HARVEY, Betsey E        spouse of       Isaac   5-29-1807       8-25-1866 
HARVEY, Betsy   spouse of       Charles                 1-1-1836        36 
HARVEY, Charles         spouse of       Betsy           2-22-1877       81y 4m 7d 
HARVEY, Deliliah        spouse of       Elijah  3-9-1804        8-30-1893               At Rest" 
HARVEY, Elijah  spouse of       Delilah         10-16-1803      6-28-1881               Remember Me" 
HARVEY, Eliza                   10-24-1812      12-22-1893 
HARVEY, Gilbert                 1847    1907 
HARVEY, Henry C.                        1844    10-28-1844      5 weeks 
HARVEY, Isaac   spouse of       Mary A.         8-25-1826       7-25-1898 
HARVEY, Isaac                   9-12-1799       10-29-1890 
HARVEY, Laura C                 1830    Blank 
HARVEY, Mary A  spouse of       Isaac   10-26-1837      11-27-1917 
HARVEY, Melissa                                 3-17-1841       2y 9m   dau of Elijah & Delilia Harvey 
HARVEY, Roderick W.                     1840    1900 
HARVEY, Theodore F                      1844    1852 
JOHNSON, Dayton                         1859    1864 
JOHNSON, Roswell                        1796    1856            on back of the Johnson stone 
JOHNSON, Sally Ann                      1818    1857 
LITCHFIELD, Lucretia    spouse of       A.L.Nichols     1832    3-20-1905 
MANLEY, Betsey French   spouse of       Jesse           1849    65y 3m 18d      consort of Jesse" 
MANLEY, Jesse   spouse of       Betsey F                2-28-1861 
MANLY, Abigail (no E)                                           wife of John Manley ( spelled with an E) 
MANLY, John P. (no E)                   1804    1882 
MOREY, Electra  spouse of       Samuel          1-2-1876        71y 5m 2d 
MOREY, Samuel                           1871    74 
NEWTON, Eunice  spouse of       Reuben  7-15-1782       8-21-1836      54 
NEWTON, Jesse                           10-2-1850       40y 3m 23d 
NEWTON, Reuben  spouse of       Eunice  6-17-1774       4-21-1833       59 
NEWTON, Unknown                                         stone laying on ground, can not read 
NYE, Curtis F                           7-5-188(?)      71y 3m 3d       Front of stone says " our Mother & Father" rest is unreadable 
NYE, Jerusha S                          9-18-1878       61y 3m 1d       Front of stone says " our Mother & Father" rest is unreadable 
SANDERS, Louis  spouse of       Wilhelmina      1824    1902 
SANDERS, Mary                   1856    1860            dau of Louis & Wilhelmina Sanders 
SANDERS, Mary   spouse of       Louis   1834    blank 
SANDERS, Wilhelmina     spouse of       Louis   18--    1867            His Wife" 
SMITH, Anna Margaretha Weaver   spouse of       John    9-12-1779       1843            d/o Jacob Johannes N. Weaver and Margaret Meyers 
SMITH, Emeline                          1868            wife of Fordum(?)" stone buried can't read name 
SMITH, John                     1776    5-3-1837        61      b. German Flats Herkimer Co NY 
UNKNOWN, Hannah *                                               gone home" wife of --- can't read rest of stone It's next to Stephen Crosby 
UNKNOWN, John Henry                                             son of John & Caroline stone buried Maybe SMITH 
VAN AERNAM, Hannah      spouse of       Jacob B                 2-23-1848       60y 8m 24d 
VAN AERNAM, Jacob B     spouse of       Hannah          10-18-1846      56y 6m 
VAN AERNAM, Lucy                                4-13-1845       21y 11m 20d     dau of Jocob B & Hannah Van Aernam 
VAN AERNAM, Martha C. E.                                3-8-1849        31y 9m 21d      Consort of John" 
VAN AERNAM, Olive T                             12-1-1852       33y 3m 3d       Wife of William Van Aernam" 
WALKER, Infant                          10-26-1860              dau of Jerome & Eliza Walker on stone with Melissa Harvey 
WALKUP, -----                                           Flat stone on ground can't read 
WALKUP, Joel                                            Flat stone on ground can't read 
WALKUP, Lucian H                                                says "son of" read unreadable 
WATKINS, Melinda        spouse of       R               8-30-1850       23y 2m 28d      wife of R Watkins" 
WESTENDORF, Louis                                               no dates Big Stone says "Gone Home" 
WESTENDORF, Sarah                       4-10-1871       12-23-1895 
WESTPFALL, Johanna S.C.                                 7-10-1979               can't read stone written in German 
WESTPFALL, Karl                                                 can't read stone written in German 
WILLSON huge rock                                               with WILLSON carved on it and the date 1894 
WILSON, G. H.                   1802    1885 
WILSON, Herbert                                 3-28-1869               son of Joe? & Juliett Wilson 
WILSON, Lydia                   1804    1804 
WILSON, Oscar                   1831    1918 
WILSON, Rachel  spouse of       Seneca          11-11-1856      48y 5m 28d      Stone says "wife of Seneca" 
WILSON, Sally                           7-26-1841       2y 3m 11d 

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