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The Free-Will Baptists formed the first religious society, in 1818, at the house of OBADIAH VAUGHN.REV. HERMAN JENKINS andELDERBROWN came in from the Genesee valley and preached to them occasionally.In their absence, MR. VAUGHN was the leader and preacher.This little society was dispersed a few years later, on account of the peculiar opinions of a REV. MR. PATCHEN.


Was organized in 1822, and consisted of 5 members.JOSEPH KINNE and wife, and DANIEL POTTER, and LYDIA, his wife, were among the first members.REV. MR. BRONSON was their first pastor.Their first meetings were held in the school-house of District No. 1.In 1839 the Methodists, Christians, and non-denominationalists erected a free or union church edifice, which was the first house of worship built in the town.This was occupied by the Methodist Episcopal Society until 1853, when their present church edifice was erected, at a cost of $2500.It will seat 300 persons.The society, which numbers about 60 members, is under the pastoral care of REV. M. D. JACKSON.


Was organized July 21, 1827, by REV. JOSEPH BARTLETT, and consisted of the five following-named members, viz.:SAMUEL LYON,BETSEY ASHCRAFT, MRS. CHARLES WEBB, MARY McINTYRE, andABIGAIL COLBY.AMELIA LOCKEY, JERUSHA WISRELL,SYLVESTER CARVER, NORMAN BRACE, CALVIN BRACE, HOLLISTER BRACE, and ELIJAH T. ASHCRAFT joined the society soon after.Their early meetings were held in the school-house of District No. 1.Their present house of worship, which will seat 300 people, was built in 1839, and cost $1400.The pastors who have ministered to the spiritual wants of this church are named in order of their succession, as follows:

REVS. JOSEPH BARTLETT (who remained here some 8 or 10 years), JOSEPH LOCKE, PETER COOK, N. PERRY (who was here when the house was built), WARREN SKEELS, HENRY C. DAVIS,___SMITH,andJ. M. FIELD, the present pastor, who is just entering upon his twenty-seventh year of pastoral duty at Machias.The church property is now valued at $2000.Present membership, 95; number of pupils in Sabbath-school and Bible-classes, 112; REV. J. M. FIELD, Superintendent.

*The above information was obtained from the History of Cattaraugus County, New York by L. H. EVERTS, 1879.

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