Submitted by PHGS member Pam Davis

These pictures are so precious as the days and objects of these pictures, are gone.  Enjoy!

*Most of these photographs are with the many thanks to Naomi Baker, historian for Yorkshire/Delevan, who was kind enough to share them with us.

Carriage Entrance to Hazelmere Park

Street Scene Machias, NY

Delevan-Machias Central School

One of two cottages, that were built on the north end of Lime Lake, using the Old Covered Bridge from Delevan, NY (view 1, 2)

Lime Lake, 1908

Cattaraugus County Home (The Poor House)

Machias Junction picture with old train

American Ice Company, Lime Lake

Lime Lake on a Beautiful July Morning

Lime Lake, Machias, NY

Lime Lake, Machias, NY

Mill at Lime Lake, Machias, NY

Lime Lake, Machias, NY

Hotel and Street View, Machias, NY

Lime Lake 1908, Machias, NY

Jefferson Bailey Walker and his son-in-law Madison (Max) Leroy Shoff at Lime Lake

On Left, Madison (Max) Leroy Shoff at Lime Lake

Lime Lake, Machias, NY

Postcards from Lime Lake, Machias, NY ( 1, 2, 3 )

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