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MR. WIGGIN M. FARRAR is the only survivor of themen who were here prior to 1818.

     HEMAN G. BUTTON, CHESTER and NATHAN ASHCRAFT, can claim the earliest residence, having lived here since 1817.  The first framed house in town was erected by WIGGIN M. FARRAR , in 1821; when nearly finished, he sold it to J. M. L. BROWN , who completed it.   It stood southeast of the corners in Machias village, on land now owned by MRS. ALLEN.   OBADIAH BROWN built the first framed barn. It is now owned by JARED A. BREWER .   ANDREW McBUZZELL built the first saw-mill, on the outlet of Lime Lake, in 1820.   The first grist-mill, a small affair with but one run of stone and no bolting, was established by DANIEL POTTER in 1823. When Lime Lake burst its boundaries in 1832, and went bowling down the valley which confines the outlet, this mill was swept from its foundations, and was replaced by the present mill.  G. W. FARRAR owned the first buggy.   WARNER SANFORD kept tavern at the Lake, 1830, and IRA STEVENS at Machias village, 1832.   HOWARD PECK and ALVA JEFFERSON opened the first store, in 1822, at the Lake.  JOSEPH KINNE, JR. , was the first postmaster.  His office was established at Machias village about 1827.  ISAAC CARPENTER of Franklinville, carried the first mail, on horseback.  MISSAMRILLA BROWNtaught the first school in the summer of 1820, in a house built by JOHN MOREAN, which was situated on the south part of lot 24.   NATHANIEL BOWEN taught the winter following, and his school was the first which was entitled to school funds.

     The first school-house was built in 1827, in district No. 1, and was situated about one mile north of the village.  It was burned in 1830, and an insane man, HENRY DAVIS , who had been placed there for safe-keeping through the night, was burned with it. The Free-Will Baptists formed the first religious society, 1818, and REV. HERMAN JENKINSwas the first preacher .   DRS. BARBER, KNEELAND , and ISSAC SHAW were the first physicians to reside here.  NEHEMIAH LOVEWELL was the first surveyor.  The first marriage was that of ELISHA BROWNand the widowMASON , about 1820.  JEREMIAH BENNETT andOLIVA BROWNthe second andBRIGHAM BROWN, son ofELISHA and POLLY MASON , daughter of the widow, the third marriage.

The above information was obtained from the History of Cattaraugus County, New York by L. H. EVERTS, 1879.

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