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The old State road, which enters the town near the south-east corner, and running in a general southwesterly direction passes through the village of Machias, and leaves the town east of the center on the north border, was the first high-way improved, and was laid out by the authorities of the old town of Ischua about 1813

     About 1858 considerable work was done upon the road bed of the projected Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad.  The line extends through the central part from north to south. 

     The Buffalo, New York, and Philadelphia Railroad enters the town near the northeast corner, and running in a general southerly course through the east part passes Lime Lake and Machias Junction, and leaves the town near the southeast corner.  The road was completed in 1872, and the town was bonded to the amount of $15,000, to aid in its construction.

     The Rochester and State Line Railroad enters the town north of the center on the east border, and continuing in a southwesterly direction passes the junction, and leaves the town west of the center on the south border.  It was completed in the spring of 1878, and the town pays $8000 to the company.

The above information was obtained from the History of Cattaraugus County, New York by L. H. EVERTS, 1879.

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